Asp.Net - Master Page - How to avoid unneccesary calls
C# how do you create a method that passes an array as an argument?
Create Array from Foreach
Putting settings menu to Home Widget
Why won't this form prompt the browser to offer to save password?
RDLC report footer with value from 鈥淐urrent Record鈥�
Magento eav entity setup failing - half of tables are created, other are not
mysql over SSH tunnel
Scheduled method aplication to deploy at
Get ComboBox displayed text in WPF
Android Emulator Contacts Manager source code?
How to fix the issue 鈥�'$.blockUI.defaults' is null or not an object鈥�
JavaFX 2 as a Maven dependency [duplicate]
Calling NS_DispatchToMainThread from WinAPI thread
Database Design for Multiple Room Reservation: One To Many
Default value for ONE property of the model in ASP .NET MVC 3
dynamic pivot in SQL Server
How to change option set field to use another (existing) option set?
Brocade alishow merge two consecutive lines awk sed
Publishing play module to internal maven repository
Can a mixin refer to values in the calling selector?
execute serverside code on div click
Newbie: Use Android intents privately?
CORBA (orbd) networking configuration?
Db2 merge from jdbc with dynamic values
Can I template a h:dataTable?
UIWebView setting custom width for the content
getElementById not getting the id in wordpress 3.3.1
Jquery radio buttonset() not styling in
get currently displayed fragment
android to receive a string from java server after successful connection and sending of message
Rich text editor in Django admin - Hiding the HTML tags in the change list
Use an anchor on my form
Android App/AVD problems
getting a scalar value back from an Oracle Stored proc in .net
association in rails 3 associate surveys to an user
Mark form as invalid
Save and recall print settings
Default property for a class when deserialize XML to an object
sparql query with special characters
sharing data between two controllers in Spring MVC
Stored procedure to get paged sorted results with a computed data column
jQuery Supersized image not displayed within html5boilerplate website
Devise, rspec and Mongoid test failing
Using .not with dynamically added classes in jQuery
How can i convert the string to date and date from string?
What is best way to store and edit global variables in django admin?
Search and list specific directories only?
Can someone explain how this JavaScript is working?
border for textField in ExtJS 4
How to send private message to facebook user using java
Tiled image viewer. With two images side by side that can be dynamically loaded
Python: How do I code to make a button do something else if pressed a second time?
Input array in Free Basic
Connect socket under lock screen on Windows Phone
how do I perform search/replace in vim while preserving wildcard content?
Define a worksheet name and a WorksheetRange
Daily Time Series in R
Regex accepts * without specifing it in the pattern
Search HTML with Regex
Rewrite Rules & Google Search Engine
How to deploy files to an Azure instance?
Captcha in django admin
getting several variables from one result (one for the first letter, one for the second, the rest from the rest of them)
Restore form(hints) to initial state after submit
Changing font weight of a Hyperlinkbutton on MouseOver
Developing a Javascript webpage with a non-javascript alternative
Model binding an entity without setters
Drilling down date span with ColdFusion or SQL
Testing route from Quartz cron job in Apache Camel
error in plusone button submit
How to get Address name using GPS with wp7
Can I use PayPal chained payments in HTML5 webapp
Reading distributed lucene indices through solr
Layer animations removed when switching apps
How to copy data between 2 tables with an extra field in first table which has to be updated by a default value?
How to copy data between 2 tables with an extra field in first table which has to be updated by a default value?
9 Patch issue? Expecially on Galaxy Nexus?
Jquery Not Working (Maybe AJAX reload - or maybe just bad syntax?)
is it a good idea to put page title in a hidden div [closed]
Loading external blocks of XSL code
Microsoft Enterprise Library
Android animation for new activity
Informatica issue - Parameter file
How could I do an interceptor for EntityManager.class
Emacs - disable wordwrapping in html-mode
Dynamic caption of an entry element
bundle install libv8 (therubyracer) installation fails (with native extensions) on Windows
Uncaught TypeError: Object has no method 'splice'
How to detect Client Certificate Authentication request in HTTPWebRequest?
How to copy file with ksh unix script to new directory after download?
Does entity framework save data objects without specifically calling save() from your code
Proper Page Editor for General Link in SiteCore
Netbeans 7 how to flag jdk
iphone facebook add friend, implementing failed鈥phone facebook add friend
Building DYLD from apple's source
Automatically send post data to php using jquery on page load
modelling status of an Order
android go back button
How to make the text color to be changing
Combine two datetime variables into one
SSL Certificate and Google Checkout
How to check locale against
Sencha Touch 2 List layout with Toolbar
Add get current date and add 5 days on the next value
model design for object that can belong to multiple other objects?
Crash on NSURLConnection thread
Is Tomcat 7 now compatible with Java 7?
Retrieving parameters passed in the url and returning the value in the web browser using restlet
How to display result of 'oninput' calculation in a different textbox? (HTML)
TreeView Root Node Selected requiredfieldvalidator dont work when visible=false
ASP.NET MVC 3 Data Validation Won't Fire
android spinner set tag
Distribute points on mesh according to density
Facebook $user locale auth needed?
App rejection - how to prove that there's no private API usage
avr-gcc recompiled ledramp example gets segmentation fault
Add a duration to a date by DateInterval [duplicate]
Memory allocation from heap or stack?
php exec working with console and input
Using an editor template to edit values in a list Spark View Engine
Apache Tomcat restart causes session clear in Java and session persist on a JSP page
List view is not clikable when i am using cutombase adapter in android
.ToString() and .ToString(CultureInfo.CurrentCulture)
cakePHP afterFind and Association Values
Algorithm to generate a security code
Android how to set date and calendar objects from string
SQL GROUP BY with aggregate
Log the 'Application Force Close' Details on android phone
Preg_replace/str_replace() for changing `&lt;` and `&gt;` instances to `<` and `>` respectively
form gets posted when it shouldn't
Java sockets hangs when reading all output
How to make POST method in WCF Rest service working when data is passed in it?
Different CSS files for childpages
Including a XML file crashes my application
Jquery Hide and show based on index, way around?
jquery scrollTo() in chrome disable mouse drag
How can i send photo with email dont get mail screen
Error with ExecuteSQL in Phonegap / Android
Wrong Facebook OpenGraph title. Is this editable?
How to keep change history while renaming files in Visual Studio using Perforce
Wanted to know common practice for determining which tests to be executed & which to be skipped?
Java reg exp match pattern
<jsp:useBean> has body whose execution is conditional but in this case its getting executed everytime, why?
Transposing posted multiple arrays into codeigniter's insert_batch style
How did Kotlin get its name? [closed]
goMap jquery plugin. Creating a polyline with coords held in JSON file
What is the best 5250 / 3270 emulator for the Mac? [closed]
Write-Host => Export to a file
Why isn鈥檛 it possible to use a CNAME聽redirect with HTTPS
CoreData: How to count number of rows and other aggregate functions
Unit testing Activity.startService() call?
How to implement a Sencha Picker
What is the __STDC_VERSION__ value for C11?
Copy method from one class to another
Spotify application - maintaing state between pages
Is json image this hard to be displayed
With GWT and Guice, is it possible to auto create an instance of an interface?
Red5: how to handle HTTP?
Matlab: How to calculate return for every stock
Running workflow from failed session [duplicate]
sql finding movie(s) with specific genres
SSL certificates on Windows [closed]
How to add Properties to an Application Context
How to get the value in the gridview which the checkbox is checked?
Quartz Clustering issue
NoClassDefFoundError with EJB classloader
Multiple uploadify image upload issue
Twitter RSS with Yahoo Pipes is not working
iPhone Simulator not getting launch
how to get notification when people post a comment using facebook comment plugin
reset & fill grid c#
Get selected item from a ListBox at hold
Codeigniter how to not select duplicated id's
How to create a RESTFul Controller Action in ASP.NET MVC 3.0?
PHPMailer Could not Authenticate
How do I kill/suspend/close an asyncronous block in GCD?
model design suggestion for coredata
How do intern'd strings behave between different threads and classloarders?
Full path with double slash (C#)
How to make the textview blinking
Is there a way to add a row selected listener on JTable?
Conversion failed when converting date and/or time from character string
Python, Django and event loop (periodic jobs)
How to change the lineSpacing of NSTextView?
UITextView delegate method textView:shouldChangeTextInRange:replacementText: gives erroneous replacementText on fast delete
Javascript XPATH singleNodeValue get innertext
Unwanted scrollbars in WebBrowser control when in IE9 mode
Default font for iOS app
cookie not getting deleted in grails
Two instances of the application appear during runtime
Concatenation String - MVC Razor
Adressing values of a nested structure in C
In select_tag, using options_from_collection_for_select , how to set selected element in ruby on rails
How to inject into method extensions with Castle Windsor?
A variable passed on to a template is tampered with
How to get ContentPresenter in code behind?
Include django logged user in django Traceback error
JavaScript Ascending Number Sort With an Exception
unable to set drop down list (dl dt dd select ) to selected option
Narrow by search price in magento
Creating TabBar Three20
Return at least X results from split
Scaling progress bar value
Load gallery with link Android SDK
How exactly servlet Work in GWT?
Expanding functionality to .NET Controls
Check stock tickers in string against array
How to get the data via ajax in servlet?
Add image in section header
jQuerymobile : custom icon in header to open select
Incorrectly Formatted Numbers in XML File - How to Change ? iPhone
Which design pattern should I use to construct GUI in java as well as in following scenario? razor colon operator
Displaying map on Kindle Fire
Get method classname inside decorator at __init__ in python
UItextFiled text on center
Web services: method cannot be reflected exception
a simple tutorial for implementing twitter in my iphone application
how to send the auto email in selected date without refreshing a page in php [closed]
How to check is the paired bluetooth device available in BlackBerry?
Bluetooth transfer between iOS and Android?
TFS 2010 API get all states for a workitem
Saving big images one after another memory deallocation on iOS
how to increment integer Columns value by 1 in SQL
sass css: target parent class from child
How to find substring of a string with whitespaces in Java?
In bash, how do I convert a space-delimited string into an array?
Is there any issue if two avaudiorecorder recording-iphone
Error : 鈥渆xpected constructor, destructor, or type conversion before 'typedef' 鈥�
Yet another newtype vs. data (stylistic issue)
@Html.DropDownListFor How to add option?
removing shades from surface plot in python
Execute a Stored Procedure with parameters from a SELECT
How to close a WebView with double-click?
Ebay Trading API ReturnPolicyType
Updating joined rows in two tables from an INSERT trigger
TitleBar tabs in ApplicationLayout control (extlib) generating invalid code
What exactly does the iPhone accelerometer measure?
Make Pseudo-attribute from rails model also in javascript accessible
Two button pressed at the same time on Android
What Event Handler is called when C# ComboBox value is changed by Typing
Is it possible to connect single Heroku-RedisToGo from 2 different Heroku instances?
Oracle PL SQL works from SQL Dev. but not from the code
iOS Development: Is there a way to read .trace files from command prompt without using instruments
Memory used by java.awt.Image object
Is this possible method of delivery ad-hoc version to customer?
Python reading file
renaming attachment file codeigniter
HTML5 sessionStorage and XMLDocument
How do I get started with MySQL and Python?
how to create a custom scroll bar?
Is it possible to group associations in ruby on rails?
ASP.NET MVC Theming Best Practice?
MediaWiki: Special 鈥淐reate an account鈥�behaviour
Resources to learn OpenGL 3.x+
CALDAV protocol
Implement automatic version self-check and update in a PHP script with github
AUI datepicker error and workaround
KnockoutJS - Mapping plugin
How to add rows dynamically into table layout from JSONARRAY Data?
Extending a base class using doctrine, were my base class has 1:n associations
Java URL text file to String
What is networking API for IOS application [closed]
Restful Service for GET and PUT on XML as source?
adding rows to a datatable #2
logcat displays nothing in eclipse
Add an onClickListener on Default GroupIndicator in ExpandableListView
Windows phone: close the app after click on a button
ASP.Net MVC 鈥�Resource Cannot be found error
cannot run a .svb file
How to display the default role for the user at the top of the website? [duplicate]
Using LINQ to XML how can I group element on the basis of its value?
KnockOutJS - Multiple ViewModels in a single View
Do SharedPreferences XML file increase it's size?
Matlab : Using each element of a column vector to go through a series of calculations (iterations?)
Context menu strip item Disable in datagrid
Opening command prompt at Windows startup
Streaming avi to a red5 server
writing code that supports new and older c++ compilers?
Disposing of FileStream does not end Asynchronous Read
default values for mixins parameters
Html5 websockets ideal platform for php development
jQuery cycle fade effect an mouseover
regex to filter positive and negative numbers
Why g++ does not enable RVO here?
AddressFilter mismatch at the EndpointDispatcher - the msg with To
Benchmark workstation machine - tooling?
Validating boolean properties
How to assign the value of the parms in ruby
how to apply css to the input type file for setting width?
How can I find the next date of given date using perl?
How to use GIT when I have multiple files shared between multiple projects
How can an array be initialized in a constructor? [duplicate]
Segmenting words, and grouping hyphenated and apostrophe words from text
Logging in to a website a curl-based POST request not working
Can we reassign the reference in C++?
unit test for exporting XML method
How to convert F4F file to MP4?
Android apps able to communicate without permissions set
PHP Updating values in Mysql database
How do I create a test user for a native iOS app?
Android plugin pattern
symfony, pager and unescape one of values instead of all of them
AS3 works when testing locally but not in the browser
Can compass merge .css files?
I am planning to make Instant messenger on android and need some guidance
Hitting XML Service from Proxy network
Preview picture in iOS apps
Issues with uploading PDF files using PHP
JAXB 2.1 - Customize xs:any binding
Can I call a method before a constructor
Get name of particular/specific category name of root category in magento
Mouse click with JNA
Make baseline on Clearcase based on View, not Stream?
File Not Found for private files that contains arabic characters in their names in Drupal
Retrieve text from a RemoteViews Object
Installing easy_install with setup tools
search function javascript submit
Save pdf to local server
While Executing .c file generated by Pro C compiler Visual C++ showing Linking error
jquery animate bug, only in google chrome
Paramiko. Get Files by modified time
How to redirect after File upload?
Unable to put a div or article element inside an anchor
How to redirect after File upload?
Unable to put a div or article element inside an anchor
Are there any situations where code would have a sequence point in c++11 but not c++03?
Find a link inside iframe in webbrowser control in
How can I override CSS?
Open visio by java program
Can't get Flexigrid to work for table
Synchronizing web applications in a cluster
Setting ContextInfo in Nhibernate
Finding time difference and executing a condition
Proper correlated sql query
PQgetvalue return array null [closed]
Building android source
python ,scipy 鈥�how to return a value with probability between 2 values
How to work with textual formats in otherwise procedural code?
Registering WCF service in Unity Container
Jquery - Apply rule if item contains one string OR another string
How to host WF4 state machine as a WCF service
What is the best way of handling 3rd party libraries in C++?
CSS overriding for 'font-weight' property
Having Trouble outputting to a file
PHP file upload
Captcha alternatives to deter spam [duplicate]
How to specify model name in store of an extjs 4?
How to get a Combo box to output into text boxes after item selection
.NET 4.0 upgrade error on MSI install - XML does not contain expected attribute error
Wix: ListBox value limitation
updating a database
AVAssetWriter giving bluish video file
Reproducing error message - Slow browser/machine
sum all values for table column based on class
How to find all dates between two dates in Zend Framework Query
Regular Expression Help for Date Validation - dd/mm/yyyy - PHP
Set negative expectations in EasyMock
Collection.toArray() java.lang.ClassCastException
Disable exception handling while debugging c++ project using Google Test
how to move camera in order to provide rotation and scaling of a 3d object in android?
Xpath query with PHP (take two values)
html5boilplate + ant build script + coffee script
Unit-Testing an Action with NUnit
data not setting in session codeigniter
Too many parameters on Imap::new
Wordpress trailing slash in permalink address causes a 404
Android: Zoom while scrolling
jQuery UI Dialog - animations
android java.lang.StackOverflowError in listview
jQuery Select box
fixing pagination limit on javascript
SPNEGO settings for FireFox and GoogleChrome
Releasing New Version of Tlb and When Tlb Needs To Be Re-Referenced
Assistance with MySQL query & timestamps
date parsing in java throws exception
Building WCF Service library in MS Web Developer 2010 Express
Currently running query inside a stored procedure
Drupal Theming Standard [closed]
NHibernate - Left joins
Can one controller call another in AngularJS?
Can CARemoteLayerServer and CARemoteLayerClient be used between processes?
can't use multiple ajaxLink for loading CJuiDialog widget
FCKeditor changes '<' to '&lt;' and '>' to '&gt;' causing errors
Using C5 Collection Tree Data Structure
how to make a python-mysqldb template?
Hiding a form without calling FormClosing method
Using XPath to read xml
How to escape binary data for insertion into PostgreSQL database with Qt?
Open Url handling
ASP.NET VB add button that has removechild() function
jQuery UI Dialog - set a default config
Handle Enter key for many edit texts
How to parse HTML added by code behind using
Can't connect to database after publishing
In Python, how to sum a list of numbers in a tuple, in a list in a dictionary?
Domain level session cookie on multiple domains
Matchcase for Wildcards
Scriptable HTTP benchmark (preferable in Python)
Where is main() in Android?
Load Images folder in android gallery
How to measure WPF Silverlight FPS or rendering time?
C++ char array move null terminator properly?
Formating variable results to send with phpmailer
How can I create a UDP server that will be able to scale to 10000 (uncorrelated) connections?
SQLite - retrieve set of names from the table
JAVA : Exporting Data (from database) to excel and sending it to client side
Mount an engine on subdomain Rails 3.1
cannot select QAbstractItemView item, when it's disabled
Ruby-FFI (ruby 1.8): Reading UTF-16LE encoded strings
Core data insert new data with existing relationship
MFC Image Button with transparency
Overload get_FIELD_display() function
Sorting nested arrays of objects by date
How can I give selectors implicit scope
Variables, strings and increasing frustration
FFMPEG 2 Videos transcoded and side by side in 1 frame?
Random @font-face issues in IE.
Hiding a Segue on Login process
Dependency Injection with Unity and creating objects dynamically in a lower layer
How to access the System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations Display name property for a field
Hibernate: UserType - nullSafeSet - column length
How to get CherryPy version
Mongo take advantage of indexing when doing $elemMatch with regex
JQuery Mobile - change the taphold sensitivity
eglSwapBuffers failed: EGL_BAD_ALLOC AndEngine Android
passing parameter with js/ajax to a php document
Can I prolongue an expiring date of a provisioning profile? - iOS
How to print a div of another page using jquery
How to check if IOException is Not-Enough-Disk-Space-Exception type?
How to Bind a Command to a CheckBox
Check Whether a Web Application is Up or Not
Graph API and location privacy
How to implement custom ACLs for CalDAV in SabreDAV PHP Server
Foursquare Checkins API
Trove hash maps not implementing hashCode
ISerializable - serialise a recursive object type eg, a Map
background-repeat: repeat; vs. background-repeat: space; vs. background-repeat: round;?
Get class methods with annotation with org.refelections
Thinking sphinx word match
Link array of buttons and textfields in Java
XML Schema content model is not deterministic
count all select list
openOrCreateDatabase doesn't work
WHERE statement in Rails?
Removing Object from ArrayList causes lag
Validate positive integers
Sensor coordinate system in Android doesn't change, does it?
Register mime-type in IIS from a web deployment setup
In a custom editor template, how do I access the field name I should use for the edit control? [duplicate]
How can I get a contact's version or modified time?
Graphics issue with segmentedControl and UIAppearance proxy
How to remove a particular html tag and its content which is inside a div, using div id by jquery?
ASP.NET: Trying to rename a file but getting 鈥淎ccess to path鈥�denied errors
C# SqlBulkCopy types mismatch
Opening external application inside my application
NSMutablearray's last element gets corrupted and becomes standard NSObject from custom object
Advanced use of jQuery load() function
C# code for best-fit circle [closed]
GameKit (GKSession) : Is there a priority order when GKSession decides to use Wifi or Bluetooth (if both are available)
Finite Element Delphi library
Why does new File(path) doesn't work when I run my application from jar?
stop background music in a different scene in cocos2d
Android - How to find my rooted path
Masking URL parameters
How to remove the default menu on the left side of the title bar - Qt?
inner join between three tables in mysql
SQL SELECT with table name in query
Creating share buttons in iOS app ( twitter facebook鈥�
Subclass of SyslogAppender seems to log twice
Clearing a line of a txt file by the line ID
Documentation for
Unable to use methods from Domain Service class in WCF Ria?
Android keyboard doesnt show when returning to the page
Android keyboard doesnt show when returning to the page
using EL inside java tag
SQL Joins across multiple tables
changing the git structure
Make column width same for 2 tables
Mercurial: get information about repositories without cloning them
php regex difference
regex for special character
facebook page_fan check query imcomplete result
Windows: C++: Redirection from file to serial port (input)
Starting with Symfony2 and creating bundles
I didn't get any notifications when I touched on tabbar items
Java Best Practices: Performance with method parameters
Issues with Dictionary ToList serialization
Any 鈥淕rid Panel鈥�with GXT?
JQuery replace function query
Error while generating JAX-WS web-service in RAD 7.5
MYSQLDUMP without the password prompt
How to convert Soap Response to Multidimensional Array?
Write the value of a boolean to a file in php
Refreshing ListFragment data
Ruby - Naming Convention - letter case for acronyms in class/module names?
HTML5 offline data storage
What can be the values for Heder_Search_Paths and Library_Search_Paths for UrbanAirship?
php/mysql table with users settings
What is the preferred way (better style) to name a namespace in Ruby? Singular or Plural?
Server points to random domain on the server?
Get certificate fingerprint from android app
clojure - delete an element from a ref vector
Fading with jquery in IE
Dynamic jQuery statements Part II
values of levelOfDetail and levelsOfDetailBias to render pdf on CATiledLayer in ios
CSS Height difference in Firefox
How to make a Scrabble wordgen?
Integrating iAd and AdMob through Mobclix on iPhone
User Authentication in CakePhp 2.0 with Oracle 10g
Create a clickonce webdeploy package
OmniAuth ActiveRecord error when pushing to Heroku
Javascript Scrolling Banner Error
How do I alter CAS configuration to use (email,password) authentication?
Map with only certain keys
Query with primary key obtained from primary keys of underlying tables
how RestClient gem work in ruby
Scripts doesn't work after a page transition in jQuery Mobile
SDK path amnesia
Erlang/OTP fails to compile on Solaris 11 11/11
How to make a copy of a file in android?
Dynamically created button in WPF
What are the latest DeBayer/Demosaicing technics
how to remove comma if string having comma at end
Finding files dynamically
Git clients in OSX [closed]
delayed_job waiting for completion
Pre-pre production repository?
Gmail not receiving mails sent by Swiftmailer via sendmail
Hadoop DistributedCache failed to report status
Conversion from binary file to hex in C
Consuming an encoded SOAP service on Silverlight / WP7
ASP.NET MVC - Session Expired presented with Login View as a Partial View
Proxying Apache with 8081 port to Geoserver 8080 for WFS
How should i use stored procedures in EF to return a simple list with fields from 2 entities
Add generated build file to classpath
Setting default value for Bool by reference
How to use compression while saving pdf file using PDFView4Net component
Node.JS - Page keeps on running
Modify session cookie expiry and session timeout for a CakePHP session
how to set images in the calender view iPhone
How to geocode where possible and skip errors with gmaps4rails?
F3 source code navigation stopped working for .xhtml files in Eclipse Indigo when using JSF 2.x
Formating legend and axis in Google Charts
How to create object tree from xsd in Java?
Error in UIApplicationMain
How does NCover coverage report handle MSTest accessors?
ld: library not found for -lLIBRARY_NAME, only when trying to build using jenkins
What is url encoding %2526?
how to stop a black line appearing beneath my html5 video in safari and google chrome
How could reading numbers using sscanf crash?
Use cmake to create a cmake-free Makefile
jquery merge elements
TextView marquee not working in code
How do I invoke a partial view with 鈥渘ull鈥�for its model?
Flash: Why Flash doesn't recognize a Primesense/Flash camera?
Mixing JAVA and non-java projects with maven
Scala instantiation from manifests in nested generic code
Flot - how do I make my bars wider?
Web application: Only authorized communication with server
zend multiple table interface
Multidimensional Arrays in C++
How to draw a bell curve in android?
Serialize javascript object to json and back
Image processing functions are slow when called from JAVA GUI
PHP On scope resolution operator
Finding all combinations where each digit is picked from a different set
C++ too many write/read of size 4
Got NullPointerException when enabled search index for Jackrabbit
IE not showing site content but still has source code
Best way to handle UX confusion caused by an invalid PUT/POST in REST?
Low Memory Warning always causing crash on iPad (1st generation) [closed]
icon dimensions don't meet the size requirements (0x0)
icon dimensions don't meet the size requirements (0x0)
C++鈥quare series (same output each time)?
Tabindex for elements inside iframe
Is there a way to restrict the element from dropping over the boundary area - jquery ui
'Sequel::Error: id is a restricted primary key' when creating record using Sequel
How to add text or image to customized listview
Listbox control with centered text alignment?
How to access java map object in JSP
Is that Manifest file signed or not?
'Submit' Button click causes postback on first click and submits on the second click
How to emulate HtmlUnit driver as Firefox 9?
Frame rate is too slow while displaying frame(RGB data) using OPENGL in android ndk
R shows different HTML (when compared to web browser) for the same Google Search URL
this.model.destroy() in backbone.js returns object has no method destroy
Specifying file name and destination in get_thumbnail function of sorl thumbnail
Webservices between Java & c# - complex data types
Could someone summarize what this cookie/form redirect is doing?
Is boost::thread thread-safe?
Entity Framework 4.0: Error 113: Multiplicity is not valid in Role
Sprintf in R doesn't count umlauts
Getting random row(flash banner ad) from mysql with even distribution
How to correct uneven illumination in images using MATLAB?
AppStore in-app purchases for levels
How to configure IIS 7.5 to accept request for .json file with 'POST' method
getting value from the database
How to get a list of categories from database with php?
Combining boost range algorithms, eg. boost::copy and boost::remove_if
Error when adding entry to a List of Maps
How do i use stored linkedin API access token to connect automatically to Linkedin API without entering credentials every time
Resize UIImageView in its own coordinate system
Role of iscsi offload driver (bnx2i)
Using form action within runat=鈥渟erver鈥�
Can Instruments tell me on which line my retain/release calls were made with ARC?
Only last value is inserted into sqlite database on iPhone
How to go back when I run :Ex command in Vim
Looking for a faster algorithm to count tags/keywords/labels on a document database for a dynamic tagcloud
php ssh2_execute hangs occasionally
First AutoCompleteTextView drop-down menu does not appear
RedirectRequestTarget with hidden parameters possible?
Left 1000 records from delete 11g?
@Index does not work on JOINED subclasses?
鈥淐LR detected an Invalid Program鈥�when using Enumerable.ToDictionary with an extension method
Sending sms from PC using iphone
How to set up a simple while loop to run a test from MySQL workbench?
using QuasirandomGenerator (for dummies)
attachment in java mail aPI from drawable folder
Scala - scipy / numpy [duplicate]
Implementing Step Line Chart in Dynamic Data Display
how to format array param in pgsql?
Android horizontal layout with dynamically expanding TextView on the right
Invalid token although valid login
Problems with maven built OSGi including dependencies
Resolving ambiguity in an interface which extends two other interfaces which have a method with the same name
How to set opacity for options in select using javascript and css?
convert an exsiting jsp project to use Framework
Data type nvarchar in SQL Server ?
Android Async Syncronization
Regex character limit with specified numbers
Facebook OAuthException when offline_access token is invalid
How to load valid current days in rails date_select tag
Automatic F# to C# translation
How to color some specific cells in HTMLTable?
How to protect joomla website from hacking
Asynchronous rendering in C# winforms using GDI
Use 32bit DLL in 64bit App with .Net 2.0
FLAG_DISMISS_KEYGUARD to unlock a screen
Is it possible set the JPEG quality using the get_serving_url() in Google App Engine?
How to implement Drag and Drop in android?
GWT application bandwidth congestion issue
Node.js browser error
Facebook Graph Api - writing new lines in PHP
How to Post XML Document Element via HTTP in Android?
jQuery accordion - OnCollapse and OnExpand events
C# Static members
Changing FORM element values with JavaScript only works once
TAPI aplication, can't send DTMF signal
How to authenticate using imap with rails
Web application showing miss alignment in IE 8
localStorage.getItem returns old data in IE 9
OperationalError: (2001, 鈥淐an't create UNIX socket (24)鈥�
How do I reset the graphical parameters back to default values without use of
Custom alert view causes crash when iPad is rotated
checking the items in listview
LinearLayout add view with animation
how to load deactive category in magento
how to write into 鈥渂uild problems鈥�tab in Qt Creator?
Best coding approach to scroll long text and images horizontally in WPF/XAML? [duplicate]
PHPMyAdmin LaTeX-export doesn't show row comments
Limit the task list by filtering by directory in Netbeans 7.1
How to store filename and extracted content in hash?
Conflict between jquery and ajax
How to Pass a PHP Variable to a MySql Query to Create an Excel Document Download
How to add comment to mvc application
DataView RowFilter Group By
Accurately placing text in activity webmethod as webservice?
jQuery height() returns 0 on a visible div - why?
ASP.NET MVC - Forms Authentication / Session ID
Windows Phone 7.5 - Local SQL Database
How can I enable a BroadcastReceiver on a button click in Android?
How can I enable a BroadcastReceiver on a button click in Android?
More DispatcherTimers in one application
Sorting and storing data in tableview
Codeigniter redirection
magento: show all products below a parent node
Substitute for JNotify?
SplitView Ipad - Segue to Detail View keeps opening views
Animating a sprite after a touch?
Why does the minor upgrade of our product created using InstallShield fail to install on Windows 7
'System.Web.UI.WebControls.Image' does not contain a definition for 'FromStream'
Existing MVC website - integrating Telerik MVC Grid to use ServerSideEditing
Send Message to Nearby Mobile Phone
Exposing rejection reason in Websphere MQ messages
.NET MVC Timed Event on Action
How does VB.NET resolve this to an object property?
Does a large value in uiscrollview's content size affect the allocations in the device memory?
Autofit rows using VBA
Android Custom View at Runtime
Make SmbFile from Android SDCard
Restlet: getting parameter keys and values of a request
how to attach movieclips in a movieclip from main time line dynamically
Error in installing rvm in /usr/local/rvm/scripts/rvm
UILongPressGestureRecognizer only call the second time
Changing the file permission using Windows API
Java AES decrypts zip files with wrong header
C# how to determine, whether ArrayList contains object with certain attribute
Redirect page with location.href
LLVM native code generation
How to replace STDIN, STDOUT, STDERR in ruby19
how to use the gcc assembly command (.type)?
How to serve static resources from a Vaadin/Spring application?
Close Connection for Mongodb using Casbah API
Change File Icons in C#
Gridview - Update exception
Android disturbance in ongoing call
does JSON have a schema
How to play even background mode using MPMoviePlayerController
How can a button in an iframe open a new url in a chrome extension
I notice I cannot use PriorityQueue for Objects?
Phonegap - Dropdown not clickable (Android and iOS)
Error hosting application Can't load type
how to check which out of all installed fonts supports characters from given language?
MediaPlayer not showing video when Thread is run in background
Avoiding issues when moving or duplicating a project folder in Labview
Delphi: AV after exit Delphi 6
From the html/jsp page, how to access Javascript file which is in the firefox extension?
Cant able to Delete Row from sqlite Database
Google Map v3 - type of land
Is there any performance difference between using int a=a+1 and a++ in java? If so which is better and why?
how can i set classpath for external jar files in java?
Jsonp - Response from server
How to display the detail of an array's index in a new view?
PDF Open Office or MS Word
TextBox DataField always updating source bindings on text changed with text box that fails validation
which version of a gem is installed when requiring a gem
Unmarshalling List<foo> with JAXB/Jersey
How to customize the default error message input string is not in correct format
preg_replace and combination of '[', ']' and '/' for replacement
Bash + Python subprocess 鈥渄eclare鈥�
PKI authentication for OpenRasta
App getting crashed when moving to a new view from the table view in android
Is 'name.firstName_lastName.projectName' a correct package name without domain registration?
Mixing 32bit and 64bit managed assemblies
ruby split string by repeating characters or a space
Turn off struts validation per input box based on checkbox value
Oracle, describe users recyclebin, SQLPLUS
APC Cache fragmentation on WordPress site
Preventing empty strings becoming NULL in dynamic-data
Two (almost) identical pieces of code produce separate results
Missing requirement package in OSGI Bundle
How do I include my assemblies for a Project Template when packaged in a VSIX
Create a new table from merging two tables with union
How to run cucumber-jvm tests using Gradle
MVVMLight Messenger cannot send a null message
SQL update, string to numeric
Accessing resources in registered .NET DLL via res protocol
Using bind to ensure method refers to object, but it doesn't seem to be working
Disappear columns when datagrid.datacontext changed
Regular Expression - Add a '0' if number is only decimal point
Substitute image with the default one if path not found
Is there any way to predefine a string in vb6?
Reading a configuration file in Python (storing/reading nested data with ConfigParser)
How to override JPA datasource JNDI name during deployment on glassfish 3?
How to normalize a database schema
what is the use of Maven in seleniumRC or WebDriver?
How to restrict the URL modification visibilty in address bar?
C# ASP .NET MVC 3 singleton constructor called twice
android sms data uploading app possible?
rpmbuild change compression format
Openfire performance on EC2 [closed]
Fixed textframes in MigraDoc?
Unechoed string input in C++
Managed Extensions for C++ in Visual Studio 2012
Itemrenderer Dispatch Custom Event
Finding white rectangle in an image
Table Cell Renderer for enum
NSIS: environment variable created doesn't work
PHP : How to get returned link when access a link
Textbox Control in bada 1.1?
Rogue Character in tab delimited file causing error
Need SQL Server Query to solve 3rd Order Polynomial Regression
PHP receiving Json
is it possible to make widgets without using fremarker?
Using LoadControl to display cached WebUserControls
parse string into double getting error java.lang.NumberFormatException: empty String
Graphic with turning series on/off
OpenMP and cores/threads
Ubuntu 10 Citrix plugin
Two div columns. Dynamic width of one
how to test WPF forms?
How to change the center of mass?
python pyqt4 combobox
Headers for my static library not found
Using wildcard for custom HTML tags in Rubymine
Backbone.js views & parent elements
How to detect the screen DPI using PHP or JavaScript
How do I get the ENTIRE URL as seen in the browser without JS?
Cancelling a background worker which is continuously reading from a network stream
Temporary link per user request in PHP
Send params to remote server with FileTransfer() using PhoneGap?
Use Excel as back-end database to build chart in report builder
Solving cross-browser type discrepencies?
Load View Controller via code
How to enable hyperlinks in FlowDocument?
Receiving image through websocket
onkeypress event not firing in ie
windows phone 7 app - back button causes new page instance
Parse a map in digester
Filtering products by attributes in magento
Flex - Scroller that wraps a popup window
core dump inside stored procedure
Inverse selection in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 view
Firefox + Asp.NET + Windows Authentication = no css background images?
splitting an array of strings which contain dates into date order
check for port availabilty using iphlpapi dll in nsis
Continuous key press event in Silverlight application
RegExp, Remove dots in tags
Automatically starting a UDP server at Ubuntu startup
How do I import quickgraph library to my project
Testing iOS Ad-hoc IPA on iCloud synced devices
How to find whether a string not surrounded by <a> tag
How can I use the Command Pattern in Java like I do in C++?
What is the proper way to pass a variable when page refresh/reload using php?
accessing primary account and call it in your own UI
Safari - Session storage
C2DM error: Got error response from Google datamessaging endpoint: MismatchSenderId
how to use the same method of jquery scrollTop with css3
Correct plural term 鈥渞ecent items鈥�in french for custom objects
Optional object reference
NSTableView with custom row background: prevent label to turn white on selection
Correct plural term 鈥渞ecent items鈥�in french for custom objects
Optional object reference
NSTableView with custom row background: prevent label to turn white on selection
C# analysing html code with Regex
Objective-C @synchronized object changes
Simple extract with Lambdaj causes 鈥淯nable to convert placeholder null鈥�
Is it safe to use new Image() to do click tracking?
Android Pager Issue on Pause
Find files containing specific words - SublimeText2
BigDecimal.pow() of negative number
Oracle Stored Procedure with undefined number of parameters with Java JSF
SAXParseExceptions: catalog of cvc-errors
iReport: reposition elements after removeing line
WinForm resolution
Check if RTSP Stream has finished
Extract notification text from parcelable, contentView or contentIntent
RVM keeps on resetting/uninstalling gems every time I switch to different gemsets, how can I fix this?
What to use for data analysis
What language is behind ladder programming in Omron PLC?
display timespan nicely
Youtube flash player getDuration not accurate
I am new to spring MVC. I want to know what basic configurations or xml files we need to do to run a basic Spring MVC application.?
@Override and Super
How can i create a clone of an existing app on heroku from another heroku app as seperate app?
I want to upgrade from mysql to mysql2 on Joyent
data from iPhone to php
Call function when link inside a grid column is clicked
phonegap android app cannot open camera
Outputting a truth table in PHP
How to implement the following as in the image using c# GridView
Visual Basic 6 , IE(control Webbrowser) , ActiveX
Html.RadioButton of MVC generates id and name same
What is the role of the Activity class in MVC?
Hibernate - One table with multiple entities?
OpenCV, noise when mapping a a patch of pixels from image to image
Drupal: How to add JavaScript value to hidden form component
Is my HTTP-Server able to detect the connection speed of the Client?
Chrome doesn't disable submit button with span
the onKeydown event is being handled by android, thought the methods are there to handle the event
How to check programmatically if 鈥渦se wireless networks鈥�is enabled on Android?
Node.js server-side form validation with client-side response
Private copy of data from shared location
Aptana connection error
Is it possible to have a constructor with arguments as class name c++?
Get unique photos from database for users randomly and without repetition
ASP.NET MVC - Current Selected value doesnt get selected in IE
Access violation reading location 0xc3618000
C# App using Windows API Code Pack Shell Extension won't shut down
Is it possible to use SQL Azure Reporting with a filtered SQL Azure Federation database?
create thread from other thread throw exception like Can't create handler inside thread that has not called Looper.prepare()
MKMapView .. addAnnotation Method Memory Management
Remove/Install windows services using batch
C++: Thread Building Blocks - include hell
Is URLEncoder.encode(string, 鈥淯TF-8鈥� a poor validation?
Segfault when calling gcm_encrypt_message with Brian Gladmans AES Code
Cassandra - chose comparator for UUID generated with Java JDK
LINQ query and Array of string
images not shown in a website in IE [closed]
Selenium - Wait for Javascript function to execute before continuing
Adding data to a tableView using a NSMutableArray
when viewing details of a shelveset, when i double click the .cs or .sql files, why it opens in notepad?
Modify privacy settings for Album via Graph API
egit marks files as dirty after switching branch
XML DTD failling to validate
jQuery Mobile individual loading message specific to each page
Handling PDF result data from ajax success
R Write to Excel With Links
Advice on a design of a recursive method
How codepad know about infinite loop?
working with lists in scheme
Selenium IDE: How to check text color using CSS
Youtube API upload from website WITH diff. TITLES
How to get ListView of a known ListViewDataItem
MATLAB function in Java
Display label in custom control used on an ASP.Net aspx page?
How to get a midpoint of a line and a square(openGL)
How to 鈥渟plit鈥�in J2ME a String data containing new line characters?
Java - rounded corner panel with compositing in paintComponent
Twitter+oauth share url
Android Dev: How to get a GeoPoint by LONG PRESS on MapView?
Selenium test timeout doesn't stop the test PHPUnit 3.6.10 Selenium RC 2.19.0
DB connection issue with excel spreadsheet and ODBC Oracle Connect
Access Denied randomly when connecting to mysql
Font of Netbeans in Ubuntu 10.04 is very ugly
HttpURLConnection, How is the content of a response decoded?
Visual Studio 2005 - A binary built with /DEBUG /OPT:REF is much larger than non-debug-build
JQuery expression returning the first table row as an array of strings?
INSERT statement does not work from PHP Code, but works in Phpmyadmin
In Java, how to find a string from an string array and why is the below example not working as expected
Workaround for missing whitelist in phonegap for windows phone
Destroying all sessions in rails 3
Can a method refer to its object in a callback without bind()?
Can I get result from javascript and use it in
matlab adding to a vector
analyzer logic erros or death code
Getting attachments from document
Compiling a dll with mingw and eclipse
Javascript get element from opened window
Customize the compiled filename in Rails 3.1 assets pipeline
Different shortcut file size on Windows XP, Server 2003 and 7
Customize the compiled filename in Rails 3.1 assets pipeline
Different shortcut file size on Windows XP, Server 2003 and 7
is it possible to store the first pageX value on a touchstart?
PHP - session_id() gives me HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error
closing a jquery-ui dialog one at a time
Changing the font type for UIpopover tittle
Issue generating resources in VS.Net 2010, windows 7 64 bit
Read or open a PDF file using iText in android
gracefully stop execution a resque job without fail status?
jquery, wrap elements inside a div
Having difficulty with asp:gridview
Converting int to int64 in F#
How can i position absolutely a div in a table?
Error codes within exception vs exceptions hierarhy
remove all characters from a string
Android: how to achieve functionality like in facebook photo
PHP how to force user to logout when the user is still logged on another computer?
MVC3 Some of my fields validate while some do not
Primefaces looks different on IE - CSS Problems
Joining query upon first result only
xml parsing in this way but in MainViewModel
Insert timestamp in SQLite stays null
Eclipse: Debugging鈥�then seems to stop in a while loop, without debugging the following codes, why?
Fast image change detection algorithm
Can we assign a character value to int and print the same character value without using any conversion in C++
Web: How can I design a div container that the normal user knows that it is draggable?
Is there any free Visual Studio plug-in/extension or external program to visualize XAML DataTemplate?
Deploying web application in SUP2.0
How to get the height of a textView
Disable bridge forwarding in raw socket
c# multi structured classes
Google Event Tracking Breaking Fancybox Plugin
PyQt4 with custom QPSQL plugin
Faces ActionEvent.getSource always null
Windows LDAP group-user checking in C or C++ (or Ada 95)
Some form events (Load, Shown) stopped working
How to detect if a bitmap has Alpha channel in .NET
How can i add event listener to the content of dojo editor?
How I can Get my Albums ID using Facebook Graph API.?
Small change in field display using tastypie
Equivalent of FileSystemObject.OpenTextFile(fileName, ForReading) in c#
Sort excel formula output?
How do I remove leading & trailing whitespace of NSString inside an NSArray?
Does StringBuilder need ToString()
How to validate radio button in html using name and type
JDBC Exception: Operation not allowed after ResultSet closed [duplicate]
App does not send and receive SMS
clarification on using toast message
Can't add imageViews one by one in layout
Is it possible to have a param array of Func's
Problems starting activity from an AppWidget
auto order in a select
Scala: best way to handle exceptions from Java library?
Floating div (changeing top attr) is not smooth
Duplicating class behaviour to second class (twitter bootstrap)
Combinining shiro:hasPermission tags
NavigationController on iPad
union issue for getting total count
MotionEvent Action_Up issues on passing event Event Calendar Display Date Range
How to Set Text and Image(Image URL) to Gridview in Android
What is OpenCV HighGUI namespace?
Sys.ArgumentTypeException: Object of type 'Sys._Application' cannot be converted to type 'Sys._Application'.Parameter name: instance
how to know main.xml (main view) has been clicked in android
Always redirect to hompage
Pass MDC parameter to file name in Log4cxx
Create trigger from a sql file within VS2010?
Is there any command line tool for breaking a single JavaScript file into multiple smaller files?
Waiting for a js alert using watir-webdriver
Improving query performance
How can I find the session Id when using express / connect and a session store?
How to return Tuple in a mock?