Titanium File Error when CommonJS modules too large?
error occurs while running rake run:android
Weird behavior of linkbutton within updatepanel
How to update table data with own encrypt function?
order by date in sqlite database example in android 2.0.3
change property format
Regular Expression in Codeigniter with routes
Tool to refactor 鈥渨ith鈥�blocks
how to get data from large xml file
How to find route between two location in iOS5
Javascript navigation without changing pages and using no hash
How to solve this solution with DB
Is is possible to update ruby to version ruby 1.9.3 with rails 2.3 project (existing code)
Ruby on Rails, how to setup hot swap for lib folder?
Apply percentage format with VSTO - multiply by 100 behind the scenes
Visual C++ not allowing iostream
CSS3 Gradient not working in Firefox
How to read versioncode from manifest.xml in build.xml using ant
Maximize image on webpage using CSS and HTML
How to choose between whitespace pattern?
How to change the position of a display object from one point to another?
Screen Capture Making Video
When to use try-finally blocks without Catch blocks
Simple HTML / CSS box model confusion
Parse JSON array file with JSONPATH
DartEditor.exe and java exit code 1
JSON Rpc libraries for use with .NET [closed]
Microsoft JScript runtime error: Object doesn't support property or method '__defineGetter__
Display an artifact in the jenkins build results page
Build libarary Imagemagick on android
How to set the multiple flags in QMainWindow?
Update parent whenever a control changes value in WPF
Having real time output from ssh run with php
Using javascript how do I make a CSS id appear and disappear?
Java Equivalent for HTML::TableExtract
hibernate results join left
How to register JavaScript using VB.NET code
Read string in string
Enable a TabItem via Binding
Access from PHP to .mdb file on Ubuntu
Accessing USB camera controls with AForge
How to give alias to DLL in C#
Radio button loses value on postback(after postback first button is again checked)
Firebird 2.5 - conditionally convert column data type from float to double precision
IE FB.login callback not running and XD proxy window left open
The lifetime of a reference with regard to its target
'RuntimeError: route set not finalized' when calling Rails.application.routes.generate() or Rails.application.routes.recognize_path()
Matching elements whose IDs start with a string without matching just the string
iphone image detail (selected from photo library)
How to generate documentation from python code looking like 鈥減ython shell output鈥�
Why is scanf not working as expected when writing to a string literal?
Is there a way to center the pager thumbnails in Jquery Cycle instead of left-aligned? (jsFiddle)
How to get jpa(hibernate) query resultlist as HashMap?
Unable to compile class for jsp in tomcat
Why, on every browsers I checked, the width/height of an input and a select are displayed different?
decltype and the scope operator in C++
When my application send to Background From Activity D which is SingleInstance ,Relauch it from Long Press Home
$(#id).className jQuery not working in IE9
How to configure an Amazon EMR streaming job to use EC2 spot instances (Ruby CLI)?
struts2 and spring jdbc integration
OpenLayers.Popup closeBoxCallback not fired
Uploading an image in Rails on Heroku to Imgur via API
Error in glmer: NA/NaN/Inf in foreign function call (arg 1)
How to use always the mobile version of the web
How to disable rmmod for my own written kernel module?
Are static and relative with no other attributes always rendered in the same place?
simple number series
Python sqlalchemy : table with no primary keys and duplicate values?
how to handle server scalability
Stroring and retrieving image from the Sqlite database
GWT MVP. How to use event bus?
How to set permissions in an svn repository?
search for a string in file and change the next line using awk
Regex in Android parsing error
Sencha Touch query
How to get real time log analysis
Automatically coming slashes with FileStream in Monodroid
Sample JMS example using Active MQ
Java script to display label
Struts2 property ambiguity
Shell Script: Concatenate string while interating
Insert image into database
detecting change in a binary column vector
How can I substitute my own custom dynamic scaffolding methods
Firebug shows some requests in Gray
How to use FlexiGrid with Java?
what is the equivalent of all_tables and all_tab_columns in postgresql
How do I get an mp3 to play in a status update from the Windows Phone?
SerialPort Reading in java
Add Perl module relative to script
Comparing dates created with timestamp Date.UTC
Implementing GetHashCode on a value class
invoke Java Servlet doGet method from JavaScript code
How to migrate Fanpage with App? [duplicate]
Extjs custom grid row grouping
Different ways to authenticate smartphone application like Android
Razor Syntax Inline Code
How to keep in sync the resources of two folders with Maven
high swap memory utilization
how do I extract specific paragraphs from a text using vim?
How to sort multi-dimensional arrays start from a given Index
How to check browser cookies support with Pyramid
Date format : Android Contacts Birthday Anniversary
OpenCV and Python: Connected components analysis
Questions regarding Joomla and VirtueMart
Displaying customers from SQL Server database using datalist control in asp.net
How to get street directions in google map
rails 3.1: Is it ajax?
Java parser with control-flow enumeration
Entity Framework 4 + DBContext T4 + Abstract Base Class
Export excel using openoffice in c# win form
Python Query ( string)
Multiplying two matrices but getting the wrong answer
is it possible to reference the microsoft report writer (sql) outside of an aspx page
How to pass parameter to jquery UI dialog button function in extended feature?
Getting value to media player from list of audio files in previous Activity
Updating primary keys using LINQ
Prevent cell from being created
Stop Magento from emptying the shopping cart before payment confirmation?
鈥淚nvalid column name鈥�In SQL Server from OpenQuery to SSAS with flattened results
Python Pyramid PServe refuses to serve
how to disable jsf valitadions temporarily
array to send with jquery post
api = twitter.Api() AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'Api
How to write a NSString array object in one go?
put bean values in external JS files
How can i get code.c's runtime by TCC
How to create a simple static call graph in Java?
How to divide/split formatter settings for Groovy and Java in eclipse?
binary search for query results
maven: simple questions about mvn options
On which aspects i should put more emphasis for Security Testing of the Desktop Based Application?
How to add user name and password to ksh bash file proxy configuration?
Complex Pricing on Products in Rails
Checking a checkbox based on array value?
TFS makes checkins as another user instead of my current user
Font unicode glyph mapping to actual characters
Update regex to only match capital characters in a single word
playing a video with MPMoviePlayerController while recording with AudioQueue
jquery input value validation
django, return to previous page after form POST submit
Webview moves up when keyboard hides
POST Error vs PUT Error: Are they the same thing?
Website with Front end using JavaScript and back end Java
Using reflection to find constructors that have interface parameters
Upload two files using PHP
how to transform back the dateformat in coldfusion?
Creating dom elements with jquery - performance difference?
R statistics console in QT
How to create uninstaller shortcut using WIX
Sencha Touch JSONPinclude via https doesn't work on some android devices
Roll back a change with Team Foundation Server Source Control
Email to yahoo from C# application error
Using less datastore small operations in appengine
regex not continuing
ListView doesn't refresh after deleting an item
Regarding Amazon ec2 cluster compute instances
Getting better syntax highlighting with ctags and vim
jQuery change cookie expiry from time value to session value
Exit out of WHILE @@FETCH_STATUS = 0 in db_cursor
Write html content to Excel worksheet
MIT license + 3 Clause BSD license
Integration of Junit4 with Jmeter
How to use C# to connect to Exchange Server via RPC Over HTTPs
How can I add an additional word to a URL using mod_rewrite
java.lang.NullPointerException error how to fix?
Model doesn't display correctly in XNA
validating a plsql block
SQL Conditional column data return in a select statement
WebLogic Server Forced Shut Down Automatically
Bold textbox lines in RDLC dynamically
firefox doesn't respect javascript change of float direction
Table relations SQL Server issue
Using a C-callback function with .NET
line Drawing in java
What should be done to enable foreign chars?
ffmpg: generate very small size video out of pictures
Overriding default eclipse project properties view
Related to PopUp frame
read data from SYS_REFCURSOR in a Oracle stored procedure and reuse it in java
INSERT INTO from SQL Table with specified order
How to create Login system in silverlight?
Do PhoneGap apps reset themselves on app update?
Java ArrayList incompatible types
Reading Repeating Groups in Custom Messages using Python Quickfix
How to set my xlabel at the end of xaxis
Prism - Region adapter for content control
How to scale rows in a matrix?
different documents fields returned with fq parameter
How to get the latest photo in iPhone Library?
UIAlertView : compare titles
Checking for a value in NSMutableArray
filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader
Continuous serialization of complex object collection to file
Access LINQ to SQL results with a group clause
solr tomcat utf-8
CSS background and login box error
Programmatically get expression value of JSTL EL Context
How can I text from Images when text are not in single row?
Why data cannot be inserted from Android Apps to MySQL
Supporting Multiple Screens (phone and tablet)
Get all the urls of site which coded by means of CodeIgniter
Multiple Insert Statement
Opening Mootools SqueezeBox popup automatically on PageLoad
Height of a JTextArea in gridbaglayout on mac
Implementing maps (use pin to show current position) in android
how to monitor XCache Performance
Forwarding a url to an IP plesk
Passing DAE File to OpenGL ES on iPhone - Handling Tangents and Binormals - Maya
Lift HTTP routing
How to set a java compiler in Netbeans
can i have two connection string in two different web config in one asp.net project
How to convert from int to int?, in C#?
Curl in Php - Google Analytics Api
Powershell secure string conversion
Bitwise shift operation in C on uint64_t variable
Launcher + singleTask activity in Android
Executing C program in Linux Terminal
Standard Contact Form to add on my website
Is it valid to use `this` inside base class constructor?
cant hide php extension in .htaccess file Apache Web Server
how to clear previous alarms in alarm manager?
AWK command to get value within a specified tag for list of XML files
Converting NSString of Vertice Information to a Multidimensional Array - Objective C
Execute multiple command (using BCP) with same ProcessStartInfo instance in C#
Converting NSString of Vertice Information to a Multidimensional Array - Objective C
Execute multiple command (using BCP) with same ProcessStartInfo instance in C#
appstore rules for all images [closed]
Chunkwise-Copy data from InputStream to OutputStream + getting byte[] at the end
Dynamically resizing a GLSurfaceView in Android
Delete all lines in a text file that do not contain a string
adding child in QMainWindow
Finding multiple characters and replacing with JQuery
redirect function setted to refresh doesn't work correctly
Drupal Calendar - Calendar View not displaying entries in IE7
Title on links doesn't show in IE7
Parsing Configuration file using lex and yacc
Excel VBA Error [closed]
How to Set Tab Bar controller in Navigation Base application's one of the Nib file?
Tomcat 6 doesn't decode + to space in parameter values
Insert multiple check box values in MYSQL database
Commercial vs Open source CMS and load balancing
Android : Message Intent
ASP.Net page loading
What is the effect of a semicolon at the end of a line?
Relative Layout Overlay the Components declared in the RelativeLayout Component
Using tags creatively
Which is faster to execute, if( c== 0 && d==0 && etc鈥�, or if(c==0) if(d==0) etc鈥�
Using OpenGL ES, how can I draw a flat ribbon (quad) in 3D space whose ends are always parallel to the viewing plane?
Assert that current thread does not hold a CRITICAL_SECTION lock
how to convert date month from int to varchar?
Detecting home button click event on iPad from the browser
Issues in setting the image in relative layout
PHP OOP, $this->var->method()? [closed]
How to make my program check for an installation to have completed and then 鈥渃ome back to life鈥�
air html text doesn't display local images
TextBox Caret Styling
Screen flashes when switching from one video file to another
How to display ascending or descending for the contents shown in mysql
oracle 11g alias to query
Make a hyperlink textview in android
onevent on f:ajax causes model to not getting updated
Object Not found error in $_SERVER{'PHP_SELF'} [closed]
Data post differ from Firefox-IE
Wrong day paramenter in new Date()?
Dynamic generation of buttons with their click event
how to use seed-Fu gem in ruby
Android widgets: addView not working with RemoteViews object
SIGSEGV in DSO, mixed C/C++
headerfile inclusion in pure virtual classes
how to address a child element in a div, addressed by its index
How to run a program without JIT?
PHP Assigning an array to a new variable [closed]
EJB 3.1 TransactionAttributeType.REQUIRES_NEW and setRollbackOnly
How do I get the following information out of a solaris sparc machine?
mkdir in ant fails. How can i handle this error
Copy contents of a routine to another location in memory
Wix darice.cub file missing when building from visual studio 2010
How to test/mock this static factory (used for graph construction)?
Custom Membership Provider and Role Manager getting data from MSSQL 2008 database
Transparent AWT component, possible?
NoClassDefFoundError when using ant
How to execute ActivityBuilder without serializing it?
My method can't find files in directory
Local file open IE
Is it mandatory to create a variable associated with a property in Objective-C?
Getting Error constructing implementation (algorithm: Collection, provider: BC, class: org.bouncycastle.jce.provider.CertStoreCollectionSpi)
install4j: how to disable the option for a second install on an update
What is a style protochain?
HTML email with CID images, is there a way to repeat the background or stretch it to 100% width?
error C2664: 'Stack<type>::equal' : cannot convert parameter 1 from 'char' to 'Stack<type> &'
iPhone:How to store apostrophe(') sign in sqlite database
Extjs4 MVC. Retain Prevoius View with all the Form Data on Back Button
CodeIgniter - Looking for a little help using routes
MVC Pattern in Web App (JSP Language)
Hide a button depending upon the current page being viewed
Need help in access query
byte to string and vice versa
How can I change the path for root permanently in solaris sparc?
Avoid opening command history window while running selenium rc
How to access friend of friends photos in Ruby on rails with facebook
VSTO ColumnChanging event not fired and HasChanges not working correctly on Excel sheet
How to add 'flashing' effect to custom Control?
Not sure how string split actually works in this case
Changing Person & Group value by string in Sharepoint 2007
JSON Serialization and .NET SQL Parameters
How to get a list of the pictures in my Photo library on my iPhone?
How to make an Android phone as bluetooth headset
Preserve white-space when applying str in clojure
What db/fileformat to use for append-only, LIFO, mostly-read operations from python script?
How can I limit Parallel.ForEach?
java override method invocation
Double checked locking in modern JVMs
searching only in undeleted documents using zend lucene
How to get localized name of System Folder in Cocoa
JSF facelets template packaging
Setting control to be content of several controls
VideoView stop display when activity resumed and restart
Deleting Alert sharepoint 2007 - Access denied
Want to get all values of specific spans in jquery
Element Position finding - scrollTop fails
java - how do I save and load a list with db4o
Array.ForEach in C#
Why does Django not save a form inserted to a formset with jQuery?
Need help on smarty, onclick event on submit button
Dynamic jQuery statements
ASP.NET Crystal Report Arial Narrow Formatting Issue on different server
How to call web service method in C++?
Dot net nuke changing the content of pane dynamically
Why 鈥�lib/libc.so.1鈥�is mounted on solaris 10?
PHP Marge Array in single array
C# A quick way to find out if a network path is available using NetBEUI protocol
check in policies in TFS using Visual studio 11 preview
How to disable Nginx index directory to only allow MaxCDN / NetDNA CDN?
Appending a string with string in ios
Grails: specify number of digits for integer in domain class
How to pass parameters to generic handlers through jquery ajax call
Have a command button as a part of output text
Trying to add many arrays to one NSMutableArray
Organizing objects in html5 webgl canvas animation with three.js
mailto in Java?
Drupal 7 Custom Module , Create a button in settings page that calls a custom function
How can I access interfaceOrientation in a custom CALayer?
Storing Symbols like 媳蟺惟梅鈭毼狡灺滴斚掅胆位胃鈫�掳 in SQL Server XML
Transparent GradientStop in Silverlight is not exactly transparent
Accurate three-minute time timer intervals
Class not defined error when mixing scripting languages
SQLiteDatabase getWritableDatabase() not working
How can I make a POST on http using boost::asio?
How to display performance test results on Jenkins
Changing Line WIdth of Line charts and Max. scale for xlCategory
Sending an email from iPhone through PHP contact page
JProgressBar setValue is not working, tried with SwingUtilities as well
jQuery image load - multiple finish function execution
@import 鈥渃ompass鈥�breaking in asset pipeline rails 3.2.1
Error in SLIM framework
How to meta refresh after all resources were loaded?
Why SQL Server Tuning Advisor proposes to add PRIMARY KEY to included columns of index?
2 different encodings while parsing text in a file
Selecting a word in TextField
How to upgrade openwrt without losing the configuration?
Address parsing
How to obtain the country code in a windows phone7 application?
Populate parent List elements based on child values
Android webview loading HTML from strings.xml
Hudson Maven Release Tagging Server certificate verification failed
Get information about a video during a streaming, Android
REST file upload with HttpRequestMessage or Stream?
Doxygen and add a value of an attribute to the output documentation
Erlang: C++ bindings state of the art?
PHP does not work INSERT INTO method
Word Document Multiple Backgrounds
How to change widget languge on Disqus?
How to get child process to modify link list C
Spring 3.1 MVC, Spring Security 3.1 - CSRF token
Fixed row on the bottom of grid
Python: Explanation of example鈥�Why does this work?
display other ingredients related to the exact given ingredient by recipe
undefined reference errors while compiling a QT program
How to put loading in mootools?
How to make movable control in silverlight
How to apply baseline for previous version?
SQL Script in VM taking long time for execution
ASP.NET Textbox: OnTextChange jumps to top of page because of autopostback
Which js library to use for creating not complicated animation with html5 canvas?
Idiomatic way to return the element before an element that matches a function in a list
How to navigate through windows with MVVM Light for WPF?
configuring an existing application written in C++
Qt: detect rectangle hover
data lost when reading xls file
How to write data in NFC smart poster tag in Android
How to set ANT_HOME with Windows?
API: Autosubmitting urls without required user_id gives OK
T-SQL - Compare multiple Columns in the same row
Moving a view with a finger
loop statement breaking
php strip iframes and scripts tags (no htmlentities())
display: table dosen't work in ie6 & ie7 [closed]
Recreate a site from a tcpdump?
Search a text in selected coding system in file hierarchy
get ids for a given date range
Append somthing to selected text with jquery
c# datagridview key handling
T4MVC ModelBinding
Manipulating CRON expressions
Selenium - How to use Assert/Verify in gotoif
Replace() query
OAuth 2.0 sample error when accessing Google API
Why change event of an input does not fire with jQuery?
In jQuery Fadein/FadeOut effect, scrollbars shows distortion effect in Chrome
How will I know that thread has completed its task?
How to store the personalization setting of IGoogle component?
Space in HTML file name affects JS behavior in Chrome
Javascript change url parameter before putting it in history
Node.js vs .Net performance
finding patterns in a hex file
Inject rendered content from several views in Pyramid into one base template
MissingMethodException in Protobuf-net(v1) Serializer.Deserialize (.NET CF3.5) and Device hangs in Serializer.DeserializeWithLengthPrefix method
Generic Type conversion in Python
PHP simplexml_load_string not working
DotNetNuke.Services.Mail.Mail.SendMail issue
Calculating date difference in SQL query
Ipad app not retaining its dimension - reverts to iphone size
Starting Delphi with an alternate registry key
Buffer in x86 Assembly
How to make <p> switch to a new line inside a DIV, when it the text exceeds the width, when using float left
display number of visits per month this year
how to access and manipulate pdf file's datas in Hadoop?
How to implement a Configuration Menu with Perl
PyOpengl and PyQt performance
domxml_open_mem - Getting error while calling domxml_open_mem() function
Recommend .net based CMS for an editable tree (taxonomy classification)
Wordpress Configuration File
jQuery, AJAX - Triggering wrong functions
Jquery functionality not working when opening the page via AJAX.
Making ActiveRecord join model attributes available in query results
Changing the text of clicked link that triggers a jQuery slideToggle?
Javascript Vs Local Storage
what is the appropriate lucene analyzer to use?
ExtJS Column Chart with 2 Y axes
grid inside scrollviewer in windows phone 7.1
Is it possible to implement a way to 鈥済uess鈥�this date format based on the information in the array?
When was Hudson first released?
Android Database. Feed the data or code it? [closed]
C# WebBrowser alert close:
Select start of text node in Chrome
How to diagnose Nvidia geforce 8400 gs / directx 9.0c render artifacts
Python triple string quote declaration
compute geo distance in elasticsearch
Fusioncharts Scatter anchors
change folder index to a HTML page within folder
Switchable XML and SQL backend
<audio> tag unusual behavior in android chrome
Linq-to-SQL - results from multiple tables after group?
UItableViewCell lost focus when reloadSections function used
username availability in Yii framework using ajax
Modularizing GWT application
Memory problems with UIWebViews
Out of home folder .pyc files?
Syncing customer's changes from ftp to git
How to populate and preselect a h:selectOneMenu?
About Architecture of Complex Modular Android Application
Database query to JsonArray
Is there a way to print out the line number of a js file in the console log
Select without Group By Sql
Automatically get signed request token
Force Parallel.ForEach make one thread per item in collection
Getting different objects from factory
How to encode the page in utf8
Using not-default compilier for maven project
鈥淣ot a git repository: .git 鈥�after using 鈥渕v鈥�command?
Why I use buildbot tool with p4, the 鈥渃onsole view鈥�cannot work?
send mms by code not using intent
read files in broadcast receiver
How can I down line befor tag xml and after
Reload javascript without refreshing page
PHP: readfile() has been disabled for security reasons
Can I have 2 embeded youtube video thumbnails next to each other so they can click 1 and it expands?
how can i know if calloc fails to initialize
Please explain me the following piece of code written in perl [closed]
Mapping routes to controller programmatically
How can I delay the visibility of my dialog box until tinyMCE has opened?
How to setup hibernate datasouce in Java SE
Playing Audio from Cache Directory
Place an imageView dynamically in Android
NSRunLoop only to run untill all the events are finished
#Eval if statement in repeater
Sort While Loop or SQL Query by Looping Variable
how to insert 200 records via a single Api call using bulk api in salesforce
ASP.NET MVC - Current Page highlighting in navigation
R transition matrix into List of Lists
Inherited Value in Column
How can i redirect using modrewrite
How to use Thread in java
Declaring instances of parameterized type synonyms
Reassigning Parent PID [duplicate]
mootools too much recursion and google maps
MySQL Query to retrieve data from two tables even no data found in second table
Coding sonar Plugin 2.13
coda sliders not working in framesets and frames in IE
Best practise for secure Image downloading via WebService
watir-webdriver Watir::Exception::ObjectReadOnlyException (Watir::Exception::ObjectReadOnlyException)
calling template function of template base class [duplicate]
Write mp3 file to disk while playing in Java
Two threads using a same variable
How to merge similar rules in a Makefile?
Change CodeIgniter route for static pages and auth login [duplicate]
Unit test with nUnit and nMocks
AWS Elastic Beanstalk REST API - Auth params?
How can I read xml metadata from a Corel file with PHP?
Generate random number in evaluation score
Exception :java.text.ParseException: Unparseable date: 鈥�2/15/2012鈥�
Graphical layout not coming in Eclipse why?
Is it possible to read a compressed file without extracting the file in Objective-C?
How to get the data from after matching ids in database?
Delphi7 IndyDownloads, unable to play video file in VLC while downloading
Using the elements of a seq/coll as call/recur arguments
Spring JPA entities not saving to database
Stroustrup Calculator produces NaN instead of expected value
How to know if the last row of the ListView is displayed fully?
how to reset a static variable inside a post delayed handler in android
Control YouTube video embedded in html
Replace string and count occurrence of Alphabets in a string
Rails 3 Devise Session Has value but <% if user_signed_in? %> is false
Fuse ESB, feature:install error
Using window Builder for Android Apps
better faster scheme function?
Low fps on some Android devices
How can I show lines in a texarea to make it look like notepad?
Is there a vim plugin for eclipse that let me remap jj to Esc?
URL POST parameters
Setting up a read-only user for SVN-Apache
Getting a SecurityException: Permission denied in java
linux how to add a file to a specific folder within a zip file
JavaScript and String as primitive value
git stable branch: find not cherry-picked commits
Checkbox validation and custom validation with IE9
Adding Java Servlet to Visual Studio
Sharepoint External Content Type authentication mode - what to choose?
Extracting all variable names from Variable declarations using Eclipse JDT
Unable to find security.dll library on class library application
Why not use PT as the unit for fonts and element size?
Need to store 16 bytes in java.Which datatype i should use and how
convert video from colour to grayscale
How can I change the template Visual Studio uses to create MSTest unit tests? [duplicate]
ZF strange layout behavior
Integrate Nutch with Solr For Advance Search Options
CSS multiple spaces inside span element
Cannot submit form to database
Regular expression for URL that starts with domain name
Do Maps belong to the Collection Framework?
high performance rtsp server
Non www to www redirect doesn't removes trailing backslash
How to get file path of a add_static_view() in Pyramid
Touchless Vision C# webcam wrapper, can't run without VS installed
How to store images in cache?
Rails 3 - Friendly params in url (GET)
Color contour different than pcolor
To want Tab layout set in bottom in android
GWT: finding the Java Source from the HTML
GZIP string compression fails to decompress '拢' characters
Can i use Database project (.dbproj) to manage SQL server Server Jobs? How?
JSON to XML in Scala and dealing with Option() result
gallery scrolling is not smooth and is a kind of shaky while scrolling in Tablet
.NET application hangs with GC thread deadlock
Paging does not work and maybe I found the cause
How to delete elements in a vector. (erase won't work )
File not found Exception while copying Android File
where is a good place to learn css? [closed]
How programmatically to export additional .class files with my JAR
Spaceship movement
How Java Enum is different then C++ and othere conventional Enum?
I'm developing remote control in Java, but Screen Capture speed is too slow
Ruby on Rails - Omniauth facebook - expire session after logout
Eclipse how to link a jar containing javadocs/source with its binary?
Eclipse how to link a jar containing javadocs/source with its binary?
PUT binary data using requests lib
MS excel error while opening?
How to put items into priority queues?
handleGetURLEvent doesn't get called
Expand/Collapse Div
Statistical view vs Matereialized view
How to set height and width of :before by using JavaScript
On ruby-1.9.3 getting OpenSSL::SSL::SSLError from net-https (Mac OSX 10.6)
Trouble with Netty IdleStateHandler - am I testing it the wrong way?
Django template variables in linked javascript
Filter combobox on global variable
retrieve xpath content from div id
is it possible to see the Logcat on Google TV device?
Android Bitmap.getPixels unexpected alpha values
Why does 鈥渆cho strcmp('60', '100');鈥�in php output 5?
Spring mvc 3.1 not able to resolve URI templates
How to send my additional Intent data to Dialer / Phone application and receive those intent data in Another application service
Can't find specific gem on my mac
JBoss 5.1.0 GA servlet API version
get application needed permissions
Postgresql changes in Heroku and Django combo with shared database
Creating a custom accessoryView in the UITableViewCell's setSelected and setHighlighted methods is causing the rest of my code to be ignored
Rails 3.2 Uniqueness validation raises undefined method 'zero?' for nil:Nilclass
How can I determine an application's software prerequisites?
How to log generated sql queries out of Simple.Data ORM for .NET
How to capture an event when a user dismiss an alert dialog by pressing the backKey in Android
COM Elevation Moniker fails to elevate the server under Vista/Windows 7
Strange string not registering correctly
How to change locale for the calendar?
How to convert JavaScript to jQuery
Iterating over dynamically generated controls and getting certain properties
Anymote to invoke keyevents on Google TV itsself
textbox values based on checkbox checked/unchecked
EntityObject.Remove() does not delete record from database
Generic Collections to be used as a parameter of invoke command
Redirect from error page when there are no errors to display
Any recommendations for a good PHP script running framework? Queue based trigger for the scripts
cmake generate error
MsTest DeploymentItem OutputDirectory in testsettings
Correct location to create SQLite database tables in a firefox addon
Asp.net Dropdownlist selected index changed AND TextChanged Events not Fire? (C#)
Custom session handlers and redirect
Steps to show live HTTP streaming video with no extension on MPMovieplayercontroller?
Writing to a file then trying to open it again for parsing
Redmine Plugin - requires restart after every code change
Where should I post photos to get Facebook id and to be able to like them from iOS application
Registration in app right way
Difference of two DataTables in c#
Ajax JQuery reculsive modal dialog mvc3
Spring web service throw exception
Creating Automatic application updater in C#
In Javascript DOM, is it ok to set focus to an item and later render the item in the document?
Android Backlight Broadcast receiver?
Populate a Checkbox
Ext js Editor Grid Disable Multiple Row Selection
Can PropertyGrid be used without an object?
Windbg work so slowly?
Regular Expression for alphabets with spaces
java Makefile issue
Sharing a core data database between two instances of a table view controller
How To Capture ISP Name?
How to make a multi-module project in IntelliJ?
Creating a simple multi tab form
Define a jsp tag which can accept some extra attributes which are not declared in the tld file
About slices in Python
How to access a custom collection property by its property name
How can I develop a testable TcpClient / TcpListener Wrapper
android Admob configChanges
Android: How can i download a file from a URL to asset folder of the app?
UITableViewCellAccessoryCheckmark in different sections
client-side javascript execution model
Django App Engine: AttributeError: 'AnonymousUser' object has no attribute 'backend'
How to Send formatted mail body Unix Script
select only subdocuments or arrays
Dynamically generate access_token to fetch page or group post
Removing Certain Text from String in PHP
First time Cursor Operation is so slow, when query bulk data. How to solve?
How to make only one widget focusable in a custom listview?
Getting previous exit code of an application on Windows
javascript regular expression for DN
Execute user request in a runkit sandbox session
How Can I specifically access objects of a type using for-in loop in Objective C ? [duplicate]
Libgdx : Best way to know when something was touched
Crawling sub-domain with Anemone
EDT and other Thread relations regard repaint() method java
C++ Endless loop with input
Where clause in Linq efficiency?
Create a custom mashup of users that have liked my page
Disable web.config's appsettings inheritance in child application
Add ADBannerView to the footer of UITableViewController doesn't appear
Autoit image or text detection?
Codeigniter: Is DX_Auth outdated?
How to assign a foreign key value using a a before insert trigger
Copy file with read only permissions
Trouble shooting Django form/view/template and how they all work together
Ignoring spell-check for a particular word in RichTextBox in wpf
Is it possible to access the database from a service?
ios UITableViewCell has always one extra character, why?
What is the best way to use log4j in the web application?
what is the difference between String.Concat ,string.format and +?
Jide oss: how to get checkbox in Jpopupmenu?
ArrayList to ListViewDataItem[]
Unable to open .Net framework 4 project in visual studio 2010
How to restore a truncated table
Need to access cookie cross website
How to access the another system mysql database through java program?
What are the penalties of generic functions versus function pointer arrays in C?
Most reliable & safe method of preventing race conditions in PHP
What is diffrence between win form application and class library app when using SSL connection
DisplayName attribute is ignored while json conversion
How to create ID column in R
Are there any open source applications out there using Three20?
Loading Images into ListBox
Error when i run sudo rake dtach:install in Rhosync
I want to refresh my application based on other application
Error in implementing the UrbanAirship using library libUAirship-1.1.1.a
Read and Write atomic operation implementation in the Linux Kernel
regex match bash variable
C++ Process fork and sigalarm
Swiffy on Android browser
How To Exclude Files in 鈥�res鈥�Folder of an Android Eclipse Project
'new' and 'delete' is not as scalable as intel thread building block scalable_malloc/free
How to reduce CPU usage?
Put checkedlistbox items in an array
Adding numbers in several arrays together with ruby
Error while injection in REST using Jersey/Spring with Tomcat
maven: Error transferring file: Connection refused: connect
How to add my project to Team foundation Server?
Integration of Open ERP & Django to configure openerp instances
Creating Tabmenu in j2me
decision trees with forced structure
Getting multiple errors from this program?
Android Drag and Drop capture Screen on completion
Windows 7: Safari 5.1.2 PHP cookie issue
is there a sample rails application that uses a 鈥渟ign on with google鈥�approach?
Adding data to an existing XML file in IsolatedStorage using XmlSerializer
Asynchronous socket data handling in VC
working of OnConfigurationChanged() in MonoDroid
retrieve json from a refreshing page using ajax
jQuery Mobile Text Box AutoComplete feature to enable
Inserting default value in sql column?
Sort List<List<String>> by list value
Is there a better way to deliver javascript templates to the browser than inline in the document?
How to play audio in background
Using controller context in partial
Cannot get to the resources under webroot folder
Insert PHP Array Into Two Columns
Selenium: null element returned when XPath copied from XPath checker
Concatenating single characters seperated by white space in Java?
Opencart how to add the custom field in admin category section?
best approach for velocity email component inside spring container
Remove Image of First Frame of Video in UIImageView before playing video in MPMoviePlayerController
Imitate HTML5 drag and drop with Javascript
Refreshing Activity When Dialog Dismisses
Are object members thread safe for Callable & ExecutorService
Uninitialized variable read error
Forwarding/Using sql query output value from Perl to HTML In Interchange
Is there a way to add annotation during compilation or other phases
Yii::app()->user->isAdmin() is not working properly in layout page
How do I make a newsfeed without many join statements
Issue with the big tables ( no primary key available)
moving vb6 to ATL
How to exract img src using preg_match
Asp.net c# - MVC basics
Zoom in Chart Control
Gliffy like tool in HTML5
Adding an aspect to catch an exception and return null instead
Javascript Error in Localization
When will the next (3.8 or later) set of DBPedia dumps be available?
How long will an iOS app continue to function after being installed for testing on a device?
private cloud computing
jQuery nth-child not working in IE7
Permissions, Python Script
what is the difference between setIdentity and setCredential in Zend Framework?
Future of Flex in Apache [closed]
how to create textboxes and buttons inside a view?
how to find out the file to which a particular resource belongs to in eclipse, for android development?
Show Selected Image in DataGridView with DataGridViewComboBoxColumn?
How can I turn off caching in HTTP redirections in Node.js?
Is it possible to create a fully customised keyboard for iphone?
sending hypelink in the body of email from C# when using pop up browser
How to fix RuntimeInvisibleParameterAnnotations
Can't set breakpoints when using gdb in emacs (or DDD)
Generating PDF with Static content and image in iPhone
Invisible Character
Populate form without runat=鈥渟erver鈥�
jQuery autocomplete on 500 error page
Getting Compilation error while using 鈥淢icrosoft.office.Server.Search.Query.dll鈥�DLL
How to make customized status bar (having 3G,signals, Battery,time) in android and the status bar will place in bottom of the screen? [closed]
Cron tar with file filtering
Download Application and Install Dynamically on Android
regular expression to remove unwanted html tags in <description> tag of rss feed
using a string array from a SQL DB to make a listview decoding jSon
How do I make parts of a URL to increment at the same time in cURL?
Can't click point from KML if inside Polygon
Regular Expression for URL validation
Calculate total of a column of list in Jasper Report
Clone an opportunity and its lineitems programatically in salesforce
Blackberry database protection
Admin error while configuring django admin
block inside NSOPeration subclass crashing in the device but not in the simulator
jquery attribute selector variable that contains a quote?
Java: Uncaught Exception Error?
Read Accented Characters from JSON or XML format in PHP
Service Reference to third party is using arrays instead of generic lists
Accurately retreving data from a string
delete table if exists in Microsoft Access
NSTimer Delegate Selection
java applet freezes browser and way to communicate between javascript and applet
Grabbing :after content
XPages Rich Text Component
Smoothly resize an UIElement
can classes be too big?
What do I do if Jsoup 鈥淐ould not validate certificate signature.鈥�
R: Is there a fast approximate correlation library for large time series?
create UITableView in iPad using Monodevelop C#
How to update jprogress bar
Auto-submit Form on dropdown selection *without* clicking submit button? AJAX/PHP
Dalvik format failed error in android [duplicate]
Apache Qpid/Redhat MRG - Send dates in a portable way across different systems
Finding difference between the dates from recent date to same date on next year
JavaScript understanding certain closure behaviors
Division returns zero
What is the correct ConnectionString to pass SQLConnect?
Why is the changing of TextBox.UseSystemPasswordChar property invokes the TextBox.Focus() method?
Nhibernate wrapper query
Checking String Array in Android
SQL: ORDER BY based on two columns of interlaced values
Nearest neighbor zones visualized
Creating a click through link that appears as the destination link
How to override Show instance of some basic types in Haskell?
how to get string value for the interface name outside the interface scope in PHP
How load a lot of textures in andengine
Back button takes 3 attempts
How to hide devexpress ribbonControl bar items on WinForms
Error while adding xmlns:xsi attribute namespace to root element
Setting up a development environment to learn PL/SQL
Understanding Property in Python
API to create filter for free google app and gmail users
How can I uninstall an apache2 module?
Synchronization of SQLITE and MYSQL database in remote location
Insert new line after a particular line in batch file using batch file
How the java heap allocation for eden and other generation affects the Garbage collection and Performance?
Auto-Indent Code In Dreamweaver CS4
Loop through PL/SQL Row
Getting error while integrating Twitter in my Android app
How to use Spice MI 350 for testing the application I am developing?
why my application (.jar) getting error java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError
why my application (.jar) getting error java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError
Icon overlay in c#
how to pass jaxb object to camelconfig xml file
Unable to send E-mail with attachment
Creating an XML file with Javascript or PHP
Using two static classes having same name in C#
Opening multiple Iframe in IE using javascript
whether to use hashmap or Cursor for checking if data available in local database
How do I know where the .data section needs to get the init data from? (gcc linker)
When I try to compile perl script in Padre, it has no response at all
Asp.net MVC3 Seprate Authentication for admin area vs fronted
parse json from url in javascript
can I make shared library using gfortran?
avoid page break inside row of table
dojox.form.Uploader - Submit - doesn't reach the REST service from IE8
How to add addtional permissions on facebook
Unknown error while builing app in Device
Java line-by-line Method/Function Profiling - Profiler &/or Eclipse Plugin [closed]
Relation between drawFocus, paint() and paintBackground() method in Blackberry
4d mapping in C++?
Multiple user logon in Spring using c3p0
playaudio() in Octave
css z-index pointer-events
How can I get all sibling ul tags?
Downloading images only once from different urls and storing in sdcard in android
How can Synchronize .sdf Database to .mdf Database & .mdf Database to .sdf Database?
Selecteditem event in an itemtemplate inside a listbox
Node Update on hook Cron [closed]
Compare Two DataTable?
Master Page reloads every Time
Android viewpager鈥ow to get a hold of the views?
New instances from instance methods when Class.new is private
Pass username/password to another javascript file safely
Why use werkzeug when there is flask [closed]
facebook like option to display image and description on the facebook wall
asp.net file uploader not working with grid view
Bad Request: WCF REST Service with Starter Kit
RODBC and MYSQL procedure parameters
Display integer value in minimum 2 digit before decimal in sql server
Merging two git repositories (accidentally downloaded .zip from github, need to merge back in)
Is paid heroku faster than free version?
Basic jQuery: click a button to slide text panel off screen, click another button to slide it back on screen
Reason to use this stateless class with a function call operator vs a c style function?
Create Extension Method for classes with same structure and different number of columns
Minimal Length of a regular Expression
ARToolkit, how to set the view in landscape mode
Sum of random numbers (Java)
regarding use of nonatomic and retain property
Failure to Login
Serializing objects as raw memory
how to invoke the add_custom_command
Adding bullets yield OpenGL error 0x0503 in -[EAGLView swapBuffers]
How to write rownum in where clause in PostgreSQL
Bind datagrid to empty itemsource?
jquery mobile list view pagination using json result set
Python function that calculates membership price
iPhone App crashing on launch on iOS 4.1
Matching elements in a list
Switch Views (with Animation) why does my screen become white when I use removeFromSuperView?
Correctly setting a focus point for image scalling
Will adding 鈥溾� to database value change it to a string if it was a Null?
Best way to extract all contents in a zip using Ruby
Text view with multiple text colors android [duplicate]
Storyboard segue usages
how do I perform transactions with ruby mysql2
Compiler error 鈥渟etter method needed鈥�to use dot syntax 鈥�setter is defined
How do you make a static parse method that takes a string with tab-delimited parts?
Android: Table Layout alignment
Usnig session as instance variable
Get expanded accordion pane
Pop-Up a menu on Google Map with two buttons
How can I add row numbers for rows in PIG or HIVE?
MAMP - Upgrade to MySQL 5.6
FadeOut Scrollbar on MouseOver Event
Sources of classified sentiment data?
How to select html dropdown value after filteration based on previous dropdown value
Redis 鈥淐lient List鈥�purpose and description
How many times can n be floor(sqrt(n)) - 1 while n > 0?
How to parse JSON retrieved from URL?
Using jQuery to handle JSON data
Convert constant Double to Int in llvm IR
finding data column wise in nhibernate
where can I find this function G_STRUCT_OFFSET, I mean in which 鈥�c鈥� is this function implemented
error while running project in wamp
reload UITableView from NSOperation
Cakephp - Checkbox names
Sorting UITableView according to alphabetical or numerical order on button click
Spring hibernate not updating the entity
How can I know the scope of process code in the memory through PE file?
Book or graphic video that explains things like stack, calling conventions, registers, cpu stuff
Disabling button based on multiple properties. I'm using MultiDataTrigger and MultiBinding
How to apply inline styles using jquery?
xsbt-web: after start the container, I cannot access the webpage
What is the IPython prompt number for?
Swing components in applet not working
What is this data encoding?
Why Activity is not finishing or destroying after calling finish() in onBackPressed()?
Appharbor + Bitbucket is not triggering any ideas?
How do I set the offset for ScrollSpy in Bootstrap?
Umbraco 5 reading Home page children using REST service
Umbraco 5 reading Home page children using REST service
How to modify classes.dex file in apk
How do I check my result in GNUSim8085?
jQuery tabs - Display indicator in the container div during ajax load
How to set proxy on agsXMPP
Alphabetizing a 2d array in java
Blackberry handling large text
Returning to Old position pointed by FileInputStream
Running chmod from my application doesn't work after running su
change image alignment jquery
JCrop - FancyBox 鈥�Jcrop is not working properly
How can I hide soft keyboard?
Pushing a new view when clicking on the cell of a table view in android
InstanceOf method use in generics?
Configure OpenMPI to run on a single machine (Debian/Linux)
security:http in spring security configuration?
Parsing Freemarker templates with Javascript
Add iText PDF Table using javascipt
preg_match to accept number between range
adding multiple form data to a single database column
How to write analyzer/evaluator functions like `eval-if` in CPS form?
Will repositioning a CALayer automatically move the sublayers inside it?
Data set in graph is not showing correctly
how to create the layout (attached as image) using UITableViewController
Images in different density in android
security:global-method-security element in spring security configuration?
How to extract a value from an XML node?
How can I delete texts that contain a particular keyword, on Android?
debug multithread program
Storage in iPhone
Google Chrome's connection attempt to localhost was rejected
outputting a CSV file from shell
Adding vertical scroll to a JPopupMenu?
How can I pass a parameter to the open event of a dialog?
How to put Expander ToggleButton on right
Custom ASP.NET callback-based routing; dynamic ASPX page instantiation and rendering
How to add a column after some specific column in YUI data table?
How to solve bad instruction `vadd.i16 q0,q0,q0' when attempting to check gcc for neon instruction
Ruby/Rails - Working with both ruby-mysql and mysql2
Comparing two struct files (Linux kernel)
Possible to trigger an event when user changes system date and time on iPhone?
Log4net with BizTalk 2010
Having trouble finding the javascript error - IE7 gives a script/runtime error
Do usage if SharedPreferences in android increase its usage size?
regex replace matchEvaluator using string Array
Can someone help me with the error in mcallback in this code
multiple threads virtual address space?
How to get php 2 dimensional array in javascript
Where can i find the source code of TextView.setText(..) method?
Relational operators for floating point values in Unix Shell Scripting
How to fix the width of <span> tag
Rails 3.1 Devise all of a sudden redirecting to wrong path
can I call javascript obfuscated code normally on asp.net aspx page?
best way to handle conditional statement
Log4J Issue in Grails app which has a dependency on comons-logging
Some PHP functions work on localhost, but not VPS
Dynamically adding Thumbnail in android
how to convert a asp website to wordpress?
How to set an image and text (like label) to a gridview through webservice in android
webservice returns json data but having xml header how can we remove
Get a Label control value using its class name
Executing Java from CGI (Java cannot find or load the main class)
jQuery Autocomplete like facebook current city and hometown [closed]
Hyperlinks in iPhone/iPad app
SessionStateProvider using Blob/Table for Window Azure
rails - Unexpected behaviour of 'bundle install': installation into a folder in the app directory
Firing mouse event click from code
Using NSOperationQueue for delayed free of malloc'd void* after returning it
sprite animation sheet
How to fetch distance using curl? [closed]
How to find line number or page number using Lucene
Seam AutoCreate not working?
Configuring mathjax to stick to certain divs
Rules for Explicit int32 -> float32 Casting