GLEW Initializes Properly but Doesn't Expose Extensions
mvc3 Custom validation attribute doesn't validate on client side
Attribute in xml (ASP.NET, C#) - TreeView1.SelectedNode.?
JADE cannot find agent
CodeIgniter is_cli_request() returns false when run from cronjob
How do I make use of this examples 鈥渞eturn鈥� in a C# IF statement?
Global variables not working in my contact form template?
What is the JavaEMFNature <nature> for an Eclipse project?
Telerik MVC website with batch editing grid prevent unsaved changes when window is closed
select word of 3 letter with a regex
high cpu in work process
What programming languages and 3D graphics API pair well together for conducting physics experiments? [closed]
Call static method on parametrized class in Java
Declaring an ArrayList object as final for use in a constants file
How to re-load a view from a XIB, after it's already been alloc/initted elsewhere?
Not validating CI form
Android 3.0 not supporting form submits
How to execute sum(a)/sum(b) query in SQL Server? [closed]
Why and how to use <!DOCTYPE>? [duplicate]
Using thumb to move transformed control produces weird behavior
Open source library to draw elements from SCADA like systems [closed]
ImageMagick: annotateImage line height?
NSTextView line breaks triggered by action
Get reference of image button click event in gridview in http module
can I access class variables in an instance via console?
How does jQuery handle elements that don't exist on a page?
howto globally substitute nil values with a specific character (e.g. 鈥�鈥� in rails views
iOS: Table cell footer dropshadow
HTML5 validation for Microdata Breadcrumbs
how do I know where on my image I have touched if I have moved and resized my image with pinch, drag and zoom
List index out of range - python array error
c++ Using PortAudio in Windows with Qt
org.apache.cxf.interceptor.Fault: Marshalling Error: com.dosideas.cxf.Item is not known to this context
Execute process/program silently
How can I change the values of a log-log plot from exponential notation to numeric values in the lattice package?
Free mercurial repo hosting that supports pull using web browser
Referring to the contents of a wildcard as a variable in a batch file
MVP vs MVC design patterns for web and mobile?
Somebody have a responsive CSS template for Emails (newsletters)?
how to prevent Air for android SQLite database from being overwritten?
using jquery mobile and codeigniter framework php
Why do all my MacVim color schemes look wrong?
How to push char array? [duplicate]
Feedback Form using JSP
Status of Apache-Commons Commons-Functor
Decoding a packet - broadcast or multicast
Using KnpMenuBundle in Symfony2 for menu of Entities?
Warnings while organising variables and functions in C over multiple header and source files
Developer program from name to company, is it possible?
jquery mobile fixed (always on top) header
Dynamic Binding to Custom Business Object at Runtime
SQL: Refactoring a multi-join query
Can I assume that OpenMP shared variables are read and written atomically?
php login and dbase request [closed]
Change matplotlib line style mid-graph
How to store oauth tokens and other site security information?
Dynamically change style attributes in ASP.NET MVC
ASP.NET: Uploading files error 鈥淭he given path's format is not supported鈥�
Rails 3 remote link_to redirects my browser into js page instead of just executing
FuelPHP ORM Update via Array
Parser Error Message: Unrecognized configuration section httpCookies
onKeypress Enter Key event on textfield not working in Chrome
jsTree - what jQuery selectors to use?
iframe not loading content in ASP.NET application
JQuery hide/show gone wrong
Javascript Animate won't work
Is it possible to use form helpers with a collection of ActiveModels
C++ exception being thrown deep in xmemory code
Drop Down Menu on Sprite Navigation
Is this a reasonable way to use C# dynamic?
How to cut text in (insert) SELECT mode in Vim without unwanted behavior?
PHP - Comparing hash with database is not working
Will Variable lose it's value when thread sleeps for long time
facebook send button returns error, status code 200
Using Jena in OSGi - NoClassDefFoundException on javax/management/MalformedObjectNameException
Windows Phone IValueConverter Issue
Compressing and Encrypting Data Into Blocks
Android: how to create a 9patch image from an inputstream?
Host ASPNET pages in Windows Azure Blob Storage?
Links inside Jscrollpane not Clickable in Safari and Chrome
What does android:enabled mean for a service?
Diagnose number of database calls in ASP.NET
mod_rewrite and HTTP Basic auth
cross domain javascript
Practical examples of late static binding in PHP? [closed]
Automatically Generate add comments to facebook comments or post
HTML5 Form Submission Equivalent $.post
Complex sort criteria with core data
C#'s Directory.Move System.NotSupportedException
C# CheckedListBox InvalidOperationException on a foreach loop
Local notifications that expire while device is turned off are lost
Tkinter spinbox textvariable
Using selenium.isElementPresent in Selenium 1 won't detect an element appended to the DOM with jQuery
date range linq query efficiency
How to iterate over a map in mvel
Receiving headset clicks
Is it possible to disable DPI scaling?
WCF REST Authentication behavior
PHP Array Initialization Not Working On Live Site, Compared to Local Host [closed]
Serialize mysql_fetch_assoc results to another page
NHibernate QueryOver Subquery
Creating Runnable Jar
Install libmad on Mac OS X Lion: 鈥渆rror: CPU you selected does not support x86-64 instruction set鈥�
Facebook API OAUTH - Admin of Page and Owner of APP
Wildcard search of an elements id using jQuery
How to make a JSON array inside an aray
Managing lots of 鈥渙bjects鈥�to draw.
How to send 'data' to ASMX web service via AJAX POST?
Java Eclipse - Goto URL Method?
How can I turn on Logging in android's DefaultRedirectHandler?
Element loaded using jquery.load() does not exist
What is the scope of an instance in this code? Is a scope issue why it's crashing?
Double exclamation points? [duplicate]
Why am I getting a CircularDependencyException?
How can I detect a cycle when iterating array?
How can I allow clients to configure my tab app?
Do an LDAP Password Modify Extended Operation using PHP?
rails No route matches [DELETE], but I can see it
HTML form tag with no attributes - any reason not to?
Export a class in dll without the function decoration
Why is operator% referred to as the 鈥渕odulus鈥�operator instead of the 鈥渞emainder鈥�operator?
I'm getting a SyntaxError: (unicode error) 'unicodeescape' codec
WIQL: How to get the content of a field of a work item returned by a query
can I BitBlt() screenshot of control outside of (bigger than) app window bounds?
In clojure, map and stringify: make it simpler
Zend_Json::encode trouble with Double Quotes
Java applet on an SSL page with link to jnpl file
How to add more then one space (whitespaces?) in a string?
C# Dataset GetXml method using Image column in SQL Database
Trying to use XSLT to change account and pass in AdMemberShipProvider in app config鈥�looks correct but it's not working
Does a UITableView have to be visible (not hidden) for a change to accessory type to be rendered?
How to monitor logcat within android application and fire event
is it possible to namespace a whole rails app (ie adding to the url path)
Rails: Connecting one model to another through forms
Using delegates to edit multiple data items at once
Is this the best way to determine that a List of ints contains a 0?
MySQL look for substring in row values?
Add a UIButton to ONE row of a UITableView
iOS popovers as menu tutorial
'Themeing' my Slider in WP with PHP
FlowDocument TextElements only allowed a single parent
How to define an interface with a method that either takes a IEnumerable<User> or just User
Is there any way to have a thread for a view in MFC?
Using Linq to identify the encoding declaration
Make Rails controller actions atomic?
Walkie Talkie without SIP
How can I highlight element when mouse get over it
toggle 鈥渞equired鈥�attribute (of a hidden field) when an option is selected with jQuery
Can you define an AJAX request without making the request in jQuery?
Is it possible to keep the Facebook session alive?
EclipseLink & PostgreSQL doesn't use BIGSERIAL to Long id
Read text file into variables with javascript
How do I use the Compass background-with-css2-fallback mixin?
IOS Xcode - Have data retrieved by separate thread returned to main thread for display in UI
Is webmatrix appropriate for a 鈥減rivate鈥�web app?
When using GLEW, why does my system support OpenGL 3.2 when my GPU is only 2.0 compliant?
Uploading image to facebook page
Batch file detect if NTFS alternate stream can be written to
How to SetEnv APPLICATION_ENV 鈥渟taging鈥�
SQL: Exception to an otherwise sorted result set
R cannot be resolved for inflating raw queries
Dynamically creating a Texture2D
Does it really matter to keep a .css fallback for less.js for production?
How to write a regular expression for javascript valiadation [closed]
Can an app be installed from a link within an SMS?
For a WPF application, what files do I need to share the source code?
Retrieving PL/SQL procedure schema
Dropdown (Superfish) menu appears behind Flex Slider in IE 7/8
reimplement the shouldInterruptJavaScript() in Qt (C++)
Create Text Document (Python) [closed]
Computing the current angle of a rotating image Iphone Versus Android
SimpleXML IF condition
Corona / Lua Function scope
List<T> LINQ Projection to Anonymous or Dynamic type
How to adjust the width of the Facebook comments plugin?
Cannot properly display unicode string after parsing a file with lxml, works fine with simple file read
Threading a function in Qt
Java parsing a string with lots of whitespace
what happens with auto commit is disabled and there is never a rollback?
Conversion of Multiple Strings To ASCII
How to skip before filters in Rails Forem Gem
JSR 303 Validation, If one field equals 鈥渟omething鈥� then these other fields should not be null
php can't create new database tables via query
right to left tex in android
Windows Phone 7.1 missing setting class
override getView in ArrayAdapter and still keep check boxes?
Asset pipeline and gems
If the same image is being referred multiple times within a HTML page, does the image data get transferred once or multiple times?
sendRedirect after time interval avoiding javascript or php
fast way to invert or dot kxnxn matrix
How to use SHA1 hashing in C programming
Is MPI_Reduce blocking (or a natural barrier)?
do i have to 'build' a site when it's remote to add new webmethods?
Open Graph Actions for built in Objects
When I try to re-enable a constraint in SQL Server, I get 鈥淎LTER TABLE statement conflicted with COLUMN FOREIGN KEY constraint鈥�
scrolling vim above script - how to achieve this
Delete message only for one user with one field
How to zoom image while anchoring it in a specific corner?
Jboss logging wrapping my log4j messages
SSRS ignores sort in a recursive hierarchy
SQL populate second table while posting KeyId back to original table
Unable to apply publish properties for item X
jquery mobile call the scripts not in the head
jquery custom controlled scrolling navigation
Keep same component in different streams in-sync in Rational Team Concert
SQL export to CSV file using .Net
Spaces around spring:message
Is there a performance advantage to coding this one way or another?
MouseEnterUp' is not valid. 'MouseEnter' is not an event on 'System.Windows.Trigger'
jquery catching QUnit.done
Unable to Exit (System Freeze) when remotely logged in SSH
boost mutex strange error with private member
Why does (1 in [1,0] == True) evaluate to False?
How to pass a string to ofstream::open for the file name
Walking duration between 2 points without outside webservice
Inserting a foreign key with multiple values
Spring Security - Authentication by URL
How does the Token Verification approach works to prevent CSRF in mvc3
How to navigate to different pivot items in WP7
Getting the node name of an unknown XML node
REGEX : get webpage links
Issue with jQuery Lavalamp active state
difficulty with x , y coordinate
PDF vs. DOC print processing
User and UserProfile objects in Django
What does this single line of code do?var foo = documentGetElementById( form_name ).elements;
Team City templates and Artifacts
JSON Not pulling data?
Simplify Database ER Diagram/Schema
handling class name with spaces in it html
How to create an Intelligent Agent
What are the different URL parameters that Facebook will append to an Action URL? Values? Format?
objectForKey error with NSXMLParser
Return Multiple Blank (If) Conditions (IsBlank)
SSRS reporting. How to repeat group of rows using list control best way to clean up unmanaged resources
Entity Framework 4.3: 'update-database' when configuration files are separated
Is there a good php git client with http support?
Getting the average of an array of dates differences using PHP
Storing and accessing a legacy UserID in membership
missing symbols in valgrind stacktrace
Printing data from text file , the program always goes to the last record [closed]
Codeigniter: Using PDO instead of mysql
Global and Local and Private Functions (Javascript)
Is having a UIPickerView in a UIActionSheet acceptable?
I have a jquery query [closed]
Cards Game - Subset Sum - Can the following algorithm be optimized?
C++ stat.h incomplete type and cannot be defined
how to parse Freebase topic api response with gson
Confusion about bundler path
Is there a way to test the model that is passed to a webflow's end-state?
Liftweb - WiringUI and attributes bug using AutoComplete
php array reference passing to function
Strip all special characters in ASP (classic)
how to generate nested property path names from a java bean?
How can I run ANT from a batch file without having an Environment Variable set?
Value in .h file not defined in .rc file
How do I compare 80 md5sums with each other in bash
Store Active Directory Users in a SQL Database
setting up OpenCL with DirectX 9
jQuery Find() not working in Firefox or IE
Local filesystem & web browser
Catching errors database errors in ColdFusion
How to locate any mobile number using iPhone application
How to select unchecked input type checkbox with jquery
Why this Asynchronous example works without Dispatcher nor Control.BeginInvoke?
CameraCaptureTask completed event not firing in the ViewModel
In install4j, can you include both 32 and 64 bit version of an application in one install package and let the user decide which to install?
Create a new array from an existing array based on a key
supplemental codepoints to unicode string in python
How do I remove the last item of an array?
Codeigniter: Using set_select() if dropdown data comes from the db
PHP PDF download script is executing twice
WordPress on IIS 7 php-cgi hogging CPU
Socket IO times out after some time of innactivity, doesn't work, why?
$addToSet in MongoDb with nested positional operators
Cannot Import from a UNC path in Spring.NET?
A simple jQuery function doesn't work [closed]
Deployment of separate layers to Azure
how to preview a html file from database to a browser using C#
How can I use the same @def in multiple CssResource css files?
objective-C ERROR_CODE_TIMEOUT value
Password, salt, hash, DB: For the millionth time
Ruby on Rails: How to show all data in a Ruby variable?
Sync Google Calendar in Lua
Is it possible to display url of some view or something ID when using JQuery UI Modal dialog
Google Go vs. Google Dart
Tinyint and select tag with Rails in gender selection
What does $< (dollar sign + left trianglular bracket) mean in a makefile?
Do I need to call VariantClear after VariantChangeType
Caching Matlab function results to file
javascript - move to body tag? [duplicate]
Showing and hiding multiple divs with jQuery
where does absolute path start? [duplicate]
Inserting arbitrary HTML into a DocumentFragment
Adding an application-wide default parameter to link_to generated links
Class doesn't work when defined as a global variable in delphi
Android notify the user at a later time
How to step frame back in DirectShow.NET?
child processes seperate from main process bash shell php
Received Postfix Email Messages Arrive one hour Late on Ubuntu
How do I include superscripts in NSString?
RSA_private_decrypt failed
access multidimensional array
many-to-many relationships for social app: Mongodb or graph databases like Neo4j
jQuery load() working on localhost but not on server
Caching object graphs in monotouch / monodroid
htaccess rewrite proxy mask doesn't always mask path
Grails URLMapping deep path
How do I embed a primefaces selectonemenu into a menubar?
How to retrieve an EF 4 code first entity's [Key] by the attribute alone before attaching to DBContext?
Javascript Unable to GetElementById in ASP.NET C#
How to register window.external.notify event handler in Javascript
force users to type with english keyboard in input text field
Is there a way of accessing the 鈥淐omments鈥�associated with an EKEvent?
confused when receiving data from serial port
Spring+TestNG: packages not scanned for annotations
Bind Datatable with DataGrid in WPF & MVVM
Spring Web Service Template: Add username token
Facebook-connect : Can't logout using PHP SDK + JS SDK
Only use templated overload when other overloads fail
Boost Sparse Matrix Memory Requirement
Capistrano bundle install gem from git rails not finding gem?
How would I use Linq-To-Nhibernate (NH3.2) to have the database return to me the record count of a query without the records themselves?
Matplotlib: Assign Colors to Lines
What is wrong with my matrix multiplication method?
How do I retrieve a value from a stdClass object? [closed]
Replacing excel data using another spreadsheet
Trying to start a private service
Referencing & Cleaning Up Memory Shared by Forked Processes
How to persist a Map<String, List<Object>> in Hibernate
Android: Sensor.getResolution() value
C++ Memory Error on Delete - Debug Assertion Failed
Fire event after jQuery select list options have changed via another elements onchange event
WCF extensions execution order
Trigger to update old records in the same table using PL/pgsql
Search view using MonoTouch.Dialog
Security: Is it a good practice to name folders on the server that are difficult to guess?
Get child elements from a specific cell in an HTMLTableRowElement and hide/remove them?
Mapping integers to strings in a given string space
How to specify mapred configurations & java options with custom jar in CLI using Amazon's EMR?
java switch statement with multiple cases and case ranges
Are there any open source Java analysis libraries for data/control dependence?
mysql script bash loop
Static methods of a nested local class
@font-face not working on ff, chrome, and safari (on mac)
How to manage empty entities and/or entities with no tables using discriminators/inheritance
How a a report (made by SSRS) can trigger a workflow in sharepoint
PHP Scheduled Task Security
Image Manipulation - auto resize / crop for thumbnails
iOS giving plotsymbols a border [closed]
How to import rules.csv to sonar?
Camel Exception handling doesnt work if exception clause is defined in a separate class
DetailsView control not showing up after DataBind()
Deciding and implementing a trending algorithm in Django
How do I identify which element (or elements) exist at a specific position? [closed]
Spotify standardized track listing setting height of are before scroll bar appears
Building an argument list from a C string
Magento getProductCount() on subcategory
How to access divs all divs with a micro-data=鈥�鈥�property/value?
Is there a way to alias a location in Cygwin for a shebang?
What is the origin of move semantics in C++?
How to prevent the default handler on a tr when you click on a td div span?
How can I select the 3rd column for each table row?
how to find two groups and replace one with the other one using regexp?
Generating XML from nested numbered lists in Python
How to auto-populate specific fields when using @Html.EditorForModel() to build a form?
Restricting access in Lotus Notes form
iOS: Queue HTTP calls
Recover resources after errors
How can I make parameterized method?
easy_install lxml difficulties on os x 10.5
encrypt decrypt credit card no
URL string on HttpURLConnection
Visual Studio Installer : How to remove keys in the registry
why did fast enumeration work when standard for loop failed?
How to ensure instances of class finish before main terminates?
Any security risks using Facebook login
Convert 3D -> 2D Coordinate
Hexedit of ASCII in exe not changing in app
Java to Java Bytecode Compiler: How Do I Get Java Class Library Information?
JSTL need a comma separated array to dispay data on JSP
process files uploaded by django-ajax-uploader
How do you find out where your python interpreter is within python?
Using jQuery CSS Property to Center an Image
How do I use multiple attributes in a php string when pulling data from a mysql database?
Push script to remote system then run it
Logging Process' STDIN and STDOUT
How to determine if network type is 2G, 3G or 4G
How do I use Google Analytics custom events inside my rails controller?
How to perform late-bound invocation (via DispID) of COM object defined in .NET from .NET?
MonoDroid SurfaceView
Sequential Number of URL
wsgen: returning an abstract class
split field a string in a linq
Javascript/jQuery - How come this endDrag event doesn't fire properly?
Showing the total amount in one line (SQL server)
How do I index by multiple items in an Array or Object using JavaScript/jQuery?
Dynamic C# object used in C++/CLI
Android cgi web server write files and loading perl scripts
Benefits and Deployment Options of Node.JS
Why c++ program compiled for x64 platform is slower than compiled for x86?
C# / .NET crypto: Using Base64 encoded Public Key to verify RSA signature
Can't give access internet to my Android App
A suggestion for an HTML/jQuery plugin to show horizontal trees (ala treeview)
How can I control the scope of a message posted to the Facebook feed?
javascript null or not object error - syntax error?
SSRS 2005 report with matrix in list displays data incorrectly on 2008 SSRS instance
Doctrine DQL conditional query
Django - Database image from models
How can I receive file uploaded from android client on python Flask server side
Generate Nested UL's Based Upon Variable Depth Data
OpenGL texure coordinates issue
How do RPGs store/retrieve maps?
Maven project in Netbeans: How to add dependency to both 'Dependencies' and 'Test Dependencies'?
How do I migrate one class to be a subclass of another?
get variable from included file?
Custom global tags in ASP.NET/IIS
Powershell: Sorting/Removing Duplicates in a CSV file
Counting the number of ways to recursively add up to a number N without permutations
Thread safety of Circular Buffer
heroku how to add more than one addon using heroku create command
Spring + Hibernate: saving and fetching data in many-to-many relation
stopping html5 audio
How to change the anchor text that has an embedded image with jquery?
MySQL Error: 1054 Unkown column in 'where clause'
Localization for Date Range Picker
WordPress blog post parent?
Embedded CSS in XML not working in Google Chrome
paginator count all records
Why is jQuery.getJSON() flattening my javascript dictionary?
What am I doing wrong? Ajax Calender ASP.NET
jQuery plugin scope issue
Using a combination of fields in a WHERE clause
Should I use HTTP referrer validation or token verification to prevent CSRF attacks?
Rapha毛l and selecting many elements
How does LINQ sort items by a given criteria?
Joomla! Username Greeting
Semantically for HTML what do you think is the correct usage for the header tag
How to associate a function with every item in the listWidget?
How to set processosor affinity for apache service?
Clear a silverlight tree view with hierarchy
Java gui not uppdatring immediately
Adding Custom action links next to 'like' and 'comment' for an Open graph publish action
localStorage Size Limits鈥�What are the options?
format list of dynamic sidebar
assigning 鈥淪elected鈥�option via jQuery after delay()
How do you bind the jQuery autocomplete plugin? On page ready or on input click?
Android app emulating touch input
How to return the Resource Array from a ListView
How to write specific catch for three level exception with message
Is a selector like *+* safe to use?
Facebook Sharer not giving Title
Invoke Child Workflow Activity Asynchronously
Getting incorrectly encoded characters when retrieving values from MySQL DB
Android : how to use custom views including QuickContactBadge or CompoundButton for Status Bar Notifications in Android
Execute Code in VIM similar to Cmd+R in Textmate or Cmd+B Sublime Text2
Android 3 calling WCF REST
How to mute iPhone running iOS 5
create RDF using defined OWL ontology
Mobile Web app with JQuery Mobile and C sharp
SSHJ - Keypair login to EC2 instance
Removing Punctuations in a string in C
Hosting a web app that uses java and rails code in it?
How many threads is better to use? (java)
Update javascript in html page and force reload after I have updated it?
Reading from an InputStream and writing to an OutputStream
Facebook Graph API - Get all pages and APP manages
FFI Haskell Callback with State
.getJSON isn't returning results
How to use Lookupqueue?
How do I ignore CVS directories with Git?
How to switch to real mode in a linux driver
How do I get rid of the SOAP Envelope?
applying text-indent for multi-line text. JQuery
Inflating PreferenceScreens at runtime
Applescript repetitive renaming
Unable to get SPCurrentUser to work to pre-populate peoplePicker ctrl
jQuery Prev Next plugin enhancement
Defining a tree + a pointer to its subtree in ocaml
Outlook window goes behind - C# Windows Application
JQueryUI Datepicker in my mvc View
Jquery Mobile all links ignore data-role=鈥渘one鈥�
how to iterate in a result of selector with jquery
ajax loading icon not showing in IE 9
Inserting an Array of Characters into DB
PHP Curl Not Behaving Like Command Line Curl
Command to remove all npm modules globally?
SQL Server: Multiple tables vs Partitioned table
Why `synchronized` was made illegal for variables?
Creating a search input with Ruby on Rails
How to identify instance at which Webpage is refreshed in Wireshark
How to navigate from one view to another view from viewmodel in silverlight?
javascript check if object implements HTMLAnchorElement interface
If you are using lighttpd to drive a Django based web application, does each call create a new Python interpreter instance?
File/Directory synchronization in Java using JSch?
How to call a non-static method from code behind using jQuery
How to access Magento from CodeIgniter?
How to Set Icon in a Windows Application using Visual Studio
Apex JSON parsing error
Struct - access to private fields
Unrelated run time error with unused class declaration
LINQ reading XML 鈥ith XDocument
How do I display the text in a text area elsewhere in my webpage(blog)?
Using an array return from a function
HTML5 Validation Error: body start tag seen but an element of the same type was already open
Should WPFToolkit Accordion 鈥淪tretch鈥�VerticalAlignment be respected by AccordionItems?
How to reuse a UITableViewCell subclass in IB
PlayN canvas.drawText() weird behaviour in HTML (Java is ok)
Android App String Arrays
Mixed management in C++
How do you properly create a va_list dynamically at runtime for Cocos2D CCMenu menuWithItems?
jstree support for Right to left languages not working
Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.ajKra4 (%prep)
Why num = 1 - -鈥�鈥�equals 3 [closed]
Can't create tables in MySQL workbench
Nuget pack won't install
How do you use Scheme in OS X?
Multicore and thread aware .Net stopwatch?
Open ssh connection in one line command with out public key [closed]
IIS7 Rewrite Module and Request.PhysicalPath
onsubmit event of a form to a function which GETs a json from a url
Complex number array format efficiency for common operations
iOS push views based on text label text
std::set<myType> segfaults
@font-face + jQuery height() in Chrome (window.load solution not working)
Git Workflow, sub modules, repo's and branches.. OH MY
receive Mail in ios
mysql count multi columns
Fast Update database with more than 10 million records
JQuery UI: moving list items between multiple unordered lists
How to convert my sql query to xslt?
jquery cycle to vertically scroll through table
loading a heavy content website efficiently such that user suffer the least of latenncy
Scrollbar API fails on custom scrollbar control under Windows CE
Parsing if-else if statement algorithm
Authenticate against AD LDS
TFS 2008: Permissions messed up on source control folder
Explain Magento caching system
Getting User details from Push API checkin
Internal JQuery document.ready to override an external one
Text Spill Out of Div Using 960 gs
How to change color of a row in a table
Access Method After UIImageView Animation Finish
Reading gzipped string in sqlite3 database (python write, Java Android read)
Insert one record in sqlite android using contentprovider
.NET 4 ClickOnce where are images stored after deployment
Is there a way to log output to a file and display on console/terminal with waf?
FFT with CUDA on same data gives different results each time?
how to compare two xmi files of two activity diagrams and to display the differences among them? [closed],object not initialized for signing
SMB and Python with Mapped Drive
store the url, then once stored, to load a different url?
How to add another <dt> on click
What is the difference between PayPal's 鈥淧rocessed鈥�and 鈥淐ompleted鈥�PAYMENTSTATUS?
Change padding for all cells in a single DataGridView column
Why do C++ smart pointer implementations keep the reference counter on the heap together with the pointee?
OnclickListener for Animated View
unsigned char limited to 127 on osx lion?
access directshow in quicktime and or processing
How to use the $content variable within a module in Drupal 7, Ubercart 3
PHP global array not showing
How can I load enough images to put a scroll bar on a users page to enable infinite scroll behaviour?
How to set default values for styles on custom flex UIComponents?
WatiN can't find element by alt
Java to JRuby to Resque
Loop through a set of functions with Haskell
Creating a Word Combinator Tool in Ruby
Css3 @fontface is not working with Chrome 17 and Firefox 10
Knockout JS - databind to a literal?
How to efficiently find CGRects for visible words in UITextView?
If entry id then show certain content
How do I use a selectable list with a contextual actionbar?
Is there any harm if I don't do const_cast<char*> and simply use ( char * ) typecasting?
When to use Format property vs an expression
Named columns renaming
PHP ftp_fget simultaneous downloading
Plotting a stock chart with Pandas in IPython
Best practices for OAuth + REST API logging? What should an OAuth access logging statistics table look like?
When using Rails and HAML I get the error: undefined method `name' for nil:NilClass
Simple web service for sending email notifications? [closed]
return enum value based on selection
Expiring cache key path trees for resources
PHP Unserialize Data From Mysql and Create Array
Is there a way to programmatically enable or disable the Internet Sharing in OSX
How can we combine predictors from two different linear models into one?
Can I use the .net serial port class with .NET Framework 1.1?
Advice on using jquery ajax to return a excel file
Sync crosshair on multiple charts using FLOT
Excel Removed Attachments when trying to Dynamically Create a new Module
Can't load simple JSON string in Python [closed]
Required Validator Error Message Display
JavaScript equivalent to htonl?
linq to xml check whether the key exists?
Server Variables not making it from my ASP page to my Silverlight App
Where can I find Umbarco free skins
Bad performance with Guava Cache
Run a python script from the prompt in windows [duplicate]
Grail domain model associations default sorting on multiple fields
can a custom domain be pointed a specific google app engine version domain?
'SAMS.CountermeasuresDisplay' is not allowed here because it does not extend class 'System.Web.UI.Page'.
How to get error from custom function which calls orginal function? do you have better suggestion?
Get css width from a string
Eclipse Android project, how to reference library within workspace?
jquery mobile - CFML - playing swf on ipod
Can I capture clear text request SOAP envelope on a java axis2 client for https?
How can I stop the page from snapping back to its original position
Switch statement with string as argument in Android
Cloud Service Providers for RavenDb [closed]
php replace link value
Why to use [super init] in Objective C constructors?
calling echo $this->action('panLogin','user') and $this->action('panRegister','user') on same script
Git Setup Best practices
Python bidirectional mapping
c++, manipulating the pointer to the first element of an array
Optimization of double subtraction in C++
Update default charset encoding during runtime in java?
INSERT INTO two tables at one query
save js files as php
Save and read int - android
Java EE Security: annotations vs deployment descriptor
How do I test php code for twitter stream
How to draw a Rectangle in picturebox in the mousemove event in a application?
Is it safe to downcast objects (not pointers) to their known derived type?
How to track a point on rotating MovieClip?
.htaccess regex for HTTP_HOST followed by a specific folder
How to open a file using the open with statement
Does .net BinaryFormatter support inheritance?
How do I calculate all the cor() between all members of a large dataset using apply instead of for loops?
CodeIgniter 2.1 internationalization i18n - Override default language if user data exists
XPath expression for finding an element without a particular attribute
Why do drand48() and srand48(int seed) have the numbers 48 in their names?
jQuery / Get numbers from a string
counting the number days between two days using java ,dates from HTML input tags
Link URLs (with JSessionID) truncated during URL rewriting
How to get content from specific tags when using file_get_contents
Stop debugging other projects
Set text inside elements added via .createDocumentFragment()
Android: OnTouch not responding.
update/change animation in Android after loading from xml resource
page ranking on search engines result
jquery sortable, how prevent a list moved to other connected lists
Thoughts on how to navigate between many-to-many relations in Entity Framework 4.1
How does BufferedOutputStream actually work at a low level?
jquery/css changing css on jquery show in IE
How do I create a textfield that will display an integer and text?
Websocket: are server data sent synchronously?
R: Apply an integrative function to a dataset
Adding Sequence Number (Header) to Packets - VoIP - Java
mod_rewrite to serve subdirectory of docroot as subdomain
Run remote commands trough tunnel ssh and java
FTP server behind a router
Css difference in iphone and android?
javascript limits to number of object properties
Android Bluetooth accept() / connect() with already paired devices
Apache invisible rewrite
jQuery Mobile - loading message threshold
PHP input text with variables
Querying a MySQL database to insert into a specific record
Accurate Pagination with left Joins
UniToolbox2.UniTreeView Not Displaying Images - Alternatives?
crystal reports - limit records at startup to reduce start/refresh time?
SPARQL: combining variables with literals
append and appendTo working inconsistently
change constant
Not getting memory for Validator control in Javascript
How to crop a rectangle from an image in android
Parallel Python global name error
What is the reason the YUI compressor replaces single quotes with double quotes?
Is it possible to duplicate a Redis Sorted Set?
Calling IMappingEngine.Map inside custom mapping
TV output url title of resource id
upload date with webservce in sql server
Rust pattern matching over a vector
Nivo Background Position is Being Ignored
How to change Image inside canvas's Canvas.Left property in WPF?
Algorithm for distributed transaction involving database and file system on both client side and server side
How can I use an existing property as the doc_id using Python CouchDb library Create or Save methods?
Why does this javascript height calculation break when the page is refreshed, but not when it's first loaded?
Is there a tool I can use to generate a view model class based on a data model class for an MVC3 application?
Given a directory, how do I find out where a class is
Working with SQLite in libgdx
jquery ajax binding not getting available on page
Cocoa Error 3840 - NSJSONSerialization
Need to resize div according to image size before showing the image into it
Handling Multitouch on iPhone
Symfony2 / Doctrine Query Builderor DQL - Which way is perfered when using LIKE statement?
Using List<interface> within another Interface C#
How to avoid duplicate html load using jQuery
Directory size error
how to make a timer restart?
ftp directory partial listing with wildcards
HTML Email Postitioning
Peculiarity of overridden property setter in subclass
Unable to edit page on Adobe Contribute
NSManagedObject to JSON
Visual Studio 2010 SDK 鈥�How to place an adornment next to XML comment groups?
Why does -[CALayer shouldRasterize] not rasterize the layer until it enters the application frame?
How to assemble a multi module project in Maven
NinevehGL, hide status bar
R: how can I use a variable to define scale_colour_manual and key label colours?
1x1 Android Widget shows as 2x2 widget on WXGA720 screen
Boost, Mutex, class member, shared object member
Android Proguard - IllegalArgumentException in Jackson's TypeReference class and jquery
Refactoring EAV modelled data with dynamic tables
How to change the alpha of a pixel without changing the resulting color?
Best way to evaluate a survey
HTML: Radio Button Array
Instantiating object in a constructor
Stale data in MVVM ViewModels with dependency injection
How to Implement the Ternary Operator in the DLR
Calling html from template
Only one MySQL Database Works at a time
Translation models name in active admin
Allow public connections to local Ruby on Rails Development Server
Poll Database for Changes - Ajax/jQuery
Instrumenting lines of a method
How do I get a nested form working with formtastic?
C# using foreach on a list and binding those results
Passing ID into a static route 鈥�match page.url => 鈥減ages#show鈥� :id => 鈥�not working
Branchtables in Assembler (Nasm)
Reading the command prompt output in .net
Compile java file in console [closed]
How can I install an android app to the emulator?
Dynamic creating tooltip using JQuery plugin?
How do I auto increment an xml file with php
What property is treated differently in Firefox that is preventing it from displaying this properly
Button doesn't display
PHP - Count amount of rows joined
git index.lock File exists when I try to commit, but cannot delete the file
Making Django go green
Visual C++ TODO Task List not showing elements
Trac - Automatically Closing Old Tickets
adding delete icon 鈥渪鈥�to each record in a view
VS2010 - Project References
Need Regex explanation
How do I reduce data size so that I don't get 鈥淢aximum request length exceeded鈥�error?
gzip/deflate failure when an exception is thrown
VS2008/C#: How do I specify separate debug and release manifests?
jQuery timer/countdown using server time
How do I prevent web forms for marketers from injecting its own jquery-ui.custom.Default.css
Actionscript 3 XML Get All Elements By Order Not Element Name
Can I make a mock redirect() end tests in controllers using CakePHP 1.3 & Simpletest?
Reassign value of variable
Mirroring nexus
What happens when you write(byte[] b) to a BufferedOutputStream? (Java)
What values can I use in a C - string?
Replacement for IdTransferringMergeEventListener when using Spring 3.1 and Hibernate 4
Adapting .NET 4.5 async to F#
I would like to apply css to the first image
Best practices on assumptions of Synchronicity/Asynchronicity
how to show a portion of image like on
Fade effect on link color
Java Collections vs in-memory database performance
Accessing AWT from ShutdownHook
Remove default applet menu
gdata xml parsing with dom
get descriptor of window [duplicate]
How to wrap align-regexp for specific regexp in emacs
get jquery ui slider value outside of callback
relation between user space printing, console and tty
table initilization list take to int, in user defined class
C# String Concationation Issue why isn't += working here?
ASP.NET MVC 3 Query result
System::Boolean and bool aren't comparable in C++/CLI?
How to maintain session between activities if sessionid is obtained in the first activity in android?
Soap with attachments SAAJ
JSON array and Android list view not working
icpc C++11 with gcc stdlib
How do I close a stream after a file transfer over WCF?
How to simulate legacy url fragment => element's name mapping in backbonejs
joining tables in a query
Releasing COM objects in a background thread
How do I diagnose this crash?
Back buffer contents into a texture in OpenGL
Why won't git-daemon serve my repositories?
How do I edit the (runtime) classpath in Eclipse?
CodeIgniter Database Caching is caching Session Flashdata - making it persist for too long
Downloading video files with a larger size
Ignore class attribute when extracting content from HTML body tag with a regex [duplicate]
Integer used as View Tag not working
Rails app to work with Facebook/Twitter etc
Specifying object in PHP Array from JSON
How can I get the number of days in a year using JodaTime?
Changing up and down arrow with jquery
TextBlock Binding in WPF to display Links
Mongo db C# serialization
Mercurial: Merge a single change into an unnamed branch
MySQL, filtering but counting for different values
Lithium - using find('list') with SQL's DISTINCT gives me an empty array
Code-behind page cannot 鈥渟ee鈥�any items/controls declared in the aspx page
jQuery plugin authoring - extending the jQuery object and also the jQuery.fn object
ROW_NUMBER() Over workaround using ExecuteStoreQuery Cryptic Result Error
PHP to get the header url of a facebook fan page..?
How do I configure persistence.xml for ORM on glassfish v3 with Derby and Eclipselink
Python, lxml and removing outer tag from using lxml.html.tostring(el) mvc 2 to mvc 4
Remove underline from link within hyperlinked div
How do I install PHP on an Earthlink Linux server? [closed]
jQuery inline-edit on double-click?
Facebook Canvas for MAC address
PDFizer: how to inset picture in generated pdf document?
XML parsing, TXMLDocument
Java and Windows - Issue with auth over HTTPS
Load view from an external xib file in storyboard
What are some common ways that smart quotes will be incorrectly encoded?
jquery : How to use the .css() method
hibernate last record id
static variable link error [duplicate]
Ankh IssueTrackerIntegration Sample Extenion
Echo the email captured from Facebook permissions
How to set all Java Swing GUI component backgrounds and foreground(fonts) colors at once?
TortoiseHG/Mercurial Project Statistics and Reports
The version of component x' is not compatible with this version of the DataFlow
How test if a void pointer is a struct or string?
How do i use partial specialization on two parameters
How to filter a collection of a collection in linq?
Transparent WebView not working on Android v4.0
Activerecord statement 鈥渁mbiguous鈥�but doesn't seem to be incorrect
Android Widget Scrollabe Textview
how to make a gemset in RVM the default?
sqlite3 views affect performance?
Powershell List groups and members from AD and export to CSV
Wordpress How to remove the relation of my post with their uploaded files
JQuery UI Autocomplete (1.8) scroll
Ruby: how to make a Hash from path more robust?
C# Pull Report out of a DLL and put it in a Report Viewer
DOM tree based Javascript template engines
how do I handle and deflate a GZipped form post in MVC?
c# ItemDataBound new event handler
How to control number of APN entries in the Notification Center
Binding Cursor data to a non-list layout Content-Type text/html
What can go wrong when adding months with a DateInterval and DateTime::add?
SetWindowLong/GetWindowLong and 32-bit/64-bit CPUs
Why would this XML cause 鈥渢here are multiple root elements鈥�error?
Get last part of the link
Edit listview items
AutomationElement shows up using Inspect.exe but does show not up when using UIAutomationCore.dll or System.Windows.Automation
Make UserControl Visible after Logging In
Create/Save PPM-File from unsigned char* AND unsigned short* Pointers (RGB) (C++) [closed]
Migrate Table to Sql XML field
Working With Database In Windows Phone
SQL every month basis report.
Get facebook friends upon registration
How to fill matrix with random numbers in R?
Caucho Resin Digest Authentication with CustomAuthenticator, someone please enlighten me
jquery overlay background dimming doesn't go away on IE9 after overlay dismissed
Reducing Ruby on Rails traffic to the database
How can I Manually create a client proxy for a WF4 (xamlX) Service
WPF Application is deadlocked when invoking on the Dispatcher
Symfony variable between 2 modules
How can I use a console window as a log window from a windows app?
What is the advantage of using XML with regards to SQL?
PHP custom superglobal Functions
count the number of times a value appears in a math equation [closed]
SQLiteOpenHelp execution sequence
What do I need to do to my python code to get it to be a module?
HQL Hibernate select new Entity() when Entity is null
Curl error in my application
CSS Background Image Animation Loop with Gradient
Titanium: Lost focus caused by TextArea height change
Validates and nested forms
apt-get behind proxy. Special characters in username and password
How to update related entries of different tables when using Entity Framework 4.0?
JDBC call to a synonym to Microsoft SQL Server stored procedure
Response.Redirect is redirecting to a page that doesn't exist
Storing Dropdown values in DB using cakephp button client side confirmation before submit
grep / regex - single comma on a line
jQuery: custom data-attribute selector not working
How to pull images from the DOM in javascript?
How to pull images from the DOM in javascript?
Rotate, Scale, and Translate Bitmap on Canvas
Importing csv file with null values into phpmyadmin
Why don't my artifacts published during the build using the publishArtifacts service message show up in TeamCity?
Map arrays with duplicate indexes?
Windows Service 鈥淪tarting鈥�
SQLite database ..onCreate() is not being called
Load XML data into a KML file with JavaScript
Inconsistent Object State Error In Entity Framework When Saving
How do I prevent a column in Silverlight xaml Grid from taking up the entire row?
deny direct access to a folder and file by htaccess
sed script extended regex
android 4.0, text on the action bar NEVER shows
accessing JQuery.getJSON data with URLs as objects
Add more than one item in a list view
Anonymous method in project leaks memory
Run a python script in windows
How do I query whether a row has N rows in another table that foreign key it?
How to initialize an array of objects of a parameterized constructor
Best Way to make a 鈥渉ashtag鈥�system
ANTLR - NoViableAltException
Easing plugin for anything slider error
Batch File to store backup files with timestamps
How do I remove repeating symbol on user input example =======
How can I use PHP closure function like function() use() on PHP 5.2 version?
Powershell error when trying to use Set-ItemProperty with DefaultAppPool
Why Canvas inside Canvas dosen't fill it's parent in WPF?
OSGI CXF singleton classloading issues
Does Android's (Lets say 4.0) WebView support WebGL?
jZebra - Getting started with raw commands
VIM: Why are replacement tabs different than Insert-mode tabs
jQuery Mobile Framework and very large data lists
Packaging Rails Application Inside of Other Applications
Using XSLT to generate nodes based on pipe-delimited attributes
How to save MP3 file from the internet on Windows Phone 7?
Virtual subdomain with wildcard mapping .htaccess
How do I get symfony2 to export to Excel
Django Date formatting in forms query
Proguard: IllegalArgumentException: Stacks have different current sizes
Can i consume WCF service inside windows mobile 6 project?
Is there a nesting levels limit with expressions used in SSIS packages?
SQL: Counting dates formatted as varchar
Defining a type for a Java Collection
nested routes and controller different from model
Javascript remove event listener made in object
How to pass argument in function?
Zend Frameworks Quickstart find() methods Action and View
How to display a json image as listView
What is the best way to allow page refresh in gwtp?
Update only the date from datetime - Oracle
JQuery: Re-size and re-position all child DIVs as parent DIVs is re-sized
Open a file, read the lines, find a certain line and append a string to the end of it in ruby
A view with six gallery widgets that are vertically stacked
Can't access global PHP array variable
Chrome packaged application and Facebook redirect url
C++ Ignore Empty First Line
Ajax Calender Extender format ? In
Dynamically created table via ajax breaks .on functionality
Is it possible to filter flickr API calls for safe pictures?
Unit Tests pass fine if run one at a time, FileLoadException if run 鈥淎ll Tests in Solution鈥�
Hadoop recommends prime number of map / reduce tasks?
JQuery Ajax File Upload Fail on Large Files
Django Update Form
Django Admin remove 鈥渢oday鈥�on a DateField() field
Java expression language error 鈥�鈥�expected
Header used by samsung galaxy android
h1 and semantic HTML5
date time conversion to specific format
Why is my attempt to use Django user profiles erroring out?
Dropbox in stealth mode
Scheduling function calls in a Python curses UI
Forked groovyc returned error code: -1073741819
In IE9, Imported nodes do not seem to be recognized as SVG Elements
always-use-default-target sample
Shadow Photo Viewer - Center viewed photo on screen in iframe
Jquery Cluetip - using javascript inside tooltip
Making an image move from one view controller to another
how can I post an external form using PHP?
Delphi XE2 New Service - Why does it include these VCL units?
Can I shoehorn a DateTimePicker date and a Textbox 鈥淭ime鈥�into a DateTime?
Cannot launch activity which extends MapActivity
No C++ compiler found in MATLAB using mex
Dependency problems with flex/bison
java bluetooth Limited Dedicated Inquiry Access Code (LIAC)
Validation still showing although disabled
Want to run jquery fn as soon input value match
arrange students in descending order
Use google analytics to capture touch events?
Jquery mobile navbar font weight
Javascript Facebook API: Caching User Data
potential bottlenecks in java concurrency
Ubuntu 10.04: Bash script fails in cronjob when [-e ] test is used
Unexpected value of floor() function in python
setInterval issues with Chrome and Firefox
When I add a Splash Screen using Launch4j, I get a Startup Error (鈥淎n error occurred while starting the application鈥�
Generate Kml from VB
Rails 3 - How to Increment value and update DB via link_to
Rails-facebooker2, current_facebook_user throw error when facebooks' user is logged in
Configure WCF host servce
Issue with the scrollbar/overflow when an image height is set to 100%
Express js redirect for IE
Lightweight matrix of boolean values
Implementing mongo shell functionality in .Net
Nested selects in joins: The multi-part identifier could not be bound
Use excanvas together with kinetic.js?
Cant refresh data in ListFragment
How to create a sidebar in jQuery Mobile Websites?
Get longest element in Dict
CodeLite build options not highlighted: can't compile and test code (Ubuntu 11.10)
Three.js Canvas renderer vs. WebGL renderer
SSMA for MySQL painfully slow when moving data to SQLAzure
SQL Server join query slow when using order by
Calling column name in stored procedure
Fill a list with a range of formated strings in python
How can I import hbase in python?
Is there something like Python's StringIO/CStringIO for C++?
Memory Leak C# reasons, datagridview user control [closed]
Archiving UIImageView with NSCoding
Iis7 URL rewrite for whole directory, stripping index.aspx
database values are not showing in applet when embedding on jsp
getting Server redirected too many times (20)
Can i make Firefox specific HTML?
jqGrid: changing functionality of setTreeNode method
Retaining the last modified date while using ChannelSftp for file transfer
XSLT when rewriting my app.conifg, escapes some of the doublequotes