Using Moq to modify the argument to a stubbed void method
How are php files secured
EntityFramework Linq query
Memory management in object oriented design using C++
Is it possible to register a public server, and protect the orgin of the actual processing server?
Retrieving target record & and surrounding n records in one query?
Persisting object data between controllers in Spring
Delphi ADO with MS Access - query times reduce after running specific query
creating fuzzy function using language like php
WinHttpSetOption function's flag integer matches
Is it possible to translate CURLOPT_USERPWD into something that I could stick in an HTTP POST message in my Android http client?
Sites for UML learning/reference [closed]
How does an LDAP database differ from a SQL or MySql database
what is an 'outstanding' frame?
Need an algorithm to calculate the size of a rectangle
convert text file content into string and pass as a function in F# [closed]
Is there an iOS SDK for creating crossword puzzle games?
How to debug Visual Studio extensions
Android Service application error - no launcher activity
Screen is not turning off in the application when user is doing nothing
Calling a function bound to an event from another function bound to an event isn't working
Visual Studio Build Configurations - Prevent Rebuild
c# send message between client (Socket UDP)
How can we run automated tests using webdriver in chrome to test an app which should also work in offline mode?
python overriding a classmethod with an instance method
Refreshing SQL after form is closed
Draw on top of suspended full-screen Direct3D app
Read special characters in java with BufferedReader [duplicate]
How to automatically link symbols using TinyCC?
Printing Webpage produces many blanks pages
TemporaryQueues: how many is too many? how long should they stay open?
Is Sun's XML Instance Generator (xmlgen.jar) still available? If so, where?
Query select between dates unix timestamp and date formats
nHibernate code mapping for enum collection
What is the point of the isa field of Class pointing to itself? Or why does Xcode bother showing this?
Converting a string of coordinate pairs to an array object of coordinate pairs in javascript
Bearing using accelerometer
Using a TemplateBinding in ControlTemplate.Triggers
How to calculate proportional width of an image based on its height? [closed]
WordPress Featured Image , All Post Slugs Matching Image File Name
iOS iterate UITableView
.NET Single Sign On no longer works after moving website to another server
how to extract the text from a Microsoft.IIs.PowerShell.Framework.ConfigurationElement object
nginx: auth_basic for everything except a specific location
Blank screen displayed on option menu click
Titanium: Zoom to a specific row of a table
External Database and Android application
access 2010 expression builder
Playing a sound from a dynamic generated list
Appending parameter to commented-out iframe src
MVC3 Cache Images Stored in Database
Can I use 鈥淲here鈥�block and helper methods at the same time in spock
change process priority in android
Is it safe to have various Perl installations on one machine share a cpan_home?
How to parse XML elements via T-SQL?
Special characters in object causes json_encode to throw error
Google Docs Publish to the Web Data parsing
Drop a pin on specific address using Google Maps v3
How to create relational articles using Joomla?
How do I order results of a List<IDictionary> object using Linq?
rails 2.3 creating without saving the name but saving the url
why does not having ValidateRect cause a directx application to slow down tremendously??(c++)
IOS - Modal UIView is loosing delegate after memory warning
Adding .Net framework updates to a setup project
How to randomly pick either 4 or 5? [closed]
Is there a limit for stream length in c#?
Fancy Box Image System working in Firefox, but not in Chrome
Does forcing file download with php headers affect my bandwidth?
Use access_token from server in new iOS SSO client environment
Count totals for days within date range
Getting Model from GridPanel in ExtJS
How to dynamically override __setitem__? (no subclass)
unix skip-header bash function
PL SQL trigger to insert history record when a column is updated
Explain delimiter
syntax highlighting doesn't work after restore a previous vim session
jQuery plugin data mixup with multiple instances
How to properly use offset within Twitter's Bootstrap navbar?
Entity framework 4.3 run migrations at application start
OS independently constructing paths
Setting up persistent forms authentication on multiple servers and subdomains
Using unspecified constants in matlab
Command Line Argument Counting
iOS 5 Custom Fonts
UINavigation controller with different orientations
Tabs in WebForms
Can I stop Hibernate from generating union queries when querying fields with inheritance?
Lack of javascript intellisense in Visual Studio 2010
Reading Excel file , getting single row in an array in c#
How do I specify what jquery tab to load?
How might I enlarge image in java without losing quality?
How do I find HTML links missing the protocol in the href attribute?
notfound.html is not found
Redirect back using .htaccess
How can I change the release type programatically?
Java Generics are modeled in ArgoUML with Template Parameter? How it works?
Command Not Found when trying to use the 鈥渁ndroid鈥�bash command?
Convert NSString date to NSDate or a specific string
consuming a WSDL-link as a WCF-service-refernce in C# VS2008
JIRA - Update last build number from SVN
Complex Json Data and NSMutableDictionary parsing issue
How do I wait for and read a single key input in the Console?
Use reflection to get all extended types with Serializableattriubte
getting values from a dynamic href links
where is gray square for the footer row of the outermost group in SSRS 2008
Change IBOutlet text to property of object returned from custom class
mutexes with objects
How to convert 鈥�:31鈥�mm:ss from string to integer representing seconds [duplicate]
Match values in same column across two sheets and then compare entire row for differences
Query only returns one result when using php but works on raw SQL
jQuery hide div, remove background and change page width on click
How do I compare Boost Geometries?
Default DNS server in monotouch
Error: SMTPRecipientsRefused 553, '5.7.1 #while working on contact form in django
Location.getBearing always 0.0
Retrieve from drop down list and set label for Java Script
Zip or enumerate in R?
Calculate new width when skewing in canvas
Paypal: Handling disputes, which API?
Users getting blank screen on long uploads (which fail). Would that be max_execution_time or max_input_time?
XSLT transformation does not return anything
Using Zend GData library with OAuth and Picasa
Java - invoke on-screen keyboard
Dialog 'apprequests' friend invites send OK but never get through. (iOS)
Flot chart - how to fire event on line hover
How does really the @autowired annotation works?
MalformedStreamException when posting from Tcl script
create a new installable zip from a ( already installed ) Joomla 1.7 component
Simple Javascript redirection works with localhost testing and not with uploaded site
How many parallel requests can one Google App Engine Python instance handle?
Accepting params or raw data in controller?
Switch OpenGL contexts or switch context render target instead, what is preferable?
mod_rewrite rule for page which doesn't use index page
How to compare strings in mybatis 3 with if statement - dynamic sql
How do I link to a Facebook user in the iOS App by using the username?
How to release IBOutlet defined as property?
GNOME Dia UI layout
Object Comparison in JAVA鈥art 2
IE8 vs. IE9 - Backward Compatibility - Reference
Security concerns when using git as a deployment utility
when to use in init methods in objective-c, how to initialize arrays in init methods
reopen modal dialog jquery [closed]
can't resolve path to
Single product free ecommerce CMS? [closed]
Is it possible to let somebody else upload and distribute my app in Apple's App Store?
Display SVG on 3D planes using openGL
java threads simple stupid program
Nested loop in R: columns then rows
Jax-b serialization of literal xml
Filter to execute before render but after controller?
CGContextStrokePath not working when zooming and drawing images
Jquery and Wordpress : The image file never shows up?
How can I decouple this JavaScript code further?
Is it possible to check if two groups are equal?
PHP string loop and join
Cartesian on NULL arrays
Notification when user uninstalls IPhone app
adding Text to SVG document in javascript
knockout viewmodel property undefined
jquery slider and wordpress
How to code an android application update from the Android Market
鈥渕essage sent to deallocated instance鈥�- Can't find a way to retain.
Can you use INNER JOIN with a primary key?
How to cancel form submit for btn-primary within form-actions of Twitter Bootstrap?
Why MVC3 Chart is not showing the image?
Scaling PDF Existing Images
How do i write a pointer-to-member-function with std::function?
Trying to get table to appear slowly with jQuery
What's the extern for this function
Search engine like syntax for java string search
SVN not updating recursively
Why can't the PHP SDK set a Facebook session?
Playing music through java [closed]
Playing music through java [closed]
TODO tags aren't found in Eclipse with PyDev
Remove javascript file from document when cetain event occurs
WPF won't print most of the time
Is it possible to prevent a class from using a method in java?
Parfor on a cluster : failure to recognize a function
RavenDB - synchronize with Sql Server DB
Unit Test Mutually Authenticated ASP.Net Webservice
How can I link the AccountModel Password length DataAnnotation with Membership provider minRequiredPasswordLength?
Flex cookie-like storage
Gettting 400 Bad Request while uploading file to SharePoint 2010 using Copy.CopyIntoItems web service
store offline html form data in a csv file
How do I display 鈻�Play (Forward) or Solid right arrow symbol in html? function for binary operators in R
Internet explorer intercepts XML response
Looking for an ASP.NET deployment tool
JPA Criteria API predicates for objects in OneToMany relationship
n-fold FFT convolution and circular overlap
how to use UISwipeGestureRecognizer in the project created by cocos2d?
Wordpress: Get all values of a custom field
鈥�#tabs).tabs is not a function鈥�- What's wrong with jquery installation with rails 3.1.3?
Date format issue in Task Parallel Library
Using Launch4j, when should I Wrap the Jar?
C# int ToString format on 2 char int?
Dealing with duplicate keys in codeigniter mysql insert
Eclipse build not working
How to request complete query string in Spring MVC?
date column empty in extjs 4 grid
Limit php execution time
Modal Popup on Window Exit
inspect changes after a git pull merge
What is the most efficient way to check if user is logged in?
Prefixquery and sort in lucene
Spot the flaw c++ code
using fixtures with a new created rails plugin, did not work
How to plot using openGL using user-given values / asking for values?
Magendo Move Send To Friend To a Tab Under Product View
How to separate a dataframe into a list of dataframes regarding column name in R?
Apache: Change XAMPP/PHP handle from application/x-httpd-php to application/x-httpd-php5
IIS MVC Controller with period in name
PyGame not rendering shapes?
how to change 鈥渆diturl鈥�and submit 鈥淓dit Form鈥�using custom button in Edit Form in jqGrid?
Sign SOAP request on client-side with Spring
Combinations: Numbers 1 thru 22, totals of 4 number non-repeating
How to look if a char is equal to a new line
In Web Application, can't find newly added WCF service method
Unknown behavior with C functions (fgets, scanf, fread, fwrite, fopen)
JQuery Datatable - How to specify column sorting when the order and number of columns is not fixed
NSTimeZone difference to GMT
Android - Keep ListView's item highlighted once one has been clicked
ajax validation
Using argc and argv in Eclipse?
Bash copy with special characters
CSS pseudo-code is not recognised by jQuery
Using Match Groups with my Regular Expression
Convert float to CharSequence in android?
How to realize user-specific type-generic behaviour in Play?
C# - Are there any advantages or benefits to using ternary operators? [closed]
PHP receive json
How to prevent AdView from stealing touch events from other view in the same list item in Android?
jQuery val returns empty string
鈥淎rrayAdapter requires the resource ID to be a TextView鈥�xml problems
Multigrid interpolation in nonuniform grids - from coarser to finer grid points
Supress Alerts in android application
Sql Server - Drop column from VLT (Very Large Table )
Form Issue - need to have two different Posts on the same FORM. - I am a complete Novice learning as I go
Qt/MAC: Build machine 10.5, Client machine 10.7
Error when doing a SQL Server query
Efficient algorithm to calculate the sum of all k-products
iOS UIScrollView setScrollEnabled fails
C# and MIME multipart messages creation
What do these lines of code mean? [closed]
How to remove everything after a keyword is matched?
Parsing a very particular string structure in ruby (baseball data)
ISO C++ forbids comparison between pointer and integer [-fpermissive], [c++]
BCrypt Hashed Password Truncated in The Database
How to parameterize requiredMessage attribute in composite component?
Singleton Startup Mule Component/Flow
Entity Framework Change Schema Name Per Connection
Appending spaces with str_pad
NoClassDefFoundError GANT script on Grails
Bi-directional many-to-many JPA mapping with subtypes
What algorithm is behind the Gimp's 鈥淐olor to Alpha鈥�feature?
Typemock vs Moq [closed]
UINavigation Bar custom font
I seem to be using a variable before it is fully created in Javascript, but this works 鈥�why?
Getting the Jetty instance from Spring Web Service
Android: Draw image over button
How to config application pool in IIS 7.5 automatically re-start when it was stopped?
I need to plot a simple animated arrow vector in 3 dimensional space
How do I lock the height of a table row when I am using CSS to add a border to a cell in that row?
Wrapping code in a function prevents it from working
Installing RabbitMQ PHP: Fatal error: Class 'AMQPConnection' not found
2D array in file/program scope
Android - Simple program but still struggling
Upload and parse an Excel file in a Backbone.js app with Rails backend
parse through Json list and append
Issues with Facebook and Symfony 1.4
How do I update a batch of S3 objects' metadata using ruby?
Building C->Python library on 64-bit OS
Round a variable up to the next closest multiple of X
How to interrupt Executor's Thread
Is it possible to make a SPARQL query over parsed triples in ARC2?
limit characters in dynamic text box in data list 3.5
nsIProtocolHandler and nsIURI: Relative URLs in self-created protocol
iPhone : App rejected because 鈥渁pp does not contain sufficient user interactive iOS functionality鈥�[closed]
How to use with luciferous jwt?
PhoneGap Support for Blackberries 6.0+
Is the 鈥淩ails Way鈥�for `update` fundamentally flawed?
c# .net memory mapped files across machines
Setting font size based on line height in NSTextField
How can I activate Java and the Java Console in Safari?
Very Fast jQuery hover iteractions Reset
What is the SQL Server Profiler NtUsername variable in SQL?
How to copy resources from one executable to other
usercontrol not responding to state change at runtime
Element 'system.webServer' has invalid child element 'rewrite'. Should I fix this, and how?
c# Deserialize XML nested collections
Gmail IMAP - Attachments not appearing
Is zooming in the browser the same as zooming on a mobile device?
Error message does not match my rake route
Android: two sizes of View: measured one and drawing one. How to set drawing one?
link_to_remote: how do I abort the action, if a javascript variable is false?
Simplifying PowerShell pipeline splitting data from command output
how to use Hornetq with struts2 under glassfi
Telerik MVC Grid - Group by Date
C++ Look through Columns of data
Wordpress navigation style like Android Market WEBSITE
Way to differentiate table and other text in xsl-fo
How do I check the state of JQuery slide toggles?
Google geocode API returns inconclusive results
Minimizing Zend Framework to Zend_Mail? [duplicate]
Mono on Linux plus MVC3: Root directory shows file/folder list on web browser
mod_jk modules for apache on Linux
Outlook - Converting Plain Text to HTML - Doesn't work in 2007
Looping through a 鈥渇unction鈥�object in javascript
Keep NSArrayController in sync with (sorted) NSTableView
Linux function to get mount points
Why I should Sanitizing manually input when .NET 鈥渄o it鈥�for me?
smart gwt style attribute
Get a video link from youtube
Is APUE wrong about linux threads description?
How to change content after page is loaded (JS)?
Rails to_json uses different DATE_FORMATS that .to_s
Why does Facebook batch API request sometime return nulls?
Why do I need to 鈥渂undle install鈥�after every reboot in rails 3.2.1 with rvm?
Plotting a raster behind a shapefile
Check that user entered three file names as input
Is InfoPath right for this purpose?
C - Fast conversion between binary and hex representations
Finding which elements in the pageshare the left and the right edges with any component
SQL multi layer headers
Unable to get value of the property ____: object is null or undefined
how to create datatable with known numbers of columns and unknown numbers of rows in C#
Serialize multiple forms together?
A clean solution for dynamic entry table rows in ASP.Net
How to Ignore Line Length PHP_CodeSniffer
How to use rp, rs, and Wn parameters in scipy.signal.filter_design.ellip?
.NET: State of the art of C++ bindings?
How to check if a price range is included in any price range with MySQL?
How to avoid empty date getting converted to DateTime.Min value when saving to database? Entity Frameworks
How can I prevent that the BackColor of a control is changed?
Multiple instances of Isotope on on page?
Android SQLite SELECT Query
Handling exceptions in CXF JAX-RS client
How to position a div horizontally based on a value?
What's the right way to start session in symfony 1.4 if auto-start is disabled
Stop MySQL tolerating multiple NULLs in a UNIQUE constraint
VBNet RegEx Pattern
jQuery Live 鈥渁nything鈥�function?
MPI tags are disabled
How do you make a function similar to jar -uf in Java?
Insecure content in iframe on secure page
Using ADB to turn 'Mute On' during a call
Printing A JavaFX WebView
C printing bits
Writing numpy arrays using cv2 VideoWriter
How can I pass the selected value from a drop down list to the controller in Ruby?
MySQL won't use available indexes in JOIN if OR is used in ON clause
How to convert the selected WP7 accent brush to an HTML Color code?
namespace clash with two large libraries
rake db:migrate aborts with the following error: Table 'dor_development.brands' doesn't exist
html table bottom alignment issue
Convert rows into column in SQL
Try Catch Block seems to be Ignored under IIS 7
How do I log what user deleted a record in MS Access?
Nice Backbone.js representation of list of list of lists
some responses are 鈥渘ull鈥�when making Batch Requests, but they are all independent queries
Start Again Already Running Service?
Delete ListView SelectedItem on Keypress
Setter method (assignment) with multiple arguments
ORMLite OpenHelper DAO caching in DaoManager?
How can I configure Jenkins to show my logs in the workspace?
Primefaces component does not update
how to submit a form onChange with JqueryMobile
BadRequestError: app s~myapphr cannot access app dev~myapphr's data. Why?
Multidimensional array or object for jQuery UI autocomplete
Paperclip isn't storing file on my inherited model
JAVA_HOME not being found when launching hbase. Any suggestions?
Qt: Background video in QtWebKit
Avoid newline in echo
SQL job fails to execute package, but VS not
Keeping cell Text formatting after applying a function
Socket programming on java and android
Java RMI connection to localhost at home network can't find correct remote module
Changing colour of NavigationBar and Barbutton
Disabling certain options in Visual Studio 2010, when one option is selected
Trouble using DataGridViewComboboxColumn for input
PHP PDO fetch and foreach - I'm not getting the first column
How to open my app by using an email attachment which will be of a custom extension/type?
When using Entity Framwork 4.1 for Oracle, long column names create errors
Build Fails/Then passes in Netbeans
Most efficient way to access/write data to SQLite on Android
Modify the value of $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] via .htaccess
Liquibase changeset reporting to be deleting tables, however tables are clearly not being removed
How to double encode URI in mailto link?
M2Crypto BIO.readlines hangs, python 2.7
Refresh on attribute change in Jquery-mobile?
Getting DataGrid Row by bound object
Overriden and non-overridden constructor
Three.js not scaling or rotating Mesh on render()
Mongo Index not being used
Amazon Product API - Get Musician's Unique ID from Artist Name
Mysterious Feb 10th 2012 not setting to an array
Intermittent InvalidSalt exception when running rspec tests with devise
geo_near not working in ruby on rails with mongoid
oracle distinct doing sort [closed]
How to dissemble a SaxParseException (cvc-pattern-valid)?
Cannot create new provisioning profile from xcode
Synonyms or Aliases Won't Allow Us To Schema Bind or Index a View
How do you programatically post to a remote web site with authentication using WebClient?
Ruby docs missing stuff
SVN updating a common code repository OUTSIDE my repository's directory
How I can make paypal payment in Windows Phone App?
Lazy loading not working in EF4 (Relations are always NULL)
Scatterplot axis labels are wrong when plotting dates
NHibernate read only pool of sessions?
Regex / Vim: Matching everything except a pattern, where pattern is multi-line?
How to store numerical lookup table in Python (with labels)
parse json data already in an array?
SignalR: Why choose Hub vs. Persistent Connection?
Multiple selection in RoR form_for
CHMOD setting to hide directory
Callback within Delphi application from within C++ DLL
How to Display Text on MKMapView
Google Chart API - Pie legend.textStyle color
MVC3 EnumDropdownList selected value
Monotouch: How to display the image in interface builder
Authenticating with Facebook from local development site
Redirect and keep Referral Url
Split a string and add into `tuple`
How to check graph connectivity between two vertices
Define a Class instance and create its objects and cast with it [duplicate]
Activerecord-association: create new object (find class)
jquery UI - save table contents to a file
Google jQuery Reference no longer working with http
How do I provide URL access to the latest snapshot of an artifact in Nexus?
UITextField start text from top when height is increased
ActiveMQ startup guide
Django: Do many signals slow down performance?
C++ read two input files differently
SQL Date Range comparison Clash for Resource Bookings Repeated Results
Recursion = scary! (Codeigniter PHP)
Does the pluralisation overload of QObject::tr() translate the %n to a local number?
Developing Android Oscilloscope
We can't use play1's way to upload a file in play 2.0?
How should one use external Images in VS2010?
VirtualizingWrapPanel on Windows Phone
Issue with sorting column while editing rows inline in jqGrid
maven-embedded-glassfish-plugin deploying 2 applications
Issue with assembly language鈥�and How do you do a new line?
What is happening with JPanel in java? What am I doing wrong?
CodeIgniter strange behaviour with sess_destroy
idb cannot find function 鈥�any hint?
Why does ext-js add ext-gen12345 to all my td elements, and how to do I stop it?
is it valid to have several separate class attributes on a HTML element?
Trouble changing outputFormat in mvn dependency:tree
Magento Manage Categories comes up with grey screen - new install
I can't add a body to my sprite box2d UPDATED
What happens when regex matches overlap?
Remove class on click and add to another element [closed]
Qt: Re-Implementing dropEvent() for QGroupBox
Tool to analyze and compare logic of similar functions?
M2_HOME not found in IntelliJ IDEA 11 on Mac OS X Lion
Mapping GPS points with Augmented Reality
javascript iframe unload
JavaScript function returning unique values sorted by count
Converting Extended ASCII Characters to Hexadecimal or Plain Text
Fluent-Nhibernate Persistence Specification test generating SQLite error foreign key mismatch
How do I read in a file and count characters?
Should `occs` be available to the programmer?
form submitting inside fancybox
Updating contents of a jsp page without refreshing
Start tftpd from shell (as standalone)
Swapping endianess of parameters in vba
Grails domain beforeInsert / beforeUpdate
reCaptcha not validating on server side
How to access click handler in $.ajaxSetup()
Access 2010 - Creating a Report that Generates Multiple Labels from Multiple Tables
Mysql query to extract domains from urls
Tint UIImage without redrawing
Override copy or copyWithZone: or both?
Returning an List<> with JsonResult
XDocument AncestorAndSelf
Java: Executor Service runs slow on linux and not on Windows
Passing data to persistent service
Jquery function of a widgets display:block not working well in IE/7/8
Where can I find performance metrics for a recent version of Lucene?
Button click event doesn't work properly
Run multiple instances of the same application (Firefox, Opera, etc.) on Mac OS X?
Serial port running on a thread using MVP
Structure of XML File - Capturing Vertice Data with NSXMLParser
cross-browser linear gradient rule
Security for 鈥淧rivate鈥�REST API
how to declare a pointer in C syntax? [duplicate]
How to prevent SQL injection of $_POST e-mail field using PHP 4
Prevent body scrolling but ALLOW overlay scrolling
pass variable from page load to button click event
when mouse over image slide is start as gif image
Simple code for playing music in pygame doesn't work
Float div's to the right in left-to-right order?
FindControl cannot find the label control
Problems with Downloading pdf file using R
Check two NSArrays for containing each other's objects (NSManagedObject)
How do I bringToFront a subview when I touch it?
Run external program concurrently in Python
Referencing a XSD schema within jar file
How to get non associated items on a HABTM association trough active record
New Maven project using archetypes: why is javaee-endorsed-api.jar being copied in POM?
Functions with Variable Arguments in javascript/jQuery
Server cannot modify cookies after HTTP headers have been sent + mvc + adfs signout
How do you clean up NUnit processes with Psake?
Regex for parsing queryString
Linux kernel copy_to_user to user space display different result
How to manage tooltip jquery
Differences between two regex JavaScript bookmarklets
TripleStore - no such Module
Is there a way to get this (URL inside) JQuery counter to read JSON every 20seconds
Convert 2D Array of Points to Graph
How writes will be distributed across different shards when I use only mongoimport for write activity鈥�
Matplotlib python show() returns immediately
one to none-or-one relationship in ASP.NET MVC EF Code First
Get/Set datepicker value
How do you iterate over and retrieve values from a hash with arrays?
Can I mirror changes in a database with homebrew code?
How do I access a constructor with user input in C#
Convert strings of either one date or possibly two, to the correct number of Java date instances
Dynamically display an image in a UITableViewCell
Does the server Firewall which allows Outgoing traffic on Port 80/TCP also allow on Port 80/UDP?
Parse/Refactor C# via C# code
how to call builtin-productPackagingUtility in command line
std::list.splice() causes program to crash
Example program argument
Is it possible to hide the IP address in a PHP connection?
How do I use the Facebook Graph API to like a comment?
Using two key-pairs in SSL Socket Connection
PHP postback url google wallet IAP
System.Net.Mail.SmtpException The SMTP server requires a secure connection or the client was not authenticated
Fckeditor leads to internal server error in php
Action bar: about up affordance icon
Is it possible to read a local Excel 97-2003 file (.xls) in a Flash application?
How does a ComboBox capture mouse when it is dropped-down?
PHP rename() file_exists()
KnockoutJS - Combined bindings overriding each other
Joining int column to string column using LINQ
Download multiple files from an FTP using VBScript
Sticky Footer Issue - Scrollbar appearing on smaller screens
joomla - forgot password page saying invalid email
Getting required element from foreach loop
migration to bluetooth 3.1
How do I change the JDK that my Eclipse (OS X) is running on?
Compass Source in Multiple Directories
Transversing a JQuery object?
Servlet File concurrency
Set View background colors in Interface Builder for MAC OSX App
how to get records of previous day using tsql?
Invalid ajax content
numerical value of number input by user in a text field
c# Hashtable sorted by Keys
jQuery: FadeIn/To and SlideDown new element
Javascript to allow only one textbox to contain a value
jscroll changing body-height?
Shape Tween using AS3
Looking for away to create drill down report
javascript toggle function to hide and display text - how to add images
PHP, PDO and SQLSRV executes multiple times on one INSERT statement
hg log equivalent to git --name-status
Why is :last-child not giving me the results I expect?
distributing form elements among different webpages,looks simple but not able to fix
Oracle 11g - Join data from multiple rows with m to n relation table
How to apply Dreamweaver templates on an existing site
Can I force a WebMethod to use port 80 in a .asmx?
In EF 4.0, Is static class to get the dbcontext is a good way to go?
Perl: escape sql strings without having a db connection
Where is the query in wp-login.php WORDPRESS
How do I select a sub element when I have selected the root using an object?
Storyboard iOS5 - How to prevent the storyboard changing when pressing the Segue button
Variable in Array Variable
Pass an instance of a generic type as a parameter on a dynamic instance of a generic class
Can't view reports on client's machine browser
How to return a date format simliar to 7-Feb-2012 using TSQL?
Setting the permissions of a file correctly after moving
Unlock a screen in android using disableKeyguard
textarea is endless , no limit
PHP's mysql_real_escape_string and MySQL Injection
Maven classpath trouble with Maven-selenium plugin
Dynamically loading javascript files in UIWebView with local cache not working
Subjects vs Publish
301 Redirect is not working as expected
Share App on Facebook, twitter [closed]
JGoodies binding, no commit on focus lost and no commit on every character typed
What should i use for rails file attachment and jruby?
Different mapping to database types with different JPA Implementations
Processing a MySQL DB and XML Hybrid into a Solr Index
Redis master runs several more commands than the Redis slave
Launch Image Picker from button not working
Android dabatase , Can't check if item is in database already
Android unexplained LogCat errors
Determine if the cursor location is in a specific area of the screen
c++ private attribute can be used in constructor but seg faults in other methods
How to download and save videos (mp4) in android [closed]
Is there any downside to declaring a struct containing a single array as packed?
Can Hudson slaves run plugins?
How to replace brackets in strings
Nested subdomain URL rewrite
Javascript slider not working when using AJAX to open up the page
Unexpected output when looping through an array
How do I populate an iOS picker with all languages?
CDT Include Discovery for custom toolchain
Have problems using Eclipse project protected by proguard?
Cant understand what this refers to
Ignore a module during maven test build for multi module maven project
Does C++ have some analog of C# Type thing to store Types of classes in list / array?
I'm trying to pass a C++ map by reference to a function and iterate through it but I cannot compile the code
make an unordered list into a drop down menu
Determine whether an exact row exists in an html table
What is the push_back method used for in OpenGL?
Setting a background color for the body of an html doc
Trigger to multiple tables on INSERT
Adding header to docx using openxml
Display previous activity after launching browser activity?
Thoughts on designing a one way messaging system
Eclipse Forms Editor for XML
WinForm Button on a black background appears invisible with Visual Styles disabled
@fontface Quicksand Light for Mac/iPhone/iPad
jqGrid row editing custom edit action tooltip
Does < form > break height:100%?
How to post to another ASP.NET page from another page in a call to return to that page?
Jquery .mouseenter() event is very much faster than .click() or .mousedown() events
Change jquery datatables default row count shown
Jquery .mouseenter() event is very much faster than .click() or .mousedown() events
Change jquery datatables default row count shown
Postpone the execution of Javascript wired to a control event in favour of external jQuery function
How to use NumberPicker widget Android 4.0
Fragment with compatibility Library
emit every document in the database with lucene
doctrine 2: tell proxy class to ignore entity methods
Unable to change form action attribute dynamically
CSS does not load in Django while rendering view
web services on a dedicated port within an web site
Splash Screen Timer
how do i loop over a hash of hashes in ruby
How to detect OS in a make file?
Multiple Facebook Shares on One Page
Django: Accessing Logged in User when specifying Generic View in urlpatterns
Best way to implement jQuery click functions
mvc3: html.beginform search returning empty querystring
AJAX'y image pop-ups in Plone 4
Get variable name from variable value in SASS/SCSS
Android: ICS Webview turns white after dialog closed
Trouble connecting to my git repository from windows to linux
Get variable name from within the called function
Match byte patterns
Is setting ByteBuffer order (depending on buffer-use) a safe / good optimization?
Ordered iteration in an user-defined aggregate function?
WP7 - Is it possible to automatically launch the camera capture without a button press?
Mootools XHR request: synchronous and/or chained?
Per-user MSI non-elevated by default - how to show an elevation prompt for writing to a folder?
Ninject.MVC3 + MediumTrust = Security Exception
Misaligned tableview cells in a rotated UITableView
How to Change a value of a control from a different program(process)
Powershell: Move Files recursively
Android intent filter based on sdk version
Android : JNI Java From C Memory Leak
How to get property of parent View in Ember?
MATLAB: Append row to an array without processing the entire array
Scala generic function confusion
Best library for fuzzy document match / text fingerprinting
Override HTTP Error page in QtWebkit
Excel C# event new row
EF Code First: separate creation of objects in db with TFT inheritance
Version name being rejected in Google App Engine
What does 鈥� 0;鈥�do when declaring pure virtual functions in C++? [duplicate]
Error when running Update-Database with EF 4.3
Expander IsExpanded from dynamicresource, if manualy change not working anymore
How to build table as in Settings app with storyboards
Symfony2 - How to use Entity variables in CallbackValidator?
Export WebSQL to CSV Locally
maven jboss plugin configuration
embedded jetty cannot access jsp servlet in deployment
embedded jetty cannot access jsp servlet in deployment
How should my form look in Rails?
Launching celery tasks in cherrypy
weird browser behavior
Finding if EXISTS based on Multiple paired values
Android RemoteView Alpha Issue
Pre populate text box from stored data [closed]
WebView into a Fragment (
Loading file in python
Why is the data set from one list view being displayed in another list view?
Android ListView item selection issue
Deleting cell from table - Code provided
scrollTop not scrolling to position
Javascript - using sessionStorage vs variables
jQuery slider is acting odd in Chrome (+ other issues)
Extsj dtata not loading completly
how do I create a huge, white bitmap with Canvas?
Postgres: Weighting full text search results by word order
how divide NSMutableDictionary into two NSMutableArrays?
Smarty 'if' statement syntax
PHP - Populate variables in an array from values in another array
How to set visibility expression in SSRS?
Facebook redirect_uri does not recognize user after OAuth
Forms Authentication - Make an GET request secure
How can I add two TextFields Values?
usage of state machine to model lifetime of an ip address [closed]
Undefined Value on Itunes search Api
How can I call a function only after dojoxmobile.TabBarButton transition completed?
Multiple relationships as the inverse of a single relationship?
Hibernate base entity for Etities those can share similiar properites
Mapping Expressions in Linq
MSBuild won't accept a physical path, or use property
HttpSessionRequiredException: Session attribute 'registrationForm' required - not found in session
PHP Querying Session_ID Inside a Database
Qt C++: qglviewer is not getting compiled on Mac OS X 10.7.2
Android getting path to image from Thumbnail?
Zend Framework - Doctrine2 - Store EntityManager As Global Variable?
Can a BSOD be reliably detected after rebooting into another OS?
Control Internet Explorer with C#
Event when click icon place on map
How do I access argv / command line options in Dart?
Can I get a portion of an external domain's html?
jQuery loop through text occurences
Android SharedPreferences Concurrency
user_signed_in? not working when change subdomain
search as you type in MS Access listboxes
how to use a timer to make text move from side to side?
IE8 ignoring CSS height declaration for image (YUI 3 slider issue)
In MySQL, How do you dynamically SELECT the values of one table, as columns in another?
Multiply regex matches and replace them in string
Specifying execution context of COM object on creation in .NET
Quick couple of CSS inheritance questions
How to make a universial app from the 鈥淓mpty Application鈥�template?
EF force model refresh after logout site
How to release objects associated via objc_setAssociatedObject?
Javascript function as parameter to other function
backbone.js managing master detail views and history
How do I rename a table in Oracle so that all foreign keys, constraints, triggers and sequences are updated and any existing data is preserved?
How is Paths_pandoc.hs generated?
TreeCellRenderer eating CPU
How to capture ListView with virtualization on?
Query not returning the correct records [closed]
Codeigniter using routes & 301 redirects
Structured design methodology for converting an idea into a working web application?
Subview Gesture recognition issues while on scaling/scrolling view that is not at 1:1
What is the correct way to include css, js and image files into the template with Kohana?
Comparing two string array and returning the differences of each in vb6 with a good performance
Reading binary chars from a CSV file in Java
Watching a file for changes in Windows 7
Multiple push notifications on 1 device - iPhone
ARMv7 Word Patch (CBNZ)
The simplest way to deploy to production with builds
How to get the list of all the select dropdowns in html page using jQuery
Put nested array into one array
crystal reports group and show only 1 record but sum other records
Only One File Created why?
Django Dynamic Class
How can I detect that there is not enough space for div block?
Back key not fully killing app, notification persists
ORDER BY and GROUP BY of MySQL query
How do I change the foreground text color of (local variable '鈥� is never used) in code
Save UIView to iPad PhotoLibrary
shoulda, rspec, guard, spork issues with http responses
python qpid message encoding
Are DLLs the only way to 鈥渂lack box鈥�your code?
jQuery rating plugin that works with select options
jquery droppable -> avoid multiple drops of the same object
How to get all CSS classes of an element?
Passing image from activity to another activity?
Objective C Calculator Programming Variable
php turning /tmp/ file to a $_FILE
Show pdf with qtwebkit
In Netbeans the program runs smoothly, in command line I get a JavaNoClassDefFoundError
asp mvc 3 multiselect listbox. map each selected option to collection element
How do I get java webservices to use extended classes
calling a method in a class with listview
Rails3 form_for hidden_field undefined method 'merge'
Website Background Image Horizontal Animation Infinate Loop?
CodeIgniter couldn't connect to database
MySQL Function, must bring back a row
MySpace iOS SDK 401 Error
When to attach jQuery plugins in Backbone view
.htaccess mod_rewrite鈥�I think?
Quick Reg expression for .htm [closed]
Simple Tweet from the app Android
What is Eclipse 鈥淒ynamic Web Module鈥�number, why isn't JAX-RS in the project facets list?
Can I checkout a project from one svn, and import it to another, but need to be to update from original svn?
IOS textFieldDidChange when outlet in other class
HttpHandler to render a png from an array of bytes
jquery .load() getScript bug
Pyramid_beaker: session.type = cookie is not secure?
How to restrict rows in a list inside a document?
Firebug issues weird warning
Packaging DLLs with a LabVIEW Toolkit - CDate with SQL
htaccess: put two similar RewriteCond in one and then take 鈥渁ll others, than that鈥�
How to upload RDF files to Virtuoso with Java
Google Chrome bug not loading google maps, jQuery functions on ajax call
Azure package contains incorrect DLL
How to extract the p-value for the slope from an ols object in R
IIS + ASP.NET : where can I see logs for the server itself? Specifically throttling events
How to get data from C# to Excel smoothly using VSTO and back again
Use column defined from subquery in query
Is it necessary to use an end tag with <div> for clearing floats? [duplicate]
Can i access Argument that a BackgroundWorker was started with when it completes?
Resteasy (multipart/form-data): how to read multi value field values to List?
How to enable TextBox remove spaces at begin and end with input?
How can I connect RFID with VB.NET?
IOS maximum volume level for AVAudioPlayer?
mail() with Virtual SMTP Server won't send
Removing main trunk in branch hierarchy and having just same level branches
ExecuteReader: CommandText property has not been initialized
Rails include model associations
Handling custom exceptions in console applications
reading a file on client side in GWT
Android - Proguard duplicate zip entry error
Users can't verify there account on peoplepods (open source cms)
jQuery omits Date values in params() and ajax()
Blur the Image Gradually using jQuery.
Japplet Form retrieve value from database
Copying data from SQL CE 3.0 to SQL CE 3.5
PHP XML Entity Encoding issue
How can I force a Java applet's network traffic through Fiddler?
Play music in flash player by clicking play button which is in the web page (outside flash)
How to create a Zend Form object dynamically by reading table schema?
How often check APNS feedback?
Mixing entities with <br/> tag causes XML parser exception
Accent words insensitive search
Unable to upload a shared pom to Nexus
elapsed time in visual c++ 2010
How to Convert string in html? (
Selenium WebDriver AndroidDriver TestAnAndroidWebApp or Other Sample
mod_rewrite wont take third rule
Cakephp 2.0 dynamic multilanguage website (best practice issue)
While playing a sound does not stop recording Avcapture
Run output of existing VS Console project without a console window
Using Console.ReadLine but pre-populating user input [duplicate]
Interpreting callgrind data
.NET can't read arabic character from oracle with charset 鈥淲E8ISO8859P1鈥�
How do I inject request-specific details into models
Why does cout prevent subsequent code from running here?
Passing generic parameter results in wrong overload being called
Selenium WebDriver difference between manual tests run and scripts execution
How to use DESC command in H2 Database?
Set a field readonly with a plugin
How do I use xpage 'JDBC Connection Manager' Extension Control
Determine if the device is a smartphone or tablet?
Disassembly code of linux kernel module
pop the root view(default) of second tab from the view controller of any other tab
Create array of values from array of objects
Looking to publish first App what do i need to know
Merging bidirectional relations with ActiveRecord
Whats wrong with my emailing code?
Making an HTTPS POST call to Amazon in Delphi 2007
JQuery Mobile with dynamic collapsible content blocks (via Spry) not expanding
CSS transition to move image in from right
Is there a way to run cucumber tests with real production data?
OOP Inheritance
Jquery Mobile - fix header or footer
Webparts in ASP.NET: Difference between Open and Closed Webparts kept on the page
How to use this JQuery function for clearing input text?
Getting dropdown control out of multiple dropdown controls in a table row using jQuery
Windows batch file all encompassing error levels
How do I decompress multiple files from a MemoryStream
How do you get Eclipse to recognize new Android elements
Why do I have to type so many single quotes to escape quotes in dynamic sql?
Dynamically adding hyperlinks to a RichTextBox
How to write a HTML Helper that works with a class
Manipulate Word Document
How to get default variable definitions for a method
jQuery animate being shaky
codeigniter prints text instead of php code
Is drawing on HTML5 Canvas supported in IE9 for Windows Phone 7.5?
Action bar : get view element
How to upload a file to a site using minimal main memory [closed]
Jersey Rest api : How to explicitly handle exception in case the input xml is not in correct format?
Automate Eclipse 鈥淵ui Compressor鈥︹�
Webdriver executescript throws org.openqa.selenium.WebDriverException: Chrome did not respond to 'GetIndicesFromTab'
System.Net.Mail.SmtpException: Service not available, closing transmission channel. The server response was: 4.4.2
Android image background repeat
How can I unit test views in an MVC3 application?
How get the part of the image?
Should REST services respond using the input content type?
adding space between images
ERROR: Keytool error:java.lang.RuntimeException::Usage error, 没genkey is not a legal command
Command button with EL method argument does not invoke action method
Velocity Form Tool Disabling
Using names to discriminate instances using IoC
Implementing Heap Sort
OpenGL ES 1.1: Performance issues on Tegra tablet
Is MonoGame reliable?
Android answer button, how to scroll it
Button onClick in viewPager?
Is it true that OUT parameter must be assigned a value in PL/SQL?
How to control image size in menu?
Can't get div flush with top of page
Multiple Image Uploads with rails_admin (Attachment_fu, Carrierwave, etc.)? Any solutions?
Highlighting line of JTextArea
PYTHON REGEXP to replace recognized pattern with the pattern itself and the replacement?
Update columns to min value from a group
Eclipse won't debug on ASUS eee TF101
Use an extra thread and return back to the starter thread
Zend Database Adapter - Uncaught Exception - Stack Trace Reveals Username and Password
ACTION_SCREEN_ON makes screen on or just tells about this action?
How to create an angled navigation using images
How to run Ocean test with Petrel demo project
renaming a group of files
How to retrieve two fields with identical name coming from different tables with ASP and SQL Server?
Migration from Jetty 6 to Jetty 8
.Net Short Unique Identifier
Use pretokenized text with lucene
Authentication compatability with game center (Oauth 2.0 and openid 2.0)
Decoding Base64 / Quoted Printable encoded UTF8 string
Lightswitch: How to multiply two fields together?
How can you get hints for cells in a TStringGrid appearing more smoothly?
No data with QProcess.waitForReadyRead(): non consistent behavior
Do all object start with null (0x0) in Objective-c? [duplicate]
Change LinearLayout by screen dimensions
Convert 12hour clock to 24hour clock PHP
ASP .Net Textbox Textchanged event
Python exception logging, correct syntax?
Get property from parent control of template via triggers
YQL query to get country dialing code?
HotSpot authorization through Social Likes
How to get number of items in a grouped row in Ruby on Rails?
C# Generate graph/chart of depedancies?
EXC_BAD_ACCESS in viewDidLoad
JSL windows service is not starting
Unable to call API of slim framework
Cursor moving to next cell in DataGridView
Difficult unchecked cast warnings
how to make background css url dynamic using jquery
Generate iPhone UIButton from parsed xml file
GAE : How to map object oriented designs into Appengine datastore efficiently
Add/Remove a control from another Form - C#
Ordering a query by aggregate sum in Django, but not getting result as expected
scrollTo top of a div
Why doesn't WCFTestclient understand standard EF objects but understands STE objects
how to correctly remove the list of records from the database?
Adding a background image to UIBarButton Item using interface builder - Beginner
DatePickerDialog with theme Holo Light?
calculate how many times of the functions or variables be invoked
Extending WP_List_Table / handling checkbox options in plugin administration
convert string hours:minutes:sec.milisec to seconds
How to access the object hierarchy shown by a GWT CellTree from a custom SelectionEventManager?
Magento - How to set media gallery images programmatically?
Lawnchair javascript data 鈥済et鈥�does not let me assign into another variable
Regex truncate string at the end
Are primitive datatypes thread-safe in Java
Google Analytics - Download clicks tracking
How can I prove that fread calls ReadFile and fopen calls CreateFile
Multiple names in CSS, including elements in declaration: syntax questions
What login data to fill in mssql_connect when using Windows Authentication?
check if input field is empty with html5 and javascript
Error handling in RESTful WCF service in IIS 7.5 with .NET 3.5
Single page web application design
How to import phpDoc into Confluence?
Mono for Android Full Version Error Compilation Google Maps Library
db like ms access for php
C++ send data to Webserver
Get ownership of a Google Premium account with a reseller
logger.debug functionality in c++
How can I display discount amount?
Displaying dynamic value in struts
How can I send an image with MFMailComposeViewController
How can I get the byte size of std::wstring?
php stop execution in runtime
How to create a button to save the current timeline in flash?
SQL Query, Where Not Exist doesn't work [closed]
Value/reference equality for same named function in package/namespace environments?
ActionScript 3: Rotating column label
Applying style by TargetType, if style connected in App.xaml
JAX-RS: Path that ends in slash (/) causes a 404 error
Excel to relational database - Access 2007
MySQL procedure. LIKE pattern matching - cyrillic string
reset default perldoc viewer
SQL Server Management Studio On Update Cascade
SQL Server Management Studio On Update Cascade
Adding children to a canvas giving me lag
how to implement java awt/swing application
Good practice for android multiplayer-board game
No response data from image upload POST
working on Drills from chapter 4 of Programming: Principles and Practice using C++. Bjarne Stroustrup
OAuth 2.0 definition of clients
Making package-protected java class visible in parent package
segmentation fault during the use of an array of pointer to structures
Extend openldap schema
IIS7 & forms authentication
Server responds half of the page
Zoom Camera in SurfaceView-Preview
Show validation message below the input (IE9 and IE7)
Establish a listen live function to a university radio station
Facebook Comments plugin - How to remove the option 鈥淐omment using鈥�
IE7 throwing script error on jquery gallery ad-gallery (I think)
NSXMLParser - Capturing Parent and Child Information ? iPhone
How to use homebrew to get avidemux
Rotated NSString dimensions
PayPal CreateRecurringPaymentsProfile Billing frequency
If greater than batch files
Set for single instances of classes
Discard a servant from CORBA after calling 鈥渟ervant_to_reference鈥�
Can't find existing element with Selenium when searching for n-th hit
Datagridview Persian Formatting
how to build a openid provider with ruby on rails