How to handle loading js only once for ajax page that can be loaded multiple times
iOS UIAutomation from the command line
Turn on and off broadcast receiver on button click in android
Going to gloox from Twisted. Getting access to full mesage node?
Syntax Highlighter that works in HTML5?
How do I extract video information from a H.264 .TS file?
Update an entry with AutoMapper, entry get by LINQ
Equals heights of thumbnails
Android: Custom application attributes, accessible by package manager?
VB.NET how can I check if String Contains alphabet characters and .?
Python not returning is directory value
Characters replaced with HTML entities reappear
Monodroid JNIEnv.FindClass from library
batch file to get and store the svn log in local directory
How to change ant property location attribute with .properties file
Data binding doesn't work in custom WPF control
How to run imageoptim from php on linux?
How to Print html page in windows application
need to add a house ID to a member
Loading a map in Pygame / Python
Parsing a particular string in Haskell
PySide and menuBar on MacOSX not showing any menu entry due to naming
Major Upgrade - .exe file not reinstalled
Export records from SQL Server 2005 express edition
Importing a dll file written in C or C#
unstable image transfer
<form> element that posts to an <object> element
Lazarus & Free Pascal - How to recursively copy a source directory of files to another directory?
Get incremented value silverlight RIA WCF?
How can i create a global navigation stack?
Create object with list of properties and pass it to Controller
InStr() asp classic form field validation
KnockoutJS subscribe to multiple observables with same callback action
Uploading zip file. When downloading, it's corrupt
How to show tooltip on click
Circular reference breakers for JSON written in JavaScript
script to check data from excel file to web page
how to set visibility for drop downlist in the javascript
Symfony2 : using Doctrine2 fixtures in a multilingual website
jquery mobile databox plugin how to set the time
how to latebind click handler after ajax call without using callback
AppKit objects in Obj-C++ header files?
How to change the current branch to master in Egit?
Full Screen Background Image in Firefox
Oracle 11g RSS feed
html elements hiding after asp button click
Persisting Groovy models within Spring Security Event Listener
Segmentation fault in assembly program
bat script only runs first line?
Using Highcharts.js to create a punch card style graph
Collision detection between two PictureBox in a WinForm [closed]
jquery .html() doesnt work
Any ideas on how to create a flying tile 3D transition just via script/classes?
Python, how do I parse key=value list ignoring what is inside parentheses?
What specific parts of Java are not open source?
Android not stretching layout by its own in landscape mode
Uploading to Amazon S3 without access & secret key
How do I erase (make transparent) one custom region in a Android's canvas?
combining multiple SSAS queries as one dataset
ios dropbox, loading thumbnail of image in table view
Twitter like 鈥渪 new tweets鈥�with .arte or .ajax?
Wordpress Plugin/widget how change the render code?
Matlab workspace window is not showing variables
Objective-C: 2 UItableViews displayed
.htaccess determine if refferer is not current domain
Mozilla jemalloc on Linux
Place something on top of a drop down (z-index doesn't work)
How can I test a jar file using JUnit4 in Eclipse?
WIX - change dialog text label from background immediate custom action
Implementing StyleCop MSBUILD From NuGet Package
Consistent random colour highlights
Web app sporadically hanging with confusing stack traces
Filtering form input within Symfony form class
How to make this pattern to be background image?
Function semantic-analyze-proto-impl-togle doesn't work
Guice Null pointer error on Injected Class
How do I animating to open from right
鈥淪ystem.Web.UI.MasterPage does not contain a definition鈥︹� ASP.NET error
Emailing to multiple recipients with html Mailto: not working
How to test a helper method which uses a method created with helper_method?
GLIB segfault: No source available for 鈥済_slice_alloc() 鈥�
Publish Access database based application using VB2010 [closed]
How to transmit with a virtual webcam driver in .NET
Debugging in Emacs: Triggering GUD commands from the buffer with the source code
distributing form elements among different webpages,looks simple but not able to fix
Blackberry Java runtime missing a bit?
Android populate string array from SQLite database
How can I get a function entry point in PE file
Split string on tags, remove empty result
Map inside a Map java
Rails Devise user controller in subfolder
Useful Wordpress Plugins for a band website
PhoneGap for Windows Phone doesn't work
submit additional form data with jquery file upload and rails 3
How to load file from user in Flash 9
Session sharing with StateStitch and AppFabric
Pushed view not responding to first tap
JSon Webservice
Emulating ActionScript 3.0 / JavaScript DateTime in Java
Getting a False return from listview
Passing object to onreadystatechange
Is it possible to use the SANE backend on windows platforms?
Spring MVC Application runs on 鈥渋ncorrect鈥�URL
c++ cross platform way to define 64bit unsigned integer
Hosting WCFServices in a WindowsService
Storing and Retrieving Location Data from SQLite
javamail: Setting custom flags on imap mail and searching for mails with custom flags
jquery array into eq function
Which is the best way to get input from user in C?
invalid operands of types int and double to binary 'operator%'
How to escape special character ' '?
Javascript Animation Level: Beginner
How does a program run after main() exits?
How can I write to an excel file continuously?
Problems with $SIG{WINCH} when using it in a module
How do I generate a matrix?
Retrieve image url from string
How to make automaic refresh in ScrolledComposite SWT
Why isn't this tail-recursive?
How do I get amount of queued data for UDP socket?
Key event not captured in Applet AFTER I've pressed one of my GUI buttons
Key event not captured in Applet AFTER I've pressed one of my GUI buttons
How to make a fixed div based in parent div
XML parsing Error in android?
Canvas tag not fill whole body?
how to find elements with the same class names using jquery
How to move a marker in an OpenLayers.Layer.Markers layer?
Print html page in windows application
jQuery ajax request and images loading
C++ book recommendation to face big projects [closed]
Saving HTML5 Canvas as data
Enable a droppable after it has being disable
Simpletron machine and indirect addressing
Error while solving Project Euler sum number 3 in C++
RestKit multiple RKObjectManagers object mapping
Is it possible to track pages in groups dynamically?
Why is binary represented in octects?
Progressively enhancing html form, jQuery UI datepicker not working
Find the difference from two arrays in php
Android WebView Memory Leak when using Assets
R: avoiding loops while inserting records into a matrix
EXC_BAD_ACCESS on ExtAudioFileWriteAsync
protobuf-net Inheritance & Field Numbers
Sort array by name
PHP / Kohana: Protecting search query
Fluent-nHibernate possible way to get rid of proxy members in returning object
Wp7, C# Navigate when download is completed in viewModel
Paypal API calls to get Order Details
Error remains once I got it while using swank-clojure
Intercept every exception in Ruby
Blue white background in photoshop
Maven artifact for Java EE and hibernate
Is there a way to trigger an action when the translation store is reloaded?
Retrieving HTML string via WCF Service through Cross Domain JSONP AJAX call
Dynamic validation groups in Symfony2
How do I convert an array in an XML attribute value to an Array object?
Selecting only direct descendant
Play 1.2.3 framework - Right way to commit transaction
Strange merge() behavior in Hibernate as quoted in Hibernate reference
ASP.NET DataSet loses data?
python simplejson with as_decimal=True gives json in []
Get the accuracy of an MKMapView Location
Embedding an web application inside an desktop application with jetty
Segmentation fault at GTK+ program
Spring beans and changing bean parameter in application life cycle
wcf-data-services: many to many with filter
Difference between * and .* in regular expressions in Java
allowable jquery-validation plugin characters for email
HtmlUnit Synchronization Questions
SSL Certificate will not save
String literals in C++ with _T macro
How to have dynamic file name when using dataset.writexml
struts2 interceptor redirecting twice to action
MVC3 display raw html with database first
Using Find to return values using a condition based on a related model
In ant, how to apply a target on a list of files (without ant-contrib)?
subclasses and hql
ezfind installation
php static variable throwing syntax error [closed]
@ManyToMany/@OneToMany mappedby attribute for bidirectional association
jQuery cookies, set dynamic name to the cookie
What is use of preference activity in android?
Is there a way to impose a limit on the XML-type of a typed XML column in SQL Server?
Play video stored in NSData
Facing issues in Identify button in selenium
RTP payload Depacketization for bandwidth Efficient mode for AMR
Android: Can I change the title bar position?
android: how to pass values from one broadcast receiver to another?
JQuery hover function not working properly
NSCoding v/s Sqlite
Drupal 7 custom CKeditor configuration
Collapsible items control in wpf - 鈥淪ystem.Windows.Data Error: 4鈥�
Extracting anagrams from a string? [closed]
Binding pattern for backgammon board game
how do I store data into database using javascript
Is it possible to change the maximum WIA scanning resolution?
Commas messing with number input in Javascript
The URL-encoded form data is not valid - Solution not working in some case
Wordpress Admin Ajax call
In drupal webform, %email_values are sent ,but I want field key values instead of it
How would I draw walls using Pygame?
How Dojo FilteringSelect can have Horizontal Scroll
How to get the file modified date of a file with respect to a particular time zone in Jscript?
How to compare two different types of array list in android?
The 'Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0' provider is not registered on the local machine
MSSQL Count dates that are in the past during GROUP BY
std::vector to string with custom delimiter
How to optimize sql query? Seems distinct is very slow?
Grails constraint constraint on int column throws java.lang.IllegalArgumentException
Underscores in my session id
How can I open the Microsoft Entourage email database file in an opensource email program?
flex 4.5 AIR Captive Runtime Support: missing option
What is really happen (actual process) when we hash a particular string or word
jquery scroll is not working
How set backgrond in OpenGL ES 2.0?
Unexpected result from mapping function
Jquery datepicker: How to make it work properly?
Injecting cache to a module
DLL load failed: 1% is not valid win32 application
How to pause code execution?
Dealing with time, in a client - server app
maintain SEO of a website on platform change?
Overriding validation attribute from a base Model
PhoneGap iOS notification alert breaks jQTouch scrolling
MSHTML : Calling member of javascript object?
Recurring Events, SQL Query
How to display dots in place of long text in UITableViewCell
Filtering Using MapReduce in Hadoop
get values on same index in PHP
Getting exit code from subshell through the pipes
Performance issue while reading XML File in Java and storing it in Database
How to Session a Control placed in an Update Panel to another Page
Odd Django behavior while matching dot in URL
How to retrieve MP3 file duration(secs) in android sdk <10
Magento: Get Collection of Order Items for a product collection filtered by an attribute
html adding borders
The behaviour of equals() method in Java [duplicate]
Refactoring with generic and delegates
Are memory issues common when scanning 2400 DPI pictures with TWAIN?
I want to get page that the name of site will exist? [closed]
How to define PK and FK, one-to-many relationship etc. in MVC3?
facebook login popup opens in a new tab in one of internet explorer 9
Twitter Bootstrap modals
Can I extend the console object (for rerouting the logging) in javascript?
Error registering plugins and/or workflows. Plug-in assembly does not contain the required types or assembly content cannot be updated
Host doesn't support .Net Framework v4
svn ls with wildcards or explicit depth
How do I delete files from all subdirectories but not from hidden directories?
Can I create a video showing an iPhone in use? [closed]
Mounting a sinatra app on rails 3.1 heroku
mysql.user table on mySQL
Java Image Generation Of Heat Map for Google Earth
Binding to a field of a non-dependancy object
Android SimpleDateFormat, how to use it?
Redefine a method
Birthday field in contacts of Android Emulator
Listview with checkbox issue
Can't log in with facebooks's php example?
Cap generates 鈥渃annot load such file 鈥�Bundler/capistrano (LoadError)鈥�
Creating a simple stored procedure reaching max execution time
MySQL Query to select last record for each of the past 7 days
Force download ASP.Net
Why can't the XAML designer open controls derived from 鈥淐ontrol鈥�
Javascript, async, send custom var
How do I use PowerMock / Mockito / EasyMock to use a mocked object for dependency injection?
Linq select 10 children for each parent item
How to keep the value of the source when using InjectFrom
FactoryGirl: generate a bundle of associated records
display data in a textbox when checkbox is checked
NSManagedObject is undefined? [closed]
unichar comparision in objective c
what is a abstract method on a interface in java [duplicate]
How is the 鈥淐onsider including鈥�feature in Gmail implemented?
xsl generate-id() function returns same id twice for different nodes
Modify HTML page dynamically based on number of tag occurrences
Extjs 4 window hide or destroy
StreamHub 2.2.10 comet chat application license
Read-only filegroups in sql server
Using revert inside beforeStop() causes error - how to fix?
Django forms cache populating form
Colspan/Rowspan for elements whose display is set to table-cell
Redirect department but exlude one page from the redirect
Fire callback within function
Why is my CSS media query being ignored?
Creating objects from YAML, already initialized constant
beforeFilter in 2.1 is not called
Variables casting perfomance [closed]
Windows shutdown hook on java application run from a bat script
Objective C selector table functions
SQL Server adding a record record manually to a view
PNG compression for live wallpapers in Android
MBProgressHud - Just operating in one tab?
How to reload/rfresh a div on page load?
when the iframe getting reloaded?
How to make a variable timer sequence which runs infinitive
android getSystemService(String s) - reflection?
Export BPMN2 model into XML from MagicDraw
Is it possible to add hash in admin menu link using config.xml?
How do I redirect page in MVC3?
How to aggregate data integer in most efficient way?
Cache in GWT app/widget with HTML5 localStorage
Spring autowiring for implementation classes
How to set Id field and query it in GAE datestore via JPA
knockoutjs template not working
Consuming Microsoft .NET SOAP server datasets in PHP
UISplitViewController - multiple detail views with UINavigationController
programmatically answer to a dialog in gnome?
Domain Driven Design - I find it hard to come up with a solution for this kind of business logic
How can I retrieve MODI reference from COM in my application?
Flex - Prevent Copy Event in TextArea with Scroll
jquery toggle alternative, couldn't understand what's happening here
Core Plot: x-Axis should remain visible while scrolling horizontally (or vice versa)
Bulk Update from one table to another
How to get screenshot of home screen before app get launched
OverlappingFileLockException when trying to lock a file channel
restkit mapping
Script for comments and rating AJAX
Include Intel-compiler variables into CMake makefile
Error 鈥淎 type load exception has occurred.鈥�using apns-sharp with mono
Passing values of latitude and longitude from ListViewActivity class to MyMapActivity class
Can't use .aidl files across library projects?
upload a XML file using FTP in c#
Does Python have anything like Ruby's Fog?
Ruby on Rails Integration With Wordpress
Launching an exe from java
Include php files only when needed at runtime
How to define behavior of a control in a separate .cs file (in WPF)?
Obfuscating CSV
html issue when placing content in the body
maven: web.xml not read properly
CreateFile with East Asian Path Names Fails with Invalid Volume Path or FileName
Using Finagle for simple Scala SOAP client
How to import a dll(make a link to dll) so that the link refers to the program folder?
File is empty when POST a file with CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS
Folder Icon Change
Android Confirm dialogue throws nullpointerexception
Change directory to which SWT extracts its native libraries
How to see content place holder's content in default.aspx?
What's the most efficient way to zip two nested list to a single level dictionary
MySQL - saving binary log to table by default
Want to create a cool static UI but : 鈥淪tatic table views are only valid鈥︹�
How to create water marking effects?
Hibernate: Exception occurred in target VM: failed to lazily initialize a collection
Cassandra daily data purge?
how can i know file is already open or in use? [duplicate]
how to set programmatically values of a form in an Web Browser [closed]
how to use cron jobs in c panel without using an emailid?
Uploading multiple files when user clicks on [add more]
JasperReports: Sub Report Rendering
Exclude JAR from maven assembly
Happstack jQuery and plain text file content
unload html on mouseover html with javascript
how to not include page in history BUT sometimes include it?
Exposing specific namespaces to Jint
What should be a good design for the following scenario?
iOS mobileconfig walkarounds
Proper way of encoding a java script string
open an image from a scrollview into a new viewcontroller
How to gather web site usage statistics without degrade the performance?
Better use HashTable or switch case
Where should I put my custom code when it doesn't fit into the model or controller?
Automatically running an unrelated action in cakePHP application
Returning an alternative value if a string is not found in a string-returning method
Access Query - Only group by certain objects
CAdvancedArBehavior seems to only work in yiic shell
Does Uploadify save the image or the Controller action?
Update XML node value after calculation
Neatest way to walk through a List of pointers?
Erlang port driver compatible both with R15B and pre-R15B
Javascript: window.setTimeout( ) not working
How to deal with method rename when using Osherove's convention for unit tests?
How to handle when the Error Page itself hangs in mvc3?
Get the column number in R given the column name [duplicate]
Background Image on a navigation menu for current page
Weird XNOR behaviour in VHDL
SQL multiple insert with common select-from
Microsoft ODBC Excel Driver
Sleeping mysql processes not clearing
MVC3 Input Dependent Validation
Displaying tags in Rails outputs literal html
PHP add +1 in while loop
Tripit + GTMOAuthViewControllerTouch
How to play jQuery Reel to a specific frame and stop there?
Load routes from lib folder in full rails engine
Android Activity Group - second activity always shows first activity menu
Adding markers to Google Maps only when needed
How to combine one root level pom to child pom?
Silverlight client web application to connect to Lync 2010 online
Interact with Apps installed on Android Emulator
VS2010 custom Template IWizard
template return with d-pointer
horizontally aligning divs
Inserting Data in Sql table from a Stream of bytes
Fluid like box?
Spring scoped-proxy transactions are fine via JPA but not commiting via JDBC
How to add dynamically <li> tags in jquery list?
Basic animation not performing
Android using Intents
Sorting a multidimensional array in php - by value
PanedWindow in module Tix
Android:not getting proper text when sharing with inbuilt applications
Conflict: when loading childpage, JavaScript is not working
Including help file within MSI Installers
Using a dash in a xpath does not work in py-dom-xpath
Blob to String : How to convert Blob to string from StoredProcedure Parameter in PostgreSQL?
Login with test users fail when in sandbox mode (iOS SDK)
jqzoom error: Node was not found
Read Image stored in Oracle using Long DataType
Fluent-nHibernate using results
How to add bootstrap JSON content into a html file in Play Framework?
Check if a file is going to be uploaded? CodeIgniter
Does connect.session work with node-azure
iconview, picture shows only one
How to sort field values in specified order in crystal reports in visual studio 2005
SQL select-row-having-maximum when the maximising value is computed from the row
Can't play video using webview
UNIX: symlink in directories when the directory is created and when is not
Wrapper for packets generation
import odt document to another odt document
Git checkout by commit order
Polymorphism or inheritance?
Add page level javascript to multiple PDF's as a batch
Haar cascaded Classifier Training Problems
how i add View Array in my scrollView(in Android support)?
Passing value to Custom Tag giving NumberFormatException
NSFetchedResultsController sorted by a one-to-many relation
Set width of a WebView to wrap the HTML content?
Multilevel relative import
Add control in NavBarGroup of DevExpress NavBarControl
how to connect iReport with annotated POJOs?
$_REQUEST[鈥渟igned_request鈥漖 variable is not there when redirected from Add to Page Dialog
<span> not taking color from style attr. or stylesheet on iPad
Updating a xml file with php simplexml tool
Lazy vs eager evaluation and double linked list building
Where can I find tasks for using patterns [closed]
Google's html5 shiv not rendering placeholders?
How to identify the error in logcat
CKEditor insert blank P tags instead of not valid elements
How do I detect if my other apps were bought by the user?
Eclipse plug-in not working in deployed feature
Making google maps move on a path
How to capture KeyEvents on android?
Duplicated and unnecessary joins when using Linq in NHibernate
Java and main()
Python dict containing decimals into JSON [duplicate]
Qt4, direct assignment of QPainterPath not working (unresolved external)
View controller IOS switch between views
python import module failed
Explore windows folder using iPad
Stopping jQuery animation loop
Error occuring related to build path in eclipse for Spring MVC application
Query from database or from memory? Which is faster?
How to get a click event in an iframe trigger an alert in parent frame
Salesforce: Internal Server Error
OpenSessionInViewFilter not working after migrating Spring 1.2.8/Hibernate 3.1 to Spring 3.1/Hibernate 4.0
Filter pages with multiple tags in Umbraco 4.7
Django ModelForm Meta
Regular Expression and sed command: echo 1234567890,sed 's/((?<= d) d{3})* b/TEST/'
Refresh data after restore view
Save ASP.NET error without showing it to visitor
How to close all elements that are opened with jquery? (Behavior similar to the accordion menu)
HighCharts image export
How do I focus to div area in jquery
Display different data while in different orientation in windows phone
how to call JSNI function from Javascript function?
Buttons going behind external swf in as2
Updating Expandable ListView after sorting the items
Generate Interface from existing class
How to handle async data reception in silverlight?
Force sbt 0.11 to run tests JPQL query exception when searching for NULL date fields
GitlabHQ - W denied for rails
When are (SELECT) queries planned?
Need example of listening for property change messages
Session timing out too soon with CakePHP 2.0
MSSQL Select with 鈥渧ertical鈥�where
Sort a Dictionary<int, List<int>> by keys + values inside list
How to prevent from session restore on back button in ubuntu?
python try, except an error from modules that where not imported explicitly
Remove background from images with PHP
Imagemagick unwanted black background on rotated transparent images
use HTTP_X_REAL_IP in .htacess auth
How do I wrap and set CSS properties to achieve the depicted results?
Can I select the parent iframe that contains the iframe containing the current page?
GCC Inline Assembly for Sparc architecture
Hibernate 4 Multi-Tenancy and Spring 3 Hibernate
Slide Window Animation
Differences between Visual Studio (.sln) build runner and MSBuild
How to query for all events on a given day, using the SQL Server sysschedules model?
Selenium Server starts Firefox, but Firefox doesn't load RemoteRunner
setting values manually in report viewer when opening rdlc report
AXIS2/Tomcat WSDL generation
Passing std::vector<int> items to variadic function
How to add a view into a EditText in android?
How to run code loop if (a==b) and dont loop if a != b without 鈥渆lse鈥�
opinions - write simple javascript or just use jQuery?
JPA manually create the @JoinTable
arma::rowvec from std::vector<int>
Why does var get resolved as a Double and not Long?
multiple screen in Titanium Studio
Share a GUI (JFrame) between agent calls
Programmatically switching to Landscape mode, and then back to landscape/portrtait mode
How to mask a div and also to make all its children uneditable
How do we implement the 'Given' in a Gherkin Scenario (SpecFlow/BDD/Selenium)?
How transfer data between 2 software in different computers
How to add a Countup timer on Android?
CreateImagefrombuffer in WinCE
GDStar Plugin - Does not show Rating if the user has already voted
How can I look up for specific package in Eclipse?
Blackberry QR code decoding prob in OS 6
Android: name of current (system) theme
Replacement of ampersands that are part of a numeric character reference by Python's elementtree
Loading images in j2me
how to set up mysql2 with rails2
jQuery check for clicking left ctrl + left shift and left ctrl + right shift [duplicate]
Convert SQL to LINQ equivalent
Insert into mysql with php - data has backticks in it [duplicate]
iPhone App Crashing when Coming From Background After Expiration Handler Ran
Ignore folder with CodeIgniter?
iOS 5 Segue not working after the first execution
NHibernate naming semantics
Whats the difference between ko.utils.unwrapObservable and ko.toJS?
how to get more than one column using createcrieteria
adding a text over an image in python using imagemagik/PIL
VirtualEnv python2.7 error
JSONArray with 鈥�鈥�character in Android
Rule or Scripting Languages that can be converted to both Java and XSLT
What to replace the KeyEvent?
301 redirect for site hosted at github?
Cast Color Name to SolidColorBrush
UIWebView stringByEvaluatingJavaScriptFromString wrap tag with other tag
Unable to generate hbm2ddl using hibernate3-maven-plugin-3.0
What's the advantage of a Java-5 ThreadPoolExecutor over a Java-7 ForkJoinPool?
Difficulty in deciding where to put the code in yii view helper
What tooltip is Google using?
Restful wcf Service error 'Unable to deserialize XML body with root name
How to discard uploaded file if content-type is not allowed?
How to create an alert dialog just after the phone hangs up in android?
How do I make sprites move evenly on all computers in Pygame & Python
Simple flot graph not updating
Active X control
Disable with jQuery submit button in ASP.NET Wizard Template
Hiding form when are other controls focus
Symfony2 debug log doesn't show username
Binding data from the list depending on the property of another control
C# to Java Code
How do I handle asynchronous processes in iOS ViewControllers?
Cloned objects and reference inside functions
Codeigniter multiple file upload
How much time Apple provides for resubmission of an application after rejecting an iOS app?
RegEx finds match correctly but returns it incorrectly
Better approach to filtering Wikipedia edits [closed]
Is it possible to create and maintain a folder structure with files Using the Internal Storage
excel vba run-time error 1004 - not clear why
Cocos2D: Gap in scrolling background
Exception when reading XLSM workbook via Apache POI
how to set cookie in zend framework?
Flex 4.6 spark FormItem inner gap (padding) cannot be removed?
Get ALL Mailboxes via EWS (Exchange WebServices) - not my own but also shared and group mailboxes
Change ../Symfony/web/app.php to proper URL in Symfony 2
How to calculate the two tangent points to a circle with radius R from two lines given by three points
How to customize WiX file for different customers
knockout template binding
Advertise custom terminal size while running expect from a php webpage
Specify a specific mapping for objects in JSON array in RESTkit?
Running just an app on windows 7
Accessing array of ArrayList using Struts 2 iterator tag
Closing the Main JFrame
Control is not moving to the next line even after selecting the dropdown list box option in Selenium 2.0 with Java
action Update() in Yii to update another model's update
Unable to user link_to_add_fields method from railscast Nested Model Form #196/#197
Convert generic ienumerable to arraylist
How to get the total number of pages of the existing pdf in ruby on rails.. any idea?
Generate Thumbnail from base64_decode from mySQL
Force Close while opening Google Maps
AnyCpu and referenced assembly compiled for several platfroms
Is it possible to turn off roaming from within an iPhone app?
How to pass variable value defined in build.xml to Java class
Dynamics AX 2009: Calculating fixed assets depreciation
hyphen-delimited to CamelCase and CamelCase to hyphen-delimited
Unit and Integration Tests . Best practice to keep them in solution
Twitter login by WebView, android
Intellisense problems in Visual Studio 2010 for Composite C1 CMS
What exception class to use for file parsing error?
issue on Screen design with table layout under scroll layout.
Closing fancybox window: works on iframe but not on ajax
rails_admin Handling Ancestry Category Trees
git workflow model & branching
jQuery validation errors with certain URLs
Input Delay at start of iOS game
Parsing xml content tag
Ajax https call in ios using PhoneGap not working?
XSLT template use XML value as table row 'bgcolor'
Java: How to split a string by a number of characters?
jquery load not working in loop
get absolute height and width
Google API and map.panTo: not panning
Searching MySQL for data that contains backslashes
Qt Haptic Feedback on android
Is it possible to show digital texts in TextView in Android?
Alternative for percentile_cont in sql server 2008
Converting formatted text to BBCode
Hints for title line breaks in Plone
WP7 - Deserializing a XML file in isolated storage
Add DLL to program from code
How to create a sortedmap or treemap in velocity templates in liferay
Java wrapper for Sencha Touch [closed]
QT Unable to use an autosize QLineEdit & Layout
How to play gif inside canvas in HTML5
mcrypt performance
LISP: (format) prints only after succesful (read)
Razor vbhtml and <text> syntax
Rails and Sessions
Create 'safe' JavaScript for use on Internet Explorer
Google Maps API V3 - Anyway to retrieve Autocomplete results instead of dropdown rendering it?
svm_learn command of svm_light not working
Tracking distance with 鈥渄istanceBetween鈥�is wrong and driving me nuts
Tetris midlet attributes
TextBlock internal margin
Combining Ajax with table sorting/filtering
Suggest tool to convert cpp code to UML class diagram
Can not restart an interrupted audio input queue in background mode on iOS
Set default value on filtertoolbar
How to record game in cocos2d iPhone
Change SurfaceView Image Depending On Thumbnail
Mail() not working, any ideas why?
PostgreSQL Select Query for Date
is possible to keep session alive using NSURLConnection doing different requests?
Z-Index or Layer order
Prism CompositePresentationEvent fires twice
Java: How to delete all the characters after one character in the String
should I be worried about this鈥�
Samples with JmDNS
Maven depend specific classes
PHP PDO doesn't seem to be picking up first question mark
Rails 3 devise 鈥渢oken per client鈥�
Linker error using boost::gregorian::from_string()
A tool to auto separate C++ header and implementation
Wordpress custom post type network error
eval and anchor tag href in a text label property ASP.Net
Spring Data makes spring unable to find JAXRS's @Provider?
Problems with sending commit data on post-receive hook via curl (git)
How to write uploaded file to a folder inside web project?
Java: how to specity a type for a function parameter without specifying a full type
LayerDrawable layers padding and rounded corner parts not transparent
Doing multiple joins within a LINQ statement
Need to edit and delete using DAO
Browser display problems for Wordpress comments, Twenty-Eleven theme
restructure the directory structure of my netbeans web application
Reportviewer print button in Google Chrome
Understanding the Eclipse classpath declarations
Mysql insert row ignoring current transaction
SCJP or SCJP plus?
Visual studio extension to redirect output files to specified folder
A multi-step wizard form with multiple <ui:include>s and one request scoped bean, how to proceed to next step?
Is there a variable which can limit usability of sessions in a folder to certain files?
jquery - dynamic element height set by AJAX success
How to close an entire task stack of activites?
SQL insert statement without defining data types
packing the packages in a jar file with a manifest file
Template method of template class specialization
Eclipse, C/C++ ,Link two projects in the same workspace
How to handle a MouseDoubleClick in a cell of a TableLayoutPanel?
ActionbarSherlock does not include 鈥渙verflow鈥�section of Action Bar (on Android 2.1)
LINQ request with LEFT JOIN return not expected result
Unreachable code compiler error
Getting linux terminal value from my application
jqGrid: Number format with comma as decimal point
Database undefined error in phonegap android?
JavaScript/jQuery - replace text in input text
Symbols in right aligned textbox
object.prototype===object.fn history
first OpenGL program from the Red book crashes when it returns
eReader SDK in IPad
accent characters not showing properly in browser
How do I get a list of webcam devices using opencv?
Good distributed Java frameworks?
Checking simple char device read/write functions in LINUX
Php reporting - best way to make a PDF
python reflection to find referencing object
Removing the 鈥渋ntegration test scam鈥�- Understanding collaboration and contract tests
Java heap space error
How can I read a CSV file I downloaded from MemoryStream using C# .net?
Could not load file or assembly 'Interop.WIA, Version=, Culture=neutral
Use PHP to change the order of elements
Java - Pattern to recognize value type
Does Django's permission system give advantages with custom Access Levels for a community webapp?
Do I use <b> or <mark> to highlight key marketing words in paragraph?
Strange Catch Try Finally Error
url tag refuses to find view even though it's there in and
Autorun ELMAH database scripts
Different animation an css for element on pageload
Type of value in Excel cell
CustomAction Called Twice
Issue Related to Dynamically Created Controls
CodeIgnitor : Run a script from command line if the controller is inside a folder?
Javascript template or another solution?
Compiling vim with ruby
Issue with ListView alignment
How to create Dynamic Create Forms on a Single Page in Oracle Adf 11g?
Get jquery's .append() to return the wrapped set containing the appended object not the container
Changing the functionality of key in android [closed]
Conflicting Dataclasses is there any workaround?
Wrapping text with in a JTextPane
Broken Tortoise SVN repositories
How to write regular expressions in Objective C (NSRegularExpression)?
how to get checkbox value for paticular option using jquery/javascript?
How to Put Graph Using Drawing?
python urllib2 timeout
Is there any data loss while conversion from latin1_swedish_ci to utf8_general_ci?
adding videos to a website
Upload source code directly from Xcode 4
Android:Synchronization of Images on fling and onclick also to show previous and next view same images
onbackpressed method error
Position a div inside another with fixed and now 鈥渨hite space鈥�
How to add float (*vertices)[3] to C#
Stack Overflow error occurs when using recursive fibonacci function
PHP : settings memory_limits > 1024M does not work
Boost-Python: crash when executing script from file
Some error in the code - libpcap
PHPMailer with textarea form and html
Some error in the code - libpcap
PHPMailer with textarea form and html
Which type of classification system should i use?
C#: BackgroundWorker Thread Priority
Any finger scanning sample tutorial iPhone sdk
Change ListViewItem height dynamically
Hide items within 1 dropdown list using radio buttons jquery
Efficiently coding the management of parameters with variable types in Java
Removing all installed OpenCV libs
How to organize files properly in Python projects
Merge sort worst case running time for lexicographic sorting?
x86: Interrupt handler loop
View In Lock Screen and enabledRemoteNotificationTypes - iOS5
MapActivity is crashing while running the program
add to array of a complext type in javascript
Cannot select and change contents via .prev on jQuery
Mutual SSL Authentication with gSOAP
A clean minimal gem to add a simple blog to existing app? [closed]
Set a form field from a dialog
What is the need of assigning 'nil' after releasing an object
Magento prioritise discounts by discount amount
How to give each HTMLTable header a specific color in C#?
next/previous like buttons as in mail application in iphone
How to add two string arrays to a custom listview?
php curl doesn't see the /etc/hosts
Socket class breaks text on send
How to Loop this python script?
Do multiple-user sessions exist in PHP?
Media player separating controls in different files and extending base classes like button, playlist
Windows font rendering problems with @font-face in CSS
PopUp at the end of button's operations
keytool error command
Google spreadsheets Query Language get data from many other sheet
Run Java Code after a Method Return?
Popup window to return data to parent on close
displaying week as per date
What's the right approach for calling functions after a flask app is run?
Lock the android orientation as landscape throughout the App?
Htaccess rewrite urls with specific ending
give a font to gridview that doesn't exist in all systems
form and database
free/open source proxy server in java with support for IPv6/https/user management
How to center verticaly in div link and image for ie 6?
How to do memory check on a daemon program?
How to search a string in another string? [duplicate]
User defined ActionBar Action View: getting the width right
Transaction 鈥淩EQUIRED鈥�propagation in Spring
PHP sort multidimensional array usort()
Javascript - shows two times
Kohana can't find my controllers, routes are wrong?
How to upload albums to Google+ from an iphone app
ruby script explanation please
How to convert the mm/dd/yyyy format into dd-mm-yyyy in mysql?
Can't change back button title but I can hide it
Tutorial / understanding on OpenSSO/AM & Fedlet
ASP.NET application resetting after some time
Why a merge instead of fast forward?
Read SOAP XML by ASMX web servcie function
Deploying project-ds file on Tomcat?
Creating Dropdown Dynamically - Javascript
Combine Two matrices A and B,selecting elements first from A and second from B, in matlab
find control at runtime
YUI editor content save in database PHP
add text on image using position
Get the newest directory in bash to a variables
Annotation Image is replaced by RedPushPin when long press on annotation
How do make Json request to server?
sort function by name in vim
nose test freezing at raw_input
how to verify if css isn't the same as
Event scheduler of mysql should not work on a particular month
Group and join give missing field
get number of sheet in xls excel file
Difference between time () and new MongoDate()?
How to start, where to start MScharts? [closed]
Change color into TabHost
Postpone Event Queue after Focus Lost
Objective-C: How to retain inputs and also tag names when UItextFields scrolled off?
Validate an ip in dash (not bash)
solaris mdb command $e
webservice not returning values to on jquery ajax request
jsrender: nesting templates with {{each}}
鈥淣o instance for (Monad 鈥︹� in if-then-else and guards
Draggable AND clickable pushpin in javascript bing map
wrong datatype due to #define macro in dll
Read multiple RSS feeds
Test of lot of math operations in a class
Razor (using partial views) specific refresh
Divide IplImages?
Japanese characters are not rendered correctly on image on ASP.NET page
how to fix this class definition in javascript to support instanceof operator
My custom 404 page doesn't work (Pyramid framework)
Shared Uploads (assets) across three models?
PERL Web Development: Perl module not found, but installed
Euler angles and extrude direction
Jquery code shortening
setActiveItem and Transaction with Sencha & Phonegap
jquery duplicate spans when append is used with fadeOut()
Major java libraries doesn't predict the case of 鈥渃yclic copy鈥�of a file onto a destination differently mapped
Tomcat REST services not deployed with Intellij IDEA
setActiveItem and Transaction with Sencha & Phonegap
jquery duplicate spans when append is used with fadeOut()
Major java libraries doesn't predict the case of 鈥渃yclic copy鈥�of a file onto a destination differently mapped
Tomcat REST services not deployed with Intellij IDEA
Using same function for sorting a vector<X> and custom comparator in set<X>
Twitter API: unique id and email address?
Google Maps API V3 - Showing progress along a route
Trace the Cause for update of Sql Table
Symfony2 - Cannot set password form field to type 鈥減assword鈥�
mysql bulk records update?
jqGrid onSelectRow getRowData issue
java: how to mock Calendar.getInstance()?
How to download epub locally in my app from server (website)
PHP Multidimensional Array - Search for value and get the sub-array
Custom django-admin templates
How to print specific duplicate line based on fields number
How to get all active attributes of products in Magento?
How to get email address and name from iPhone address
Windows/active directory authentication with spring
See Phonegap's console log in iOS devices
Erlang - Receiving timeout messages when calling io:format
Define compiler warning/errors for library functions
Cannot add files to source control in Clearcase Client machine
Merge separate DLL's into a single assembly for open source distribution
Chat Server for Android/iPhone/blackberry Devices
how to marshall/unmarshall Map using jaxb?
CSS background image disappearing in Chrome
How to import TLB constants to java?
Using HTML5/CSS3 to perform image animation the old-fashioned way (That means Sprite animation!)
How Can I Make This Login System More Secure pass formula field value to crystal report
URL encoding with php and javascript?
Updating OpenSSL version on OSX
nanoc or ruby link_to questions
error while trying to generate stub file
Is it possible to have SHA1-Digest in java Manifest file without actually using a key
How to see just the public methods in Resharper?
indentify url to send http commands from code
Use directories in url as php variables
Parsing contao / typolight codes in templates for pdf output
How to provide the XML Path to a java File in Linux Environemnt
How C++ `recv` function acts at data receving? Could it receive a partial 鈥減acket鈥�
TFS2010: Retrieve all changesets associated with a branch (full recursion)
what is the best XML parser [closed]
docbook5 default value for graphic scale
JPEG file quantization table definition
Backbone on BlackBerry OS5 - is it possible?
GitHub API v3 - get last N commits by user on project
Change messages/texts at runtime (Inno Setup)
Issues with WCF (net.tcp) hosted in IIS 7.5
Page by page conversion of PDF into TIFF with proper compression
Convert HBitmap to Bitmap preserving alpha channel
How to write a carriage return into xls file in Java
JQuery issue while deploying on tomcat and weblogic
How do I create a view(Shows balance) that stays onscreen while I switch between tabs? [duplicate]
If row doesn't exist in datareader
Artifacts when using custom view inside NSScrollView
Styles missing in StreamWriter
Derby database to sql script
How to Integrate Website Game Into Facebook?
XmlTextWriter path error?
How can I retrieve Java comments by code?
Adding a Windows Service Class to a class library
Dynamically created text boxes not submitting values to php form
Read Attributes of SVG-Elements in HTML via JS
php & mysql record-individual timezone
Is there a list of SQL execution keywords eg. INSERT, ALTER
Change Wordpress menu based on browser cookie
how do I display a blinking caret in an NSView?
Confirming a maven project converted to web app is created correctly
How to read Magento(or OOP like software) core code?
SQL server when try to access udf function created with dbo 鈥淚nvalid object name 'dbo.Function_Client'.鈥�
Resizing NSTableView makes text not clear
DB4O doesn't update an Object while adding an object to one of its arguments that is a list of objects
Platform-dependent performance issues when selecting a large number of files with gtk.FileChooserDialog
The import cannot be resolved
Trying to grab things from Database that the user has not seen
Combining UIhint and additional metadata in MVC3 application?
Strange calculation result Objective-c [duplicate]
How to use dropdown list in Datatable in Inline editing
JNI Warning : Too many PopLocalFrame calls android
How to Paint QTreeview content
MVC 3 route for search
How to count multiple values from one column using SQL Server CASE keyword?
How many child processes can a node.js cluster spawn on a 64bit Wintel PC?
SQL Server deletion dilemma
Retrieving class property/constant names from its value - Python
Sqlalichemy : Loading related objects ids in parent property
ThreeJS how to add interactivity,
Magento categories
Small product images for Cloud Zoom in Magento?
LOW Memory鈥ava Heap Maxed Out (Ax)
Is MVC RESTful by design
resolving two dependency chains in FuseESB and Jersey Servlet
Need help in resolving Java String issues
Ruby/Rails - consume webservice with ActiveResource
change Array to another format
Diacritcs in GWT regex
Google Maps My Places in MapView
mysql query wierdness with Lithium from dev to production
OpenCV Homography, Transform a point, what is this code doing?
how to read a file from a Jar file located on remote server
Port MBean from JBoss 4.x to JBoss 7
How to edit path in a Windows link file
In need of GSM codec specifications in specific format
Inheritance c++ Child Parent
wxWidgets + OpenCV rectangle crash OnButtonClick()
php mysql bulk records update?
Messy code while modifying the xml file with installscirpt
define Action bar overflow items
Apache accessing /media/ instead of DocumentRoot/media
is this proper openMP usage? (or: can I trust the default settings?)
SQL Report with conditional output
Splitting Data Based on Data Value
AlarmManager setRepeating disregards the interval
Mvc3 web app routing directly on index.cshtml
get the value of fck editor in JS
How to do pinch zoom for webapps using jquery for android device
Redirecting html page when closing iframe include in that html page
textblock in user control TextWrapping not wrapping
Downgrade wordpress multi site to earlier verson
How to automate jshint as part of build process?
php mandatory field based on drop down list value
An issue with different platform toolset
Design Web application
How to check if a value already exist in list box before adding to it in
does not change the locale with using LocaleAction
JQM annoying error loading yellow box
Using sshpass with bash works from command line, not from java exec
iOS timeout set up for webView loading?
.NET Framework - Installing the application
How can an ANT build file insert the version number in the generated Javadocs?
Jquery UI Droppable Out function
Lazy loading of attributes
Is Rails 3 cattr_accessor thread-safe?
Troubles with Drupal IMCE image upload
Converting Java collections to Clojure data structures
Constructor related error in Java
ios change subview index runtime
How to solve this variation of kirkkmans schoolgirls
How to fix the Height for this area?
Facebook og:type meta-tags - should I just make up my own?
Pointer cycles in clojure
reading from a file is slow in android
Clear Textboxs on submit
PHP exec bash script
When does hibernate use its first level cache ? how to log it?
Inheriting DataContract in WCF
ASN1Parser.encodeVarBindList throws java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
Parse Lego Digital Designer *.lxf files
ASN1Parser.encodeVarBindList throws java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
Parse Lego Digital Designer *.lxf files
Using flash builder 4.5 for php wizard for remote object
In a GORM findBy* query, how can I use 鈥渟ort鈥�before limiting using 鈥渕ax鈥�
Automatic Reference Counting not working [duplicate]
Trying to load a gif image but does not load in chrome
Check if IPhone is Syncing a Contact Group with Outlook
Displaying item tags in ListView
How to select ticks at n-positions in a log plot?
Blackberry Pdf issue鈥�Unsupported Media Type Application/Pdf
Joomla 2 Step Regstration
Hybrid iOS app with HTML 5 , how to supply credentials for the remote server
Incompatible magic value 1013084704 when running java applet
Need explanation of this Javascript String Capitalise Protoype
Collect return value from multiple threads
Facebook look alike app for iPhone
iOS iframe pageshow event not triggered
How to override default S3 function in R?
LDAP Connection difference between Operating System
Javascript Regex should pass .test() but appears to fail - why?
Heisenbug -> NSInvalidArgumentException: capacity is ridiculous
Lightswitch: All entities in a screen must be exposed via one domain service?
Is GWT really compiling the client code to JavaScript and HTML?
get time from long formate - Could not load type 'MyNameSpace.Reporting.UI._Default'
Reading custom config sections returns 鈥淚nvalid Key Value鈥�
set client id static in 3.5 for a dynamic generated text box
Unicorn can't start in production with railtie.rb:39: uninitialized constant Sass::Rails::SassTemplate (NameError)