Symbolic block matrix calculation in Maple
Edittextin Listview android
apache global basic auth
RadPanelBar / RadDataGrid relative Width binding to item child?
jQuery evaluate last word only
jdbc to oracle 11g xe. class not found error
Android: Easiest way to download source code
localizedStandardCompare: sort error when sorting times that lack a trailing zero
Doesn't work ajax timeout and error in Internet Explorer 7,8
Not able to open XLS returned as attachment via Django view
remove div onclick ( using remove )
How to delete all local notifications when an application is deleted from an iPhone
how do I get / transfer value from Javascript to PHP variable (it has checked 鈥渘o鈥�in radio button) in different page?
ALAssetsLibrary, NSMutable Array and UITableview lazy scrolling?
How to create a database in /data/data/package-name/app_database/ in android
Reused variable in Mako template cause 鈥淯nboundLocalError: local variable 'xyz' referenced before assignment鈥�
php write to file with variable as filename
Integrate c/c++ with Java native code as shared library (compiled by gcj)
What is the proper way to declare static variables in Objective-C?
how to use haskell Control. Exception handle to return a IO(Maybe a)
Install Application programmatically on Android without deleting DB and shared pref file
I want to keep a SlidingDrawer half-open all the time
jQuery ~ How to animate box width&height from center center
Transfer file trough ssh tunnel with java
Android tabview icon with background color
Getting a line's coordinates to array
Why are my Google Web Fonts pixelated?
Creating a relationship between a Raphael Path to a Database ID
What is the most cost-effective way of synchronising Adwords information to local database
Why this executes without semicolon?
HttpWebRequest Post Method sending partial Data
How to display arabic characters getting from the database when user changes language option in blackberry application?
How to Convert Date To 8 digit integer?
How do I find an open port in Linux?
How to schedule a task for batch file which copies big size files to a shared folder?
Getting index of TabItem using data binding
undefined reference to `vtable for DigitalClock' - undefined reference to `DigitalClock::staticMetaObject' - Qt
query regarding ostrstream
Why does this int randomly turn into a giant negative value?
Put Image into FCKEditor from Popup window
Ruby on rails in rho studio for mobile application
Is Hibernate 3.0 compatible with Oracle 11g?
posting rows of html table seperately to php
Is it possible to execute the code in the try block again after an exception in caught in catch block?
Android onTouchListener does not work from nested switch statement
Android managing bundles passing for large application
Put $$ in dollar-quoted string in PostgreSQL
In XCode view editor is it possible to adust size of multiple selections
jquery Full Calendar: callback 'after' the calendar has loaded completely
Datastage: how to improve the performance load data from oracle to sql server
String variable and double variable of same name are different?
PIG Latin script for Database access
valid template argument
Java: File not opening giving exceptions
how to send mail on clssical asp by using the .config file
Can I export the used code from a c program with many compiler flags?
titanium mobile:retrieve row title from tableview and its display in next window issue
nginx rewrite leads to redirect loop
Hbase schema design suggestion
How do you make a range in Rust?
make Bluetooth Discoverable
Java regular express non-greedy not working
Deciding which properties are serialized at runtime
Rails 3 create method redirect to index?
Form data from JQuery dynamic form
Self-join a table to merge multiple rows in to one row
iScroll to loop automatically?
Interesting memory error - NSMutableArray being replaced consistently
removing strings or characters from variables
regex match as 1 unit
Nodejs Websocket Close Event Called鈥ventually
How to set emacsclient background as emacs background
Python Unittest Modularity vs Readability
How do I emulate Lisp (apply) or (curry) in Rust?
Tried to Run and print time -non-static variable cannont be referenced. I see whats happening but how do i fix?
Can dbExpress's TSQLQuery use ? as parameters?
How to access to a class member in PyGTK?
When I use Web SQL,I am in trouble
XCode: Add multiple buttons programmatically with specific names and animate
JQuery :visible filter
Programatically disabling screen rotations in entire application Android
Searching within cursors?
Type mismatch: cannot convert from integer to boolean
Gridview last row overlapped with horizontal scrollbar in ie7
Can VBA predict a n-th row and also copy the parameters?
Java sending byte[] through sockets鈥rong length read
Is there a way to spawn Unicorn processes and have them load fully before they are accessed to process requests?
C api to C# GUI
Android NDK and Msys
Windows Callback, When The Active Window Changed
Preventing CSRF in custom AJAX form submissions
DB Communication in Magento1.6?
add glassfish javax.persistence to gradle project
How do Interfaces promote code reusablity?
What is the proper way to configure Magento + Apache while running multiple stores on multiple domains?
Why composite-id class must implement Serializable?
Use ToggleButton in Android Status Bar notifications
iframe doesn't resize on android 2.3.6
Listener Output according to Priority
How to create a save button in flash?
I/O on the iPad - error
Segmentation fault (core dumped)
WordPress Different DataBases
What is the default app heap size on ICS (Android OS4.0)?
how to move a listview item up or down with a button click
.NET Module vs Assembly
vertically align img inside floated div
Working with ANT and facing an issue
CakePHP 2.0 Basic Authentication always gives 302 redirect instead of 401 unauthorized
form fields display cached values
Embedded mongoid referencing
Customize control/ Writing Control Templates in wp7
Change baudrate in pySerial while connected to device?
Adding MySQLdb to sys.path in a virtualenv
SQL Self Join issues
Push Notification APNS Certificate USAGE:
C++ wrapping variable argument macros
How to emulate press and hold with pywin32
Opacity css affecting children elements
front-line authentication with Web Services
How do I use an UpdateView to update a Django Model?
Sorted map not outputting sorted. Do I understand maps.
Can I detect the user viewable area on the browser?
Using PHP tags inside of href=鈥溾� definition
Addition of random number and private key using ECC
Regular Expression - WordPress Plugin
How to open .docx extension files in Android [closed]
ARM (thumb) firmware mod鈥ow to turn few lines of ASM to code to make a mod
Java Android : Subclass, Call method from main activity class caused NullPointerException
preventing XSS in ajax json request PHP
Getting values from array created with getElementsByClassName()
Fetch Controller Action Response From Tasks and Models
Custom javascript event object?
Reinterpreted pointer does not point to correct memory location
How can I iterate over a string without recursion?
Difference Between Multiple If's and Elif's Python
Split array of objects into new arrays based on year of object's date
verify a SSL certificate in iOS
SQLException: Communications link failure (Java/mysql)
sql statement error, cant get random date
Specific View ( MVC) for IPhone, Android
NSXMLDocument parsing into custom objects
Sierpinski Carpet Recursion - Python
How to run PowerShell script even if Set-ExecutionPolicy is banned?
php json example not working
Why is the Q_OBJECT macro causing issues (Qt)?
c compiler error with linking
Yii with generating and printing reports
Teamcity Build - Issue with Entityframework (.NET)
Get tomorrow's date with getDay Javascript
Mysql - result the data's with or with out available in DB
Very unusual rounding
Android: Run out of memory adding views
Solr - Results that contain all terms, in any order
Using perl to parse Photobucket RSS feed?
Can I use a coloured square as a link instead of text using CSS?
Does anyone know what's wrong with this Delphi CRC16 algorithm?
How to update to C++11?
Mixare and gpl v3 open source licensing
Get where is facing the cellphone in android
what is H.225,h.245 and iax2 message format?Want to do signature analysis but my packets are encrypted
How to design an optimal trip planner
Why am I getting multiple-client: true advice from cometd when only 1 client is connected?
EditText borders SDK >11
How to read/write structured data in php?
Performance comparison of Linq with SQL
Creating a Dynamic Chart using MScharts in C#
PHP/SQL Statement repeating a query
I'm having an issue with jQuery variables
Converting a PNG compressed byte array to BMP byte array
Server-side ruby vs client-side js api speed/organization
Adding dynamic class to Webgrid column from model property
Decode OpenSSL AES256 string in iOS
Displaying only immediate child in Wordpress
Codeigniter loading multiple templates
Creating custom JavaScript object from data returned by jQuery AJAX request
What is this JavaScript syntax: {Ci, CC}?
Set two objects in a single window - VTK
How to use JRouter to rewrite controller and task URLs?
Process with() statement after if() condition in one line
Retrieving the starting memory addresses of the blocks of a file
Android - FFmpeg Alternative to get video frames. (Due to licensing)
use innerHTML to change dynamically created objects of a page
How to restrict a key and its value in a HashMap using generics?
How to play video using FFMPEG library in Android?
adding caption to image
Ruby vs. Ruby On Rails
How to bind field to a text box
php form isset validation
Accessing real-time user location via last post or mobile location
Debugging statfs?
How do I filter a list of records based on the count of one of their associations?
Python: Running Daemon Processes in Windows7
EXTJS 4 and SpringMVC 3.1 form panel submission,
Error subclassing QTreeWidget
Browser - SVG rendering completed event
XMl and XSL % displays wrong
Javascript retrieve hash after character
Basic Netty echo server - string encoder error?
How to render and append sub-views in Backbone.js
Emailing people when there is a new comment
Saving state _before_ orientation change when android:configChanges=鈥渙rientation鈥�is specified
Do transactions add overhead to the DB?
EnumerateTraceGuids returns 鈥淭he parameter is incorrect鈥�(87)
Having problems with cannot redeclare
How to map foreign keys to different Table/Column name in EF CodeFirst?
C: Copying from a character array to an int
custom tab bar controller not working?
What is the equivalent Collation type in Oracle for the Latin1_General_BIN collation type in SQL Server?
Golang - convert string which represent binary number into int
inherit part of base class
Binding a control
Find expiration date of Android keystore
what does the __file__ wildcard mean/do?
Qt: Re setItemWidget is not useful after use takeTopLevelItem
using underscore variables with Backbone Boilerplate fetchTemplate function
couchapp does not generate loader.js
Using Google Visualization API, how to turn off tooltips for a single column?
undefined method `new' for Paperclip:Module
jQuery UI - tab hyperlinks
jQuery UI - tab hyperlinks
VMware and Linux screen adjustment
How many models of Asyncronous development in .NET?
How to get image from AppEngine Server into Android activity
Hadoop DistributedCache classpath
Why layout-large-v11 resource does not apply on Android 4.0 WVGA800 phone
Uploading to Blobstore without using blobstore.create_upload_url
AES decryption and encryption issue
displaying radio button values on different textbox
How do I target elements with an attribute that has any value in CSS?
how to calculate the area of painted region?
How can I place a UIView overlay above a modal view?
trouble getting text from xpath entry in python
Struts2 namespace complex configuration
How to initialize a header-only global variable in C
How to I get my JSP code to run when I refresh my page
UIScrollView's content offset being reset
How should I code a javascript function so I can call it from a link?
javascript order JSON by SUM
How can I parse long-form arguments in shell?
How to use javascript to find ASPxGridView in Usercontrol and then command it to perform callback?
How to determine whether an enterprise ERP system is designed well? [closed]
How to Repeat Table Column Headings over Page Breaks in PDF output from ReportLab
How to pull out CSS attributes from inline styles with BeautifulSoup
Synchronize time with C# application through Java
using a namespace in c#
jquery ajax multiple drop down list events
can't open Interface Builder when updated to mac os x 10.7.3
ffmpeg on fb0 from Nexus Galaxy error: 鈥渃ould not get frame filename number 2鈥�
Tracking the processes writing to a file Unix (Solaris 8)
Installing nosetests - permission denied
Python Searching for String and printing the file it is in
Difference between java.awt.Color and javafx.scene.paint.Color
Error when Using Camera on Android 4/Nexus s
Can't get Imageflow to appear in Internet Explorer using PHP in a DIV template
Use Context.xml to store dynamic variable value
OpenGL texture coordinates and the precision of small floats
Rails: Having problems with follow and followed system
jquery - consolidate stacked DOM elements
clarification regarding MD5 checksum calculation in java
Set Dictionary Value to a Class?
What is the best framework with EJB, webservice?
When building a UI Kit in Backbone.js, should a View to create Model?
Is preloading / precaching can be bad for my web applications
priority queue of custom class
typing facebook webpage redirected to
Small table has very high cost in query plan
how to use sqlite's parameter parsing
Use multiple texture when rendering cause low framerate
How to prevent gaming of website rewards for new visitors
Heroku taking 2 seconds to load every page--including pages that simply render a single text string
JPA and Mysql query on play framework
How to use generic list that takes in derived classes that implements a common interface
Constructor or init function for an object
DataMapper naming convention clashes with existing MySQL table
Backbone boilerplate Events
Windows/c++- Date subtraction (week/month/year) using boost
Getting the line number or full stack trace on exceptions in a gremlin-groovy script
paypal express oscommerce only sending name and email when buyer orders an item from store
How to save background as UIimage from uiimagepickercontroller
GAE JSP not compiling with jar in WEB-INF
JQuery Mobile Icons Won't Load - Unless I Use the CDN
Is the recommendation to include CSS before JavaScript invalid?
how can i get a field on a mysql table?
jQuery Slideshow not working in IE9
Uploading a JPEG image via Django displays error
PHP include() returning value inconsistent or my ignorance?
Why am I getting this error using Soot operations from the Eclipse Soot plug-in?
Using vertex colors and textures in OpenGL?
How to efficiently perform SQL Server database updates from my C# application
Validation for every single radtab in Telerik RadTabStrip
Can't install jQuerybundle for eclipse aptana studio 3 plugin installed
Is there any statistics on what propotion of iOS-device is running iOS5?
Can a rendered partial observe local variables?
How to get Facebook access token and User ID on iphone
MySQL does not Import .SQL Dump Properly
Java HTTP/HTTPS post from app 1 to app 2 in different server
Django Comment app
What Ruby construct does the link_to method in Rails use?
Best way to create a kiosk app displaying a movie and a few contact links?
selecting a radio by clicking a div
Pivot table with one row and four columns
SQLAlchemy insert millions data inefficiently
Creating a general hibernate query that works with the LEN or LENGTH function
How the runtime knows which class contain the Main method in C# application?
Where can I find documentation on escape characters like 鈥� 鈥�
Design of concurrent processing of a dual buffer system?
How to identify reused widgets in ListViews
ADO.NET: Data not being displayed properly in repeater
Python define class in function, the class canbe access global
How do I parse non-integer octals in Java?
ExtJS 4: Convert Grid To JSON for Storage in Database Or Converstion to PHP Object
C: reverse array in subrange
TableView SigAlert Error
Place a default option into a select that can still retain a previously selected value using jquery
How do I delete the 2nd to last line in a txt file using batch?
When doing a .replaceWith() in jQuery the event bindings are not preserved
Translate FormHelper Months CakePHP
Prevent SVN users from reading logs from folders they are unauthorized to read
Multiple Views in Xcode 4.2
Multiple Views in Xcode 4.2
RegEx doesn't accept %
Use of special symbol in struts2
How to calculate Rotation and Translation matrices from homography?
WebGL Texture read/write at the same time
Detecting a folded line or an incremental search (?)
Find DataGrid Column and Row Index based on cell value of column
Navbar background filling screen width, whilst all content within min-width and max-width values
Jasper iReport Crosstab with Zero Values
min-width:320px not firing correctly on Opera Mini for Android
return value from ajax call to javascript
how to do Facebook like expanding and shrinking animation to view controller
Why can't I store data in an Azure compute instance?
How to pass a pointer to class's pointer attribute as a double pointer?
.bat file for renaming multiple folders
PHP folder watching on windows
Compile beyond pre-processor stage but before assembly stage
How to redirect to an external url with Selenium, and come back?
How to improve the performance of ImageView when scrolling?
Convert CSV to LDIF for import into ldap?
Separating models, logic and DAOs in express/node.js
JavaScript, Check if website is rendered and displayed on the screen
MongoDB dot notation query
Adobe AIR app installer offline
Importing the Java SDK into an Enterprise Architect model
store current date and time in the datetime format zend
How to make a slideup selectable box for user to pick a defined theme color with Jquery?
trigger function before iframe is redirecting
What is the best free reference for CMake?
How to view details from mysql database when i check the checkboxes for my webpage?
Xcode Call a function from another .h file to update it's status
Jpeg files won't work as drawable resources - png files work fine
Safely delete pointer to array of pointers + javascript passing argument to button click
What should a slide-down / pop-up login form do on success?
Programatically show the desktop
pulling a dictionary out of the function that created it (python)
Zend_Acl and Zend_Navigation - Applying setAcl() to navigation helper causes blank page
Grails: dbconsole isn't showing my domain classes
Polar to Cartesian conversion on location change
deleting rows in a dataframe based on surrounding rows
What does 鈥渁nimated鈥�mean and/or used for?
What am I missing with the ActionListener?
end tag for 鈥渂ody鈥�omitted, but OMITTAG NO was specified
How to remove unnecessary code added on FB Wall of the user who clicks on FB Like plugin? Code is like [CDATA[//><鈥�鈥�PDRTJS_settings?
ajax query not returning json array
sub-UIView to push main UIView into DetailView
is there an API to work with dual SIM Android phones?
If else Environment variable with PHP
Html5 audio won't play in safari when the source is populated via JavaScript
Does Microsoft Moles Framework generate code coverage
how to draw a non-rectangle uitextview 锛�
android getRunningAppProcesses always returning null
iOS Enterprise Provisioning Profile Expiration
Retrieving data using dispatch_sync in UITabViewController
Creating C++ program to run shell script
Unit testing set innerexception
Convert array of 2-element arrays into a hash, where duplicate keys append additional values
Hadoop cache file for all map tasks
MySQL sort order by both timestamp and enum
Bluetooth SPP receive some the package frame can lost or?
Postgresql- Update invalid cells based on max row count
C++ None of my files have a type
basics of a reverse proxy? what am I missing?
how would you do this in Rails?
GLSL 鈥渋n鈥�structs
grep uppercase words to lowercase while excluding Roman numerals
Pause/Play button in vb 2010
IOS 5.0 Changing Label.text from void function in the MainViewController that is called from a separate class
jqplot Side by Side Stacked Bar Chart
Java Polynomial Addition
Page Orientation using CSS
How can I process task results in Celery?
How to chain if else elegantly
Dependency Injection - Deciding arguments at runtime
Web Based File explorer in .net
How to read RGB pixel data on iPhone
Accessing deep to-many Core Data relations
chomp in perl not working as expected
How can I reassign a port number on Mac OS? [closed]
spring with jersey REST framework
How to use UndecidableInstances locally?
Android Camera - the moving cube
Connection String---Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING
URL Facebook redirected to
Jquery modal form store data in database
How do I create a migration for an existing database in EntityFramework 4.3?
鈥�*鈥�regex duplicates output?
simple routing on passing param in playframework
creating intents and activities across classes
person detection from series/collection of images using java
How can I bring a 'sencha' selectfield into view when I am using an overlay?
Adding a like box to my website
Android: How to pass additional object reference to a custom view
Why does 0+1==49?
Selected Navigation Menu
I need help in Python to check boundaries of a list
For a bus schedule, should I have one data table for all busses and store the timetable in a column, or create seperate tables for each bus?
Python spawns threads on socket.connect() according to Windows Task Manager
Closing Div on Click not working in Chrome but is in all other browsers
Can't seem to fix PNG fading blackout in Internet Explorer using jquery script
Sass/Compass - Convert Hex, RGB, or Named Color to RGBA
Automatic view positioning JEditorPane
PPP persist connection ( 3G network auto reconnect on pppd )
Accessing shared_ptr via thread local storage
Texture coordinates and optimizing GLSL shaders
mysql_query not getting expected results. Blank Screen at output
What is wrong with my actionListener call [closed]
How to get a fast file Hashing algorithm for large files on a mobile device
C++ Read File Until Space
Running GWT Devmode with Xvfb on CentOS
ASP.NET Default page redirect when entering role restricted webpage
Join Predicate Not Valid (SQL0338) [closed]
assigning an ironpython method to a c# delegate but python method does not get called
linux non-standard serial console
IOS Facebook App URL fb:// options besides publish
Python script/JSON to dump to Mysql db
Azure Storage, Choose Between Security and Speed
How do you bubble custom jquery events to window.document?
Is there a utility for validating makefiles?
How to match a number in an url value pair
How to upload sqlite3 db file to server in Android?
How to alter title of present tab using chrome extension
EC2 elastic IP access on the browser times out
PHP rename() args don't work if I prefix with a 鈥�鈥�
PHP using JQuery Plugin [closed]
Trouble parsing table with jsoup
Cloning only some parts of an HTML element using jQuery?
Rails logging in Production Environment
Has anyone seen an Android app play a youtube video using the embedded player?
How do I match a Regular Expression in a Happy parser?
iPhone app behave differently on device connected to instrument vs without instrument vs simulator
how to create batch file to copy files to a shared folder with full access then logs all result & errors to a file?
GHUnit crashes when running assertion in callback block instead of showing error on front end
Page scrolling to top because of jquery Slideshow
Update only the checked rows using sigmagrid
Rotating an array
Programmatically disable android non-secure keyguards
-webkit-linear-gradient causes 400 (Bad request) error in Safari
ssh 鈥減ermissions are too open鈥�error
jQuery validate select fields conditionally
How to add floating image without making CSS3 multicolumn div narrower?
What is the better way to set an UIView backgroundColor to transparent?
HTML Tables that disallow add / remove but allow update and save the final table into a array for later saving?
What is the name for using 鈥渙r鈥�instead of ,, in c++?
Rails 3 - lib uninitialized constant ActionView::CompiledTemplates::STATES
Delphi program generating incorrect CRC16, want to replicate behavior in C#
jQuery html imagem gallery zoom
Which method is better in order to get the direction?
How can I make a button that sends information and closes on release?
Python: Need help splitting an input of binary code, with no spaces
php, date() not returning the right date/time
django variable in google chart (table) api
Should i use a declaration or this() when passing the handle to a child class in java?
Workaround for cannot redeclare?
Javascript benchmarks in testing different emulations of a 鈥淐lass鈥�
Can GWT Properties be used from the server?
os installing rmagick gem error
Google wallet in Google App Engine? [closed]
Unicode 'OBJECT REPLACEMENT CHARACTER'added to start of first li in firefox
using Clipper library - Angus Johnson => cannot run the code snippet
Working with Eclipse on two computers
How to find the the expected CPU run time? [closed]
floating div loses parents class with clear:both;?
Java: wait for thread result without blocking UI?
Parsing Binary Data from HttpServletRequest
VB.NET dictionary of multiple types
Django, Where are the comments tables created?
Cannot find symbol when compiling my code
(wxWidgets, Windows) Program icon works but not in alt+tab or close box
jQuery not Working on my site
Unresolved external or linker error
Is percona5.5(or 5.1) has thread pool feature which oracle offer in mysql5.5 Enterprise version
User model, attr_accessible and admin
Prevent NuGet Restore Package in debug builds only
MapView leaves polylines on screen after removal
Java/Swing Volume Slider
Jquery form submitting twice
node.js, express.js - res.render does not work in safari, shows html source as plain text
How to get an average from layout of pts
can not display on external display properly
Setting scroll step/jump/snap distance with html/css
reverse proxy ssl vhost for ASP.NET application
android get current location name
Purpose of std::make_pair
Using JavaScript or jQuery how to check if event exists on the window?
Squeel query comparing 2 variables
Is there a way to have Eclipse flash its taskbar icon once a time consuming task finishes?
read registry values and use it as the connection string in c# to connect to mysql
Parsing an un-named JSON array in PHP
How to copy these list element to another list using jQuery?
Why does eclipse limit the AVD choices to only target API when another device is running?
Amend a git rebase
J2ME Game Builder - additional sprite sequence
Difference between 3 values of 2 tables
How to get File from R.raw
getJSON how to set data to array?
How do I make a FF 3.6 compatible version of an extension?
Large data set visualization
Generic method to set the value of a property using expressions/lambda
How do I make a FF 3.6 compatible version of an extension?
Large data set visualization
Generic method to set the value of a property using expressions/lambda
how to make href link in rails text_area into real href link?
Custom NSMenu item
Java button actions in multiple classes
How to get text content of JEditorPane contentType is text/html? [duplicate]
Configuration file with untrackable parts
MySQL: GRANT effected 0 rows a bug or by design?
Ideas for GPU implementation of Hoeffding's 鈥淒鈥�(Dependence) coefficient?
Entity Framework 4.2 exec sp_executesql does not use indexes (parameter sniffing)
Is it possible to detect whether a http git remote is smart or dumb?
How do I obtain a particular element using its tag name?
Efficiently find indices of maxima of a list
Android - Service and 2 activities: IncomingHandler not fired for one of them
(Eclipse) Android force close
winsock, message oriented networking, and type-casting the buffer from recv
Simple way to create a grid with Handlebars.js?
What's wrong with my merging of two sorted arrays?
Java generics - having trouble with a tricky situation
jquery bootstrap multple plugin $support.transition 鈥渃onflict鈥�
White lines crossing rendered cube
How do I use getSource() with a JRadioButton?
Serving downloadable files with php
how to execute jQuery callback on $('div.myclass').remove()?
Compare by reference?
how to use sendAsynchronousRequest:queue:completionHandler:
Drupal 7 db_insert and DEFAULT column values
Gstreamer Tee/Queue multiple pipelining
Android App: Log-in to website, maintain session - Java
Django Adding Comments
Remove spaces in PHP
SQL - Closest rows to Now() but unique
.net dll not working in PB 12
Multithread concurrency and load error in Rails
How secure are classes used by JSP Pages?
Java output console error message to file?
Explode string and make a line break after each word
鈥渢ailing鈥�multiple files in C/C++ (Linux) using inotify (race condition?)
DOM reload after ajax form injection
How to Implement Core Data / Data Model on existing iOS app?
Dynamic $.getJSON, how do I get the elements?
Silverlight 5 serializationInfo
Crawl html generate by ajax jquery
How do I create a volume slider for an HTML5 video using Jquery and Hype
Java InputHandler never executes
Visual Studio 2010 Issue - Solution & Source Control explorer mismatch - Adding projects to sub-folder still maps to root
having difficulties with saving an image link to a file on my server? [closed]
Rails 3 ArgumentError: Unknown validator
iOS page control scroll lock
Proper way to store ckeditor value (html markup) in database? (trouble with line break)
Visual Studio Express 2010 C++ Disassembly Debugging
What is wrong with my code? Exception in thread 鈥渕ain鈥�java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: 鈥渘pcId鈥�
Repeatedly calling a command in a for loop is producing the same output each time in all output files when it is supposed to be randomized
XCode Debugger (Debug Mode Project) stopping without break points at a certain line, Profiler crashing at same line
IS there a way to compile into a JAR even though errors occur [closed]
Python list in a function in a class
Google Maps geocode API - handling lat/lng input from user
Concat string from 2d Array
Get ancestor or self with class
How do I stop a PayPal transaction from inside the IPN?
Facebook Open Graph - Adding Actions, [closed]
Flex download file from remote server
Why won't the second panel with the radio buttons show up?
WCF RIA Services Validation: Validate that Field is Unique Without Making it a Key
BroadcastReceiver not being called by Service
Private static final variable inside an enum
How to convert a script from Prototype to JQuery?
json-simple containerFactory
Wrapping text over and around a DIV
Failed to access a Color CCD camera interfaced with EasyCap USB 2.0 (Audio-Video Adapter) in OpenCV
Insert a line break inside <p:commandButton />
SQL to C# Login query
how to login to with php cURL
gae xmpp and domains
UIButton on static cell not calling action
Mercurial - export with history file inside archive
The out put always prints out the else statement (JAVA)
Why do I get a Readline error when trying to start rails console?
Is Visual C++ recommended for developing a collaborative enterprise application?
Shared hosting provider for Adobe Air Socket servlet?
Convert MKCoordinateRegion to MKMapRect
array that starts a new activity
How to copy files to external hard drive in php
Selenium::WebDriver::Error::MoveTargetOutOfBoundsError: Element cannot be scrolled into view:[object HTMLSpanElement]
Sticky Footer (not sticking!)
exec() params /dev/null and ampersand on both Windows and Linux?
Modifying motion vectors in ffmpeg H.264 decoder
cocos2D automatic moving image
Best practice for drop down boxes for web framework (ASP.NET MVC / ROR / Anything really)
Trouble following Microsoft's WCF tutorial
How to display the result of two diffrent activities in the same xml view
Validation row with others rows in cakephp
Need Simple way to load some Config Settings for App
Are the parameters of a macro executed given the #define'ition ((void)0)?
Hibernate: Multiple Parents to a child mapping
shell script with synchronization
How can I switch out a specific character in c++ (Terminal Snow Leopard) [closed]
Getting started with GDI+ and creating a 2d drawing program [closed]
Joomla: Install component and module at once
Joomla: Install component and module at once
Search string for tag text
Sending packet over a predefined route
html5 canvas - animating an object following a path
Redis CPU performance on sorted sets
is it possible to change the html title ( the_title ) after it's been populated by wp?
Code Golf: Shortest python program to convert from celsius to fahrenheit and vice versa [closed]
Python - SSL Issue with Oauth2
git Installer didn't update bin path for version
beginner installing nosetests package
Facebook app in IE - Sometimes getUser() returns 0 although the user already has been connected
Multiple clients IRC logging
Drop table if exists in SQL Server CE
Calculated textbox control not showing value in Access 2007, but shows in 2003
Trying to make a menu with buttons; program crashes
UpdateParameters always set to 0
Make Objects Follow Mouse
Get all combinations from multiple nested arrays
Patterns not Matching with Regular Expressions
Error max pool size was reached?
Missing HTTP_REFERER after redirect
how do i send this data to facebook? facebook api photo upload
Can I use JsonCpp to partially-validate JSON input?
C++ getline.. i cant avoid reading the ENTER key
Can Server validate Client application to ensure no code changes have been made?
setStatusBarHidden stops working properly after UIDocumentInteractionController's presentPreviewAnimated
Fortran90 to C# Conversion Issue
Simple rebase - but I can't figure it out
Sending Email with Attachment that accepts particular file type in ASP.NET C#
Dedupe MongoDB Collection
Jquery not behaving as expected with .not and .on
transparency conflicting with drop shadow in ie7 using CSS3 PIE
Android - Parsing Twitter JSON for image url
ExtJs Ext.PagingToolbar: hide or set parameters for the refresh button onclick?
鈥渃ollect2: ld returned 1 exit status鈥�in Qt creator
How to properly release object? (Objective-C)
Is there a special program i can use to make games on android? Or should i just use JOGL? [closed]
I can't make sense Context.getFileStreamPath trying to test wether a file path exists?
Washed Out Controls with VB.NET
what gem/library to work with Google Calendar API data received via ruby oauth plugin and oauth gem?
warning: implicit declaration of function
Recoloring a shape on mouseover using KineticJS
How do I access each individual circles properties?
load external file into div
Disappearing Images with Jquery Cycle Plugin in Chrome17
Structuring a NodeJS module - variables and methods
Adding an XML file to my C++ project in NetBeans
Default c-shell, change to bash but allow for scp
phpmyadmin empty table and restart autocrement from 1
How to Keep Data fields When Recaptcha is Invalid
How to combine LEFT JOIN and Where clause with JPQL?
Core Data NSDocument App- Open PDF, Save as Bundle
Is there any way to use pythonappend with SWIG's new builtin feature?
Client winform and server's web services communication project
Export numpy array to a textfile
Could not find class GraphViewSeries
jquerys' e.stopPropagation() cannot get required functionality
Java Applet needs to read MySQL
$_SERVER['argv'] with HTTP GET and CLI issue
iPhone - Free space left on device reported incorrectly (+- 200 Mb difference)
How to determine if an exception is of a particular type
MySQL: Way to cascade column type settings across all tables?
How can I prepend an onclick event with a string of text
node.js start remote js file
stuck keyboard input due to wm_keyup
Sandboxed APNS environment & .mobileprovision file
SQL - How do I simplify this easy query?
Getting ActiveModel::Callbacks to work with ActiveResource
Cronjob on Amazon EC2 Deleted?
Splicing a row into a Javascript object at an index based upon its value
Sitecore Advanced Database Crawler NumericRangeSearchParam
File or Image uploading using Java Servlet with Apache Commons Library
Track deleted records in LDAP
Performing a foreach over an associative array of associative arrays
Implementing a custom SortedMap in Scala
How can you effectively use web services in an enterprise environment if you can't use transactions?
How to find the column data object name that includes column members
Div not showing in Firefox
Clojure: generating files containing clojure breaks with persistent lists
Cinnamon show up a menu bar on top of the screen
MongoDB: How to store large arrays? (ERR Document too large: This BSON documents is limited to 16777216 bytes)
#!/usr/bin/python (sha-bang or she-bang)does not work in bash
redirect() function doesn't work
link_to_unless do
Capistrano Multiple Servers: How to refer to current server during deploy?
Jenkins customize build history view
Push Notification on virtual LAN
Using Next in a Control Flow
How do I pass the current user id as a hidden field in a Django form?
How to use jquery to time how long it take between actions of on the page (stopwatch between button clicks)
How can I use 鈥淨uery by Form鈥�without using too many anti-patterns?
Can I compile a library from source and install it without breaking whatever needs that library?
C - Using execvp with user input
Is it possible to get the applicationName from within a class?
Running berkelium-java
Spring checkbox default checked on page load
set up context variable in tomcat
Setting up and solving a recurrence relation for a recursive function?
Debugging Iteration Limit error in VHDL Modelsim
xcode NSConnection & NSRequest
How to dynamically add items to list box inside Modal Popupin c#
Javascript intellisense with Dynamics CRM 2011
What's the advantage of binding an alias to a local method?
Is there a way to create subclasses on-the-fly?
SQLAlchemy Execute with raw SQL containing @DECLARE local tables
Best way to update Activity from a Queue
How to remove button background resource
RegEx matches two results single line as one
Android Face Detection
Returning a struct from an Air Native extension
Regex (or techniques) to guess artist from full song title?
PHP + JQuery/AJAX - Loader with Percentage
Using rails to update the html in a redbox
Using Mogli to check if a Page Has been Liked
How to get online HTML-tables down locally automatically using C#
Does the private keyword in a class level field declaration actually do anything?
Get object value from Listbox Item
Adding a rich text description to blog properties in the Orchard CMS
Mongoose, returns whole document, not just part of it
writing to sql server from C#, no errors returned
T-SQL Syntax for SCD Type 2
Haskell: Cannot install OpenGL due to missing dependencies (which are already installed there)
How can I handle stale data in the database Repository pattern?
In Symfony2 with Doctrine and ODM, how do I acquire the parent document from within an embedded document?
How to delete symlinks with phing?
Strip Parameter from URL in MySQL
How do I get this chart to interperet my time scale?
how to assign multiple values into a struct at once?
RSS feed working in Safari Browser, but can not find feed in Google reader, and is not valid per
PHP implode alternative inside mysql queries
Multiple Foursquare 'save' buttons on one page
what installs files to Microsoft ASP.NET ASP.NET Web Pages v2.0 Assemblies?
Swing component for entering a sequence of pairs
Grails GORM. Order by property count
Safe Twitter OAuth authentication in JavaScript / jQuery (plus server side helper)
鈥淪CRIPT438: Object doesn't support property or method 'url' 鈥�in IE only
Can I be sure that this temporary variable won't be optimized away?
Reporting Services: Business object data source with parent-child-grandchild
How do I make sure string does not contain colon using regex?
What is the correct linebreak in textareas?
Authenticating MVC users from Android
How can I add a <select> field to my plupload form?
Numbers between a and b without their permutations
iOS - Toolbar not showing
SSAS 2008, Translate Hierarchy members in parent-child hierarchy
Set back UIScreen Brightness to user setting
Android SDK. setContentView cannot call activity functions
Resizing window in proportion
How to get route url in controller?
How to get route url in controller?
CURLOPT_COOKIEFILE doesnt append Cookie header
jpa set where-clause in query for fields over 2 mapjoins
Thread safety and AfxMessageBox
jquery siblings attribute
Display @ in TextView
PHP sorting multidimensional array
Best technique for iPad 1 vs iPad 2 GPU determination?
Rails 3: Where is the best place to place custom validator classes?
'Tokenizing' sections of text while processing text file
CMake follow symbolic links during install
replace lf with cr-lf in text file Cygwin
When to use new.instancemethod vs assigning a method to a class
Applying MVC philosophy in Objective C
Correct way to handle interdependencies for a configurator (javascript) in database tables
Hide type definition in C
MVC3 unobtrusive validation with regex, always fails first time, then works
Intersection of 2D numpy ndarrays
Using google docs as a publishing tool
Joomla custom admin button actions
Shell scripting - how to properly parse output, learning examples.
Saving Images Inside A Loop
Proper methodology to make threads use central database connection
Pass Output items to separate target with MSBuild
Why should I implement rotateCounterClockwise() in ZXing?
jQuery Mobile - fixed headers
Why do I get a syntax error when embedding array elements in a string?
Python on the Web
Loading a new grammar in Microsoft.Speech.Recognition
jquery carousel a la bx.slider - issue with border around anchor tag and clicking on pager thumb
GWT .properties comments?
Using iCarousel framework on storyboards
Best Way To Sync Core Files In Multiple PHP Projects?
Returning child nodes where there is a HABTM association in Rails API using Rabl
Variable Declaration Regex
NSPredicate: joining on an object or an object-id
how do I exclude table field MYSQL
how make addition from 2 variable twig?
AS3: Local 2D to Global 3D?
How to detect a memory leak
Cassandra cluster load imbalanced after consecutive stress writes
how to write micrometer squared per cubic meter in plot label in R
Getting views path from the controller#action
Validating country dropdown form
How do I compare FieldInfo's values of instances?
jQuery address plugin, pathname change when using AJAX
I don't understand this diagram of fork()
JQuery tmpl knockout.js click not passing item
extracting an tag at the same level of another tag in shell script
Software metrics to identify developers by their coding style
Software metrics to identify developers by their coding style
Magento Global Messages on CMS pages
FileNotFoundException IIS7
Slow down & accelerate animations with CoreAnimation
malloc.c:3097: sYSMALLOc: Assertion fails inside constructor of dynamically created object
How to set up 鈥淐loudfront Access Origin Identity?鈥�
DDD in a complex enterprise MVC application, whatwhat is the repository's responsibility and what belongs to the domain?
Adding array values to std::multimap
PushviewController not working when called from a subview
Why isn't this script working? (odd/even)
Changing the format of DATETIME property in winform C#
Can I inject HTML into an iFrame
frameset border color
ppl ,how to use it properly?
How to run GWT RequestFactory Validation Tool on Eclipse project
Extract Icon from Executable [closed]
ios coreplot in xcode 4.2
How can we enable many to many relationship through a JSF page using Netbeans?
How to echo html with variables in herf?
Using Doubles in Unix?
How to download sqlite database to Android device programmatically
same query, two different ways, vastly different performance
PHP form library that does server AND client side validation?
CS193P - Assignment 2, descriptionOfTopOfStack:, recursive class method
Better Solution to Project Euler #36?
spring 3 beginner jdbc implementation
Failed to grant minimum permission requests when calling C# library from C++/CLI DLL from local console app
tcllib Tcl_CreateObjTrace usage example
Parse a string to find and remove a float
How to convert Word 2007 document to PDF using Apache FOP
Function with by-value return & noexcept
PHP - 鈥淐all to a member function 鈥�on a non-object鈥�when calling parent function [duplicate]
UL lists adjust position
CodeIgniter Template Library with a 2D array
鈥淣o acceptable C compiler found鈥�when installing APC
Javascript and Flash in AS3
CATextLayer rotate?
Objective-C: taking index of object in array
Cool Infobox and plot polygons through xml 鈥n bing maps , pure javascript
Given a datetime, calculate the lat/lon coordinates where the sun is directly overhead
How do I overwrite an existing file on an ftp server in ruby?
Dojo restricting queries?
-> must point to class/struct/union/generic type error
grabbing div id by click
Random but predictable number generator? [C++]
jQuery doesn't recognize an attribute from a <a> tag
Losing data from arraylist
VirtualEnv on Windows, pip fails to install packages with C-extensions
How do I repeat a watermark image with GD and PHP?
Multi Schema Databases
Is there any cases were using a profiler shouldn't be used?
Step chart for Perl (not chartdirector)
Android SQLite Error 鈥渘o such column鈥� but column exists
Is there a Delphi equivalent to Java's PermissionManager or AccessController classes?
malformed Java Net URL
Django Log File vs MySql Database
sending blocks of 2D array in C using MPI
What devices can these various Android OS be placed on?
How can I query a single value, at a certain time, from rrdtool?
Drop content close in mouseleave
Get multiple CSS properties with jQuery
Constrained least-squares estimation in Python
Remove All Whitespace Before and After Tables
Phusion Passenger Not Logging
Android memory leak using ActionBar and Spinner navigation
Loop through all object properties at runtime
lightbox doesn't work, evethough jquery is loaded
Google Charts API value misaligned
javascript - call function when button is clicked
an embeddable Java ETL [closed]
How to show button when the user clicks a listbox item?
Passing variable from .feature file as an array argument
Remote Procedure Call between Java and C
iOS memory management UIImage
Do any Android version 2.X tablets exists? Or did they come out later?
UITableView Cell at Index 0 Size
Interrupting Python raw_input() in a child thread with ^C/KeyboardInterrupt
BizTalk Custom Pipeline Component System.OutOfMemoryException
perl: Will Log::Log4perl work in a multi-threaded environment?
Is there a 'skip-range' technique in FOR-loops in Python?
as3 multidimensional array
Concurrency issues with multiple, independant database transactions?
UITableView tracking touches on wrong axis
Connect Cookies for Homescreen'd HTML5 Apps?
three column fluid layout with twitter bootstrap - clearfixes messing things up
Rails 3 Action Mailer uninitialized constant
java compiler options. -J?
How to use additional icons in Sencha Touch tabBar?
for loop stops at first iteration
Store data in variable from post jquery
ListPicker shows object name instead of property
Refresh ListView after user interaction
How to share classes between tests and application maven modules
Dynamically Resize Complex Canvas Path HTML5
T4MVC and Resharper Navigation
Saxon processor is not accepting this statement (throwing error)
what is wrong with if-then-else here?
ajax jquery simple get request
C# .NET Remoting Best Practice?
tput errors from Capistrano
Open & Manipulate Records of the .xcdatamodeld-File / SQLite?
Call a function inside $('document').ready
Nginx rewrite proxy pass
USING two webpages to submit form values
is there performance difference between -transform translate ans scroll
Why other togglebuttons aren't working in my Onclick method?
Form submits when page is loaded
validating data migration in Sql server 2005
Can an eclipse plugin modify the existing perspective
How to add a View Dynamically to a LinearLayout?
OpenGL: Why the alpha channel is set to 255 while copying the texture?
How to keep javadoc visible after obfuscating the code using ProGuard?
Scroll UITableView change data on UITextField stored in NSUserDefault
Content Controls - hiding text
Saving .fig file from Octave
Reading XML bringing back no results
How to bind an event handler to <option>
Adjust picture size within SharePoint 2010 Picture Library Slideshow Webpart?
div jumping horizontally
two git branches define functions at the end of a file; how can I prevent git from trying to combine them (which creates a conflict)?
What's the most efficient way in MySQL to test whether a table exists?
Unexpected results when handling strings in PHP
R - Speeding up approximate date match. idata.frame?
CoreData/RegEx Error: Can't create a regex expression from object
Python how to browse a nested list/tuple keeping the hierarchy
Rails routing issue 鈥�inconsistent paths generated
Form that will store offline
Actionscript math calculation behaving differently in browser
Android main project with library project - how to pass setting between projects
Can Android SQLiteDatabase.openDatabase() be used to open a remote sqlite database?
Search result pagination
Drupal deleting/updating wrong row in database
using wcf-sql adapter
Drupal Cron Hook
Why can't foursquare API consumers have multiple callback URLs?
Is it possible to use jquery post or get requests for keeping visitor statistics?
Mass-assign exception no explanation found (Rails 3.2.1)
'Sent Via' PHPMailer
What's the difference between stage video and spark video display?
Submit Spring Form using Ajax where Entity has Foreign Entities
css navigation div floating issues in firefox
Submit a form only once; don't submit when page is refreshed
Does Mysql Select Query can fetch 500,000 record?
Swf Upload System IO error - Progress bar getting stuck
How can I convert http code to https?
passing values using <a href= > tag
Selecting multiple values from two table at once
MongoDB, Ruby do not display id field?
OpenMP and STL vector
Entities lose change-tracking when edited with MVC3
Best way to handle Category / Subcategory relationship Ruby on Rails
Set path to php.ini
Facebook Landing Page - webpage within a landing page
A upload file is 0byte on django
Reading Local XML - Source Not Found
Grails ACL with Custom Permissions
Object data source with business objects slow?
jQuery when slider is clicked
jQuery: Increase padding top by +x pxs
If window.location ends with specified value via variable
Internet Explorer 8 does not fire AJAX call
Refactoring code into subdirectories
Like box showing duplicate posts
Can you insert a component instead of a character in a JTextField?
simple SQLPLUS issue.. my answer is wrong
Oracle Execution Plan
Which HTTP response code for 鈥淭his email is already registered鈥�
SelectList selected value not carried over to DropDownList
Firefox overflow bug with css background and rounded borders
Restrict query parameters that can be passed to mvc rest service
MySQL Localhost high durration and low fetch issue
Capturing WLST output in Java Client
SVN copy only certain directories and subdirectories to a branch
How change build target (2.2 to 2.3.3)? Or recover after trying
PowerShell: Output of Regular Expression instead of Result
Changing input field based on other input
How can my iPad app subscribe to a RESTful web service so it would update automatically?
How to set the root .htaccess file when Magento is in its own folder
Why am i getting a 鈥淓rror 500: java.lang.NullPointerException鈥�java servlets
Why does my UnicodeFont (Slick2D) not draw?