I need to create facebook page using API or PHP Curl or facebook restserver? [duplicate]
Android - Reduce the size of URI image
How to dynamically update drop-down list options with values in a server-generated array
Lua: pass context into loadstring?
remoteField not triggering action call
What's a simple way to encrypt and decrypt strings with a user-supplied password that works in both native Win32 and .NET?
ExpressJS Pass variables to JavaScript
How can I stop rails from caching partials from outside rails app or clear the cache with a task
tableView Cells only populate in simulator
GWT ImageLoadingCell - Setting specific size
openid and facebook authentication in webapp running on localhost
objective-c, web service framework for a command line project
Aptana synchronising remote changes
Getting Info from a Magnet Uri
Twitter date format to Mysql
how to capture a traceback in gevent
jquery append element
How do I compile c/c++ code from Module::Build for a perl module?
jquery syntax .css() with a var
Nested Inner Cursors PL/SQL
Coding Against OS Specific JREs
How to emulate GCal's Quick Add string parser
xmlhttp.open GET invalid characters
Using user's token to make requests to Twitter API in Rails
How can I append information to every SqlCommand emitted by a DbContext?
scala - Can I overload curried methods?
scala - get class from a string
Inheritance in annotation parameters
Filename image as Automatic caption
Trouble getting a YQL table working
Use grand central dispatch to call block when variable is set?
PHP Script 404s after completion
鈥淟ike鈥�button in iframe Facebook page [closed]
How to access the members of a derived class from another derived class?
Centering Next Image On Slider Navigation Control
How to fork a non-GitHub repo on GItHub?
Symfony 1.4 form won't validate
jQuery inefficiency?
How to create videos from images with php?
Determine whether browser supports printing
zsh change prompt input color
Show access denied message inside webpart instead on webpart page
Are the makecontext()/swapcontext() functions compatible with C++
Using colorbox to process user registration and response in same colorbox
How to convert HHMMSS to HH:MM:SS Unix?
Storing and recalling user coords with NSUserDefaults
Partial evaluation in Scheme
How to align TextBlock = Stretch in a listbox template?
Building an API vs. Syncing Database Across the Cloud
Can someone deobfuscate the recursion in this 8 queen algorithm
Confirming generic FormView POST success back to user with POST data
Introducing closures to JDK 1.8 - Project Lamdba [closed]
SQL Search Engine
How can I return aggregate data from my model?
Search in a NSString for words that begin with specific text and end with a
Database query simplification of WHERE clause over multple rows
Resolving conflicts with PyQt new-style signals-slots
XNA 4.0 + DirectX 9?
How do I get Grails to map my String field to a Clob?
Does an IEnumerable have to use Yield to be deferred
How to define conditional cascade delete rule in Core Data?
Python regex - extracting directories from path
Jeditable returns entire HTML document instead of new text
C# Streamreader not original source
How to properly apply FancyBox2 to the images of a page
c# readonly DataGridView with one enabled cell
Thumbnail with fading caption jQuery
Accessing changing in a URL
How to update existing records if conflict, Ruby on Rails
How do I perform atomic updates of fields of a MongoDB document?
jquery, how to affect only the clicked element?
XNA: The current vertex declaration does not include all the elements required by the current vertex shader. Normal0 is missing
how to select foreign language on MySQL
Oracle SQL decimal precision on Select
Chrome WebStore / Checking for Payment / OpenID user.getFederatedIdentity() always returns Null
鈥淣o Endpoint Listening鈥�in WCF Service Hosted in Windows Service
How can a java applet access an iframe within the same page?
zeroclipboard not working
jQuery and Z-index issue
Perl using set_bound in Test::MockObject
Given a matrix of type `scipy.sparse.coo_matrix` how to determine index and value of maximum of each row?
Detecting when matrix multiplication is possible
Programmatically Positioning Shapes 鈥�Packing Efficiently
What are the implications of using a low GCGraceSeconds value in Cassandra?
Need oauth value with js
Are there preferred alternate ports for Tomcat installations?
Quickly find recently changed files
Injecting CSS into page with IE add-on
Facebook.init method not executing
InstallShield how to never overwrite a file
how to give a windows web server directory permissions?
how to hide/close a qTip2 without selector?
How to keep scores from being changed by jail breakers [closed]
ASP.NET doesn't display an image from database in IE8
ASP checkbox's 'checked' property always returns false
How to send an email to an arbitrary address and merge in Lead values?
Inter-Controller communication in MVC / MVP
progress bar for reading lines in text file
Cannot intrepret ANTLRWorks output
Whay is the most elegant way to turn a hash inside out?
Creating a table linked to a csv file
Not getting Facebook User ID
Is it a no-no to have one presenter call a method on another presenter in a Model-View-Presenter application?
Regex: Searching for words with '%' at the beginning
replace garbage characters within mysql
Create SmartArt from TreeView in C#
How to make the main window of a PhoneGap iOS app undraggable?
Getting an IOException when running a sample code in 鈥淢ahout in Action鈥�
Binary search not returning correct value
What's the DataContext of TabControl.ItemTemplate?
How to upgrade VBScript application that uses Msxml2.ServerXMLHTTP.3.0 to C#?
Partitioning items of a backbone.js collection (for grouped rendering)
Cakephp not routing to correct url, leaving url param empty
Similarities between tcl and Python [closed]
Using the time google takes to verify login
jQuery: Set modal dialog overlay color
What are callee and caller saved registers?
Google Maps Compare Positions
Copying a specific file from one path to another
Selelction sort just working once in C# gui
I need a button to clear cells in a google spreadsheet
Android - Button not firing
Update the database from a collection ObservableCollection
Setting up Ruby on Rails App. Problems installing mysql gem
How do I refactor my servlet to take advantage of dependency injection?
C++ about dynamic memory [closed]
jquery span button saying 鈥淏utton1_Click is not defined鈥�
NSUserDefaults and sandboxing under Lion
inline in definition and declaration
Is there an Adobe AIR like product for just HTML5 (no flash) on Windows
PHP script to deploy another PHP script [closed]
jQuery version of MooZoom
Multi tenancy in Shiro
sprockets sass partial erb extension
unit testing in javascript: how do you mock? - a (hard for me) example
SQL Server CE does not support DataReader.HasRows?
ListView doesn't refresh after using changeCursor() on its adapter
How to make Spring Webflow return one of more than 2 events
When creating a new Empty MVC3 Web Application, is there a way to exclude EntityFramework?
RedLaser SetActiveRegion iPhone
Getting all of the properties (Including the hidden ones) of 0 (The root object)
PHP PATH_INFO fails to be set after rewrite
Invoke abstract method in super class, and implement it in subclass in C++?
Using jQuery .val() to obtain value of input - Data is loaded from database
Bison java examples
Horizontal inline list with nested child lists
Are JSR specifications good learning resources from the developer's point of view?
While installing rake 0.8.7 for Rails on a new computer, I get 鈥渦nable to convert 鈥� xFC鈥�from ASCII-8BIT to UTF-8鈥�
Joomla 1.5.25 JSession set not writing to db on close after upgrade from 1.5.23
Overriding default functions in Javascript?
Android SyncAdapter Callback
How should I persist a session token between controllers in iOS?
take value and assign, multiple times with same DIV?
In Rails, how to implement a WYSIWYG editor for users to create snail-mail form letters (with template tags)
Cannot specify an index or locking hint for a remote data source SQL Server 2005
External install for those Android versions that support it, but support for those that don't
Easiest way to utilize coldfusion returned json object (from query)
modifying the Javassist proxy naming policy
Interpret strings as variable names in Fortran
Image format of the camera (Android)
How can I make one Tab Bar button refer to two views/controllers in iOS
Does adding item to Windows right-click menu through registry resolve target shortcuts?
Trouble passing boost::shared_ptr<> into NewObject()
How to convert Markdown-style links using regex?
mechanize: cookies getting mixed up?
Memcache_connect Connection timed out
Java, multiple iterators on a set, removing proper subsets and ConcurrentModificationException
Base URL wrongly given in Wordpress
how to get SQLite to work in Mono for a ready WinForms application
Montouch Facebook post to fanpage [closed]
CSS for changing color of last word in h1
Non-localized version of MinGW?
How do I clone a large Git repository on an unreliable connection?
Google Maps API, Can you set a marker for an entire country?
Bar chart showing proportion of factor variable taking a certain value
How Do I Set My View LayoutParams Width Smaller?
Aysynchronous methods, blocks, and GCD, having trouble understanding
TCP Retransmission continues even after reset RST flag came up
Using SSL cert for my IIS website confusion issue
HopStop faultString when provided with coordinates instead of addresses
how to make live video streaming and some controlls on it
Which Attributes Does Chrome Autofill Expect?
Mysterious white space between two divs
get an php fatal error in codeigniter controller
Dphibernate. Proxy initialized false
Why doesn't this change my axis labels?
social media icons fade and swap effect with Jquery
Char equals to String
Merge FDF Data into PDF with PHP
capybara Rails3 'cannot fill in'
Taking frequent screenshots with Java
How to delete rows in associated SQL tables?
Mapping APIs that Allow Storing Data from Server Responses
php array with random amount
flash builder vs coscos2d for iOS
Webfarmed machine key appears not to be working
TreeViews - What are considered best practices when they are used to create, rename, and delete both folders and files?
(Recommendations): Libraries for packet crafting, capture and analysis
Jquery can麓t select image inside link
How do you install 鈥渄evelopment only鈥�NPM modules for Node.js (package.json)?
placing text in the middle of the screen
Combining the common parts of two MySQL queries results
Improving on Url Shortner Performance?
Declaring hardcoded std::string causes buffer overflow
jQuery: replace text inside element using .replace()
I'm not able to redirect the URL to a different webpage after submiting form values
iOS NSPredicate not working?
How to pass Joomla parameters to an iframe (wrapper) page?
Airpush not sending right number of notifications & is there an alternative push notification network [closed]
selected item on custom listview with contextual action bar
touchesBegan is not called after releasing the UIView Object
viewflipper only next animation
Trouble with shadowing @property in objective-c
Panorama Title binding
How to Custom Search Panel In jQGrid
iText - generating files on the fly without needing a PDF file
Get specific text content from an element with jQuery
ASP.Net MVC 3 Custom Membership provider backed by services
Connecting to TFS with the Cross-platform Command-line Client for Team Foundation Server
iText - generating files on the fly without needing a PDF file
Get specific text content from an element with jQuery
ASP.Net MVC 3 Custom Membership provider backed by services
Connecting to TFS with the Cross-platform Command-line Client for Team Foundation Server
Simple jQuery Count Up timer help please
Retrieve string data stored in integer field from sqlite 3 database using C#
File based look-up table
How to use variable labels in R?
What is the meaning of requestCode in startActivityForResult
Samsung Nexus S android 4.0: can't create file in dir on sdcard
MS access convert convert rows to columns
case-sensitive queries in MySQL [duplicate]
How do I select one row based on similar or opposing data in other rows?
DirectoryEntry ObjectSecurity null reference Exception
ASP.NET FileSystemWatcher Changed Event
Database failure shuts down ActiveMQ windows service using JDBC persistence
Flip JQuery plugin not working
How to Make The Mouse Automatically Click After An Interval Of Time
Facebook - how to set the url of the application that post something to facebook?
Hide Javascript file for mobile devices
jquery create dynamic form input from sqlite data
.NET Remoting, passing objects into methods
Referencing a specific Google map marker
Achieving DI without 3rd party framework
Testing iCloud outside XCode : Signature invalid
Apache Tomcat Setup java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/springframework/asm/ClassVisitor
Silverlight ScrollViewer not updating after zoom
JSON array get length
Using jQuery .on() to make a drop-down menu
Aptana (Eclipse) will not let me accept license agreement
Allocating proper memory size
One to many relationship error
How can I safely gzip and remove a file if I want to append to an existing .gz file if it exists?
Delta Encoding for large files - good implementation available?
Message validation with Schema in WCF
Debugging simple android project
SharePoint: CQWP display most recent list item (based on Date) for items with same Title
Why does JAXB need a no arg constructor for marshalling?
how to check for input validation java [closed]
Iframe open page links in new tab
Show System & Hidden Items in ShellView
Plugin references site_url vs. home_url, breaking in-folder installations
Google Appengine python errors
Googleupdate.exe /c parameter is used for? [closed]
How can I detect that the Shift key has been pressed?
SQL SP: Dynamic Query
Unexpected result using very simple regexp in javascript
jQuery Datepicker only show Mondays and disable certain Mondays
Can you cache sound files in an iOS web app using a manifest or Web Storage?
strcat expects a restrict * char?
Can you explicitly set the background color of a SWT Text widget to the default color?
Mediator pattern example: chat
PHP serving pages for URLs with no extension
AFNetworking set default value for POST request
scala nsc IMain bind() speed and memory issues
REXML parsing an XML in ruby
DeleteObject method is missing in Entity Framework 4.1
Connecting to MySQL from Java to WAMP / MAMP Pro
Import Excel files into SQL and vice versa using VB?
How to request an already quoted URL?
Autowiring Spring beans in a super class extended by many subclasses
HTML, hovering effect on drop down menus
How to diagnose weird race-condition-bug?
Handle swing ScrollBar events in scala
Convert all element names to lower case with XSL?
Why do I need a curried function to be able to pass function literals with short placeholder syntax?
Facelets-like templating in JSP
Is there a way to combine behavior of SESSION_EXPIRE_AT_BROWSER_CLOSE and SESSION_COOKIE_AGE
php imagejpeg() Unable to open, No such file or directory or permission denied
ASP MVC 3 Base controller for entity context access
Passenger only works with RailsEnv set to development [closed]
VBA generated output: only data that satisfies certain criteria in a new sheet
Finding indexes of non-empty fields in text files
JPasswordField and KeyListener
logging HTTP request start and finish from embedded Android WebView
Problems extracting keyword from GA cookie
PHP access XML node element
Creating an installer file for Internet Explorer/Firefox/Chrome
Workflow Service stops responding after 464 messages
Mercurial - abort: could not lock repository
Grails: URL mapping changing the controller name
Navigation bar button is out of screen
ArrayBuffer to base64 encoded string
Clone form with 2 datepickers
VB .Net service will not stop while thread is sleeping
Internet Explorer, Flash POST variables and IFRAMES
copying data out of a huge production table
Eclipse, svn:externals, hide externals from project explorer
Create Random Usable Port
Aggregate several values from a field, depending on a code from another field
How to rotate a triangle?
Alternatives to memcached / file caching for a very large, mostly static site on Heroku
Am I Talking CRUD, or Something Else? [closed]
ExtJs 4 comboboxes loading
Twitter bootstrap modals & Ajax?
Need a MySQL query to delete duplicate comments
xcode interface builder objects
ASP.NET - Capture screen shot
unwanted line break in email header when using email.mime
Sandbox with NSTask
How do I conditionally execute bash code based on the comparison of file dates?
Knockout - What fires on the element when the bound value changes?
PHP bug (lambda function with use)
Does the Spring transaction manager bind a connection to a thread?
How to store image files in the backend of a site
iOS how can I close popover with button
Spring MVC and login redirect
javascript replace() multiple bbcode instances with multiple html
import all branches from github
Android OnClick error
Why are user-level threads in Java called 鈥済reen鈥� [duplicate]
index out of range in insertion sort in c# [closed]
how do you get current active/default Environment profile programatically in spring 3.1?
iplots with time series data
How to programatically retrieve file that is on a web page using java
Getting value from MVC3 Action
Embedding Quotes in PHP
Combine two validation controls as one
jQuery click event only works once (but fires always!)
Getting JSON from asp.net does not return anything using getJSON
Javassist: check if object is proxy
App Crashes More on iPad 1 vs. iPad 2 due to memory: Why?
Nested Error in multiple union statement in MS Access 2007
force_ssl causes never-ending redirects
Regex string (taking out a character and replacing it with a space)
How to use a CI tool in a DCVS with a central repository?
Why does upgrading to Rails 3.2.1 cause multiple Rspec tests to fail?
back button on second setcontentview layout
Android Constant Menu for app
MDB Table Column Failed with Unicode?
AOP in Objective-C: Inject context-aware code into each method while maintaining DRY
having difficulties with facebook php api?
Using a Sub-Select as a Returned Column
Hide toolbar in WPF FlowDocument
How to run javascript scripts directly from netbeans (using rhino) ?
PHP metaphone implementation bug
qt eventfilter for qtreeview not working?
Incorrect character conversion on Japanese systems
How do I get rid of the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom?
How to add an SPI to java sound in an eclipse project?
Control a php script that consumes twitter's streaming api in shared hosting
Understanding eliding rules with regard to c++11
drawRect, wait for order
writing on screen in android
Why do I get an uncaught exception when implementing my own KVC setter/getter methods
Is it possible to read in hyperspectral image file ( .bil) into C/C++ or CV?
How can I modify the what string of a C++ runtime_error?
preventing a DOM object from loading
Json over Socket with Jackson
How to set the value of a void **
How can I modify the what string of a C++ runtime_error?
preventing a DOM object from loading
Json over Socket with Jackson
How to set the value of a void **
NSDateFormatter seems to have the wrong month
Java: BufferedStreams and event handlers
Spring: The requested resource (/CompleteApp/home/WEB-INF/views/Login.jsp) is not available
Call a pushbutton callback within another pushbutton callback
Singleton Bean UDP Listener
if->return vs. if->else efficiency
Accuracy of Absolute Length Units
Set Remote Service's Recovery Options using Powershell?
Does EntityFramework have the ability to check and not overwrite other people changes?
What does this -> ~T() do?
Form error message not showing
calculating if date falls within a given range
Std::multiset, keep track of elements' positions inserted
Polling a process every X seconds with low CPU usage
Make website autofit on any screen
Image zoom effect?
When documenting in Roxygen: How do I make an itemized list in @details?
counting child tags inside the parent tag
Reference entity with composite id
How can I listen for when this Java app is resized?
Register form in slideToggle
How to store an image in a SQL Server database from Silverlight app?
Sample rate of the resulting wav after combing 2 wav files
Filtering my annotation
how to set a shape as a background for a Grid cell
error when linking button to class/page
Moq - how to verify method call which parameter has been cleaned (a list)
jqGrid - Custom filtering works but not after reopening a grid in a modal window
Facebook Like Button shifts entire page centering when shown in div
Qt Creator + OpenCV: Program runs from .exe but not from editor
Black around PNG in IE Explorer using jquery fade hover
Qt QMainWindow central widget deletion
Yii - Multiple CGridView in One Page for Relations
Make Tabs on ActionBar scroll when reach limit, rather than create a dropdown-list
reloadData seems to work but doesn't show any cell on asynchronous search on tableView
Double Foreign key in postgresql
PHP (md5) empty result
TFS 2010 : Check out file on open
Is there a YUI module that would help me implement notifications like the ones Stack Exchange sites use on top of the screen?
How to disable VS's just-in-time debugging completely?
perl - disk name on Linux
Highilight a button after pushing javascript
iOS app crashes on first load on device
Do I need a constructor with Inheritance?
Show PHP application trace in Apache error log
java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to start activity ComponentInfo using TextView
Simple IfThen Statement from WordPress Field
What is the point of TFS Gated check-in committed message - reconcile your workspace with the repository?
How can I navigate and pass data between Pages?
How can I merge two XML files into one?
how to print block of lines matching a pattern using awk?
JQuery dropdown menu, how to show child-items when these are active?
Displaying Error information in C# Asp.Net with the Web.config?
Why does this unused self.hash method cause a 鈥渃an't convert String into Integer鈥�error?
How can I create a rectangle with an outlined border?
Implement App Instructions on First Start Up
What the /.. xpath does in a xsl template
Sencha touch app building
iOS app Enterprise Provisioning Profile distribution via secure external link
How do I cast from IQueryable<T> to IQueryable<U> and <Func<T, bool>> to <Func<U, bool>> for fun?
Lighttpd rewrite for Codeigniter breaking on certain URLs
FireBug 1.7.3 won't break on any error, after continuing, even 鈥渄ebugger鈥�statements
Formating labels on a JTree used to display a file system tree
How to check if HTTP requests are open in browser?
Parameterized Functional Tests using TFS / Testing Center?
integrating library causing errors C++
CodeIgniter + Nginx + PHP-FPM on Mac OS X Lion
Change the theme or style of a dijit
Android reusable?
How to use timers for a Pong game?
Sliding Puzzle Help in random tiles
Wiping Activity stack
Rails using gitbash and ruby installer. rails command not found
why is this not working echo in php?
Reference ImageButton in asp.net
Opengl: Transparency and Depth Test Problems
Can I switch between different sets of values for a form's label controls at runtime?
Altruistic network connection bandwidth estimation
Fully implementing RefreshOverride method of ListCollectionView
Trouble with EventBus and Gin in Gwt 2.4
Table cursor in Perl
regex - extract domain name and TLD
create outline of polygon for GIF image
Repurposing Jeditable jQuery plugin to use buttons instead of on-text click?
How to properly set value of an object in Scala?
Does the Searchable plugin work with Grails 2.0.0? (I argue no)
Is there a grid control or other 鈥渘鈥�numbered-item control for Outlook Forms?
Avoid animation automatically 鈥渦nwinding鈥�
How can I get a list of all the projects in our Rally instance via the REST API?
Pure css drop down or jquery dropdown? [closed]
draw image in user control
javascript prompts not centered anymore in chrome extension (since v17?)
creating a registry file to run my application on windows startup
How can threads communicate with each other in python?
Backbone View Uncaught Reference Error
Cores and threads in a cpu
Sql Server Custom Exceptions
iPhone SDK: Access Localhost thorugh iPad device possible?(while debugging)
c# lambda expression convert from vb to c#
MVC3 Action as a simple web service
Do you know if i can integrate with as3isolib some physic engine like nape or box2d?
PHP Session, why array is set to 1
Can I ignore/refuse https access to certain places of my heroku app?
Sprockets::Helpers::RailsHelper::AssetPaths::AssetNotPrecompiledError in app using engine, nginx, passenger
How do I get an inner div to overflow parent?
Modifying the conditional build expression in RoboHelp using Extendscript
Domain object 鈥淐hanged鈥�event fires multiple times?
Classes in python, variable confusion
jQuery Retrieve ID
naming convention for accessor method in php [closed]
Functional computation of list-values
How to serve resx file in ASP.NET?
Integrating Spring 2.5 and a legacy Servlet Application
Examples in using RedisStore in socket.io
what does !function in Javascript mean?
Spring JAXB - Unmarshalling an XML document with schema validation
Bounding Multiple Matches With Single Text
socket.io + nodejs ie6 not work
SNMP v3 with NET::SNMP working, but snmpwalk/snmpget not?
using the DOS start command when passed arguments have quotes
How to store object types and create objects using that information only
Determine how long a customer has been in a database table (T-SQL)
Getting parameters to be retained on updating in Rails
Common nhibernate data access project for MVC3 and SOA project
Creating a unique filename (hash) for user uploaded images
Absolute String matching in python
How to make a lead have multiple opportunities on SugarCRM 6.3 CE?
problems with monkeyrunner
Clear cell contents based on color?
Can I access the geometery of a the Sphere class without extending?
Posting Data with Indy and Receiving it to TWebBrowser
Recovering tapply results into the original data-frame in R
preventing menu item from re-firing once inside
Jquery click event on div
SQL connection string on domain C#
izip within izip: unpacking generators?
Does selenium with rspec have a pause or hold feature?
Phonegap application would not work in iOS
How to set a variable in a controller as the contents of a file?
run jquery-ui widget on page load
Optimizing speed of parsing XML file using VTD-XML
Android- Tab content in the activity is lost
Difference between Sum and Aggregate in LINQ
DRY controller specs with RSpec
can I put index.php in a subdirectory, but not display subdirectory in url?
Apple 360 Demo to only spin with X axis on ipad or mobile
Why is it impossible to change constructor function from prototype?
Batch script to copy file with a changing name
How to hide web-page scrolls preserving scrolling functionality
Remove selected Node in Hierarchy with recursion and generics
TYPO3, Plesk and permissions
How do I use a function result as my alias?
PHP code not creating new line in rtf template
How to include plain text file in emacs org-mode
SSL JNDI Active Directory: Unable to find valid certification path
How can I do a SELECT with IF clause
How do I disable Tomcat request logging in Eclipse?
gtk. how can i get widget by id?
Java Twitter API [closed]
How to use C++ classes in android-ndk project
html doc opens a custom sized 鈥渦rl鈥�window when executed
Entity Framework using Postgresql and Npgsql
Spawning a thread from an Activity in Android need advice on re-factoring
Filter network devices from pcap_findalldevs()
How can I pass a full file name through a web form?
Is there a way to configure a Python logging formatter via config file to log time as Unix timestamp?
How to use underscore.string's reverse() inside a chain?
Getting an app to work cross platform between android and iOS in real time
alarm iphone sdk issues
speeding up a postfix wildcard search even more
When executing a stored procedure, what is the benefit of using CommandType.StoredProcedure versus using CommandType.Text?
Using dismax to search for multiword indexed terms
jQuery serialize an object?
Facebook loading an asset over HTTP when browsing in HTTPS
Fortran 90 array pass by reference issue
Connection string exception after upgrading to Ninject 3.0.0-rc3
how to make shortcut keys in vb.net
Connecting microstrategy to Hive
Setting a JavaScript variable value from Android
importing a CSS file from SCSS/Rails 3.2 w/sass-rails
How to achieve a row index column in Emacs Org Mode using a Calc column rule
How to Restore backup file(mysql) with java?
How do I wrap an unordered list around an image?
Select raffle ticket winners
replace 鈥�with javascript (not ' )
Checking if a drawn image exists within another image
Reading XML Document in ASP.NET
Get SSID, type of network and other info about a Wireless Access Point
Can concurrency improve performance?
create new array with value[1] for key and value[2] for value
Need advises how to make authentication in asp.net
iPhone: Create sqlite database with foreign key supported
<input> not able to be refered to by $_POST in PHP
Must I reset the webclient?
<input> not able to be refered to by $_POST in PHP
Must I reset the webclient?
Combo Box history in as3
Failed to install MySQLdb on Linux
iostream vs ostream what is different?
Can I use YAJL iOS framework?
Why Silverlight doesnt include Messenger component? [closed]
Login Without Correct Password鈥ow Do I Fix?
zend framework: set action in form class
Query dynamic data with LINQ
Convert .tar.gz file to .zip using TrueZip?
link is not working
Looped String creation
How to determine maximum texture memory on Android OpenGL ES
Extending/Modifying OpenIso8583.Net
notify local cache of change in cache cluster
How can I start an Android AlphaAnimation, at a certain time?
Opening a PDF with Preview in Objective-C
Testing basic Core Data prerequisities?
Working out the Grand Total of login attempts using root account using python
Show result in view in percent
jQuery DataTables, refresh grid after update (server-side processing)
Autofocus (even focus) in Popup page?
PHP Multiple file upload and create thumbnails not getting into for each loop
Can't access news.reads actions using facebook open graph api
Looking for way to easily implement a File/IO-like class in Ruby
Reading Checkbox status from another thread
Magento API, Return Orders with NULL values
How to load Mule XML configuration
Enable simultaneouly wifi and 3G interface on Android
Is boost::interprocess threadsafe?
Looking for the best equivalents of prefetch instructions for ia32, ia64, amd64, and powerpc
Skinning Control Backgrounds - Better Performance?
Django Upstream Caching (Vary On Headers) Not working
Does Oracle 'NOT LIKE' expression do not return NULL?
Why .9.png in Eclipse/device not looks like in draw9patch.exe?
YUI Library - Best way to keep global reference to object?
proper installation and use of suPHP
How to prevent child from affecting the parent
drupal access denied after dns change
Custom Radio Buttons - IE will kill me
How can I create a pre-render input window in MFC?
How to use Cuda data structures in .cpp files
changing the size of tframe at runtime
Null pointer exception check
MS-Access: Using ListBox selections from one form to filter results in another form
Variables inside functions inside functions in javascript? (with async calls)
Web Service on Netbeans
Ant: How to locally echo Apply task
Struggling with a SQL Query
TeamCity don't trigger automatic build
cakephp login page doesn't go anywhere
Creating multiple views with different Models on one page with Backbone boilerplate
creating a master template in CodeIgniter
Getting two scripts to work together
Pattern matching vs if-else
Is there a way to keep track (Watch) the selected value of DropDownList in ASP.NET?
MFC custom OnPaint not being called reliably
Flowplayer RTMP Live Streaming on Amazon AWS (CloudFormation)
iOS avoid using old core data model
Regex for XXYXX
Ugly css input issue
reset root mysql on windows
JSON encode with specific output
Not sure how to phrase: Rewriting a method from tutorial
Using the # inside a CSS id declaration
Handle cached images? How to get the browser to show the new version?
How to use MonadRandom?
Extjs 4, How to autoHide menu in the toolbar?
HTML鈥�Give fieldSets some structure on page
php find out if array contains values of over 0?
What's up with Facebook Pages why is there fragmentation
Problems Running Jenkins, Maven and QA Tools (PMD, Checkstyle and Findbugs)
Use another rule if callback returns false
Writing and polishing a CSV parser
JavaScript 鈥渇or (var i = 0; 鈥� { 鈥�}鈥�browser incompatibilities?
301 Redirect index.php?dir= to a folder?
Should I call cancel(true) on Future<?> or my own FutureTask
Check if the mouse is over an element?
CSS Image Right of Element
Show user that something is on from JButton
javascript replace() regexp returning syntax error
Silverlight printing on a Mac (non-letter format)
App always paused in debugger on Xcode 4.2
Junit Category symbol not found
Adding TextViews to home screen widget programmatically
How to download a file from my webserver to my desktop?
How to: Select from MYSQL text field type only the numbers that start with 89 using REGEXP?
Do properties implicitly create a class member of that name and type?
Trouble with EditText in new thread
Date in Java not converting to sql properly [closed]
Handle location updates in the background
Generate RMI classes in Java5 and Server Code in Java6 using Ant
Is it bad practice to have a repository that manually opens and closes a db connection?
How can jenkins use my maven script for cleanup?
magento bestsellers not working - seeking fix or workaround
div hover background-color change?
Please help me choose a database design for my project.
How to change the image inside an imageview? xCode 4.2
Google Chrome on PC is succeeding at document.createEvent(鈥淭ouchEvent鈥�鈥�
Please help me choose a database design for my project.
How to change the image inside an imageview? xCode 4.2
Google Chrome on PC is succeeding at document.createEvent(鈥淭ouchEvent鈥�鈥�
Two similar methods with BufferedImage, one working, one not. Why?
how to fix 'jQuery is not defined' error in jquery library?
PHP form validation code used to work fine, stopped working and I don't know why
Generating random point inside a cylinder? [duplicate]
Is there way to hide the JavaScript code [duplicate]
Unary + on pointers
Java BufferedImage equivelent in Objective C/ Cocoa Touch?
Access restriction: Is not accessible due to restriction on required library .. jre lib rt.jar
std::thread : how to declare a thread in class body as a normal member?
Preventing Java serialization setting default values
Unity3D integration with Eclipse for Android project
No edit mode in Liferay portlet
Overwrite the == operator globally
passing vars from Index View to Create View
Any way to debug JS issue in IE9?
Spring TransactionInterceptor with multiple TransactionManager
What are the use cases for Castle Windsor's logging facility?
Express.js: how to bypass Everyauth for certain routes?
Explain overloading streams with pointers and typedef
ADB status offline [duplicate]
Loss of data binding of a dependecy property
Different image output when saving as
self join issue, i think?
Can a single SELECT significantly degrade the performance of an Oracle Database?
How do I convert a list of times into Unix epoch time in Python?
ASP.NET HttpResponse Cookies null check
Does ASP.NET MVC provide a more suitable solution to being browser agnostic as opposed to Webforms?
Is this switch statement valid in PHP?
SpringMVC, jquery, tiles, and partial rerendering
EF Database First - Mapping-error 3025
How to build MySQL connector c++ with VS 2010 on a Windows x64 machine?
Why does (int)(float.Parse(鈥�.04鈥� System.Globalization.CultureInfo.InvariantCulture) * 100) equals 3
Dropping a file onto a python script in windows - avoid Windows use of backslashes in the argument
Plotting a 3D graph of `sqrt(1+1/(kr)^2)`
How to add resteasy-guice apis to jboss
Firefox 10.0.1 browser bug? Anyone else seen this?
dynamically change the functionality based on incrementing the i value
jquery autocomplete rendering issue
Can't get Susy based grid to align properly
Weblogic Datasource connection
how to get/set the salt for a JdbcRealm
Does Django ModelForm set unspecified fields to empty?
Makefile Linux how to execute function for each variable
Parsing a arbitrary textual data format
WPF styles and grid layout issues
Jquery Event Handlers for Accordions
Get data from 2 tables in mysql (Need Help)
What are the features/technologies that native apps in iOS can use that web apps can't? [closed]
Fastest tree traversal
Getting correct XPATH expression for DIV CLASS
What (in the specs) warrants that 'non short circuit logical operators will in fact not short circuit?
Can't create an Ember.js application using bpm
PHP Tidy package alternative
How to get the current text from a UILabel outlet in another class?
iOS keyboard with 鈥淛oin鈥� go to another view
Translate Rails model association - not working
MapReduce in MongoDB: Changing the document structure of the reduction collection
JLists with Arraylists?
Reading an XML in HTML client side?
PHP memory references
Push older git repo to origin (remote)
PHP grab grooveshark info from song URL
How can i do this with css? (inheritance of third, fourth level??)
Symfony2 - SonataAdminBundle with Doctrine error
Calling function from class without making New initialization - C#
Get executable name from complete command line
Three different types of user for a web application
File input instant upload techniques?
wp_list_categories - with custom taxonomy
Append MIDI files using bytearray in Actionscript 3
Enable dBASE III program to print on USB printer
Reporting Services and Dynamic Fields
Javascript eval (and friends)
TFS API - How to fetch work item(s) from specific Team Project
Errno : 13 on using fopen on proc entry
DataContractJsonSerializer - Deserializing DateTime within List<object>
c++ lightweight https server to embed into app [closed]
ConstraintViolationException: User Entity with transient confirmPassword field
Compression friendly encryption
Difference between onPause and onStop()
Resque: one worker per queue
Login to multiple ttys from one tty
Open IBM Sametime chat window programmatically
ServerSocket send message to client
Read only given line from text file?
How do I get Kissmetrics installed properly on a rails app?
Load multiple local images without memory warning
Advance grouping by status - jquery & json
Android Preference application list
Exceptions using Play Framework
In detail, how do DataTips work in Flex charting
How to deal with the labels inside a TableView [closed]
Struts2 conditional check inside iterator
default python not finding same modules that other pythons can. Any suggestions?
Cancel a live stream 鈥渇ast motion鈥�catch-up in Flash
Android: How to prevent service from restarting after crashing?
How to publish a web service?
Calling a jQuery function after content is loaded inside Fancybox
htaccess non-www redirect error
validating currency in javascript
Repeating an animation sequence
How to detect touch move out of a node with javascript.
How to give each table (or group of courses) a specific color in this HTMLTable?
Is the use of Module#module_function considered bad?
Any ideas how to transate OSQA?
Git: local branchs tracks other local branch
get vibrate() to work in browser without PhoneGap
jquery mobile mvc RadioButtonFor vb.net grouping name issue
EJB 3 transaction propagation and UnboundId LDAP SDK
Passing data to ASP.Net webservice with JSON
Trying to find a run time error via logcat, do not understand how to read it
Configuring Netty with Spring IoC
Python manual EOF in .py file
Delete a specific amount of text until it finds an open paragraph
UIView rasterizing subview when animating
Couchdb view filtering by date
Difference between `T&` and `const T&` for all-const class
GoogleMaps: How to add marker without zooming out.
How to add selectable to data return from jquery .post()
sql rounding not always rounding up
Search drop down list from mysql
powershell behavior when host file handle is closed
Form upload with CI Youtube Data Api by Jim Saunders
contenteditable div get cursor position
Migration: JUnit 3 to JUnit 4: TestSuite
ScaleTransform on an image leaves whitespace
R - Function overloading
Adding items to an IEnumerable through an extension method does not work?
error FileNotOpenedError
Time series smoothing, avoiding revisions
RavenDB clicking the 鈥淎dd Reduce鈥�button does nothing
Save user's last log out
How to express constraints between members using templates?
android sensor processing librares [closed]
How to generate the right URLs in javascript when externalizing scripts
Empty numeric type into format specifer
Jersey ws to return a zip file
UILongPressGestureRecognizer with different buttons
Communication between Bash and Java with channels: sending end-of-transmission
Validation for calender control of RadDatePicker (Telerik Controls)
Select parent records with all children in MySQL
Custom Metadata with Icecast
JQuery won't load; Failed to load/work? Please help a Noob out
Application logging in Glassfish3
iOS UITableView label text becomes pixelated after scrolling and scrolling becomes slower
Overcoming unexpected behavior of NSURL's checkResourceIsReachableAndReturnError
matplotlib: generating vector plot
ERROR accessing objects that inherit from abstract classes in WF4
Fill Factor And Insert Speed
Django { %include% } HTML not rendering correctly
Correct way to destroy a form and show another in Delphi
MySQL - Working with Encrypted Columns
IOS UIWebView encoding
GWT and SSL not working?
.htaccess redirect file-type or files within directory
Single page web app basic logic
Why DIR wont get the dir path? its just print it as it
linker error with hpp and cpp files added to a library
How to back from activity D to A
How to approach CMS design in Zend Framework with modules. Back End & Front End strategy [closed]
Why are my images too big for iPhone
Why is my iOS app not showing up in other apps' 鈥淥pen in鈥�dialog?
python imaplib parsing gmail
Advanced Search mysql perl [closed]
How do I remove last query from current URL
GWT - get image from byte array
Hive join set number of reducers
Quick MySQL Trigger Update
list of key constants
Connecting to MySQL through VBA error
How to Authorize a Facebook Application to Read Public Events
Background MOC's 鈥渟ave:鈥�has no effect (but returns YES)
PeekMessage C++ 64-bit
Buffering a Wav file with OpenAL (java and lwjgl)
How programmatically can one find a Control's owning thread
Pys60 Bluetooth socket data bytes compare
Projecting column that uses a custom user type
Extracting data from a form into a text file
GROUP BY with Distinct and Count for Active Record (Rails)
processing filelist produced by grep but names have spaces
Find missing braces in large PHP file?
ASP .NET MVC - Have a controller method that returns an image in the response?
SharedPreferences in separate file
git updating from base branch
Failing to build Air iPhone app (with a iOS native extension) with adt
New control in Form from another Class
How to use an SWF to stream video?
Strange gVIM inner borders
getting DIV ID erroneously
How to create dropdown list in addin using VBA in PowerPoint 2007?
JQuery DatePicker Year dropdownlist disappears in Firefox
Outlook IMAP completed email and attachments download event
Overlay with jQuery Tools : working but not content with .load method
In PHP, how do I check if user just visited the homepage/indexpage of the website?
Which method is called for widget after reboot?
What is the correct way to update scene in Win32 OpenGL
Determine source of running perl executable
PHP Dom remove special characters
Passing in parameters with submit_tag in RoR
Regular Expression for name field
add initial data to a Django ModelForm using JavaScript (JQuery)
Tensor multiplication library
How to remove the margin between the app icon and the edge of the screen on the ActionBar?
Jquery draggable when stop create div
If else statement in ActionScript
How to separate good code from legacy/quirks-mode code
How to access Main Application from alternate entry point on Blackberry?
How to copy files from a path found in env strings?
Have mule call http process that expects multipart/form-data
How to keep the highlight of an item menu
SQLAlchemy: How to traverse bindparam values in a subquery?
Add custom filters to Joomla! default search?
What does the -= operator do?
Appending data to a csv file from a php form but also adding static data every time
What data type is suitable to handle binary data in ActiveX method?
How to reload the Jqury Masonry Script after append the content dynamically
Fast Thread-Safe Ruby Hash with strong read bias
Best Way to Encrypt Customer Information in My Company's MySQL DB? [closed]
Rewrite url to sub domain in NGINX
locating SELECT statements in SQL Stored Procedure and corresponding query in ColdFusion
MSSQL - Create records for entries that don't exist in the last 7 days
What conditions could cause a Java Thread to return unexpectedly?
Cosine in floating point
iPhone: Freeform XIB file doens't fit in iPhone view
Uniquely identify separate machines (PHP)
jQuery make li active show div content
using google maps for autocomplete places names
How to migrate from C++ COM to C++CLI
UI Events Lost in embedded COM Control
Mercurial will not recognize new folder in repository
How to work with both underscore and underscore.string at the same time?
Django SSL Redirect snippet modification, not working as expected
Find and Replace in Wordpress Title
Renewing Production Push SSL Certificate - Apple APNS
Java- Scanner input issue
MVP with Background Worker (Exception raised)
Application To Pass Credentials To IE Authentication Popup
Create a fixed-length unique string from another unique numerical value that is too long
Trying to create a function with a variable PHP
Java Swing vs C#.net desktop database application
Change theme while a button is pressed
How to force final removal of deleted rows in Cassandra?
rest api design -> email notification
When SQL Server 2008 query results are exported to CSV file extra rows are added
Order By for NVARCHAR column in SQL Server
How can I change Google's crawl rate?
How to get the server path to the web directory in Symfony2?
When SQL Server 2008 query results are exported to CSV file extra rows are added
Order By for NVARCHAR column in SQL Server
How can I change Google's crawl rate?
How to get the server path to the web directory in Symfony2?
Pythonic way to have code-reuse in game Entity classes
Standalone GWT Deployment
Unknown server error
Database Access from iOS App
Access Maven build properties in Jenkins post-build script to retrieve deployed artifact
New Java project structure Help needed
Delphi 2009 not assigning events of custom components
cloning form elements in jQuery without carrying over user-input data
How do I animate a <div>?
Why doesn't this work to open a file?
Entity Framework Table Name Change
Ruby on Rails - Submitting Form Data Directly to a Session Variable
how to make a labels text be the text inside of a multi line textbox [duplicate]
Apache Multi-sites
Update Oracle table records timezone values
Changing image src using Controller failing under IE once src has been defined once
iOS : need inputs in developing efficient ( performance wise ) drawing app
WPF Bitmap performance
Custom ToolTips using ToolTipManager.createToolTip
Print ArrayList
Flattr API gives File Not found Error
Component with transparent background to BufferedImage?
sql error - data truncation for datetime - using java/hibernate/timestamp property
JComboBox in specific JTable cell
Razor view engine and model in html helpers
Tabbing for a multi-part HTML form
MySQL Query not inserted when PHP variable contains single quotes
PIVOT SQL Data & Fill In Blanks
Violation of UNIQUE KEY constraint. Cannot insert duplicate key in object
Server not responding after multi-curl
How to test a remote UDP Port
Fluent NHibernate: Custom ForeignKeyConvention not working with explicitly specified table names
How do I create a UIPickerView-like picker from scratch?
Implementing a 100% portable php application
Would this RESTful JSON response format be compliant with HATEOAS?
Compact Hilbert Code by Chris Hamilton - to calculate Compact Hilbert Indices
How to modify product view without changing the view.phtml file?
Find which repository I cloned
PHP request spam prevention mechanism
xcode 4.2: where is 鈥淒istribute for Enterprise鈥�button?
How do I extract out the primitive value from a more complex object?
Image Rollovers by <img> and <a> events
How do I make a self-installing executable using WinRAR?
What are some database persistence design patterns? [closed]
Fixed Background for iPhone app using Storyboard
Visual Studio C++ Program runs in debug but crashes when identical debug .exe launched from command line
General IoC practice - is it wrong for services to depend on each other?
accessing the same web sql database from a web worker and the main browser thread
span:hover elements not working for my box
Facebook Post with picture hosted on public CDN
Searching a listBox for a specified string VB6
Why does this url raise BadStatusLine with httplib2 and urllib2?
How not to Release a View in Xcode
Is it possible to get credentials of a user who copied a file to a network share?
What are the best practices on creating a chat app in android [closed]
mkdir command for a list of filenames paths
Guessing at string encodings for stream of bytes in log file
how to random create objects from specific 5 points?
jquery progressive fade in
How to make run ajax code multiple times
R : Plotting a point on the Y axis when the X axis is using a log scale
spring jpa doubts
Cannot call a class method in C signal method
WAMP - Zend Framework - PHP XDEBUG On By Default?
C++ / syntax / adressing member function
Properly disposing textures from tiled maps or sprites
MySQL multiple insert when duplicates not allowed.
Efficient delete of a tree data structure
How to link choices in a model in Django
How to import org.apache.commons.collections repository
R - Filter a vector using a function
Running Matlab M-function from Python
Mercurial workflow to enable working on multiple separate tasks in parallel
Why doesn't PowerShell Where-Object work when passing a variable?
Why does a localmacro work in Class Dec, but not if I put it in a Macro object?
C# Do While looping problems
FTPS With Java Binding and client CA Certificate