IE and HTML5 doctype issues
deleting files with perl
Akismet Anti-Spam Script for SalesForce
Run php file through jquery link click
Knockout JS subscribe method issue
Richfaces HtmlColumn style class overwrite
TinyMCE plugin to create how rows of table
Accessing cookies in javascript [duplicate]
Algorithms used for programmatic classification of recipes
jQuery Multiple Dynamic Forms to Multiple Dynamic iFrames
What is metadata programming to Spring?
Does the current C standard prohibit short-circuiting `&` and `,`?
ASP .Net MVC 3 - Forms, Mass edit, Strongly typed view and Validations
how to create two listners in single tomcat instance?
NameError: undefined local variable or method
What are valid PixelFormats on different Android devices?
I am trying to get the Xpath for a value but getting error for nested condition
Output won't print for some reason
I am trying to get the Xpath for a value but getting error for nested condition
Output won't print for some reason
Drupal create custom block hook for rendering a dynamic menu
Destructors in C++ (Compared to java)
OpenGL on multiple displays
Class name from jclass in JNI
Splitting a string to do some math yields strange result, in Python
Rails: automate creation of attr_accessible with the generator?
First time running a ASP site, and getting server error in '/' Application
MySQL load dates in mm/dd/yyyy format
How can I conditionally show a menu only over a secure SSL connection? [duplicate]
Unexpected cout << from a string * when adding a comma
Why am I getting last line first when processing just created file?
How do I encode the user input for an <input type= 鈥渢ext鈥�gt; in razor view?
date from ObjectID in Javascript
comparing/extracting data from matrices using python (2.6.1)
Free flash components to render graphic primitives from XML
Slickgrid css class to mark row dirty
Sending password reset link to users
Accessing current element on backbone.js-events?
Starting up rdebug connects, but then what am I to do?
URLRequest with Accept header: gets put in request body, not overrides default request header
How to terminate a Java Application from a C# service
Money Format Number VB.NET
Strange behavior in Google Chrome with vertical scroll
JsonConverter ClassNotFoundException in restlet
FullScreen Browser on page load in
Detect when an object is dragged over another object?
MOSS 2010 - SPWebApplication.Lookup function error
jQuery Validate field where Name attribute contains square brackets?
Error pages (500.html, 404.html, etc) not being rendered in rails/jruby environment
Web Services and Proxy Servers
plugin to generate stub file
Twiiter4j API Tutorial
Confusion With Executor Service Freezing
Jquery - not animating by negative percentage in IE
Translate from Perl to PHP
List comprehension: If, then, and returning 1 value with Haskell
Tomcat from WTP ignoring assigned port
JSON.parse without Strict Mode
JQuery animate performance optimization on Android tablets
ImageIO: <ERROR> JPEG Corrupt JPEG data: premature end of data segment iphone - how to catch this?
Populate dropdown using json
Php include issue
C++ derived class exception not caught with base class
Is this ok to derive from TPL Task to return more details from method?
How to print multiple elements in a page individually using css?
Connect to UTF-8 MySQL Database with Grails
getting error 303 invalid signature when using vimeo apis
Creating a Javascript bar chart with two y-axis variables, one bottom up and one top down
Android show different values after certain time in android textbox
Having a JComponent use up remaining width in a JPanel
parsing html with HTMLAGILITYPACK and loading into datatable C#
How to create a jar file with dependencies
c# how to detect multiple space in file
Can someone explain how the result arrive ? - CTE SQL Server
Querying a remote datasource with jQuery Autocomplete
How can a developer test apps on older versions of iOS
Casting a list as QVariant or QVariant List
Including Id in URI for PUT requests
Example of JQuery Slidetoggle in JSF 2.0
What happens if i push a tag for a commit that hasn't been pushed
PHP Create and Save a txt file to root directory
Layout Manager For Web Based Interfaces
How can I share code between different domain names in Rails 3.1
Implementing IEquatable<T> in a mutable type
Does multithreaded memory access improve performance?
Javascript date divide
Return reference to this and inheritance
How to use operator= with anonymous objects in C++?
Can't use Objectiv-c @try @catch @finally syntax at ANE?
Connecting to database via constructor, close via destructor?
cocos2d can't add sprite to another sprite
Number of times a word has been mentioned
Allow null reference in JPA @ManyToOne relationship (Play! Framework)
Mathematica: Different histograms with same coordinate system & same bin width specifications
Drag performance in large canvas with many objects
best way to allow users to modify a toolbar of links (change order, add, remove)
i18n within my own twig extension
Should I specify exact versions in my Gemfile?
Eclipse Jigloo GUI Builder: generate code with 鈥渢his鈥�as the first qualifier
Switch images dynamically (with PHP) but also with CSS media queries?
MediaElement.js knowing when player goes fullscreen
Extending C++ class without modifying the header
c code serialization of double and floats with a exponent base 10
HTTP build query with PHP_QUERY_RFC3986 before PHP 5.4
Writing Unicode characters from Java using Apache POI XSSF to an Excel file 鈥�xlsx鈥�
How to update internal config from outside the namespace?
Scrape An Entire Website
How to two-way bind the ViewModel with CheckBoxes?
How to scale a multi-line Google chart to have maximums at the same height?
Updating large amounts of data in Rails App
move datagridview Row to another datagridView
CursorLoader not showing DB entires
History.js and Jquery Pagination
How can a cdecl calling convention corrupt the ESP?
IPMItool sel command on PER610 does not provide detailed information
Subviews in UIView Hierarchy not displaying subviews
Apache basic authentication SSL only
core dump in basic_string.tcc - optimized out
HTML5 FileReader API crashes chrome 17 when reading large file as slice
ListPicker doesn't expand in StackPanel on WP7
Automated testing tools to simulate 1000+ concurrent users[closed]
Need help regarding creating a Regex for email id match
How to check if a bash command has been executed successfully
What is the best solution to merge multiple Xml
BizTalk 2010 with Oracle (no SQL Server)
jquery - change body background image and caption on click
JavaScript: Iterate JSON string
How I can save Backbone.js collections to database
JavaScript read file contents
Request Help for reading a line of JS
heroku - clone - Operation timed out
Initialize supertype members based on subtype information
Rails 3 - ActiveRecord and reverse sort
CRM 2011 Workflow 鈥淚nvalid Pointer鈥�error
What is the formal name for this?
Access java web service in Android using ksoap2
From the browser, how to make the web server refresh/invalidate a cached static-html-webpage?
How to link a Facebook app with an existing fan page
Is copying of entire Queue<T> with operator 鈥�鈥�thread safe (C#)
iOS: Add UIView to UITableView
Find Same patterns in lists
performance issues with jquery textbox changed ajax postback
openxml how to read an inlineStr with an OpenXmlReader
How to stop an animation loop in jquery
Write data that can be read by ProtobufPigLoader from Elephant Bird
Starting Cassandra Server Error
CreateProcess for Running JAR File Starts with Window Minimized
How to enable my application to automatically perform the search when the user select a Json value in an auto complete search
ListProperty of db.Key vs Many-to-Many in App Engine (Specific Case)
Preprocessor directive #if and non-type template parameters
Are these value template parameters same?
Formatting a field using attributes in C#- DisplayFormatAttribute?
How is the debug version of a SQL Server database maintained?
PHP Parse Soap Reponse Issue - SimpleXMLElement
Conflict markers after merge
Java: How to make a string in Unicode Normal Form C
Analysis of multiple response
How do I bind the 鈥渢his鈥�in a function body in IE-8 Javascript?
CakePHP 2.0 - virtualFields are not used on find operation with options
What are some effective ways to pass variables between machines?
linked list in c, unexpected results
'stringify_keys' error when trying to use a form field
What is the preferred way of showing/hiding buttons when hovering using javascript?
How to know the change in content of an xml file using Node.js
Setup a relation from one model to another, using multiple associations
VXML DTMF get input from caller
showing multiple frames on a single pane in java swing
Joiner - skipDuplicates
Joiner - skipDuplicates
Check if a database is running or not using Java
formatting divs using CSS for Search Results
Static Variable showing as Null
What is the DRYest way to extend/patch a library in ruby?
In C, what is a safer function to use than strtrns?
Proper way to use jQuery noConflict
How can I deal with very large image processing in CUDA? Images > 2GB
How to search iOS Address book efficiently
Set dynamic index directory for hibernate-search in Spring
HTML Reset form including select element with selected='selected'
Model Bind List of Enum Flags
Rails nested form / resource > now not nested and broken
api for load more dynamic list as Top Paid of Apple
Database project generate deployment script without any database creation
Using a Hidden Twitter Account
ASP.NET ValidatorOnChange being fired on a DropDownList even though CausesValidation is by default false
Couple of page layout problems
How to sort date in mssqlserver
Netbeans RCP - duplicate third party jar in 鈥渃lusters/modules/ext鈥�folder
Variable scope with same variable name?
C enum definition in iOS framework class
C# Regex.Split and Regular expression
Reason for the exsistance of non-short-circuit logical operators
How To Removing Trailing Whitespace Of All Files of selective file types in a directory recursively?
Drupal 7 table theme unable to display values seen in Firebug
Does add_to_base in rails adds a message to Activerecord::Base?
Converting date to string for logfile, and then from string to DateTime for Database
windows forms: create transparent graphic upon a chart in C#
Centering Logo In Landscape In UINavigationBar On iPad
Need mod_rewrite to only Redirect if a pattern is found in a RewriteMap
How stream video from webcam to IIS Media Services
What is the best way to count and sort a string array
mod_rewrite for (sub)domains and cakephp's wrong urls
Should I re-use my view page for Show/Add/Update page?
Manipulate radio button set in javascript when you know the name, without using eval
Assigning Values inside an array
Parametrized Style within UserControl?
how would I change this over to do a full text search instead of LIKE?
When I try programmatically adding a UISlider to UIView, it wont appear if the width is too high
loading a nib on a background thread
Mod rewrite conflict
Extract only uppercase text from db field
ValidationSummary javascript error
HibernateTemplate , bulkUpdate and flush mode
Use native iOS compass within an app
Unable to solve system of equations using numpy [closed]
How to center align an input tag without specifying the width?
grails PreUpdateEventListener infinite loop
Any script/stylesheet compressors for ASP.NET without MVC or something similar?
Convert a PostgreSQL dump into a MySQL dump [duplicate]
EasyMock - how to set mock object to a fieled without setter?
Application cannot call .chm file unless help topic ID numbers are incremented by 1
Dijkstra's algorithm: What to do if there are two or more nodes with minimal weight?
sharepoint 2010: custom column with javascript
Offline Map in android
Customise EKEventEditViewController?
Ruby RSpec : No color on output with a Mac
SQLite alternative with concurrent writing (Delphi)
Can we memset same size with the size we can malloc?
using web services in mono android under Visual Studio 10
Internet Explorer box model - what is offset?
UnboundLocalError in Python
One dimentional edge detection
jquery find and replace accents to html code
Apache restart history
Qt Signals and Slots object disconnect?
Writing a Java program to run with a pre-built interface (the Life game) but I'm having trouble
Which one is better for performance to check another threads boolean in java
html table border
The error on 鈥淩ecaptcha鈥�when updating devise to version 2.1.0
Cross domain authentication with Ion_auth for Codeigniter
Slide toggle a div on li click wont work in IE anymore (ie 9 specifically)
Reading a stack trace
git: pushing with remote reference in refspecs
CODE_SIGN_IDENTITY parameter for xcodebuild (Xcode4)
rest api from javascript to handle session and security
Trouble building boost 1.48
imapX illegal charachters in path
Large sorted datatable 鈥渨raps鈥�around
Superfish sub menus display before page is finished loading
Clarifying the use of a window controller
.gitattributes merge strategy [duplicate]
iOS: sendSynchronousRequest with performSelectorInBackground
self.view not within visible coordinates
MVC How to receive an object array that comes from json?
PHPMailer 5.1 sends duplicatie mails when adding more than 1 receiver
Windows Forms UserControl + Panel: WPF Equivalent
A script to preload images and then fire a callback when they are?
AS3 - How much time until next frame / screen draw
openmp for block error
How to move custom template form Joomla 1.5 to 2.5?
How to resolve the duplication symbol issue in XCode 4?
Force pushing to new head when already pulled all changes
How to use long-polling from different domain?
How to prevent iframe page redirect parent page?
Specify default filter in jqgrid
check duplicates in binary tree [closed]
making sure I get a mouse up event for every mouse down
Advice wanted on best way to handle 鈥渢ags鈥�in rails app
check duplicates in binary tree [closed]
making sure I get a mouse up event for every mouse down
Advice wanted on best way to handle 鈥渢ags鈥�in rails app
CSS: Android Web App: Color gradient issue
sql server query performance where clause
Why should Iextend a class? [closed]
Select column numbers only from table in R
specify column limit using string builder?
maven, how to find out where X:Y artifact came from?
Developing app for old Nokia phone
Minor errors in java code to balance parenthesis鈥ny ideas?
Why does TryUpdateModel return false even though properties are set and valid?
Detect first pass through a do-while
Cappuccino: Keyboard events getting squashed in reCAPTCHA input field
Transform XML to XML where records created based upon current data and mulitple value from element list
Binding 鈥渃hange鈥�event revisited
Python: threading or multiprocessing?
How should I pyparsing to generate lists of elements from Boolean expressions?
Does openfire server implements the Mine capability? [closed]
getSignedRequest is null when not on a tab page
Offline webapps in HTML5 - Persist after closing the browser?
Post in a facebook app as my page?
Writing case statements using LINQ (with GROUP BY)
How is it possible thatHttpContext.Current.Session be null in the Application_PostAcquireRequestState event?
Format fractional percent in java yields very strange behaviour
How Does List<T>.Contains() Find Matching Items?
Checking for execute permission with Java 1.5
Issue with sql where clause when using datetime
How to display image button inline with text in a table cell?
Split a string, remember the positions of splitting
How to connect to source control server using TF command line utility
Deploy to AppEngine without changing the GWT files
HTML5 Canvas game development complication
Warning: UUID mismatch
FCBKcomplete doesn't seem to work with CDN jquery
Add-Member of type DirectoryInfo
Linq to SQL simple SUM
SQL Server 2008, JDO (Datanucleus 3.0.7) and column maximum length
Working with two projects-
Why should I use Drupal's Form API & Ajax framework for this rather than just implementing my own solution with calling node_save()?
Do any tools exist that allow cross platform error logging and tracking for multiple applications?
Ajaxifying CodeIgniter pagination with jQuery
Caching joined tables in SQL Server
Undefined symbols for typedef and template?
scraping a website - is this even possible?
Clear the back stack of jquerymobile app
Cannot Output Data Into a Text File
Is using 'if user_signed?' many times, bad practise? Rails
Mono Android: Java Android custom view JNI not calling constructors in xml layout
Undefined symbols: for -fvisibility=hidden
Is there a way to escape and use ColdFusion query reserved words as column names in a query of query?
using https sparingly in my GAEJ app
Is it possible to write xml into json object?
Using the location provided by the user in an Install wizard
Access NSDictionary via dot notation?
What are the different platforms/languages in which an app can be compiled and run on Windows without any prerequisites?
Can't understand this behaviour of window implicit object
getting dropdown's text in Post action method
MVC2 why is only my first route being recognized?
Ftp using SSL getting error
Memory calculation of objects inaccurate?
Converting sub-query to join to create a view
SQL LIKE on Alias
Returning data from EJB3 backend to jQuery table through Servlet and AJAX
Retrieve Data from MySQL (phpmyadmin) to TextBox in visual c#
How to find the unique combinations between key related tables
Is there a way to have mapping populate a property of the model asynchronously and have the view update automatically?
How to add an image on UINavigationBar
Is there a word that encompasses 鈥渃lasses鈥�and 鈥渟tructs鈥�
Codeigniter: Display uploaded image
How to mavenize a standard eclipse project but only for some dependencies
How to close fancybox on submit鈥eed help please
What is the best way to implement web-service for files processing?
object oriented C++ multi threading
can't recall data saved by PersistJS
How to calculate WPF TextBlock width for its known font size and characters?
how to aggregate decimal with Linq
string tokenizer stopping after first line
using Zend Studio with Zend Framework [closed]
what's wrong with this python append to a list of dicts? [closed]
Passing DAO.Workspace as a parameter - Bad idea?
Null pointer exception when trying to access an object's atribute passed from another activity in android
Servlet. How to get parameters if their keys are not unique?
How can I set my shape's background in xml?
Pre-allocating memory in MATLAB 脿 la std::vector::reserve(n)
xcode sqlite3 how to copy database from bundle to documents folder?
Adding properties based on lambda expressions
How can I reflect <role-link> as an annotation in EJB 3
QMessageBox addButton() using standard icon/display
Foreign Key In MySQL using Yii
How to get around needing two foreign keys referencing same table
Making chat using javascript [closed]
Oracle Time Zones Conversion (using from_tz)
What's the difference between these two approaches to namespacing?
Google analytics event tracking on Multiple accounts not working
Problems outputting gl_PrimitiveID to custom frame buffer object (FBO)
Unable to get the XSLT select id() function to work successfully
Information about struct of struct in C
AQGridView with images from a subfolder, how to do?
Is there any tool to automatically capture screenshots of running ad campaigns?
Parameterizing the length of a tuple in a haskell data type
Javascript: changing opacity using .style.filter = 'alpha(opacity=' + 鈥�+ ')' makes the png background replace alpha channel with black in IE7
more than one autocomplete on a page with one function?
this does not refer to viewmodel in binding from observableArray template
Computer game in Haskell 鈥�widget toolkit wanted [closed]
How to simulate a column header click in devexpress xtraGrid?
Android-SQLite: the constructor DBHelper is undefined
Git commits are duplicated in the same branch after doing a rebase
Detecting correct device using FTDI FTD2xx_NET
MVC3 not redirecting after post
How does one unit test handling of the error conditions for Python/C APIs like PyType_Ready and PyObject_New?
Why getProperty() returns null?
MediaElement audio/video out of sync when inside a ViewBox
Programmatically multi language content in Alfresco
Adding Tabs to Sencha app in code leaves them disabled/inactive
Header - Forwarding variables via PHP to pages without $_GET
teamcity run build as specific user
Consuming a webservice and changing an endpoint with SOAPCLIENT
Google Chrome Giving SSL Warnings Only After Clicking Green Lock in Location Bar
Refreshing UI after updating SMS Database
Isolated storage is always empty on emulator?
GIT: Merge two branches using netbeans
Replacing bad characters of a String with bad characters
JSON trouble; deserialising to a datatable
Remove Map Annotation on Button Click (that created annotation)
Django - Dynamically importing a models form
disabling full screen option on vimeo on ipad
Issues converting .htaccess to Nginx configuration for PHP scripts
Regular expression help in Perl
python program to find ave [closed]
Scrollbar issue with iframe in IE
Android vs Blackberry development (reusable code?)
html5 audio player flash fallback
XCode 4.2 : when app crashes, threads rarely display callstack
iOS 5 - Webview - Scale to fit
Would using external perl in Coco application be considered bad practice?
Passing a JavaScript variable in SQL Datasource in ASP.Net C#
why does openmp give warning when single block is enclosed in section block
Send head before body to load CSS and JS asap
How to loop through and extract property values from a complex object (Array)?
Clearcase failed to get license w/ Rational Common Licensing
Delphi XE2 Service not stopping properly
iOS - Loop through Cells and retrieve data
Android error passing context to Cursor Adapter inside OnClick(View view)
How to edit SharedPreferences so that OnSharedPreferenceChanged is called
How to avoid mixup / clipping of tab layouts (incl. SurfaceView) in TabHost?
Using DbContext and Database First in EF 4.1
iis 7.5 drops connection to virtual directory
DVCS that integrates well with Android development?
Google/Apple Voice Recognition on Dektop Applications?
Using DbContext and Database First in EF 4.1
iis 7.5 drops connection to virtual directory
DVCS that integrates well with Android development?
Google/Apple Voice Recognition on Dektop Applications?
Qt: disable layout mirroring in designer?
Is it possible to change the glass color only for my own forms?
App with fist, last, next and previous buttons
How to install Socket.IO>=0.7.8 with npm on Ubuntu 8.04?
How can I convert an Object to Inputstream
What kinds of pre-conditions are sensible in Design by Contract?
Is there a tool that can check the availability of an Oracle 11g database on a remote machine?
About @override annotation in Activity callbacks
How to access a type with same fully qualified name in 2 different DLLs
Best way to include jQuery into TYPO3 backend
How to reference a class with 2 cols CompositeId from a class with 2 cols CompositeId in FluentNhibernate?
Add attachment to bug via bugzproxy
add attribute to XML tag based on another tag's value
Which iPhone first supported JavaScript? [closed]
At what point do doubles begin to lose precision?
Getting a 鈥渓d: cannot find -lcunit鈥�error with CUnit
Python script to copy files
Bzr completely delete revisions (with files)
verify in-app billing signature on server side
PHP HTML form arrays - how to tell when a user adds a new entry
How to determine file kind effectively?
How to assign value to $_SESSION with AJAX?
CSS3 rotation in Chrome for Linux
Does and how does Titanium convert css to native?
compare year and month of date field to be greater than
Is ToString() here good, bad, or simply redundant?
qooxdoo virtual tree as menu
Andengine. The particle effect follows too slowly the sprite. How to reduce latency
Host WCF service in console Application
gwtp app doesn't work in jboss or tomcat
:onclick and formtastic: Disabling commit button after first click prevents form from processing?
How do I install SSL certificates on OS X so I can clone projects from Github?
android difference between 480x800 hdpi and 480x800 mdpi
Classic ASP : Capture Errors
the application for project is not installed
BeanUtils.cloneBean() Deep copy
Is it possible to go back automatically into the application after calling a Number?
How can I make a S3 bucket public (the amazon example policy doesn't work)?
mac os x connect active directory
NSImage size not real size with some pictures?
Changing opacity css property using $.parent()
Generate WSDL for existing SOAP Service using captured traffic
Matlab GUI Design Optical Effects (Transition)
Nested ListBox: is it possible to recover the parent ListBox item when a child ListBox item is selected?
how to insert value in input, with javascript
javascript function not returning correct value
prevent brute force attack by blocking IP address
Paypal Website Payments Standard with dynamic Amount
MonoDroid Get Full Image Path, OnActivityResult
Maven custom dependency types
Accept dot or no dot at the end of nameserver
org.codehaus.mojo not visible in Eclipse
Circular References and ScriptIgnore problems
CSS opacity not working in Phonegap
add option to collection_select rails 3 jquery
Django: Getting succefully deleted message even if deletion is prevented
How can I determine the group scope of groups in my Windows token?
IOS: zoom for a uiscrollview only with multitouch
keypress is faster than value?
Equal substring value does not return expected result
Getting Changesets in build process workflow activity
How to calculate font size of TextBlock to fill in Canvas?
How can I make the jquery ui dialog opened even after page reload
which Java EE API to use for XML parsing [duplicate]
How to highlight focused custom buttonfield (ImageButtonField) on Blackberry?
CodeRush from DevExpress [closed]
JTextField show '鈥� when content is too long
How do I convert into a string like 'foo bar baz'?
Why the SSMS display the message of Missing Index on the partitioned column?
Makefile and sub makefile, phony task nothing to be done
server not receiving data from java tcp/ip client
How to produce a tiled plot with one variable with ggplot?
An easy way to post to a URL and not use ajax?
java music annotation API
CSS: how do I fix my hyperlink alignment issue?
touch draw when rotating
CVS style diffs in git
How does fetch work [duplicate]
Trying To Pull Out The Latest Date From Another Table
Symfony 2 + Twig global variables
how to set the default button in a TaskDialog?
Designing a parallel algorithm for DDOS prevention? [closed]
How to write file to server dir with Spring Framework Multipart upload files?
Restrict / Block Directory Based on IP Address
CruiseControl publishers issue
ASP.Net MVC3: CheckBoxListFor/RadioButtonListFor
GWT Flow Table fill cell
Defining sqrt as type int in C?
Is there a way to tell which javascript file holds an event handler?
Why when printing empty string, zeros pop up?
Resource management in cache manifest
switching the date locale
Simple grammar not working
multiple scope rails
JSTL Iterate over list creating fieldsets
Class Pointers in CoffeeScript?
WPF charting toolkit y-axis labels appear as zero for small numbers
Standalone video control example for Google TV jQuery Library?
Xcode 4.2.1 ARC issue
CFSTR memory management
Form using jQuery minor issue
Using CPUID to detect CPU specs, reliable solution?
Import functions from module to global namespace in Coffeescript?
how can i call a function in a onclick method of image button in
JavaScript 'this' confusion
How to use jQuery's 鈥渄ata鈥�to uncheck a checkbox?
Spring-AOP and SLF4J
Mono-Droid and app delivery
Why Does Spring's @Transactional Help Performance
Estimating Hadoop Scalability Performance on pseudo-distributed nodes?
jQuery each returns [object Object]
Growing process using Python/Django and supervisor unable to locate a resource file
Is it possible to use run-jetty-run's eclipse plugin to debug this app?
Python encryption scheme that supports multiple decryption keys
Indexing by word in a list
Is it better to cache some value in a database table, or to recompute it each time?
Disabled parameter on an input box: How is possible that I can change its value from Firebug?
Is it possible to use the VS Entity Diagram designer with ASP.NET MVC 3?
How to implement Aggregate Root repository an add child entity with EF
iPhone: Time Profile Instrument
Panel changing the ownership?
using copy() and move_uploaded_file() error message: failed to open stream - php
Windows Phone Test Framework - NuGet - Testing a new App
(Solved) How to read and write with mmap() on a Linux system
Objective C Getting the device version [duplicate]
Identify existence of keywords in document from list
Glassfish - missing package=org.apache.commons.collections
Is it possible to determine the Geolocation method used?
Trying to re-style some jQuery elements with css
Amazon S3: Subdomain mapping with PHP SDK?
Uncaught exception thrown while accessing data from db2 using type 4 driver
UI Improvements
Interaction between activities
Reformatting excel layout
Flex 4.5: Refresh only when app is opening and click button
Schema Validation using Nokogiri
MVC Add View T4 Get Directory Name
ARC: 鈥淧ointer to non-const type 'id' with no explicit ownership鈥�
Zend Framework: Central point to implement code to be run in every controller+action
Recursion in jQuery event
Closing the jsp page based on user choice
Splitting a CSV into an object with javascript/jquery
How to split() a delimited string to a List<String>
this.function is not a function error, but function exists
Can Delphi only use a .dll if required?
Splitting a CSV into an object with javascript/jquery
How to split() a delimited string to a List<String>
this.function is not a function error, but function exists
Can Delphi only use a .dll if required?
Caching Https response
MySQL auto generate values
Dynamic View creation, when rendering it to a Canvas fails
GWT hosted mode fails loading module but the generated war works elsewhere
unit testing service layer that uses hibernate and annotations, and no DAO Is my code or CDN to blame for users not being able to complete the sign up process and log in?
Why does `Pattern.compile(鈥�?: u00e9)鈥�Pattern.CANON_EQ)` throw?
Who sell with lowest price
Google Chome 鈥淎pplication Shortcut鈥� How to auto-load JavaScript?
How to check an input string in bash it's in version format (n1.n2.n3)
How to retrieve the directory in which the current class/dll is located in C#?
Working With Match and Regex
How to get a pointer from a reference?
Entity Inheritance and persistence issues on legacy db
SQL - Duplicating data across matching records
FindControls from userControl inside an Accordion in the content aspx page
how to unselect all options in multiselect widget
LINQ to Entities: Convert SQL Sub Select
How can you use an ImageBrush to display a specified area of an image as the background of a rectangle?
Null Pointer Exception JSF
Trying to authorize facebook Canvas app in Web Forms
Using freemarker into tiles templates
Off-line using of online maps
Querying joined tables in SQLAlchemy and displaying in an ObjectListView
getRotation always returning 0 in Android
GWT:how can i add anchor cell in my celltable
Databinding to runtime types
zombiefied threads in ps (for a threaded program written in c)
Flex, how to exchange user names and peer IDs between all connected users
-moz-transform breaks the select control by losing the display
How can I bind querystring parameters using Knockout.js?
svnadmin: Expected current rev to be 51 but found 52
Reasons why except blockin 鈥渢ry..except鈥�is bypassed
Display Magento order comments in print.phtml (customers prinable order)
Total cell count of a DataGridView
Logic Issue - MapKit
How to determine all namespaces in an XML document
jQuery UI sortable prevent execution on drop
NSToolbar shown when entering fullscreenmode
Creating mysql users via linux command line?
Change author of old commits in Subversion
How do I render a content feed into multiple columns?
HttpWebRequest 401 with NTLM Authenticiation
How to move the camera in XNA only after few moments? [closed]
Generate document with plots based on template, Python3
Write ActiveX control in C# but use it in MFC
Rails on Postgresql FullText Index has been building up for 20 hours. Is that normal?
jqPlot custom tick labels
Generating Stacked bar plots
how to type to a label?
jQuery: DOM editing of selection option label doesn't work in Chrome / Webkit?
Windows tool to delete content from several different folders on click?
Sample Code for Creating Custom Membership Provider
Jquery/ajax page call not working
Private variable prints as garbage value when using OpenMP SECTIONS directive
Accessing emails from gmail using IMAP ( javamail API)
Dependency Injection when I am constructing the object
How to Capture libraries Loaded systemwide?
Anyone know of a good regular expression for SRV DNS Records?
Using Rx over events on a WPF UserControl, why does the control receive a mousedown and mousemove when the window is maximized?
ASP.NET MVC 3 Facebook integration
Alternative way of creating a list than a comprehension?
Sending complex type in ksoap request to Wcf web service
MVC3 data-val-* attributes not emitted from model editor template
ASP.NET Ajax History not working correctly
.NET 4.0 to 3.0 could not find any resources appropriate for the specified culture or the neutral culture
Select Linq-to-XML from Linq-to-Entities?
Remove percentage sign from values in MySQL table
Specify generic class type in argument matcher
Release COM Object in C#
check in files on perforce
Readable unit testing of a yielded sequence?
Webkit inline position: absolute bug(?) at end of width
Codeigniter XSS protection
'designide' must be recompiled when installing DWScript on Delphi XE2
How to make a delete confirmation that need a minimum of 1 record to be deleted?
Find when user has scrolled to the end of a given table
Defaulting unset values with out a if Statement
How do I make a unit test to test a method that checks request headers?
Struts2 Model object is not populating to form field
C++ Taking address of temporary - error while assigning reference to pointer
How to view ms word documents in android [closed]
Loop through items created by datatemplate by a listbox
SSRS Set Date/Time parameter to NULL based on previous paremeter's selection
ListView does not work
Scrollable but no scroll bar
As a page, can I tell if I've been loaded into an iframe using javascript?
How do I change the image on a button I created in the Xcode interface builder?
erlang string list concatenation [closed]
Getting the email count from addressbook
Git push/pull paths not working to windows origin running msysgit + cygwin sshd
duplicate error in xcode with sharekit on phonegap (but not with phonegap-plugin)
PostgreSQL - inconsistent COPY permissions errors
WordPress Custom Permalink Structure for: Pages, Posts and Custom Post Types
Group By Proper Usage
Integrating eclipse's hot deploy to also run unit test automatically, without performing maven install
how to expand a list outside a backquote - macrodefinition
File Upload in Spring 3 MVC - Null Pointer Exception, how to use filter with LIKE clause when the filter text contains %?
Creating Jar file - doesn't work on other computers
Convert '{key1=value1, key2=value2}' format into an object
String templating
using -XX:+PrintCFGToFile jvm option where output.cfg file is generated?
SSRS subreport header fixed
Accessing UIcomponents with multiple threads
JavaScript: asynchronous function that resumes to synchronous
$(鈥�form鈥�.attr(鈥渕ethod鈥� 鈥減ost鈥� is In java Script ASP.NET
FileSystemWatcher sometimes not working
How to convert an ASCII JSON 3D model file to binary?
How to store app settings in iOS, like INI / CONF?
mysql user-defined variable concurrency in connection pool?
build multidimensional array from strings or array
Can I set an instance property in Javascript on a Scriptable Member property in Silverlight?
Releasing objects hasn't been released yet on Objetive-C
Populating a select list based on an index from another select list using jQuery and xml
NSNumberFormatter setPositiveFormat
doPostBack not firing
Is it legal for my app to 鈥渃rawl鈥�websites and use their information? [closed]
Exclude certain nodes when submitting jobs with qsub / torque?
HTMLInstance.attachEvent onload
Limit on memory registrations and Open MPI
Certain HTML doesn't want to get shown/hidden in IE. Why?
what is wrong with this serializer for XML?
set initial sort order for digit column tablesorter jquery
Custom routing in Symfony2 - /bundle/controller/action/params
Css, sprites animation
.NET AntiXSS with Multiline Textboxes
Setting DataGridViewComboBoxCell items
How to cache eToken PIN for multiple processes
Where can I read about the technical implementation of web databases in Google Chrome?
problems with variables on Visual Basic
Real time physics body scaling issue in Corona SDK
Asp.NET WebForm How to remove a control from submit
Job dispatching rules
Mocking NSWindowController
Managing views while integrating zxing for iPhone
Detecting mp4 files on page and automatically wrapping them in jwplayer?
How could I return the result (of Applescript) to next workflow?
Awkward Crash in the Application - Crash Log Attached
YQL Table Error
AfxMessageBox appears behind MFC dialog
gradient fill and canvas size?
Find all the SQL Servers in the network [closed]
svn copy 鈥�svn: No repository found in
URL Rewrite from .eu to .com
Can you please help me understand how Mach-O libraries work in Mac Os X?
Can you please help me understand how Mach-O libraries work in Mac Os X?
database table relationship
Migration of Legacy Application : EJB3 or Spring
Download Paperclip files as ZIP
IE crashes on simple jQuery script. Why?
Windsor.Castle changes IHandler wheres .Service gone?
jqGrid. Async ajax calls
Test if a property on an object is a single observable (and not an observableArray)
Objective C Bezier Curve ReShaping
How to update and add item to certain position ListView in Android?
File upload within a form
Trouble getting simple cakephp search form to work
HTML5 RichTextDocuments
Kendo UI Grid Sorting for Just One Column
restlet debugging of server 'get'
Best way to retrieve mssql data without affecting the app in java swing
CakePHP Redirect method not working?
CMS package as web development framework
Autoincrement Field [closed]
Create JSON object from a String receive from Server
Subversive error: 鈥�lt;file>鈥�non-existent in that revision鈥�
How to map one property to another with Knockout Mapping?
kohana with postgres, can't connect
C# datagridview right click select row and show menu to call a form for edit the row selected
Updating ui:defined form content from Master template (JSF & Primefaces)
Debug.WriteLine from Logging Assembly in Release Mode not writing to debug output in Visual Studio
SQL Select Boolean Options
Reuse types generated with a ASMX web service
Using entry box data from previous session Tkinter
DataContext.SubmitChanges timeout with strange stack trace
Why isn't SQL SMO returning my View?
Save button for view List in MVC 3
How can I put solid lines on either side of a header with css? [duplicate]
How do I wait for a particular method to finish within another method?
iPhone How to make layer contet image grayscale?
Cloning Oracle Database
hornetq static clustering configuration
gdb crash in my Qt project
Mozilla Firefox CSS Box Model Weird Issue
Why are Pie charts not loading using jquery sparkline?
Turn music on and off using a segmented control
How to add input width on .animate
php echo a list of numbers [closed]
server push and Flash websockets
Strange behaviour with a repeated function
selenium 2 switch window back to the initial window
JSONObject as class attribute storage/retrieval
IE7 javascript error: runtime-error microsoft jscript: dropdownlist is not defined
MPMoviePlayerController gives endless loop on tapping 'Done'
Organization of business objects and code duplication
how to test multiple browser(versions) with selenium and junit
How to open new window from javascript and get value from it on close
Allow SVN anonymous read access from localhost
Datacenter infrastructure - Planning a high-availability infrastructure
Creating a class which has the internal modifier
WCF N-Tier Architecture
Ending a session/clearing cookies
Is such an iOS model possible to implement? [closed]
How to bring an image to front?
Can I bind a vertex attribute index from the vertex shader?
Delphi XE Datasnap: Server methods missings when DSServerModule is load dynamically
Event onclick to change background image
What to use as the keypath in KVO?
Simple Java web service issue
AS3 Replace section of string with a dash using RegExp
Why locale setting in Rails acts as global (when using Thin)?
iOS App Submission with Storage to Amazon S3
Glitchy text animation in jQuery
Disable rotate in just a view of Phonegap (Android, iOS, etc)
Linked list using a list [closed]
Spotify - Getting Track From URI null data
suPHP setting user/group to virtual host and using docroot
access violation in opencv
Getting the first item item in a many-to-many relation in Django
Error while compressing the decimal value (val: 0.6 => val:0,6)
Javascript documentation generation [closed]
I want to create unorder list. What is the best solutions ?
AsyncTask does not terminates
How to see/edit excel macro in workbook
Can Apache FOP be used to produce PDFs that can keep PDF-Clients from scaling and changing orientation?
NSPredicate exclude 鈥渘ame鈥�in array
In debug mode, the dynamically generated script file doesn't reflect saved changes
Getting the class name from a generic static method in Java
Efficiently replacing strings within an HTML block in Javascript
IE9 loads from the cache (when available) instead of the server when xmlhttp-requesting
Include SVN revision number in source code
Adding a timeout function to a swingworker
Need Infragistics three state XamCheckEditor to cycle null->*true*->false instead of null->*false*->true
MySQL checksum collision assesment
Back Button implementation without losing the current state of AACPlayer
What is the optimal SVN repository lay-out for multi-sourced projects?
Jquery form validation - telephone number
XSL - variables inside predicate?
openssl libs in Xcode 4
Does Oracle automatically create a secondary index for FOREIGN KEY columns?
What is a fast way to compute column by column correlation in matlab
Makefile recursive not passing CPPFLAGS
how to optimized this image processing replace all pixels on image with closest available RGB?
Convert Subversion repository to CVS
How do I make time for a song, that means how far it is in the song, appear on the statusbar? [closed]
confusion with Relationship of objects
Inserting a null value into SQL if form field blank
Javascript out function
Passing objects to a JAX WS
How to add a text to UISearchBar programatically
Upload a file in and c#
How to follow DRY when using a complex, constructed column as part of a GROUP BY clause in SQL
To store tokens into an array
Strange erb behaviour when making table inside table
Is it possible to use Ruby temp directory engine with non-english file names on Windows?
Magento session creation destroys other session variables
Create a unique Integer for each string?
Unit and integration tests get the same names by default
Android: two Spinner onItemSelected()
Starting new Activity which opens Google Maps
Grails URL mapping cause error on GSP
CSS background image to fit width, height should auto-scale in proportion
Compilation of live555 library for iOS simulator
How to pass an action to task factory with weak reference to target
Joining user table with user_follows table twice
Java applet does not work
How to get rid of spaces before (on top of) a div
Finding files on the classpath by an inclusion/exclusion pattern
Pass many variables in SQL query
Separate Options class, overloaded constructor, or public properties with default values?
Execute triggers function of another schema on the actual chema
Develop for Windows CE5.0 or Windows Mobile 5.0?
What machine learning algorithm is appropriate for shooting basketballs?
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException launching maps
Twitter Bootstrap onclick event on buttons-radio
MATLAB fopen to open a file which doesn't have a file extension
Async update of HTML element in Rails 3.1
Failed to apply CSS via class attribute in XML
Loading dynamic php&mysql pages without refreshing - AJAX
XSLT to show elements in rows
Socket.IO messaging to multiple rooms
How to Activate Network Discovery in C#?
NullPointerException: when set TextView value
How can I drop AVG_ROW_LENGTH clause in table's options?
Accessing S3 directly from EMR map/reduce task
fatal: This operation must be run in a work tree [duplicate]
Uploading photos to a Fan Page Album
php validation concept
Array equal another array
shutil and copying files
Make hyperlink underline appear on mouseover (currently the opposite)
If no messages were found in array then also it is returning 2 instead of null PHP
Mathematica: Unwanted vertical line in histogram
Screen resolution error with none borderstyle form
Which one is the right method of initializing a NSMutableDictionary . Please anyone correct me here
Prism shell regions not populated when hosted in an MFC CView
ANT Generated jar: is it a namespace issue?
What is the best method of manipulate a MySQL database from a desktop application?
Request: API Call to get list of users that flattred a thing
The best way to have an addEventListener on IE < 9
How to draw paths of decreasing width in android canvas?
Redirecting java System.out.println to file in jruby
Difference between Data Access layer and Database Abstraction Layer and refactoring the Database class [duplicate]
Preg_split captured all result in array
Visual studio debugging view last statement in method?
Can you update file access permission for data file within my own app folder on iPhone
Android apikey Not Supported for Google Map
How to access the local data of a Cassandra node
Why can't find my custom WebControl?
What is the difference between pageX/Y clientX/Y screenX/Y in Javascript? [duplicate]
Check blackberry is connected via USB
R: Using position information of elementswhen looping through a vector.
Two different return types in PHP function [duplicate]
How to do this countdown
Why is Chrome so slow when loading many (鈮�30) png-images?
Using profiles in maven
.htaccess Pretty URL rewrite for PHP pages in a subfolder?
CUDA support in clang
multiple text files in my raw folder, i want to show them 1 by 1 according to the selected item on listview
鈥榓nt鈥�is not recognized as an internal or external command
How to change font size in Spring tutorial windows in STS (Eclipse)?
using jQuery remove() causes memory leak
Telerik grid pagination does not show other page numbers
Add empty header or footer on ListView programmatically
Print nicely a PHP 'mixed' multidimensional array
Customize a table's cell color when the user is returning to the table
Need better understanding of how sizing is determined for Flex/Spark UI elements
How can I find multi-line JavaScript comment blocks using a regular expression?
Nhibernate 3.2 code mapping, problems with mappings to fields
Inno Setup drivers install
Adwhirl android cant parse JSON
Master page oddity on server deployment
How Do I pass the list value for paginate to render properly?
Can I force Git to ignore my config or 鈥渟ite local鈥�data when committing?
Oracle lib for node.js / Oracle connection: which one is better? [closed]
jQuery event when element is created
What is the status of Right To Left languages on Android?
I am getting some extra message when i call my php file from android app
MS Access connecting with Windows Username to SQL Server
TIFFOpen always return NULL in ios
How do I mock a method of a class' member field?
Why are my CSS/JS resources loading with HTTPS?
DOMException with dojo, dgrid, TabContainer, and JsonRest
Extending symfony mailer class in FOSUserBundle
jQuery slider breaks if user clicks next before it can hide the button
Django saving HTTP_REFERER to use it as landingpage information
Which HTML5 mobile framework do you recommend? [closed]
Sharepoint list date format
GROUP_CONCAT or alternative for grouping many to one MySQL results
set permissions for all files and folders recursively
center div horizontally in IE8
PHP/MySQL - Counting items within a query
How in liferay's tabs element control which tab to open
A strange issue with Address Book programming guide for iOS documentation
Is it possible to add QuickWatch Expression programatically when debugging in VS 2010?
sql query - filtering duplicate values to create report
Android: updating displayed preferences from SharedPreferences
What is the best way to pass variables to my unittest instances?
Should conditions be repeated when referencing another contracted method?
jQuery get accessor
IIS 7.5 with an ASP.NET application and trailing slash
Excel file unreadable after adding a 鈥淪UMIF鈥�function to a sheet with C# .NET
Doctrine migration issue. Windows->linux, MySQL 5.5->MySQL 5.1
Google Chrome extension that enables a specific website to trigger a function in the extension code
Most readable way to add elements to Java vararg call
Covariance, contravariance and eliminating superfluous type parameters
Eliminate inner paranthesis runs into empty list and doesn't eliminate using cons
Java regex: Parsing a string with two matching substrings
Appcelerator: How to upload a video using android?
Why Application is crashing when i am closing or recalling the activity?
IE: cursor jump to start in input
Making a Sharepoint publishing site XHTML compliant
xdebug doesn't work in Mac OS X 10.7 platform with Netbeans
ASP.NET ViewState duplicated on postback
How do I create a Oracle trigger that grants permissions
Why do I getting not full response from server?
Different values for title and tool-tip text for anchor tag
Explanation of strong and weak storage in iOS5
How to install Fennec on Windows Vista?
Create navigation/association from table to view in EF 4.0
waiting ajax success end before going trough next iteration
How to check when the document has started loading, document.readyState is not updated
Not setting default locale in Rails 3.1.3
Is my detaching code right?
How do I put header & data in the Tar file format?
Draw text vertically on canvas
How to pass over the HttpAuthentication into selenium webdriver
PHP Form - Undefined constant 鈥橮HP_SELF鈥�
How to handle ASP.NET MVC3 Request Validation exceptions as model or property validation errors
Regular expression that does not allow sequential repetition of the same character
Running an exe file from an eclipse plug-in
Handle different view controllers within an application: creating Custom Content View Controllers
Retrieve ack after syn
Displaying a splash screen [duplicate]
Tool to show assembly dependencies
Tool to show assembly dependencies
How to convert an enum value to a compressed string?
How do I disable GCC optimization when using makefiles?
Use Nokogiri to extract the first 2 table cells in all table rows
min and max in certain lines of input file with the tag of line number
Change all TextField values in all symbols in library of FlashIDE document
Creating a table using a for loop in code behind
Strange behavior using Mage_Catalog_Model_Category
html <form> tag referencing a 鈥渟uper鈥�form tag - Possible?
Removing and appending elements in a FIXML message
In Perl, what is the difference between s/^ s+// and s/ s+$//?
insert into bulk data into the oracle tables with self join
Hibernate Dynamic Order
connection string for remote sql server
Check to update and then insert multiple records at once in mysql?
Management of Static Global Unmanaged Resources in Multithreaded App
ASyncTask Android using the downloaded object in the main Thread
Anyway to block visits to specific URLs, for eg via htaccess?
Custom WPF ListBox using c#
IIS urlMappings redirects and SEO
Setting the List<Bitmap> to a GridView in Android
Abandoned named semaphore not released
How do you 'replace' numbers with 'x's' in jQuery with one button?
Chrome version 17: Refused to execute a JavaScript script. Source code of script found within request
How to define a subroutine in PowerShell
Can auto-generated Peer classes be deleted in Propel?
Where is the small, medium, large, original image functionality from Apple's Mail app?
Website Navigation (jQuery?)
Unrecognised selector sent to instance When changing UIButton background
If statement reading currentTitle of sender UIButton isn't working
Retrieve element within html hierarchy
How to tell if a WebView request succeeded?