Image edge/shape detection in OpenCV
Nested XPath: Finding a node based on another node
jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap : How to detect menu button is presses
How to send packets larger than 1500 bytes by pcap_sendpacket?
Googlemap markers offset on zoom
How to add a line break in a plot title that also contains a greek letter in R
How to pause MPMoviePlayerController when going to another tab?
Good examples of a site search with relevance across multiple tables (php/mysql)
Android - problems with sprite and thread understanding
How to teach emacs remote compilation?
Delay start of JMS Listener (MDB) in JBoss 6.0
Android application allowing users to download online content
How to extract Mean Square of each group of entry?
Reverse Geocoding in Google Maps api 3
Matplotlib, legend with multiple different markers with one label
Looking for foreign keys in a DataSet
How to add offset between two scatter plot graphs using coreplot
How to run gunicorn/a python app server as a non-root user? [closed]
Git mirror with gerrit
Javascript if statement is not working correctly
Restricting what is passed into a method
great size pointer in gcc
Django view returning json without using template
Color console output with C++ in Windows
Get total number of events on each current day
Facebook like issue (disappears on refresh)
Calling selectors from multiple file
Display image of first frame of movie in MPMoviePlayerController before playing movie
Get current hour unix timestamp
ccDrawLine opacity?
doing multiple transactions with POST requests to the payment gateway
Update date to database in vb
Trouble with jQuery 鈥�on()鈥�for future events [duplicate]
How to open multiple files with Delphi
Telerik MVC Grid (Razor) - HeaderTemplate
How can I get Sunspot to index the fixtures for my test environment?
C# Class Auto increment ID
SQLite - There is any organization of data?
Use Input 鈥淚d鈥�instead of Input 鈥淣ame鈥�
Best way to handle a real-time clock?
Silverlight / RIA Services / EF - Custom Objects
Android: Show Soft Keyboard in Custom AlertDialog on EditText Focus
Can resharper javascript intellisense refer to js files in another project in a solution?
Parsing Java code with ANTLR 鈥渘eed concept鈥�
How to 鈥渦nset鈥�element from within iteration
Magento - how to overwrite EAV resource classes?
Embedding Internet Explorer COM Object in a WPF Application
Access java web service in Android
ExtJS 4 callParent not working
Android - Adjust button height by checkbox height?
Call function after view have load index phrases
jqGrid with MVC3 url action not firing
I would like to make the clock appear two times on the statusbar, for the iPod Touch. How do I do so?
How can I inject and remove php code before a function call
Given the choice of using replace with regex/backreferences or split/replace, which would you choose?
I have a context menu item in Explorer, now how is it best to call my process on the file?
Connecting QML and Qt
Config variables available in rails environment file
Clearing the adapter and then add items, A bug fix
How to use Include in query expression with object initilazation using EF 4.1
How to silence the warning of a single PHP statement?
Cocoa: open source tree editor
Castle Windsor Component Lifestyle advice
how to implement a comet server by tornado锛�
XQuery - Optimize a query for a BIG database
Using ListBox to store multiple pieces of data
Creating a delayed constraint using the unity term manipulator in prolog
Resize UIImage with the original ratio
How to pass a method as callback to a Windows API call (Follow-up)?
NullPointerException on dialog.cancel()
Most current iOS version distribution percentage?
PHP, Simplest Two Way Encryption [closed]
Can I call the Functions of a C-Executable from Java?
Linq-to-sql Null value not displayed in combobox bound to FK
asp:button click handler doesn't fire in Chrome
Webview html input form not showing/allowing keyboard
Overloading std::string constructor
UserId and UserName
Browser doesn't cache resources
Android - Setting usage flag
how to prevent php fwrite() from overwriting a line of text on file?
Building APK removes native library version number from filename
Problems with designing UML - like diagrams in graphviz (5 images attached)
invalid character result after reading Z眉rich
Typo3 sr_feuser_register e-mail template not working img tag
What's the best way to implement message queue on medium traffic website
Free alternative to Targetprocess? [closed]
What does 鈥渒illmenothing鈥�in a cookie mean?
git jenkins and tags all together
combo box in struts
Prevent window.onbeforeunload alert box?
Install java program as a windows service: Alternative to JavaService? [closed]
How to preview site on mobile emulators
ABAddressBook change default sort ordering
Django __unicode__ and FK is very slow
Display mulicolumn in dropdown list control at a time
C++ STL: Duplicating code due to missing base-class for iterator and reverse_iterator
How do I open JavaFX projects in Netbeans?
why this pseudo class selector is not working?
Can't generate sequence diagram in VS2010 Ultimate
Android Tab Layout with many tabs
Qt - window over modal dialog
Entity Framework and ObjectContext n-tier architecture
How to dynamically change the Visual Behavior of a control in XAML
TFS Conflict Type: Writable File - A writable file by same name exists locally
Rails equivalent of ApplicationController for models
Get Index Row Clicked in jqGrid
Using ASP.NET Web Site Administration Tool effective
Internal Server Error Uploading Images mod_php VS cgi
How to insert a file into a MySQL database via a stored procedure?
CSS issue with drupal theme
What's the best way to deal with potential runtime exceptions from a java 鈥渦nchecked conversion鈥�
Recording the screen of an iPad 2
How to save the edited contents of the row in NSTableView?
quartz scheduling in spring 3 with batch file
disable/decrease the generation of archived redolog files while importing
Ember.js helper not properly recognizing a parameter
Regexp parse type-3 grammar
xcode Unzip Downloaded issue
Sentiment Analysis of given text
How to use R's sprintf to create fixed width strings with fill whitespace at the END?
SignalR and Missing messages
php variable array name
Why is devise and warden not logging in the user
ios explore other application folder with jailbreak
openTK c# roatating cube example
Add tags when creating product in Magento?
Get edited GridView item when EditingElement is unknown
how to display more than image in JFrame?
Canvas loses style when I create Fabric.js canvas object
php postgresql pdo copy from stdin
Samsung Galaxy S2 2.3.5+ not calling overScrollBy()
VMWare ESXi 4.1 - Shrink Thin disk (without Storage vMotion or 鈥渟delete鈥�filling disk with 0's)
Win32 Api to convert 2-letter (neutral) identifiers to Language
Cassandra: How does the cluster handle dead nodes?
SSIS: does not contain a valid data object
CSS make a width:100% stop against floating objects
how to solve my video thumbnails? nothing display in my emulator screen
Added code-first entity doesn't lazy-load properties
NoSQL (MongoDB/ DynamoDB) Schema
load grid first, then do an async operation on every tile
Server push message with JMS messaging to a JSF web application
Spring integration publishes a message in an outbound topic
Regarding ArrayIndex inside Linq Query
Variable/subroutine inheritance in parent/child structure
Using a variable for Element name in Core Data Predicate
Delphi ReportBuilder how to liberate a file from TppTextPipeline
Map Display in French
Django LDAP auth issue
jqGrid edittype select css class
Any way to rotate canvas drawing context by an absolute value?
How to add a background colour to BarButton [duplicate]
MVC 2 = Counting and other Statistics
Django: conditional 500 response depending on Accept header?
How do I create webgarden in webfarm
search on user type column in nhibernate
regex that replace any chars (expect number/, .)
error UrlHelper and mono
I have a form that collect data from a user that I need to stop with JavaScript
Error in modifying HTTP header information [duplicate]
Filter on a date field not typed as a date
FancyBox2 with no DocType
PhantomJS is not loading scripts correctly from html page with tests
Display an Image with an overlaid polygon
Load Bitmap file from unmanged DLL in managed code
What should I use to get the following maven report?
UIApplicationWillEnterForegroundNotification get called more and more
How to restrict the text field creation with only blankspaces?
Embed Excel Sheet into Asp.Net Web Page
Relearning C: New idioms? [closed]
C language : how to interpret this #define?
iOS - Obtaining CGRect from cell.textLabel.frame
Hibernate + Spring MVC: objects mapping configuration
How to create a panel with a Background-image in Sencha
android layout - top and bottom
Default numeric root Route in MVC
Is it semantically valid to put an aside tag inside a header tag?
Asynchronous response.write() is not working
Intercept screen updates in android
How to set TransactTime in quickFix using Python to GMT format
One is to many relationship in SQL Server Management studio
Is there still no solution for ignoring setter/getter (other trivial methods) with the cobertura-maven-plugin?
How to do something like a SQL JOIN with appengine
How can I move creation of a dialog into an external function in jQuery UI?
What options do I have to protect an online page/directory?
CSS: displaying display:block elements inside display:inline elements
IGB Driver Massive packet loss on Debian Linux 6.0
Rails: gem to map U.S. states and territories to timezones?
Regex - strip out text between first and second forward slashes
Display HTML from other site
Receiving XML with file_get_contents()
Passing arguments from model to controller..Returns only one row
How do you permit PHP to write to a file without compromising server security
What happens when there's insufficient memory to throw an OutOfMemoryError?
Remove the spinner/loading image for error in autocomplete
Can I use the same library in VB6 as a component and a reference?
UITableView for settings: How to make textboxes and selectboxes
Read/Write to proc entry from user space
Collision detection in a rotated rectangle
In, how to sort datagrid view column with numbers and texts on column header click
ANTLR Grammar - Parsing labels and instructions
Android application brought to front when status bar notification is created
which method is best for Bulk Insert?
Function to convert string (yyyyMMddhhmm) into DateTime in C#
implementing the scan function in scheme?
Sort/filter nodes based on relation properties
Call VBA AddIn macro from VSTO PowerPoint Ribbon
How to Make an AJAX Get Request using MVC 3.0 RAZOR?
jquery how to return list of error fields?
svndumpfilter fails with 鈥淚nvalid copy source path鈥︹� error
Is it possible to use a TStringList where a filename was needed in reportbuilder
Programmatically moving to next panorama item on a listbox tap
Prevent AutoCompleteTextView dropdown from appearing
copy a graph (adjacency_list) to another one
SQLite insert works in simulator but not on device
How to get Visual Studio to reread source files after BeforeBuild processing?
android:access database on the server
Add loading circle to JTable
Flex 4: Crossfade transition of two VideoDisplays does not work
Getting max record from vertical table and all verticals
Play Framework issue calling render() method
Visual Studio Projects or Labs? Where?
how to get password from DialogCallbackHandler
Can javascript be used with ASP:GridView (Controls)
android amazon sdk S3 strange issue for putObject
Navigation Bar, Relative Links
Java Stack into GUI
Calling WCF service function with vb script having moniker gives error as: Failed to do mex retrieval
R, Latex, Sweave, ggplot2 - change ggplot dimensions
Generating MAC by encrypting data
User Agent Style-sheet Issue
Scoring of solr multivalued field
How do I access the text in a UILabel IBOutlet from another controller?
Lazy Loading of Layouts
Preselected page-template in wordpress
NetBeans do not compile openGL project
Rails 3 -rendering partials and error 鈥渦ndefined local variable or method鈥�
dynamically adding more values to an arraylist in java
Unnecessary type juggling to define Data.Void (package 鈥渧oid鈥�on Hackage)?
PHP confusion while building a script
How to write to a text file until the application is closed
R cannot be resolved error
Count taking more time on 2.5 million rows of data
Custom test suite for django app
update body with iframe
Eclipse Indigo Java EE HTML Editor - CTRL + SHIFT + F -> not pretty
Retrieve the database rights from php?
Where should I define global functions in ExtJS 4 MVC?
MVC 3 FancyBox and IE data images not displaying properly
TIB Custom Storage
Using OpenGL ES texture caches instead of glReadPixels to get texture data
Why ReportViewer do not return data when created inside another ASP.NET Web Application?
IE8 z-index mess persistent with bigger z-index on parent
Redirect on tab change
Progressbar C# with Command Pattern part -1
Redis 鈥渆victed_keys鈥�purpose
Want to use browserAction and pageAction at the same time
Transfer an archive through NetworkStream
Server.Transfer() Vs. Server.Execute()
out of memory exception while loading a huge DBpedia dump
how to use CSS opacity to let background bleed through in IE8?
How to Implement Radar View for Locations on Map?
Access to global vars
PHP - Can I pass a function name as a function argument?
RavenDB Replication Issue
Mapping block_device to device struct
navigation Bar is not showing up completely in my modal View
Qt + Visual Studio 2010: dependencies not found
Cast object from derived to base and than back
bash - get process id and exit code
How to make GlassFish web server use JRuby on Rails?
Host url validation using preg_match
redirecting files with html extension to files without extension (in url)
Refresh another jsp from a jsp in Web APP
Where to put $wpdb with OOP plugin / widget using and WP_widget extension
Animated UserControl : StoryBoard not starting?
renaming file name by id
Gamma divergence
OAuth REST access_token and instance_url expiry time?
Hints to the compiler using llvm
error while trying to run MapReduce job using eclipse Indigo
Using Setf Syntax in a Loop
how to get name of drawable of an imageview
Why does this javascript based printing cause Safari to refresh the page?
Zend Framework Quickstart Model constructor
Good class name for persistent class?
Android ActionBar options long click event
jquery html5 webkit-animation callback
Unable to suppress keys in a WinForms Application
Memory-Mapped MappedByteBuffer or Direct ByteBuffer for DB Implementation?
how read cookie value using javascript created in C#
Java array sort UTF-8
Android, get PDF thumbnail images in application
Rearrange array in jquery
Communication with hardware using Java via hyper terminal
How to debug template binding errors for KnockoutJS?
Internet Speed Test App from AS3
controlling orientation changes from within a subview
Is there a way to process sensitive data in memory securely on Android?
Multiple Jquery in single web page
NSFileManager read files from server?
UML Class Diagram Generator for PHP and/or Java
Sed wildcards- replace in the middle of certain characters
How to monitor the AJAX Request and Responses in IE 8.0?
Accessing bluetooth lower level profiles
Can you refresh an SSIS Data Cube, from a SSMS database job?
how to modify my page and pass my selected option to java beans
How to get only one instance when calling GetCallbackChannel()?
IE 7: border doesn't work as intended
How to Get SelectedItems From DataGrid Using MVVM
Modeling a Physical Place inside iPhone Application
Is there a way to negate a WHERE clause in SQL?
How to get the time stamp, when the notification is received in iOS?
Multiple Programs in WebGL doesn't work
how to move NetBeans Work space?
This code is writing only one row in DB?
This code is writing only one row in DB?
How to insert data into SQL table in Silverlight application?
iPad 2 back-facing camera field of view
Child Activity inherits Parent Activity
Adding <iframe> into TinyMCE breaks the page layout
Facebook-connect database storage
Adding attribute to option element using forms api : drupal 7
What operations will never throw StackOverflowError?
Find n highest numbers
PHP Security information?
The SQL Server equivalent for the MySQL Limit [duplicate]
how can get the datasource configuration for spring from persistence.xml?
Flex - Web Service - fullstops being stripped
rake db:migrate not working on my postgres db
Stubbing Warden on Controller Tests
Enyo Trying to detect when web service does not work
What is the use of interface in projects except the use of loosely coupling? [closed]
Encapsulating a sync method with async CTP doesn't work
CodeIgniter callback functions with parameters
How to install Python MySQLdb without install MySQL Server
How to do that when the mouse pointer hovers over a QPushButton, then the Button emits a signal?
addChildViewController alternative for iOS 4.3
Cannot cast from Loader<Object> to CursorLoader
Xcode 4.2.1 is not ignoring ignored files (workspace, breakpoints) when making svn commit
Adding index on a existing table in hibernate
MSBuild property and variable overloading
Adobe Air HTML - How to add a drop shadow?
How to notify the user when new message arrives to inbox of the specific application in android?
using href to get to specific part making menu disappear?
Can I make sure no pixels are drawn outside a specified rectangle in HTML5?
iPhone:app becomes 鈥渂lack鈥�when msg 鈥淯IStatusBarStyleBlackTranslucent is not available on this device.鈥�displayed
Sharing a cookie create on one domain with an addon domain
Unbind a router in backbone.js
Getting Facebook ID from contact list
How can I configure selenium webdriver to use custom firefox setup for tests?
Add word under cursor to search pattern
Command-line 'msiexec /norestart /fepmcs /qn' still reboots the PC
Android auto start activity (app starts twice)
Sql server COMMIT without Tran , Transaction?
Pattern for unit testing a form with a Captcha component inside?
How to hide Menu for particular user?
Is there any simple http response parser for Java?
php snippets drupal session messed
Has something changed in the Facebook API to post photos to wall?
UITableViewCell backgroundView not appearing on device
Entity Framework Code-First is very slow
White spaces in command line arguments. Cannot read 鈥淐: Program Files鈥�properly
Automatically log into osCommerce via PHP, using cURL
Style binding options
How to manage requirements of a User Story
Is there any disadvantage to using PRINT in my stored procs?
Tweeting from Cocoa app
How to prevent browser from remembering text field content? [duplicate]
Set Datetime format - C#
I can't add WCF reference to windows mobile project?
Ruby on Rails and Mac OS Lion super slow! Why?
How to identify which of the two JComboBoxes has generated an itemchanged event?
maven exec exec , refrence to scripts in other jar
What to consider when externaly writing to a Rails-DB?
JavaScript / CSS: How to color table cell groups of equal elements
Interactive C# Process Communication
Files are not removed on uninstall, using Wix
can forms be sent in MIME format
How do I keep ezSQL connection alive?
How to deleted More than One record from a Particular SQlite Table in android
Hide / Show selectOneMenu depending on value selected in another selectOneMenu in Primefaces
.net cross-application configuration settings
UISearchbar with UIStoryboard: segues and custom cells do not work correctly
Get selected ListBox item
Is there a better way to monitor keystrokes than system wide WH_CBT hook?
customizing .emacs file broke my Meta key
Stopping springBatch JobExecution halts steps, but job itself stuck on 'STOPPING' status
How can i set value of style with ConfigurationFile?
Why is validationEngine() not working?
Exception: Content Type application/mspd1 was sent to a service expecting application/soap+msbin1
Get Exchange Mailbox info using C# without Powershell
Get data transferred from S3Object
Rails 3.1 Asset Pipeline not precompiling files from a different directory
App crashes in iPad IOS 5.0.1
C# Font class design
Setting maven javadoc plugin to generate private methods/fields documentation
cant run a zend controller/action
How to find Number of Occurences of Slash from a strings
select block of text, right click and change it to something else like *****
Access The 1st object in the pipe powershell
horizontal navigation bar done in CSS
How to correctly append many divs using jquery?
Is there any way to create multiple new columns for a table based on result set with mysql script
Custom STS & Azure ACS error ACS50008: Invalid SAML token
How to see the compilation platform of a static library file
creating Keyspace
What is wrong with this piece of C++ code? [closed]
unix socket error 14: EFAULT (bad address)
SQL Duplicate column name error
Pause the calling another activity from one activity
Boost Signed/Unsigned Comparsion of size_type and index of multi_array
python scipy.optimize.newton says it does not converge, however it seems as it would
mysqli_fetch_row() empty result, no errors
Using ActiveRecord scope for calculation with multiple columns?
What is java eqivalent for getElementAt(double x, double y) from acm java Libraries(GraphicsProgram);
calendar view in android
Sharepoint 2010 email event receiver
Avoiding Copy-Paste code initialising a series of SDL_Rects in a Struct
php email - how to avoid mail ending up in spam box
Change href attributes stops functionality with Rails and Jquery
Location of an image on layout?
Commenting on my code [closed]
Rails - Protecting web app from piracy
Gridview Update error
Get an element from an array directly from the method call in PHP
How to set an Interface as a return type of a web method in a web service
How to check if a checkbox is unchecked?
Check existence of YAML key
Why do I get exception 鈥淭he execution of the InstancePersistenceCommand named LoadWorkflowByInstanceKey was interrupted by an error鈥�
How to destroy() my popup correctly in Sencha Touch
Getting primary key of each row inside for loop in sql server 2005
Link shared library when using WAF and NS3
Write a script to identify max number of concurrent ajax calls allowed by browser for a particular domain
Using microsoft chess in visual studio 2010
JDBC query multiple databases
Enabling and disabling a form depending the value of a select
access python ctypes structure from c shared library
Use of '?' during casting [duplicate]
How to pass Value from UIViewController to UIView?
Add text to unlocked screen on iPhone
replace 4byte UTF-8 characters
Android services : one multipurpose services or many task dedicated services?
List not loaded when get an object
when start App, than how to remove this Titanium default Page or picture?
Elmah not logging IIS errors
I want to make two Card to flip at the same time in Qt QML
In ASP.NET MVC3, shall I place the checks on my search filter in the controller or service layer?
What is the best way to do inline serialization of JSON data using JACKSON?
.net and jirasoapservice
protect cell.textLabel.text on scroll event of UITableView
Searching Lucene.Net index for an url field
django export images and text in the html as pdf
Want to display latest foursquare checkin's
scala range returns Long instead of Int
What's wrong with my code parsing the kml to Google Earth?
How to quickly check if NSString object is a valid url?
HTTP Status 404 on Spring 3.1 MVC app
c++ copy-construct instance into map
robust standard errors in ggplot2
Cucumber/capybara feature always passes regardless of page content
@font-face Safari font mime type warning
Loading null values into Primitive types
Show a form filed by clicking a link on different results of a mysql select query while loop
how to get value of dynamic checkbox?
cyclic equals() results in stackoverflow
How to add library project with the current development project in blackberry
Required Parameters in Objective-C Constructors
GUI Trouble reading JTextField
Continue executing after window appears
How to press only one key at time
Displacement Map Filter in OpenCV
Android: Delete File and MediaStore-Entry
How do i create an svg element with Raphael js?
calling another view internally without the usage of button in an iphone app
pyodbc vs Progress OpenEdge
Designing related query for implementing a Restful application in Spring 3
Changing my Domain
Add context menu in registry
Pressing submit button in WebBrowser control
How to access and see Liferay
Strange results from IndexOf on German string
Struts2 select tag with 2 different values
How to save ALAsset image to disk fast on iOS?
How to generate custom URL in MVC3, instead of passing my parameters as query string
DataGridView cells
Getting count of different records from single table-MySQL
Linq to sql Efficient Solution
Separate housenumber from address
How to load XML document and Query data on user selection
Spring JSON and XML
PrintWriter only sending part of string Java
Javascript Convert Array to Object
How to get the sub-process pid in the expect shell script, after spawn
Is there any benefit in catching different exceptions separately?
sed extracting group of digits
BIRT, how to get the length of the report parameter?
Asp.Net MVC 3 JSON Model Binding not working
Perforce: how to get missing file from Depot to Workspace?
WP - jQuery does not work on homepage
Changes to be made for JDBC datasource while migrating from tomcat 7 to weblogic 11g
What is the difference between these two XML structures ?
Adding a stylesheet in a layout template
Custom editor template with events MVC3
How to implement unit test for a simple C function that returns binary data?
blueprintcss, Two Span-12s inside One Span-24?
Transform conditional projection to boolean
iOS symbolicate crash log only symbolicates a few lines
How do I see which dll a namespace is being imported from?
RandomForest for Regression in R
CSS Styles conflict
How to summarize all item detail totals at the foot of a report?
wxPython GUI as a web-client
Why is the leading white space gone?
Tomcat 7 in Eclipse Indigo: javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: Resource /WEB-INF/classes not found
Loading Assemblies in c# application at runtime not present in application working directory
Android - Make scrollbar in HorizontalScrollView clickable
SQL Server: Unable to create relationship
Error due to variable scope in PHP
Code refactoring - initialize class from array
Running mount command in shell script
identify tabs in QT Qtabwidget
Elastic search over an already existing lucene index
Regex to extract the first occurence of a letter
User legitimacy in wireless network
Merge strategy for whitespace only changes?
Can you use pre-defined Action<T> in Control.BeginInvoke
Polymorphic association confusion, get resource through association
ImageView.setImageURI method does not shown image on android
How to check minimum thai words on jquery
Macports installing binutils
HTML5 video background on iPad/iphone
How can I sort method implementations according to their declaration order
PayPal express / Active Merchant - not displaying line items or cart total?
Openrasta Data Serialization Issue
base64 request not working via HTTPGET in android
Need a solution for this scenario of updating tables in my database
how to display video thumbnails?
Struct with `initializer_list` ctor inside union?
PyQt - how to disable scientific notation in QLabel
How can I get the return value of jquery post function?
What does this regex/re-write do?
mongodb return person if comments
GPath to find if a table header contains a matching string
webpage in webview is blank
dirent.h casuing problems with ShellAPI.h
Does iTunes pass referral parameters on iPhone once app is installed?
ASP timer Control is refreshing the whole page?
Reading an .xml file from sdcard
Which JDK's distributions can run `javac -source 1.6 -target 1.5`?
Uploading an image to a specific Facebook Album
Cassandra configs
Rounding Euro cent method [closed]
Efficient way to display the List View in Android
Splash screen Xcode progress bar
jquery quicksearch - special characters
datagrid checkbox checked status
Should I use iframes to change the contains of a div when clicking on menu?
Updating ExpandableListView with notifyDataSetChanged()
I need to parse 250 files, totalling at 1gb of data and upload it to a SQL server. Can I get more efficient than this?
Order of random cached view different when out put in a block or with views_get_view
Unable to use the quaqua look and feel
How to move GWT HorizontalSplitPanel's splitter programmatically?
How to set Qt::Vertical headerData of QSqlQueryModel increasing numbers when doing pagination
Why i can't read the next rows in ResultSet
Wheres my css styling gone?
Zend Navigation Custom Rendering
Both vertically and horizontally scrollable tableview
Standards and Precautions to be taken while starting a universal application in ios
Codeigniter: Passing helper functions to the CI error_404.php file
SMTPClient.Send not able to parse the special Character
How can I make sure that the port I want to use is always available (i.e. not in use)?
How to create dynamic UI in android? [closed]
Firemonkey Grid Control - Styling a Cell based on a value (via the OnGetValue function call)
Execute file with long file path
Android-Making checkbox state stable even after closing the application:
PHP usort sorting multiple fields
jquery slide toggle as a form checkbox
C# Datagridview performance suffers when hiding many rows
code format mess up in Netbeans IDE
Use of the Rx Window operation with a TimeSpan over an observable event prevents garbage collection
iOS Developing: Use icons in custom application
How do I center an image using jqmobile
PHP email form error
How to change Menu hover color - WINFORMS
Multiple Step Registration Form PHP/MySql using sessions
fixed size C-style arrays in class declarations
jquery calling getJson on button click
(e)grep: accented characters not recognised as part of a word
Unexpected VLOOKUP & MATCH behaviour
sed move text in .txt to next line
NAnt ignoring property in included build file
FFPlayer Simple Program Delphi
C# Linq - group where multiple columns match?
Haskell Map and Filter [closed]
How to uninstall Hadoop 1.0.0
Can not use hidden commandButton with @RequestScoped backing-bean
Adding an existing SQL Server 2008 database to plesk [closed]
Django return json and html depending on client python
Function default arguments and headers
Linq to entity: How to groupby date part of datetime
App is not working in the background mode
Play2-mini and Akka2 for HTTP gateway
Restrictive access to fields in workitem
Parts of a URL: host, port, path
How to graph a function for several sets of parameters in Maxima
when UISegmentcontrol item changing, why it will hide customBadge in IOS 5?
How to identify the inequality involved in an arithmetic expression specified by a prolog query?
Python thread doesn't work as expected
Filtering specific data from XML using PHP ( UPDATE
Cocos2d, Weird position offset when using CCParallaxNode
Retrieving Linkedin Group discussion posts
Get base url in model
How to convert complex XML to .NET Class? [duplicate]
iOS screen is constantly refreshed using UIAccessibility voiceover
Getting No Test Results after customising the build template for nunit tests in TFS 2010
iOS screen is constantly refreshed using UIAccessibility voiceover
Getting No Test Results after customising the build template for nunit tests in TFS 2010
HQL always returns empty IList
Dot is implicitly converted into hash while converting data from Excel file to XML
Is this possible to customize printf?
Is there any way to set the visibility of QLabel in Qt Designer
source code for lccs_10_3Beta.swc
How do I set automatic reminder email using PHP?
Java 7 Automatic Resource Management JDBC
how to place star rating image next to the textlabel
Confusion in window built in authentication (web.config)
Size for the buffer which GetUserNameEx() returns
Intellisense do not find actions
alarm iphone sdk
C - File Input/Validation LINUX/Windows Issue
How does Rails 3 load the model layer in production mode and resolve model dependencies?
How to read elevation data from WMS response?
Draw filled dynamic polygon in Cocos2D, iOS
Entity Framework doesn't create Database
What are the differences between char literals ' n' and ' r' in Java?
Sorting list of objects
Creating a Daily timetable in Visual Web Developer
Cocos2d change image of hero in accelerometer when an object hits it
How to TextView array
looping is not done
JVM configuration for windows server 2008 R2 64-bit
Pinterest Gridview implementation on iOS
Hide XML declaration in files generated using PHP
Trouble using COALESCE function in sql
Spring Security remember-me services
Insert date into SQL without taking care of the regional settings
Hibernate field multiple alias
How to show maps on half screen in Android using geo URI?
Unable to periodically send SMS from PC to mobile
Ibook Pagecurl Animatiion
Collapse jQuery Accordion On Click
How to close cerr
Generate object files in subdirectory using a Makefile
Http upload with progress info, in C++ (Poco/Boost)
Better way of distributing objects/classes inside a project
nsdocument nswindowcontroller nsviewcontroller - one xib?
distinguish where the user has come from
How to access checkmark drawable in Android OS?
How to split a string after specific character in SQL Server and update this value to specific column
php mysql - should i add the field 鈥渃ategory-name鈥�to a table or not?
Rails3 and Omniauth-google
Stripping (XML?) markup from a document using python
North calculation based on magnetometer and gyroscope
Doctrine Querybuilder issues in symfony2. Usage questions
Highlighting text/regions from an elisp script
algorithm scheduling, round robin tournament with multi teams / game
How do I install cygwin components from the command line?
Linked Select Lists with KnockoutJS
Using boilerpipe to extract non-english articles
jQuery show() function display inline block. How?
UINavigationController's view and 20 points offset
Canceling android ads after payment
How to use virtual functions to achieve a polymorphic behavior in C++?
Separate ID and Class for JS and CSS
Generating a custom excel file from an excel file template
In java, how can I work with objects which can be either String or List<String>? [duplicate]
Select random item with weight
How to change the headers in the SOAP response?
ASP.NET MVC 3.0 - Maintain model state
unoconv not working while trying to convert. throws Error: Unable to connect or start own listener. Aborting
How pass window handler from one page to another? (JavaScript)
Upload images from camera or gallery to facebook wall code android
using a subclass of UITableViewCell in IB - Why is there a need to override drawRect:?
Find the missing number in agroup {0鈥�^k -1} range
How can I create a Backbone View with two or more liked nodes?
Determine if number is in the binary sequence 1 2 4 8 16 32 64 etc [duplicate]
Data mining RoR-app for dribbble-shots [closed]
ping webservice through ajax
ListView not appearing in application
Flyway 'migrate' ant task error: 鈥淯nable to find path for sql migrations [鈥鈥�
Perl Queues and Threading
SQL Server: How to declare function as variable inside computed column
Komodo IDE 7 crashes on Ubuntu 11.10
PHP opensource auction site [closed]
Highlight local variables, object attributes and constants in Emacs24 + CEDET
Haskell existential quantification in detail
How to connect remotely with am Oracle Forms Server in jdeveloper
Regarding Sql Profiling
how to find per-user disk-space-usage?
How do I correctly read and print an accented character from SQLite?
Maps with multiple types of values in java
how do i solve the XMLStreamException
setting Installation path during installation
How to get the version of open office / libreoffice and unoconv in my system?
ExceptionInInitializerError when trying to upload a file with an Android device
Can i Merge Two different processes using process builder
App Engine Connected Android Project Error
some characters is not visible well in joomla 1.5
G++ compiler error. What on Earth does any of this mean and how do I fix it?
How to receive the email with attachment?
server to handle 70 requests a second each with a response time less than 50 milli seconds
ExecuteExcel4Macro to get value from closed workbook
Python : read array in binary file
Validate form field using function in jquery
Count Chars in a String Java
ExecuteExcel4Macro to get value from closed workbook
Python : read array in binary file
Validate form field using function in jquery
Count Chars in a String Java
Displaying the To address prefilled in Email Intent?
Set property to element
Looking for a user-centric plugin for Redmine/Chiliproject
Overriding a variable when extending a class with a different type in Java
Google places-autocomplete library
Running startup code right after Django settings? (also for commands)
ExtJS: ajax based search form
Easiest way to get time in hour and minutes from a long time format in sql?
Is it possible to execute a command relative to a Terminal shell script?
Adding new option in the action button of sugarCRM
android SQLite raw and normal query returning only one column
changing Firefox addon sdk toolbarbutton icons at runtimes
Creating square iPhone photo
Twitter Rate Limits and Cron caching with rails
BigDecimal.movePointRight() hangs with very large numbers
How to read values from properties file?
can i invoke a program on linux through selenium automation script?
OSX Leopard - throttle a shared internet connection
jquery full calendar: initialize an array from source every time new events are fetched
Problems occurred when invoking code from plug-in: 鈥渙rg.eclipse.jface鈥�
Referring to my custom BitmapDrawable from android:src in a resource XML
Can someone explain how I might use this function call that includes a delegate?
Android - Vertical align of Listview row content
Overriding default style for border makes my WPF window rounded
Dynamic JTree and SwingUtilities.invokeLater() does nothing
How to store multiple List<NameValuePairs> for later post to server?
Graphic Error after closing MessageBox
Ajax, Javascript variables and server-side variables - Rails
Injecting many decorated instances with Guice 鈥�on mixing HessianServlet with Guice
Getting CPU usage of a process in C#
google docs by content
textarea autosuggest for both @mentions and #tags
Request for member 'direction 'in something not a structure or union
Facebook Graph API put Like issue.?
Script Redirecting Even when valid
Oracle bulk insert via stored proc. taking too much time
how to reset the color in opengl after using glColor4f
repository pattern and overhead..?
Disabling Android auto-complete filtering
Rationale behind render :new instead of redirect_to new for POST create?
How do I detect a pan gesture that starts outside my view?
Fail to build pg gem
Getting gtk.gdk.window.handle on Windows
How do I update parent records in mysql using php
Is there a windows shell tool can keep history? [closed]
Integer constant is too large for its type AND invalid operands to binary operators
Programmatically answer the call
My google maps pan zoom control buttons not appearing
Templates and const on c++
Annoying format for functions
deserializing JSON to .net object using NewtonSoft
Creating calculated measure on a measure by relating it with another measure
Deletion of this pointer
Download HTML pages concurrently using the Async CTP
In app purchasing device problems
How to transfer a file From Client to Server in GWT using fileUpload
Create a dataframe with a variable number of copies of each row in a source dataframe
How can i set a sql server user to execute stored procredures in readonly mode
attaching windows service to skype Public Api
Dynatree - Open link in a new window many time
How to delete a file on Linux using exec
Copy/Paste part of a file into another file using Terminal (or Shell)
Changing Column Height for ListView Column
Sending HTTP requests from a pool of IP addresses on rotation basis to avoid throttling
How to break an infinite for(;;) loop in C?
Convert sql query to mySql,Need Top 5 records of each category
reading from a file to associative array in php
Hibernate not inserting data into Derby database rows
How to activate / deactivate multiple users in membership
How to create carousel ViewPager?
downloading quaqua look and feel to integrate with the java application in windows
Access String Resource from different Class Library
Restoring lost commits in git
Using boost string algorithm predicate with a bind
how does 鈥済etChild鈥�works in twisted
Dynamically insert javascript using Javascript?
How to invoke an opened Exceed window to run a Perl script using a Schedule Task
How to keep track of the time duration that a foreground application is active
Foreach function to start from the 2nd value in the array
jQuery Mobile, setting 'Go' button on iPhone keyboard with multiple buttons
fixed-fluid-fixed layout
How to calculate number of used columns per row in excel 2007 vba
C++ is mixing my strings?
Backbone.js - sharing part of a model with another view
Our application crashes - How to find the cause of the crash?
Redirect to an error page in JSF
How to preview in Outlook code attachments?
Spell checker with fused spelling error correction algorithm
Is it possible to create properties on the fly, with a .NET dynamic object? [duplicate]
How can I pass a string, or list of function names to be processed as callbacks in Javascript
jQuery with rails .show only works first time in iterative do
Hot to access group folders / shared folders from EWS (ExchangeService) in c#
Showing vertical bar when splitting in GNU Screen
remove toast and also destroy or force stop thread
Adding buttons over windows border
How and where to call my Task when extending AsyncTask
jquery $.post error when called from Bootstrap Modal
Filter memberof groups of user
Error in configuring cakePHP even after renaming the databse.php and editing it
How to parse a xml [closed]
android Intent.ACTION_VIEW crash when call market URL
Why is the average of comparisons of k-ary search is k* ln(N) / ln(k)?
Downloading many large files through Amazon EC2 Hadoop
Strange javascript assignment
How to let a user open a file stored on the server?
How to pass an argument using IShellLink::SetPath function
Rule engine for User notification - Which type to use for computer games?
why not use translation API's instead of resource bundle approach?
The simplest way to write a unit conversion program
Internal Server Error In Subdomains Using PHP
Divide the image into 4 equal parts by clicking on the button
Playing mp3 in a Listview in Android
Oracle Stored procedure Structured Parameters
PHP DOM Search HTML and specify the location of an IMG within P
Setting up fastcgi with nginx
Can i view word document in siverlight ?
Rails Actions > Common view?
Entity Framework mergeoption notracking bad performance
The best way to use Foreign Keys(FK) [closed]
Random errors in Play project hosted on TomCat: exception ClientAbortException: null
Accessing the raw data of an audio track in a video asset for real time processing
Is using Action.Invoke considered best practice?
Django Transaction managed block ended with pending COMMIT/ROLLBACK when checking perms
Size of class - C++
How to recursively delete items from table?
error updating inside js (tabbed panel) [closed]
Selecting the p tag within a div with an id, using a sibling h3 tag with a class
screenshot and printscreen is not working in eclipse
Silverlight and RX: Why I have to resize the Browser to update the UI?
Android & iPhone UI Components comparison [closed]
C++ STRINGS regular expression
Import object attributes as global variables
Java Swing: addWindowListener repeating
design very large database for searching text
Database News -> User associated on RoR
Cocos2D: Access objects CGRect from a loop
Is there any platform that not supports ANSI C 89?
What is the best way to iterate over the lines of a Java String?
Facebook timeline cover photo iphone
Give some links or source code of Line chart which is embedded into application
php code to call javascript function returns function is not defined
How to use java class and it's attributes inside a javascipt code
jar file doesn't open upon double click
OnClickListener in a dialog button is called twice with a long processing
IE10 and HTML5 audio
OnClickListener in a dialog button is called twice with a long processing
IE10 and HTML5 audio
How to write to a file using non blocking IO?
Eclipse with android plugin - Blocked at 鈥渃alculating requirements and dependencies鈥�
How do associative arrays work in JavaScript?
iPhoto like NSButton
Rhino mock assert.IsNotNull failed
Facebook Error: (#200) The user hasn't authorized the application to perform this action
Reading listview items from another class
How to Create Plugin For application Preferences In BlackBerry [closed]
Does opening a sqlite connection per query affect the performace? Is that mandatory for multi-threading support?
And / Or condition in Spring annotation based validation
Internet explorer error message
How to change reply address in outlook mail using Outlook Macros
How to know which is the previous Activity in Android?
Unknown 鈥渉alf鈥�error [closed]
Do these stacks need to be merged?
Does further queryset manipulations change original queryset
No Launcher activity found, despite being declared in manifest.xml
Display variable with auto-increment
jQuery Div rotate?
django.core.context_processors.request Not working
GWT Validator framework for client side validation in java
Kohana ORM, rewriting an ORDER BY and GROUP BY query
move shape with S:move MXML
Do I need to add RowVersion TimeStamp type property 鈥淓ntity Framework Code First鈥�to Parent and Child classes?
How to call Java script method when navigation pane item clicked
catching id passe in url using jquery [duplicate]
parallel_for slow inside visual studio
Maven Codehaus findbugs plugin 鈥渙nlyAnalyze鈥�option not working as expected
Encrypt the XML element whie writing to the file in java
Mondial database in all languages
WP7 Webbrowser InvokeScript errors
Favicon image in the image tag issue in IE
jQuery Carousel not working as intended
select 19/12 return 1,I need in decimal that is 1.58 (sqlserver 2005)
Marklogic - highlighting cts:element-attribute-range-query output
Unable to create Web Worker from inside webworker in Chrome
How to write CDATA in php
How to load an assembly from GAC with wildcards in version number
SOQL - Convert Date To Owner Locale
Using SQL 'AS' statement in Yii CDBCriteria
Webdriver executeScript command makes firefox irresponsive
3D trajectory reconstruction from video (taken by a single camera)
Search and extract a file from jar. Java
Can the as keyword replace try/catch block?
expected Hash (got Array) for param 'samples'
Some styles are not working?
jQuery page loading spinner full screen
jQuery page loading spinner full screen
Facebook connect in android app
Android authentication with Google OpenID. What next?
paginated search results with filters for MVC
NSArrayController keeps being empty after removing all objects from CoreData
It seems that LIKE does not work on MySQL NDBCLUSTER
Insert Func<T, int> value into linq-2-sql query
SQL Server 2005 remote connections
IE9 - File download dialog box
How to force wget to skip links leading to parent elements?
Razor making the build time longer
Sorting a list in Orchard CMS
Incorrect position of Swing components
Copying 2d arrays
Android Button and drawable area
Access Key Value pair in XML directly
MONO mscorlib.dll customize
wordpress plugin query is not setting properly
Converting numbers into alphabets in c++
Upgrade SQL Server 2008 to 2008 R2 [closed]
iOS - Display UINavigationBar drop shadow behind UITableViewCell
Android how to play video using VLC Player?
How to add android library (xx.jar) to apk in command-line?
Adding system status bar item by Carbon Application
Add img toahref tag
No UPC information in the Spotify Apps API search results?
Issue with executing files
Java boolean not behaving with breakpoints in if statement
How can I map inheritance with subclasses
Qt and databases save and open them
ListBox.SelectedIndex in ContextMenu event handler
Use custom map image in UIMapView
SFTP/SSH Java agent in Domino
Should I switch from Vows to Mocha?
How can I peek into a Mesage from a Filter?
Web Service bound to Web role in Windows Azure?
Sample from repeated binomial distribtion
Why does the PrinterJob[JAVA] Dialog still appear in the host computer even if accessed via network by others?
Adding a resultset to an existing result set
Rollback transaction in a Spring @Controller and show exception message in view
Doctrine findBy with OR condition
default button for panel is not working.?
Different activities within a tab and redirection between the tabs
Java rounding with a bunch of nines at the end
How to write a function that notify me when someone mention me on irc in Emacs
Using 鈥渟trcmp鈥�on specific members of a character array in c
how to get page to a specific part of page?
New runat=鈥渟erver鈥�div element on aspx, does it require compiling?
error code 3 unknown method in android facebook app during post message on wall
Result Execution and Presentation when Blackbox Testing
c# database retrieving informations
Iphone UITabBarItem image not shown
MVC 3 Globalization - Australian Currency
sending data through JSON(AJAX function) but not able to access the controller of respective page
Strange exception in ListView Android
H264 stream incorrect height [8 pixels taller]
Floating menu via jQuery just works in Mozilla
How Cobol dynamic call works using group as programm identifier?
Get MVC3 to use Oracle for user roles and memberships
How to start an Activity at the start up or boot of phone in android
Doctrine 2 DQL query with class name?
The type of the SQL statement could not be determinated
Memory leak in MS.Win32.HwndSubclass
Set UiWebView's minimumZoomScale and maximumZoomScale with custom value in iPhone/iPad Objective c
Objective c property issue
emulator restarts every time in finding location using gps
trial and error do while statement in iOS
Improve sql query function performance
QuickBooks QBFC explanation
Unable to add multiple rows using WHILE statement in servlets
read[command] in bash
How to check the node exists in xml and returns the string values by reading CDATA values
Interceptor destroy method
.dylib made with Delphi XE2 cannot be used by Xcode app
howto: push() function in js not inserting value
Ruby : how to prevent modification of an array instance variable through an attribute reader
Phonegap - 1 off data capture on app load
jqGrid filter row is out of sync with grid columns
Display tooltip on mouseover event in MVC3 WebGrid
Return two result sets when using WITH TempResults AS
regex help in java
Where to put these kind of queries in DDD
Treeview Expand/collapse not working?