Can't add another table row condition to my SQL query
Fluent Nhibernate tutorial runtime error: Invalid object name
function that try to connect to different irc servers in emacs
How to convert image to byte array using javascript only to store image on sql server?
passing a variable to a link in setText in ExtJS
Tutorial for Django CMS App Hook
Choice of logging framework for open source java project
Trying to add Django Countries to Django
perl handling error if remote node is not exist
How to install an XAP from the commandline in a windows mobile 7 standalone emulator?
returning a specified value if there are no results
鈥渄ebug on device鈥�in sony ericsson phones
Append xml document to bottom of existing xml doc
How to find which service invoking my app?
Drawing rectangle on a JPanel
MySQL search for partial matches and some columns not indexed
How can I override the location.assign or location.replace functions in JavaScript?
Can't get GIF animated
Store Images in SQLite database and retrieve in ios5
How to distinguish a 'move' drag operation from a copy on OSX
How to grayed out the button in Xpage
WindowInteropHelper fails to construct in C++/CLI
Delete code pattern using sed?
Jquery Required Dependency Expression
Trying to understand why multimap constructs / desctructs like it does
using .Equals() failing in Predicatebuilder
Objective C Core Plot: Pie chart legends
imageview.setImageMatrix does not change the image
Can I delete xxxxxxxAreaRegistration.cs?
Is there a better way to ensure a number is positive?
What Android tablets are developers using to writing & test USB Host apps?
Recognize images in Python
Change Output Of PAUSE Command In Batch File
How to set the initial map area in OpenLayers?
Remove doesn't work in cloned object
Cross platform continuous integration pipeline for C++ / Qt applications
Convert drop-down into textbox?
Gson: parse generic collections
What is the yum command to install Eclipse Indigo for Java EE developers?
Should I use a global boolean variable in this case?
C++ library error redefinition types
file operations on local sever using codeigniter
Custom validation on custom widget
Line chart using aChartengine
how to add icons beside app_name in android
Is there any method in appDelegate which is called when application crashes?
jqgrid toolbar search or external search feature
Jquery validation Ajax JSON charset change?
What graphical framework for Eclipse RCP can be used to draw trees (or graphs) over tables?
PHP Mail stops working without me editing the code
Ms sql server or mysql [closed]
Low performance CUDA code on GT540M
Spacing between thead and tbody
霉,茅 it turns in to 锟�
Getting auto-completion to work in an IDE using Coffeescript and external Javascript libraries such as jQuery
eliminate the difference between captured bitmap data and filled FXG Paths?
Python, string formatting, strange output
Splitting individual element in a List<string>?
Android edittext - enter in 鈥渢ext selection mode鈥�
android: how to add children from an xml layout into a custom view
Posting JSON from hidden form field
Unable to solve error on map: map<int,Element>::iterator i2=0;
ThreadPoolExecutor internals
Getting Error While force close/relaunch from eclipse
alert not working in html in phonegap
C# Loop, SQL and retrieving infos
Getting Error While force close/relaunch from eclipse
alert not working in html in phonegap
C# Loop, SQL and retrieving infos
htaccess URL wrong redirection
Moving App to production mode in Symfony 2
ie8 - limiting text width to image width when the image has only max-width
Integrating gedit or kate in a Qt Application
How to clean up error handling in a function?
In PL/SQL (Oracle), can exceptions propagate across function/procedure calls?
Plot two curves in logistic regression in R
aggregation on Multiple LEFT JOIN performance issue (SQL SERVER)
DISK_PERFORMANCE struct's ReadTime and WriteTime members
How to [group by] the datatable and put the result in another datatable?
Can I find the tag with selected text in a chrome extension?
Query for filter in SQL to extract data and display in c# DataGrid
How to keep a local object not be GCed in c#?
not able to update gridview
How to make list attachment mandatory in SharePoint 2007
tap event not working in view
Blackberry - Where is SQLite Database stored?
ios didReceiveAuthenticationChallenge status
Android listen for messages from server socket
Silent Print of HTML url with desired printer name
ASP.NET - Are there any advantages or differences in using (Type)Container.DataItem and Eval() within Server tags?
Localise nested virtual attribute in Rails
Json Request in iphone
R: plot with pdf as background
File upload not working using URLRequest in flex
Salesforce REST API Login?
Restricting multiple users to commit changes to datalist at the same time (
TFS Continuous Integration Build Trigger only one project in a solution
Function to merge 'infinite' number of arrays
User Statistics in php
Distinct in LINQ
Is there any possibility to update facebook and twitter details from user application
Scrollable <textarea> in iPhone
Hadoop Custom Input format with the new API
How to Implement Icon Overlay
How to pass a shell variable to awk in Bourne shell?
Store RMS to memory card
Tags in list c#
Detecting if a COM port has closed
*** glibc detected *** 鈥� free(): invalid next size (normal): 鈥�** after fclose();
Finding Technical background of a website
VB.NET Listbox selectedindex
iPhone: find one string in another with case insensetive
What is the difference between async.waterfall and async.series
Elegant pythonic cumsum
paypal orders go to abandoned orders in opencart
Creating a random order for my quiz questions
Deploying a WCF application in Windows Azure
Clojure Function Error 鈥淜ey must be integer鈥�
iOS Resize and crop not squared images - high quality
child table overlapping parent div
iOS UIStepper on Android
How to call a PUT REST WCF method from C#
Gallery with popup market style in app
SQL Select DISTINCT ID where Description contains certain text value
How to replace a value in msha file using powershell?
ASP.NET Mobile Website Development Checklist
iOS push notification - send a message to everyone
getWindowManager() returns Null?
AccessViolation C++/CLI
Ploting 鈥渞eal size鈥�figures in matplotlib (scrollbars instead of zooming)
How make jQuery pinned/grid layout?
Can constexpr function evaluation do tail recursion optimization
Do next to floated elements get padding by default?
How to get the name of calling activity?
How to test windows 7 application on MAC OS?
NoClassDefFoundError exception when trying to use SOOT
Accept/handle print job in C#
Legend not getting displayed -Dojo
CakePHP: different routing based on extensions
QApplication::activeWindow always returns '0' on Mac
Entity framework does not return null
How to copy to and run an html5 file present in an Android phone's memory?
Benchmarking/Profiling JavaScript
jQuery: Every 5 seconds, automatically click on next image in a list?
modular function for getting total shipping sizes
use of build-helper-maven-plugin and multi module skip the test
zend database connection
main considerations while publishing application using SQL server Database
Formatting double for showing only 4 digits
Cryptographic accelerator and .NET
tiled textures across a google map in javascript
JavaScript unit testing tools for Visual Studio / Build Server - any consensus yet?
Adding a Place in Google Maps through KML
Is it possible to save a custom variable for each user on their account?
What thing I will need for creating a front end for Python based on LLVM architecture?
Debugging when using require.js cache destroy session by sessionid
how to use internal files stored at /data/data/[package]/files in android?
false error from Eclipse: Function '__android_log_print' could not be resolved (Android, CDT)
Porting development environment from Visual Studio 2003 to 2010: why am I getting LNK2005 errors?
I want to turn this flash element on my page into javascript/jquery鈥�
Why does memcpy fail to copy Eigen matrix data, but std::copy succeed?
How to get the password and username from odbc.ini elegantly in Perl
Looping through objects in Objective-C
xml access contain
2 buttons one form
How to use Bugzilla API in C#
PHP Warning: Division by zero in */public_html/wp-content/themes/news/functions.php on line 20
Jquery css(width, 0) not working if the element is hidden
How to get groovy to evaluate ${sth} when stored in string?
WTP dependency does not seem to be working
Best date format for timestamps in a MongoDB document?
MULE ESB : Binding multiple Web Services to one Client
How to provide different pages on login for different users?
MySQL: Precision of a Datefield
if map.insert fails how check its failure without using bad_alloc
Primefaces 3.1 Overlay panel misfunctioning on IE8
MapView custom onTouch never called after zoom controls
Bash & (ampersand) operator
Adding scroll bars to a listview using JqueryMobile
Javascript AJAX function call delayed
IIS6 and gzip. Download files
Action bar menu layout
Geting contents of javascript loaded in browser
property not found on object of type
Migrate VC2008 to Eclipse CDT and map iterators
How to make a section header in ListView which always sticks on top?
need help on jenkins build script
ActivityGroup for Buttons without tabActivity
iOS: Facebook Posting Privacy
File name encoding in jar
Better way of incrementing build number?
JWPlayer Javascript API with Firefox
Injection of HttpServletRequest in GWTP ActionHandler using Spring
compiling with maven and nexus stuck on downloading artifacts
After spliting a string using stringspilt how will I store it in an arraylist?
Is it possible to develop an app that backup sms to gmail on WebOS 1.4.5?
Improving Performance in an MS Access Database
Apache POI - Docx output issue
conversion BigDecimal Java to c#-like Decimal
decimal value in python, how to make it '0.00'? [closed]
How to use `pthread_mutex_trylock`?
Can't set dateformat in edit mode in GridView
SQL Table Split-Is it necessary
Having Trouble with an odd/even script
Count of Detail record for a Master table
Rails generate fixtures from existing database
Creating a forum in phpBB3 from PHP and settings permissions
How to properly check IEnumerable for existing results
django - timestamp randomly changing timezone
Error in Dropdownlist
What's different between compiling in 32bit mode and 64bit mode on 64bit os about execution of ioctl function?
NSString custom md5 class method warning:
LiftWeb Loc.Template arguments
android tabview application error
Condense Java Code
Using a NSTimer for HH:MM:SS?
Import external properties for logback(.xml)
time complexity of the acc function in scheme?
Dealing with unhandled HttpException
How to keep objects synchronized between clients
How to program android keyboard shortcuts
Need to have many different URLS resolve to a single web page
How to prevent gethostid from doing DNS lookups on linux
Pass username & password from PHP to Apache
RDLC Reports Proportional Image Alignment
Creating ssas cube in xmla structure
How do I display buttons with a cube (made in openGL es on android)?
[^/]+ explanation in htaccess
How to get cakePHP i18n .pot files encoded in UTF-8?
CreateProcess blocking - strange behaviour
how to find duplicate value is inserting into sqllite in android?
Ics features on the previous android versions
URL Rewriting using htaccess [closed]
GeoCoordinateWatcher is not getting GeoCoordinate Speed in emulator?
i just display all files from specific how can match file names and then display in java
Retrieving first urban dictionary result for a term in python
Telerik Export to Excel : Need to add an additional header containing HTML
GWT. Get initial POST parameters
Drawing platonic solids
Bind ajax call back in rails 2.3.11 using jQuery
Dependence speed up on data size using auto vectorization and sse
cloning remote repository with git won't work
Castor Marshaller to return empty tags for null objects
HTML parsing not happening for 鈥�lt;鈥�but happening for 鈥�gt;鈥�
How can i make the scrollbar visible in UIWebView?
How to create a simple Paragraph class
My database getting stored in /data/data/package-name/app_database/file__0/*.db in Android through Phonegap
Would adding a new function to the existing COM interface break its binary compatibility?
What is the type of os.environ? and Why does it not support viewkeys method
How to render jQuery Mobile in dynamic clientside templates from a Backbone view?
Neatest way to get a distinct list of phone numbers (without removing original formatting)?
Why sharepoint not working with Safari browser?
About Hadoop/HDFS file splitting
Rounded Form with System Shadow
Jasper reporting - Subreport with all main report details
Redirect with button
The statement terminated. The maximum recursion 100 has been exhausted before statement completion
Dynamic Multilevel menu in SharePoint 2010
Error while trying to use Hibernate to perform SELECT operation
Branding ForeFront TMG
Hash function for colors in Java
What's the difference between mediatype, contenttype and mimetype?
how to truncate a string with TAGS correctly? [duplicate]
xcode 4 on lion don't upload a 1092 width graphic on ios 3.1.3
Including network and communication details in UML Sequence diagram
how to truncate a string with TAGS correctly? [duplicate]
xcode 4 on lion don't upload a 1092 width graphic on ios 3.1.3
Including network and communication details in UML Sequence diagram
How change coordinate of flame?
Adding events to my google calender using php
Are Magento layers joined together?
How to run a Java File with Jar file support in different Operating System
Even after limit is reached, condition is not getting true
Is there any way to create a static const variable to a function pointer template parameter (or some equivalent)?
jquery collect all option values from select box in a JSON array
the pointer to a reference in c++
Android I/O with files >16MB
how to upload excel with duplicate name
Adding text before list
Numpy savez interprets my keys as filenames -> IOError
Running Perl throughC# code
Loader not displayed in HTML
Staging using gerrit?
What are some other alternatives to Win32 resource?
Spring Security 3.1 Active Directory Authentication
Windows 7 phone static application variables per application sold
Browser activity not starting in android
Actions for multiple Node selection
How to return to Root Element in QDomDocument ?
Changing the app icon with MonoTouch every day
How to archive artifacts of parametrized build in Jenkins-ci
Deploy MVC 3 app and generate Database (IIS 7, SQL Server 2008)
GUI for localization in cakephp
Getting Strings which are multiple lines
Mobile Facebook Friends List Get All
php undefined class variable
OAuth implementation
Invalid URI: The Uri string is too long using Imgur API
Java program uses or overrides a deprecated API?
Add custom attribute variable to order confirmation e-mail template
Is any reliable tool avaiabe to scan private APIs invoked before submit to app store?
How to stop timer when user goes back to previous view
Selecting multiple rows in jqGrid tree
How to clear browser cache with Orbeon
How to combine/ merge 2 images into 1
Session data with concurrent users in the same web application
Defining type aliases
Configureable Max-Distance of Navigator handles
Modifying a class name through reference to the parent with jQuery
Reboot android device onClick event of Button
Rails 3.1 undefined method `content' for nil:NilClass, making twitter style app
@ at start of WP7 tile title replaced by path: known issue?
PHP to get category info from YouTube
Flex ant mxmlc command vs exec command
Ignore case sensitivity in ASP.NET RegularExpressionValidator
How do I compare event start times and end times with other events start time and end time
Graph api is returning username with extra spaces
Orbeon : oracle and flat view
linux + ssh limitation + ssh at the same time from multiple machine to one machine
Memory issues in fragments showing images
what is meaning this code in Jquery? [closed]
Aliases for anonymous type properties
How to read RSS feeds from rss URL?
CMMotionManager with multitasking
Animate infinite scrolling of background using CABasicAnimation
Php upload 鈥�doesnt upload to specified path
ALAssetLibrary not retriving Image form Photo album in Iphone?
Magento Tier Sales Prices?
How to create floating menu which effect from left to right
Need help: strange JavaScript behavior鈥�one variable gets changed when another is set
how to represent instance of class as string without iterating through properties
Android backend with portrait orientation
Does TransactionScope work with pre-existing connections?
Function defined, but not actually usable
playing files after accepting them through open dialog box
XAML Binding in binding
char * compare with std string wrong result
sed/awk + regex delete duplicate lines where first field matches (ip address)
StoredProcedure OUTPUT Parameter in SqlServer
Copy Paste VBA Code Has Blank Rows
Create Multiple Tables From One Model In Django
pre-allocate cell array of objects
Localize 鈥淪ign in鈥�and 鈥淪ign up鈥�in Rails
facebook-twitter like login system in php
Jquery history plugin ends in loop in firefox
Android: How to make Linkify links not long-clickable
Magento - Add to cart showing up wierdly
Get mutual subscriptions between two users
Launch event on value change
How to use std::log as a functional?
how to run shell script in java using Cygwin
Lost data when moving page to page
Twilio: Twiml.Gather() does not read keys
I can't access my site using ip [closed]
Can't install SPECjvm2008
convert .sdf file to .mdf
erase_results and retry in rails 3.1.3
I want Android soft keyboard to have a 鈥淒one鈥�button at the right moment WITHOUT JAVA
How to handle / endes url to monoserv with nginx?
Physical Boost.Units User Defined Literals
In LINQ to perform composed queries is it faster to call existing functions or write the whole query?
Post Joomla article remotely using PHP
How do i do the following task with quickbase?
Are there standard naming conventions for a catalog override module in Magento?
How to open a post in PHP when clicking it, a good approach
using netbeans with zendframework
background-repeat stops when zooming
Errors when playing a video
What causes the 鈥渁lready initialized constant鈥�warning?
AVR C how to stop interrupt
Replace content of iframe after doing data processing via jQuery
AS3 Upload speed test
How can I change the inline attribute checked=鈥渃hecked鈥�in javascript?
Cassandra giving time out exception after some inserts
How to create dynamic content flash object on the fly using ASP.Net
could not encode subject with japanese character
Three row fluid scrolling center CSS layout
How do I set the max length of a text field in a Lotus Notes form?
using mediaReorder in service. audio works - crashes on video
export first instance of database to the second instance
TreeView Leaf Node Not Remained Opened
Trouble understanding MKMapPoint(s)
JNI , call boolean method
Bluetooth connection with Nokia e63 in java?
Combobox Selectedindexchanged
IOS delegates (such as 鈥渄idEnterBackground鈥� are not getting called on entering Background
Deserialize XML
PDF download issue from IIS 7.0 on Chrome browser
Create other pages linked to main page using codeigniter
Div content overlapping
working with CRUD-app in netbeans IDE
filled antialiased poly cocos2d
Replacing the deprecated NSWorkspace launchedApplications function?
How to tell Xalan to escape characters in HTML attributes
Encryption and decryption with RSAServiceProvider in C#
pkill kills sshd process started by other user in parent shell
Unable to access github via curl
Wicket 1.5 and JSP/servlet wrapping
Grails sending file then delete afterwards
Deploy symfony project: Failed connect to; Operation now in progress while accessing
How can i only apply animation for activity but not for toolbar?
Integrating Doctrine 2.2 with Zend framework for maximum performance
Weird PHP String Integer Comparison and Conversion
onmouseover inside two div
emacs annoying key combinations [closed]
Python, Split a string by whitespaces, similar to awk
Conditional validations in Spring
Symfony FORMS : diference between {'model' => $this->getRelatedModelName('model')} and {'model'=>'model'} in setWidgets
How to setup network on VirtualBox for Android 2.3
Sometimes, SSH stop to listen on port 22 on my dedicated server [closed]
Difference between <string> and <string.h>?
Xml reply from PHP to post of jquery Ajax
Oracle impdp throwing ORA-39088 error
Webview inside a Viewpager with horizontal seekbar
c++ / application with multiple separate windows
HTTP Post request from different controller actions and ModelState
InvalidCastException on identical types? (yes, Context鈥�identical Contexts?)
dj and god memory leak in rails application
Android OnClickPendingIntent ( widget -> service ) firing by itself
Simple jquery ajax vs SignalR vs AspComet
Tweeting from iOS app
Blackberry eclipse plugin
not able to run video file in emulator
Could not transfer artifact org.primefaces :primefaces :pom :3.1 [closed]
Division of Large numbers
Use Reference Variable
How can i derive specific data from the string?
Can RegGetValue's lpSubKey be a non-direct descendant?
emulator errors for hpet and create sensors port
SHA-512 special character treatment
Javascript get value from an object with the name contains special charactor
screen is dimmed and does not undim even after the back button is pressed(App is hanged)
NSPanel is not clickable, but keyboard events work
Declare Foreign key in MySQL
Using GridView inside UpdatePanel
Printing Receipt from Django Web Application
rails3 asset pipeline and file collisions
Hiding the 鈥淟oading鈥︹� indicator when implementing a ListFragment
SIP Registration Issue
Cannot create PoolableConnectionFactory (Io exception: The Network Adapter could not establish the connection)
What is the difference between origin and upstream in github
Create Query without entity framework
Looking for a Monitoring Utility for Nightly./ Continues integration
want to draw a list of polygons and detect which polygon was selected
Deployment of Continuous Integration Infrastructure
How to pass javascript value in Razor syntax(as a parameter value)
iOS: CSS3 animation breaks scrolling on div
ios5 core data: nsfetchresultcontroller refresh uitable
Amazon ELB in VPC
Dynamic variable names in PHP
Text to speech without a Network Connection?
Per- request based Object Context and Complied Query Performance with Entity Framework
What is the best practise to extract articles/posts within external websites
Can't Install GWT4NB Plugin in Netbeans 7.1
How to view TCP mex xml?
How to prevent abstract method from being called?
signature recognition algorithm for android
Stream camera live preview from Android phone to PC
Entity framwork, POCO, create your own DB by code?
Give an asymptotic upper bound on the height of an n-node binary search tree in which the average depth of a node is 螛(lg n)
How do I add 鈥淎ndroid Project鈥�to the File>New>_____ Menu in Eclipse?
EF : setting a value for foreign key column during Create() forces reload from the foreign entities?
Why is `pthread_mutex_lock` needed when `pthread_mutex_trylock` is there?
connecting to mysql server on another PC in LAN
Windows Phone ExpanderView - 鈥淭he parameter is incorrect.鈥�
How to sign a file and then verify? [closed]
<spring:message> in Spring for .NET - referencing IMessageSource inside xml config
Windows Phone Background image change performance issue
Why can't you override parent variable with constant value in child class? (PHP)
Escape a dot in mysql insert query
Cut holes in a Texture2D
How to Deserializes this XML document to generated C# class
Website looks OK in IE9, but not in Firefox, IE8 and IE7
Android GPS Location- It doesn't go to onLocationChanged
How to get the original python data from QVariant
Simple pulldown option in jquery?
Shell script or c++ library for viewing internet connections and build a firewall
Can we use OR in a mysql inner join
Why letter-spacing doesn't work in Fx <10
Which XCode version supports iOS 4.3.5 sdk
MediaPlayer plays the music files only in debug mode ( Android )
Terminal Control Escape Sequence: how can I catch row and column with 鈥� e[6n鈥�
Xcode is complaining that I don't have an icon for iPod Touch
ASE ISQL output to file, occassionally is empty or blank
drupal views exposed filters not visible in linux installation
Debugging issue when trying to load the code to my ios device
Convert dynamic XML to html using XSL
android mediarecorder.start fails in tablet
can we do client side search filter in jqGrid?
Where will be store removed files from PhpStorm?
C++ beginner: what is the point of using a variable by reference if using 鈥渃onst鈥�
How to structure a list as table and send out to email? [closed]
Efficient searching in huge multi-dimensional matrix
Modifying FileInputStream for mediaPlayer setDataSource
Sending japanese characters over JSON
how to check heap size allocated for jvm by linux
How to make this with htacess?
How to use jetty's RewriteHandler?
git 鈥渁lready up-to-date鈥�is confusing me / how to force changes to be shown
https page is returning 鈥淓mpty Response鈥�in Chrome
Drag and Drop code that works on FireFox but not IE
How can I remove a class from an element with jQuery based on some characters of the class name?
Performance timing: average, minimum or something else?
perl hex() analog in python
Receiving email with attachment in android
jQuery Radio Button 鈥渋s selected鈥�code
Is it the right JSON facebook android sdk image post response
Slow Queries when using MySQL as a Linked Server from SQL Server (ODBC Connection)
bypass ssl checking in subversion
Quick one about static local variables in js
Designing a data-driven logic system
Why is colspan not applied as expected
Check if facebook user likes some specific pages given page id
How to Add an Icon into an Entry in GTK#?
Sending SMS AT commands to 3G modem using PHP
How Could i rearrange textboxes which are named as array index
Read File on Networkshare
Use Word Interop to open file Word and replace some text in SharePoint 2010
How to Un-Bind a data source: DataBinding: 'System.String' does not contain a property with the name 'ALL'
Why the Qt-made GUI gets stuck with time?
Different runtime between Windows accounts
SQL exclusive or on insert
DropDownList Binding items
SignalR on AppHarbor with multiple instances
What is the full information needed to clone assembly instructions
Selected option not working for select
SONAR - editing ruby code
How to test if an objective c Object can be used with weak reference under ARC?
Qt Browser stack when droping link to QMainWindow
Generics using Enum in Java
Android Bluetooth: Slow data rates calculated from BluetoothSocket
javascript ClearTimeout with jquery droppable out
return textfield keyboard on editing
how to pass data between service and it's application in the right way?
How to iterate HashMap using JSTL forEach loop?
input(password) onblur javascript bug internet explorer 7 and 8
Getting public IP of android phone [duplicate]
How is inlining more efficeny than recursive definition?
Initialize size of vector<list<DATA> > and accesses
JMS listener - dynamically choose destinations
Qt QApplication::commitData, Windows shutdown, confusing documentation
Antrl lexer/parser exception understanding
鈥淐annot access a property or method of a null object reference鈥�- very strange error
how to add an overlaying color over an image with css
Is it possible to overlap the status bar with content in iOS?
Random function does not work as i wish to
Did I implement equals and hashCode correctly using Google Guava?
Disable screenshots in android ics
How to convert NSString to HEX String in Objective-C?
why html table td can not find images from directory?
string search with two parameters
How do I stream content with Yaws?
Batch command to find/replace text inside file
Cross apply vs. cursor - syntax and differences
Make objecitfy supress memcache exceptions
web user control persisting properties (viewstate, session, context) Am I missing something
First pixel of the image
JasperReports in grails
Use opencv to encode into flv, playable by flash player
Application working on emulator but not on mobile
Cookie not save in foreach
Show recipe name if all of its ingredients are already given
Rails static pages CMS engine
XCode and Archive having issues.. not sure what it could be
Show recipe name if all of its ingredients are already given
Rails static pages CMS engine
XCode and Archive having issues.. not sure what it could be
Applying a statistical test on sliding window
Fancybox link to display another fancybox
Convert a single character in the URL during htaccess Rewrite
mysql result show first some products, then the rest
Class variables instance variables in Ruby
Sqliteexception while updating timestamp?
Best Solution of Pagination for Large Data in php
refer to a variable using multiple names in C
webview javascript event notification
Weird behaviour of rename() in PHP
Unable to validate hyphens
SalesForce, 鈥淎dd more鈥�Link to add new fields on the fly
QT: Error Overloading the 鈥�lt;<鈥�operator in Qdatastream
Objective C: Try Again Button [closed]
How to create button according to database query in WPF
Is it possible for VBA excel to look for a repeat variable from a pool of variables (ie. 10k), group them together
Parseerror and Jquery was not called
Getting error While trying to Fill HTML Dropdown With Mysql data in Java?
Sharing a class property (field) between applications
Fetching data from database using WCF
Can I just remove data in localStorage by its key?
Removing special characters(<200c> <200d> from a text file
How to change a string into uppercase
To set blinking effect on button in XAML
Why do native return types throw System.InvalidProgramException?
How can I scroll back in GDB's command window in the TUI mode?
How can I add a download speed limit to this php script?
rails 3.2, bootstrap and fontface
Converting millisecond UTC to Human Readable Date_Time
Why width is set different on input elements
.net simulate Mouse Click with application coordinates not screen coordinates
Eclipse custom plugin-deployed as a jar not working
How to grant some user in Linux to modify hosts file
change sequence of columns of UltraWinGrid
Need to remove Oracle Favicon
int_max in 32 bit vs 64 bit environment
How to get image from a custom listView enclosed within relative layout
clearcase ucm activity list between baselines
How Can I Use Parallel For in TPL instead of While
How to implement LSA (Latent semantic analysis) in Python? [closed]
How do I tell frag-shader which texture (of many previously loaded textures) to use per vertex of an external generated 3D file?
AVCaptureSession only got video buffer
AutoIT script/UDF to interface with Amazon S3 API
SQL Server: How to format time interval?
Validating a Signature of a SOAP Message
How to Create QRCode using Java (J2SE)
Possible to check WHERE on an AS statement variable? MySQL
Implement edit and review modes in html/webpage
Create multiple .apk
Customize Build Summary TFS 2010
iphone:Display data in detail view according to the cell selected in mainview
In Clojure, how to write a factory with variable number of arguments
How to create a search view using Eclipse plugins?
How can I convert php string value to android string value?
Java: Is NetworkInterface.getName() a unique identifier that will not change over time?
Object allocations and their release
is_unique codeigniter issue
How to 鈥渧alidate鈥�a NSTimer after invalidating it?
How do I find certain changes in a version control system?
Does WebLogic 8.1 support Sun JDK 1.5?
Facebook: Line breaks ( n) work but also show up in feed
Calling a View from another View
What format to store recurring event patterns? [duplicate]
Knockout.js ko.applyBindings() hierarchy binding
Seamless/Cylindrical Marquee in GWT
How to change background of header and rows in Jqgrid?
Edit text property not showing date
JAX-WS AXIS2 webservice on WEBSPHERE 6.1 deployment givesjava.lang.VerifyError
request.POST on multiple image buttons in django
Separate listeners on TextView and ImageButton in a ListView
i need sql query for sql server 2008
JQuery: Perform a post before a link is followed
jsp simply code throwing a nullPointerException
How to find out usage of battery in my application in android
How to display Android Fragments Dynamically
CSS grouping incorrectly?
how do i find proximity support in Qualcomm's AllJoyn sdk for Android
Relative path to unmanaged DLL [duplicate]
WPF designer can't be loaded when using x64
Is there a bug when you convert a Number to String in Javascript?
Assist me in fixing the URL and created links please
Using sed to insert some text in a file
Is it possible to center an image with an animation from an XML file?
Jquery mobile tap on element to remove it
Intellij : Find usages , but exclude test files from results
How to Redirect webpage to different webpage after submitting form elements
How to separate remote object and interface in Flash Builder Flex
Save changes made in a html canvas or web page
Magento uses default/default as skin theme in newsletter instead of site theme default/my_theme?
Does file & registry redirection happen for offline installations?
Does Orchard CMS support mobile rendering?
Comparing unicode code tick mark values
How to make the back function and set the last contentView
鈥渉orizontal鈥�vs. 鈥渧ertical鈥�table design, SQL
How Can I Save Animation.Artist animation?
ASP.NET MVC3 , Why we need strongly-typed View?
Using underscore's _.extend(鈥� without overriding some of the destination's members
ASP.NET MVC3 , Why we need strongly-typed View?
Using underscore's _.extend(鈥� without overriding some of the destination's members
Cache miss with Rails 3.2 and page caching in development - anyone else?
How to create Fast Scrolling with front charecter to dispaly on screen when user Drag on List of Alphabet
Ext.grid.CheckboxSelectionModel checked all rows on load
Is there an one line way to read-in remote CSV files using Ruby's Standard Library CSV, or must I use FasterCSV?
starting application always with new task in android
Where can I download the JBoss AS7 Documentation?
How to launch map intent with a marker/overlay item at given latitude and longitude?
How to unit test private method?
Behaviour of Mutlple inheritance in python
Event Conflict with MSQL & PHP event calendar
What is the `&::` syntax in LESS CSS?
Can I start to play audio when app is in background
Rails, undefined method error. But I can use this method in rails console
Which one is more efficient?
Screen shot feature in android
How can I randomize controls when they are added
referencing an index value of a character in a pointer string in c
What is the good design pattern for connection pooling?
Printing continuous in webpage
How to enable element using siblings jquery
Is ConcurrentBag cause of memory leak? [duplicate]
How to connect Hive in iReport?
Send HTTPBody data with restkit
SQL deleted data stored in log file or permantly deleted from database
already defined error & infinite loop
How to create box-shadow only on left, right and bottom?
Object reference not set to an instance of an object. in Place holder
Recalling random values from mysql table
When is a new connection made by browser for ajax requests?
How to get Java, Java EE and Hibernate plugins for Eclipse Helios by yum?
jQuery.load corrupts HTML tags from attributes
cannot set default INT value to 1 in phpmyadmin
Suitable api to get product details from scanned barcode iphone app?
Understanding Wikipedia code for a generic depth-first tree search?
Android How can i know Edit text is done being edited?
Using defaultdict with multiprocessing?
How can i get all the links of a webpage and click one by one using selenium
how to check if image exists on server or not using smarty?
Spring ActiveMQ Issue
Flexslider multi slide functionality
How to strlen of a multi-language string
Passing Image/Depth data from Unity C# to external C# dll
Django request.FILES is empty
Java Built-in data parser for JSON or XML or else
Primefaces: commandButton in confirmDialog cannot update datatable in the same form
Why this lucene query string is wrong?
Automatic generation of mock classes for gmock
Javascript function running multiple times in Firefox only once in Chrome, why?
Javascript function running multiple times in Firefox only once in Chrome, why?
Difference between ajax and javascript
How to find out which drawble resource is used?
Adding all items in Available-Item Section to Devexpress Layout Control?
How to select a particular item on repeaters item command?
How to get the list of the checkin files between two clearcase ucm lables in unix
Login Check in Server Side
Identifying received signal name in bash shell script
Absolute layout is deprecated
Android gallery custom view
how to split a string from xml data [duplicate]
Use JSON URL Data to Dynamically Fill A HTML Table
Why is my print function spitting out garbage and my current function not working properly?
Source code? 鈥渨here i will get source file鈥�[closed]
How to split progress bar for multi processes happening simultaneously
Do something everytime the Tomcat Service starts through a batch file
Suggest a method for deleteing small data from huge table in oracle
Are there any freeware LPR (License plate recogniser) software in .net? [closed]
Making apprequest from Windows Phone 7
change url with .htaccess
25 vectors, 3 dimension output neural network
Where/what is the private variable in auto-implemented property?
Change direction but not speed in simple game
to insert float values entered in EditText into databse of android thru sqlite helper
How do you pass an array of JSON objects to an MVC controller?
Is it possible for a java process in one jvm to kill/stop another java process in another jvm?
Javascript minification of comparison statements
How to elasticity of the char length in javascript or css? [duplicate]
cakePHP Shopping cart tutorial
batch scan qr codes that contain an email address and message and auto send the emails once scanned
How can I call servlet from jsp without using form
Validating Gmail id using javascript And Jquery
gimp-drawable-transform-perspective doesn't work when asked to enlarge a layer
Lift Archetype Basic JPA 2.9.1 won't compile
Accessing existing voice notes from iPhone App
Input button click is not invoked through JavaScript in IE9
How do we set the orientation of an activity in Android, based on the device?
Drupal, how to Remove Login or comment link from webform pages?
Hierarchy of SVN Servers
Get distinct values of a record but have other records as well in the select statement
iis7 serving .php file
how to read a value and pass it as parameter to next step in watir
PHP: Fetch top-5 values for multi dimension array
Not able to access Selenium.SetSpeed() method
Is there something wrong with this php if statement?
Generate a batch file instead of executable using InstallAnywhere
Python Remove dict items with duplicate field
Java String Multiplication [duplicate]
In joomla i want to add multilanguage facility on administrator end in a custom component
How to specify bindings for Menu with xml Data source
Git between multiple projects
Ordering FieldInfos
how to have object continuously follow users finger coordinates? not draging object. object following finger
Weka nullPointerException while classifying
How to Add Image to Telerik DatePicker
Convert any document's pages to images
boost iostreams: output_filter works only once
How to unmarshal WML / xhtmlinto java ojbjects?
Subversion post-commit hooks access is denied
Is there any library can transform ad hoc SQL to parameterized SQL
How to guard against NHibernate incomplete mappings
how to remove default view of tabbar in android
Defining what Sortable accepts?
how to compile ResourceBundle class using build.xml file
Django urlpatterns: meaning of regular expression
Linux : Disabling File cache for a process?
鈥渨ebsocket connection invalid鈥�when using nginx on node.js server
case within case using mysql
Starting Activity with back button
Is this possible to hide/Change the sender mobile number while sending sms in android?
Django--HELP. django not creating sqlite database file as expected
Android get current position
How to send Acknowledgement from server to device in hexa format?
Can I use the `brace-init-list` to initialize a struct which contains `std::string` field?
How to get the source of the .load() url
Random color generator that generates colors that can be visibly differentiated in TCL
How to drag-drop images from one listview to another listview in android
Onload issue for Progress bar for preloaded images
How can i go back, forward and print a (local) WebBrowser1.DocumentText html page that's sourced from my.resorces -
Get price of a stock programmaticallly [closed]
Custom horizontal scroll bar does not go to the end of the track
What is the appropriate extention for creating database in iOS?
Display a sheet but still let my main app do work
Making Iphone App Working on iPad
Beginner PHP learner trying to use Salt encryption
WinRT Metro App Direct Printing (Without Printing Dialog)
Image not posted on facebook by android app
Symfony2 Set Controller in the kernelControllerEvent using bundle:controller:action notation
Collect all inline background images from the page
Email Send Failure [closed]
Java class object hashing changes without source changes
OpenGL vertex arrays, drawing from user input [closed]
Mono bug? CS0219 warning when variable is actually used
Check for System DSN and create System DSN if NOT Existing (iSeries Access ODBC Driver)
How to add an array to the CvSeq and also how to retrieve the array
Query about xml parsing in android
Validating errors with Cucumber
Increasing number after next combobox item selected [closed]
Weird issue with PHP's DateTime::add not adding time
SharePoint 2010 Workflow
Creating custom android layout
XtraReports Not working in V11.2.8 Version
Can a class instantiate another class? (PHP)
Any way to test OAuth integration to google without having to have a port forwarding rule in my router back to my dev PC?
Calling rscript from Java
AndEngine Chase Camera Not Following Body
check if the div id in JavaScript
header isn't working, pretty sure there is no output before it's called
gwt beginner- where to create WAR folder in project having AWS SDK and GWT SDK
How to fix the layout properly in android?
Import XML data in SQL server 2008
How dynamically create PanoramaItem control in c#?
Loading a view for a specific time period
Fancybox 2.0 not loading
Twitter Bootsrap Carousel .carousel(number) not working
How to recreate win7 phone sliding effect in wpf app
Can I add a field to the Membership table in the aspnet.mdf
Calling a bat file (B.bat) from an exe file (A.exe)
for the 鈥渟u鈥�sub-process, should i write command to the output or input stream?
css best practices - combining all css into a single stylesheet?
raphaeljs/javascript - about getting the 'this /object variable into a mouseover function
How to disable UIActionSheet camera button when the device doesn't have camera in objective-C
Partitioned table - insert directly or create a staging table first and switch in?
Facebook connect in phonegap
Does CodeIgniter's sess_create() delete previous session?
Aptana 3.0.8 .exe Fail
Java JTable changing icon in cell
Assignment Operators in java
Telephone area code to city name on iOS
Dynamically change border of gbutton in R
Send feedback information to server? [duplicate]
PHP Image Resizing Does NOT Resize In Internet Explorer
Some sql queries work in terminal but not with db_query() function in Drupal 6 Why..?
Dynamic Data In Tooltip With Ajax
SQL query not showing columns in DataSet in Visual Studio
python property style
Combining two arrays to form a javascript object
How to treat uncompressed folder as compressed file?
Handling Dao exceptions in service layer
Unobtrusive jQuery html templating
Get image from rss xml
Reading and Writing XML file
get value by json array
Java profiler tool for webservice
PHP PEAR's escape() vs quote() vs mysql_real_escape_string()?
How to apply css style in GTK# with mono development
Lucene indexing and searching at the same time
Access property of a object without needing to cast it
KnockoutJS and $.ajax - firebug not stopping on breakpoints inside success callback
KnockoutJS and $.ajax - firebug not stopping on breakpoints inside success callback
Saving a HTML path to a file
Show my activity instead of standard screen for incoming call
How to exclude assemblies by mask *.Tests.dll from TeamCity coverage with dotCover?
How to disable scrolling in outer elements?
how to create medium text filed in mysql using django models?
Undefined symbols for architecture i386 with CocoaLumberjack and ZXingWidget
icarousel with cocos2d issue
Adding Servers to SQL Management Studio
Printing issue while using custom font in Java application
uploading files to http
using qsort to sort a malloced character array in c
svn authentication from cron job (osx 10.7)
JavaFx 2.0 Game Engines/Frameworks 鈥�How will JavaFx 2.0 change Java gaming?
How can I access a shared dictionary with multiprocessing?
Primefaces selectOneMenu doesn't retain focus on selected item when reopened
Submit JQuery mobile form without redirect to php file
JPA Map<User, String> mapping
How to Debug Java -JNI using GDB on linux ?
How to save position of min_element result?
django url name lookup
jQuery Limit Global Namespace
Just not getting MVC (like backbone.js)
how to navigate back directly from my last view to first view
What unit scope do I need for this?
How to ajust Arabic 'aarab' characters? Please see my code
field _type in library shanty mongodb
How to Fire Windows Service start event?
Array of Interface in Java
set jquery default animation speed
ACTION_UMS_CONNECTED not getting flag
Running .jsp as .html file
Need help in optimize Android Fragment code
git resolve conflict condition
iReport external font
No message body writer found : JSON : Apache CXF : RestFul Webservices
Only display future dates in a UITableView
Where does NSUserDefaults store the information?
Want to play video from RTSP Server in my android device
Convert Olson timezone id to GMT +/- X
To start with Drupal OA and create a custom feature
Setcookie syntax Google Chrome
sms scheduling in android
How do I fire a custom event from a child window back to parent window?
Connection reset when accessing website through Apache HTTP Connections
transform Dataset to XSLT
Is it possible to map a domain to a specific page?
How to restart sync process when press home button and agin tap application icon on Springboard?
Heroku app missing postgresql adapter, won't Rake db:migrate with Rails 3.1.3
Is ValueExpression threadsafe?
how to run a test case multiple times in watir
Show first item of DropDown/ListBox automatically using jQuery
href issue in view-controler
Programmatically launch a web app on the home screen?
Can we write a java virtual machine using any language?
JDBC connection Url for SQLServer express R2
Dynamic table creation using javascript
JQuery. Prevent selecting time before current in TimePicker
MYSQL- Grab the last 5 rows AFTER sorting them by date
Rails 2.3.5 - Error installing mysql: ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension.
Creating a generic extension method to provide filtering functionality
searching linked list for match
Calling vb6 dlls from c#
XML Relative Layout
Python: IndexError: list index out of range
is there a good way to save and show web document edits
Print exact copy of the element
How to add msbuild generated files to Azure package
Logout using Facebook's official iOS Tutorial
EF Query to Get Union of All Child Collections
Java rounding to nearest 0.05
Gridview how to Subtract two item
html fixed column textarea with wrapping on any char
How to link to another file in vim?
How to solve 鈥渙bject required鈥�exception in javascript?
User defined functions in zend
CSS :hover dropdown. Just need a pointer
Display gridview in combobox dropdown. C#
Show Values in String Arrays Like marquee in Android?
Running Tomcat and IIS server in parallel
loading my script using getScript
Entity relationship modelling, comment on my ERD
Rails Production server cache Permission denied with Nginx
Using Hadoop in python to process a large csv file
Using edgeNGram filter in Sunspot
Is the return value of an assignment to an undefined property of HTMLElement#style guaranteed to be the same as the assigned value?
How to allocate_ids correctly?
How to use File.Copy C# method to copy files over LAN?
iphone:Urban airship libUAirship-1.1.1.a error occurs
Gridding from scattered data, Index exceed dimension
Getting Facebook Like count
Windows Phone 7 - Maps Streetside
submit event occure before ajax response
BMI Calculator鈥�except BMI won't show up [closed]
Enqueueing scripts for use within a tinyMCE plugin in Wordpress
comparison of %2B in perl
Django : Which approach is better [ virtualenv + pip ] vs [manually carrying packages in svn]?
Effectively caching data uploads in Android
is HTML5 canvas context gradient expensive?
Asp .net Modal popup control cancelbutton ? Cancel Contol?
low level datastore entity to ndb.model.Model?
Linker Error When Using Boost.asio With MingW on windows 7
When does apc.ini get generated when compiling APC
Is it still useful to use addslashes() when the mysql db is utf8?
Can you recommend a data grid class/gem for Ruby on Rails that supports dynamic column selection?
Retrieving a list of classes from a package in an Android project
STL function to test whether a value is within some range?
Embed Listview in Treeview in WPF
stringByReplacingOccurrencesOfString Regular Exression
MP3 audio bye array help - c#
NullPointerException while filling an array from .txt
array of arraylist?
Offline version of Source code tken from Microsoft TFS
Two very similar queries that returns a different result, why?
Good design patterns or open-source software for large scale user email/messaging system?
Update SimpleCursorAdapter while maintaining scroll position in ListView
union query not working,results in ORA-00904 error
calling javascript function from php code function is not defined
how to configure pagination codeigniter?
Click TreeNode to Open New Tab
module and subdomain for YII framework
'Not A Virtual Path',Error While Downloading A File
Magento links are populating by it self
RegEx match two or more same character non-consecutive
^M character in VI editor [duplicate]
Calculate the scale given a bounding box and the width and the height of a image
Connect to Open Office odb file using jdbc program
Smith-Waterman Algorithm path detection clarification
What is MVVM proper way to deal with 鈥渋nsertion鈥�
Lock Camera in ipad 2 for landscape mode
optarg set to null
Learning Systems Design
How to show pdf files to user's browser,in the case of no plugin is installed
Requesting for the specific web service(jSon or xml) response type in Objective C