sending a fax from Android with a call (not an online service)
To store clicked URLS in mysql table using JSP HTML
PDO fetch rows with
Serving static files from a CDN with Catalyst
Like Action with Open Graph
How to select tuples in SQL with the largest specific attibutes
Android Java - Tracking Multiple Touch Objects/Events?
How to bind two database fields into a dropdown list
DbUnit-query returning data of type BigInteger
Asset Pipeline: excluding an admin.css file
load view from another controller
What is the best design pattern for asynchronous message passing in a Chrome extension?
Remove Data and Arraylist looping
How can i get UPC barcode scanner framework for ios 5 iphone app?
Django : Project consuming data from REST API, How to use external apps in this system?
Django : Project consuming data from REST API, How to use external apps in this system?
ExtJS4 and Spring MVC3 Post error
Need to store an arbitrary number of text paragraphs for each user
Python vs Java for natural language processing [closed]
Using CxImage in VC++ 2008 MDI application
Breaking a table into custom sections for iphone application (xcode 4.2)
WCF references in Metro app (Dev 11/Windows 8)
How to make my program add a cron job automatically with GAE?
How do i set fractional part of 2 digits in my editText?
Does the html5 鈥減attern鈥�attribute work in every browser?
Javascript - Accessing 'this' members from sub-objects
ksoap2 on android failing to parse MOTM-encoded response
[R]: ggplot2: How would you plot a box plot and specific points on the same plot?
Deprecated annotations in FindBugs 2.0
Animating PNGs using Javascript
What type to return from a Service method on Fail
PHP script works on localhost, but has 500 internal server error on server [closed]
Repoint git-svn master branch back to trunk
Postgres complaining about encoding when trying to create new database
Adding two ajax modal popup in a single page
iPad app - generating text file
How to pass multi rows edited in jqgrid to server controller?
Change all dates in postgresql table to previous day
How to write an mvc chart into a view
304 Status code for my Azure CDN images hosted in Azure Blob Storage
ruby regex about escape a escape
Encryption an decryption in android
C# How to connect the local database (access)
how do i add background music to auto play in the background of my vb project
I had done a Site search <Keyword> site:<Sitename> . Why is google showing results with out the keywords [closed]
lastfm JSON object returning 鈥渦ndefined鈥�
WebMatrix Beta 2 is unavailable for Download
Joining two tables unsure of join to use
Java - I have a HashSet of Strings, and I want to somehow sort these strings by their length
Raster map vs alternative
How to insert a file into sql-server via tiny_tds?
query the rownumber and query the content with limit fail
How can Update account which corresponds with the Pin inputted?
change date format in java
How to export the contents of a combo box to the datatable?
Haveing a created directory and file be recognized globally
Trouble searching in VIM with file having lots of slashes and dots
ListView with multiple elements (image view) overlapping
Animation for divider movement in JSplitPane
Using Dispatch Semaphores with delegate methods
Passing values in runnable class constructor in Java
git rebase not continuing after fixing conflicts
Front facing camera in uiimagepickercontroller
Java Synchronization inside Another Thread
Why does Dijkstra's algorithm use decrease-key?
Why does Dijkstra's algorithm use decrease-key?
Aspect ratio in UIImageView
Forming a TEST GROUP 鈥�with 鈥�USE Case 鈥�Test Case 鈥�Test Step
check if username exists with bvalidator (jquery validation plugin)
find the sum of very large binary sequence in < O(n) [closed]
Can I use transaction like capability in MySQL trigger
What's the difference between @Autowired and getting a bean from the application context?
I have a code in which I am suppose to create a submit button which will calculate a shipping and handling function
CoreMidi with MacRuby
Jetty 8 server not able to find org.springframework.web.servlet.tags package
SQL: Performance of Multiple Joins on Same Table
Are there any other graph libraries apart from CorePlot for iOS? [duplicate]
Create a wave animation like the one on the Android 4.0 lock screen
how can I delete a group of posts that my app created?
delayed chained payment
tableview to a detail view which shows another table view and could have its own detail view [closed]
Facebook Linter picks up og:tags, Facebook itself does not
margin at bottom not working
PhoneGap + android, Pre-populating database not working.
PFX/PKCS12 to SNK conversion for mono
C stdio unbuffered multiplexing
PHP warning about POSIX collating element
interactive grep in javascript?
Loop Though Strings
How to get max 10 random items from list?
AJAX Form is submitting to itself?
Java screen resolution change
Implementing Loop of android game
Jquery mobile don't apply for the second load json
Can't get ODBC to work with PostgreSQL on MacOS X 10.7 Lion
Rails how to render array field in template use form_builder?
Joomla! - Database tables related with users
When I get Java Libraries how would I use them and use it in Java?
how auto size the columns width of a list view in virtual mode?
70 Permission Denied error in VBA
how do i print an element of an associative array when i dont know the key name
PHP function to convert from html codes to normal chars Web form and Fancybox wont load on page load with a predifined image
Animate line-through text with CSS
How can I use a column name as a variable to create a new column in my SELECT statement?
Haskell: Filtering through a dictionary/hash/map with IO() values
Flipping a drawing drawn with glVertex2f()?
Share data from my web application on Facebook Wall
adding string and list to map in c++
iPad app - touchesBegan double tapping not correct
Raising an event on a new thread in VB.NET
Eager load related properties of specific type?
How do I add another Matrix rain code animation to my canvas animation?
Reading and using Screen Coordinates from txt file
Download Partial Video via HTTP (for Remote Thumbnailing)
iOS: get image label
PGError: ERROR: relation 鈥渟chema_migrations鈥�does not exist when I heroku db:push
Building new directory and pushing filesin Android
android resource specifiers - avoiding image duplication
Using ruby gem coderay gets me inline text in *.html.erb file
Using Perforce to get file info
How to return an NSString * in Objective C (keep getting invalid summary)
Trouble mapping EDI message to XML using smooks
Pass input to a C program and get output using php
rails 3 nested resource form for works in New but not in Edit
Do pointers only hold addresses to other variables?
Windows Phone 7 Web Browser Updating Too Slowly
No proper separation of headers and document XML Error
How to style a mutiple select box so it always displays every option?
Python 2: different meaning of the 'in' keyword for sets and lists
How to download a blob image from java server to iPhone app?
Update the Table using Delete and Insert commands at the same time?
Internal server error with simple .cgi, what is wrong?
C# Target=鈥淿blank鈥�in a LinkButton
writing to a pipe with a child and parent process
HTML iframe height not working correctly in Firefox (parent container height is 100%, as well as html and body)
Guice: Avoid lazy injection
android sqlite nullpointer error
Send mass email to contacts whose accounts have certain type of contracts
Are all trees in Fibonacci heaps binomial trees?
how to add multiple tinyMce with dom javascript?
Implementing state-machines (ala generators) using iterators
Integrate the iPhone call functionality with my sample application
How to destroy (deallocate) instances of view items loaded from a nib file
I don't want 鈥渞ake install鈥�to publish to Rubygems
Best Practices: Transferring millions of entries to another MySQL DB
How to convert bitmap to byte array in Mono For Android
What is happening when div with display:inline breaks a paragraph?
Deserialize foursquare badges API
do I need an oauth provider for my web site if I'm using google API?
why do variables in namespaces break into the global scope, and what should I do to address this?
Obtain the Viewport Dimensions
How to select aggregate of multiple columns (no group by)?
How to make vector of pointers to items in another subvector?
Trying to set fileinput val from drag and drop Jquery file
How to generate image from request servlet
Should I try to understand the tutorial or should I learn from scratch?
Passing GET Parameters via Jquery
rails nested_attribute
Function takes exactly 2 arguments (1 given)
Get system HDD usage with C++
memory alignment for structure
Play! Framework JBoss AS 7 deployment, how to initialize the database?
Ant and Eclipse build
Delphi XE2 FormatDateTime passing -693594
Delphi XE2 FormatDateTime passing -693594
Execute php script on receiving e-mail [duplicate]
disabling page reload on enter key-pressed on form textfield in drupal 6.x
keycode of log keys of MacOS
Regex on df output not working
How to maintain API version to provide compatibility and simplicity
jQuery Select Elements with a certain CSS
What to Do When an Interruption Occurs
Are there ways to add 2 Table when using the INSERT statement in query builder?
sfGuard and bhLDAPAuthPlugin in Symfony2
bottlepy hello world app not working
Android: fill_parent and wrap_content do not fill full screen on all devices
Passing object as parameter in Javascript
EXC_BAD_ACCESS related to struct alignment?
how to display transparent img?
Read Character string from H5 file using MATLAB
Warnings after octave installation
JSON and Property List (plist) compatibility?
When do I need a lock-free data structure for reading/writing data across threads in audio apps?
calculating the difference of date from report and date from server
Callback when CSS3 transition finishes
How to parse defined strings in php?
Get next float from an istream?
Air native sound extension for IOS
Making a SOAP request in Drupal?
:1 is being appended to my ajax requests with jQuery
Query Join On two table fail at error code 1064
Use sed/grep/awk to delete everything up until the first blank line
Python QRcode Alphanumeric
sending the same information to different views cakePHP
Type Parameter is not within bounds
Interview: on People Matching
Java - Static Generic Type using Comparable
Java Language Recognizer
Need a MySQL query to delete Wordpress comments
rails > 3.1 development environment: how do I refernce images in app/assets/images in views?
Applet performance: loading all jars at startup or only when class is needed?
Is there a way to not load jQuery?
Design of listbox in silverlight windows phone 7
Cannot Access Memory at Address c++
How to Find Spherical Mercator Points
Add a jQuery UI button on an appended list item?
Extend a Varien Form Element for a Custom Module
Get random color from list
LPC11xx Cortex-M0 FreeRTOS Hardfault
Can we exclude specific record in ToList() method in ADO.Net Entity Data Model?
XStream: How to let xstream.createObjectInputStream() seek to a particular element
How to create a ruby enum and parse the value from querystring?
phpCAS and CodeIgniter
Shared database across company computers
Shared database across company computers
Word macro that adds the file name to the body text of a series of Word documents in a folder
How to manage DB transactions in Kohana / PHP elegantly
EF Migrations for Database-first approach?
twisted python and json-rpc
Task status WaitingForActivation - what does this mean?
When are 鈥渞eturn-by-reference鈥�or 鈥減ass-by-reference鈥�parameter compatible with constexpr?
How is memcached different from other distributed caches?
Heat-sensitive touch compatibility issues
Java JFrame not updating settings of a button
Is there a free PHP Wrapper or backend script for a JQUERY Grid Control (JQGRID or Datatables)
ruby RSA algorithm works - mostly
matplotlib install failing, can't find the right numpy
ManagedBean accessing another ManagedBean
Detect if an element has been resized via javascript?
Factorial program using recursive function in c with while loop
Android app not recognizing setRedirectStrategy?
java regular expressions matching specific urls
Regarding transient fields
Does *p++ increment after dereferencing? [duplicate]
Check if objects is foreign key of queryset result
Jquery: 鈥済 is undefined鈥� How to deal with this?
How to check user inputted decimal separator in the textbox by jquery
What tools can I use to create 3D graphics and then export them as a 2D sprite sheet?
MVC ASP.NET - Redirect to anchor with model state
How to use binary search in order to find the first element in an array that has certain weight (another element in a different array)?
safe way to add admin mysql users via php
Loading Google Map into Colorbox AJAX loaded content
Find all directories in which a file exists, such that the file contains a search string
Filed to open self created pdf with Adobe Reader
MWFeedParser - Parsing For Additional Tags
What is the fastest drawing method on iOS?
Detecting change in pogo pin voltage android
What formula should I used to determine a value based on given input?
Java Servlets with Thread is blocking?
expand [x-y] and {a,b,c} in strings 鈥�like glob(3) but without filename matching
Node.js cypher and OpenSSL differ
Creating a lua interface in java
Android alpha animation not repainting during the animation
some questions on a perl program
Best way to test Javascript functions that use variables from a closure?
CXF: JSON and XML response based on Content-Type
Middleman Dynamic Pages Issue
Parameters and my own functions in symfony2
Nothing displaying in IE 9?
Google Appengine One To Many and querying by collection_name
django ssl login redirects to non-ssl page
How to access super class method from another class?
What's the idiomatic way in R to return a vector of function values when the function takes no input?
CSS - child not inheriting the width of a parent in liquid layout
Garbage Keyboard Information in SDL 2.0
Unresponsive UI interface between Service and Activity
Can't bind Ctrl-J in bash
Google chrome css issues
Counting consecutive repeats of a word with regex in Java
How to display the current page even after clicking browsers back button
VerifyError: class net.sf.cglib.core.DebuggingClassWriter overrides final method visit
Is there any package for best subset selection on random effects model? [closed]
Head/Tail in lists Java
How can I create a popup that fits its content perfectly?
Converting Ada String to C Void*
Using Python and pywin32 to automate data entry
SSE Loading & Adding
JQuery Move Screen to specific element
print web page without show the print dialog and this web page
iOS MBProgressHUD : Show at Correct Timing
Running a batch file before tomcat service starts when user manually starts the service in services.msc
Django two views on a webpage
How to deny user type link url of a page website?
CakePHP: Non Object
When views switched, tabBar is disappear. WHY?
Python Metaclass did not change the class when used
Perl email script--content encoding issue
HTML5/Javascript timeout doesn't finish function
Is it possible to use some API from within R to place a stock trade via an online broker (e.g., Zecco or Fidelity)
Python w/ Pygame - The diffrence between these two sets?
Implementing custom atributes for claims based security
Accessing data from multiple documents
UITapGestureRecognizer getting called from the wrong scene
Call a method inside an array in PHP
Can I stream mp3 files in my iOS app? Or do I have to download the content locally?
Labview 2011 used to Build .net assembly, error 1172
Ipad2- table event not work as I hope
Compilation error when trying to use existential types in Haskell
Convert non terminating binary number to decimal
Comparing command-line parameter to a string
Anyone know about good WP pluging for news content- slider?
C++ function overload
Why last name does not show in Knockout js sample
Having a issue with an IBAction outlet [closed]
Test Driven Development with a Node.js TCP Server?
regex against spaces
Java Scrolling Background
Taking sum of std::vector is using references instead of values?
How to compare all items in a list with an integer without using for loop
Loading images in Android
Merging sub-arrays with common elements in multi-dimensional array
Override one part of multiple-property css declaration
What does 鈥淐ontent-type: application/json; charset=utf-8鈥�really mean?
Best Multi-threaded Architecture for an Retriving Data Over HTTP?
How do I reduce over 1000 links programatically in a jump menu?
How to overload a method to handle parameter's subclasses in Java?
Query Database Vs Query Datatable
What do the Renderscript FixedFunction shaders look like?
C# Covariance in Classes Implementing Common Interface
OpenCV in iOS not decoding frames properly
Android ImageView will not match_parent width
List of a list, assignment operator fails
Won't performance take a hit with the MVVM Light toolkit?
What are standard Scala monads other than Option?
Windows Azure Run Once Routine
鈥渄ocument cannot be resolved鈥�error Android SDK webview getElementsByClassName
doctrine 2 best practices for helper methods
How to create a Samsung Galaxy Note emulator in the Android AVD?
Updating UILabel realtime with UIDatePicker
鈥淩un failed鈥�when I try to set trackball manipulator (OpenSceneGraph)
Error in batchGetItem API in java
Printing contents of array LISP
PHP user authentication tutorial without sessions
How to Serialize a Dictionary<string,string> and not surround the value with quotes?
Unable to make Smooks EDI work with Camel
C# Setting CultureInfo based on QueryString parameter and resx file
Binding Update Variable
Flot charts x-axis time issues鈥�AARGHHH
Is FrameDecoder not safe in non-single-connection situation?
What am i supposed to Import? Hello World Program
How to define function in .emacs?
CMake and Boost
How to serialize a class in MFC for win7?
Magento - Load product by url
JWS stack overflow error
Implementing a JavaScript API wrapper
ColdFusion, Trying to parse a tab delimited string
Apache CXF: Access restriction rt.jar, what is jaxb-impl for?
Java - Confused about Comparators and need to use one (I think). More info inside
AS3 button inside movieclip used as part of a scrollpane- doesn't work
Why is the image drawn in the canvas when debugging but not when running?
Co- browsing implementation in java [closed]
Selected value not being set for ASP.Net MVC 3 DropDownListFor
Finding a sequence of pixels by color
Vim global command to make each line containing a symbol, start with a word
Problems using the Amazon API to search ISBN
javascript onclick not working
htaccess url rewrite with question mark
Java HashMap searching
mod_rewrite, links, virtual hosts
鈥�in is already defined in main(java.lang.String[]) 鈥�ERROR MESSAGE DRIVING ME MAD
Accessing localhost server for Rails
Get current time of webserver
Private property declaration in your class implementation?
Ember.js: How do I hook Ember.CollectionView after every child view is rendered?
Where (exactly) is the call stack?
How to ensure ConcurrentDictionary of collections thread-safety?
Adding a Custom Backend Model to a Custom Attribute
Boolean Function to Check Validity of Expression Recursively?
Android, Unable to draw on View based on Touch or MotionEvent in emulator
automatic redirection of functions
NHibernate Bulk Insert Without Selecting ID at the end
Does Symfony2 handle restful url properly and should I use restful url?
Can't convert from NSString to NSDate
Accessing Properties of Parent Backbone View
How to push_back to subvector?
Reassigning global $stdout to console - ruby
String manipulation to URI in C#
no matter what keep getting 鈥淎pplication failed to code sign鈥�error when trying to archive my app for submission to the app store
Generate volume curve from mp3
Facebook Graph API and Generic Access token
Python curses.getmouse()
Java Socket Programming in Eclipse
What scenario requires use of call_user_func() in php
Can't find SBJson library in XCode 4.2
How to read schema-based xml files with nested elements into table-type objects?
Detect n in BufferedReader stream
Connect to SuperWebSocket Server through JavaScript
form submit fails to do as I want it to
How do I obtain network information in iOS 5?
Java: Enum vs. Int
MySQL Innodb session table: Update query doesn't find a match
returning null value from cell's textField
How to stop knockout.js bindings evaluating on child elements
How do I get that fading blue highlight (from 3.0+) on an object?
Rally find query & ordering fields
My ecommerce site isn't displaying price anymore
HBase is able to connect to ZooKeeper but the connection closes immediately
MySQL, join together two subsets of one table
How can I handle prepopulated textboxes (textboxes with default descriptive text) client side?
CakePHP Filtering Based on Associated Data with Pagination
Is Struct's address is same as address of its first member?
Why does my SQL Server Reporting Service (SSRS) Report 'appear' to re-sort the data?
What would prevent actionscript flash from calling a JS object in IE9?
How to use Html.RadioButtonFor in ASP.Net view?
Authentication not lasting for the user session
Javascript Text Editor Basic Functionality
Crop Drawable to Square
Looking at the database on heroku
Does this use the Factory design pattern? (java)
How does OS X generate a crash report?
Provide different JS behaviour before user interactions
Razor syntax: Trouble figuring out nested statements and variable scope
Rails 3.1: How can I precompile a binary asset that isn't a Javascript, CSS, or Image file?
Provide different JS behaviour before user interactions
Razor syntax: Trouble figuring out nested statements and variable scope
Rails 3.1: How can I precompile a binary asset that isn't a Javascript, CSS, or Image file?
app engine urls don't match
Cancelling a request in Tomcat
Customizing fancybox 2
How do I utilize text in a string as a method?
Why is this recursive addition wrong in Scheme?
How to bring an Activity to foreground? Nothing work from inside a BroadcastReceiver
Is Javascript Evaluation working in LESS (Leaner CSS)?
Implementing a collection using another collection
Run RMI program from another java program
How to implement an eraser for a drawing app in Android
how to make date selected in certain format is the date saved?
Cannot executeFetchRequest after database is created
improving loading performance by hosting images on different server
Actionscript looping pauses on last frame before repeating loop
Jackson JSON library how to disable serialization of a given type
Backbone Mongoid Rails set up will not let me update a record
Ruby: Generating instance objects from class methods
How to know when updates to the Google AppEngine HRD datastore are complete?
NSString allocation and initializing
Validation of an order
Only parameterless constructors and initializers are supported in LINQ to Entities
Multi-Line Array Literal
Using MySQL triggers to update table with last_modified data
Bouncing image animation loop
Distinguish link opened in current tab vs. new tab
Going back to Previous Activity, (Back and Home Button onPause Error) [closed]
Is there a way to import a custom configuration section?
vim (gvim) - dock the tab bar on the right instead fo the top
Generate a random number with bias result in PHP
Tuple and recursive list conversion
Yii - include(PDO.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory
How to animate background image HUE or SATURATION repeatable
Check if the GET value is null
Blog page hit counter
Reverse a string using a recursive void method
change url in codeigniter when change page
Parsing incoming JSON in JavaScript - what happens to the 鈥渆xtended parameters鈥�
OpenCV: Extracting Triangles from Delaunay Triangulation
jQuery slideshow thumbnails show/hide
Given an asychronous block, how to know when the block will be completed?
Determine object type by number
'Object is in use elsewhere' error on InitializeComponent and with invoke/lock
How to Create/Modify an Interface given the Method definitions of a Class
simple_form multiple inputs inline
WP7 Localising DatePicker control form caption
Representing a collection of models in Java MVC (with SWT)
AVR Simulator like Proteus on ubuntu?
Representing a collection of models in Java MVC (with SWT)
AVR Simulator like Proteus on ubuntu?
jquery: traversing and selecting the child of first element in sibilings classes
Javascript web service request not working
Why does this always return 鈥渦ndefined鈥�
Android Register a file for download
How to write a matches excluding a series of space character (' ') from the input?
URL rewriting doesn't work if web-site is accessed via alias directory
ColdFusion Facebook Integration
Appending NSDictionary to other NSDictionary
Why can't I update an image using CarrierWave?
MongoDB Query C# Driver
Using wait_event_interruptible and wake_up_all together
Receiving notifications for the Facebook Like button on my website
Partial model validation in create/update scenarios
How to slidedown and animate the width together in sequence
Network Request in Lua/Corona SDK
Stiching multiple textures/frames together in OpenGL using a Kinect
How To Implement a progress bar using Spring 3 MVC?
TableView popover is not dismissed [self dismissPopoverAnimated:YES];
How can I rename a field for all documents in MongoDB?
UIView frame changing coordinates in iPad app
Hiding imageView when webView is loading?
Odd Python Errors
How can I collapse .js source code in VS 2010 Express?
Hex Code Differences
Manually increment an enumerator inside foreach loop
How can I remove the single quotes from a string and use it for division in Python?
Connecting to SQL Server 2008 through PHP
NativeCrypto errors Amazon Android
Trying to pass facebook like, send, twitter and google plus as inner html in a user control.
Need help using java threads to download file parts
What is 鈥渦seragent鈥�in codeigniter email library's configuration?
Java SWT: widgetSelected vs widgetDefaultSelected
Getting data from MySQL connection and showing it on a TextBox
Using hash to check flat file for user login [closed]
RestKit iOS : Simple request error
I copied my local GIT repo to a different location and I can't commit
Django ForeignKey from multiple objects
iOS Handle a memory warning
Accessing drawRect from ViewController?
Ant don't start war target
MySql: need SQL query for sorting and grouping record sets in table by some rules
Implementing an IEnumerable<T> datastructure
ASP.NET How to create a form which opens on button click floating over current page and fading out BG
ASP.NET MVC 3 routing issue - not allow controller in URL鈥�
how to get click or tab select a panel?
Rails - Calling CoffeeScript from JavaScript
How to disable highlighting of a canvas on tap for Nexus Galaxy?
Determining valid dates in Java
Kohana 3.2 ORM inserts a row instead of updating
How to create 100 JButtons at once
what's wrong with my JSpinner.DateEditor?
DjangoUnicodeDecodeError: 'utf8' codec can't decode byte 0x80 in position 51
Update multiple users at once?
MySQL: Check constraint with Date
What's JSTL? What are JSP Tag Libraries? What are the differences?
Post on user's wall with the Application
how to split wave signal into frames
Where is Netbeans getting the Repository Location from? (SVN)
How is ThreadPool implemented in .NET 4.0?
Sample GWT app StockWatcher works fine in Chrome and FF in dev mode but only in Firefox after compilation
JavaScript events on related elements
Reference existing control in scope of single function
Date time am/pm in R
iOS Application idles and then locks
How should I design my RPN calculator?
Extract date as UNIX timestamp from already heavily formatted SQL datetime string
Android Search Activity
jQuery using nextSibling to pull out data
Do I understand how Unix file descriptors work in C?
How to set style for all elements with a specified class name in sencha
Website performance when sending emails in php
2-way binding in Winforms app makes entering text in a TextBox painfully slow
What's a good way to provide versioned rows in PostgreSQL? How to query them?
Does a subview viewcontroller added via addSubiew need a dealloc?
MySQLDump from executable on Windows 7
Why is Object.create() so verbose?
Linq query based on attribute
Play Framework: Rendering PDF using PDF module makes call to generate dynamic images 3 times each
java else if. not sure where im going wrong
Is there YAML syntax for sharing part of a list or map?
Python: is index() buggy at all?
And Engine polygons
Is it possible to UPDATE a JOINed table using Codeigniter's Active Record?
Using DbContext - Entity Framework 4.1 How do you set default values for entities
Java method passing/ordered logic inquiry
This works, but is it the 鈥渞ight鈥�way?
Yii findAll that match at least one of several criteria
Spawn a thread and worker queue only if resource is busy
Spring security access denied exception
Entity Framework Code First: How to map SQL Server's computed columns into CF model?
Is it bad to prefix all of my framework class names?
iPad Landscape messing up touches began
What's the win strategy in such a game?
BEGIN and END causing syntax error in gawk
Datepicker visible glitch?
difference between where bindings, let bindings and the single assignment operator (<-)
Explicitly wait for asynchronous action to complete?
How do I prevent spammers from exploiting my Google App Engine form that sends email to others?
How do I prevent spammers from exploiting my Google App Engine form that sends email to others?
Submitting form from jQuery gives javax.faces.application.ViewExpiredException: viewId:/ - View / could not be restored
ri_cal issue with feed generation
HTML5 Video not found
Do the BlockingQueue methods always throw an InterruptedException when the thread is interrupted?
howto create multiple records in a single form with same values
Wordpress - Change the way that register_nav_menus outputs menu items
DevExpress GridHitInfo on group row
Default Namespace created when append the XML document
Parsing strings in C++, using char data type
Md5 all info in a mysql row
CSS3 text editor software
How to display items in a linked list in java
Should 64bit Compare&Swap (CAS) work on a 32bit machine?(or 64bit machine?)
Aligning face data from MATLAB triangulation
The java Program gets stuck鈥 think i am not handling String object properly
In castle active record, why do I have to use CreateAndFlush when my sessionscope should have ended?
How to get a selected contacts?
Is there a way to dynamically create XSL file based on XSD file
PHP keyword function breaks after merging two arrays
retaining case in elasticsearch faceted search
Verifying that a file is ready for reading in py3k
Fancybox is closing after clicking the file input
NameValueCollection returns Length Property instead of Name Value
.htaccess regular expression difference/pros/cons
Rewrite condition catchall if the URI doesn't start with this
Foursquare Developer Tutorial: Recommended Venues
iPhone app with incrementing calling of text file, working with NSDate and NSUserDefaults
Django - Object Set Minus Existence in Another Set
How to programmatically minimize opened window folders
Using a custom event to listen for collisions?
XML Objectifier returning XML string rather than JSON object
Why do I keep getting an attribute error in my XML document?
How to compare Ordered abstract type in Scala trait?
How do I correctly format a TableLayout from a Custom ListView Adapter?
Copying preexisting code to git repo in a different location
Jquery: Getting input value of a form
Update to Rails 3.2 get my a couple of strange behaviors in my test suite
Need an easier way to set up onClickListener for several variables in Android calculator program
how to pass dynamic theme from swf to swc?
How to deleted selected items in a datagrid bound to an object
Ruby , binread : failed to allocate memory (NoMemoryError)
BASH: comparing strings, one from a file, one in my program, if statement always is true
Addressing a Object-Function in an JavaScript Event-Handler
Valid jQuery scripts not loading in production mode
Why a mismatch between errno 34 and code ENOENT
Cancel Azure table query
Windows Phone 7 UIElement manipulation
Why is this string tokenizer making me cast to string?
Google maps, PHP
Character Occurrence [duplicate]
Erlang: receive multiple multicast streams on the same port
UITextView shouldChangeTextInRange delegate not called
Calling Oracle Stored Procedure from SAS
Hopfield Neural Network doesn't recognize
how to limit visitors to an api end point to those that are visiting my site
JAX-WS xml namespace serialization
Reference unit tests for common data structures?
clearInterval outside of method containing setInterval
How to compile and run java source files with external .jar library?
Best way to fetch a BLOB LAZY using Hibernate
Use d3.js library in Rails project with XMLHttpRequest [closed]
rails3 + unobtrusive javascript + mobile - has anyone gotten this to work?
regex expression broke by line break
HTML 5 Canvas Image Rendering
Using phantom key types with EF Code First 4.3
why doesn't delegate work for scroll?
Generating a 10 digit security token
PHP strings: how to replace non-standard characters?
Google Social Interaction Analytics with the Tumblr share button?
PayPal Subscription Payment Failed
MySQL Schema DBAdmins can you please look this over?
Cache/Session a Menu XML in Classic ASP
perl: executing multiple systems processes and waiting for them to finish
How to dismiss popovers in iOS 5?
Why does the data binding source need an explicit getter?
Facebook Graph API mutual friends
CreateMutex with bInitialOwner=true seem to be acting weird
Login script wrong password fault [closed]
How to switch languages on Symbian S60
problems with an onItemClickListener
How to use SOLID principles to build an third party library abstraction layer
NodeJS Functions/Module Include Scope
Gem rb-inotify causing libffi errors
R Clustering 'purity' metric
In MongoDB, how does on get the value in a field for an embedded document, but query based on a different value
Understanding char reference
android asynctask
Accessing JSON with JQuery
Event Handler not working with jQuery
Kendo UI Grid - Update not persisting
鈥溾� an error occured while updating the object context. The ObjectContext might be in an inconsistent state鈥︹�
how do I then make the page secure via https when using a cdn?
Temporarily remove labels/tags and re-insert them later on
How popular is PHP Zip Extension?
Clickable links in a dialog
Image resize issue using GD
Exceptions: System.NullReferenceException [duplicate]
constructing a balanced tree
Include .cpp instead of header(.h)
what does pre-formatted table in HTML mean?
Error in rendering partial view
android - manipulating the 'share' menu
Better Rails .erb code intelligence with Komodo Edit?
Touble adding css transformation to background images
the sample python twisted event driven web application increments request count by 2, why?
Sorting by recent access in Lucene / Solr
jQuery events firing order
glGetUniformLocation fails for 2/4 fields in a struct?
Remove item from QListWidget by dropping it outside the widget?
Dynamically call fancybox
Why must I allocate an object and set my instance variable = that object in Obj-C?
VS2010 Data -> Schema Comparison duplicate files
php detect if document index is localhost
what's wrong with this my rtsp methods? (server replies 459 always)
Get a specific digit of a number from an int in Java [duplicate]
How to style elements within other elements with css?
TypeError: int() argument must be a string or a number, not 'AnonymousUser' in Django
Akka - Actor automatic creation by need
imagecopyresampled Cropping
Signal analysis: amplitude estimation in MATLAB
Design Property as Collection to handle input and output
Remove tags from the beginning and end of the string with PHP
Building GCC requires GMP 4.2+, MPFR 2.3.1+ and MPC 0.8.0+
Is it possible to change facebook profile picture link?
now() function being tempratmental
If/Else calculations through JOptionPane
Selecting specific <tr> tags with BeautifulSoup
Scrolling iframe inside div with rounded corners leaves trail of rounded corners
LPTHW, EX19 extra credit 3
undefined local variable or method error with rails
Are there any Ruby MVC web frameworks with great support for logic-less templates?
PHP Memcached's OPT_PREFIX_KEY Not Being Applied
Where are my local files when using a local SVN server: TortoiseSVN client?
Trying to write an R script that does elimination of dominated strategies (just comparing two vectors really) and something is going wrong
processing - mouseOver on objects
backbone.js model fetch
Same regex have different results in Java and Python
Haskell Rewrite Rules and Function Composition
iOS launching background app on startup
How to cut a movie into quarters & display on 4 monitors?
Multiple mysql updates in single query
ImageView not keeping max height and width
How to set Jetty's document root?
NullPointerException with AsyncTask and SQLite cursor
How to convert '2012-02-06T23:18:17Z' to DateTime
Programmatically disassemble CIL
C++ Cannot call constructor ' ' directly
Make [GNU-Make gcc or what ever] on OpenSuse 12.1 - how to accomplish
Linking to DLL in C++ - same code works with Visual Studio, but not with MinGW
start a backround song of a hello world program Android app?
Merging ActiveAdmin users with existing user model
php: convert all relative urls in absolute urls
鈥淓RROR TypeError: can't dup NilClass鈥�in a Rails 3 app?
Creating a timed pause in batch, hiding and closing a non-batch program from batch
Using inside my namespace
Making separate pages for item, PHP [closed]
Owner of app gets wrong access tokens
How to convert EF properties into SQL Server's computed columns?
Yii: Cascade delete related record together with file
Rails 3.1 Devise gem, enter data in another table as well
unable to read the EOF character in C
Validate user input against ArrayList
parsing the affiliateservice api response
NSTimer Stopwatch
Const declaration of a function
multiple conditions in =sum
Java Multiple Array Recursion regardless of array size
How to use one animation for several controls in Silverlight
How to get Facebook page notification via Graph API
Update with multiple Models
JPA Entity not updating correctly
PLS-00103 when trying to call a procedure
Javascript selected item value not pulling correctly
Directory Listing in S3 Static Website
In C, check for the offset in a character string and count the number of bytes
How can I test variables using PHPUnit in Zend Framework
Checking and compiling Protocol Buffers using GNU build tools
Finding items that occur exactly once in an array
Why isn't LocalBuilder.SetLocalSymInfo emitting variable names?
AFNetworking and No Internet Connection scenario
Comparing Keys and Values in 2 Dictionaries
uitextview keyboard appear above uitoolbar
best way to do php html parser [duplicate]
Insert and select from MySQL database
Autoload classes with Zend based naming convention or no convention at all with Symfony 2
How to show grid in navigator with 960gs? [closed]
Use preg_match_all to pull all <a href links that are NOT mailto: links
GLSL coordinate space?
Updating Live tile using background agent
playframework to flash or not to flash
Validating TextBox input for a list that is a property of an MVC3 ViewModel
Mapping IDictionary<Entity, Component> with MappingByCode
AppStore / Market : migrate existing user base
Core Data Confusion
Non-rectangular data wrappers for AMP?
Lazy initialization of C structs
coding guidelines for python dictionaries
UIWebView and scaling images - inconsistent results?
tapered css border
coding guidelines for python dictionaries
UIWebView and scaling images - inconsistent results?
tapered css border
encoding jpeg as h264 video
Time complexity in Java
Twitter, Error: 401 accessing '/1/statuses/sample.json'. Reason: Unauthorized
iPhone will not vibrate while displaying camera view
Strange warning gcc
Android SDK. can MediaPlayer access file as MediaRecorder records
Convert javascript code scrolling text into jquery
jQuery JSON response into table column
Synchronously get picture (from Uri)
Sqlite can't attach database to main
LinearLayout with selector and custom view on top
Timestamp isn't persisted as UTC
CallIntMethod result -1 - ANDROID JNI
In Castle Windsor 3, override an existing component registration
Cannot get django celeryd to work on Windows
Secure and insecure sessions with Rails
Model validation approach - MVC (CodeIgniter)
Filtering data from file
How to create a UILabel with varying font sizes?
paypal ipn script won't work
obtain file base name
Using an int as an NSDictionary key?
What's the best way to store settings on a per-worksheet basis?
Tracking down NSMutableArray 鈥淩equest for large capacity鈥�
Why I can delete property of global object in javascript?
Django Admin Static Resources
I don't understand this example of fork()
How to achieve dynamic attributes while keeping queries clear and effective
actionscript 3 rotation
Receive Facebook notifications for Likes on my website?
Invalid Syntax error on print statement in python 3.2.2
iOS 鈥渟lide鈥�ViewController
Show Bundle & Grouped Product Options On Product List Page
PostSharp - Apply aspect across assemblies
async js loading sequence
How to persist LARGE BLOBs (>100MB) in Oracle using Hibernate
Inner join to get those not in table
How to install cocos2d 2.0 beta?
Under what conditions does C++ optimize out constructor calls?
Performance of creating struct values
Query on database to select id and password not working properly [closed]
Deploying a Rails hello world, I always get 500.html
Check permissions, if allowed, publish story to news feed
Fitting Gaussian to specific data (Finding model parameters)
R dataframe with varied column lengths
How do I use ResolveIpNetEntry2 in C#
Embed/download clips from xVideos (Adult, 18+) [closed]
Specific dropdown box
Transform class to a derived class
Using jquery.calculation.js with dynamically added form fields
Matrix Multiplication - Divide & Conquer vs Strassen, Divide & Conquer is faster?
Space between UITableView Cells [duplicate]
Android Parsing XML to make a tree
iOS: How to remove invalid characters from a search string, while allowing the search on multiple words
Conditionally closing a tag in HAML
How to have jQuery get image size in bytes, not image dimensions?
Issue regarding MemoryMappingFile
Saving Date & Time to mysql on click
playframework, need a good create, update, delete example USING same html page
How to change fancybox border color
Suggest me whether to study Razor or basic C# for a developer fluent in HTML and CSS
How to use pinch Gesture Recognizer in a UIScrollView?
SQL - having VS where
JavaScript Variables in succession
Need a cache friendly data structure to store the neighbors of a letter in a 2d-array
dealing with htmlescape/htmlspecialchars
PHP/JSON-jquery pagination
What is the point of creating foreign key properties when using Entity Framework Code First?
PHP fwrite error
could the use of condition variables (POSIX concurrent api) really slow down my parallel network code?
IE messing up my sorted EmberJS ArrayProxy
How to replace #site-title with a RESIZABLE image?
How can I grab all the data from an external RSS feed and style it on wordpress?
Sorting Array of Pointers to Pointers
ExchangeService Class to read Gmail, Hotmail email account
ASP:chart - control how to render two set of data in a single column
how to use javascript to simulate mouse click
Having trouble calculating mandelbrot set iterations
How to constrain content width
Call a function of an extension / addon
Undefined reference to 'pthread_create'
error creating SQLite DB
RavenDB Disallow Delete if Not in Use
Lower-case input and remove symbols in 1 function with Haskell
Custom meta for custom taxonomy in WordPress
How to get json data from a file (jQuery)
How to manipulate awk output?
UINavigationViewController embedded in iPad View - prevent Navigationbar animation outside the viewrect
C - Cannot access saddr
How to write a query when pattern is in field
R model.matrix setup
date string beautifier in php not working as expected
Count number of objects in array that match another object (javascript only)
Connection user jsoup redirect error
Android library project using other 3rd party libraries
cocos2D ccTouchEnded Crash
Converting using SqlConnection to Func delegate
Converting using SqlConnection to Func delegate
Rtmp Video Streaming using WebView
How do I efficiently search a potentially large database?
Django storing non-unicode data
Algorithm to generate (not quite) spanning set in Python with no set longer than 5
Generate HTML in Racket
How to Represent HTML Table structure in Flex DataGrid or AdvancedDataGrid
How to utilise filename information as a factor in R
How to make large WCF services with many functions importable into VS 2010?
Passenger standalone works, but Passenger Module for Apache does not
Why is this template function call not working?
Python Web Framework most like ASP.NET MVC 3
setTimeout working in Chrome, but not Firefox for fade animation
buildr build aborted - unable to download from repo
Conditional pattern matching in Racket
Arraycopy Crashing My Program
.htaccess apache env var not working
Skewing images individually using canvas
Dojo: How to send a POST request with
javascript write to .txt file onclick
Simple but effective bracket checker for inputs like this?
Understanding POCO Generators
How to encrypt a .plist before uploading to users Dropbox?
Show year only once in archives loop
Code security - how to protect aginst malevolent programmers [closed]
Android: Button selector not parsing
Facebook C# SDK , .NET MVC , passing parameters to ActionResults with facebook app URL
Rails Combine Carrierwave Uploads into Downloadable Zip File
Cannot get pass through geometry shader working
Selected value of a wpf combobox isn't displayed on combobox
Attach Extra data to ImageButton in android
From class to .cpp
git reword without resolving merge conflicts again
Objective C object property ->
Remove title of application in toolbar
Set first selected image in Galleriffic jQuery plugin?
stop git from looking in previous dirs
get everthing between <tag> and </tag> with php
instance_of? returning unexpected result
Copy 1 file from multiple subdirectories to another directory
put an new xmlNode at the end of the Xml tree with python libxml2
JS Object, how to access objects from within myself
ActiveRecord .new not working, any ideas why?
Allow own TestContext class to inject different connections Strings inVisual Studio Unit Test Project
Can someone explain this Objective C @property syntax?
Playing audio from intent - ActivityNotFoundException
How to set up Windows Web Server 2008 R2 for MVC Applications
Collapsing several 鈥渞equired field missing鈥�errors down to one line in the 鈥渟tripes:errors鈥�box
Make it so certain characters can't be inserted into a MySQL database?
How do set Python path to run Django with WSGI and Apache?
Disable JFrame but Want Access to Menu Windows
How to split the filename from a full path in batch?
Script that saves a series of pages then tries to combine them but only combines one?
AppRequest: How to broadcast message? startproject mysite is not doing anything
PHP email style
Android: Simple customization of AlertDialogs
Regex to trim leading/trailng commas: ,aa,bb,cc,
XML embedding base64 encoded images in PHP
Rails Assets in Production
Huge gap on page between content and footer
Need help understanding how n, b, and r will render printf output
How to handle user authentication persistance in IOS?
EXC_BAD_ACCESS after reopening app with Core Data
PHP converting special characters, like 艧 to s, 牛 to t, 膬 to a
Mac OS X - How to store web projects in a location other than /Library
MonoTouch.Dialog crash
Select xml node by attribute in php
Not printing array
Trying to call for a specific method - routing error
Codeigniter page not found
TSQL query to retrieve flagged/total rows
MySQL Getting Data from SQL Query (phpmyAdmin)
Getting ID of bitmap on SD card
@Autowired for @ModelAttribute
Load Image OpenCV (JavaCV) from byte[] not a file
Fancybox with 鈥渟hare鈥�buttons linked to unique image
Decorator or abstract base class? Neither seem right
Proper setup for visual studio and SVN
Big O, what is the complexity of summing a series of n numbers?
Adobe AIR Extension for Dreamweaver fails to connect to timestamp server
Using MigLayout imported from .jar
generic handler works in visual studio 2010 but not on iis7.5
Window Templates in Qt (Or basically object oriented Windows)
How do I search within a collection of type ConfigurationSection?
Rails tutorial, odd CSS formatting on site
'EXEC_BAD_ACCESS' in Table View, 鈥淸TasksPageViewController tableView:numberOfRowsInSection:]鈥�
Calling variables from other files in Python
How to add default namespace to loaded XmlDocument so that validation 鈥渨orks鈥�
jquery on data-xxxx modified event?
League Table - SQL Query/JDBC Issue
Java HashMap Create, edit and delete
OpenCV 2 binary conversion
Very Simple MySQL INNER JOIN failing
Convert timeval to time_t
Add UIToolbar to UIViewController
How can I run mysql replication on a single host?
Test if Attribute = Node Value without Using Variables
simplest way to remove all the styles in a page
jquery mouseenter mouseout in menu
Adding a value to the end of a URL - HTML
Vary type of input control based on drop down selection?
Unable to populate RadioButtonList inside ASP.NET Repeater Template
How can I group the results of a many-to-many via sql as opposed to using php to do so?
After using setData() method of LibXML in perl the data is not written out to the actual xml file
Automapper: multiple destination values populated from single source value
JQuery code not working
Using csvreader against a gzipped file in Python
Change app background
Android: Custom Titlebar crashes app
Hook a tab-icon onto an image
How to Setup Wordpress with Amazon SES using Mail Queue Throttling?
Java - Cloning a HashSet<Point> gives me an unchecked cast warning. How else can I do this?
The Spock compiler plugin could not run because
How can I store a hash in a SQL Server database using C#?
regex to match a string in a string [duplicate]
Calling a function that add controls to the Form from Class
RVM install error, can't install latest version
How do I make button that adds UITableViewCell to a UITableView?
Mysterious javascript behaviour: unequal equals
How to implement a hash-key navigation?
Good way to do simple walking animation?
Do I need to put the entity back into the repository after an update?
How to create a custom mesh on THREE.JS?
Pointer to array of pointers results in seg fault
MySQL (and WordPress): select rows containing the highest value in one column and order by another
new kinect-PC tutorial
Code Igniter controller pages
.animate() queue option explanation
Getting 鈥渉eaders already sent鈥�with Facebook PHP api
Android: show/hide a view using an animation
Format Date Fields to String in XStream
PHP error with th colspan
How to show line indentation in Visual Studios 2010
Forcing changes to aria-hidden to take effect immediately on Mobile Safari