javascript regex verify a variable then capture that variable
Twitter Bootstrap: What is the correct way to use the `.btn` class within a navbar?
LINQ Query to Group by Multiple and Order
Extending the matplotlib mathtext parser
Tic-Tac-Toe arrays or lists?
How to know if the user has configured a mail app?
WCF Service Store and Manipulate Collection?
Why does name surface as an axis in my scatter plot?
Bash script to read a text file and then output each line into variables
How can I translate a package annotation from java to scala
MVC 3, Razor, EF - Create View which allows adding children dynamically
python S60 Application access
2 AVPlayers playing the same file
Android Resources store object
Adding a Object in a Objectlist (ArrayList)!
Generating the power set of a list
async behaviour in Fsharp
Looping through an array using ColdFusion
How do i execute one event in php based on a probability for the event to happen
How to access custom class objects and change their data from a WCF service?
FASM - compacting 鈥渂uffer db 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 鈥︹�
cwac TouchListView duplicated items
How to optimize F# programs generally [closed]
Einsteins Riddle Prolog
Visual c# Program reading wrong Settings (PDB) file
RSS feed scraping with Python
SQL programming help鈥�using count and max ..etc
makefile problems (gnuplot)
鈥渟essionstore-state-read鈥�observer not working
Sending data via bluetooth on Iphone (iOS 5.x)
Rails 3 NameError (uninitialized constant <controllerName>)
How do I get unique records and ordering on outer join with 3 tables?
Webkit related bug concerning nested floats and clearing
Change pages with Spinner
Make Tab a scrollbar and show only 3 out of 6 tabs
Why scrollbars appear, when I resize the canvas?
jquery validation engine : ajax field validation with java (not with php)
Debugging and counting breakpoint hits
android app lock required for socket connection?
Is Spring session scoped bean saved in HttpSession?
Mixing private and public repository in Git workflow
Next Step for iOS Development?
a bilingual application on Agile Toolkit ? with language selector for the user?
Shopping Cart Timeout
table header repeating in xml data table
Android: Resource Id into View?
How do I make a recursive boost::variant which works with gcc 4.6?
How do I get to #1 of html page using jQuery Address
Writing to USB HID device
Can I edit png file with AS3
Javascript 鈥淔or鈥�Loop not working?
ImportError: Cannot import name X
Sorting multidimensional array values in PHP
Writing own shell in C - How to make more than two pipes?
Basic error in iPad application launch
Dynamic Memory Allocation of Vectors in C++
Word-wrapping in a rectangle, while allowing words to be truncated
foreign key never save with embed relation
MVC3 + How to get the current loged on user's user name
Widgets: Distinguish between clicks on the views with the same id
CCLiquid effect on a specific area of CCSprite?
Is using pointer offsets faster than decrementing in assembler?
Transient Copy Constructor weirdness
Is it possible to index embeded objects in MongoDB with Sphinx?
What's a good structure for making games?
Sending Player Alias (Game Center) via struct with ARC
google.maps.event.addListener(map, 鈥渋dle鈥� function() - Is it Possible to specify The Idle Time?
SQL Server Referencing Nested Subqueries
how to align navigation horizontally and center it, with responsive CSS preferably
Deserialize option<'a>
How to measure the perfomance of the jQuery code
500 Server Error for Python in ASP Script
ejb3 access in out of container way
How do I use data from a UDP segment to establish a TCP connections?
Hover over an icon to reveal specific content below?
MySQL Connection with Visual C# Express 2008
Is it possible to get (near) realtime performances from CIFilter on iOS?
how to create a synchronous NSURLConnection request
WCF Load testing with Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate
[CALayer retain]: message sent to deallocated instance?
How to set custom marker color?
How to display a multi dimensional array in JSTL?
Unix/Windows, Setup background process? from php code
C++: Reacting to one empty input vs empty input file
BETWEEN for columns in Kohana Database
Detect linebreak in UITextView
Android location updates while moving
Convert array of bits into a hexadecimal number
Tweeter search api asynchronous fetching of searched tweets
fetching items from array and putting it on a loop
Mysql Drop Table as PreparedStatement not working for me
jquery mobile change navibar from width
random iteration in Python
LPTHW Excercise #40- dictionary troubles
Why Json is null in this situation?
Album cover as notification
Animating an iAd in and out without setting off the warning
Twitter bootstrap v2 and Jquery no conflict
Android sending post requests to django server csrf failing
type conversion perl, javascript, JSON.parse JSON::XS - need ideas
Converting an SQLite database to an Excel file on Android
How to customize the back button on ActionBar
How to get started with RDF? (Particularly for relational database developers?)
What can cause cmake (2.8.4 and 7) to fail after upgrade of Visual Studion 10 Express to Professional?
Htmlpurifier IMG SRC purify
Why would java program compile but not run?
Find line with some word and without some other
Creating a Grails 'template' project for later reuse
Automatic selection of gcc compiler optimization using Logistic Regression model
use id field at temperature in database
Can't figure out what's wrong with data type in numpy loadtxt command
hover and if statement firing only ONCE
Name that pattern: using a collection of predicated handler objects as strategies
android - pre-allocate space for a file before downloading it
Entity framework StackOverflowException in constructor call? Very strange
Is there a way to use Firebug's console.log from Firefox's cfx?
Force DataGrid update when ItemsSource has converter applied
Spring Classes not found in eclipse
How to submit form onclick like google's autosuggest with jqueryui?
Define an instance variable by the presence of a character in a string in Ruby
Daubechies wavelet transform in Matlab
Regex - Finding alphanumeric inbetween {{ and }}
android google map overlays ontap
page templates rendered with diazo don't load internationalization strings
Are their any free PHP librarys to convert PPT or ODT to PDF [closed]
Can't add the same item twice to CustomProperties?
Regex match a value only if the line does not begin with comment delimiter
How to use try-catch block for PDO
Why Remote for Github is named 鈥渙rigin鈥�instead of 鈥済ithub鈥�
Sending JSON to IIS from iPhone in hebrew the string cut before the end
Pointers & Reference
Problems sending UDP with gsocket
RequireJS as module loader for UserScripts hosted on github
execute javascript function from html select
How do I avoid code duplication when modelling a table, its layout, and its records, all of which share the same basic structure?
get selected item id from dynamically created dropdown list with jQuery
Fork, sharing variables, & handling zombie processes
how to push a range of memory to the stack in asm?
javascript code not work on IE
How to get user country and continent?
How to use mex service in WCF that requires user name authentication?
How can I specify required text and have that text show up in regex matches?
jQuery stop at the end and return to start
Splitting and combining two arrays Array
How to accelerate downloads using Cocoa API
Javascript name array input selectors (name[sometext])
Simplest C compiler & editor for Windows?
Regex vs. Piping in terms of speed
jQuery slideshow with thumbnails
C++: Should I be using Boost.Date_Time Posix Time or Local Time?
What does the def line do in python [closed]
UML Class diagram , c++ [duplicate]
Netbeans C/C++ multiple file compile
Loading UIViewControllers via UIButton with delay functionality
Type Error during capistrano deploy:setup
Rspec test returns 'should has'.
Adding a file to a zip in C#
Show all of data comming from mongodb and render it in doT.js templating engine
Grab value from textfield to use in link_to
Ruby's Gemfile equivalent
Rails controller aliasing
Maven 鈥渕vn package鈥�issue with a new PHP project
Setting resque-Interval on heroku
How can I make this div slide up and down hover effect?
How to get unique UID for contact in J2ME?
Placing FB comment button on tumblr
sizeof and unsigned char array error? (c/c++)
How to move image/object with sensor manager?
Some Copy command in windows to copy from current location to specified location
How to set RectangleGeometry as container size in WPF?
Suppress user agents max-age=0 header
iOS Comic Reader - Is this a viable design?
Summarizing pngs, size optimization
Objective- C - Looping through all properties in a class?
Is it possible to get crc32 of the end of file if I know crc32 of the beginning and of the whole file?
Change value and text of button
Passing exceptions across a C API boundary
Android Layout - Weighting
in PHP development, is there anything like rspec in Rails? [closed]
How to respond to AJAX form submission in Rails?
Button On-Click Event in Xcode 4.2.1
How to change Twitter Bootstrap tab, when button is pressed?
Click event listener stops working after certain number of clicks
How to debug script using xdebug [closed]
Error in Eclipse missing openCV library file 鈥渓鈥�
java nio reading lines from a file
What is a heap? (using 'new')
CSS Media Queries & Advertisements
What is the best way to export and import ARC2 RDF data?
How to create a C-library (for Ubuntu) out of header- and source-files?
Parsing JSON string to a NSMutableArray
Android array cannot be resolved or is not a field
A PostgreSQL trigger that moves a file on the filesystem
Print out repeating pattern using two nested for loops and a constructor
Tab key is not working as expected
Converting long int to wxString
CakePHP and set:combine with a default value
linq looping through tags with the same name
How do I make this type of layout with CSS? [closed]
Append Image Tag to DOM, No Image Displayed
how to access selected item in the
Android - Show first ten entries in my sql database
Errors Using has_many :through association
Create a dll for Lua with C: undefined reference to 'luaL_register'
Hidden fields in a grid won't import to a edit form
Using MySQL Like to search for a number with symbols
jQuery: Not firing event after click
Android background doesnt show correctly
Repackaged Android App drawing issues on Blackberry Playbook simulator
Arrange a scroll view above a linear layout without overlaps
Retina Support for custom UITabBarController-like highlighting of UIImage?
c# call popup window from server side code?
Android - Phonegap inner active interaction
Magento - Creating tabs on home page
Is there an emerging standard API for NoSQL Databases? [closed]
MYSQL View and summing fields
Working with related model in CakePHP
Undefined reference to `(anonymous namespace)::
How do I search YouTube from my app in android
json-simple, reading from a file
PhoneGap get value in query string
Codeigniter CLI As Daemon
Core Data NSFetchRequest returns unsorted array after deleting object and refetching data
thrust::min_element doesn't work on a float4 device_vector, while it does on a host_vector
Is it possible to make descendant of a TService and publish my own properties?
Memory usage of the Playframework
Creating an installer for my Mac application
Is it possible to make the blend Xaml editor horizontal?
What should i do to create my own folder and move message from inbox to my custom folder?
Castle Windsor Interceptor on Caliburn View Model
Efficiently rendering an Occupancy Grid in Java Swing
How to Debug Network Errors (Specifically ICMP)
ActionBar Orientation
Tail-recursion in FParsec
Recursive program optimization
Run-Time Check Failure #0: Using C-exports from MinGW dll in VC++ (or: Using libclang MinGW build in VC++ application)
Jquery validation and ajax submit in the same script
How to make shape like this using border radius?
Java - Is the Point class's hashCode() method any good, or should I override it and write my own?
What could cause String.charAt(0) to print nothing, and be of character type 鈥�6鈥�
how to browse my DataBase records on Heroku
Increase/ decrease value with dragging
MYSQL LOAD DATA INFILE Syntax Error - where is it wrong?
Extracting Day of Week as an Integer with Netezza SQL
Android: Python errors when downloading source via Cygwin
How can I access an webpage's resources when I browse it?
ASP.NET: Records in database don't get updated
Grails Constraints with Java Classes and Hibernate Mappings
State of a process, C, Linux
Saving application state AIR
How to add additional fixed bar to Twitter's Bootstrap navbar?
Thread.Sleep() in a Portable Class Library
jquery click on href link - have to click twice
is this sample sql statement considered parameterized and therefore safe?
Implementation of vanishing point algorithm using opencv
How do you use Timers in C# to wait for a certain amount of time before doing something? [closed]
hide/show label in input and textarea with jquery
Does Spring.NET Support Creating Custom Object Lifetimes?
How do i know which one is right mode for creating folder
RESTful webservice proxy class
what are the minimal JSF jars needed to deploy a JSF app with Tomcat
eclipse indigo ftp time out
css selector span:first-child issue
Choosing a Game Engine for my 2D Game [closed]
Why does this preg_replace not work? Removing HTML entities
python code explanation reqd
Dialog Preferences from my PreferenceActivity aren't being saved
Eco JavaScript templates in Rails without duplicate code?
ASIHTTPRequest seems to cache JSON data always
Spring RestTemplate added, Exception on launch to Tomcat7
Access position of UIButton objects in Array
Hide comments in Notepad++
Code: How can I go over a list of numbers and print the number of consecutive increases in Python? [closed]
iPad app - Drawing objects on the screen one at a time
FGallery is overriding all rotation methods in my other views
How to make compatibale a css design for all the browsers?
Edit record (should be so easy)
How to remove all listeners in an element?
Getting extension from file [closed]
Backbone click event fires events for all collection rather than model
box2dweb raycast
Can not find cakephp model
Bash: move file/directory and create a link of it
Long running code on a background thread?
Can UITextField and UITextView be made to render fonts the same, or are they just different?
Using SQL function with datatable results
Can I extract and send information about watching videos on web browsers
PHP Framework for Social Media Monitoring and as well as for Python
Border around multiline text in a div (html/css)
Apache Rewrite: favicon in %{HTTP_HOST} directory
Can jQuery determine which divs are currently in the user's browser view?
Get db value to appear only during print action
history of programming in 鈥�DOS times (not console) [closed]
Could not load file or assembly after deploy
C++ Static Initialization via Schwartz Counter
MapView ConcurrentModificationException when updating overlays
Intent.ACTION_CALL force close
Kindle Fire was on device list but can't debug in Eclipse
C++ Simple compile error
Adding all the instances in a package to a List with Spring
How to do IP Canonicalization in .htaccess? [closed]
Record RTSP stream with FFmpeg libavformat
Dynamic Jquery selectors
How to add directories to ld search path
鈥淭he post's links must direct to the application's connect or canvas URL鈥�- error
Sending data to MySQL with Ajax and PHP
Can't drag UITableViewCell from its current position when reorder
Spotify - libspotify error codes
UILocalNotification - Notification not displaying
XPath relative to variable's location in source document
Removing extensions from filename [duplicate]
How to deploy multiple Rack/Sinatra apps with Passenger (on Apache) with HTTP Basic Authentication?
how to align navigation horizontally and center it?
Executing a php script on database trigger
Database Insert Mechanism
I don't understand how to specify a path for a file I want to open in python
How to Define Prototype Interceptors with DefaultAdvisorAutoProxyCreator in Spring.NET
鈥淧roper鈥�way to change pages within a Facebook tab app
Why does this basic cin prevent my program from compiling?
Printing out a list of pointers
jQuery repeated hover effects
Does it allow to create many transactions at a time in Android SQLite
JSR303 Validation: Pass in an Object/Context Information at runtime?
send php variable through ajax and return value if successful
Tray icon context menu positioning in WPF application
SCORM 2004 3rd Edition Authoring Tool
Can't push changes to GitHub
Dynamic form field overlay with JQuery
Queue method or individual db connection?
Reading InputStream from a batch file's process skips to next line
That assembly does not allow partially trusted callers , Which assembly is causing this?
Simple Delphi 3d functions
Publisher closed input channel or an error occurred. events=0x8
Zooming Using UIScrollView
Slow recursive destructor call in C++
Simple File browser / file chooser in Python programe with Qt-GUI?
developing a plugin - trying to use wordpress database
Python: Resize an existing array and fill with zeros
PHP Regular Expressions on multiple lines
Change image dynamically in Flash Builder 4.6
partial form for nested models in rails 3
How to visualize the contents of any file as an image?
places php call issue
Are structs 'pass-by-value'?
Rails 3.1.3 using anchor attribute with link_to tag from posts/index to posts/show/id not working
android create chat like gtalk
How to change the alignment of a UISearchBar according to the input language
Prevent page scroll on drag in IOS and Android
C++ substitution of ios::noreplace
Stacking astronomy images with Python
Create Thumbnail with SWFUpload
How to use makecert to create a X509 certificate accepted by WCF
Facebook Comment page through API
C# DirectShow .Net Centre video with background
Output number larger than it should be - gcc compiling
App Namespace Lost
What is a 鈥渂adboy鈥�in reverse engineering
POST Response Length is Non-Zero, but Read is Empty
Convert timestamp to date in MySQL query
In MySQL how should I alter my syntax to add a 'WHERE' clause
Problems with designing UML - like diagrams in graphviz
C++ Ruby Extension with External Libraries
MySQL : 鈥淎ppending more data to a column鈥�
top command in linux [closed]
CAKEPHP - panel view form
How to change css styles of a jQuery plugin?
How do I make a collection fast searchable?
iOS client application design
I can not get the shell command to launch a kill command from my phone
How to create a Boost.Range that hides multiple layers of vectors and exposes it as a single Range?
Is there an async I/O based Aws java client?
Remove an entry from 鈥渟ettings鈥�file
cudaEventQuery() blocks
Why in this tree program i am getting the output twice?
Bellman-Ford with heap doesn't work with custom compare function
Ensure statement is executed only once when a key is pressed and held.
Should i use https request or ajax to send data to clients?
Can't get pointer back to zero
HTML5 Canvas changes colors of all lines
How to use JNDI Database bpool for JDBCStore sessio persistence
Threading makes my program not responding?
Can you convert a signed char array to an unsigned integer?
how to get profile pic of a user as it appears in new Timeline profile?
OutOfMemoryException was unhandled
Sprockets max-age header on heroku
Why is this C code involving constant pointer crashing on me? [duplicate]
Set Canvas size using javascript
go to last activity
Replace HTML in div when link is clicked
Qt4 and GLew seem to be incompatible with each other
Program does not run as expected
Secure request from iPhone to Server
Android App and GAE: Temporary data that can be selected in one activity and displayed in another
CSS3 Flexbox full-height app and overflow
The order of my custom BinaryHeap is not always correct
how to get the prompt in FTP Client using Apache commons
How to read HtmlDocument in ASP.NET?
hibernate - Unsupported SQL type 2005 on many-to-one constraint
Tomcat ServletContext vs JNDI for Sharing session data across multiple war files
CSS relative zoom?
How to update the content of a string list, thank's to a List View of EditText
Difference between glBitmap and glTexImage2D
Simple Collection With String Objects which allows search in 0(1) operation
writing an array to a CSV
Embedd Images from MongoDB gridFS into my HTML-Page
Videos not playing in browser Troubleshooting
If css() == X, else, not working, forms not working
How can I send an object to a Servlet from a JSP via hyperlink?
listview behavior dillemna, difference between socket.set() and socket property?
Why would simpledialog dialog not pop up?
how to depend form a string in android
How to display a combobox based on a selection from another combobox
C# Display List<class> values in ListBox
file_handle class - how can i use the file stream outside the class
Can I use Python 2.7 subprocess module from Python 2.6?
insufficient memory when creating graph output android
Error: Items collection must be empty before using ItemsSource
how block scrolling in pageAdapter
Android Roboguice Exception
Webstorm Remote Debugging + edit local javascript file while debugging
htaccess excluding 1 folder from rewriterules
Getting each variable from an array
use ajax call in jquery autocomplete only if result is not found in locally built array
CSS customized scroll bar in div
How to efficiently amend an std::map?
How to animate incrementing number in UILabel
jQuery live/delegate/on vs. re-registering event handlers - which is better for AJAX?
Cookie or Javascript
Something like prepareForSegue but for when going back
Flash IDE path to AS3
Passing Objects to a Web Service's method
convert data.frame column format from character to factor
What does mean a TRect with exchanged (left,top) and (right,bottom) points?
Actual inserted row ID
Submitted form values aren't shown in the corresponding View
Android Animate view from off screen not working
php upload textarea content into mysql table
Apache : How to Use Rewrite Engine Inside Alias
How do populate valid params in a grails test
How add new hidden input fields to the form on submit
UIPickerView with 2 components
How make tree on Twitter Bootstrap background like on Twitter?
pulling XML data from external site
How add only not empty/null restriction to query
Classes interfering with each other on compile
Lift setup in eclipse using m2eclipse and m2eclipse-scala and Scala IDE - what am I missing
How do you make a for-each statement that changes a variable value every time it loops?
xcode 4.2.1 - storyboard - Moving from different view using modal and having Tab bar visible
Memory usage in WPF application - how to track and manage? (BEGINNER SCOPE)
FindBugs new Formula
Is there a way to recover MySql user Password?
What's better for update program - GUI or console?
Status and Documentation on Aptana 3?
jQuery Tablesorter - Possible to group 'sorted' rows?
how to add Linebreak to a string in vb
How to create animations and user interfaces in android?
Boolean Expression AND Gate Java
clearstatcache + include_path + sessions
Go: Append if unique
require.js when building including one certain module causes script to be lost
jQuery Waypoints with different actions
jQuery Waypoints with different actions
mysql get row number of a specific result
what's wrong with this simple regex in Cocoa
Android Opengl 2 shapes with different colors
ASP PasswordRecovery Email Failure, DateTime precision
SOAP web-service - fake a server side error?
Sybase: how do I create data that violates foreign key contraint
How do I create a custom iOS view class and instantiate multiple copies of it (in IB)?
.htaccess redirecting URLs
What are good polling algorithms
SQL Server CE 4 - how to select n random rows from a table?
Warning: missing argument error
Multiple Inheritance with abstract and defined inherited functions of the same name
any idea to solve 鈥淟inker error鈥�undefiend reference [closed]
Increasing performance in custom sorting of a string array
How can I simulate/mock/bypass a JEE6 container managed login?
NSLocalizedString only retrieves the key, not the value in Localizable.strings (IOS)
Integrate Small Calendar (datepicker) and Timeline with fullCalendar
Detect if the user has touched the screen
SVN repository content
Using Java doubles (or anything else) to store simple fractions
Tokenizing a string, errors with recognizing char
Maven can't find locally installed archetype
AES128 Support for Android 2.1 Eclair
jQuery: Auto-hide notification when it's visible
Set to input width auto on .animate jQuery
How to auto-detect screen size in Android using playn?
ReBinding Right-Alt Key in XEmacs
sprite collision cocos2d. collision per frame
How to reparse xml data in tableView?
Passing custom type as parameter from PL to BLL to DAL to Insert record?
playframework, is there a Validation.clearAfterRenderGet
Fancybox 2.0 not loading on localhost
Same random numbers every loop iteration
Visual Studio 2010: Working with multiple C++ projects
Iterate a CodeIgniter database result object with Ajax
Data verification input in loop
App name in launcher [duplicate]
warning: cast to pointer from integer of different size [-Wint-to-pointer-cast]
Safari Eliminates Word-Spacing for H1 Tag That Uses Typekit
What's the point of passing an argument of the same type of the class?
Trouble putting a Listview in a TabHost (as a view, not an activity)
Mysql JOIN two nested queries
DataGrid the method DataSource not found
Suggesstion for executing a PHP image treatment script
JavaScript code for combining for loop, text, checkboxes, result
INSERT with a condition
How to increment application badge number for recurring local notification (iPhone)
Use flex 3 module from Javascript
How add command to an ElementMenuItem?
Why are traits not working?
Alertbox, CountDownTimer, Back button crash
Multi-threaded performance and profiling
Is there any WAV sound playback on Mac from Delphi XE2?
How to make PostgreSQL work with OSGi using EclipseLink
Antlr v3 error with parser/lexer rules
Memory limit hit with appengine-mapreduce
iOS4 alternatives for dismissViewControllerAnimated:completion:
Bloom filter to store the last 50 data content alone submit button close Jquery Ajax
Uploading a video or an image to facebook using Android SDK
how to install documentation of iOS 5 sdk in xcode 4.2 without internet?
restrict https access with .htaccess to everything but 1 folder
PHP Dynamic array key [duplicate]
Find Days Home SQL Query
What is a best way of defining a very large array (lookup table)?
Mysql: Count rows for period of time
django admin callable readonly_field verbose name
Abstracting Case Classes
jQuery fade out warning after key input
can't seem to find std::thread in msvc++ 2010 express
Conditionally reading file from std input or a file
Unknown error message C2440 in C++
How do i add this to rjs?
xmllint validation error for ID attribute
How to inject model collection into backbone.js from mvc?
Detect when a finger moves away from an object on the screen
jQuery UI Button for Select Fields
Overriding methods of super class. Ambiguous reference compile time error
Limited attempts for login
UIWebView DOM Selection Object From Coordinate
Display images in c++
javascript plugin for selecting/deselecting parts of texts?
Problems using GLFW and XCode : won't compile
Dynamic drop down list and ItemTemplate
App icon not showing in programs list on Device
Data Population for Windows Phone: Advice on best practice
String echo without if
Change the order of element in RowLayout SWT Java
multiline regex
Is it possible to define facet-specific Y-axis ranges for display - GGPLOT2
which column should I index
Positioning div on top of text, without absolute positioning
Animate button when corresponding action is executed thru hotkey
Backbone Collection Will Not Populate
Erlang and Big Numbers
OLSR Routing Protocol
(Error 91 : object variable or with block variable not set) Error in declaring and accessing global variable in Visual Basic 6.0
Fluent NHibernate Enum Mapping with Composite key - CheckNotZombied
Lisp Help , Error: Duplicate binding in LOOP : (result)
Lisp Help , Error: Duplicate binding in LOOP : (result)
Display from latitude/longitude
most efficient way to find a path between 2 nodes in a grid
userdata events in internet explorer
Layout parameters don't apply when inflating content from layout XML on custom ViewGroup
Java Applet String overflow
Dynamic matrix multiplication with CUDA
How to use readolny fields in a MVCForm in atk4?
Python module importing issue
Unable to setup an iterator to a std::map of std::pair
What is the Memory Requirements of this function in terms of Big O?
Send command to all window in tmux
Take an image(no jpeg format)
C - Accessing array of stucts
Switching views with backbone
What are the real advantages of using blocks in Objective-C? [closed]
How to show pages when user press button?
Using buildr for non compilation tasks
problems comparing variables assigned within a foreach statement
Do I need dependency injection in NodeJS, or how to deal with 鈥�
Flash CS5 AS3 Mask with keyframe preventing bitmap loading
Advancing VoiceOver to a specified element in mobile Safari
Spring Form Ajax Request + Hibernate Validation
Not understanding why hook_theme() doesn't seem to be doing anything
How to ReLoad a load() without supplying a URL
why does location.reload() break my $.post?
UITableView cells are not selected after deleting last cell
How do I make a certain javascript function execute on page load for all its elements?
Percent encoding urls in xml nodes
How do I acquire data from a NSNotification object?
MySql MySqlDataReader Documentation?
recommended way to safely use a user specificed order by in a SQL statement
Javascript Function Stops Safari from Any Other Actions
how to connect to a C# socket server from android
Best Javascript framework for RESTful HTTP networking
Where's the best place to store constants in an iOS app?
Trace of CPU Instruction Reordering
Cross product of a vector in NumPy
How long until back In Review after 鈥淢etadata Rejected鈥�
has no method 'has'
Parsing XML Inner XML tags Objective-C
Custom authentication against SQL Server database
Call several functions and return the collective result
Condor central manager could not see the other computing nodes
Deploying C# web application connecting to an Oracle database
Getting undefined Json value
Error loading assembly when retrieving from AppFabric cache
Android RelativeLayout troubles
Overloading ostream& operator<<: how to force outputting zeroes?
RoR - ActiveRecord::ConnectionNotEstablished
Insert SQL to Access Database by clicking a button
Using variable for Tweet intent
Free embedded database which support encryption (.NET)
JQuery/Youtube API - Too Much Recursion Error on Simulated DOM Click
Switching views in backbone for navigating between pages - whats the right way?
IOException was unhandled
how do I run php code without users visiting the page? [duplicate]
How do I NSLog a string from an NSDictionary object?
Truncating toBinaryString negative answers
Locate pixel by color return point
Three20 HEADER_SEARCH_PATHS strange behaviours
Google chart not appearing correctly in 2nd/3rd etc jquery tab in
explicit Intent to start new activity automatically after a splash screen
Transfer request to MVC controller or View
Openssl query about usage
MVC pattern: to a controller can correspond more views or only one
Can I use Java scientific libraries in Google App Engine?
Django select rows with duplicate field values for specific foreign key
Android StackWidget unable to bind
Getting the General Idea of Vector's Classifiers [closed]
sending xml and headers via curl
Bigger font for Android apps converted to the Blackberry Playbook?
Access local files from HTML5 Desktop Application in html folder
CakeEmail - How do i use it?
Where facebook saves an infomation about registered users?
Suggest a book on spatial data structures [closed]
Rails app cannot find 'destroy_user_session_path' in javascript
What is the best way to display xml information on a web page?
Internet access for Android apps converted for the Blackberry Playbook?
is there any tool to simulate http requests in java
How to save the current location of images?
I want to use Connection Pooling but my java application is not a servlet
Boost multi_array Views
Break facebook like button text line One like. Sign Up to see what your friends like
Pong Paddle Movement Issues
How to get nearby places from my current location
How to get Unix time Epoch in PHP
(solved) Android dev no error inside eclipse but while running
Hexadecimal Offsets
Overriding EditorFor ID field within nested EditorFor
How to use c++ and objective-c together in XCode 4.2
Can a windows service be used on a Silverlight website?
IOS 5.0 - NSURLConnection works but returns Null before completing
Fast IPC/Socket communication in Java/Python
Displaying Position of Array Elements in Java
Dictionary with List of Values
Some functions defined in GLee aren't recognised by Visual C++ 2010
get parentNode of clicked element in plain JS
Compare 2 columns in different tables mysql
Completeness of depth-first search
PHP upload file to database not working with gif, jpeg and other filetypes
stop tkinter window from freezing while program is sleeping
JSON parsing in javascript
fade in/out with css3 [duplicate]
Cocos2D - Large Image
Exception handler
how to tab between divs?
Store query results in a different table in PHP/MySql
Caliburn + Spring.NET - Configure Bootstraper
What Rest API definition to use when moving items between collections
Removing Item from observable collection causes textbox to focus
Batch file to execute all files in a folder
How to allow certain html tags?
REGEX: Extract parameter from URL
Android: how to use ContentResolver in background
How to incorporate an Enterprise Class Library into an ASP.NET web applicaton
Mouseover effect on JTable cell
Trying to number objects in jQuery
Django submit optional forms
JavaScript DOMParser access innerHTML and other properties
Unclear about default value for OCaml argument
fancybox onClosed callback does not work
Import multiple CSV in a file
hidding iframe - stopping scripts in it while hidden
How to get the photo from Facebook?
Synchronization between Two SQL Server Databases, Online and Offline
How to wait to render view in backbone.js until fetch is complete?
jQuery: Show post data before success
returning from a form submit call to a .php file
Is it correct that 鈥淩esultSet.getMetaData.getTableName(col)鈥�of postgresql's jdbc driver is always returning an empty string?
Converting smart quotes and other entities to exact form
Right Click Menu in Flex AIR
Crashed when pop out of a UINavigationController
How to upload a screenshot using html2canvas?
Appending content of a refreshing div to another div
The type 'StringPro.IMyString' is defined in an assembly that is not referenced
Fancybox youtube
How to update a UITableViewCell's detail text, according to a selection in a Modal View?
Smarty create grid/table structure with CSS, without extra HTML
Firemonkey Grid Control - Aligning a column to the right
Validate date in custom format with jQuery.validity
How can i assign an array to another variable in php?
Does the yin yang continuations puzzle make sense in a typed language?
How to remove html tags and contents in between them in c#?
JList text alignment
Cocos2d Cant select menu items after moving them
UnsatisfiedLinkError Using JavaCV in Eclipse on Mac
Annotation which invokes a method
How to automate a test that queries from a large database? (import or create)
i want to trace a variable to see it changing
What is the default user in ASP.NET 4?
Cucumber 鈥�How much integration necessary [closed]
PDO quote method
How do I convert an integer to the corresponding words in objective-c?
I can't close jQuery UI dialog modal on overlay click
Why couldn't be overridden?
How do I generate a scaffold for a Sencha Touch 2.x app?
hibernate getId is loading the object even though it is lazy
Understanding Rails ActiveRecord 鈥渟ingle model鈥�self joins
StringBuilder vs. StringBuffer - mnemonic wanted [closed]
bash command to force file closure on usb drive
MultiTouch control of a sprites movement - cocos2d
Using a String or File class when dealing with files
Trying to set up server/client between two Android phones when one is acting as a Wifi AP and the other is connected to it
refresh datagridview when closing child form?
ClassNotFound Exceptions when class exists, and declared in Manifest
Error opening Debug in Preferences in Eclipse
Trying to add style tag using javascript (innerHTML in IE8)
Cascade deletion in Django models
PhoneGap iOS - media.startRecord file URI not working
Convert DBG into PDB? to giving the wrong date
pass a variable to view being it a variable of an array of array
rabbitmqctl.bat on Windows XP: unable to connect to node rabbit@MYPCNAME: nodedown
IE losing iframe contents after back/forward key
protect bytes data .net
How to redirect file.php to file, but make file point to file.php?
Two object arguments in coffeescript
Flex mobile AIR app: can not see the content at the bottom
opencv - Stitching more than 2 images
Adding hyperlink to Excel while using Jexcelapi JAVA library
Combine frequency tables into a single data frame.
ASP.NET Could not find control in ControlParamater
Masonry & jQuery content toggles (slideDown, show etc.)
how to import txt to mysql direct or through php
Using SUM() on ENUM column with negative numbers
using class methods as celery tasks
ECSlidingViewController and UITableView
How to 鈥渉ide鈥�a variable inside the header file?
AWK : Conditionally grab text in a file
Uneven results with Stdio.H Header in Cpp
Text position inline of a div
Time complexity of the code below
how to insert Parsed Array data into sqlite database in iphone
Duplicate commits after filter-branch to move root directory
Https change document root via htaccess
OS X libnetsnmp differences between Lion and Snow Leopard
getting segmentation fault in a small c program
ContentEditable Alternative
Java - running my prog from terminal and getting the following error messages (w/ NoClassDefFoundError) [duplicate]
Windows Phone 7 for could not render Phonegap Jquery Mobile Application
ConvertBack not fired
iPad/iPhone app developement in C++ on Windows OS
image hover effect using wordpress
The SaaS agent pattern
maven bad class javax.annotation.PostConstruct
How to use BouncyCastle to generate X509Certificate2 which can be used for WCF authentication?
Detecting text view change in Gtk and Mono
write a boost::multi_array to hdf5 dataset
Method not found - System.Web.Razor.RazorTemplateEngine.GenerateCode when deploying to azure
How to pass command line arguments to script in v8?
exslt distinct() does not work with xalan compiled (but works in interpreted)
troubles in generating XText plugins from ECORE
How can I find all columns where the column name length is greater than 5?
Pausing service until internet connection can be established
Linkify PHP text
Default selector background in Clickable Views
How to count cell numbers based on a set of numbers
Get server information in Oracle
Testing a Rails form_tag in Rspec
push array into an array in php
Core Data, One-To-Many Relationship
dynamically add cells to a grouped uitableview and fit the scroll programmatically
Class sees array.lengh but no it's data
XMLWriter cannot write into <head> element
Custom cell with overlapping cells
Weird issue with simple CoffeeScript and jQuery events
adding a subplot to a matplotlib graph
Correlated subquery mysql
How to use another javascript file in Chrome extension
Recommended way of testing for CSS file type in iOS?
Spree Commerce installation error, Bundler could not find compatible versions for gem 鈥渞ails鈥�
What are impacts of TDE enabling on database performance?
Django - JSON response with serialized object
Inserting into cassandra using hector on Glassfish 3.1
mapView deprecated method getZoomControls?
Groovy CliBuilder, how to recognise wrong arguments?
Connect to SQL Server 2008 with Android
How To Parse XML Files Using JQuery To Update A HTML Table
Aid with design issue?
How to factorize common fields with deform/colander ?
If domain A has an iframe of domain B, which has an iframe of domain A, can domain A access the cookies of domain B?
Android: Improve sensor sampling rate by use of NDK and polling
What's the function of the 鈥渄ephelp鈥�libraries in OpenCV?
Error in while loop
WPF Application using MVVM Light Toolkit
Problems with Debug in IDEA 11.2.usung glassfish3
Is there any way to trace back a javascript function call?
Java simple server error
Java String to JS
Java String to JS
preparedstatement not executing properly
Javascript fast prototypal inheritance?
C++ QT4 Converting a string to keycode?
Google Visualization not showing in JSP on google app engine
Drawing and Plotting graph in OpenCV
How to add a pinpoint Image to a Map - Code provided
How to set a Cookie with a NSURLRequest?
How long does Modmyi take to post an app on Cydia? [closed]
how to combine after insert with instead of insert trigger?
Efficient incremental backup with data chunks
package diff tracking in opensuse [closed]
Java: DOM how to rename Node Names from a name list
CSS Baseline Grid - why do line-heights get smaller while font-sizes get larger?
Django users occasionally mysteriously anonymous
bind second ddl depending on the first ddl
How to clear cache of Eclipse Indigo
Make a GROUP BY with MapReduce in App Engine
jquery data coming with page source
The configuration section 'customErrors' cannot be read because it is missing a section declaration
Background Image appears to be 鈥渇lickering鈥�in Chrome (I don't want it to)
Grails generate-all to a different package/folder?
How to access JDBC driver which configured as JNDI resource, from Spring?
Write negated string according to POS tags using loginview and login status without membership
Messages screen in an iOS app
windows mobile application using GPS?
HashMap implementation: 鈥�hashcode
mechanize cannot read form with SubmitControl that is disabled and has no value
How to persist PYTHONPATH setting of an Eclipse Pydev project?
Identify inactivity of Swing application
jQuery value of div (object)
Java:Hashcode giving negative values
How to manage in coding jUnit for web servlet
derived class not able to access protected setter using PropertyDescriptorCollection.SetValue
How to configure the JS runtime at best?
emacs lisp: how to append to the list 鈥淟aTeX-clean-intermediate-suffixes鈥�
how to determine what is causing my w3wp process re-starts
Delete/Truncate records in table which has foreign keys
Linq Query returns object reference exception
MVC pattern: what need to create first?
Whats the best way to generate OrderId for Bank Transactions?
Howto - Spring DynamicDestinationResolver?
stackoverflow in recursion
Why can't I do ToList()?
Scraping javascript with R
WinForms ListView display different between WinXP and Win7
Show my position using a marker on android (previous marker still appear when position update)
Insert javascript file in cshtml page
Jtable Look and feel of editing cell
How to create UIBezierPath gradient fill?
AutoCompleteTextView onItemSelectedListener does not work
unexpected results while calculating permutations while using itertools.permutation
xslt variable scope and its usage
Rails nested resource - route not being created
setting Alpha for UIView that is a subview of UIScrollVIew very slow
subclassing a cell with UITableViewCellStyleSubtitle
How to convert CGRect to MapRect
how to link winsock.lib?
python form - not getting any value
SQL Compact 4 EF model in VS2010 windows app
A delay with jQuery load script of mine
How to take user input for 2d array in a vector data structure in C++ without using two for loops over rows and columns
Where are all the Magento email templates located?
php cron job execute javascript as well
Creating pdf files with inline images with (py) Cairo
How can I stop Chromiumfrom creating a 鈥淲ebViewHost鈥�host window when launching the user's default web browser?
Dimensions of an Android Image
Compiletime error 鈥淎 local variable named 'xo' cannot be declared in this scope鈥︹� [closed]
Javascript works correct in Firefox but gives NaN in Chrome
Android: shuffling music - should I create a new service for every song?
How does QT draw a border around a rectangle?
CSS arrow : How can I center a text?
Abstraction layer over the file system and jar/zip in Java
USERNAME PRINTING NULL; javabeans, jsp session
Interface Segregation Principle- Program to an interface
How can i set NODE_ENV=production in Windows?
My Emails sent through PHP shows as tags only for a few recipients (sending a few hundred)
GridView without scrolling
Get rid of Captcha Security [duplicate]
Set the Timeout of a Callback in a Polling Duplex WCF Service
how to create a view in open atrium in drupal
Global object of a class with private constructor
Deploying war on app server
Using constructors with arrays in D
b2RevoluteJoint Strictness
OpenCV Normalize Function, Result Does Not Sum To One
working azure logging setup
Php delete everything about an user from all tables [duplicate]
WP7 - Drag & Drop with nested layouts
To get the Error_Number() from the stored procedure to the calling .NET application
Android Square gradient?
How to delete data in dbo.Customer etc from Northwind?
Are move constructors required to be noexcept?
Facing deployment issue with tomcat
OpenCV 2.3 & Code::Blocks small framework setup questions
How to check if DateTime is null
How do I change convert_option based on user input for Paperclip
In-App-Purchases via urbanairship crash my app
webservice call from ajax returns error
Recursive make in subdirectories
Generate a new text file each button click
Accessing resources in an android test project
I can't update software using yum on CentOS
Implement django form that includes many-to-many information and pass-through table
Focus hWnd of another application
Inettuts inside javascript doesnt work when i move the div
DragDrop event not firing on object inside usercontrol (but DragEnter does)
SQLite limit query ignores the starting row number
How to detect TAB key-press in JComboBox?
how to position camera in XNA 10 units away but not from behind?
Passing a smart pointer as a parameter to a function
Is ContactsContract.Contacts.LAST_TIME_CONTACTED reliable?
Trying to split a string that's a key from a dict in python, getting unexplained error. Why?
What's wrong with my sharing method on Facebook?
Displaying values from two tables in java
Is there a non Java alternative to OSGi?
How to invoke an external program in web app and get its ouput on that page?
Limit the value of a MySQL datatype to a specific range (preferably not ENUM)
difference between gabor filter and gabor transform
Null Pointer Exception when inserting ing Database Android
Adding scrollbars and image resizing issues
How to connect to SQL Server database through PHP?
Mercurial error on Aptana Studio 3 Startup
Run xfce on startup debian
ruby on rails associations newbie
Trouble calling functions with onClick and radio buttons
How to check if iframe is loaded or it has a content?
Java : clean up runnable object with socket
Select values from one table, where another = value?
Changed cache cookies in 36, can't login now (magento)
How to stream Android Phone Screen to the PC [closed]
is there any possibility that J2ME application can be signed illegally?
Algorithm or existing API to clip/summarize article for sharing online (identify title, images and text)?
How to localize text in c under windows?
PostgreSQL: How to implement minimum cardinality?
Uploading a png to imgur using javascript
Saving last NSManagedObject before exit and retrieval - core data
how to invoke search box in android?
cast anonymous type to an interface?
scrapping whole page source in c# windows application
remove border-collapse style from ASP.NET DataList
spring security 3.1 isAuthenticated() not working
PHP BBCode and links
Should I escape the condition for my rails find?
Is the pointer guaranteed to be > a certain value?
Open as PDF ajax returned document
How to save php socket resource in database?
Open as PDF ajax returned document
How to save php socket resource in database?
Date difference between UIDatepicker and NSDate
cocos2d getting a sprite to blink, it becomes invisible
How to Unit/Integrate Test Views to detect breaking changes
Child process exec doesn't write
How to call internal functions inside the constructor class?
Animate rotated objects with Rapha毛l.js
Greasemonkey: using XPath to get elements from distant XML-document
Stream A Video file and Block Direct Download.
How to extract a single file from tar to a different directory? [closed]
Multiple Instance Arguments
Error in facebook app redirection
Java: How to cancel application exit
Maven 1.0.2 and JDK 1.6 issue
Connecting C2 device using Java and Hex
How can I display images and writeups together without hard coding them as seperate pages?
Why won't UITableView 'Auto-scroll' when editing UITextField (in UITableViewCell)? (iPhone)
EXC_BAD_ACCESS on raffle-sorting program
Java - Listing combinations
ASP.NET FormView DetailsView and polymorphism
SEH setup for fibers with exception chain validation (SEHOP) active
How Can I get the raw URL of the uploaded media file?
lucky number or not [duplicate]
How to implement RingFiFoBuffer
SSL TCP SslStream Server throws unhandled exception 鈥淪ystem.Security.Cryptography.CryptographicException: cannot find the original signer鈥�
How to Display Vocabulary Title in Archetypes?
Definition of ETW macros DoTraceMessage, WPP_CLEANUP, WPP_INIT_TRACING?
AXIS2-Parser already consumed
Is there a more efficient way to calculate percentages?
When should use 鈥渦se鈥�and when 鈥渞equire鈥�and when 鈥淎UTOLOAD鈥�in perl [good programming practice]?
How to embed my own HTML5/flash video player in facebook wall post (using rails + koala)?
Opensource XML parser
calculating integral image(summed area table) for a pixel
VB.NET IP disconnector: what is the correct usage of SetTcpEntry to disconnect
Invert pixels - zxing