speed up mysql update query
g++ optimization options affect the value of sin function
View. Show values as Links. Strange behaviour
Passing image src to backing bean in Seam
why eldoc mode makes emacs use 100% cpu?
Which Maven archetype for webapp
Adding ListView items on CheckBox check with different formatting
Excel sheet auto-formatting category Id's to number format
URL rewriting not working in Server but does in Localhost
Why is a form's submit event not firing (jQuery)?
PySide / PyQt detect if user trying to close window
How to output mysql table content to pdf using tcpdf?
Dynamic textbox ID in .aspx.cs
jquery post code based on scroll position fires twice
how to change the pitch of a audio file by manipulating its midi data
Not getting control back to UI
Latex, Emacs: automatically open *TeX Help* buffer on error and close it after correction of the error?
How to get TextBox's real height?
how can i get combinations of string Array? [duplicate]
Compile error in Listview XAML code related to binding
MVC 3 jQuery Custom validator
Non Editable Edit Field highlight issue
MySQL CONSTRAINT on two UNIQUE KEYs, that use the same FOREIGN KEY IDs
Remove unwanted query string generated at the end of URL
How should I implement versioning within mercurial? [duplicate]
How to get some part of audio file in Objective c
Getting a part of URL with jQuery
Incompatible data types (text and varchar)
Searching for non-common phrases with Facebook API
Confirmation this inheritence is valid
Android Transitions between Activities in Activity Group
upload to Amazon S3 extremely slow
how to check peak power duration
IndexError in simple list processing function - what am I missing?
would not assign infomation on the database [closed]
How to get Spine.js Ajax persistence working
Saving Imshow() Output - Scaled images saving to disk
Why is Str[fix_num] yielding the wrong result
using variable for PHP search
CodeIgniter Custom Function Placement Advice
modify / edit a PDF
Saving/updating Hibernate Entities with many-to-many relationships
Is it possible to vertically align text within a div? [duplicate]
How are variables with the same name typically resolved?
Difference between namespace in C# and package in Java
block hack, how to simplify block
Silverlight Business Template Type Application using WCF Authentication and custom schema, not the schema generated by aspnet_regsql.exe tool
Android: Change wifi sleep policy programatically?
Removing specific element from a list with JQuery
How should one implement 鈥渋s.error()鈥�for R, to identify and parse errors?
Android Security AuthenTec SDK for Android
Running sum on a column conditional on value
Variadic template candidate unmatched
setInterval in greasemonkey for chrome
From Java, how to find out the physical location (city, country) of the computer where it's running?
Using older libraries with new Reference Counting in XCode
Sub-domain tangle (knotsmith required)
How to create a custom Django template tag working outside of a block?
How to programmatically create UIView with this setup?
Is it possible to 鈥減atch鈥�a .exe for copy protection?
What is %gs in Assembly
Creating a new event in Interface Builder
What is %gs in Assembly
play.exceptions.JavaExecutionException: id to load is required for loading
Creating a new event in Interface Builder
ExtJS4 Ext.data.Store Load data from a function
Getting the lowest price from other table in entity
How to iterate over a cucumber feature
What is the better command line xsd generator tool in java [closed]
How do you do Swing's JSplitPane in SWT?
ASP.NET how to use ReplaceChild on xml
Table Layout in Tab Layout in Android
Support query by humming using MIDI files
Trying to select every combination from two tables with default values
will onLoad always be fired after DOM ready?
Computed Column Specification Based on Primary Key
Append Form with jQuery in Rails
Contexts, AsyncTask and rotation changes
How to prevent filling input on select with autocomplete ?
Extras on demand in a Android Dialog
HTML: Hyperlink to current directory?
Facebook auth / request userid
weird option of command wc
index used after Split function (jquery)?
Cache custom class
Internet explorer displaying image links with colored border
How to disable Apache gzip compression for some media files in .htaccess file?
sharing wcf configurations between applications - how to get / set values programmatically?
Sorting issue in MVC3
check if button is disabled
Why margins behave same for position absolute/relative
INNER JOIN Join expression not supported?
Expectation maximization algorithm implementation with NaiveBayes
How to generate a Flash animation programatically
How to parse XML file in chunks
Summary of all IBOutlet, IBAction connections in a project?
How to skin Windows Forms components entirely?
Python While-Loop several variables [closed]
why i cannot open mp3 file using window media player using java
Half screen drill down UITableView
Android - Running heavy computations in background and returning the result to an Activity
Return value from the second array in dependence from the first [closed]
MySQL: Override configured logging
How to calculate the altitude above from mean sea level
Update ArrayList<Task> to reflect changes to database
Zend Framework /index/ redirect throught htaccess to avoid content duplication
Add hours which are in G:i format php
Mongodb -how to find records that contain certain keywords array
Loading page time with and w/o ads
Adding 鈥渧ia MyApp鈥�text to Facebook Social Plugins
asp net authentication on mutiple top level domains
File_get_contents error with Google Currency converter API and JavaScript drop down list
Adding an array to a combobox in java
xml parsing in android - recursive tags
$_SERVER['document_root'] subdomains
Prime faces selectOneListbox Validation Error: Value is not valid
Using Facebook Object in Multiple PHP Files
Why do I get a handshake failure (Java SSL)
How to turn a Html nested list into a Python's one
Python affine_transform does not translate?
How to Place Button In center
DirectoryIterator create dropdown menu, PHP
Halt mysql operations, until all return true
transparent proxy to replace Credit Card Data with a Token to avoid PCI DSS scope
Magento Capture method do not work
css prefix for presto engine
What causes Kinect error 鈥淲arning, a Skeleton Frame was not disposed鈥�and how do I fix it?
Alternative solutions for android.os.NetworkOnMainThreadException
.htaccess for images only upload
boost asio unix socket reuse
Sending Arabic Text via Java Web Service
How are concurrent Transactions handled?
Override application-wide style with a template in Silverlight
Using python psutil on a shared webhost
How to parse a SoapObject in android
Prevent usage of special chars in form with jQuery validationEngine
Difference between View and ImageView when outputting an image
Spring-enabled JAX-WS Web Service how to get client ip
AttributeError: '<Class name>' object has no attribute 'request'
How can I get the duration in terms of minutes by subtracting a previous time stamp stored in a DB from the present time in C#?
Fork System Call
MemoryMappedViewAccessor c++ analog
Update photo description (message) on Facebook using graph API
Symfony2 fails in production
Union of the results with an empty LINQ query
How do I convert a list of strings into a URL query string in functional style?
Alternative to Sun SAAJ SOAP implementation
Pass variable from function to fancybox function
Login to a site using the cocoa framework
Perl: using GetOptions to filter invalid parameters
auto update bids - PHP/Ajax
Pulling data from Google Calendar on Android in JSON
jQuery rebind $(window).scroll() after a successful ajax call
Data sent by WCF client is broken
How to select tab in uiTabBarController using a custom center button
Tomcat deploy: make included scripts executable
revealing text within a webpage on link
Dynamic in Mathematica without duplication of code
Ebay Custom Listing Template
PHP Memory exhausted - array or sql?
How to implement In-Place Tooltip
Add layout for ImageView
Add layout for ImageView
How to toggle fullscreen with Emacs as default?
Adjust letter/character spacing in DirectWrite
sending nested hashtable
Call python script to take parameters from the query
Howto check if html element has some html tag by jquery?
Your Magento folder does not have sufficient write permissions.
getting 鈥�032 - EIF - CR char inside unquoted, not part of EOL @ pos鈥�error with my perl script
When Python gives you the memory location of an object, what's that for?
Is it possible to delete unreferenced objects automatically in Core Data?
Is it possible to restrict a git push based on its size?
Javascript: why the access to closure variable might be slow
Calculate shape orientation in Java (Image analysis)
Float sections of LI items inside a UL with CSS
What will happen to a handler if the looper it is handling is quit?
MongoDB Index Array only partly working
Smarty print comment gives wrong values in multi dimensional array
UISwitch controlling
Footer getting displayed just after the header
Alternative Address Book API helper to ABContact
inserting checkbox data into mysql database via POST method
2 type of users, 1? session controller in Rails app
NSTimer within a class
How to split list item?
How to redirect a website
Android animate drop down/up view proper
What are the compilers available that target JVM or CLR apart from javac or Microsoft's compilers for .Net?
How to handle InputMismatchException?
Entity Framework 4.1 - Segregating an entity into multiple tables (Code-First)
Drawables resources management in android
Running a select from sqlite
Can't Access the storyboard from SenTeskingKit
Rails: sending emails, getting undefined method `model_name' for Mail::Message:Class
How To Reset JFrame (Restart Game)?
getRotation() of layout in Android 2.1
retrieve non built-in functions in python
Asynchronous / Synchronous and TCP or UDP
Any ideas why the files are corrupted when downloading via PHP?
iframes with google chrome internal page? (such as 鈥渃hrome://history鈥�bookmarks,etc)
Error in AudioFileWritePackets
How can I add alpha-numeric AND greek characters to geom_text() in ggplot?
c++ alignment of struct with aligned members
Get specific device type from a drive letter
Java rowAtPoint() does not return a proper value
local scope record on the stack
Element does not update contents
Is it possible to search google products (formerly known as www.froogle.com ) using google api?
zend json object
Writing MApreduce code for counting number of records
Detect is string a file name or directory name
Deleting non used objects in operator= overloading
Get problems returning html data from json
Any suitable web-based Python editor?
Change the sequence of background images
popup window Takes two click to open and also with cashed parameters
C++: pow() optimizations with two constants
How to send a video stream to a cloud?
Python Sparse matrix inverse and laplacian calculation
Unknown Technologies for Web Forms
MySQL export to XML - import to MySQL via PHP
LookUpEdit DisplayFormat FormatString
Matching audio files with text using java
How to set width and height to jPlayer
CSS - linked div affects children
Perform Segue programmatically and pass parameters to the destination view
How to make keyboard Activity in Android
Flex: flashVars via the <object> tag
Check if URL is valid in Android without catching Exception?
Time input format in AdminTimeWidget in django
MATLAB: How to import multiple CSV files with mixed data types
simple sql: how do I group into separate columns?
No module named
how can i make this .bat file is the previous line does not work
How do you all debug edge cases happen on customized ROM (Like CM7)
Setting PPI For a web template
Spring Security. Different view for the same page for different roles, possible?
MPMoviePlayerController Add custom Play button
Packet data in wireshark not highlighted on click using my custom dissector
Can F# Quotations be used to create a function applicable to arbitrary F# record types?
Commands across View-Models
how to convert .rm (RealPlayer Media) files to mp3 using NAudio?
Cross platform way to create file dialog in C++
Using the java.sound API
OpenGL, glDrawArrays and IOS, Bad Access?
Obtaining the size of lobject in PostgresSQL
Is it possible to show screen only once when app starts up?
Information on current GPU Architectures
Vector. How to set the maximum number of elements and find the current count?
How can I insert values to msi table
Update og:title
Error when using closeTo matcher to compare floats with Spock (Groovy testing framework)
c# union of strings
Code examples for using sound files in ActionScript3.0 for Flash Pro
Why the Bitmap is always null, from image byte array?
Twitter search api entities with media not working with Json.net for Windows phone Mango silverlight
Using Drupal, how do I force t('') to populate the string?
How do I give td elements custom id's in jQuery UI Datepicker?
How to extend EntityRepository in Symfony2?
MediaElement.js play both audio and video with same player
Selecting data from the result of an ORDER BY query
Generate XML in proper syntax from SQL Server table
Update intermediate model object using generic view in django
cryptic expression
Why there's no 鈥渄escendingIterator ()鈥�in SortedSet but it is in TreeSet?
Python 3D library in tree generation and light projection
var to dynamic is known at compile time?
multiplication of two numbers
PHP twitter Hometimeline
Android 鈥�How to programmatically log into website from a form
How to implement inheritance in JS Revealing prototype pattern?
MySQL 3 column unique constraint not working, possibly due to NULL
Haskell Knapsack
RegExp in JavaScript with Case Sensitive Modifier
Scratch card algorithm
Why are function parameters pushed earlier on call stack than the return address?
How to change Mvc Pie Chart colors?
How to switch to head/branch from different git repository
javascript, compare arrays of different sizes
Monkeyrunner automation using Jython
Android Packaging Error: Error generating final archive: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 13
Google App Engine - Task dependency
Is this approach correct for making packet flows?
Regex Remove link to another domain
how to the current location in a web app
Three20 openURLAction - How to reverse the transition effect?
How to get (used/available/total) disk space with boost or poco?
Twitter Bootstrap carousel doesn't work on older browsers
Automatically recognize an image from textarea (like StackOverflow)
C bit array macros, could anyone explain me how these work?
How to redirect the 鈥渒ill -3 <jvm pid>鈥�stdout to a file singly in linux and unix?
Test mode for Ads API
Net.Sockets : PC Portnumber changes dynamically in LAN via (DLINK)router
DHTMLX Visual Editor. How to use generated code
Treeview with wrappanel - flexible grouping
Testing the Controller with RSpec, Devise, Factory Girl
Is something written to HDFS or Hbase visible to all other nodes in Hadoop Cluster immediately?
how to control pc mouse from android device without client server
sdkmesh vs another format for new 3d hobby engine
How to convert a source code text file (e.g. asp php js) to jpg with syntax highlight using command line / bash routine?
How to enable scroll bar when use 鈥渙ntouchstart/ontouchmove/ontouchend鈥�on android?
MySQL commit and rollback failed
Calculate vertices of a bounding box
Assignment in condition. Is it a good practice? [closed]
Symfony2, Doctrine2: non english/letin slug
TapJoy rotates all my UIViewContollers used inside the game
WM_SETREDRAW and losing z-order/focus
Orbit camera around sphere while looking at the center (using quaternions)
ProgressBar in android like ubuntu or mac
Can't Load SQLite Intermittently
invalid byte sequence utf-8 error in rails 2.3 and ruby 1.9
SQL Commit Method
How does a linker know what all libraries to link?
Removing a class from parent element
confusion regarding quartz2d, core graphics, core animation, core images
box with files, which cannot be seen from Windows
How do I restore a property sheet to its default value?
best way to rotate images, divs or list elements
Working with PDF in PHP
Assetic not generating any files
How to 鈥渃lone鈥�from a running instance with Qt?
How do i auto delete a row of data in my database after 15days?
Titanium Javascript: How to create dynamic eventListeners?
How to call member functions from their address
Twitter bootstrap - constrain dropdown height
Android App development targeting multiple version ie 1.x, 2.x.x, 3.x.x, 4.x.x
Node JS & socket.io - Sending message basics
Is there a way to get messages from specific user
High level internal data structures and algorithm for Hadoop FairScheduler?
Returning values from many tables as fields in one resultset
Invalidate Windows registry proxy settings?
How to Detect and extract QR code from a preview frame using OpenCV in Android?
iOS 5 cellForRowAtIndexPath Memory Leak
Best way to create JFrame [closed]
Blocking queue implementation in Haskell
DBContext.Set<T> does not contain definition of Set<T>
Calling a Javascript function from Wicket
Why is (eq? 'bitBlt (string->symbol 鈥渂itBlt鈥�) -> #f
visual studio 2008 pro installation crushes on 64-bit windows-7
Updating the App Widget from the configuration Activity and getting the result value
Putting C Code in another File
Web method wont call, but does not error
How to extend Zend_Form prefix path while configuring form through XML (Zend_Config) to load custom form elements?
How to close window by its name?
multiple links per row in mysql
Insert image in 鈥渃ontenteditable鈥�div using popup
polyline decoder giving StringIndexOutOfBoundsException
Is there a python grub.cfg parser?
Using Apache Mahout (Taste) in GWT
How do I in vanilla javascript: selectors,events and the need of $(this)
Basic error recovery with FParsec
hook that handles Lock wait timeout exceeded
typeid and type_info class
Ruby concurrency: non-blocking I/O vs threads
How to run query apply long text as a condition
Stackpanel inside a rectangle
QWidget and QML Property Bindings
PHP: Longpolling & Comet related
Server program is stuck at send
How to implement secure communication between client and server in WCF?
ISO_C_BINDING between different Fortran and C vendors
Appropriate javascript framework(s) for serverside networking?
retrieve more than one value by JSON array objects
Correct way to reference files within same module
How to identify if the child window has been closed in javascript?
How to get point of click by Google Map?
Database system suitable for image sharing website [closed]
getLoginurl() returns an invalid URL
Android device A101T not listed in 鈥淎vailable Devices鈥�when publishing app
how to disable submit button after submission in Yii [closed]
Split Up Folders in a git repository into separate branches
Proving a recurrence relation with induction
postgresql 9.1 - access tables through functions
Simple search using attribute, AND acts_as_taggable
Is there any way to interpret / execute javascript code from a website I fetch through plain HTTP
How to set automatic file name creator according to current time?
Can I place noneditable text in UITextField
Cutom Routing in MVC Razor URlHelper.Action Path Issue
NoMethodError in Devise/registrations#new
Phonegap Android app closes unexpectedly in 1.5
Editting the registry in VB.NET
Difference between **variable and variable[ ] [ ]?
PHP - read zip file contents without saving on server
Menu bar in wrong place (in window) on Mac OS. Netbeans Platform Application
How does the EQATEC profiler compare to DotTrace?
Does GC suspend current/all processes?
Rails 3.2 current_password authentication failing
Remove GVim's fat bottom border on Lucid Lynx [closed]
getting two kinds of data and display it out [closed]
some pages do not display after deploying
Where is httpd.conf file of a domain? (Plesk, Apache, CentOS, Dedicated Server.)
Display 2 or more places on the same map
Int value of Prod in shapeless
python list sort
How can I specify the encoding of Java source files?
create construct in class inherited by model or controller
php statement inside another php statement? [closed]
How to use beaker session in bottle micro framework?
How to intercept and visualise the Http traffic with a proxy server in java?
C++ lightweight configuration library
Conditionally creating beans in spring
Send access token without using parameter in URL
How to get textinput from user?
A compile-time symbol was #defined but #ifdef does not see it
getrandmax() why 32767 limitiation on windows?
UITableView's tableHeaderView height property is changed to strange values during load and rotation
CSS text in a div not on next line when a div
Regex in .htaccess combining two negative conditions
Grep command issue [closed]
FBO Blitting is not working
asp.net HTMLEDITOREXTENDER ajaxcontroltoolkit lower border not showing
asp.net HTMLEDITOREXTENDER ajaxcontroltoolkit lower border not showing
get JSON not being imported by Jquery?
Toggling Graphical Points on Mouse Click
MySQLJDBCDataModel in Apache Mahout
Check value on all fields in while loop w/out using a separate if statement on each field
Implementing numbers
How to persist column index of a WPF datagrid?
Linking to Google PlusOne, without embedding the button (for privacy reasons)
How to retain colors of texts in rich text box?
ThreadPool behaviour: not growing from minimum size
Using different layouts in an ASP.NET MVC3 project (Razor)
php variable not displaying correctly
AppEngine: weird WriteOperation count when deleting
how to filter rtsp packets from a pcap file
Cannot run CMUSphinx program
undefined method `time_ago_in_words' for #<Post:0xac200b0> in Rails 3?
How to handle a single team in parallel products?
Scan files on network storage with android MediaScannerConnection.scanFile
Identyfing the namespace of an inner XML element
How to make a gap between two DIV within the same column
Encrypted twitter feed
has_one :through - build_association undefined?
Detect Scrolling Event of ListBox?
Add additional elements to output from DataContractSerializer
Netbeans 7.1 - how to double-click to select a word?
newobj instruction from CLR
Build Git on Windows using symbolic links?
Keydown event - cool down
Qt window frame design
AmbilWarnaDialog ? How to save state?
Negative Left Margin issue and Mysterious 4px difference
asp.net vb - docx corrupotion on email receving
failed to open audio device /dev/dsp
qt equivalent for docking control to it's container in winforms
Return Value Optimization - C++ - Destructor calls
Wordpress show subcategories of categories
Dynamic images, preventing cache from the page that generates image
Input error with keyboard on Galaxy S2 using jQuery Mobile and Phonegap
Create Thing with Flattr API and OAuth2 PHP Http Post - 404 Not Found Header
Default /etc/sysctl.conf settings for Mac OS X Snow Leopard?
Simulating different client resolutions
ajax call to mvc3 controller always returning an error
posting on wordpress using c# library
Symfony2 run bin/vendors git error
Making a calendar view for iPad
How to add LibSVM class to WEKA classpath on a Mac
Wowza recording rtmp stream to S3
CppUnit output to TAP format converter
CodeIgniter new controller not found?
Is there any open source program that integrates logs in log4j format in a distributed system to a Cassandra DB?
Django-page-cms deployment insert error
Network related error while deploying a window application & used database to another pc 鈥�
HTML Decode and Encode
Stoping a back-forward div animation by limiting the pixels?
FTP with PHP To Download Multiple Files
Get interval from DatePeriod variable
Mojarra is not defined. CommandLink not making a request
How to migrate Django project to Google App Engine
Countdown playing Alarm
https and images from another site. How to remove warnings for http images using php or javascript without modifying .htaccess file?
What does jQuery.noConflict(); at the end of jquery-1.4.2.min.js mean?
What 鈥渧ersion鈥�of a php page would crawlers see?
Cygwin gitk issue
Telerik Grid paging and Sorting in ASP.Net MVC3(aspx engine)
How to set activity to be active all the time?
How do I keep my mobile AIR application on landscape mode?
Plugin: BuddyPress Activity Plus - How can I call the full size image?
Dynamic create element [closed]
How to desterilize the xHtml text using XmlSerializer?
Magento vs OpenCart[closed]
PHP, MySQL Insert Into table in localhost
Establish Windows Phone 7 p2p connection to Windows 8 application
Saving and Loading FlannBasedMatcher
PSD to HTML/CSS slicing specifics for iPad and iPhone
Storing pointers using QListWidgetItem::setData
Vestal_versions : List all the versions of the edit in the rails app
Amazon S3 pre signed URLs using Amazon Java SDK and extra / characters
JQuery BGStretcher and sticky footer not working
Issue Related to Query in SQL Server
Clock in Javascript
Jcombobox, when an item is selected, a value is displayed
Multiple websocket connections
Could not loop thru data return from DAL Entity framework in PL
jQuery show() and hide() not working
Recover a deleted repository github issues
How can I turn on/off WiFi programatically on WP7
XAMPP Local installation File Path problems
How to write 3d mapping in C++?
Call a system command inside Python and get its output result, not the exit status
JDBC data sources managed by server? [closed]
How to loop through a DataView [duplicate]
Nsmutablearray insertobject atindex but move down already inserted objects
CCSprite still responds to touch even after it is removed from parent and cleaned up
Iterator vs. non-iterator loop, different output, C++
Send each line as a single argument in bash
Javassist - redirect field access to methods (doesn't work)
R: why is my ggplot geom_point() symbol not visible?
Using a scripting language in Android
structures in matlab
How I can use SoundPool in SurfaceView?
Forging packet UDP with given TTL
How to change startup page on WP7 application
How do I make content load when the user scrolls down to it? [duplicate]
Getting the current object in nested forms
Filter posts in a query if they have only one certain tag
Performance analysis of a functionality with different approaches Linux
CodeIgniter HTTP 500 error when loading model
How can I drop off some elements from DataTables?
copy and paste resultant column into another spreadsheet
Titanium Javascript: 鈥渢hat.鈥�does not work
What is difference between references and objects in java?
pywinauto installation roadblock
Moving the contents of a directory to another directory (iOS)
Window does not render in Qt
Web Forwarding or CNAME Solution - Which is Correct?
Jquery popup with single enabled datetimepicker
mongoid find by created_at with regex not working?
SQL Server - rule
query on 3 Tables with Join
How do I change the display attributes of the YouTube subscribe widget?
Android: MediaPlayer.setOnPreparedListener()
Mysql query group latest insert
How to split a numbers separably from '.'?
Strange behaviour of jquery data method inside plugin
Why can't I declare a string in a class?
How can I use Nokia Maps in a WP7 (Mango) app?
GridView with Freezed Header and First Four columns?
Alpha Beta Pruning implementation upon MinMax in Tic Tac Toe
Saving queries and optimizing a database
How do I cache location based database queries?
Why does JDK use shifting instead of multiply/divide?
subview animation, switching between UITabBar's viewController
Objective C - get notified when a method is called
MySQL fetch array adds duplicate values?
graph api profile feed (wall) show fake feeds id :(
shell syntax in makefile
how to make animation for popup window in android
Emacs24 theme terminal
xcode 4.2.1 - storyboard - viewDidLoad issue
Memory management using bit maps vs linked list
Server - Synchronous I/O Multiplexing (Sockets)
How to execute managed code from unmanaged code?
How to check the production environment logs of rails application deployed on Engine Yard
strings union without duplicating numbers
Lib directory on 64-bit OpenSuse distribution
How to get last 450 lines from large txt document via CMD?
jQuery Masonry infinite scroll won't stop
Track changes in table using Knockout JS
Custom textbox control [duplicate]
Make an image 鈥渓oad鈥�or 鈥渟how鈥�in a fade transition in Java
Combining an int with a void*
Garbage Collector for GUI elements
sound from speakers while audio jack is in
Referring a member variable from self invoking nested function
Volume Control element in WPF [closed]
Is there a reason why Facebook PHP-SDK is using $_COOKIE instead for a $_SESSION?
What is the role of ClassOutline / JClass / CClass in CodeModel?
overloading operator << for std::tuple - possible simplications?
Showing custom text on the taskbar browser tab
calling methods from other classes
Subversion: merge moved file
What event is fired when Mac is back from sleep?
Uncaught TypeError: Property of object [object DOMWindow] is not a function
Sum the value ofthe second character in a cell?
My APK is 118MB鈥�I just need some ideas on how to reduce it's size?
Using SharedPreferences between activities
dynamic construction of strings in c++ - what is a more c++-ish way to do this?
How to send the controller segment of a URL through to an ASP.NET MVC Controller
Linking to a template file relatively in Wordpress
Using display:inline for centered menus vs display:block
django csrf_token not printing hidden input field
Getting compilation errors whn included a third party library
how to put the icon on the right in android table layout?
iPhone applicationWillResignActive - how to notify current UIView
Factory Girl with string attribute keys instead of symbols?
Cannot set the height of a ListView as a Gallery Item to fill_parent?
How are the function local variables accessed from the stack?
Throughput differences when using coroutines vs threading
Opening an Existing MakeFile Project in VS2010 or VS 2008 for debugging
Windows command line com-port writing for Arduino
Location of @classmethod
git jenkins and production builds methodology
Android RatingBar as Button when isIndicator = True
Sharepoint2010: Copy items between 2 document librarys in different site collections
Why can't I copy (as in copy & paste - ctrl C) from my DataGrid
errors: when I write Xml file
how to access arraylist, string array, or list from javascript?
Android Logcat error message.
C++ clock() behaving weirdly with recursive function
Three.js - Chrome new update issue
Choosing SVG or CSS3 for gradients
Synchronzied Getter and Setter
Simulation runs fine @ 10k cycles, but gets error 13 (type mismatch) @ 100k cycles
Scikit not giving confusion matrix for Decision Tree classifier
keep getting these error messege 鈥淭he method onCreate(Bundle) is undefined for the type AppWidgetProvider鈥�
One to many with RedBeanPhp ORM
Team Foundation Server - Solution Bindings Gone Missing
Ocaml function to convert a tuple into a list
convert bezier curve to polygonal chain?
How to Mole System.Net.Dns.GetAddrInfo for a wcf client?
Append for mutable variables
Keep My App alive - Android
Entity framework Insert doesn't work. Non typical error
PHP check if array and to use only the last item from this array
What is the best and fastest way to combine 3 parallel arrays in Ruby
Evaluating/Fitting an ellipse from scattered points
Textrank: complementing pagerank for sentence extraction using networkx
How to limit access to object?
Pagination together with a html form
JPA error with oneToMany relation in play framework
adding a java application to system configuration start up menu
My nested <li> is inheriting the styles from its parent
How to install apt-get for Ubuntu 10.04? [closed]
Designing a questiion-and-answer system that is flexible and efficient
OpenCV passed co-odrnates to OpenGL but OpenGL can`t draw it
How to add multiple UITextfield in iOS 5?
How to implement tail-recursive quick sort in Scala
Starting up Roo Shell leads to lucene error
Is there a way to invalidate user's cookie?
MoPub advertisement
Map and Filter in Haskell
How do i install Android NDK on Windows OS? without any Unix Linux stuff the easy way?
Table 'MyDjango.django_admin_log' doesn't exist
Node.js server not receiving AJAX requests?
Pascal case dynamic properties with Json.NET
fatal: remote part of refspec is not a valid name in :capabilities^{}
RelaxNG enumerated element names
Is it possible in C++ to execute function in main thread from function that is running in secondary thread?
Twitter Bootstrap all tabs showing on page load
Link doesn't work
Reorder by date with Ajax jQuery
svn commit error [closed]
Programming bottom up (by Paul Graham) with Lisp and design in general [closed]
Why are INSERTs and UPDATEs slower on Android 4.0?
Spring JDBC Template. How can get outcome variables of the pl/sql script
Why isn't Node.js compiled before runtime?
How to print to the console in GWT
Difference between php.ini Configuration File location and Loaded configuration file?
Advices to clean this show.html.erb view (Rails)?
Ruby one line of code, interrupting a block
What methodology is used by Tortoise-SVN to indicate a changes in sub-tree (sub-directories)?
Lots of custom JS events through body tag
Change class of div based on a field's validation result
Is there a way to get the database sqlException/Error when debugging on browsers to create appropriate catch error message?
Replace html css style with condition from css file
Database design (simple product options)
Exclude characters from search in Mysql
How to install a specific toolbox which embedded C/C++
unexpected token error calling a function in a callback
How can I manage ids of entities in Linq2SQL?
How can I manage ids of entities in Linq2SQL?
How to let Username column in the GridView to be opened in the Outlook?
Extremely slow OGG decodeing on Galaxy Nexus
jquery how to create dynamis checkboxes with mobile look
ALPHA_8 bitmaps and getPixel
Using Excel VBA, how do I calculate a sum based on other conditions in that row?
Implementing voice recognition in android
Generate report for the comparision results in c#
SQLite+ Embedded linux + Pygtk or QT/c++
Android:Simulator instance newly opens every time
share writable settings between users
Generating a simple scene graph for Java game
getting error from devise 鈥淯ser does not respond to 'devise' method鈥�when running 鈥渞ails generate devise:install鈥�
The method setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener(){}) is undefined for the type imageButton1
android admob usage
Fatal Exception:main
regex for combination of number patterns
Using PHP to Match a Javascript Timestamp
Trie tree crashing in Android
Is there any issues using this? <meta http-equiv=鈥淴-UA-Compatible鈥�content=鈥淚E=9鈥�/>
To search for a file at FTP
application.xml cannot be read due to XSD
How to stream only audio data from youtube video on my application?
How to use Facebook API to get the name of a friend
Which stl container should I use when doing few inserts?
MySQL join with 3 tables trick
select count distinct using pig latin
how to use onTap() method to start a new activity
Efficient way to store static data to perform Smart search in iPhone app?
What is the purpose of appending the :from<perl5> suffix to the module name in a 'use' statement in Perl 6?
Retrieving all data types supported by MySQL
Textbox Autofill in php
Are browser cookies and other headers visible during HTTPS?
Clearcase authentication
Setting background to transparent on Custom UITableViewCell iOS 5 not working, none of the tricks are working
Making a mail hook to send a post request
Is it possible to store and retrieve objects created using Objective-C? (in a database, for use in iOS app)
Am I doing the right thing to convert decibel from -120 - 0 to 0 - 120
Jquery redirect after submit to 1 page
What's wrong with this php pdo code?
Restart mysql after ending process
NPE with reflection
Eclipse plugin for weblogic standalone
Python algorithm of counting occurrence of specific word in csv
SaveCopyAs method does not work
How to write a generative update in SQLAlchemy
MySQL fulltext search through multiple tables and sort by relevance
Parse REST Request in SOAPUI Mock Service
Dealing with memory leaks in class new and delete operators C++
Generating assembly code from C# code?
GWT Extending the Constants Interface
How do i create image from pixels stored as r, g, b each occupying different position in array?
Getting code colored with emma in Android project
How do I parse a table into its meaningful chunks?
Grails UI plugin changing my whole layout of the page
Edit Text hints not appearing on later version SDK
ASP.NET how to AppendChild that will appear on top
Binding multiple sources to a Listbox
Modified/remove entries not working on Xbox? XNA
Generate dynamic file name list
NSURLConnection bizarre crash
Color not changing using Jquery
Adding icon to my application issues
run a php automatically after every hour
Bundler 1.0.21 & Ruby 1.9.3 鈥�鈥� bundle config鈥�,-> returns 鈥渋nvalid byte sequence in UTF-8 (ArgumentError)鈥�
Android - Horizontally Scrolling Activities
Date picker - load booked dates from database and setSpecificDate array
Extract HTML data using php/DOM
Cocoa: get WebView mainFrame html string
Apple Mach-O Linker Error, due to file extension
Finding matches in two bags
Don't run android application in eclipse
Compiling ICU for Android - 'uint64_t' does not name a type
Packets: Effectively representing different packet types
Is there a way to get the velocity without GPS in Android?
Attribute Unavailable: Defines Presentation Context is not available prior to Xcode 4.2 [duplicate]
Correct dependencies to link to use Google Calendar API
Converting an array into list format
How to facilitate access to today, yesterday, one day before锛宼wo day before 's data锛�[closed]
Specifying different error messages for different composite components
Byte Array to Image then display in DialogBox C++
Large database needed for Solr Index speed test [closed]
SQL query - need to exclude if Requirement NOT met, and exclude if Disqualifier IS met
Reading formatted strings from file into Array in C
Date Time Conversion in php [duplicate]
Most efficient way to modify a single css property on the fly from javascript
Move Android application to SD instead of interal memory
Having problems with IJavaElement/IType (of a class) - how to get the IType of the superclass
start Activity at startup of phone in android
How do I stub out a specific file with rspec?
Alternative for the deprecated People class in Android
Project Euler #3 with Java [closed]
GCC compile-time floating point optimization
How can I clean up Eclipse 鈥渞un configurations鈥�
SQL Server DB tasks, Detach, Backup and Restore
Difference between boost::unique_lock and boost::upgrade_lock?
No Overload for method 'Render' takes 1 arguments
Post events without specifying target object in Qt
rspec stack level too deep
removing multiple movieclips
Scala: how to work with long type parameter lists
When someone clicks a link in an iframe, navigate the entire window
Play2's anorm can't work on postgresql
Applet and Servlet communication
How to capture audit history on ActiveRecord tables
Grails XML upload
Is there a reverse-incremental backup solution with built-in redundancy (e.g. par2)?
Div ID Same - Multiple Hide/Show - What Missing?
What is the equivalent of this construct in Delphi 2007 downward?
Create a main window like desktop of windows
Does python have a shorthand for this simple task?
NSManagedObjectModel mergedModelFromBundles error
Rails STI for User model with associations and authentication
IntelliSense dosen't give me option to select properties after implementing the LINQ
Is there anything like a Java enum in Objective-C?
VBulletin RSS feed to main website
XML Serialize generic list of serializable objects with abstract base class
Zend Framework: Dao model
How to convert the Username column in the GridView an email hyperlink (mailto) and to be clickable using GridView1_DataBound?
Mongodb update the specific element from subarray
Get Latitude and Longitude on click event from Google map
Custom CSS Cursor Goes Away When Clicking and Dragging and Becomes I-Bar
Library to convert VIDEO to multiple screenshot images
PHP Framework for non-OOP programmer [closed]
Set max length of strings in radgrid / limit string length in radgrid with autogenerate columns
Modify Emacs tab behavior with Sweave documents
How to enter data to two tables using one form-Special Case
I can't send full data through ajax script on php language. (code igniter)
Replace an entire tag with a string in a string
Modify single row data by clicking a button in GridView
Object recognition methods in OpenCV
In SQL, why does group by make a difference when using having count()
CakePHP when using $model->save() validate rules and skip other rules
Binary representation of an unsigned long long
eclipse opencv android ndk: The project was not built due to 鈥�NUL' is an invalid name on this platform.鈥�
joystick button events polling lagging on asp.net
Permissions error when using gem to install Rails via RVM
Open New tab in browser
Youtube api : Getting all the subscriptions of a user, then displaying them with their thumbnails and names
Symmetric 2 Dimensional Array
php pcre extra brakets
How do I make netbeans to show me closing html tags?
Check for Empty on Array of String
Can I get SASS to function like Chrome Dev Tools and update in realtime without saving?
Excel formula to match store category name & ID
Converting my custom url as Friendly in dotnet nuke
What is the difference between TPC-C, TPC-E and TPC-H benchmark?
How to validate RelaxNG syntax?
can I get a jdbc datasource from jpa in spring application context?
Working with Enums in android
For comprehension body to execute when Lift Box[T] has Empty value
Application-Specific X509 Certificate on Windows?
Does Nokogiri support RelaxNG compact syntax?
An alternative to org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation.Value which is not Spring based
Excel addin: Cell absolute position
Looping through each element of a vector
How can I make this jQuery effect responsive?
how to preload tinymce editor?
Ending an interactive program causes infinite loop
Django contrib.auth.models.User with Django MongoDB Engine
UIView drawRect Quiet Crash
Variable PHP download-header file name?
Open PageIndex in RadGrid
Twitter bootsrap button text is white on Chrome
Variable have errors with 'out the box' PHP scripts -
how do you apply this convert command in carrierwave? - crop and circle
Issue a POST request with url_for in Flask
Webdrive errors from Firefox
Composing a command bus using RX
OnClick Javascript Confirmation Window
Getting error while dropping an item into treeview
Netbeans documentation
What do I need to know about Automatic Reference Counting?
Deleting a folder from GitHub
How To Specify Open With Notepad2 (for example) Using PHP serverside script
Are iPhone Push Notifications sent over HTTP or HTTPS?
Java - Most efficient way to convert a TreeSet<String> into a String[]?
How to dynamically update your UITableView when a button is pressed?
draw images on xaxis in GWT highcharts
Php image show issue
C get all references to object?
Java Program or Perl Script to copy text off a webpage
CSS - Horizontally centering div in liquid layout
Checkboxes in a DataGrid get selected after Scrolling down in actionscript 3
Rails 3.1 - Devise inserting address into subject line of confirmation email
how do you find the first element in array that has a certain detail?
php pass auto incremnt id in next page
Creating an SaaS application that automates signup?
How do I invoke a click on the google search button in webview android SDK?
Why does Grails require that I use `def` instead of `void` in a controller?
jQuery or Javascript Click function change or add id
Using MS Access VBA Function using Query in VB6
Checkbox to modify textbox in Word 2010 - part II
Missing libwvm.so in Android SDK 4.0.3 API(15)
Extending Visual Studio / Team Foundation Server 2010
How to get rid of xmlns=鈥溾� by setting project namespace
How can I get chef to run apt-get update before running other recipes
FB.login callback returns error (bug or misconfiguration?)
Disadvantage of FileChannel -> BufferedReader -> Reader
Disadvantage of FileChannel -> BufferedReader -> Reader
how to update root node using gwt CellTree?
simplexml_load_file errors worked a couple of times then stopped;
Chrome extension run at doc start
find_element_by_xpath in Python
Putting parts of a text file into a list
Constant animation speed, variable frame rate
C programming: How to use sscanf with a ':' delimiter?
Unable to start Activity at startup of phone in android [duplicate]
HTML div overflow horizontal scroll at the top of div without jquery
Convert string to become variable
Linq Translates when not part of a Property
How do I fade in/fade out the contents as the jQuery slide activates and deactivates?
How can I line up my DIVs with CSS?
Facebook SDK integration issue in Android
How to fix Spring Security Oauth 2.0 tonr & sparklr application error?
How to keep yellow folders expanded in XCode 4?
Saving CGImage with image properties
How do I draw a flipped subset of a bitmap on Android?
imagemagick resize to exact size
C++: variable 'ns3::Ipv4RoutingTableEntry route' has initializer but incomplete type
Why does Entity Framework return null List<> instead of empty ones?
Actionscript - AS 2.0 - PHP copy file from server to server THEN run function
How do you find the first element in array that has a certain characteristic?
Qt Undefined Reference To
disable go back function in browser using servlet
Grouping strings lexicographically (python)
C++ class member function and callback from C API
ADL versus scope-resolution 鈥�which to prefer?
Eliminating subst to prove equality
jQuery Mobile Framework dialog system lacks practicality
Rendering exported 3D objects on Android using min3D
How to validate if the E-Mail Address is existing in YMail,Gmail,etc.?
Stuck writing a monochrome fog filter
android register listener always returns false, SensorEventListener stays null, events are never triggered
Android - Updating TextView without lagging ListView scrolling
Foursquare API error No venues or groups specified returned when adding campaign
C++ thread name map and log4cxx
Syncing on create and ad loading with mobfox
How can reload the content of template after an ajax call in smarty?
Subversion: Using only some of the files from a vendor branch
Create a Class with full name and pass it to the custom component
How can I print something out during onCreate
why do I get 鈥渘o valid constructor鈥�exception?
ServiceConnection.onServiceConnected() never called after binding to started service
Sharing a database between two ASP.NET MVC 3 applications on Azure
Making a browser and node compatible Javascript library
How to loop numerically + month and day over the past X years?
ADF Dynamic Tree Menu
Ruby Quotation Regex
Can I have a 1000px-wide <div> contain a 1300px-wide <div>?
Resuming From Notification Center
/me/home doesn't return all the posts
Cannot use admin account to edit settings of facebook comments on wordpress
Can't get bar chart to grid properly
Rendering text in openGL 4 - does not work
NHibernate support the function: LEN
saving the state of a SeekBar
Linq to MySql GetTable
Can't locate EXC_BAD_ACCESS error
How to handle rotation in an HTML5 web app?
CoreLocation :: Getting Latitude Longitude Coordinates
E/DroidGap(21383): DroidGap: TIMEOUT ERROR! - calling webViewClient
Unfamiliar encoding in Python
why would these two queries return different counts?
How to excute the binary excutable file in my Javascript?
what does Cons do in this function?
jquery :gt issue.. trying to show more
Split string without non-characters
How to clear Sprockets cache?
Want to unmute the audio while someone tries to increase the volume
Rezize NSWindow from top
How would you use LESS without Node.js on a symfony2+Assetic project
Making Mono and Mkbundle turn C# code into executable file for target system?
UIPageViewController and landscape
Are .lib files useless without the header files?
remove push notification once it is accepted by user
Getting frames from .avi video using OpenCV
Vertical aligment not working properly
Monitoring URLs with Nagios
Flash Actionscript 3.0 鈥淓nter鈥�Key Causes scene to change
How to dynamically wrap code inside a block in Ruby?
What is difference between new or instance directly about QPropertyAnimation?
Update knockoutjs viewmodel when dom text changes
batch script reset the timestamp on all files
Remotely calculating SHA or MD5 of a file via web service?
warning C4244: 'argument' : conversion from 'time_t' to 'unsigned int', possible loss of data 鈥�C++
Settling on a data type
OpenCV Android Background Subtraction
CGLIB Byte code generation for AspectJ
apache common library for downloading files over http s protocol
Using codeigniter's validation on jquery ajax post
How to dismiss UIKeyboardTypeNumberPad?
Why would this method need to be recursive?
Load XML file from a folder inside System32 for wcf (.svc) c# code
Datacontext in LINQ. 鈥淒oes not exist in the current context鈥�
Determine field belonging to django many to many link
Android Tablet - hello world
Convert looped output into an array
linking a large sqlite database with a listview android
Need singleton variable to be updated based on a timer in asp.net mvc application
Is it possible to convert a File to a FileReference behind the scenes?
Excel File Upload issue in ASP.NET
Math to get relative scale from level stack
NowJS Handel Groups
Add Image to Android App in Eclipse
parsing a date string to get the year
Adding viewController views to UIScrollView
Manipulating result from 鈥渟ystem鈥�call in C++ program
C# Dynamic Input list
CSS - List item not starting from the top of unordered list
Issue with SocketTimeoutException and Jetty
How to embed the GNU Octave in C/C++ program?
order by desc didnt not arrange my data
How to submit a form using PhantomJS
capturing the duration of a touch on ipad
How do I calculate the total when a specific column equals something?
atof, structs and pointers in c++
Into how many video formats should I convert uploaded videos to play in all media types?
Use a scanner device from Python
C++ Simple cout ostream
Mysql Query: Find Customer W/Orders but without Payment
android.view.InflateException: Binary XML file line #7: Error inflating class
Frames get from front camera of Android are stretch to the screen
CodeDom Compiler for C#
compilers + inter-class references: how does javac do quickly what C++ compilers do slowly? [closed]
Python Regular Expressions in PHP
Cancel Button During Countdown
GMail forcing TD containing spacer.gif to be 16px high
Is a process's current directory equals to its working directory?
count number time a row was selected in from a mysql table?
HorizontalListView with RemoteImageView
Click a link created in a loop
Django debug toolbar ImproperlyConfigured: Error importing middleware debug_toolbar.middleware: 鈥淣o module named toolbar.loader鈥�
Escaping </script> tag inside javascript
Easiest way to programmatically add files to a project
Java binary compatibility issue: sun.font.FontManager class became interface