Fluent NHibernate automapping: One-to-many entities, many-to-many backend?
Exception in REST example with Jersey
how to use data from .m file into another?
Display this year ( php ) does not validate
Find products that are sold at a price less than mine
git push still issues RPC error after changing postBuffer
Javascript Pixel Manipulation: These aren't my colors
g++ linking .so libraries that may not be compiled yet
Can anyone tell me why this is not showing up in IE?
Enlarging an image to full screen, maintain aspect ratio and then center.
File Close Notification
What does the 鈥淐ouldn't compile connection:鈥�error mean?
Applying style to span and table not working
is there an easier way to make something like this?
Can I host my own bare git repo on my remote server?
Cleaning AD from import-CSV - process line by line or another way/functions - improving code
jQTouch Phonegap problems
jQuery and Lift non working without Lift abstractions
Is it safe to have two different git clients accessing the same local git repo at the same time?
How to generate unique pin number similar to pre paid phone card PIN
JavaScript negative lookbehind issue
OpenGL/GLFW: glfwOpenWindow hanging (barebones application)
C# how to write multiple lines in a text file?
Is it possible to use socket.io.js with Jetty?
I need an explanation of when to use class variables?
SQL Query getting the date between expiration date and effective date from 2 different tables
MySQL insert into unless col1 and col2 are both the same then update another column
Localization with variable and constant definition in header file
How can I recursively insert the Fibonacci sequence into a binary tree
mysql 1205 error on bulk delete in django admin
Autofill PDF file
Keyword not supported: 'name'
Php extension zip, ZipArchive doesn't work with namespaces
rails 3 validations not allowing form submission
Controllers are best at parsing inputs, but could I process it in the model?
MySQL - InnoDB or MyISAM - Read Only Tables
Java problems with iteration
Designing an android application layout best practice.
Unit testing EJB and remote interface with EjbEmbedded Conatiner
Combine multiple models in a Rails form to create a new object
Can Spring Batch jobs be configured at run time with dynamic steps?
Storyboard Completed Event from Style?
regex matching <value> with a CRLF
Search form with php
Consume Amazon dynamoDB with JavaScript
Sockets and Spring Integration
How to load multiple views on top of the UIViewController
Loading dynamically RESX file not working
Explaination about this step in Varnish Documentation
style.css wordpress template menu alignment
The type 'string' must be a non-nullable type in order to use it as parameter T in the generic type or method 'System.Nullable<T>'
High CPU usage, move cursor app C#
Is it a good idea to branch and merge just to create an integration branch for CI testing?
Querying MySQL with IN clause using PHP
Rectangle approximation algorithm
Using class functions from a dll
Java: 2 runtime errors I can't figure out
How to import recovered databases into new TFS 2008 SP1 instance
Is there an API equivalent of the Facebook Access Token linter/debugger?
Java: 2 runtime errors I can't figure out
How to import recovered databases into new TFS 2008 SP1 instance
Is there an API equivalent of the Facebook Access Token linter/debugger?
How do you list all symlinks in a directory that has non-hanging links? [closed]
Base Class to use with ASP.Net Page and UserControls
How do I run apply on a data.table?
M2Eclipse (M2E) build errors
How to concat only unique columns with data
Upgraded site from 3.5 to 4.0 - Getting an error
How can I check which widget was clicked?
Alter Table Of Other User in Firebird
How to know duration of any media file
IntelliJ debugger doesn't work with Dojo require
Seeing Indy Traffic in Fiddler
Custom date picker with months and years
How can I sort 1 million numbers, and only print the top 10 in Python?
What happens when a file being downloaded is modified on the server?
Need help in Math to write oscillating iterator in either CoffeeScript or Javascript
Cannot figure this out C programming
eclipse c++ exclude multiple files from build at once?
Windows Phone viewport meta tag
default access modifier for enum in C#
Setting a custom view for ActionBar Sherlock tab
SQL Totals grouped in a single column
Azure Roles and Instances
How do i get an page login access_token for a facebook page, that does NOT expire?
PHP inverse for array_diff_assoc(), remove duplicate values
Using Existing Segmented Control to Control mkmapkit zoom
fastest way to delete the content of a table
Is it faster/efficient/cheaper to serve from Memcache or blobstore?
how do I avoid avoid multiple round trips for queries with MySQLdb with python?
SSAS -> How do you hide an attribute that is used in a hierarchy? (without using perspectives)
Can't get Rails 3 ActionMailer to accept an attachment
How to create a link that lets the user Reset Their Password when Signed In with Devise?
MySQL - Lock Table Issue
How to shutdown application while bootstrapper class is still running?
jquery how to empty input field
Cross-platform log macro not working on windows
ASPNETCOMPILER : 'System.Data' or one of its dependencies
MySQL Natural Language Search Stopwords behavior, still shows results despite stop word?
How do I synchronize the scroll position of two divs?
Pass arguments to a function from each row of a matrix
C 鈥�Conditional always jumping to 'Else'?
Average number of hops in a hash map
Selecting million records from SQL Server
How do I get distinct rows along with the count of identical rows in Linq?
Bakery Lock when used inside a struct doesn't work
How to check if two large files are identical on amazon S3?
Plone: Link Integrity not working
How do I get the date a text message was sent to my Twilio number?
Jquery Reel, first part of animation plays, the remaining part controlled
mongodb pull element from array
Failure to Match Template Using Function Pointer as Argument
how to write to blob with auto commit on
Moving Object/Bitmap in Java for Android
Jquery search througha class check if it has a certain id
Unexpected behaviour while using extension methods
Function does not exist when calling flash method from JS
Allocating a property in Objective-C
C2DM handling message dont working
Can not change Fancybox close button
Send email using java without JavaMail
Git: List git branches, sort by (and show) date
In CouchDB, are there ways to improve performance of the View index process?
Defining classes in modules with the Ruby C API
C - writing output to a file
Pass delegate together with parameter to a function
python3 operator >> to print to file
Generate Random IP Address
How to change class style for children element by parent element id?
How to detect when a session is about to end. PHP
How to detect when an actor is touched in libgdx?
Show tally after removing duplicates
Android Custom EditText
linq join in ASP MVC
declare-styleable drawableTop
XMPP with Android [duplicate]
Can a fragment switch from Dialog to Embedded on rotation?
Solr with partial search not working when query is wrapped in quotes containing words separated by space
Return string from unmanaged dll to C#
getting error Exception in thread 鈥渕ain鈥�java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:
Image corruption on upload to s3, production only.(carrierwave, engineyard)
鈥渞ails generate rspec:install鈥�seems to be failing
target the body outside of an iframe
Count number of tweets by a user over period of time [closed]
C++ linking of binary libraries or simple header inclusion?
How to wrap echoed file name in <a> tag?
Subclipse and general SVN browser usage
imagegif() strange fail
SWC File fails to load in Design Mode
How to tie Google Contacts API access token to one of *my* app鈥檚 users?
Origin of OmniAuth - Where was /auth/facebook called from
How can I find documents in MongoDb based off the number of matched objects within an array
How to troubleshoot my SQLite database in a PhoneGap application?
Invalid Column name can't use variable
How to call a different constructor conditionally in Java?
Putting an std::string into a char[][] array
Seeing ClosedChannelException after upgrade to Netty 3.2.7
Im stuck with a template class in c++
IE9 Javascript Error :: Undefined/Null
How to stop the updating of YouTube video metrics timing out when updating MySQL table
How do merge modules work and how can I get one for a version of Visual Studio I don't have installed?
shortcomings/limitations of wordpress? [closed]
xmlHttpRequest check for changes in mysql database [closed]
Android application name confusion
CSV files with quote and comma chars inside fields
Using jQuery, how to open/close a div in between content?
How do I get an element to always occupy a specific percentage of its parent element, even when the browser is resized?
JQuery - Switch case depending on checkbox checked
Putting another UIViewController's view within a 鈥渕ain鈥�UIViewController 鈥�delegate methods
Can I use rounding to ensure determinism of atomic floating point operations?
Why would one component's ActionListener affect another one?
How to check whether the variable is defined or not before assigning in Java Script ?
Handling utf-8 strings in Java
Beginning external site links with 鈥�/鈥�[duplicate]
Is there a way how to configure SMTPHandler in Python to do more advanced stuff?
htacess redirect for new parameter
Looking for a CMS for portal-like site [closed]
mozrepl on opensuse-linux 12.1 brings troubles during the installation
MYSQL - SELECT IP v4/v6, inet_pton & bin2hex
HTTPS client unable to connect - PKIX path building failed but root certificate exists
Neural network not converging
How do I track where facebook likes are coming from?
iOS 鈥�distinguish an NSDictionary from an NSMutableDictionary?
Issue when trying to retrieve the access_token from Facebook
How to change android:sharedUserId of a published app?
SEO implications of invalid XML for Strict DOCTYPE
PHP - read directory and include all index.php's
Youtube Upload from website with title, description etc.
Generated code from XSD does not accept valid XML in WCF REST endpoint
DateTime conversion regardless of culture
Jquery load doesn't work
Why regular expression doesn't work with Global identification in Perl?
AVassetwriter not recording audio
Get preferred date format string of Android system
XML values saved in a PHP array [duplicate]
get picture from media library using file name in windows phone
CXF client loads wsdl for both service and port?
Complete Beginner: Null pointer issue?
Lucene.Net + SimpleLucene How to use with a DataTable
PHP browser library (with curl maybe) [closed]
field id: primary and auto_increment.need to be filled? [closed]
jquery v1.7.1 breaks .net's updatepanel when inside a frame for internet explorer 8 [closed]
Active Record LIMIT within GROUP_BY
Can PDF XML metadata be attached to individual elements of the PDF or just the entire file?
Using jQuery in child modal dialog window
nsdictionary issue
Sybase : Updating a table with Top keyword
Java: Getting file name of downloaded attached file (HttpClient, PostMethod)
in spring mvc 3.1, how to have ExceptionHandlers for same exception for multiple profiles?
Sybase : Updating a table with Top keyword
Java: Getting file name of downloaded attached file (HttpClient, PostMethod)
in spring mvc 3.1, how to have ExceptionHandlers for same exception for multiple profiles?
C# Covariance on subclass return types
Running an animation one after the other fails
Assistance with the 鈥渇ind鈥�and 鈥済rep鈥�command
Determine where a user has selected a song in the MPMediaPickerController
Firefox. How to make border color different than text?
Convert BibTex file to database entries using python
How to make this .html reveal slowly and then hide slowly on mouse over and out
Variadic version of FastDelegate and extra value copy
Get the week start and end date given a current date and week start
Xcode: change row for looping buttons
jquery get query string from url
Grails Plugin Get Plugin's Root or Installed Directory
Strategies for delaying processing of a local notification firing
java: arraylist.contains & remove not working
c : multidimensional array using 1d array under the covers
Wordpress display taxonomy as drop down menu
How to parse this JSON string
MediaStore.ACTION_VIDEO_CAPTURE issuewith HTC desire
How to read the selected item from a listpicker in WP7?
How to enable DEBUG level logging with Jetty embedded?
html map areas: behavior different for maps in <p> tag vs. <div> tag?
inet_ntop: No space left on device
jQuery hover weirdness when on child
Passing a `Disposable` object safely to the UI thread with TPL
Python Unicode Ascii, Ordinal not In range, frustrating error
Mac OS X 10.7.3 adds -[NSDictionary stringForKey:] method?
PHP File Upload Bandwidth
flex mobile TabbedViewNavigatorApplication back button part2
passing arguments to a function in a single vector
Efficient way to import Excel data into SQLite db in VB.Net
Segfault when deleting pointer
Custom resolution for android emulator on virtual box
Pintrest-like grid
How do I access the form object of spring mvc in a jsp?
SharePoint 2010 and 2007 compatibility
Why wont this Java Android SHOUTcast MediaPlayer app code work?
FlexSlider Fade animation broken in IE7&8
Large amount of DNS Queries
Can I use knowledge from 8086 chips tutorial, with this Intel 82340SX?
Return JSON array with name from WCF with service
Java Swing Double Buffer Problems
AS3 - Replace portion of string with a variable string
Trying to open a user control (Wrapped inside an aspx page) as popup using jQuery dialog in ASPX page
JUnit testing Hadoop Writable
How to get the value of Windows' %APPDATA% location variable in Java
MySQL: How to find the homewrecker by counting *each* group by subsection?
Postgres pg_dump times out
Converting an existing MyISAM database to InnoDB with Django
Facebook Pages (/me/accounts) access_token Expiration?
I want to setup varnish to improve the performance of these websites
C# Interface with static property or methods?
solution or workarounds for haskell-src-exts parsing modules with CPP failing
jQuery Mobile dynamic application and history-based navigation
Which free C# library can generate PDF-417 barcodes?
git pre-commit + mysqldump: cannot find path, not existing command
How do I display open IE tabs as DWM thumbnails?
Create a Directory if it doesn't exist
Automated Ant build - any open source projects that discover changes in a file system to fire off a build?
jquery dynamic checkboxes with data pass and mobile view
php find numbers in a string after and before the word 鈥渆uro鈥�
Animate transition of view controllers from one to another without navigation controller stack
Regex add special characters
how to accept less than sign in a php function
How do I receive mail from Gmail within my ASP.NET application?
Is there a way in JavaScript to recognize when a browser is loading a page? [duplicate]
sizing images based on screen size / resolution
how to set the events layout of the event in a calendar?
how to create custom control using jquery ui?
how to display order grand total in Magento API extension?
how i get access property of the outer data-item of a listview in the layout template of inner nested listview
How to tell if cert has private key
customizing url mapping of multiple sites in sitecore
tcp or udp, another comparision
how to pick the right Javascript MVC framework? [closed]
Entity Framework Code First - is it possible to get EF to automatically initialise collections of child entities?
Google maps: 鈥渃onversing鈥�with forms
Don't have time to send get request on window unload
faultCode:Client.Error.RequestTimeout adobe air
Python xlwt Formula Parse Error
RVM: Install Ruby, Bundler, and Rails but it doesn't 鈥渟tick鈥�
Retrieving an image from SQL Server
Is there a privacy field or a way to set privacy for Facebook API Questions/Polls object?
Multipart/form-data request to Drupal 7 REST server/Services module returns FALSE with 200 status code on file upload
Make element scroll slower (Parrallax)
objective C , setting the navigation bar background color
ViewController = _ViewController meaning [duplicate]
OverbyteICS HTTPAsync example code : How to remove duplicated url's from listbox?
Tempfile generation with different pattern
serialize to XML path issue
MHL with the Nexus One
SDL 2.0 source has 1.3 in it?
Typedef C Declaration [closed]
Error with running ProcDump
JS - Need to get raw mouse input (or close to it)
'Incorrect SET Options' Error When Building Database Project
Get parent element name in XPath
Excel VBA: Copy XL named range values to DOC bookmarks, then export to PDF
'Incorrect SET Options' Error When Building Database Project
Get parent element name in XPath
Excel VBA: Copy XL named range values to DOC bookmarks, then export to PDF
Magento - Product Attribute which is not visible/editable in administration
ASP.NET MVC3 Pipeline - When are resources released/garbage collected?
rvm install troubles
Choosing a shard key for a hosted wiki system
Generic Class to create a Generic Collection using IEnumerable<T>
Extracting certain rows from data using hash object in SAS
call vi from within vim (useful for svn commit)
Twitter Bootstrap code copied and not loading
Is there a maximum height or width for an HTML document?
Command button does not submit on 鈥渆nter鈥�press only in IE < 9
I'm trying to implement GuiCocoa/Calendar into my project, which uses ARC
Reusing UIWebView is causing crashes
Warning: the condition has length > 1 and only the first element will be used
T-SQL: accessing temporary column in Common Table Expression
How can I detect an API error?
How to use the DOM to set values in HTML table without using .innerHTML?
Uninstalling PhpMyAdmin
jetty runner web app not recognizing jstl tags?
web2py with blueprint
Determining Floating Point Square Root
鈥渓ossless鈥�float to BYTE conversion
Small Window Over Components
Javascript function not defined in FireFox only - indeed_clk is not defined
Backbone.js web application is unusable on Internet Explorer
Get Response from Java Web Start Program to server
Cropping large jpeg
DirectX - Skeletal Animation Method Incorrect
Server-Side State Management in ASP.NET MVC
Add Magento Widget parameters to the Add Widget Instance editor
How do I get my Pickers to work correctly?
Style Setter Freezing Brush
can not find the symbol when compiling a servlet
Shell-less UI in Prism
Scroll QTableWidget to specific column
Spring.net and protobuf: object instantiation
content type json, safe for dealing with private data?
Jquery occasionally returns zero height and width on image
Linux Kernel timers subsystems: Precision vs. Resolution
How to match .Net deployment with the source that it was compiled from?
Java - Copy file to another directory using FileUtils and copyFileToDirectory - doesn't work -?
Remove index.php?dir= from URL?
Netbeans 6.9 UNDO operations
how can I get the latest entries from a transactional table?
COM Interoperability and Inheritance
Git force pull branch from remote
Android: Detecting why my application restarts after bluetooth cancelDiscovery()
Django & Suds: UnicodeEncodeError When Using QuerySets
How to create aliases for variables inside an array?
Confusion on 'position' in instantiateItem function in class PagerAdapter (android)
LMC - Not going into negative (little man computer)
Realtime sound synthesizer from a varying input in Python
jquery validation (using jquery validate plugin) - activating validation rules for specific elements based on the button clicked
Redirect to sub dir that's is named with username
Change CSS live based on page width
I succeeded in creating a Matcher, but I'm having trouble compiling and using AbstractMatcherTest
Best practice for database design with images and thumbnails with external storage in S3?
JPA + SwingWorker : Query Error
3D CSS transform, jagged edges in firefox
GZipping content files in ASP.NET MVC 3
Why does JPA require a transaction to load entities
How to update an associated entity with Doctrine2?
How i can hide all 鈥淒ONE鈥�enties in emacs org-mode
What is the equivalent of PHP's preg_quote?
How to confirm file is in XML format?
How to code by contract using RESTful Web Services
Delete JPA object with @OneToMany relationship in Play! Framework
How to replace the location hash and only keep the last history entry?
Updating Google Site with content from another page
How to get root permissions for FSCopyObjectAsync like Finder
How to detect empty lines while reading from istream object in C++?
Display Datarows in Datagridview
How to see log of a code signed mac application that does not start?
How can I run SOME initializers when doing a Rails assets:precompile?
undefined reference to `vtable for a template
Monogame on iOS: different behavior when interpreting touches compared to Windows Phone?
Converting Flex 3 app to 4.6: Getting a SetProperty error
Has anyone been able to communicate between BlackBerry and Android phones via NFC?
function.session-start issue using WordPress e-commerce plugin
Graphics: Painting rectangle from jagged array
Java Hotspot command line parameter to increase the maximum size of Java method
How to keep from going to first record when requerying?
Move external application to the front of the screen
MySQL Get Matching Results From two queries?
IE8 , Not an object error
Primefaces Schedule View Year
Increment matrix structure in MongoDb
Adding a Spinner to LinearLayout Programatically
Resuming and working through an array 鈥渓oop鈥�in obj-C
Using reflection, call a method of a Field on an object that already exists
Subclassing Rails FormBuilder for nested form
jquery how to use multiple ajax calls one after the end of the other
Regex -> only letters and end with a dot
Period stops multiline regex substitute in Python?
SSRS: display a message conditionally if the report is empty
Inline error/exception handling in python
How insert a text after an amount of words
Removing a character from 'iskeyword' in vim
php, how to send form data in a secure way?
Wordpress add property to page
System PIP instead of virtualenv PIP by default?
HttpContext.Current vs ActionExecutingContext
Position: Fixed is disabling my scroller in IE7
TreeView Where Root And All Nodes Thereafter Are Derived From First Sub-Folder - How To Specify Correct Path?
Need to send email via SMTP to accounts on separate server
Why can I view .less file through ftp, but not http?
JQuery ajax function in a for loop is behaving weird
how to install and configure a mail server debian [closed]
Oracle SQL - Left join on 鈥渋n鈥�statements
JQuery animate scrollTop Not Working Properly
Change form data after submit in drupal
ASP.NET MVC3: WebGrid + Ajax Filters + Ajax Sorting & Paging
Add specific instance attribute to a JList
Can I use a case/switch statement with two variables?
Examples on Drum Sim Build for iOS
variable set & Get, Race condition
Read stdout from a process (linux embedded)
page scrolls down when clicking href=#SomeDivName
centering all Imgs on Responsive Design
How to extract Facebook Access token Expiration Info
acess iframe links
@font-face CSS paths with WordPress
libxml2 writer differences
PHP - RegEx isn't working with 5.2, works in 5.1 and 5.3
Hibernate HQL comparing two collections
Capture screenshot of an iframe
Cancelling a report run on Reportserver for SSRS 2008?
c++ how to blank out incorrect choice on 2nd chance of a quiz? [closed]
Multiple Selects and a Join ..SQL Oracle
Having trouble adding every other odd element in a list in Scheme
Request data from other apps iphone
Flash Actionscript 3.0 Audio Scrubber
Optical Flow implementation in Objective C with Xcode
Use embedded web browser (e.g. Chrome) as GUI toolkit for Java desktop applications?
Change color of button based on bound item
Biztalk 2010 SQL Adapter wizard window disappears
Magento - Image next to top Categories name
How to include / exclude TestNG groups when running test via Gradle
Multi Language website - is it possible only by saving it multi language file or db
Page loads differently when refreshing vs. following URL
Excel - Cut Rows Programmatically
Can nHibernate Update Children in a one-to-many based off of ID instead of tracked state?
Trigger another function on dynamically created select change
Compress List Data C# Web Service Send to Standalone Client with Delphi
Load time weaving of javax.swing.* classes with AspectJ
Using :checked inside :not doesn't match with .on()
How to obtain data from clipboard in Firefox
When we use areas where routing should be placed - asp mvc
Filtering numbers, except when they are between curly braces
YUI asyncRequest: POST parameters are missing
Error 500 or Rewrite Rule to get clean URLs
ASP.Net VB call JavaScript function from Code Behind
Core Data objects not correctly returning data consistently with 10.7's NSPrivateQueueConcurrencyType contexts
Zend Framework : Form_MyForm not found in blah鈥�Is this a BOOTSTRAP issue?
boost.asio and queries to the database
Update Entity Framework - Need Hotfixes
How to refresh the JTable in gui from database?
Generating User-Friendly URLs, with simplicity
INVALID response for for some IPN messages in Paypal
What is the meaning of <enabled>false</enabled> for a servlet definition in web.xml?
Field type in mySQL
Unable to cast HiddenField to I.Convertible
Speed up string search algorithm
jQueryMobile: Button on header is half height
update User attr, ruby claiming for its password
Modelview matrix with perspective correction components
Nested User Controls not working within Visual Web Part
Meaning of Provability Symbol 鈯�in Axiomatic Programming Paper [closed]
Capybara will not load assets when I visit the same page twice
Passing boolean parameter in ruby
C#: Finding and changing an element in an array of struct
gem install pg --with-pg-config works, bundle fails
Flex - ExternalInterface.Call() always returns 'Undefined'
About JQuery UI Autocomplete and Textbox suggestions.!
jquery dialog box doesn't work in accordion mvc razor
Unable to change CSS font classes
Nginx; use blog.example.com to access example.com/blog
MVC3 lock textbox based on a selection on a dropdown menu
vba for excel - create a validation list based on the data from another sheet in the same book
Spell check with Vim and XML automatically
sql pivot with multiple grouping
Namespace similar name confusion with WCF
How can a character with variable margins be programmatically centered in the absolute middle?
Xcode render the .PNG images all white
Calling method on parent form from child form
SpinLock and readonly fields
What is the correct way for ASP.NET MVC 3 solution structure, data reference & Automapper integration?
Macros Rookie Programmer
Updating XML files using PowerShell
Java script link disappears when clicked on in IE8
how to get the pagination url's
pretty print to a file in ruby
Rails time type and time zones
UISearchDisplayController and custom UISearchBar
Check if a char is ASCII using Bitmasks and Bit Operators in C
Aspx controls validate TextBox based on DropDownList selection
SoftKeyboardType in pure as3 app
Create Zooming Box
Create Zooming Box
How to insert into an array? c++
How do I extract strings from a string?
Output of the cout changes according to typecasting way
Search UITextView for a specific word in iOS app
JQuery Moblie (or alternative) Drag & Drop to drop zones
How to replace strings in a file and 鈥渟ave鈥�it as another file
Request-response pattern not working with em-zeromq
How to select from dynamic drop downs in watir
animate width doesn't work properly in chrome and safari
How to hide a <option> in a <select> menu with CSS?
Needed File Upload Progress Bar
Loading KmlLayers in Google Maps is hit-or-miss?
Get videos shared by friends on Facebook
network routing problems
Hide method signatures in Doxygen
Making a Slideshow Rotate
What is the correct sequent for calling [super viewWillAppear] [super viewDidLoad] etc.?
jquery more than once function called
Create GWT-compile rule for Ant build.xml
jqGrid PHP filter by date - today & today +30 days?
Does the expiration status of an issuer's certificate affect a subject's expiration?
Getting at a Message from a Mail Rule in Applescript
how to add write buffer into write defined in io.h
variable return type in c++ class
read lines between two specific lines
ASIHttpRequest login empty response
How can an observer find out the before and after values of the observed property in Ember.js?
Javascript-Jquery-Ajax ticker message is truncated
HTC Sensation framebuffer (dev/graphics/fb0) screenshot scrambled image
Extending the BoundField class to add <span> tag inside <td> tag rendered by gridview
Debugging Android 'hello world' app with Eclipse, variable view super slow
Returning a value from a nested function to it's parent without using a callback
Unknown error in python
VS 2010 Error Opening Design View
Android custom tween - Timer vs ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor, or alternative
Inserting data into a MySQL table using VB.NET
Leaftlet: Force panning
What is wrong with the following code, list box items don't get displayed?
Why is PostgreSQL rejecting my password when I try to migrate?
CustomHttpClient.executeHttpPost giving ConnectTimeoutException
how to change camera look at point in XNA
respond to async sql calls as they complete
In JavaScript or with jQuery is there an event that will be triggered when the contents of a div change? [duplicate]
How to change hue of a texture with GLSL?
Passing UsbDeviceConnection to other Activity
Chopping A Line From A Text Document Into Different Strings
Java long polling
How do I use threads with gtk2hs with ghc-7.4?
jQuery or JavaScript how to highlight selected text in a textarea
Magento:Custom dropdown cart - How to get 鈥渕y cart鈥�link? [solved]
SQL update statement in Java
Generating Random Numbers Securely in Objective-C
Is there a way batch download audio tracks from YouTube videos, given the video URLs?
Issue with Transaction in Hibernate
Load JQuery first, then show html page contents?
MS Access: listbox appears to be locked when assigned to ID's on continous form
Character encoding errors with DynamicReport
How to install GLUT on a 64 bit windows 7 for MS VS2010? [closed]
Is there way to associate a function to usercontrol
Creating different types based on some criteria
How to overlap auto-scaling images with an auto-scaling background
Perform Segue after login check
Beginner projects to learn Ruby on Rails [closed]
However does UDP socket receiver buffer size impact latency?
Is there any way to represent very long numbers? [duplicate]
Convert JavaScript into Firefox extension [closed]
Is there a way to return an outer function in Javascript?
Ant javascript and socket numberformatexception
Is there any way to float 4 elements horizontally on a single web page
Python and ffmpeg
Swiftmailer mails go into SPAM Folder
Modular Javascript Framework Design
Android's AudioManager.getMode() seems unreliable. Same situation produces different results
How to add a zoom option to gmap v3 on jquery mobile
What is the least-bad way to create Python classes at runtime?
SWT: veritcal separator too tall; horizontal too short; table too narrow
Parsing JSON objects of unknown type with AutoBean on GWT
Imagebutton onclick not working in updatepanel, How can I make it work?
css works properly only in chrome
If a user clicks on an image in google images(from a search) can I force a redirect to the page?
PHP Javascript? Do something when user closes page or browser [duplicate]
Name and size from NSFont
Changing the position of a Scroller container programmatically (by HGroup index)
Present Custom View Controller In Storyboard?
How to extract main contents excluding advertisements,useless links from a web page? [duplicate]
How do I use the full content area with a css sliding doors effect?
Facebook Graph API GET http request, php
Filling an array with numbers sequentially
JavaDoc Interface comments
Calling PHP from document.ready
Form submissions and PHP best practice
MySQL store latitude, longitude with high level precision
VB.NET - Starting another windows application in the same solution?
Find all CSV files in a directory using Python
Loop Through Specific Associative Array In PHP
Could I use 鈥渄ataWithContentsOfURL鈥�with 鈥淗TTP POST鈥�
Animating a DIV automatically
LNK2028 and LNK2019 errors
Exception / Crash When Merging CoreData Managed Contexts
Exception / Crash When Merging CoreData Managed Contexts
Combining two texture in fragment shader
C + C++ = undefined behavior? [duplicate]
Jquery how to get text() on page?
Implementing thread queue
IMAP4_SSL: EOF occurred in violation of protocol
PHP Event Calendar - Floating Events
Dynamic menu with symfony in template
Azure Emulator Won't Launch When Using Node.js + Socket.io
Boolean multidimensional arrays working with nested for loops - making it stop
Write / Insert Data into a Normalized Database Design Pattern
How can I mock a void method and leave everything else the same using mockito?
Extract portion of a file name in shell
Subtle Quicksort Stability Issue
ApplicationContext.xml bean execution - How?
Matlab to C# bitmap image passing
Started playing with Coffeescript - couple of basic questions
Load UITabBarController from XIB doesn't contain anything from the XIB
Full HD video converted to FLV, slow playback in browser
Highlight Selected row in MvcContrib Grid using JQuery
Can we override parent website's web.config?
Dynamic variable names in C#?
Running java class from terminal
jquery accordion on mouseover of image
C++ If statement won't function
Razor view engine automatically applying quotes?
JsTestDriver: expected [object] was {鈥
Apache 2.2.17 not returning last modified date of https static file
South - migrating django application from sqlite to mysql
Trying to determine whether a file is encrypted of just binary
how to write/rewrite in a <p> using a function in javascript
Importing project android
PHP mail function not working based on the body of the message
Dynamic library using static library in c++ name mangling error
锟�char returned from Google currency API
Idle timeout seem to cause a loop for the code used for handling session timeouts
How can I batch save a bunch of AppleScript scpt files to applications?
SQLSTATE[HY093] : pdo statement during insert into mysql db
Issue with qmessagebox, can't change its position
jNetPcap: Cannot extract Complete Http header
Issue with action link and areas in asp mvc project
Using Excel VBA custom class to wrap database calls and return recordsets
logback specify the location of the default configuration file as a system property not working
What is the most elegant way to assign a new set of many-to-many related tags via association_proxy in SQLAlchemy?
Ignoring a file: gitignore does not do what I want
How to save DetailPrint command message in file in NSIS Script?
#collection using contentBinding does not automatically update when rendering in a tbody
Count Function in php for JSON object
Hosting WCF Service in Azure and Consuming Them [closed]
How to read a particular notation from the Java language specification
How to read a particular notation from the Java language specification
copy from one mysql DB to another and separate table data into different tables
css for all resolution
Why must I put OR between each number in a long query string?
How to submit a bug report to Facebook?
Connect to Remote Django Server
WP7 ScrollableTextBox
SWT/JFace equivalent to JComponent.setDefaultLocale()?
WCF RIA Services and SQL Azure transient fault handling
Create rails form to modify database values - but not with a model
REST search interface and the idempotency of GET
How to parse time.time()?
Can I know the type of what matched boost::proto::_ in a transform?
how to take distinct with minimum value using xslt1.0?
Javascript Scrollbar Disappears?
JS polyfill CSS child selector to IE6
Qt: no map/pdb files generated for windows release builds
Android TextView in ScrollView not working- Force Close
Titanium doesn't recognize Android SDK on Windows
Excluding same day drop adds while preserving the real start and end date
How to clear table selection when clicking on right of table
Why can't I check ActiveRecord validations in the console?
parse xml file from <鈥�gt; to <鈥�>
WCF Azure 403 error when running locally
C# DateTime to String Issue
AS3 Client - C# Server Socket Connection fail,
IsPostback always false when i click button or any other
Filtering on a JTree
Verify if .htaccess file is running
PRIMARY KEYs vs. UNIQUE Constraints
Mono for Android, How to make an intent that passes data
Beginner projects to learn Backbone.js
LINQ to compare item in one list to any item in another
In Python argparse, is it possible to have paired --no-something/--something arguments?
Google maps generate link
Prevent form data re-send in Code Igniter
css being overridden/shut off [closed]
How can I exclude certain file types when using Powershell and the PSCX Write-Zip cmdlet?
Socat in Android
Very strange memory leak
EDMX designer is missing and can't reinstall EF tools in VS 2010
In Apache, how do I redirect from a specific path and query string?
Too many attributes for ARFF format in Weka
TSQL Compare the result of 2 queries
Making Qt Creator use MinGW
How to filter a collection using LINQ to DataSet
File upload with Django via PUT
Handling .NET {d:鈥渄ata鈥潁 JSON response with Backbonejs
Where does the C++ standard allow pointers to undefined types?
Search by date using command line
Window close, using link or typing URL?
swt layout advice: buttons w/ table below
How to use a timer in place of a while loop?
DateTime is not formatted properly / Time is being Truncated
Music library MySQL database
Find all NHibernate parent entities where HasMany child entity meets criteria
PrettyFaces and JSF ui:include causing action method to be called twice
Whats is the difference between Zend_Cache_Frontend_Capture and Zend_Cache_Frontend_Page
Bug with 2D Array Viewer and Editor. C# WPF [closed]
Submit a form from a loaded page
Passing NSArray between ViewController. Is it by pointer or by copy?
CXF Weblogic - Override CXF logger to Slf4j
Dynamic Page Rendering in ASPX
PHP Date from strtotime with current time
Difference in Git Repo File Structure on Remote Server
iOS lock event?
Conditional validation in MVC3
itext document Footer on eachpage - Spring MVC
High CPU & High Number of Timers
How do I call a function and print the variables? [closed]
Wordpress: Array OUTPUT in order
Can you encode values expressed as binary digits directly in the c-family of languages?
questions of using parameters like I(鈥� in lmer-based modeling
using twill to follow link id
Multilingual text fields with SQLAlchemy
Quote Madness in Powershell
Are getters the only way I can prevent changes to public properties? [duplicate]
Dynamic RDF builder that takes an ontology and SQL result and builds tree
How to create (C#) Regular Expression Rules
Selecting all users with minimum one order or more with mySQL
PHP preg match can't work
Setting delete-orphan on SQLAlchemy relationship causes AssertionError: This AttributeImpl is not configured to track parents
issue with using multiple cell types in uitableview
OpenCV cvFindContours questions
What could be some possible problems with this use of OpenMP?
Java : with respect to Ternary Operator for this requirement
Associate a different e-mail address with different github repos
jQuery Mobile: Which event should listview('refresh') go in?
Git web workflow with dev, stage and live site
WebSphere MQ and mmx : Not able to connect with queues
Rails delete link javascript ajax call
$.post() callback method suggestion
ASP.NET MVC and IE caching - manipulating response headers ineffective
MYSQL - Character string length 20, field accepts varchar(15), no error generated?
Do NSUserDefaults get synced to iCloud? I don't want them to be
Running a program on Notepad++
Append a value in a hash object (in Ruby), using an already existing key?
Py2App How to use
Localhost web-app. Get full path to file in browser
How to use each() to loop through and get values?
How to use each() to loop through and get values?
Why I need to use [super %methodname%] in iOs?
Strange length restriction with the DB2 LIKE operator
Selenium: adding 鈥渦se strict鈥�to JS on-the-fly and retest page
Rails rendering json partial in model
Creating a universal function of email image handling across multiple clients
Syntax Highlighter server-side Java library
C# Type Comparison: Type.Equals vs operator ==
How to use SpiderMonkey's debugging support in the Mongo shell?
Output caching, page load and postback - there seems to be two versions of the page cached
Calling 3 recursions in one line?
Best way to extend UIControl's hit region?
combine SimpleXMLElement Object [content] elements into a variable
Android: bitmap size exceeds VM budget. Loading images into a canvas
DisMax to parse user queries and q or fq to filter results
Which machine.config file is my solution using on the server?
CSS: is it possible to enlarge with animation an element in place with CSS?
Limit markers on Google Maps API V3
PHP: Return an array of the file extensions of files inside a zip file?
How to modify GREP output?
Can I mix Qt and non-Qt projects in Visual Studio 2010?
Guava EventBus: don't catch RuntimeException
How to reload the Jtable contents from the database when i update a row in gui?
Android: MediaPlayer crashes after 3 seconds
Django: Emails are not getting delivered to recipients in CC
launching Bluetooth settings
DotNetOpenAuth Expected IProtocolMessage message
is jquery mobile disabling keyboard apperance?
Resolving a Javascript conflict
store data from radio button to mysql [closed]
Plone 3.3.5 on CentOS 5.7 Apache 2.2 Virtual Host RewriteRule Issue
Rotate just one Quad in 2D
How can I concatenate two XML tags using Ruby/Nokogiri?
How to hide email in this jquery form and send blind or carbon copy to another owner?
Gnuplot: Load command
MySQL 5.5 LONGBLOB Column Data too long for column 'x' at row 1
connecting sqlalchemy to MSAccess
Timer for alarm
Changing precision of numeric column in Oracle
NETworking with UDP
I want to show the result of Math.round(score * 0.10), but what is shown is the result of the result
Managing a subset of the database in a SQL Server 2008 DB Project
How do I set up foreign keys using a composite key?
Can a function in mysql return a resultset? If not, what are the possible alternative solutions?
invalid assignment operator Error on add , subtract, divide, multiply signs
Strange Loop Because of htaccess URL Rule
Session-based login not working properly
WWW::Mechanize::Firefox - installation-troubles on OpenSuse-Linux version 12.1
SMPP: Negative response 00000008
How to remove certain sets of punctuation bet retain others in a string?
How to remove certain sets of punctuation bet retain others in a string?
Set tab indicator in XML
spree install undefined method mass_assignment_sanitizer
Parse from formatted string Java
How to explode the value inside the item of an array?
How Can I Optimize this JAVA code in tems of Speed?
Keeping TortoiseSVN & NetBeans IDE in Sync at all times
In Windows, how can I replace `GlobalAlloc` with `new`?
Assembly.Invoke() conflicts with x86 and AnyCPU
Loading with Ajax
100+ dates in different timezones, calculate which 2 dates present day is between鈥ore calculate
PHP: Sending mail with attach
Unable to remove an HTML element from an object not in the DOM
Wrong type in datetime column SQL Server
Issue With Large Array Sizes in CUDA
How do I enumerate all the BeanFactories in Spring?
How to use custom logic to conditionally display a ribbon group in a grid view-like scenario in a supported fashion in CRM 2011?
retrieve multidiensional array keys without infinitely nested foreach
Facebook like button solution
Are javascript Arrays actually implemented as arrays?
Google Map not rendering correctly inside FancyBox, How can I correct it?
PGP Service for .NET Allowing Arbitrary Keys
Share Facebook App ID across multiple apps
How get current canvas
Jquery: Alternative to building selector strings?
How to check at runtime if a class method exists or not?
Trying to UPDATE 2 tables using MYSql Failing
How to properly plot a ratio
Use Entity Framework to Update only a few properties of a huge class
Truncate SQL Server transaction log file
Remove high frequency vertical shear noise from image
Magento 1.6: Using MySQL datetime fields with resource models
Saving cropped file
Issue with Windows service programmatically restarting itself
Click to focus on InfoWindow on Google Maps API v3
Handling the Window's RoutedEvent in many WPF elements with Style
ERROR 2185 in Access Form
How to put char array into std::string
Issues with GLSurface in onPause()/ onResume()
flashvars not working with alphanumeric value read from url
Implementing dynamic server product list with MKStoreKit?
Days left to specifc date in php / Wordpress
add to primary key without dropping foreign key references
How to create a working array with images in Android? [closed]
android md5 encryption does not match mysql or php?
slider transparent .png images background fix
How to export from SQL Server to XML
EJB-JPA Persistence Unit
VB.Net DateTime class '#' Symbol
SMS sender application using API
Can not find symbol error in java method [closed]
watch .tar file for changes, and if it does, extract, build, and run
How to deal with IE7 not determining the width of floated items correctly?
Storing info in the registry for a specific user or all users
SendInput doesn't send chars or numbers
Using Eclipse to work on a friend's Java project?
Add onclick event on treeview Nodes and Child Node using Jquery
Parsing parenthesized expressions
Original iPad, CSS3 transforms, and limitations on imaging caused by RAM
API for receiving payments through VISA/Mastercard Credit/Debit cards & paypal
How restore the old search function (C-f)?
Event binding in javascript with interchangeable interfaces
Extract partial text from textbox
PHP not returning data from form
Transpose Datatable then Sort by Rows鈥�Possible?
Is there any reason to set an exception's cause to itself?
Apache Load Balancer Manager displays nothing
jQuery: Re-write $('foo+bar') selector to use $foo variable
Java increment string through array
mongodb - Processing logical rules with mapreduce?
How to debug 'unspecified error' on windows phone 7?
To update mercurial version in TortoiseHg I need to reinstall TortoiseHg?
regex to remove first name to allow sort by last name
Program crashing when adding object to NSArray
C - Generating all possibilities of X character words
How do I remove the quote from the following regexp on ruby?
CakePHP: Routing Problems
Can access NSUserDefualts but code not responding to Key Value
Is there Unicode Collation Algorithm (UCA) code for Delphi?
Inconsistent date format in comments and comment reply link in Wordpress
Force Silverlight 4 client install, NOT Silverlight 5
To retain dropdownlist (outside gridview) selected value after clicking 鈥渆dit鈥�in the gridview
jQuery autoComplete implementation
client side custom validator
Why SET ANSI_NULLS OFF does not work to compare fields?
Can I create my own array object in JavaScript?
VARCHAR(MAX) SqlParameter Output Size for Visual Studio 2003
Plotting a Probability Equation
html/javascript: is there a way to dynamically disable/enable image map areas?
MVC in Cocoa Touch: How do the view and the model interact?
Initial CoreData object is of the wrong type.
Fullscreen youtube video, rotation, and the status bar (iOS)
Arch Linux on VirtualBox network problems
maps - deleting data
MVC dynamic JQuery recieve dropdown value to feed HTML Helper that returns an image
wait_fences: failed to receive reply: 10004003 when Load a UIWebview in tabbar
Errors playing YouTube content from within an Android Webview on Google TV
Given a pointer to a C++ object what are all the correct ways to call the operator[] function?
How to change TextBlock's background color if string values are unequal?
Symfony2: How can I disable form cascade validation?
How to add ProgressBar while i'm making operations?
Advice on running a .war on a web server
Highlight selected item with backbone router callbacks
Mac OS X data type for YUV video frame
SqlCommand Query and iteration to execute data into multiple XML files with my given program
Moodle 1.9 backup format?
Interface builder label not the right position
iOS 5 - Admob test vs release
Rally Portfolio Apps?
How to perform a join in SQL Server without using tables
Android ProgressBar with threads
<div> element inside <ul> element, hierarchy is changed in IE, ASP.NET Repeater control
Configuring Jython, Processing and OpenGL with PyDev
Slow MySQL InnoDB Inserts and Updates
How can I get a UNC path for a file that is accessed through a network drive?
Google Streetview API - Get Panorama JPG
Wordpress tax_query and pagination issue
Not able to write into the file
Domain class hasMany fails to add entry
Get filename from read.csv(file.choose( ))
How to target IE9 with new HTML5 Boilerplate?
Special HTML characters injected with JS
Pywin32 (com objects) on Mac
Ruby on Rails: Search one table where multiple rows must be present in another table
sum value until defined date
PHP ElseIf Statement with Numbers
mysql query to html table
What is the Makefile Target `.c.o` for?
Double picker view
postgres create database; column 'dataconfig' does not exist
html phonegap android : numeric soft keyboard has next instead of go button
jQuery/Validate only validates field with custom method the first time [closed]
How do I remove redundant Primary Keys from a MYSqL Table?
CSS Rules affecting other Objects
iPhone app versioning in free and fee version for use with OpenFeint?
Issues getting Node.js running with MongoDB on Windows Azure
Project Euler 10 - Why the first python code runs much faster than the second one?
PostgreSQL Update Error
Facebook Login Custom Designed Button
Too many if-else statements. Can they be made global?
Check if objects overlap (in dynamic environment) - jQuery
Change a JPanel dynamically based on JRadioButton
Excel VBA close current workbook Error 1004
SQL - Should I use a join?
Authlogic with Rails 3.2
Encrypt & Decrypt Index Fields In RavenDB
where are my log files in heroku?
Toggle SPAN Class along with this div toggle
SQL Merge 3 tables by date where some dates are missing
What are the options for getting around a memory shortage when running a large batch of inserts?
How to create a page with 4x10 grid and print it out
.NET loop integrity 101
jqplot and primefaces
Debuggable replacement for make_shared()
Downloading pages in parallel using PHP
(VB.net) How do I use a .ttf (font) file for a private font Collection
Is there any way to upload a file through the browser address bar?
I need a vb script macro to run on excel to copy all my access tables coloum in excel sheet
serialize javascript array
What is the smallest possible http and https data request
Sorting a NotesDocumentCollection based on a date field in SSJS
EUnit output debug info from tested modules
32-bit pointers with the x86-64 ISA: why not?
Html Table - maximize size of font in cells
who calls didFinishLaunchingWithOptions?
PHP parse on tabs and line breaks
Jquery - Getting attribute from TR html tag in IE 9
Convert Tiff data type in libTiff to nsdata ios
Stop password sharing with nginx
Authenticated WCF Service for MonoTouch, Mono for Android and WP7
Externally defined markers don't appear in SVG
Regex to filter floating points
Force images to print one per page, full page
Oracle Not a single-group group function: writing queries
Device screen dimension has weird effect on scaled ImageViews
PDO::query vs. PDOStatement::execute (PHP and MySQL)
Create new array with array elements/amounts set by two other arrays in Python
Android - nullPointerException on listview scroll
Finding an <a> in a mess
Query c# code DOM
Apache Inject a Javascript file when a Specific .HTML file is loaded
Custom Task Pane, PowerPoint 2010 and slides pane
create table sql in Oracle which prompts for table name
How to create a list of alphabets to use with grid coordinates? (ie. a, b,鈥�z, aa, bb,鈥�zz, aaa,etc)
AnimTicksPerSecond GUID
Fuzz testing in Eclipse? Rule based fuzzer in 'Run As鈥�
Sencha Touch setActiveItem shows animation then requires click to show
Extract Values from JSON Response in Scala
Pointer initialization
Repeated IDs in an html document .. how bad an idea is it if they are scoped by a div with a unique ID?
鈥淔orwarding鈥�an image upload with Java