How do I compile a C++ extension (rather than C) for Python on OSX?
Manipulate SVG XML for Batik
Touch sensitivity in iPad, how to get value using Cocoa Touch/Objective-C?
Unique ids in knockout.js templates
Need for OLAP cubes if we can Build views based directly off the RAW table
Android IME: How to attach an edittext to the IME?
What are drawbacks of storing text data in one large ASCII text file as compared to splitting it up to multiple files?
When is the width of an Android View set?
What are drawbacks of storing text data in one large ASCII text file as compared to splitting it up to multiple files?
When is the width of an Android View set?
.des files not opening in xcode
Silverlight 4: How can I convert bmp byte array to png byte array?
Python: why simplejson dumping doesn't escape t?
Can I have one Style with mutiple TargetType in WPF?
How to tilt a 3D element?
Backbone.js error when trying to set model attribute to same value
How to have just one form on several Twitter Bootstrap tabs?
PHP Crypt not working Ubuntu PHP 5.3.6
Print closing tags with Beautiful Soup
ASP.NET with disabled button having duplicate postbacks
Scheduling time table with maximum jobs time.
Magento - How do you return results of unlimited CMS Static blocks (with certain 鈥淚dentifier鈥� to a CMS Page
Convert List<boolean> to String
XHTML - Two float:right divs ontop of eachother?
How do I get the floatValue Amount of a Currency-Formatted Label?
Approximation for set cover
I think my XML parser is clunky
getting date and time in c
Split up Array of Dates based on Month or Year
Library ABI compatibility between versions of Visual Studio
flatMap on Map with wildcard type parameter org.apache.catalina.session.StandardSessionFacade
Reversing a bit packing algorithm
String Parameter Record Selection Formula
Strange behaviour with jQuery animation
Must your 3rd party app be signed to integrate with Quickbooks?
Dropping Pin on map with button push 鈥�iOS
NoMethodError (undefined method `new' for nil:NilClass): when try to create Photo object
Brownian Motion and covariance matrix
Memory dump formatted like xxd from gdb
Using lxml and path to parse xml, but get empty list if it has xmlns declarations
PHP: How to send file as the attachment without uploading to sever?
flipping different web views with two fingers
Android MyLocationOverlay vs LocationManager/LocationListener
R: How to overlay pie charts on 'dots' in a scatterplot in R
Cross-machine inconsistency in WKT conversion for SQL spatial types
How to call value of selected List from Jquery
config web service from code behind
Getting JMS headers on Spring Integration
Android: pre-installed (pre-packaged) application shortcuts being removed after market update
How can my swf access stage properties from the swf that loaded it?
Duplicate Object and working with Duplicate without changing Original
re-coding based on two columns to rest of columns using R
convert MATLAB cell type to c++
Best option to store username and password in android app
concat sequence next value with string
Pyparsing SetParseAction trouble
<ToggleButton> onClickListener - Creating and deleting buttons?
UnicodeDecodeError: 'charmap' codec can't decode byte X in position Y: character maps to <undefined>
Returning files from rails
Wrapping text within a chain of controls
Magento - Calculated Product Attribute (property)
google map - Zoom and Centering not working
SimpleLucene Questions(still supported, advantage or memory stream, explain an example)
Path /WEB-INF/jsp/newportlet/view.jsp is not accessible by this portlet
java appending strings doesn't work
Has anyone built a site with support for multiple languages such as Spanish, Russian, Arabic, etc?
Why compile error 鈥淯se of unassigned local variable鈥�
Fragment with AsyncTaskLoader influence other fragments' attaching to the activity
c# what is an efficient way to code recursive functions
Best design pattern to wrap library specific objects?
PHP if statements inside of echo to create HTML option list
GWT client not receiving IncompatibleRemoteServiceException when serialization policy changes
Select multiple rows with the same value(s)
Merging nodes via XSL based on conditional logic
Rectangles instead of hebrew charachters (Encoding issue)
For loop not incrementing consistently in Flash Builder 4.5
Django ListView using reverse foreignkey lookup
JQGrid loses records on column sort
Unable to bind to remote service in TabHost
What are the Steps after you compile a code having 'new' statement [closed]
C http server programming
Why align=鈥渞ight鈥�works but not text-align:right for a td?
Is it possible to handle a value as either an xml attribute or element?
Error with Tablesorter jquery plugin
PHP LDAP Connection
Is there a way to select the label of the optgroup in a select tag?
implicit vs explicit interfaces [closed]
delegate Multithreading EndInvoke?
How to save big (not huge) dictonaries in Python?
Generate random numbers with some conditions
Cassandra: How to insert row without name
Netbeans Platform access DTD from other module
how to program drag and drop with snap to area in Objective-C for IOS
MySQL Query for Date Part
WPF/WP7 Attached Behaviors - Execute BEFORE firing the associated object's event
HTML Form Mailto Output Formatting
How do I get around IE8 limitation of live('change') not firing on AJAX elements?
Building a website in html5 that works on ipad, iphone and recent browsers
Can I omit the else in an inline javascript if statement?
SWIG Wrapping for uint8_t and uint16_t
Command line(csc-like compiler) parsing
appointment scheduling with jquery
Difference in creating settings manually vs using settings.settings in VS 2010
is this way of inheritance wrong?
jQuery Mobile Slider Infinite Loop
What is the type of a enum in Objective-C
LD_PRELOAD with setuid binary
VARIANT-type conversion for calculations required?
Obtaining class of returned object in Objective-C
Why floating calculation and casting shows different result in debug and release configuration?
Python parse string as date without certain elements
Will conditional ads hurt my page rank or 鈥渃onfuse鈥�web crawlers
jqGrid Drag and Drop Between Groups in the Same Grid
Subset by samples for an ExpressionSet object
php oracle retrieve date
Check if two MovieClips are the same?
Looking for EF4 compatible T4 templates
Google Plus count does not increment after sharing the post
AIR native Android Extension - always returning null device id
mysql query if col1 has repeat value but col2 is different
Having trouble starting selenium server as a Maven task
failing to remove http:// url from my string with regex
Valgrind Invalid read/write list
Get picture position in Apache POI from Excel xls HSSF
jQuery .each and setTimeout not working well together
How to remove memory leaks between OpenCV 1.1 and MFC 6.0 without linking MFC as static library
MySQL api workflow
Unable to attach file name
How to extract images from Motion Jpeg Stream of IP Camera?
Server code block within jTemplates? Possible?
Problems converting SQL to LINQ to Entities statement
Which integer types to use for Core Data integers
jQuery Validate - how do I use numberOfInvalids within highlight/unhighlight
Umbraco file path rendering
How do I call a function on confirmation of leaving page? [duplicate]
Sencha touch 2.0 beta profiles does not work
WCF tracing seems to be truncating
Android start background app on incoming call. Almost done
Change Placeholder Text using jQuery
Alternatives to a God Class
union of two strings [closed]
How can i scale an image with (moz/webkit/etc) while scrolling
What's the best way to obtain an activity object for unit testing in Android?
binding asp:checkboxlist in asp:datalist c#
Interface Builder UIView background turns black after segue
C/C++ error highlighting from make?
SQL : built-in way to detect gaps in a arbitrary series of dates?
How can I create a constant Processing 鈥淔low鈥�using the TPL in C# 4
WiX COM registration fails, but export of reg key, delete and re-import works
How to extract client certificate info from OpenVPN?
Two equality comparisons with NULL in C
How can I get my div to fade back out with jquery
Specialization of template method in partial class specialization
Saving and loading Python dict with savemat results in error
twitter bootstrap typeahead ajax example
Javascript Regular Exp
Create custom module in drupal 6.x
webclient timeout while uploading
the meaning of corr=F in the print command
What binaries- thread-safe/non-thread-safe, to use with PHP/WAMP?
Seeing Code Coverage for a Single Class
Is it possible to configure ObjectId default field's name in MongoDB?
How to minimize Ext JS / Ext Gantt folder for production?
Invoke a stored procedure from tibco bw with cursor as inputs
C# Message.CreateMessage() Android/Java Equivalent every 5 min onload (javascript)
Is node.js runnning on it's own web server or does it use apache/nginx? [closed]
DAO/Abstract Factory Pattern - multiple data sources
XML Parsing Error鈥�No Element Found
What happens after didFinishLaunchingWithOptions? (can't figure out my performance delay)
How to install packages/programs from sunfreeware to home directory without root access
EXC_BAD_ACCESS when I scroll my view
Restrict Web App Access to a set of tablet computers
Binder to string
Android: Widgets not showing in app drawer ICS
Removing column name from SharePoint RSS feed
jQuery code not working on IE 8
error parsing in php [closed]
MySQL replication Master - Master ensure identical status
Facebook OGO admins removed automatically from Facebook [closed]
Paramiko how to specify Folder path
How to send Intent to: <service android:name=鈥渃om.some.example.SomeService鈥�android:exported=鈥渢rue鈥�/>
C++ fstream: how to know size of string when reading?
Way to detect if Excel Instance is 鈥渆mbedded鈥�
Android: Dialog background on emulator and my phone are different color
jQuery Ajax - return value to specific DIV
Extracting certain regions in the image for further classification
html/javascript: is there any way to make an <img> tag w/o needing an actual image?
Ruby on Rails - How to update using checkboxes
Event Handles Button.Click
How to count selected files
jQuery .load WordPress PHP into a Div -SOLVED-
Canvas position lock [closed]
Inline javascript not working with WebView
Multiple UIWebViews out of memory warning
Hadoop API: OutputFormat for Reducer
How to Secure the EJB3.0 Stateless Session Bean Web Services
How to set up ssh for non-github servers on msysgit
JBoss 7: how to change a WAR context root
How can i automate a EXCEL sheet, Mysql and XML interactions
Change the priority in a custom priority queue
clear connection pool used by System.Net.WebClient
Tests for maven plugins are incompatible with maven 3.0.4
Fixtures loadModel does not load properly when the yml file contains Object with Map refer to another object
3 Dots after a text that not fit in to the textview size
Ajax calls with SetInterval
iOS able to read plist file on simulator but not on device
iOS able to read plist file on simulator but not on device
Joomla webproject with large image database - performance?
highcharts column graph with dynamic data- column alignment off
Splitting a comma-separated field in Postgresql and doing a UNION ALL on all the resulting tables
Identifying the dependency relationship for python packages installed with pip
mongoose vs mongodb (nodejs modules/extensions), which better? and why?
php e-commerce store which supports large volumes of product variables
Accessing boolean value of a Ruby variable in `application.js`
Java for loops slow down game
Executing external programs in Perl
How to make a loop repeat forever?
ASP.NET intranet site asking for credentials - Windows Authentication
Unity IoC and Solrnet
Best way to roll back to previous versions without baseline in CC
How to select the first child without knowing its element?
Non-Java source 鈥渙n the classpath鈥�
Zend_Form require => true error
Entity Framework LINQ SelectMany exception
Css3 / webkit: how do I change the size of the scroll bar slider?
GWT/RequestFactory/JPA foreign key not merged automatically
Dynamic default_target_path on Symfony2
How to implement simple listener for STRING?
ViewPager and PagerAdapter in a document reader
How can I connect to ejabberd's Mnesia database with a separate script?
msvcr100d.dll and msvcp100d.dll missing from debug execution path
Template Binding with Attached Properties
Preview HTML markup inside textarea
Java's volatile in C?
How do I create and cancel unique UILocalNotification from a custom class?
Emulate enum inheritance: best choice & practices
Can't align spans correctly
ASP.NET MVC AJAX loading a file
Impersonate with Delegation or More than one hop on Kerberos? Completely lost
How to apply multi-file diff from Code Collaborator in Eclipse?
How do I use .one() handler correctly?
Entity framework does not load navigation properties
can anybody help me find what is the js error i get in explorer 7 and 8?
Moving an elements own heading only using jquery
Performance: rank() vs sub-query. Sub query have lower cost?
multi-gpu cuda: Run kernel on one device and modify elements on the other?
jQueryUI extending Dialog
How to restrict Google Custom Search to a specific URL?
Database Project References and Deployment issues
ViewPager background changes while scrolling on Ice Cream Sandwich
Code Igniter insert MySQL function with database class
Xslt transforms, changing part of the text of a connection string only
Passing a variable number of references-to-arrays to a function with variadic templates
Possible check in using graph?
uploading app to apple app store [closed]
How to protect GAE server-side calculation logic?
TextBlock immutable, TextBox (contents) invisible. Why/what is the preferred method?
compiler skipping statements while compiling?
Trouble Reading from URL (Android)
Encrypting images in CSS
Uploading ALAsset to Dropbox
DFSORT selecting duplicates when looking for only the first duplicate
Reading grib2 data
Jquery mobile: Disable 鈥渢ap to toggle鈥�fixed header and footer
How to run unoconv without xServer
How to intersect two sorted integer arrays without duplicates?
C pointer confusion - pointer to char array
CSS List Styling Not Lining Up
Getting unique results based on a specific combination of table columns?
send variable to controller with link_to method rails 3
How to convert an HTML table to an Excel File using javascript?
android don't restart thread when orientation changes
How to get all liked movie pages of a user
Alternatives on how to close Fancybox pop-up window [duplicate]
unable to access linq properties with c#
Wireshark Lua Dissector - How to use a TAP?
Django HttpResponseRedirect and reverse()
adding items to arrays alternatively
Prevent Safari cuts with transform
Scala, call instance method right from superconstructor call?
finding first commit of a file in git
Weird behavior with a BinaryReader
open a uiviewcontroller from uialertview button
accessing values from php array
How to pass a variable to the module?
Android Java strange issue building URL
mongodb map emit keys from subdocument
Calculated Fields in web2py sqlgrid
How do you group within a regex extraction?
ggplot2: Multiple color scales or shift colors systematically on different layers?
How to sign and encrypt hash with c# given only a keystore
How to access listbox item's datacontext from GroupStyle.HeaderTemplate?
Grails 2.0 dependency resolution with HtmlUnit and Release plugin
Window7 : run task at boot time and wait for it's completion
Forms' focus malfunctioning when both have ribbon
Is there a function like _compile_select or get_compiled_select()?
How do I minimize the command prompt from my bat file
jQuery slideToggle strange behaviour
Android: Activitylist
How to get the Entity-SQL command text by LINQ query?
Is it possible to hide winform in TaskManager application tab?
Facebook friend counter
Comma seperated numbers in rails 3.0.5 project
Use custom validation messages in Hibernate + Spring
Mysql stored procedure syntax
How do I check for file encryption in VBA (MSAccess)
Round up to Third decimal Place in Python
After SPD Reusable workflow imported in Visual Studio 2010
Displaying Default Image on Custom Control help? MSDN Tutorial
high performance runtime
JAXB: How do I marshal using field name when the return type is an interface?
How do I import data from a .bat file in MySQL?
Adding an additional page to end of a Crystal Report
Is there any downside for calling MATLAB's addpath many times?
Retrieve first and last name of the current Windows user?
Getting an array element
Cannot find Microsoft.Http.dll
鈥淎 potentially dangerous Request.Form value was detected from the client鈥�
How to send Json post request from java script to apach CXF Rest Service
canvas.getleft for image returns 0 in WP7
Make with dependencies from a file
Unable to load huge files using Load Data infile local into mysql
android widget button crashes
Checking all checkboxes at once with Javascript
Twitter API and C#.NET [closed]
Is there a WebView equivalent for desktop browsers?
Determine when a the current user account's password is about to expire
Why do we need reference types in .NET
how download gmail's attachments by linq and entityframework?
Access Main App Helpers when overridings a Rails Engine View/Layout
Mootools Request.JSON dynamic callback
jQuery parsing XML: get an element with a specific attribute
DIV Not Being Generated in IE7 with jQuery
Can 'svn switch' be slower than 'rm -rf && svn checkout'?
NuGet Behind Proxy
SQLite, MySQL or Both for Android Application
C - Fgets &Scanf to read from a text file
Using regex to isolate part of an embed code
TFS for Java - bad idea?
Javascript Read Text File Offline
regex batch delete
Developing in Visual Studio 2010 and Sharepoint 2007. Using new SPSite throws errors
Can i position:fixed a content inside TD for IE
Samsung Smart TV page scrolls out of view in response to up-down key presses
Proper way to create object
Use of JMX and How to use for existing applications
How do I use UIPageViewController to load separate XIBs?
Visibility of Google Maps Javascript Overlay
Will a git checkout delete files that shouldn't be there?
Select data between two dates?
How to backup a mysql db from java using runtime/process classes?
json_encode returning null for UTF-8 charset
Creating a map of ids to sockets and vice versa in Node.js
WP Alchemy Meta Box - get Meta Box value for specific post
EF: TPH implementation with Fluent mapping throws Invalid Column Name exception
Choosing out of multiple correct parsers on a single input
Choosing out of multiple correct parsers on a single input
How to implement async. completed event for external usage in .NET?
access a @SessionScoped bean from @WebService annotated EJB
issues with stick forms in PHP
How to append a value to a MySQL query
nextAll() - Multiple list traversal
openCV cvContourArea
Community-based sorting of Table/Matrix data (Visual Role Mining)
Load web form inside another web froms div
CPU performance when creating lots of objects with SqlDataReader
Perl Threads::Queue
How to prevent spam reviews in Magento
Do you use same methods in onConfigurationChanged as in onCreate?
How to set XmlWriter.XmlWriterSettings when created from XPathNavigator.AppendChild()?
In-place editing of multiple files in a directory using Perl's diamond and in-place edit operator
How to develop around Google API in GWT hosted mode?
Do I want a @protocol declaration or something else to make sure sub-class defines selectors?
incorrect google maps static localization
Balsamiq for network or architecture diagrams
Does 鈥渞et鈥�stall the pipeline?
Cake PHP revisioning data/id refresh
Do you use constants when working with NSDictionary? [closed]
How to store value from JSpinner of Date format into a JodaTime variable?
OpenAL iPhone: unable to play any sound
Doctrine in Symfony 2: Listening for events from a particular Entity
Java putting data in border layout
Sqlplus parameters
Possible to disable a progress bar in swing?
How can I start a boost Thread running a class function?
I published an app, when ever it is reviewed the review disappears within a few seconds. Whats happening and how do i fix it?
How to select Table and Column Names from passed parameters in SQL Server?
How to create a 鈥渋n-between鈥�webservice in VS2010
Linking two Scroller containers Flex
Defined constant to check ErrorCode for REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG
ASP.NET MVC 3 Binding to a Collection inside an Object
Does std::thread call pthread_create
Play Framework [1.2.4]: unique constraints for an entity
Will this delete a project in clearcase?
Mongo repository for Spring Batch?
iOS 5 Mobile Safari application cache changes?
ios @try @catch block EXC_BAD_ACCESS on return from @catch
How to get list of named MySQL locks held by MySQL client connections
Can objects serialize/deserialize across different framework versions?
Sending an email in codeigniter
Export/save dicom RT Structure Set
Github + Deploy Keys鈥�
jQuery: Execute code after each() containing load()s completely finishes [duplicate]
Warning: Activity not started, its current task has been brought to the front
How to handle phonegap plugins
Doing Memory Job on every site in whole IIS on every instance of whole Azure Deployment
jboss-as-maven-plugin can't deploy to remote JBoss AS7?
How can I save the id of the new wishlist in the field `wishlist_id` of `wishlist_entry`?
Can I not 'pushModalViewController'?
iOS - Identify what UIViewController was previously shown in a UINavigationController
KVO - How to check if an object is an observer?
How can I set axis ranges in ggplot2 when using a log scale?
What is better in Android? Timer or Alarm?
Alternatives on how to close Fancybox pop-up window
Highlighting a panel area
How to stop execution after self.redirect
How to pass data between the contentscript and background.html in Chrome extensions
onActivityResult returns with data = null
String Trim in Java
Entity Framework query performance
Android maps APIs
Select an entry point with MageUI in the command line
posix_spawn a shell script, trouble passing arguments
Check whether java program is run inside or outside the network
All MySQL Tables with excluding via Bash
How to read and play an audio file for my OS?
node.js: How to detect an empty stdin stream?
Cross browser COMET realization for node.js
Javascript To Change Metadata / Metatags Dynamically
structure solution outputpath by project
Looking for an example of an icon and tooltip next to invalid field using jQuery validation in MVC3 or 4
Android Bluetooth: RFCOMM + bluetooth headset
Android assets timestamp
Dalvik's effect on native c++ code performance?
MVC Razor GUI and Coder Working Together
Take a screenshot and use OCR on it
Binding View Model to View in data template
Returning type array not displaying contents in PHP
Constructing dynamic queries with c# + Entity Framework + Stored procedure
Markers in Google maps v3 api no longer access content
One-or-nothing implementation in MEF container
ASP.NET and SQL getting values to label
create oracle package encountered PLS-00103: Encountered the symbol 鈥淐REATE鈥�
Working with big numbers in Objective-C?
MySQL simple but slow query (wrong indexes?)
Reduce Color Count in PNG-8 Palette using FreeImage Library (C#)
How to Enable Macro settings thru code?
How do I capture the output of a pry shell command?
Looping Arrays in Javascript [duplicate]
C# PasswordDeriveBytes Confusion
JSON error in node js undefined as prefix to post data
Is there a simple way to serialize/deserialize a collection of entities from an EF container?
Data model for web page beacons
Determine how many states the minimal DFA will have
What does the term 鈥淰erilog Synthesis鈥�mean? [closed]
Correct usage of iterator blocks
jquery animation help, animation queuing and code cleaning
The click handler not working in IE for Grails application
How to eliminate duplication between interfaces
Pattern Unlock Screen (new activity, not using the system one)
php - modify standard function [duplicate]
Byref issues in C#
Using multiple features with DataTables.js
issue occurs when doing in LandscapeLeft
Fill middle-bottom with content on a background image
ggplot2 : Adding two errorbars to each point in scatterplot
Is the TAB character bad in source code? [closed]
Padre: how to view/examine Perl's special variables?
How do I set the pixels per inch for an exported JPEG image in a Cocoa app?
Using a swing timer to trigger an event in a specific pattern
jQuery: Difference between using .html() and .contents()
ProjectLombok with Eclipse and Android
Design Considerations - C++ Server Development
Android: On some devices I get NoSuchMethodError when calling method of linked library
PyCrypto not loading with mod_wsgi on Windows server 2008
View in browser shortcut for Visual Studio 2010
Java: Reading stream from URL with same domain as hosting
After a read-only database transaction is it better to commit or rollback?
Running exec-maven-plugin multiple times in a single phase
Custom cell with variable height
.htaccess rewrite with characters
Preset number picker for android
spinning button in uitableviewcell
Does the order of css stylesheet definitions matter?
Use Access Token once accepted?
Error when installing curl debian squeeze [closed]
iTextSharp - unable to merge files with form data
How can I loop through all the routes?
jQuery/Javascript: scrollTop Value in all browsers?
How to read all bytes together via Bluetooth?
scalaxb and xsd:choice
Facebook returns only 25 photos
How to execute methods inherited from super-class in the subclass context?
trying to submit form and calling .php file
LINQ: Selecting duplicate rows according to Column-Value
Removing duplicates before inserting into database
Exception using OrElse and AndAlso expression methods
Use the same function on different elements in JQuery
Java Swing to RTMP for flash
the command is not executing completely in my ssh login script
Jquery mobile cancel page change
Can't see runtime E_ERROR errors in WAMP server PHP program?
MessageBoxResult vs. DialogResult
Replace javascript postback with the expected url in javascript
Treeview highlight a node @ runtime
I cant figure out why this SQL Query is not working, am I not allowed to use subqueries in this case? [duplicate]
Drawing on a QImage simultaneously with two QPainter instances
algorithm to check if an array (with 9 positions) has the integers 1 to 9,independent of how they are sorted
Transparency of a filled stroke in HTML5
Image upload form not working when I use enctype=鈥渕ultipart/form-data鈥�
Position Fixed not working in IE
match a substing in a list of substrings
Does StringBuilder.substring(..) creates a new char[]?
Turn element of lxml.objectify back into XML
Binding a property of a user control in Silverlight
Browser Intent with User-Agent
how to do a proximity search with entity framework (spatial)
Why widget does not work after reboot?
.NET correctly sorting doubles as strings numerically
How To Remove 鈥淧ublicly Recommend On Google鈥�PopUp From Google PlusOne Buttons?
Unhandled Exception in Microsoft Visual C Runtime
passing a pointer by reference in c++
Android: is this image/page indicator a standard widget?
subversion command in antscript pass argument as variable
LWUIT IO ConnectionRequest: POST request, how to get the Response's Headers?
Understanding a Unix line
Are these two regexes functionally equivalent?
Filter username from tweet
How to solve ERROR Mwe2Launcher: Couldn't find EClass for name
TripleDes decryption with some invalid data at the beginning
Record elements compared in sorting algorithm in java
Is it possible work in WPF in Mac OS Lion?
Is it possible to have MKMap as background layer and UIButton/UTextField and front layer
make value of a function global to be called in any other function
How to count the number of groups returned by a group by?
Test a function on all the values in a list?
Calling a function in another layer
Selecting nodes with XPath for binding a subset of classes with JAXB
Active Directory Notifications - how to tell if a change is a new user
XPath 1.0: Substitute for using parantheses
Dynamic Copyright With NoScript [closed]
my website buyer cannot pay me as a paypal guest
how to get label of selectbox in PHP by its value - Typo3
Process cube from TSQL
Get SQL xml attribute value using variable
Should function variants be provided for all integer types?
Scoring Hand of Card Objects
Split by capital letters in Java
Combining regex and strtotime
coreservicesd/lssave keeps writing every 30s
Android application installation [closed]
Scale any view's contents and allow animation
xpath query using PHP 5.2.2 [closed]
Charts4J Solution to draw a graph with a lot of data (>2000)
How i can get Ice Cream Sandwich Layout like?
Preventing Java from printing the stack trace on certain exceptions
qt draw colorful text
Accesing XML inside namespace with attribute CORPORATE
Can't log in to database after dumpdata and loaddata
Getting the error no such interface supported when trying to create an applicaton from IIS
Sql Server If condition whit select
Multiple pages in blackberry webworks app
How do you create multiple box-shadow values in LESS CSS
getElementById() is not working after modifying the SVG Document
Set mouse pointer location to the selected item in a combo box
Convert html code to javascript for dynamic entry
Select from multiple tables in SQL Server in C#
How should I store data to make it easy and efficient to search in android
Seeing Trends in Code Metrics with NDepend
How do I use my own .Net library on Linux from Ruby?
how to take distinct with minimum value using xslt1.0?
Using VBA Runtime error 13 'type mismatch' while assigning a modified cell value back to the cell
How to stack a div absolutely on top of table cells
Attached DB is not accessible to make connection
Android 4.0: setting SYSTEM_UI_FLAG_LOW_PROFILE & SYSTEM_UI_FLAG_HIDE_NAVIGATION from Activity instead of View
Counting the total number of reviews for a given product
Mysql 1064 error cant spot the obvious mistake
Cflocation bug / new feature in ColdFusion 9 - URL appending twice
T-SQL - stored procedure that would handle an unknown number of parameters of unknown types
Find unique strings in C++, and generate associated lookup vector
How to enter multiple lines in Rails Console
GridView SelectCommand missing WHERE at runtime
Automated traversing of region by longitude/latitude
Prawn: Print unicode string in PDF
First chance exception of type System.NullReference exception in PresentationFramework.dll?
How to refresh BlackBerry ui page on button click?
Unparsed aapt error(s)!
Why can't I start a debug session on Eclipse using Xdebug?
Getting the value of a field when the ID uses dot.notation
Double pointer to structure
linq to sql submit changes not working
Should renaming a project in Eclipse also rename project folder on file system?
Overlays with GoogleMaps on Monodroid
When should we capture the DUMP file for debugging
Can't access row with 'fieldName' using MAX() in PHP MYSQL
checking presence of lists in a list of lists in python
Input fields inside of dijit.dialog
jquery ui popup doesn't work more then once
Any ideas for creating custom deignedvirtual keyboard in C#?
How to write the best posible is_callable trait for templated operator()
IIS Logs cs-username Source [closed]
Response.TransmitFile corrupting file
Can I have an activity create another activity and wait for it to return information?
Common sequences in two strings [closed]
Installing Railo on Media Temple
UITableView Cell Updates When I Scroll
How do I find out the size of the Rails download and its installation?
Can I demultiplex streams?
Match members of a tuple to members of a list, python
Customize the Watch debug window of VS2010 so I don't have to drill down
Android animate to singleTask
Why this table In-Cell editor, doesnt work?
Check if input contains 8 chars min, 1 digit and 1 letter minimum
Get files from Jar which is on the repository without downloading the whole Jar from Java
jQuery-style function that can be accessed like an object
Virtual concatenation with arrays
With ExpressionEngine, do you ever edit code with an editor or is it all within EE? [closed]
Streaming music synchronusly from a mp3 file via a nodejs server +
Is this correct XML formatting for PHP parsing?
Fill a form in excel with data from sql, SSIS or SSRS?
JQuery .slideDown() is sliding up
Panning UIView after RotationGesture Causes view to collapse
Finding user account access to tables in a DB
check embed tag exist javascript
xcode phonegap error and how to fix?
jQuery datepicker in Django admin without using django forms
in heroku, is there any way I can get unlimited history of logging?
Why are these PNG files black (background) on mouse over and not transparent?
DataTables order by number field
How to preserve column order while using psycopg2.extras.RealDictCursor
Connection reset when contacting a WCF service hosted in IIS 7.5
How can I hide long class paths in stack traces to make them readable?
Update 2 tables using Stored Procedure in MySql
Using DISTINCT keyword in JPA on individual columns
Drupal 7.12 error saving nodes
Need to call jQuery dialog (register user) on postback when non existing username is entered
javascript value to input box
Remove extjs automatically added classes
How to nest objects when building JSON with JSONObject
Outer join - oracle
jQuery find an element by its index
Object Oriented Programming: More than just basic objects
php date formatting not working
YouTube like TableView in iPad,Issue with Orientation
Making an app's updated version compatable with its previous versions
Python's subprocess.Popen() results differ from command line?
HTML page center align in iphone
Grails Scaffolding with friendly labels (instead of ID keys) for foreign-key associations
Setting cookie for a URL Request in Flash? (Argument Error 2096)
Present UIViewController one after another
鈥�The crash happened outside the Java Virtual Machine in native code.鈥漢ow to solve this error (Java)?
Is there a way to see what a wildcard pattern is receiving during a match in Scala?
Windows batch file - validate user input environmental variable is hexadecimal
Tools for 3D shape analysis
One polymorphic association vs many through/HABTM associations
Using boto, set content_type on files which are already present on s3
Too Many Connections; db connect in a function
Java: Best way to store to an arbitrary index of an ArrayList
Why am I getting 鈥減arameter is not valid鈥�exception on this code?
Not receiving sales order emails [closed]
preg_match with two choices
Need some help understanding model and dataprovider
Unmarshalling returned null object from a successfully marshalled XML
grouped UITableView to generate block rows
Set specific date into Default Value in SQL 2008 Server
Is it possible to quickly save changes so that they can be transported to another machine via a USB key?
updated gui application
Error logging with WAMP server in PHP
detect if Facebook is logged into Facebook when opening Facebook page tab
halting a client server program
Android:ViewFlipper with onBackPressed
How should I test a selenium application with capybara?
ASP.NET Reporting Tools (without MS SQL)
Printing to the same console line but dynamically
unexpected output while converting a string to date in java
How do I create a Grand Total Summary based on a Group Summarized Formula In Crystal 10?
C# how to create an event handler for listBox1.MouseDown?
IE 6 display issue categories menu opencart 1.5.1
Two random number generators (card dealing)
Join two dataframes before exporting as .csv files
Facebook custom tab not expanding in IE7 or IE8
iOS 鈥�AppDelegate as instance variable?
call javascript if validation fails
Make a custom button invisible based on a field value
How to write a C++ code generator that takes C++ code as input?
File Structure of Mongoose & NodeJS Project
Why is this VBA find function not finding the search string?
Generate a 2 week view with Codeigniter's Calendar library from current week
How do I compare the content of a Ruby array and hash?
Multi dimensional array. What am I doing wrong?
mvc3 detect website (application) is closing
How can I retrieve and save Twilio responses in Rails?
How to stop long javascript loops from crashing the browser?
behavior of windows while restarting of service [closed]
Referencing well-known item metadata inside metadata definition in an ItemGroup in a target
How to ignore a jQuery event when a certain button is clicked?
Dynamically adding items to listview
Failed to build boost
Better understanding of Sonicwall VPN DNS and NETBIOS required
How to set a minimum width in px and a maximum width based on the variable width of the browser window?
Transcoding from H264 to H264 after upload to an online service results in audio/video sync issues
Insert with left join with insert and auto increment
ALTER DB error when the connection string has an instance name - C# 4.0
How can I perform a SQL 'NOT IN' query faster?
dynatree + UpdatePanel - make clicked nodes bookmarkable
JBoss/Java and SSL
Javascript iterate over derived array
What is the scope evaluation order in ColdFusion when setting a variable?
SimpleAdapter to populate an ArrayList of bitmaps and textviews
What is AwesomePlayer in android? [closed]
RFC/Standard for Web-Polling of Long-Running Commands
Android Tab Widget won't fill the width of the screen
trying to mod_rewrite directory
Access App Delegate information from a different .xib file
failing to initialize opencl vector literal
App crashes on Tablet rotate, during development phase
JGoodies is blocking my action events from firing
Dynamically detect and execute certain methods of an instance of a class
How to know if window has finished loading?
Agent's behaviour in Multi-agent systems?
How to get the cell state of datagridview in C#
JTextPane wrap long words
Javascript or Jquery to validate a set of radio buttons? [closed]
Foursquare Tips: difference between API and Explore on the website
does MarkdownSharp include client/javascript bits?
Distinguish GET from POST in PHP
ngnix as cache proxy not caching anything
Is IronRuby Dead?
How to copy a UITextField with a tap and hold event?
Is there a standard container that allows inserting elements without invalidating iterators?
Realtime minifying coffeescript in Rails view
Maven looking for wrong archetype packaging
C# Tabify/Indent HTML
Perl: foreach and sort
Code Igniter SubApplication
How to deal with the Unicode characters in C++
IE9 prompts user on submission of hidden iFrame
css3 before pseudo class
How to make simplest servlet filter respect setted character encoding
Which Android phones support debugging?
Use of 鈥渇uzzy search鈥�when cross-referencing data
Can I underline the text of a NSTextField from interface builder?
not able to stream .m3u8 file on an android platform
Where can I find out which exact version(s) of the SDK apple is currently accepting for distribution?
Typedef a Vector Iterator
Navigate between views embedded in NavigationController using buttons in Storyboard
All my views are strongly typed, how to pass to site.master?
How to use autohotkey to place clipboard text into query string of url
Unit Vector from Euler Angles
Prevent Page Break between 2 div elements
What's wrong with my beautiful form (HAML, Rails, Formtastique, Mongoid)?
Unity Configuration Section and WCF Services
unicorn dies and won't tell me why
Paypal Website Payments Pro recurring paymets via Paypal Express Checkout - How they notify us about next payment?
Fluent NHibernate 3 table relation without primary and foreign keys
get CultureInfo from a Currency Code?
Stored procedure in mysql strange behaviour
draw rectangle on a picture from pixels coordinates
Convert sqlalchemy core statements to raw SQL without a connection?
PHP mysql formatting text
Getting an Enum or Static Property from Generic Reference Type <T>
Web access/integration game server console
Is there means for synchronizing data of my application and MS Outlook?
Django debug toolbar logging
Python html processing
Qt 鈥淏oundsChecker鈥� Any recommendation for tool? [closed]
How can we determine the Increment and decrements in PHP
Split Function - how does it works?
Right solution for storing/accessing large amounts of data
Ruby: unescape unicode string
getting attribute value from Div tag through jSoup
How do I make a GUI that looks like the attached picture of a simple stock market app?
Visual Studio Project: Duplicated Project Guids
Caching part of a returned dataset setinterval way
How do you quote strings in Postgres
jQuery - make an element last in the DOM (before close of body) even after dynamically generated elements
Developer oriented php CMS? [closed]
jQuery Change Event causes Tabselect event not to fire
Objective-Zip iPhone IOS 5 issue
Get SRC from div contents
how to know when the particular certification has been installed on my iphone?
find_by_sql or array issue
jQuery slideshow with transitions between images and a Flash animation
HTML Drop-down menu to retain selection on page refresh?
How to print unicode characters using Qt?
Generate HTML from Eclipse update site
How to Deploy an ASP.NET MVC Application onto Windows Server 2008 IIS 7.5?
Showing users specific files [closed]
posting on user's friend wall
Javascript match function for special characters
Cannot find directory at boot
Where is List<T>.IsReadOnly?
IIS related System.ExecutionEngineException
Uncaught ReferenceError: 鈥� is not defined鈥�
jQuery ScrollPane not displaying scroll bar for p tag
.append causing IE error
Joining filesystem paths in C
About the BLOB datatype in MySQL
Preloading images and adding class
How big are the armv6 and armv7 architectures?
Elegant linq solution for left joins with unique data
Android GestureDetector cannot detect onScroll event with FrameLayout
how to get page to stop vertical scroll?
1054 - Unknown column 'XXX' in 'on clause'
Change a symfony plugin's model
Ninject throwing 鈥淐ollection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute鈥�error
Wait in C++0x multithreading
Use of expando objects in views?
Is there a back-port of pack200 on pre-1.5 jre?
GLSL: unable to read texture from a FBO and render to another FBO with fragment shader
How to get numeric value inside <td>
Webpage Uploaded , error [closed]
How to calculate bandwidth usage for Javascript?
C# -> code to look at code
Corona sdk prevent x movement of ball
Twitter+linkedin Issue in IPhone?
ftp directory listing timeout. Huge number of subdirs
Android eclipse. Error when running my application
AP CS Practice - OOP
Active Admin User Management List
is it possible to interact with two different entities in CoreData at the same time?
Disabled <select> multiple and IE7
Coreplot installation
Bash signal capture not detecting variables changed after declaration of 'trap' block
OnClickListener of Button not working
Show something at a specific time each week using PHP
Core Plot - Issue with labels moving position during rendering - causes flicker
a4j:poll timer reset
Converting string to real in SML
How to dump a function call tree of a c code in a file?
Why Website taking High CPU with just few visitors?
Codeigniter not properly processing a foreach loop
How to make a 'recently viewed' items in codeigniter (v2)
JQuery mobile - ChangePage results in white screen with 鈥淯ndefined鈥�
Is anyone storing DB data in a PHP $_SESSION?
Define list inside data template for XAML
Mobile-friendly audio player for Rails app?
NSFetchedResultsController delegate fires methods only on first app launch
Attempting to concatenate multiple rows.. unexpected results
How to integrate phpBB with Symfony 1.4
MVC presistent Model
Communication issue in Mac OS
Why two !!s in an IF statement when using &&? [duplicate]
Using Explicit Lock to avoid deadlock gives an Exception
Best collection to use with type Double as key
ios NSDictionary always shows up empty
Why is matplotlib plotting my circles as ovals?
mysql 鈥�using 鈥渞ead local鈥�lock and 鈥渓ow priority鈥�insert
How to make (vector) paths selectable in Silverlight, while using MVVM?
vba 'Compiler error expected: =' on saveAs operation
How do I get a custom Track for a Slider to draw extra thumbs?
how to include urlpatterns in django?
Tic tac toe with websockets connection
AChartengine LineChart if refresh view
WebBrowser not responding to Up arrow key?
WebBrowser not responding to Up arrow key?
Why Rails ActiveRecord generates 'count(distinct' for '.count' when 'includes' is used
Spring MVC but without a view resolver?
SQL Server, the best way import 1M records every second?
What I have to have for running sqlserver?
How to show print media css on screen?
Symfony2: error deploying
How to set position on MKMap
How do you create a deconstructor (or similar) in APEX that runs right before an object is destroyed?
Recursion and Python issue
Error with tao SimpleOpenGlControl
Efficient Way to Integrate Project as a Package?
Combining geographic layers with different projections in R
Cocoa Touch Static Library - Link with Standard Frameworks
How to write sql for this logic?
automatically press keyboard with jQuery?
undefined method `have_content' using Cucumber / Capybara / sinatra
Can I chain this jQuery?
Python backslash will not go away
How do I avoid capturing the primary group of a given regex pattern?
Java implementation of NAT Traversal / HolePunching TPC
Click on point labels through zoom canvas
How to cast mshtml.IHTMLDivElement to mshtml.HTMLDivElementClass?
how to prevent windows form design from being cluttered when it is viewed everytime?
UIViewController does not receive dealloc or viewDidUnload when dismissed
Facebook FB.getLoginStatus doesnt return in IE 7
Java - How to access highlighted material in a JTextArea
Netbeans PHP Code Folding fromatting
How do I align the the height of two sibling inline-blocks relative to each other?
magento geolocation redirect
Display MySQL Database as an array
quick find algorithm - union operation - is it same as union in set theory?
How to get the line separator of current os easily in Scala?
SQL Server 2008R2: How to find what query/procedure a sql job agent is running?
converting bytes to a string C#
Corona SDK Camera.lua module - Clamping
How can I change row information in a Query?
Separate code in ASP.NET
How to work around EF 4.1, CodeFirst C# DateTime datetime2 vs. datetime incompatibility
Changing resolution while recording with GDCL MP4 Muxer
AJAX/Jquery/PHP - Load page dependant on anchor/hash tag
PHP - passing functions return to another function
newbie: render different view and layout based on condition loose @object access
Does sql server automatically solve the classic readers-writers dilemma?
Visual Studio doesn't see Team Explorer
Windows authentication for intranet site pages
Application package installation erreur -1
Regular expression to match a phrase, accepting a minimal amount of characters
How to install/use cx_Oracle in PyPy
Zend framework 1.11 : access model in bootstrap
How to use web browser control in the browser?
Win7 and multiple monitors: switch focus when moving mouse to different monitor?
Showing inferred types of Scala expressions
Python Bot for Browsergame- I need some help fixing this please
How to sort two different objects in an NSArray?
Binding telerik control to a visibility property throws a runtime error
jQuery/Firefox strange thing adding .html to selector (minimal example included)
How do I replace a line in a file using Perl?
Installing taps using gem
Java audio input inconsistencies
php if and or syntax
ADO.Net entity framework template doesn't exist in my VS10 Ultimate
How to make a themeable web application using CSS?
how can i use pre created database in my project
Trying to get yum to install dependencies from own repo
How to prevent AS3 from automatically adding a line break?
Compiling previously preprocessed file changes output
Want to free my pointer token after strtok
OpenStack Python Novaclient does not require authentication
can not find application in android market when searching and application is not compatible
Copy text from one file to another using Java
Python POST not working
Where shall I put my utilities classes in a ASP.NET MVC3 application?
IF statement to change a userType to 'admin'
Inferred Property when integrating facebook like
have Div fill unspecified width [IMAGES]
PHP MySql Mutliple select queries in one php file
Website header does not stretch 100% on window resize
iOS - Create plist files on server
How to EnableProxyTypes on a service accessed from the IWorkflowContext in CRM 2011?
Don't Understand Error During gSOAP Serialization
iOS copy files from main bundle to documents directory
PlayN how to add random delay to image loading in pure Java version?
Grabbing the openFileEvent on MacOSX (Can't get filename)
ClassCastException with GWT/RequestFactory on WebLogic
Add CPAN module without adding to ppm
In mysql how do I add another table join within a subquery?
WordPress Admin Flattr API Include
AjaxControlToolkit not working after publish. C#
MySQL COUNT() GROUP BY - How to turn none-grouped columns into arrays or make priorities?
How to ensure a Debug.Assert fires correctly using NUnit
Android: how to get ImageView to fill screen
To delete data from one table relating other table
JQuery pass this to function
Stop Entity Framework from modifying database
Lightweight JavaScript Module for Optional/Default Parameters
Powerbuilder - EAServer ORCA API Deployment
Zend Framework cannot redeclare class errors using Autoloader
.NET XmlReader on SslStream - reading multiple XMLs from stream - obtatining XmlDocument
How to get Button location of the screen?
Issue with AJAX ComboBox and DIV style issue
Complex Regular expression for two consecutive words or a single word. C#
AS3 Embed dynamic audio file(s) / Use variables in embed
How to retrieve an object with filtered children through JPA
How do I embed Jquery mobile in a container?
Is it possible to access ServletContext from portlet code?
Multiple specific POST in wordpress
How to see if a value exists on multiple tables, and exclude tables who do not have any values
Should I register a broadcast receiver that will show a warning to the user in onStart() or onResume()?
Controlling master volume on Mac through a Cocoa application
SQL Counting occurrences of document keywords
Box2d impact force vector
PyQT crash ( underlying C/C++ object has been deleted ) 鈥渁fter鈥�clear QTreeWidget
How to get WMI object from a WMI object reference
Best Structure to store hashed values with string type of keys
How do I bind a java.nio.channels.DatagramChannel to a local interface?
Can I use multiple @throws tags for the same exception in Javadoc?
Preventing Duplicate values entered by user
Jquery Find Replace
Using SubModules on AppHarbor
How to get all mshtml.IHTMLDivElement from IHTMLDocument2?
Why NDEBUG instead of RELEASE?
Running a program as per specified schedule using C#
Wicket serving images from File System
style triggers for alternating rows don't always update when scrolling virtualized WPF Datagrid
ActionbarSherlock : how to remove default text and layout
Shared session timeout in a EAI + sso scenario
sim card with disabled TS11 (Tele Service: Telephony) drains battery
Reading and Writing text to a NEW file - Matlab
Zipping a list and a vector together without repeated traversals
Java Scanner.nextLine() consumes newline character
How to make Ribbon gallery in Delphi XE2?
Having issue with click function for <tr>
webview browser not loading
SQL single query issue
Switch case giving me an error
More on implicit conversion operators and interfaces in C# (again)
How to select a row which has one coloumn with two different attributes?
Animating marginLeft with jQuery
Convert SQL to LINQ query to get max
Ask iOS to execute an app or services periodically
iOS Simulator JS Error only alerts lineno of 0