Combo box populated by Json
Finding dates when accounts reach zero
How can i store a list within a numpy 2d array?
In Excel, by Sorting the blank character should come first
jqGrid need 'enter' key to perform validation functions with inline editing
Importing Windows-Ansi DBF to SQL Server loses some character data
Kalman filter and quality of internal state variables
Kalman filter and quality of internal state variables
Required only one dot at the end of nameserver
Assign results of globbing to a variable in Bash
How to count number of records per day?
Regain focus to views in dialog after orientation changes
How can I use jQuery to convert an HTML table into <div>'s?
table with an url image inside header
Convert Python ctypes.Structure into str
Image segmentation using OpenCL
Sencha Touch 2.0 MVC tutorial [closed]
how to extract web text in android like rss to display it on android GUI?
Eclipse Android Running App on device. Nothing happens
How to restructure a multidimensional array? [closed]
Sleep/Wait command in Batch
Jquery - hide element at specific browser width
Tools for analyze Java source code
Numpy linalg on multidimentional arrays
nHibernate joining multiple tables and using AliasToBean Transformer
Storing system settings and configurations for a website in a database?
Any tips on debugging problems with the secondary sort in Hadoop MapReduce job?
PHP + Wordpress function organization: Which is better, function() or Include()?
Fastest way to get shell icon
Android: Stopwatch application crashes due to CalledFromWrongThreadException
Jquery audio player volume automation. Calculating the volume position between two points
How can I save TTS output in an audio file on android?
ASP: ontextchanged not firing
Stored procedure call from Access VBA interrupted with 鈥淩un the RECONFIGURE statement to install鈥�
Add Facebook/Twiiter Links To Launchrock Embed Code?
In MVC 3.0 when Setting IsRequired to the ModelMetadata of a Property, it doesn't add the validation
Constrain WPF element width inside its container
Entity inheritance: central table with common values + extended father entity
Mark checkbox as checked if in postdata or in existing user data in Kohana
Which PayPal iPhone SDK should I use?
Adding new elements to XmlDocument that abide by XSD
How to deal with places datas without storing them?
Is there a test case for which this ternary operation evaluates to false?
Maven Licensing Inheritance [duplicate]
List EditForm in MS Sharepoint not getting correct Item
Is there a way to prevent ie7 from loading some inline javascript?
What's wrong with this Razor code? [closed]
Basic a tiff processing with photoshop using python
Batch Script : How to find 2 lines from a file
Get path to file currently open in Windows Picture & Fax viewer
linux progress bar work wrong
.htaccess block certain website
Get selected row id
regex match a word not inside [ and ]
How do I exclude a dll from being merged in an ASP.NET web deployment project?
How to link a 32bit dll statically(!) into a 64bit C/C++ windows application?
Java Linked List Sequence insertFirst method inserts object twice
Building an excel like data grid in a windows application in C++
Get Media player to get MP3 path adress from MySQL
canvas : shape + shadow
GCC return address of calling function in ARM architecture
Good pratice for SQL message table
Mysterious duplicate entries in SQLite table when using INSERT
connecting but not reciving data from a TcpListener
Drupal 7 Computed field
How data will load in to memory in sql server
jQuery is returning undefined string from function in .each()
rails view not rendering
Displaying tables below each other in JasperReports
Download prompt for xls in asp downloads the page into excel instead of data
How to generate JavaScript client stub from WADL?
How can one detect if a bean is locked?
Sencha Touch Blank Screen After Adding List Component to View
Android hierarchyviewer load times
JPA - unique bi-directional entity relationship
Is it possible to view a multi-module Maven project in Eclipse as a hierarchy?
How to check in Vim why my buffers stoped working? Or how to reload Vim?
Asihttprequest upload file
Remove Duplicates from JavaScript Array
how to remove warnings in excel generated by POI ?
Complicated MySQL Database Query
Internet Explorer 7 clickable area links with no fixed width
deleting values with overlapping dates
Slow and unstable internet connection - SOAP vs REST
Remove permanently UIViewController from the stack
while saving special character data, special characters like 鈥滈粌閲戦粌鈥�into database
PostgreSQL: Creating a .sql file to insert data into a table the fastest way
Wicket > v1.5: Acces file from CSSResourceReference
Add simple table with text to screen
How to use Sqoop in Java Program?
django registration and sending activation email
Zune Extensions can't be installed
Making API (XML) Calls
In PHP, how do you get the called aliased class when using class_alias?
What is 鈥�-!!鈥�in C code?
Issue getting ANSICON working on Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit
Set remote cookie with script-tag?
How can I select a time range when some times are not allowed?
how to use long regex strings in php
Adding datarows to datagrid from database
Teradata update join syntax
How to do Vista/UAC aware self-extract installer
Draw two parallel line using CAShape Layer
Spring Transaction Synchonization of JDBC and JMS
Actionscript 3: check if string contains another string
Recording call never end
Will open-source code written in net 3.5 work in Visual Studio 2010 net 4? Do I just upload the files?
Will open-source code written in net 3.5 work in Visual Studio 2010 net 4? Do I just upload the files?
Why would turning android phone RF on/off cause a reboot?
Mimic anchor behavior (new window when pressting 'ctl') when submitting a form
How to tell SSIS unpivot to make rows even when values is null
How to run validations of sub-class in Single Table Inheritance?
SharePoint page with usercontrol is giving You are not authorized to view this page error
Execute method in a scheduled manner
A good guide book or API doc for iTextSharp? [closed]
pass variable to the user control
How can I apply some css for all readonly elements on focus in IE8?
Google Maps Markers disappear at certain zoom level only on iPhone/iPad
Concept of creating or attaching database to the instance of SQL Server
How to use quicklisp when CL program is invoked as a shell script?
SwingWorker : illegal start of type
how can I delete *_out.xml files on Android project run in Eclipse?
Using listview in android
Parallel with Entity Framework. Performance is dramatic compared to launching multiple executables, why?
Get SPWebTemplate from SPWeb
What might cause CurrentCulture and CurrentUICulture to default to a value other than the apparent system culture?
PHP OOP calling private function as callback in create_function
C# covariance structure understanding?
Store and browse static web content on a tablet (iOs and Android)
How to remove a node from BigCouch cluster?
calculation with mysql im having a trouble working it out
ExtJS 4 RadioGroup Change Event Fires Twice
no access token or session initiated when passing user through $facebook->getLoginUrl();
Retrieving Data from a field with comma delimitation SQL
Node.js on Heroku: use middleware on development, but static assets on production?
unit test via output sanity checks
Retrieve table with jQuery and change color of all th's
Add event handler at runtime to a control where the body source code is stored in a variable
Sql query value duplication [closed]
How to accept html input through textarea in ASP.NET MVC 2.0
Maps and records equality in Clojure
How can I add the filename of each used templates and includes in freemarker templates as HTML comments?
Can you connect an HTML5 web socket to a Java Socket?
Using preprocessing function with identifier parser in FParsec?
idiorm / paris has_many as_array result set
AS3 pinch-zoom, and single finger drag detection
similar link url containing the '-' char is not correctly saved in umbraco rich text editor [closed]
SQLLDR control file: Loading multiple files
what does below cron expression ,means?
Implement a simple RTSP Client / Examples
Custom Sheet : can't click buttons
Sqlite3/C++ executes DELETE statement without changing the db size
Generating checkboxes in html tables from query results
HTML5 with multiple off screen canvases affect performance?
htaccess mod_rewrite part of url to GET variable
Strange compiler behaviour - optional parameter
XML (de)serialization and schema upgrades
Open source c# XPath 2.0 filter
Display posts out of wordpress
How can I make a normal jQuery website working normally on an Android / iPhone / Blackberry touch?
Rails: Routing error when deploying on server
how to set custom font to one of the TextView's in ListView item?
Prevent Duplicate Entries in SQL [closed]
Mocking framework that supports mocking a method with delegate as parameter
how to solve when the number of variables in the goal/query varies - Prolog Constrain Solver
How do I update migrations when upgrading from a Rails 1.2.3 app?
Devise sign in and sign up using single form
Prolog: Error out of global stack with what looks like ONE level of recursion to me
Using entity framework, LINQ expression returns null values for columns that are populated in the DB
SVN Add file every commit or merge, even if not changed
How to limit the use of an app during a month
Fatal error Undefined class constant 'METHOD_GUEST' [Magento]
How to get overall CPU Usage (e.g. 57%) on Linux [closed]
How to draw a Bezier Path passing through touch location if control point is unknown in iPhone?
FTP batch script is not exiting with error status
Android - ListViews inside tableLayout
Adding Fragments to a layout
Error 102 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED): The server refused the connection
howto add a textBlock to a silverlight/XNA WP7 app?
How to attach the UIProgressView with the HTTPRequest process
brew and jhbuild error
Rails 3 & devise_ldap_authenticatable: Authorization against Active Directory?
SQL Server table with 1.2 million rows and 400+ columns very slow even on simple count(*)
Trying to create a connection to a mySQL db using odbc connection
git cherry-pick says 鈥溾�38c74d is a merge but no -m option was given鈥�
Fire a method when collection is changed
Emulate Shaking Gesture / Nudging Gesture on Adobe AIR for Mobile?
Hibernate: findByExample Criteria using Associations
Removing code from a view still renders a jqGrid
SDK for Augmented Reality for real world objects for Android?
Achartengine graphs in tab view
Click event is lost for element with animated images inside
DataContext load not working
Is there a reliable/trusted way to get your SVN working copy completely clean before building?
Hidden Object game in android?
Store html values of divs with a class and recall them later with jQuery
How to properly use boost::iterator_adaptor for making cycling iterator?
Read office Excel files from Azure application
MYSQL - 'SELECT' and 'AS can make only one column.. how to make them more?
Instrumenting a Java anonymous inner class object
Benefits and drawbacks of generated C# classes for Json objects
How to remotely backup registry file?
Crash after reseting NSPersistentStore while NSFetchedResultsController is tracking changed
Is a parameterless constructor of 鈥渁 Request DTO鈥�required in ServiceStack
convert iso date to milliseconds in javascript
httpErrors config section not working in Windows Azure
Upgrading from Hibenate 3.6 to 4.0.1 is now giving warnings about the configuration
changing the background of textview in listview depending on the status of item
grm() Extrmt estimate: What if some categogies have no one select
How to encode special chars in MMS SMIL XML
Speech Recognition API without Grammar C# to calculate the hash of input split
tiny scrollbar when setting height to viewport it disappears
How to check which features a particular build of SQLite supports?
Change Excel SQL Command with macros
transform pmc-id -> pmid
bullets missing in IE7
My BPEL sends email using multipart/related while I set it to multipart/mixed
how can I reach radiobuttonlist?
Abcpdf copyable/selectable text
Android widget not respond after a certain time
Enable Button with on change of Select
Optimizing the storage and processing of large series of data in .NET
Is there a shorter way to find length of an array than this C code?
After Devexpress CallbackPanel PerformCallback, Ext Control isn't displayed
Using Server Side Constants in ASP.NET MVC 3
Intent not working, crashes the application
in ARC on iOS 5, can you see who caused a release?
LINQ - OR two SqlMethods.Like clauses
java flex GUI compatibility for desktop application
Symfony2 and Doctrine ManyToMany realtionship
.Net MVC replacement for Formtasic
Android Library Project: Obfuscate and keep resources
What if file(word document) is open while upload in PHP?
Error message is not displayed in freemarker template for custom FieldMatchValidator in Spring application
鈥淎ctivity A implements X鈥�for unsupported API levels
When developing mobile compatible HTML apps, is there a way to specify that for a specific input[type=text] only numeric digits are allowed?
JQuery UI : Drop long element at the cursor location instead of the middle of the element
Event/postback cycle in dropdown
re-Naming variables by properties (JavaScript)
warning: conversion to 'double' from 'long int' may alter its value
Linq2SQL locking object in multithreaded environment?
Save site UI info as an XML and generate the webpage on-the-fly using JSF
Open IOS Application which uses sharekit via fbconnect and/or sharekit from facebook app or facebook website
Qt compile error when use tslib with angstrom g++
bash script - variable expansion of process substitution
How to get every element of any depth in an xml having the id attribute?
HTML5 Touchmove event only in one direction
IEnumerable vs List in the Response Class,ServiceStack
How can I Get the value of a cell in my gridview
IIS conflict with Sql Server Reporting Services
Select just first line of chars up to CR/LF from a text column
Remote Control an Isolated Chrome Window?
Get the latest check in number (latest changeset id)
Execute a goal from commandline in all submodules
Why AsyncTask makes CPU always running on highest frequency?
How to re-expand objects in vaadin TreeTable
rails acts_as_nested_set with uniqueness
simulate mouse drag in jquery
C# How to select ListBox item with a RightClick?
CouchDB-river and related documents
Fluent NHibernate ShouldMap does not detect my custom attribute
Lowercase everything except when between brackets
Entity Framework 4.1 adds a GUID to entity object returned from DB
Query parameters not working with MS Access ADP project
How change the tomcat port in XAMPP
How to change a cloned radiobuttons name property dynamically?
Jenkins not showing maven compiler errors
koahana auth module: get unhashed user password value
Unrecognized Selector Sent To Instance, iPhone Error
Is there an issue with this singleton implementation?
Is there a way to turn accented characters into the closest non-accent counterpart?
Capture dynamic button tap ios
google common cache - default value of maximumSize (and other 鈥渙ptional鈥�settings) - want a cache that uses all 鈥渁vailable鈥�memory
How to handle jQuery ajax post error when navigating away from a page
Asp image button OnClientClick javascript(id)
Django models class method appears not to sort a list of objects containing itself, advice?
CSRF error when posting file on GAE using Django-nonrel
need some help optimizing a stored proc
Checking a list against different criteria rules
LWUIT textfield
Thread.setDefaultUncaughtExceptionHandler in Spring
Is a = b == c possible to write in c#?
coreImage iOS 4.3.3 crash
Content Disposition inside an HTML document on a server
How to check if Google Maps API is loaded?
iText PDF Filling a form and rolling to a second page if necessary
Get CheckBoxList descriptions from database
what is the alternative for ~ (user's home directory) on windows command prompt?
How to get current html page title with javascript
Are there any overheads in repeatedly casting between float and double
GAE: Comparing String value returning false results when executing JDO query
How do we Load Classes on JVM start (straight away)?
Which jars do I need in order to avoid 鈥淣oClassDefFoundError: com/sun/facelets/tag/jsf/ComponentHandler鈥�
mamp pro wordpress virtual hosts
Spring Security 3 Active Directory Authentication, Database Authorization
packing/unpacking binary data using as3
How to concat two columns in a distinct manner in SQLite?
git post-update script does not work
PHP: How to add spaces around 鈥�鈥�with RegExp
How to parse a structure in a union in CPP?
PrimeFaces 鈥淎 script on this page is causing Internet Explorer to run slowly鈥�error with DataTable
Class not found error in Netbeans
creating music file from different sounds
RestSharp over Silverlight Application.. ( Not for WP7)
AppleScript scrape iOS simulator
Using EF Code first to populate an unmapped, aggregate property
NetworkLink Not Updating
How to convert Salesforce rich text editor to a 鈥渇ull mode鈥�editor?
How do I create line breaks when passing a string into codeigniter's download helper
CSS: Give a div a height that is a multiple of a number?
JTextField not focusing after popup dialog
What is content data format of HTTP response when content-type header is image/jpeg?
how to upload joomla 1.5 file to hoster site if i don`t have installer file ,only html ,css ,php and xml file
How to mock a not implemented method with Rhino Mock?
Import MySQL dump file into MSSQL
JavaScript getting browsers specific history object
Use In App Purchase For Real Goods
How to centre an HTML snippet within the browser?
Function That Always Returns the Next Integer in a Sequence
How to Make use of Adapter model of Payment Method
Static property injection configuration best practice
JBoss Weld : Switch injected instance depending on context and inject instance in several beans
Disable Autocommit for Microsoft dBase driver in Java
How to link .ttf font from css in rails?
play2: `play test` show invalid Chinese characters, how to fix?
Template argument deduction from pointer to member function with const and non-const versions
Copy constructors in C++
how to make capybara do a delete request in a cucumber feature?
Dot product of a vector in SciPy/NumPy (getting ValueError: objects are not aligned)
How to upgrade to a newest build version my installed MySQL on Debian?
Filter 鈥渢ext鈥�column on all_views
How to link game engine and game for Android?
Tomcat full GC every 2 minutes for first 5 hours of application run time
Boost iostreams: How to create buffered (for reading) TCP stream?
ASP.NET DropDownList error 鈥�SelectedItem/Value never updates
Javascript not working in Chrome?? but in FF and IE works
print table description into text file
Mysterious perl undefined value with Date::Manip Objects
Display picture from AppEngine BlobStore at HTML
Sql injectability of my php script [closed]
JRE or JDK must be鈥�Java - Eclipse issue
findViewById() not working in a not MainActivity class
Filling a polygon in GDI
C/Python API : efficiency of Py_BuildValue use
Separate categories for post types
Using SOAPContext in Visual Studio
How to launch an adobe air application from browser
Another way to improve the SQL Query to avoid union?
zend paginator to empty array how to handle
Visual Studio build error 鈥淚llegal characters in path鈥�
Google Calendar Javascript API listing ALL events from ALL calendars
Approach to show up some part of the webpage in WPF application
MySQL Isolation levels, Measuring their impact on deadlocks
Two backgrounds upon each other with CSS
software update option not appearing in eclipse using ubuntu
mysql - The target table of the UPDATE is not updatable
How to get value of a dropdownlist on change in Jqgrid filter
Digital certificate for J2ME apps
Facial Recognition in Java/Processing
How do I make entire div a link?
app crash after allocation of 10 mb memory
JDBC BigDecimal with SQLite
Deleting elements from a vector
How to understand if data comes to serialport buffer
BluetoothServerSocket.accept() does not return even if device paired
Difference between unsigned char and char pointers
Downgrade firefox to 8
NSNumber and decimal value
Python ask for configuration data during setup
MySQL Query Order Three Difference Field
LNK2005: find the module which was built with /MT
Qt4 OpenGL: QMPwidget building errors Permission denied with Wake on Lan
MySQL query to get accumulatives values
Java Swing BoxLayout ignoring AlignmentX
How to insert html into database using PHP
JavaScriptSerializer.Deserialize() into a dictionary
Overriding Component Create Constructor in Separate Design-Time package
Why is pdb.set_trace() not working in a templatetag definition?
Oracle Data Export to Access / SQL-Server-Backup
Javascript error after upgrade to Drupal 7
Reload and scroll all buffers to the bottom
Issue in adding dynamic cell in table view?
Getting Exception while running a unit test for c++ in vs 2010
Rails delegate update call
Create a feature in open atrium of Drupal
How can i extract my best move from Min Max in TicTacToe?
Django to PostgreSQL : Error loading psycopg2
update form field with js but not showing in submitted data
How to split a C++Builder app into DLLs
storing and retrieve special characters mysql [duplicate]
Error with Authlogic version 2.1.6 on jruby
rotating an Image with Raphael.js
How to resolve out of memory issue [closed]
Grails url redirection problems
How can I detect device browser closed?
How to Handle Errors in Node.js using Express
How to embed a win32 Delphi Form in a .NET Winform
How can I determine whether my OS is 32 or 64 bit?
Store and Retrieve mp3 files in windows phone?
Mouse Move Effects - Css maybe Javascript maybe flash?
Conditionally optional parameters to remove overloads
How to properly use -webkit-device-pixel-ratio on iOS and Android?
鈥淩efresh Status鈥�of Source Control toolbar in VS2010
Java - How to add a JOptionPane for Yes and No options
MVC3: RouteData.Values in custom BaseController?
error: incompatible types in assignment of `int' to `int[2]'
Rails 3.2.1 development mode terribly slow
EhCache + JGroups give 鈥淓xception on flushing of replication queue: null鈥�
Find occurrences of distinct values in cell array in Matlab
Click operation in Geb not working
Need Advices for Building Charts in C#
How can I change InfoBox content?
Same mutex name for a Windows service and exe in Windows 7
mysql: restore a value of a column from backup
How to convert a Complex XML to CSV File in .Net?
Strange behavior in regexes
Getting 鈥淔ATAL EXCEPTION : AsyncTask #2鈥� And I don't know what's causing it
How Can I post a status update to facebook from my WP7 App?
ERD: Can an Associative Entity have a relationship with a Weak Entity?
SDL Input gives 鈥渇ake-Events鈥�on Startup
Running a function on iframe parent ordered by iframe page
7 day weather forecast api
Xbee Stops Searching For Coordinator?
How to create custom portlet action/mode and how to call them in Liferay?
In C#, which is faster: 32-bit or 64-bit build? [duplicate]
Date validation on search input/textbox for a razor view MVC
StreamCorruptedException occurs during object decoding
Hibernate Foreign Key Syntax
Breakpoints inside CUDA kernel __global__ not hitting
Why does eGit commit dialog not automatically select all files when I commit a project?
C: Regular expression optimization , Saving state
Zend_navigation: combine custom partial with selecting container
Salesforce data loss prevention - can I embed JS on standard salesforce pages?
Jquery PrettyPhoto - How to always show Next Previous buttons?
Provide userName and shortDescription in Jenkins remote API job triggering
Regex.Replace has strange behavior at reluctant match
How to know which private key use to decipher when there is more than one in the keystore
How to get reference to the main view in UIViewController in story board
How to create object pool of diffrent type?
disable javascript alerts in dreamweaver CS4
Netbeans and Zend-Framework
Changing a global variable in C
php mysql insert select multiple with where clause
how to implement checkbox dependencies in knockoutjs
Changing attribute source in JQuery calls a URL before actually using it
C#: Access to path <'filepath'> is denied [duplicate]
append div to text area?
How to use an DLL load from Embed Resource?
MongoDB query with multiple search terms(regexes) in c# with 10gens driver?
Windows7 Shell Control Panel Custom Item like
Calculate letter size in javascript
What do I do next? [closed]
Replace text in XamlPackage
Monodroid ListView update problems
How to open pickList of ComboboxItem/SelectItem manually/programatically using SmartGWT?
What does these lines do?
error while converting IST date to EST date in perl
How to use findViewById variable in another method. Java Android
EntitySQL 'IN subquery
Difference between Anomaly Detection and Behaviour Detection
django-tastypie try to create related objects on POST request
How to restart Sphinx search if not running
Making sure a javascript object exists before calling it from Flash
In iOS, what's the best way to implement sliding 鈥渄rawers鈥�
Regex to get javascript function calls using preg_match_all in PHP
Does a QToolBox own its items?
How to clear screen in F# interactive in VS2010?
Packaging Dynamic LGPL Libraries in an Installer
Incoming call in Lync
Entity Framework 4.1 Ghost Columns
CSS3 not cross-browser rendering
Media Element Js video player doesn't play correctly
Need more insights about this css selector
What is Dreamweaver's last version with jQuery and full JS support? [closed]
Group By query in MysSQL not working properly
Hibernate Inner Join Resultlist
Most accurate timer in .NET?
Print a hex file in java
How to capture stack trace?
Passenger displays directory index instead of Rails web app
Javascript callback from form attribute
Serialization of json to content folder
Getting phone movement direction irrespective of phone face
Rspec & large spec files organisation
fetch svn log through a batch file from the server repository
I don't understand this SyntaxError. Why /app/app/鈥� It happens on Heroku, works on rails server
Kate install issue [closed]
Deprecated tags in html5
CakePHP ajax with Js Helper loads the page rather than the template for success, why?
How to predict system resource need?
Get date even if it doesn't exist in table from SQL SELECT statement
Subversive: No update after commit
batch if exist multiple files (what if only one doesn't exist)
Sql Server CE 4 Insert Default Values
Override default browser alert() method
PropertyChangedCallback encapsulation
Jersey : how to return List<MyType<K,V>> as response?
How to access data in AudioQueue buffers?
What events trigger in Safari when a page is entered via the back button?
Tracking the Reseller of the iPhone -App from inside the App
How do I categorize article submitted to sql database?
How can i use progress bar in non length specific tasks or parallel loop?
Browser back button with update panels
SQL Server calculate percentage of sql pivot value
How to send HTTP request with authentication basic?
Java - Simplest Radical Form
Merging XML in an SQL Server
Tokenizing unicode using nltk
Is it Possible to use windsor Castle with WCF services
Bash script giving undesired output
google maps v3 鈥渄ragend鈥�Event on mobile
Changing enhancedGrid row color background
Firebreath JavaScript error: unsupported: no toString() function in type function
Liferay portlet direct URL?
HTML5 and Webrick Ruby Server not Showing
Subversion - Is it possible to disable all commits and make the repository read only?
Placing DataView and ListView together on the same Panel
Overloaded output operator in base class
Present and layout a set of buttons in ASP.NET MVC 3
Tool to automatically warn on type change in JavaScript?
Moq framework Func<T,T>
ExtJS load grid after Ext.Ajax.request
How to use Intel C++ Compiler with NetBeans (Windows)
Privacy in simple DB system
access remote url from eclipse plugin
Activate an Excel ComAddin from C# code
TSQL UNPIVOT for months + year column to date
Why are cross-domain AJAX requests labelled as a 鈥渟ecurity risk鈥�
query search url match
Adding css and javascript to Yii's CHtml and other attributes
Hibernate cascade delete via embeddable primary key
Obtain 鈥渘ext to be used鈥�id for a table
Going insane: Mysql query just won't work; yet very simple [closed]
Tool for creation and managing of MySQL DB documentation
Is there a direct equivalent to httplib.HTTPConnection() in httplib2
ActiveRecord banchmark in console
Broadcast doesn't update battery change value
HttpURLConnection RuntimeException
Should I use a class or a method to wrap a dynamic remote procedure call?
c# lock return/continue/break
Touch sequence password in iOS app
Read An Excel File With OLEDB?
Weird error about re Enabling a ToggleButton
Regex.Replace without line start and end terminators has some very strange effects鈥�What is going on here?
Data Grid that allow edition by user in Windows Forms 2.0 using c#
Haar Cascaded Classifier Data in OpenCV:
How to searching part of object inside array list without looping method
iOS 鈥�Showing a view controller already in the navigation stack
How to clear all selections in a wxListBox (with wxLB_MULTIPLE)?
File not found error while uploading audio file from android client to server
How to model restrictions on data visible on resources?
Suppress tilt effect on listbox item wp7
php recursive increment
WatIn UI Test through Asp.Net Application, Multithreading
Removing instructions from Java bytecode
configure WSO2 Web Services Framework for C++ (WSO2 WSF/C++) on windows 7
Redis error 鈥淐onnection read timed out鈥�during caching
jQuery - execCommand(鈥渋nsertUnorderedList鈥� false, null); - Different behavior with Internet Explorer
webservice with mutilple parameter
Oracle sequence.nextval returned no rows
how to find a Last Modified Date of a webPage?
How can I make a NSTextField clickable in Cocoa?
How do I set the class cursor to null?
Hql In Clause on List
Sending and receiving arrays over COM
Running Multiple Monkey Runner (Python script)Program from a single script
DisplayTag indexing ?
ANT: Starting a background process on windows
Hibernate / JPA many to many relationship through a join table and a composite key, Unique Constraint issue
inserting into userdefined data in sql server
How to get data back from stored procedure
Unit test membership
Populate symfony admin generator's select field based on schema
Can OpenGL and Directx totally simulated by software?
WPF, ListView --> Row 3.Value = Row1.Foo + Row2Foo
Can sed search & replace on a match if that match in only part of a line?
Could not load file or assembly 'System.Data.Linq, ..' The module was expected to contain an assembly manifest
How to send a mail without disclosing recipients mail id in ios
pimcore debugging
c# Nhibernate Session InstancePerLifetimeScope()
Chaining AjaxFormComponentUpdatingBehaviors in Wicket to single Javascript event
linking QuaZip with Qt 4.8.0 into project
Dot Net Cisco Command Line Console Parser
Best way to learn Iphone Development [closed]
Is it possible to assign default values to NAnt properties?
Qualcomm's Vuforia (QCAR) vs. Metaio SDK vs. D'Fusion Mobile vs. Layar SDK
Soap not getting sent correctly, need to get the request
What is the latest JGroups version that can be used with Java 5?
Android - a better website launcher native app
How to use 0x08
DIfferent values for android:layout_weight=鈥溾� for different versions
Add new menu item in blackberry to launch my app
problems with Join query
How can I make image not expand its container
Simple proxy requiring another proxy with twisted
CSS last-child(-1)
Error (-4, -4) for VideoView on Android
Javabean jsp null
Opengl texture flickering in some android devices
how to embed a Treeview in List view in WPF
Where is the MSIL file after compilation of a C# program in .Net?
Deploy custom workflow which has service task
How to use Open File Dialog to Select a Folder [duplicate]
What is the simplest way to run Groovy through a web server like Apache+PHP?
Increase user interaction with plots
Splitting files in C++
What does below error mean while running webapplication in debug mode?
overlapping area of transparent circles in ios CAShapeLayer
gps time, time conversion
How to delete locked files?
jquery validation is not working . It is not validating
Using Divs instead of ul in jquery SlideviewerPro 1.5
svn-tag Hudson plugin not working
Java Date duration validation
How to share a folder in dropbox without placing it in the dropbox folder?
Fork from a branch in github
Dynatree jquery plugin add custom properties to node
java programming style vs Objective c [closed]
caching page assets
MVC architectural pattern
Query to return rows with all columns equal except the key
Creating blogs in each page of my Wordpress website
PHP > How to type-cast each array element to string (recursively)鈥�
Dijkstra's Algorithm Concepts and Coding Problems
tkFileDialog not converting results to a Python list on Windows
Reading geotiff metadata on android
C# multi casting example
how disable the cell editable option on double click
Some guidance if possible? Cloning records
Apache Camel: can I put multiple statements in the when part of the conditional choice statement?
viewWillAppear is not called
Use of Context to start another Activity
parsing XML file with jdom+eclipse
Aggregate and annotate on relation to self
How to implement SkipWhile with Linq to Sql without first loading the whole list into memory?
MVC 3 Checkboxes validation
Control the position of the horizontal scrollbar without plugin
Setting up an icon for start menu folder group in InnoSetup
Git conflicted copy error while cloning a repository
Change order of posts on facebook page wall? [closed]
Maven Licensing
Drupal.attachBehaviours with jQuery infinitescroll and jQuery masonry
How to filter an array by a part of key?
How can I prevent a ListView option from changing? [closed]
How do you provide encryption keys to a daemon or service?
Python subprocess.check_output parsing error
Issue with Interactivity in MVVMLight
Making ActiveRecord / Rails use actual mysql TIMESTAMP columns
how to use multiple views in UIViewController
Wordpress posts repeating
What are default values for connection and socket timeouts in DefaultHttpClient on Android?
WYSIWYG editor override page css?
Why are there unused pages in my SQLite database?
Calling a telephone number to download Android/iPhone app
android, UTF8 - How do I ensure UTF8 is used for a shared preference
In-place transposition of a matrix
jQuery Load function doesn't load the URL result?
git commit to a cloned reporsitory
Calling a html control from php code
null printing on console
jQuery filtering or search a product catalog
Is didReceiveMemoryWarning / viewDidUnload called when a view controller is shown?
Android STK Menu using APK
what is the way to draw QStyleOptionButton QStyle::CE_CheckBox background?
What are the undesirable results the author is talking about?
Unshorten the URL without downloading whole page in python
How can I support in-browser display of a PDF file in Internet Explorer 64-bit
How can I retrieving data from a database using PHP?
Search text in pdf
Force sharepoint to save files in directory
How to split long email to fit in a column on the page
What is the preferred way to find all other clients on local network?
Changing Visual Studio XML Summary Blocks VB.NET v C# Display
How to convert to use the Yii CDataProvider on view?
Load local HTML file into a WebBrowser control from my.resources in the project -
how to check text color in watir for drop down boxes attributes
email marketing, statistics collecting
Incorrect result when dividing an integer over a float
Data not being sent via JQuery/AJAX
combine submit and click function
Using different DLL's for debug and release builds - C#
Need Box2D benchmarks
django modelform exclude field still shown
Testing regional settings (localization) in SQL Server 2008 Express
Language independant themable CSS in Sharepoint
Null Pointer Exception occuring during graph generation
How can I implement a lazy-evaluated stateful class with internal dependencies in Java?
Web-application context/ root application context and transaction manager setup
Selecting Data between sheets to Write a Vlookup function
Best way to save data for re-use off an voxel editor
HSQLDialect to MySQL5InnoDBDialect, Hibernate
Is there any equivalent function of requestAudioFocus in Android API level 7?
Build doesn't work from VisualStudio, but is ok from msbuild
If we hover over the Icon in AdvanceDataGrid, item hovering effect (slight highlighting) does not appear?
EF4.1 How to map properties to columns
Default initialization with default constructor for primitive data types
Working with multiple displays?
鈥�Z鈥�parsing gives error in c++ as unhandled exception with access voilation?
How to add new rules in Kohana framework
Delayed image capturing
Invalid EJB using interfaces from external Jar in @local - Annotation
Why does/ does not NRVO kick in g++ in the code below?
Object is currently in use elsewhere. in Color detection filters
Ruby tool that pics a folder on the local drive?
Perl - creating a Socket
Ruby tool that pics a folder on the local drive?
Perl - creating a Socket
Eclipse Plugin/Product CommonNavigator
save result of UNION query in local variable in MYSQL stored procedure
How to capture href links and replace this via PHP
Python error : ConfigParser.NoSectionError: No section:
order solr documents with same score by date added descending
How to hide products without stock from layered navigation
Flowing animation with timing (OpenGL)
image.onload fires before image is completely loaded
openafs operation timed out
Selecting the last line of a <p> element
iPhone objective c how to choose which view controller to load at app start
integrate Google Places Autocomplete in my search bar
Emacs, how to toggle between words (true to false, etc鈥� Equivalent of toggle_words vim plugin
Jquery Mobile white area when changing orientation
Library with hash functions - JSP
SQLException fail to insert rows into content(鈥�
float next to postion relative element
python - format multiline string with % dictionary
Django newbie: persistent error when trying to create my first django app
android pdf sdk with paid license
Website spell check by php app
Tomcat 7.0.23 & Spring 3.1 & task scheduler multiple invocations
Are there any classes in NLTK for text normalizing and canonizing?
Read socket data byte by byte and return as a string
Firefox: tag attributes badly reordered after html parse
reCAPTCHA: why can't I check the same result twice?
IP filter for survey [closed]
Disable linkbuttons in ASP.NET 4.0 when other CSS Classes are being used
Need help to extract binary data from pickle
jqgrid form editing: invert column order
Django post_save and south migrations
GLib's GAsyncQueue vs. POSIX message_queue
Django: Detect unused templates
JVM Memory Problems
Why does my Monodroid application run slower in a Release build than in a Debug build?
Extract Active Directory into SQL database using VBScript
Java Mulithreaded Server Client
Move certain row of data into column
How to check if wp7 XNA touch event is within a defined rectangle
How to start activity from non-activity class,if first activity is simple java class?
AS3 Robot legs and Signals - Using Signals, Quite verbose, any alternatives?
Spring Security - How to add custom parameter except username/password in UsernamePasswordAuthenticationFilter
Can HDF5 perform 鈥渧alue mapping鈥�
Why should I take List<> instead of array in JSON deserialization ?
CSV format for OpenCV machine learning algorithms
鈥�(three dots) in jQuery?
I want to develop in Go on Windows and deploy to Google App Engine
Always seeing Mirror image while capturing from Front Camera iOS 5.0
How to rescue from a OAuth::Unauthorized exception in a Ruby on Rails application?
C# Regex Replace and *
server-side mvc3 validation for form not working
Changing Device Volume
Safari <body onload> event doesn't trigger from the back button
Database with timestamps, show distinct month
MongoDB MapReduce Query Randomly Fails
Why doesn't MonoDevelop (Unity3D) code completion work for objects?
TCP connection refused after connection broke for a short time
failed using bootstrap-carousel.js
org.hibernate.LazyInitializationException using Spring Security and Session Registry
Any way to (easily) determine the minimum width required to format a Framesetter?
Return array of strings from MVC to jQuery ASP.NET
How to insert data into a PL/SQL table type rather than PL/SQL table?
Bootstrap: 'TypeError undefined is not a function'/'has no method 'tab'' when using bootstrap-tabs
How can i make connection with android applications and external database?
php singleton database connection, is this code bad practice?
To XML files comparsion Java
Cakephp model linking query problems
What is wrong with my css3 multiple background images code?
Grails many-to-many belongsTo
Loading TitleWindow components in Flex at runtime
Ordering stacks by size in a ggplot2 stacked bar graph
Soapui post rest service [closed]
Linker error for unit test Xcode 4
Can't update table that trigger is executed on in AFTER INSERT
htdig stopped running - error loading shared libraries
Could not find main class
how to create a proxy server
Jersey on JBoss 6.1 - Deployment fails for a very simple application if I provide web.xml
Calling c functions in python using ctypes
The 'correct' way to search for a string in a MySQL LongText field?
Really fancy printing on python
Impossible to inject JMS QueueConnectionFactory in JBoss 6.1.0 with resource annotation
Paged Media @page:nth selector
Customized tableView 脿 la Tweetbot
Image sizes recommendations
Porting to WPF from WinForm, problems with the Data-Binding
how to calculate width of an Opengl object in android
phonegap-splash screen appears on click of android device BACK button
Dialog box in android
Inserting json data from jQuery ajax in to table as new row
SharePoint - change the language of the site based on the browser language settings
Parse a string to floats with different separators
C++ templates, vector.size used in default parameter definitoin
iOS: create a video and save it where?
org.hibernate.exception.SQLGrammarException: could not insert [com.sample.Person]
Does google maps gadget work on a page using jQuery?
Which Eclipse wtp version should I use for maven?
Restart killed process with SIGHUP
Powershell memory error , groupmembership
Jquery Event Calendar with tool tip [closed]
Can HDF5 handle non-standard value sizes (4 bits, 24 bits, 鈥�?
Sound controls of device related to app
Facebook sends a blank signed request when secure browsing is enabled
How can I architecturally dev the following iPhone app? [closed]
DDAccordion - Accordion menu
Calculating a Voronoi diagram for planes in 3D
Git push to checkout?
How to display two columns(datetime and nvarchar type) with Bind() function in a repeater?
Possible to layer ImageIcons?
Action method not being invoked
How can val() return Number?
EPUB limits IMG behavior inside TABLE
getting all the propertiesinfo of an object algorithm for using a stack instead or recursive calls
Duplication Issue
How I can replace strings in a memo (FastReport)?
Populating one DropDownList with another in a DataList control
Facebook DialogBox
c linux find command return path directly
Hex to ASCII in c
looking for datepicker for birthday not jQuery UI Datepicker
Div's text is highlight on multiple clicks
iTextSharp ListItem different font's issue
How can i find whether the CouchDB is up and running?
Could not load GestureEventArgs from System.Windows.Input
Selenium don't show failed number lines
Simple Ruby on Rails app
Why isn't my list displaying in Orchard?
Giving PHP permission to access COM port
open slider on click of image button
How can I properly add jquery to Eclipse?
Android: Check if device is capable of 3 or more touches
How to build SQL query with two left joins using django ORM
SWT drag and drop custom Control displayed next to cursor
Serial Port reads fine but assigned string has junk, C#
two datatable adding
Magento - 'proceed to checkout' button to go to login page if not logged in
Best way to package a headless browser?
Passing function with a parameter as a parameter to another function
time.strptime changing output formatting
Bulk edit in JSP
jQuery .css returns back css property in pixels, when its actually in percentages
Replace function not working in Crystal Reports
How to structure ASP.NET MVC application using per-feature organization instead of per-artifact?
What are good libraries to create restful iPhone Apps with Django and Objective-C?
PHP - Query database for pending messages and call PHPmailer without refresh
Working with Android ICS Source code - code overview needed
postgres convert_from(X, 'UTF8') equivalent in PHP
Oracle 11g PL/SQL Diana Nodes Limit
postgres convert_from(X, 'UTF8') equivalent in PHP
Oracle 11g PL/SQL Diana Nodes Limit
What is the XSL version supported by xalan 1.8 library
StackOverFlowError when deserializing an object in android
Selenium2 Servlets
EF4.1 How to map List of properties from different tables
Java - UDP WAN session not performing
how to incorporate C or C++ code into my R code to speed up a MCMC program, using a Metropolis-Hastings algorithm
Equivalent of mvn dependency:tree in Grails
MySQL Homebrew Warning: m4 macros were installed to 鈥渟hare/aclocal鈥�
Re arranging multi dimensional array with std class objects
How to make the background of my text larger?
Video on Android Virtual Devices?
Which svg elements can be child, and which cant be
Static non templated function in templated class
How to force view-rendering on the iPhone when it was previously not shown because of low memory?
Android Logo App with menu associated
Tomcat create always new session
Why win32 thread doesn't exit automatically?
retrieve the client certificate chain from an ISAPI request
Android - Where is SQLite Database stored [duplicate]
ClickOnce Application Error: Deployment and application do not have matching security zones
PDF javascript calculations
HDF5 in Java: What are the difference between the availabe APIs?
Jquery UI Dialog
Can anyone tel me how to set target line in crystal report in crystal report 8
move sql server schema and data programatically using java
Not allow specific words to be typed in input tag html [closed]
How do I grab multiple instances of a pattern with Nokogiri?
imageareaselect with .live ?
Entity framework Problems
Binding instance as resource
how to get data data when payple is complete
Mutual Authentication (aka two-way SSL) for webservices with PHP
Why is there a warning about using ARC in Objective-C libraries?
Flex 3: Highlight (changing background) of some characters within a string
Could visitor pattern contain some states?
Saving WinForms MDI forms state under .net
Is it possible to programmatically query a database where DB tables relationships were added in the ADO.NET and not in the DB itself?
Android SQLite get data from database to an array
Tweets with 鈥淢edia鈥�inside
JQuery closeable tabs and Ajax scripts
data structure for ResultSet
PHP Open_basedir restrictions on URL
how to setup htaccess to send gizzped js and css files
How to perform onPause() on ActivityClassB untill it came back to ActivityClassB from ActivityClassC
Can't compile package containing DSUtils in XE2
Derby, Java EE. Running integration test to file database, does not get dropped
Simple GPU programming (with Cg?)
JPA xml mapping not finding fields
How to store HashMap on Android?
How to change System.State field in TFS?
Convert PDF to JPEG with PHP and ImageMagick
CSS: Make two floating elements overlap
Cassandra not using native methods
How to create models dynamically
Contextual menu not displayed in 10.5 for application build in 10.7
CentOS 6, VBox host - high CPU usage when idle
Replace one attribute with another using jQuery
Call two function in one onchange = not working
devise custom error styling
Magento Get Last Order Id on Payment Info Block Email
segmentation fault , Memory not being allocated
Observing volume changes made by apps
PHP 5.1.6 - Site showing Object # instead of content in many places
Storyboard Segue From View Controller to Itself
jQuery html() method unbinding events to elements inside the inner html after swapping?
Mysql bidirectionnal replication
Need proper Text Alignemnt in UILabel of Dynamic Height iphone
Scanning rest resources in application with existing servlets
Thread and Synchronization
In Selenium, how to compare images?
Number of element with specific class name after in an ajax result
personal schedule planner for students
GridView Row Does not get select or Affected When Checkbox checked on Grid
How to use rest-client with activeresource for a non-rails api
Apply UpdateSourceTrigger=PropertyChanged to all textboxes wpf
Extract different values from list of tuples
Need help in Linq, I need to add the data to a List
How to poll a webservice atfinite interval from android?
Generating record IDs for temp tables time consuming
I want to determine how much memory is used by dynamically-linked libraries
How to 鈥淩eset鈥�the UDF DETERMINISTIC reponses?
MySQL Trigger Syntax Error
Simple master-detail view iPad application
NStimer and UINavigationController
Scala Lift - Url re-write to pages within folder
Counting the words that search inside a string
html popup containing flash to automatically acquire focus
Using a propertyGrid in C# Winforms to store information in a grid
XD_Proxy popup won't close [closed]
Custom UITableViewCell not displaying correctly when UITableViewController first loads
Magento display two currencies (get currency rate)
Change tab stop width in source code
Splitting a field value in MySQL using a regex delimiter?
How to fix the image to the top of the page even after scrolling in android?
Creating GUI on client using layout settings from server at run time either using database or xml layout
How to restore a device driver after it gets crashed programatically
How to integrate my Android app with SL4A?
Is it possible to use CUDA C for object oriented programming?
If I want to limit database access by user, is it a better idea to let the database handle this or make a separate program that bridges the two?
Updating telerik chart when data change
Custom resharper file-template moved to different layer doesn't show up anymore
Migration from native C++ to C++/CLI: new keywords conflict with old names
Setting selected TAB with a small triangle below it
How do I change position of a help popup window in Delphi?
Useful methods to reduce iphone app binary size
How to loop through and test values of properties of already instantiated object in .NET
Application crash on CFRelease
MySQL Count query with Group By not returning anything
Porting XPCOM Firefox extension to Chrome extension with NPAPI plugin
Recommend simple PHP Routing Engine [closed]
Saving form data locally in a browser using JQuery
mixing two audio file using mixer
Relative path on JAR file used in a web application
How can block wget to stop downloading for a certain directory (ie /photos) [closed]
How to move image view in android
Struts2 OGNL runtime expression
Bash piping: split input after 1st line, run different commands on line 1 and the rest
Debugging a plugin in Visual Studio
Join two queries into one
why does wordpress have three(?) empty index.php files?
c HEX Store,Display & Manipulate
Getting value from xml element resulting in exception
.htaccess with wordpress and drupal site
Garbage Collector vs Pool
Unit Testing in CSLA? How? What?
SVG rendering (auto-bluring)
how to convert PrintWriter to String or write to a File?
Best way to add script's working folder to import() path for Python on Windows?
Knockoutjs bind mouseover or Jquery
javascript function not woking after ajax request in CListView
How to replace a multi line string in a bunch files
r n as a part of UTF8 character?
Update action fire an insert query?
how to add a new source inside a conduit haskell
copy non transparent pixels only to HTML5 canvas
How can I reinsert every row in a table in SQL Server 2008?
Overriding admin views - Django
Is NSIndexPath threadsafe?
Cant get the policy Perl::Critic::Policy::Tics::ProhibitLongLines to work
How to add an Entire folder to Setup Project in Visual Studio 2008