IPhone: How to call AlertView from a Static Function
How does Linux kernel find dirty page to flush?
How do I keep Haskell's Strong Typing Flexible?
Remove duplicate entries from a redis queue in resque
Get web url for requested jsp page
Get web url for requested jsp page
Document.Open() is not work
How to add custom button and new features in TinyMCE in wordpress3.3 [closed]
Need to check jQuery AJAX response time and take some actions
Return a Spring Bean with every Ajax call
Not able to clicked on item
Counting by grouping query in Oracle using analytical functions
List (Of String) figuring out Database column values
Reading and parsing an arbitrary xml structure in Java?
xargs to concatenate extension onto an argument
Why can't I access my method?
iPhone how to get the sender email address while passing the file from mail app to my own iphone app?
鈥淓rror executing the insertHtml command鈥�message in cleditor when inserting html in 鈥淰iew Source鈥�mode
AVAudioSession delay not work correctly
remove empty lines from text file with PowerShell
jQuery animating with 鈥�not()鈥�
Drag and drop a java method from package explorer to my plugin editor
.FindControl() on GridView OnRowDeleted?
What are some Facebook Fans API alternatives?
Why does the compiler select the base class constructor inside the template argument list?
How to resolve Too Many Connection Error in Hibernate
Eclipse ADT Plugin - Graphical Layout tool lagging and eating memory
Passing multiple flags to an intent in android
npm installation error on linux (ubuntu)
Android permission for broadcast PACKAGE_REMOVED/PACKAGE_ADDED
Saving Time To a varchar Field
how to handle the xmlparsing
How do I use Tor as system VPN and cut out some nodes? [closed]
Data Execution Prevention with Windows Services
Can we use SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010 dll in the same project
what's the difference of safe/non-safe dict itereator in redis' dict implementation?
Create simple PDF from Text files in .NET
Using cron job to check if python script is running
Writing a monad with out-of-band data (aka, composing monads in parallel)
How can i refresh the datatable (jquery) after adding data to database with Spring MVC?
Showing 'Failed to load Main-Class manifest attribute from TestExample.jar'
get contents of all <p> tags inside <div> using html parser Hpple in iphone
This error can be caused by a virtual directory not being configured as an application in IIS
inArray & in string
Object reference not set to an instance of an object when using Custom User Control
How to filter rows based on the character length of a field
Confused on Big-O Notation
php mysql_fetch_assoc isn't working as expected
DataGridView Exception When Binding a DataGridViewCheckBoxColumn
Defined a function without using any language extensions, but must use a language extension to declare its type?
How to write an RSpec test for a simple PUT update?
MySQL Same Day Last Year
Populate a table from client side based upon the dates selected
No locale when tomcat processes error pages?
web site as application in IIS 7
Flex Spark CurrencyFormatter formats '0' incorrectly
cURL cookie syntax (from bash CLI, not cookie file)
Jquery SlideToggle presist state after browser back button
Large Number of Function Recursions - C++
why is this Spring AOP pointcut not triggered?
Having trouble saving a nested form detail
RSpec Mailer test Match failing
Select From Multiple Tables mysql
C language: How to access individual format specifiers in a printf format string?
Image not loaded in UIImageView
EF 4.3 has no key defined
Trim objects from array where 鈥淚.active = false鈥�
How to load RSS feed into a Listview?
perl simple concatenate
how to include a shell script in android app
Debug run time errors in released flex app
select query with array
how to set the image in Jtable cell using renderer?
Double on Android. Strange rounding
Is Assembly.Load(byte[]) not thread safe?
How can I get the actual screen height?
Call Browser window resize method from IFrame
Why my Activity is not starting when phone starts?
ISNULL : Enhancing Performance?
Accessing branches of a remote repository
Video not playing in webview in android
Attempting to datascrape from ASX website table
Unable to open serial port in linux
How to implement Facebook connect when app is a shell browser, not native app
show iphone badge count when user logged in
android - How the phone finder service is work?
Taking count from multiple tables using left join
Design tab is getting hanged in Visual Studio2008
Remove address Bar when Parsing an external URL through intent android
Conversion of Scala long to string prints blank
Planning to use GPLv3 and confused about distribution? [closed]
in conato <div id=鈥渇ooter鈥�gt; in localhost is changing to <footer id=鈥渇ooter鈥�gt; when uploaded
Creating a spell check, need to access words.txt in App Engine
How can i access instance variables in closure锛坕nner function锛�for this style:this['varName']?
How to handle external and internal events in blackberry (converted j2me code - jar to cod)
alternative to include in asp.net
Using metadata on element to have it validated as credit card by jQuery validating plugin
Is it possible to invoke on a remote computer via a web service?
UIDatePicker doesn't display appropriate time
Simplescalar support on LLVM
Remove partially uninstalled C# application
C++ compiler error involving private inheritance
jQuery: How to send $(this) as plugin parameter
Is caching of tweets required when displayed on my site
view does not resize even after implementing shouldAutorotateToInterfaceOrientation
sliding one fragment over another in Android
Trying to write multiple lines to a file but file has only 1 line (or the final values)
IOS - Table View not getting loaded
How to create a bigger bitmap from an existing bitmap
mysqldump not creating create database syntax
Move text below picture if picture is aligned to the side
How to wipe away a steamed up view
CODA: How can I save as a file through ftp?
Formatting data from a result set with the toString() method
Flex mobile skin overriding hostComponent of parent skin?
Rails MVC structuring for Users with many related social networks
application crashes when I use a broadcast reciever
On which event should I remove the view?
Issue with Xml Parsing
Count 3 seconds within a function
rotating QPixmap without scaling
Why can't I pass arrays like this in Java
is there a way to search each element in a collection c#
How to find the amount of data that is transfered when i make a web service call from my android app?
Getting hirefire to work with Rails 3.1.3, DJ 3.0.0, Heroku Cedar Stack
check if input value exits as an option in a select
cocos2d-android: how to play/pause a game state
Anyone have a generator for EF Code First seed statements?
Virtual machine access to the host ethernet port
how to add background music each and every image in scroll view in android
Referencing an NSOperation object in its own completion block with ARC
Variable taking garbage value inside a loop while calling a command line instance in Perl
How to get the highest scorer among all the users in game center?
capture a click event that occurs on the desktop(not on a file / folder / window)
ListView.getSelectedItemPosition() return 0 unexpectedly
is possible use external javascript libraries with Pit or Websharper?
Upgrading from Rails 3.1 to 3.2 gets NoMethodError for unserializable_attribute?, using JRuby, Oracle and binary data
Adding one property in My Profile page - Alfresco Share
Open app via email
Validating Form on Button Submission Issue
When does IIS log 500 error? Are they all fatal?
convert a sql statement to linq to entity vb.net
Get data from SQLite and display in textbox - iphone
When a user selects a chunk of text on a webpage, is there a way to keep this text highlighted even when the user clicks somewhere else on that page?
HI, I am struggling to run FB.api in a for loop [duplicate]
How to convert jquery's $.post() to plain javascript?
Is determining state based on type checks a code smell?
conditional values for each combobox in extjs grid
Tomcat not running on Mac OS X
iOS: Getting Facebook Graph requests
spawn fastcgi apps on windows?
update eclipse java to EE
apache2 rewrite rule return a url which contains an apostrophe
How to verify server certificate on Android4?
Extract Email address from html source
Is there an official organization for discussing or releasing standard markdown syntax?
How do i make allowance for muliple lines when doing a string.scan
Justify Text in CSS
How can I implement GameCenter using c++ on ios platform
Cocos2D: Object Composition and CCSpriteBatch
Silverlight XAML namespace scoping
Create custom dynamic legend for DevExpress GridView
android:implement Shared Preference
Show Dynamic Data in Tooltip
Run asychronous task in OnRecieve() method of broadcast reciver
JasperReport Print Multiple Records in One Row
Generalized ADO.Net Function
How to make scale_y_log10 to have the tickmarks at 0.01,0.1,1 in ggplot
Webpart error while connecting SharePoint 2010 with CRM 2011
how use iframe in windows phone?
How can i create the exectable jar file of the complete project which contains many packages,java files, images, external libraries? [duplicate]
ProgID of the outlook addin created using VSTO c#
Need Tips on Foreign Keys to Alternate Tables
AudioQueue get a wrong numbers of Packet?
How to update a widget textview from the value from next activity
How to Use Rails 3 Routes with Dynamic Segments
Image substitution
Append `return false;` to `onClick` event handler in JavaScript
URL routing and GAE
Android use of resources from an external file
Getting an empty file for grep output
What's the rationale behind the claim 鈥淧HP doesn't scale up (well)鈥� [closed]
How to Validate the value of text field after pasting some text in a text field regex in extjs?
Rewrite URLs with .htaccess but ignore specific Directories
How to check whether input array is in consecutive manner or not?
How to fetch the data from WebServices by Get Method and want to save into MutableDictionary in iphone sdk
Build a mobile website without touching the original website
Clojure indentation problems in team with different IDEs
Accessing Coldfusion session variables from one application.cfm to another
How to inject with Guice `Module` where constructor accepts Class?
How to create a playlist with a single php file and multiple media files?
iPhone App opens in Landscape
Use stored procedure with linq to sql
cap deploy:cold - production database is not configured
Converting UITextField to UILabel through view Controllers
Twitter Bootstrap text field's height too small?
confusion regarding event handling in Javascript
Problems with maze generation using a non-recursive backtracking algorithm
put comma after values but not for last one
Revealing MySQL row ID in source code: okay or bad?
SOLR Permissions / Filtering Results depending on Access Rights
Static vs. Dynamic class function (method) - which is faster?
Issue with reCaptcha submitting form on ENTER key - AJAX/JS/PHP
Will the full or subset of the .NET framework be eventually ported/re-engineered to work with ARM instruction set? [closed]
chess design issue
Why do browser APIs restrict cross-domain requests?
Handling Outlook-style quoting in Gnus
how to capture javascript var value into asp.net page
WMI call from C++ results in HRESULT=0x80041003
How to pass values statically from one page to other in android?
Automated queries fail on CakePHP with column specific permissions in MySQL
which of the following data structure is more acceptable and why? [closed]
no key defined EntityFramework CTP5
How to force <li> blocks to the bottom
Which is best for browser detection: PHP or Javascript?
Reading Excel file from URL
WP7: How to show a toast?
How do I handle a WebSocket close from the client in Yaws?
Xml Parsing on iPhone
can a method have and input/output of different variables
Error in code to flatten a list in Ocaml
progressive enhancement using jquery and asp.net
Java readline whitespace
s-function usage error
create pdf table within the pdf cell using itextsharp
to display message in same form page
PHP to CSV line break issue
How can I save my data when using tinyMCE?
.htaccess - Changing the look of a URL
struts-tags.tld not found in shared environment
How to draw image on current lat log in every 1 km via aidl?
applying themes to my android app dynamically
automatic resizing of table in wx
List, ArrayList and LinkedList problems?
MVC2 - Submit form with AJAX and non-AJAX
Fetch all Items in each Category where Item.name = bla: how?
Android how to install apk file stored in assets folder
Regex how to look ahead and see if there is another matching end part?
Making edittext show values
Is there a Facebook SDK for .NET that works with 3.5?
How to use call a webservice and read the XML using python3?
How to get sub properties in jQuery.each() function?
javascript: how to cope with 鈥淍鈥�and 鈥�鈥�in Json
NSZombie created with -Os and Automatic Reference Counting in iOS 5 development
Naive Primality Testing Optimization
How can I filter Submitted list by multiple user in Perforce?
Singleton CoreData manager available to all UINavigationControllers embedded views
How can i get the Loged in user Name of Client machine
Silverlight DataGrid MouseLeftButtonDown event not raised when clicking on rows
Why do i get a gap between checkbox and text?
rails 3.1.0 devise with cancan getting unauthorized with invalid username and/or password
After successful 鈥渕erge鈥�on Git. I still got weird file
A few queries on HTML 5 [closed]
NoSuchMethod error getting a gdata service
Getting a count of two different sets of rows in a table and then dividing them
JavaScript if/else statement error calculating line length
passing base64 image data to ios app for consumption using RESTkit
lxml - root.xpath() is returning HtmlElements with r replaced with &#13; what are the best practices in dealing with this?
Is it possible to have rails log errors when seeding
Infinite Reload With Rotating State Param in Facebook Application
Apache server: can't render php and html at once [closed]
How do I use a SplitViewNavigator component to show Master/Detail navigation in Flex
Passing a string as a reference in Java?
Exception handling - run function again by nesting or looping?
Java: What scenarios call for the use of reflection?
Using reflection to create an object represented by the contents of a 鈥淭ype鈥�object
In iOS 5 TableViewController is not scrolling and not calling didSelectRowAtIndexPath
PHP program for SSL certificate validation
How to add view like this
Shorten lines of code in case statements inside switch block
jQuery javascript autocomplete and managing ids
How to generate k-nearest neighbor matrix for spatial dataframe?
Font size for different density devices
Open source VOIP SDK in QT
How to write an own emulator? [closed]
Using a function to change a color : Jquery
GRANT specific role ALTER access to specific table
Error 1009, MethodInfo-6()
showing sums across all rows in sharepoint designer 2007
how to return JSON with MVC COntroller
Serializing a class that's created at runtime
How can I detect value syntax errors in app.config files?
Call a java class directly from javascript without <APPLET> or <OBJECT>
facebook opengraph - How to query Friends and Myself
Is codeigniter's url encoding here necessary?
inerting timestamp into table
Comparing CPUs to GPUs - does it always make sense?
Java : Audio capture device listing using Java Media Framework
Why does this Ember.js app fail in Firefox?
What is the best practice for file writing
Protect audio file from being downloaded while still being playable through JQuery JPlayer
Which lines need semicolons for Dean Edwards Javascript packer?
Select radio button value inside span using jQuery
How to Move Left and Righ of when people flip UIImageView so it looks like it's really going left and right
I am a newbie to python and I am having problems installing pygame?
Protecting web content
How can kernel module communicate with user-space process during rmmod?
Creating a restful resource using Jersey, is this what I really need?
Finding a pattern within an image
Carrierwave with Uploadify giving undefined method `has_key?' error
I need to fill text field programatically in a web page opened inside a WebView. How To?
dfitpack.error: (m>k) failed for hidden m: fpcurf0:m=1
Calling a class in Android like SurfaceViewExample
Selected div appears with a border on selected on chrome and safari
Ruby string split unexpected result
Ruby string split unexpected result
a4j not working after session timeout in jsf and managed bean viewscoped
not able to assign data in webview when pushed from a table view to a view containing tabbar
What is the difference between the GetDesktopWindow and OpenInputDesktop APIs in Windows?
Rapidly learn InDesign scripting?
Storing data in the SQL table
Oracle SOA query with wildcards needed
Initialize a Java Array in one line [closed]
Load HTML page inside flex popup window
鈥淐ould not find generator oauth_consumer鈥�running 鈥渞ails generate oauth_consumer鈥�
How to copy attributes from the input CssSel
routes.rb is working locally but not on heroku
Smooth Compass for Android 2.2
vb script recursion and dynamic file naming
Newbie trouble with sxml and php
ServiceConnection.onServiceConnected() and startService()
Need to choose a Presentation Layer Pattern - MVP or MVVM for ASP.NET Web Forms and WPF Implementation
what is the main factor that an assembly (.exe or .dll) called a shared assembly
Django queryset to get children and grandchildren
Executing Binary Files
Notification bar click to close app
Want to use C# code inside C++ code [closed]
iphone:Display JSON data in uitableviewcell
What exactly use of dealloc method in Objective c? when it will call?
MySQL select unique values from a relationship table
How to Trim() all inputs by Model in c# MVC
Testing MongooseJs Validations
Can I have a layout within a layout/merge layouts?
Query creating an identifier for each packet
JIRA Customfield performs slower in Production Environment when accessing database
Biztalk vs MSMQ
MethodGroup as a generic parameter
Project Euler 12 with Haskell's State Monad
Using Strings vs POJOs 鈥hich one consumes more memory
In Actionscript, is there a way to create a copy or cached version of a Loader?
jQuery: Why is by box collapsing on first click
Is there a way to make Stylus use src and dest paths that don't contain a 鈥渟tylesheets鈥�directory?
Correct way to modify results array from NSFectchRequest without changing Core Data objects
How to locate public folder using PHP?
jQuery: hide/show element on radio box changing checked & hover
MinGW Link Single EXE
Python import modules: what is different between a file and a directory?
How do you replace the color of regions of text in a content editable element?
isset for link - PHP
regexp, how to find strings that don't contain a certain character?
GetConsoleScreenBufferInfoEx fails due To an invalid parameter
Cannot access ServiceHost methods
ASP.NET MVC 3 WebGrid, preserve the paging and define the route
how to delete all elment from Haskell Map which match a condition on their value not key?
should I be using passenger in dev to match prod for a ruby on rails project?
Powershell passing argument values to parameters and back
In SQLAlchemy, how do I specify a full-text index?
Replace leading whitespace with sed (or similar)
Xcode says Undefined symbols for architecture i386 AND x86_64 when using the OpenCV framework?
Zend_Config_Ini_Writer not working: Error 500
jquery update div background element
Javascript to WCF - MaxStringContentLength Exception
Linux TUN/TAP driver and recvmsg()/sendmsg() interface
Api to count number of status,photos,friends
How to make this Javascript appear in a different way? [closed]
How to get the time a friend was made?
How do I know if I have successfully created a table (Python, Psycopg2)?
Ellipsis didn't work well on Internet Explorer
SIGSEGV Crash but unable to collect backtrace
How is the I/O Address Space mapped to devices?
Update value in inner array
Exec format error: apache + mod_wsgi on Mac OS X Lion
Handling simultaneous MySQL queries from different users
How to get Rails 3 plug-ins to work?
How to Update SQL Server Table With Data From Other Source (DataTable)
Set to zero bidimensional array (and something else)
Parse URL out of function for fancybox?
How to access the PC's resources through a batch file?
How to set Index Term length in Lucene.Net
How can I read the terminal input on a tty device before a newline arrives?
Pack Javascript code without ending semicolon?
android.media.audiofx.Visualizer throwing exception every other time
How does the fragment shader know what variable to use for the color of a pixel?
OpenFileDialog hide preview
Objective-C OpenGL game tutorials
Using Fancybox jQuery plugin to display inline content (image and text) that is dynamically resized when displayed
jquery index on list item issue
How to set folder permission
Pole Display clear text
Objective-C graphics drawing speed
URL rewrite rule causing havoc
dataset linking 2 databases
Drawing multiple images on Canvas in Android
Turn a bit array inside a string into week day name
Javascript keydown on mobile phone
Making 'id' attr_accessible/mass-assignable (and all other attributes)
File Integrity with ant deployment and hudson ci
Edit Default Report - MS-Access
Apache-Forbidden 403-Works when Apache is off-Others on LAN can't connect
why my app vibrate constantly?
Conditional is_int with variable check?
cross domain ajax
Javascript new object instance from dynamic function name
What's the easiest way to webscrape behind login page and auto-fill-in forms to get information? [closed]
How to create Tablet layout in eclipse for android
How to make a static image-button turn sides?
Querying on a @DBRef field
how to mimic jquery UI tabs
Connecting to external mysql database using Java
HTML link anchor inside ActionScript 3?
jquery UI tabs width 100%
SSAS MDX - How to change the way summing up works in a cube?
Filter DataTable using ArrayList
wxPython - blank frame in Ubuntu
Python inspect.getmembers does not return the actual function when used with decorators
Is it a bad practise to pass the http servlet response in my service layer?
Javascript - confused using confirm in Ajax
how to turn on search suggestions programatically in IE9
How to know user is in Settings app?
Completed 302 Found in Rails 3 Registration Process only on Heroku
Changing Global Website Highlight Color in CSS Only Highlighting Parts of Page
How to extract information between two unique words in a large text file
Google Maps API v3 markers and circles suddenly stopped displaying
Which UITextField delegate method will be called without resing keyboard?
Google CSE border won't hide in IE7, 8 and 9
sqlite locking issue on windows NTFS
How do I encode or decode my url when redireted back to my site from Facebook with once we FbConnect
Why is @users instance variable slower than user variable in ROR?
Multiple Keyboards - Grab each stream - On Macs - How?
Does MonoDroid work with Zebra Crossing?
Cannot populate DataGrid rows in user control's DataGrid RowDetailsTemplate
Switch statements in C
How to show the change between two images which are quite similar?
How to limit a conditioned result query in PHP/MYSQL?
Why is my PNG texture not coming out with transparency?
Can .NET 4 ISet<> HashSet<> replace NHibernate Iesi.Collections ISet , HashSet?
existing function to combine standard deviations in R?
How do I manually get autotest to run on specific test files? Editing .autotest in rails app root has no effect
is there an easy way to disallow some method from framework?
Using UrlConnection Openstream mutiple times in a loop
ShDocVw.dll InternetExplorer Object - 鈥淎ccess is Denied鈥�when manipulating local .html file
Android Loop Images
Method for selecting elements in Sizzle using fully-qualified URLs
Create a Hibernate Entity that is not associated with a table
hadoop installation
JBoss drools map line number from consequence exception to the actual rule consequence
SQL query for max time with group on string excluding groups with null time rows
Passing a Variable To A Jquery Function
textFiled shouldChangeCharactersInRange function didn't work
develop windows phone 7 using XNA saving the game
Backbone.js: Property in Subclassed View is Undefined
Twitter Bootstrap Carousel plugin delay on page load
How to disable mail server session in liferay
Handling Game Center Notifications
press on UIImage and fire a method
press on UIImage and fire a method
Not able to assign text in UIWebview
is a .jsp file intended to be rendered in a browser like a .html file?
Java Bigdecimal class
Strangest error I've yet encountered
JwPlayer: dynamic change video
EventMachine em-http-request image/png encoding issue?
Can't get MenuItem to have its ActionListeners called
sql query price retrival
How would I store an empty string into a vector
jQuery - log out on login attempt from new window or browser tab
insert list object as argument in string.format
How to get siblings when using contains(text(), ) in xpath
Is new HSQLDB susceptible to data corruption?
Using Java from Ruby: JRuby vs. Rjb
Strange button behavior in safari/opera
Using the C99 standard causes GCC compiler errors
How to test a nested resource's controller with Rspec?
Mysql syntax error
the dispatchDraw method and mapViews (android)
Ruby Gems Path Weirdness
Why do people say SqlDataReader.GetXXX(i) is faster than SqlDataReader[i]?
call vimeo video using ajax?
Does android use database to store the information of ringtone?
Private Variables in Threads
incorrect config.xml [duplicate]
How to converting columns to rows?
Moving sprite in direction of an angle
Is the compiler of Java Bootstrapped?
Join If ID exists Else return Other Column
How to use nested inline asp.net tags?
Why won't my modal open in the dead center of the window?
Object mixup between programmatically created view and interface builder placeholder
How to Set Attribute Value of <A> Tag in live HTMLDocument with quotes around it?
Converting special characters at variable for URL usage
Is there any way not to call Control Event?
Generic method to compare/filter two lists using expressions/lamda
berkeley sockets, running simple client and server connecting
Configuring sqlalchemy for windows
how to create a dynamic tree using gwt ,default expanded
Symfony2 FOSUserBundle Overriding Forms
Flash AS3 Chat/Whiteboard Integration
Application doesn't run in background, but can I still do some task before my application gets terminated?
Merging approximately equal points in dataset
Sending camera video from browser to server
Link practice without 鈥�鈥�in the beginning of href
Setting Dimensions Of JPanel on JTabbedPane in JInternalFrame in Java
Simple Java Issue
How to make a directory structure from list
Wordpress Post Via XMLRPC - Add Multiple Categories
Creating Truth Table with Python IndexError:list out of range
Sharing a SQL CE 4 database between projects
PostgreSQL regex matching different between version
How to remove any trailing numbers from a string?
Entity Framework Linq - how to get groups that contain all your data
can't make javascript work, is it an ID issue?
MSVC 10 range based for loop
Create new page with navigation diffirent in Drupal 7
Delphi XE2: TListView as tile view not working in Windows XP
String and null pointers in Java
Socket.IO not working properly
Python Dictionary
Common Lisp: How to build a loop expression with a macro?
MATLAB: copy a specific portion of an array
How slide a control like in iOS in Firemonkey?
AutoField error on django syncdb
Grails scaffolding is displaying fewer columns than the domain
NullReferenceException on XML Deserialization in dynamically loaded assembly
Smarty, count length of array key string?
How do I find all .exe files using the boost library?
git server and username
What is a good replacement for new Buffer(鈥渕y string鈥� 鈥渂inary鈥�
Building mysqli queries?
DLL size differs when built in separate solutions
Order results by number
Corner to corner shortest paths in a rectangular grid
What's the meaning of 'inoremap' in vimrc
Binding error using ApplicationBarButtonCommand and DelegateCommand
Use my own Rectangle struct instead of the built-in Rectangle
have 200 lines in an excel spread sheet and i need to call them in a wp7 app
Does ofstream variable.open support predetermined string variables?
Why am I getting an enum error?
Multithreaded JavaMail: is it possible?
Update Image container when local image source file changes
How to Avoid Loading Local Page in New Tab on Default Android Browser
SolrJetty logging - how to get custom log formatter to work?
Excel formula for VLOOKUP with changing look-up value across all rows?
Error when using array as array element
How to Connect MySQLiteDB.db by Using Terminal?
dynamic css per user
JQUERY how to select items
MATLAB: Using inputParser with varargin
JS: alert when clicking on a tag
Increment a variable within a Foreach Loop and use it-SSIS
The .Join() calling is never unblocked same when thread is terminated
Graph API missing type property?
jpa transaction stop rollback
Jquery Tokeninput how to get name instead of the id [closed]
What is the different between normal Android virtual machine and Google API virtual machine in Dalvik
A forward does not change the URL in browser address bar
Pyparsing: how to implement special processing of C-style comments?
Can I use Apache mod_proxy as a connection pool, under the Prefork MPM?
django forms blank label
Errors compiling example from ANSI C book, Linked Lists chapter
Ending a loop once the user is wrong twice?
Firefox css3 animations
CSS overflow help needed - For jquery collpase
Printing a PDF document from a browser
Any way to detect via code when an Internet firewall's access authorization dialog pops up (Windows)?
How to use custom search function in Wordpress
Adding [myUITextField becomeFirstResponder]; does not bring up keyboard
Iterate through an array in PHP
Set up a default exception handler when unable to locate an element in selenium?
Is there an OAuth2 library for JavaScript?
Writing SQL equivalent of NSPredicate - Beginner
How to hover over elements of one list and display elements of another list?
for in converting str to list why?
Two column text with an image in top middle in HTML/CSS/PHP
wrong order of data value labels in barchart in R
How can i open a link in a new window in IE8? [closed]
rails has_one create error
How to increase access token expiry time using fb_exchange_token with OAuth 2.0
How to use external memory on a microcontroller
Android Webview GIF growing heap dramatically over time
json-framework - Token 'start of array' not expected after outer-most array or object
node.js and npm has no network access in windows 7 64 bit ultimate
Javascript Internet Explorer Issue - what am I doing wrong?
Animate selector/state transitions
How can I embed a function call inside another function?
Checking rows of 2d ArrayList for specific values
Console app to launch multiple instances of IE maximized on multiple monitors
RewriteRule wont work when link contains dash (on loaclhost xampp)
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 JumpList / TaskbarItemInfo example for Windows Forms
How to remove a UIView which i added
How to get rid of 鈥�20鈥�code in URLs (django)
Why does Youtube buffer some videos partially, but others fully?
validations for the model form
Django: Applying a custom id/class/name to a formfield
XNA: DrawUserPrimitives - Drawing FILLED rectangles
Google Cloud Storage using Python
Database role membership setting for a Report Manager data source
JS: change inside iframe A' link tags
popup window only 'popping up' once in safari
Update column with concatenated date (SQL Server)
jquery store IDs in cookie as json or something
Call Javascript functions in succession
Cross domain active directory group membership
Jquery live search script spam
NullReferenceException and I Don't Know Why
Google Analytic code turns my page blank
How to get rid of last comma when generating a list?
what does value assignment to a function do? On a virtual function
Wake up screen and show dialog on Lock Screen
Code for HTML 5 Animation [closed]
How can I add a url redirect to this jquey Countdown
How to implement C# code for Order id separated by commas and range separated by hyphens, and display all info of order
Table relations for more than two tables
how to difine one to many in hibernate for this example
How insert text into a input field
Call Oracle Stored procedure from JDBC with complex Input and Output type
Why doesn't mbtowc count character set as expected?
Microsoft SQL and query-ing with spelling errors
How to change the position of the cursor in 鈥渃entered-cursor-mode鈥�in Emacs?
getting current CSS3 Translate in animation
trying to log the sent arguments in javascript
highcharts - how to position labels over pie charts
Speed up android game and fix multi screen issue?
Facebook: Change the description/title that appears in a facebook post when I post a URL
Can't get tests working with Selenium, Capybara-webkit; RackTest works fine
Generating a random color
mobile jquery - listview data-filter value
Is there a way to abort a chef-client run if a particular condition is not met? [closed]
Issue in DataBinding in WP7
logging to file gnome-terminal output
Sending email fails as non-object specifiying error
Java Derby Database, one works the other doesn't
What does 鈥�event => :authentication鈥�do?
How to show the value label inside a QwtSlider?
How to change drawable in an ImageView based on radioButton selection in my android app
Using different wordpress theme depends on different site?
Iconv 'micro sign' from utf-8 to iso-8859-2
jQuery: classes and .each()
PHP: What is the best practice to generate a page display from a delimited txt file?
Ninject binding when controller has attribute
jQuery: Do function if content matches regex pattern
How to check incorrect stdin when I have something like 鈥渆xecutable < example_file鈥�or cat xyz , executable?
Convert between TProtocols
Using MySQL to return results using LEFT JOIN where one of the tables does not contain a record
Action Image Link on MVC3 Razor using Helper method
Regular Expression for hexadecimal number?
using lxml / xpath what are the various ways to select elements based on their siblings? (ex: only select <div>'s that follow <h1>'s)
How can i have individual order IDs for each customer ID?
Inline onchange submit doesn't work with webkit (Chrome or Safari)
How to manage multiple Async Tasks efficiently in Android
How to create a qt plugin that inherits from QWidget
Strange behaviour executing query on postgresql
CSS 鈥渨ord-spacing鈥�property for input elements not working in Opera
how do you check if two textflow objects are equal
jquery - get all td's in a table except those in the first two columns?
Do JButtons automatically update?
Do JButtons automatically update?
R debugging: 鈥渙nly 0's may be mixed with negative subscripts鈥�
Extending log4net's PatternString with a custom converter via configuration
mod_rewrite server.com/directory to new.com/directorynew/directory
What is the best way to hide jQuery UI autocomplete if no input box is used?
Styling Specific Objects Within A Div CSS [closed]
Dealing with previous commits when open-sourcing a project
android camera intent - retrieving image URI on any device
Node.js HTTP proxy cache: any guidelines and best practices?
Custom Listview clicking issue
How does ISet have two Add(T item) methods that vary only by return type?
How to make this javascript start at a certain time?
How to initialize a class and then freeze its argument value
How to resize bbcode linked image to fix within the current div height and width?
Consume non-Rails REST API with ActiveResource
Jquery Mobile not loading Google Map (except on refresh)
Get FileUpload value onchange in ASP.NET
Moving windows server to lamp PHP file stream errors
More Viewcontroller.m/.h?
How do I store and retrieve credentials from the Windows Vault credential manager?
Track visits every time a hidden div is shown
pkg-config fails to find package under sysroot directory
Android: Mobile to Mobile P2P Connection?
conversations in the playframework, or rather tab state vs. session state
MySQL, PHP based website statistics
finding orthogonal vectors of a cylinder
Is there something that convert the stuffread from input port to some specific type in Racket?
How to parse through data efficiently
embedded mysql query inside unix_timestamp
app store submit process (BundleID)
Cannot get back to my app after posting to facebook/twitter
Cause a ctrl-v paste to happen from a pygtk app into another window (in Linux)
What does inline-block mean for css?
Why does System.MidpointRounding.AwayFromZero not round up in this instance?
DataTable - add a column (checkbox) - read DataTable row into an Array - add an array as row in a DataTable
Add text between vars
Why do Facebook iOS app is not receiving notifications for application requests?
get_login_url goes to blank page when coming from naked url
Simple NSString Error - Printing (null)
How to avoid Visual Studio rebuild after switching Git branches back and forth?
2d bilinear interpolation in R
Python: Sql result with Unix time into seconds
Retrieve Salesforce Daily Api Requests limit
jQuery dropdown not working any of the browsers [closed]
Azure compute power: Extra Large VM slow
Code Igniter - Get Before Last URI Segment
How to manage size of image assets in mobile apps with ActionScript?
Differences between Visual Studio 2010 editions - source saved in different versions
Android Service: Queue events/tasks initiated in the UI until the Service is started?
How to run CountDownTimer when I'm not in the main thread
Android Service: Queue events/tasks initiated in the UI until the Service is started?
How to run CountDownTimer when I'm not in the main thread
Format items coming from a String-Array in XML
Symbol to integer error in inject
what type of interface use to connect to mysql through php
SED bash script Assistance
How do I specify the URL to a WebSocketServlet in Jetty?
Remove curled corner from qlgenerator thumbnail
CKEditor dialog input field above tab elements
Replacing an image Flash wants to load
Is it possible to have the same source file in two different projects compiled with different options in VS2008?
How to move a file with a complicated filename in python
Two QTableViews in QLayout
Next Without For error in nested loop in Excel VBA
HTML5 Swiffy with a Swf Fallback
dynamically create arrays from multidimensional array
Invitation code and users database in Wordpress
Is this good link practice?
Parsing google weather XML using NSXMLParser [duplicate]
Scalar value errors (with IO::Socket)
WebDriver test using Google Chrome hangs when executed via build process using TFS/NUnit
Splitting a string into bi-grams, ignoring certain labels
Repaint/update a baseadapter?
Simulating System Wide Touch Events on iOS
Preventing IP spoofing
Get full path to current node
Monodevelop Debug ASP.Net Application does not start?
Is this possible using Azure Tables?
sendRedirect() does NOT throw IllegalStateException with Servlet 3.0 under GlassFish 3.1.1
Rails Session Files Missing
Argument conversion for function taking an arg as 'const arg *&'
How to add a component into a JComponent with absolute positioning?
Dimiss UIPopoverController when another UIBarButtonItem is pressed
What would cause a deferred object to be rejected?
A clean way to render things
Event Listener Function not recognized
List View with Section Headings
Remove ribbon from outlook window
DDOS prevention [closed]
Equivalent of wget in Python to download website and resources
Combining JSP servlets and Javascript
How to view WS/WSS Websocket request content using Firebug or other?
Is there a work around for global variable size limit in visual c?
Why is Android 4.0 / Ice Cream Sandwich allocating so much heap memory?
Building Qt 4.8 with mingw fails - 鈥淚 couldn't find a pro file for QtCore module鈥�
Django form itereate over select field in template
Taking Java Input Quickly
Using Marshal.SizeOf() method on a custom struct containing only value types
How to read response headers from an ajax call in jQuery?
Will 32bit and 64bit Python collide? [duplicate]
Unit Testing ASP.Net MVC 4 apps thoroughly
Missing slash between base url and all links
Color of PorterDuffXfermode on Android Canvas
Is there any haskell function to concatenate list with separator?
how to load libandroid_runtime
Ruby loop skipping elements
Batch process does not print with correct font
How to address multiple columns as one in MySQL?
How can I tell if a GWT HTML's contents overflow horizontally?
Change the role of a distant user without having to relog
Java Swingworker and multiple threads
Javascript Array data (in socket IO application)
vba dynamical filling combo boxes
access web container through Apache webserver Port 80 using mod_jk?
Error importing 'CoreData/CoreData.h'
Getting type is not acceptable error when image uploading
Enable full screen using seesaw?
Dynamic Form Creation
Android json/gson deserialization
Can't create an array of list objects
Fastest/easiest way to build a WebKit based Windows application?
Propel fail in creating an instance of a concrete class with inheritance?
Oracle: getting maximum value of a group?
Why a form would automatically resubmitted when the page is refreshed
Create an array in windows workflow foundation
Allowing custom class instantiation with the abstract factory pattern in PHP
on virtual hosting, how to have a 鈥渕ysql global event鈥�like function?
Plotting a pie-chart in matplotlib at a specific angle with the fracs on the wedges
Is there any legit use for hidden iframe in php?
storing and retrieving from lists with custom structures in
How to run code snippet at breakpoint?
Outputting php json data
Basic http proxy in c, problems
C# lambda simplification
How do you navigate line position in aptana?
How to store my binary assets with Mercurial?
Jquery mobile UI input dropdown formatting behaviour in tables
How to align Facebook Like Button in dynamically-created iframe?
jquery mobile form: pass data in a form
bulk insert with linq-to-sql
Wrong mailbox items being retreived using Exchange Web Services managed API in C#
Java - Right Clicking JTabbledPane Tab
Java How to load classes out of a jar in the classpath with the System ClassLoader (no URLClassLoader)?
using ontouchend, disable onclick
What is the right way to handle errors?
Using a unit of minutes in MySQL query
Trouble with overlay using MKPolyline & MKPolylineView
Displaying a custom button on camera view
Rewrite Rule to enforce default lang code in URL
Android textView scroll
creating names for linked lists while looping (Java)
JQuery UI Datepicker newDate minus 2 months
iPhone - intersection of rectangles
How to convert a fractional epoch timestamp (double) to an std::chrono::time_point?
Call to malloc failing in gdb session
Serious Memory Leak When Iteratively Parsing XML Files
How can I access the appengine datastore using remote_api_shell on a windows machine?
How to display an integer literally as a character
Calculating distance between two locations. Value only changes if Longitude is changed
What would cause an &nbsp; to turn into a unicode character?
LNK2019 error, unresolved external symbol
Facebook Authentication gets stuck in Production - using Rails 2.3.11 omniauth 1.0.2 in EC2
Detect sitecore media browser OK button click using javascript and get confirmation result
How do I remove an Attribute from a JSON String utilizing PHP
How to set up cascading deletes in MySQL workbench?
How to separate backbone/ember components?
CollectionViewSource.Filter doesn't work
How to add Javascript 鈥淪top鈥�and 鈥淩eset鈥�Button to the following:
how to deal with microsoft xpath namespace 鈥渂ug鈥�
Best analytics/data visualization library for MongoDB
set min & max height of lightbox which overides css when next/prev buttons used
How can i pass <SelectListItem> text in a DropDownList to another view?
auto refresh of a div
The right way to architect a filter for the iPhone?
JQuery: Floating a toolbar from bottom of page in a WebSphere Portal 7 theme
How to use a proxy in Haskell? (probably using a higher-rank types extension)
MySQL Index: 1 keyname multiple columns OR 1 keyname per column?
Using Artifactory's REST API to deploy jar file
C++: Scott Meyers 鈥淓ffective STL鈥� item 31: know your sorting options: help to understand
Unable to implement a dynamic programming table algorithm in python
Eclipse debugger crashing because of JOptionPane
Cross-Platform GUI development between wxPython and Mono
PHP. Loop through an array and get items with attributes in common
In my Wordpress theme, how can I add pagination for the blog page?
Image Conversion between cv2, cv, mahotas, and SimpleCV
Get boolean variable from XML (not string)
C++ Radix sort algorithm
Fastest way to reduce a csv file to two columns
Trying to make a vector using templates
What defines IE 9's default compat and quirk modes?
Electronic Device Information - Where to access Laptop/TV/Camera data?
Java - Join Multiple drawString's in Swing
DataTemplate for Listbox containing lists as items doesn't get displayed
Why Silverlight binding doesnt work?
Yii - Retrieve Model Relation Current ID from Controller / Model
Running two processes in parallel from makefile
Track Bar Only fire event on final value not ever time value changes
Why each observation delegate runs on a new thread
New Row Created In DataGridView When AutoComplete Dropdown Clicked On
How to create a Layout were I can place anything where I want?
Jquery/Javascript - Capture the position of the page screen or an element
Shortening The Number Of Arguments In A Web Method Using jQuery AJAX
Cannot start Plone production instances normally with plone.app.async enabled
Enum in header files
Large executable causes debuggers to hang
Matlab Compiler MCC errors on imports for Java classes from dynamic Java classpath
Open an user control as popup using jQuery dialog in ASPX page
How to escape template syntax in templates
Sorting NSOrderedSet using NSSortDescriptor
Django-registration partially included in django, getting name error
Can RoR i18n language yml files be reused with django?
html: sidebar + scrolling div with height set to current page size
Setting IDENTITY_INSERT off from ASP.Net
rails 3 rake routes not working, no routes shown as output
Parse case-insensitive operators using OperatorPrecedenceParser
iPhone SDK - CALayer crash
Swap mouse move for touch control
fql for retreiving frinds who has got app installed
regex when format is not fixed
Resize image thumbs relative to window size
Fetching a maximum value with CoreData
error: no match for 'operator>>' in 'std::cin >> stopat'
Manipulating/translating <text> in SVG (adding a bounding box)
how to load data to recursive dataView in extjs?
Compare fields (validation c#/asp.net)
iphone : Is it legal to send an email from my app via an external server (with a PHP script)
top.location with Facebook = null or undefined
Drug Half Life calculator with PHP
HTML Links in Android List View
WCF hosting in Windows Services (Network Service)
Why doesn't except ValueError: trigger?
Android app has older UI designs on device than the Rendering Target in Eclipse
How to publish/code AIR app that will load an XML file and images from the file system?
memory leak while creating annotation points
Java is there a way to load a class that has been already loaded by the System ClassLoader by a different one?
CultureInfo.CurrentCulture.DateTimeFormat.ShortTimePattern broken in .Net 3.5?
Exception Thrown in C# for FileStream Constructor with CreateNew for Existing File
.NET 4.0 GAC - Unable to Add DLL
Find & track max value in a multidimensial array
How do I get my iPhone app to start in Landscape mode?
PySide QWidget immediate update
HTML5 Video not working only in IE9 [duplicate]
Converting Java application to JApplet for online access
Besides Aristo, what are some good Open Source jquery-ui themes?
JavaScript on server: to run or not to run (and why) [closed]
Can't re-add the same panel
ubuntu 11.10 imagemagick missing compose operator and options
why salt did not help when using dictionary attack
Set 2 conditions binded together
Right Click to select items in a ListBox
Newton's Method for finding the reciprocal of a floating point number for division
Mysql in PHP - how to update only one row in table but with greatest id number
playframework random CRUD error
How do I make my App run an NSTimer in the background?
Isolated debugging session with PyDev
click on a div with regular javascript
Access session / request information outside of views in Django
Specify MARS Input File
Forwarding http package in java
Strange behaviour when using the Home button in GreenDroid ActionBar's
render individual file in middleman
Function append lines to .csv
How can I post status to facebook page with page name rather than user name?
Header with Rails and Bootstrap
BASH Command save to variable with a variable in the command
Writing to a text file using Javascript
Using BCP to import data to SQL Server while preserving accents, Asian characters, etc
Can a conforming compiler break uint32_t -> int16_t -> int32_t conversions?
An unhandled exception of type 'System.NotSupportedException' occurred in System.ServiceModel.Syndication.dll
how to make the following plot?
Android ksoap2 communication doesn't work with slow internet connection
How do I change the location of a canvas element?
php redirect email to file
HTTP 401 Unauthorized or 403 Forbidden for a 鈥渄isabled鈥�user?
PHP DOM: doesnt load css stylies
c++ Random unexplained error
how to zoom out in a webview
How do you associate a Page with an App, now that the migration deadline is over?
Need help in mod 1000000007 [closed]
Android Custom Tile Map
Android emulator won't start in Linux
Rotate quaternion along axis
C++ Can't Write 1's To Struct Member
Android tablelayout and button resize
VS2010 did not break debug on static constructor exception
Getting full IP address to show in MySQL
Selecting the Tag of NSSegmentedControl
Python numpy array vs list
String.Format for creating regex patterns
How to reassemble a wireshark packets to original file sent?
C# EventHandler - No overload matches delegate (huh?)
IIS Url Rewriter to detect feed and redirect to Feedburner
How to run a java class as a socket server
mysql_fetch_assoc in zend? [duplicate]
Best method of displaying an alternative on javascript crash
PHP caching class
How to set the mimetype value in web.xml dynamically
Need help converting WCF netTcpBinding to CustomBinding
How do I extract the response code from a JSON API request?
Php Messagebox (sever-side) Help in any way please
Execute remote quiet MSI installs from Powershell
Is it technically possible, and does it even make sense to use Dart with Lift?
Enumerating combinations via SQL
Designer learning Ruby on Rails?
Tornado Web Production Environment
Adding and Subtracting with Javascript and JSON
How do I determine which form is submitted and process different submission function using jquery
Items not returned from a list
Javascript accordion animation
How to expose all controls within a User Control?
open a .csproj with monodevelop
Weird JPanel behavior when calling repaint()
java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range
Python WindowsError: [Error 3] The system cannot find the file specified when trying to rename
Convert any facebook URL into a graph ID
Select VarChar with apostrophes
Android SSL with a Smart Card through PKCS#11
Add table of Content To PDF REAder
VB6 SetWindowText
Embed HTML into application
What is the easiest way to POST using WebRequest for Windows Phone 7?
Importing CSV file in Drupal using Migrate module. Want nodes to be owned by admin
What is the purpose of using php inside css link tag?
Powershell - Export-CSV and Append
need htaccess help in setting up rewritebase
How do I interpret brute force in algorithm creation instructions?
How Do I make my ProgressBar work?
How does PHP assess MIMEtypes of uploaded files?
Simple ASCII encoding Q w/Java
could not locate an NSManagedObjectModel for entity name 鈥淴鈥�
Is it possible to mimic PHPUnit's output-to-console results using a Listener?
Oracle - Strange intermittent error with data/state being lost between procedure calls
Determining when a completed workflow instance has been persisted
popen returning false on a bat file execution
Basic jQuery image gallery with thumbnails
How to take a long string and scroll it in a 15 character text control/label?
Shouldn't 鈥渢ext-align: center;鈥�applied to an absolutely positioned element, do nothing to its child elements?
Custom date formatting in an NSTableView
Is there something like onclick/onfocus for tabhost/tabspec?
How to configure tomcat to rollover catalina.log files
Why does the returned DataTable has readonly columns in FileHelpers
iOS UITableView dynamic width
bash string comparisons
Java: Using instanceof to expose different object methods
Using jquery ajax json format, How do you output a query from a .cfm page to the calling html page?