Case classes, pattern matching and varargs
ActionScript Dictionary to C#
Dynamic growth RAID array/NAS [closed]
Generic EditorTemplate for DropDownList?
Read var_dump data with PHP
How can I create a list on a webpage, where each item is based on a template, using Javascript?
In Cocoa, when is view controller instantiated?
Backbone custom collections from JSON data
Open a colorbox from a loaded page
Using WebSocket for file transfer
How to position a popup div based on the position of where the cursor clicks
How to determine if a WCF service that is hosted in a Console application is up and running?
Problems overriding paintEvent with PySide
Windows Service - Find out when the last user action was [closed]
SOAPUI Groovy Script calls to Command Line
TSQL Join on columns with different values
How to add Java network server into OSGI bundle
Are there events for connect.static?
Jquery-Tools Tabs - Need a specific tab to load two divs onClick
XCode, how to preserve directory hierarchy
HTML Form file upload sending to email address
iOS: Multiple selectors for toolbar button based on view
What other languages are loosely-typed like JavaScript? [closed]
Adding vertical lines to chart_Series and add_TA plots
Double comparison problems
Rails 3 - ActiveRecord + MySQL and RANDOM function
How to set the background for a range of values with Google Visualization API?
backbone.js view renders before model fetch
plotting markers on top of axes
report builder for non SQL users
If a nested element fires an event, dont let the container handle it
How to make a service update the UI on an activity after reopening after the system has shut it down in Android
Enum as key of HashTable
Hiding the Android Keyboard's Input Box (Not the Keyboard Inself)
iOS unit testing with Core Data
PresentModalViewController, PushViewController, then DismissViewController with a new view shown?
Loading a UIScrollView like a UiTableView
layout messed up after including jQuery file in the code, mvc razor
Django how to pass custom variables to context to use in custom admin template?
Many-to-many returns no data
Android PreferenceScreen title in two lines
2 way encryption with Spring Security 3.1
dot syntax vs method syntax with getter=
My new Wordpress theme works perfectly except I don't know how to limit the blog posts shown in the blog page
Returning parent-child data from SQL query
how to modify the i-th element of a Haskell List?
BigO time complexity of algorithm
Can I dynamically/on the fly create a class from an interface, and will nHibernate support this practice?
How to check updated object in rspec in rails 3.1.0?
How can I access indexedDB synchronously?
Clear selected option in IE with javascript or jQuery
How to set subset of bits in X equivalent to ones in Y
Is it Possible to create a PhoneGap app from a Wordpress blog?
jQuery deferred:
iPhone Quartz Drawing Eraser
Search criteria form and collections
tinyMCE Editor Margins on tinyMCE container
Why is this function = true working in Google Chrome but not Firefox?
Stubborn ExceptionInInitializerError after manytoManyRelation added
Problems in running a modified Java code
What LINQ to EF would cause 鈥淭his operation cannot be performed on an ObjectStateEntry when the object is detached鈥�
read before write is undefined with malloced memory?
Get reference to element in jquery-ui dialog function
Php curl incorrect download
how to do verify using
BASH : Get the last 4 characters of output from Standard Out, Inline
Possible to pass constant value to function parameter?
Unable to start grails war on tomcat6
Asserting that a particular exception is thrown in Cucumber
remove first element from array
SIGABRT error after IB fix attempted
hadoop logging facility?
How to make this an entirely clickable DIV
How to draw Horizontal line on a graph using JQPlot Where Y axis is in time range
Loading date/time into Sencha Touch Model
traversing C string: get the last word of a string
NSNumber compare: returning different results
Is there a Jythonic way to represent an XML file in a Swing tree?
Validating links for sql injections in php
Can I have two different label sizes for a data label?
perl, append a character to i-th capturing group
What is the best way to check if the 鈥淎dmin鈥�Group is in the user groups (using has_and_belong_to_many relationships) in Rails 3?
Why can you initialize a static const variable inline but not a plain static (C++)
PHP ODBC connect() to Access - architecture mismtach
Vim: Changing viewports quickly in normal mode
how to show events link in .net calendar control?
Subquery returns more than 1 row
Java Swing GridLayout 鈥淐ell span鈥�
metaclass error: type.__init__() takes 1 or 3 arguments
Is it possible to configure a virtual network interface on Windows7?
Topshelf multiple host
How can I error check this factory Create<T> method that uses the activator with parameters?
form doesn't get submitted on an auto refreshed page
Adding lines of varying length to a 2d arraylist
How can I read an element from an XML file in PHP?
Targeted my project in Visual 2010 to .Net 4.0 but the system still looks for the dll 'System.Core version'
PHP structured variable and User-generated validation rules? User-generated PHP code?
ZEND - decorators and position of elements?
jQuery: substitute (concatenated) button value with variable string
From a web app, I have to store a file in MS SQL 2008 DB. Do you recommend storing it as xml string or as a blob?
Iterate through array of Objects
android app/server connection problems
Error CS1705: 鈥渨hich has a higher version than referenced assembly鈥�
Javascript get element that was clicked based on ClassName
Strange behavior - Console stops printing
Delphi's ribbon glitchy images
MS link fails from gnu make, but works from cmd line
iOS AsyncSocket in Views or Delegate
Using Javascript inside a PDF
Javascript: suppress 鈥淭his page is asking you to confirm that you want to leave鈥�popup on onbeforeunload
Cocoa, XCode, Objective-C [duplicate]
Magento: cannot override resource model. What I'm doing wrong?
Truncating Text in PHP? [closed]
Prefill select box from jSON
undefined method error in view
Multiple fbAsyncInit's?
How does smarty cache work? How does it know when to cache?
Showing large UIImage causes jittering even though it is already in memory
How can I leverage C++ code in the JVM?
Using Maven, in which directory should I place the image files for my icons?
Memory leak when sorting array
call paintcomponent for a jpanel in jframe
flex mobile TabbedViewNavigatorApplication back button
Edit record from request history form by specific user
How to block the back key in android when using Qt
Time complexity in Big-O
Create objects dynamically with php
How to get rid of the Aptana Ctrl-q shortcut
Need code for extracting useable data from IMDB text files with R
Spring Security getting the acess attributes of patterns in intercept-url
Direction between two points
How to refresh XML data that is bound to a list in Flex?
Index by in query builder
NTFS Permissions for Anonymous Web User Account in IIS7 for ASP.Net applications
Why does the value not get updated in my datatable row?
Setting up a logs-only subversion mirror
c++ array - expresssion must have a constant value
zend framework 鈥�this鈥�
In jquery, is there a way to iterate over a jQuery array without $(this)?
How do I compile 32bit Perl on a 64bit Linux machine using perlbrew?
Programmatically LZMA decompressing a static LZMA-compressed file
Creating a P2P Applciation with TCP/IP? [closed]
Implement an audio player able to read WMA DRM as well
CFC Admin RDS problems when calling remote cfcs from a form
Method not visible
Filter items in a consumer web part using multiple filter values from a provider web part
query select data with any character not a-z,0-9,#,space
Unable to get PHP error reporting to work
javascript setInterval: do calls overlap?
org.apache.struts2.tiles.StrutsTilesListener occasionally not found when starting Tomcat in Eclipse
Adding a file to a target for specific build configuration
Collect $_POSTs from multiple checkbox rows
how to print the exact word from a file by using grep?
How to save user login credentials using PhoneGap API?
function to find length of 2d string array in cpp?
Canvas element can't be drawn on after jquery display transition
three questions on an existing perl subroutine
fclose hang after cloned threads on Linux
Is <span> containing multiple <td>s legitimate?
jQuery import not being found
Errors when cross compiling C++/Objective-C++
mysql enum error: 1067 what is the mistake?
How do I make my webpage always show visitors the most recent version?
Cocos2d - Passing a CCSprite to a child layer
how to deserialize json into objects in c#
How to connect to a DB using PDO without knowing what DB is available
How to push data from an Oracle table to a SQL Server table?
String date to universal time convertion java
Undefined symbols, cvSmooth in opencv2.3.1 on mac
How to debug functions in a dynamic library loaded with LD_PRELOAD with gdb?
How to trigger an IBAction method programmatically vs. via a button, etc?
document.ready and iframes
How do I add a form to Joomla that allows a registered user to add a contact?
How to get every other item in a list
Problems with urlopen and mysql
鈥淥bservableCollection鈥�is not supported by the language
How can I force ticks/grid lines on a Highcharts datetime X axis to arbitrarily line up with data points?
Can't find the bug on my site
Python 3 PyQT (Using Designer), having issues starting
Creating text file without using bcp in sql
Make reference to C# code from multiple projects
MySQL ConnectorJ with multiple SQL statements
Can't load sencha touch index in Android using PhoneGap
Unable to Install Gems from Vendor Cache
Cells in MigLayout [closed]
How to handle when user closes 鈥淧hysical Location鈥�prompt in Firefox and Chrome?
pull first matching row from sql gruop
How to add dynamic description to SharePoint 2010 Logo / Title area
How to convert longitude and latitude string to double?
Not able to separate each word that has an empty space and storing it in array for some text
How to fix and merge this git tree?
Constant variable cannot be template parameter for reference, but non-const can
fatal exception: main caused by java.lang.NullPointerException menu button
How to keep track of my internal frames?
Easiest way to copy data from one table to another table?
TouchListView resizes view after drop (CommonsWare)
JavaScript - What am I doing wrong?
Rails Devise delegate set and save both models
Setting up multiple sites on single virtual host
knockout console log and observable undefined
How do you get multiple error handlers in PHP?
Is this piece of code going to crash my app at random times?
findAndUpdate MongoDBRepository
Unit Tests w/ Full Stack Traces
Debug Apache Tomcat. Oops! Google Chrome could not connect. Why?
Using Spring or using separate project integrated by Spring?
Regex to get HTML between two specific strings
Get the Uri inside an action in mvc
Attempt to delete subform record returns 鈥淣o current record鈥�
Using Intent to send data
why is $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] returning
Process large XML docs in memory
Can ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem execute on Main Thread?
express.js socket pooling
Close a Dojo Dialog By Clicking Outside Of It
Open GL transformations
Best practice when using Reverse-DNS Package Notation and vanity domains?
Maven multiple module conflict
Sharing Rails session with other apps using DB Session Storage
Using VB in excel. How do I return the highest value Regex match from multiple matches?
Issues with MySQL code?
Development 鈥渕odel鈥�for clojurescript/clojure applications
image viewing website in php ideas and where to start at? [closed]
Plumbing pipes with pipe() in c++
Is it possible to stop a slightly-too-big inline image (e.g a smiley) from affecting the line height of the block of text it's in?
Chrome and UI Accordion
mercurial ignores sites/all/modules in Drupal Multi-site
Is there a way to fire a trigger from System.out.println?
Invalidate Session of a specific user
When I try adding rack-flash to my sinatra app it stops working
Monitors and mutual exclusion
Removing Default Widgets in Wordpress
Cannot reach socket server on AWS EC2
Android DatePicker Typeface
ie9 SVG - drawing overtop of html text
Can a file be read and written right back with small changes without knowing its encoding in C#?
php - mysqli works but pdo doesn't
Why JAXB is not marshalling my own subclass
Spring Batch with very old JDBC 1.0 driver
Changing axis options for Polar Plots in Matplotlib/Python
service crashing on start
How can I make an UPDATE query on INNER JOIN using OR
jQuery this.html() returns undefined
Rendering partials not working from controller
automated testing using script injection on the web
Idiomatic way to recurse through collections in Clojure
How to get the deepest levels of a hierarchical sql query
ommiting tuples based on conditions in other tuples
How does the ARM linker know where the exception table stops?
How to filter in records from one dataset to another?
downgrade java version
How to efficiently copy all files from one directory to another in an amazon S3 bucket with boto?
On the Python Tkinter Canvas widget, how do you lock the y coordinate of the mouse?
Why is Jsoup scraping data in Java/Android differently
HttpServer vs. Servlet - which approach to take to show an updating BufferedImage
Way to make a WMI call in C# in a service's OnShutdown?
Script to create an ASP.NET Membership provider User
What to send someone to access my mysql database?
Combine 2 jQuery scripts to make DIV a link and open modal
are my environment variables secure from other users on the system?
Pulling Data From an SQL Database in HTML 5
Terminating Loop on Input
to rewrite or not to rewrite
Django - get a field's name from within its init function
Crystal Reports Sub reports repeating based on Parameter
Blending not working the same on Desire HD and A500 Tab
Live editing like jsFiddle or developer tools but to the server?
How to make the website show signs like 鈥溎嶁� and 鈥溎団�?
What's the difference between a PageMod/page-mod and a Page/page-worker?
Is it possible to get a property's private setter through reflection?
The right event to detect a moving UIElement inside a Canvas
MySQL Display categories and their count for company in one query
鈥淪tatic鈥�class member
Lift, Play! or BlueEyes (with a bunch of Javascript Frameworks)
Rails 3 JS remote link opens up and printed instead of executed
How to flatten large loop stacks?
Why does my application use more memory after I compress it with UPX, and what can I do about it?
Rails using the same controller for 2 views
Create variables from arbitrary number of observations per ID in R
How to find the C.P.U load (percentage of C.P.U utilization) in the slave node
Index out of range error using Chutzpah's Visual Studio extension
How to Implement Custom Table View Section Headers and Footers with Storyboard
How do you make a multi-page app in Xcode for IPhone?
Text Based User Interface
MVVM + UserControl + UserControl + DependencyProperty
How to store small files in Cassandra?
Multiple string parse to loop
Cannot call method 'charAt' of undefined - only on server
What does mean 鈥淢aximum Heap Size = Unlimited鈥�in a j2me device?
How does MS Visual Studio determine that source file have changed?
How can I show table view cell values after click button?
Inconsitent behaviour with RijndaelManaged encryption
Image inside the Div element not showing
More Threads or Empty Loops?
Prevent Object from Zooming
Mac OS X: How can I get the MAC addresses of all available WiFi networks?
Google cloud print downloadable?
is this an acceptable way to shutdown mysql on Ubuntu?
How to get information about a different java process (another JVM instance running different processes) from one JVM process?
separating a multi-page ascii file
.NET CF - Socket.BeginReceive - Does this ever throw a SocketException?
What's the appropriate method for marshalling an array of strings?
How to build .NET web scraper for news articles about people
Why can't I specialize the nested template member without specializing enclosing class template first?
what type of data use in mysql to save data time
Restrict mouse movement over a specified window handle
This code does not work with latest jQuery
Getting a file from my local server and uploading it to a remote server using php
ServerSocket not accepting on droid emulator
Custom RequireHttps and testing
Difference between operator and non-operator versions of Python set operations
textarea form not POSTed in IE9
writing a file finder (java)
Pass 'this' from one function to another in javascript?
Networking L2/L3 project ideas? [closed]
In C#.NET, how to add version number to static file references, such as HTML and CSS?
What is meaning of returning by reference reference `&&` [duplicate]
Requirejs optimize tool exclude folders
Accuracy of redis dbsize command
Open a window when user opens Cocoa app from finder, while app all ready open
Single line 'var' declarations, or one per line? [closed]
Which code is written better? [closed]
Searching x32 registry keys from a x64 program
Convert python client server to websocket
Order of values when extracting Python dict to list
Python string FIFO
Get difference in days between two weekdays
Copying contents of a file to another using read(), write(), open()
How to let regex ignore everything between brackets?
PHP Pagination query failed
Gemfile.lock has different version of Rake in deployment environment
Error Compiling CSS Asset
MySQL query performance optimization
Does Umbraco V5 support Medium Trust?
jqGrid - how to hide bottom page and show top pager only?
Cloning Html Table Row and Showing DIV Menu
Move duplicate values to another column
PDO fetch loop is returning an array of the same mysql table column names over and over instead of the data
How to load a large amount of Google Web Fonts?
DIV fade in animation
Dealloc not being called on ARC app
Integrating PayPal in
Best way to Serialize / Deserialize an image in Android
multiple Bean used in the same form
DI and IOC examples in simple C# [duplicate]
cocos2d CCMenuItemImage in child layer target:self SIGABRT
Using tablet in drawing project
Proportionally scale a div with CSS based on max-width (similar to img scaling)
Unable to install BlackBerry Plug-in for Eclipse (Broken Repo link)
CMFCButton compilation error
yacc - How to do a if condition
Polygon Area Postgres
Linking images in Jquery from Flickr Feed
HTTParty - JSON to strongly typed object
In ActiveAdmin, Collections are not (re)loaded in filters
Can't get time zone information when using mod_plsql?
XML-Schema key/keyref issue
MVC3 HTML button
What is the proper way to add a custom dashboard 鈥渂ox鈥�in the Magento backend without editing default templates?
Using inline CSS when style not present
Casting with 'As' rather than (<T>)?
Formating number for reporting services
Doctrine2 - Updating schema for one entity without deleting everything else
regex to find number of specific length, but with any character except a number before or after it
Query places that have common tags in database
compilling java programs [duplicate]
PHP Include echos '1' [closed]
Why does Ruby hash a FixNum n to 2n+1?
Why Java has so many editions unlike C#?
Force Bound DataGridView to Generate Columns and Rows
regular expression attribute in MVC3
T-SQL IF statement explanation
How to get the value of a UISwitch?
WCF Client-side object deserialize notification
C++/CLI Resource Management Confusion
SOS Name2EE only showing Module and Assembly information
How to create a stored procedure in mysql
JIRA / Greenhopper move subtasks when moving stories
Is it released ZXing 2.0 different with Online ZXing decoder?
Add test cases to test set using Ruby Rally Rest API
What data should I sync to iCloud?
jQuery.getJSON and jQuery.parseJSON return [object Object]?
Join on MAX value of one part of composite key
working on how to display a map view in Iphone
How to functionally merge overlapping number-ranges from a List
jquery input field change even when value is changed via jquery
How to Redirect to Home Page Using JQuery-UI Dialog?
Awkward Date Format in Java
optimizing ajax based search
Size limit for the return value of a jQuery or JavaScript ajax get method?
Can I use Html Agility Pack to load elements from current page?
How do I handle Database Connections with Dapper in .NET?
Optimizing unexplainably slow MySQL query
associate contact with account using salesforce api
Executing a method from a thread in java
Add metadata to image upload to S3 with Python
Localization of array value in CakePHP
entity inheritance and discriminatorColumns
PHP syntax highlighting through SSH from Mac OS X
Prism Login Dialog
How do I make Eclipse start maximized?
Sort-by arrow is down by default magento
Libsvm Performance Evaluator class c#
jQueryMobile: Overflowing in iPad Landscape
where can i download wxPython? i have Ubuntu
php Short URL Echo()
Good idea to specify schema as part of constraint name?
WinForm popup forms relationships with parent
Sencha Touch Clicking anywhere on View changes active item
Google Maps API V3 removing a marker
jquery in a usercontrol not being rendered on the page
Order an array with Jekyll / liquid template
Memory consumption of a large dataset
Simple Barcode/Icon Recognition for iPad/iPhone [closed]
What does 70% grey mean and how do I specify this in UIColor?
What is the maximum data/speed transfer between 2 applications on the same computer
Check to see if a variable is empty (multiple checks!)
change image src in php?
Hudson error: Unsupported Maven version: 3.0?
Looking to have users check into booths at tradeshows
Android best way to make reel appear to spin
What is the max number of tweets you can get from the Twitter 鈥渟tatuses/user_timeline鈥�at once?
Invites vs Requests on Facebook
Get random element and remove it
Image and backimage issue on HTML
Node.js: How can I clone an object with Underscore and assign new properties to the clone afterwards?
View a PDF in WPF without using WindowsFormsHost
Multiple threads accessing same multi-dimensional array [duplicate]
New coordinates, after x ms
How to Force UPDATE of MySQL Record When Nothing Is Changing
What's Wrong With This JSON?
How to determine when the WP7 SIP keyboard has been dismissed
Spring 3.1 PropertySourcesPlaceholderConfigurer and conditional import
$_POST Variables Empty when Using Stream_context_create
Shortcode for an array in PHP
CardDAV server that runs on Mac OS X
NSOpenPanel Sheet
send data with jquery.load() [closed]
What is the best way to manage messy data onto a UITableView with sections?
Set Stored Proc variable to result of a call to another Proc
Is is possible to create an email hook?
Assigning an existing CGColor to a CGColor property works in iOS Simulator, not iOS device. Why?
Binding SelectedItems to a ObservableCollection property
ATmega128: Adding and subtracting 16-bit numbers (assembly)
SQL - Get data based on months form a dateTime column
How can I sign tweets containing my custom 鈥渧ia鈥�with the iOS 5 Twitter framework?
Renaming the Package Name inside an APK
Compiling ICU using arm-linux-androideabi-4.4.3
.Net Windows Form Client. Capturing Request/Response SOAP from ASMX webservice
cmake to place the intermediate files to a certain directory
Trouble storing PHP variables
Can 2 WritableByteChannels be used at the same time?
Alternatives to send a big image from a midlet to servlet
Function template with reference template parameter
Function template with reference template parameter
Can't get an echo to do what I want in Wordpress plugin
Access virtual host from a local virtual machine
How do I return List or Collection to Controller from View in MVC 3?
How do I push GIT changes from one clone to another?
How to Display and Manage a Simple Application-Modal Dialog in Cocoa
Can you use accessor methods in overloaded operators?
Dealing with spotty (mobile) connection and API
What is best for auth ASP.NET MVC REST API? OAuth 2.0 or OAuth 1.0?
obtaining contents of a selected row in NSTableview
Comparing OSGi Test Frameworks
Performing a 鈥淕roup By鈥�with sum function in XSLT 1.0
What do the memory section flags for a linker actually affect?
Math Rounding Issue total > 100%
Get rid of magnifying glass in iOS web app
VBA Error with Taking the Average of a Set of Scores
NSScrollView scrolling issue
AI - Heuristic function requirements
Low Latency Bigdata On Couchbase
EC2 ELB performance issues
How to get off Using temporary; Using filesort from my query
GWT and WebSocket / Push data from server to GWT client
ClipsToBounds on a rotated superview
Weigh Sphinx Results By Date
MONDRIAN: Flushing the dimension cache
Entity Framework - association issue
how to write data to usb HID terminal in C++? [closed]
Windbg isn't connected to target pc
How to catch 鈥渃lass not found鈥�error
Is there an online tool to check .NET application loading online?
Rails 3.1 on heroku ckeditor
How to write a JPA query with an 鈥渙rder by鈥�clause against a property that may be null
Long delay getting data from a server for one site but not 2 others
Monadic Retry logic w/ F# and async?
Connecting PHP to IBM UniVerse
Preventing adult filter issues on shared domain
pexpect can't pass input over 1024 chars?
Difference between ways of selecting descendants
Codeigniter 鈥渇ile_exists($filename)鈥�
Crypto api in linux kernel for AES error
Highcharts: Add a custom image button
Retrieving a set of primitive types from a database using hibernate
Form input won't change from default, then post via ajax
Possible to reset UIButton background image?
Adding everything to a 2d arraylist from a text file
Handling changes in dependent 3rd party libraries
How do I edit BLOBs (containing JSON) in Oracle SQL Developer?
Out of these two ways to chain extension methods, is there any reason to use one over the other?
How to publish an app so that it also installs the .Net 4 (if it's not available)
Mechanize pre/post connect hooks
HelloLinearLayout dont work [closed]
struct with const member
Cube is already deployed, need to update friendly names in DSV, how to push those updates into the cube?
Extend str class to take additional parameters
Backbone.js + KendoUI - Routing, Views, and Structuring with Grid
Check for mouseenter after page is loaded
UIPageViewController sending
INSERT/SELECT statement only inserting one row when using cfquery
How to: Eclipse RAP configuration external ip, listen
Trigger multiple actions from a single request in Struts
Javascript FB.api - undefined error
How can I see the value of @jndiPattern@?
Get MainMenu of other Running Application other then the Main Application
Programatically mount SkyDrive Share given username and password
read text from website
Ajax works only once Codeigniter
.NET website lightweight framework [closed]
CTRL-M character generated by netbeans
Manipulating Tumblr's default iframe controls
How can I override the special filter operands 鈥淏lanks鈥�and 鈥淣onBlanks鈥�for XamDataGrid?
JavaScript: Backbone.js populate collection of models
Is there any way to use a DateTimePicker object on an *.aspx website with Visual Web Developer
Hibernate/Seam Caching issue
Web page won't load from WAMP server; connectoin error [closed]
WCF error related to ContentType
What algorithm can I use to count how many students have the same score?
How to make ICollection<Child Entities> Required. How
encoding of $_SERVER vars?
while playing can change the sound output?
The size of the terrain rendered from heightmap
How can I see CPU usage of apache websites under windows server 2003?
postgres check if null then cast to numeric
how do I match negative regex?
Find where rethrown exception was originally thrown using Visual Studio C# debugger?
MODX: Show 鈥渞ead more鈥�just when the content is longer than ellipsis=`400` (for example)
SQLException when using PreparedStatement.RETURN_GENERATED_KEYS
how to know which cpu to use in build (x86 x64 or AnyCpu)?
function does not create image yet image it passed
Get property name, need to retrieve only certain columns
Page Initialization: Does one need onload?
Value of proxying HTTP requests with node.js
Silverlight 5: Terrible Performance Issues with DropShadowEffect
nested collection_set
Set sidebar DIV equal in height to a sibling content DIV using jQuery--not working for me
Runtime error for MCC compiled program using parfor
Sorting files based on a timestamp within the file
iOS 5 SDK Create methods that work everywhere
Is there any effective automatic interface test?
What is the difference between this, self, window and window.self
Pointer to a bidimensional array
Pointer to a bidimensional array
Passing a dictionary to another function
Duplicate rows showing up as a result of Muenchian grouping in XSLT
Binary array using V8 engine
How do I compile the following program? [closed]
When is the term 鈥渆ngine鈥�used in software? [closed]
Does calling Silverlight from JavaScript only work when being invoked by an HTML Button?
Automatic Commit in VisualHG
How does the system know when a password contains parts of a previous password?
Is there a TimePicker control in WPF (.NET 4)?
How to add library to PKG-CONFIG Mac
User controls communicating via Commands - how?
Getting text from Div tags
FTPClient's setFileTransferMode Not Taking Effect
Can insmod and rmmod for one module be triggered from another module's Driver?
Can't access a property in a json object returned
Unchecked cast and generic class
What are the missing header files here (C code)? [closed]
how to retrieve data from php and put on android spinner?
MVC helper for a dropdown list that uses a List<Cars>
Using Apache Cammel as a Broker for WS
Get Property by String Force Uppercase?
VBA find substr with regex
鈥淒atabaseError, column does not exist鈥� But shows in my sql
Propellerheads' NN-XT fileformat: Problems with REFE chunk
CSS drop-down menu
How do I respond to touching an empty UITableViewCell?
Redirector outside of Zend controller
ERROR: operator does not exist: character varying = numeric
Finding InstallShield Services/Processes
Synchronous service calls in Android
Is there ever a race condition for jQuery loading in an app?
Enhanced Rich Text field showing div and p tags
Server socket always return null to the client , Java
web-page field for j2me blackberry app
Convert a comma separated values string into string[] by Entity Framework
Forking a git repo from / github and putting it on a local gitosis server
JavaScript: Remove keys from json object
Can I make a color background take up only a % of an element without making an image?
Resetting list setting in SBT
How do website heatmaps get acurate data?
How to disable cache on IOS safari?
jQuery and datepicker [closed]
Combining layout_weight and maxHeight?
How to get user permission from a database in Yii
Custom layout ListPreference
A way to provide arguments for programs called in bash
What does the back button in a navigation controller do that pushViewController doesn't?
Using SharePoint to access and modify data in database
CUDA Kernel function for parsing a packet with variable number of messages
Reconstruction a 3D point from multiple 2D points?
Ruby doesn't raise correct exception
Native code calling JS in Android webapps
visual studio 2010, how to open a rtf (word or any other format like) inside the IDE?
jQuery banner rotating too fast even though setTimeout is set for 10 seconds
Add style to Xelement in C# for an HTML email
CSS Wrapper Width
Dynamically Resize Text Based on Container Width
Learning C# for a modeling GUI? 3D plotting extensions?
Show the current date every time a button is clicked [closed]
How can I set a DatePicker's date to yesterday?
How to use Location finder class in an Activity. [duplicate]
Fluently map Id
Django Form Fields: Represent field values as model field besides PK?
Require inside classes = bad practice? [duplicate]
Powershell method to SFTP to Linux
Powershell Decimal Format without comma
one face book like button on prev next javascript gallery [closed]
Hazelcast: What object is it ok to use for a distributed lock key?
In clojure, how to apply 'and' to a list?
Python Linux Netlink Recv Buffer
Can I build DLLs into a Class Library
Does a Plone SelectionWidget need to be populated?
SafeFileHandle.Close throws an exception but the handle is valid and works
Missing IUSR account and account
_changed? in rails 3.1.0 app did not work
Provide Custom Chunks Flash Media Server
Could this MYSQL be optimized?
Capistrano Global Roles File?
Implementing simple CRUD with OpenRasta and Web Forms
How can I get all the files
How to fix conversion error in MVC2 dropdownlist
Amazon AWS EC2 SSH Login Through Putty on Windows
鈥淭ime ago鈥�from MySQL timestamp
Is there a method to output to STDOUT in a Grails Spock test?
jQuery - each loop on multiple element types
IE7 Compatibility Issue with Navigation Drop-Down (3-Levels) CSS/Javascript
Multiple Stereo AudioTracks
preg_match to capture string part after a special character
Evaluation on the right side of an assignment
how can I target one particular div to animate thats using the same class name
Flash/Flex crossdomain issue - using BitmapData.draw() for image from AWS S3 results in SecurityError: Error #2122: Security sandbox violation
Preferred way to store a child object in Azure Table Storage
PHP DOM XML not printing out line breaks after tags
How can I customize the appearance of the tab control in Win32?
How can I change the background on each page with wkhtmltopdf?
Selenium: dynamic number of tests
Hide a row from the details group, but include it in parent group subtotals
Searching Access List Boxes data as-you-type in MS access forms
C: Code style for returning errors?
How can I place/drop an image evertime you click the mouse button using
Scala Upper Bounds : value is not a member of type parameter
Ajax page fetch design requires physical address
How to handle logout now that offline_access is going away?
Zend - Design Pattern DataMapper & Table Gateway
date picker which displays date like thursday, Febraury 9, 2012
Can you get the 鈥渃ode as data鈥�of a loaded function in Clojure?
How to disable echo in windows console?
synchronization on an arrayList java [duplicate]
flex 4.6 export fxp error
Pause javascript raphael animation
Adding subviews on top of a programmatically-created UIView hierarchy
JAXB Serializing Interface to XML Issues (Map<String,ISomeInterface> not working)
apr_pool thread safety when using the apache runtime library
jqgrid randId() produces duplicates after page reload
Adding TableAdapter throw me a failed to to open connection
liblinear's train.exe: 鈥淲rong input format at line 1鈥�
Interface orientation not changing automatically
Using nHibernate secondary cache for a many-to-one reference
Dealing with large amounts of data, and a query with 12 inner joins in SQL Server 2008
Send Jenkins notification only when new test fails
deploying ruby on rails app using capistrano - cap deploy:setup failing
Codeigniter -> counting table numbers and show on the page
waveOutPrepareHeader returns INVALPARAMS
TeamCity Powershell Runner - Unable to run Source Code
Serialize compact XML
href not working in IE
Error getting Membership data in LINQ expression returning multiple items
Unable to build Gradle project in IntelliJ 11.0.2 + Windows 7
Finding all the unique permutations of a string without generating duplicates
copy from beginning up to the last occurrence found
What's a portable and lightweight comet server implementation?
Can Git merge changes from a disk copy (not a clone) of a personal repository?
How do I edit and reload HTML in Firebug?
OutputCache attribute being ignored in MVC 3
Django templates (App Engine) - difference between None and False
Removing / reloading already loaded scripts
What's the best way to implement a user-friendly form with image fields?
How to validate date input in 3 fields?
generate xml with key/value structure using for xml
Listen to KeyEvents form Softkeyboard
Display snippets of Page data in left sidebar / main body / right sidebar of WP template
Reflection not restricted even if it's not in grant set
How do I access Environment Variables in a windows batch job?
Python backtrace from C++
SQL: getting the correct result order
Send receive files with jquery and ajax
Battery use, what to expect?
How can i design a professional looking JFrame?
How to store confidential PDF documents (file system vs. SQL) if we only use forms authentication
mono 2.10.2 + mvc3 + MySql.Data.dll
Wrong legends when plotting histogram with `hold on`
Best way to refresh/reload UIScrollView
how to execute wpf offscreen events
Use Partial class (.dbml)
CSS <UL> not rendering properly in Firefox
Javascript remove from array?
Prevent WPF Ribbon Tab Collapse
svn ignore issue
Reading xml from urls with ruby nokogiri
How can I resize my border without displacing content in the following example?
reading memory byte by byte
Preload php dynamic images
python global variable is not saved global
Nameserver validation
Provider class in healthMonitoring gets inner exception
Keep an element fixed within a container during window scroll
PHP CURL POST on a ASP.NET website
makefile calling itself
Refreshing a UIView function with an added variable in iOS
Hibernate queries where with many-to-many fields
Open GL - ES 2.0 : Drawing a simple line
Webview stopping unexpectedly issue
How to revert db changes made during unit tests?
Process luminance value (Y') of video pixels using AVFoundation
Formatting in Python 2.7
Need help in ASP.NET web application build and upload online
how to install additional python packages with pythonbrew
Flatten XML structure by element with linq to xml
ColorEffect not visible on camera preview
dropdown-list of custom combobox in Delphi is closing right after comming up
How difficult would it be to add a message on 1000+ html files?
Using qsort to sort unsigned integers
Why aren't the view tabs showing when my View is the selected view?
System.Drawing & e.HasMorePages problems
jQuery validate and groups - how to avoid errorPlacement usage?
Better mobile development HTML framework (JQM vs DOJO)? [closed]
jquery ui datepicker.. can i make it static?
.Net Required Assembly References
In perl, how do I replace a set of characters with a different set of characters in a single pass?
Snap mobile viewport
Access busniess logic before showing page and share bean for multiple pages
Connect to remote PostgreSql database using Powershell
Doing a Join Query In ASP.NET MVC 3 using Sharp Lite Architecture
chrome.browserAction.setPopup() - local html files only?
Trying to keep TextSize similar for all screen sizes
How to add new child node to existing child node
How to retrieve a HTML tag based on a regular expression
How do I select text in dynamically added input box when parent div has onclick handler?
Interval of a timer - from integer to float/double - Delphi
Creating MyTouch 3G Emulator
Retrieve JSON object?
How to test subject with dependency?
MySQL Date Issue - how to compute?
Creating symlinks in TFS 2010 Build Workflow Template
Postgres 9.1 and version 2.0.2 of pgperl [closed]
RegExpr to insert space before n
Add header to all* HTTP requests on a machine
MVC 3 validation not working for complex model
Referencing Source Files of Shared Libraries in Valgrind
Python OOP Project Organization
Add Link On Specific Tag Post Wordpress
Puzzling error message in Happy parser
HTTP request fails
Reference Variable as a value - VB6
Passing Arugments to NCron Job
How to find the position of an element in the Web Browser Control?
LINQ Select with multiple tables fields being writeable
jQuery addClass() to ul:nth-child?
JavaScript Prototypal Inheritance - Is this the right way to do things?
mySQL: I need to input a decimal into an int column
In MYSQL in what scenarios should I use REPLACE and in which ones should I use UPDATE
__bridge_transfer and ABRecordCopyValue: and ARC
Does Visual Studio 2008 has Web.config.Debug and Web.Config.Release for ASP.NET?
How to get a link of the video I uploaded to YouTube
Stack vs. heap for a fixed number of objects requiring global scope
Download file via a post call
How to determine if a right click was performed on a Panel?
Screen scraped records not correctly imported
Building a gui which is dynamic at runtime [closed]
Strange error in Access 2007 Constraint Clause
UAL Assembly from C to UAL assembly [closed]
Do named fifo pipes use disk writes and reads ?
Doctrine command line create schema
Easy AJAX HTML element replacement with Rails controllers?
applying 'display:hidden' to a div at a certain window width using js
A Resource for Multi Dimensional Arrays in Javascript
Connectionstring mdf file in superior folder
鈥淯nknown type name鈥�despite included framework
t-sql GROUP BY with COUNT, and then include MAX from the COUNT
How do I call a stored procedure with unconventional parameters?
feather edges of view box of scrolling background with opacity
TSQL Degrees of Difference in strings
How to do a resizable link a:hover in CSS
Can I launch the iPhone or Android SMS app from the browser with pre-filled body text?
Getting correct data to show up from query and array
鈥淓ncrypting鈥�files/folders for reading later
CakePHP Association problems
Seems like header files are being ignored/Inheritance plain not working
How to use <ul> in a form_for tag?
Perl: Subroutine Output; input into foreach statement
how to display image stored in database as string to real image
Entity Framework foreign keys to non-primary key fields
Expected the Entity Framework's ObjectQuery(Of T).Include Method to behave differently
Thinking about entering Russian Market, What do I need to know? [closed]
How do I see how many conflicts a git merge will cause
internet explorer 6 alignment doesn't work properly
How can I retrieve SMS logs?
SharePoint 2010 web analytics custom reports and alerts are not sending
Quicktime API for C++
preg_match_all with spaces
Strategy for combining rails and non-rails testing?
String vector sorting
Javascript - What Prototype Property IS & difference between two coding styles that utilize it
Python datetimes in sqlite3
How to implement an AJAX form and render a template?
AES 128 CBC: How to calculate correct IV?
SIGCHLD Replacement for Windows
How do I add a new meeting request to an Outlook calendar using interop?
Parse Links That Contain A Speciffic Phrase
SVN to add file with Revision number on commit
Write Unicode strings into a file
How to prove with junit3 unit tests that instances of class A version 2 are more memory efficient than version 1?
CCParticleSystemQuad emitter texture affects other emitters
Install VSTO WITHOUT using Clickonce
What is a good practice/design to thread mulitple SQL queries in Python
Directory.EnumerateFiles and File.Exists are ignoring native DLLs
iphone https query
PHPUnit doesn't find Framework.php
Why are short null values converted to int null values for comparing with null?
Visual Studio 2010 - Solution not under Mercurial version control
How to detect a user's log out from Facebook?
How to get Map<String, String> as return type using mybatis annotations
Creating a database and tables all at once?
Creating a slider with dots representing each image, each not returning image element?
Linq to Entities - GroupBy
How to find the website is done in Codeigniter?
DropDownListFor Object reference not set to an instance of an object
Xcode: No matching function for call to glGenBuffers
iOS: TableView scroll to section
Inverting a transform scale
Single Animation - Multiple Views
What is the best HTTP library for Java in terms of performance and reliability?
Adding control to page after some operation MVC3
H1 tag floating and SEO issues
Analyze and instruments
String's replace all is replacing none
Converting Boolean to Byte in VB.NET
stl copy () iterator: binary '>>' : no operator found
Separate custom settings variable between development, staging and production
How to decode the Google Directions API polylines field into lat long points in objective-C for iPhone?
DataTable does not contain definition for AsEnumerable
PHP: reverse able unique hash
py2exe: UnicodeDecodeError (can't decode byte 0xd1)
Music player in Android (emulator)
Three.js redefine THREE.Line..etc
CSS sticky footer with margin-top on main wrapper
crossdomain.xml not found in ejabberd [closed]
Jquey form validation and Update Panel
What's the most compact way to store diffs in a database?
document.write to current HTML page
PHP curl, memory leak when using CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER, true
Database schema for very fast read access at the cost of write access speed
Concatenating multiple rows into single line in MS Access [duplicate]
How can I get the website menu bar to stay in one line?
Python High Performance Computing [closed]
ExtJS4 stores for linkedin
Fastest CSS selector?
UIimage to char* conversion
Access control architecture in a PHP application
How to bundle and access javascripts in a bho dll?
Monitoring the state of a queue
how to slide from a generic home page to nestedlist layout in sencha touch
How to strip CSS from a button in a jQuery Mobile dialog
Join three tables in mySQL?
Android & Servers - What server software can I use, I'm at a loss
How to assign the result of execution of http client to 2 different variables ANDROID
Is it possible to truncate an XPath axis at a given node?
Starting an activity into foreground from a service
How do I save a cookie throughout a session?
How do I use grep to search the current directory for all files having the a string 鈥渉ello鈥�yet display only .h and .cc files?
Can I access HTML5 storages using HTMLUnit
How can I start from two arrays of short strings, and get the ids from the former and the most similar strings from the latter?
mvc3 ajax export file
Using Oracle's GUID()-generated ID's in Grails/Hibernate
Selecting the Correct NHibernate Package in NuGet to Get Lazy Loading Support
JQuery infinite image rotation
Starting point for Oauth and Twitter API (for iOS development)
Sending HTML E-mails with Attachment for Android
tracking mousemove events though different divs?
How can I send selected text (or a line) in TextMate to R running on Terminal
Python equivalent to C-like assignment in conditional [duplicate]
Does using a complex object/array as a key work 鈥渁s expected鈥�
Storing data in a ruby C extension - terrible idea or not?
Compare each row's column to a particular row's column
MacRuby ScriptingBridge loading speed
How does one create a new R environment from C?
Centre image in a DIV
Best Practices WCF Service - Windows Azure
How to pass HTML to shell?
SQL select merge multiple table result
Problems installing matplot library for Python on Windows7
How to trigger T4 template from PowerShell script
Problems with Linked list in C++
Cannot retrieve an expected document from Solr while filtering by date
How to restart browser after each test scenario
Paypal express checkout in phonegap apps
How to properly preserve all branches using svn-git (standard layout) then svn-clone with --bare option
Android binder to service VS intent service
Zend Framework: Hardcoding SQL Queries in the Model
Arduino LCD only showing black boxes on bottom row
using a List<> inside a foreach [closed]
android gallery like photo gallery in mobile [closed]
backbone view does not bind after closing-initializing view (zombi view issue)
Remote Access to PostGIS
SQL Insert Query
Font Format in Form Errors
Ajax.BeginForm refreshes the view instead of updating target id
Adding a gradient to Google-Visualization ColumnChart
template function won't compile
Looping an algorithm for three entities
Filtering treeview nodes with LINQ? (left joins and hierarchical data templates)
Ajax File Manager based on jQuery + NodeJS [closed]
Aligning parallel ordered lists
Change the name of an injected service in grails
Integrate multiple LDAP user data into one LDAP
Selecting a vector from a matrix without using `sub2ind`
I've broken my rails installation
How to Supply a Dynamically Built MVC3 MasterPage
javascript parsing variable names/values from a form
How to obtain mousewheel information and mouse position together in jquery/javascript
Java http.proxyHost and socksProxyHost
java.lang.ClassCastException: com.itextpdf.text.pdf.PdfArray cannot be cast to com.itextpdf.text.pdf.PRIndirectReference
Ctrl-C on DataGridView displays junk characters when pasting
Serialisation in Java, invalid type code 00
Using the Codeigniter form validation library, how can I ensure at least one letter is entered?
Is there a need to include brackets [] when running a query in SQL Server 2008?
How would I display a List<Item> so they are grouped by one of the properties?
Concurrency with Firefox add-on script and content script
Why might an EventMachine outbound data buffer stop sending and just fill up forever (while other connections can still send)
Sphinx with UTF-8 string attributes
difference between Rectangle w(Origin(), Extents()) and Rectangle w2(o, e)
Debug windows phone 7 via Visual Studio without internet
Getting value of a CSS element
Highlighting Text Under Div Tag
Error in cabal-installing hspec
Android relativeLayout Control in Eclipse
Use tar.gz file like a folder?
Get input and pass variable from an if statement with Haskell
Get input and pass variable from an if statement with Haskell
Confusion about an Indexed View
How to determine if a string is numeric in ksh
Date format and Array which uses menu-based program
Anvil Conversion
Application context returning null when using getFilesDir()
Glassfish v3 + netbeans: Client Stand alone
Stream music like spotify
鈥�(id) init鈥�do not fire in ViewController when using storyboard
Converting xls to csv using VBScript and separate by semicolons
How to Skin an Win32 Application
Caching Roles In Cookie not working - ASP.NET
conversion modified guid
Newton-Raphson Division For Floating Point Divide?
F# pattern matching in function signature
java retrieve objects from a Set
Rotation easing algorithm not working in XNA
print a char* in multiple lines with ncurses?
How to install vim on Cygwin
How to make a loop run faster in R?
Getting an NSDate via NSDateFormatter from a string of unknown format
Decrypt SSL connection when having a complete dump
Pass data to NSMutablearrays between two viewControllers, IOS 4.3
Can SQL Azure Reporting support a multi-tenancy model discretely/opaquely?
Is this a job for joins
AppEngine JDO queries don't fetch objects, if I change the class definition
Are there any symbols that come after all letters in Unix's alphabetical sorting?
Accuracy requirement of GNU GCC math functions?
Android Which is better using ListView or Inflating views and adding them in a view? [closed]
How do you convert ttf font to pff2?
In nested route, how is :format set to nil?
Handling network disconnect
Why does the datetimepicker give month name instead of number?
How does StackExchange handle invalid characters in route URLs?
Android Looper.prepare() and AsyncTask
MapReduce to bulk update a datastore
Android Design versus iPhone Design, Relative versus Absolute
Error generating files in ANTLR
After removing non-number characters from a string and using the int() function on it, error occurs
Android Progressbar starts at the wrong time
Does OpenGL clamp the output of every texture stage?
splitting one String so that the text is under eachother [duplicate]
powershell: assigning the value of a variable instead of the type
finding URL in a text plain and change it to hyperlink [duplicate]
how to track http packets on android in java