Python pyserial and runaway CPU usage
Have 2 rows of a database display same point on Google Map
Intensive Stop/Start of a C# Timer
creating child windows in wxpython
Accessing a multibinding
Regex to match the longest repeating substring
Hierarchical Datatemplate Binding To DataType Not DataContext
Cannot find string in variable using in_array function
Solr highlighting with unexpected prefix and suffix
i want my falling sprites to dissapear half way down the screen
Amazon ItemSearch Request is 鈥淰alid鈥�but No Results Returned using PHP SoapClient
How to get selected value and and id from dropdownlist in mvc3?
How to implement a consolle in an HTML page?
Core Plot - adding a vertical/horizontal line indicator on a selected value point
Fetching data from multiple tables in yii
鈥淯nknown Source鈥�in java stack trace, yet line numbers are in the class file
Tweaking magento for performance
Disadvantage to Large Initialization List?
Parameters from view not getting to controller action method
jQuery UI Show/Hide with Slide Animation Height Issue
Get mousewheel anywhere on screen? (Python or C++)
Position: absolute causing my Carousel to glitch
UIImageView doesn't respond properly to center.x
Html table cells don't align properly
Tabs across all listactivities
german 鈥渦mlauts鈥�
Rabbitmq message arrival time stamp
Form doesn't send info to email address (works on others though)
how to launch java socket-server on remote server
Easy non-rounded roots in Java?
Run ASP.NET MVC app as a specific user
Imagepath like /images/john works but on another server not
NoMethodError in Admin#index
Writing formatted text to a file iphone
links in rest app
Git-SVN merge lost my link to trunk
ExtJS and this.control query
Iterator and iteratorList with synchronization in java
Ruby's hashie/Mash equivalent in Java
Smartgwt ListGrid Group order
WARNING -Provider resources not accessible running wevtutil
MIPS assembly peculiarities
can ip packets be lost between two hosts on the same subnet?
Preventing coldfusion from escaping characters
How To start multiple mySQL instances on boot
JavaScript RegExp method exec() returns only one item [duplicate]
WYSIWYG - Text and code editor
ASP.NET Treeview control default behavior
Is it possible to add a custom button to a TForm caption near the minimize, maximize, and close buttons at runtime? [duplicate]
Jetty setInitParameter is NOT initializing any parameter
POST from PHP to another (Java) web service and retrieving the (image) result
copy the content of a cell in one work book and convert it to an age
nhibernate session manager implementation
nhibernate session manager implementation
Displaying an image in JFrame
a Div disapears while Img is rotating in CSS3
file check with auto update
MKAnnotationView's callout bubble doesn't appear properly
jQuery - highlight effect problems
if statement not processing correctly and computed output wrong [duplicate]
Java Threads or Cuda Threads
Pointer and vectors in C++
Google API v3 fit map zoom and bounds to all markers
Animation in status bar in Android
Prevent Grails input tags from adding id attributes
Is Full Text Search CONTAINS clause always evaluated?
How to scrollinside HTML table using Selenium Java ?
Parabolic movement to an image
From file as a string to a reference to a file in msbuild
INSERT INTO鈥ELECT鈥HERE with null if condition fails
What bad can happen when dropping indexes? [closed]
Decimal^ Specified Cast Invalid calling ToString()
Installing .netframework as prerequisites
Is there a way to get nunit-console to indicate its progress?
How to find the number of SQL queries executed from a LINQ to entities statement
Android Image Button fade Images
Referencing resources directory from project object model variables
De-referencing structure of union of structures
Need to take Action on UIButton press that is in nested TableViews with custom UITableViewCell
try-catch-fail with powershell and schtasks
Pass HTTP session for third party site from server to client
Unable to rotate a view
oracle db 鈥渋nvalid table name鈥�but works with sqllite
Stopwatch class for Delphi 2007
One IF can have more than one ELSE clause ?? (c programming)
Is it possible to do code coverage of human QA actions in iOS?
How do I count the number of elements in each group?
Codeigniter $route
How to get Screenshot of WPF Webrowser Control?
Update Excel sheets from SQL Server 2005 linked servers
Android APIs for Augumented reality - gps and compass
Android buttons not aligning properly on different phones
AutoIT, or User32 button clicking working sporadically
nesting context menus
javascript style - should I define variables/classes?
Sitemap for SEO - overlay or individual page?
Why do I get a 404 Error when attempting to get an access_token from google OAuth 2.0?
iOS jailbreak - how to get location in background
Doing multiple matrix-matrix multiplications in one operation
how to return a desired value from sql when using executeNonQuery()
Get rid of ClassCastException in different class loaders
DLL Creation from Python source file [closed]
How to manage Enterprise Distribution certificate expiration?
Multiple environment on Same RabbitMQ server possible?
Tools to help automate/speed up creating CRUD web apps?
How to search multiple columns with one search using multiple inputs
entity linq savechanges issue
Having trouble saving an existing word document
Find stack usage of some API function call without using any tools etc?
Creating a public folder on an Exchange server from code behind
Is it possible to use blitz++ indexing and blitz functions in scipy.weave.inline
table inside a div without alternating row color using BluePrint CSS?
Is the following static method thread safe?
Spring 3.1 and jBPM 5.2 (+ JSF2/Richfaces4) integration
Backbone.js: Splitting a model between views
Intercept calls to console.log in Chrome
Which IDE should i use for Google's Native Client?
mysql - FLUSH TABLE needed?
Perl color specifiers with redirected output
Date subtracting quandary Excel 2007
Facebook RSS feeds ignoring HTTP ACCEPT header elements?
Mongo db / C# - How to do bounding box queries?
Using boolean instead of byte or int in Java
Read XML into WSDL
Style using nth-child to keep table's aspect (alternating row colors) updated
How to retrieve data from a std::list containing boost::shared_ptr
How to link JOGL with PowerVR OpenGL ES 2.0 and EGL version?
DateTime Conversion with Different Cultures
NSSet of touchesShouldBegin: of UIScrollView is just one NSString
How should I write this regex in python
Calling WCF from C code
How to make a private URL?
SimpleTester on CodeIgniter fails with 鈥淐lass 'GroupTest' not found鈥�
Outlook custom forms - Edit message on send event
Class Table Inheritance: Can anyone suggest methods for selecting data from subclasses/subtables?
How to resolve Cannot find ContentPlaceHolder error?
Reading and printing an entire file in binary mode using C++
Binding to a structure
flashbuilder 4.5 mobile no com.adobe.fiber
Set the default value for views 3 in drupal 7
Scale images in Internet Explorer
Read 32-bit signed value from an 鈥渦nsigned鈥�bytestream
Matplotlib - How to add multiple lines text box on the left y axis within a figure
How to check if a string has consecutive whitespace
In MongoDB, how to filter by location, sort by another field and paginate the results correctly?
Grails one-to-many / wrongly deleting all 鈥渕anys鈥�
Android: performance Google Maps iframe on website browsing
Accessing a PHP class function through AJAX
YII CUploadedFile issue
How pass a value from javascript to objective-C
How to immediately cancel a working BackgroundWorker?
Nested Key-Value lookups in php
Transparent view with visible subviews using IB
Transparent view with visible subviews using IB
cakephp Indirect modification of overloaded property PaginatorHelper
Observables vs Tasks - preferred implementation?
using find and rename for their intended use
Android: Notification and Binded Service
Tomcat, Java & SQL Server 2008 R2: Cannot create JDBC driver of class '' for connect URL 'null'
Windows Services for Console application in
When a property is set, should its value be updated even if it did not change?
Color Picker how to change TextView
What object is .getElementById() originally attached to?
Stopping child activity to return back to parent activity
How do I replace all left apostrophes with javascript?
Lite version of a full app in Xcode 4.2
Check for duplicate value
comparative analysis between different plagarism detection techniques
Capturing Error Events
Fastest way to copy small - medium chunks of memory in C++
Using CGI scripts in Django
Tabbed Fragmented applications should have only one activity?
How to globally remove attribute from Jackson JSON serialization?
Does .NET compile myFloat/2 in the same way myFloat*0.5f? [closed]
Persistent Store in Java Given Runtime Store
Reload page after jQuery.get to MVC controller action
Java Picking a Layout Issue
Bash script without interacting
adding globally visible style template to silverlight custom control
What's the right way to disconnect a MediaController?
How to position a vtkActor2D in the upper right corner?
SqlDependency issues, Visual C++ .Net 3.5, SQL Server 2008
Add items to list from linq var
Java FileSystemView Hidden Folder
How do you create WCF Test Pages?
Automatically update field in SQL Server table 15 seconds after insert
What is difference between , (comma) and . (dot) as a concatenation operator?
Nodejs Passport display username
When scrolling right, div stops at left side of screen
Regex MySQL - Match First Two letters, x Numbers
How to format this number in JSTL?
Telerik MVC3 grid with custom Edit/Insert popup
opacity a:visited
Make HTTPPOST that includes data from main view and partialview in MVC3
how to utilize sakai lesson builder for version 2.8
The requested page cannot be accessed because the related configuration data for the page is invalid error
How to convert output from ExecuteXmlReader to Rss
Bug reporting upload script
Joins in Yii class CDBCriteria?
Can a deadlock occur with the same access method?
Accessing table cell data within list items with javascript
Origin (url) is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin
Stop board randomization after each command input
Stop board randomization after each command input
Is it possible to upload to web service from HTML 5
Find the day of a week in R
File / Folder Implementation Design [closed]
click and open a box while closing the other
Suggestions to optimize and/or re-archictect large MySQL table
VS2010 web application won't build after adding web service reference
SMTP AUTH extension not supported by server in python 2.4
Moving an element back to its original position after animation, jQuery
database design model
Override html5 validation
ActionBar Tabs with multiple fragments
Get complete filepath string from asp:FileUpload object
Server not returning a response
Socket response timeout using poll
Creating and Consuming WCF using MVC3
Using three state variable in Java
Align text in the middle vertically and put divs next to eachother
F# method pointers 鈥渘ot accessible from this code location鈥� sql datareader loop by columns
Programmatically set border for TableRow's array
Obtaining XtextResource from EObject tree (model)
Google Maps V3 Geocoding Lookup using getJSON
Connect to Outlook calendar from C# using Interop
Cancel a RestSharp Request
Is openssl AES limited to 256 bits?
Import error ghmm library
Node.js crashes on TypeError even while catching uncaught exceptions
How to count the number of children of a node in an XML document in Java?
Repackaging android app for blackberry playbook, BarGenerator error
boost property tree
Reading an entire file in binary mode using C++
JNI how get values updated to int and double fields
HasFlag for a combination of bitwise and single-value Enums
Rails 3 - how to get data through associations
SharePoint Search Center: Can you have a custom search results page within it?
print out hashmap collision
select from values in mysql
How to add static method in WCF service
Connect Android to WiFi Enterprise network EAP(PEAP)
Integration test without cucumber?
Serialize lua_State to sent over network
Using an array to assing a integer value to an enter(break etc.)
Ninject scope problems with TopShelf, Ninject and EF code first
Simple Visitor pattern malfunctioning
MVVM Light ViewModelLocator in separate assembly ? Design time mode issue
HG command path in TeamCity in Windows
Fade in/out whole view exept one subview
Exception 鈥淭he disk is full 鈥�is thrown when trying to store data in usedata object in IE7+
Force a page refresh when page visited from back button
jquery infinity loop to slide imagebar over and over
.htaccess rewrite to another domain on the same server without url change
PHP can't connect, but SqlPlus can
Deploy playn to Google App Engine
Differentiating logical from other infix operators
How Does BlazeDS Generate Files
Triggering a search using external parameters on a subgrid in jqGrid
Does a multimap iterator also need the type of the sorting function?
launchd launch agent not executing command
Local, Testing and Production version control
How to automatically insert new registers from a mysql table to another table on same database?
JQuery Bigtext plugin - Make it work with tables?
Encrypting a file using Delphi component and decrypting with some other utility
How to set Default opening window in Swing?
How to avoid N+1 queries with will_paginate?
HTML/Ajax online Configurator with colors and shapes
iPhone/iPad identity which touchBegin, touchEnd
How to auto-populate the app version number in plist? (iPhone/iPad)
Fastest way to search through text on local computer and on local website?
Break loop after designated length of time in Maltab
Can the ShortTitles key be used with InAppSettingsKit PSMultiValueSpecifiers?
Can't find my styles in silverlight 5
Is there a way to block a class from being reflected upon?
Why does UIImageView own UIImage. Does it violate MVC principles?
How can I draw these Sprites to a BitmapData when they have crazy origin points?
jQuery delay/disable overlay on hover
RedirectToAction does not do what I need. What are my options?
Php address validation for locator
pythonic conversion of list of lists to strings by column
Joomla background application
iphone sdk how to change the wall paper for every 5 seconds?
How to Test the Graph API app with users that do not have Timeline enabled?
In what cases, a singleton design pattern may generate multiple instances of the same singleton class?
Access the value of the TextBlock when it's bound
Search files based on date created in c#
How to index file names (and other file metadata) in nutch?
Adding entities at runtime with EF 4.0
I have an AnythingSlider within an AnythingSlider can I style the current slide for both sliders?
How to require impersonation on a WCF service and set credentials from within the service?
How do I make an image in a table hover light pink when hovered over?
Why two vector table addresses on ARM?
Listing and searching a controller not working in Rails 3.1
Find duplicates in large file
Send an image through socket as binary data
Using GWT's 鈥渟hared鈥�folder for storing EJB beans
Accessing unclamped values from floating point textures in WebGL fragment shader
BHO: where to write to regisitry?
Custom Back Button
How to update the twitter share button URL with dynamic content?
DotNetOpenAuth RequestUserAuthorization callback
How to update the twitter share button URL with dynamic content?
DotNetOpenAuth RequestUserAuthorization callback
Resize div to fill 100% of screen and not make a scroll bar
GraphViz binary tree left and right child
Fatal error out of memory in joomla
Removing the dayname from a stored string representing a date
MySql Database import error within app
OWL: abstract class implementation with ObjectUnionOfseems failing hermiT, prot茅g茅
Explanation for one line if statement behaviour?
do-it-yourself universal header/footer.php
Silently call parent method behind my back [duplicate]
How to store many data in DB effectively?
python cgi won't load next
Java MyBatis stored procedure call with OUT parameters
Creating an XML from tiered class structure
How to match number of returned rows to number of arguments inside a SELECT-IN
how to get details of current user in twitter
Javascript--Object Expected
How to get the root dir of the Symfony2 application?
Exclude certain fields in HABTM find()
Validate inlines before saving model
PHP jQuery script modification/correction
Why is restful_authentication not available as a gem?
Testing routers in backbone.js properly?
Compile SQLite to run on Windows Mobile
css padding and margin issue
String Concatenation function in C doesn;t do anything, so what is the correct way?
Adding data to a C buffer passed to a Python Ctypes callback
trying to get the calculator to return 0 not an error message when a number is divided by 0?
weird 鈥渦nable to match function definition鈥�
Can I do parallel fields in SQL?
Select tab using button with Asp.Net
Cocos2d: Schedule methods unresponsive after replacescene is called for the SECOND time
watir-webdriver - clicking Javascript button
QLPreviewController with navigation buttons
Java Android Eclipse AVD 鈥淯nfortunately, <project name> has stopped.鈥�
Why submenu a tag takes parent li css?
mulitple templates in one module magento
How can I alter previous/next word navigation in Eclipse editor?
Sharing partials across multiple Rails applications
How do I create automatic scroll for a Parallax then switch to mouse control Event?
Youtube Class not working
how to rewrite url for htaccess file
jQuery hide() then animate() then show()
Why Font is not working in Html CSS?
Using two private keys (keystore) and two public keys (truststore) in one SSL Socket Connection
dataset and gridview interaction (updating data)
navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition Callbacks wont work on Firefox 10
Parallel copy using xcopy
Where to look (for a c++ starter) to create a suspend process program for Windows Vista x64 Ultimate?
Sorting array of DOM nodes from top-level to bottom
Android Chat application smiley
How to REALLY put a window above all others 鈥�Linux PyGTK
Is it good practice to initialise a variable to nil?
Java deploy webservice ejb to Windows Weblogic
Multiple file extension/mimetype intent-filters with one activity
Change ListBoxItem.Foreground color using a Trigger
Convert file located in OSGi Bundle to IFile
Does Ideone support Python command line parameters?
Xaml TextBox not behaving
Eclipse: Choosing Run on Server doesn't launch Firefox, it launches Eclipse's internal browser
Why is my django/psql site so incredibly slow?
How to send a purge request in varnish
Input string was not in a correct format
Remove unnecessary li
Phone number not appearing in address book despite apparently being successfully added
Flex 3: Preventing keyboard events from reaching a Sprite
how does facebook select the picture when implementing a 鈥渓ike鈥�feature with multiple og:image
Unit tests in a database driven CodeIgniter web-application
Returning False VS echoing out an error
passing alphanumeric value in querystring in url does not work in flash
Mysql join many tables in huge database
break out of if and foreach
one button with two functions
Member Pictures above site root
JQGrid with webservice not loading data
cakephp error: unexpected '(', expecting ')', is my syntax wrong?
How can i remove particular string after the specified string using regex in php?
Rename cell on NSTableView
WF4 WCF Correlation and MessageContract not working
SWC compilation much slower than SWF
Spring + Felix war = FileNotFoundException doesnt always execute the run method in android
SAS assign results from macro function to array within data step
Django formset apparently only printing first form in template (because of invalid markup)
How to fix 鈥渄iv鈥�tag between </li> <li> tags
Drawing an image in a UIScrollView in a zoom-invariant way
jQuery remove divs except one
How do I change the color of the axes of a matplotlib 3D plot?
Entity framework map column only if it exists
Jquery pageLoad() does not working in multiple js files
How to extract textual contents from a web page? [closed]
How to send POST from browser containing JSON data (not form data)
Strange result when converting Hex String to int
Use DataSet for retrieving, updating and inserting data to SQLite
Fire an event when any ajax requests completes
EJB - GWT. Notificate GWT(javaScript) client about some events happened
Find a matrix that gives same result when multiplied by a constant or another matrix
How to handle huge difference in values when plotting a histogram?
OutOfMemory and Memory Fragmentation in SharePoint 2007 32 bit
OutOfMemory and Memory Fragmentation in SharePoint 2007 32 bit
What is wrong with my recursive fibonacci program?
This is weird questions about if statement. My If statement doesn't work probably. why?
Post date in MYSQL format [duplicate]
Removing 鈥淐ontinue Reading鈥�from the Excerpt on certain template pages
C++ MessageBox (Windows.h) - What does it do an how can I make it invisible (or equivalent)? [RESOLVED]
What does it mean when an if statement has something like this in it if T[x,y]: and help explaining dynamic table code
Displaying html links in a different order on page load
os.system() failing in python
How can I effectively map one application to two database backends during a conversion to a new vendor?
Find a way to find characters that doesn't match the Regex is javascript
UITableView section when previous section is out of screen iPhone
namespaced jquery plugins
SQL Group By - Get unique key of every type
Remove invalid FK data after bulk load
Cleditor - minor plugin error
Can I call a custom tag in cfscript?
java: concurrent collections
CouchDB Modelling - Time filtered and group data
Auto change focus between two buttons periodically
How to limit threaded comment display in php
Hit test on Graphics2D object?
Sql server temp table
Query to obtain number of occurrence of a given word in a database table
Mysql query 1 less result in php than phpmyadmin
Add buttons to reveal/hide information [closed]
How do I not have a Window displayed on launch? [duplicate]
How to reload drives in Android
How to handle label click + checkbox click?
Pivot Control Error
test for existance of key with substring
Is conversion allowed with std::vector's template constructor taking iterators?
Problems referencing canvas position
XMPP client cannot connect to gtalk server in Android
hide view in interface builder when there are multiple views
Do these count as repositories or something else?
How do I expose subscription only content to search engine crawl agents in an MVC3 app?
Pushing a View on a Different View with Result from Another View
JPQL Order by Enum
Using global vars within a function in PHP the way you do it in Javascript
ShowDialog throws IllegalStateException in Android
Adding a New HTML Row to a group inside the HTML table
ASP.NET: How do I handle a click event from a <a> element within a literal.text?
different icons for the same Button skin flex
How to output the content of a Scenegraph in JavaFX 2 to an Image
Fragment BackStack dont work although addToBackStack(null) is called
Shared library for two projects
Python - inbound outbound argument
CQRS/EventStore - Modelling and storing hierarchical tree
Using same connection to update is working on one server, not on the other
Are these variables being garbage collected?
Iterate through select options
VIM: Stay away from the edges on searches
Query Not returning exactly what I want
Change Link Text to Image Using CSS
How to use getSystemCpuLoad() in JMX
Check when last check for Windows Updates was performed
Arrays in C++ - Adding elements of an array
Use form to to interact with database
Can't build project after adding testflight sdk
Parameterized JUnit tests with non-primitive parameters?
Comparing two rows in SQL
OnActionExecuting add to model before getting to action
How to correctly structure SQLAlchemy (declarative style) python project and it`s unittests
MKStoreKit non-consumable fails in both connection and NSUbiquitousKeyValueStore
How to extract location information from Google maps mashup?
what exactly is dynamic parallelism?
Vectorizing list of lists operation in R
Flattening an XML document
SQL Select statement based on login details
unable to transfer transferring image via Bluetooth android
as3 breakpoints not triggering in child swf
Lua DSL or clever closures?
Swing high-performance charting library
error about compiling c++ code with cmake and boost
how to work with different resolution in android?
.live() vs .on() method
Making a fading trail in processing
How to make an image-button run a PHP script?
How do I use a case statement to determine the from and where clauses in a stored procedure?
How can I parse an array with relevant data on the next line
Computing argument values dynamically
Best practive to keeping API keys from being commited?
How to memset an array of bools?
Is there any point in writing pre-Mango (7.0) Windows Phone 7 applications
Retrieve iframe div elements text content
How do I pass a value to a site called by jquery using RESTful Rails?
magento search order by relevance
ios Programming, using UIImagePicker inside UINavigation controller
High performance architecture for dataimport scenario?
what I'm including wrong ? undefined reference to al_init_image_addon error,
NSFetchedResultsController keep reference to deallocated delegate controller in storyboard, causing crash
concatenate numpy arrays that are class instance attributes in python
after post on wordpress commit to facebook and twitter
Wireshark Lua Dissector - How to set source and destination
Linking radio buttons and text inputs
Dropdown List Option with Default Value that is not in the list
ICanHaz/Mustache.js not rendering template
HTML force URL hyperlink to be treated as non-relative (absolute)
R or another robust Ruby math lib on Heroku?
Appropriate situations for using classes and id's?
Exception while trying to use jersey and jaxb
jquery display script block as html in textarea
Configuring EF to throw if accessing navigation property not eager loaded (and lazy-load is disabled)
How can I program a custom partial or sub view for a calculator?
TreeView Node forecolor not changing when called at certain times?
Is it ever a good idea to use NHibernate <join> from a partial many-to-many class?
android appWidget - put my own appWidget without user confirmation
android phonegap geolocation emulator
Increase the length of separator between list item
PHP cron removing a day from subscription
How to manage the Accent Mark (written accent)
iPhone setting title on toolbar?
Dynamically Calling Private API Without Being Noticed by the App Store [closed]
JBoss AS 7 auto deploy plugin cannot connect to localhost:8080
JSF 2.0 and Spring Security User authentication to login webapp
Can't read Arabic text file in Java
C# named pipes over a network
An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host - caused by a connection timeout?
set div height by font size and numbers of lines
identify which classes are not serializing
Json string replace
Android Remove Fragment and View from BackStack
Replacing object from itself in C++
Opening disk device file for write access on Mac OS X
Killing application (killProcess) blocked by DefaultHttpClient.execute execution
C# Find folders from a path and output it in a comboBox
tring to convert str string for use in std::getline delimiter
Jenkins: Non-resolvable parent POM:
Managing multiple event handlers in jQuery
Userinput doesn't work when I enter 鈥溾�鈥�
Is DB2 instance the same as a database instance?
backbone.js: Is there a change since last server-save?
c#: Inherited class get property, 鈥渞eturn this.x as DerivedClass鈥�or 鈥渞eturn base.x as DerivedClass鈥� What's the difference?
USB Programming Tutorial
'Nearest Neighbor' zoom
How to initiate a view in class, and then call it in another activity?
Unmerging excel rows, and duplicate data
Different results from querying Facebook link_stat using http and https
PHP preg_replace - regex
Jawr + Spring - Images not found. Am I missing something?
Adding a function to a URL
Ninject tells me a method is not implemented but its clearly there
Android file writing Read-Only file system warning
'hg pull' failing in CruiseControl.NET build because no changes were detected
(JQuery) Offset() coordinates?
How run Javascript function from php during Jquery request?
Thumbnail fine but image content is wrong on an HTC device
In-Memory SQL/NoSQL - Keep the ability to query - Maybe use MySQL or SQL Server
glDrawElements - how does it 鈥渃onsume鈥�indices?
Push certificates revoke
Is there a Drupal module that allows a user to create a slideshow for individual pages?
Pass this parameter in javascript function using href
Why I can't call this method?
cmap.set_bad() not showing any effect with pcolor()
How do I watch a running program's STDOUT from a perl program that called it?
Improving database performance (or) avoiding performance issues of database table with auto-generated primary key
why in console rails delete method is different that in controller?
Is it possible to notify DTrace on Mac OS X of dynamically generated code?
Android 3.x / HLS how to start at the end of the stream
google maps: dynamic canvas drawing in mapview
WYSIWYG that restricts HTML that can be put in
android intents from reflection
Cannot connect to emulator when IDEA and DDMS run in the same time
Generate unique non-sequential alphanumeric string of length 6
JavaScript - How to load external script NON-asynchronously?
How use Hibernate and MyBatis in the same application
MVC 3 DropDownListFor: Cannot figure out 'System.Web.Mvc.SelectList' cannot be serialized
iOS app using web view crash randomly with no good error message
Refresh UIScrollview
Design Pattern for Ajax throbber before initial data has been fetched in backbonejs
'Cannot insert the value NULL into column' for Inherited Field
How to prevent Django from changing file name when a file with that name already exists?
Replace in C# and replaceAll in Java
Java: Many class duplicates being generated
Manipulate photo to sepia
How to access different array data in onItemSelected?
iOS UITextView Text Highlighting
Roles out of sync with user session
How to implement Serial communication using Android bluetooth?
Word characters without decimal characters
How do you continuously deploy a large system consisting of several applications
How do I add encoded query values to a URL?
LINQ Query Method Parameter
Javascript create 3 arrays from array
In MySql how do I add missing decimals to the currency column?
Uploading two images, re-sizing, and saving to database with CodeIgniter
TSQL, If there are no results then write 'no results' in one of the fields?
How can I grab a value from this string using regEx in c# explain the regex?
Saving files on Rails with Carrierwave
query to search a field in a database based on HTML form content
[Linker error] undefined reference to `Set<std::string>::contains(std::string const&) const'
Syntax Issue in Razor code using Vb.Net
Is there a better way to Spawn second ant build from an ant build that is cross plattform?
Cache server - store 100 million 100kb objects
Can you safely delete old entries in sales_flat_quote?
PGH using OpenCV (Emgu)
Use of uninitialised value of size 8
'-[__NSDate managedObjectContext]: unrecognized selector sent to instance
Does 2nd Level Cache with Hibernate reduce memory usage or just database accesses?
MVC3 passing messages from one controller to another view and/or controller
How to evaluate expressions in this tree?
maven java maven-antrun-plugin
How to cleanly convert between lists and ListT monad transformers?
Codeigniter: If I get no query results then output nothing in view-file
Is it possible to identify the carrier / operator (ATT, Verizon, etc.) from the Android User Agent String
supply a vector to 鈥渃lasses鈥�of dataframe
Looking for an app that does iCloud key value pair syncing
Subclassing causing bad memory access, how should properties be structured
Report Viewer not Stopping Stored Procedure on window close
Madvertise 404 error and 鈥淐ode has to be installed鈥�
Ember controller to fetch data from its model, only upon request. How?
How to create tabs view in ASP.NET MVC3 with Razor?
Mavenizing ANT project
How do I clone and rebind my data using knockout mapping?
How can i add a spinner to UIImagePickerController?
How to convert the seconds in this format 鈥淗H:mm:ss鈥�
knockoutjs animated transition on Update an element
R: How to do calculation of the length of cell border between different 鈥渙wners鈥�in the most efficient way?
Eight digit numbers stored as text--how to convert them to dates? Excel
how to add three condition at Jquery
How to make a jquery plugin, which is written by someone else, work in all the browers it could actually work?
Why is my Firebird INSERT procedure failing?
Is mozilla Firefox designed in QT?
What is the difference between RegExp鈥檚 exec() function and String鈥檚 match() function?
Using Merge with Global Temp Tables
Facebook Tab lose page information in signed request for authenticated users
Dropdown won't get on top of Flash in IE7
Read XML File values and submit to web service with SOAP
Interface Builder / Storyboard Properties read by code?
Express.js,, Backbone issue
Experience to Level Algorithm PHP [closed]
Liquibase column data types mess
split function (list index out of range)
css inline rotation
Put existing object in ResourceDictionary using XAML
How can I slow down the execution of a specific method in java
Designing a heavily denormalized table for something like 鈥淟ikes鈥�
iOS - is there any framework serving huge amount of arbitrary binary data as plist or xml?
Query List of Dictionary<string, object>, can't cast from object to original type
Adding external graphs libraries
notifcation launches multiple instances of Activities
Rails: Hooking into ORM generator
IronPython AddReference takes huge amount of time and memory
How can I parse the following httpresponse and also what is the best method to parse it?
Checkstyle: access variable names?
display my dropdown box in a specific area
NSMutableDictionary not retrieve object
Custom objects with HessianKit and java backend
ObjectDisposedException thrown in a xamlx on hitting a Receive/Send activity?
How is each process pinned to a specific core by scheduler (Linux)
How to draw line over a JFreeChart chart?
Java Generics: Instantiating arrays with parameterized types: illegal?
Getting serialized json objects from django templates?
Inserting data into table
Common Lisp: How to build a list in a macro with conditional splicing?
Deprecated offline_access on facebook with RoR
Saving webControls in the Session object
Call vbscript function to run on body onload in all browsers
How to open a VF page as popup and pass parameters to that VF page?
Android onNewIntent from application launcher gives me the last intent
How to converting any object into Bytes?
jQuery UI Dialog and IFRAME - with 'on' event handler
How to prevent NoClassDefFoundError when Java runtime is on a removable drive?
Software to manage guest WIFI access by creating random usernames and passwords?
django cache conditional view processing latest_entry
TFS permissions to create Team Projects in a specific collection
NHibernate non-unique child collection to load eagerly (one-to-many or many-to-many)
Joda Time minutes in a duration or interval
references in C# and unexpected results
Regular Expressions with regularexpressionvalidator
WCF - solution architecture
Subsonic - all load data methods fail on mysql table
Why is the Facebook 鈥渓ike鈥�code submission telling me that our FB page url is incorrect?
hibernate multiple threads prevent multiple save(), JTA necessary? browser issue in Firefox and Chrome
How can I override CSS styles in GWT/Bootstrap?
PHP custom error handler log to output
Caching database queries with Node.js
Is there a library available to read stabs debug information?
Is there any way to control JSON formatting with the WCF Web API?
Remote Validation in jQuery not validating
clearing OPENVPN DHCP (type) cache
Manage DNS Server from Gnome
BIRT parameter dataSet
ComboBox with CheckBoxes in WinForms
Gap between statusbar and view
Android and Youtube
Reading SAML Token in ASP.NET
String output in html is incorrect
Is it possible to copy couchdb directly to sdcard on android devices?
Remove form tag from remote page html fetched from ajax request
Is indexing into NodeList via [] reliable and (ideally) documented?
SQL User-Defined Functions in Linq to Entities
Applying DI practices to legacy application system
iOS-style toggle button
Removing the installation warning from a self hosted Firefox add-on
Where can i find some Good backbone-relational tutorials?
Subdivise UITableView layer into layers
Custom RoleProvider keeps caching my repository object
Retrieving JSON from remote domain, jQuery
Cycling through documents in a backend archive [closed]
How to configure the TeamCity Addin for Microsoft Visual Studio
SQL Query to compare 2 weeks
Jenkins - Running a single job in master as well as slave
Multiple appstore application versions - regular and certified
JPA Entities and TransactionContext of EJB method
Resizing SWFs with JavaScript
Linux kernel/os source code documentation?
Stuck while &amp are there
jQuery Mobile: alternative of .trigger('create') or .page() when updating navbar?
Android Long Running Service and database
Create inner shadow in UIView [duplicate]
How to delete Uninstaller.exe itself
Can I submit a login form from an unprotected page and make the SiteMinder login page transparent?
VB script and chrome
Count Rows in Doctrine QueryBuilder
my jquery mobile is not working with my php code
jquery changing scrollleft position if statement(for image swap) depending on screen resolution
Exercise: views, layouts and buttons to create android GUI
multi condition if statement c++
From jQuery to Prototype/Scriptaculous - hiding and showing divs?
Show div for specific user
map zoom in/out to include all the pins dynamically [closed]
How to use different views/screens/xibs in MonoTouch?
iOS 5, SpringBoard, SBCallAlert Alternative
How to wrap elements under a GWT HTMLPanel
Interpolation rules when defining a function
Java Webcam GUI Application
Link to a saved interactive report [closed]
How to implement one stored proc in SSRS for Security?
Port block after i turn off the windows 2008 r2 server firewall
What is the least verbose way of doing a nested for loop?
PHP SimpleXML xpath overwriting
How can I tell the render engine to use my 鈥�user鈥�explicitly?
zend Framework. Calling a different javascript file specified by action/controller
Find out what class a method belongs to (in Visual Studio or Resharper)
Android SDK ImageButton stretches when Gravity.Right
Anchoring a layout in a view for android
How to create subsequences for sequence e.g. [1,2,3] not including non-adjacent subsequences (e.g. [1,3]) in Python
request.subdomain not returning anything
dalvikvm(277): Unable to open stack trace file '/data/anr/traces.txt': Permission denied
Getting exception in wcf service - The protocol 'net.pipe' is not supported
Some events are not fired after FolderbrowserDialog is shown
Sencha Touch 2 Beta 2 Store Sync Issues
How do effectively use the string data_type in C++?
Get access to Views in another layouts
QCreator designer widget inaccessible from program code
Are Facebook checkins deprecated in favor of Open Graph? [closed]
Are Facebook checkins deprecated in favor of Open Graph? [closed]
Yii Multiple Select Values Find() Function
Java db schema does not exist (netbeans 7)
Using ajax request in Google extensions - basic knowledge ? Performance
Hash table runtime complexity (insert, search and delete)
Android appwidget onUpdate()
Camera activity causing uri to go to null when screen orientation changes
'X86' conflicts with target machine type 'x64'
How to change jQuery's animation transition from linear to quadratic
Configuring Pantheios logging library
Plulling a sample of your database - Postgresql
TCP_KEEPINTVL and TCP_KEEPCNT not defined in tcp.h in iOS SDK
Backbone .toJSON and .isNew in console no working
How do you UPDATE an identity column in SQL azure? Is it possible?
Retrieve Google Maps API Key
Android: thread synchronization: waiting for a dialog to close to proceed
For a Bootstrapper, the FileCheck element isn't finding the file on 64 bit OS in System32
Select from multiple tables where conditions must be met
MySQL Foreign constraing inconsistencies
Cannot change text size in rgl plot
How do I change color of a textfield using ExtJS?
Add String to End of URL
Design Pattern for Storing New Values for Abitrary Fields
how to run only specified junit groups of tests in maven?
Preprocessing Macro
Set table row content using CSS?
UISplitView having issues in Portrait
Why does Physical address from System call GetIpNetTable have 8 Byte (and not 6)?
Implementing command pattern and polymorphism
Load Java project on Apache loading in a non-Web-application project
how to autoincrement the default value in texbox
Link to Resource from a Resource file
How to automate the process of downloading a image based on its name using web scraping?
Searching a word for a specific character at a set point (Java)
showing iteration through a DataGridView, updating the display/redraw
Rails GeoCoder, looping through existing database and geocode_by :address, :city, :state
Custom sorting of datagridview
How to get most popular categories?
Putting function in appropriate class
How to apply jQuery UI effect (slide+flip) at the same time?
how do we pass data from controller to view in zend?
Unit testing vs UI testing for iOS
Hibernate Criteria - Restricting Data Based on Field in One-to-Many Relationship
How to use count for bytearray
Alternatives to VBScript for running scheduled tasks
GSON: De-serialising a generic object
Google Map APIv3: Disable infoWindow when using InfoBox with KML PlaceMarker
Can I use bind variables with PHP and MySQL?
Deadlock in concurrent.futures code
making xampp more secure
Efficiently designing relationship between classes [closed]
Assistance with good starting references for tools like Maven, ANT Build, etc [closed]
Does Firebug List CSS Background Shorthand Color in the Wrong Order?
variables in functions storage
Execute a SPARQL query in SWI-Prolog, on a OWL ontology
Using ProDinner w/ areas
Modify the self-made concat function so it will accept more than two arguments
Heroku + Rails: weird error (Cedar Stack)
Infusionsoft API Opportunities customFields
ModalView Over SplitView with transition
C# Playing an AVI
Com client authentication
Hex code lose his format
Coldfusion: Multiple for testing. Mapping a 鈥�鈥�root for each
Subsonic transformations failing in T4 template due to same object name across different schemas
Create iCloud folders with files
Test if a div doesn't have an element
DataTrigger.ExistActions not firing for binding value 鈥渘ull鈥�
Custom authorization in ASP.NET MVC 3
Azure Blob Storage Listing Blobs
Simulate pressing tab key with jQuery
IN Criteria performance for update operation in MySQL
Retrieve the list of friends that did a custom action on a custom object in open graph 2
Object Construction in C++
Stored procedure date parameter filters - Ignore if Null
Which technology to use with EJB project
Can't get the jQueryUI datepicker to show the range of date I want it to
Change font size of ul element using javascript
Text editor for CMS
How to perform a preg_match() on this string?
Childbrowser not opening webpage in ios phonegap 1.3
How do I omit the leading 0 from a 128C bar code?
Manage .net shared libraries in a small size company (50+ developers)
Paint the contents of an OpenGL front buffer into a custom destination
Can't open semaphore from another process
AJAX AsynchFileUpload stop upload process
Realistic Camera in Android
How can I make a Makefile determine the system's lib directory?
OpenGL: are texture combiner functions supported when rendering to FBO?
How to properly set the 100% DIV height to match document/window height?
Send URL encoded data instead of JSON
Saving to S3, but file is Blank
Is it possible use camera inside from a xaml page?
where can i download pymongo in 64bit ubuntu/linux
Programming Outlook Addin to automatically close and reload
Use javascript to read/write images to IndexedDB
Collections and Variables
Start/stop Tomcat from Ant - NoClassDefFoundError
Why Integer.parseInt of a String representing a number throws java.lang.NumberFormatException in J2ME?
How can i add ImageViews next to items in my ListView?
UIWebView change color of dataDetectorType links
Adding unexisting entities while creating another entity
Python, how to make a function which takes a function as an argument along with two arrays?
jquerymobile refiltering
Parsing HTML Tags with jQuery
Remove CC Button from smfplayer in wp7
Linking errors with static const values referring to enum in alternative namespace
Can kdb read from a named pipe?
Process access rights seem to differ when run from the compiler and as a standalone exe
Where should I put apiKey before publishing android application in Android market
What is wrong with this javascript date difference calculate function?
jQuery event not triggered
Download pdf file with JQuery/JSON from extern Web Service
Android fastboot build failure due to incorrect Java version
Doctrine 1.2 - How to connect 2 databases
News articles database - should I use index on date_publish field for faster SELECTS
Add attachment to bug by url
Custom Keyboard on iOS: How do I access the UITextField?
How to display lists side-by-side in R - a 鈥渃bind鈥�for lists?
Selecting values below a threshold and anchored at the left or right using Ruby NArray
Symfony2: Why does my form show errors even before submit?
long if else loop and recoding in R
jquery get textbox value if not null
Execute tab-changed after new browser element has loaded the page
Design of a 鈥淧ush Down Automata鈥�that recognizes the language: a^i b^2i
How to inject <DIV> into WPF WebBrowser Controltooverlapall webpage content within?
How to use a wildcard in isDefined() or structKeyExists() in a URL?
How to improve SQL Server stored procedure performance?
og:image ignored when sharing link, although accepted in linter
jQuery Tab is caching TabID
jQuery selector that simulates :starts-with or :ends-with for searching text?
Objective C Instance Method Help *Beginner*
'ToolTip' cannot have a logical or visual parent
How do I update the value of an @Autowired String bean in Spring?
Use Ruby to Truncate duplicate patterns in an Array
Look up property by name using a string variable [duplicate]
How to pre-populate Facebook Comment box other social comment box using a javascript button
SQL Server 2008 sub-query caching?
Stuck with moving Elements in JQUERY
Combine an echo and a print in one statement
In Java what is idomatically most similar to raising a Python ValueError?
formatting table using CSS with top and bottom border
Plot update error - JMathPlot
SVN authentication via --username with single ssh user
Oracle Apex - Updating a view with instead-of trigger
Why does this code not work in IE7?
Open GL - ES 2.0 : Multiple Vertex Buffer Object
What is role of 2nd parameter & 3rd parameter in fwrite()? Why we need 3rcount here?
Specific click counting mechanism in ASP and C#
Determine the type of query based on the query string
Want to change DateTimePicker.Value.TimeOfDay, but it is read only
Visual Studio C# Windows Forms鈥�changing button color?
rel=image_src isn't changing the thumbnail
Failed to load resource + $.ajax call in Chrome
pcap_lookupnet returns incorrect IP address
Running fselect using Python
speeding up wildcard text lookups
DocBlox error: The XSL writer was unable to find your XSLTProcessor
vibrate on real device more then once for notification(proximate alert) in android
Insert space in specific place from right with classic asp
Listen to a serial port within Java from a glass fish server running a web app
Unresolved External Symbol Error When Using cvEigenDecomposition and Others
Unusual use of comma-separator
Graphviz - Drawing maximal cliques
Facebook login strangely failing in a page only on a single Chrome instance (mine)
mysql php connector not returning last cell value
Unitialised value(s) using valgrind
iscroll jquery breaks on partial postback
Regular expression, specifying optional capture groups?
Installed DocBlox with Wamp and PEAR
How to share data between iPhones?
Best way to save authentication token?
Update one column as sum of other two columns
SQLAlchemy 2 Foreign Keys to the same Primary Key
Why get_absolute_url() isn't working
Using find(1) in command substitution and quote filenames with blanks
Cartesian product two lists [duplicate]
Techniques to save files from ActiveX (protected mode IE)
WPF slider behaving like combobox
In Django filtering on __isnull seems to result in LIKE 'None'
Multiple configurations of the same war
Finding a record in a hash in minions = Minion.all
Chrome scrolling by it self
if statement using onchronometerticklistener
How to get MJPEG Stream from IP Camera Panasonic?
Windows 7 x64 COM/Serial port Sniffer/Redirect
Returning and empty array
What are the 鈥渘ative DOM events鈥�mentioned in the jQuery manual?
Maven Jaxb2 plugin errors
How to append a RANDOM string to all occurrences of another string in file
Monotouch UIViewController release method
Using Java Reflection, how to get the constructor of a class specifying a derived class of the constructor args?
Express resources with authentication middleware?
How to turn on and turn off (enable and disable) Location Services programatically in ICS?
Using substring in xsl
Installer options available in application?
Entity Framework ObjectStateEntry, get property of relation
Execute Javascript function with an Seam EL expression
Can't access hidden inputbox value from javascript
How to refactor this code so that it conforms to Open-Close principle?
Split sqllite file into chunks for
failed to load RSL textLayout
Javascript control for modeling 2D, 3D data
LDAP group search in Glassfish Server Error in '/' Application
How to make PHP work with html5 when creating blackberry NATIVE app with blackberry websockets
Deselect default selection on JTextfield
MonoDroid - Target Device does not display in IDE
Why Spring Security OAuth 2.0 owns much more classes than google OAuth 2.0 implementation?
Adding buttons, textfields, checkboxes etc. to an OpenOffice textdocument usind UNO with Java
Core Data Programmatically Adding a to-many Relationship
Bind event to right-click
HTML / Javascript One Click Print (no dialogs)
Is there a better way to insert values from arrays into SQL Server 2008?
How to turn off Atomikos logging?
Youtube uploader from website
mod_wsgi forbidden error on CentOS 5.7
Missing urwid on OS X Lion Python 2.7
Is it possible to run a chef recipe without running the default recipe
Using diff3 on a mercurial merge via command line
SSL not working with Tomcat
Redirecting users to the same Tab in IE in
How do I return a array from a function?
How to calculate the size (thin or fat) of the user?
Can I publish a Phonegap Android app to the marketplace?
Conversion from quarters into pennies [closed]
What is the use of declaring different datatypes inside bitfields?
iPhone App SIze jumps from 12mb to 31mb while processing
Function acting as both decorator and context manager in Python?
Rails3 couldn't find file 'bootstrap'
Draw array of points with OpenGL
Python SSHTail - Unable to import SSHTailer
searching for specific string on a received sms-android
Still need a cookie with Server-side Session for Auth?
how can we highlight text and apply colours, make hyperlink of selected portions
WaitforExit doesn't work correctly
Setting map view annotation properties
Startup Notepad with Cygwin's cron
Method call to another file
Segmentation fault causes on Linux
Mysql database design advise
matplotlib.animation error - The system cannot find the file specified
Find all textboxes where id does not contain certain characters
IntelliJ shortcuts that I can't find
Null values in PHP SoapClient calls
Error HBASE-ZOOKEEPER : Too many connections
preg_split to get ending number from string