Using eclipse, can I create android app that will test an already installed app?
Exception in thread 鈥渕ain鈥�java.lang.RuntimeException: Stub
Using preg_match to extract a table
Jquery Tablesorter + IE Script taking too long error
play framework Exception - field .. doesn't have a default value
app for download in Titanium Studio
Creating XML comments as intellisense in Visual Studio
iOS- How to make reloaddata of tableview in a CfReadStream
Foreach - listview
Sybase extension doesn't work
Are there any plugins that allow commenting on Blogs?
Memcached, Redis, or Couchbase
Core data fetch request to search in array
Scanner occasionally does not fire _TextChanged event
C++ read from file and tokenize data
CakePHP Bake Error: Database connection 鈥淢ysql鈥�is missing, or could not be created
Twitter Bootstrap 2: Navbar submenu links do not work
Actual best pdf generator for Rails 3.1
R: losing names of dimnames of a table after cbind or rbind
opening powerpoint presentations in ruby via win32ole
How To Make A Selection Tool In C#
Selective attributes for paths - Raphael.js
Is there any way in Linux to show what's going on about the freezing code on the R session?
Select continuous ranges from table
Cannot transfer files to proftpd server from external ip
How can I determine used and free space in an e-mail folder?
Using REST calls in Spring to expose service layer
Removing the background color of an EditText
Modify Link in a WebGrid (mvc3) not working (work first time but not second time)
NHibernate Bringing old data
Perform While loop Php
.NET 3D/2D modeling libraries/controls under web
replace all substrings in strings
I use UTF-16LE when I parsing xml. But, it does not work on some device
How to convert vector< vector<string> > to char **
Why does eclipse keeps highlighting a method?
In Vim, I'd like to go back a word. The opposite of `w`
Connecting to a server with multiple sets of credentials
Facebook: Gender-specific dummy profile pictures via graph API
.click() Event dont get executed
IsMouseOver overlaps with IsSelected for ListViewItem
ASP.Net MVC: Session duration?
Tapestry : Start page use english locale instead of default locale
How does one print total number of pages in a JTextPane footer?
Return data and success/error message via AJAX
Serialize VM vs state class
T-SQL COUNT of 'A', 'B', and 'A or B'
PHP - comet memory problems
Using a list to centrally manage type mappings?
Mapping several Textures on the same surface
Java application - which all parts of my code are being fired up in production?
Regex in Ruby to capture message
Regex in Ruby to capture message
Show/Hide On Click
JQuery show/hide in JQuery Mobile
How to set precision of a float
numpy slice assignment
Should I declare a parameter that will never be changed as a const variable? [duplicate]
Spotify Google Analytics API
automatic generation of flowchart
Unique content for each instance of a page app?
Embedded Payment return url shown in iframe
Porting libmfcc to C# using Bass Library
Return object as interface from generic method
check to see if an application is a service or contentprovider
Can we Single API for more then one app in android
use of sed and perl to do the word processing, copying lines from one file to another
where not in () statement with lambda
Why does this html table get extra cells?
how to synchronize scroll views simultaneously
I have an Eclipse project which is not using Maven, can I start using Maven in a project?
Mysql query to find distinct rows shows incorrect result
Nice names in related objects in Active Admin
Call function after executing remote validation
How to prevent property setter from modifying private property data
Python: __str__, but for a class, not an instance?
How to show the content of a List in JasperReports
iPhone 4 Retina 鈥渁pple-touch-startup-image鈥�for Web-apps (landscape)
How Can Develop My Own GUI in C++ Not The Win32 API? [closed]
Is there a direct way to convert Unix Time on Informix to YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS?
Using OO PHP in CSS
Maven projects versions stored in a database managed by a version server and a web interface?
How do I handle GNU long filenames in Java when using* classes packaged with install4j?
Registration blanket, database, info, wordpress, mySQL, e-mail
SQL Query Recursion for Parent Child relationship
Behaviour of glob function in php is different with open_basedir
jQuery - radio button click()
iOS 鈥�Presenting MFMessageComposeViewController after receiving a UILocalNotification
Teamcity build log
registered user area package
How to change the mac address of Bluetooth dongle in ubuntu [closed]
Combining regular expressions in Javascript
Retrieving edges of a graph
How to resolve 鈥淭he item you were attempting to purchase could not be found鈥�
get a response from javascript in a google's swiffy content? (flash converted to html5)
Conditional Statement Against _WinAPI_EnumDisplayDevices(): Is there a better method?
Fragment does not show when switching between tabs on TabHost
how to use QWebPage in a non-GUI application
Need to send data from one website to another asynchronously
How to get a System's total CPU usage percentage of a remote computer using a java program or JMX
Common Language Runtime detected an invalid program
Storing subImage data in an array
jsoup Whitelist relaxed mode too strict for wysiwyg editor
tableview index getting clipped at the bottom
how to select an item in multiple dictionaries, python
Shopify API - add to basket
Trying to open SELECT tag in Android WebView crashes the application
DropDownList value=鈥溾� no being retreived from Database
How to spot all $tickers in string?
Sending email over proxy using CDO
Change format for specific fields in Nlog
Using Binding.Source without using resources
Override MapView Tile Source?
malloc and calloc
Deleting few lines from a large file using a ruby script
How to stop thread returning before Join() is called
Send data to email account Java Blackberry
Dojo equivalent of jquery ui position utility
Is it ok to place most logic and models in the appDelegate?
iOS UILabel rotating issue
Hibernate / JPA Collection of Elements with Many to Many relationship?
How to add additional event handler in jQuery or plain javascript?
How do I know whether my display driver supports DirectX or not?
Number of working days between today and working day till end of the year
DOM not responding to jquery evers after load function
ArrayBlockingQueue: should use to create Pool?
Sequence of tests in UIAutomation
Count query not grouping properly
Problems while creating a Linux-executable file from C# sourcecode using mkbundle
How to run CTS (Compatibility Test Suite) on Android 4.0.3
Jquery multiple show and hide - but hide others if one is shown
What is better ? One big field or many small?
how to create QWebFrame instance
Is it possible to overlap WPF WebBrowser with other UIElement?
QTKit - Merge two videos with different width and height?
Django modelformset too slow on large numbers of data
Setting two different yRanges in one graph with two plots
Debugging a plugin for Webstorm from IDEA
How to get ID of textbox multiline mode in Datalist control using jquery
SQL where condition with from and until
'dynamic' normalization
Storing the changes made to MYSQL DB and updating the changes to another MYSQL db on a different server
Text stroke in <input type=鈥渢ext鈥�>
Testing Tool for UI Style Guides?
Jquery - continuing an animation with a timer - unclear about how animation works
Regexp replace all dots in string, except when between round braces
NameError: global name 'getAllElements' is not defined when calling a class function
Does using method chaining in PHP cause any problems with resources or memory?
Wiring dependencies in a Spring unit test without using @RunWith
Rails link_to params .id instead of /id
Why Beaker library is so popular in python web development? [closed]
Flex - Tilelist with first item as Button and all others as Image
Rails link_to params .id instead of /id
Why Beaker library is so popular in python web development? [closed]
Flex - Tilelist with first item as Button and all others as Image
Sendgrid on Heroku Error
Double-click event on WPF Window border
Media Element paused, set position and played again causes volume not coming properly, video in slow motion after some time
How to get the selected value in each select in a form?
PostGIS function to connect geometry LINE together?
Database error after moving website?
Adding a comments feature to a cakephp app [closed]
Eclipse Package Explorer '>' Symbol Before File Names
Tree Structure with TFrames
how to catch click on page body
JPanels don't completely stretch to occupy the available space
Google OAuth2 Library Issue WIth Storyboard IOS
Batch concatenation string with special characters
Can't use HTTPS with ServerXMLHTTP object
Reading HTML with php giving wrong information
Android - OnClick on custom view doesn't fire
Monitoring system -, nhibernate, and ajax?
Is it better to use #pragma comment (lib, **) to include libs? [closed]
What to return from a controller action for jQuery File Upload plugin?
Export data Telerik grid
Most efficient way of reading file
How can i put a delay with C#?
Input and google DART
How automatically add 1 year date to an existing date in SQL Server
Am I subclassing my CSS correctly?
Curl: sleep/delay between requests
Eclipse crashing, getting heap exceptions - Out of Memory when trying to deploy an Android applicaiton
Design tips for data structures to interface with yaml-cpp?
Return to libc causes an segmentation fault
ArgumentParser -h (help) will not work
Blowfish or AES (.Net) and compatible unix command line tools
Deploying a .net project to development server
Is it possible to make a Telerik report based on an existing PDF?
iOS Possible to set a blend mode on UILabel?
How to invite friends in Facebook app with AS3
Issue when combining Impromptu and Ideal tme out plug in
mail() function in PHP does not works in local system [duplicate]
body onload and window.onload at the same time
How to find out which devices are (not) compatible with my Android App?
How do I put a form in to help mode?
ActiveX Control in C#- results in error in IE8
JSP string with 鈥渆nter鈥�causing problems
how to generate circle using javascript
In REST, how should a GET request to a findAll operation be handled when the Resources are paged?
Unix join on more than two files
Formatting a date in javascript till the millisecond
tt_news: no news_id given when changing language in single view
ViewModel Event Registration and ViewModel Lifetime
jQuery: Easy way to check if a href attribute is valid
binding radiobuttons group to a property in WPF
How to fill a freedrawn shape with colour
Proper way of getting variable from another class
Internate Explorer Compatibility Issue
How to create instance of a class from class name without using reflection?
Jquery validate function error object can not be parsed in ie8
Jenkins - Parameterized Builds & SCM Trigger/Schedule
change file extention of JSON file in struts 2
flash object not displaying in firefox
Unable to display .chm help file in Delphi XE2 app - why?
Why do I get HTTP 401 Unauthorized from my call the to Yahoo contacts API?
What datatype is best for storing articles in SQL database?
Am I not setting up my Flask 404 handler correctly?
What does html5 and css3 depend on?
Apply function and sort in MongoDB without MapReduce
Tomcat and JDBC connection pooling
Are there Issue Trackers with Maven Support?
How to get CSS selectors to work in the Developer Tools for Chrome 17?
Converting MySQL to PDO
websocket handshake
How to fill a form thats inside an Iframe with python
Read all Android contacts in Mono for Android
sqlite INSERT INTO 鈥�WHERE NOT EXISTS and get the id?
How to hide other application Shortcut icons on android desktop from my android application
Custom Class Level Constraint for Crossfield validation not called
Nokia/Ovi maps issue - dynamic refresh of markers
WHERE clause in a SQL statement in C#
Why I cannot increment integer in void method
INNER JOIN not working properly
match a variable to an element inside an array of objects?
3DES encryption implementation reporting different output from C# implementation
Implement a jQuery plugin method and explain this keyword
Django AJAX load-more-pagination with grouping
How to make inline comments in Org-mode?
Jquery table onclick events
Wordpress ?xyz ending on images
background-color attribute of table row (jQuery)
Moving an ImageView on the screen dynamically in android
Jpegs lose metadata
iReport + UTF-8
Inserting a JSON Object into a database
Mistake while adding double values in java
Adding listener to Ext.Grid.panel in EXTJS 4
Measuring goals for users who have never logged into my site before
Display Multiple Notes on Same Date of Calender
Ruby & Mongodb with an inverted index brings up some funny results
PreTranslateMessage in C# for hosted MFC window
Hide My site menu from Sharepoint 2010 welcome control
Does spring mvc have the concept of before/after controller action events?
Codeigniter MongoDB wrapper not working with delete
trying to add some link cell in my GWT cellTable
chrome scrollbar
Ajax Load Contact Form and SEO
Passing pointers to function does not return value
Caught NoReverseMatch while rendering: Reverse for 'accounts_profile_view' with arguments '('',)' and keyword arguments '{}' not found
Different distance between two points on iOS and Android
I need help to make FB.api() call in Synchronous Mode
Regex: Count matches from list of words
why retainCount increased?
ScrollViewer doesn't scroll
External thread callback to a session scoped Spring bean
Appropriate way to store this kind of information
How to implement an Application with ViewPager (each view holds a layout with some keys)?
JSON PHP data returning null
Using ExpandableListFragment from arne.jans never triggers onListItemClickListener event
javascript msgbox if statement
Sync many files on S3 to local [closed]
How can I add a variable to an array?
Adhoc version bag
get function name that called function without arguments
ListView error occurs in the onCreate method?
Maven Failsafe performance?
segmentation fault after the allocation of a linked list [closed]
In MySQL how do I use my table reference twice for a single select?
Get hibernate to automatically truncate data to fit column rather than throw exception
JQuery - Add class to every table alternate table row that doesnt contain a class name
Bitmap.extractAlpha() do not return any value
Navigate to a xaml page from the isolated storage
HTTP separation of Response Header and non HTTP Data
Samsung Galaxy Nexus layout/drawable structure?
ModelState Errors not showing in view
Sync. 2 database tables properly
How to plot Histogram and Dot diagrams and save to picture in C++
Unwanted behavior of PHP usort
usage of std bind in c++ for functions with an argument (string)
android-maven-plugin causes java.lang.OutOfMemoryError when trying to create dex
How check document is available in xsl?
java get user's home directory of the non current user on *NIX
Health Device Profile in Windows
DependencyProperty not triggered
css button browser issue (background image)
Background for android app showing lint issue: background.png varies significantly in it's dip size
How to make an html Textarea Scroll to end?
Calling Activity methods from Fragment
emitting value of nested hash in erlang view
Creating optimized graphics for iOS 2d game
Vertical Seekbar in Android
iPhone browsing shortcut control in Address book and Music (iPod)
DotNetOpenAuth with log4net 1.2.11
C# implementation of reactive programming/functions
Python hash table design
Why gives the PYTHONPATH a different value? from cgi (apache) not similar to local
My NSXMLParser doesn't work in background
Get list of opened popup windows
alternatives to twitter bootstrap [closed]
About regex in Dreamweaver
Why rehashing will make it more secure?
Get part of hex string
error while executing a sql query (spring)
Suggestion about populate the same html item (with different values) client side, because server side serialization block it
How can I change default backup location for oracle11g using RMAn?
Stack abstract data type in C
how to redraw the zsh prompt after widget action
Convert a matlab toolbox into an R script for spectral analysis with the help of a matlab tutorial
Zend_Auth or Zend_Acl in checking against DB record?
Liferay SSO with NTLM
Adding data-* attributes to MVC3 through a view model attribute
b2body which didn't simulate physics
Pass an argument when calling setOnClickListener? treeview. How to change rendering from table to list
Making http calls within a webpage using javascript and json strings
RCP application for Mac - Carbon or Cocoa? [closed]
timer also offline
Horizontal Scrollbar Removed from site
how to load json file using jsonp and jquery
Assembly at&t syntax, return an ascii integer
How to have empty groups in a DataGrid in WPF?
Android Emulator not connecting to locally hosted webservice using https
How to return/improve accuracy when dividing joda time duration by an integer?
Can I access My Custom .NET Class from PowerShell?
How to convert a <table> to <div>s
Delphi Help Insight not avalaible if unit does not belong to project?
Autoincrement text field in Rails 3.1
How to force displaying of int? value as string in Enity Framework object?
How to make a div take up space even if it is empty?
Version numbering for auto builds with Mercurial
Digital Signature for SOAP message in WCF
Saving NSArray to NSUserDefaults and getting it in NSMutableArray
Objective-C: How to detect whether sender is Textfield or UISwitch
How to call webservice in wordpress
Downloading large datain multitasking mode?
How to determine whether a geometry is multi-part?
Unload option is not there in VB.NET
Static contract unproven, because reference is passed to another method (that only reads)
LinqToSQL Performance with 鈥淎sQueryable()鈥�Issue
Understanding state in winform control
Do I need to use 鈥渦sing鈥�keyword in every object which implements IDisposable?
How to detect the user OS
Do I need to use 鈥渦sing鈥�keyword in every object which implements IDisposable?
How to detect the user OS
How to optimize and reduce database calls?
Dropdown list populated by xml files from directory
How do I get working folder info with JavaHg?
ActionbarSherlock confuses Fragment's onAttach() method?
Allowing a query string through .htaccess password protection
Logout MVC3 C# application with Windows Authentication
Static vertex arrays?
XCode 4.2 project migrating to XCode 4.2.1
Can we use grid lines to align shapes or images in powerpoint using vba?
Update Gedit side panel
.NET from largest to smallest
Handling 302 response code for an Ajax response
What templating languages are available for both Java and Javascript?
Is there a vim plugin for preview markdown file?
What is the state of the art method for doing face recognition?
ICal import creates new calendar When Open the ics file
How to view crash report on xcode 4.2
how to get string data from the column of the data table in sql server
The Facebook like button doesn't appear on my page, what am I doing wrong?
Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManagerParserErrorException: The message received from the server could not be parsed
managedObjectModel is nil (Cannot create an NSPersistentStoreCoordinator with a nil model)
Moving up/down an item in the array by its value
Buy and sell stock in a day [closed]
SetEnvIf HTTP_HOST not working
How can I calculate a formula within a field returned by a query?
MVC3 routing: {controller}/{action} + {controller}/{id}
Syndication Feed XML Exception during load function
How to select the previous sibling using sellenium css syntax
Open Huge XML files and Pretty-Print
What is the correct way to delete files/folders from my project?
Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
Transaction (Process ID) was deadlocked on lock resources with another process and has been chosen as the deadlock victim. Rerun the transaction
Linux: Checking if a socket/pipe is broken without doing a read()/write()
How to append log data into a file as soon as the page is loaded?
No module named agw.aui
Django 1.4 new project folder structure forces project prefixes?
How to create X509Chain with more than one element?
Using custom formatter classes with Python's logging.config module
App won't install on Tablet in market
converting int to pointer
Struct vs class memory overhead
Pure Virtual Function call from Base Ctor
Searching spotify and user music library for particular artist or genre
Test Next Element in jQuery
Map overlay - Google streetmap not displaying
How to Integrate web-cam with a web page
SQL Server Compact 3.5 sp2 license
Using A WCF Service To Pass An Instantiated Class
Certain Special Characters in _POST field Throws Error in INSERT to MySQL
ASP.NET MVC validation style not being applied to textboxes
Parsing file for a number on UNIX
Looking for a Controls Editor similar to .net's FlowLayoutPanel Designer
Flash: controlling non-actionscript created text boxes with a style sheet
srand(time(NULL)) with MinGW/Qt
Facebook API errorcode 191
java BoxLayout panel's alignment
php array function in class
Fast and Elegant way to control string is empty or not in C#
Formatting smtp message header fields in Ruby
How to test Hibernate criteria queries without using any database?
Unix time in millisecond to d-m-Y
Visual Studio 2010 property sheet inheritance
Using multiple 'click' on a website
Get list of tags for a Changeset object in JavaHg?
Emergency contact info per country
WIA + network scanner with adf = 1 page
Wizard to install Outlook add-in?
Visual Studio 2010 Crystal Reports deployment
Rails: Could not find railties
Expand excel column using delphi
jQuery animate doesn't work in Internet, but working local
How to detect the user click a hyper-link, Web browser made in scala
Draggable Resizable not working in Chrome
grab the word in a url using jquery?
How to create terminal commands for programs installed from source
In a .rdl report in visual studio, when adding an external image I need to add a field in the URL
My html email works perfectly for all clients except outlook 2010 and thai language
How to sending byte HTTP using NameValuePair?
How to style a yaml file?
Pass UIComponent in Action MethodExpression
Return all characters but the first X amount Excel 2007
Procedure or Function has Too many arguments specified
WebDashBoard on Mono
Rspec not running on an application
how to use slideDown() with appendTo()
How to change menu color using javascript
Problems of Installing racket
OCJP - to implement printf in java
My server stops working when reading .accept(), using Sockets
My second splash screen wont open and i am getting no errors
Mirco-jumps when using scrollTop jquery animation
multiple query use resultset of previous query in one php file
Select values with multiple limits
LINQ to XML to create complex XML File
How can I store multiple rowsets in 1 variable sql
How to copy vbscript to a function and run it when the body onload triggers
Using the Membership provider in EF CodeFirst
How to write unit tests if behavior is different on handsets and tablets?
How to write unit tests if behavior is different on handsets and tablets?
Strange behavior when converting String to DateTime
animation in game application in android
Displaying all tests names on Bamboo
Update Event Handlers when the DOM tree changes [duplicate]
Android: trouble with bindService() -> service is null
Programmatically install Windows Media player using .net
Getting hold of the rJava classloader
How to made unclickable area?
Run webpage C# function on visitors CPU?
Bootstrap 2 - outdated content?
Modify global variable ANT
Network Connection Listener in Windows Mobile
Events on an instance of a class with prototype.js
Choose the non null column per row
PlayFramework MSSQL Database error
How to Use Oracle in
Is there an Actionscript to ABC Bytecode parser?
Find All Tests Not in a List
Object Context disposed exception on a certain combination of records
PHP (ZLIB) uncompression of a C (ZLIB) compressed array returns gibberish
Futoshiki C recursive solver
Recurly API v2 on Rails :: error
ExtJs 4 MVC Nested Layouts
Draw a shape, and make it bigger when user touches
php file_exists is returning false even if file exist on my linux
How come these two alerts showing the height and offsetheight of the same element don't display the same number?
.NET Currency To String suppressing leading zeros if value < 1
How to merge two files in python
swt library - link to eclipse javadoc
Android sqlite database null pointer exception on Insert
SIFT implementation in MATLAB Tutorial
How parallelism works in JUnit test framework?
SQL Server Full Text Search: Combine database records and physical files and maintain ranking
Select 2 or more values in the IF statement
One Linq2Sql submitchanges() call executes multiple times
APS Master Page Not Loading Properly
How to apply versioning strategies on config files used by .Net Framework?
Assigning an integer literal to a double variable in Java
Matlab efficient code generation
Create a stack of polar plots using Matplotlib/Python
Does project lombok works in jboss developer studio?
If current date is after page date - remove page?
Quartz composer HLS video trouble
gwt resource bundle
Static Instance Thread Safe
Temporary disable jQuery event
Iterate over DataMembers in WCF Service
Reflection on EmberJS objects? How to find a list of property keys without knowing the keys in advance not working on IE in case of canvas or cufon tag
HTML5 Audio playlist, play/pause button
Using Jade, how can I declare a body class in an extended template?
check existance of image on remote server with allow_url_fopen=off
Zlib decompression throws header error - Ruby
Installing RStudio from source on Ubuntu 10.04 requiring newer versions of R
Which Controller was before?
Check if file is read-only and change in Windows batch file
I have a NSXMLParser in a backgroound thread. Does it calls its delagtes methods in a background too?
A module for Python to create midi files?
how to extend PATH in zc.recipe.cmmi
Is there a way to access method arguments in Ruby?
Remove next empty row from text
DbConnection picking wrong connection string
How to get so the rows in a table doesnt get filled with unneeded spaces to fill out everything
Library for integrate webcam with java
Omit footer and centralise Motion Chart created with googleVis R package
what does do in Radio Button example?
Lucene.Net phrase count
How to connect to HTTPS Server with self-signed cert using AFNetworking?
Returning class instance via RMI call
Why does this JSON deserialization not work in MVC3 compared to MVC
Why I can't add Apps into LionServer's ProfileManager
How do I stream data from my iPhone application to an MFi-compliant accessory?
Adding Seam 2 Settings error
How to split one StringList into Two string lists in Delphi?
What JavaScript code can I use to open in a new window, and not the window I previously opened
How to make Eclipse jump back automatically to development prespective when app that was debugged finished?
Dynamically arrange elements in triangle?
ASP.NET Exception Handling presentation to user
GWT - binding activityMapper with GIN not working
System Path vs. Sys.getenv('PATH')
-EDIT- I CAN'T clear MySQL query cache by restarting server or with several queries
What is the advantage of using jQuery UI Position utility over using CSS position?
How to fill a dropdown in jquery datatable editable from the server
Android: New tag collected - Unknow tag type
How do I reset stdin in Haskell?
Android finger rotate , zoom and move image together?
Changing hosts file in Ubuntu [closed]
How to get the Computer Description?
Cleanup spacing - C++ / Visual Studio 2010
Runnig jar dependant java class file
How to register a renderer for a class in JSP/JSTL?
Python PIL, Image. Error after image.load()
UISaveVideoAtPathToSavedPhotosAlbum crash
Select next enabled textbox if possible (jQuery, .Net 4)
Holo Dark TabWidget style for Holo Light Theme
AutoMapper Map entity with self-reference entity
Visual Studio 2010 solution file character set differences?
opencv - Assertion failed ( == in cvCvtColor
MVC DLL version where can I get it from?
Rails: Add assets to mainfest from within gem
XML DSIG: Enveloping signature transform in .NET
Traversal using UP and DOWN arrow keys - Handling Button's FocusOut
Foursquare API for venue gives 301 error
Online users with Spring Security
How to return CookieContainer via WCF?
Want to show fix number of rows per page in SSRS
Having troubles with SQL and C#
Check whether returned file is XML or not
Cant Compile jar if added to a package
iOS :Call a method in specific time
About java Throwable
Ninject fails with NullRef exception if there is a property accessor in interface
Get markers from the already loaded map
Check for referrer in Backbone.js
Windows ce registry
Migration toSelenium 2 from Selenium1 :Unable to find any elements using XPath or CSS
What happened to VSTS when TF10167 arises? how could that be solved?
parsing ip adress string in 4 single bytes
How do I find out when I can safely drop vendor prefixes for a CSS3 property?
Prevent Safari/iPad to go in landscape mode
Is this an existing design pattern or not?
Organizing html templates
Windows Azure emulator without admin privileges
Jagged 3D array creation in C
WCF 4 - TransportWithMessageCredential using X.509 certificates for transport and message security
mongo elementMatch query using regex
Why Cannot I see these controls in my XCode 4.2?
QVBoxLayout minimumSize is wrong after addWidget
Spring aggregated jar
Both using cookies and a proxy in Python with urllib2
Most Recommended approach to send periodic location information to server continuously in Android?
javascript - parentheses regexp/parser
How layers Talk to each other in NLayered DDD (Domain Driven Design)
Printing values from a stored procedure
About ownership of heap objects and C++ & pass-by-reference parameters
how to play all formats of videos in dnn with html5 video tag?
Arrow Rotation in speedometer
Rails 3.1 Devise Oauth for Facebook routing confusion
android: context menu + listview for files
Generate Proxy Class via WSDL
How do I setup a GUI to MySql? [duplicate]
jQuery fadein fadeout Slideshow
Connecting to USB 3G modem and sending SMS with PHP
ComboBox, Button & ICommand bindings (MVVM-ish)
My Asp.NET HttpGet action (that return a FileResult) is only called once in the src of a object tag after a jquery post
random number generation:returning same number in C# if I run. alright if Debug step by step
Constraint visible and pann-able area of google maps
Singleton bean instantiated multiple times in Spring MVC?
segmentation fault weird
Changing facebook tab icon using php sdk
How can Hibernate work out whether record already exists if try and add it?
Multiple databases: How to make external django app use a different database
Pass the value of a dropdown list to a Javascript variable
Where to place a file if it is getting accessed using ClassLoader.getSystemResource in WebApplication
adding javascript in wordpress posts
Need PHP to multiple str_replace and jQuery text.replace
Helping IDE resolve file paths in included files
Embedded div tags - no image load
web2py http post
Getting org.hibernate.LazyInitializationException in ManyToOne
One more Redirect 301
reading raw string from file in C#
Inserts conflict with the foreign key constraint but it is inserted
smartwizard and jquery freeze on IE7
Change Eclipse default update repository list
How to display tabbar in whole app in android?
How can I access environment variables within a shell script called by PHP?
(programmatic) Position of divs, what property should one use?
How i will add Linkedin library&auth to my project?
Passing a URL variable into xsl
Parse error: parse error, expecting in code 鈥�Cannot spot it [closed]
How to use a template for all jQuery Mobile pages?
Check proxy type
Magento admin route extension resulting in 404
Creating Blob in MYSQL using Hibernate
Creating a link_to action for will_paginate + order_by parameters (Rails)
error: package does not exist
Android: Gardient animation in tab layout
How to compare 2 strings if one string is plain and second contains some html tags
Is it allowed to create an iphone application that is not for public use?
Can I hardcode my StoryBoard?
Sharing files between Mercurial repositories
How calculate things from many tables by using a few queries?
Apache rewrite to 404 except for matched query [closed]
how to handle ADO.NET DbConnection(s) in long running web service with DbDataAdapters?
How do I use NSXMLParser in a background
How to make an external javascript file knows its own host?
Import CSV data into MySQL
Memory leak using WCF GetCallbackChannel over named pipe
Removing special characters in SQL Server 2005
Why [UIBarButtonItem setCustomView:] method disable segue in Storyboard?
.net library (preferebly open source) for oracle ucm 11g
What are these types?
URL validation both in php and javascript
Qt - How to convert a number into QChar
TFS 2010 - Error occurred during copy: Path too long
Dynamically resize iBooks HTML widget
redirect std::cout to QTextEdit
Dynamically resize iBooks HTML widget
redirect std::cout to QTextEdit
My app crashed if I use dispatch_async
How to save all versions of posts in mysql database
Why are overlapping data transfers in CUDA slower than expected?
Java: Do I need to change the soap address of the WSDL?
How to convert xcode 4.1 iPhone app in to ipad app
howto call two ajax requests?
Context switch on Windows 7 and Intel i7 CPU
Can't switch between activities
Returning error codes from a DLL
Compile with CodeDom, but don't include the 鈥淰ERSIONINFO鈥�Win32 Resource
Can I intercept null pointer exceptions in a method using Spring AOP?
CSS3 animation not working in safari
image upload - resize to avoid content-smuggling attacks
I'm having trouble creating an automatic slideshow in droid
In JPA why and how to use insertable and updatable parameter?
Javascript closures 鈥�what is the difference between these
A better gui design using java
GWT + Serialization
Java Design: Type Class vs. Class Extension
Powershell - How to complete/close a zip file in powershell
malloc'd memory and sigsegv
iOS app starts in landscape mode
Searching in a list of structs with lambda-like syntax in C++ insertBefore is not a function
error parsing message: invalid character in header
Cakephp complex find condition with count on child table
How is internationalization configured for Hogan.js?
XmlHttpRequest - possible to read JSON from other domain?
Using strong typedef as a more lightweight alternative to Boost Parameter library?
How to draw border on just one side of a linear layout?
Keeping code in multiple SVN repositories with git locally
can't build spring-data-graph hello-worlds example
Mahout Boolean pref data model with multiple 鈥減urchases鈥�
WebDriverBackedSelenium -getElementTagName execution failed error
How to decompose a map in cell?
teamcity 'cucumber' is not recognized as an internal or external command
Python: fork, pipe and exec
Backbone.js - View in Collection adding item to another (sibling) Collection
How can I access the class method and instance method in ruby?
Constructing a wizard in Ruby on Rails
Custom block not displaying
SQL Top parent record in hierarchy
in my site i had a news Jquery Tab (most viewed,most emailed,latest news)i am getting latest news in DB
Debugging FFmpeg
Make div content go up inside parent
How to make width of absolutely positioned div same as its parent div?
Swing: JPanel on JScrollPane - how to jump and move focus to show a specific part of the panel
Duplicate rows are not getting deleted?
cufon tag not giving expected result on IE
Post request with cURL
How to disable article checkout in Joomla 1.7?
cannot run rails server command for already created project
setFrame - I need some clarification for this
Copying from random position Within an array to another array
mindate in jquery plugin
P/Invoke. How to call unmanaged method with marshalling from C#?
Getting 鈥渆xpected unqualified-id before 鈥�鈥�token鈥�when trying to allocate memory with new and copy constructor
how do function implements Generics in java [closed]
PyObjC on iPhone (iOS5) broken?
php auto-save code
Drupal 7, ubercart product node breadcrumbs
Getting started with Dynamic CRM 2011 Microsoft? [closed]
SWT - table layout - Resize the column of a table to fill all the available space
Get the Value of a Specific Cell in My GridView
How to make a object support deserialization?
how to get the selected value field of listbox
Composing an regular expression in java
Glassfish 3.1.1 cluster load balancing apache mod_jk windows 7 x64
TextCentering inside Canvas PlayN
Is it possible to work with a Sybase DB natively in Doctrine 2?
sql server error Login failded for user domainname machinename$
What are eclipse debug prespective analogs for VS F10 and F11?
How to limit the number of items that can be added to an ActiveRecord array
Barcode generation in ofbiz
webBrowser.DocumentCompleted Timing
GWT 2.4 DataGrid - Header not aligned with Data, When Horizontal Scroll Bar shows up
canvas.todataurl reurn null value?
how can i create a dynamic class in c#(silverlight) where i can loop through properties
IE8 looses some php session vars while keeping other intact on refresh or an ajax call
Image uploaded and resized wont open up in image editor tools if image is downloaded
textarea focus event takes place so many times unwantedly in Chrome
centering big image in ASP.NET page
How To Use Ajax To Retrieve My Data From a PHP File (Using JQuery)
wcf json client trailing forward slash escaped
Wix: Installing a Component while Repair Or Reinstall
Extended double precision
How to Implement SSO
Recursive option like CakePHP in zend framework
How to append a string to all occurrences of another string in file
C# Currency format
Sql order by - Reduce Query Execution Time
Python: pass the path as an argument
Trace File Not found on Windows Mobile
when i am using this code for pop up creation it is giving sigabrt error after initializing UIPopoverController with a view controller
keep the listview selection colour
Button Programming in a Tab Bar Navigation App
jQuery: Hide or show table row based on radio button checked
Using .net reflection to find a common ancestor class
How to close the DevExpress WPF ComboBox when the Row of a Nested Grid is selected?
cygwin error when building python
Different sets of projects to build in Visual Studio 2010
Overloading standard parantheses (鈥�)鈥� in Python
Deserialize Json to Class that implements Ienumerable in
Get all shared directories on a remote Server
Sign application before uploading to android market
Setting up advanced Python logging
iOS add notification to the lockscreen that will not disappear
Multi-highlighting in Notepad++
Is there any event for phone lock?
How to store a HTML snippet and insert it later in the document?
Really simple XML attributes displayed in an HTML table w/ jQuery - this should be easy
Git hook to detect push --mirror
Duplicate file reference in project.pbxproj
Detecting/Debugging/Viewing Tiff/BigTiff files which are probably broken
Generating dependency graph of Autotools packages
how invoke search for spinner in Android?
How can I use (run) MigLayout in Eclipse Indigo?
is there a way of running rlwrap with tab completion disabled?
DataType of a Column in DataTable
Best book about OOP principles and design [closed]
Response status 201 not accepted in CORS requests
show textbox value on same/different page on pressing TAB key
Hiding a control in using css
JQuery AJAX on a Form Submission not working
Using Uploadify with Codeigniter framework
Google Mock Help Required,
Plupload, directly open dialog on instance
Trigger UpdatePanel from Dropdownlist in ChildControl
Favicon not found in production mode
How can I summarize rows that occur only once?
My Joomla! site loads too slowly - how to fix this?
Glassfish 鈥淐ONFIGURATION FAILED!鈥�for <phase-listener> class
npm install jasmine-jquery fails
Setup SSL socket without authentication using boost::asio
How to change the grouping title from property name to something more descriptive
Scapy filtering with sniff() function
Twitter Bootstrap fluid-container Sidebar Toggle
Queryset 鈥�dates(鈥�鈥�returns a non distinct DateTimeQueryset of datetime objects
Classic ASP Redirecting Title Issue
mysql/oracle stored math formula
Implement Subtotal feature of Excel
Aligning form fields
How to draw a gaussian curve in android?
AJAX function not working when placed inside a plugin
Any particular reason why FaceBook's Subscribe Button isn't showing on my web page?
What is pseudo-op in assembly programming?
post on wall is not visible: using C#
List comprehension and or spacing with a new-line
post on wall is not visible: using C#
List comprehension and or spacing with a new-line
R/GIS: Overlay GADM data with data from other sources?
Skip email validation in Devise
itext Marathi (indian) language display issue
The 'WHERE CONTAINS' statement issue after creating index for catalog
php/iis: failed to open stream: Permission denied
How to redirect error to route in Apache Camel Chart control not loading most of the time
ASIHTTPRequest how do i login?
CSRF token invalid in load balanced symfony2 application
Imported Type Library no longer working
Filtering characters missing from the user鈥檚 font in Java
Aptana Studio Black IBeam Cursor on Dark Background
How to make my oracle procedure to wait till I get response from called servlet?
positional index using python
Create a WYSIWGY field in magento backend
SOAPFaultException when deploying a WAR file on WebLogic
Split job into two threads, with use wait, waitpid, fork
Traversing along Upper & Lower Siblings efficiently
NetStream only playing when fully loaded
Someone copied my MIT license open source game, what can I do? [closed]
Problems with setContentView and SurfaceView
2D array literals in C++
How can I get the text color of a system UITableVIewCell's detail label?
GPRS and GPS on embedded Linux
Any way to start Google Chrome in headless mode?
Best practice design pattern for defining 鈥渢ypes鈥�in a database with potential multi language requirement?
if header check box checked,then all other check box's should checked in grid view
Flash buttons: get the frame label?
Core Data Operation In Multiple Thread ,Memory Leak?
s-t min cuts intersection
How to print UTF-8 strings without using platform specific functions?
Why isn't my loose xaml object initialised the way I want it to be?
nHibernate join based on property set at query time
Replace/Update entity and its children
What are the most popular open source build systems nowadays? [closed]
Use <form:select> tag with a map
What is the proper way to write to the Google App Engine blobstore as a file in Python 2.5
dynamically resolving types from an Assembly loaded through Reflection
HTML Select Drop Down Option Z-index
Do I need to free resources when calling SHCreateItemFromParsingName from managed code?
Dynamic(Moving) Gestures using OpenCV
ADx analytics android integration issue
What is the purpose of this code section?
How do I hide a menu item with an <li> tag in XPages
How to Group records by DateRange
how to check contents of collections(>2) are same
how to run the emulator from the command line on ubuntu11.10
How do databases perform atomic I/O?
How do databases perform atomic I/O?
SQL Server application connecting with Oracle Datasource
Convert BBcode to HTML using JavaScript/jQuery
What's the correct way to hide/prevent access to wp-admin
Phonegap & jQuery Mobile, how to change html of content instead of page?
Bind a Label's BackColor a Hex color value from the database
Multiple NetworkStreams for each client
Approximation of a common divisor closest to some value?
PHP Relative paths like ASP
How can i join records from 5 different tables?
How do you make this triangle made with css face up?
What value does the t* point to
stuck at oop upload image + insert
WinRT XAML apps + missing [XmlnsDefinition] attribute
Equivalent of fgets (c langauage) in android
Default Resource bundle is used for every locale?
C++ 'object'? alike the .NET's and Java's object
Design Choice: WCF or Service Stack?
string modification in bash script
How to get DOM live collections with jQuery?
Open popup window on calling action
WPF Datagrid, is it possible to have a mixture of Groups and plain (non grouped) rows?
SQL Server 2008 R2 / 2 Processors Installation [closed]
jQuery append() issue
Set xml variable to output of xmlgroup
Prolog calls wrong rule. Does not backtrack correctly
Basics of Javascript MVC framework
Is there a way to view history timeline for entire project in TFS 2010
MSSQL server Stored procedure not returning output parameters when called from c++
passing array list value into tab host but null value error?
TFS2010 - capture unittest execution time in team build
How is Spy++ element highlighting working?
Groupmembership powershell
Who is my localhost win7 - it's a bit funny [closed]
use nextgen gallery functions in a plugin
How to extract specific values and populate in tableview
Cannot fix ajax and jquery conflict
Implementing a multi-producer, multi-consumer paradigm in Gevent
Make a pixel transparent in QImage
OutputCache is sending wrong Vary header when the call hits the cache
how do I parameterise the urls in selenium
storing tuples of 2 ints and a char in an NSArray,
Payment Method Module doesn't show in Store
How can I use module inside another module?
finding the maximum value of a field of a MySQL query result
PHP Array explode single value
Module registered in IIS7 doens't work
Bundle - is key case sensitive?
Show Hide select options based on previous selection dropdown
using style attribute with ext.forms.combobox
What event happens when a user re-enters a page through the back button
Need to run Socket Connection & Serial Port Connection in parallel
Square pattern in google maps circles
Create A File in the WebContent Folder From Java
error : name lookup timed out
Split string with delimiters in C
How do i convert hex to decimal in python?
Converting Linear Right Grammar to Linear left grammar
how to add windows form in mfc application?
Unable to find valid certification path to requested target - error even after cert imported
Show/Hide infopath groups programmatically depending on checkbox selection
PHP Moving Custom Json Encode/Decode to Abstract Class
Modify requestHeaders in 鈥渃ustom鈥�browser in delphi
How to load web user control dynamically?
How to use Telnet from Java
How can I slide a DIV in jQuery?
Where to change colors of the Cursor and the Current Line?
CvCvtColor(srcImage,destImage,CV_BGR2Lab) is not working
metasploit: bypassuac windows privilege escalation hangs
How block same time order in web site?
How do I setup TFS build definition when my localPC, source, build agent, and deployment are all on seperate servers
Covariance Also in 3.5 / 2.0?
Implementing DAO with Spring
getting error during make in ubuntu for procmon
Embedded profiler for PHP
Calling c++ dll from c#
How to convert text with HTML entites and invalid characters to it's UTF-8 equivalent?
Can not load webservice with SOAP in PHP, I get SOAP-ERROR
Java - Message Processor Design Pattern
Regular Expression to match two different URLs
Shutting down and restarting app in test activities within a Test suite
Curl error : could not resolve host
Populate data to multiple html Dropdown list from a JSON file using jquery or Ajax
Getting a different config file for Linux PXE Boot
Divide `UITableViewCell` into parts
How do i strip all info of a type in C++?
Having trouble with Jquery/JSON
Datepicker onSelect
Select only one letter
Replace local branch with remote branch entirely
char casting on integers above 255
Kinect + OpenNI: howto remove user
Can I get measurable speed improvements by replacing Console.WriteLine with a logging framework?
Handling large data in JasperReports Bar Graph
Popup is coming with transparent in Internet Explorer
Well distributed features using Opencv
How to convert class into Dictionary<string,string>?
How to convert GMT time with various time zone in ruby
How do I override indent function for emacs plain-text major mode?
Default execution policy on java executors
Default execution policy on java executors
Can Hidden controls be focusable?
Recommended reading/tutorials to understand reactive-banana FRP library
Wordpress get id of image(s) used inside post
Listpicker not opening
Localize iPad app at run time
PhoneGap loading external mobile web app and Apple Reject?
Perl: redirect output both to file and console, keeping return code
Domain forwarding to
Using texi2dvi inside R to generate a pdf as a temporary file
Binding a DataSet to Listbox
chrome and swf caching
User is not created with spring security ui with email registration
Injecting JPA EntityManager using Spring vs Java EE 6
Why do shift operations always result in a signed int when operand is <32 bits
Where to start with sequencer
Bidirectional cascade
Problems with uploadin img with move_uploaded_file, warning 鈥�failed to open stream: Permission denied
use preferenceactivity to store multiple value for a key for different profile
App crashing - Extending CursorAdapter
Is an AssetURL guaranteed to be unique on a device?
Win xp hibernate timer
Skip fields in Sunspot solr search
PInvoke addressing
replace Html by tag in android
NSCheckingResult Range Property not set to {NSNotfound,0}?
Post data Java with HttpUrlConnection
Address a single row of a 2-dimensional array?
Weird GLSL error with textures, why do I get an invalid operation when running a shader?
Need to Authenticate the Users using Twitter, Google, Facebook Apis through oauth plugin?
Android Webservice, REST or SOAP WSDL?
Android smooth image animation
unable to understand the cause of Number Format Exception
Clone from git server without ignore, but push to server with ignore
How do you check the type of a local variable?
HTML 5 classnames and IDs
How to get an element on the page by attribute
Combining Lambda Expressions
JavaScript validation problems
JSF: are resource components optimized?
Simple CuSVM example?
Grails over Groovy: What does it offer? [closed]
Software initialization code at 0xFFFFFFF0H
How to animate a custom graphic component property
Rails test offline application
How to manage ruby gems in linux?
mysql variables in the select
Add panoramic view - Added into html file in iphone app