Who will take care of data in Queues in case of a crash
How to set the test case sequence in XUnit
Get an HTML page as XML code
Selenium RC Chrome SSL Issue
C# -> Detetcting Browser Width
How to create a complex JSON using HashMap in android?
remove string between two character with sed
Windows live api get email contact vs email hash
Get canvas height without drawing
Sorting OQL result set by object parameter in VisualVm
jQuery animate height of Google Map container
UILocalNotification loud sound in background
duplicate title tags?
splitting up knockoutjs
New HTML User Interfaces achieved with the help of jQuery [closed]
Scrollbar to DIV
tutorials on first pass and second pass of assembler
How to parse .xsd file using XSOMParser
Django: where are packages installed
html side-by-side tables row height
Understanding what this ninject bind is doing
Localising SQLite databases for Android
Htaccess - Remove extension
How can I display Different MenuItems for Registered and Non-Registered Users in android?
Symbol Motorola mc65 and datawedge
verisign certificate on tomcat is not trusted by remote server
Does @Html.ValidationSummary work for client side validation in MVC3 or MVC4?
The matching wildcard is strict, but no declaration can be found for element 'mvc:annotation-driven'
REGEX to find an option tag in javascript
Prevent Visual Studio 2010 Setup Project adding files to source control
jQuery. Call custom function with single $
Money data type to store date values in SQL Server?
Why can't I click input?
solr: Adding content-disposition to SolrQueryResponse
jQuery.html() doesn't recognize class names
jQuery remove tags either side of a div
Automatically deploy dependencies to enterprise repository
Is there a server that provides an Amazon S3 style API locally?
android changing language date
Unexpected behavior of xsl:apply-templates/xsl:with-param with Xalan-J and saxon compared to xsltproc
How to generate urls in Behat
ruby array with weird values
How to code a decryption method for the encryption method here in c#
set up device for development (?????? no permissions)
how to get the RSS url in an html page?
Does a program stack truly overflow?
Titanium Mobile : Requested module not found
Best way to creating a temptable with data updated in another table
Associative array in JSP or an alternative
How to merge multiple xml files using xsl?
Proper way to export constants in an API
Image display in JTable cell
something weird with changing a class to a static one
Buttons disappear Android
Qt's OpenGL samples complain about some errors and won't run
AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute 'n' when using dateutil
li nowrap child elements in IE7 not working
Limit and sort inline Map/Reduce in MongoDB
jquery variable scope
Accessing Drupal Json service using jQuery
Security with facebook API login
do i need to use django reset_queries()
Cannot run servlet on Tomcat 6
jQuery - How to select by attribute
Add data to table from specific id
If statement in Biztalk expression shape
How do you set up a click event on a TStringGrid column header (fixed) so visually it looks like you are pressing a button
Firefox detect in php, code not working?
Deserialize XML into Dictionary<string, string>
How to create gamma (midtone) changes with help Pixel Bender?
How about big numbers? ( primality tests ) [closed]
Code review - javascript. Breaking up a large string into parts
How to make OpenID login using omniauth-openid gem secure?
Permission denied while trying to call alarm clock
valgrind alters binary behaviour
SEO, Links and Partials not working together
Using Robocopy in Powershell to move folders
jquery AJAX stopped working with iOS 5.0.1
Remove Elements from an Unordered Map Fulfilling a Predicate
What's wrong with my insert statement?
Propose Data structure for following case [duplicate]
Box2d web dynamic shape with image
Python: shift elements in a list with constant length
Forwarding UIGesture to views behind
php mysql sort order. Change sort order with hyperlink (up/down arrows)
Django 鈥渘ame_istartswith鈥�is not case-insensitive for me
Method declared in Class but not defined
Opera border-radius not hiding corners of background
Changing Network Conf in C#
Check if NSTimer selector has finished working
Retrieving AD information inside a mvc3 c# project
Two threads sharing the static boolean field, but still the first thread don't exit
How to implement an autocompleter for a programming language
sort database field partially
How to recognize a specific qr code on a scan
Decrypt with QT AES/ECB/PKCS5Padding
Print special PHP Variables
php trace post on website?
Login with Facebook in grails, error accessing app after login
Most memory efficient way of creating an array? Int => array strings or string => array ints?
Spring value injection in mockito
Printing from IE9 on Windows 7
XmlSerializer sets array property isFixedSize to true
Issues with App since Facebook removed app profile pages - how to add my app
How to add image from drawable to ListView populate from database
Copy texture to screen buffer without drawing quad (opengl)
C++ Call pointer to member with a map from a const function
how to use a local filesystem in silverlight webbrowser control ?
use of iterators from the middle of the loop
Populate Flexigrid with an array or populate it by code
Write a file to SFTP using Oracle PL/SQL
Java workflow with fork / join capabilities
Flex: SSL Certificate information gathering
how get width and height of Image control
How to use Registration free COM dll in dot net
Dispose/Close ExchangeService in C#?
Animating a child independent of parent
searching a particular setter programmatically
column 鈥渟tatement_date鈥�is of type date but expression is of type integer
Margin underneath image when linked
Setting static inside its method call (with singleton pattern)
Modified a-star pathfinding heuristic design
qmake build from command prompt
can't get iScroll to properly scroll the div with jQuery Mobile
What is the difference between _name and self.name if name was a NSString
How to parse Objective-C code within a Cocoa application
SelectedIndex property of a drop down list
How to create report in JasperServer using existing jrxml? [closed]
Can I do something while splash is being showed?
Google Plus Authentication [closed]
How to install npm when node has been compiled with prefix
Base64: How to show image in IE7? (ASP.net/VB.net)
share my web page in the navigator lunch my application
evaluating array expressions
Javascript for showing image on mouseover [closed]
HandlerSocket transactions
How to dynamically open a Lotus Notes email in Java
java 1.4 projects compatible with Java 7? [closed]
What is the current element in Javascript? [duplicate]
Getting to the bottom of crash
Create Directory when my application installed first time
Strange integer comparison in C
how to represent hive data for mahout's recommendations?
How to track a app download source at Apple App Store?
How can I view or inspect the $PATH for a bundle exec?
How to switch to REPLACE mode in VIM
Calculating the sum of negative numbers in a column?
Update property view on click of project explorer, eclipse plugin
Horizontal centering text over image via CSS
Traybar application shown on start
How do i perform File I/O on a WCF service?
Methods and Constructors
Printing all the hidden properties of an object
Remove all files before application exits
C++ stl way to extract substring from string from -> to (like Javascript substring)
Record audio while using the Voice Typing feature
JodaTime Formatter confusion
How to send a tweet as the current logged-in user?
Is there any way to bind to a live wallpaper service?
get value of child from parent
Hex-literals, compiler error or badly written spec?
What does this announcement by Facebook mean?
Jumping to keynotes slides out of sequence
How to simplify a class with lot's of copy-pasted error handling code?
OpenGL ES 2.0 Multiple Programs or Multiple Shaders or what? How does it work?
Is there a better way to find set intersection for Search engine code?
Hiding the title of an actionbar doesn't work on older versions of Android (using ActionBarSherlock)
Using the facebook popup design in my app
Issue Rebind NInject while dynamically change the connection string
wp7 Application transitions
AMD singletons and 鈥渋nheritance鈥�of 鈥減rivate鈥�methods
MySQL update using PDO and prepared statement not working
substring variable name python
using preferences 鈥攎y listview is empty (can't store data)
Displayport switch
Mongo push to array inside array
ASP.NET MVC3 project throws immediate 404 when run locally in Visual Studio
Editing TextLabel in a UITableViewCell [duplicate]
Set gradient to MKCircle
How to implement multiple Tables in a singleView?
how to detect if browser is firefox with php? [duplicate]
Executing filtered views from MSCRM db on client machine using ASP.NET
Set memory as uncacheable through x86 PAT table
how to make keyup() function only on first keyup in the field
why aren't gems that are fetched from github stored in vendor/cache?
how to index on a column for is not null query in oracle?
how to write in hindi on text view in android
CRM 2011 Pre-Operation Update related entity lookup field
IndexTank - How to prioritize result of a query
Manipulating excel xls and xlsx in .NET
What's the best way to use gmail programatically?
Adobe AIR: JavaScript and ActionScript together?
Extending ATEvent with an ImageField, exists:item_object/image return False
Image stretched and centered?
jQuery Mobile - Change radiobutton state programmatically
How to Fetch username only from the result set
Non blocking locking
split url from textarea in php
How to find what are all the softwares installed/Uninstalled today?
How to make a view to cover your screen despite different screens
SPARQL: Get all the entities of subclasses of a certain class
how to filter contacts in Android using a keyword
jQuery event wont' work after Ajax Loads in jQuery Mobile
Access Server side methods/controls from static method
python intra-package imports
Difference between split and preg_split in php
mysterious number 18888888888888888 [closed]
How to find the cause of bad TCP connections
Rake script doesn't work after changing column to datetime in Rails 3
In App Purchase Tab Cannot possible to access
Python CSV : field containing quotation mark at the beginning
Does an @autoreleasepool {} drain when returning / exiting early?
Is the c# compiler smarter than the VB.NET compiler?
What should be the ideal thresholding technique for enhancing parts of the image?
Hide specific exported symbol with gcc
Is there a pre-defined ThisIsABugException?
How to refactor this simple code
ListView scrollbarStyle with margin/padding
Read session or cookie on CallBack
check if the form field is empty in templates
Using the built-in CrystalReport in VS2003 with 2.0 FrameWork generates error?
Expandable custom- UITableViewCell from NIB
how to POST comment to wordpress site
backbone.sync request is not called
Wordpress Ajax Response
How to link elf static libs in llvm?
Impacts of Large Nullable Columns in SQL Server
How to map CSV records to a bean?
How to migrate code from SVN to GIT without losing commits history?
Why VideoView doesn't play file from path
why std::map throws an exception?
knockout js: The 鈥渨ith鈥�binding breaks the jquery ui
Accept simple format null for XmlElement parameter
c# XML Serialisation
Emacs: how to tab-complete commands/aliases defined in .bashrc?
Specify generics where T should be interface
Grails: russian characters from form
Are there any specific methods that my python program would continue from the killed line?
Java, convert zip byte[] to unzip byte[]
Function that takes parent as an argument call with child object: what is the reason of copying twice?
Handling two array of objects
CanCan and accessible_by give an error, that The SQL cannot be determined
What can be the reason that I get TypeInitializationException when I call a static method on a class?
play framework 鈥渃ould not insert鈥�exception
Capture video on iOS device and live stream it to a server (or another mobile)
Ask for some advices for WebPart internationalization
C# h323 calls with gatekeeper
How to restore standard output's file descriptor?
Dependable drop down list in JSP, Struts2
Check the list of module installed in machine
querying for a string
CakePHP creating radio buttons
Expand/collapse all table rows at onc click
sfGuardAuth signin form i18n translation
mysql,update multiple rows through an ajax call with primary keys in an array
How to get File Created, Accessed and Modified dates the same as windows properties?
jQuery : Removing parent tag not the child of that parent
Importing MonkeyRunner into Python script fails in Windows
PHP: why is my date formated on the server differently?
Applescript for creating New Message with Mail application
Can I delete an object without deleting any of its attributes?
Identifying source of unwanted vertical displacement of div in certain circumstances
Maven Nexus private repository access
how to parse user agent string? python
How can I select a row in 2 DataGridViews when selected in a third DataGridView?
Android scientific calculator
iphone UIViewController does not show data passed from the first view controller
R gsub wild card
Component installed yes/no list like in the VisualStudio Setup
AIR for IOS, unable to publish IPA
CA certificates with SNI?
like operator with NSpredicate
Digitally signed executable being blocked when downloaded in Internet Explorer
JavaScript DOM for Sever Side Variables
How to track down a Heisenbug within a jQuery script?
Rate button in my main.xml [closed]
Easiest way of using min priority queue with key update in C++
jQuery : click event on child element on the list
How to measure text extent using DWrite?
TripleDESCryptoServiceProvider in WP7
symfony2 unit-testing validation with custom validator
Check if object, obtained from collection of Base class, is object of subclass in Django
How to lock android device by using programatically鈥s it Possible? [duplicate]
is there a native message dialog in Windows Phone much like iPhone does?
How do I trigger a function from a string? [duplicate]
BlackBerry Update Site for Mac Broken? [closed]
How to Display DataTables in a View when using ASP.NET MVC?
Is this possible in JSON?
Unable to get HTML formatting to work in GMAIL
jQuery scale div contents (nested div)
mysql max_user_connections, and innodb vs myisam
How to adjust font using VB 2008?
schedule/post updates in multiple pages
Animation an image and make it stop at the end?
Is there an easy way of using the QVariant class with hexadecimal strings?
Show content of Lotus Notes mail in browser using IMAP
In Visual Studio 2010, can you tell me which files store build settings?
jQuery perfomance when trying to hide rows in table
Html5 ajax file upload progress listener not triggering when upload 100% on Firefox
Pointers to struct and cast
Remote Microsoft SQL Server Connection Security
jQuery animate height to auto
How to fire an event using Dispatcher.BeginInvoke in wpf
VMware player error on install vmware tools.
VBA to COM Exposed .NET assembly - Object doesn't support this property or method
django returning multiple values
How to embed a YouTube channel into a webpage
Best method for Image scaling to fullscreen, depending on viewport size
Float a gif image over a HTML page
can't route /admin to user/login if not login in cakephp
SlidesJS - Image appearing as a strip
NSDictionary with dictionary as objects, get objects
Removing Object in NSMutable Array using NSMutable Dictionary
-webkit-border-radius:10px; is not working in safari
Start and stop GLUT animation
How to define different variable in both development environment and production environment?
Global access to symfony2's configuration values
Replacing the nth character, only if is a given symbol
HTTP Status 404 - /gwtspring/com.javacodegeeks.gwtspring.Application/Application.html
How to run selenium tests in Microsoft test manager
All of my pages are mounted as bookmarkable pages
retrieve latest primary key of table to use as foreign key in different table
Extension Methods: Performance issue when using too much? [duplicate]
Using 鈥淕o to source鈥�with local Maven projects in NetBeans
Empty JSON returned by AFNetworking on iOS5
ActiveRecord Association add count to includes
site definition ,create sub site under site collection with same custom template in site definition
Send images when app is tombstoned/closed?
Lock/unlock HTML5 canvas
Adding Cache headers via a Web.config for specific locations only
Uncompressed file size using zlib's gzip file access function
Grails test user account creation manually
Confused with syslog message format
PHP SOAP ws-security
Sending SMS from iphone application to user
Why my CSS3 animation's perfonrmance so slow in Chrome?
Is 'LEFT OUTER JOIN' equivalent to 'JOIN' in Microsoft SQL
save file created in isolated storage to phone memory
AutomationElement: cached element (via GetCachedChildren) to 鈥渓ive鈥�element
Creating a universal video player (XP, vista, 7)
Porting iPhone App to Android platform
align link button below select box
Transform tag only if other kind of tag will follow
php google weather error handling issue
How to identify dolphin lite browser from javascript
Where do I administer the email addresses of TFS users?
鈥淢yapp would like to send you push notifications鈥�message not appearing in my app, but it still allows push notifications to appear
Rails simple_form number_field lost functionality?
How to combine 2 java methods into one efficiently
solved: Using python multiprocessing with different random seed for each process
Cannot get httdocs domain working after installing XAMPP on Windows XP
What is the correct way to extend / modify a view of external app in Django?
when and where to put javascript in html
Is there any way to add add-in in powerpoint 2007 automatically?
SharePoint Enterprise Wiki Setup
How to do arithmetic expression evaluation in prolog?
How to move cursor to the next row in datagridview
Kohana 3: set/get flash messages and sessions
Static field initialization in template class in C++
Generate anonymous number for string property with AutoFixture
Open a HTTP port on Amazon EC2
How would I use XStream to produce smaller output for simple maps?
Banning users from Facebook application
Create custom templates in iOS ap
How to run resque after_save
How to properly link two Maven projects?
Passing data from PHP class to PHPExcel via AJAX
Grid view with element layout
Java servlet url mapping, url pattern
Two instances despite using concurrent requests and low traffic
What's up with those requests having 鈥渋frame=true&width=80%&height=80%鈥�query params?
Drupal 7: Creating a taxonomy filter using checkboxes
Getting confused with Apache Shiro and Custom Authorizing Realms
Android auto focus change
Moving mouth animation android
MVC RegularExpressionAttribute. Testing for repeated characters regexp does not work
Web cam type video camera to iPad2 streaming over wired communication
Reversing a wpf Visual State transition
Grails: spring security plugin - ERROR springsecurity.GormPersistentTokenRepository
Using or ' in selector strings [duplicate]
How do I call submit in mvc app?
Using routing for URLs with CakePHP Wizard Component
jquery tooltip - click to open and click to close
How can I get json content in <script src=鈥渦rl.json鈥�gt;
Binding in behavior to datacontext of datatemplate in silverlight
Convert a formatted date string to a date value in XPath
How to get blob size without getting the value itself with Entity Framework
Custom Server Control and Image Handling
iOS - Merging two images of different size
How to set alaram manager for particular task?
Get screen layout of multiple screens on linux/Gnome
In Clojure, is it possible to define an anonymous function within an anonymous function?
jQuery adding strings and not concatenating
Spellcheck disable with CSS not HTML
How to disable right click on lightbox images?
virtual machine and mint linux installation of apache
Returning all 'True' cases from Table
Async on main method of console app
C# TreeView SelectedNode is null?
Error saving to many relationship to core data
Google map custom markers Retina resolution
Which method to use in searching for a line in a file
Move Domino mailfiles to a new directory location on server
Horizontal scroll ipad
Silently install Apache through Advanced Installer
php oop, classes in multiple files
PHP ereg and preg [duplicate]
iOS how to add not from source coding multiply viewsControllers to one ViewController
HTML 5 allows to place a block element inside an anchor tag. Is there a work around to make it so IE7 also support it?
Method GET and Htaccess
Create an web app installation package, that includes 鈥渆verything鈥�
Closing a running program from commandline
inserting into sorted list recursively
Sorting records based on modified timestamp?
Change ListItem Visiblity
Python: Using template and substitute in subroutine
how to set background for blackberry
Can't convert xml string to w3c doc
Rails 3 + JSON + Content Length not sent
Unable to delete checked item in android
jQuery Selectable Customization
Animations of Subviews in iphone sdk
MySQL: Create one row per month for data having date ranges
WAMP site not responding to request by machine name
Device Driver code compilation?
How to extract the text from the selected item on the listView
setting display:none to some div after I delete the text from textarea
How can I change the linebreaks from a multiline textbox to HTML <br /> tags?
Can't obtain google maps api key
How can I transfer files from Amazon EC2 instance to another instance?
colums alignement in JQuery Datatable (th width and td width are not the same)
Would my data structure and querying be viable in RavenDB?
Validate IPv4, IPv6 and hostname
How to set name of the test namespace to run in xunit.console
Is it possible to schedule cron tasks in mysql?
UnicodeEncodeError when uploading files in Django admin
How to rectify wordart in Powerpoint using VBA
cant get values of item in foreach loop
how to get android spinner value and store data in intent?
How to get the indexpath when the tableview editbutton is clicked
NivoSlider and Lightbox javascripts conflicting
How to parse XML with json.org.XMLTokenizer?
Does ActionBarSherlock allow to enable/disable an ActionBar.Tab?
Best way to do a case insensitive replace but match the case of the word to be replaced?
How do I add tabGroup to SplitWindow in Titanium for iPad
how to supporting SEF URLs in my component
How to use distinct in hql
transaction committed when my connection is administratively disabled
return value in method ruby
Schema design for a (suspected) many-to-many relation
Objective C webservice (with php server) using SUDZC
Fonts and Sounds in subfolder with Corona SDK
how to exclude image while saving Rss Feed In dataBase and need to show full Feed Description in page
How to change Windows 7 LAN Settings Programmatically using C#
Embedded ruby 鈥渆rb鈥�tags [duplicate]
when to use getAutowireCapableBeanFactory().autowireBean(someBean)?
Java multithreads mix text in not working output file-lock
Undefined method and routing errors takes a lot of time
GPS Tracker Connection Error
Grails with MongoDb and MapReduce
java log4j - log to both category and root logger
Changing text lines in a file in Windows batch
Remove controllers from UINavigationController stack
Adding application reference on right click from on any text on MacOSX
Sorting in XSLT?
Dont shown UINavigationController on modalView
Primefaces Dialog action is called during initialisation
tree partitioning
Alternative for Guidence Automation toolkit
Chrome extension: sending a request form a background page to the popup
Before append text in div jquery
How do I distort an image on Android?
MySQL commandline execution
Session issue with chrome in MVC3
Marquee text sliding to center of div
How to create downloadable link to text file?
Is there a SQL Injection risk with this query? If so, how can I avoid it?
HtmlTextWriter - Adding multiple classes to a tag
CKEditor having issues with images
Google Places APIs for my iPhone application
Struts1 Preety url
Change user password in samba server with the pdbedit tool [closed]
Forcing a particular xml object serialization format
How to do scrolling in j2me canvas?
Mac 10.6 server / tomcat / jenkins / vncserver can not run in directory
error MSB6006: 鈥渃md.exe鈥�exited with code
How i can return value from some form to many forms
Need Free Multiple File Uploader Control with Ajax Update panel for Asp.net
Adding images to ListView items and to the details
List Columns and corresponding Table of all user tables in DB
Can't access jQuery DOM ready scope for debugging
Spring security core plugin - How to access User id from a hidden field
editable textbox after receiving data by JSON
Regex expression - Remove lines that match multiple options
telerik grid Microsoft JScript runtime error: 'i.validator' is null or not an object error on editing
How to merge data from different sheets that use the same template?
Hyperlink across table cells?
I am getting below message printed by xcode at the time of moving from one view to another view [duplicate]
Are public key and private key interchangeable?
Is it possible to use 鈥渇ind鈥�method with 鈥渏avascript鈥�query with pymongo?
Entity Framework Code First Database file was not created in APP_DATA yet queries work
How to develop Android Alarm application
Android install apk with Intent
Blackberry Table IllegalStateException [closed]
German character encoding issue when commit to SVN
App Engine and API accessing contacts
jQuery: actual div width
Link_to not returning extra parameter
Xpath can't query tag with namespace
SQL Selecting all records with composite key
Use custom declarative activity in State Machine
How to change Google chart font size?
How to achieve two-way communication using XML over HTTP in the MFC framework
Android Status Bar Notifications - Intent getting the old extras on the second time
Why does XmlWriter throw an error in this code? [closed]
Should all these default threads be Running? And do they keep my JVM alive?
How to handle a variable number of algorithms in a kernel?
.net pdf component
appdelegate dealloc will be called only once?
How to add an activity to tab?
how to find control in ItemTemplate of the ListView from code behind of the usercontrol page?
How to avoid LinearAlloc Exceeded Capacity error android
Excel Data to gridview ? In Asp.net?
Best way to deliver a website to view offline on an Android tablet
Proper way of measuring GPRS and 3G bandwidth
Host Url in Silverlight
How do I generate a unique increasing integer value in SQL Server?
Wordpress - setting a base href
Tallest Unicode character? [closed]
How to change UITextView last entered text color in iPhone?
Case not working
Non English languages on Android simulator
How to set the cell width in itextsharp pdf creation
jquery: using multiple animations (jquery and css3) slows the animations down?
how to dynamically load small images on a game worldmapImage(which is bigger than screen size) and move those images as per the player's movements?
What is the proper way to clone/duplicate an ObjectSet and its entities?
Connect to localhost from another computer in network
Automatically detect all models to scaffold
problems with own package index
Breakpoint in java runtime libraries (rt.jar)
Flex Mobile: TabbedViewNavigatorApplication with tab on top (Android style)?
Failing to add xml element in a xml formatted structure
AWK: Mysql: like query with newline
ActionLink failed to work on mvc webapp?
WPF Toolkit Datagrid , Styling the SelectorAll
Change App.config during installation
Catch Json POST exception
DataContext.ExecuteQuery<TEntity> and Null values
How to encode a CSV File Import?
Understanding how memory is managed under WoW64
Manually triggering change event doesn't work
Why Virtual Memory Address is the same in different process?
Is it possible to model tables belonging to different databases in the same schema?
Android:How to instal database to my phone along with jar file for android application
How to find load capacity of the processor?
Folder not displaying Content Type fields
allocating to already allocated variable in iphone sdk
Around me application in android [closed]
Is there any tools or method for removing white spaces from file(javascript) or reduce file size?
Why doesn't Windows Service work properly with System.Timers.Timer or System.Windows.Forms.Timer
What's the purpose of *(id*)obj?
Joomla! - Import users from CSV file
Copying Eclipse from one machine to another
Add user options in VTK
Abnormal Result in SQL Report
Retrieve Landing Page Pageviews from Google Analytics
Adding environment variable under python
UrlRewriteFilter + Tomcat + simple forward rule produces 404
Efficiency when fetching data from core data and multithreading
Any XPath/XSLT/XQuery 3.0 specific learning resources out there?
Application which loads a DLL works in MSDEV but fails at command line
Send a multidimensionnal stl::vector or array by gSoap
c - What is a correct way of defining array? [closed]
Google Earth API, how to prevent duplication of placemarks?
JQuery autocomplete dropdown select function
How to place N divs next to each other (in a PHP foreach)?
Grabbing image files from folder and displaying then in web page
MVC3: url with only controller and parameters (no action)
Error when using search text index in mysql
Can't Link to SQLite3 static library
Problems with ListView.ItemContainerStyle not applying
Android Opengles CameraPreview (Draw text on camera feed)
Restrictions on Memory Available to Applications
log4net leave me a lot of .1 .2 .3 files
How can one get a function pointer to Eigen operator()
Danish language support database in iphone
error when inserting C#'s decimal into SQL numeric
How to send an array to php by jquery without a form with multi input same name
Javascript: how to affect other element when hovering?
Java GUI development alternative to swt or swing
PHP: Is there any native equivalent of compact() that works on arrays
Is there a canonical way to 鈥渇ix鈥�a 鈥渄ynamic鈥�IEnumerable?
Ncurses Keyboard input
Simulate mouse down and move left
Accessing Spring MessageSource from Struts tags
push segue won't draw UITabBarController, but modal segue will. Am I missing something?
CodeIgniter get application name from url
Click to scroll in Horizontal Scroll View
Show overlay on 'dragenter' when dragging a file from desktop to the browser
Drawing Smart Pointers in UML
Notification when a wifi scan is performed by the system
Notification when a wifi scan is performed by the system
Rails Scope: Select Distinct Title With Values
Python 2.4.3 on Red Hat 4.1.2-51 MemoryError on list.append(new) but only using 9 Gb out of 32 Gb of ram
Android: call Service's super.onDestroy() outside onDestroy()
Check if user is on page
Perl XML::Twig doesn't escape double quotes
Replacing multiple characters from a column in SQL server
JQuery : Inline JS to External JS
A reliable media query to detect only iPad (or at best 1024x768 mobile devices)
How to hover over an SVG rect?
Gemfile.lock Use in Rails?
passing a dictionary by reference instead of using eval / how to pass a variable number of arguments
insert into database fails at error code 1048
shell programming (shell command usage) [closed]
How to add a form in add-in in powerpoint using VBA
How to auto format Javascript in GWT's native methods with eclispe
javascript SDK - send request to like your Fan Page
Replacing TabActivity by Fragment : Error inflating class fragment
cxf REST application, send request to other service
How to get the list of patches made by this git script?
how to process a query result so as to display it as a listview in android?
One way synchronization betwen SQL Server an MySQL
Open graph meta tag with facebook's url
How to split Spring MVC request mapping by parameter value
How to read pdf containing images,tables using itext in java?
How to append script tag dynamically in asp.net user control?
Entity Proxy Change Listener in GWT Request Factory
c global variables in objective c
Conflict between double click and sorting in DataGrid
MVC3 Hierarchical View Model with check boxes and radio buttons
Unable to delete the data from grid view even the jquery returns true
Application design, global image collection
What is the MathNet equivalent of MATLAB solve C = A B
Magento is writing Server Path in Header
Access array in c# code from python script
Will big size of the app reject users from using it?
Unable to cast object of type 'ASP.site_master' to type 'System.Web.UI.WebControls.Button'. in asp.net
How to set height of <Linebreak />
What is wrong with this resource / table?
how can i get the the class of Datatip?the datatip do not disappear
Powershell build script - Execute it from any machine
How can primitive data types have functions? [duplicate]
Pass Value from .jsp to new page .jsp
When creating JQuery Mobile sliders programatically, editable number field does not replace built-in browser slider
To find the next work day
How to extract various values from a complicated XML file in PHP?
Exception while invoking response.redirect
TFS query to get check in details
Regex: Match an Alphanumeric string that could contain the characther '-'
Get name of project from where dll is referenced via code
How to find the pdf document font using CGPDFScanner in iphone app?
Fascinate Device Web view go back() method Issue
Cann't download file in Android phone - Android..?
JBoss Weld : Inject different implementation for testing
Apache Jackrabbit webapp
The Difference Between Deprecated, Depreciated and Obsolete
filename..extension // Paperclip reprocess
How to make a war file with ant in groovy?
WiX: Read environment variable into property and create/modify in text field
Push Notification for Nokia nid using c#
zlib and buffer sizes
How to increase Assembly Version Number 1 by 1
scroll pane height issue
Can a Blackberry application running in the background be force closed by the user?
resume for XID raised 0: unknown
sending email with php
For Loops in C++ - Variables not being incremented properly
HTML/CSS: background overlay
SQL Server query one table based on conditions in second table
can't get a service to start - launching and killing with checkbox (code in post)
Crystal Report mage not showing
quartz clustering : scheduler actions visible on all nodes
PostgreSQL find records and sort by left outer join
android listview pagination implementation
Masked TextBox Validating Text Error
Add image to freemarker template for mail?
Unable to start activity ComponentInfo: java.lang.NullPointerException
MVC3 Weird behavior of ActionLink with HTML 5 Data- attributes
What do you recommend to do MySQL queries on PHP array without MySQL connection (interpreter)?
Different links that use the same link text may be confusing: See matching tag(s)?
How to make a database for my android app
Setting Default 鈥淪ave as Type鈥�to .kml instead of .php
Reporting Services hiding duplicates by using SQL Server 2005
how to get TCL ping response
鈥渕odule could not be found鈥�error with C++/CLI component in ASP.NET
handle words with accents
CSS padding for single TD inside a table
PHP range for hebrew alphabets
about Entity Framework 4 caching 2-st level
Matrix multiplication in Objective-C
Change app language programmatically
Parsing double quotes from xml
Facebook Open Graph API, aggregation issue [closed]
Mongoid: blank belongs_to association
OpenCV for iOS sudoku grabber
How do namespaces actually work in Socket.IO?
layout_toRightOf works and layout_toLeftOf doesn't, how to solve?
How to create add-in which has a MENU in powerpoint using VBA?
Unable to display uploaded images via PHP into MySQL
Does UIWebView auto prefetch pages?
Parse image size from identify command
ABGroupCreate not working with Exchange
Visual Studio 鈥淔ind in Files鈥�does not work
How can i send a html mail with an attachment through Unix Shellscripting
Module name clash in rails3
Capture filter clear click event in jQueryMobile
how to speed up site with mod_gzip?
Facebook page tab changing
How to make the source directory visible in Eclipse M2T JET projects?
Regex Error in .htaccess with hash mark in URL
jQuery: Timeout/Delay with a notification function?
autotest ignore some files under 鈥渋ntegration鈥�directory
On some outlook installations I cannot access the email internet headers so add-in fails
Cross Site Scripting Related Query , Web Application Security
Converting a string to a javascript associative array
Reading a sequence of integers using map in python
Trying to create Moq object
ruby when we are passing more than 4 value in set how it arrange that value in set
Get string values from txt file in App_Code folder
how to set and return a variable inside JavaScript function?
Android data loading as in Drop Down list Manner
Bookmarking feature in a dialplan
processing bitmap files dynamically from folder using c#
Generate PDF report based on the data contained in GWT DataGrid
log4j configuration for multiple war files
Mercurial and Notepad++ Integration
How to run make_server from the simple_server in python on multiprocess?
Magento. How to change shipping method before save order?
dynamically change viewport maximum-scale 1.0 to 1.5 using javascript
How to make an Auto-hidden Toolbar in iPad app?
Facepile with graph api
Dock similar to alarm screen (horizontalscroll with animation)
fetch the data dynamically from xml
Merge two commits which are in pull request already
Why is the Simplified CommonJS Wrapper syntax not working on my Dojo AMD module?
Why do we need list_for_each_safe() in for deleting nodes in kernel linked list?
how to use boost.pool to implement a map like stl map
requirejs config with arbitrary data
php or mysql remove duplicate entries array
No InvokeEvent fired from button ( MS UI Automation Framework )
Android Services: Bind on demand vs. Bind on #onCreate()
Dynamic virtual attribute?
Thread Id differs in main() and start_routine() - Pthread
Getting the type a polymorphically associated element in a controller (Rails)?
Hibernate many - to - many + additional property tables
How can I disable dragging all website in ipad2?
Multiple ul reverse order
First time running a ubuntu server is it possible I have nginx installed in two places?
WinUSB Driver Installation, Error 0x00000003
JavaScript memory leak explanation
JavaScript memory leak explanation
Referring php variable in html file
monitoring gevent exceptions in jobs
CA2000 : Microsoft.Reliability object is not disposed along all exception paths
Flat to hierarchical XML transformation
Nested Polygons and Balloons
Design an Architecture by using Entity FrameWork+ WCF + Asp.NET MVC
error in binding port 鈥淎ddress already in use鈥�TCP socket programming in unix
Want to add standardoutput of process in Listview
Sending sms via java
Banned words checking algo
Finding free space on a PDF page on Android
Concatenating in one column based on another column
files from *.rc are not refreshed when compiling/building
Automatic shelve before pulling in Mercurial (with TortoiseHG)?
SQL MYSQL Mult-Table Query Join
Unit testing entire project hierarchy in Python using unittest in pydev
how do i write a single query to insert the data
Wix - Accessing the property values from deferred custom action created dynamically in other CA
How can the status of a git repository be determined at compile time?
Display AJAX Loader on page load
iPhone Text Field Only One Input Type
Get only relevant portion of website
AlarmService onBoot with interval based on variable
How can get a complete picture about streams in Java?
MySQL Store Procdure retrieve value
count() returning zero hits in post_save
Zen Coding Plugin Install for Sublime Text 2 portable in Window
How can i use my own customized Sharethis image along with sharethis plugin in my website?
Ehcache RMI replication does not work on linux with tomcat but works fine on windows?
ASP.NET MVC / AX - Custom Membership Provider
Issue on EF relationship in MVC3
replacing operator in Where clause Lambda with a parameter
Wiring an ExecutorService in with Spring factory-method
How to check if a property has value in ANT
SQL Server CE missing as required prerequisite in InstallShield LE (Visual Studio 2010)
R statistics assessing probability of cases. What is the chance in bridge 鈥�[closed]
How to handle PageExpiredException
Aptana Windows Post-GIT-commit action
Canvas - dynamic drawing and managing shapes
Anchors in a HTML-Object in GWT
How to write a regular expression to get floating point numbers in Python?
unable to use a 鈥渄egree鈥�symbol in xml
Command line tool error design
Open Source library for Linux C++ to convert word document to plain text [duplicate]
Can i test mxGraph ui with HP's Quick Test Professional?
Implementing Save and erase in drawing in android
Do I necessarily need a third party framework for a Java-based REST service (JSON)?
Error in getting Xml data from GoogleMapsAPI with Jquery
sql search from csv string
Mapping Formula in fluent nhibernate
Right-Click inside the Rally Tables [closed]
Why is it not necessary to indicate ByVal/ByRef anymore?
Parsing large XML file with PHP with non-standard nesting of elements (SAP Roadmap File)
java read website infomation while sending cookie infomation
Extend Enum with flag methods?
How to set 45th bit in a 64 bit register field?
How to keep state of seekbar on pause android?
byte.parse() doesn't like 8 bit
JQuery Array To Re-arranged JSON object
Windows Azure ACS: Unable to find assembly 'Microsoft.IdentityModel
Printing stack trace from a signal handler
Make a phone call when click on a phone number String
CherryPy with additional threads for custom jobs
why does android allow delete a file that being used 鈥�
Themes and editing pages in Sitefinity 4.4
parse error in creating an array to initialize database's row [closed]
logout using cookies php
location of TFS projects on different machines
Wolfram Mathematica: y-axis frame labels are not aligned
Azure WebRole and WCF Data Service - Preventing Redirect
How to catch event when somebody move finger horizontally over ScrollView?
Retrieving string from an array within a json object
looking for workflow applications
How to detect local maxima and curve windows correctly in semi complex scenarios?
Richtext to MIME鈥Keditor
Smartgit: Auto insert commit message
Rails truncate UTF-8 strings containing &eacute; (for example)
Creating Animation in Android
Detecting an incoming call in Lync
Buddypress Multi user roles
How do I 鈥渇ilter鈥�queries (where clause) on an entity by default?
Visual Studio: newlines in SQL
Unable To Find My App On The App Store ( iTunes ) [closed]
Add solution folder to visual studio project template
android: progress DialogFragment does not get displayed at the beginning of the AsyncTask
JQuery Selectmenu - getting selected value after selectmenu items are added on scriptside
Placing an draggable image onto PDF in Android
Design Mode not working in Flex Builder 3
Need help to change Custom tab bar (in top) icon when receive a notification from background in iPad app
Resize thickbox
What do I write in Get method to get user-name from google-plus?
How to hide folders created in Document Directory in ios?
WebDAV Request on Exchange Server 2003 causes : The remote Server returned an error:(500)Internal Server Error
Change string in graphic
What does the keyword 鈥渘ew鈥�does to a struct in C#?
how to limit the Number of Pagination Links in Zend Paginator
Double UIScrollView synchronization - Different height
Web application with backbone.js and requirejs packages, requirejs optimizer [closed]
What is a good way of implementing logic validations in MVVM?
node --debug-brk doesn't work
Get data from javascript in asp.net application
WindowsFormsHost steals focus on activating application even activating by application's other wpf form
Format Date and text
I have to move my logs from one server to another server on a weekly basis using a shell script
How to properly shutdown asio tcp server?
Android Interface tests for different resolutions
Spring LDAP authentication without using admin/manager account
How do I make my textview support telugu font?
How to Copy/Clone a Virtual Environment from Server to Local Machine
iOS: Xcode projects relativity
XNA remove shader effects
call a method with a concatenated string
something wrong with class initing?
DialogBoxIndirect creates dialog bigger than asked
network- transfer files with tcp c++
Mysql replication undo change master on master host
How to prevent business logic in Rails controllers
What's best SQL datatype for storing json string?
Triple split mapping issue with Doctrine2
Application for both mobile and pad
How to handle control updates while doing processing?
IO.Ports.SerialPort connection fail
Howto configure Runtime Version which builds Resources.Designer.cs in Visual Studio 2010
htaccess variables after .html not showing
simple file upload script
Split causes 鈥淥bject doesn't support this property or method鈥�exception
how to translate language of a control using google api
image getting overlaped in table view cell
Heavy Javascript page gap of 15 seconds between response and page load
How can I figure out which key is pressed in older Android sdk (<12)
How to use some class in mx ,spark libary in Flash professional CS5
Mouse events not fired after changing the parent of a frame
How can I discover if a property of a stored Entity is indexed or unindexed?
OData4j exceptions - 鈥淥dd number of characters鈥�and 鈥渂ad valueString part of keyString鈥�
How to call webservice in Windows Phone 7?
Matplotlib - point labels built from item in a list
mongodb $elemMatch
JSF 2 view resolver for spring 3
clone append to included page
Using a humongous database in an android APP
How to prevent users to login to my site more than one sessions?
How to convert array of value objects to json?
Is it possible to run Selenium scripts without having an X server running, too?
Using layer backed NSView as NSDockTile contentView
What's a modern day equivalent of DinnerNow.net (for ASP.NET MVC)?
Look up table in linux+swap
getBytes(int start, int end, byte[] data, int index) in Android
ASP.net creating dynamic Radio Button List
ClassNotFound exception launching SpringBatch-Admin webapp
Scan a file in realtime and execute certain commands on encountering 5 consecutive identical lines
Css pseudo classes input:not(disabled)not:[type=鈥渟ubmit鈥漖:focus
Can I put buttons in SimpleCursorAdapter listView?
How to make a div look like tabbed pane without any tab functionality?
Differences in java bytecode produced by Oracle's and Eclipse's compilers
Passing Values to Event Handler of Dynamic Buttons
Template function for CreateInstance routines
If I have stored in Session an object that is a reference to an object in the Cache, does it take extra memory?
Though undefined in console, javascript variable within setInterval shows its value on alert box
Howto save and reload image using ALAsset
iPhone console process in standby mode
How to update excel embedded charts in powerpoint?
Endpoints in WCF FileServer
Merge conflict resolution
Add JS tag before </body>
Error installing rmagick gem on osx lion with homebrew [duplicate]
How to copy a file from one directory to another directory by creating the folder if that folder does not exist
Why not create and delete 'TABLE' whenever data inserted?
How to compare a variable with local storage in Chrome extension?
System.Drawing.Color convert FromArgb issue
Frameworks to store data client side
Photo Tagging in WPF
CSS Using absolute position to place an element directly below another element?
Get collection query string
java error 104 Uncaught:illegalArgumentException
How mantain OpenGL cube shape when make it see through?
Issue while returning Dataset through WCF Service
Publishing Android app that have been converted to blackberry
Pendulum in AndEngine and box2d
nhibernate configuration need extra assemblies to understand additional configuration properties
There is no output while creating a XML file using DOM
ApplicationBar Animation
Dynatree using asp.net mvc3
Example of OUTPUT clause to get Identity with ado.net?
How to find xPath of a tag in HTML
Reading a pdf file placed in assets folder in android
How to Synchronise calendar with Textbox in asp.net.
I want to add pagination in my script
Send event to SMS that can be saved to a phones calendar or reminders
Regarding video in blackberry [closed]
how to send text from textarea in to the HTML code while typing
How do I fail a step in a feature test with Capybara-Webkit when there is a JavaScript error on a page?
how to display message box with icons in ASP.NET using C#
How to Implement Binding Validation for Binding Collection
change the default more' image for the options menu when i have 6 menus
Facing url issues in the joomla?
Any tips on collision checking and rendering
System.DirectoryServices.Protocols.SearchRequest Ldap Query Execution Issue
variance implementation applied to calculate the standard deviation?
Remove extra HTML spaces in Smarty
events doesn't work after the element is dropped in droppable area - jquery ui
Comparing values of 2 tables and highlighting the rows that are different
ProgressDialog not getting dismissed in webChromeClient in WebView
What's causing NoSuchMethodError and NoClassDefFoundError?
How do I append a string to a property in ant?
Wanted to create Fast Scrolling with front charecter to dispaly on screen when user Drag on List of Alphabet
text as primarykey in android [duplicate]
Scala parallel for running out of RAM
How do I make an 鈥渋nfinite鈥�UIPickerView?
Linq-to-SQL tool for .net
UITableView reloaded before NSoperationQueue starts
Fetch Location Name from Coordinates?
Perl - responsible forking
Hardone PSD to HTML task
Overflowing stack using recursion
Are there any good + free + Lightweight+ Linux UML Design tools?
Complex MySQL query still using filesort although indexes exist
IE image caching with jQuery form: Force image reloading
How to calculate PCB byte for apdu command
Full Array not Returned PHP
How to render doT.js templating in nodejs?
Error: Invoke or BeginInvoke cannot be called on a control until the window handle has been created
Can Oracle Coherence support complex queries like MongoDb?
column names for an ad-hoc sql
Using canvasItem to include a listGrid of related data in a dynamicForm
How can I sort ip addresses on BIRT with JavaScript?
New SharePoint 2010 MUI package
How can I compile lame as static library(.a) for armv6 and armv7 of iPhone?
XML reading with proper error handling (line numbers, original text etc)
where ejabberd stores users data on server side [closed]
IE's text opacity not working
Iphone UI and unit Testing frameworks
javax.comm.PortInUseException in SMSLib
How to apply style on StaticTextItem component of DynamicForm in SmartGWT?
Changing Firefox addon install icon
How to prohibit save preferences after push back button
How can i break a multidimentional array?
Need to compare difference in two rows?
Getting the sum of a column in WinForms
How to add new line Charactor ( n ) in message resource bundle in JSF1.2
Error Handling in flex
How can I group homogenous data in xsl?
Java shift operator
data getting overlaped in tableview cell
The requested resource () is not available
PHP system() mysqldump makes my page not responding
Run Chrome extension in the background
python MySQLdb - how to log warnings