Merging commits from branch to master -> odd-looking tree
@OneToOne unidirectional mapping in JPA2.0 鈥�getting SQL error on persist
DragDrop between controls
Make WPF control over the web browser
How to split string into words that do not contain whitespaces in python?
Oracle SQL - Using joins to find values in one table, and not another
Code completion for PHPUnit and Selenium in NetBeans
XML deserialization does not work
Limiting invoking method of a class
using an Activity as preference activity?
How to install certificate for localhost or using ipaddress?
iReport and external objects
Making an impulse with a JavaScriptNode (Web Audio API)
Detect if user have my Chrome extension installed?
capture output of install.packages
Sphinx query error no field found in
Mouse wheel support for Grid in VB6 app?
Struts 2 action class not working
Conceptual meaning of 'not' keyword; evaluating between objects
Caesar Cipher Program - Absurd Number in Array Output
Page selection based on submit buttons
accessing array from another class in iPhone xcode
ListView data deleted and data updated, notifyDataSetChanged called, but no updated of my list
How to filter multidimensional javascript array
Which Submit Button was Clicked in CakePHP?
Algorithm to get all combinations of (American) football point-accumulations necessary to get a certain score N
How to auto update startDate and EndDate for next execution?
table cell traversal jquery
Redirect after few second in rails 3.1
QGIS -Listing Database tables in Qtreeview
How to show custom error while installing a Joomla! 1.6 - 1.7 component?
I want to get EditText value in ListView
Why can't I make a new hash from selected keys in ruby?
Salesforce SOQL query not returning rows when LastModifiedDate is compared to two dates
Is QGLContext represent a GLXcontext
PrettyPhoto combined with DatePicker. Displayed properly but not working
Why is the PayPal sandbox telling me my shopping cart is empty?
Convert a WPF Swipe Transition Datatemplate with DataTriggers to Silverlight4
toggle is not working
How to determine the actual position of the image inside an ImageView with Matrix?
producing cell array
Hadoop inverted index program error
How can I assign an alias for a foreign key variable in rails?
jQuery selector trouble
Javascript merge array if there is duplicate value
View local html file with .asp extension in browser
ADT 16.0.1 with Eclipse Indigo on Fedora 16 is not working
%2F in URL breaks and does not reference to the .php file required
c++ managed code
How to set the height and width of the Default Alert Dialog
How to set the height and width of the Default Alert Dialog
How to fetch only desired property of bean in hibernate?
How-to monthly graph in Munin? [closed]
Does the browser send its own certificate to the Web server during https communication?
CLLocation Manager (How Enable 鈥淯se current Location鈥�
How to Create Dynamic Sub-domain with ASP.NET?
SWT Text fails to compute correct width if text contains tab ie ' t'
How can I get which annotation UIButtonTypeDetailDisclosure clicked in objective c?
Xcode is missing some header files
Passing Parameters for SqlDataSource from code behind
Migrating from SQL Server CE to SQL Server database
Changing TARGET of almost ready android app
some django's logs are missing when host in uwsgi with multiple process
Updating db tables based on user activity
Creating a sometimes fixed position div, issue with JQ logic
Error Trailing Characters in Ubuntu
How to set background-image 100% with floats?
Matlab - Stratified Sampling of Multidimensional Data
how can i map this effectively in ibatis?
Why does python attach imported modules to the package?
what is the function that is called when the app is appearing?
NSKeyedArchiver default location and categories in objective c
I am not receiving the signed_request parameter on my canvas page
Linked list cstring insertion sort
Ignore Ada Function Return Values
How add a onClick method to a TextField (ExtJS Framework)?
redirect a domain to a certain folder (Joomla Site)
Static methods in PHP
How can i restrict our html text from coping by other users in flex?
Zend Framework: what is the difference between partials and placeholders
android media content provider
getting the js error : Microsoft JScript runtime error: Object doesn't support this property or method
java regex quantifiers
Request Lua objects(userdata) from iOS , EXC_BAD_ACCESS
How to add compound node in a D3 force layout?
iAD error when trying to implement
how to put between in Zend Framework query
Android Language Translation Error
Best practice of caching external xmlfeeds
URLencode numbers?
Python: Conditioning on an Attribute of an Object that may not Exist
make an app as system modal dialogue [closed]
How to get Indentity value back after insert
Should hub have Browser installed
Augmented reality on android
Node.js - Which functions of JavaScript block a process exactly?
jquery ajax form submit and email with attachment
How to dynamically change GlyphIndices in tag GlyphRun?
$.ajax compared to $.post
Select DISTINCT multiple columns
XML::LibXML remove heading when write to xml
iOS Xcode 4 UINavigationController
Aptana Studio: treats .py as html
Chnage button text permanently using Javascript
Request for the permission of type System.Security.Permission.UIpermission SSRS
Which is best function available in c++ to convert SID to Account username?
Could I use LLBL Gen to JOIN columns between tables which don't have a relationship of primary-foreign keys?
Command /Developer/Platforms/iPhoneSimulator.platform/Developer/usr/bin/clang failed with exit code 1
Making an table with printf in c++
How to remote mysql using adodb in PHP?
draw a distribution graph in android
when start Application than Remove this Titanium Startscreen(create custom Start Screen)
Crystal Reports- Change a parameter value for every details view
SSRS Report is throwing runtime error from Report Manager
How to Get Current Directory Name in mod_rewrite(.htaccess)
How do you convert NSData to NSString or char?
ios setting AppleLanguages and submission to app store
getting python 2.4.5 out of my environment variables
Hibernate and SQL Server startup slow
Partial Views MVC3 razor
how can i convert char datetime values into timestamp or date format in oracle 11g
Curly Braces in the if condition in Java
adding native php function to ctags for vim
Can we retain the session once the session is timed out?
changing font style dynamically
Python Map List of Strings to Integer List
Simplify nested subselects containing aggregates
Use Linq to construct distinct, ordered of objects based on properties
In the new scrum tfs2010 what is the relation between SBT and Sprint
How to speed my linq query joing to table with a lot of data
Ghost Script not working in on windows 2003 using php script
How to create Vertical Carousel in android?
Heavy use of ISNULL versus nested SELECT
Creating web services in spring mvc 2.5
Arrange Div elements stacked next to other - Pinterest or Pose style
jqplot to geta horizontal line at 0 in bargraph
making List<string> compatible for datagridview column?
Sending keys to inactive window?
Dequeueing in a LinkedList
Why does ServiceReference implement Comparable?
display axis description for chart control
Multiple serial Dispatch Queue Not running Concurrentl?
How to apply list values to variables in a function and get a result list?
Cakephp copying data from one form to two database tables
Jquery UI Datepicker add/remove
Does Visual Studio 2010 support Windows Metro style applications?
mysql drop multiple table using where or is not like condition?
C++ memory garbaging
How to disable/hide three-dot indicator(Option menu indicator) on ICS handsets
Alternatives for WaitHandle.WaitAll on Windows Phone?
Add class active only on website root with PHP
form sent and route configuration
progressbar in openGL android
Get the uploaded document url through alfresco
I want to replace `ls` with `ls -l` in eshell
How to add app delegate back to mainwindow.xib
Why are the spaces (%20) in my URL interpreted as '_' signs?
plone Assertion error in themes
PHP Photobucket 鈥�Exception Insufficient permissions鈥�
why IntPtr.size is 4 on Windows x64?
How to send Acknowledgement from server to device?
Popup Div HTML5 using only CSS and basic/pure javascript
Python generators, adding two arrays of numbers: am I executing this properly?
JAX-RS : When we send back an image, in which format is it received by the client?
Is it possible to modify how IDbSet<T> transfers data to a POCO entity?
I need to certificates using keystore file having an extension 鈥�store鈥�provided from client supported by tibco BW project
How to Increase Speed of Cube on finger touch in Android OpenGL?
How to get the value and id from a drop down in php?
How do I dynamically change javascript library if it is not found whilst loading the DOM?
how to solve OutOfMemoryException in c#
Changing tcp/ip packets c++ or java
VBA 400 Error - can't debug search/copy function
huge memory used when load Multiple animations and textures with Cocos2d, how to solve it
Hibernate with HSQL - Tables are not being created when starting my application on Tomcat
鈥淕ateway error: (TESTMODE) The merchant login ID or password is invalid or the account is inactive.During PlaceOrder in magento鈥�
Accessing newrelic API through my application
Best way to create a temp table with same columns and type as a permanent table
unresolved external symbol 鈥渦nsigned long gVar鈥�
SCAN on key attribute in DynamoDB
Converting google map to pdf in php
How can I determine the baud rate of my RFID reader?
Cancel NSOperation
segmentation faults with string.h into queue
Oracle SQL: Merge rows into single row
Alternate to <fb:redirect url=鈥渉ttp://鈥�/>
Magento external login will not create session cookie
Regarding memory management of objects and classes in coacoa
INT vs VARCHAR datatype for primary keys
RabbitMQ and unstable connection
F3 caching issue
Primefaces calendar pop up with out year field
Adding Tap Gesture on UIImage
how to render a Queryset into a table template-django
Combining Fancybox and Quicksand Files
How to properly create and loop in a 3D array in perl?
Struts2 : Customize s:textfield tag
How to insert an integer value into a textbox using stored procedure calculations?
Interface implementation without revealing the class that implements the interface
Including short tokens in a tm DocumentTermMatrix
how to properly interpolate windows phone gps points to get maximum accuracy? [closed]
how to properly interpolate windows phone gps points to get maximum accuracy? [closed]
Foursquare API for mobile application
return keyboard on entering one character in textfield
binding diferrent set of items in a list
How to handle when the x button is click on pop-up web page using Javascript?
how to use target in onclick event
Why do non-dojo javascript errors appear to orignating by dojo.xd.*.js in chrome?
How can I dynamically set the best timer interval?
Store it in phone memory - is it possilbe ? ios?
How can a XAML file be compiled into multiple projects in Visual Studio?
C++ function template overloading
Checking to see if ofstream is empty?
Drawing text on screen with GLUT not working at all
how to get grid view selected row's DataBase id
Matlab Multidimensional Arrays with string + Exporting to Excel
LESS mixin calling another mixin
Change of definitons
鈥淕o to definition鈥�from PyDev not work in External Library files
how to show two web pages in one window without frames
Why does my bootstrap 2x2 column not line up with my 1x4 column?
beautifulsoup 鈥渕aximum recursion depth exceeded while calling a Python object鈥�
How to create multiple ListViews with fragments(if possible, with ListFragment) in Android
Passenger And Apache 'Something Went Wrong' Error , Works in WEBRick
Android Launcher Drag and Drop on 2 pages
MVC Login form is not being redirected
Micropost Delete Method won't work
NSUserDefaults Contains Value Or Not?
How do install security updates on an Amazon Linux AMI EC2 instance?
jQuery UI - Dialog when resizing
Horizontal slider bar in android
Programmatically enumerate outgoing Segues for a UIViewController
get json array objects in javascript
Drupal Content changes to Plain text on Cron run
Is it possible to use local table variables in a procedure inside an sql query contained in a VARCHAR variable?
mvc3 IModelBinder and url
Selected value in dropdown is always the first value - Jquery
Minimum Knowledge required in Datastructres
Error while running the Cron Drupal 6.18
How to set custom text for a button in Android?
Hash Function for customised unordered_map
strange behavior of == in Java
while authenticating with foursquare, it returns 'invalid_request'
How does someone even begin to code something like this? What are the ideas/thoughts behind this?
@autoreleasepool in ios 5
Custom picker view with images
Optimizing QPlainTextEdit Widget When Bombarded with Data?
Not able to set css top and left value in jquery through variables
Parse Coldfusion 9 generated JSON response in Cocoa Obj-C
willEnterForeground randomly restarts app
Changing view controller from a different class
android application using eclipse
draw network topology (php/jquery)
attempt to write a readonly database in android
Want to change text of TextView from other activity?
Counting rows in left joined table
Windows Copy and file permissions [closed]
Updates and Deletions not working with DB2 in XPages
Delete key from registery
Reading a text file in unicode from a URL?
Joomla! - How to add extra information for user registration?
Automatic Encryption and Decryption of Column in MySql
Nginx: works; gets 403 Forbidden
how to export Access 2010 data macros
Delete number of rows from table Transact-SQL
Grant android app permission to connect to 鈥渦nverified server鈥�
Unable to clip/crop images
Floating point in x86 Assembly
find current form and change action url and submit using jquery
Cannot create PoolableConnectionFactory (The server version is not supported. The target server must be SQL Server 2000 or later.)
How to workaround autoomitting fiiles/folders starting with 鈥淿鈥�(underscore) in assets folder
How to change the color of UINavigationBar?
Ember.Button not firing
Convert hh:mm:ss to days ( Wn App)
How to dynamically load datatypes during runtime through a plugin mechanism
Using png not working when called within a function
XCode project updated from a folder on HDD
Update data in a WebForm
Copying NSMutableDictionary through pointers
How can I export JUnit4 test case as runnable jar file
Error 2664 - Can't convert from std::vector<鈥�gt; to std::tr1::shared_ptr
Conflicting Window and Local Resource in WPF Application
java thread hanging causing other threads to hang (continued)
Why a variable length array compiles in this c++ program?
Going through a text file line by line in C
How do I delete multiple records with dependent records in ActiveRecord
cakephp auth session regeneration
JQuery Validation not working on master page in asp .net
table component not working in lwuit?
git branch and merging
Can someone explain how to use fmdb's FMDatabaseQueue?
PHP Cache specific parts of a page
Fetch all Email address of facebook user in android
Compile ruby script for faster use
Is there any way of sending mobile notification from java web applications freely [closed]
Automatic authentication for Android WiFi Direct
Redis - Default blocking VM
Visual Studio Build, Clean and rebuild
PHP Fetching Google web history
jQuery Focus and Blur to show and hide a message
Adding my own method in selenium sever
Adding my own method in selenium sever
stageWebView is not working on my samsung nexus device
How to compute mathematical expression using string in Android?
How do I open a file within notepad++ with C++?
One div over another without using height in pixels
How to create multiple ListViews with fragments in Android
How this pop up is called in Java Swing?
Google Analytics tracking code on Rails app error pages
JavaScript fuzzy search
How can I add verification to my MVC field?
A Dictionary of Queues to manage Streamed Video Frames
.NET Assembly Culture
Update progress Causing Flash Effect in Partial Updates
How to get memory usage of tomcat 7 using JMX API?
Writing a java program to remove the comments in same java program?
how do you define facebook open graph objects with CUSTOM og:tags properties PROGRAMATICALY
Can Expandable ListView be Inside ListView
Avoid memory fragmentation in high performance server sockets
how to design tab which onselect comes in center of a tabhost
Change Excel cell's content type
See if attribute is being applied to a property that is of type String within the class attribute
How to Program in C for Hengstler C51 Thermal receipt Printer
Python random answering program
After matching a line, how do I read some more lines and record values, then start over? Python
getting error in HTTPURLConnection while running program on linux server
Getting logged out of securesocial on compile and on clustered servers
Visual Studio Disable Runtime Exceptions?
How can connect to SSL in JAVA with websocket and
VB.Net Image is not Showing at Runtime
Custom URL for the Birdhouse app
specifying own inputformat for streaming job
Is there command-t plugin for Vim that does not require ruby? [closed]
How to implement cursor functionality using div as google does
c++ memory leak or not
Passing EL expression to composite component
Convert PS to PDF filed in C#
Assetic, image assets and caching
eclipse cannot export packages from a required project
OpenCL CPU Device vs GPU Device
Limit the number of messages sent to One?
I have two functions nearly identical, one works, one locks up the whole form, please advise
Java Accessor/Mutator -> Property name
How to arrange dynamical images?
HTML5 Context/Canvas - when to call draw on the context
What PDF library should I use for Android?
PhoneGap and WP7 doesn't want to load code
Role-based security on DLL
Assigning default values to arguments passed by reference
Android - How to tell if user 鈥渃licks鈥�anywhere outside of TextView?
Get custom MarkupExtension from code
Solve Hangman in AI way
Comparing two sqlite tables
Use Jquery selector to add a HTML tag
Intercept display change on hover?
Searching through a list of numbers which came from mysql query result
pacer.sys cause BSOD
Referencing specific element(s) in a RelaxNG schema with externalRef
Removing special chars from URL
Can't make my c++ file into a library with compiler
Same column with multiple index names. It is possible. What is the use?
How to draw circle with partitioned in android?
Java Regex html parser [duplicate]
Developping an Excel XLL using Mac OS X / Linux
Cannot load external URL using a simple jQuery dataTables
Alsa asynchronous callback
Getting a single line from Python output
Android Parsing 5mb json file causing, Out of Memory Exception
Error #1009, ActionScript 3
reloading texts in labels of uitableview
git Commit, after overwriting the cloned version [closed]
numeric only behavior on textbox working on PC but not on Mac
Best Practices, Should parent object in initialize with each child object in list collection or only once?
Appropriate data structure for returning all subsets of a set
Getting confused with lambda and list comprehension
Failed to load YAML using PyYaml?
Creating package installer in OS X - install Python, NumPy and other dependencies
How to convert a python string(include ' b') to a raw string?
Can I safely delete all content in /var/lib/php5?
MYSQL not recognizing some special characters
Making a Column-Oriented Table in HTML
Ploblem including a file- Titanium
Warning: mysql_fetch_assoc() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given
Clearing Issue Navigator in Xcode 4
increase number of visitor by view
How to calculate number of days between two dates in javascript in gridview itemtemplate textboxes
Echo not displaying inside a div but worked outside of it
How to convert NFA to Regular Expression
Moving a message to inbox from database
Change width of @style/Dialog in android
Installing PySerial 2.6 on Windows XP SP3
Customise Keybord and autocorrection type for UIWebview
GAE and django same users
Best practice for POST'ing to a new page with a redirect?
JAXB: Convert Javabean Object to XML all properties as XML attributes rather than XML elements (node)
A convention for indicating whether an HTML element is referenced from JS code
How to find comment count and review count of a given Article in SQL..?
Type Constraint Mismatch with default int * int type division
Alignment Issues In IE7
.NET GridView - Can I do in-cell data bars (like Excel 2007/2010)?
java.lang.RuntimeException with android application
Implement drawing pad in android
PHP CLI - STDIN -or- Reload script
How to convert CGFontRef to UIFont?
How do we break the loop without adding the sentinel to the average?
HTML Select items count in
Bing Maps: Removing shadow on Infobox in IE8
show div when option already selected
Windows7 can't find libqjson.dll to run my Qt application
i want to create a session for login page [closed]
how to install apk file programmatically on Galaxy Tab
EDIFACT grammar, parsers and libraries (Java)
How to check for a null value from the return value in ColdFusion query loop
sed find and replace with curly braces
Tab Tag in HAML
Change styles of Menu inside toolbar
how to make image can display repeat in div without set height
intensive computation parts in the sequential code
Class Loading Issue with HornetMQ and JBoss 7.0.2
Why is this resulting in a unexpected T_ECHO error?
Module not found despite being in @INC
Memory allocation by java
Md5 with salt encoding
How do I specify the ODBC Access Driver Format when creating the database
Adding a subview to the current view without messing up positioning of objects in the view
Is it possible to call a function that is not in the path in MATLAB?
Radio Button List, Check Boxes, Drop Down Lists and Enums/Dictionary Lists
Retrieving image from Window Azure to Window Phone 7
Repast Simphony 2.0 (Eclipse mod) - Where would you configure or set a maximum 鈥渢ick count鈥�value?
Git Checkout -f to undo all local changes sets back to initial commit
what's the best way to find a mac by name from windows?
How to send SMS to iphone users if any update is available in my application [closed]
Flash Socket Policy File
Redis Virtual Memory in 2.6
Does mod_perl cache modules loaded dynamically?
Search within a search in SOLR
Can you use Google Apps Script with Python?
central point of a tree?
Hidden the iOS' Default.png only when tap on screen
Github Methodology?
Get Values from Dynamic Property
jQuery Tools Scrollable, Firefox Implementation Issue
using Git as website backup tool
SharedPreferences not persistent
How to handle dates in java
Scroll bar does not appear in Silverlight App
Unable to update PageAdapter's TextView from a Timer
Filter data using textbox and view it in the listview in [closed]
unsignedIntValue vs intValue
Rails: Can't seem to sign up users
How to stop browser loading an image or disconnect to a host?
Problems With py2app on a Mac
CakePHP - How to retrieve data from another model in controller
Sessions in Maintain the session?
Win32 Mouse and Keyboard combination
Wordpress 3.3 Custom Field Template With Custom post types
How to Access Values form Two diffren list in an Event Receiver?
Django: How to change the css id of a ModelMultipleChoiceField in a form?
Could not handle exceptions inside a thread
AHAH 鈥渁ppend鈥�method does not render the form element as expected
Self-Editing Makefile
MySQL replication Error 'You cannot 'ALTER' a log table if logging is enabled' on query
java inheritance polymorphism method dungeon monster game
PDO Issue With No Error Message
How does iOS compute a scrollbar's thumb's position and extent?
Trying to get a colored bar in a table
Play with Postgres through Node.js
Accessing variables using other variable strings in C#? EVAL?
Save Complete Website - Internet Explorer and javascript generated code
magento payment method
How to get localized strings by string code, not property name?
draw a line of known distance along a known angle
How to get the process user name by PID on Mac OS?
How To Sum all Records incrystal-reports-8-01
How to tell when object initializer is done
Having issue with cookies
Android: Google Map not appearing
Validate NSString for beginning with # symbol
Strange results in gdb
org.mortbay.jetty.EofException gets thrown when writing to response
Sudzc passing parameter at data type NSMutableArray
how to increase the long press timeout on button pressed in android
How to remove white from JButton Icon
Resizing font size in textarea to fit height
setContent() method of tinyMCE script not working in Mozilla Firefox
sql SELECT IN with like
Parameter required to convert .caf to .wav format?
Game centre turned based game with different app versions
Fade Div1 In/Out Then Fade Div2 In?
Adding a function call on the end of function in coffeescript
explanation of uploading multiple apk's to android market for one app
checking for Plugin's existence with PhoneGap
Problems deleting table/database items with AJAX
iphone ISO-8859-1 encoder. how?
simply sql boolean condition
Operator = function and an add function cant seem to coexist
Java Reflections
How to do the slide out menu or tab slide out horizontal in sencha touch designer?
Scheduling PHP script
'Onmouseover' state reveals div; change area so div remains revealed
I want to replace all instances of {0} on a page with an image or run a function when that is printed out. can i do this with php?
Grabbing JS object key that is two words
Add fields to OmniAuth Facebook in Rails
Why doesn't extra.getString() == 鈥渆dit鈥�work, but extra.getInt() == 1 work?
Is it possible to load tumblr posts via AJAX?
Representing a Django model that holds permutations of ForeignKeys
Unable to delete folders using DOS command
replication betweenoffline publisherand online subscriber?
How to add App to Choose file in Android Browser
How to set User Defauts from command line arugment when it is 鈥渟et of strings鈥�
Nosetests closes before I can read what it says
Operating System material
Knowing when machine is connected to the internet [duplicate]
How to smoothly extend a DIV height as the HTML contents are changed with jQuery & jQuery UI
How to read empty file in Perl
Drawing One Element per Second
Possible to create widgets dynamically?
How do I add additional JavaScript documentation to NetBeans?
Most suitable contious integration system for doing automatic build and deployments to jboss EAP 5.0
Is the program correct?
Keep 1 Week Data in database
Binding to global event using Spine & jQuery
How to convert blog rss which has images/text into native android app with phonegap
How do I install wxPython on Mac OS X?
Can I #ifdef #imports?
How to link an authenticated user to multiple session using Zend_Session in MySQL DB
does cocos2d-android-1 compatible with latest cocos2d-iphone?
Why does my $.getJSON work but not execute the onsuccess part?
HTML perform paste into textarea
Webdatagrid up down arrows edit mode for System.Double make numbers change
Alignment Issue With display:table-cell in Firefox
How to Fetch a particular contact details from iPhone's address book
Replacing on third match
How to determine if a reconfigured network adapter is ready to transmit?
Sharekit iOS UIActionsheet, Screen flashes when app sent to background
Android Ksoap get a list array of class from webservice
Fatal error: Call to a member function toOptionArray() on a non-object
Sharing views between controllers without using the Shared folder
Zend framework zf command and Netbeans registration don't work
Windows 7 CreateProcess, child process cannot write file?
Check box in ListView layout has very short-term memory about being clicked
How can I do case-insensitive ordering in DataMapper with Postgres?
HTML link working improperly and showing up invisibly
W3C CSS Validator result 'Value Error : font-family Property font-family doesn't exist in CSS level 2.1 but exists in [css1, css2, css3] : Helvetica'
Trying to add in app email of a text field
How to rewrite [NSRunLoop runUntilDate:] to GCD code?
Compiling and getting an 'undeclared' message in return
Why these three panels using GridBagLayout use extra space differently, and how to make them uniform
Filtering by Where clause only when condition is not null
including a prebuilt shared object file in an NDK project
Automapper Mapping Multiple Properties to Single Property
rails server working on one project but not other
Simple Android Conversion App Not Functioning
Output shapefile for the igraph network in R
Deploy app to Azure from Monodevelop on Mac OS X?
Difference histogram Excel/Matlab
Create Segue or Push to another View controller programmatically upon UIButton click
Text lost when TextView display long text without space
Why should grails actions be declared as methods instead of closures and what difference does it make?
Row matrix minus vector with Rcpp
The compiler is not recognizing my object as its class type
Array of variable length in MIPS assembly language
mysql group to columns
Vim not automatically recognizing groff (manpage) files
Android Brightcove Successful Video Stream
Below 1 second mysql.connect_timeout - possible? Willing to edit php source
Google for rails - Google Maps use local API javascript
Why in a IPV4 packet, checksum is calculated against the IP header and not the entire packet like transport protocols tcp/udp?
Validate html text input as it's typed
jQuery image gallery inside a Popup Window
XML parsing help for C#
Android market app version distribution
I am making a gui for sorting. So i want to colour certain numbers in each step of sorting so what can be used for colour?
How to use an image like a sprite sheet with an image class?
How to map a type pattern to a custom servlet using Google AppEngine for Java?
preserve linebreaks in variable and send as email
Nested class serialization
Using VBScript to find most recent file date in a single folder
Creating new objects using object literals
Declaring a variable inside an `if` statement in Java that is a different type depending on the conditional
Understanding Apple's Reference Pages
How will i do probability in android
C++/CLI - Calling an Unmanaged Function Defined in a DLL
Better coding of a jquery hover
Apache's ForceType OR RewriteRule
Prevent creation of overlapping date ranges
Button border & background
LINQ to SQL query going in infinite Loop
3g coverage map - visualise lat, long, ping data
Rails I18n: calling different logic based on locale
How to load files dynamically in an AIR app? Do I have to use the File class?
App Store Version Numbers - Changing Scheme / Best Practices
bundle or install ruby-prof failed on windows
.htaccess www to non www
Not able to create files on /data/ directory on android
Is there a more elegant way? (accessing a rails controller from a static home page?)
How to install something on Linux without Makefile (lessc in this case)
PHP: Traits vs. Interfaces
python - Is there a way to store a function in a list or dictionary so that when the index (or key) is called it fires off the stored function?
How to custom the binding of WebService(Not WCF) in WebForm
Reading XML file and indenting
JavaScript - How/Can I set an object reference to null from a function?
The foreign key constraint
Server.MapPath in window open in
ProcessBuilder debugging
Eclipse: always notice error when use @Override [duplicate]
How would one implement a NumberPicker in Android API 7?
Groovy - How to replace methods of existing java classes
Memory management for programmatically created viewControllers
Matching nested model association attribute with includes
Pass itemized line items to paypal payflow pro
It's not loading to the current's userlocation but loading to middle of atlantic ocean
Accessing a method on a Backbone.js view inside of loop
How to debug LISP compiler errors in LispBox?
How are private objects passed in java?
Java ClassLoader format for defineClass with directories/packages?
How do I execute code on most directories except those listed in a file with a batch file?
How Convert specific String To Month Name
rails-3.1 , Is this a case for a nested form or a case for something else?
How to submit data of a form with repeated field names?
SFML 1.6 without admin priviliges
How do I code a simple boolean method? (Can't recall how to to code the one below)
bash: defining a file-local variable invisible to sourcing script
push notification iOS native extension for Adobe Air
Comparing the reference value in C# just like C/C++
Create Repository for AnkhSVN - Visual Studio 2010
Get the position(index) of an element in the parent
Perl - system command printing to terminal?
Read data file in C++
How to loop through an xml and add data to collection
python - auto reply email
Access Pivot Control from App.xaml.cs
How to create a general-purpose VisualForce page that can appear on any layout?
Client-side validation not working from data annotations; server-side does
chrome.webRequest not working on Chrome 17
vb tab in
Printing text on an image using opencv putText
$.get data from view Codeigniter
Mongodb installation instructions
The number of DFA accept same language is countably infinite
setting cookie on php login script
What is a good way to write a django class-based view that both shows a date-based object and a form?
Device specific resource management in cache manifest
ERD from SQL Server CE 4.0
Is it possible to access Windows Phone 7's accelerometer data in the background?
Adding 'onmouseover' state to Javascript code
Nested loops with matrix - why does this second matrix at all?
How to catch error Connection reset by peer (Errno::ECONNRESET)
Custom Membership/Role/Profile Providers WITHOUT inheriting the MembershipProvider, RoleProvider, etc.?
Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich FaceDetector does not return any Faces
how can i have a navigation page on a website if i do not know the site name such as
Wait 60 seconds then resend if Send-MailMessage failed Powershell
Pass parameters to MapReduce in Mongo and C#
What does this Intel assembly code mean?
Are there advantages in Java to parsing and manipulating ASCII strings as binary? [closed]
Publish Silverstripe site to a subdomain
php and mysql query trouble - query isn't working
CSRF token missing or incorrect (I know, its been asked before!)
NSFetchedResultsController cache makes the table upside down
How to write generic code while avoiding indirect calls?
Is it possible to modify style using Cucumber + Capybara?
Adding custom attributes to C# classes using Roslyn
Joining-Table with Metadata Impairs Getters/Setters - Doctrine 2
Player object loses Texture when placed on a List
Trying to work on a VB.NET project built on the 4.0 Framework in MonoDevelop
Load fragment data only on time
How to prevent OutofMemoryError when building up a long list of string in android
BLToolKit, Linq Query, SQL Not what I expected
Scrollbars when swf posted to Facebook feed
Android Temperature Converter Not Functioning?
How to get a character while inside a loop without stopping in the loop?
Can't get the jquery globalization to work
Yii: How do you abort model validation in the middle, after one of the rules returns FALSE?
wxpython file opening dialog
Javascript to call a javascript from another website
Deep copying a PSObject
Order 'select' entries with javascript?
JQPlot - Make y-axis only integers?
Save Complete Website - Background Images not showing
How to convert Facebook time zone to a custom string
PHP - preg_match()
The connection to Mysql not closing
When will NSautorelease release this?
displaying jquery calendar
Localhost - Root linking
JQuery FadeIn/Out Only Works One Time
How do I build titanium apps from the command line and invoke the simulator?
How to use a jQuery function on mutliple images
To instance variable or not鈥�problems with dealloc
How do I validate a decimal field with jquery and regex?
Accepting variable number of arguments for logger
Change the appearance of a UIView while tapped down (but not yet released up)
How can we pass data from one opened form to another?
What's 'this' in IE's attachEvent
How much delay of ios push notification?
Showing an input that only allows numbers and the decimal point?
JBoss - EntityManager Injection Failed
LINQ Entity Framework 4.2 datetime comparison fails
OpenGL texture mapping blank screen
CPU Utilization is different in multiple Availability Zones
assigning string using javascript
How can I show multiple areas of search suggestions for Android search suggestions?
java kdb - casting C to string
How to remove rows or filter a recordset or collection
Converting code from JS to Jquery
Detect DOMContentLoaded from Selenium/Webdriver
a href only will send me to subdirecteries and not anywhere else
ListBox not getting all selected items
Hightlight bracket on editor
How do I bind a MultiBinding on object-typed dependency property
Centralized Authorization of Controllers and Actions (ASP.NET MVC 3)
Grails: how to structure transactions when I want to continue validating even after the transaction has already failed
button not working when i insert new data
C array permutations with macros
node js listen EADDRINUSE error for simple httpserver
How to replace eregi()
SmartCards And Android
sound only playing through headphones on certain devices with MPMoviePlayerController
New to python, write function
nonblocking timer in python
How to put query results into a datatable with Excel VBA and ADO?
How Can I use Other Libraries in a Web Worker?
Calling Dispose method will clear and compact the memory in .Net?
Pythonic: use of __dict__ in the function self.__init__ of a class
std::find with type T** vs T*[N]
CSS body background-image issue
Declaring a variable for an object I made in C++
Java :Questions on clone method
How I can edit a PHP file from another file, like the Wordpress install.php file?
jQuery to add a hashtag to next page that loads?
How can I install cakephp in ubuntu next to my other php applications?
importing lib in haskell after installing with cabal
Entity Framework Code First with GO Daddy MySql
Weird symbols, text, and actual characters disappearing/changing in a array
Look Up Post Without Using Primary Key
Finding specific <td> using XPath
Adding a button to a custom view in Android
Split MySQL table into 2? Current search is too slow
How to fix this (python)
SQLite data types in version 4?
Stack overflow error when importing WSDL into Delphi 7
How to use NHibernate with both MySQL server and Microsoft SQL server 2008
formatting HTML paragraphs with CSS
Multidimensional Associate Array in C#
Java 2d array of objects
Understanding String assignments in C
Replace multiple captured groups in regex
Javascript: Can a string be cast as/converted to a type constant?
CSS Gradient Opacity (not background)
Entity Framework Code First with GO Daddy MySql
Weird symbols, text, and actual characters disappearing/changing in a array
Look Up Post Without Using Primary Key
Finding specific <td> using XPath
Adding a button to a custom view in Android
Split MySQL table into 2? Current search is too slow
How to fix this (python)
SQLite data types in version 4?
Stack overflow error when importing WSDL into Delphi 7
How to use NHibernate with both MySQL server and Microsoft SQL server 2008
formatting HTML paragraphs with CSS
Multidimensional Associate Array in C#
Java 2d array of objects
Understanding String assignments in C
Replace multiple captured groups in regex
Javascript: Can a string be cast as/converted to a type constant?
CSS Gradient Opacity (not background)
LINQ: Sum, Order, Group, and Top/Take
removing a file from root folder in cocoa mac osx
RewriteCond to skip actual directories seems to be ignored
session share between different war modules possible in jboss?
jquery updating div with HTML that contains script
MVC3 - Razor Edit/Create scaffold templates use DisplayName annotation. Delete/Details does not. Why?
How should I load the contents of a .txt file to serve on a website?
Add more (sets of) fields to form by jQuery
Linking .h & .c Files to Main.c with WinAVR
Bubble Sort Algorithm in Python - Last Number Not Sorting
Phonegap splash screen for android: not stretched or 9patch
Node JS premature program end
Java's Regular Expression don't recognize characters from other languages as word characters (i.e w)
BeanDefinitionStoreException with Play framework
what type of java constructors are these? Constructor chaining?
Inside menu, render the current category at top
Why do some people assigning JavaScript variables like var example = window.example ,, {};
Click( ) function of HtmlUnit not working
How to sort menu items in the an android app's options menu?
Android: Draw a view on canvas
Can't reference a related table in Yii's ActiveRecord
How to sequence setting of Wix property
spacing rightBarButtonItems in UINavigationBar
How do I access Silverlight App.current.resources[鈥渪鈥漖 from a class library?
Jquery Plugin qTip2 is this what is use on
Speakhere does NOT record after receive a phone call
How do I connect or exchange information between controllers in cakephp
WCF Service only works for the first call
How do I remove a string from a variable using JS in Selenium IDE?
How to open a file using exec command in php?
Unable to find 'unicode/utypes.h' in icu compile
How to set an ortographic camera to project like described?
window Location - only protocol, hostname and pathname
window Location - only protocol, hostname and pathname
How do I fix this duplicate symbol error?
Drag and Drop with cwac-touchlist
Scrollbars in WPF Tab Item Issues
Add a location switch for my app under iphone location services
How do I force rails to update a multiple select field?
Client-Server architecture with multiple servers
How to apply a fade away effect (not animation) across all the content of a div?
incompatible types
Dynamic view models with validation
Second instance of form not showing
Java - Typecasting from Java.lang.Object to an instance of a custom Class
R - Contour Map with multiple layers (lattice)
XElement modification, how do I edit the attributes?
Linking multiple .c files together in
python read file with block, but end with newline( n)
Cookie based authentication with Struts2
Can't seem to clear the when I have a call. how can I clear out?
How to unzip a file in Ruby on Rails?
nyromodal ajax form/filter docs or COMPLETE examples?
passing variables between methods in ROR controller
Preventing mistouches of links in Android web interfaces
Button to go BACK in appliaction
How do I check if a field in my mySQL database is empty in PHP
Gmail email not being sent when called from a threadpool
Can I detect when my class instance gets unset or garbage-collected?
jQuery on the bottom, wait execution script on <head> until it is loaded
error with @MvcHtmlString.Create(鈥�) - system.web.mvc
Page loads by sliding down vertically
NinjectMVC3 2.2.00 and Membership Provider
Automatically saving shell history in Emacs
How do I prevent vertical scrolling of a table containing long text?
Get the last updated row of sql table
Session Cookie will not set correctly
Cookies that won't delete
Blender 2.6 Console in window
Reuse model data in a post action
iPad Object Detection
Java - Image matching? EX: Is Image1 exactly like Image2?
Send Android Beam with URI data
Hoard memory allocator
Macbook Pro running VMWare Fusion 4 on Native apple partition or Bootcamp partition?
White output dialog box in Fortran trouble with reading file
jQuery Find and provide values issue
Python code won't run first line prompt [closed]
trying to add rows and cells to a table dynamically
OSX vim background getting overridden by terminal background
User edit Profile Form Not Working
changing backgroundColor using javascript
Antlr tokens from file
form won't submit correctly via jQuery and reverts to default behaviour
JSONObject from StatusJSONImpl using twitter4j
Ivy repository structure for module with multiple builds (profiles)?
To infinity and beyond in VBA
What are error -10004 and error -10000 in Applescript
Is there any reason to dispose of a table adapter?
Hadoop secondary sort (setPartitioner vs setOutputValueGroupingComparator)
How to get date with datepicker and pass via GET?
Create action with a non-persisted record with persisted associations?
Android IOException with http鈥�but it still works
C++ : recognizing lower case as correct when its stored as upper case?
How to get nodeunit to detect and run tests included in subfolders?
Android-Is it possible to add a clickable link into a string resource
printing data at a array location directly after receiving the two digit address using cbreak(); <curses.h> and getch();
How to check if Mongodb is properly installed
Java Regex - Trying to create a specific pattern but I'm not quite sure what to do
display spotify tabs after login
How to return a PNG image from Jersey REST service method to the browser
Password Errors with PHP sign up script
How to check whether multiple values exist within an Javascript array
vimeo html 5 player not showing
How to deploy new code via git, if git only installed on my user?
How to write a unit test for a repository update method?
Ruby on rails and mobile development using phonegap
Anyone using something like HTMLAgilityPack to generate HTML for MVC3 helpers?
Prevent keyboard messages from reaching application
Unable to load the specified metadata source when using EntityDataSource - Entity Framework
Google App Engine on Python 鈥淚mportError: No module named google.appengine.ext鈥�
Pass a UIPanGestureRecognizer from one view to be handled by another view
SpringSecurity without having to define the filter section in the web.xml
css background-image won't display in IE or Chrome
Unable to clone using Git over HTTP
In OS X, how can I detect when the currently active application changes?
Non-static method next() cannot be referenced from a static context
Xdebug trace format 1 output
Sybase: Dump/load from a larger database to a smaller database
Win8 /Metro - Picture is being edited by another person
Check Time between two numbers in php
Does glBindBuffer invalidate previous gl*Pointer calls?
QML Opacity Inheritance
Solving 8-Puzzle using DFS optimizations
Coredata accessing a member with of a relationship with KVC notation
Facebook Open Graph Debugger Error
Crystal Reports Assembly Deployment on Appharbor
how to save login on mobile device application built with html5
Tutorial for summation recursion in Python
Bash script to get privileges difference of files in two directories
How to programmatically select the first item in a jQuery Selectable list [duplicate]
Why does [imagePickerController setAllowsEditing:YES] substantially reduce the photo resolution from the camera?
Cake PHP foreignkey issues
Alter CSS rule definition using jQuery
Load video without player controls (mediaelement.js)
Object reference not set to an instance of an object (null DataSet??)
Do I need to use layouts when developing games on Android?
Corba in Glassfish?
order by and project distinct objects
loading library (.so file) in android [duplicate]
How Odata can be used in RESTFUL web service, with JSON as the message format
Using the coordinates of two of a triangle's vertices to calculate the coordinates of the third
What are the core concepts of git, github, fork & branch. How does git compare to SVN?
MonoTouch, NSLog, and TestFlightSdk
Subtypes for natural language types
Backbone Error: Uncaught TypeError: Object function (){ parent.apply(this, arguments); } has no method 'on'
Implementing buttons in GridView
Is there a Django's context processor like in Grails?
Dynamically add textbox in
save selected values in multiple h:selectManyCheckbox in same form
How do I trap Windows messages?
Is there a better way to generate i18n links to resources with Rails
Android RESTful client
Same Command, Different Results setFrame: NSView
Use Application Resource as DataContext in XAML
Java SOAP web service returning DataHandler
HTML relative URLs function in non-standard way [closed]
Generate a more readable antlr parser
Why do the JList and TextArea components not resize using a GridBagLayout?
ASP.NET Custom Control Property Grayed
window skin according OS
Passing variables in Python
RESTful API runtime discoverability / HATEOAS client design
Grails greek encoding for 1 field
Why does IPersistenceContext.GetEntry return null after IPersistenceContext.UnproxyAndReassociate?
How does one go about finding a specific directory out of a jar/zip file in java?
Display all images from a directory on a Jekyll powered website
IntelliJ toggle test not finding tests
Is this a memory leak in a Sharepoint Workflow application?
More Trouble with 'do while' loops, Java
Can't exchange authorization code for token on google oauth using php form
Why Closure Compiler and YUI Compressor have different annotation format?
Create a view using YYYY/MM/DD
iPad Photo Gallery Framework
Conditional Compilation is Turned Off Error in Visual Studio Web Developer Express
menu items to load content into list from array jQuery
Xcode: Using a complex predicate to filter a core data set
Totally random malloc errors in Qt App on Mac OSX
how to indent stack trace in python?
Concat string in Html.ActionLink()
SFML locked to 60 Hz on Linux?
Get remote host Ip address QTcpServer
Gradle doFirst() Execution Order
SFML locked to 60 Hz on Linux?
Get remote host Ip address QTcpServer
Gradle doFirst() Execution Order
Oracle trigger to queue/dequeue doesn't fire
How do I create a global UIManagedDocument instance per document-on-disk shared by my whole application using blocks?
How to use css3 transitions to animate 3x3 LI items on page load?
Subclassing Backbone.View
Understanding the exit condition of a for loop
Pacemaker - inconsistent data bewteen crm_resource resource list and CIB content
Set region by distance between two points
Chained selectors in jQuery
How can I capture dependancies used by a subset of code in a python source file?
Marklogic search query
Why does IPEndPoint take an Int64 and an Int32 as parameters?
Netbeans/Mercurial - Define multiple push/pull repositories under the 鈥淭eam -> Share鈥�menu?
How to get filename without extension from Omnigraffle?
IsNan vs value != value on VS2010 for 64bit
Is it possible for an object inside a variable array to have 2 values?
Record IP Address of user when they log in with Devise (Rails 3.2)
I want to create a really simple cross platform browser in C++. Where to begin? [closed]
How to create a array using json value
how do i combine these associations in class diagram
Separate web service for JSON and XML?
How accurate can indoor WiFi positioning be when it comes to tracking movement?
Using a capacity-constrained queue to list off strings in order?
RoR 鈥�NoMethodError: private method `open' called for Gem::Package:Class
How can I use AJAX to delete a MySQL record that has just been added?
run shell command for third party application, pass file arguements
While Not Condition
updating temp table from linked server using top clasue
apply css style to bx-slider element
throw new vs try/catch
Is there a way to avoid prompting user for permission to share location on every load in Safari (iPhone/iPad)?
Is there a LINQ way to go from a list of key/value pairs to a dictionary?
Reliably restarting a java process after a crash in a shell script
Display image along with other data in a table
jqGrid - Dragging a row to sort it screws up cell widths
How to create all of the vectors that are some sample vector missing one element?
PHP return value鈥�what am I missing?
Firebird date cannot be parsed
Heroku db:push -> Missing sequel gem
UITextView increment character to the left
how to add extra components to the new simple_form 2.0.0.rc
Cocos2d 鈥�Check if place is free before moving (all objects)
getting the changed lines jtextarea
Optimize a subquery searching for records in another table based on dates not in the past 360 days
Google Maps Store Locator
How to convert Facebook REST API PID for a photo to its unique Graph ID?
Rails: How do I re-render a partial view on a page?
Python treat files with uppercase and lowercase names the same