how to call a php function from javascript using ajax?
Is mysql data safe with htaccess?
Best practice for maintaining relationships in js between groups of elements
How do I use nested iterators with Mustache.js or Handlebars.js?
Want to create a filter to check for a cookie, then save object and reference from controllers
Rails how to edit and delete comments created comments with cookie authication?
ExecutorService only run most recently added Callable
Controlling volume in C# using WMPLib in Windows
How to execute an included script without being called?
C++: Avoiding Static Initialization Order Problems and Race Conditions Simultaneously
sharing images in objects with carrierwave
iPhone - sorting an array of dictionaries by CGRect's origin.x
Get all pixel in shape
Rails 3 link_to delete destory method calls show method?
sed replace character only between two known strings
Get the path from NSURL on pasteboard
Using jquery week calendar plugin with Jquery mobile
Clearing the screen in c++
how to display a gif image in windows phone 7?
Javadoc not displayed on some Android methods in Eclipse
Storing Large Number of IP Addresses in Memory
Android - Styling TableLayout
How do I get GetResourceStream to read files that have an extension other than .txt?
Java Swing reset dialog fields and close it when click Cancel button
Regular Expression for comments but not within a 鈥渟tring鈥�/ not in another container
Dynamic allocation of objects with aligned members - possible solutions?
HttpTransportSE returns NullPointerException calling a web service in Android
create bitmap with alpha from multiple drawables
Algorithm for Converting one word to other word by changing each letter per iteration which should form an another meaningful word?
Remove duplicate items from a List<String[]> in C#
PHP vote system, how to stop spamming?
Log4j rolling file size
Details of the 鈥淣ew Yale鈥�sparse matrix format?
How can I make a jqgrid with a subgrid load faster?
Using filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient on input and textarea
How to write to a file online using python?
How do I get the bash date script to return a day of the week relative to a non-current time?
How do I set a border on a div that wraps a checkbox?
hadoop java: how to know that end of reducer input is reached?
Flash will not load images if it is embedded into a website
Why my view events are not firing?
How to programmatically apply MapXtreme Themes
jQuery.parseJSON not working for JsonResult from MVC controller action
MySQL two selects but totally different
Regular expression (repeated boundary pattern) in Java
Xcode : shortcut for highlight feature
Why 鈥�UIButton *)sender鈥�and not 鈥淯IButton *sender鈥�
rename column in a list
Snort Inline with 1 NIC
Snort Inline with 1 NIC
Different authentication for different classes using Restler
Dynamic linq to Dataset datarow based on collection property name
How do I give this popup a scrollbar?
remove quote of a string to make it as expression
When is it better to lazy load instead of eager load with EF 4.1 DbContext (+ SQL 2008 R2)?
How do I detect a mouseover on custom <li> bullet?
Encrypt/Decrypt using Carrierwave
PHP - Regex for more than one capital letter?
What's the disadvantage of using Microsoft SQL Server Jobs for Backup? [closed]
Android IllegalStateException: Could not execute method of the activity
Access the id of the object inserted after a prepared statement in PHP using MYSQLi
AM/PM date formatting in jqGrid
Diagnosing heap fragmentation on Mac OS X?
OpenCV 鈥�how to optimize color tracking program?
Dynamic WHERE clauses in a SqlDataSource
C++ Copy Constructor/Assignment Operator error
How do i use .html in to display multiple records
How to use arrays in Java [closed]
Position fixed elements in Android are positioned slight incorrectly
how to do connection pooling on struts framework?
Complex SQL query on many to many
Dynamics CRM 2011 deployment/solutions best practice
instantiate inner broadcast receiver class
How to Extend localStorage
The EntitySet 'sproc_Forums_GetForumGroupByID' is not defined in the EntityContainer
Flowplayer Facebook Integration
Guide to writing specs in Erlang
OOP in PHP - object array itteration
Positioning UISearchBar above TableView in .xib
How do I test MVC controllers from a website app with asp mvc 3 after running AddMvc3ToWebForms?
Get tapped cell in UITapGestureRecognizer handler
How to determine the total memory that a UT_hash consumes?
jquery to change css for next page
How to avoid race condition when acquiring a mutex?
TimingFunction does not work with Safari?
Where to initialize TempData
misunderstanding array pointers passed to functions in C
How can I get / set an extended property from a contact using Microsoft's EWS API?
using typelib's of different versions in same project
box2d difference between angles of two bodies
Sliders cannot be dragged in JQuery Mobile
Fieldset does not support display: table / table-cell
javascript broken syntax
How to get the name of the specific branch where a tag is created in GIT
how can I have dynamic select method in LINQ ASP MVC
I save only the last username on txt file instead the whole list
How to cast to a dynamic class?
Can a friend function change private data in the class?
unordered_set from std
how to add new input field with .keyup()?
How to remove command line from a compiled program?
Watir-webdriver vs Mechanize to avoid Amazon's evercookies zombiecookies
How do I modify the container size and colors in Twitter bootstrap?
replace Contacts in android
Mapping an array to a file via Mmap in Go
Add a new line in array
Clear cell in row if another cell in the same row is blank
Struct containing reference types
Why does DateTimeFormatInfo.GetAllDateTimePatterns return different results in different .NET versions?
c++ How to correctly split a .cpp into a .cpp and a .h
Is it possible to overwrite the response data in a Mojo::Message::Response?
How to check if browser caching disabled
Synax Error When Trying To Create SQLite Database
Yii custom validation rule not called on validate()
chrome extensions: how do I make a tab navigate backwards in history
vimeo embed showing black screen on firefox?
DigestValue in XMLSignature in Java is different from C#
tomcat maven plugin upgrade to tomcat 7
WCF REST for XML options
MySQL GROUP_CONCAT and ORDER and merging columns help please
+= with strings in C++
C's stdlib rand() function in Java
Invalid password in Visual SourceSafe 2005 on Windows Server 2008 R2 Virtual Machine
libyahoo Segmentation fault [closed]
How to 鈥渕ap鈥�an image
Finding children that begin with
Chrome console logging - Javascript
Is there an 'outdent'-style attribute that can be applied to the margin of a DIV?
Using jQuery and Json to populate cascading select menus
Please help get started with creating a simple project using eclipse, spring, maven
Integrate year in nested logit R
Modelbinding Array of Interfaces in MVC 3
How To Delete all items In ListView using ArrayAdapter in Android
Practical example for Immutable class
MongoDB Sharding On One Machine
passing variable value between multiple subroutines
fosuserbundle password validation
Problems with do while loops, Java
Java DatagramPacket (UDP) maximum buffer size
Show Event for JTextField in Java?
How much should an API's return data be simplified, in comparison to the data model?
Programming Paradigm Beginner
NoReverseMatch with Redirect in Django
android-mapviewballoons, onBalloonTap does not work if I build with ProGuard
Generating random point in a cylinder
Google Maps v3 Centering and Infowindow control
Encode the text in the form鈥�Any solution?
How to use Restkit to POST JSON and map response
How does google books highlight text in a scanned image
Items from previous UITableView appearing in new UITableView
Warning of class sharing doesnt allow me to profile locally (Windows) using visualVM
General SOAP Web services questions
Redirect users with .htaccess file
SCons custom builder - build with multiple files and output one file
Animate DataContext Silverlight
C color text in terminal applications in windows
Specific word for wordcount program?
ItemRenderer images not show
Wildcards with Apache Directory and RewriteRule?
Generic collection collision
Is there a JavaScript wrapper for the Tumblr API available?
Double Buffering in F#: what is the deal with the flicker?
Python - pythoncom.com_error handling in Python 3.2.2
How to get get number of pages in a tiff file with code in a Windows Service
How to GROUP BY in App Engine
iScroll4 height is wrong after ajax form submission. Height is orginal height before form submit
lightbox top margin chaging after once scrolling down and again up
NHibernate converting string parameters to nvarchar instead of varchar. How can I stop this?
producer/consumer-like multithreading in python
php-fpm and nginx session problems
CIL (MSIL) tailcall recursion in instance methods
Maven for multiple modules
PHP/HTML alert box?
Edittext only adding first item to arraylist<string>
How much memory before it becomes rude?
Android 4.0 detect if the user has hardware back/home keys
jquery - remove particular input with href button
Breakpoint-only error with managed objects
Extracting a fragment from a string in PHP
Open source PHP function for converting UTM coordinates to latitude and longtitude?
Oracle/MySQL: If the DB has the same model, should both database be InnoDB? [closed]
Generic function for the fusion of the array of the objects
ACTION_SEND intent android
UITableView: on row selection load a second UITableView with related data
Setting different tick lengths
Specify fields to be returned with find_each?
Can the Widget Configuration Activity eliminate a crowd from my app in the widget picker?
Strange Error in Eclipse Indigo
Android - sqlite in clause using values from array
Why use global functions inside JavaScript prototype functions?
How Can I Get an Icon or thumbnail for a Specific file
Taking a Picture, and saving it to Disk in a Windows 8 Metro-style App
JQuery Nested Sortable Accordion
Prolog, counter
Rack error with capybara/sinatra test鈥�Doesn't seem to get the Sinatra app passed on
How do I speed up asset precompiling in Rails 3+?
Java swing: Models and Button color changes
javascript : Regular expression for a:b
WCF DataContract - treating derived class as base class for serialization
CakePHP: Controllers/Relationships
newton raphson method in matlab
using appcmd to turn off SSL in IIS 7.0
JQueryUI Checkboxes not clickable?
A : abstract B : abstract C<B>鈥攁llow C to invoke an instance of A?
Mahout slope one and categories
Issue with 'From' header when sending SMS via PHP mail() function
Using the compareTo(String) to alphabetize strings in an array?
Thread hanging causing other threads to hang
Best substitute, successor or alternative for ASIHTTP for a download queue
Very simple code (assigning vars to 2d array) not working
django sitemap: can't pass a variable back from the url
PKCS #7 SignedData issue in bouncycastle
Dropdown's change handler is working a bit weird
Hadoop Reducer Timeouts
Retrieving cookie values
Type declaration error: [Char] and [[Char]]
How to set the style in WPF Window.Resources.
MySQL: union query fails on MySQL 5.5, works on MySQL 5.1
Generate different bell curves in php with small data
Layout Behavior in Firefox
How can I pull a string from an array and then check the first letter of it?
yyyymmddhhmmss to YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss in perl?
Problems with Entity Framework and EntitiyDataSource
What are my options for sending data from Windows app back to developer without using a webserver
select a div which is not inside another div jquery
When are text field lengths enforced in Salesforce? Can I get the actual field length?
In Morphia how can i update one embedded Object inside an ArrayList
Rewrite Rule to redirect for media files
jQuery/PHP Posting forms with JSON - How to properly handle server response with Newlines in it?
Jquery using find() with dynamic string
Delete part of string in C (regex?)
How to reference external JPA/JAXB domain model project?
Android: How can i set a timeout for SSL sockets for a blocking read/write using the ThreadSafeClientConnectionMana颅ger?
Clear Facebook Web Context on Server-side
Trying to remove ads in Gmail with Chrome Extension
Spring JPA Read Write splitting - have transactional use the write datasource
gitweb not seeing repository because it can't see the HEAD file?
Jenkins: multiple jobs with one shared resource
Spring jdbcTemplate throws an SQL syntax error exception when creating a trigger
Adding a new row to JTable
Windows Qt with MinGw or Visual Studios?
Can IntelliJ be configured to show EJB-2 callers when using 鈥淐all Hierarchy鈥�
HTTP Live Streaming of static file to iOS device
Order by title without taking into account 'the' in Wordpress (wp_query)
Grails 1.3.7 not starting with JBoss 7.1
Why is the computed property being updated even though I didn't specify its dependencies?
Rake 鈥渘o such file to load 鈥�java鈥�even when `which ruby` -> jruby
Sorting arrays by date
ANTLR treating multiple EOLs as one?
Access 2010 database with Visual Studio 2010
Problems using the EWS Java API on Android
Shared-preference always returns default value
Listening to keyboard events without trapping them?
PopoverController - deallocated instance
Dissecting Values From FileHelpers? Or this out of the programs functionality
How to upgrade a production server's Ruby version?
Is it possible to use Oracle to get a rollup count of employees at each level?
Is there a tool that can indent mixed code?
rails 3.2 and machinist issues
Control AudioSession from code
CrudRepository is null after initializing the application in Spring
Check Box Values to List Jquery
ios NSError types
Facebook significant_other_id
Java: need help determining the end of a line with a scanner
Why isnt the jquery anchor tag scroll working?
ASP MVC Forms Authentication Working Locally Not IIS 7 - 401 Unauthorized Error
HTML Overview, Help me
How can this report (table) be normalized?
Specifying jQuery Alias in Script#
gcc 4.5.1 virtual inheritance issue
Notation for logic in Java
double-ended queue array based
Load local file during heroku rake task
Window fading in causing quick white flash of window contents before fading in happens
Plotting a rather complex chart using R and axis break()
credit card validation using Luhn's [closed]
Creating database and tables in SQL Server Express
How to make CSS float reflow on Android as on desktop when zooming?
rdlc expression: Divide a value by the value above it in the table
Richfaces componentControl toggle popup
BadImageFormatException when AnyCPU test assembly implements interface from x64 production assembly
login from (webclient)
ui:repeat does not render data for me
Best way to submit form values to the database in Code Igniter
Tcl: on the fly command substuition
Assistance with a simple algorithm
Delphi - FieldByName.AsString - good practice
MySQL Variable for IN clause
rails missing console and generate commands on Windows
How to find first occurrence of one of a sequence of characters in T-SQL
Stop Spoofed Form Submissions
System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException: The specified network password is not correct. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070056)
Download progress bar of pdf streaming
Local Variables in viewdidload
Get only a part of a string using PHP
Perl Catalyst DBIx Cursor Cache - how to clear?
PHP bug? When I subtract x.01 from x.02 where x >= 64 I get 0.00999999999999 [duplicate]
PHP bug? When I subtract x.01 from x.02 where x >= 64 I get 0.00999999999999 [duplicate]
Valgrind says that const-iterator tries to access uninitialised space, but actually it is
JDBC capitalizing the table in my postgres query
Spring MVC : using wildcards in <mvc:resources>
OutOfMemoryError during heuristic search
Div 100% width of container minus nav div
An Example for Non-Monotone Worst-Case Complexity
SQL03006 error when building a Visual Studio 2010 Database Project
Symfony 2 + Doctrine: How to supress SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry
Constructor Injection with TinyIoC
(Batch) How ombine multiples different file types into one package?
Loading complete object with Fluent NHibernate
Spring MVC: Advanced annotation based mapping
How to inject dependency in same activation procedure from already resolved instance?
Using Forms Authentication Cookie to Cache Roles - (Windows Authentication)
Android - Listing all contacts with email
how to write comments/documenation for Django methods/classes
.net regex html heading
submap a period of time
Use multiple mysql joins
Can't find link using Mechanize follow_link()
XNA Collision Detection with BoundingBoxes
Is it possible with one push to update two separate repositories?
Is unit testing private methods a good practice?
CakePHP 2.X - loading custom class in app/Lib dir
Timezones in SQL DATE vs java.sql.Date
adb devices - device keeps multiplying
Cannot get make to use variable I set inside of rule
Unsafe JavaScript attempt to access frame with URL on same domain from iframe
In-App purchasing: Listen for the Cancel' button?
Alternative to `ismember` and `intersect` in Matlab to perform the task of comparison?
Entity Framwork bulk insert without holding objects
Users can't save advanced finds (views) in CRM Dynamics 4
How do I cast this type into a Dictionary?
Orchard Permissions in a custom module
MySQL 5.5 perfomance
Shopping cart Rules doing the opposite
Using variables in setting variables
A non-GPL AAC library available for Android developers?
controller doesn't return to view
oracle thin jdbc connection receiving 鈥渃onnection reset鈥�after inactivity
Lifetime of weak local variables with ARC
Automatically scroll through ImageMap <areas> to make it look like its ciclyng automatic
Are queries faster than a for loop when trying to find a nonexistent value in a certain range?
Cancel IE9 touch scroll event and invoke Mousemove, possible?
Fill a region on a graph with no outline?
XPATH - Ruby - Nokigiri - Nodeset
Parsing Poorly formed JSON in objective-C
SVN access from local and remote computers with Visual Studio plug-ins
Where to instantiate new Memcache in a php mvc
How to propagate exceptions out of a private flow?
Managing session details for multiple instances of a Play framework server on the same machine
Manipulation of Input checkbox
Are my MySQL connection details safe using this method?
Issues center aligning dynamic text element with css
ajax/php mail form not working anymore
Achieving logic-less Javascript templates in a single page web app
Tests succeed, still get traceback
2 columns of equal height - Twitter's Bootstrap 2.0
populate dropdown list based on the previous list (mvc3)
How to use FileUploadInterceptor with struts2 convention plugin
Core Data select the first and the last records in one fetchRequest
Float not working in IE9
How to do CRL Check in a certificate, using something different from X509Chain (C#)?
Load All TabBar Views
MSBuild Using Take Fails to load assembly
Android GridView Formatting
Cannot add a model to backbone collection
Excluding abstractproperties from coverage reports
A few IBOutlets pointing to nil
GWT: Is Timer the only way to keep my app up-to-date with the server?
set filter to - INLIST - Visual Foxpro 7
(#601) Parser error: unexpected end of query - Javascript FB.api
JavaScript array shuffler not working
Live-streaming on Android with HTML5 or an Application
Remove jQuery Tab from dnnTabs Programatically
Continuous monitoring of data using BackgroundWorker (c#)
Adding to a Dictionary within a dictionary
How can I include a file from the directory above in Java?
A view created on joining three tables, one table is a similar to another
Do I need to secure the body of a REST request using oAuth?
Capistrano compile assets error - assets:precompile:nondigest?
Why does wget does not work properly when followed by ftp on Cygwin Bash script?
MySQL 3.23 UNION fails with Error 1064 [closed]
Possible Accessibility Event delivery bug in ICS. Event is delivered twice. All works fine in HoneyComb or lower
Passing a multi-method object to another class
Elmah not logging IIS exceptions
How do I use jQuery to automatically fill out a form in my website demo, as if a real person is actually typing?
jQuery .clone .insertAfter with a new ID
Java ArrayList made up of an abstract class and anything that extends it?
Using Javascript to determine whether a file exists, LOCALLY
How can I get clang++ installed by macports to use a non-system libc++
How would you implement anonymous authentication?
Why can't I call insert on a QMap like this?
Getting the number of similar rows in database and displaying them seperately within a form
sqlite3 library size on Android NDK is very large
What's the better way to write 2 byte arrays to an OutputStream?
Lithium PHP function nesting issue
couldn't get connection factory client tiles loaded android
How to align on the right an inline-block element?
How do I unbind a Backbone Collection fetch callback?
Android: which operator for mod (modulo) - % doesn't work
How to execute a line of code once?
Add MonoTouch.Dialog on PopOverView
Make Dojo or Ext JS4 widgets look and behave like Kendo UI. How demanding will it be?
What is the current best speech recognition API for ios to match few keywords? [closed]
iPhone: View / Edit / List controller
subset data.frame union multiple intervals
Why can't puppet start the dropbox daemon?
boost::bind placeholder issue when binding Handler to a boost::asio::strand
What does accomplish in javascript
DB Connectivity from multiple modules
Getting started with JUCE for Android
as3 hitTestObject with for loop
Silently configure Source Control Plugin Value
Simple BASH string replacement
Bridge between two cms [closed]
Wordpress or Ruby on Rails? [closed]
PCI-Compliant Membership Provider for ASP.Net?
Expect - How can I perform multiple regular expression matches in one interact loop?
MVC Razor syntax: @ followed by HTML
How to make AsyncMethod call generic
CSS Save image aspect ratio
Minimizing NExpectation for a custom distribution in Mathematica
is it possible to add class to a pseudo element?
How to chose the data type of a column in a DataSet
Static classes/fields. How often are you using it?
Disable suggestions for EditText
How to parse UTF-8 characters in Excel files using POI
php character limits (trim an html paragraph)
Overflow while using recur in clojure
Restricting scripts to subsets of users
iOS UIViewController trouble opening another uivewcontoller
Have Find print just the filenames, not full paths
Nested DataSource is not found
What 鈥渢erminating characters鈥�will generally ensure that the subsequent javascript will be run?
using insert in stored procedure with optional parameters
SPARQL DELETE query Error: EOF while parsing
How to mock a method that doesn't have an interface?
Decrypting a small number of bytes using AES
displaying an array with previous values in a list
Getting 鈥淣oSuchEJBException: Bean is already undeployed鈥�after redeploying the provider application
Generating all the increasing digit numbers
Emulator in eclipse won't run project
Comparing character statistics to produce predetermined third value
how to get a pie progress bar
C++ __declspec( dllexport ) functions cannot access instance variables
how to read certain files in a directory in excel VBA
implementing twitter bootstrap carousel
copy() php function in Windows Server 2008 / IIS 7
Inline display method useful for quick inspection purposes
LINQ to SQL grouping and passing onto a view
How to localize App_GlobalResources in ASP.NET?
how to custom order a table with duplicate factors
Use array value while declaring an array in PHP
JW Player/ColorBox callbacks not firing
How do you delete a column in data.table?
Convert.ToString not handling null
SQL - Need to run stored proc with ~100 different params, what's the best way to do this?
P tag not rendering correctly in iBooks 2.0.1
How to determine if a node has more than one input in a graph data structure?
Finding Top-K records in a dataset
loader for very large HTML content retrieved by jquery
Wrong value when converting Celsius/Fahrenheit
Cross-platform 'code edit' control (with syntax highlighting, etc)
MySQL Show Grants for鈥�is different than mysql.db and information_schema.schema_privileges
How to debug with 2008 and nunit?
more than currency input field
Feedback on this back-end stack
ASP.NET MVC 2 using Authentication
effect of SELECT on read() in linux
SSRS Report - Dataset Filters
Can PhoneGap work with local SQLite3 databases?
PHP replace content in a string
How to interpret graph-paper generating svg?
MVC Call Controller/Method from Jquery
bundle install failed
How to pass arguments to an event handler function and still use 'this' reference?
Getting strange java.lang.NoSuchMethodError error
Read Remote File with Access Permissions
How can I use Facebook Connect and Open Graph from my Spotify App [closed]
execJs: 'Could not find a JavaScript runtime' but execjs AND therubyracer are in Gemfile
Automatically view specifc database in Management Studio
Null pointer Exception in JList when is ListSelectionListener is running
Algorithm to find 100 closest stars to the origin
T-SQL Display BLOB Image using classic ASP
Serializing and deserializing a bit field
MasterMind game in C [closed]
method invocation in class definition?
how can i set atributes to @Html.DropDownList
Is there any way to unbind escape from opening the autocompletion menu in XCode?
simple javascript tracking script
Visual Studio - Javascript - Writing to the Output Window
UIPickerView, detect 鈥渞olling wheel鈥�start and stop?
Installing MySql2 gem on OpenIndiana 151
JQuery Autocomplete in MVC3
Send email with devise Rails 3.2
Joomla 2.5 frontpage override
Instruments failing to launch from command line
Adding CSS in Javasript code?
jQuery dataTables - Ajax that can change column header and numbers of columns
Should I use Amazon S3 or SimpleDB to store small documents?
rails3, jquery mobile, and remote => true ajax calls processing as HTML
Deserialize JSON named property to .Net Object
Getting command-line password input in Python
how to add contents of list box to field in table?
ko.subscribe on child model properties
InSingletonScope using Ninject and a Windows Service
Having trouble using the_title() and the_permalink() in a plugin
can onSaveInstanceState() of the Activity class be invoked explicitly?
How to choose a CSS file based on a session value in MVC
Linq to SQL Row Not Found or Changed Exception on Insert Operation Ajax Postback in MVC3
What is angle brackets for argument values, and what is it used for?
background image TextField doesn麓t appear
JavaScript Select element in the way like CSS in proper way
Where is the ActiveSync / MS Exchange Source within the Android OS Code-Base
Save date and time into a access file while the user submits the results
Ruby on Rails - Adding a second (extremely) simple Auth layer in app
JavaScript for resizing photos in Blogger posts
How do I set a minimum upper bound for an axis in Highcharts?
Page change monitor for Safari
Text reader API for iOS
Error: this class is not key value coding-compliant for the key projectToolBar?
Drupal 7 dynamic multisite
Android Java AsyncTask isCancelled Issue
Form is not checking model state or clearing form after submit
possible to lazy load tabular content on client side?
Android onItemClickListener() and View errors
Which Node.js Router Should I Use? [closed]
XPath matching text in a table - Ruby - Nokigiri
Least load scheduler
How to generate android apk with Prebop using Ant
Insert Array into Excel Cell
Google Maps: how to efficiently change marker when mouseover
Cause Race Condition in a program of which I don't have the source but can load DLL's?
How do I switch stylesheets automatically using jQuery?
Watir locate button not working
Setting up django server and can't view django page
Class (Type) checking
jstree validate renaming of node, and if not validated , roll back to old name
MoreNavigationController is messing up
Should I use Recurring Profiles (Beta) for my recurly recurring payments module?
Access Azure blob storage using C++ [closed]
Asp.Net Master Pages and TreeViews
Zend: Accessing model from Bootstrap raises an exception
Looking for online space to collaborate but NOT open source
Java + Swing: writing code to coalesce change events
How to use vim variables in an external filter command in visual mode?
Roo Addon Development - Not Finding Dependencies
Test autocomplete with Selenium webdriver
Flash: viewer for big map
Java script in html page won't work, but it does work on drupal page
How to update an iPhone Application
Modification to a PHP code to extract a specific string from a document
Running external process from Qt program, with some changes
Creating Runnables dynamically
Display embedded PDF in Vaadin Subwindow in Chrome
Is ssh port forwarding an acceptable way to communicate with internal API services?
PNG image's transparency overlaps a CSS background property
Solution For Multiple Backgrounds?
UIViewController may not respond to showRootPopoverButtonItem
How to test run an UPDATE statement in postgresql?
Mouse position within rotated rectangle in HTML5 Canvas
400 (Bad Request) Error: Calling a WCF .net service from backbone model's fetch infrastrucure
multi-letter shortcut in notepad++
All controls are disabled on splitter panes
Is there a way to put all the nil value at the end when sorting with mongodb/mongoid?
Pattern fill that 鈥渇ollows鈥�the path?
print all numbers greater than 4 in a single column
Tail -f realtime log via javascript / jquery
Content jumps horizontally whenever browser adds a scrollbar
Java/Groovy classes self-description to build user interface elements
how to integrate Spring and GWT from 2 different projects
Searching / Ordering data with inherited_resources in Rails
jQuery autocomplete focus one more time after hide
grails 2.0 - recommend using Jetty 7 or Jetty 8?
Rails 3 - KendoUI - Trouble accessing JSON object - Uncaught ReferenceError
Python operator 鈥�gt;>鈥�[duplicate]
Create animation on non UI thread
Facebook Connect dialog box
Using an SEO rich blog to drive traffic to a webapp [closed]
Node.js integration with MS Exchange EWS
WPF - Tips for an impressive UI protoype [closed]
mysql using incorrect index on large table
Creating Paypal Donate buttion without access to PayPal account
Are string references duplicated? [duplicate]
How do I sort a column in an SSRS report alphabetically AND numerically?
Playing local audio file in Android webview app
rst2pdf: Referencing automatically-numbered figures
Bootstrap - Modals autoload for some reason
Easy Slider 1.7 continuous:true not working for vertical
Zend Framework Routing with additional page-param
FORM POST not passing input values
.htaccess redirect css to php
listen for js event in content loaded via ajax
Does an IDisposable from IObservable.Subscribe() hold a reference to the source?
Why is C++ numeric_limits<enum_type>::max() == 0?
Why doesn't Type.GetFields() return backing fields in a base class?
How to store to browser auto-complete/auto-fill when using AJAX calls
CSS position change on image next to it
Customize Authentication - Login Symfony2 Messages
How to transfer locks between threads?
Group multiple strings into a generic one in Java
Returning JSON data from PHP file using jQuery
Regular Expressions Testbed
Is there a print_r or var_dump equivalent in PHP that does not echo the result by default?
How do you rename a MongoDB database?
Simple, short, logical algorithm (which direction to go?)
Child window inform calling window when closed
Apache rewrite rule not triggering
Add Rowfilter condition for DateTime Year only check
phpmyadmin on read only slave
linq to sql where clause and counting
iScroll 4 script - how can I make this less bulky?
Prevent duplication with a composite visitor
Cross scope parameter passing in Rails 3
Resources.LoadAssetAtPath() not working in Unity3D WebBuild
Tracking data for dynamic pages on the fly ( Google Analytics )
Handling HTML Attr tags w/ CSS
Replace on-success function while ajax is loading - jQuery
How to identify user-initiated request in Cocoa WebView?
JS Fullcalendar Drupal 7 : can't click on event to get details
C++ inheritance not working on stack?
NullPointerException in mine sweeper program
How to put img inline with text
RESTful Service Authentication
MVC3 User.Identity.Name is null, Enironment.UserName is not
Mongodb select field to return embedded document in array
Flume 鈥渃onfig鈥�command stays in EXECING state when using hbase sink (Cloudera)
What certificates are trusted in truststore?
.NET web service returning invalid xml
Compile Bootstrap with LESS using Node with makefile
Parsing Lines in Python: Use RE or Not?
Basic Theremin: analogWrite() and tone() commands on the same pin for Arduino theremin
Looking glass tool for traceroute
escaping quotations in roxygen documentation in R
Can captures in Java generics be unified in type declarations?
iOS Safari - Cannot make any requests from null
Android - How to Dismiss All Dialogs in onPause
Is it possible to apply different styles to different letters in word?
Re-Initialize context.User after FormsAuthenticationTicket timeout
What's the Pythonic way to initialize attributes or properties?
Access cell contents while designing cell
PHP Image Upload (WordPress Custom Plug-in)
HTML5 + JS Polar Scatter Charts
ViewPagerIndicator library configuration
What's a good way to remove the 2nd last character of string?
IIS7 - sending email
Objective-c NSMutableArray of Objects retain
Passing JSON to web method and am getting error.
iOS localization crash
javascript: determine functions return type
Parsing HTML data from Wunderground
Reference QoQ in CFSpreadsheet
Get Mailquota from Exchange that is connected to an Active Directory
excel vba writing to specific field and value in Access
What do I do for property declarations of primitive types in iOS5?
What Windows library function will shrink a bitmap averaging all pixels?
Embeding fonts to PDF
Slow startup time
Why cant I search the UserAgent via looping through array for value
Implement locks without semaphores
Trying to hover over a sentence and have that sentence
CSRF Token - two requests = fail?
Are private members really more 鈥渟ecure鈥�in Java?
Lua: How to look up in a table where the keys are tables (or objects)
How to call my method in Objective-C?
Recommended way to spot undefined variable which have been declared [duplicate]
Partials in Coffee HAML (.hamlc)
Extract words from a string and verify whether or not they exist in a database in VB
What is the difference between UNIQUE, UNIQUE KEY and CONSTRAINT 'name' UNIQUE?
Split long strings every 255 characters
SSIS XML XSLT transformation task
How to encode an ordered tree into bit sequence more efficiantly
How to configure jenkins with xvnc on OSX Lion for maven project
hibernate couldn't reconnect to mysql after connection closed by timeout
Ignore versioned files
Css best practices: styles specific to one single dom element
How can I make a SQL table from an XML file that will have a dynamic number of nodes?
Thread or Runnable when using Canvas and SurfaceView in Android
Starting point for a tile map
backbonejs POSTinstead of PUT on save
confirmation email - create templae and combine it with an object
development and distribution certificates for iCloud
Parse iOS .plist file in WP7
printing time to std::ostream
Grouping SSRS column values that are similar
Call PHP script inside a function via return
SQL Sever database encryption products [closed]
Authenticating plain text password against md5 hash
g++ 4.6 issue no <bits/c++config.h> file as required by the header cstring
Is this a virus? hack or what? [closed]
JavaScript: Backbone.js fetch json and load it into a collection of models?
Block Declaration Syntax List
Java adding code to a variable
Global vs function vs static class method
Debugging startup issues in a C Windows Service
How to move to a folder and execute a Windows command line call
Is constexpr-based computation Turing complete?
Overloading operator% for floating types
Document clustering
Retrieving an audio file from a mysql Database, using Java
How to store DropDownList information in SQL
What's wrong with this jquery POST
RoR 3 Aproval on records
How to add boolean attribute using JavaScript
Controlling the Back button using onhashchange or jquery
How to translate ActiveRecord full error messages?
Using __set() with Array Append Syntax
PHP request file caching in load-balanced server environment
Detecting what &gwt.codesvr should be set to in non-gwt pages in a GWT/servlet app?
Android: Lazy-Load xml contents as user scrolls in scroll view
python: best way to keep track of results from loop
What exactly happens during a 鈥渕anaged-to-native transition鈥�
Using .dup and .update_attributes to generate a model instance is causing creation of extra instances upon failing validation
Can I configure IntelliJ Idea to recognize custom code folding regions designation?
EF 4.1 Many to Many Delete Parent should delete related children
How may I resolve python path strings with Django?
Why Inject Controllers and not Actions
How to consume JavaScript classes generated by WSDL utility?
How can I optimize this piece of code? [closed]
ruby on rails mac x os lion run server LoadError
Force Entity Framework to use SQL parameterization for better SQL proc cache reuse
Sequence vs LazyList
force module install with CPAN
String comparison failing - Shared Preference Key
Skipping incompatible zlib dll
Representing multiple HABTM relationships between two models in Rails
ios dealloc with autoreleasepool
remove selection from select box with jquery
Simple URL Rewrite Problems
Does having a public field with private accessors make sense?
How to determine payload type for DBMS_AQ.DEQUEUE_ARRAY
WGET 401 Unauthorized
How to transfer an NSObject pointer to selector in Object C?
Bash how to find and remove files smaller than certain size? [duplicate]
CSS scrollable percentage div
Windows Mobile SDK : how to turn a label/button into a website link?
Move Application from Suspended to Background and back
how do i invoke Z3 Programmatically
Do files created with Path.GetTempFileName get cleaned up automatically?
Standard Practice for Accessing Back End Data which Logon to use
How many characters long may an SQL Server SQL statement be?
Is using new keyword in method signature generally just for readability?
Strange const_iterator behavior
Is HTML allowed in objects description? [closed]
AFNetworking + JSON + progress download
Powershell - 鈥淭he process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process鈥�
Lossing string data c++
Sending SQL query in URL using NSURLRequest in ObjC
Increasing CPU Utilization and keep it at a certain level using C code
get method isn't returning results
GridView CheckBox binding
How can a website detect automated extraction?
Lock free doubly linked skip list
sqlite3 3.5.7 vs. 3.6.21 brackets issue
Navigation bar title jumping right after flip transition
Paypal IPN, But From Who (if the registration and paypal mail different)
Can a static variable exist free of a class in C++?
How to set blank date on jquery datepicker in rails (3.1.0) ajax?
Rails 3.1 respond_with does not work in production
Using jQuery to horizontally center images with different widths in a div
Make .NET Framework 4 wpf application portable or more reliable to install
jquery/javascript tokeninput
evaluate one variable in an expression with two variables
Custom rails/mongoid relationship names not working
Enter a Carriage Return in a Crystal Reports Parameter Field
What is the SimpleXML version of this DOMDocument XML?
How to navigate to a web form programmatically
How to Detect when entering a password field
Is O(log n) always faster than O(n)
What does 鈥�lt;<鈥�exactly do in ruby?
Error when Passing matrices from MATLAB to FORTRAN dll
Know of any cross platform socket library (windows & Linux) in C?
Send e-mail via SMTP using C#
Running Apple instruments for Automation from Terminal
Security for the login page (using Servlet/JSP)
Query ActiveMQ queue for peak size
2-parter; in Javascript - detect special chars and replace all * with %
Android Billing Library
Simple application architecture advice
Conditional Behavior with Custom Error Signals
lock screen behaviour for my app in WP7
Share jar of the module with another team
JQuery animate scrollTop Container
Whats a good method to find and cleanup unused methods in a WCF service?
how to customize a jquery mobile dialog
How to implement a multi-level sort in comparator in Backbone.js/underscore.js?
Database model Parent Child with single default child.
How do I select a record that has a specific value in an exact position of a field?
Iterative DFS vs Recursive DFS and different elements order
JS code stopped executing when file dialog open
Oracle Apex: Place buttons within html table Session Data Loss
How to add more than one column with SQLiteDatabase insert method?
Comparing user input to file contents with Java
Hadoop Java: how to specify map key as one of the index of input split?
Convert days and years to day month and year format in php
How to map a ResultSet with unknown amount of columns to a List and display it in a HTML table?
center an id in a html page using css
Is there anyway to delete the entire row from spreadsheet where exists a duplicate value?
Kernel level programming with C# [duplicate]
Symfony2: upload a file using a file upload plugin
What kind of database for a small WPF app that offers search speed and deployment ease?
How to update_all (with a where clause) for many embedded documents with Mongoid?
Clearing cache in XRM 2011 with ObjectCacheManager
Internet Explorer not setting <img> src precisely, converting %7E to ~
priority queue: Using an object to compare instead of a class
How to get accurate pageCount from a UIPrintFormatter
Get Android version at server side using ASP.Net
Git - rebasing a set of branches
Automatic compilation of parent templates
mySQL SUBSTRING with multiple conditions in WHERE clause
dropdown list Append, Array and Vaiidation : jQuery
Binding with converter
Http WebService using .Net WebRequest Object
How to deserialize dictionary with hierarchical keys to dynamic object?
adding buttons on to background picture in a blackberry app using eclipse
TFS Database Architecture
Unit / Form Creating second self and controlling it 鈥�Delphi
What's wrong with mysql query
Multiple filter criteria in one exposed filter
magento API v2, extending sales/order class
Passing over NoneType attributes in BeautifulSoup
What pattern is class SomeClass::OtherClass?
Spatial index vs two coordinates indexes
relationship/comparison between X3D, SVG, WebGL, VRML reading?
How to enter all the elements of a list in a single line without going on to new line in Python
What is the best practice about HTML tags in internationalized strings?
Drawing a Bitmap as a SurfaceView Background
Dequeuing From jQuery Queue Doesn't Work
SQLite library for Android
Strange behaviour
How to place a string in an randomly-chosen locations in a 2D array
OC4J 10.1.3 and Expression Language (EL) conflict
userCanonical validation near label username with FOSUserBundle and Symfony2
How can I make checkdnsrr use instead of MX?
Vim regex: overwritten back references?
check that new username is in neither of two separate tables
sql GROUP HAVING selection
issue with implementing a boundary for js-mindmap
What is the difference between text sms and data sms?
In vba How to change extension when saving file, don't know exact filename
Source code safety best practices [closed]
Rails 鈥淭emplate is missing鈥�error, though it exists (3.2.1)
SQL Array Search
Ordering default case in PHP switch statements [duplicate]
What are the u's when I use json.loads? [duplicate]
iOS 5: programmatically turn bluetooth on and off
Is it ok to read a shared boolean flag without locking it when another thread may set it (at most once)?
Set height and width of an Image
grails 2.0 - correct use of serverURL for production?
PowerShell Remoting using SOAP from Java
JFrame showing one panel but not showing another
Getting selected item string from bound ListBox
Console output from a browser plugin Mac OS X?
get all outstanding user to user requests with only sender user_id and access token?
EXC_BAD_ACCESS within main() with ARC but no hint on the error
how to load large Ntriple data into jena tdb
How to show permissions to add or change a Django model in Group or user permission list on Admin site?
Binding data of an SQL query
highcharts: attempting to create dual-pane chart with data imported from csv
Tools for finding Non SSL resources in web page (firebug like tool)
jQuery conflict when using wp_editor() in front end
Remove the last link in a div, but keep the 鈥渓ink鈥�text - how?
Un-flattening a table
Silverlight - How to get Webresponse string from WebClient.UploadStringAsync
HighChart Shared Tooltip Number Formatting
Why is my RenderTransform only occuring once?
Javascript array, with array inside?
Google maps api v2 get polygon coordinate
Leading underscores in an email address?
Django show render_to_response in template
How does Groovy translate from char[] to String within a GString?
Implementing exponential moving average in Java
Turning Java code into a program? [duplicate]
Facebook Feed Dialog in Native Facebook App Browser Missing Share/Post Button
Nested Folders in MVC3 Visual Studio 2010
short date in bash PS1 prompt
WCF acted as single threaded inspite of multiple concurrency mode
Debugging Java Out of Memory Error
SelectSingleNode always returns null when form is deployed to the server
Apache redirecting in CakePHP: old pages ending with .php to new ones
Turning SQL into XML with variable Query
Knockout - How to setup Computed properties for child and parent as same time?
Postgresql: master-slave replication of 1 table
What does a stack trace including Namespace.ClassName.<MethodName>b__f mean?
Why does passing by reference involve a copy constructor?
gxt (ext gwt) Grid and column width
Cannot create index on heroku shared database
Programmatically Position Views in RelativeLayout
How to convert javax.mail.BodyPart content to UTF-8 clean text?
ListArray and List View, populating a list from a parser
MySQL InnoDB lock row
Servicemix import all dependencies
Best Method for Tracking Processes
Can I use a hash of fields instead of direct field comparison to simplify comparison of records?
What's wrong with this MPI code?
How represent multiple similar foreign keys in ERD database diagram?
Is this the correct way to INSERT a row in an Oracle database?
How can I tell if a file is a valid video stream using RVideo?
jQuery animate when mouseover and mouseout
convert Collection<MyType> to Collection<Object>
Missing properties in window when using a content script
IOS - Remote control events aren't received when a modal view is on top of the main view
Why is Opera wrapping a list that appears inline in all other browsers?
PHP - MySQL , Sort clones
Automatically loading HDFS Configuration based on HADOOP_HOME?
Android: where to find xhdpi menu icons?
Fade lightbox in, and click on background and make it disappear
Preventing URL Encoded XSS Attacks in PHP
Building a 鈥渟parse鈥�lookup array minimizing memory footprint
The Method to append results of a 鈥渇or loop鈥漣n a variable while it is running?
trying to access a deep value with bracket notation
Is there a test suite for numpy / scipy?
How do I do Rails Basic Authorization with RestClient?
console input not correct?
Efficient way to get the angle between two vectors in a single plane?
How to define (overload?) predefined sizes (large, x-large, etc.) in CSS?
Font rendering between IE8 and IE9
Rails 3.2.1: Calling undefined method in view causes test to hang for 30+ seconds
How to remove data-* attributes using HTML5 dataset
scalable WCF solution
Where does Ant look to find your Java Home when using Eclipse?
Do I need back-end and database for single page app using Facebook Connect?
Delete a string in javascript, without leaving an empty space?
How can I make an image overflow an Android screen?
ie8, wordpress twentyten menu and shadow CSS tag
How to change the street view in google maps 3
Bundle ID for App submission iOS
Is the break keyword in Javascript only meant for breaking out of loops?
writing to /sys/class/gpio/export failing
BLOB files in SQL-database as chunk
self.navigationItem setHidesBackButton:YES acting inconsistent
How is the std::tr1::shared_ptr implemented?
regex for a number, number incremented by one and two
Making non-asp table invisible in behind-code
Query to sum and supress in MS Access
Channel API /disconnect inbound service not called when tabs are closed in Chrome and FF
Drupal: embed contact form from contact module directly into template (rather then as a stand alone 鈥減age鈥�
Advantages of particular 鈥渄o while鈥�macro in c?
ASP.NET - Strange case of inexplicable 404 error
Series of if statements functioning incorrectly
IE8 - Vertical alignment of a <select> element with a custom height
Keep UIAlertView displayed
singular or plural identifier for a dictionary?
get one result from a query
Clean slate install Rails
Boost program options with default values always present when using vm.count()
Trying to display images using UIScrollView
How to detect when a key is no longer pressed?
KeyPress malfunction in Opera
Grab Facebook signed_request with Sinatra
Pythonic way to check that the lengths of lots of lists are the same
Visual basic 6.0 missing richtextedit component option
ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem vs Task.Factory.StartNew
Get Pixels From Rotated Bitmap Android
passing a file descriptor to a C library function through ctypes on windows
Grand Central Dispatch async vs sync
Permission denied when opening or creating files with PHP [duplicate]
Git gives me a 鈥淧ermission Denied鈥�error when writing files that I am pulling
Using the PerspectiveSwitcher in my own product. Possible without the entire workbench?
SetInterval to AutoClick in menu
Recommended Pattern for Lazy-loading Portions of Object Graph from Cache
How to update ActiveRecord Created_at Updated_at if feeding database from outside of active record?
Javascript link click detector with alert window
Is there a way to layout Swing components like divs in HTML?
Java: Better to get lock once or multiple times?
github like navigation [duplicate]
Urban Airship posting data
python list to javascript array
How do I stop Visual Studio 2010 from crashing when working with large solutions?
Why does the name of a source file affect compilation?
Distinguish between NULL's when using 鈥済roup by 鈥�with rollup鈥�
YQL 鈥淩edirected to a robots.txt restricted URL鈥�Error for Google Domain
How do I extract a JavaScript function from the following page?
Composition vs. inheritance
Add to timeline dialog doesnt appear at all
Part of the Web application doesn't run on Tomcat where as runs as planned on Eclipse Indigo
How do I return the record ID on an insert transaction using Linq to SQL
Fastest way to show a char* bitmap on a QLabel
Providing user feedback during LINQ query
Node.js: Make sure a piece of code is executed after another
make vim remember my most important command
How does one create a header for ones own file format?
prefetching HTML content on initial HTML page for future requests
Creating a Sticky Form with Option value fields
Simplest way to do basic xml parsing from unix command line
Resharper Find WIth Pattern - help finding constructors in multiple classes
Converting UIImage to NSData using UIImagePNGRepresentation yields different results on simulator vs. on actual device
Key Value Coding: BOOL property evaluated as NSNumber of type 鈥渋鈥� not 鈥渃鈥�
Watir-Webdriver Click not working on IE6, but double_click does
float : left and clear : right
Run net view command through jsp
jstl condition doesn't work
Removing line breaks from MySQL table
How to show data that is only above or below 10% of a 30 day average?
How to do url matching with wildcard in java
In Eclipse retrived info shows black screen
Get ListBox to resize with window, but not resize with content
Encrypting db password in application.conf