Replacing embedded document in array in MongoDB
Can you programmatically get access to the standard localised strings in Cocoa Touch?
Eclipse project configuration when using m2e
imagecube js cube rotation error
Python 3.2.2 custom object comparation fails
Calculating Time Complexity.. Need help coming up with the end result
Filling an array with objects from a .txt file?
ndk-build eclipse argument: not find class
Amazon S3 SDK: Change filename on download?
Consuming ETW events into a socket/named pipe
XML Schema construct, xml with same element with different values need a schema
CakePHP: Using 2nd level deep model associations in a 'find' condition, returning duplicated results
How can I get my information from the 2 tables into 1 row?
UpdateProgress Control
JavaScript converting plain text to links && smilies
How to stop freeze listView
Downloading data: every time or once?
Orientation Change - Background
A div or iframe container with dynamic buttons linking to a dynamic box
How to find zsh environmental variable from bash script?
Adding Custom property to common control issue
haproxy goes fishing
How to compile java project with external jar file in Linux terminal
Eclipse not seeing android device
Lightweight IoC container that works in Unity3D
Share Types between WCF Service References and still auto-generate INotifyPropertyChanged
How to efficiently pass infrequent messages between an ASP.NET page and a Windows Service?
storing data in an array which is defined in the delegate
How to get the last taken picture
Update foreign key on INSERT INTO鈥�SELECT
Why does Google Maps API return a 405 error?
VS2010 RDLC C#. How can I set a LocalReport object to a ReportViewer?
Symfony2 and Uploadify
Valgrind not showing errors with array copy?
400 bad request sending xml payload to WCF REST service
Kohana Validation Rule (This Rule OR That Rule)
sum of squares matrices
Reliable time zone library or web service for Python
Which Document Oriented Database with better Reporting Performance than Sql Server [closed]
c++ project managed with git runs differently with same input on different machines
C++ Logic Bug: Trying to Generate Unique ObjectIDs for all Instances Created, Counter Registering Incorrectly
Example of Boost IOStream to create a zip file?
use_reflection_optimizer with nHibernate
Information on Microsoft's Software Quality Metrics (.sqm) file format?
Obtaining current URL - when the URL includes a query string with multiple values
invalid conversion from 鈥榗onst char*鈥�to 鈥榗har*鈥�[-fpermissive]
MySQL Joins, Group By, and Ordering the Group By Choice
Trying to understand how Git works
Sort DataView by Column Length
Facebook Comments and Likes For Wordpress
Confused with results of sizeof() function
Generate thumbnail for arbitrary audio file
jQuery content slider with bring to front and swipe
How to dynamically generate DIV above an image
Get all pixels coordinates that have same color
Oracle database link. Check for existence or overwrite?
VB.NET namespace abbreviation: How do I make this work in equivalent C# code?
How to launch my iPhone app via Safari URL [duplicate]
MAMP Cannot access to mysql from vmware
iPhone: Programmatically find Internet Connectivity
How to write Safari(5) specific CSS?
Is there an open source php script for enabling Facebook and Twitter logins on my web service? [closed]
Android source code navigation
Webapp - Custom Progressbar
Deserialize complex XML to C# object
how to create curve for lines when handwriting
Get a list of names used in a list of Person objects
Logging in to a PHP site with-in an android application
How to get Visual/Framework elements near mouse pointer in a Chart Control
Is it possible to have knockoutjs update the 'initialdata' object?
Exclude Rows based on overlapping restrictions (SQL)
jQuery-ui / auto-complete / getJSON - How to pass the id of the element to the external PHP
Adding custom field in Google custom search engine
Decrease the Space Between a Menu Item's Icon and its Text
Eclipselink merge fails to generate UPDATE statement for changed value
Rails FasterCSV 鈥渦nquoted fields do not allow r or n鈥�
Display query results in WPF Datagrid simplest way
Speed up a delta filter in python/numpy
JsonMappingException NOT getting thrown when it should
With MongoMapper, how can I find records where an ID doesn't exist in another table?
Time.local parses invalid dates
Launching webbrowser using search in android
How to make elliptical inner shadow with CSS?
Change Enter for Tab
Navigation Issue with UITableView
Git - retroactively patching a file that will be copied
Why this attribute works in this html.erb view but not in this other js.erb view (Rails)?
if null use another image in array
ASP.NET Chart Control and Databinding to multiple Series
Rails 3 legacy 鈥渁ssets鈥�routes
by default aspNetDisabled class assigned to dropdownlist
What does this set of Parenthesis mean in Visual Basic 6.0
Linq-to-SQL data-retrieval speed comparison
Get the version of TCL from the command-line?
Script to parse XML and download a file from certain URL then transfer it to another computer
Match and Replace Ruby Array according to dictionary
iOS bind javascript function to clicking on <html>
What kind of encryption/encoding has been used in this string? [closed]
What kind of encryption/encoding has been used in this string? [closed]
Parse log4j output
Confusing git message
Initializing reference variables with the conditional operator
What is the impact of the compilation debug attribute in the web.config file?
join multiple iterators in java
Menu filtered according to specific permissions
PHP MySQL Data Output
JPanel not updating CardLayout properly when I use sleep
Downloading a photo from Facebook for app to use
Changing drop down list data on-the-fly
How can I pass a dynamic database name to a decorator?
FB.UI not working in app when using HTTPS
gridview on page won't refresh, even when calling databind again
Issue with accented characters while using PHP, MySql
Web Service Error: class xxx nor any of its super class is known to this context
Don't understand the reason for 鈥淓xpected a type鈥�compilation error in a method declaration, when the type is defined
mobile website click to text
Rotate Android Layout
Flex: Object property changes not updating AdvancedDataGrid
Working out which data point to increment PHP
Jquery assigning variable name
import kml with java
How to set reference to System.Windows.Controls.DataVisualization.Toolkit
How to echo an PHP tag?
Datatable calendar on VisualBasic
How to Handle Mutiple Model Bound Forms
Apache Rewrite: *FULL* non-www to www permanent redirect
Configuring Python in Aptana to push output to console window
Noise removal from webpages [closed]
Unblock synchronous read on boost::asio::serial_port
xml parsers does not read such a large file contents
File upload with Ember data
How to get Android PreferenceFragment title/header to show in right pane?
android instrumentation testing : IllegalAccessError
Rough estimate of test cases
JAX-WS Separate Instance For Separate User
Fire off a function as an HTML5 video starts playing?
Rounding corners on a html5 textbox which uses a placeholder
Basic Java Recursion Method
Serial Port Communication, Data Acquisiton, and ZedGraph - Too many Y coordinates for one X coordinate
Android Calendar Provider API Level
How do I pipe comm outputs to a file?
gcc: Allow Undefined Symbols [closed]
How can I backup a website with multiple folders via Git?
CakePHP: Using the same layout
Gmail credentials for Authentication of Website
strange bug on xcode [duplicate]
Find a Natural Key in a dataset
VBA in find function runtime error 91
Which ip addresses does apple use for testing iPhone applications?
MySQL Query with Group By
Can TouchBegan work together with gestureRecognizer in same view
apache Module C++ leading compilation error
didFailToRegisterForRemoteNotificationsWithError: user refused error?
combining array values in php
JAXB with class property with same root
Function to get user
Using open database connection to PostgreSQL in BASH?
How to drag and move UITextFields?
How do I hook into a service with OpenCover?
Implementing selection sort with vectors
How to import an external jar file and export project as a file system in Eclipse
How to load images on page refresh from folder using Asp.Net
Regular expression parsing sql filter
Java Swing and Event errors?
Listbox move items
Remove UtcOffset from DateTime.Now
Trouble with double (two-component) picker view
Dynamically creating a navbar
SharedPreferences or Database?
<identifier> expected
Developing with google chrome refresh problems
Do I always need to do a test query to make sure the session is valid?
Can I override the way the Android Input Method handles autocomplete and autocorrect?
Running a piece of code without blocking that uses a COM object created in main thread
Algorithm to vertically flip a bitmap in a byte array
Function and method pointers in a std::set
What does 'log' represent in asymptotic notation?
Parsing large file with SaxMachine seems to be loading the whole file into memory
How to select a specific div as a page for jQuery booklet plugin?
binary search for strings in java
How do i override Mage_Core_Controller_Request_Http
What is the DBIx::Class syntax for the CASE WHEN 鈥�THEN SQL syntax?
httpclient returns response of the login page and not the requested page but returns 200 ok as the status code
Passing ParcelableArrayList and LongArray to new activity
How do I display action data in a JSP?
How can I use emacs to run xquery code on a Marklogic database?
Spring - List references a DOA method to get its values
Android: In app billing, using library or not? [closed]
Convert a website to an android application
Adding a nullable foreign key.
Django auth failure
Cocoa Date Picker formatting
How can I extract static libs containing repeated object files?
Sending email through resque: object treated as hash
what kind of situation will we use the 'load hook' and 'unload hook' of the framework?
Tortoise: diff between local uncommitted version and last repo version of a file
Logic for a specific Count
LINQ-to-Entities, Ambiguous Column Name with association between two views with the same column name
Odd behaviour when saving instances in Ruby DataMapper
Can I rely on a CodeIgniter URI to check for a login?
SWFObject 2.0 Dynamic Scaling
Programming multi-GPU applications with one kernel spanning several cards/
ListBox selected trigger in WPF not triggering
javascript and <option>
How can I add text to my column's select statement
Out of memory exception occurring after repeatedly re-assigning a variable to a newly-allocated object
Can't i play one sound with several buttons' click?
GCC incorrectly captures global variables by reference in lambda functions?
SQL , Convert Google Map URL to Lag and Lng
Sort xml attributes for pretty print using javax.xml.transform.Transformer
Taking a link entered by the user and reprinting it on the web page (PHP)
jQuery fadeIn/fadeOut : no fade animation
Does Mongo ensure isolation when updating single documents?
How to call a method
Understanding the Linux oom-killer's logs
Display table information based on login
How to mock an API using mockito [closed]
Themathic map/choropleth map of the Netherlands
How to pass char array as reference to a function and memcpy in
Error with insterting values
Gmail label colors via API?
Placing the foreign key in rails model belongs_to association
Model validation does not work in jquery dialog
Can you create a 鈥渢emporary鈥�model in Rails migration?
Converting SQL query with a join on a sub query, to HQL
Javascript validate two textbox
local storage list implementation
How can I persist List<String> into single column using GORM and Hibernate?
Qt Designer dock widgets children acess
How to import PBP Data from into R
Animating one DIV that causes another to move
PHP Bulk Emailing [closed]
How to actually send emails dumped to a pickup directory by SmtpClient
CQRS without Event Sourcing - what are the drawbacks?
On an Android app layout how would I position a view so that it always appears half the distance below the middle?
Symfony2 dependencies in class
Apply Right-To-Left to a tooltip on a WinForms StatusStrip
Why is Ruby unable to verify an SSL certificate?
UISearchDisplayController frame for UITableView in iOS
Bloomberglp.Blpapi Adding Reference
Apache Camel server app receiving a multipart form POST (file upload)
Visual C++ - Runtime Check Failure #3 - Variable is not initiliazed
Creating Windows Form controls during execution
Python - Continuing after exception at the point of exception
How do I refer to an element by the value of its index?
tripleplay Animator add layer
Android: getTabHost() Error
Android: getTabHost() Error
Using java.util.logging to log on the console
PHP singleton class lifetime hack
Implementing a basic FIFO queue in Java
Sliding images in Bootstrap's Carousel next to eachother
Looking up Gift Card Codes in Checkout outside of totals.phtml
JSlider major tick spacing
Install .ipa file on iPhonewithout a provisioning profile?
Grade Up/Down APL order
iOS 5 - access to documentation in xcode 4.2
Parameter passing error
why does my (ubuntu 11.10 bash 4.2.10, x86_64 ) named pipe get clogged?
What steps should I take to troubleshoot a installation?
SQL Query to Get Individual values from accumulated data
Consistently show a label at the origin using a date/time and Core Plot
International HTML Link to a Phone Number
Additional link near 'Like' & 'Comment' under posts in newsfeed
Possible to use VpnService implementation to capture and send packets?
How much should one TestCase cover?
Force results of func_get_args() to be an associative array instead of 0-index
Boost::Asio fail create thread for async_connect
How can I write a terrain into a .raw file?
Disabling visual styles in manifest while retaining Common Controls functionality
Paint an image, wait 1 second then dismiss it
Unresolved external when using qt template?
How can I refresh the plus count on a Google+ badge
Changing font size inside iframe
NHibernate ReferencesAny Fetching?
Is there a way to have my app push its icon to other apps?
Is there a reliable parse_str() alternatives that is not error-prone?
SQL trigger, ALTER_TABLE, need the ability to change table in another database
What's the best XML Database for C#
How can I write an htaccess rewriterule to exclude an IP range?
Recording DOM position on a drag
Android ListView and ArrayAdapter/Arraylist
Android upside down a layout or rotate by 180
How do I get all System.Attributes from overridden member?
User of Razor on an MVC 2 application
How to show a pdf returned by stream (in a JsonResult)?
Logical solution for creating a JSON structure
How to get current logged in user SID
reading from multiple from the same fetchmail client
GWT application, Session doesnt expire - is this right?
jar files used for the below imports
Convert DataTable to List of strongly typed objects
Knockout.JS Observable Array via AJAX bound to DropDownList
ASP.NET MVC - modal window for passing additional credentials
Is it possible to duplicate an AWS EC2 instance without any downtime?
Apply a function to substructures automatically
Kindle Fire Video Streaming Crash
Random.Next() always giving the same result [duplicate]
Too much end-to-end testing? [closed]
How do you change the Python version used in Wing IDE 101?
Issue with compiling after deleting a dataset
How to design a payments database?
Canvas and float
Is there a difference between javascript arguments and custom options as parameters?
GTK+ Show favicon image
iOS - Replace text with another form of text
Flip CCSprite Horizontally After Adding to Layer
Can't Get Box-Shadow to Appear Above Div
Android Button: Displaying black square and not img?
Having trouble redirecting to the User#show page after login
ExtJS - How call ajax in beforenodedrop Ext.tree.TreePanel event
How to use a handler to update my main Activity?
CMS block doesn't appear although called in template (Magento)
SQL Server indexed views
getting first node in xpath result set
Attribute Error with Rails Nested Forms
MySQL query to show count of rows where date is in the past 30 days
Python decorate method with callable outside parent class
How to implement items on sale in a webshop
How to recursively remove emacs backup files?
Persist Session from ASP.NET to PHP
Use of TypeCatalog
need to repeat function
Limit to query length in Fusion Tables?
attach image to poll choice in drupal 7
Any alternatives to the Gmail mobile CSS and JavaScript framework? [closed]
Selecting the text portion of an <a href> HTML tag through XPATH
Creating executable file for Linux using Mono?
SLF4J and logger factories [closed]
iOS: How to use a RGBA image and have UIImageView accept it as partially transparent? (Getting black for transparent pixels)
Can't create a text input in Blackberry apps
How to draw in another window's form
Android developers guide [duplicate]
CakePHP auth Pluggin redirect issue
Android: is screen 鈥渇lickering鈥�harmful?
TypeError: this.prototype is undefined when calling Function.prototype.method()
preg_match(): Delimiter must not be alphanumeric or backslash
XAMPP's MySQL can not start while another mysql server is running. Please turn it off and try again
Microsoft Web Helpers and Facebook Application
Aggregate query in same select statement
How to get collection of elements in capybara cucumber
Any other option for Making a UIButton look disable?
4 hours report in Hive
Glassfish v3 - How to Get/Analyze Thread Dump?
What is the proper way to get the real recorded date/time of a video stream?
Using join in SQL Server 2005 express
Get XML element based on attribute value with php from multiple xmlfeeds
Dealing with 鈥淜ill鈥�in large form input
Simple Text Formatting in UITextView
position div center page
Validates Data in Rails 3.1 model
Replacing text inside a textarea box
Splitting array based on specific keywords using php
Android - Reading XML issues
Strange attribute behaviour when using HTMLElement as prototype of custom Function
GDB broken whilst debugging - no console output?
ORA-01008: not all variables bound (in C w OCI)
ANSI Sql 2003 Lexing intervals
How do I exclude directories from an IEnumerable<DirectoryInfo>
Text on top of image works without Z-index, why?
Visual studio pulling a cached page
When I make inpunt binding to the 鈥渞eturn鈥�key in a DataGrid, I don't leave the edit cell
Rails table joins
How do get param from a url
Has apple provide reasoning for their location-based api restrictions?
show users their fql selection results
File permissions: doing it the secure way
http commits with subversion
Using names instead numbers for index of an array [closed]
Deleting table view cell without a red default delete button at left side
Git Commit after merge opens VIM
How can I add a JButton to my full screen java program
Strings written to file using BufferedWriter
Logo-background image not displayed (Rails app)
Magento Observer use Helper
Mobile Chat functionality using Push Notifications, when should something be pushed?
matplotlib contour plots; 'module' object has no attribute 'nextafter'
Plaxo Contact Widget error
Zend_Cache caches the entire site instead of a controller
In MySQL how do I create JOIN within a subquery?
Is there a way to get line numbers or stack traces from an Error object in Internet Explorer?
Create single node if select single node is null
OpenEdge ABL automatically close a yes/no message after a certon amount of time has pasted
get url params or strip fullpath with rails
Kohana 3.2 Routes: Multiple Directories
How to find point related to set of coordinates?
Yii - Make a string usable in a URL or filename
How to call same method between two class packages that share certain code
Navigate to my action/controller/id from jQuery
How to loop through array of stuctures in ColdFusion
How can I pass variables from a jtextfield to another one in another JFrame/class?
How can I replace all option labels of a select with their values?
How can i make a Flash-free, basic audio control?
How to hit url in using POST request in php
Switching into my app causes pasteboard to clear. iPad Paste button won't appear sometimes
Adding a value to a bundle in ios
Why does private inheritance increase the probability, as compared to composition, that someone will break my code?
Game Center Support
How to spawn threads and manage within a Web Service?
Handling CTRL+C event in Node.js on Windows
iOS 5 - play audio file in the background when the app is launched
touchesBegan location issue [duplicate]
Why can't I add onload event listener to body element using addEventListener method
How to get the integer value of day of week
Intercepting NHibernate persistence operations on ICollection's properties (many associations)
How to tell NLog to log exceptions?
Pass variables with append jquery
Trying to reverse the order of the digits in an integer, extra digits are shown
Pass by reference or return array in PHP? [closed]
php substr_count on an array
Oracle Query to List Words Found in Pseudo Column
changing $PATH by editing .bash_profile
How can I remove data from an array using regexp?
jQuery - Placing a div with offset, then placing it again = different results
How to extract the content of <uri></uri> in a XML document?
Chrome - containing div has rounded corners in CSS, but not rendering as rounded
Why would an ODBC query against MSSQL 2008SP2 take 100 times as long as the same query in Studio?
Is VMWare installed in the current OS? [closed]
UIWebView: Width of table affects text size
How can I generate a sine wave with different frequencies using matlab?
TFS 2008 - Users cannot upload files in project portal site
Android how to style a SearchView in Actionbar?
How to remove the path to get the filename
Reversing a unique generic foreign key (and returning an object as opposed to a related manager)
How to compute the number of char, line by line [closed]
Firefox 10.0 not playing WMV
c - What is the most efficient way of converting char * array to int and float?
Can't get html elements to be on the same line
realloc can not access to the new size from other function
setting config.action_controller.perform_caching = true breaks routes in rails 3.2.1 app
working with structs and returning 2d arrays in C
How to prevent WPF TreeView from raising MouseEnter on more than one Item?
Ruby RestClient converts XML to Hash
OSQL script file Execution Error
Oracle Analytic Preceding Returns wrong/unanticipated results [closed]
Apache configuration to use different certificates for different Locators on same server
Is it safe to remove a call to OleInitialize from a non COM static library?
Analyzing a given TCP connection
Constants as input to a function in JavaScript?
KVO: Cannot remove an observer
Errors importing openCV in Eclipse wont go away?
Which architecture for exchanging data between an embedded Linux device and desktop Windows?
XBAP - Can I grant full trust only for specific methods?
How to deal with different aspect ratios in libGDX?
How to assign correct ids to html elements?
How to remove an observation from a column that falls outside a desired range without leaving an NA
How to assign correct ids to html elements?
How to remove an observation from a column that falls outside a desired range without leaving an NA
Secure signin with unique token
How to grep line containing some words in certain order?
SaaS application needs to export/backup data to individual customer sites
Having problems adding markers into Google Maps clusterer
How to fetch private data with YQL on Yahoo PHP5 Sdk yos-social-php5
Mysql, How to find intersaction of rectangular bounds
Does Enumerable.Cast<T> Copy Objects?
How to store QR image in a mobile database
Merging data between 2 separate Oracle databases
Replacement for Microsoft Visual Modeler
AVAssetReaderAudioMixOutput with multiple files?
Cloning datepicker
How does time() in time.h work?
Read Google Search results into PHP array? [closed]
INSERT INTO with subquery & parameters not working in MS-Access
parsing JSON data with PHP鈥arge dataset
Generate a Hashcode for a string that is platform independent
Enum.Parse & Custom Separators
Is there any benefit for marking the Simple Entity Property as virtual for Entity Framework CodeFirst 4.1
Umbraco v5 RTM causes iis express to crash - suspected security/config setting
C++ problems with struct list push_back
autocomplete source from Outlook address book
On linux, how to make sure to unlock a mutex which was locked in a thread that dies/terminates?
Keys.TAB does not work with Selenium HTMLUnitDriver
java gui textarea not updating properly
Threading within ASIHTTPRequest
Recording Data & Compressing it on the Fly
Java project to .exe file [duplicate]
JRUBY - RAILS 3 - TOMCAT 7 Deploy failed
How to dynamically assign particular client (browser) to one of many servers?
How do I compile a Window API program using cl?
Where to modify xml for JNDI in Eclipse?
Design pattern for creating objects instance of child classes
Sending Email, in php through gmail
android - eclipse: display google maps using coordinates obtained using gps
How to apply live() like feature for JavaScript appended DOM elements
I've installed Propel using PEAR on Windows鈥�now where is propel-gen?
Can't tell whats causing the white space between divs using Firebug
Raphael.JS, prevent event bubbling
Can't retrieve username of user in Hubot
How to query created_at for Yesterday with a specific timezone
Visual Studio 2008/2010/ASP.NET: How to speed up the delay after rebuilding the solution?
UIWebView, tying an action to a href link
understanding NSString Allocation
鈥淐lass is not licensed for use鈥�error
Android EditText within TableLayout runs off
VS2010 Template Changing Save Location
CouchDB Group Level and Key Range
CouchDB Group Level and Key Range
Can one ComboBox selection be bound to two different data?
What is the best practice for center aligning inline elements within a div?
How to make bookings from my app
Positioning UILabel inside a UITextView
How to get data from two related tables?
Converting EditorTemplate into HtmlHelper
Efficient algorithm for finding a common divisor closest to some value?
VisualSVN Server responds to all https requests on our server - how to disable?
How can I get ColdFusion to scale images of any type?
Why make global Lua functions local?
Global button cursor
Python iteration with array
Change form hash (token) expiration Zend Framework
C++ strings to/from file
structure of double vectors
Hibernate 4 TransactionManagerLookup in Jetty
.pdb files (Program Debug Database)
Trying to install subclipse
adding one view contoller as a child of another view controller in objective-c
When are settings from app.config actually read?
IOS rss feed login
Rewrite basic $_GET variable to friendly URL using mod_rewrite
Unix command to separate two lists into three: common between the two and unique to each one?
How to get id from li element?
Setting a boost::variant that contains pointers, inside of a std::vector
Top to bottom alignment of two ggpot2 figures
MYSQL Forced pattern match
error with constructor overload for mocking
What are the main security considerations when opening up port 25 and/or 587 for email delivery?
Powershell and one to many relationships / objects
Re-run failed unit tests in ruby
Partial JSON Serialization of Object
Can't get data - sqlite3
Simple socket programming code working
Bring data without postback on click of link
How to refactor these locks?
iPhone: Issue with parsing response dictionary:
ASP.NET 4.0 JSON from WebService - Removing Escape Slashes
Render WPF-Window to Bitmap
How do I access a property created in global.asax.cs?
Plot Average Values in R Based on Column Headings
How to use jQuery ajax data to variable
GridView Clicked Row Value
Python - selectively add up values while iterating through dictionary of dictionaries [closed]
TimeZone gost haunting my datetime parsing
Z-Index not working with IE8 even though the menu has a higher value
Netbeans xDebug only runs once on Mac
JavaScript: Initialising Google Maps in an external script
How to commit the current guice-persist UnitOfWork?
Razor View dynamic table rows
Do not run some job until some other job is running
Best fit time scheduling algorithm for event management application
Passing by referencing with a function in php?
flash video mp4 metadata w/ OSMF
How to prevent JMenuItem from closing Menu upon clicking the JMenuItem.
jquery modal dialog before form submit
鈥淣SCFArray mutated while being enumerated鈥�error when enumerating a copy
Input of big number to avoid NumberFormatException
Set default columns to pull from the database in Rails
How can I hide the 鈥淭extBox鈥�of the FileUpload control?
Getting Click Event for Editable Polygon Point (Google Maps API v3)
XAMPP Use IP address rather than or localhost
How do you capture certain data from description field in RSS feed?
Will this ChildWindow be collected by GC?
Making sound play in Java Program
How to store a crypto key securely?
How granular is FileSystemWatcher's Size NotifyFilter?
Issue with MagickWand for PHP using MagickRollImage to add X- or Y- Offset
Hooking in C and windows
How to get movie details from Amazon API using JavaScript
Absolute positioned dropdown within fixed header not working in IE 7,8
Issue with li in IE
Null checking extension method
What control do I have over the TypedFactory Windsor implements?
Flat file population of
PopUpScreen Blocking events in Blackberry
Make zsh completion more bash-like / best practice with zsh completion
How can I pass a double or any other random type from Java to C++ via socket?
Show text when user likes a FB page
Need 2 id attributes on a div
Detect whether 鈥渙verflow: auto鈥�works properly (mobile browsers)
call my template operator<< only if no other found
is there a maximum size to android internal storage allocated for an app?
Working out Oscillator wave type code, and creating new wave types
Formatting Python string output
MVC3 putting a newline in ViewBag text
file modules aware of global vars?
sahi script for choosing and uploading a file
Canonical outer join zip function
Push Notification on published app only works on non-development device
How to know if a user is logged in UNIX
Mysql automatically limit the number of rows in a databse
GAE - Unable to update:
managing website on windows using git
extjs tooltip issue
On OS X, how do you find out the current memory protection level? [duplicate]
Java Timing Library
Modifying error messages for Command Objects embedded in controller
MySQL database to store user comments
SQL script that runs other scripts in the same folder in a transaction
high resolution pdf causing crashing while navigating between pages
UIToolbar shows gap when going back to View after dismissing ModalViewController
Adding #pragma make_public(Type) not removing C3767 error
Confusing about parameter passing in Javascript
How can I get Alexa rank from client side (jQuery)?
Rhino Mock to execute yield return
Process flat files
MATLAB C API: What does mxDestroyArray(NULL) do?
How is ring 0 protected on Windows? Or, why do I care if Media Player gets exploited?
Jqgrid,dataEvent does not work for edittype:custom
How to change the active state of the button in jQuery
Jinja2 and FOR loop
Merge back to trunk and include modifications to externals
apply css style to a nested class inside div
Storing user progress in php sessions
Looking for a reporting solution that plays nicely with MVC3 and SQL Azure. Any suggestions?
How to set NODE_ENV to production/development in OS X
How do I get quote totals before saving payment method?
Dealing with Imagery with MonoDevelop and IB鈥�very frustrated with this鈥�
Custom Paint handler on a WinForms Control inside a WPF application
A Code Scratchpad Extension in Visual Studio 2010 - How to?
Generating a static site from a Rails app's controllers for S3?
Is there a way to check if Android device supports openGL ES 2.0?
Running Web Services on different ports while allowing web site to use port 80 and 443
Model without migration. Rails
How can I get 鈥淸MyApp] encountered a problem鈥嶁�鈥�and needs to close鈥�message with AppDomain.UnhandledException handled?
vim mksession issue
NSURL delegate didReceiveData method not called
Play Framework: case-insensitive matching in play.libs.XPath
Java BufferedReader check next lines of a loop before looping
In PHP, I used the ereg() function to determine whether a specified string can possibly generated by an input regular expression
Stop duplication of random string during PHP session
JQuery mobile position of the $.mobile.showPageLoadingMsg
Convert base class of a Linq Expression
Error: The DSP phar.dsp does not exist, when trying to install php_phar via pecl
span not vertically aligning text in the middle
Curl to sms provider looping through database
Manipulating Azure based Office Documents via Browser
Serializing complex NSObject to JSON pattern
Why it is not possible to create a class that extends OnTouchListener
IE 7, 8 AJAX focus bug
sfSslRequirementPlugin in Symfony2
Having trouble inflating a base64 string: zlib error: -3
php drop down menu generated from MySql used to generate date from different table
CakePHP: Number of Users with Posts or Pages tagged with a given Tag
Getting a value stored procedure C#
Datatype mismatch in then/else in teradata
Need help understanding when I would need SSL certificates
Nmap: extract undesirable ports for sending mail with Batch and Blat
Need help understanding when I would need SSL certificates
Nmap: extract undesirable ports for sending mail with Batch and Blat
How to provide a 64-bit thread identifier for _beginthreadex
In what scenario could an AJAX request not have the cookies set by the page which fired the AJAX?
dhtmlgoodies_calendar.js wont work with Firefox and Chrome
Lazy-loaded primefaces datatable gets updated before SQL statements finish executing
simple list item
How To Insert Into DBF File (foxpro)
Facebook download app page for desktop app where it disappear?
How can I use the CSS pseudo-element :before{ content: '' } to affect an <option> element?
How to handle transaction rollback in @PreUpdate
Setting file creation timestamp in Java
Using StringCollection specified in Application Settings in a LINQ-to-Entities Query
JSF and Phonegap
Assigning a hex number to IR branches in a Processor
How prettify.js encode HTML to show on page
Finding duplicate names where first name can be an initial or full name
android doesn't recognize org.apache.commons.validator
How do I concatenate strings in JSTL/EL?
put icon at left of each button in spark ButtonBar flex 4
Binding to a immutable field of an observable property
Can't display returned JSON when using Jquery
How to scroll to bottom of a multi-line TextBox?
Waiting for uploadifyUpload() to complete before processing rest of script
GHC API - How to dynamically load Haskell code from a compiled module using GHC 7.2?
c# Sorting grid at form load
getting SSL_connect 鈥�sslv3 alert handshake failure when using .p12 file ruby
Ready made beans to connect MySQL by jdbc?
MVC3 WebGrid header alignment
How can I retrieve an image which is saved in the photolibrary of an android system?
How to convert microsoft access time format with php
jQuery Tools Overlay with preload delay
Haskell: unnecessary binary growth with module imports
Is there a fast Java library to search for a string and its position in file?
(Excel VBA) If Cell Value equals 鈥溾� Then Show/Hide Images
Modular design: webservice vs package
Can I throttle a FileSystemWatcher, or is Timer a better option?
Titaniumn app to not run in background - Without changing info.plist
Do static locks work across different children classes?
javascript function not working after page load
pass id to jquery modal form
Increment Memory Usage in SQL CLR
How to convert from one by one to a mass output using PHP
Left Recursive Rules in Context Free Grammar
Looking to create an iphone app with a database to save photos taken
Problems with SAS DDE with Office 2010
MVC form not submitting from inside JQuery modal
AppDomain.CreateInstanceAndUnwrap fails with 鈥淭ype is not marked as serializable鈥�
Xcode UITableView Selection doesn't work when resized
simplify SQL statement by using CTE
AppDomain.CreateInstanceAndUnwrap fails with 鈥淭ype is not marked as serializable鈥�
Xcode UITableView Selection doesn't work when resized
simplify SQL statement by using CTE
C#, ANTLR, ECMAScript grammar troubles
Blocking xlarge screens android
NSRegularExpression, specify case-sensitive match?
Non-GUI Automated System Test Framework
Quick search in android application
where to place this form tag
How can I encrypt data in Delphi and in C# so that they are compatible?
IE8 shows empty line after floating elements in contenteditable
changing form method with js on firefox
sorl-thumbnail ImageField dynamic upload_to path
Why does the C# compiler allow an explicit cast between IEnumerable<T> and TAlmostAnything?
Change the styling of default alert box
How to put two inline input field correctly with Twitter Bootstrap?
Is there a general rule of thumb for when to use modal segues and when to use push segues in iOS?
Javascript in C# Issue
Efficiency tracking certain web events using MYSQL - Best method?
How do I read a text file with the following stucture in MATLAB?
Namespace error: 鈥淭op level of a class definition鈥�
Add funds to PayPal from Bank Account
Cruisecontrol subversion integration ant script
Dividing two integer without casting to double
How can I get multiple occurences from multi dimensional array?
Extracting parts of a dataframe
SQL parameterized queries in Android
LINQPad Requesting Custom Assembly
How can I change the background color of an <option> element in Google Chrome?
Does Amazon's DynamoDB SSD-based storage affected its design?
Developing Persisent Store in Blackberry Java
Creating a provisioning profile for a device id
Property in Entity partial class
Android: how to send object from BroadcastReceiver to running Activity
How can I have the cart sidebar only show up when it's in checkout?
how to split json format string in order to Deserialize is into .net object?
appprodUrlGenerator not found in production enviroment
Why does this simple LineSegment jump from canvas centre-bottom to top-left in Silverlight?
Create Google like Numerical pin in ArcGIs
Struts form bean objects creation and connection pooling
Is it possible to have SVCUtil generate the service and data contract only, but not the client and channel objects
How is information stored inside a QR code? [closed]
WCF Routing with Message Security
How do I use a MySQLdb connect object on imported function
Versioning REST API of an ASP.NET MVC application
Android app gift code implementation
Change SyncAdapter from SyncFramework to 2.1
activeCheckBox click on checkbox but still marked as unchecked and not change in $_POST yii
Create and register TinyMCE plugin with jQuery
How exactly does EMMA mark the covered lines of code..?
What is the showS trick in Haskell?
Stop VML being parsed as PHP
WindowBuilder, no Browser
Broadcasting Messages at High Frequency. Using HTTP POST or something else?
Find Child by Class and remove all the elements except the first one
How to force GWT popup.showRelativeTo() to align to the right of an element
Integrating codedUI tests into a build Cannot use Website Administration Tool because of database error
How do I get min/avg/var rtt for all TCP connections in Linux?
GUI Winform and ending /killing process
How can I optimize this query in Firebird 2.1?
How do i get the xpath of an element in an X/HTML file
Error calling a WS-Security + SSL Service with WCF-WSHttp BizTalk 2010 Adapter
Is it possible specify couchdb query parameters in a list based on current date?
IOS 5 Displaying JPEG is black
SilverStripe Templates: Displaying DataObject::Count without repeating
Where to initiate and manage background operations in Asp.Net MVC
issues with backing out of a UIViewController while JSON is still being parsed
Native DirectX, Basic Effect(.fx) Workflow
PHP ODBC and MSSQL encoding
ASCII to HEX conversion issue in C
Maintain count in python list comprehension
LOGIC ON MySQL, DATE RANGES, inserting Items into null fields
Meaning of the bandwidth of a device
Using a variable from a form in a query
Hash operation in perl
resizable widget
Align Button In Center Of Screen In Blackberry Application
Regex lookahead for 'not followed by' in grep
ExtJS: Can I place an actioncolumn in a EditorGridPanel?
Some kind of JavaScript's preventDefault for Android
Responsive web design: div width + padding not going across containing div even though they equal 100%
How does flash loading time effect timed .delay elements?
Enlarge images with close or X button
Android - Controlling a listview inside a fragment, with buttons
SetPanLimits() with dates in the axis Achartengine
Hibernate - Complex Query from multiple Tables to one object
How to change anchor point in text in Raphael?
software tools to screen record users actions [closed]
Vertical Alignment with in DIV tag
Comment threading with score factoring
jQuery searching large select boxes
php xpath Syntax
Unable to register startup script
C pointer/array value confusion
Webkit-gradient fixed degree?
CodeIgniter on subdomain and htaccess
Mysql Dynamic Table expanding columns
Could this cursor be optimized or rewritten for optimum performance?
Write Text ontop of an Image dynamically in ASP.NET MVC3
Could this cursor be optimized or rewritten for optimum performance?
Write Text ontop of an Image dynamically in ASP.NET MVC3
How to use NodeTypeAlias within Umbraco 5
Why can't I register my iOS application to handle the image file type?
Finding rotation axis and angle in matrx
Copy files to a new branch and keep the changelist history in P4V
Strange error in android gesture recognition
Server/client communication
What exactly is an HTTP Entity?
Expander with Virtualization inside WPF Datagrid
How do I remotely connect over TCP to a SQL Server 2008 instance (firewall is off, TCP is enabled)?
Sharepoint Toolpart Event Not Firing
Loop a RecursiveIteratorIterator from an extended RecursiveIterator with extra arguments
Loading more rows in the tableview
Installing one application by another
.htaccess denies files to download from script
Maya API: how to change UI Time Working Unit
upload image to blob field - How to
Android-Alert Dialog not working
Launch Application from background with internet Availability
Communication between Linux programs
Problems with KeyPressEventArgs
DataTables: draw table first, then populate it with data from server side call
bash, can't grep root partition from df using < >
OS-Specific Applications
invalid conversion from int to socklen
Parsing function application with FParsec using OperatorPrecedenceParser?
IE Display Issue for width of <td>
Making a player move on 2D array game grid
C# decode (decompress) Deflate data of PDF File
CSS and javascript text and image positioning
Javascript image loader
How to get current object in component (symfony 1.4)?
How to begin EAP communication with Python/Scapy
Passing Variables to a CFM form in PHP
Python: Two packages with the same name; how do you specify which is loaded?
jQuery returns height in px even when it was defined in percent
How to create a java backend with webservices and MySQL?
how can I select data in a table with some of them added (not sum of all)..?
contentDescription=鈥淍null鈥�a bad idea?
How to indent html with xmllint?
RavenDB Backup: Checking the status using the HTTP API [/Raven/Backup/Status] Fails
write .net object for json data
Mysql query explanation
Rails - Sort by join table data
What determines your USERPROFILE Environment Variable when launching a .NET app
C++ conversion operator and overload resolution
Submit form with jQuery and CodeIgniter without page refresh
How can I keep downloading the same messages from a mailbox using PHP IMAP
Thread Safety with singletons
set video or photo as iphone wallpaper xcode iphone programmatically
Accuracy in assertEquals?
Git, deleting repository
Can I globally 鈥淪ET NOCOUNT ON鈥�in TSQL for a query?
Gamecenter Turnbased Timelimit for turns
how to serve static files in django development server
gzipped js/css not understood by browser. transfer-encoding issue?
How to determine first instance of multiple items in a table
Exception calling 鈥淕etList鈥�with 鈥�鈥�argument
Generic Method to create multiple types
tag0 namespace added for elements in default namespace
How do I get the class of a BasicObject instance?
Problems with Celery & Redis Backend
Best practice to save temporary data which should be reachable from different applications/processes
How to build a 2 x 2 grid of buttons using jQuery Mobile?
Visual Studio Pretty Printing
Disable 'find' command on Windows
Using UIScrollView, when Zooming Out, how can I keep the content view at the center?
How do you add a blog function to Plone 3?
Why do I get a Ruby 1.9 segmentation fault on Rackspace?
iOS 5 tab view changed push the root controller (storyboard)
LDA : Inserting 16 bit in 8 bit register ? What does it mean?
Core Data faulting in NSArray
Why is this Icefaces component not allowing my application to work?
How to use a spring java xml file with Springpython
How to get a classic hover, active,etc. behavior with javascript
ASP.NET MVC 2 DropDownList not Setting the Selected Value
TortoiseHg RevSet Query to see Branch Lineage
Are Ruby arrays loaded from YAML files guaranteed to have their order preserved?
Understanding the purpose of Abstract Classes in Java
How to replace some digits with letters in each line of a file (according to the letter that exist in column 5th and 6th of that line)?
refer directly to a block element in a html page
Is it possible to wrap this requierements in one query?
How do I parse a large XML file using Java?
How to get the MyController Show url programatically?
Saving RSA聽keys to a file, using pycrypto
Static array length, replacing values
Update foreign key convention in EF4
how to pipe pwd into pushd
Javascript library for rendering HTML form elements
Rails Compare values inside ActiveRecord Relations
Convert from base64 string to long in C#
How does the parentheses in this C code make the result so different?
android - create new contact with photo from own application
Generating client side certificates in browser and signing on server
Submenu, blinks when I'm moving mouse
Analyse this Method
Regarding Hibernate LazyInitialization Error
Generic Interface hiding of parent non-generic interface methods
Split lines according to specific patterns
Web Requests behaving differently when app is installed from the App Store
Pull the first image from a Tumblr photoset?
Need help on how to structure my database (SQL Server)
Array with arrays, memory issue
Is it possible to sort an HTML table without freezing the browser?
Move stderr fd pointer to start
Razor view engine for ExpressJS
Using Parameters in an Oracle subquery for an SSRS Report
Which numerical library to use for porting from Matlab to C++?
Spring security: How to persist each anonymous user?
hook_view to default theme
How to implement microdata attributes 鈥�data-* and getting rid of the ID attribute?
Display picture in a certain folder, iPhone
Facebook iframe FB.Canvas.setAutoGrow does not auto grow after initial load?
PostgreSQL function
In MySQL how do you use BETWEEN with 'AS' columns
Human readable string representation of table in Lua
Posting JSON to ASP.NET web service (ASMX) only getting as far as OPTION and not full POST
UIImageView, CGImage, and Retina Art
How can I load an image from resource folder in eclipse
Getting Credentials File in the boto.cfg for Python
overriding abstract generic method from non generic class
Calling a function with named arguments in a hosted application
detect which Event are in a HTML5 <video> element
Displaying images from sd card in android
set up the entry of a combobox (gtk)
Flashbuilder: ActionScript only Project, compiler metadata
Google Maps Fusion Table layer doesn't apply conditional styles based on the text column
A way to refer to this current 'votable' element in an action in Rails (e.g. either @post and @comment)?
ofstream reset precision
Suggestions on creating document library for infopath with departmental hierarchy?
Force CSS to load through standard HTTP on Github?
Cannot get camera preview (call camera) , HTC Thunderbolt
Is it possible to write a base class to handle nullReferenceException from all pages?
WebDriver does not use latest page source
how to scan wireless network and display the list of all computers and devices connected
Curly braces in Python in 2012? [closed]
But var it is not for local variable?
Which field names get prefix 'm'?
android call a timer run function from widget
What javascript techniques are used in this array parser?
Objective C , opening a website without opening it in Safari
closing a cfwindow that uses iframe
Illegal mix of collations (utf8_general_ci,IMPLICIT) and (utf8_unicode_ci,IMPLICIT) within stored procedure
Joomla Plugin not running (is installed)
How does one build and submit a form that works in all modern browsers?
How does shortest path work in pgrouting?
How do I get Confluence to render the result of a {sql-query} that contains wiki markup
How to run mysql queries that are stored in a mysql table using a procedure
MySQL ERROR 1064 (42000) - even with backticks
What are some ways that I can implement notifications in a Rails application?
Django boolean field views+templates
Javascript RegExpression
AS3 ioError on some browsers only, why is that?
Quick method to find ip adrress in the tcp-client stored in the array list.
No output from commands when using Cygwin Coreutils 8.14-1
Inserting a single row with large number of columns in SQL Server
iOS: When will each initializer be used for table cells? init, initWithFrame, initWithCoder, initWithStyle
Returning value from a web browser
Unusual Garbage Collection Patterns
Java byte array and DataOutputStream processing
Listbox Selected Value Issue
messagebox dialog in webapp and The use of Response.Redirect(Request.Url.AbsoluteUri);
Parse a XML string into a XML
Unique Identifier for both mobile safari and in app in iOS
Have footer stretch in height to fill viewport without javascript
How to take different approaches based on whether Javascript is enabled or not?
sqlite table in to excel sheet format [closed]
jquery ui selectmenu: How do i set the dynamic width correctly?
How To Cancel In-App-Purchase If My Server Fails and Cannot Provide Content? (iOS)
How to fetch data from website within the app?
JTA Transactions with JPA(Hibernate)
Whitelist external hosts in phonegap for windows phone
Is the code associated to the .L2 label of assembly code called procedurally in this segment?
How do I define an event then kick off a delegate when the event happens
fighting INNER JOIN / UNKNOWN COLUMN when trying to avoid a repeated STORED FUNCTION CALL
MJPEG network stream to OpenCV 2
How to select just BirthYear from DOB in from SQL Server 2008 database
Using Hibernate, Spring Data, and Postgres sequence generation throws exception
Automating RESTful Testing
Text should not wrap inside td
remove attribute disable for all elements excepting some classes
Setting maximum values in google visualisations combo charts in GWT
UITableViewCell subview not displaying until redraw
Lucene: Loading Index files while searching?
Is there any way to export sequence diagram generated by visual studio?
What is the best way to automate windows azure deployment?
converting base64 encoded mail subject to text
Prolog - weird issue
How to set Y axis range when using multiple graphs in Coreplot
c# XML or alternative
Does fakemail support HTML emails?
Does JPA/Hibernate save even when not calling persist
Why does TortoiseHg randomly capitalize my file name on commit?
Is it 鈥渘ormal鈥�to require the `ConfigurationAttribute`s in an AuthenticationFilter in Spring Security?
Replace string in a lot of files
List image with two columns android
Spring config files and specifying schema versions
how to make sure, including files with opening '/' is secure [closed]
jquery image replacement depending on scroll position only works properly after first load
Twitter media search
Having Column as Column Sum or Difference others with Hibernate