org.apache.catalina.core.StandardContext startInternal SEVERE: Error listenerStart
How to add extra form fields outside the form declaration block
Stl map simple insert memory issue
SQL re-execute stored procedure within try catch block
Debugging PyCUDA
Intent to play playlist in youtube app
Hiding MVC pages in production
ORA-01775: looping chain of synonyms with no synonyms
jQuery How to slideUp with delay?
Android selector color
android opengl es: Can't create handler inside thread that has not called Looper.prepare()
Switching between Full/Plain HTML view and setting default view
use a picture for the background in my blackberry app
Using an Dictionary<string, object> as Dictionary<string, Dictionary<string, string>>
Apache Commons StringEscapeUtils vs JSoup for XSS prevention?
How to move a shape created in onDraw method to center on screen?
App is STILL not updating database when string contains spaces
memory allocation of variables [closed]
set height of button in spark ButtonBar flex4
simulation with arena
Force History.js to use hash URL fallback
iOS: Use IB to create custom cell for programmatically created UITableView
Can't Re-enable Magento Cache in admin
Callback before effect finishes?
How to refresh Service?
Where can I get additional NetBeans color themes [closed]
parse error in haskell <- [closed]
Rally Query using not keyword
Excel Add-In Data Validation
Send Email multiple attachments from LINQ list
SSIS incorrectly sets string data as floating point when reading from Excel file
Why is this iOS ViewController action kicking up an exception?
regular expression with hebrew or english
Install ServiceStack Web Service Framework via NuGet then got an exception
How Best To Implement A Templated Class with Types That Depend On Each Other
IF/CASE statement OR MySQL OR array for get category name
Menu goes out of the screen but page stays unable to scroll
Using c# QueueUserWorkItem doesn't seem to execute all the methods
When are all my functions complete?
Manual Drupal node inserts
SAX parser raise some error
Matlab reusing legends and formatting
Jquery Mobile Back Button is not working
How do I compare a char string with argv in C?
DrawingSurface Draw event does not fire
How to read line by line of a text area
ASP.NET Progress bar display during Page transfer
SQL Query changing based on parameters
Setting file name encoding
RestKit map XML element body
Event OnClick of a Row in a GridView
How to make return type current class, method will be used by subclass
validate sitemap document
how to sort json string?
Querying last 5 years
Tomcat, WARs and Multiple OSes
Reading a wav file java vs matlab
Size of pointers and if that size is dependent of the architecture
Updating options using an array
Internet Explorer input autocomplete dropdown misaligned
How to Exclude only the special character like #, $, % etc and include alphabet and Numbers in a search Query?
Create opening application
insert row to aspxgridview that is not bound to datasource
How to delete a table row if the field 鈥減ost_title鈥�is duplicated in another row? [duplicate]
Add CSS styles to WordPress Editor
Guaranteed order in SQL batch update?
Save a screenshot of a certain object on a website
Java XSLT output incorrectly showing A0, B7 characters in browser
Crest ErrorHandler get response data
air for android camera
iphone/ipad - How can I draw an CGRect imageview in CALayer?
repeating user-sp written in t-sql
Exclude match in Regular Expression
jQuery UI Autocomplete stays open when right clicked
Facebook canvas url redirected to https
Does JRE HttpServer violates the 'expect-continue' semantics of HTTP?
Varnish / Squid content caching with cookies
How to SELECT records and display text along with COUNT?
How to optimize jetty web application with NIO?
Detecting words in ml-lex. (Regular Expression)
add ListFragment with FragmentTransaction is not supported?
How to Configure PhPStorm for the MVC Pattern
strange characters when I encode json
How do I include flow-tools in a C++ program?
C# and jirasoapservice
Byte order for OpenCV 2.1 cvLoadImage?
GSM 8 bit data encoding
Different names of app (iOS & Android)
How to define an array of string charachters in Header
Writing an NSPredicate
Call method in ViewDidLoad()
Group a collection and return a Dictionary
How can create two different android expendable list in one activity?
Change Directory 鈥渃d鈥�with libssh2 on iOS app
duplicate udp packets: how often it happens?
Print XML that is going to be returned from web service
Invalid anonymous type member declarator. Anonymous type members must be declared with a member assignment, simple name or member access
Invalid anonymous type member declarator. Anonymous type members must be declared with a member assignment, simple name or member access
Returning Empty ActionResult
Firefox and jQuery+UI Stuttering
inherited classes in java webservice
grab span text using jquery and pass as query
Javascript object/function not working when calling DOM
How to repair duplicates in a Git tree
Override Wordpress Url Rewriting
Copy only one color of an image to another image
What is the proper way to enable Cloudfront as a Mirroring CDN for my app hosted in EC2
OpenEdge ABL getting a message's handle so I can delete is after a serten amount of time [duplicate]
Filewatcher for the whole computer (alternative?)
Get a variable from a different class
Haskell - Translating from syntactic sugar
Sencha Touch: Showing Load mask (setLoading) is delayed
Learning Java, use of synchronized keyword
symfony actions are super slow on localhost
What is the need to use RVM .gems file in a Rails application?
iPhone : Browse documents
osCommerce 鈥渂ox鈥�files and CakePHP?
How to get variable data out of the html table
something wrong in dealing with xmlhttp request text-response
Create vs Copy empty file, which operation is the least expensive?
Java.lang.OutOfMemoryError with networking homework assignment
Matplotlib: contour plot with slider widget
How can I find httpd.conf on Ubuntu 10.04
Making an existing datagrid column into a hyperlink column
DataGridView storage override
CSS3 animation scale
Display Cursor in WPF TextBox without Focus
How do I debug an undefined method for nil class error?
Put TFS Team Project Offline
Blank page when including jQuery
How to add a Time dependent trigger in PostgreSQL?
MySQL Query needs to bring back rows, not empty results
Unknown path components using PHP to post
What do the dollar ($) and percentage (%) signs represent in assembly intel x86?
AWS DynamoDB VS Couchdb, which would be better to use when?
SSRS: Dropdown is not populated in filter in Report Builder
Select From Inner join - PHP/MYSQL
How to write a test case?
How do I define var i based on which check box is checked?
Can I get wmode parameter from Flash object?
jQuery FIND div local to the button clicked on
ASP.MVC Permissioning : Is there a way to control partial content ?
UIWebView stringByEvaluatingJavaScriptFromString in background
In my MySQL what is the difference between using the word JOIN or using:
Multiple computers will cache old version of included css/php files
Improving MVC Layers Arhitecture
Simple MVC Razor rendering view issue
Javascript isn't being called by submit button in HTML
Grab the last exception using reflection or through HttpContext.Current.Server.GetLastError()
Importing using pydev and .pth files
How do I add a TextItem to HLayout in Smartgwt 2.4?
Logith transformation
How to detect a click event in a UIWebView
ldap query on parent & child entry
Which is better way between develop new system and modify open source Ad Classified? [closed]
PHP and MySQL encoding
can't execute class library in mono develop
how do i create a function to change header banner when using jquery tabs
Weird relevancy error in mysql full-text search
what is the most accurate way to know if the visitor to a mobile webapp is unique?
Group last added content from all category (MySQL)
How do I invoke an object function using its string name
clear hash on redirect in java [duplicate]
Displaying command in cmd console
iOS Networking Library Suggestion
Concurrent connections to Tornado WebSocket server
do we need Serializable attribute for enums
How to create a window and fill it with color using OpenES 2.0 + X11?
Poweshell outputting array items when interpolating within double quotes
Passing a byte array from C# into C++ com object with C++ filling array
Reference in the foreach
Using a stack to traverse and solve a maze - Java
If foreign key exists, drop it
Mdx Sum returns non integer value
iviewer jquery pluggin, center image
How to refresh the Spring context when using CXF?
Can some clarify usage of <include> and <merge>
Service references to my wcf services issue with client objects, don't have open/close in interface?
when should we use packsize to specify the struct layout?
recursive solution not working as intended/ running into errors
Imperfect String Matching
Z-index not working in IE8 and IE7
simple explanation of the State software design pattern.
Request versus Request.QueryString
401.2 status code custom page
3D chess Using adobe flash cs5 and OpenGL on android project possible?
detatched linux script from cron.daily [closed]
Is there a html reporter plugin for JUnit, like ReportNG for TestNG?
Design Patterns for C# Windows Forms
How to export all relevant HTML/CSS for one element
Extract text from XML using C#
Remove login prompt with SQL linked tables in Access
How to remove tmp directory files of an ios app?
how to use the return data in json format in c#?
How to set user 鈥渓ogon to鈥�AD attribute in VB.NET
Finding custom objects in array with particular variable
Using python code on a local server on Mac OS X, What is the simplest way?
Using python code on a local server on Mac OS X, What is the simplest way?
Will this get the element by tag name 鈥渃鈥�? in my program it is not working?
what does StructLayout.Auto mean compared to sequential and Explicit?
Finding the text that has been hidden due to overflow:hidden?
Enabling and disabling a selectOneMenu via selectBooleanCheckbox
MVC + Multiple tenancy app
How to make a slider in django?
Opengl es: Render to Texture via Frame Buffer is rendering only one color
java.lang.NoSuchMethodError when use getFragmentManager() with actionbarsherlock library
Retrieving Data into a Table Depending on Time?
opencv - confusion over functions 鈥淔indHomography鈥�and 鈥渃vFindHomography鈥�
Is there any way of setting a value for datetime field in ListInstance
Bind JavaScript jQuery click event on label AND on checkbox simultaneously
CSS Two-state button
Getting data from a comparison matrix in python
jquery - dynamic element not being created
Django Url Dispatcher issue when using a prefix
The same UI as in Contacts (buttons and a table view in the same place)
Return false statement
How do I edit values in a web-browser. .NET
ListBox Style Selected item on windows phone
Android Emulator boot
HTTP requests in a PlayN project
Use of uninitialized value $1 in addition - Perl
Auto-refreshing using ajax
Need a Perl Compatible Regular Expression (PCRE)
Process radio stream real time
Why the history method doesn't work
Image positioning different between Chrome and Firefox
which collection class is efficient for insertion in C#
Worth going the Drupal 7 fields route for a moderate scale image oriented website? [closed]
Semantics of = and !=
Silex micro-framework and Twig: enable debug
Displaying HTML from DB in <h:outputText escape=鈥渇alse鈥�gt; results in broken HTML page
iOS Application in Cydia and AppStore
PHP parsing XML data
Place elements in custom places in Android
Only one method for add/edit on POST
I can't see ${message} in my first spring mvc example
why there will be AccessViolationException when using struct rather than class
Is this line of Perl meaningless? s/^( d+) b/$1/sg
Triggering an event when a word is spelled incorrectly in MS Office
resizing textarea field
Trouble with setting colorkey
HTML helpers in ASP.NET MVC 3 with Javascsript action
ASP.NET MVC3: Displaying Date in correct format with JQuery DatePicker and editorFor/TextBoxFor
Android 2D-game, best choice for graphics?
Neo4j and ORM (Hibernate)
Qt multiple mouse clicks at the same time
SSLPeerUnverifiedException During attempted upload
Libreoffice impersonate practice [closed]
navigate through XML document with XMLpullParser
On Visual Studio 2010, Crystal Reports Viewer is not available. Report opens as hexadecimal
Facebook connect 鈥淎n error occurred. Please try again later.鈥�
leaked object in instruments even when running HelloWorld_IPhone monotouch
Is it possible to set the OWN primary address in SCTP?
File appears to be held open after being sent as an attachment by SmtpClient. How can I delete the file?
Adding a style element before the target page has finished loading
php include to external url
Connecting to SQL Server database from a Visual Studio 2010 debugging session in a virtual machine
Send and Receive google text message SMS VB.NET
How can I get position of a div realtive to window without using scrollTop?
PriorityQueue implementaion based on different logics
How and if to build up composite views?
Return multiple values from a highlighted row
Decrypting a string in ColdFusion encrypted with 3DES in C#
Commenting in JavaScript
locking object java
Parsing text with different delimiters - with grouping
Pull out part of the page URL
javascript crash once in a while (once in 30 times)
Merge an ImageBrush and a SolidColorBrush ? (as a Background of a Canvas)
Will running exe in memory perform better than dll in .NET?
Global replace in a regexp expression
Create own library Android Java
passing a function which makes ajax requests to $.when .done
Check if day exists between timestamps
print_r() function returns result as simple 鈥淎rray鈥�for diff algorithm
HOWTO use freemarker tag library in jsp files?
How to cache multiple HTML pages with both page-specific images and shared resources in the HTML5 application cache?
Displaying user role in a partial view
How can I use the Feed Dialog to post on a Facebook Fan Page wall not liked by the user?
Bad rendering before refreshing in IE7?
UpdatePanel slow update on certain server
How to hide form fields in a new company
Excel virtual memory issues
Table per subclass mapping failing on fetch
SOAP call with multiple namespaces
jQuery Ajax call to Twitter Finagle server
Symfony2 UniqueEntity validation error with entity inheritance
Multi-Property lookup with Backbone and Underscore
Can a WCF Service be used the same way a socket connection is used?
CRM 4.0 - Custom workflow activity that is able to check whether an attribute's value has changed
Rails: respond_to vs 鈥渃ase鈥�conditional
CUDA: Is coalesced global memory access faster than shared memory? Also, does allocating a large shared memory array slow down the program?
RIA services Out/Ref parameters
Open Windows Explorer (WebDAV) from WebBrowser-Control fails
Flex robotlegs module throws null pointer exception (Error #1009)
Redirect output from -exec in find command to variable
How to add a Drawable to WebView
Draw route and elevation profile
NSButton with delayed NSMenu - Objective-C/Cocoa
C# Script Using StreamWriter Creates Extra Character?
Bash, ctrl-C in eval not interupting the main script
How can we use EF Fluent API with reflected types
Printing - how to force itemssource update?
Calling a function in one JS file in many other JS files
Hibernate constructors
Storyboard will not save in Xcode
Adding fields to a Django form dynamically with JavaScript & JSONField
Sonar maven builds are falling
Titanium pen writing
Tcl Extension Calling a VB.NET DLL
Anyone know the full signature for Facebook's PRIVATE auth.login API method
what does a double colon followed by an equals sign (::=) mean in programming documentation?
Is there a rails cheatsheet for designers? [closed]
How to create a method in the MVC Controller so that it becomes AJAX Callable?
What is technique behind draggable objects?
Inherited Generics Constructor C#
Visual Studio C++ how to display a dynamic message (i.e., string) in my About box?
Java - Generate XML from another XML + XSD
Recursively iterate over List/Array
passing from c# to sql server
Temporary Doctrine2 fixtures for testing with phpunit
Email template boilerplate - unable to set row height
Mootools Class - Calling a function within a function
KXmlParser build issue in MIDlet app
I want to perform in place modification to a std::map while iterating over it
block elements around floated elements with background color
Long queries on very short documents
Set value for llvm::ConstantInt
鈥淭he remote server returned an error: (404) NOT FOUND鈥�
Save custom data in the Magento cart needs to convert my class property to
Delete old divs if there are more than 20 , jQuery
Methodology for debugging serial poll
In QTextEdit how can you detect when user inserts the cursor into the text area only once?
Subscription to webcal event in iOS Safari not working but works on OSX
SQL Server Express inserts doesn麓t work anymore
What is the best high-capacity local storage option for a web app?
Issue in inserting data to rows in a datagrid
How can I fetch documents in a random order using MongoMapper?
Why does object not reference other object after unserialize?
Uploading a file to S3 using Ruby and aws-s3 gem
It is failed to create Java Virtual Machine
ImageButton in Android with transparent background
How do you mix JS and Ruby code in a view for later JS usage?
how to use android broadcast receiver
Matlab Create 2d color graph from and interpolate 3d array
Background processing in .Net - advice required
Saving JPEG files in Android with no loss of pixel information
photo library like swipe taking time delay
How to create lookup field for e-mail template entity?
RestTemplate in cxf webservice
Comparing similar strings in jquery
Binding LongListSelector to nested ObserverCollection that's updated asynchronously (using WebClient)
Rotating all OpenGL output
ProviderException in ASP.NET MVC 3
Thread Safe way to access SQL CE Database
How to add 鈥淪elect鈥�clause to an EF4.1 query in MVC3 app
Solution for non-blocking timer and server is boost threads?
GIM_TRIANGLE::is_point_inside wrong (bullet physics)
CSS3 selectors not working in FF and Opera?
Sitecore Web Forms for Marketers and DMS - not recording campaigns, goals and dropout info
Can I compile Objective-C code to run across multiple platforms?
What's the purpose of ANYSIZE_ARRAY (defined in WinNT.h)
Peano Curve in python tkinter recursive
get like count of urls shared on facebook wall (NOT link_stat)
App is not updating database when string contains spaces
Get contacts emails from Hotmail/Live
Why spring bean profile can not get system property passed from mvn -D?
setup for navigation buttons
Horizantal slider with tick marks on iOS
Stumped by simple CSS inheritance
Windows Mobile (MFC). CListView with buttons instead of usual strings?
XNA a Simple 2D Point Light
jquery an iframe to display only a 鈥渄iv'd鈥�section of HTML
java: how to search a string in a big file? [duplicate]
Is this the same tomcat maven plugin?
Reset performance counter from command line
How can type classes be used to implement persistence, introspection, identity, printing,
Changing Masonry's columnWidth option on resize
What is the difference between COM Classes and CoClasses
Scalaz Validation: aggregate errors or return any success
Oracle: using IN clause with text field? [duplicate]
Rails 3 - Error after deploying to Heroku
presentModalViewController - ViewController automatically disappears after presenting
Error when getting records from xlsx file in C#
PHP JSON Encode with nl2br
How can I prevent twitter bootstrap from collapsing the top nav dropdown menus at browser widths less than 960px wide?
Google Maps V3 Keyboard Accessibility
How do you output a query from a .cfm page using jQuery AJAX in JSON format?
JMS infinite LOOP
Flushing log to disk, exception in VerifyOSHandlePosition
Best practice for handling mysql connection in a social network system
Add imported classes to metadata
Converting exponential to float
Setting Sharepoint File Field Attributes
PHP - how to print each row of an array
PHP Get Cookie by Session ID (or otherwise pass data between two different connections)
MVC 3 and JQuery UI validation
MySQL Union error
Create a dynamic class from an embedded swf symbol
Should I call super() or call this() for android custom view constructors?
How do I pass value of ajax variable to php script in this example?
Objective C - sudzc, returns empty ArrayOfString, but xml response contains data
HttpURLConnection with POST 鈥渢imes out鈥�on ICS, works in HC
Amazon AWS licensing model for windows
Firefox Addon SDK: Ways to display options to user?
Git Quota Limits
Possible overdraw: Root element paints background
Random UI updating with custom UITableViewController and Prototype cells defined from Storyboard
Android page curl by harism , adding TextView caused and exception :
Keep p:dialog up when a validation error occurs after submit
How to quit modal dialog window in selenium headless browser?
java :Why the Local variable should be declared final [duplicate]
What does 鈥渕issing template argument鈥�mean?
2-step verification in xmpp protocol
image resizing and controls layout shifting
Why is the top border of this inline element not displaying and why does using float correct this?
I couldn't find my.ini files on root directory?
In what situation the on event can fail?
Removing elements from binding list
HTML entities not recognized and not displayed when retrieved from ajax
Variable Name Restrictions in R
Read txt file in Matlab
Is there a way to set a variable in a PostgreSQL statment that can be used in a file path name
Do I need all three constructors for an Android custom view?
Search number in array
How to change attributes of clonned html table and radiobutton?
How to use a header file without a cpp file
Is it possible to set text or background color outside ViewPagerAdapter?
Cookie and security in Java (GAE)
How to create a Dialog with a multichoiceitem list of Images with their names stored in internal memory in android
Does salt need to be random to secure a password hash?
printf and unsafe formatting strings
What could be the cause of a pyinstaller made .exe restarting itself even after keyboard interrupt?
float left query not covered by parent
Get access to a user controls custom properties in a master page from a content page
jQuery easySlider 1.7 - how do I add the next and previous buttons?
Do I have to drop tables once i change the django models
Idiomatic way to sum multiple vectors in Clojure
Finding the smallest number of substrings to represent a set of strings
Objective-c obfuscation of methods works in DEBUG but crashes in RELEASE
How to assign a string to a character pointer in C?
Cant show ProgressDialog from non UI thread. How to?
Why can't I set a QObject parent in a class of which QObject is only an indirect base?
How to fetch only a value from MySQL database? [duplicate]
Return value based on user input
Why does gSOAP set stdin mode to binary if reads data from a file stream?
How can I remove the last character of a string variable in ksh?
Does mercurial transfer full files or only diffs?
Avoid error when running java tests which generate super long command lines?
Jquery Mobile Dynamic listview with scroll options
I18n/L10n of an API targeting developers from maximum locales [closed]
The Server Tag is not well formed - RegularExpressionValidator
Python Regex punctuation recognition
php convert number into minutes
Can't find the database file
Simulate javascript click on X,Y point (to be used to control a silverlight player)
Initializing NSDictionary
Word Document.Close and Thread Abort Exception Windows 7
How do I custom animate a groundoverlay Icon on goolge map API v3
Setting PHP multidimensional session variable in function
How do I properly format these rich snippets?
Wordpress change image link url to file url
Implement Interface vs Implement Interface Explicitly in C# [duplicate]
Create a 5 star-rating control with hover images without JavaScript
CakePHP, is there any way in find() method to use a MySQL WHERE鈥N condition
Listening for http requests in a windows forms application
Change property of a button programmatically
Refering to an element from within an object
Why does Guid.ToByteArray() order the bytes the way it does?
iOS 5 Storyboard: NavigationViewController to TabbarController - Not working , Why?
How do I structure this SQL SELECT query?
Licensing Adobe AIR applications on Android
Load classes from folder without specifying the package
Complete email client is possible or not in iPhone? [closed]
VS2010 Report Designer : Formatting an int as (x)d, (y)h, (z)m in RDLC
select dropdown list item findbytext without case sensitivity
Apache .htaccess redirect if folder not present
Sending a SOAP message
Android application uploaded using eclipse seems to still be taking up space even though I deleted it
how can I do this hibernate mapping?
Python Prime 鈥淐-number鈥�
Strip an XML object of its object status, and save the value contained inside
PhoneApplicationPage can not resolve StaticResource
Passenger 鈥淣o such file to load鈥�error for Model
Applications or Ways to Import MySQL Database with Relations etc..? [closed]
Disposing Com object in application
How do I see the NTusername in trigger?
Eclipse product: Export multiple versions of a product which has slight variations
Unix find average file size
Javascript - How to get number of characters in textbox and use substring to delete
How to determine when jQuery.ScrollTo has finished smooth scrolling
XPATH Expression help needed
How to delete application file from AppData Roaming folder
List of random numbers - arc4random
How to load font from disk?
How can I find the attribute information of User-defined types in Postgres?
FPDF generated attachment for e-mail consists out of weird characters
is it possible to cache content on a native phonegap/jquery mobile android app?
Handling call events in windows phone
How to document a method with parameter(s)?
How to extract Validity To and From X509Certificate in java?
Windows Forms: how to drag and drop a .xml file on a TextBox?
Is it possible to add your own tags to a GPX file like in XML?
SQL - Most recent by date
Registration free COM without generated manifest
Database is being used by another process 鈥�but what process?
How can I use Visual Studio to work with large non-VS codebase?
checkbox value doesn't change when box is checked
Can't get current location using gps
Android:Listview item background issue on list scrolling
How do I call an ASP link from VB code-behind instead of user clicking link?
How do I overwride 鈥済etTime()鈥�in node.js?
When creating a custom Blog CMS, what should one implement to be able to use it with LiveWriter?
Can a MySQL 32bit database be imported/copied to a 64bit MySQL?
How to reference top-level container throughout application without making it a singleton?
Symfony upload file and save filename with id, work, when saving into database not work
capture address value in a span class and pass it to google map url as querystring
How do I set the correct Content-Type header for the different browsers?
Develop Titanium Mobile App in Eclipse
XML - Use Document methods on a Node
Publish Actions not working on Open Graph App
Uploadify Alert after upload not showing
iOS - Detect shake strength
How to make autocomplete input field out of existing javascript
Multiple dialog confirm only works once
Session in Restful Web service
How to tell if a set of web service calls are completed?
Text color of nav bar not changing
how can is get the nodelist of child node using xpath dom java?
Can Android cache HTML5 video with cache manifest offline?
Tableview across to another tableview and custom table cell cannot be shown
Memory Issue on IE browser
Rails3: form_for/simple_form_for record values
Changing KML Files Contents
How to change Crystal Reports connection string using OLE DB in
Adding an affine term to linear SVM / logistic regression objective function
strutils.dcu not found in delphi 5
amazon multipart upload api for mac
Use javascript to pause, jump to position, and adjust volume in netflix's silverlight player
Django + SQLAlchemy + RESTful API (tastypie?)
how to set a default value in DevExpress GridColumn
What is the minimal source access needed to write test code for a Windows DLL file?
not able to consume soap based wcf service
mysql_fetch_assoc() gives me the wrong value
open wordpress post in fancybox ajax mode
Collect xml response by third party web service
PublicKeyToken and pfx file
Any explanation of exec's behavior?
IF container 鈥渪鈥�does not contain div 鈥渘鈥� JS
How to Use Content-disposition for force a file to download to the hard drive?
How to configure CRM Ribbon xml to display a ribbon button for an Entity only when it is being viewed in the context of a particular parent entity
Should I store parsed text? If so, where?
android GPS service best practices
Securing API of Application that uses Sign in with twitter
losing css after jquery ajax load
Android: Write a xml on SD-Card
MySQL custom reporting strategy
Hibernate str() function using Criteria API
Netbeans - is it possible to see project source folders in a tree (hierarchical) view, rather then a flat view?
Generating PDF`s in MVC3 with Telerik in UI
How to include object type in Json for asmx web service using Gson
LINQ to DataGridViewRowCollection
Tabs compitability issues with IE
MediaPlayerLauncher error when launching bigger videos
Custom path animation using JQuery
jquery :last-child did not work properly
Dynamic Meta Description
How do I know what type I can cast to on a GetRow()?
Designing an Application List Screen
Play! Framework - SaaS subdomain name filter
CSS Zoom in Google Maps with iOS / Phonegap
rails controller creating instead of updating when passing in an id
format cell in flexigrid to show value [duplicate]
Recreating user, IIS application pool and website error
Bezier curve path in 3D: how to take into account linear speed, linear acceleration and angular speed?
How to convert properly from NSData to NSString?
Rich snippets in Google results
Rails: collecting data from three relating models in one view
Is python zipfile thread-safe?
Dynamic Excel report 2010 against MS analysis services Cube using parameters
Strange Assembly name Error while visiting site from mobiles
How to get open window's ID and then resize that open window
Python 2.7.2 Multiple Values for one variable
Wicket Spring Hibernate Transactional
where can i find advanced backbone.js examples [closed]
Java, cannot receive data from different class file
loading image from isolated storage to observable collection not working
Intermittently not receiving form emails SMTP
Stored Procedures with Mysql connector in c#
Flex: How to find out if an object is in a page using SSL/TLS [https protocol]
diff local package with database package
Multicasting in android
what's the difference between ordinal and hint number in the native dll?
Powershell HTML email formatting
jquery,ajax,php image upload in not working
Type casting error in Visual C++
Stored procedure with params in excel without
Android spinner behavior
javascript to search attributes in an XML document
Where can I find user culture if not in Thread.CurrentCilture
How to resize UINavigationController in a storyboard editor
MySQL performance & variables tweaking
How to programatically delete shortcut from user's desktop
How to make 鈥淐ontentflow鈥�jquery plugin auto rotate?
Specify special case handler for MapRoute in ASP.NET MVC 3
How to control the file size of the image linked?
Reshape matrix into a list of lists
ASP.NET MVC - updating an existing model
matching outputted Html buttons with outputted Php/MySQL data
use of GET and POST by MVC
How do I compile a list of iss files with Inno Setup IDE
ProGuard obfuscation on Eclipse Android project (Phonegap app)
OpenGL/GLEW: Unresolved external _glewInit
Clean up pasted text doesn't work in safari
processing.js change script source
Does C++11 standard provide something like boost::any?
Broken wildcard expansion for Java7 commandline on Windows(7?)
My spinner isn't visible while using an imageview
MySQL Query: Get 3 results where id equals this, then another 3 where id equals that
Assign Random Order to 10000+ records
Maintaining dynamic textbox control values into an array in javascript onchange event
jqPlot: define chart parameters from json
How to get even on tab selection, and get the currently instead of previously selected tab?
NSMutableArray is deleting all object with same string
Data column(s) for axis #0 cannot be of type string error in google chart
Gevent threads don't finish even though all the Queue items are exhausted
CSS3 transitions inconsistent across FF and Chrome
Vim incremental search next result
Regexp to CSS file
How to deal with Error #2025: The supplied DisplayObject must be a child of the caller
Skipping certain parts of a textfile while reading in java
Actionscript deserialize Strings into objects
MFC chtmlview Windows 7 issue
jquery html manipulation does not work on the select inputs
How to display tweets from twitter using Hash tags by PHP+MySQL
SQL Server 2008 - Advanced Search/Sorting
Migrate a jetty8 web app to google app engine
How to integrate Google API 2.1 into Android 2.1
How to forward declare boost smart ptr?
Java Tree Struct & Breadth-first-search
Custom sums in SQL Server query
Beginer at Android apps, please help! - NullPointerException
what does CV symbol mean?
Fast SQL query but slow result retrieval
Nothing happens after login while implementing Android facebook sdk integration
Can we get the time specified in the phone setting screen of windows phone 7 for locking the screen?
Shortcuts Ctrl+C Ctrl+V dont work in Textboxes if MenuStrip has this Shortcuts set
how to do a sum weighted in a datatable?
Unable to send SOAP Headers to ASMX
JSON Images in UIScrollView
Using a CSS mask without element acting like it has overflow: hidden;
The Chain of Responsibility Pattern
Looking for a Dojo MVC-Controller-Class as a base
iOS 5 - In App purchases not getting products
Safely checking non-repeatable IEnumerables for emptiness
Scrambled text in MySQL database
Correct finishing of server's thread
Serialise object state to const C# class
CAkePHP: share blog content with authorized users only
how to connect to SQL Server with SQuirreL SQL from non domain registered Linux box?
Modify template of external app (django-moderation)
MVC3 Binding an Object property that inherits from a base class
Accessing Page name / final part of URL in Rails
ASP.NET MVC - Ajax.ActionLink with a HtmlString
Problems installing DBD::mysql in Perl
Setting a f:validateRegex pattern using EL
Getting XPath selector to output text of parent and child element
How to make a dll delayed depends on another dll?
catching SocketException in socket.connectAysnc
How can I make libstemmer work with sphinx in Debian?
Camera (LootkAt + Orthogonal projection) doesn't want to work [SlimDX / D3D9]
regex to find 4th comma from the end of line
Can't get HTML5 Cache Manifest working
Can't find org.json.JSONObject
Gettext can't get setlocale() to work
unbind touchmove event in jquery
txt file delete in directory
Android :how to reference a string in a string array resource with xml and how to show my data list in that xml
Simple discriminant analysis in R using the lda function fails
My application is hung and windbg dump analysis shows all threads are in suspended/unfrozen state. What does it mean?
Uncompress Z files and then delete the files after in a script
Can Emscripten compile LLVM to JavaScript?
Alter and set a id attribute for a field in drupal 7
Facebook mobile HTML5 applications and Referral Authentication
Interface implementation in to my project
Jmeter POST request is not processed properly
Creating Document Images
Hudson Maven Release Subversion
database design structure and complexities [closed]
Empty POST result using CodeIgniter form_validation
Build errors when using ZBarReader controller with SQLite
Can you disable a UIButton without disabling its attached UIGestureRecognizers?
How to return data from QDialog?
Draw Hyperlink Using String builder In C#
How can a closure refer to itself?
htaccess 301 redirect subdirectory one level deeper - why is this not working?
Converting NSString to Char Array
Poor performance using conditional where clause in Sybase
Zend Framework 1.11 - Doctrine 2.2 - Load Entities from Sub-Folders
PHP number_format() decimal .99 is turned to .00
short Dump: Field symbol has not yet been assigned
Why would a routine need a PChar(type-cast from a string) passed to it remain in memory after it returns?
Difference between resource and resources methods
Cannot use text, ntext, or image columns in the 'inserted' and 'deleted' tables
I need to make cross domain requests server side
Trying to delete files older than x days
Error in Jackson 褋ustom Serializers/Deserializers
OutOfMemoryError and Unloading class sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor
Bind the height of a Polygon to the StackPanel height
Hibernate Update Parent Table and its Child Table , but not working porp?
How to install Internet explorer in Ubuntu? [closed]
Sorting in XSLT within nested For Each
Run android program as root
Where should I use thread.sleep in a java swing program?
Apache Camel: how store variable for later use
Internet explorer won't postback form if I put a script on the submit button
how to count listbox items while running a for each loop in
Frequency Shift without Intermediate Buffer using IPP
Thread synchronization and decoupled classes
What is best practice to interaction with object in objective-c?
Visit Tracking - server-side / client-side
sftp package for TCL
Triggering CSS3 Transform on browser resize
How to check whether the user has a bookmark (iPhone)
writing junit for custom spring validator class
Value stored to 'var name' is never read
F# understanding discriminated union
TMX Map does not read Objects position properly when running retina?
How should I store shopping cart items?
How to .load() just a specific div from a page into a a target div, not the whole page
Can you define a velocity macro to 鈥渨rap鈥�other content?
HXT XML search not returning expected results
Git filter-branch not rewriting all history
Two timed events one windows service
Parsing string literals with FParsec?
How to set the score for a table in Tic Tac Toe?
Magento transactionnal emails order.getBillingAddress()
Avoiding clashing appointments Access
Android WebView and form data
Explain simple search engine
Anyone knows what does advapi stand for?
Filtering date in oracle using ADO.NET
File not found issue in Android
How to wait for result of asynchronous web service call in ASP.NET for best performance
accessing url segments in zend framework
calculating average
better way to find max date inside big pool of core data objects
Print multiple uploaded document from a web application
AIR native process installation before execute
How to parse html documents using standard windows phone libraries?
Fluid width website design
Lower battery consumption Android [duplicate]
Second Instance of Form based application does not show a UI
Any way of passing generic type definition to asmx webservice
How to make if statement with color code
Firefox 10 - unclickable buttons?
python [Errno socket error] [Errno 10061] No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it
Retrieving url from BBCode, discard everything else
How to extract a self extracting exe from commandline
How to Programmatically Sort TreeView
Toggle the view of the Console in a RCP application
How to 鈥渟imulate鈥�a click on a Google Maps Marker?
WCF response is returned as text/html, not xml
How do I determine if a string is date format?
.color JQuery not working in Chrome/Safari
Whats wrong with this PLSQL code block
KnockoutJS calling methods with context in bindings
Please explain the shell code which is used for executing python files
What's wrong with my bash script to iterate over files
Correct syntax for MySQL UPDATE 鈥�JOIN 鈥�CASE?
Center point on html quadratic curve
Change PHP CLI's MYSQL_SOCKET configuration
Custom WiX action to call depending MSI on first installation
Using jQuery to load new image into div with a different folder path
boost::asio unable to handshake with ssl server
Stopping a microthread in Stackless Python
php delete where it matches the word 鈥渓ast鈥�
calculate bitrate from video video
Any simple code samples for Java SWT MVC/other GUI design patterns
Facebook iOS integration: Session expired on iPhone 3G
Generate String for file/directory name
How to get to /public outside WEB-INF when using Spring MVC
php passing strings to external diff command
Fetch Twitter Friend List after Authentification
Android: integrate app into text edit menus (copy/paste/etc)
PHP MySQL DSN Connections - How to enable mysql://
How to launch multiple browsers with selenium grid?
Sort all even numbers in ascending order and then sort all odd numbers in descending order in a collection
Type exists in 2 assemblies
Doubles with constraints in Java?
Splitting a string using a regexp that matches more than one character
My TextView not support this (') character
iPad mirror IPHONE app via VGA lead
Bash - Creating Arrays using loop counter
Fetching data from database with integrity broken
Fetching data from database with integrity broken
Populating a listview from another thread
Python socket.gethostbyname_ex() multithread fails
reducing memory footprint of phonegap, sencha touch on iOS (iPad)
detect light pulse from camera
cantors zigzag path of zigzag [closed]
Creating dropdown menu
How do I remove multiple href links via the ID with jquery?
How to parse line-based text file(.mht) in scala way?
Retrieve records using Hibernate Projections and the AliasToBeanTransformer
SVN repo access over the web by Repo browser
Why isn't my DataGridViewComboBoxColumn data-bound when I add it to the DataGridView?
Java network programming - only local sockets
Application Page now Empty
copy allocated char array to 鈥渘ormal鈥�char array
updating the primary key and foreign key in multiple tables
Extending Scala pattern matching in subclass while maintaining complexity
What exceptions can be raised by action mailer
Android - Runtime exception. 鈥淯nable to instantiate receiver鈥�
ZK Listbox: Horizontal scrollbar not appearing with hflex=min (in other container/Tabbox)
Is YAML disfavored as a way to represent REST documents exchanged between services? If yes, why?
unable to send sms via smpp account
How to authorize public users when they access on the specific page, for read-only purposes
How do you mitigate risk when introducing multivariate testing into a dynamic web application?
How to add an existing web application under svn control
Why does JSON.stringify screw up my datetime object?
can i import 3d image in my iphone app? [closed]
How to create a new layout for an Android project (using Eclipse)
copy in ANT throws
Using collection initializer syntax on custom types?
User Controls hide and show
How to use Android DownloadManager?
Quickfixj: How can I catch Connection refused: no further information
Multiple producer/consumer interaction in .Net 4.0
XML connectivity for booking website
mandatory property in return object of an EF linq query
TPL and Task Scheduling
EntityFramework ObjectContext Refresh issue
How to fix this error with my GridView
xml configuration for sqlalchemy
GeneralTransform: 鈥淰alue does not fall within expected range鈥�
Java SWT: Composite vs Shell
XML Deserialization without specifying XmlRootAttribute
Using templates for creating PDF files
Slow load from cache in IE9
How to calculate count on of table column using group by clause in linq
Encrypting data using RSACryptoServiceProvider has what seems to me as a bizarre feature
Spinner onItemSelected a Action should trigger in for getting data
Is it possible to query and set a viewpoint on a MATLAB 3D plot?
How to play audio file dynamically without using OnCompletionListener()
Java bean validation, trouble with hibernate-validator 4.x and ConstraintValidator
Pop the fragment backstack without playing the Pop-Animation
Some problems with accessing individual elements in MATLAB
jquery .live() method not working?
Increase UIAlertView size on iPad
Adding countdowntime to system time
MongoDB Retrieve a subset of an array in a collection by specifying two fields which should match
Android ArrayAdapters convertviews tag null after update
Highlighting Values in a Crystal Reports Crosstab based on sibling values
Rail server crash on RHEL 6
Sort algorithm: Magento checkout totals sorted wrongly causing wrong shipping tax calculation
Parent-dependent QTreeWidgetItem checkboxes in dynamically generated QTreeWidget
jQuery Resizable textarea is not working
Column data moving to right with Excel VBA
Is there a way to prevent 鈥減refix inheritance鈥�
Using tokens in web service
jQuery Select list, selected text value rather than the value
Geting local sytem path when executing Postgres queries on remote system in delphi
CSS Not Regenerated When LESS File Modified for Node.js on Windows
My associative array doesnt store objects
Rooted Phone: Apps have root permission
binary search tree - get heaviest path algorithm c++
Filter right join data in where clause
get maximum as an array in case of more than one with same maximum value
Linq, how to check if value of field is null
get boost::posix_time::time_duration in seconds
using mono mac with x-code
WPF window not minimizing/maximizing
How to add existing files to project using Eclipse and PyDev
About JAXB Databinding in JAX-WS
img src and onmousehover in css3
How to set z-index on tinyMCE toolbar?
how to listen asynchronously in bash script?
Memcached-like key-value store with no automatic data removal
substring manipulation
.NET ASP.NET Web Application - Continous Integration Solutions
Why do I get 鈥淚nvalidCastException鈥�
Devise - Changing the name of a routing
Android Game Development Using Java: parameter can't be resolved
Microphone code doesn't run on iPhone device
how to add primary key to text datatype in android sqlite? [duplicate]
Display upside down text in an Html5 canvas
Problems with subsequent instances of a JS object in IE6
MarketplaceSearchTask special chars ( 盲 眉 o ) not working
How to use NFC API with google chrome for android
How to associate a request with a HttpSession in a Java EE application, based on request payload?
mysql_query returns nulls
PHP SOAP Function calls returning a fault
Get the next character after a certain characters position
Connecting SVN repository with its checkout that is many revisions older?
Connecting SVN repository with its checkout that is many revisions older?
Chained drop down box value not showing in IE 7,8,9 or lower browser
Implement Audio Visualizer in Android 2.1
How to open colorbox from inside a iframe on top of parent window
Porting POSIX C code to windows
Why am I not able to populate my Array object?
XmlSerializer stopped working after updates
Is there any event that fires when WPF animation ends?
How to open word file with images and bullets in a rich text box
Catalyst $c->req->params empty?
Porting my old plain JavaScript projects to CoffeeScript and BackboneJS
The Most efficient and cached way to read from Xml files
Trying to create tetris, but can't
JavaScript Mobile Drag and Drop
boost::asio send get request after ssl connection
LDAP -samba problems with setup
how to change dropdownlist values by selecting radio button in the radiobuttonlist using cascading drop down in C#
Is there any way to set the TableAttribute at runtime, OR any way to do LINQ type switching at runtime?
please help me to replace unzip
Css floating two elements inside a jquery ui themed widget
Connecting to multiple client's local SQL servers from Cloud based IIS
String encoding related issue
Collection won't store string
Extracting part of current page's URL in javascript
Is it possible to have more than one setContentView in one class?
Displaying a close image on hover
table td width firefox
download file from qwebkit at pyqt
Is it possible to change the form icon in the caption bar of modal and non-modal forms at run-time?
How to find Mysql thread
At runtime, how can I determine programmatically how much memory is used by dynamically-linked libraries?
MVC 3 Checkbox failing at model return value
Android - Thread issue. A static worker thread and two different AsyncTasks
Batch copy files to new directories that match the file name
why doesn't refreshing Firefox reflect javascript code changes? [duplicate]
JBoss 4.3 running legacy Struts application outputing hundreds of thousands of empty lines in log file
Java guidance/tips to safe dao
Abandoned Memory, Leaks, Navigation Controller
jqGrid treeGrid editRow and not-editable-cel
UITableView doesn't display the cell correctly when inserting in the first row with animations
Deterioration of the menu while page_load in
Get original definition of redefined function
Print everything that can be imported [duplicate]
Layouts in java Swing specifying size
Crystal Reports Data disappearing
Date parsing from unstructured string
Get htaccess URL params in JavaScript
Visual Studio 2010 Crash on project/form load
PrimeFaces Use FileDownload Inside Form
php file_get_contents encoding issue
Get Id of One MySQL Table and Insert it into another table
Key mapping (grave accent) and encoding issue in .vimrc
Can someone exlpain advantage spring-security PreAuthorize annotations?
Using MicroORM for read layer in CQRS
Problems calling a DLL from .NET
Change text inside a button in prototype
How do I hook invoking controller action in MVC?
sql update with joined tables
A (preferably Java) library to execute cron jobs on an alternative time scale?
Install webrat with Ruby 1.9.3 and Rubygems 1.8.15
How to 鈥渄isable鈥�comments detection when parsing a file with CSVParser / CSVStrategy (Apache Commons)
php recursive variable won't change
__* in Mysql regular expression
Data Sync SQL Server 2008 R2 to Azure Error
XML-RPC message format trouble
How to detect if the touch point is contained by draw content of CALayer?
How to customize open/save file dialogs?
How do I actually play a song on PyAudio?
how to write azure web role - worker role schedule task?
Multiple columns instead of rows - PDO statement
IIS7 or ServerManager StdOut
getting a value along with html markup returned by Ajax in Jquery
TFS Build using conditional compilation symbols (DefineConstants) from .csproj file
How to upgrade Apache on a Windows server?
Sql remove duplicate when select table
Yii ajaxSubmitButton
What am i doing wrong here?
Cloning content to a slider
Adding GLM to project in Xcode 4
Installing SSL certificate causes the server to fail when restarting
How to force Eclipse to update methods' visibility
Fade in a table row when it's added to a table
What is the cause for this SecurityException when I try to include the expectations for a mock obejct?
Overflowing of Unsigned Int
How to access Django message framework content in Django unit tests
Is there any fake data generator that works with Android?
How can I select all data from GridView's current row
Does anyone know a simple method for posting a tweet from within a WP7 app?
Single Sign On using SAML 2.0
No such method exists
Bison matching wrong tokens
CSS3 Pie removes background images in <li>
Force indexhibit to use url with www
FTP: Creating Nested Directories Automatically
how to display multiple fields on a cell in iphone programing?
Gradient in IE9: using 鈥渇ilter: none鈥�doesn't work
Using scalaz state in a more complicated computation
CDbCommand failed error in MySQL after insert
What's the best practice when optimizing for a responsive mobile version of a website?
reshape throws error for data.table but not data.frame
how to navigate into activity using webview in android
Displaying 6.5235375356299998e-07 without exponential notation
C# Library for converting Shapefile Projection