Image button inside a Data table
Grails integration tests failing in a (seemingly) random and non-repeatable way
Asterisk + Node.js + Browser Streaming
How can I move files & folders using git in Xcode 4?
Accessing Access Gateway programmatically
Why is an Android Service not singleton when testing?
Is there a way to tell if python was configured and compiled with 鈥�-with-threads --enable-shared鈥�
take 1 line output from command, split it and put it in a new file line by line
In App purchase not work on device
disabling view with in action in ZF2
how to convert OpenGL code using vertex arrays into code using vertex buffer objects?
Does GAE ProtoRPC support json data field for request
Playing with float in CSS3 Media Queries
Java Canvas white edge
insert XML into DOM leads to not working class/id selectors
What is the sonar database structure?
java client and wcf web service
Can SQL Server Express LocalDB be connected to remotely?
Consumers are not returning connection to my DB connection pool
Findcontrol in listview itemtemplate
How to add rows dynamically to the GridView based on the TextBox value?
In Objective-c What happens if a parent deallocs a child, while a child method is executing?
sql datetime convert to hql
Liferay 5.2.3 to 6.0 Upgradation steps (Windows + Tomcat + MySql)
How to find the CPU load of the remote system
Region of Interest using opencv
Dynamics Ax: how to copy a value from a field to another?
How to log workflow foundation activities
How do I observe *all* property changes on a model object?
Upload images to Salesforce through iOS App
Jquery - setting href via prop function - losing some forward slashes
Where in clojurescript is the .strobj function defined?
AVX-optimized code not running on linux redhat 5.6
Order by a calculated column in GAE datastore
How to align similar lines of code using whitespace in Netbeans/MPLab X?
Make slug mandatory in page URL?
how to play html5 video on a webview android
problems after upgrading xampp to 1.7.7
data realted access in authenciation
Java ME AudioSamples do not work on Ubuntu
Maven WAR overlay problems, while using Hudson + Artifactory
How to handle imported 3D data table for function use?
iOS Safari localStorage broken QUOTA_EXCEEDED_ERR
bitand condition in Query of Query (QoQ)
RoundCube perfomance bug with contacts above 1000 in MySQL
how to implement a MVC application?
how to implement a MVC application?
Write to a cacheable physical address in linux kernel without using ioremap or mmap
Different content in multiple monitors [Objective-C - ScreenSaverView]
Table view freezes when sql queries are fired in thread
How to avoid div to be displayed on a new line
MVC3 Checkbox value won't clear
printing a php variable as it is : with all the special characters
Does wait(some time) must always be in synchronized method?
jQuery Find and Filter
ksh script + print argument content in shell script
foreach loop finally
How to stop an image which moves by animation?
Searching for a RegEx to split a text in it words
ListBox.SelectionChanged when Clicking on an userControl inside listboxItem
Css formating, Boarders wont go full lenght
Timeout expired when querying SQL Server via NHibernate
Applying a coloured overlay to an image in either PIL or Imagemagik
Is it possible that browser's rendering mode dynamically change from standard to quirks
cfinclude: template not found exception + symbolic link + CF 9.0.1
Taking a picture from IP camera and upload using FTP
Perl Fork Threads Capture Output
Writing a if forumla to look for a cells contents then do this or that
HTML dropdown can't capture onChange() if there is only one value in dropdown
jquery resize animation slow in all versions of firefox
Setting up SVN with development and production server
jQuery UI Selectmenu events bind
Camel Log Component
Can I get the time when an page was compiled?
Formatting Date::Manip's Delta to days
apply css style in HTML usin jQuery?
Model a database foreign key in c# scaffolding complex type using EF Code first
Jquery/Javascript Flickr Gallery.. Need help badly
Signal_draw in Gtkmm2.4
Prevent root access to my application files
Subscribing to system Bluetooth notifications
A Task's exception(s) were not observed either by Waiting on the Task or accessing its Exception property
How to preserve orientation during a popup?
Getting matching attributes from two tables
Define signal for 鈥淪imulate arbitrary signal鈥�from database
Backup Android Eclipse Project
changing the language of the iphone app
HTML5 appcache, Get a list of cached files in the client
Insert parent element ID into dynamic element
How to reload part of a form with jquery javascript?
Displaying result for a particular record through PHP- MySQL Search
WebView from NDK in android
previous text in label in tableview is displaying after reloading tableview
Retrieving activities from stream before 01-01-2011
Click on list view and and let it selected - android
bash script to check if a file exists over a certain size
Non deterministic Backbone Collection property assignment in console
How to install SVN server in Linux
Moving this action that works in the show view into the index view (Rails)?
Is it possible to create bidirectional relationships using only data annotations with EF Code First?
How can I execute php from a javascript function?
how to find a string in a txt file
Gmap3 / Jquery Syntax [closed]
How to connect my web application to SQL Server / SQL Server Express
AccountManager.getAuthToken returns empty string, sometimes
Do not unsubscribe from COMObject events can cause memory leak although I use Marshal.FinalReleaseComObject?
SQL Tables: Can I Pivot/Join with N rows?
When should I use deleteCacheWithName with fetchedResultsController?
Hash becomes array after post
Query selects duplicated records
There is an error in XML document (2, 2)
Ruby: how to ouput PDF object element?
Reporting Services - hide table row based upon report parameter value
How can I set the UIImagePickerController orientation for video?
What will happen if the user is deleted, while he is connected to MySQL?
weak property for delegate cannot be formed
Mnesia: when would you limit the number of transaction retries?
Given a ISO 8601 weeknumber, how would you get the dates within that week
Decoding SQL datatype 鈥渋mage鈥�data in Java
jQuery Odd: CSS or jQ selector?
Parent-Child Matrix Chaining/Order Heirarchy
Erase results from terminal without erasing command history
Facebook getSignedRequest() return null from ip set as url
What class does the .NET framework use to extract Data Annotations information from a class?
Android Login page design
rails 2.3.5 failsafe error
Consuming Data Services from Windows Phone, versions of data schema: IExtensibleDataObject alternative?
Update part of cache using in repository possible?
Technical explanation of how outline, border and padding are rendered in this example?
jquery click event works for dynamic content on desktop browsers but not mobile browsers
Perl: why does this web scraper regex work inconsistently?
mySQL User permissions in information_schema
Yii don't understand how to log a message
How can I select text from element by JQuery
How to generate a license key using java
Can SQLAlchemy add new records and automate the relationship between tables without me manually checking for PK uniqueness?
Define global array in app_config file
Testing the 鈥渁ccepts_nested_attributes_for鈥�in unit testing using Rspec
getting data from plist to NSMutableArray and writing the NSMutableArray to same plist iPhone
Why does SuperTab output self when I press <tab>?
Django filter AVG - Rating
How to play an encrypted video file in Android
How do I create a thread pool?
Show help question mark button (biHelp) on non dialog Form?
Can we Install a plugin or software from browser? [closed]
Can we Install a plugin or software from browser? [closed]
Don't group if value is empty
Using a JTextField to get a regular expression from a user. How do I make it see t as a tab instead of a followed by a t
How to customize the JavaScript prompt?
SELECT only one row in the case where there are multiple values for a particular column
is it checking files in server side?
PySide threading and http downloading
SQLITE more than 397 characters
Encrypt mailto email addresses with inline JavaScript
How to calculate Week in jQuery DatePicker?
Erlang compiler optimizations
what is the significance of webpart controls in today applications? [closed]
How can I determine if an object is of type 鈥渢ext鈥�or 鈥渃heckbox鈥�
Does Too many ids hurt performace
MySQL order by field plus field
MPMoviePlayerController is not responding to device volume controls
Fetching cookies from a file with python
Preg Match PHP Expression to capture an array from text within {{STRING}}
Spring AOP pointcut not applying to abstract methods
Allocate longitude and latitude of an object
How do I convert a datetime (w/timezone) to a 鈥渕onth, day鈥�stringin ruby /rails?
Don't receive nested XML nodes from SOAP Web Service using ksoap2
custom scrollbar(horizontal) within custom scrollbar(vertical)
iphone screen orientation
Ant pathconvert is not accepting newlines
Check if website is in client's trusted sites
Passing OpenCV coordinates to OpenGL
Get users twitter id?
Providing css class to the excel cell using ExcelExportCellFormatting event of radgid
Authentication in KSOAP2 request to .NET webservice in Android
Change values of internal dictionary via attributes
Ember js multi text box form
Autoclick search button (android)
Compile error: package javax.servlet does not exist
How To Bind a Property to Textbox using MVVM and MVVM toolkit?
Hbase Multithreaded client throwing OOM
Galleriffic: it loads before my Jquery code that refers objects inside it
Why does overflow hidden stop floating elements escaping their container?
Difference between jQuery parent() and closest() functions
How to know if tomcat is running (and its port number) on my windows machine?
Intellij idea unresolved symbol in grails + gwt project
MKTime - error if month is different
Spring: Why the SessionFactoryUtils class in Hibernate 4 does not provide the getSession method?
How to use BitmapData.fillRect()?
Understandig DataTrigger
self registration Grails access via http (Android Client)
jquery cant understand $( input[name=arrayElement]).change
Easier alternative for showing Button as pressed or not than Selector?
Work on application and library simultaneously?
How to modify small part of XML using XSL
JSON API request app (rails), rendering results
android testing onActivityResult
Find error PHP returns to AJAX in JQuery
JQuery validation: required( dependency-expression )
How i can integrate fingerprint scanning device in a PHP application
Adding button in a pdf file using iTextSharp
how to open specific page on Google's docs viewer
Disk based implementation of List [duplicate]
Setting java_opts to tomcat service from command line
How do you get cucumber/guard to filter on tags like @wip?
Androidish way to organize multithreading (code review)?
Secure and HttpOnly flags for session cookie Websphere 7
Can't connect to mysql through django
Common context menu strip through out the application
jquery ready() equivalent in GWT
Issue with the SQL* PLUS connections in a Shell Script
Keep last selected tab selected after redirecting the page
SQL Query To Get All Records From One Table, Except A Specific Record, By Date, From Another Table
Sqlite through C not returning results where plain sqlite is
Android - How to create a view with rounded corners _and_ a tiled image background
Handling browser window close in a nowjs chat application
java - MulticastSocket problems on Windows Server 2008
@ converted to %40 in HTTPPost request
Accessing pcap file header
Enable Verbose Logging in SOAPpy
SQL Query Accross Three Tables Requiring Different Joins
How to set up an application to use DataContracts?
How do I inspect Vim variables?
lauch c# app from c++ without taskbar button
How to send multiple gridview rows to another page and populate those rows in the repeater?
DOA components uninstall in delphi
partial view not opening as jQuery UI Dialog
MySQL match against string containing percentage char
Text Direction In DataGridView
How can i consume WS on server from mobile is not in the same network?
Does J2ME support HTML5?
UITextView - how to disable highlighting?
How to dynamically update tables in PHP
Releasing objects
Does ENUM Singleton through several processes work in Android?
Multiple Facebook 'send' buttons each with different descriptions on one page?
Update DataTable on every new insert in SQL Database (synchronization)
Speech to text in multiple languages
javascript onclick repeat
How to dynamically choose the derived column transformation based on the given flat file
How to connect 2 known users in flex app together using rtmfp?
Using the same app.config for windows service and GUI
how to update string 鈥淿servername鈥�from the second Form
How to export Collection to csv in Magento?
running the same selenium test on a varying list of urls
Can a WCF Workflow Service take a Workflow Type as a parameter?
how to print the associative array in print_r() fashion from a $.getJSON call?
System Error 124 - ERROR_INVALID_LEVEL with SHFileOperation
Increase precision on money field for huge table
Displaying YUV Image in Android
When/how to use the SQL Server XML datatype?
open the new activity from function
Android on Fedora: PATH not pick up?
Why this Desktop notification code is not working in Chrome
Two Dimensional Arrays
dates in between two days
Getting Previous Date Using Javascript
Hack the JS: Thoughts on mixing in some object as arguments (or inner variables) for external functions (like **kwargs) w/o using this
Can i merge these two classes via specialization?
How to change form content?
Apple new announcement [closed]
Changing the popup-menu of a NodeTree
Look-up of remote ejb using client-ejb jar
Getting value from an object with property name as a variable
Getting resizeable appwidget dimensions (or getting around it)
How to get plain text of https package locally?
Automate JFrame Bounds with respect to components size
Looping through elements added on the fly
How do I use sharedPreferences outside of an Activity?
Secure RESTful Web Method in Spring MVC
Using jmeter variables in xpath extractor
Cycle through form elements and check if they are required
How to make this jQuery booklet plugin as a single page booklet?
rails: how to log which i18n translation keys are still used? [duplicate]
Javascript - session.getAttribute returns undefined value
Names not being updated to a table?
Self deployable Java EE application
Switch case alternative for JSF pages
Default hash values in Ruby ( -> about_hashes.rb)
Augmented reality to detect two or more devices in a range Xcode iPhone
using internal css in php
Running perl hack from 鈥淵ahoo! Directory Mindshare in Google鈥�
sending label and text from FORM onchange radio button to table cell and sending text from textarea to table cell
Imitating Facebook 鈥渃losest friend鈥�notification behaviour
Is there a way to shorten a MySQL query, which is made of a lot of conditionals?
Bizarre output in Visual C++
How do I set the body of a HttpPut on Android? (without adding libraries)
Data carried over to UIViewController returns (null)
PHP - Wrap Brackets around every comma
I have read the yii documentaion but did not get my answer yet,
JAVA_HOME not setting
Make spark ButtonBar act like mx ToggleButtonBar Flex 4
Draw path by walking between 2 points an map android
logging SQL expressions from within HSQLDB
Jquery Lightbox - How to pop up a specific slide on page load?
Qt Signal and Slot connection doesn't seem to work
thinking sphinx is giving error on special characters?
Solr index update by query
Is it possible to define different styles for different screen sizes
Why My Code doesn't support Co-variant Interface?
RAILS_ROOT not longer valid when loading images with the prawnto_2 gem
Prevent caching across browser instances in Android (using zxing)
Personal data in App Hub? [closed]
Why is ExpressionEngine 1.6 control panel on localhost not responding?
Link to nested resource is displaying the parent's id in the URL?
remove .animation on blur for my function
Having a mySQL error, unknown column where clause [duplicate]
Datatables Filtering or searching
How to fetch date and time from String in Java?
Strategies for managing database schema in an application using an XML based modelling
Select distinct, show count at end of row
confused with div handling
Xml encoding for multi-nation solution
How to achieve cross browser Font Uniformity with CSS?
Getting the last n results of a MySQL query but in CakePHP
Create custom search module and display results in custom component
How to setJumbo Packet and Receive/Transmit Buffers for advanced network adapter properties in Windows?
PHP send email issues from ajax/jquery
Capturing stdout/stderr with NDK
read , remove and add element to linkedlist from different threads
Insert multiple rows into mysql (items seperated by comma)
How to select all inputs having same name and index them by their name
PHP Processing Files in an FTP Drop Directory
Strong Algorithm for 鈥渞esetting password鈥�securely
Getting the value of a text or checkbox with jQuery and putting it into a variable
MVC: Should 鈥淒isplay Color鈥�logic be in the View or the Model?
Run a method before all methods of a class
Scala: inherited interface member initialization
Diagnose unwanted onPause in android 3.0
Got translit names via xmlReader from Google Maps
How to replace properties which are defined in .componentType file using deployment cofig plan?
Lookup Twitter followers in R
how to get out parameters from stored procedure via C Programming API
HTML list <ul><li> type component in EXTJS 4
Does submit changes work for all linq2sql objects, even if they are defined in seperate files
Parsing a stream of continous XML documents
Inheritance in Java language
Android WebView first page not loading on start after destroy
Load Spring bean at the end
Returning the 'last' row of each 'group by' in MySQL
How to create a rubber thread in Box2D?
Split a string 鈥渁abbcc鈥�-> [鈥渁a鈥� 鈥渂b鈥� 鈥渃c鈥漖 without re.split
Add plot symbol in line chart by coreplot to point touched by user
How does 32bit and 64bit DLLs link to the same C: system32 kernel32.DLL?
MATLAB: Change font size of command window
HATEOAS: concise description
Resourcing XQuery in the market place [closed]
Tasks submitted to Fixed threadpool ExecutorService are threadsafe?
Pass a table method to addLink method of a QueryBuildDataSorce object
How to convert a LINQ query to use lambda expressions
How can I make svg to start from another position of div
Not able to retrieve the data from database when running it on real device
What to do for API versions without View.setX?
multiple resources to same sprint in TFS2010
Groovy how to multi line GStrings for exception messages
NSMutableDictionary not having values set for no obvious reason
Editing a Perforce label's description through a script
JPanel display text progressively
404 error while using Asmack in android
jQuery datepicker not working at all
how do i get a java maven build to fail for compiler warnings?
Nested routings routes.rb
How to move all commits from a branch to another?
Updating a checkbox from a radio button
How to draw application functional diagrams?
php access json_decode data
$(window).bind('hashchange', function () 鈥�advice needed
Cannot play animation in 3D PDF
Canvas video CORS
Netbeans templates - Problems with new lines
how can I extract text from R's help command? [duplicate]
unable to connect with soap based wcf service from iPhone
enum default values understanding
Javascript object serialize readable
MessageBox not showing when 鈥淯nhandled Exception鈥�triggers in winforms
Error Trying to Save from Excel to Sharepoint Library
Port traffic scanner/Analyzer implemented in JAVA? [closed]
Pass argument to AsyncCallback function?
Android: Update a Table Row SQL
Multi touch operations using monkeyrunner
Image management and scaling
Rails JSON decode and to_json don't want work together?
Are the parameter values automatically cleared after executing a batch of SQL commands with a Java PreparedStatemen?
using gevent monkey patching with threading makes thread work serially
TreeView Selected node value with sql query
SqlDataSource configure programmatically from code
VB .NET XDocument and using IIF
Using Devise, I don't see notices like 鈥測ou've signed in鈥�when i log into my app
Javascript object property quotes [duplicate]
Managing RadioButton with RelativeLayouts
analyzing sequences matlab
Grouping SCSS (Sass) Mixins
django-tastypie - How to make manytomany through relationship
superwebsocket on port 80
What is the simplest way for me to use Google's APIs?
What is the simplest way for me to use Google's APIs?
How to add a node to XML in C#?
Replace whole DOM in javascript
How to run java code in a restricted sandbox (without network, filesystem access)
Open android image gallery, Not in picking mode. is it possible?
giving properties to webadresses
Updating EXIF info in image files
Whats the proper way to flag a thread to exit using boost without c++11
How can I display text with carriage returns in a GridView in ASP.Net
separate login section for admin and normal website user in cakephp 1.3
libharu complied android so, but can't load library
Include a jQuery page within a main jQuery page
Apache Camel - MethodNotFoundException in Transform
LKFS or LUFS maximum possible value?
C++ Object Oriented libraries
OSGi container for Android
Static Constructor is called twice in the same appdomain?
Rewrite IsHexString method with RegEx
How to store JSON object into multi-dimension array
Privately scoped variable only for use within property
strange jquery form submit
how to run my sip servlet in netbeans
Put all methods into .h file automatically
View attachments in threads
how to get the name of button background Image in Winforms C#
Magento not sending forgot password emails
Zoom Content in a RelativeLayout
problems using setMeasuredDimension()
Python replace using regex
Facebook c# sdk automatic user login and 鈥渓ike鈥�
Show Checkboxes on select box using jquery in php
How to set the TimePickerDialog to 24 hour?
PHP MySQL query values when use implode() function
IOS: stop a method in its execution
Play swf inside Java app on Mac possible?
Omniauth and Foursquare not working
Double DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE entry error
autofill multiple textboxes based on single textbox value
simple Search in cakephp 2.0
jQuery Mobile - Button Click not working in PageLoad, but works If I try after refreshing the page
Android Map Path Location Navigator motion
css single or multiple line vertical align
Text not showing up in CSS dropdown menu - IE8
recursive method
Configuration files and Extensions
How can I stop one jQuery script from conflicting with another?
MyBatis stored procedure call with optional parameters
Drag'n drop files from the OS to Java application (Swing)
SOAP Body ID missing or how to set using WCF
Naming conflict: Same method name in inherited class and interface
Getting a bitmap to change colour when a limit is reached
Hibernate - NClob property
Generics, Polymorphism, Interfaces: what is the solution?
How do i get these two template classes working together? (properties in C++)
Accessing wireless interface (802.11) at MAC layer (Linux)
Rails 3.1 - migrating dev from mySQL to PostgreSQL
Masonry: How do I change the columnWidth option when a new screen width or window width is found?
Some devices dont show the launcher icon
Android: How to get USB PID and VID of Android device
Data structure to extract median and 2nd smallest element in O(lgn)
Publishing a rgl interactive 3d plot to the web
How to convert a text file into ARFF format?
Renaming a facebook page tab
Cookie functionality on php cross domain proxy using cURL?
onclick event result dissapears
The main difference between Java & C++ [closed]
Multiple input choice in a form
If statement expecting ]
BoneCP does not supply a valid connection if it was created when the database was down
Why can I not use my Propel ORM classes inside of other classes or functions?
How will I be able to remove [NSNull Null] objects from NSMutableArray?
Copy directory recursively in pure C on Linux/UNIX
Android AutoCompleteTextView with data from a web service, problems displaying the suggestion list
Reading & displaying value in Datetimepicker
QTableView mouse pointer show/hide issue with tableview scrollbar
Android media player streaming
Skip DLL files in .NET setup project
Send expanded TreeGrid Nodes in cookie
How do I bootstrap a WPF application using an ApplicationContext?
Editable List/Grid
time.h library not working
How do you create a member in Umbraco 4.7.1 and send them an email with their login details?
How can we draw a line between two buttons?
Columns in DataGrid are not generated if the itemssource contains 0 rows to display
Facebook App + export pdf [closed]
Hibernate global 鈥渄ynamic-insert鈥�
How to merge two or more streams in another or in a file using vectors?
accessing a controller (method) from a model in codeigniter
How to go from a full SQL querying to something like a NoSQL?
Unable to parse content type of return SOAP request (java)
What does the sign {} mean in this xaml code?
Regex for removal? [duplicate]
Echo inside mysql statement?
How to solve incorrect syntax of group by?
Add Image in JTable without using renderer
disable windows font size increase in my C# application
What is WndProc message 24
my.ini and mysql_connect encoding
need to get Rss Feed in count (i.e per site 5 feeds)
my.ini and mysql_connect encoding
need to get Rss Feed in count (i.e per site 5 feeds)
Remove GTK+ container children, repopulate it, then refresh
How can I load the image from web, and show it in the view as soon as I get some data
xsl loading image to get metadata
Hbase put shell command
select contact in Android using keyword
Mysql query JOIN query, getting same column comparing id with request1 and and request2
Freezes window created with wxPython, if use pyHook
Multithreading with LAPACK 3.3 & above on MacOS 10.6 and 10.7
How use the newton function for root finding of the Scipy's optimize package
host doing unnecessary dns lookup for localhost
Problems with RenderAction in MVC 3
App crashes with no exception or crash log
Enable ACK/NAK handshaking for UART serial port communication
Removing items from a observablecollection bound to a datagrid Silverlight?
ICS Android system-server died after put sign-error
phpunit installation on xampp through pear
is there anyway to define public or private or protected classes in PHP
Android widget in different phones
Dynamically inserting stylesheet into IFRAME
Accessing a Hash in a REST POST
How to find the origin of a 鈥淪ystemStackError (stack level too deep)鈥�in Rails 3.2
ILASM does not set FileVersion
When does an object get a objectID that is not temporary?
How do I create generic images/avatars like SO?
Object file addressing in Linux Makefile
Android: Decoding JSON
Javascript Simple Inheritance method
Foreach not working - PHP
Like clause with Rails 3 and Sqlite
How to create new project from GIT repo using Eclipse EGit
Using text file in SQLite
Saving down a cookie after an Ajax call using JQuery and javascript
Web-app deployment and multiple versions
Can I Recreate The Following MySQL Query In CakePHP?
Issues facing with JBehave
jQuery .click function
slickgrid validate row that is going to be added
displaying a string on the textview when clicking a button in android
string length of tricky sting in php
error in creating menu.xml of Game Menu
Select nodeValue but exclude child elements
Handling users and groups in ExtJS
Why do I have two empty ThreadAbortExceptions on my heap?
How to check if combobox drop down list is revealed up or down?
Is it possible to to tell intellisense not to scan some includes?
PIP equivalent for installing pre-built binaries from the unofficial Python pre-built repository
Process memory dump with Windows API
Is 鈥渋nline鈥�implicit in C++ member functions defined in class definition
Android: Ice Creame Sandwich like tab layout
Weird C# bug when replacing a text string
Seek bar for AVPlayer rounding off time to 10 seconds
Log out from Twitter account using JTwitter?
Search and replace different values in notepad++
scala combinator parser not backtracking as I would have thought鈥�
No mapping found for HTTP request with URI?
Cocos2d-x: How to port a Cocos2d-x project developed with XCode to Android (via Eclipse)?
Text in dropdown menu ignoring z-index in IE7
Is it possible to make a SubItem clickable in a ListView
Why is sp_helpdb is giving strange results?
Jquery striped rows
Facebook Increasingly Grouping News Feed Stories from Apps and Sites
Is there a way to know when all the processes started by my main java program has finished execution?
Invalid default value for 'create_date' timestamp field
JSP form selection tag, display inner list
How do I get rid of bin/<MyProject>.dll in my project?
How to write search query with multiple filter inputs in web form for ms sql
MSDeploy connection string for both dbFullSql and web.config
Duplicate timer entries in WEBLOGIC_TIMERS
Javascript Private Method Issue
php mysql query join merge
how to handle empty linq Queries
Extjs4 display tooltip for accordion item headers
Using Kinect to detect objects on the floor
Visual C++ not identifying gets_s
How to init a vector using a specific range of elements stored in a list?
How to create a tree like this one(Cant figure out what to call it)?
Error: 鈥淶end Optimizer Not installed鈥�
Showing wrong count after importing table in Hive
posting a url in the status box in facebook not working
MVC 3 N-Tier app - Execution Engine Exception trying to update record using context.Entry
php mysql select, array result inside array result
Observer for removed items in the cart
Parsing Xml response from third party web service
Relation of Singleton pattern with dependency injection
Scraping Facebook always gives me Login info data Android
Highcharts javascript
how to create virtual directory to my silverlight application in Local IIS
PHP validate IP address
How to mediate a SWF-Flashfile using a PHP mediating a.k.a. HTTP-Pseudostreaming script?
Performance vs Design related to private/protected methods in java [closed] mvc jquery Ajax partial page update issue
how to force firefox to open a file which does not have a .txt extension as if it did have one?
Why bool.try parse not parsing value to TRUE OR FALSE
jQuery Autocomplete and Yahoo Finance
Change GitHub Account username
Calculate memory used by an application through coding
how to separate a string from xml in ios
C++ header files including each other
C++ header files including each other
steps for recording the selenium events on jmeter proxy
Getting full details from a link in the RSS data
Problems writing list items to jcarousel
ASP.NET MVC, lambda and performance
initializing a multi dimensional array c++
Can't do fstream >> int *?
Changing the value of cells depending on the format
Using AVAudioPlayer in iOS5?
When does `ifstream::readsome` set `eofbit`?
is window.document.element a valid object?
Day count - calculation and remove the minus
HTML5 Local DataStorage Fetch Values
Protection against unauthorized redeployment of PHP applications
Change doctype in ASP.NET
How to connect a socket to an http server through proxy?
How to Call an Action from a View and return its result?
Getting 鈥淔ailed to apply web.config modifications鈥�in Sharepoint Central Admininstration when trying to create a web application
how to get all the sharepoint web applications on sharepoint server programatically
Objective-c extern variables changes
Anderson Queue lock on Solaris
How to convert this on to rails query?
Sharepoint ListItem-Permissions
Combine two different select statements, one distinct the other not
How to prevent multiple clicks generating multiple NSOperations
Catch Oracle timeout exceptions
Do Jasper support xml file as the datasource?
Which webservice technology to consume on Android?
Why does z-index not work?
AsyncTask not stopping while loading images.
Enable ListView Selection - Android
indexing multiple keys for random queries in different combinations of keys
Compare arrays of objects, optimal way
Persisting domain model w/ list of enums not working in GORM/Grails
SQL Query - Grouping Data
why i am getting ClassCastException in this case
Is it possible to draw graphics in Visual C++ 2010 Express?
Can queue::pop return a value now?
how to initialise this templated pair in c++?
Does any other language other than JavaScript have a difference between brace start locations (same line and next line)?
Liquid: Can I get a random element from an Array?
I want to detect objects in the image and redraw it in another page, so anyone would please suggest which algorithm can be used?
StringBuilder, add Tab between Values
NewView showing in PopOver instead of newView
Preserve Polymorphism in Json string with Gson2.1 and asmx web service
It is possible to resume execution from the point where an exception was raised?
Accessing Android phone contacts with phonegap and Sencha Touch
Updating document found in iNotes calendar view
Apache Tika: Parsing only metadata without content extraction
having trouble using setInterval and with random number generation
Get keyCharValue with KeyCode and Modifiers
Modifying all dates/timestamps in a database vs static server date
See what has been installed via MacPorts
Not Able to Select multiple CheckBoxs in Telerik Grid using C#
query datatable sorting not working for run time values
Blocking until all EC2 instances are in a particular state?
Selecting parents in tournament selection
Strange behaviour of output [closed]
get distinct records in sql
Tools for profiling OCaml code
Can we open the wizardpage directly using the buttons in the toolbar?
Add image to a frame in 45 degree in android from sd card
Colour selection of Silverlight Toolkit Chart Line Series
Scheduled cronjob triggered by PHP script
Android Health/Energy Bar
How to read hexadecimal value from xml file using java
VirtualizingStackPanel not handling collapsed items correctly
Can you render a (old) usercontrol in a mvc 3 website?
ASP.NET MVC - Extending Ajax.ActionLink method
Magento checkout IE 7 and Safari
Recommand a fitting LINQ provider to me (SQL server, complex queries)
Excel VBA Subtotals leaves a large gap
Jquery mobile animations
splitting of xml file using c#
Is it possible to test if JS and CSS files are being loaded on a mobile phone?
Stop user navigating forward again
Automatically commit the transaction in C# when SQL Deadlock occured, any one can suggest work arround?
error: longjmp causes uninitialized stack frame
Keeping a SVN branch up to date with the main trunk
Managed C++ wrapper around a static library
How use security on Mifare Ultralight C (using android)?
PHP: array matching issue
Wordpress wp_check_password c#
How to display all the added files on a new line by using style
Eclipse hotkey - shortcut modification? I mean the actual hot key command, not the key binding
Is it a good practice to have multiple relationships between two DB tables?
Handling bad XML from HttpRequest
Locking and high CPU when switching IIS from Classic to Integrated mode
Asp.Net Mvc HtmlHelper testing VeiwContext.Writer.WriteLine
Missing theme error occurs while loading graphical layout
Applying Transformation after rotation animation of textview in Android
didSelectRowAtIndexPath and segues
MYSQL Mac OSX Snow Leopard, mysql.sock being removed while mysql is being used
MongoDB warn about query not using index
Rails update only empty fields
How Can i Remove the background image of my ucoz website?
phone gap vs monotouch for data intensive app
internet explorer in IE 7 Standards mode invokes router in backbone twice on refresh
ListFragment vs ListActivity - Which one to use?
Wrong JSON encoding - PHP cant read it
Disable Auto Focus in Video Input Library or OpenCV
in Safari jPlayer: ended event is not fired after second time setMedia
GL_POINT_SPRITE_ARB (billboarding) problems with lighting upon rotation
App Engine: The API call file.Create() took too long to respond and was cancelled
SOAPUI SSL Self Signed Certs
How to disconnect from tcp socket in NodeJs
ssis XML source converting UTC to local time
jquery draggable prevent firing selectable using click
Return Json from MVC controller but Date format not proper in javascript
Is it bad practice to separate sections of code inside one method with curly brackets?
Obtaining information about a process in Linux
Could not find or load main class cmd
How to submit a form with a checkbox?
Mysql cannot connect remotly [closed]
Servlet-database connection issue
Not receiving <policy-file-request/> string when opening a secure socket from flash
Is it possible for the presented case to be optimized into one loop?
Indexes mapping from sorted to original array
JPA multiselect
How to add system SIP account
expand variables, but do not run any functions
How to make visible notification bar (battery info, clock etc.), when I use my java me app?
How to unit test Singleton class - C++?
ARC and non ARC framework - iOS - proper deallocation not working?
iPhone/iPad UINavigationController property inside UIViewController?
iPhone - setValue:forkey: not documented
Java, Which of these ways better for achiving faster response and memory management? 100 object of a class or 1 object with arrayList
MVC3 - Compiled Razor view can't find _ViewStart
Graph Making application using OpenGL ES
Issue Related to Setting TabPageIndex of ASPXPageControl in Devexpress
Validating a check box using jquery and displaying custom alert
HSQLDB .script file
Can we use while loop in Excel sheet for getting the smallest no
Reflection mapping in GLSL
i am try to create a stopwatch/timer with Xcode 4.2 but this error comes up?
Binding drag events to images within div - jquery
Kinect with OpenGL [closed]
broken project name showing in project window of netbeans
Using Hammock library for Linkedin access getting 鈥渙auth expires in = 0鈥�error
How to use OR operator in filter data with **kwargs?
Where to store DbContext in a application?
how to write sql query to this?
How to trace a JSP
Including excel file in the jar to be created
How to Update a table field matching with another records of same table
Java generics abstract factory issue
Maze Solving Algorithm in C++
Binary Search Tree - storing reference to parent node
Can I return a string based on a value in the table?
How to customize the Junit's testcase calling functionality
MYSQL Select random from two rows
Are 鈥渟wap move factories鈥�worth the effort?
Finding the point on the progressbar where the surface was clicked
How to create an IObservable<T> which reads from a MSMQ message queue?
The meaning of the 鈥�lt;object>鈥�operator in Java
Matlab 2011a Use all Cores Available on 64 bit Linux?
Multiple images on one page of carousel with event fire
Delete all stored procedures in a specific SQL Server schema
CSS Sprites limitation
Android Autocomplete textview onitemclicklistener not working
If-Else-Return or just if-Return?
Graphical, user friendly representation for 'All', 'Some', 'None'
Any JMockit like framework for .net which can even mock static classes, private methods, etc
DBus .service file missing
Automating Facebook reauthorization for multiple users on a single device
Facebook - Possible to get the friends_online_presence with the graph Api
How can I install python and php editor on Eclipse IDE?
linq join with less than or equal to int value
get date format by locale code javascript
How to disable debug messages in subversion 1.7?
how to change session expire time in wordpress
Perl Cross Compilation: MAKE
mod_rewrite rule not working as it should
Jquery modal like tooltip plugin
When seam @Out annotation works?
Java regex pattern to remove a parameter from query string
How to remove space at the end of a cab abbreviation and wait for input in GVim?
php select query with different date formats
Why does the value of a boolean change after stepping out of a function?
Controller in Backbone JS
Synchronize in php or zend framework
how to get the next row in sqlite_step in iphone
Accidentally deleted folder with AnkhSVN
jQuery Sortable - Ordered List - Bug in IE9
testing using selenium-rc in grails
Chrome extension icon change issue
List of active sessions in wicket
Counting the number of dictionaries of a certain type
Creating a unique timestamp in Java
jQuery getting values from multiple selects together
Overwriting content of textfile in assets folder in Android project
jQuery - How to dynamically hide submit button when you delete e-mail at input field?
HTML in nested DIV's does not change
failed to get repeater checkboxlist text
Window shown event in WPF?
Creating a Pie (highcharts) using a defined HTML table
jquery full calendar client side filtering
PhpExcel: how to emulate excel's dragging of cell contents
Zoom Level in KML File
Apache Ant Ivy fails to publish artifact to Artifactory
How to hide Safari Mobile browser bottom button bar in iPhone?
What's the right way to exit node.js script with a log message?
Eclipse file URL from own bundle
Should data classes be reused across layers and applications or mapped into layer specific classes?
localization fails with strongly typed resources in web application
Access method from another activity
weird situation with file permissions on windows
Templates and separate compilation
Using CCParticleBatchNode and CCParticleSystemQuad to create exhaust smoke that moves with a CCSprite
Adding a View controller NIB to another View controller
Error in Calculating sum of particular column
Retrieving 12345 from the string 鈥渨awawa #99999 hahaha # lalala #12345,no wonder鈥�
Issues retrieving users' Facebook photo with PHP
How to get friends birthday list from facebook? [duplicate]
Why does Ruby on Rails use 鈥渓ink_to 鈥�method: :delete鈥�
wait for item to be marked as paid by a different thread, using nhibernate
Calculating price with jquery
Device Driver Development in Linux
replacing a string using SED doesn't work
Maximum number of items that can be serialized or deserialized in an object graph鈥�with knowtypes
How to generate and copy a list of all the symbols (variables and functions) defined in C?
How to create multiple lines of text in android?
Using a custom date formatter on a Telerik MVC AJAX bound property column
Total Friend of User's Friends?
Can I launch android apps from within my app?
initWithNibName聽鈥�method not firing
Delegates dispatched by dispatcher are never fired
pymongo fails to work with multithreading
Testing spring mvc controller having the view with tiles configuration
restoring image back to same position after tombstoning in WP7
How to fetch twitter account information from iPhone's addressbook
How to change the displayed icons on the desktop?
Django: extend overridden template
How to fix this header for a streaming?
Why am I getting System.AccessViolationException during c#/c++ dll interop?
Can I find out the next auto_increment to be used?
WCF service username/password authentication over HTTP without SSL
Is there commercial UMS(User-Mode Scheduler) Application
on change JHTML::_('behavior.calendar')
Does AsQueryable() on ICollection really makes lazy execution?
Mock a JPA CriteriaBuilder with Mockito
Android - Zoom in/out from multiple ImageViews
Web Devs, How do you manage your clients information? [closed]
Android: Howto use clipRect in API15
Removing unused .m files
How to style input element so that inner text disappears when you click on the input element?
Image loading performance
Hiding dijit.form.DateTextBox
In Delphi 5, can Free ever raise an exception?
In Delphi 5, can Free ever raise an exception?
My TextView was not storing in my DataBase?
disable hashchange
Avoiding fields_for for adding a single record to associated model
Mobilejquery show nothing on Internet explorer
TFS Build Error : System.Diagnostics.Assert is not accessible in this context because it is 'Friend'
Change default Zend Form Decorator on global application level?
JQuery Mobile Redirection
LabelField different behavior between OS 4.5 and 6.0
How can I make an iPhone launch image easily?
implementing a notification system
searching inside an array for a value
addSubview to a view - appear as PageCurlDown
JavaScript based breadcrumbs
Spliting a string from XML formate
Removing pattern at the end of a string using sed or other bash tools
what is good/availablePython Interpreter to be integratedfor WPF Application?
Symfony2 & Annotations & Choices Validation: How to store and retrieve choices options?
My App Crashes and produce the 'NSUnknownKeyException'
iphone app setttings
Unable to extract value from table after update query fired in android
Presenting full screen 鈥渕odal鈥�loading view
Git repositories on VS Solutions instead of Projects
JList: previous selected item
navigationController sub-menu
WCF REST and QueryString, wrong UriTemplate?
Audio Redirection Over RDP
Make view scrollable with IB
parseInt function in javascript
Why my aspx page is being requested from cache on my dev machine only
jQuery UI draggable issue
chrome setTimeout and fade
How to center symbols in jfreechart
Server and client on a device with WiFi-hotspot enabled
Disable a step on a flowchart
How to save data only when data is present in the form?
Sharepoint Webservice 401 error
Maven, NPanday, C#, Hudson and NUnit [closed]
launch4j executable with specific name triggers Windows UAC
focus listener for all applications running in windows [duplicate]
How to Generate a Link to download a File in MVC if domain name is unknown?
is the screen from this device belongs to ldpi (or mdpi or hdpi) density?
drawing Line using NSpoint pixels with array
ASP.Net ValidationSummary control doesn't show exceptions鈥�
Android Call application
Python XML parsing not working for some sites
Certificate problems when loading App on Device
Get changed files from SVN command line between two revisions
Github how to quality control others upstream new commits
Hosting Silverlight 5 in IIS 5.1
dynamically construct array
How to center div the whole screen page using css
RVM rails new project error
Drag Image facility
GVim Ctrl-W source code
PHP/HTML: Code reuse
鈥淐ould not load file or assembly System.Drawing or one of its dependencies鈥�error on .Net 2.0, VS2010 and Windows 8
Using trigger how to update varchar(including number) column sequentially鈥�
Is an instance wrapper around a static class for the purpose of DI an anti pattern?
implementation of syncml over http in mtk framework
Static methods in C++
PHP echo all file contents after exploding
Create a datagridview cell which can contain several clickable links?
How to use Extjs tool tips with title and textwhen xtype is 'actioncolumn'
Paperclip can't access to upload file
Alternative to nvidia-smi for measuring GPU utilization?
clicking on the fragment invokes activity behind it
How to retrieve different objects from a pool?
Regexp for matching names followed by optional spaces, but ignoring comments
Adding project reference to java in eclipse
linechart with getTimeChartView achrtengine
Android - Service, setup time
Eclipse & Pydev: How to break on exceptions in my code only
How to compile and run any file at any location in C,java and C++?
Get current flash version (jquery etc)
I fail to understand databinding in WP7
How to get iphone device screenshot when image animation is run on main thread?
Method to check if something has been changed through the iterator
Calling to static methods for unknown classes doesn't trigger an exception catch in __autoload
External process launched with ProcessBuilder/Runtime.exec() fails on XP, works on Win 7
Load a DLL More Than Once?
WatiN: automate Web Page dialog
How to JSOUP page with multiple tables
Liferay alert user when portlet not present
Maven and ibiblio
May I have a real life example where a non-static member function not accessing the object being called via a null pointer causes observable problems? [duplicate]
Android debugging exceptions
SIGABRT Error using NavController in the PopOverController
ajax and jquery conflict
Unable to parse multiple entries from xml to html with javascript
Mule ESB IMAP questions
Smooth spline with SIMD instructions
Symfony2 FOSUserBundle custom registration field
Error to put in bold text - Objective-C
Excel formula to remove space between words in a cell
MySQL default date() + 14 days, for a column?
Concatenate neighboring characters of a special character 鈥�鈥�
R: left sided moving average for periods (months)
Javascript zoom effect?
how rename a folder inside project template to project's name? (visual studio template customization)
git compare commit ID between branches
How can I display the same DOM across several tabs in a Chrome Extension?
Copy HTML out of your app and into Apple's Mail app in iOS 5
backbone js model posted more than once on save()
Failed to execute goal net.kindleit:maven-gae-plugin:0.9.2:unpack due to API Incomatibility
Create a specific JSON String with Gson
$_GET and URL parameters and check for sent value
Which way is faster to copy an array of objects: slice or clone?
Windows 8 Preview Samples
vector of objects to use with a vector of pointers
AppHub exception stack trace - where to look for?
Why does my haskell program keep running out of memory ?
Monitoring a value change on an input element
How to update an object from a previous ViewController?
using opencv instead of imagemagick in zbar qr code decoder
Dependency injection and single resolve in Prism
Powershell CMDLET Cross Domain Managment
From XIB to Storyboard
git branching information
Windows Service - Presentation or Service Layer
C++ Operator '<<' error
how to parse json response
while compling junk message was generating by using xslt transform in c#
Django templates, how do I know which template gets called
javascript classes how to declare variable or how to include a constructor in a class definition
MVC3/Razor to Controller Ajax call
jQuery syntax error
Hook for loading proxy presenter (code split)
Qwt append point to plot
SNMP on Linux (Centos) not showing load average
How to Load the RadGrid when fetching a huge data from the Table of the database using Nhibernate
How to determine what xmlns are required for beans component of my spring-servlet.xml(spring configuration file)?
How, why and when to use the 鈥�Internal鈥�modules pattern?
Silly Hex to int error
In bash, how to expand the !$ while typing the command line?
Asp.Net Mvc 4 Source code?
FxCop Complaint: Exposed concrete xml types and a bad improvement
Storing articles in database vs filesystem
Poor mans Huffman Compression
Include enum in service reference
Inheritance - Class.extend()
How to make Fluid in width round corner search box using image with IE7 and 8 compatibility?
If no search result, then add item
Javascript issue, site works fine using localhost, doesn't work using computername
hook_insert has confused me
Using Win32 API CreateProcess in FireBreath Framework
Parsing string in android from django
Best charting tool used in android for representing data of your app
I want to put button on HorizontalScrollView
How Can I execute a query When Time= this
I want to put button on HorizontalScrollView
How Can I execute a query When Time= this
Aligning context menu for android
iOS apps installed from outside the AppStore