Using distinct and/or group by to filter select
Javascript HTTP GET request works on Firefox and iPad Safari, but not Mac OS Safari
jquery live focus blur
Parse error with (node version manager)
How to catch exceptions With WebOS' AjaxCall
Where can I get a list of the default css settings for elements?
Best Practices, same functionality from 1 method and also from 2 methods
Create Dynamic class at runtime
Tomcat7 running on windows
An unhandled exception of type 'System.StackOverflowException' occurred in mscorlib.dll while trying to execute stored procedure from c# code
Is it required to un-register the events of all UI Elements to reduce memory leak?
ALSA (snd_pcm_open) over SSH?
Sorting a vector alongside another vector in C++
How do I pass the value instead of the refererence of an array?
how to add dynamic textview and ontouchlistners android
Showing text from resources.resx in JavaScript
Different behaviours for $(window).scroll function on page scroll
Virtualbox: trying to access the localhost web sites
How to find average velocity and acceleration of Bezier Spline ?
Make same application for IPhone 3G,4G,IPAD
Navbar height is too small after coming back from a landscape view
append li into an existing ul inside another html file
FirefoxWebDriver does not find the element of the page
Iterate over the array again or carry an extra variable?
Getting the reference to a duplicate in a Set
Empty FileUpload Text Using Javascript
Django site administration can't manage data models
Facebook regsitration plugin - async validation (email)
what does mean 鈥淿Default鈥�partial class and inherited class 鈥淪ystem.Web.UI.Page鈥�
how does 鈥渆xtern c鈥�works in C++
I want to get data from two query is giving data but WHERE clouse is not giving me data which i want
mpeg-1 video writing with python
self.votable not assigning values to the votable instance in a model callback?
'Share Functionality' for Mobile Web Apps
What information is contained in a .BMP bitmap image?
Wordpress - outputting relevent posts in sidebar.php on selected posts
Spacing LinearLayouts equally by the maximum height
Monitoring Bandwith on a remote machine with WMI
How to restore the window instead of open a new one if it has the same url(and still opened from the last one )?
MySQL - scheduled task
How is fragment advantage over using instead of view in android
How to get all child pages of a page by the parent page title in Wordpress?
Trace a route in an mkmapView
Magento under version control
Find set of latitudes and longitudes using user's current latitude, longitude and direction of viewing an object
Download a Webpage which needs to login
Nightly batch network task on Heroku
When the orientation change from portrait to landscape, the video starts from the beginning in Android?
Change locale in Netbeans platform application
Android failed to export application
Grouping by where different than?
Cannot load app within Canvas
How do i release memory when using replaceScene
R - Contour Map
Flip effect in canvas
about concatenation 鈥渁,,b鈥�in Maple?
How to call from code onProgressChanged for SeekBar?
Separate user interaction from programmical change: PyQt, QComboBox
How to store my dates?
UIAlertView after completion of NSLog
Dialog using runtime-created template doesn't work on XP 32 bit
Parsing XML with JDOM
How to find out which functions were NOT inlined
jQuery check external link
Adjust a scrollviewer's width dynamically
Abusing the algebra of algebraic data types - why does this work?
MVC3 Session is inconsistent between controller methods?
How can I set a environment variables in Maven per run?
How to decide if an string is in hh:mm format in python?
To have multiple sub domains or multiple domains
jQuery .animate() value position extra space.. Doubling the value I want it to sit from the top of the page
Is there a set of 鈥淟orem ipsums鈥�files for testing character encoding issues?
How to create object inside object in Javascript
python's re: multiple regex
Retrieving string from SQlite and converstion to sql date
preg_replace how to do that?
Trigger update results in error
Escapeing unauthorized enter in folders
How to hide native admob ad from javascript?
How can i check the index length in long[] array?
Facebook access token can not be extended
How to store Blob to PostgreSQL using hibernate 3 [duplicate]
PHPUnit + CodeIgniter on MAMP - Cannot redeclare phpunit_autoload()
How can Solr fieldTypes be shared between multiple cores?
Xcode 3 Error Starting Executable
Growing contents SysCache on NHibernate
PHP - Split an array into chunks.
AS3: Is it possible to generate animated sprite sheets at runtime from vector?
How to print a full array in MIPS, and sum certain integers of an array
Inserting data from one table to another table
Looking for simple way of communication between JavaScript and Java
jtable view event
How can i get mouse clicked cell value in gridview
recognize position of element with jquery
Limit Console Input Length in C:
NSString Propertylist issue
setPin() shows error in eclipse that 鈥渟etPin() is undefined for BluetoothDevice鈥�
How can I hide the folder where web service application hosted?
dealing with property that does not map directly onto column on the database
apache mod rewrite
C# Classes: Accesing methods through instances
Bring the Android app to foreground after recieving a notification push like the application launcher
Parsing XML files without using loops?
How do I get access to the item in a ListBox that is being rendered rather than its source data?
how to restrict my textarea to overflow beyond certain rows?
Convert pixels into percentage for all elements of a webpage
leaflet map not loading properly
Can i use curl to compare the size of the page with deflate enabled and without using it
Css fixed box positioning issue
CCLabelBMFont setString doesn't seem to work with formatted strings
Jquery mobile splitview $.mobile.changePage not working
Threading and information passing 鈥�how to
Interface Orientation, Stretching and Aspect Ratio
Datagridview paging does not ever fire
How can I prepend 鈥渨hile(1);鈥�to a Json Result?
Regex Split : Help in Pattern needed
C code (with comma operator) to Delphi
ExtJS3 QuickTips not working in IE9
How to run a shell script in the backgroung and get no output
How to rotate coordinate system?
SVN commit failed 鈥渨orking copy is not up to date, file system has no item鈥�
Routes being declared in a config vs routes being declared by their controller
How do make sure longer 鈥渟pans鈥�go to a new line in a table having fixed width?
How to store a data continuously in a file? [closed]
Entity Framework 4.1, Generic Repository and ObservableCollection
How to move expandible list dynamically
PDO with PDOStatement reconnect on 鈥渕ysql server gone鈥�error
Find list of special folders in Windows using Qt
how to partition a tree into two subtrees
Is >= working for comparing date variables?
When does android activity finish starts
Call Python web service using PHP
c++ using declaration keyword usage seen in the examples of Boost library
How to configure Mule CE to send HTTP request through corporate proxy?
How to scrape, using LWP and a regex, the date argument to a javascript function?
How to send keystrokes/messages to Windows 7 with C++ and Windows API?
Div organization needed in order to achieve specific behavior
escape wildcard in between and operator
For CMake's 鈥渋nstall鈥�command, what can the COMPONENT argument do?
How to specify library installation path suffix in waf?
I have again a Nullpointerexeption from seekbar in android [closed]
Why does my intent shut off the application?
binding date related data with grid view
xml parsing with php. Best way to get defaults from schema
Getting full country name with 2 letters
xml parsing with php. Best way to get defaults from schema
Getting full country name with 2 letters
Is sending an Ajax request on every click expensive on the client, performance wise?
reusing textview vs new declarations
Disabling the float: left in CSS - am I on the right path?
Given string input, how do I calcuate age in C#?
How to read the data from sqlite3 in javascript in phonegap application for iphone
Setting up precision on columns. Entity Framework CF
Save and Restore vim state
conditional average
F# properties design
Javaservice - Could not find the service class
Storing information in active directory and using Windows Authentication
LNK1120 error with classes (Factory pattern). Not sure where it's coming from
log4j configuration to avoid unwated warnings in Struts2
Magento module Fatal error: Class 'Mage_Cashondelivery_Helper_Data' not found in xampp htdocs magento app Mage.php on line 516
Looking for a way to represent my Database in XML
Remote MySQL database connectivity from android device
iOS AVAudioPlayer
Access the downloaded content with wget for responses with http code different than 200 OK
Get string and number with regex
Using block of statements vs using functions in python
Unstyle all popup with diazo theme
Foreman Gem with Sunspot does not start
Automation / Macro Software Languages, Libraries, or Tools
The Type Class (in app_Code) exists in both 鈥渟olution.dll鈥�and 鈥渁pp_code.wxdafd.dll鈥�
Detecting connection reset in firefox
How to add new chrome user from extension? Is there any API available?
How to set TextView programatically like in this image?
Weird behavior in chrome's javascript .width property
jqGrid edit/view form combination
Ruby or pry-nav bug? Debugging segmentation fault feedback
javascript paste event iphone
Android how to restrist user for selecting same option in Spinner?
std::thread, start thread on `this' (from within the class itself)
Generating LinqToEntities Where statement depending on the user selection
how to create a secured mysql server only for data processing
Count records grouped by week of time
Textbox Binding Update Event
How ext2/ext3 tag metadata requests for I/O scheduler?
Why does it cause error when I try to extend JQuery function?
ASP.NET MVC - Highlight the search term in search results
Oracle before-insert trigger and Hibernate id generator setting
How to use Local_resources using Global.asax?
Deleting files which have been used in a C# LibraryStack in a Scatterview
Rails 3: Template Missing error. How to only render a flash message after a create
What is the reason behind the warning message in Z3: 鈥渇ailed to find a pattern for quantifier (quantifier id: k!18) 鈥�
Please, suggest a library to mock ajax requests in a browser [closed]
ExtJs textarea with formatting
Synchronization & Object locks in multi threading in JAVA [closed]
How to put the footer at the bottom of the visible page?
Java Percentage to show decimals
Remove SVN content from old Java files
Sort order of data from Entity Framework
Drupal print module - ignore code for print
Facebook og:image gets images from post content
JQuery - Form Validation - Onblur
Running Total with negate field
Code issue with parsing xml in Android, trying to use InputStream
Html 5 section behaving out of the track
search where new item goes inside sorted list
jQuery Horizontal scrolling using mouse position
NSURLConnection documentation in XCode 4.2.1 doesn't exist for iOS?
Call a callback function in VC++ dll from C#
Bash loop and function parameter expansion
Gallery View with loading Footer
How to make a modern website which deals good with IE7?
javascript order of execution of event handlers
After a Git merge conflict, a lot of files I didn't touch become changes to be committed
Java text match e-mail
Update JFrame maximized bounds while keeping it maximized
How do I select a row in JTable?
How do I intercept PDO calls?
EntityAudit - Doctrine2: Using the same entity in both OneToMany and OneToOne possible
Getting both @user and #tag using jquery autocomplete?
jQuery: show() function issue
Duplicate nodes in XML
calling jquery confirm box on cs file of c#
Android The Slide_from_top_out animation not work on the tablet issue
Sharing configuration settings between various components in .NET
access is denied at form_open
on clicking the image doesn't load in chrome
mongo slice, what's the default ordering, can it be changed
jqPlot: print pointLabels from json file
Theoretically logarithmic complexity but practically its linear
how to read a text file in ios
CSS display: inline vs inline-block [duplicate]
List of all possible categories?
Overloading a part of or entire Django app for a specific User
I need to display the file name without the extension in JFileChooser(open mode). How?
How to pass Void parameter with pointer from Java and how to write JNI for this?
Get changed files from svn command line between two dates
Not receiving signed_request in Facebook iframe-app
How to create android tablet application using monodroid?
How to know google maps is installed in iPhone
Repetitive merge changes on tortoise svn trunk to branch merge
Java Drag&Drop (Transferable) issue on Visual Studio 10
jquery 2 forms one floating
android and Google Maps : fingerprint for device
How to add tab application to a page without the 鈥渘ew auth dialog鈥�
android and Google Maps : fingerprint for device
How to add tab application to a page without the 鈥渘ew auth dialog鈥�
Design Patterns for Objects in REST API's?
Image field is blank in crystal report
android twitter4j oauth does not works when on 3g
MVC3 EF issues on multiple table
Counting elements doesn't work
release function is invoked in another process context
Android: How to implement numeric keypad?
Wordpress Data base Plugin
less.js has no method 'toCSS' on watch
How do I use NLog with IronPython interpreter?
C++ Faster String Parsing?
How to Dynamically change drawable's id in setImageResource() Android
moving data between two list boxes
Identifying your own message RSA
Unique row constraint in SQL Server
Python closures and cells (closed-over values)
PHP big array manipulation
MingW make complain sed error?
How to access email with a ContentObserver?
Encouraging the Geolocation API
NSMutableArray and NSArray initialization
Order by a field (int). If the field it is not int?
Counting emails in outlook by date
Apache mod_proxy ProxyPassMatch Regex
Performing the button action in MFMessageComposeViewController with custom button in iPhone
WCF - Operation Contract and flexible URI template?
Execute PHP Echo inside input tag (text field)
How to use valid form data to create object in database?
How to tell the screen display is a view of a launcher or other app?
How to access a checkbox in a DataList using
Asserting a collection has multiple instances of an item in Java?
Azure: How to execute startup tasks for each site entry at webrole?
unsubscribe to a newsletter
Making a PUT request using CURL in PHP
install ruby on rails on windows
MATLAB: axis label superscript
Need to send an email if particular entry is missing from SVN commit message
Repeat a string with spaces between copies
arithmetic operation on list::iterator?
Android Open Framework in Windows7
Nested Jquery selector
user and group join model validation
Infragistics - Automatically create data schema but binding manually
Can't encode INetAddress to xml
Multiple Ajax requests for same URL
Delete from GridView in ModalpopupExtender
MongoDB for Forex
Channel for sharing data between threads
how to convert ppt slide to png using apache POI in android?
How to use javascript variables in jsRender?
Counting previous Attributes with a specific value in XSLT
Is is possible to have my own tag attribute in the HTML code?
git submodule tracking latest
Sending Ctrl+K Ctrk+U does not work, Ctrl+K Ctrl+C does
How do you make Dir.chdir in ruby to source or load a project .rvmrc file?
How do I perform Facebook authentication in Rails?
building live stream video? chat video?
Can we run multiple fb apps using just 1 sub-domain with SSL?
Google App Engine Over quota error
Thumbnail of Blogger post in Facebook timeline
how to show only 'Browse' button of asp fileupload?
How to use slash commands outside the database?
How to wait for spring cron job to be finished from ant build script
android twitter4j replies posts in my profile
Null pointer when deploying WAR(s)
Undesired indentation of commented code in netbeans
How to use eclipse to batch formatting XML files in android project?
How can I JSON.stringify a Collection in Dart
Mercurial server in Java without python and hg command
Something we found when using comma in condition ternary operator? [duplicate]
Trim all strings elements in a complex object
Unfortunately myfirstproject stopped working error in java
fetch HTML text from database using php
Android: How to know whether a bitmap on Google Maps has been clicked?
How to specify a typed variable when you don't know the type
Faulty DOM rendering every refresh
SharePoint ListfieldIterator default values
How to redirect the stdout and stderr in rolling file with Unix redirection
Transactions in Entity Framework vs. NHibernate
MJSIP and codec interfacing
How do I throttle in jQuery only on a certain condition, and execute immediately otherwise?
auto fired the text field once the value reach the certain length
What is the purpose of the viewport meta tag?
Fetch data with Hibernate Query Language and 'like'
FB.UI apprequests inside a frame causes script access denied error
Exporting maven project from eclipse and its deployment on tomcat
How to get displayed text from disable dropdown list?
C: Craps / Dice Game
Changing colour for label in android
android memory management (Heap Size)
how to play a pre-recorded sound in speaker or mic during a call..?
How to read from a library standard error?
Creating nested ServerControl in
in clojure - How to use a list elements one by one?
How To connect Local Database in j2me
Alerts don't show in captcha
Loading Google Charts with AJAX
extjs mvc navigation
How can i repeat the a image vertically alone?
Detach database with password
How am I supposed to pass class data to my Views using Codeigniter?
Google map search using KML
Know the Common Name from an SSL Certificate
Pandas DataFrame serialization
Set Error Android
Good and clear understanding of the git branches diverged issue? [duplicate]
QODBS and SQL Server query performance
Reading sms without using GSM Modem?
Slickgrid Filtering without Dataview
STL Implementation of reheapify
FactoryGirl and variables inside factory
Ajax POST variables and refresh div on type
regex to match variable declaration in java
Facebook API Logout of my app but not facebook
SEO: index linked-to page but do not index URL
How resolve curved image background in windows CE
Apache Qpid - Set routing key at message level
TypeError in a simple random walk model--Python
How to open a text file in read-only mode means there i can not perform write?
Read a sql hierarchy into a c# object
Linking .lib files in netbeans IDE 7.0
C++ 3d game development [closed]
Instead of Form action and method
DefaultHttpClient change response size?
how to find out the work of a thread in Percentage?
How to check wether a CloudBlobDirectory exists or not?
C - Freeing 'inherited' structure
How to extract content of html tags from a string using javascript or jquery? [duplicate]
Why My SqlBulkCopy Is Not Working
jCarouselLite not working on this page
ExtJS multiple js
How to Call existed Activity from Service銆恘ot Create new Activity, Use the already exist activity in memory銆�
Schr枚dinger bug disappearing when breakpoint is set
To get latitude and longitude from user given location
Semi static field in Java application
how to embed an image in pdf?
semantics of hGet
How to change value of input on click?
AES algorithm in C# - Totally confused over now
jQuery function is not calling from JSF on button click
How can I switch user without password in ubuntu server 11.1? [closed]
Enyo hierarchy. this.$ include all components, even those with nesting order 2
Rss to html causes whole page to redirect on Safari
Redirect folder to subdomain
.click() in a <div> in a <div> does not work
convert unbound Gridview column values to lowercase at runtime
Display list in table view by using google places api
Webview rendering page different on different devices
Overriding a method with the same parameters, but different return types, when inheriting
how to change spinner item right on the time when clicked a button in Android
Command /usr/bin/lipo failed with exit code 1 error
How to mark checked to all items of a checkboxlist in GridView item template?
A computer represents information in groups of 64 bits. How many different integers can be represented in BCD code?
Marshaling C arrays in C# [duplicate]
unable to connect postgresql in android code on windows 7
Looking for efficient algorithm to find nearest integer in a list of integers
How to load images for Resource folder into an NSArray in iOS?
Animated cursor support in web applications?
.htaccess file configuration
Is it possible to rescale a Qt GUI without rewriting the code?
error while consuming a .Net web service from a WSDL in NetBeans
How can i display multiple chat windows on a website with pagination like facebook
Tried nested locks, but still facing the deadlock
Starting an activity X from activity X in android
Calling a function and passing parameters stored in a tuple?
why h:commandLink not working inside datatable if bean is in session scope
How to change the background image in a PhoneGap app?
Trying to get a user's userID post authentication in MVC3 using ASP.NET memberships
calculate multiplication inside while loop in php [duplicate]
Select Top 5 values from table with ORDERBY and GROUPBY functions not working fine
Exporting Data Table to Excel using OLEDB throws too many fields defined error
Specify monospace font in `menu`
How to convert this PHP RegEx match pattern to .Net
How to get response headers and time using capybara-webkit
hide/view a group of markers with gomap-plugin
login failed for user nt/authority
combo box acting like a text box in jsp
Delete subsite in SharePoint 2010 programmatically
Extract tf-idf vectors with lucene
python string replace
Process.Start an exe file on an network share as another user
HTML background color leakage
How to logout from facebook from the application in iphone?
Is it a bad idea to use SQLExecDirect with preformatted query string instead of SQLPrepare+SQLBindParameter+SQLExecute?
Rotating full window canvas
How to export kendoui dataviz chart to (.png) or (.jpg) image format by poping up Save-As window?
How to edit Facebook graph object attributes (i.e video title)?
Can not set font-weight for pseudo-states in qt
handling showModalDialog window in selenium
Django on apache2/mod_wsgi and collectstatic
Convert UTC time from Datetimefield ( to local time
Websockets with Glassfish 3.1.1 (Error: Missing required headers for WebSocket negotiation) [closed]
how to realise the new OAuth when using objectiveFlickr on mac app
Can I emulate an image manipulation using a neural network?
Javascript Whole Numbers
using SED with wildcard
Using jquery to write information from other parts of the document
using SED with wildcard
Using jquery to write information from other parts of the document
jquery datatable sorting not working for run time values
Too many auto increments with ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE
Android ScrollView QuickAction effect
jQuery Cycle plugin load issues
PHP - Convert latitude and longitude to x and y cordinate, without using any library
Cherrypy 3.2 sessions broken, or am I doing it wrong?
Make licence to cakePHP application?
Storing files on SD card in Android
Open TabBar subview
How to model cities with aliases in MySQL
Is MonoTouch or the iOS web stack eating my HTTP DELETE request body?
iOS: Custom UITableViewCell with 3 fields
Is there a python library for line based file reading? [duplicate]
How to get the parentNode
Put the serialization of a class into a DLL
How Do I uninstall Google App Engine SDK
Sharing variables between WorkFlow Application / SIngelton Workflow
In-app announcement of new/related apps?
Undefined method '+' error Rails, Net/http
Quick Books Integration error
Difference between 鈥�lt;pattern value=ABC s* d*鈥�& 鈥�lt;pattern value=ABC d* d*鈥�in xslt
Greystripe ads with MonoTouch?
replacing a string with SED
Queryset of models without valid ImageField
Mercurial: How to change namespace, but still be able to pull changes from fork
Not able to delete a reminder from Calendar in Android
How to test checkboxes in custom listViews using Robotium in android
parallel processing with loop construct in java
How can I set id using Html.EditorFor with MVC3
Lack of diversification, is it really a drawback of Genetic Algorithms?
Page Jumps on android browser on text input
obj.length === +obj.length in javascript
Redirect Facebook Login if User is logged in
How to calculate multiplication value inside the while loop in PHP?
Is any Free Web Host in Online for entair Website Testing Performance? [closed]
android c2dm Unknown permission
Android - ListView issue with NoSuchElementException
Pushing an element of CvMat type in a CvSeq
MYSQL table locking with PHP
Offline and Online syncing with Web applications in HTML5?
Not getting same key values through keystore
Components under what licenses can I use in my paid app?
referenceerror in underscore js template
Is there any way to vertically justify text in HTML?
The mechanism iswtichb used to show completions
MySQL: Update a columns if certain value
pyparsing error
creating many to many relationship between documents in different lotus notes databases
Fetching the username who last modified or created the file
Can I find related/similar artists using the spotify app api?
Beginner in Java - Controlling output - Generating Asterix
How to know when the home button is pressed?
Run Word 2010 as service with port to convert doc & docx to PDF format?
How can I create a absolute url for my site using php?
JBoss - User transaction not inited
og:image reads the image url but does not show the thumbnail
No mole class for NativeMethods.cs?
How to display X axis value in Vertically.In JP Graph
Parse Contact details from a block of text
How to fix jquery hover show description
Inherits the access modifiers?
Send XMLRPC Request using Java
How to print images in Landscape mode
Json_Encode + include/require + Flex + Wordpress PHP?
Setting Struct equal to a function that returns the same struct
SQL Loader ctl file - how to skip columns
BitBucket trigger jenkins build via post not working when windows auth enabled
Iframe scroll due to the links inside it
How to get number of visits for a facebook page using graph api
How to get Buy anywhere API credential fo Plimus Sandbox?
Adding custom header information WP7 webbrowser control
How to add ajax reference in
BigDecimal Class Java
Android framework for tab
How to identify timezone from longitude and latitude in iOS
Exchange EWSMA FindFolders Unexpected Token in Xml
invalid path exception in DatabaseFactory.exists()
Extraxt values and distribute with jquery
How to bind an Event Handler with 鈥渄elegate()鈥�using an attribute filter?
Camera at Android 2.1 works fine but doesn't in Android 2.2. Why?
draw texture in OpenGL Android from 0,0 coordinates
java swing stop function
What content i can put in keyphrase Meta Tags? [closed]
Array object in jQuery
Issue in parsing an XML in JSP
problems with deleting document in mongodb using php
Unable to read cookies in FireFox/Chrome via 302 redirect, but works in IE
how to group rows in mysql according type?
Cannot connect to my HTTP server running on my Android phone
HTTP Auth over SSL secure?
Create 32-bit COM object from 64-bit cscript script
How to download the file that this file is created in
CUstomized links in gsp
Get XSLT global variable as test for Chrome
draw only straight line not smooth
Can anyone tell me what the mistake is in the following osql syntax?
Description mismatch in QTP
how to group rows in mysql according type?
Cannot connect to my HTTP server running on my Android phone
HTTP Auth over SSL secure?
Create 32-bit COM object from 64-bit cscript script
How to download the file that this file is created in
CUstomized links in gsp
Get XSLT global variable as test for Chrome
draw only straight line not smooth
Can anyone tell me what the mistake is in the following osql syntax?
Description mismatch in QTP
How To Get The Proper Out Put As I need ?? My Logic For Line Text Split Not Fine?
Higher order functions in haskell Error2 [closed]
using a PHP script to return values from SQL table
using UINavigationBar without UINavigationController
Displaying a list on ASPX page
TableView with NSMutableDictionary and arrays to fill in the cells
How to dynamically load XAML for getting Controls information
SQL Server Import Export wizard - error for datetime - specific values
Rails 3 and jquery highligth
how to set the ticker for navigation item title using Monotouch?
ASIHTTPRequest video download failed sometimes and sometimes not?
How do I pass a string containing / round in a URL?
Silverlight Business Template , Authentication (User, Roles) , WCF Services , Not WCF RIA
WPF event handler in Visual Studio 2008?
Best Web UI development framework for Jersey Web services
What does 'P' stand for in the DateInterval format?
weird currency display
R C symbol name 鈥渄o_is_ordered鈥�not in the DLL for package xts
Unable to Create ePub
change content body background color in wordpress
Interception in MEF composition and import selection
Split linked list shows empty outside the function scope
Show some help text over a UITableView if the UITableView happens to be blank
鈥淜ey usage violation in certificate鈥�error with Subversion, VisualSvn server
Hibernate Set Or List
Listing data from multiple models in a flat table in Django
Getting error when I am trying to upload WCF application to the server
use Reactive Extensions (Rx) but can't Found System.Observable.DLL File in Windows phone Application?
Write a function inside jquery .html()
Oracle 11 g listener wont start
Java Rendering 2D or 3D, what & how?
Is it possible to install missing libraries on
I don't get RSS feed values.. I think error in getting Feed values
Logging out from Evernote API in iOS
Pushnotification issue while sending from browser
FaceBook Session not set inside controller In codeignator
Delphi 鈥�TClientSocket ReceiveText MaxLen?
Android download history
C Programming Strings [closed]
routing rule setup for codeigniter
Find the distance between two given points using lat-long in Microsoft Excel
Type safety warning in JSP page
store touchesMoved value to NSArray in iPhone
I need to detect which language character or text entered in the box
How to fade in a div while another div is fading out?
How to get IP address use ndk in android(not localhost)?
Use an External file to replace special characters?
Change of Picture through Toggle event
Why do I have to add extra tokens before the 'using' statement?
whats is wrong with this linq query?
Send file to other Bluetooth device from android
Searching using multiple keywords in PHP/MySql
Refresh parent page when button clicked in child page
How to set TraceOutputOptions for Resharper or TeamCity Test Runners
Facebook Login on my website: 鈥淎n error occurred. Please try again later.鈥�
comparing 1d array to users input?
Can someone explain how this part
Combining two string with dot (.) in Perl
jQuery: mouse hover replace wrong img src (in live example) [RESOLVED]
How to prevent regex from converting bbcode hyperlinks?
insertion, deletion retrieval recursively in sorted list
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How to return a value returned from a function of its not undefined else 鈥渄o nothing鈥�in JS
cocos2d-android: how to display score
Facebook iframe canvas app reload issue
Sharing GPU resources in code
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how to call a method in a specific UIViewController in a tabviewcontroller from navigation bar button
Pre-populating the fields in a form from database [closed]
append xml file using xmlwriter
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Making normal monadic functions work with the monad transformer equivalent
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Implementing a DIV as a link
How to generate customized user id? [closed]
Identify connected usb and built-in usb
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Title bar merging with menu - WINFORMS
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Image from server displaying in simulator but not in real device [closed]
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C++ Member Function Pointers
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TFS suits for small sized projects? [closed]
How to find element type in JQuery
Save Image To Phone? WP7 C#
How do I render a radio group using form->field
why urls appending to ieframe?
Column alignment in xtable output
Reading Excel/xls ,csv,ods file in rails 3
https .mp3 link works fine with tablet(11+ api) not in 2.3 and below version
Data matching in Excel
Cursor returning empty with OnItemClickListener for AutoComplete
Delete selected location from a set of contiguous memory locations
regular expression search in objective c
Converting one Timezone to another
Missing datatemplates and the reason why
Query in a loop how to get result array in Codeigniter
How to implement a 鈥渋nclude鈥�jsp tag?
In groovy, how to remove the default value of a property which is set as Double?
Does icecream sandwich 4.0.3 enforces more restrictions for application developer in threading usage?
Using Facebook Registration plugin for multiple pages in the same domain
Socket.IO get connected clients list
boxlayout and page-y axis : does not work, why?
MySQL DB with multiple numbers show as rows
Parsing JSON string IOS - HTML characters
Selenium to click a dynamic link
Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 is not installing
.htaccess configuration auto-redirect to
Javascript: Find left and right word of certain keyword
how to make android time picker to not allow past time being picked
Spring REST API Documentation using Swagger
How to import the Gmail Address book using 鈥淕mail Contact API鈥�in IPhone?
WordPress' body_class functionality using Jekyll and Liquid Tags
Aptana RadRails with Eclipse > 3.5 exceptions
How to open last activity from notification status bar?
Haskell: 鈥渋nstance (Enum a, Bounded a) => Random a鈥�and 鈥�> Arbitrary a鈥�
AVAudioPlayer audioPlayerDidFinishPlaying:successfully: not called
Should I build boost 32 or 64?
How can we get the difference of date days (current date and future date) through Java script
Python replace function
Querying two tables where one returns duplicates. Need to limit one, but not the other
Validating many fields as they were one?
Is there any event that triggers after a session timeout?
Constraining Higher-Kinded Types in Scala
Regex - only accepts letters, space and -(dash) and no numbers allowed
Can I show a modal pop-up instead of showing a progress indicator?
android listview fast scroll customization issue
what does &: mean in ruby, is it a block mixed with a symbol? [duplicate]
How to call a jsp page from spring secure java class?
Implementing the Luhn algorithm in Ruby
Get number of row using grouped columns in oracle
Is it possible to call HttpListener.GetContext with a timeout?
How to avoid multiple slashes after domain name in url using htaccess?
Change hyperlink text dynamically in Extjs
Text that change based on form fields
NSZombie on ios5 device to solve message sent to deallocated instance
How can selenium web driver get to know when the new window has opened and then resume its execution
Why is my UInavigationController right button disappearing after it is loaded
values of SIP Accept and SIP Accept-Contact
Pass the environment in a custom Airbrake notification
Contact intent insert City,Country,ZipCode
Iterate over NSTableview or NSArrayController to get data
CentOS 5.6: Apache access permission after .htaccess upload
What's < /script> for?
making the menu stay and not disappear on hovering out of the area
Cannot use File.delete to remove file
Customize add unimplemented method in eclipse based on condition
multiple mysql_connect are closed together
How to parse an RDF document in iOS
making app work for ios 3.0
Changing the app pool forces XML rather than JSON from web service
string comparision rendered condition is not woking in glassFish 3.1
Android emulator API level 13 unusable
How to generate Class Diagram in Visual Studio 2008
Xcode's yellow warning underlines going crazy, making projects difficult to read
VS 2010 BootStrapper for WIC (Windows Imaging Component) before .Net 4 installation in XP
How to remove radio button while exporting to Excel using Display Tag?
How to check a buffer in C?
Cannot access QMainWindow variables from child class
How can I change the display from black on white to white on black text from my mac app?
How do I change the scrollbar's height on this site?
getting the Mouseover Event on listview in wpf
How to send feed back information to server via my application?
Updated rows in MYSQL from Table View rows
Yii Framework: Alias 鈥渁pplication.extensions.langhandler.ElangHandler鈥�is invalid. Make sure it points to an existing PHP file
LLVM OpenMP Support
save image by name from camera into sqlite
rails 3.1, why devise can't build the resource?
Onclick for HTML5 Audio with Phonegap and Xcode
Is it possible to invoke php script automatically when someone upload file via ftp
Where put an serialized file object on project netbeans
Show the div with the number that was indexed in the navigation
Why won't mysql query with my php script?
unable to retrieve special characters from sqlite fts3
How to store flash information after call in android?
Different Template for Drupal 7
SSLHandshake exception
JavaScript alternatives to HTML submit-button, due to JS conflict
Get List of Namespaces available in Project in ASP.NET
list view position is getting changed when scrolling on android
nsxml parser issue
Search Core Data for all objects with an empty 鈥渢o-many鈥�relationship
How to make table borders invisible with CSS
TFS2010 - Link to other work item embedded in text field?
Unable to Match JSON Values After Writing to File
wrong encode when update pdf meta data using ghostscript and pdfmark
Generic business object design pattern
PayPal Mobile Payments, Logins, MPL and MEP files for iOS and PhoneGap
Undefined behavior when adding a const with const_cast?
grails 2.0 - running in Jetty, running in Tomcat
Doesn't EF Power Tools CTP1 work with customized connectionstring?
How to create a view slider containing user list?
What exactly is Xpath and what browsers support it
Huge Data Processing in GWT
Any tips for a more pythonic way to implement state machine behavior?
Has anybody seen a good open source Prolog implementation of the SATCHMO theorem prover?
neural network pattern recognition in matlab
ruby on rails, factory_girl, validates_presence_of and polymorphic associations
Django using the values method with m2m relationships / filtering m2m tables using django
How to access html request parameters in external mxml
Mysterious behavior in try-except-finally
Horizontal scroll swipe in a webview component inside Pageviewer in Android
Live video stream from Android to server , pc and, android device
Hibernate SessionFactory through Spring
iPad conditional CSS isnt working
C++: strange behavior with std::istream or sentry wrap around
KeyboardEvent Listener causing TypeError?
rewiterule for changing url [closed]
How to turn cursor(mouse pointer object) into an automated sequence of bmp images?
FB.UIServer._loadedNodes[a.frame] is undefined
Zend-framework Error while trying ZF create project
Best mysql statement to insert time n calculate difference
Installing XPS Document writer on Azure
Preserve a variable after exception is raised
How to register the message notification in ios5?
recompile after base class change
Allowed memory error while uploading image file in server [duplicate]
I need to stretch a div from a particular x coordinate inside my centred container to the right edge of the browser. How can I achieve this?
How should I store my javascript variables?
how to save images automatically from any website and display in another view
SetViewBox moving the paper
Can't properly align my CSS menu
Deleting csv file using c# code [duplicate]
extra characters in csv output
MySQL: Using a subset of rows to check against where clause
UOW + Repository for classic with MVC
How to set default date in timepicker
Android: Issue with updating the table field
Drawing lines in MFC VS2010 and VC++6.0 doesn't get the same result
How to call a jQuery function from .NET WebBrowser control using InvokeScript()?
Type mismatch: cannot convert from element type Object to Path from line for (Path path :_graphics) {
select xpath of data in a tag using lxml
Error when using jquery hover
How to AES-128 encrypt a string using a password in Delphi and decrypt in C#?
How to AES-128 encrypt a string using a password in Delphi and decrypt in C#?
JDBC Connection error, Once i moved to another system.Not able to connect to the database
setBackground statement not working?
how to call multiple columns in a stored procedure
How can I resume a persisted instance by a new version activity?
Cannot open PDB file error in OpenCV running on Visual Studio 2010
Capturing Errors in Flexigrid Ajax Requests
Seeking FOSS serial port component which can handle 9 data bits [closed]
curl for multiple operations in a passworded site
Is it possible for subclass to enhance super's method without overriding? [closed]
How do I handle NHibernate throwing a `NonUniqueObjectReferenceException` when I update an entity?
SkImageDecoder::factory returned null
What benefits can I take from SmtpClient.SendAsync's userToken object?
image does not show in the E-mail body
How to take user input via EditText and do stuff with it
Do I have to create a thumb file for each picture?
PHP curl, preserve session
pyqt4 : Can I override a method without subclass?
HttpWebRequest vs Add service refference
Weird line breaks in a styled unordered list?
ListBox bound to ObservableCollection doesn't update
autofill combobox based on another combo box selection
Find if a file name is valid before actually creating the file
check zero parameter and blank string in javascript
Memory management in viewDidUnload - should I nil both array and objects inside?
Sql Server 2008 R2 Management Studio Yet Another intellisense issue
Does a collapsed control still take up memory?
escaping inside html tag attribute value
Performance Testing vs Profiling
want to access the css styles from my java code
Understanding the role of foreign key constraints. Am I using them properly?
Python programs using Loops
Multiple inheritance in python vs composition
iframe is not working android inbuild browser how can resolve issue?
Ajax callback to originating page from different controller
DO I have to urlencode something to solve my 鈥淓rror Message: redirect_uri URL is not properly formatted鈥�with FbConnect ? (FB API)
reading multiple xml attributes on xml child nodes jquery
Unable to start Call Activity
Cuda Shared Memory array variable
Tracing function calls in C++ using gdb
Secure handling of OAuth Consumer Key and Secret in Chrome Extensions and Gmail Gadgets
JQUery Animation2
grails 2.0 - deploying WAR to remote server (Tomcat), not connecting
Google maps v3: MarkerImage not scaled in IE 8
Trying to parse json in python. ValueError: Expecting property name
How to build a PHP rotator
Website not working when viewed online
Doubleclick event for a highlighted row in a datasheet of VBA
How do you create additional jar artifacts from compiled classes using Gradle?
PL/pgSQL: Can we store a query result into a variable
Frustum culling when Bounding Box is really big
How to Get twitter authentication name to android application?
find link in pdf extension
How to compress files in CakePHP and serve it as download
Reading/Writing files in JavaScript
how to gridview with option value with corresponding id from database
In Ruby, how to make a new instance of a model with all the same attribute values (excepting id) of an existing instance
JDBC Connection Pooling Clarification
what options are there for representing numbers with more than 2^81 digits?
Form Validation in CodIgniter
Mysql, how to order by the first number in a set of numbers
Is this template visitor really dynamic?
How to modify the Python source code in order to add a new AST node?
Generate hidden form field data with rails button_to helper?
ffmpeg-X264 encode --BGRA to AVFrame(ffmpeg) and viceversa? for IOS
How do I animate a sprite sheet using monotouch and core animation?
Does ADO work with ODBC drivers or only OLE DB providers?
How to handle WebSocket messages in an appmod using Yaws?
Salesforce-Cross Object Field
How do I plot predictions from new data fit with gee, lme, glmer, and gamm4 in R?
javascript for 鈥�in iterator mystery
creating a join action between user and group correctly
javascript issue with displaying labels inside textbox
Android Development on Xperia arc S
RewriteRule in .htaccess
ActionMode action for multiple checkboxes
javascript regex, matching without groups or positive lookbehind
Why are state transition storyboards forcing 鈥淗old In鈥�easing for a listbox?
Java: read file input contents and filter them if some line pattern sequences are found
How to submit form without refresh, show output, reload form, rinse and repeat
Distributed Resource in Rails
p:ajax / p:commandButton update method, different id writing method PF 3.0.1 and PF 3.1
Manually Inserting Joomla Show Cart NON sef URL
How would I solve a coding puzzle with Javascript?
How to do calculation using many-to-many relationship in MS Access
Mapping a set of ZIP codes
Frame rendering a Web Page - turn off javascript
Browser for mobile application?
Is there a way to group by the date portion of a datetime field in SOQL?
Rails - From RESTFul resource to customized routes
cucumber rails in action book
Higher Order Function in Haskell
NHibernate Linq Recursive Query Not Working?
VB.NET Ignoring bad references at compilation
How to integrate Alfresco with a Java application runnig on Tomcat [closed]
how to make this query executable in mysql?
Stop box from breaking to next line due to extra margin?
Only want to pull JSON Class not all data
Can you add platform specific code in PhoneGap?
ColdFusion dev in Eclipse vs Intellij
Android Relative layout list view malfunction
Remotely include directories with PHP
Error exporting release too iOS arm-apple-darwin9-as.exe not found
dropdown on image click in wordpress
My service does not loop
ZSH Magic for certain exit-status situations
Adding a column in table A when using condition in table B
Recommended Frameworks for relation database web development [closed]
Referencing a WCF service method
shorten the distance in between plots in multiplot
Select Count Cross tab in stored procedure SQL Server 2005
Start external activity to display Maps
Hosting WCF REST and NET.TCP endpoints together on Azure with ASP.NET
Binding html table data with mysql data (DataTables, jEditable, etc.)
Regex match and replace for abbreviations
xpath to get data out of nested element
how to redirect url on helicon
C++: Empty function macros
Eclipse Remote Development, what are the options?
Any NSWindowRestoration examples?
Three forward slashes for block commenting?
Using FFTWLib (C#): Using fftw.dft_r2c_2d() crashes vshost.exe, or main program if vshost is not running
How do I have a comma inside braces inside a macro argument when parentheses cause a syntax error?
Generating an image - The image cannot be displayed because it contains errors
Settle FPS in the drawing of image and thus acheive smooth motion on the app screen
Access 2007 Mail Merge fails to Execute. ODBC error
What's the best disassembly tool on win32 platform? [closed]
Storing currency in SQlite android database
Unable to bind the selectedIndex of a DropDownList to the selectedIndex member of a Bindable class
Passing permissions to perl's chmod and mkdir functions
Applying a patch with git
How to display contacts using AddressBook framework with a tab bar at the bottom
Translating PHP to Python : Finding Min and Max time per Identifier
Cloud Computing Passing a Function to Server [closed]
How to set Boolean value to an 'Yes' or 'No' h:selectOneRadio
Globbing with ls to find all files matching a certain pattern
Facebook Single-Sign on is not working
MySQL LOAD DATA IN FILE update a single column program crashes when it is compiled with the option /optimize+ and Target framework is .Net Framework 4
Finding a loop invariant in a program to compute sums of cubes?
Parent category displays incorrect / inactive data when managing categories and also one the front end when 'Is Anchor' is used?
Why is my json being rendered in a new page?
Is it possible to monitor an EventMachine process with NewRelic?
Rails 3.1.3 and Inherited Resources tests fail
How to get the Attribute name of a XML Node - GDataXMLNode
SignalR issues with WebProxies or Accelerators?
How can I reference a non-global function with window[functionName]?
Working with strings with mixed encodings in python 3.x
Secure Element tutorial error
qt: How to add a list of QActions to QMenu and handle them with a single slot?
Using alias() for 'select as' in SQLAlchemy
Volatile: why prevent compiler reorder code
Accessing data from core data when in location background mode
Adding custom attributes to Custom Provider Configuration Section in app.config
Compare tar file of the directory with the original directory
playframework, input disabled breaks play from passing the value?
Correct DAO implementation? [closed]
How to check/uncheck all HTML checkboxs inside the ListView using javascript
how to display specific records for editing in MS Access
ASIHTTPRequest synchronous request crashing app
How to concatenate two strings with C and MinGW?
jstree check_move not being called [closed]
Why does ActionMailer not deliver my mongoid object?
how does rails console interact with model
finding my tomcat on my machine
Dynamic Page Loader Conflict
Get current tab selection HTML
Nested inheritance in PHP
passing 'options' overrides to jquery function
Why is this making a blank Bitmap?
Designing user table for MySQL
please help me simplify: show/hide thumbnails and large images
Spring - including multiple property sets into a bean
How to execute URL in java?
Further clarification of an IE7 Memory Leak
MDX for Percent of Total for a subset of a Hierarchy
Why do I get 鈥渄ouble free or corruption鈥�
Changing a jQuery function at different screen size
How to combine date and time from different MySQL columns to compare to a full DateTime?
Ruby and Chef: Resolve and Replace Values in a hash
Error installing XMLRPC_C
R - Produce a string that summarizes a vector of integers by replacing sequential values with the start and end value of the sequence
How can django dispatch visits to views based on domain
Unusual ant behavior with presetdef and antcall
Adding text file to Xcode project and using it in app
Choosing a Mysql Datatype
How to embed a Facebook page's feed into my website
PHP putting 鈥渋f鈥�in header and 鈥渆lse鈥�in footer
Lexical Errors:misspelling of keywords
iOS 5 banner push notification disappear, user tap on app icon to start the app
Four blank line before the table
Capistrano looking for releases / files that don't exist
Magento product display grid columns on home page
How can I do this programmatically?
Possible to prevent init from being called?
3d rotation on image
How to programmatically assign/replace an existing UITableView with a new one?
Problems getting gprof to read gmon.out output from a Qt debug application
Remove a value from querystring in MVC3 and redirect to the resulting URL
setting a class to a menu depending of the url link
Android Message in loop
DataRepeater _ItemCommand event stops firing after a while
how to fix notice and check file on server side?
How to check if a property constains a space in groovy?
Atmel UC3 - how to get the serial number?