Open all ports like daemons [closed]
JAVA multithreading novice inquiry [closed]
How do you use common object binding in winforms? c#
Randomizing obstacles for a game board
How do I export variable columns to a CSV file using PHP?
Using mod_rewrite to 301 redirect get vars to new clean URLs
How to use Reactive Extensions[RX] in Windows phone Application?
log4php and timezone
Compilation errors when writing a quadratic formula program
GHC Core as 鈥渂ytecode鈥�
SQL select from two tables
jquery javascript remove object data from JSON object
Create Excel Format Output using HTML and JavaScript
Can i include my session_functions.php in my header then call a function from body.php
Finding contiguous regions in a sorted MS Access query
Need to read white space and other chars C++
String won't url encode in iOS
Returning object from a function
Two WCF services, hosted in one console application
Android Battery Application
Android Check IF the view displayed has really GONE [closed]
Using an Excel 2010 document in Excel 2003 - VBA issues
How to make some field disable in CRUD edit page?
鈥渄isabling鈥�(gray text, no mouse/keyboard) jquery UI widgets and regular HTML inside a container
Increasing max_frame rate in amqp.js 鈥�Hitting limits in buffer copy
Create UIView programmatically without Interface Builder
How can I show one record's associated records in another table in CRUD?
Exist any delphi class to parse .plist osx files
Take text by class name Jquery
yii controller can't set post
Backbone.js nested object structure
gae.unindexed ignored on development server?
nodejs with solandra connection
Facebook Channel File in ASP.NET
How can I get post impression with FQL?
When to change the Generate Serialization Assembly value?
php: str_replace or preg_match?
Methods for flood control on error emails
AWS-SDK Rails 3.1 Ruby 1.9.3 Writes fail
SQL union optimized into a left join, faster but Query Plan says cost more I/O
Locating the source of an UnhandledException
how to add a slash to all the lines content in the excel?
invoke a method using Javassist
Get session of DNN in aspx file
Datetime Python - Next Business Day
Visual studio 2010: advanced project templates techniques
haml by default
if test in javascript for boolean value
Iterate though collection in VB .Net (like it was an associative array!)
Why doesn't the compiler know the addresses of local variables at compile-time?
Unable to update DOM on iOS 5 without loosing content on scroll
Template Class in C++ - trouble writing begin for linked list
Show hide elements on anchor click in a different container
Change the order of pictures at midnight
jQuery Validate errors not showing, due to nested divs?
active admin & devise with user registration
How do a drill down a List to get to child data
NHibernate inconsistent data between different sessions
UITableViewCell load images and reused cells
C bit operation puzzle
What am I doing wrong with query_posts?
why one html element's onmouseup event is not firing during drag and drop?
Match only some integers in a bash script conditional statement
Cocos2D iPhone - screen coordinates x sprite's internal coordinates
Adding huge numbers in C [closed]
new enemies appearing with each level [closed]
Why can I not access members of the base class without casting?
Is possible Unity IoC of Prism get all the common interfaces from the modules?
ruby-debug does not halt
Protecting mp3 file path in flash player
Splitting up large iOS View Controller?
鈥淔or in鈥�loop doesn't iterate over screen object in IE
How do I parse a string of json if I do not know its object model before hand?
The calling sequence of pthread_init pthread_lock, pthread_destroy and so on?
sending non form values in Jquery post
playframework how to call method from html in href that takes one parameter?
How to access method in separate viewcontroller
Does python think 10 is less than 9
How to set minimum & maximum y value?
Percona Toolkit Vs. Openark Kit. Schema change
How to Make MediaElement.js Fluid?
application cache & 404/500 pages
Spring JMS Oracle AQ Too many transactions
Difference between two files in Lucene
CPU Single Core : Need volatile or synchronized?
setInterval not working in jquery
mongo php find $in issue with _id's
Does synchronized work on referenced/pointer variables?
Embeddinig another website into a GWT application
Twitter Ruby Gem
Throwing away old history on git repo full of binaries
exporting a nested list of numbers and strings to a tab delimited file
Image overlay with small memory footprint
How To Set Excel Default Row Height in Apache POI
Declare [XmlElement(IsNullable = true)] at class level
.Net MVC3 app_offline.htm issues with css/images
animation not starting!! (android)
Mootools Issue in IE8
Rails I18n locale routing and RSpec testing
C++ application exit error code 62097 - What does that mean?
Portability issue in file IO [closed]
Enum with attribute in c++/cli code generated by xsd.exe doesn't compile
using touchstart causes screen to become fuzzy on touchstart
Android Tab spacing/padding options
backbone.js setting view el id attribute using model dynamically
function forward-declaration inside another function
jquery puff effect
Dynamic Makefile variable assignment
Numbers not adding correctly in PHP
Simple Unit Converter, but crashes when lunched
Non-parameter SQL Variables with MySql Connector/Net and Dapper?
c# selected change event of combo box
How do you accept file uploads in noir
How to add views circularly in android?
Symfony2 - Access repository functions in Entity
How do I link a Backbone Form to an event?
Unary negation of unsigned integer
Joomla(easy/hard) - homepage working - all other pages give a 404
PhoneGap: Catching any pages that fail to load
Is there a bug base for git? [closed]
Time Zone in ruby
What is wrong with this create table statement?
jQuery appears to sort elements randomly
does the URL Rewrite module (of IIS 7) work with ASP.NET MVC 3?
Using LINQ, how do I load a hierarchical XML into a POCO?
Hide select tag when input is not empty
Stretch an element even though its child element is floated
Return results into div of different page
Animating GIFs on a web page - Any way to restart them?
Google visualization: how to provide user search on a DataTable object?
KeyError being thrown after logging in to Django admin
Estimate the execute time and quantity of a PHP script by Xdebug
Redirecting CGI(perl) error output to client
PHP, MySQL, Ajax based personal messaging system
ImportError on inspect in Flask WSGI deployment
Snippets for Bash Command Line?
stop jquery from replacing text
Will Ubuntu make android programming eaisier on netbook? [closed]
Need help fo finish Batch script?
Runtime.exec() not behaving as expected
Obtain function value
Need to disable styling in a certain part of the page
ios 5 simulate my core location
Is it better to compile from source or to install from a .deb package? [closed]
Is it better to compile from source or to install from a .deb package? [closed]
If I already have a unique id should I use it as a DataStore key?
HTML: Mac-like and Windows-like file browser UI [closed]
The starting point Winforms to WPF
Adding TreeViewItems to a TreeView in WPF results in an Exception
Entity Framework 4.3 beta [Column(TypeName)] issue, cannot create columns of type xml
Entity SQL: ORDER BY in a subquery not supported?
How to generate a java bean class from an interface in IntelliJ?
Issue with PHP variable
Rhino Mocks ignore private method
new window creation in watir
How to detect whether the mnesia schema and table have been created in code?
How to use MySQL's full text search from JPA
adding UIButton to UIView or UINavigationBar doesn't work
How to declare Grand Central Dispatch
Git bash for Windows NOT prompting for password
Command-line connect curl to an integer socket opened by my application using socket()
Accessing DevFabric from outside Localhost
Custom Location of the Main Menu of Windows Dialog
Tool to check if all website pages are working without error in ASP.Net?
How do i do an update statement where a condition
Suppress a cookie for jQuery Ajax requests
javascript display value in span tag
Entity Framework First() does not return any records
GSON turn an array of data objects into json - Android
Why use threads in Ruby Event Machine?
Floating a left-aligned horizontal menu in middle
In jquery-mobile how do you programmically add page elements that have all the css?
How do I add localization for some fields in a rails model
Ways to resolve method from name and signature
Can I use paging when getting service identities from ACS
C++ DirectInput Mouse Scroll Wheel with a Laptop Touchpad
Integrating Google Maps data to a game. How?
Responsive Data Tables
Is it possible to define an anonymous function in class scope?
Regex for floating point?
Limit the type of a base class parameter
How does Moose compare to Python's OO system? [closed]
Coldfusion HMAC-SHA1 encryption
Googlemaps api V3 error loading the api
android save game state in onPause or onDestroy?
Android: screen rotation, on destroy and services connundrum
Button height inconsistency (cross-browser)
how to design a database that stores user specific data
Validate MySQL rollback
how to setup button to get file input back to being blank
Pulling data from MySql into an array, then comparing the array's data to an existing variable
Using cvApproxPoly() on the results of cvConvexHull2() in OpenCV
SQL query where() date's year is $year
How to multiplex multiple blocking Python generators into one?
How do i play song back once i have MPMediaItemPropertyPersistentID?
C++ operator used when creating a new object
(Flex 4.5) Renderer for s:Label or s:TextArea on new .mxml
Can the Eclipse formatter be configured to indent multiple lines between parenthesis properly?
Could not load type 'Intelligencia.UrlRewriter.RewriterHttpModule'. - Godaddy Issue Cannot resolve
How do I put 20MB of XML data into an SQL database?
How to properly handle Axis2 generated exceptions with a REST client
PHP ARRAY display grouped data from the array based on date ranges
How to exclude previous months of the current month?
Ghostscript failsafe mechanism?
how to use OpenCV 2.3.1 to connect to IP Camera?
Using 鈥渟tatfs鈥�on Mac OS X?
SWT ScrolledComposite cuts off canvas generated images after 32768 pixels
jQuery UI Autocomplete Cancel last query when typing
Memcached Storage Per Object
jquery/javascript carousel Plugin
Cookie, Local storage values are deleted in webview when Android device restarted?
How can I count the number of times a button is pressed while an item is selected from a ListBox
Repeating a JUnit3 test
How to configure GlassFish logging to show milliseconds in timestamps?
populate the database in oracle (sqlplus)
Cannot open database 鈥淣itgenAccessManager鈥�requested by the login. The login failed
Socket.IO WebSocket server/page different hosts
ViewBag/ViewData Lifecycle
Execute code in Visual Studio on schedule and automatically
Most efficient way to move table rows from one table to another
MonoMac: Cant create a Merged Mono App Bundle
Changing the UI with remoteservice.marshal
Closing System.Net.Sockets.TcpClient kills the connection for other TCPClients at the same IP Address
set title of image document to display in browsers
maven plugin ignored from local pom plugins
Use a integer variable in python without the quotes
Heroku Cedar: How to scale WEB dynos based on time of day
Data structure to handle the requirement of following use case
including header files in .cpp files
Uialertview text to NSMutableArray, ios 4.3
Is there any func or alg in opengl about 2byte unsigned short image to float?
Equality operator overloading in struct and classes
Beginner JavaScript variables
FreeBSD phpEclipse installation error
Searching for Text in Header Section of A Word Document
UNIQUE constrains in Android SQLite database
A connection attempt failed error
Create a Sequence using JPA2 backed by hibernate
how do i let UI thread to execute a command when im in some thread
add UIWebView programmatically to UIImageView
Javascript for iOS: Elastic Scrolling without disabling all Scrolling [duplicate]
C: Credit Card Number checker/ Luhn's algorithm
SQL Transaction Duplicate Entry
Hide the 鈥淪how more fonts鈥�button in wxFontDialog, wxpython
Mockito Exception - when() requires an argument which has to be a method call on a mock
apache .htaccess rule with dynamic pages (php) performance
Window With Transparent Background - C++/CLI .net
Decorator pattern - how to decorate two types at once
how to create spin buttons in java?
Why doesn't g++ use the -I option?
Is there a way to force a WebView to update its Picture (view), while scrolling?
Does partially used object cause memory leak?
load a url after a specific amount of time [closed]
How can I change colors of components when the mouse is pressed in a JFrame in Java?
How to receive broadcasts in ServiceTestCase<MyService>?
Inject a dependency into a custom model binder and using InRequestScope using Ninject
How to maintain object reference when serializing
CSS Navigation positioning
End-to-End Guide line for managing a Scrum 1.0 template in TFS 2010
Flex, how to make multicolored fields in textArea using colorPicker?
Setting radio buttons with jQuery while auto-refreshing the page
Why does something encrypted in PHP not match the same string encrypted in Ruby?
Fancybox button helper won't display
Regex to Parse Block of text Similar to Java Properties File Format
How to output a Vector into a JTextArea in a JFrame?
Grid with choropleth maps in ggplot2
Why View can't show the Group Radio Widget?
What is the difference between a view and a layout in RoR?
SQLite get field slot from row 0 column 1 failed
iOS : pan around within a view
Calculate Elevation Android Location
How can I store a lambda expression as a field of a class in C++11?
ImageMagick/GraphicsMagick with multiple binary data in PHP
Junit test failed in Ant, but succesfully finished in Eclipse
Recursivity for a property
Reset live gamecenter leaderboard data [duplicate]
smtp 451 error when setting recipient
Determining UTM zone (to convert) from longitude/latitude
UIPageViewController transitions without the animation sometimes. Why?
Twig Load error seen in DevMode but not in GAE
WCF Latency Issue
Images not embedding in PDF
Event Machine: How to receive file uploads?
Async download using blocks
How to make a menu that has buttons to click?
SUM on a bridge table value
How to create a relationship between two objects in Rails has_many_and_belongs_to_many relationship
iOS; using ZXing 2.0, trouble linking to libZXingWidget.a with Xcode 4.2
Is there a best practice for creating a Node module that utilizes internal Database(s)?
Reading JSON data with jQuery
SQL Server 2008 - Date format still retain date datatype
jQuery - animate + scrollTop
add uiscrollview programmatically
Problems with internal links/anchors in MOBI output from Kindlegen
Problems with internal links/anchors in MOBI output from Kindlegen
Autoupdate database info delivered by php script and ajax?
Is `std::normal_distribution` guaranteed to be ok with standard deviation 0?
Jquery: trying to use height of div to calculate distance of increment animate event
How do you pass parameters to an HttpHandler using Kendo UI?
Wordpress comments not showing
What should I look out for when developing for ios4
Perl printf issue
Datagridview error when trying to open a form
Convert JS function to jQuery - (input field clear default value)
Python: Is there a way to get a local function variable from within a decorator that wraps it?
Maven: jar-with-dependencies + JavaDoc
Spring MVC : What is the best way to pass the controller + action name to the view?
Minification of Dynamic Javascript using PHP
C standard library and system calls
Why I get only the last id props after this for loop?
Constructing a new instance of a generic class [duplicate]
Displaying JPanels plus its components in a tab within a JFrame using each tab as a seperate class
Knockout JS event for any viewmodel dom update
jQuery is locking up browser
Java Card game server, can't figure out how to start from beginning without havng a goto
Turing Machine Implementation in C
How can I intercept GTK main loop, or have a callback event for the main function using python gtk?
How do I display a list of items from a Bean onto a JSF webpage?
jQuery remove element that contains another element with the class of ___
How to get string reference of image from a database and convert to the real image
how to check file format in server side
Multiple Views in a Single Column
Sharepoint 2010: how to populate a selection box with list views?
Java: CRC error when using setDictionary for GZIPOutputStream's Deflater
javascript onclick increment number
How can I make the content of a UIWebView load with an animation?
copy from source derived from select query? [duplicate]
JBoss Switchyard annotations not resolving
Ruby on Rails upgrade: NoMethodError (undefined method `type' for nil:NilClass)
How to pipe Bash command output to multi-line Perl code in a Bash script?
javascript appendchild which does not inherit the css of parent
cant get mysql 5.5 running on mac 10.6
Yii CRUD render mysql date view
Injecting Services into a Base Controller class
BoneCP Enterprise Use & General Stability
Streaming audio recording from browser to server?
Preventing password reuse with Devise
inverse of a cdf
Fill Form Fields with Javascript based on First field
Need to flush the Java EDT ( event dispatch queue )
Using Entity Model Object in ASP.Net MVC View Page
Converter to convert C# (.NET 2.0) code to VB6?
collection is not associated with any session + Caused by: org.hibernate.LazyInitializationException: illegal access to loading collection
Hosting a restricted Powershell with custom cmdlets
C++ Lock File Windows Blocking Mode
Query string manipulation in Rails when identical keys are present
Validate 11 Digits in JavaScript
Referrer URL in case if the link was clicked from email
Advice on Profile Picture System (Rails 3)
Css not rendering the properties correctly after the script call has been made
Rails many to many relationship and remote relationship
Horizontal Menu ul align right and align left
Slicebox, Linking the images
Is it possible to make reference to an unknown number of variables?
Memory management - should I nil and release object by some orders? [duplicate]
C++ simple IO vowel count program
LDAP SSIS Throwing generic error on ADO.NET Datasource
FB doesn't return access_token for my app, no error msg specified.
How to treat plus sign from user input as part of input string and not as concat operator?
301 Redirect Scenario
How to create nested models in Ember.js?
Do Symfony2 Services Always Need to be Declared in a Bundle?
get property value in linq expression
Filter list Div's via checkboxex via DOM
How can I automate publishing and referencing static content to Azure Blob Storage?
Computer Vision Analysis
Highly Concurrent Access Storage System [closed]
How do I get notifications on new GitHub issues?
Align code using tab in VS 2010
Access to Modified Closure in Lambda Expression
Package .exe into .vsix and call from Visual Studio extension
Parsing a text file to SQLite so the data can be queried using objective c?
CI Structure & development
Is it possible to use a category to 鈥渂ootstrap鈥�a bunch of related categories?
Windows Phone 7 Wrappanel visibility
OpenGL Noob -> 2D Animation [closed]
Upgrade from > 1.6.2: Checkout error (Invalid method Mage_Checkout_Block_Onepage_Billing::isTaxvatEnabled)
C struct is unboxed while C++ struct is a boxed type?
Recursively traverse NSDictionary of unknown structure
Trying To Make Update Work
XCode Crash Log NSMutableDictionary Nil Check Issue
Redirect doesn't work properly
CSS Horizontal Menu, Bottom Margin won't work
Decoding and understanding assembly code
Best way to download multiple image from a remote server with PHP
Incorrect plural error messages with nested attributes
JSF 1.2 managed bean how to get the getter value
Rename symbolic link in python
Is there a way to configuring Solr to run on Amazon S3 with the index files on S3 and not local storage?
Case Classes and Pattern Matching on List
Bypass Button IsDefault
Nice hover effect in css3
Cross-Compile using Shared Libraries
What sort of key should this be?
Mixins with John Resig's Class Syntax
CSS menu alignment
Downloading a file through web application [best practice]
Pass parameter to JQuery method
Firemonkey - Message Handling
ThreadLocal performance vs using parameters
Castle DynamicProxy - Failure when creating proxy involving a GTP used as a GTR
Android: FragmentTransaction hide doesn't work for DialogFragment
Repeating background color pattern through jquery?
SQL XML nested query
How to reassign current ajax request to a different request? - jQuery/JS
changing rally basic dropdown menus after display
Coffescript not compiling valid source
Problems with masonry image loading
Visual Studio 2010: how to automatically copy files into debug directory
Jquery mobile DOM id collision when loading ajax pages
iOS- UIWebView and downloaded code
UITableView Overlay when section index touched
PHP generate RGB
.NET in js include file
Making terminal input send after a certain number of characters
fscanf type function for streams?
Using Homebrew with GCC-4.6
htaccess ErrorDocument 404 conflict with RewriteEngine On
How to get list of mailboxes using AE.Net.Mail?
Dojo require() and AMD (1.7)
Android - Views overlaid on the last frame of a fullscreen video don't redraw properly when turning the screen on and off
MATLAB: line specification marker size
How to load a linked list from a text file?
Delete requests returns true, but request still exists?
Call to undefined method PHP_CodeCoverage_Filter::getInstance()
Draw Text on CameraPreview (Android)
Excel objects not getting disposed sometimes
Why a virtual call to a pure virtual function from a constructor is UB and a call to a non-pure virtual function is allowed by the Standard?
Database exclusivity design
Trying to do Hibernate Update - can someone point me in the right direction?
How to restore the class of associations from an ActiveModel object serialized into JSON?
Qt creating children threads using QFuture error
How can I call a macro with multiple arguments via the Visual Studio IDE?
Generic function in Vala
Duplicating PostgresSQL's window functions like lag, lead, over
Link errors with stringstream
Escaping a whole string in mysql/python
How to get messages for specific user by FQL or GRAPH API?
How do I connect to a VM using Remote Tools?
How to edit or write on existing PDF with Ruby?
Child - parent contraints in MYsql?
wpf listview, put image into a column in place of certain row values?
form submit checkbox sets value to 鈥渙n鈥�rather than 鈥渢rue鈥�
How can I create a freeze pane in Excel when exporting via ASP.Net using XML?
Polyfill Webshim HTML5 Form datalist Chrome issue
Display SWT token after authentication against IdP with ACS
why does mongo trim spaces on save?
Error: Unknown column 'catId' in 'from clause'
Detect offset of written data
bind9 answering SERVFAIL
The 鈥渋s鈥�keyword and the override of Equals method
Could not find stored procedure on update
PHP echo/print a function call that's inside a variable
How to install Thunderbolt?
Remove AspectJ Content Assist suggestions after plugin uninstall
Using IFilter from a 32bit app on a x64 system
Can you put a ui button inside of a ui accordion?
Javascript modify mySQL data/tables
annotate in ruby on rails gets command not found
mysql_fetch_array display issues
Reorder Array of Strings Z-A (reverse alphabetically)
Pass accentuation on query (javascript) (GET)
Generating a custom Identicon avatar?
How to search sql server database for string?
Adding custom business logic to ASP.NET WebSite with entity DAL (Data Access Layer)
OSGi BundleListener and BundleTracker in Eclipse RCP
Hide nodes from Drupal 7 views based on permissions
Load data with scroll down in Servlet-JSP
Access 2010 - reference form loaded by tab form
File iteration, checking line existence
Custom Header Buttons in JQuery Mobile
SQL Group By / Count: Count Same Values Across Multiple Columns?
Object not showing up in Code First - MVC3 project
iluFlipImage cause graphic problems
Using ASIHTTPRequest's Reachability
Ruby on Rails Time In / Time Out Records
weird form redirection in zend
Basic zipping files. Working with files in general. Ruby
Creating transparent rectangle over form
What is the proper way of overriding a generic method?
Reading data from PDF files into R
Cannot run cucumber and test in RubyMine
Inner Div 100% height outside of parent Div
Knockout.js - foreach binding - test if last element
Video encoding libraries for Windows
Indicating unaligned access to Clang for ARM compatibility
Way to ignore case in iteration of glob
Possible PHP/Javascript Race Condition
mmap shared buffer read problems
ListView Reorder Items
What are the de facto features used for 3D gesture recognition?
Does this PHP code cause memory leaking?
Python PIL library鈥�Is there a way to select which screen ImageGrab.grab() grabs in a multi-monitor setup?
How do I get the currency symbol of a currency as it would appear in one of its native locales?
Passing arguments via command line with MPI
Uploading image (as data:image/png:base64) to webserver
Auto-refreshing content (using template engine) using jQuery
Jersey - Massive Latency Calling Service Method From Resource
IE8 not working with jQuery Dialog
compare 2 UILocalNotifications [closed]
Webkit vs. Firefox vs. Opera text-shadow issue
Programatically Check an Item in Checkboxlist where text is equal to what i want
mod_rewrite not working with reverse proxy in vhost
Inverting permutations in Python
Android - how to handle incoming phone call during network data operation
How to write two version of native dlls which can coexist side by side?
include cakePHP element on ajax success
Need my apps to talk to each other
How to develop and package with ActivePython?
Jquery function stopped working
C: What the mistake in my prog?
Filter one HTML select dropdown based on another select dropdown
Appending % sign in output of prop.table
SQL Server - exclude data where there's no connection to second table
Linq to DataSet Order By Clause Error
Insert line on facet_grid margin facets only
C# standalone application with java backend webservice
@RooWebJson Generates Invalid Aspect File
Copy files from directory structure but exclude a named folder
Copying/Appending non matching data between same table on different database servers
From Java to Kinect programming [closed]
How to password protect couchdb web interface (futon)?
HTML 5 in Magento Go
Does doctrine 2.x must have a primary key in db table?
different themes in portrait and landscape for a ListView
Python list format from mysqldb
radio button not perfectly aligned
Monitor application state perl
IE7/8: PDF file won't download with HTTP GET
Private inheritance vs containment
Simple sendMessageDelayed function in Android
Datatable to XML using LINQ
List of strings to array of NVPair
How can I change the language parameter of an exe file generated by launch4j?
UIWebView, quote characters with Arial font not showing up correctly
Skipping one rails action in CanCan
Non Json Format to JSON format
How to serialize/deserialize an ASP.NET JSON date using Jackson?
Find out the 'line' (row) number of the cursor in a textarea
Stop caret jumping to bottom of textarea?
How to stream live audio from iOS device to Wowza media server?
How can I sign an XML Document in java with certificate and private key?
hook to click event inside embedded youtube player
UIGestureRecognizerDelegate never shows tap as in state 'recognized'
SQL stored procedure statement [closed]
The ASP.NET MVC Routing Querystring vs Embedded Value Bewilderment
one click triggers 2 posts
Accessing shell environment variables in catalyst web app using Apache/FastCGI
how to make a jquery independent
Historical quotes in LibreOffice Calc + GetQuote
How to trigger an ajax event with a checkbox click in ASP.NET MVC?
unset session variable in zend view
SAS 9.2 Integration with .NET
Rails 3.2.1, uninitialized constant Rake::DSL when using rake db:migrate
Jquery plugin function access from outside
Change Picker View Text Color
Windows Phone 7 buttons with images
C# Function to Visual Basic 2010 Error with BitShift Operator 鈥�lt;<鈥�
Assigning NSArray Issues on Simulator Versus Device
Time taken for Core-data fetch with NSPredicates filtering~ WEIRD
Magento : Programmatically creating user, create them twice
How is the mac os executable bit preserved in Windows?
Using scala continuations with netty/NIO listeners
XML Output In the Wrong Order
Explicitly call interface methods from a winforms base class
Splitting up OOP components and passing data between them
Adding second parameter to web service URL
Animation starts moving out of position after some time
Free SMS API integration with my Web App [closed]
Is there an event for when the content of a HTML element has fully loaded?
ArgumentNullException was unhandled - Value cannot be null. Parameter name: first
Javascript menu onclick doesn't work
How to make an icon for Android Activity?
How to Index artist/band names using lucene/solr out of my MySQL server
OTP Local Protocol/Algorithm
Disable current_time in Oracle
How to set a lower width when one div is on top of the other and the bottom slides out on hover?
SQL Image Database assembling rows into HTML cells and rows
PHP, mysql group and manipulate based on multiple columns
Missing ContentController registration in mvc while using custom ControllerFactory with unity
White list of HTML tags I should allow from user generated content?
SecurityException when calling Graphics.DrawImage
Watin: Iterating through text boxes in a telerik gridview
X509 subject alternative name (subjectAltName) IP address field
access UIView method from Cocos2D class
How to display current time every fixed time interval in the status bar?
Problems getting access to a STA object from another process
Pull down menu - Creating with <select> vs. <li>?
ActionBar Tabs with fragments on rotate
ios async crash
What's the difference between a Java reference and C++ reference
How to apply a method to a parameter in MyBatis
Trouble installing Kyoto Tycoon - Java. Maven failing
In/Out vs Out in Ada
Indexing the content of my ASP.NET MVC views with Lucene.NET
In Python, what's the method for returning only the max odd integer in a list?
SQLite .query() method, WHERE clause is only taking double quotes strings
Using SVG as background image
Trouble setting up apache on vmware
Default parameters in C
BSP tree traversal in relation to position?
Bulk insert of multiple files in SQL Server
Dynamic XML filtering based on params
Best workflow using node.js npm and git
PHP: replace a 鈥渧ariable鈥�from mysql query (Table's content)
Shell Script Error- can't execute the command
Parsing a tab delimited text file with VB.Net
Jasmine-headless-webkit with guard (1.0.0) with rails 3.2; the asset compile is really slow
Capturing the performance of the CPU, GPU, memory and FPS
Understanding Javas HttpSession
DataBufferInt cannot be resolved to a variable
Passing value from object string to string
Accessing WCF Web Service From Apache CXF (MTOM + WS-Security)
MVVM WPF Master Detail Comboboxes
Add class to the last <li> in a group of <ul>
facebook: posting a link to an event feed
Web Service - C# Client and Apache Server Basic Authentication - Error HTTP 400 Bad Request
in app link to app store app
Android tablet - Tabbing through input fields not does not work in forms within iframe
Prioritize scheduling restart of crashed android service
Migrating from devise to omniauth (identity)
Extended Ascii characters in Code::Blocks C++
content_for vs yield in partials
Using a conditional conditional in python
Prevent UIWebView from making 7 numbers into a hyperlink
forcing the rule of having one record per combination in SQL Server
ASP MVC ChildActionOnly should have routing
SfDoctrineGuard Permission and installing a python project
Solution to self-manage PHP-MySQL mailing list鈥�premade solutions, classes, etc?
ASP.NET MVC uploaded images folder inaccessible after deployment
How to iterate through alphanumeric characters for a string of 2 characters
Spacing between divs in text?
鈥渦ncompressable鈥�data sequence
ModelState.IsValid false for empty string field
Vim: reverse visual mode perspective
Is it compatible for VC redistributed package 2005, 2008, 2010
Recursive query to check that all parents are enabled
Create an artificial correlation matrix
count xml elements with multiple conditions
Can I determine which process sent my window a message?
Does retyping and declaring variables that could otherwise be inherited degrade performance
PHP webservice results and array
display Result of query without primary key
JQuery don鈥檛 work in aspx-page with Masterpage
Difference <span></span> versus <span/> for CSS?
cufon.replace inside google maps contentString
Placing a MapLabel on top of a Polygon in Google Maps V3
Box-shadow very slow scrolling (particularly - opera)
Creating txt file based on user input in php [closed]
Populate CreatedOn, ModifiedOn columns
Group list by days of week in c
Validation of username with Django authenticate
Baseline issue in ListView
compiling lesscss files by phantomJS
Get email address from Outlook
Compiling class template with g++ - undefined symbols
Can I use PInvoke to call method from my own dll?
Best way to query XDocument with LINQ?
Rails console truncates the Activerecord output - How to prevent truncating?
Is it possible to add components dynamically to the middle of BoxLayout
convergence error codes in nlminb 鈥�where stored?
Impose a condition needing to be satisfied before user changes to another tab
how to convert simple opengl line plotting code to use vertex array
Locking in one thread, releasing in another
%REQUEST_URI without slash in .htaccess
CSS: Does this statement affect both elements of that class
casting JPA Native query result in Java
How to reference data stored at a System.Reflection.Pointer .Net object in matlab?
What might cause errors validating verification code? (facebook oAuth from MVC3 issue)
Why do these two pointer subtractions give different results?
Using a license.licx file with an F# script?
Adding Clicked Row + Next Row at the End of the HTML Table
WPF Application_Startup event runs for ever unless I make a window and show it
any tool which can list methods out from the dlls? [duplicate]
How to place javascript object within datatables JSON?
Can I use Amazon's SES with Symfony2 and the Swiftmailer Bundle?
How do I simulate <br/> (the br tag) using CSS?
How to prevent a site from checking for my manifest file?
SQL Server 2008 R2 Express permissions 鈥�cannot create database or modify users
Android, layout screen width
ipad Javascript slider
Magento Payment Redirect Order
Java: Missing libraries
powershell pass command line arguments
How to reinitialize git in Netbeans 7.1
returning array results after in_array check?
Algorithm to generate (not quite) spanning set in Python
Parsing till end of string and checking for end of line in java
AsyncTask inside a Static method - Good Coding Practice?
Coping with Lagging Enum Support
Why in this case google analytics cookie value pairs exist in http request?
How can I set a value for a LinkedItem?
Force a web page to open up in the Lotus Notes client web browser regardless of user preference
LINQ lambda expression for many-to-one inner join involving max()
How do I animate a sprite sheet in Xcode without Cocos2d?
inserting hyperlink into sql database - php
How to use the getAllData() function?
Default ASP.NET Themes
How to perform complex validation on a model object?
setting UINavigationBar tintColor only sets it's back button color
Save BIO into char* (from SMIME_write_CMS)
Is there a programmatic way to update an android app on the android market?
Object Oriented application development in C#
Error in simple python module
Toiling with HTMLEditorKit
How to use arrays along with polymorphism?
Hibernate Query Result List and Type safety?
Python array conversion to a string
Regular expression for a String [closed]
Pushing a repo on a Gitolite server to Gitolite while also being able to push and pull from a client
Calling a native method from Android project
Git SVN error: a Git process crashed in the repository earlier
Eclipse: refactoring functionality in Struts 2 app. Possible?
Looping through results of 2 queries
Stylesheet Pseudo-State Syntax in PyQt
Using PHPUnit with Selenium, how can I test that an element contains exactly something?
iOS Launch Image for when Call is in Progress
How to find out who ran the TFS Destroy Command?
How to perform an action on double click for GridControl
ERROR 1109 (42S02): Unknown table 'comment' in field list
Skin VScrollBar from a TextArea
Any example of Sending apprequest app-to-user?
bsearch and struct (custom type)
When should a DB table be split into two separate ones?
Backbone JS event functions modify object
PHP ArrayObject inner workings
iOS - Accessing new properties on a subclass
Best approach for Color Touch Effects
jquery menu hovering
Android custom adapters
Looping in Assembly
LDAP root query syntax to search more than one specific OU
How To Get uvec4 Output from a GLSL Program
Download PNG file [closed]
Alignment of numbers on the individual bars with ggplot2
How to get the last commit date of a file with ruby/grit?
PHP: prevent from overflow the database
Rewriting nginx for pushState-URL's
Maven's target jar is not running
Use CakePHP routes in shell
Nesting OR using Linq PredicateBuilder
Collision detection between tiles and Sprite Bounding Box
1 query or 2 separate queries?
Mysql query ignoring NULL and empty fields
Auth::check in lithium with uploadify
Hostname-independent Yesod application
How do I convert these DMS geocoords to decimal in Python?
If map or filter is used inside another function, does that function become higher order?
iPhone shake event not work
How to overload method taking predicate vs value in c++
How do you get Amazon's ELB with HTTPS/SSL to work with Web Sockets?
which return comply with C++ standard
make jQuery load only once in joomla
increasing expressiveness in array elements test
SQL INSERT INTO SELECT, combine varchar columns
pip uninstall broken w/ --environment flag?
How to log all exceptions in Oracle package?
iOS: UI testing + continous integration?
mongoose push doesnt work inside call
SoapUI Maven plugin- executing multiple projects
Android music player app: how to set a complete listener for media player that is running in a service?
How to Read in 2d array indexs' from a file (IE: Coords) in java
event handler for WebBrowser control onpropertychange events - sender and e objects are null
Working with Strings in Java
Launch build script from Windows Service
Need help starting to build my own hash table
Devise column confirmed_at no longer updates after rails 3.2 + devise 2.0
Is there a way to include adobe air in a packaged android app built with Flash Builder 4.5?
export data from to xls format
Process entire page with regex before sending back to client
Serialization in Windows Phone 7
Flash Compiler Does Not Allow Overriding
Array only repeats first item with other array
Error 1004 when setting Range.Locked
Facebook Tab iFrame blurring the Facebook Search Bar on Google Chrome
How to include groovy in a grails project
C++: object properties emulation: thoughts
Read/Parse JSON with Java
control web browsers using java program
Fix hyperlink issue in Word-to-XML conversion
ActivityMonitor on Intent filter ACTION_SENDTO not hit
Access facebook login for website locally
Anyone found a way to persist a password field after an invalid submission?
W/NetworkManagementSocketTagger(88): setKernelCountSet(10009, 0) failed with errno -2
Python - how do delete content in a complicated folder without changing its structure?
Matlab: howto convert cell array of structs into struct array using colon operator?
Multi-player game bullet calculation
Is there a practical limit on the number of memory mapped files in iOS?
how do i wait till the thread complete its job then execute the next command c#?
Carrierwave add a watermark to processed images
Storing different types inside a list?
Accessing Controls inside the content controls in WPF
Fancybox Thumbnail Opacity
sql sub query with max(datetime)
Fastest way to insert millions of rows with an increment in MySQL
MySQL count optimization
PHP Explode , adding variables to URL
Checking for NULL dates in custom code function
Is it possible (if so, how) to use jQuery's appendTo with $.Views?
(Delphi) How to read a string variable and split it into multiple lines and put into a listbox
Can you have a drupal 7 site without an anonymous user
Is it safe to execute SQL query like this in Python using MySQLdb?
How do i use two versions of passenger on the same server?
No parameterless constructor defined for this object. when dealing with MultiSelectList
Detect iPad (or iOS) for only a single href change
Where can I find the build # for a test result in the rally API?
Arrays and functions in c language
When running TextTransform.exe, how to distinguish between TextTemplatingFilePreprocessor and TextTemplatingFileGenerator?
Can I attach/bind text to elements in Raphael?
SetTimeout not delaying a function call
Is reliable in a 64-bit address space?
Is there a way to have Behat NOT fail on PHP Notice errors?
Creating several indexes with the same value - shorthand
Grails queries with criteria: how to get back a map with column?
R diff() and 0 values
Z-index not working, even when paired with 'position'
How does Fortran deallocate linked lists?
Drawing touch-interactive charts in Android
Detect Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel Availability
Axapta 3.0 creating base64 string from file
How Can I add This jQuery Twice to the Same Page?
What type of web service should I use for consumption by iOS/Android apps?
How to determine the location of the insertion point in a UITextField
Background job on heroku how does the web know it's finished
java soap connect via https
Should I worry about leaking the 鈥渢his鈥�pointer in Swing?
TinyMCE : image selection on onMouseUp (wordpress / contenteditable)
Xperia Arc S Light Sensor
How to add route parameter before MVC choses a route
modx is only showing html code, not the template
Android actionbar using icon form navigation
InnerException {鈥淚nvalid object name 'dbo.Users'鈥潁
Image Control dosen't work
Regarding the differences among these four regular expressions with minor differences
Pointfree function combination in Python
Best practice for handling path/executables in project scripts in Python (e.g. something like Django's, or fabric)
How Do You Bind To An Item In A Dictionary?
AJAX response with status code 0
Connect .mxml component to another
JavaScript issue on iPad
Keyword Search first then display rest of record set randomly
SQL Query and PHP manipulation with Nested Set Model
Creating base PSD to design Android App UI for mdpi, 320/480px device
how to reduce the amount of memory my android app uses
How can I assign a list in a tuple in a dictionary?
ExtJS 4 Drawing and Charting Example is Not Drawing
Google rich snippets not showing on testing tool but showing on search?
Window resizing
Find specific shapes in an image
Merging with an ancestor of the current commit
preserve textbox data after an Ajax request with RenderResponse call with JSF 2.0
Click on NSTextField Label to emulate hyperlink to a folder
Using a company like NameCheap how can I point a domain to a subfolder of another hosting company
Different behavior on Android vs standard java
Adding days in Java timezone Eastern European Summer Time (EEST)
PHP's 'gzuncompress' function in the shell? [duplicate]
Export MySQL data into Excel matrix
Components to avoid in Delphi
How do I effectively select the average sum of several sums being calculated based on different timestamps in SQL?
Painting editable JTextComponents with fractional widths?
From a long HTML to many JPEGs (or any other image)
hiding and showing radio button and dropdown based on values
Can I delete columns from CSV using Ruby?
javax.servlet.ServletException: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/servlet/ServletInputStream
Using Joda time to get current wall time for a given Time Zone
How to add a param to a URL that trigger jQuery to run a function on load
Python list comprehension - function with arguments in two lists
First JQuery project鈥�a little stuck
How to serialize to a variable
How to create a bytes or bytearray of given length filled with zeros in Python?
Working with small group of developer on PHP projects
Service account to access SQL server from IIS
trimming a byte[] when adding into a sql server database
Calling .all in Active Record query
GSON throws exception parsing empty Date field
Why is my JPanel inside a JScrollPane not scrolling?
A solution in a server/client program in JAVA
How do I update a table with the max value of a different table?
css PIE just not working
Javascript project manager?
How to count elements and take attribut of first?
How do you remove a class that matches a pattern from the class attribute, but retain the other classes?
How to run perl scripts (via BAT file) on a different server than the one I'm on?
how to use 鈥淧OST鈥�method to send json data to a url with an authorization?
Ability to reload change in Magento site's configuration without clearing cache
ios fade out splash screen (iphone 5 friendly)
WriteFile returning error code 87
How to undo 鈥済it push --mirror鈥�
Hover part of the image to see div
How do I set logging level in Glassfish?
How can I specify an endpoint class with NServiceBus.Host.exe?
Enforce WCF client SendTimeout
Resources folder in Mono for Android library
How do you decompile, edit in eclipse and recompile an apk? Step by Step? [duplicate]
algorithm/theory for GPS position jitter removal
Javascript Array Object vs Array Like Objects - Clarification
FolderBrowserDialog position on screen. VB.Net
Parameters for activation page
Run script multiple times using variable in constraint
iOS saving core data to server/cloud
Limit on open nettcpbinding connections
How do I configure matchit.vim to use <tab> instead of %?
Yet another, but unique-to-me #1064 error [closed]
each_element not behaving as expected
wp7 slider hangs up
How do I extract an event handler to another file and still have access to sender and args?
Set element to Hidden when clicked
SecurityError: Error #2148: SWF file file
How to get only unique commits in git
Permissions error on FSO DeleteFile/MoveFile
Is it possible to select some specific columns when querying using Object.find_by_ColumnName method?
After disabling offline_access and removing the app from app settings I no longer get an extended access token
Expression Engine: Use Category URL Titles In Links - YES / Category URL Indicator
PIC C18: Converting double to string
Is WSH TCP server possible?
align to right an element in jquery mobile
Getting width during build of an Activity
SwingX : a One keyword and several suggestions
How to get Cyrillic responsetext
git reflog expire and git fsck --unreachable
Infinite scroll new element
VC++, making buttons and textboxes an object
Wave vector in 2 dimensions
Can someone please explain this Objective-C syntax?
Apply subversion auto props on a certain file on every commit
Parsing & compilation nomenclature
Interpretation of Android Stack Trace
Synchronize defects and requirements between TFS and HP QC
How to do several asynchronous I/O actions in Dart cleanly (Isolates)?
Where is the code for the EDML generated Models?
java.util.HashMap cannot be cast to
get push notification while the app is not runing iPhone
Testing a CakePHP 2.0.5 Helper which extends FormHelper
playframework flash scope and cookies, won't that end up on another page?
dynamic key in JSON file (used by backbone.js models for example鈥�
open source user-security/password scheme
How to display entity framework object as model with validation?
Finding number of rows in each GROUP BY result
Img having right+bottom padding in ie8
simple logic for loop C++
Where can I find a very simple jQuery/AJAX Coldfusion tutorial? [closed]
RODBC - Select * Fails on Oracle but can Specify Columns
OpenGL Drawing 鈥渁xis鈥�
vector implemented with many blocks and no resize copy
Synchronous server calls from actionscript
schedule black berry application
Prototype, Dojo and Scriptaculous together
Git check custom rules
Combres js urls too long for Chrome Developer tools
iCloud update policy on CoreData in development and production mode
Remove logs older than 90 day
RegEx in Classic ASP to find out if the URL has a particular string
Can't get by 鈥淒llMain already defined鈥�error
Stack overflow exception with Rails 3.2 ActiveRecord
How do I list non-ECB windows in Emacs?
Running JQuery or Javascript on Facebook
Input type=range does not update its value
Rails: How to quickly secure entire site for development testing on Heroku?
Using find with -L option
Are objects stored on the stack?
httpclient response
Zxing QR Code android eclipse. Class which the decoded QR code is displayed?
what's the preferred way to encode a 鈥渘ullable鈥�field in protobuf?
Access a shared-preference listPreference directly, without having to enter the menu first! (Android)
Browser engine C++ library [closed]
Trigger a form submit on a different page - Rails 3
Metro UI - create live tiles inside a page
New GitHub Push to Master -> Zip it Up, Send it to S3
Setting textLabel.text in UITableView using JSON data
CDATA in partial response closes after start of encoding of custom component
Why should I use placement new?
How do i call ImageList.Images.Clear() from another thread?
how do i save passwords when i need them later in plain tex (php)
PHP array formatted HTML output
Javascript: My fbAsyncInit() method never gets called
How to show rectangle on WPF canvas from c sharp file
What is the right size of icon for appliction list?
Can you bind two events to a handler with jQuery?
Accessing and controlling a custom ListBoxItem control
Persisting recursive relationships with Java's Hibernate
Is it possible to lazy load Jquery (not a plugin)?
Creating file using windows service
How do you get centered content using Twitter bootstrap?
How to countDistinct on multiple columns
how to declare array [closed]
SQL: How can I declare a variable inside a derived table?
Cannot start APC or Memcached modules with PHP-FPM
CCAction: Stopping and running
fetch the hidden text and put it within a div tag
ios load without causing animation to stutter
Grails automatically coerce strings into one of my domain classes
TCP Response Halting
LINQ, can't construct datetime
LINQ, can't construct datetime
Finding an <include> view by id?
Do C# enum flags have to be sequential
How Can You Delete All Color Categories?
Python file.write new line
JavaScript Regular Expression: Non-Digit Character