Magento: Adding a custom entity
Getting the key for a value [duplicate]
jquery supersized plugin - allow image to scroll with site
How to dismiss a Dialog in Android by clicking it inside?
Find a repeater that is within another repeater
Autowire session-scoped bean into thread (Spring)
Fundamental understanding of CSS Elements [closed]
What is operator overloading and is it different from Polymorphism?
Need help making a batch file to do certain things
Presenting ModalViewController turns the orientation of my app on start up
Change Select Button in GridView
Can't run Rspec, spork , auto test on Ruby on Rails application
How to left join a Cartesian product on another table?
Tomcat issue with url-pattern
Binding a JSF bean to a included JSF
What is the proper way to validate the type when using single table inheritance (STI)?
searching for keywords with symbols in lucene
Twitter API - search tweets and filter by bio keywords
Sonar 2.13.1 with MySQL 5.1 Issue
jQuery.ajaxSetup() Is Being Ignored
PHP checking user inputs. Best Practise?
php file as xml for flash
Should @@rowcount persist from a trigger into the proc its calling?
How can Ivy be configured to create a conflict between different Oracle drivers?
What Visual Studio plugin opens .oradbproj files?
Iterating through a Generic Dictionary throws Exception
Ruby on Rails database: how to mention foreign key relation by changing app/model/table.rb file how to know they implemented
netmeeting activex control wb32.exe embed
MSVC++ variadic macro expansion
Putting RSpec Test Cases in the Right Place
compiler warning: Double is not supported. Demoting to float
keyCode == KeyEvent.KEYCODE_F wont work
Dragable Javascript Treeview
Recognize PHP errors in Actionscript 3?
'No data received' when running Jasmine specs
how to add subviews in a 'for' loop
TFS 2010 Build get part of workspace based on a label
Why is the OR statement giving me records I do not want?
command line VIM does not change background (stays black)?
debugging TabHost.addTab(TabSpec)
Mesh to obstacle deformation
Is there a way to automatically #define header files in visual studio?
jsf1.2 rich:messages duplicating validation of rich:message in the same form
Declare local variable: how convert this mssql script to oracle?
Boolean argument for script
NSTableView crashs when changing data with selected row
What conditions cause object instantiation to return null?
Why do C# Arrays use a reference type for Enumeration, but List<T> uses a mutable struct?
Behance-like content filter possible in drupal?
By using import.socket, is there a way to retrieve DHCP ip instead? or do I have to minus one from the IP?
Converting an arbitrary drawing into an interactive map?
Posting Feeds to Facebook using Graph API - Server side
Contiguous memory storing misunderstanding
I Can't seem to update one part of my css. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?
Searching within a subset of data - Solr
How can android interact with C# code?
ASP.NET code showing on browser along with Hello Word text in IIS
HTML/CSS + Slideshow with content of various height, without using JS
Linq query list contains a list with same order
How to define a variable, when multiple variables are being called from one button
ios NSUserDefaults storing a username. Can a user edit this?
infix to prefix calculation
How to find out which USB-RS232 device is on which tty?
RoR: CI and staging server [closed]
How to attach a file to a vcalendar event?
How to detect if flash movie already played for viewer
button to dynamically duplicate dropdownlist populated in a div on php
Expression Engine - Multiple URL's for Template Group
Unpacking tuple to autorun a function with parameters of unknown length in python 2
How to calculate android screen?
Android Activity Transition Order
how convert date(02/07/2012) to Tuesday, Febraury 7, 2012
Including/Excluding content with xPath/DOM > PHP
Accessing UITabBarController's content view
How to reload AJAX content in jQuery UI Tab
edit actionscript from swf - compiled file
MailMessage sends ok from Test PC but not Dev Server
Past Tense of open graph action verb doesn't work in all timeline posts
How can I define a function that takes a list of numbers and adds the first and last digits in Python 2.7?
Accessing second monitor in WPF when monitor setup set for 鈥淪how Desktop Only On 1鈥�
jquery tooltip and list from db with php
Is there a tool that allows visualization of crontab entries? [closed]
TFS History Lost
JS SDK and Login Approvals (Two-Factor Authentication)
JS: check existence of a var that equals 0
ListFragment pagination?
Java - SQLite Web Service Returning Blob
Spring Contextual Sessions, interface Dao, called from Servlet [closed]
PHP + User Edit Button
bulk upload video files from URL to Amazon S3
nodejs make image from smaller images?
Columns to Rows in MS Access
Print values in list 2 through arraylist
Determine table existence
What's the difference between enclosing and not enclosing HTML within PHP? [closed]
How to force nlog to throw an exception when the logging to database fails?
Filtering XML based on multiple params - Flex
Override Change Comments change list
WebKit Web SQL: Mac OS X vs. Windows 7 speed differences
z-index issue on iPad/iPhone
jquery div onclick call function
Strategy for deploying CFML application with subversion?
Defining base url constant instead of using base_url()?
Passing a string to a function
Google Tasks API recent version still has daily limit restriction on usage or calls?
Does a Singleton Store Persistently in BlackBerry Java?
How to validate my own capcha control?
Is there a better alternative to a convex hull to use in graph highlighting?
How to write to textfile in SQL Server 2008
Basic table program in iOS - How can I tell my table to reload data from the application delegate?
iOS - how to package an SDK up to not have conflicting filenames with a user's SDK? [duplicate]
Script for PDF files check
Azure ports required?
Android AVD emulating 1920x1080 Full-HD screen
Workflow for continuous integration and automatic version stamping: .NET projects + CC.NET + SVN + MSBuild
jquery toggle individual list item
Why can't I download MysqlConnectionPoolDataSource sources and find javadocs with Maven?
F# code optimization or is it really that slow?
how to run a method every evening 6pm in java?
How can i insert a span around every &
jQuery Hover to Change Another Element on the Page
LINQ to SQL retrieve multiple columns from single datatable including grouping and sum
Proper way to validate password in Java from SQL database?
Isolating sprite sheet subimages for animation and display
php mysql and in_array performance
Android BadTokenException when using a WebView Container
codeigniter form validation issue when passing data from form to another one
PySide: QTimer needs QApplication to work?
Setting up a nested set hierarchy
Set column to 0 with probability p
Remove jsessionid in URL Struts 2
jQuery-UI datepicker shows only text
RESTful way of dealing with bi-directional relationships between resources
how to pass json in jQuery $.ajax method?
Z-Index issue in IE8
Tomcat servlet security
Can't create tags, branches, or trunk
include an open source project into another
Implementing an odometer in Java
In python, what's the method to ask for a user input based on previous user input?
Data security in result sets from Elastic Search, Solr or
Internet Explorer 8+ compatability
IOS TableView height of rows
What's the point of document.defaultView?
PHP shuffle function
jQuery Reel iPad keep zoom active
How to get a query that only displays items that are in the present or future in MySQL?
How to add path to pathfinder?
Difference between timestamp(0) and timestamp(6)
linking error when building Google test on mac (commandline)
Do I need multiple view controllers for the iPhone & iPad storyboards?
Cache color hint to transparent doesn't remove fade effect
Delphi - how do I crop a bitmap 鈥渋n place鈥�
Troubling MDX Query
Flowcode Transmits UDP but Unsuccssefully read by the server
Does a pure abstract C++ class declared in a header used in different projects (without compile time linking) share the same Virtual Table model?
CLOB value too large to insert into DB2 table
What is the get/post command to ping web services with website update?
Drupal 7: Private filesystem path set to /
PHP - read from flatfile, remove line and write back to flat file
remove anchor tag but keep anchor text
Defining a pointer to a list in C++
const variable as non-type template parameter (VARIABLE cannot appear in a constant-expression)
How to make tabs make a server call when pressing them?
Why doesn't this code work to check if a region is occupied?
How to do the same calculations faster on 4-core CPU: 4 threads or 50 threads?
transform: scale immensely slow in all versions of firefox
Shell Style Drag and Drop object disposal using gdi32.dll DeleteObject
Redirecting STD error & STDOut
How to parse RDF using .NET [closed]
explain command in mysql
Android solving compatibility with SDK_INT hack; is this ok?
Slide Unlocker ImageView [duplicate]
Should i create a new UnitOfWork in every method or have a class instance?
How to get postgresSQL to work on a windows 7 computer with django?
1st deploy - need to install all gems on the server
Get values from Dynamic list
mod rewrite clean url for search box
ASP.NET can not find HttpUtility
wordpress get current user without wp-load.php
Problems with loading multiple resources -
PHP fputcsv producing empty files
Resign keyboard if user touches UIImageView
Ruby Shoes and gems with native extensions
How to fill out form (including file uploads) in Internet Explorer programmatically redirect to another location than set in navigateURL
setting form input element inline using jquery mobile
CIM/SMI-S Client with PHP
XCOPY - Copy all files and folders to new destination without overriding files [closed]
PHP Echo Overwrite
iOS: Make a circle with background color like the iPhone calendar list
What's Wrong with my Merge sort Code?
How do i get the OpenGL key without pointers?
Multiple new's and one delete
SOAP Transaction - is it synced?
How to have click event ONLY fire on parent DIV, not children?
How do I make the options menu popup after an event?
Symfony2 $user->setPassword() updates password as plain text [DataFixtures + FOSUserBundle]
Spring how to execute method
HTML5 Not Loading Android 3.0 And Up?
Output several times
Synchronous xhr in flash
Animate Text Glint On Animated Text
AS3 HitTest between classes?
Insert Query: Why is it a bad idea to not include column names?
Create record example for Quickbooks Online and Intuit Anywhere using Ruby and httparty?
Add a method to an object in Grails and have it usable globally
store values in array to POST with selected checkboxes
How to create Devise extension?
How to use JNDI DataSource provided by Tomcat in Spring?
Matching end tags in Ruby
Silverlight WCF Web Service connection issues only when deployed
SQL Server Express unable to attach or delete mdf file
Smack API, connect() exception
How to add checkbox array to zip file for download from a form
Autoresizing JtextPane after Font Size Change
Doctrine/Symfony2 OneToMany foreign_id saving as NULL
Need help to write data to a file in a multi-client web app?
Replace in SQL Server 2008
Flex - style TextArea with CSS
java generic constructors
xcode IBOutlet won't connect to codes
Error While creating a class whose object cant be created on stack but only on Heap?
JSF commandButton 'onclick' event not persistent
Java add image from an event
Is there a way to publish a AS3 based Flash projector that will run on a PowerPC Mac?
Android EditText default numeric keyboard and allow text [duplicate]
JSLint Error: Unexpected '--'
Delphi - Registry Startup
Where would one learn about video basics? [closed]
In Javascript how to convert 8,000,000 to 8 Million or 7,500,000 to 7.5 Million [closed]
Fullcalendar not rendering events on calendar init
Layer Position jumps at start of (Core) Animation
Objective-C 鈥�How to call this method?
Conflict resolution using multiple static libraries in C++
Limiting Checkboxs that can be ticked in javascript?
Determine Popup placement relative to target
Paul Butler diff algorithm fatal error and results not showing up
PHP:GD text over image script
Zend Framework, How to remove db-table?
do_ovlp_io: WriteFileEx: The parameter is incorrect - Running SQLIO
Netbeans plugin works perfectly while debugging, but not working when the plugin is installed to the IDE
Eclipse Debug Files Missing
Eclipse Debug Files Missing
Images not showing up in IE 8 [closed]
Fancybox settings conflict?
What's the difference between memory allocation and garbage collection, please?
Maven and copying at test time
How to make use of Android Camera API [closed]
When is a 鈥淭ry鈥�method preferred over a 鈥渘ull鈥�result?
PHPStorm + XDebug Setup Walkthrough
PHP cURL retrieving response headers AND body in a single request?
Is there a way to achieve reverse of maven profile activation by property?
Executing LINQ expression
How do I debug my asynchronous, promise based code if the library is swallowing all the exceptions?
Localization file for Web Application. How implement correct structure?
Looking for Free Serial Port library Windows 7
Low level JTAG Interface programming
Stored procedure in select statement
How to control the Zoom of a WebView in android when a TextField in WebView is Clicked
Load more than one video on a webpage using the iOS platform
How to turn off COMPASS SASS cache busting?
PHP , htaccess: apply page title in URL
$.getScript not working rails 3
Can this be done with CSS?
dialog button not working
Resizing Textbox/textarea to fit text
Is it possible to reload the view without restart Django?
smartgwt button cannot override skin_styles.css
How to add child nodes to parent using TreeView
GUI designer tool for Qt Android
Migrating an ORM based Spring project (Hibernate / JPA) to noSQL (MongoDB/Cassandra/CauchDB)
Cant Connect my java application to my oracle 11g
How to close a connection in CometProcessor on Tomcat7?
Is new ObservableCollection<object>(ObjEnumerable.ToList()) same as Foreach and add?
Will member subobjects of local variables be moved too if returned from a function?
CakePHP routing to *controller* of intended *action*
Adding a Second Attribute to Basic Search (Rails 3)
How do you extend a Windows Workflow Receive Activity to put objects onto the context for downstream activities to use?
redirect if frame buster detected
Method Issue On My MVC
Private, members only site for Liferay 6.1
Read Protected Memory Error
Vertical QLabel, or the equivalent?
鈥渏Query(鈥�marquee鈥�.marquee is not a function鈥�error
String as variable name
How do I get JQuery to work with CakePHP? -->
Testing drawRect with OCMock and GHUnit
PHP can't instance a new class via $this on public (PHP MVC)
How can my LINKED_LIST pointer still be NULL?
Trouble with java vlcj 1.2.2 RTSP client example (Mac OSX 10.6)
sqlalchemy mixin, foreignkey and relation
How do I check for valid (not dead) streaming links and embeds programatically using PHP?
Inheritance is not supported, even with a custom OData Service Provider?
CoffeeScript CALL_END - what is it defined as?
mysql getting records depending on the current day, week, month, year
JQGrid position of the AlertMod warning message
Ignore tap gesture in AKPageFlipper application
Loading a .plist file from url
Error -4304 when calling a Java stored procedure in DB2
Semi-transparent color layer over background-image?
IOS add custom attribute to uitableviewcell
What is wrong with the following JDBC/MySQL query
reload jqgrid from data sent to client over websockets
How do I redirect to an outside URL?
Sort NSFetchRequest by date and then by alphabetical order
Hibernate Subqueries.exists
php mail() keeps returning false. Coding issue or hosting issue
Wireshark Lua Dissector for IEEE 802.15.4 - DissectorTable name?
Pause for certain time in Sencha?
isAjax param not being set for pagination in CakePHP
Realtime data server architecture
posting on facebook wall with picture
Mongoengine ReferenceField Issue
Is there a Ruby gem to use the Google Images API?
Why the NSMutableArray isn't showed in the UITableView?
How can I count active threads in an array and avoid 鈥渃ollection was modified鈥�errors?
Cant use more then 2 layouts
PHP Session Cookie gets deleted
Best way to create an array
Pageview from connected tv or smart tv
Case insensitive string comparison C++ [duplicate]
How would I return top FileInfo object with the oldest date time?
Using @RolesAllowed on Controller and getting 鈥渙bject is not an instance of declaring class鈥�
MonoMac: Having issues with other dialogs
How to deal with multiple Linux user files in Git
Err no:105 phpmyadmin
Change the title of one button from another buttons IBAction
CSS Gradient Image Size?
Android: unable to click the bottom TextView after translate animation within a FrameLayout
Trouble Installing PhoneGap Plugin
How do I change bookmark folder icon in Google Chrome?
Create sliding animation with Jquery like on
Bring Rails asset pipeline to any project?
Which is preferable for each, in or for_each?
how to configure system propertyin procfile?
Set an enum property using an integer & validate the argument
How to parse plain text file with occasional XML tags using Java and SAX?
Validating my money
VS2010 Database Server Project Machine Name Variable
Problems installing Diazo/ changes to buildout.cfg
phonegap: Timeout error calling webviewclient
POI's HSSF dataformat - what colors are supported?
Deploying Python modules in an Ubuntu system with distutils and deb
C2DM - Limitation Gmail Account
Javascript game trouble
trouble with z-index not working as expected
How to browse DLL file's contents
Symfony2 login FOS UserBundle in functional tests
Create a hidden Menu similar to the FB and Gmail iPhone app, on button click, the page slides half way to reveal the menu
COBOL ADD statement is not using correct field from record?
How to design a custom menu in Android
how to make facebook stop showing dislike button and hide facebook like button when click like [closed]
hide or show content with CanCan based on role?
How can I catch Access-Control errors?
JS to detect browser width and height works in Chrome & Safari but not IE9 or FF9
ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 MySQL database with regions
Spring: Attaching @Qualifer to Java-configured beans
How to configure a button to run a method in vba
Creating a Domain Class with schema in Grails
How to use Sphinx BuildExcerpts
Could not initialize class twitter4j.TwitterFactory cause by NoClassDefFoundError
W-shingling implementation - storing shingles
i want to know what i need to create simple game 3D game? [closed]
Visual Studio project type for PHP projects
Stop floating point operations
Http request tool that will show the actual request (trouble with the Firefox plugin Poster)
Incorrect jQuery UI Position outside viewport
jQueryUI Autocomplete ComboBox Too Long
Implicit function declarations in C
CVS error: Directory does not exist on server
What are some programming languages/environments for kids that are actually good?
Playing background sound loop
How to Export Web SQL to a .CSV File
Checking for ^ character in java string
First image will never show on Wordpress blog posts
numpy 64bit support in PTVS and numpy System.Int64 casting
Calling a Controller function that does not exist in CodeIgntier
Add > (greater than) sign to the end of the links with CSS
How to distinguish calls to onReceive
DAQ Software Alternative [closed]
Mystery error with CFQUERYPARAM in sub-query
ruby - how to reorder an array based on another array?
ASP.NET Web Pages - Storing nvarchar more than 4000 character
Django - rendering many templates using templatetags is very slow
Nest headings properly (H1 > H2 > H3) in HTML?
MVC ajax, no javascript fallback?
Socket IO detect when client has lost connection
Confusion about calculator program
How to do overlay icons on the taskbar in Windows 7 for .NET
Caching HTTP files with PHP
How to refer to BG-color, used by some Windows elements (scrollbar, pushed-in option button, etc.)?
Project failing upon jtwitter-yamba.jar inclusion
mediaelement.js: Local Flash playback shows black video with sound unless shown full screen
$('#background .image img') - What does .image mean?
When creating database model edmx files, Visual Studio 2k10 doesn't list all stored procedures
Website - Is it possible to set links in a central location?
sorting simple_html_dom arrays
鈥淚llegal block entry鈥�with YAML monsters example in yaml-cpp
Amazon S3 files uploaded using AWS SDK for PHP is always 鈥渁pplication/octet-stream鈥�
DataContractSerializer, why is 鈥渢his鈥�not upcasted?
How to open sqlite3 database using PDO not in same directory?
PHP Session vs Class
Does jQuery always iterate through DOMs in order in which they are found in the code?
What's the worst case complexity for KMP when the goal is to find all occurrences of a certain string?
How to implement a look up table for a range of values of two columns
Ruby on Rails / PostgreSQL - Library not Loaded error when starting server- libq.5.dylib
Query a MySQL Database and Group By Date Range to Create a Chart
KnockoutJS Select on model
How to process a vintage/retro filter on image by API
Java program won't run, I've no clue what's wrong
NS2-Modification of protocol - AODV
Thoughts about UINavigationController
tomcat or apache automatically encodes redirect url
Apache CXF malformed message exception
DotNetZip streaming
Stepping through allocated executable memory in a .NET application
GridView export returns no data when exporting to an Excel File
Apache ScriptAlias unable to set Script parameter
get array value bucle for
Macports cgal not working! How do I fix it?
Link text is missing in HTML?
Apache Redirect Permanent For URL with Data in String (Question Mark)
Printing a Form more than once. Symfony2. Twig Templates
class design on network packet parsing
How to send emails with voting buttons programmatically?
iPhone Push Notification Character Limit
Enumerating the delims of a FOR /F statement
what does the bracket represent in P/invoke [dllimport
Simple two column Fixed-Liquid layout in CSS, headers dont line up oddity. Can anyone explain why?
Teamcity Artifact Paths
Htmlunit getByXPath not returning image tags
Proper way to separate nowjs code from app.(coffee/js)
Can an Excel Document be Loaded into Memory, Populated, and Returned as Bytes?
fadeIn into jQuery Template tmpl()
force IE9 not to use the latest rendering engine?
Make sure JDBC/JPA won't modify the DB?
Fixed Positioning cuts off image, when browser is too small
Apache: On forcing www - Does it make sense to exclude generic files?
Switch master repository
Draw TextBox border as in Vista / 7
copy a file and append to another file
python: creating histogram out of dictionary
Slide Unlocker ImageView ViewFlipper
Android - Tabbed Navigation in Landscape Orientation
Automatically transfer data on certain conditions
Distinguish scrolling by scrollbar / mousewheel
Audio Recording and Playback 鈥�Internal storage
Stored procedures written in MySQL 5.5.8 don't work in 5.1
How can I send JSON data from a PHP script to be used by jQuery?
Backup a database mdf& Entity Framework
Quirk in calculating a percentage with a while loop
Is there support for validating (intellisense) inline CSS3 in Visual Studio?
How to make indentation in html ul li tag
Making an .htaccess with multiple wildcard exceptions?
PHP SOAP parameters are not sent
Reloading the search table view controller
How to use jqgrid jqid method?
Strange Visual Studio message in the output window
Displaying Desired Settings Screen on Android
Upgraded to ColdFusion 9 getting strange cfif error
What's wrong with my python solution to Project Euler #12?
Escaping with on an HTML tag is not working
What's the difference between Prolog rules and queries?
Get All the information of table in SQL Server
how to use python imaging library for web based image editor
Pulling a number from JSON for a calculation with Javascript
Rally: Creating tables dynamically
add checkbox with simple_form without association with model?
Multiple DIV overlays on a single page
Force Internet Explorer 9 to use IE 9 Mode
Cancelling the keypress [Enter] action on a Telerik RadGrid
How to parse and return variables in python
Expression Tree search using contains
Android. Intercept SMS that match a condition using a Service
Is there a way to know what all migrations have been applied to rails database?
When debugging a project in a solution (Visual Studio), application randomly closes
Java - Given a String, how to order all its chars alphabetically to produce a new String?
passing selector name as parameter
Catching EngineExecutionException
creating user defined mysql function within php
urllib.urlopen 鈥淔ile not found error鈥�
Simulate F1 kepress on active control to load help system - Delphi
GWTTestCase and setting up your persistent data sources
Mechanize response returns no content
Generating MD5 Signature in PHP
jQuery re-sending AJAX request?
Copying and renaming unopened workbook in excel
Correct way to retrieve mails by IMAP in symfony2
Static Deconstructor
Applying different CSS class on click using jQuery
Initialize Facebook like button post page load and script execution
Long running tasks, should I run them in another thread or another process? [duplicate]
Decode a websocket frame
Put each XQuery result on a new line
How much memory does MATLAB needs to execute a function?
How to better implement animation using swing Timer in Java
Getting JNLP error: 鈥渆xception: Unable to load resource:鈥︹�
Retriving image location in Orchard CMS using MVC
PHP working with text encoding
WCF Concurrency?
Using COM dll with unmanaged c++
Beans injected into Apache Wink with Spring aren't registered
git-tfs Access to path <sha> is denied
What is the cleanest way to set the environmental variable DYLD_FRAMEWORK_PATH for a release build?
Counts of web search hits
How to disable PL/SQL in Oracle queries
CSS style if/else statement not responding
Problems getting Background Page
why different Mandelbrot zooming values yields same results?
Making a jQuery plugin to feed Tumblr to site
Creating a gem with associated Rails models
Jquery Datepicker error
Android - Getting Voltage from Magnetic Sensors
publishing Feed via JS SDK properties
How can I share common data between Django model instances?
Authenticated Referrals - how to tell if a user just authenticated
Tricky MySQL Batch Design
JavaScript Video Play Not Triggering Click Event
selected page link issue
How to transform an array with alphanumeric key/parent_key to a nested array?
Image not showing only in IE9
java string regex delimiter
Setting margin and padding to zero in IE
PHP foreach loop (output into CSS)
Does Intel Performance Primitives only work on Intel processor-powered devices?
How to Include Anti-XSS in ASP.Net 2.0 Without Visual Studio
Xcode's 鈥淚ncomplete implementation鈥�warning
Variadic Templates pack expansions
Need to fill whitespaces in SAS variable
BlazeDS Generated Files Causing Flex Compiler to Fail
Limit and offset in Active Record joins
Change focus to ComboBox
Visualize git repository on github
Using the Explorer context menu to copy a modified version of the file path to the clipboard
Generating a list of numbers with Haskell
Is DFS supposed to check children for the goal state?
show results one by one
Child forms in VB.Net are sharing controls and conflicting
What is the best and free Visual Editor that can be used in Eclipse to create GUI? [duplicate]
Fatal exception with SDL-droid and GThread
Writing to S3 File stream
QueryExpression vs. FetchXml CRM2011
How do I retrieve lost changes in a git repo?
MySql Database not updating correctly when getting request via app
Failed to pull selection
IOS: How can pre-created objects find themselves?
How to select everything inside a div with jquery?
Getting .click() to work in different versions of Firefox?
Which Hotkey generates the incode comments in eclipse?
IF conditional statements formatted wrong?
Select across pages in Vim?
LinearLayout * size element
Rails 3 text_field with :placeholder submitting as not nil
Do we have to compile after web.config change?
What's the best way to convert a FlowDocument into PDF
Compatible versions for python and chameleon
BMT EJB How to use the UserTransaction
Live barcode scanning in WP7.5
Can't fire FancyBox on an element that also has a .toggle() function
linq query form
Giving a value to a function that requires the minibuffer
AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'strptime' 鈥�Possible Bug?
Read luminance value (Y') of video pixels using AVFoundation
How are .NET object Pen objects disposed if you don't explicitly call Dispose on them?
How to upgrade Heroku Leiningen version?
Is there a way to stop JQuery Mobile from Duplicating Events?
How to filter out by class and attribute value?
MonoTouch: Debugging App on Device by autostarting?
triggering a breakpoint on variable change
Django External App Installation
Is XML data type proper for large tables?
Finding all ASP.NET MVC public action methods that accept a string as a parameter
PHP Error: ob_flush() [ref.outcontrol]: failed to flush buffer. No buffer to flush
Refresh a WPF Page
readin an image
JQuery: How stop an animation loop on mouse over? (Object Oriented)
generating unique CHAR(8) random values in an SQL statement
How do I convert HTML into document form? [duplicate]
Cross Platform (C/C++) Audio Library for MP3, AAC, WAV
C++ Directory Watching - How to detect copy has ended
Custom Choices Labels and Display in Django 1.3.1
Intentionally skip frames while processing video using AVFoundation
django smart-selects app
Accessing .html file in my Supporting Files directory on iPhone
mediaelement.js caption please
Maven: Manually install a Jar from local folder and then go online and grab & install all its dependencies
Arrays passed by reference or by value [duplicate]
Force Visual Studio to preserve exponent shorthand notation eg 鈥�e6鈥�
Good API for mindflow type application
knowing if need for smartcard on certificate
python dictionary, how convert it
How to break apart layers in a strict-layered architecture and promote modularity without causing unnecessary redundancy?
Changing field types in a Hibernate entity?
unable to sort or filter data on a protected sheet with locked cells
Double Databinding Cascading DropDownList to two SqlDataSources in a FormView
How to convert LDAP data (NTEXT) to String within an SSIS Package?
Iterate though range of IP addresses
ZendFramework - How to get all the list of TLD to remove from website?
android getContentResolver().insert() occasionally returning null
Accessing parameters from XML file in java
Cocos2d schedule interval decreaser
How can you dynamically change the disabled property of a Sencha text field?
jQuery Chosen: how to select 1 option value and remove the same one in another select-menu?
DES - Permutation of bits and inverse
is there a dashboard html ui library?
Create Spreadsheet from Multiple Queries
Design my website something centered (horizontally + vertically) [closed]
Javascript math issue with custom calculator
Passing mixed storable vectors to a C function
Is there any working and complete 1-Wire .NET library out there?
How to store blog categories in sql
What is the correct way to return an Interface Type from a Method?
What does -q, -f, -c symbols mean in cron command? [closed]
Some projects not showing TFS Menus
Remembering last Displayed Banner
Made a rectangle completely transparent (a hole in the window) WPF
Can't get build artifacts to display properly in Jenkins/Hudson
Managing memory across multiple views
python program for accessing values from csv files and storing it into a database using wamp
jquery plugin codaslider
How can I tell the difference between a user-input blank string and one I created?
Updating column with value from other table, can't use distinct function
Telerik Silverlight GridView ItemSource Error
Android Tab layout, accepted patterns?
Creating private object instances for use within System.Threading.Tasks.Task?
Disable scientific notation in MySQL command-line client?
How to have a Label surrounded by two select boxes in Twitter Bootstrap
Which of these options is better in performance in iOS? (UIWebView)
MS Access 2007: Add AUTOINCREMENT field from MAKE TABLE query
R making a list of factors in a dataframe column
Duplicating filename issue
Time picker shows wrong time iphone sdk
CXF Web services method with Array Parameter
webHttpBinding endpoint adds namespace in WSDL if bindingNamespace attribute is excluded
Python + sqlalchemy: how to process timedelta on database side?
Intellisense Issues in strings and methods/members
How to configure jqGrid (4.x) to be a TreeView
Android string variable always final in
node.js seg fault with no errors being reported on stdout
Factoring out noise in an algorithm
CAAnimation not animating my sequence of images
Facebook Page Tab Application - User Denies Access on OAuth Dialog - How Do I Capture the Error?
How to un-override __setattr__ method?
Should I pin gem 鈥渞ails鈥�to a version?
How can I run an each block from within HAML's :javascript?
onsubmit refresh html form
Generating Verifyiable random numbers - Java
Getting percentage complete of an md5 checksum
Why isn't my USB-To-Serial Adapter Working?
How to debug jQuery AJAX
How do I escape @ character in Mac
How to change the style of an Android widget button programmatically?
Problems getting the right value returned in a javascript function
Histogram Based Image Classification with Weka
Formatting datetime field in gridview
What is the correct way to exclude RequireRcsKeywords from Perl Critic?
Perl Out Of Memory
How to push Ext.Panel when row selected on Ext.List in Sencha Touch 2.0?
Restarting counter on click or disabling it - Javascript
Android ICS 4.0 Placing Flash WebView into full screen calls hideAll Method?
Best way to handle Date Ordering to reach better performance?
Adding Images to div from codebehind in Asp.Net
complex objects for WCF?
Replace regex matches in a file with dynamic content
Relative filename in ERB files
How to preserve the content of an ignored folder in Git
ClickableSpan not鈥�Clicking [duplicate]
How to reflow DIV boxes in CSS to stick to bottom right?
explain this short SQL query
Why are the terms 鈥渁utomatic鈥�and 鈥渄ynamic鈥�preferred over the terms 鈥渟tack鈥�and 鈥渉eap鈥�in C++ memorymanagement?
MVC Url Routing
How can I do reflection of UIImage with water mark in iPhone app
SQL Query for Selecting Multiple Records
CSS: Why my image is not rendered?
Haskell, understanding a solution for euler #3
How to eliminate duplicate filename in hadoop mapreduce?
Change delimiter of grep command
Is it possible to create an Android app to change the outgoing greeting for voicemail to an mp3 file?
Convert EER-Diagram/Generated Schema to ER Diagram
UINavigationController: animating change to bar color
Height auto is not working
New Facebook login guide
how to use 鈥渁fter_update鈥�to pass the edited parameter to model
Parsing SOAP response with LINQ to XML - how to get nested nodes under parent?
How to first time installation?
symfony2 form, many fields for the same property
Mocking at compile time
batch file doesnt work on Windows 7
Search a word in a given paragraph
Store static locations and info iOS
How to close the window with Javascript
Javascript Bookmarklet for Clicking Links With Specific Text
Extract String Value using jquery
How to see what are the contents of dynamically allocated array while debugging in VS 2010?
Query - Sending public and private messages to users
Wordpress - Execute Command on New Post
Compile OpenEXR in cygwin
dojo combo box drop down to be populated after n characters [duplicate]
processing output of time command in a python script
Maven 3: Failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-archetype-plugin:2.2:generate
Is www included in the server name in apache virtual host
Flex3: where to find loading animations? Is it possible to load GIF images easily?
Objective-C: Comparing array of strings to user-entered string, then returning appropriate value?
Expanding environment variables with double percent signs
Alexa api site info xml format to php values
Compile a static file into an executable
goto equivalent for php version < 5.3.0?
Transparent SSO with SAML (IE, SAML 2.0, ADFS, Kerberos authentication)
require.js order plugin and define
Get custom attribute label from value in Magento
how do I get UIScrollView to open at a specific point?
Jquery - If statement for multiple input box scenarios
Multiple Threading behaviour
How do I compute a new basis (transformation matrix) from a 3D plane and known origin?
How to fill proxy information in cntlm config file
Add mouseover event to directionsRenderer Google Maps API v3
undefined reference to `elast_opt()' collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
How can I create a reliable and fast network daemon with Ruby?
Creating custom tags
Call to REST web service results in response of error 503 but not with a tool like Poster
In MySQL how do I create a stored procedure that takes multiple parameters?
Problems implementing tabs in ActionBarSherlock 4
Complex table merging javascript & jquery algorithm
reading text from file and store each word from every line into separate variables
What is the purpose of empty abstract classes in Kohana 3?
Should self-created NuGet Packages be placed in version control?
UIScrollView setNeedsDisplay not working, or something else?
text-overflow ellipsis breaks device-width in Android (website not app)
Suggestions of outputting JSON as a table - jQuery.tmpl? Something else?
How to find the vertexes of a flat wall given it's center pos, it's normal, it's width and it's length?
How to implement UITableView like scrolling and cell tapping behavior?
How can i disable the relaying and use my code as an authenticated client?
Backslash issue in Java string
how to add list of class to listboxbox1 and move selected item to listbox2?
Full text searching and Python
Powershell import CSV with multiple delimiters
Notification of DataGrid when Collection inside Collection changes
Heap and Stack issues with Structs - C programming
Executing DeleteOnSubmit(), SubmitChanges(), InsertOnSubmit(), SubmitChanges() is not working (throws Entity Already exists Exception)!
Downloading a file using multiple connections and multihoming
Setting bundle default value won't set
Method returns an Objective-C object with a +1 retain count
Custom error pages are not working in Internet Explorer
inline jquery thick box does not close with javascript validation
Auto-Detect Character Encoding in Java
Detect fling gesture over clickable items
Defining a Javascript variable using data from a Foreach loop
jQuery performance - select by data-attr or by class?
Strange behavior Java += operator
Need a way to have front end wait for a lengthy process to finish without stopping system message flow
Execute Oracle Apex Process from HTML link
Simple Facebook App With Php Sdk
What is meant by 鈥渇at32 clients鈥�or 鈥渇at32 applications鈥�
Find text height of TextLayout component
Separation and analysis of an image
How to bind a function when a specific tag appears in the page?
How to design a JQuery Calender to show only years using MVC 3.0
Satchmo: list all active products
Django: exceptions and returns, what is the correct way to handle multiple potential situations?
PHP and AJAX - internal error 500
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Login error for user 鈥渪xxxx鈥� Visual Studio, SQL Server (error 18456 state 10)
VBA - assign value to the text box of calendar control
powershell testing a variable that hasnt being assign yet
Submit button not sending form data to mysql - jquery issue
How can I use rdebug with pow rack server
Android relative layout scaling and aligning
Referencing Common Files Beyond Where Domain Points
Haskell greedy elem?
How do you assign substrings in C?
Django- Many to Many field querying
.htaccess Internal Server Error [closed]
Wordpress: Change user role conditionally
Error on publishing: System.DirectoryServices.DirectoryServicesCOMException
Is it possible to create an iPhone app to set the outgoing voicemail greeting message?
How do you use Oracle ExecuteReader with SP that returns a cursor in C#?
how should I serve a .txt file off the root of my app?
Untestable Braintree API: Should I alter the source code or individually wrap every class?
Need help in designing friendship request sql table
How do I use 鈥�----鈥�in php string functions?
Using [Inspectable] to build object inspector IN flex
Included PHP file that references a file - location always changes
In django how know if a url is part of urlpatterns config?
Validation error in test but error array is empty
How to change or add an image to staffdotnet.collapsiblepanel panel title?
Xcode - build string from multiple sources
How to make another List in Java, given a List, but with a different class listed
Long query times for simple MySQL SELECT with JOIN
Linq to SQL Server - difficulty with sub-query example
OR condition in JQgrid's toolbar search
Google maps javascript API how to center map on infobox
No hs_err_pid fiile are created on Windows 7 for installed Application
xquery vs. xpath performance
Nivo Slider and Google Analytics
Java Console not working: Can't load IA 32-bit .dll on a AMD 64-bit platform
ios Dynamic sizing labels
Why does my android app call onCreate() when sleep initiates in my view but not from home screen?
Yes/No function in a messagebox
Beginner - add multiples of 3 and 5
PHP Database only inputs the last value
SQL Server JBDC DATE gets wrong metadata result type
Focus Jumps to Address
Parameterized MDX query in SSRS 2008 with Multiple Rank Columns
Django - Can't Get Static Files To Work In Development
RSPEC bug with a class Parser (?)
How to handle Network Calls when there is a Weaker Network connection in android
ModalPopupExtender HTML scolling content
Git for Windows 7
Netbeans and CodeIgniter on Windows and Linux?
Logs for Visual Studio Shutdown error?
Programmatic access to Android's Manage apps
Scala: What does mean to pass a Set to the map function of a set
Deciding between: dojo, backbone.js, knockout.js (or other) for Rails 3.1 app [closed]
outFile C++ not writing to output text
Windows 8 WPF Apps [closed]
How to play swf animation file from IOS browser?
Gtk, Glade and OpenGL issue
c++ 2 pointers to same object
Point within a Square C++
Having some problems with pointers. Converting hex to decimal int in C
Facebook JS SDK Documentation
Need to access the database with dotnetnuke
Distributed Transaction
Enabling write permissions Ubuntu Server in var/www/image directory
C++ Static member pointer to function - how to initialize it?
Convert NSString into NSTimeInterval
SQL - getDate() not being saved as value for [Date] field
Simple HTTP Server + ServerSide Framework Bundle
how create a dependency tree using dot
Qt 4.8 changes in QWidget?
Rails 3 Routes: controller spec doesn't match member routes
Meaning of structure operations
Clojureql - Can't take value of a macro (clojure)
GLUT drawing only hidden lines
WindowsError2 in python
Simple Oracle (sqlplus) constraint issue鈥�need to ALTER and add variable >0
XSLT on client side in IE where XSL contains javascript when XSL document loaded with JQuery
Cross Sever Domain Data Pull jQuery..Ajax?
scrapy text encoding
RavenDB how to flush?
JAXB and empty namespace when using @XmlJavaTypeAdapter to map a Map
Splice an array in half, no matter the size?
Secure https encryption for iPhone app to webpage
How to print a boost graph in graphviz with one of the properties displayed?
Grand Central Dispatch(GCD) based web framework?
File Writing Permission
Reading text from a php page and inserting it in a db [closed]
Suggestions on validating a class and its collection properties
Sonata Admin lazy loading
Transparent Child Activity having black background
PDO/MYSQL prepared statements not escaping characters?
What is the equivalent command of 鈥渕ysql_real_escape_string鈥�in Oracle?
SQL CE 4.0 as a InstallShield Prerequisite
How do I delete memory after manually invoking destructor?
Use Fabric to execute commands in a restricted shell
tomcat installation on mac os x : newbie
Java - Is it common practice to use a hashtable (eg HashMap) to map objects to themselves?
freeing memory of a binary tree C
JQuery how to apply on list of selectors
difference between parameter __local and within-kernel __local in OpenCL
How to create json file from mysql php query
jQuery accordion, on trigger click throws an error! : object is not a function
Create a Jumplist of Commandline Arguments?
Where does Windows 7 get its Locale Data?
Retrieve the number on subscriber
Typedefs inside a class
Itunes Search API Returns Incorrect Podcasts
YUI datatable is not getting refreshed with data from the server
Configuring CNAME record for use with Google Sites for domains
Writing and Reading integers from a pipe in C
AS3 Bitmap Object Not Smoothing at Low Scale values
Get DisplayAttribute of Parent Property
Is it possible to transform to lowercase using Eclipse's regex search and replace?
Powershell if statements not executing
I want to create an action that allows my users to delete UIWebView History
layout_width and layout_height
Models inheritance in django: getting OneToMany objects from parent class
sql comma delimited list of a column in analytical function
Is onload equal to readyState==4 in XMLHttpRequest?
Why won't the images show in my WP7 App? [closed]
How to get text from line number in MS Word
Silverlight Domain Data Source + Paging : AutoLoad = 鈥淔alse鈥�
Syntax error (missing operator) in query expression
Remove file extensions using htaccess in subdirectories
Redirect from testing site to production site
How can I structure my data?
Clarity about helpers in MVC3?
Not able to open HDFS file from mapper Hadoop
Canvas Web Application Feed Dialog
Pivoting in TSQL
UncaughtExceptionHandler not catching some exceptions
Get index of tabBar touched
Django Static Files Development
How can I send various information on one socket?
VB, I keep getting login failed for user鈥�when I'm trying to connect to sql server database
Error publishing NodeJS app to Azure
How to know when the app is open (and not when onCreate is called)?
Calling session from one application to another
Java Cryptography questions (AES-ECB encryption)
Node.js doesn't display entire error message on uncaughtException, is it possible?
Spring IntTest is getting 鈥淔ailed to grow the connection pool鈥�from Atomikos
Showing UIWebView modal for login page
svn ignore anymore changes to a file that is held/tracked by svn [duplicate]
How can I find the average number of concurrent users for IIS to simulate during a load/performance test?
Fastest way to compare/set strings
Are Mutable classes 鈥渉eavier?鈥�
jQuery validate resetForm not working added to Onclick checkbox
How to sort php array by value and add an array to another
Android WebviewClient, Text selection control
Querying Database - Best Practice
How do you create a html Download link?
mips memory management
how to support UTF-8 in Eclipse
Requring commenter registration on Orchard CMS blog
facebook dialog not sending request to friend
List of cols to list of rows
How to move UIView outside its SuperView?
jQuery UI drag and drop between DIVs, smoothing
Inserting values into a relational database
Cache home page for non-authenticated users in ASP.NET MVC 3
What should be the default encoding for an API which reads from an URL using the file: protocol?
How to get rid of repetitive elements in a Python list? [duplicate]
Problems with adding an event on a google maps v3 in IE8 using bind(this)
valueChangeListener is not getting called from <h:selectOneRadio> which is placed in side a <h:panelGrid>
How to achieve smooth drawing with C# (like Paint .NET)?
Android openGL ES normals
LoadControl for same ascx control multiple times in a placeholder
django modelformset_factory is adding a bogus 'id' field to my modelforms, and I'd like it to stop
Select similar rows from a table given a table of IDs
batch using set
key is not unique, when updating row on non-key attribute?
Does moving static files out of domain mean out of html directory?
Automating creating NuGet package as part of build process
RoR: How do I count hits to specific links
Realtime action iPhone Multiplayergame for iPhone via Game Center possible?
Forcing IE to render output in table
Why doesn't p6spy show the correct spatial query for Oracle?
Variable not set in drop-down list using PHP
How to test difference among several time series using R
UIToolbar slides up and UIView slides down in displayed view
Graph algorithm solution done right?
I need more Ninject practical examples
is there a way to run sonar on projects without using the repository? web service 鈥減age not found鈥�after invoking method
Custom ModelBinder for DateTime Localization
android customize text in textview [duplicate]
What is the best way to extract this int from a string in Java?
Wallpaper service crashing when integrated with another secton
SNMP packet format
Embed a JComboBox inside a JRadioButtonMenuItem
how to create flexible layout with textview android
Android activity force closes at irregular times?
slickgrid validate column with regex
Get URL from visibile element and add link to another element?
Approach for managing multiple git version control repos?
android app doesn't show on the emulator
Conditionally filter a sequence
Destructor for primitive type dynamically allocated array?
Python GUI for cardgame
An old issue on bind1st with men_fun in C++ STL
How to add sonar in the antbuildfile in Eclipse
MATLAB - Building a matrix from the output of system commands in a for loop
'System.Data.DataRowView' in DropDownList
qooxdoo values not updating in html widget
What number does 8e3 evaluate to?
C2146: syntax : missing ')' before identifier 's' [closed]
browser back button / #one #two etc [duplicate]
How to create my own file format like .AZW,.mobi,.epub etc using java [duplicate]
Is it a PHP or Joomla! issue? (or perhaps I'm missing something about the output buffering)
call-by-name parameter
use SQL script to create SQL server DB
uudecode algorithm in javascript
fprintf Android NDK
Phonegap - Retrieve photo from Camera Roll via path
Replaying HTML5 audio in Chrome
Is there a defined workflow for Facebook bug management? [closed]
Switch string c language
Masking with transparent PNG in AS3
xpath: finding a following node
Should I add sleeps to zeroMQ program initialization to avoid heisenbugs?
Mootools DatePicker standalone
Can I use HTML5 with Java as backing beans?
Can't make a variable retain its contents - darn it
Chrome extension to parse google search results
Apache port forward [closed]
require.js fetching/loading order debug
Incompatibility between CXF and WebSphere JRE
How can i add a method to ImageButton which is in loop in also how can i group the stars in c# side?
Solr search server: How to strip off HTML entities from content to be indexed
python logging does not work from terminal
Why isn't my Button size invalidated after its text changes?
Why isn't my Button size invalidated after its text changes?
How to append a string to NSMutableString
getLoginStatus and getAuthResponse not working in IE
How to convert a value from JSON like 鈥�1鈥�into a month name in JavaScript
Calling a controller extension method from a view
Out of memory error when loading a text file in to List even though I have specified large enough xmx
IsolatedStorageFile.GetLastWriteTime for .NET 3.5