handling data on failure of invoking webhook url
Building tags using Continuous Integration
What is the latest/most advanced xslt parser PHP has?
Working with AppDomain.AssemblyResolve event
SQL Server query: how to return set of values based on condition?
Mounting truecrypt volume under PHP
UIPopoverController w/MonoTouch.Dialog results in unwanted resizing of popover
Android StackOverflowError in ViewGroup.resetResolvedTextDirection
Showing content of JSON result and 'undefined' in a grid
Wordpress Fast Secure Contact Form - How to style the email?
Using Visual Studio and SourceSafe with Multiple Developers Each Having Their Own Custom Solution
execute multiple Runnables from one thread after specified timeout
How do I authenticate using a token for POST request in Net::HTTP?
How should I upgrade an old version of Ruby Enterprise Edition?
Using kinetic.js in IE7/8 with ExplorerCanvas
date format conversion ruby
Charts multi type and secondary Y axis
Windows UI Automation API
Search array of java custom objects
OpenCV2 transform image using a transformation map
Using one Save File Dialog Box in Visual Basic
Textbox doesn't immediately show updated database info
In a foreign language, should my Action Types be translated?
AnimationComplete on which object?
Java null pointer exception while using Async Task for lazy load of images
How do I inject a Spring bean into Apache Wink?
Wordpress conditional category php loop
How to make an previous/back button with an arc4random function?
HTMLAgilityPack - Detecting a blank table?
Writing a NSPredicate for my scenario
How to get the fifth field of the second register of a table?
Send midi note on/note off with velocity over wifi from iPad
Cannot access HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT Installer on Windows Server 2008 Enterprise
Enable built-in Office ribbon buttons which are disabled by Excel/PPT
Using PLINQ causing OutofMemory Exception but not with LINQ?
Flash AS3 - Score counter
extracting a tuple out of a list of tuples using haskell
Android app with images crashes
Force a push with SourceTree
Separator between toolbar items in UIToolbar
ReadFile lpBuffer parameter
How to customize the way objects/resources load from my website created with Joomla?
Do varchars in SQLServer preserve their encoding?
Date Range Google Chart Tools
Nested objects and setattr & getattr (yes, it's that time)
Insert the values of a combo box into an SQL Server DB table Visual Basic 2010 (Visual Studio 2010)
Multiple partitions on a table?
Remove protocol, domainame, domain and file extension from URL
I cannot load javascript into wordpress at all
html form won't submit
OO PHP returning all private variables as variables on page
Why does my SQL data cause my chart's Y axis to jump to infinity?
Free memory on FPS system
XSLT: Merging two log files with different structure and time-representation
Can I ignore html dom elements that are inside other dom element?
Php return data from database into a table which contains an onlclick button function
HTML5 Fullscreen API applied to body
OPOS receipt printer data sniffer / analyzer
Can someone explain to me how time (t) is understood in this java exercise? [closed]
Why isn't Expression Blend 4 rendering my User Control? It's only showing XAML
Android Retain JS Variables in Webview Orientation Change
Must collections exposed by the view model implement ObservableCollection<T> with the MVVM pattern
How to prompt a user for a name to create a folder (bash , shell script)?
export all defined maven project properties to file?
creating all classes from sencha sdk
Google Analytics in Wordpress - Cross-Domain Tracking
how to keep cursor on same position in Jquery
Migrate Local account to Mobile Account error Mac OS X Lion
update of a column based on max date and group by
Maintaining an active FB auth session for a website
Retrieving records from database and writing them to a file in a specific format
Why there are some many ways to create Strings in Ruby? [closed]
Open Source ISDN Protocol Testing
How to serialize an instance of the CustomLineCap class
Accessing sub-objects in a 鈥渇or in鈥�loop?
EJB Remote Exception handling
Ajax POST using jQuery to MVC App on another Domain using JSON
How to update GridView inside UpdatePanel?
Managing forward declarations
Generate Report of Crystal in PDF鈥ow open in new tab or page?
Is it possible to add a custom part to Excel workbook
Phonegap 1.3 captureImage to Photo Library and display image in HTML/App interface
How to use JScrollpane within the CENTER of a BorderLayout
Detect direction of user selection with javascript
Accessing data on Amazon's DynamoDB via JavaScript
Mongoid: has_many with the foreign key in an embedded document
C++ Boost::MPL fold example - wrong number of arguments
performing multiple preg_replace with different search & replace each time
Is this a valid float comparison that accounts for a set number of decimal places?
鈥淎pplicationCommands.NotACommand鈥�not blocking command
Eclipse PHP debugging only works on first page (doesn't follow links)
MySQL foreign letters to UTF8 encoding
Is it possible to disable 3G in a device but allow selected apps to connect to the internet via 3G
How does one autoscale web dynos on Heroku?
Ruby - write at seeked position
facebook open graph parameter
How to avoid writing a .bat file, by executing a .cs file as a script?
How to pass parameters with the action Helper of Ember.js?
Cake PHP Error - Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING on Model [closed]
Reformatting & Concatenating Excel Spreadsheet Data
Query String plugin converts + to %2B
Migrating Delphi5 components from Win2000 to Win7(64bit)
silverlight toolkit listpicker wp7 missing icons
Need to develop a Student Management Portal [closed]
jni convert string to char array
Delphi 7 Windows Vista/7 Firewall Exception Network Locations
accessing the data in jquery .when .done function (also is eval that evil?)
has_many association with select
Eclipse JBoss Plugin - Cannot start my Server a second time
Convert decimal hours into HH:ii:ss greater than 24 hours
Up-Down control taller than buddy
Javamail library, tracking specific emails
Datagrid autoheight + lazy loading
Unsureness about passing EndPoint to Socket.ReceiveFrom()
git post-receive to manage website with generated files
MySQL order by field
Sometimes strange artifact appears when [mapView selectAnnotation];
SSRS default parameter values in subscription
Bootstrap js plugin source code how $('body').on('focus.typeahead.data-api', '[data-provide=鈥渢ypeahead鈥漖', function (e) works out?
Non-static error, can't find reason
Capifony + Symfony2: Error using cap deploy to my server
Grabbing the row with the highest value from each group?
IOS: viewcontroller with clear color
IE7 window.location.href
SQL populate total working days per month minus bank holidays for current financial year
Mocking a class that inherits from another class
SQL Management Studio 鈥淭able -> Script CREATE鈥�creates ALTERs
UIWebView goBack() issues in iOS 5
jQuery: contains selector for <option>VALUE</option>
jQuery previous slide hover
Erlang: Compute data structure literal (constant) at compile time?
Java selectionChange Listener for combo box
submit form to a non default page
Mysql Primary Key Search Preformance
Something I don't understand about a function in Binary Trees in C
Open Session in View with EJB
IXMLDOM does not recognize XPath last() function?
SSRS Static Column Counter
CSS borders in Hotmail
What is a simple algorithm for 2d collision detection of transformable rectangular objects?
Client side to server side calls
populate access form via sql in vba
How to store local data after user delete my iOS app?
Loading a 2nd UIScrollView at a specific index and displaying the result
mod_rewrite rule to remove comment.php
PowerShell - Output return values into a multi-line text box
ActionbarSherlock, when run error raises 鈥淎ndroid projects library can not be launched鈥�
Iterating over a KnockoutJs observableArray
Ruby Console multiline
Setting a cookie's domain in jQuery dynamically
Propagate changes to other storyboard languages
What instead of iframe ? Subdomain issue
Through Excel modify the line spacing in a Word Document
Access CSS file contents via JavaScript
How to add a 3 second delay to this function
Implicit generated members and noexcept
Stop timer on hover
What method to call to update my overlay view in google map?
Algorithm for fitting abstract distances in 2D
What to install to make XSLTProcessor work?
What is the best way to identify updated items in an in memory list?
cpu efficiency formula
DAO 3.6 and Win7/Vista UAC issue
How to generate asset URL from within a service?
How to set the div in center of the page
ASP.Net MVC 3: Custom data binder to transform data coming from/going to the DB
Jquery Filter List DIVs via checkboxes
jquery .remove performance
In actionmailer how can you override the default_url_options at runtime?
How to arrange forms horizontally in the HTML page?
How can I use Perl's File::Find inside a Moose Object?
PHP Scrape html page content with tags [closed]
Add a JavaScript getter/setter to a native unconfigurable property
Recursive Sudoku Solver doesn't work in Java
IAP receipt verification URL?
How to handle change of checkbox using jQuery?
Android Service in a library not being updated when shared by two applications
Displaying SVG objects on either left or right side of page
Eclipse - Command line URL argument cutting off https
jQuery applied on gridView slowing down the performance
Android: Check connection to server
Facebook user id on iframe page tab without permissions
Trying to call a function in java, complains 鈥�class expected鈥�
Wildcard filter for reading jpg and png files in matlab
Reasons an app could work on android 2.3 and fail on android 3.0
toggle image css based on div id
Implementing Boundary Value Analysis of Software Testing in a C++ program?
Way to deep traverse a Groovy object with dot in string using GPath
My mousedown event is hijacking my datepicker's onSelect event
How to set a cookie in iframe? How Facebook cookies work?
jQuery: unrecognized expression
Show and hide panel using radio buttons
segmentation fault inside on loop
Android Views - Make one view transparent to a view below
An active access token must be used to query information about the current user on different url
Apache dav-svn. Obvious security issue?
How to store this kind of graph?
Why does math.ceil return a float? [duplicate]
Catching when the user pressed the Home Button
Using Oracle to_date function for date string with milliseconds
How to use fread and fwrite functions to read and write Binary files?
Using IS operator to identify the type of Form
How Can I make numbering on mysql results
How to define a dynamic string data type in postgres extension?
What is the difference between getch() and getchar()?
Build schedule in Jenkins
jQuery change css of an element when another element becomes active
Where do I find Sql Server metadata for column datatypes?
SQLite DB building speed-up
How to extract username, password and database, or connection url in JBoss via Java code?
Tomcat Manager with mod_proxy and ROOT web application
jquery show/hide and counter function for individual entries
Strange JavaScript behaviour?
in ListView.setOnItemClickListener the (View)adapter.getChildAt(6); returns null
Can't get geopoint when using class MyLocationOverlay
rail console test issue
Android: How to set bold / bigger outline on a Edittext
Need to search (and navigate to the searched word) within in an ASPX page
Losing packets due to occurence of very unlikely situation?
Namespace in class-views
WebBrowser Control programming Tabs within Document pages query
Migrate from Google App Engine Model to Pure Django System
Similar to Euler 110
What is the easiest way to make template function code depending on the parameter type
Does C support optional null parameters?
Convert CVS repository with mixed branching model using cvs2svn
UNITY: How to implement thread safe Container.Resolve() function with constructor injection?
How to convert text to money inside a gridview?
changing struct/variable content in C
Why does the CREATE PROCEDURE statement fail when I use it with IF Statement here?
Jenkins taking different time to build the same file
Named Entity Recognition in political domain
C# version of SUDS?
code actionscript exporting dynamic animation in avi
Can't get ReadFile to read from the file i just wrote to
XSD schema validation error with regular expression
Marking a view as 鈥渂usy鈥�in Cocoa
How to write responsive text for different screen sizes
Ninject binding setup
Solr - example spell checker not working
MyBatis - lists of primitive types
jQuery UI draggable iFrame content
Will GCC support C++ AMP [closed]
I would like to pass the value entered into the textbox to a python program
ASP.NET MVC3: Split into two different Tabs
How to get the index of an item in an itemscontrol
Magic-line nav causing some troubles #works only on hrefs included in menu
Hidden html table for data storage
Get/set functions on static properties
How to reference right value of `i` in a callback in a loop?
Twitter Bootstrap 2, collapse-nav
C# elevator system, pausing
Android client communicating with jboss server
Haskell recursion space leak
How to write a CAML Query so that the result contains Column1 and Column2?
Do MVC frameworks vary greatly from one language to another ie ASP.NET, Python, RoR, etc
android tablet app compatibility
maximum field and item size limits in dynamo db and mongo db
How To Detect If On A Single Post / Page on Tumblr?
mysql combine 2 columns where condition [duplicate]
UITouch & UIEvents: fighting the framework?
How to best cache calculated metrics on database-stored information
Can I tell in code-behind if a popup has been moved relative to its placement target?
Github API: Retrieve all commits for all branches for a repo
Using the YUI2 paginator widget with a YUI3 data table
ffmpeg compiling on MSVC9 (Visual C++ 2008)
Compiling clang-llvm examples
Android surfaceChanged incorrect values for width/height
Using a progressdialog and handler
Add two 'release' fields on one form (Axosoft onTime tracker)
Are Donate buttons allowed for apps on the Android Market?
Eclipse + Maven + Groovy: src/test/groovy directory gets removed after update project configuration
Updata calculated field in AFTER INSERT' trigger
Why does this simple Facebook Javascript SDK code keep failing?
When using string match, are you required to escape special characters?
Slickgrid - Column Definition with Complex Objects
Merge audio and video when the lengths are different
.NETMF TimerCallback with varying TimeSpans?
Links inside email message body
XPath Help, XPathNodeIterator to be exact
Passing arguments to store procedure through scheduler.jb
Bing Ajax v7 not firing click events with IE9
Validating RDF files using Raptor or Sax
overriding retain and release methods in my own class
Regular expression and create substring for time
UTF-8 problems with characters from MySQL database (e.g. 茅 as 脙漏)
NSURLProtocol and post upload progress
Can I use a timer component in a WinForms Form to check the state of radio buttons and enable/disable a button?
CakePHP and pessimistic locking: database vs cache
EJB 3.1 : Singleton bean not getting injected inside another stateless bean though both beans are getting registered
jQuery: check the value of all <select>s on a page
Are there any server settings to fix addslashes behaviour on calls to file_get_contents
jQuery: Remove background once Ajax request has loaded?
Core Data document based multiple nib based on selection
Weighted Permutations Algorithm
SFTP and Compression [closed]
How do I prevent MDI child forms from stacking up in parent?
proof check and two errors - unassigned variables from one method to another
Why is the application reading the incorrect integers from a file?
boost 1_48 what bjam? error with bjam mismatched versions of Boost
Using more than one key-pair in SSL Socket Factory Connection
Using preg_match to filter youtube URLS in php
where is the method add for cart class in opencart
Sencha overlay has no background
Turn off Google Maps local points
WPF C# WebClient gives exception for request on specific port and https
Replicating Bootstraps main nav and subnav
How can I prevent the page from scrolling down when using jQuery UI hide(鈥渟lide鈥�?
delete in binary search tree C++ (tree won't update) and heap corruption
Optimizing command line GIMP
jQuery AJAX postback to WebMethod returning only first row of results
Hide text input field on page load?
AJAX Javascript Dynamic Namespace
Matrix transformations to recreate camera 鈥淟ook At鈥�functionality
Is there an 'anytype' type for SQL Server
restart java process on heap dump
CreateProcess vs Command Line and missing DLL
Is it acceptable style for Node.js libraries to rely on object key order?
Symfony2 : Multiple members zones with multiple entities and enabling switch_user
Haskell mapping function to list
Large file size with forms?
.NET RichTextBox Tab Character
How to replace single web resources locally?
How to asynchronously wait for response from an external application that intercepts printer output
How to use Glimpse in Orchard CMS
Core Data Object Injection (with Dependency) Storyboard
Eclipse: don't notice Error when import fail Class
Jquery tools: Rangeinput get value on input change
use google analytics in jar file
Disabling the ability to increase length of an event - Full Calendar
swiping content to move to next piece on iphone
Converting to JSON, how do I include multi-level deep models?
Font wont be color chosen by CSS stylesheet
When working with a C api, is it best to use character arrays, or should I just use strings and convert them when needed?
Why can't approvers see workbox initial state items but admins can?
Send Email in Global Exception Handler?
JPA 2.0 / Hibernate: No supertype found
Facebook comments in Page Tab iframe - links and moderation
ShareKit - SHKFacebook: Is there a way to get the authorization_token ?
How to model Student/Classes with DynamoDB (NoSQL)
MVC 3.0 ModelBinder bindingContext.ValueProvider.GetValue(key) returns null when binding in a collection
Symfony2 Rookie: how to manipulate header content
How to manage StoryBoard and Views?
Android Setting text from a getter method in another class
Changing an activities setContentView() in Android
How to handle Caching for huge pages using Smarty 3
Routing Issue With FuelPHP
Which pom dependency should I use for jar commons-lang.jar
Does PHP 5.4 object dereferencing succesfully mitigate the drawbacks of static storage parameter in this DI container?
QObject::connect() with enum parameters
Embedded flash media player is not starting automatically upon web page load
In JQuery ajax, how do I handle a HTTP 408 error properly?
Grails request parameters encoding issue in Tomcat
Do i have to download or link jqueytools in ruby on rails 3.2
WinRM and powershell modules written with .NET framework 4
CDATA not parsing properly in Firefox
Three part recurring payments
Transaction Support for Springs onMessage handler
Event not firing when pressing help button on Messagebox
Generic questions about best practice while developing in sharepoint
Phonegap Android : meta tag 鈥淰iewport鈥�is ignored
Not sure why I am getting java.lang.NullPointerException
How do you maintain the temporary images for image previews in an HTML form
Writing PCM recorded data into a .wav file (java android)
Load a TabItem asynchronously
Doctrine 2.1 - DateTime issue
Is it possible to implement a 鈥淰im鈥�toggle in Visual Studio?
Alternatives to JMS for queuing
How to add button to 鈥渟ubmit_row鈥�context in django
Confusing behaviour in Dojo nodelist traversal
Deepest match first with XPath
jQuery Ajax timing loop issue with setInterval / onAnimationStopped using flipCounter
Stop Fullscreen Window from minimizing when JOptionPane.showMessageDialog?
Anyone using JRuby testing framework for Eclipse/Maven?
Why does this serial communication code hang when talking to a USB-to-serial adapter?
Detect Factory Reset on iPhone from within app
mysql query unite 2 columns
Why jQuery ajax does not serialize my object?
Batch XML import - best/fastest way?
Custom RoleProvider Not Called
Access to JMeter script path
Interlocked.Read / Interlocked.Exchange much slower on Mono than .NET?
how to sum values from hash based on keys from a different hash?
SSL: When I check via browser i get my purchased godaddy certificate, but when i check with openssl i get a self-signed certificate?
ASP MVC 3 OutputCache avoid cacheing current request
How to set a max width using CSS on a javascript videoplayer in Android WebView?
The Value attribute in string-based enumerations when converting to c# object
Batch Processing Videos (Matlab) - Issue
OO PHP - retrieving all attributes from a class
Heap usage in QTableWidget in Qt
Write XSSF file row by row to output stream? (POI in java)
Apostrophes converting to periods in HTML
Determine # of items in jQuery array and loop through them?
mongodb fulltext searching strategy
Adding an achor to a aspx page and getting the domainname
.htaccess: redirect http to https or https to http depending on URL
Alfresco's API ObjectFinder doesn't display on GUI
How do I unzip and untar a file embedded in my installer built with install4j?
Inner class with upper bound
How to read the Fields:{} content inside a JSON result using JQuery?
XCode 4.2.1 Crashes Every Time a New Window is Opened
Automatically generate WCF service, by reflection.
Boost::multi_array looping
how to post image from byte[] to users wall
Servlet filter vs. CXF interceptor for modifying request & response content?
jquery ajax Find out What caused the Error loading XML document
Java Send mouse/key events to program wen its not in active
SQL Query - Adding NULL results to a SELECT query
Populate field based on other fields values
use ActionBarSherlock library, error after use sherlock as library
Why sorting data in report viewer2010 doesn`t work?
What's a great way to automatically warn my Java application when memory is getting low?
jqplot: Separating ticks and series values
T4 Template TransformText method XML Documentation
Redirect to a different tab page
Lucene as a high-volume cache?
SQL search between values in DB (Zipcode)
Adding a Terminal into a swing application
Save list as list template from powershell
Generic Response of a WebRequest
How To Include and Use A Category In a Project
url without a hostname
Android - ViewPager scrolling resets
How to 鈥渄eploy鈥�an HTML/CSS email signature?
dojo: create multiple floating panes w/ resize in border container
Restful Webservice Using POST
Java fullscreen jframe with dual monitor
Run an embedded CORBA naming service in Java
ExpandableListView Parent/Child Grouping Issue
Copying a folder in a windows explorer
Retrieve JSON Value with Jquery for Calculation
Forcing a textblock to display text on far right (not showing text on left) when text overfills box
my system refuses to shut down/restart with NSAppleScript class
how would monetdb performns with multiple sql copy running at the same time?
Flash AS3 - URLLoader loads last data again
'position().top' is null or not an object?
Most efficient: different functions / one function with cases [closed]
Linkedlist head node identifier/pointer access issue
Rotate an element around a certain point (without using transform-origin) with javascript
wait for jquery operation to finish before starting new one on focus/blur function
Job Dependency in RabbitMQ
asp.net literal text browser cache
How to integrate Module.symvers while compiling a Module
How to protect python class variables from an evil programmer?
Simple design for routing data between multiple objects?
HttpRequestBase.UserHostAddress throwing error
Create a file in application bundle
How to query Contacts for _id, Name and phone num?
Does KornShell (ksh) have a Do鈥hile loop?
I need to remove a line from multiple files
How can I deserialize an object if I don't know the right type?
How can i start android.wallpaper.livepicker system process on button press?
What should a Java program listen for, to be a good Linux service?
PHP - Multiple while($row = mysql_fetch_array($variable)) { } ERRORS
JQuery for setting a dropdown to default value when value of another dropdown changed
detect yellow color in opencv
gmmktime - one day off after converting with date() function
Advice to improve the quality of the code module in Python [closed]
406 Not acceptable after format.js [duplicate]
Missing XML file in Debug mode
Is it possible to increase the number of bytes for any datatype?
optimize/improve client side code
MFC C++ WebBrowser Control load HTML from a string
Multi View Point Similarity Matrix(MVS) algorithm
Sort Observable Collection Alpha-Numeric
Drag And Drop in Eclipse RCP app causes screen to flicker
WebGrid header doesn't change background color using CSS - ASP.NET MVC 3
git reconnect to a remote repository
How to Attach FIles Through Mail in android
Getting the n-th child which also matches a compound selector in each row
how do I create an objective-c method that takes a view as an argument? [closed]
Attach click events in an IFRAME
Finding the exact position of a graphical object in relation to some other Canvas
Bubble sort with Cocoa classes
adding collision detection to j2me maze game
How do I set up NET-SNMP with OpenVMS?
Developing Excel Addin Setup for Office 2007 Win 7 x64
Refresh datatable with ajax after adding new entry
How to block Silverlight until a series of Async WCF calls are made?
Regular expressions(searching after particular index)
overflow help in css
What subdomain do I certify if I don't use www?
Which .NET runtime is my .NET assembly running in COM+ using?
inject html code to all port 80 request
JQM pagebeforechange and event source
How to share data between two processes
Locating phone using phone number
Loading records to a TableView - (More button)
ListBox not displaying data
How do I add basic properties to something like the Image class?
WCF rest service: unable to call methods
jquery datatables check box value
IDEA: Android cannot work with Java 7
Wowza and Android streaming
which is the safest way to include a pair of key (public/private) in a apk
How to change global variable in Solaris?
Querying a Nullable bool in C#
Rails 3 RSpec and assert_select
single object accessing two functions in c++
jqgrid search issue
What's the best workflow when you have one git server and several development stations?
How to define dynamic ranges on Calc (or Excel)?
Object from an HTML list
Facebook wall post does not show thumbnail with Graph api, Objective-C
Override a public property from a derived class
Trying to use eval to check for a perl module [duplicate]
XML parse error on 毛
Fql access error in C# .net?
Regex in JavaScript is not matching a string?
Releasing an Array crashes the app in xCode
unrecognized selector sent to instance - mistake in properties?
Creating XML from the parent node information
iPhone NavigationViewController explanation
How to test an API service in Visual Studio
Access video data without spawning a subprocess in python
Role-based access denial handling in Spring Security - how to?
Android - how to add button click event inside a TabActivity?
Gem dependency lib error (headers)
UIButton selector is throwing 'unrecognized selector' even though selector exists
rails 3.1 upgrade with backbone, can't find ujs and remotipart files
AS2: call method when new property is set
Type or namespace could not be found from App_code folder
Arithmetic in python, can't figure out simple basic operations
MySQL If Date statement?
Update Symfoy 2 to newer version
Closing an excel workbook causes 鈥減rint() on closed filehandle STDOUT鈥�on subsequent `print`
std::tr1::function assignment and binding
C# project naming conventions [closed]
Windows Phone Youtube Download [closed]
Accessing buttons on stage from class
How to get freshly added entities from repository?
Attempted to use an object that has ceased to exist. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80030102 (STG_E_REVERTED))
How to add new Code Generation Item for EF Designer?
how to tell cakephp to use function index($type) to just go to the index page?
How can I refresh a fancybox popup?
Serializing an immutable struct in a SecurityTransparent assembly
How to make loop
put two input text in the same line
zend: baseUrl view helper returns empty string
incredibly slow and choppy jquery animation
How to read out two columns from table and multiplize them?
weird behaviour while removing duplicates in list
Giving an image a black background?
Nhibernate fetching strategy
Forcing RadComboBox drop down direction
Zend Framework loading views without re-loading the layout template
How to read numeric/decimal/money columns from SQL Server?
Efficiently syncing large Perforce repository? [closed]
Can't create AccordionItem template for Accordion from WPF Toolkit
How to override @url.content in MVC?
Gentoo Installation on Virtualbox, startx fails
Scale a UIView with gradient
Jquery Find Using Wildcard
How to specify composite relationships in EF code-first that don't map to PKs
MVC3, Unity Framework and Per Session Lifetime Manager Issue
Maven Lifecycle Woes - 'pre-integration-test'
UIPopOverController with UINavigationController with Xcode 4.2.1
What is the server side type of a javascript object, serialised client side using JSON, that is passed via an ajax call?
Simulation in a Web Browser
Uploading coffeescript class based datastructure to ruby on rails 3 with jquery?
how to use the results of .load inside a replaceWith()
handle strongly types with enum
Invalid Key Code When Using Press Key Native 512
How to programmatically add Ant library dependencies for mail task
How to build data object in browser?
Android SQLite - small I/O difficulty
Bag Class Implementation in Java/Using Array
how to find out which perl I am using when running a script with '/usr/bin/env perl'?
Is there a way to install msm directly without creating another setup?
How to raise an event without the full postback?
set div style to max-height
knockout js - how to tell if model item has changed
Simpliest way to convert a Color as a string like #XXXXXX to System.Windows.Media.Brush
C# Trim spaces inside array (remove 0's)
How to store multi byte characters in SQL Server database using CodeIgniter
ruby on rails - formtastic - form class
Page load tool to measure time of web or mobile site loads
jQuery - change value of css class dynamically
tinyMCE - get content up to cursor position
Force Jenkins and TortoiseSvn to use authentication when calling 鈥渟vn show log鈥�
What is the advantage of Raw Notifications over a normal Request to a server?
Using Unity.Mvc3 with HierarchicalLifetimeManager and Unit Of Work pattern no longer Lazy Loading
RavenDB: inserting record-new line char has disappeared
mysql query datetime fields accuracy
Override the UIViewController's default animation on device rotation
Replacing certain characters in email addresses with '*' in an SQL query
Link to load external content into DIV
Show only entries from database which are older than two months
Use pdb.set_trace() in a script that reads stdin via a pipe
Abstract keyword before Super Class Method in Method Over-riding
Abstract keyword before Super Class Method in Method Over-riding
Android Audio Control to forward and Reverse
Accept input on 1 key press instead of waiting for user to press enter on Console.ReadLine()
How To Fix CSS Border Radius From Cutting Off Border Corners
LESS syntax for .mixin > *
Java linked list that supports fast removal of any nodes?
What is a light-weight alternative to ocamlyacc/menhir for parsing simple expression?
VS2010 Extension - code definition window
Why can't I read IPhone SMS databases using Python 2.7?
Chrome default focus outline
Setting mock property via Setup causes 'Expression is not a method invocation'
What is a good design pattern for file creation?
How can I get date with javascript from rich:calendar?
twitter get users by country
Fabric wrapping using imagemajick
Perl issue with DateTime::Format::ISO8601 tracked to issue with Params::Validate?
Change DataSource of SSRS Report with Powershell
How to read xt: tagged fields from Atom feeds?
jqGrid treeGrid catch expand collaps events
Fastest way to read file length C#
How can I make hyperlinks 'portable' from machine to machine instead of hard-coded?
Using an ActiveX (.cab) Control within C#
Grails 2 - Domain model inheritance causing NO_SUCH_TABLE in DbUnit?
Avoid html table flickering on mouse hover
How to select last salary change date from the list?
Composing image in c#
ajax div reloads with correct data, but with entire webpage within div
How to add a Button on top of an Android keyboard
Defining a unique constraint with multiple datasources in Grails 2.0
Custom average function on a pivot table in google spreadsheets
Recommended way of adding daily data to database
Maven Scala Projects with IntelliJ
Is it possible to set a pending breakpoint in the solaris modular debugger (mdb)
Xcode Build OK but Archive fails with library not found for -load_all
How can I implement an OFfile chooser with php?
UIModalViewController and UIImagePickerController rotation issue
problems in inserting spanish words in oracle db
Write Data to Excel
Is shortening my url all via javascript doable?
Can I simplify the way my javascript function is called? [closed]
JQuery - Finding from a list of ULs, the UL with the least List items
Merge with same target and source table
iOS custom gallery
Popup challenge like browser for didReceiveAuthenticationChallenge
How to create a WCF web service within an ASP.NET application that can return instances of an interface as a transparent proxy
Facebook OGP not working correctly
Getting the file browser twice
Comparing 2 Arrays and Objects in an array - Logic Issue
Adding a user control from solution explorer to a winform
Excel 2010 - Find Records With Last Date Prior to Given Time
Custom Signal for Plugin in Qt
SPSS using value of one cell to call another cell
Using JSONP to get XML
Pass an intent from an activity to a class extending surfaceview?
How do I remove PyDev debugger breakpoints from deleted files?
Read a website using PL/SQL
How do I deserialize objects specified in a .asmx webservice using protobuf-net
How to bind to solution configuration from XAML?
Making a JSON call from PHP
ko.mapping is undefined
What is the right way use ARC when present viewcontroller?
Interpolate point within a 3d triangle to a point within a 2d triangle
How do I change Nav Bar Title in a UITableView Detail View when an event occurs?
Why adding a return type to a void returning method causes a MissingMethodException
Error in WebRequest
Apache rewriterule and rewritecond with 3 domains
How to implement live update on user's current location?
Access Database in Servlet
GridBagLayout troubles
401 Unauthorized access for Github API (Rails)
raw_input() not working correctly?
Multiple versions of Android App
Cluster, Index and Partition on a single table
Nuget Command Line - Packages Being Installed But Not Added As a Reference in the Project
Perl regex in vim?
jquery History on value change handler?
query regarding applicability of affero gpl licensed portion of code used by me in my web app
How can I compare public keys in .NET?
Detect hand swipe gesture in Unity using Kinect with OpenNI
Retrieving the last record from MySql
Overlay a DIV on top of another element
internationalization - translate urls or not
Xrtml And Ruby on Rails, Calendar booking slot
jQuery - replace standard radio button click() action
Client types in OAuth2 Spec
Ogre + Kinect + OpenNI
How to connect an iOS device to a custom USB device?
Drawing arbitary pictures on a webpage
Windows logged in user unique ID
Merging facebook pages [closed]
how to extract text and image both indivitually from HTML body using JQuery
background-color not changing?
Database structure for 鈥渇ollow鈥�feature similar to twitter?
SQL Server : error converting string to smalldatetime?
regular expression PHP alphabetic, numeric and default symbols
preg_replace all img tags with something else
How to send a message from my account in ASP.NET C#?
PHP replace text within a <h1> </h1> tag
Rails form_authenticity_token not regenerating after POST request
standard dropdown arrow visible in firefox but not in chrome
Java DB Derby and Netbeans 7.1 Build Problems
MSI package property table entries to enable update releases
Emacs python-mode: Keyboard shortcuts for pdb step-by-step debugging
Get rid of the keyboard from applicationDidEnterBackground in the AppDelegate.m
JDom XML Filtering
z-index and position doesn't work
Hibernate One to Many relationship with attributes on the relationship
How to update a published app
Access USB memory using Assembly
Hibernate - Incomprehensible Warning
Android Error when clicked on Custom Suggestion
Get value of canvas mustn't return null
Eclipse and Scala-IDE source files encoding bug?
Using byte[] to convert images in jpeg or bmp on android
Authorise more than one Facebook app at a time
Getting disk label in Linux in C/C++ [duplicate]
Saving xml document to file with java xml api [closed]
How to req a page without X-REQUESTED-WITH header in javascript
Flat object to nested objects in Automapper
Is JUnit the right tool to write performance tests?
C performance on a PIC board global variables vs. method local
properly exiting custom modal dialog in wxpython
Require Help Structuring Parallel HTTP Requests
JQuery Jquery-UI Drag Drop Issue
Preserve username nsstring after app exit
After Game Center 鈥淐reate New Account鈥�screen, I get a Black Screen
strange Chrome 16 float bug
how can I frozen, fixed label when scroll down on the jquery flot
How I can avoid weird behaviors of two mouse events which are triggering infinitely in some cases?
Selecting from two tables?
Discovering MySQL Reads/Writes Per Table
When I upgrade a buildbot master do I have to upgrade all the slaves?
Android HLS video mime type
jquery radio button change not detected by bound function
Flash Builder conditional compilation variables
IE8 opacity issue using either overlay or blockUI
How to authenticating Trac with MS Windows domain user when using TracStandalone as webserver
Defining restricted subset of Storable for type match
ASP.NET User Controls or Master Page or other for Data Entry Form
Reading formatted text using python
iterator.MoveNext() returns false despite valid XPath query
Why is there whitespace between the image and the div?
jpa case-insensitive in-clause for a list of string values
how to include WordPress wp-config.php to gain access to the MySQL DB info
How can Makefile use separate directories for source code and binaries?
Receiver for connection events doesn't work
How can I get an article's URL in a Joomla content plugin?
mysql - error with creating temporary table from resultset
Is the behavior of getchar() correct for this program?
How to parse web page in memory
Is the behavior of getchar() correct for this program?
How to parse web page in memory
Using JavaScript to get different behavior depending on page size
Java ComboBox Association with arraylist
Magento orders : bad increment_id on imported customers
Jquery-ui draggable scroll vertical only
Why do logicals (booleans) in R require 4 bytes?
How to handle an intent which does not have data at first call of an activity?
removing dependencies.dependency.version errors
Android Application as Singleton [duplicate]
Using Byte* Instead of NSData: Is my code okay?
Resizing and then scrolling browser window and position absolute
How to set the color of aUIButton?
How to base64 encode a guid in sql server
Unable to focus a button that resides in a DataTemplate
Dates appearing as decimals in R plot
JSF failing to load when dependant EJB bean is annotated with @EJB
How can I redirect a query string, when it's already a semi-friendly url? ie. no index.php
Why does the implicit copy constructor calls the base class copy constructor and the defined copy constructor doesn't?
Find out when file is added to folder
ExtJS 4 > Grid Editor > Editor with 鈥渄atefield鈥�xtype doesn't fill properly
How to calculate if the difference between two dates is greater than 20 years?
How to put user defined datatype into a Dictionary
Turning off src path insert in Aptana Studio
Can I write a matlab patch straight to file
Find all text nodes
Which tool can open merge module file to check?
502 bad gateway: php://input
Is there any way to implement min/max queue?
jquery remove span in breadcrumb
Cell Value Checking and Comparison [closed]
TrayIcon into JFrame, is possible?
text selection is not working
Grails 2 upgrade issues
How to get sms sent notify?
Custom pushpin in google maps in windows phone
How to return properly an array from a function?
Using multiple DropDownLists to filter each other and then GridView items - ASP.net VB
publishing excel interop on the server does not work
PostgreSQL: Convert array-to-string, with delimiter
Hide elements by clicking outside
Android Beam - fallback when my app is not installed
Create Advanced Reporting - Moodle
AsyncContext works with JSP and not with flex
How to check if an HTML5 validation was triggered using selenium?
Microsoft Access Cant Remove duplicates that contains Null value
Installing Hadoop on windows 7 with 32 bit processor?
sign_blob usage
Does android GPS_PROVIDER use A-GPS if APN is set?
javascript onclick trigger key click (using jQuery)
Are namespaces bad for performance? (PHP)
FPS game ping implementation
Providing two schema name in JDBC connection URL
Routing error No route matches
NDK, passing primitive data from c++ to java
Is there any performance difference between IN and = operators in MySQL
Having trouble using cookies, remember me works but cookies do not expire when unticked
Priority queue for user-defined types
Css and Scripts don't work until the user log in the website - Asp.NET MVC 3 Web Site
XNA 4 reach profile causes exception and Hidef doesn't compile
Design pattern to enable replacement of underlying database at later date, with minimal efforts
Unit testing Controller method - assign value to base class property to avoid using Initialize()
SQL select column with same key if all values are null
UTF-8 characters in Eclipse - maybe a Windows copy 'n paste issue
How to repeat PDF content in one page mirrored [closed]
sqliteexception no such column on galaxy s2 even if the columns are present
CakePHP 1.3: Public User Profile With Routes Setup
redrawing is not working properly using invalidate
NullPointerException from LocalSessionFactoryBuilder
prevent system from launching single top activity with previous intent
Error when reading from mailbox
Copy all child pages to another parent
How to send one byte symbol to server socket with netcat?
jQuery slider: color changing menu won't sync with the rest of the slider
camel http component 500
onKeyDown event not called the first time?
Convert HH:MM:SS.mm to seconds in bash
ggplot2 - shade area between two vertical lines
Android Fragment/Tabs and Pager: Tab names wrap
Generate a equinox environment and config by script (Ant or something) of deployed OSGI bundles
ASP.NET MVC3: Cant find/access file
copy and paste text + image from NSPasteboard
Orchard CMS DataAnnotations - Client-side validation
How to find what caused onChange event for select box in IE - keyboard or mouse?
Debugging an issue on an asp.net production server
facebook does not see my domain
How to run a MS Access macro from python
box-shadow property makes menu overlay another div and look bad
Concatenation In 鈥淎s鈥�Statement
How to remove wobble effect in my HTML5 canvas mousepan method?
jQuery JSONP sending the autogenerated callback name in data parameters
How can I tell whether a .PFX file requires a password
Why does this webkit animation look sketchy?
How to do bindingRedirect for DLL project to prevent - warning MSB3247: Found conflicts
How to Additional Items in Scrum 1.0 Template
how do i do a jquery/ajax refresh of sqldatareader data without page refresh in ASP.NET?
Retrieving JSON throws error: Unexpected token :
Change the selected item of a treeview in WPF
Fatal error: Class 'App PDO' not found in
Maven error on dependency: missing artifact
Regular expression to match 0-2 characters followed by 4 digits
Unable to retrieve properties with exposeContextBeansAsAttributes
Diff two sequences of identifier
sbt plugin that depends on itself to build itself
How can I ensure a Celery task runs with the right settings?
Best way of writing an expression in an if construct
Spring MVC classes not found
Grouping multiple websites under the same URL [duplicate]
Looking for Something Similar to Facebook's Unique Big Int IDs used in the Graph API
Rich Faces: How to get rid of paddings in panels?
android html decoding
Get phone number of the device on it's range? [closed]
MVC Dynamic Action in Route
Android: FillAfter not working for ScaleAnimation in ImageView
Can I stub 鈥渞aise鈥�in Ruby?
Comparing SqlDataType to CLR nullable types in nunit
Calculating the right number of bits in a bloom filter
What are the alternative to PHP session variables?
Checking a procedure reference for type?
structs and typedef in C
Ajax.BeginForm redirects action page(MVC 4)
merging the content of a directory using cmd shell
How do I get the string length for a field on the server side?
Recover my database structure from from files
Are (remember me)s possible for multiple computers?
Need to add a parent node for existing XML Descendants
Validation/Submission error: Application failed codesign verification
Removing white space and newlines from a database
Event after rendering the activity
Is it possible to use an automated library to visit already authenticated sites in ruby?
How to cancel sortable for both header and content in portlet
Python UTF-16 CSV reader
How to get activated addins?
KnockoutJS if statement inside foreach loop
Try Catch SQL Server 2005 with ALTER TABLE
Inheritance with C#
When does an input field value equals '', null or undefined
JavaScript indexof Doubts [closed]
Converting datetime format to 12 hour
Automate creation of pom file dependencies based on the jar file
Setting a Unique ID at Application Install - Android
How to convert SQL_NUMERIC_STRUCT to double and string?
System.IndexOutOfRangeException while opening a Perst database
Pulling columns from Active Directory Search window (鈥淭he Find User, Contacts and Groups鈥�search window)
Joomla JCE add custom component data to link browser
Copying directory structure with SHFileOperation failed if FOF_NOERRORUI is requested
How to produce a calculation log/sheet?
how to convert uiview to uiimage and save to photo gallery
How can I get the current state of a WPF window into an image?
Print executed command for Python subprocess.Popen
Core Plot: Tick Intervals
How to Animation a light to glow brighter step by step in android
ReadableStream not readable when in inline function
Possible to change the hardware cursor in SFML?
Zend/social engine module database not running
URL encryption in codeigniter
Oracle cursor returning all rows in table despite where clause
NHibernate lazy loading but no virtual properties?
DataGrid trouble selecting non-unique items
Nasty memory leak when loading code in AppDomain
Server log file for ruby on rails
How to get a MBean binding class instance
Constant definition in Clojure
How to correctly get derived class object from base object in Django?
Cannot create a row of size 8768 which is greater than the allowable maximum row size of 8060 [closed]
WebClient download weird behavior
To Prepare Batch Script
SVN: User Checkout History?
Using private Dictionary in a module
Android keyboard does not work properly
How I can get a cross compiler under Ubuntu for sparc target?
NDK in JAVA (building problems)
Best way of adding two lists?
Any way to set a timer/limit for a slow URL reference?
Split single column csv file into unequal parts
Displaying saved Data onto textbox after saving it
GPS location fetching never stops on ICS
How to POST an image to Twitter by statuses/update_with_media in Lua
how to create a line break in a loop
Blackberry Android runtime vs. NDK
regular epxressions that matches the longest repeating sequence
Monkeyrunner throwing 鈥淪hellCommandUnrespo鈥媙siveException鈥�- any work around?
Cannot build LLVM and Clang
Collaborative Choose-Your-Own-Adventure system鈥�how do i build it?
Multiple for loops - how to print data
Removing two object from nsmutablearray
Text search of a many-to-many data relation
Self referring hierarchical data binding
Categorize a number
Assembly does not allow partially trusted callers when using a custom resolver
SeekBar is crashing Nullpointer Exception.
Multiple instances of a levelDB database at the same time
Can't get simple converter to work when using on a bound String
Fetching gmail contacts in iphone.?
How to undecorate name from decorated name?
Camera orientation issues on phonegap iPhone development
Python regex special characters with inputed search strings
Checking Null Wrappers against primitive values
How to use QueryOver with nHibernate in VB.NET
How to get EditText ellipsized?
How to get EditText ellipsized?
Send File To Microsoft Xps Document Writer
Tree Rewrite - whole subtree not just the top node should become root
Implementation of Genetic Algorithm in MATLAB without the toolbox
Why GORM is not saving my object?
Display a very large text into a dialog
Jquery on select file , submit form
Grouping Drupal Views by field with multiple options - only show one field
PHP Sockets scripts times out after 3 hours
How To collect iPhone App information
Installer for Java Web Application
What is the equivalent of Python's None singleton in PHP?
Good way for using html5 tags
SQL Server retrieval error under heavy load (200 concurrent users)
Boost Asio - handling resolver and sockets with shared_ptr
click 鈥渃heckout with paypal鈥�in magento to open new window
Printing two or more strings in vertical form in java
consume third party webservice passing credentials
How to make a -D value from cmd line become a string?
Remove chars from a string
Thread in Window
Automatically generate new migration
Structured distribution list in Outlook. Is it possible?
Preload div content while showing loader
How do I fade in and fade out a custom panel control in vb.net
How to write a correct AND function?
mysql read 盲/枚/眉 with dots (on top)
jquery remove multiple classes [duplicate]
How to syncronise remote branches with trunk using git-svn
pl/sql string < different from order by [duplicate]
UNIX: Moving files based on date [closed]
iPhone:twitter working fine in ios4.3 but not working in ios5 with Twitter+OAuth
Animate content of jQuery Cycle slides
Copy a div from one page and place it into another
Web Services + Windows Authentication Questions
checking whether device is connected to web
Android:Make my app as the default Home screen locker
SQL Select statement in java
How to declare the following using PInvoke method?
How to efficiently extract unique values from array?
Segfault with RIP-relative addressing on Linux
Tkinter: how to allow column selection in text widget?
UIScrollView View for zoom is not being called
Unable to get Google API key and GoogleSearch.Wsdl which are required to run a perl script
Azure class library access GetConfigurationSettingValue vs. web.config
VBA function cannot return arabic string in excel 2007?
Profiling of linux 2.6.32 FIFO realtime scheduler using perf
Java EE respond to client but continue processing
Need query to sum data for intersection of column and row
How to display image from database in CodeIgniter?
Using FlexLib on FlexMobile-Project
can't remove border in AdMob google sense ads
Selecting with shadow
e.target.valueshows values one key 'behind'
nusoap send key/value pairs to MS web service
JavaScript/jQuery: Listen for newly registered event handlers
Bringing in new elements with Media Queries
How to recognize scrollbar and scroll up/down using Selenium2, C#