Custom Attributes for Buttons in jade
How to set an image in service (outside the activity) in android
Object type detection in hierarchy
Why does 1.__add__(1) yield a syntax error?
Getting all textareas inside a form, parse the contained text on a button click?
Fast in SSMS and slow in the application - Why does it take this DataSet so long to fill?
Change SQL Command in Excel Connection
3-tier web app permission structure with mySQL
what is the need for writing static singleton code on subclassed application objects
How can i create new Component in joomla1.6?
Time Wait Inside Method
Proper way to deal with redundant function arguments
What would be the best decision for separator make-up?
Dynamic pages in PHP for a beginner?
Regex to extract id and value
Represent a condition where the value of the JSpinner is not empty
how to find the coding execution time in c#?
Storing web service response
run OpenGL program with double-click in Linux
Enable custom formatting in Fancybox script
how can i operate the element of the xml use the actionscript
Is there a difference between a 32-bit .NET application and a 64-bit .NET application?
PHP Foreach that repeats itself
why use forward declaration rather than #import in .h file?
Difference between wiki pages library and pages library?
Setting Font options in heatmap.2
Extra Vertical Lines in the Column Heading Names
Android-Starting activity- app never starts
Detecting a redirect in jQuery $.ajax?
Reading Excel File using C# (Want everything as string)
yWorks Ant Explorer
Custom Validation Rule WPF and Items control
When to use an Eventstore
Setting custom random number generator seed even when using past SimState in Simulink
Malformed HTTP Request in Apache [closed]
EXC_BAD_ACCESS in NSEntityDescription creation of Core Data
X is enum - is this according to spec?
How do you index a String variable?
jenkins service fail to start on windows 2008
Decimal and binary number handling
android widget crashes java.lang.NullPointerException
android widget crashes java.lang.NullPointerException
Query LINQ with DDL DataTextField based on query LINQ and ObjectDataSource
Creating Background Service in Android
What are the units and axes directions for View.getLocationOnScreen ()?
Spring XML mapping Object into a Class
utf8decode in delphi 7
Locking files on local FS
Getting the current date in visual Basic 2008
random image slider
How to a convert a vector of labels into a binary vector in Octave?
how can you programmatically set the JSplitPane to hide the right/bottom component when OneTouchExpandable is set to true?
Android Time vs Calendar?
How to insert a row in a table between two existing rows in Sql [closed]
Changing keyboard in UIAutomation
Scenario using CQRS
How does the order input files affect linkage and static initializaion in GCC?
create static button at the end of footer in android
Memory allocation problem in my C program
Order by sort order that is greater than 0
Why does this int and string concatenation give this output in C++
Timestamp in Objective-C
Trying to get property of non-object in Zend Paginator
ResourceDictionary replacement from code
Design Pattern for Creating Sql Queries
Saving and Re-instating Jquery draggable and droppable elements
how to create master database?
How do you select two counts in a single query?
How to move selected Structures, Templates and articles from one liferay instance to another instance?
rsync deploy and file/directories permissions
What a minimal OLE container have to implement?
Docbook - more images in one figure
How can i load data from a json file
Checked checkbox in jquery
specifying binding source to usercontrol in listbox
How to use scanBarcode() from ASE in Java (without ASE)?
Where does Enterprise-Architect store user defined Scripts?
where do I include wp_head() in wordpress plugins?
Altering an attribute value after items have been implented, Magento
JSF - Spring Security Integration issue
Piechart Labels are not visible on image
mongoid / mongodb - Geospatial queries on embedded document
(Android) Different Coordinates on Different Resolution How to Fix?
Saving User ID in Shared Preferences Android
Running Fleck (or any) Websocket server on Windows Azure
How to remove WebApplication on uninstall?
Which one is efficient to launch camera in android?
Find all tables having foreing key given
datepicker not inserted into input field
System.TimeSpan to something I can use in iOS
WatiN choosing the correct event string to use with FireEventNoWait for an input textfield
using regex with jQuery to select options from a dropdown menu
Spork and aliased helper method in Rails application
Dynamic sub nav
Express.js req.body undefined
Calling web services in stack in android
Setting MajorUnit not working with Excel2007
Getting error while executing bcp in UNIX box
Java - Scanner : reading line of record separated by Pipe , as delimiter
How to get JUnit version
Jquery Mobile Nested List
Web site testing
Architecture of Website based on java
Passing an attribute to a view, default attribute not working
Return to original buffer after viewing errors in quickfix window in latex-suite
Is PrimceFaces 3.1 Backward Compatible to 2.x version
Google API - Retrieving ResourceID?
Escaping PHP string
iPhone game 鈥淧aper Toss鈥�programming physics [closed]
Can anyone tell me how to write application.path in batch file?
Disable ConcurrentMergeScheduler in Lucene 3.5.0
How to check whether my key exists in array object
Deserializing JSON to Object
AppStore downloads older version even though new version is approved and ready for sale [closed]
Scenario using Servicebus
Detecting path of dragged item
UILabel.text shortening and appending 鈥溾�鈥�
ObjectContext vs DbContext
How can I get the index of an item added to a Backbone collection via fetch?
Configure jQuery datetimepicker with attributes
iframe tag not working android inbuild browser?
Why is my check constraint not stopping this null insert?
webBrowserNavigated & NavigationService.GoBack() WP7
java- storing string values- which is most efficient- linked list, array list or hashmap
How to get the current fixed position in emulator?
Definable Countdowntimer
Streaming/progressive C++ XML creation library?
UIView behind cells of a UITableView
Ruby newbie, what is the difference between @var and @@var in a class
Can a block be used as a value for notFoundMarker in iOS?
How to share desktop using a webcam driver?
MySQL: retrieving the newest inserted data
User session timeout expiry not throwing confirmDialog for long timeouts
How to require a PHP file with classes more than once? [duplicate]
Automatic Reference Counting and finalize
Forcing web api consumers to accept new fields in responses
How to revert file in Visual Studio 2010 (reload the file from disc)
JDBC driver loading issue in JDBC connection pooling
How to compile CoffeeScript just-in-time in vim?
// comments in doxygen
bash sort on column but do not sort same columns
lamda not working on default scope for mongoid
webclient 401 into c#
Sending mail in php?
disable Mousefunctionality, but still sent raw data
Webkit not caching when both max-age and Last-Modified headers are provide
Reading a single character from an fstream?
Not able to receive the broadcast from an Activity
creating automata in java
CodeIgniter fresh copy works over LAN, but gets 403 over WAN
a href link doesn't work in gmail [duplicate]
SQL Server data transfer
Generate HTML file at runtime and send as email attachment
Error: _mm_clmulepi64_si128 was not declared in this scope
Filtering on 1 to many relation not working in SQL Cube
User defined date function always returning same value
Assign to *this for constructor delegation
node.js with browser-based API
fade image in and out with button disabled
Input Text into Textfield and Click button on website
iOS: How to keep an App in background that doesn't use Background Audio, Voip, GPS?
detectLeakedClosableObjects - but what objects?
Customizing xml output with IXmlSerializable
Add icon images to UITableview array
BlogEngine.NET Server time offset
playing video with specific height and width in
showing rows if sub queries join columns if they exist
Java temp file over new sessions of project
How to open a dialog with jQuery Mobile by calling a URL
how to test if array pointer is at first element in foreach loop
ActionScript 1.0 and XMLSocket [serverCertificateStatus ]
Catch Javascript onclick events in an HTML page hosted in a WebView
jQuery Validation of ASP.Net CheckBoxList
per row sorting of associative containers serialized to mongo arrays
Phonegap and C2DM - NullPointerException
Reading multiple files in a Stream
Disabling Hibernate batch processing
How can I use ORMLite with SQLCipher together in Android?
Autohotkey window appear event
NSData crashes application with ARC
Cannot convert from const char[] to std:string *
Setting a Unique ID for Android Phone
Having trouble embedding Flash file into Webpage
default parameters in function call in C
How do I set a unique key for a MODEL?
iplimage to mat 32 bit conversion error
How to get Purchased state of a managed productid in android in appbilling?
jQuery Infinite Carousel with Thumbnail
Animations failing in IE
jQuery form validation using Telerik (ASP.NET MVC)
iframe submission nulls the request parameters for parent form
jQuery form validation using Telerik (ASP.NET MVC)
iframe submission nulls the request parameters for parent form
Zend_Crypt_DiffieHellman - example of usage
Remove punctuation mark after the preg split
Remove anchor links / form targets within iframe content
Script to convert MSF 4.2 to Microsoft SCRUM 1.0
Getting the value from JSpinner (SWING)
PPT and PDF to XPS or PNG with C#
Delphi listbox drag drop multiple items
jQuery animation jumping when i scroll left and right
Conditionally counting elements in a column in an org-mode spreadsheet
Install Air Application in Android without Adobe Air
how to get last modified/uploaded time of a file on amazon s3?
Output var values declared inside a jquery $(document).ready() from Firebug Console
Is there a way to get the same result as chaining several .next() methods?
WordPress Website Comprimised Hack
Kohana 2.3.4 Admin File Structure
getContentView in Android
Access control in masterpage from nested masterpage in markup
how to prevent user to force stop service in android?
Android: java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: android.os.Build.SERIAL
Unable to understand ruby error
difference between natural ordering and total ordering
Facebook events page integration
Drop down Jquery/CSS menu not responding on iPad/iPhone
save data to file or db and retrieve to the same page while loading it in iframe
Upload images or photos on Facebook using PHP
Error executing bootstraps after upgrade from grails 1.3.7 to 2.0
Polymorphic queries with NHibernate Search
Sed command to extract substring of character separated words in a string
Does the isEqual implementation for NSSet and NSArray use isEqualToSet and isEqualToArray internally?
Spinner Android Value member and Display member
Netbeans 7: How to unwrap long lines of code and editor context-menu 鈥淔ormat鈥�
simple sparql query not working, dates comparison
How can I effectively customize/style Ext.form.Slider?
How to block iframe cookies?
In android, is it possible to move as forward or backward, when i click the corresponding Buttions?
Clojure riddle: eval, macros and namespaces
Correct way to use ResourceManager in a multi-threaded environment in C#?
jQuery ajax not loading on android
Skipping empty records in mysql with php
What's the correct way to call JavaScript Function?
Controller/action flow with 鈥渢hree stage operations鈥�
undo a 'resolve' without revert and remerge
Progressive download of MP3 using MPMoviePlayerViewController behind .aspx page
How to choose just a single row from a list of selections
File Handling in c not producing the required result
Automatic layout adjustment
Subversion with Continuous Integration
How do I perform error handling in ASP.NET MVC 3 controller?
How to run a background application in countdowntimer using threading concept?
py2exe font module not available
overwrite redirect_to in action_controller/metal/redirecting.rb
Data points do not display when specifying axis in R
ffmpeg returning nonsense [closed]
JQuery mobile: Replace thumbnail with data element
Is it possible to write web-service that returns a collection of generic type? Spring 3
Inner join mysql?
Channel messaging on HTML 5 with Javascript
How to transform element to string with jQuery
Get user access token from user_id (app already authorized)
ASPxGridView sorting without Headers
How to write a simple malloc function in c
JPA @OneToMany join across different persistence units
To display Soap Response (Array) in Android
what is meant by the objects starting with ^ in objective c [duplicate]
How to tell castor to marshall a null field to an empty tag?
How to Layer independent widgets in Qt?
Construct scala/akka Future from callback
Java conditional not working correctly [closed]
Use converter with WPF Localization Extension
Which is better, bind after refresh or live() (jQuery)?
RubyMine and special characters, show ? when outputting results
HtAccess rewriting, removing a part of the text between the first two slashes and adding index.php after it
Moving my elements to the right?
$_POST['multipart/form-data'] file name does not appear
POST request error with github API
Django: Does prefetch_related() follow reverse relationship lookup?
Caching URL - Creating appropriate NSString representation
C# and Word2010 : DeleteAllComments throws 鈥淭his command is not available.鈥�
backbone.js - working with the event dispatcher var dispatcher = _.clone(Backbone.Events)
What versions of eclipse and apache tomcat should I use with jdk-6u30?
Manually code UI Object(GUI) in objective-c or c++, not by drag-n-drop
php CRUD passing parameters
Using Cake PHP's find method to limit the number of records in a particular model
Detecting CA:TRUE in x509 Basic Contraints
JDBC Re-read Data In ResultSet
yet another QMAKE_CXXFLAGS issue
click() do not work with <a> element
creating transperent button in cocos2d iphone
Singleton through several processes?
java customize ObjectOutputStream to write additional data for each instance of a specific class
Python: unpack format characters
Unable to load jquery-ui dynamically - a is undefined
Replace n by n
Stripes Checkboxes and Textfields
Displaying PowerPoint on iPad with Objective-C?
handlebars, internet explorer and relative paths on anchor hrefs
Manually open a nyroModal Gallery
PresentViewController crash on iOS 4.3 but not on iOS 5
how to avoid the authentication process of the login control if i'm aware of the login cridentials?
Lua pattern match around comma
Jquery delay mouse out
How can I set breakpoints on all methods in class or in all class in package or by regex in JDB?
How to deploy php application to a live web server using ant and git
Using WITH SQL Query with PHP
Syntax Coloring Not Working as Expected in VIM Editor 6.3 on AIX 5.3
Unable to evaluate expression because the code is optimized or a native frame is on top of the call stack error message
Jackson Mapper and Java Mapping
How do I make pairs of array values?
Check to see if telephone number is active/real [closed]
Magento. Redirect to specific store view
A good assert class for production use? Java's equivalent of Groovy's PowerAssert?
WCF possibly serialization related issue
C# Multiple console application runs and isolation
Printing up to 100th column
Why isn't my WPF Popup Showing Where it Should
Facebook JavaScript Send Dialog, callback function works incorrect
How to calculate 鈥渟canLegth鈥�param from Bitmap.getRGB565(鈥�
Is OBIEE free? and what are system requirements? [closed]
What will Garbage Collector will do in this case?
C# best partial interface implementation in base/abstract class
How can I install files into System32 Folder on an 64Bit Platform
an array of parameter values
why does the site display strangely? HTML + CSS
unavailable shared library; failing! - android device
How to add informative text to menu strip separator in or C#
General architecture for a long-running data-processing system in Java?
Divide query result by result of another query
Android download image from server using json
Is it possible to bind a property to value of a setter?
Return type in If expression
Long running INSERT query on SQL Server 2005
Approach to minimize dir-hardcoding in a RewriteRule that works from root and subfolder
IE9 memory leak for dynamic DOM objects with ID attribute
Substring a bound String
Understanding performSegueWithIdentifier
How do I assign a value in jquery ui with multiple pairs of autocomplete textbox and hiddenfield?
Date difference between two dates in Adobe Air
Does concatenation of AffineTransform instances require a specific order in Java?
Trouble triggering actions on iframe load/ready event (jquery)
PostgreSQL - Getting statistical data
Java .get(Calendar.YEAR) returns current year instead of self-assigned value
Get Total Orders placed in the particular category when querying Order details
What are the real differences between genetic algorithms and evolutionary algorithms?
Private (hidden) QSharedData
鈥淯RL blocked鈥�message. Meta tag solution not working
how to create msi installer in vs2010 using c#(WCF) that can be installed only on one system
Prevent any action until code finishes in vb6
Perl - smart matching of slices
JPanel doesn't load in JFrame
Error in updating edmx file
Adding a new language to Xcode4 localization?
Unable to add reference to Bing Maps?
How to draw a line ,rectangle and circle using canvas with transparent using ontouchevent in android?
Javascript (jQuery) disable page scroll when dragging items
Accessing JSON object via PHP
Rails 3 - RefineryCMS Edge
Get Rank by Total
How to stop an animation WPF?
Uploading zip file works in curl, but not in Powershell - why?
Oracle: update using values from other tables
CUBRID database
how to save an image from flash using actionscript 2.0?
Mod_rewrite rule to remove index.php
Using CVOpenGLESTextureRef as a render target?
Writing WP7 app which has facebook share or tweet using inbuilt application
C++ private member of object is modified when calling constructor again
threadscope functionality
R select row of data frame interactively
Is it possible to set breakpoint in Eclipse in method?
Find longest word C with recursion
Android Keyboard Replacement Web-view
file upload issue in IE8
Scrolling issues in a TextBox used inside a ListBox
Weird error in Visual Studio 2010 after installing extensions
Application is not working properly in iphone simulator now earlier it was working correctly
JOGL - Enabling double buffering increases performance : How?
Does C have a garbage collector like Java does?
Arguments of setkeyentity of keystore
PHP gettext stopped working
Android Set the text align to the middle of the toast [duplicate]
ANTLR grammar for C pre-processor
Change String to Date in Android
SAX parser and a file from the nework
Mobile browser support for SQL Server CE?
Facebook page get user like status
Facebook fan page like count from a tab
is it possible to use External Fingerprint scanner to be attached with iPhone?
Implementing ArrayList in Blackberry
Drupal Select option in form
ExtJs change anchor property dynamically
Delete Button - Invalid postback or callback argument
Opacity effect using PHP GD extension
Force users to uninstall chrome extension
Spring Roo, JPA. Cascade issue. Delete on table violates foreign key constraint
how to check that a particular date already exists in database or not
CAML limit on SharePoint dspsts.asmx vs lists.asmx
To building a jQuery web widget for other domains
error in displaying data from specific XML tags in a file?
Deploying app with sunspot based search on webbyapp
Equivalent of URL helper inside Zend Form
Replicate chrome webstore a element effect
Main matrix job sometimes blocks its subjobs
Minimum, Average and Maximum in columns endpoint not reliable?
jquery-css effect not working in .net page
Div appearing with hover
XSLT: turn flat list into hierarchy
Example for Uframe in
Build valid HTML from HTML Tags Using SQL
Simulate pouring flour (powder) in cocos2d
Generate all possible string from a given length
JAVA - sorting a linked list by descending order
How to prevent SMS going to inbox in Android?
Hiding the master view in a Split View Controller
Get json data and display in div using jquery in my Popup
mysql time out with cakephp acl create utility
SWF in PDF to process any data
Conditional sql WHERE clause based on column values
How to display a viewController from an extended iOS module
friends table best approach
How to change default text to 鈥淣o results鈥�in UISearchDisplayController [duplicate]
Python-C api concurrency issue
difference between Image.Save and FileStream.Write() in c#
Which is better way to manipulate data in DB?
Cannot enqueue large Oracle AQ message
How does jboss forge compares to spring roo? [closed]
Update wx.ListCtrl in realtime
Reading a single file from multiple threads in python
How do I pass selected values from a dropdown list to differents textboxes?
403 Forbidden Issue in Amazon S3
XMPP framework - Location based app connected in background
navigate and post data from silverlight
PHP order results coming from Facebook Public Search API
Returning this from a setter is wrong OOP POV?
jQuery/Ajax - IE not grabbing data from external file?
Emacs CEDET EDE non-trivial project setups
How to convert text to MD5 64 bytes format in iPhone
Sharepoint 2010 text and icons on siteactionmenu are reversed
Is there an alternative for MYSQL HAVING
Stress testing an android app
how to change the colour of a button
Save Dialog in Delphi, Data are in a different partition
A List of Strings, Item Request Array issue
Strange crash while adding to NSMutableArray
What do I need to build a DLL?
OpenCL: long, long4, long16鈥�when to use?
ASP.NET MVC3 first time questions
How can I convert an unmanaged IntPtr type to a c# string?
How to create 32 random UILabels rotation?
Floating column chart in jaspersoft iReport Designer
how to refresh HideWhen formulas on views
Android Activities Initialize Only Once and Used again and again
How to select form element and its children in JSF2.0 using jQuery
Spark container not hiding contents outside of its body
Get which control raise event using HTTP Module
How to check if you have permission to run a exe file
LWUIT TextArea doesn't catch touch events
Android 2.1 Emulator doesn't load, even after waiting a long time
Snmp for Android
Failed password attempt - How do i code that in TSQL
Button visibility problems in Android
Jplayer 'play' command after 'pause' with time
play and stop flash with jquery
Sqlite Browser goes non responsive while inserting data into sqlite
How to extract an enum from a class in JNI?
Touchable area around control
How to remove leading and trailing whitespaces?
Where will jquery be stored?
Boost::Spirit simple grammar example
iOS - Cocos2d, Box2d or Chipmunk
Creating Dataset from spreadsheetML
Restart application automatically on KILL
Conditional summarizing columns
Poor performance with ListView when displaying large images
Keeping Session ID in Objective-C App
how to createNativeQuery using jpaTemplate
How to run the Ruby on Rails rake command
Why my Dojo.xhrGet calling the error Call Back method
requirejs no longer loads cdn scripts after optimization
Iteration over references?
Constructor-Injection when extending a class
still memory-leaks in .net4 - binding memory BitmapImage to Image-Source
How do I split a domain name into sld and tld(extension)?
ORA-00907 Missing right Parenthesis issue - select with order by inside insert query
How to use the embedForm in symfony 1.4?
XML parsing not working on android build of lwuit app
conflicting redeclaration of sys/types.h and linux/types.h
Out of memory exception when pulling huge data from DB
SVN commit error with Eclipse Indigo, Android with ADT-Plugin
Reducing SQL connections to just 1 - VB
Is it valid to return a body along with an Http 204 status?
Need know how to install gdb in linux machine
libnfc: SCL3711 鈥淣o NFC device found鈥�on Windows 7
Stop Words function
In Mercurial, how can a line disappear without a merge?
Regarding Resource File in Blackberry
Prism, mapping region to a view
Add external JavaScript to Magento backend
How to animate an image onto the screen
How to get focused elements of specific process in c#
compile code with undeclared methods
onclick input type submit
Android library project - how to get context?
Is x != 0.0 a safe check against DivideByZeroException?
mysql simultaneous insert restriction
Can Business Logic Layer(BLL) inherit Data Access Layer(DAL) in n-tier architecture?
Loading external txt file into a DIV
displaying images on the UI from a background thread in blackberry
unable to get right position of texBox in Thumb of seekbar
Jquery UI AutoComplete Sending extra dynamic parameters to ashx
How to implement i18n / translations for ActiveRecord models?
Instantiate in the class
Projections for ADO Data services
UISpec4j, how to assert that a modal error dialog does not show?
Stop WPF failing silently?
Subquery issue in mysql
How to read xml from sharepoint list in c# 1.1
How do I construct a base class which receives a reference argument?
How to identify the class of a Modal View controller?
how to set radio button checked as default in radiogroup with Android
Want to open in New Tab on IE8 [duplicate]
Visual Studio 2010 鈥淧ress any key to continue . . .鈥�does not show [closed]
windows phone map auto zoom on double tap
Store XML Data to MySQL
Facebook openGraph api limit
Local machine pushes branch but no files to Remote repo
Sorting 'Index' array
Lucene character sequence search in a term
Change image when page reload in jquery?
architecture for maintaining state and managing i/o in a purely client side quiz application (javascript / jquery)
We're using some code from twitter bootstrap and our divs are off in Internet Explorer (7-9)
Django social-auth: Fetching date of birth, address, and more fields from facebook
Symfony 2 Forms entity Field Type grouping
Imagick is recognized by WAMPServer but not by PHP
Index for nullable column
Wordpress - Making text within a div editable for cli毛nt
list applications deployed on glassfish from jsf application
Why my service is stopped?
How do I fix REJECT NON FAST FORWARD error on Github?
Android: How to load an image from gallery into the OpenCv Mat variable?
Highlighting only ONE <tr> in a table
ORACLE- Precision and scale of a numeric parameter
Use of deferred execution method in Objective-C
jQuery .height() div with height:auto; unexpected behaviour
LINQ: How To Bind to a list of Concatenated Strings?
send emails to facebook friends from an iPhone Application using the GRAPH API
Magento google sitemap and cron
Fancybox - setting next/previous URL's?
Amending text file strings and using the result to perform an xcopy
ExtJS 4 Set Reader
how to downcast a list of objects without using a function
Underscore bindAll, explicit method naming
Getting the filtered list in datatable
C# coding for inherited class set 鈥�is it a good practice to use keywords 'base.methodname and this.methodname'? [closed]
Adding media to Tweeter
Video Creation from a set of images with xuggler
regex to match everything except one word
Using LIKE statement in SQLite 3 from Objective-C
鈥渞eadInBackgroundAndNotify鈥�increases retain count of receiver
is this swing tablemodel code badly designed?
Using Postgresql with Grails : Missing sequence or table: hibernate_sequence
PascalScript: how to correctly interpret Unit Importer output?
Getting date as string - need to convert
how to convert psd into svg image while preserving layers [closed]
Redundancy in web API
Whats the difference between -> and :: in OOP
Twitter URL Tweet Count - Private API?
Blackberry Facebook SDK, encountering 403 Forbidden when posting status update
Facebook send button dialog z-index issue
Directly send a Tweet in JavaScript
Stop the Enter Key from Firing on a WinForm
unordered_map usage
Static variables inheritance in Java
Java Instant Messenger questions
MVC3 - Modifying object before serializing to JSON
Creating a PDF with custom values
How to access one model within another model in Rails..?
How to get elements from NSArray
Tooltips not working in any IE Browsers?
Dropdown Menu not displaying properly in ie7 or ie8
In Drupal 6 how to show field other than title field in select list of related content types
How do I print off a calendar currently in HTML table format?
Searching data from table by passing table name as a parameter in PL/SQL
Anchor tag hyperlink to application inner activity
codeigniter site on goDaddy does not work
redirection depending on mysql value throwing random error
Pipe is being closed Exception
How to Catch NETWORK_NO_SOURCE Errors with an HTML5 Video Tag
How to save embedded object from Notes using C#?
MPMoviePlayerController iOS play audio file issue
How to localize html strings in iOS
How to add UI elements programatically to existing nib files
How do I get 鈥淚鈥�to increment inside a .click function
re-setting a TextView height programmatically
Mysql takes up to 50% cpu after aborting DELETE query
Rewrite URL iis 7 - ->
re-setting a TextView height programmatically
Mysql takes up to 50% cpu after aborting DELETE query
Rewrite URL iis 7 - ->
Centering contents of a div - using CSS
Play Video Url in iphone
What is template expansion and how can we reduce it if our google app engine application?
CVS in Eclipse: what the are the numbers next to all my source files
Getting Last login time
How to pass BroadcastReceiver content to an Activity within same Java class
Will iAds be loaded, if I hide the ADBannerView?
INSERT statement for MySQL table
SSIS Copy table if not empty
Refresh/Reload UITableView on every callback
add what contains in element along with array
Database Connection in Zend Framework
how may I access the option values withing an object
varnish serve old object during refresh
Order a list manually C#?
ItemizedOverlay issue in google map
Android Showing and hiding view on user interaction css issue after deployment
ASP.NET In Proc Session State
鈥淎synchronous operations are not allowed in this context鈥�
Which IIS settings i have to use for using own password validation with WCF
Show an image on just one dynamically created pages using an 'if statement'
C# Date manipulation
How to comment out/in a paragraph of haml in vi?
Passing parameter between two function/view
Stackoverflow API getting answers in array PHP
How do I translate a page in java with lot of text,without using resource bundle?
Select into a 2D array
Find place for callback function
Excel template in sharepoint - how to open as a new file from template?
Upgrading from 3.0.5 to 3.0.6
Best algorithm possible to search for a letter in a string and put a ' before the letter efficiently?
Problems rendering on a galaxy tab GT-P1000
Drupal as a Proxy
spring controller exception/error page rendering
How to use the SumAll property?
Multiple foreign key mapping
Implement an algorithm to find the nearest place
Getting XML in HTTP Response and reading it
TextBox text cursor is still visible after losing focus
Android Image Loading Speeds
Javascript sort function. Sort by First then by Second
Inline for in expression evaluation
How do I add a Checkbox to a tool bar in MFC with a custom bitmap?
how to limit the content to be shown on a page?
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Valid data in a text box [duplicate]
Which graph database
Error while issuing ping command inside monkeyrunner script
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Kinect development. What about hardware to use?
Spree Gem 1.0.0
Why are there no times in any of my GDataEntryCalendarEvent?
DownladAsyncFile checking the file download completion
What is the best way to implement many-to-many relationships using ORMLite?
XSL: Print divider by checking variables
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convert binary to decimal
Iscroll only working after orientation was changed? in iphone , ipad
Configuration distribution on world scalable systems
Adding retrospective tags in Git?
convert Lambert 2 to WSG84
jQuery Mobile List Format with Links
How to set the radio button value checked by default in struts2?
Connecting using https to a server with a certificate signed by a CA I created
Testing the relationships and Methods In Model using Rspec
Tab Bar controller won't respond to viewControllers in the 鈥渕ore鈥�section
Is there any way to enable for(int i=0; 鈥�in gcc without having to turn on c99 mode
Make everything page representing data from different tables in different html structure
optimize sql code
grails-CodeNarc and Service Stateless ruleSet
how to display multiple pictures on GLSurface view using Android ndk
using a loop in a stored procedure
Do this cURL in PHP
How to make a custom listview with one image and one textbox in windows7 phone?
openOptionsMenu(); ERROR in onCreate()
App Engine access anotherusers contacts
Selecting number of sequential records
FromPoint does not intersect it's own IPolyline5
where to host 55 MB .swf file free,so that i can embed it to my website [closed]
How to retrieve data stored in external USB device in android?
Adjusting Lightness using ColorMatrix
Convert a key of JCEKS of a provider into another store for another provider
How can I get a value from an unknown enum in C#?
Using custom wordpress taxonomies for aktivity-streams?
Why is post data not reflecting on the page?
Replace hexadecimal character with utf-8 character in python
Build check query
Upcast an object
How can i speed up a group by query that already uses indexes?
Link to specific email in Exchange 2010 (EWS)
Session expires after closing jquery dialog
Can't get CSS3Pie to work
Toggle Background Position using jQuery
Umbraco XSLT RenderTemplate Woes
Is there have a way to perform asynchronous operations like synchronization about windows phone Application?
Scrapy won't get results from first page
jQuery FullCalendar: Can I highlight some time ranges so that users know they are selectable?
Stop before the end of a method and call the other methods
Read filtered log cat(Programmatically)?
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Regular expression for turning NSLogs on and off?
Format a int variable into a mm:ss
JfreeCharts specify a particular width for XYBarchart
Ruby on Rails: Error message when running rake commands
Why doesn't scrollView work with textView? I'm trying it on Android 2.2 emulator
Crucible and multiple mercurial clones handling
DIV Animation issue
How do I expand a string with wildcards in PL/SQL using string functions
How to create managed object in unmanaged C++ while wrapping it for JNA between Java and C#?
java.lang.NullPointerException Error when trying to set and editText widget
MVC 3 jquery renderbody <=> Header(_layout)
Jquery Ajax call needs a pause?
jqgrid horizontal scrollbar issue in IE9
Python sublist for a condition
Example of 麓instanceof麓
Merge two javascript objects adding values of common properties
not able to assign text in text view when data parsed from json object
Not able to draw path between two geopoints in android mapview?
-JSONValue Failed error trace is:Garbage after JSON
Adblock is blocking iframe redirects - how to detect?
Strange env variables in Mac OS X
WriteFile function C++
Default edit applicaion
Magento's Mage::log() causes white screen
Javascript - Display div
How to specify #define commands for my two different targets
How do i get the contents of a certain title in xml with javascript?
HLS streaming on Android
Need to know about c++ strchr function and how it works
How can I copy my application by having copy protection?
SSIS data conversion failed
Use builder pattern with JSF?
Recover the deleted files in amazon ec2
Memory leak with IDisposable in ViewModel, why?
How to save a html5 page offline using manifest
how to select mysql query with foreign language?
Unable to parse json
Using node to install jshint
how to access variable name of field
Loading multiple files of particular directory and find and replace function in all files
How to update a table using inner join
Collating results in a table in MVC
Upload Multiple Images with entries submitting into mysql using PHP
AES with Base64 key encryption in android
Access external URL( from PhoneGap(Android)
Make overriding method return a different type
buildout not respecting pinned version
WebUserControl Button Click
Where should I put files that will be used with my project, in Visual Studio?
Ice Cream Sandwich won't recognize line breaks in HTML
How do I find the row total, column total and grand total of values in a HTML table which itself is created from an AJAX response?
More efficient Linq to SQL
Database connection recovery [duplicate]
Navigation Controller without a 鈥淏ack鈥�button
How to redirect the response of Html forms
Show a large number of users a 鈥渞andom鈥�set of questions
How to prevent user stopping script by CTRL + Z?
ASP.NET MVC Grid controls comparison [closed]
jQuery cycling through list in reverse
jquery validation & id's ft numbers
Struct - Layout.Explicit - Constructor - fully assign fields
install Office Interops without Office on the server
How do I stop the Visual Studio Output window displaying the logger name of log4net output?
Change url to a dot url
need better method to check swf version to avoid cache (not flash player version)
Bind simple List<myClass> to Combobox
Mysql Record followup
what is regular expression and how to load html content using regular expressions android
Android change video Recording Format?
How to limit user on DatePicker to can only choose date before today_date - 18 years
passing object pointer as protocol pointer
python script in plone
Android button/control with notification indicator (iOS style) [duplicate]
CASE SQL returning Null
php dynamic array checking
jquery php json list
Load external page elements into an array using jquery
Unit testing private method
How to get the latest row from the result?
Android: SurfaceView
Navigated event for WebBrowserTask in WP7?
How to set CookieContainer to BackgroundTransferRequest object in WP?
Options for parsing/processing C++ files
How to make a Widget clickable
NSMutableArray, with UIImage and NSString objects, unable use the objects
How text editor updation works
UITabBarItem remove background color gray/blue
C/Linux TCP Socket Server
express checkout keep loading and didn't return to merchant
Output User firstname lastname as link to profile in Drupal 7 views
Nesting methods advisable?
Ruby syntax used in Rails Book unknown [duplicate]
Which one is the folder containing iPhone/iPad images
Using jQuery UI Themes with ASP.Net Controls
Which database? [closed]
'IF' statements in PHP
Visual C++ 2008 x86 SP1 redist debugging symbols can't be found by Visual Studio 2008
mySQL: 1)single column name aliased 2) adding virtual column
How to create MySQL user with limited privileges?
best practice font size for mobile
tooltip on image click
JPA2 Criteria Builder - Queries on abstract classes and multiple subclasses
form not getting proper focus in c#
Jquery loop through elements and set width
Why is my key not getting pushed inside the array
Resharper test unit shortcut missing
Magento get configurable product from simple product even if config product is disabled
How to handle sql Joins scenarios
Which one is easy to implement for starters Ehcache or Memcached?
SAP retail with ECC
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/hibernate/event/PostDeleteEventListener
understanding WPF Layout
Non-standard special documentation blocks and doxygen
html to xhtml conversion in jquery
How to toggle background image on button click?
Can I create AlertDialog into AlertDialog in Android
Master pages in ? Execution of Master pages?
Oracle update duplicate rows in a table
UI Design of listboxes in windows phone 7?
to create ruby project in NetBeans7.1
UIPageViewController different behavior between swipe and tap
mediaelement.js choppy playback of mp3 stream using flash fallback
IDE for Sencha Touch [closed]
Pointing to multiple S3 buckets in s3boto
Excel: Change addin reference without opening a file
Calculating differences between consecutive indices fast
php script to download files from a repeating node of an xml feed
Verify that EditText is empty and waiting User entering data
App get crashed while loading large amount of data in UITableview
Async loading of images
Apple API song 鈥減reviewUrl鈥�persistence
Getting parsable data from rrdtool graph
Does phpmyadmin have a function like access to split one tabe into multiple tables?
camel cxf request/response
Dynamically manipulate a menu to create an MRU in a Windows app in Progress
Is there a better (lightweight) solution for autocomplete with php and codeigniter without jquery ui?
Vibration in scrollview while scrolling
Navigation Bar partially hidden only in iOS5
Programming submit button [closed]
TFS Build Workflow add a new test activity for Coded UI tests
Templated serialization of C# objects to JSON
Why do prevailing programming languages like C use array starting from 0? [duplicate]
IPhone Settings screen and images
Detailed background 9patch
Is it possible to bind a Spring form to two different model attributes?
Dynamic Views in Mysql Stored Procedure does not update
Justify in Fixed modal windows css
substr and strlen explanation
Issue with drawing text on canvas
strange behavior in spring batch about skip policy implementation
What is the best way to update an MSI installation over the internet?
App submission failed due to icon dimensions (0 x 0)
Rails has_many through form with checkboxes and extra field in the join model
regex to replace characters and then remove spaces and hyphens for a url
w3c DOM and getElementById
Unary + operator on an int&
How to check which partial is currently active in mvc3?
QAbstractItemModel: Why emitting dataChanged and insert rows signals when inserting numerous items into model so slow?
Time efficient implementation of generating probability tree and then sorting the results
Converting a dictionary value in to a list?
Trying to get a Robot keypress from reading a text field in Java
Adding Image as an attachment to email [duplicate]
How to run Webkit nightly builds on Windows without Safari? [closed]
Android EditText bacground
packaging selenium code as jar
focus on row in extjs
Where do i get the sample project for In app Purchases
Value of custom field in Custom Membership Provider
Swap characters between strings Haskell
highlight links and images with same attributes on hover
jQuery dynamic proportional element/image resize
IIS - w3wp.exe crashes on loading the web service
Android: Understanding how to work with WAP messages
datatable column expression error
Magento catalog - Duplicate category using static block
C# Making a Thread wait for a Timer
What is the syntax for create table
How to check that a symbol is defined in linker script
error message not showing on password fail
Unable to send Mail with Attachments Android
JTooltips is not working IE browser
SQL update trigger
Time/datetime Comparison in PostgreSQL (Heroku)
Replacing the innertext of an Xml node/element
get array key name passed into the function like $array['key']
Azure queue and table storage transactions best practics
C remove printf output
Ignore a Token output in Lucene's IncrementToken() method
wsdl to java in eclipse
Script out the text in all stored procs in database
How to show comaparison data in Android?
Using a variable from one function in an other - think im missing something
XML Schema: define type of types
Create EPub file in android
JSF Primefaces TabView problems
Winforms Bubbling Events
Handling checkbox selected values in parent window in android
ContentObserver is called even when there are no changes in the cursor
Create different objects depending on type
NHibernate 3.2 - Formula with cast fails
ARP header data in a Two machine network
Programmatically change image resolution
Lightswitch: Why does LS call [Query(IsDefault=true)] method after creating new item?
fatal error while bundle install (while installing libv8)
Suppression files for Qt memory leaks with Valgrind
How to remove <input> element inside another a list element?
Disable update post button after submit keeps the post as a draft
Storing list of account settings on Android
Accept a list of inputs
Display Current Date on JSF Page
Regular expression to replace shortest match
Hibernate Cache Lock error
How to make conditional stopping and not stopping in $(window).bind('beforeunload')?
Index all the intranet with nutch
Find all pixels on a line in Java
Load javascript after page load
Show full screen on External Display for iOS
How to move sublayers along with the UIView?
Updating application settings in WPF application
Polyglot persistence example
Docking a fragment window in android
shouldChangeCharactersInRange taking only one digit at time
how to programmatically enable Location service for my application on iPhone
Is there a rails generator for gems that need active-record testing
Rspec unit test case getting failed
JavaCompiler classPath
Look for standard library or tecnique to get pretty-printed representation of OBJECT for Java
Synchronize three ajax requests
Dynamically hiding text in ListView - Not always working
final variable in android programming
Most useful free jquery plugins for image manipulation
Why do I got different ciphertexts when I used openssl AES command line tools and openssl AES APIs?
sunspot_rails does not read sunspot.yml for its config
HTML/Javascript - How to realize a dynamic table with images
Wrong implementation of mysqli?
How do i call a method from inside a .c file into NDK?
Button or link within Infobox not working
Jquery UI autocomplete: find on value, but add only key to input line
How to save a regular expression user input value (Python)
Javascript jQuery: regexp on fieldset
How to read more than one record of one row from SQLite table?
JNI NewIntArray() can't create big array
Databound PivotControl jumps over pivots when they come from similar objects [WP7]
Difference between compiling as C# 3.0 or ISO-1 or ISO-2?
how to delete/destroy the store when window is closed extjs 4
How to pipe Bash Shell command's ouput line by line to Perl for Regex processing?
How to create multiple one to one's
C++ Google Protocol Buffers: assign binary stream to protobuf object
Cakephp find not working as expected
Differences in these syntaxes for CSS?
J2ME - Bluetooth serial port communication between PC and Mobile
Set the value to input field using children()
Handle $_SESSION, stored in a database table, when the user clear browser datas
Marshalling and Unmarshalling ResultSet: Dealing with empty strings
COMException when generating ClickOnce manifest
protecting/authenticating JSON requests to server
Can flash download html from random webpage?
How to improve Qt + MSVC compile times on Windows 7?
IOS login screen before tab-controller view
dont understand with func printf in C
Why the two code snippets works different?
Showing and hiding UITableViewCell with UISwitch too fast crashes
Getting InvalidURLError: ApplicationError: 1 in URLFetch
html to chm file under linux
Saving pictures in IPhone apps
Implementing IFormatter recursively
Why doesn't the standard allow std::for_each to have well-defined behavior on invalid random access iterator ranges?
Jquery AJAX methods
Entity Framework 4.3 Migration Exception when Update-Database
How to set up an R based service on a web page
Can any genius tell me what's going on in this small code? From Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja
Can I use the Facebook SDK to login automatically (using cron) and save the access token?
Silverlight datagrid cell value depending on another cell value?
epub file error in objective c
java server (simple example) displaying only the first string sent
Dynamic Data Display Isoline white edges
How to assign use this in a construct
Android Async task porgress bar doesn't comes until background process is completed
HttpServerChannel could not be found
Page flip effect using jQuery?
JQuery $(window).width() and $(window).height() return NULL only on parts of website
Erlang Mysql Source Command
use tika in nutch plugin
iOS - UIToolBar as inputAccessoryView for UITextView
Speed up a compiled python program?
Grails render view of different controller
Search by foreign key id in admin
Fill in different Input Field in Table by Clicking Links with JQuery
Create a latex pdf table from Python without pdflatex
Prevent memory leaks in template
WPF multithreading. Changing the interface of a third-party flow
Difference between DataBinder and ConversionService in Spring
Code coverage of java code tested by groovy code