Add variable to Magento session from javascript
How to parse RSS with Code Igniter?
Run Javascript Ajax calls only when the page is being viewed
Sending mail with python using gmail
MATLAB interop server (automation server) is available with Runtime libraries?
Are there any 'Diskring' style chart frameworks?
validation of textbox in javascript?
javascipt - access and change the value of the var from outside the function
Precision to drand48
Best approach to check dataset has records
Storing Blob files from my WCF to my SQL Database
Initialize Vectors to Contain 13 Elements
drawRect cropping in UIScrollView
Why does R need the name of the dataframe?
Pattern: how subtract matched character in character class?
How to retrieve full Zend_Http_Client GET URI?
custom jquery context menu optimzation
IllegalStateException while selecting item in a listview of a tab
How to use XQuery in C#
How to get/set user agent on iOS 4.x?
how to bind rss to a repeater control in 2.0
Replace each occurrence of string in a file dynamically
Installing apex in solaris
Not able to access user information through Facebook api in c# on the same computer?
Simple Polymorphism cast not working
Eclipse debugger does not continue after readLine()
Choose selected nav items in slider tab and add class
How to count and sum total of DataTable with LINQ?
jQuery set cookie for first visit
CoreData: max number of rows for sort operation?
C# ping program gives strange output
EventToCommand Update CommandParameter
Twitter Bootstrap LESS with Node.js & Express
Collision between shared data
singleton messagebox
Windows Phone 7 Crash [closed]
how to troubleshoot: wcf application stops receive data via named pipe?
Paperclip custom path with id belongs_to
canvas tile .png loses opacity during animation
Cannot implicitly convert type of dynamic linq-to-sql
Making my own framework
FB.getLoginStatus and Chrome Frame
Is the Matlab function 'quad' available in Java and C++?
Sending an image through JSON data
Ajax Portal, portlet to portlet communication
How to redirect a HTTPRequest from one controller class to other controller class?
Bytearray to image conversion
Strange calculation of 100%
JPQL Query average per X minutes
How to join 2 lists
need to update buddy press topbar
linq doesn't iterate over list
Matlab can't find member functions when directory changes. What can I do?
Integration of html into joomla [closed]
403 forbidden: permission to access images
How to read arbitrary but continuous n lines from a huge file
Implement Indexer on an custom asset with Liferay 6.1
how to can I enable qDebug() calls within Qt4 (Nokia's) source code?
NSStatusWindowLevel disabled when presenting window sheet
Setup JetBrains YouTrack to connect to SVN
Bind dynamic text from ViewModel with Resource strings in Silverlight
Scala DSL: method chaining with parameterless methods
NDIS Miniport driver failed to load on XP OS during a particular scenario
Excel: suppress if cell above has the same value?
UNIX (not Linux) password change with C
Can we set CustomLayouts().Preserved = msoCFalse for all layouts in powerpoint using vba?
mCallback cannot be resolved to a variable - how to rectify this error
Is it possible to remove/cancel a notification after the user sees it?
crash on ShowWindow()
MapServer SOS (Sensor Observation Service) Configuration
Keep Qt tooltip open
How to create a method that takes a Generic base type
Assigning value at same position in an array
How to make a string from a NSDate variable as well as another NSString variable
How to get selection in a mailItem Body using outlook addin 2007 and VSTO c#
Rails disable remote form submit
Refactoring in SpringSource Tool Suite produces non-working code
System.MissingMethodException: Error while deserialization of json array
What is a good way to display a unit of measure after inputs in MVC3 views?
Extending Telerik client template column and getting the values passed through
git-tfs: How do I clone a tfs project that contains spaces
Can I search for a long string containing special characters using a grep command? [closed]
Changing from UIView to UIView in another class
Python 'theory' - constructing a multifunction program - how to plan a basic flow
How to define column type when loading data from MySQL DB into Java application?
How to animate My Calling Activity
AJAX feed update on post
Need a good MS Access 2003 reference
Preprocessors and use association
XSD with Includes to EMF model
Preprocessors and use association
XSD with Includes to EMF model
How to show content of NSData in bits?
selecting the ID that fulfils multiple clauses
cassandra ring is disturbed after upgrade
Creating Multiple Columns in RMS database using J2me
ffmpeg metadata
cURL FTP connection
looking for a good datepicker calendar for android
Get DECIMAL(10,2) in C++ and show it?
when .net garbage collector doesn't compact gc heap?
Windows Mobile (MFC). Scrollable text CStatic?
Cannot generate a valid XSL stylesheet from a Schematron schema using a java XSLT processor
when to return IEnumerable<T> [duplicate]
Capturing video from CCTV or Mobile Camera
AlertBox - Error occured while executing doInBackground()
Dom parser to parse xml [closed]
Yii get ajax request ID
finding both 鈥淪hopping_mall鈥�and 鈥渇ood鈥�within single URL for google places API
[parser setDelegate:self];
copy php no error
best way to fix inspection for soapclients in phpstorm
Invalid APK file when installing on my phone
audio file not playing in silverlight
add horizontal rule at the end of a and div #ID
Split float into integer and decimals in Ruby
SpringSecurity: ifAnyGranted roles as property
executing ssis package from a computer where integration services in not installed
Simple JSON to XML and then XML to JSON using Scala
check if value in textbox is valid
How to create .cs class for database entity in MVC application?
Building clojure with ant
Java Messenger service topic subscriber program termination
How to generate a formatted unique ascending identifier database-independently
Using the quote characters in a Symfony2 Regex validator
Lithium: Remove related documents in a remove-Filter of a model
CSS property box-reflect compatibility?
鈥渄ocument.getElementById鈥�return null after a 鈥渄ocument.write鈥�
How do I create a new ForwardingCache?
Exjts4 grid remote summary (no grouping)
How to set an Image to top right corner of a form heading
JavaScript refer to a method inside a method?
Is the checkin object's type=mayorship notification appears fickle?
How to create my own file format in java [closed]
Flex 4.5 - to long build process
REST Web Service with Netty
How to read binary content of a file in flex
Android. How correct to set Build Target for application and Min SDK version?
Breaking POCO relationships
Linq adding new rows to table when there is a relation table
Will tracking email opens increase spam score?
pdf , jpg etc export on Highchart does not show highlighted legend clicks
searching in a list for a record with specific fields and ignoring the rest
GWT in CloudFoundry will it work?
Can I use CDI constructor injection for EJBs?
Why can't you develop XNA games in VB.Net?
iOS - What is your opinion about using HUDs to alert the user? [closed]
Evaluate logic expression given as string in PHP?
Detect websites url requested from browsers using .Net?
SoapUI not finding my web-service
Magento Enterprise CatalogEvent
PostgreSQL ORDER BY issue - natural sort
The background screen become black and no control of mine on this when i fetch the data from the table in android
Working with Android designers
Database design. Should every table be link with a relationship
Storing key using Keystore
Why does my app take twice to open?
$(鈥渋nput:not(:empty)鈥� is not working
Why is my Dialog Seekbar crashing? Null Pointer Exception
how to add third party dll reference to F# project?
Using Entity Framework to insert row to a table that has a composite key
JSF application not supporting multiple users logged in
Relation 鈥渢ranslations鈥�does not exist after migrating to Rails 3.2.1
Are circular dependencies considered bad design?
JQuery UI Accordion, how to put a button / link to header with another function
What is the difference between volatile & extern?
Communicate with a camera directly in JavaScript
Python, networkx [closed]
extracting text using regular expression
What is correct usage of e.g. [NSDictionary dictionaryWithObjects:forKeys:count:] under ARC?
How can I create an in memory sqlite database?
Crop and Upload image using jQuery/Java
Qt QTextBrowser How to capture text and change its cursor
Creating Custom Visualizer
How much free memory space should be left for good website operation?
Conversion of javascript into android in appmobi
Playing m3u8 on Android Froyo using FFmpeg
Android (Java) file upload to PHP servar fails with Android 4.03
jquery validation not working using variables
Unresolved external symbol error in openCV
android.test.InstrumentationTestRunner completing with 0 tests
Retrieving sql queries from Active-record queries in Rails 3
How to select first item in expanded group (listview)
Change the Location of the Controller inside the Project structure
Concatenating 2 arrays without memcpy
IE8 bug - borders and width on floated image
How can I control this button?
Unable to make AJAX code work
Which font is used in MS-DOS?
image uploading issue in codeigniter 2.1.0
Graph Traversing algorithms in Semantic web
Rails - two foreign keys on one model both refer to same model
LINQ: combining join and group by
Frame-by-frame animation or video animation?
How to move element from an array into an variable in C
C# get the selected text in the body of the email for MS Outlook 2007
How can I store a very long hex sequence?
Compiling in Eclipse/STS produces no output
Changing the src content of iframe dynamically
how to find particular directory exists within a directorty
JavaScript 鈥渢his鈥�referce to wrong object
rails 3.2 ActionView MissingTemplate only in production
Can we pass java complex objects(object inside object) to stored procedure? how?
In wp7 How to specify sql type of a column in entity class Linq
Weceem 1.1.2 cannot find resources while starting up
Twitter - Hadoop Data Streaming
android widget that download and prints bitmaps don't work
Using another project's methods using createProcess
Changing values of an object in a LINQ-statement
how to make solution visible in solution explorer window of visual studio 2010 or visual studio 2012?
ASP .net - debugging javascript (quick breakpoints issue)
Is it possible to create a variable variable from a back reference in php?
Query only the required mview from the union
Window Azure solution- Not running under local solution
Android: setOnKeyListener on EditText
Reading xml file in php
Insert data using Store Procedures
jQuery Cycle - more images
Minmax algorithm only winning when the move is in direct sight. Otherwise always allowing the player to win
Can I choose between default-initalisation and value-initialisaion or all or part of an array?
Sql stored prcedure take's more time to execute whn records are getting increased is there any way to optimize it
Image source doesnt change according to the dependencyObject
Abnormal termination when calling `cvCreateCameraCapture(-1)`
mapping dates in hibernate and mysql
How to include jar files to a Java Stored Procedure in Oracle?
How to execute some code in Android UI thread async?
How to use a variable(string) in img src tag?
T-SQL: finding rows in a different table without joins
C++ - Class definition with syntax using DLL
error when use multithreading and mysqldb
ReadFile() returning 1 with 鈥渓pNumberOfBytesRead鈥�set to 0
ABAP-User Exit CONFPP05 (T-code co11n)
Wierd IE7 and 8 css render. Adds some borders to the images and fonts (see screen capture)
From Real into String Variable Conversation
Clone movieclip in ActionScript3
Unable to get page access token
How to play a segment of a video in Android?
object reference not set to an instance of an object in C# in foreach loop?
war works on tomcat but not on to jboss 6
php get with a php session variable
Add bug to Bugzilla via code
Make a recurring payment button in Paypal
How create such interface on Mac OS?
why I can't add Group View in android?
CSS3: Is it possible to have thousands separator in numbers? [duplicate]
Need I export all functions in Erlang shell?
Looking for a regex to get the data stored within the angle <> brackets
how to open a wizardpage using a toolbar button in eclipse?
modifications in meta data depending on query string?
ef4 poco double/float dbtype mapping
jQuery UI- How to prevent autocomplete menu from temporarily disappearing between keystrokes?
Widgets on BADA 2.0. How to start?
How can I make switching between arithmetics easy in C++?
How to convert xml string to an xml file download
how to retrieve info from datastore using google app engine and display it in a list view on an android app using java?
How to convert type of ImageColorFrame in Kinect for Windows SDK v1 to type of Image<> in Emgu Cv?
Add / remove input field dynamically with jQuery
How to use HTML Table as gridview
Perl: How to get the 'use VERSION' number
Value from Activity A to Activity B returning null
How to Highlight this pdf page using Ontouchevent in android
Developing 32-bit C++ application in Windows 7 64-bit
wkhtmltopdf.exe get executed in a loop abou 100 or more times in ASP.Net web form
How to properly randomize data with seed.rb using Factory Girl and random_data?
WinForms ListView and TreeView: strange performance issues
Paging with Option/Search Box/Dropdownlist
Datables numeric sorting issue
How does HandlerManager work with source?
Can I move the div object from one browser to another browser?
Stop scheduled timer when shutdown tomcat
The path '/App_GlobalResources/' maps to a directory outside this application, which is not supported
Execute jQuery function from asp:DataGrid ItemCommand
Getting a file download to work with richfaces and IE8
How to apply constraint with any variable so that it will take only 5 numeric character in oracle
Inconsistent object deallocation with ARC?
Using Cocoa to build a HTTP web server
How to know the gcc optimization level for ndk-build
In PL/SQL, can %ROWTYPE be re-used for another %ROWTYPE?
<input type=鈥渟earch鈥�gt; and jQuery Autocomplete
How does Azure web role happen to run without an entry point?
How can I change form 鈥渟paces鈥�into 鈥�鈥�to fix my search bar?
deactivate an item in the file button 鈥渏ewel鈥�in crm 2011
How to list the resultset based on order using query
FIX protocol using java
Python / MySQL (MySQLdb) - testing the 'insert' function - its not adding rows. Why?
Transform a lot of symbolic expression from x^2 or x^3 to pow(x,n)
Add a string as a subscript in another string
link onclick pass object
Sitemap Security Trimming throws SQL error
Multiple file upload with a loop
__cdecl results in larger executable than __stdcall?
Tika - retrieve main content from docs
How can I use Perl 5 modules from Perl 6?
Override dataType mismatch message of property in mvc(and display message through resource file)
Accordion Control: Put UserControls in Panes
Test if a Type is an Attribute?
JBoss WS Temp file saved incorrectly
get computed width in pixels in Opera
Sorting values in an object [duplicate]
Using db.allocate_id_range?
Logging different Level messages in different Logs using Log4j
EventToCommand Make parameter up-to-date
Disadvantages of strlen() in Embedded Domain
ffmpeg libx264 AVCodecContext settings
JSON parsing with javascript
Passing char * array to another function, Pointer trouble in c
How to let user activate account through devise confirmations email link locally
How can I enable PHP errors on OSX Lion?
Error in writting xml : 鈥渆rror on line 3 at column 1: Extra content at the end of the document鈥�
Java - implementation instances inside an interface
Loop through DataTable multiple times
Xml creation in Visual Basic for Applications
A (physical) string with a weight in iOS
How to remove notification from status bar when user click on it in android?
WP7 WebBrowser Control's NavigateToString is not displaying images
using the same '_form' for 'create' and 'update' in nesting resources
Check dataset is empty or not
Deploying/Installing an outlook addin
Finding closest parent for two nodes
Multiply different datatype in query of linq to sql
NSString to NSDate conversion getting the wrong result [duplicate]
strange JSON parsing bug of JQuery
Implementation of ant colony optimization for text classification
Stacktrace for C on Android
Keeping data in database or in session
nontypes template parameter
lock inside lock
JQuery/PHP: Replace a select box with another select box on a different page
DataGrid refresh issue
How to add numbers in nested Python lists
Use the UIImagePickerController on a iphone simulator
UIKeyboardTypeNumberPad with 鈥淎BC鈥�Button in iphone sdk?
Which Activity inflated CustomAdapter?
How can I retrieve data from phone call in WP7 app
How to check MATLAB Coder version in MATLAB?
How to pass variable to ColourBox Inline popup?
Remove border around sprite image in Chrome
Gemini and Apache Aries blueprint container
Secure support of HTTPS in an Android app with untrusted certificates
Inverse of preg_quote in PHP
Remove border around sprite image in Chrome
Gemini and Apache Aries blueprint container
Secure support of HTTPS in an Android app with untrusted certificates
Inverse of preg_quote in PHP
UiviewController not loaded in proper orientation when initialized
List values is not displaying for more rows
XCode 4.2 has problems debugging on my attached ipod touch with 3.1.2
How to get the values of dynamically added rows into database?
How to change Bar color based on threshold values in jqplot?
out of memory exception while parsing xml @ wp7
Start application at when windows Starts
Rails 3.2.1- Could not find rake- in any of the sources - Locaweb
Maven find property usage
Do a CouchDB reduce query for a single key
Displaying both Traditional and Simplified Chinese in Java
idt without gdt using grub
Choosing MongoDB collections structure for similar data structures
Next and previous button not visible in fancybox jquery
Dividing a picture into N number of equal parts
JQuery validation from scratch
Setting up Visual Studio 2010 for learning purposes - Compiler independent and other things
dropdownlist box not passing the selected text in
C# REST API Client Prestashop
Can I use moq's InSequence() with MockBehavior.Loose?
Namespacing in c#
android: webview inside dialog or popup
Is it possible to declare a function inside GSP?
setting up vim for python
Use string streams instead of file streams in svm-predict command
Notification bar and adding a browser out-dated script
How to make page responde in XML format
How to disable linkbutton or hide linkbutton with javascript in
Body background image and jquery
facebook like recipient list
How to solve && operands to logical scalar
Make NSOperation synchronous
I made wkhtmltopdf to work on my local machine using ASP.NET, Is my code safe to run on server
How to check error messages from perror?
Spring MVC processing queue events within a controller transaction
Double Vertical Scroll View in android?
Django showing 'It Worked' page 50% of the time
Get companion object of class by given generic type Scala
Working Gesture with Windows Phone
Multiply textures in Android OpenGL ES 1.1
Android: How to lock the focus on EditText?
outlook 2010 add-in build custom WebViewPane without add-in Express
Ipad focus to next input field
ABCPDF - COM Exception
converting select list to php array using regex
PHP PDO Statement MySQL fail on query
Loading Multiple Related Hierarchical Objects
A solution for unready drives in vb6
SetDictionary Method of Deflater Class
How to check that a generated string contains at least one letter
How do I prevent 鈥渞eturn false;鈥�in ajaxSubmit from conflicting with ASP.NET MVC RedirectToAction
jQuery 鈥渞eady鈥�like event possible?
Open dialog at the center of the screen, windows forms
how to get beans from view scope
Jquery code not executing in Rails 3 Project
Can not identify the object in QTP
MetaTrader 4 Fix protocol using Java
Get # People that 鈥淲ere Here鈥�from a facebook page with FQL
Android custom camera result image orientation
Creating Hand cursor on a UIButton in xcode
How to prevent the screen of the iPhone to be reversed
Is there any way to build trusted certificate for macro for free?
WCF security negotiation exception
how to connect browsed file
How to measure the exact performance (time taken to execute) of a binary which is taking input from user
how to post multi files and file-descriptions in one form correctly?
Can't use delete API in PHP
ruby and netbeans customization
create --help for a custom script [closed]
Good algorithm/technique to find overlapping values from objects' properties?
NDC+ protocol (NCR Direct Connection) documentation? [closed]
WebView & Soft keyboard Issue
Can I truncate the sales_flat_quote table in Magento database?
Execute javascript before a //=require occurs
Embed HTML file in Java
htmlagilitypack usage cpu more than 50% in the multi-threads
iOS Modal View Controller PageCurl Animation not showing
Jtable refresh with new data
Meaning of === operator in javascript [duplicate]
Design Pattern in Java, Which are best OpenSource projects to study their applications? [closed]
Fix FxCop Rule: Enumerations should be strongly typed
Regular Expression works different
Does exists difference in order of comparison?
Computation of Lower Rank Matrix
MSSQL2008 String Extract [duplicate]
Facebook Authentication an error has occurred, try again later
Is it Possible to create a Silverlight app in full screen mode?
Using a callback in a model that modifies the column of another model (Rails)?
Enumerate in postgresql with hudson
Avoiding while (!is_eof)
Android / Java class scope and Context
jQuery Theme does not change for one element 鈥�CSS Framework
Int32.Parse error FormatException
How do I unregister mouse listener of JPanel
Getting 401 Youtube C# API with Google Secure AuthSub
rails strategies for internationalization of large amounts of text (and some html)
escape code 鈥�prints both 鈥� Anyway to put a in to a string.?
The method name must start with either findBy or findOneBy. Undefined method Symfony?
Setting deveexpress grid focusedrow ndex via javascript based on key field value
How to catch a COMException properly from ASP.NET?
Access content database using sharepoint web services
write and read configuration data using File operation in Android
SciPy curve_fit runtime error, stopping iteration
no slide animation in cards
Handling different classes of 404 errors
Compared to mod_wsgi, how does mod_python 鈥渨ork鈥�
how to maximize CPU usage in Android
Confused from Wiki: C# and Java are interpreted?
How to set a composite background color for UITableView cells?
Wordpress search plugin
Fetch the updated call log and store it in a file
NoClassDefFoundError in FragmentMapActivity
how to create a jfacetreeviewer with multi column
Can I modify a public function in base class to public slots in derived class in Qt?
auto adjusting the positions and height width of UILabel in iOS
How can i toggle htis link to show a span
install memcache on plesk
Sony Ericsson registers two devices when connected to USB port
Null Reference on Group in Adjacent NavigatorContent
How to run a more than 8000 characters SQL statement from a variable?
Unserialize real escaped JSON string
How to Retrieve News Feed using Facebook Graph API.?
How to override the functionality?
How to style the divider between Ice Cream Sandwich tabs?
is this possible dropdownlist with autocomplete and checkbox?
How to load javascript facebook api SYNCHRONOUSLY 鈥�
Difference between syncronous http handler and asynchronous http handler?
Dynamic styling of row headers in JasperReports Crosstab
Microsoft office Excel is waiting for another process to complete an OLE action
calling virtual methods from within base class ctor
Link an external CSS from within a application.sass
this.proxy.getTime is not a function exception in jqplot
Where can i find huge amount of text files? [duplicate]
How to get Facebook user's friends email using JavaScript SDK [closed]
Threads getting blocked while fetching image from url using JAI
Parent row missing in child parent relationship in with CTE
how to align the text in CheckedTextView with checkbox
using SignalR with document onload instead of jquery onload
Applicaion_Error event in Global.asax
Scrape data from a website with PHP [closed]
How to call a javascript function in a php web page? [duplicate]
Increment control ID in ASP.NET WebForms automatically
Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID..Error
Add/reload mapview annotations without blocking main thread
Error in extracting node value of xml. Error : Namespace Manager or XsltContext needed
Increment control ID in ASP.NET WebForms automatically
Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID..Error
Add/reload mapview annotations without blocking main thread
Error in extracting node value of xml. Error : Namespace Manager or XsltContext needed
Finding MacAddress from IP Address in a platform independent way
iOS create object
Parsing dates in Javascript
Find percentage of year covered in period (month) range?
How to view mongoid queries in new relic in rails application [closed]
Confuse about the size in mysql table fields
Fast conversion of byte[] containing ascii string to int/double/date, etc. without new String
When in Full Screen the layout does not move to y position android
How to activate the buttons in a Tableview of BSP application (SAP)
how to create viber like application?
C++ Beginner on using Sequences and Floating Points
jQuery datatable search functionality in Server Side Processing
Absolutely stumped! Can't remove extra pixels from box
WCF DateTimeOffset compatibility
Javascript print out
What will happen when System.exit(0) execute?
When should i be opening and closing MongoDB connections?
Rails two connected models in one view
mapping from multiple assemblies
Rails posts show up blank, not saving
Are there any exception logging components in Windows Phone applications?
Wamp server can't connect to localhost
How can I run a .exe from my Java Program? [duplicate]
before closing the Application browser should prompt conformation
How to do a Bounding Box in XNA 4.0?
Check Identity of SSL Certificate
Merge adiacent cells in a wx.Grid
Store a single sql server row in variable and then use the column values to construct a query
Launch WebBrowser control and set it to with search string
ASP Getting radio checked value
Lift beginner: How to use Box with Java null values
How to have rounded corners with repeat?
What could be the output of echo ('True'?(true?'t':'f'):'False'); And explain why? [duplicate]
remove an entire array
C# How to get the Points of transformed Geometry
mediaplayer : artist and displaying
UIWebView override swipe gesture
iPad Memory Limitations
Globals, objects and references in php - how do they work?
Threadpoolsize of ScheduledExecutorService
Setting border color of UISearchBar in UISearchDisplayController
How to create a random char string of size 64k w/o using rand() or /dev/random in C?
red5 streaming connection to flex
how to create msi installer in VS2010 with custom licence validation
a mutable type inside an immutable container
can I load user packages into eclipse to run at start up and how?
lowest common ancestor of any rooted tree
R - Contour map
MSMQ raising IOException intermittently when using .NET
How to Implement a Global Static Class
Android Softkeyboard Issue
How to set default application for specific file types in Mac OS X?
gnuplot: yerrorbars with linecolor variable
Why the EXPLAIN plan is showing wrong information鈥�
Event for when user clicks/releases mouse button globally
How to hide StatusBar in Android 4
Choosing a Run-time compiler for GAE
Read Data from GPS device
Error while Installing Android NDK
Merge MYSQL & Postgressql
Simple Onclick Javascript Drop Down Navigation without using switch / tab
How to define user's profile ID based on content shares/ comments/ likes of that user?
Compile iOS strings files from command line
What are the advantages of pseudo conversational vs conversational CICS programming? [closed]
Share a model between multiple edmx files (Entity Framework 4.0)
what the best concept alternative to Work Flow Engine
Python OpenCV cv.WaitKey spits back weird output on Ubuntu modulo 256 maps correctly
Passing an Object from LineCallbackHandler to ItemWriter
What is the best way to write queries in Entity Framework
How to remove unique key from mysql table
How to make this complicated query faster [MySQL]?
Reinstall behavior of cabal-dev
cygwin connection refused for port 22
Pthread Sync - pthread_cond_wait
鈥淎 generic error occurred in GDI+鈥�Error while showing Images in browser in Windows XP
listBox traumatic error @ WP7
Detect when file can't be created because of bad characters in name
represent negative number with 2' complement technique?
Checkbox inside a datatable
Android ICS accessibility square activation code
Memory leak while using stringwithformat
Certificate mis-match issue installing Android Test App on AVD using Jenkins
Regular Expression to remove special characters [closed]
What is the best way to cleanup the resources used by a Crystal Reports ReportDocument object?
connecting to remote mysql server throwing errors
How can I got Application pool Names on Drop down list in using c#?
joomla custom module
Sharing controllers and views between areas in MVC3
Issue with Record holder costume adapter
page view counter, code is provided, is it the best way?
unrecognized selector sent to instance on synthesized property
How i can i get header from response as ServletResponse().getHeader(string) is not visible?
Better way to validate fields using function php
how to call function after text is selected
All possible moves in a 5x5 grid?
Implementing a single Data Access Layer for SQLite and Webservice?
All possible moves in a 5x5 grid?
Implementing a single Data Access Layer for SQLite and Webservice?
How to go to next Activity in Android
Django Rendering Template Included in a Template
Broken pipe when running python with cron
Inserting blob objects in Yii without using forms
next and previous month from a given month in php [duplicate]
List Compare with LINQ
Connection Per User in webLoad(Radview)
Codeigniter redirects for a new domain
How do I connect to a locally installed OpenLDAP service?
Animation when UITableviewcell are being drawn
Subtracting two dataset
Send value to forms
How to combine near same item by SQL?
Android circular gallery behave is weird
Google plus api usage in IPhone application?
When I delete an object, are objects referenced within deleted as well?
From Percentage in Non Decimal Numbers
any met python import paramiko and Crypto err like 鈥淣ot using mpz_powm_sec.鈥�
jqtransform Drop down loses CSS properties when I add multiple attribute to the Select input
Best folder to place stand-alone modules and classes in Rails 3
Create wordpress web menu by plugins
json ajax complex type pass to MVC2 action
Combine MYSQL & Postgressql
What is the best way of comparing the time component of a date object in javascript
Is it possible in android to record the call during incoming or outgoing calls
sql join two table
How to get Focus on EditText which is in Listview?
Avoiding 鈥淢icrosoft Excel鈥�prompt
Excluding method from code coverage Ncover
how to change the image on a image button onmouseover event in HTML?
I want to send a file in binary data from my webpage using JQuery
Salesforce deployment error because of test class failure
Activities not destroyed by the system before out of memory on Galaxy Nexus
Box2d elastic rope joint
parsing HTML using beautifulSoup with child and parent div having same class
Explain what those escaped numbers mean in unicode encoding in ruby 1.8.7
JS conditional clear value onClick of submit button
Golang bug in ioutil.ReadFile()
How to identify the wheel rotating animation on a UIPickerView?
Display ViewController as PopUpSubview?
Datepicker issue while adding textboxes dynamically
Thread safety of multiple-reader/single-writer class
Anyway to allow base64 encoded images in mediawiki?
Hadoop per-file block size
R: Apply FUN to kxk subsections of array
Is the sys_refcursor output of a stored procedure cached or not?
duplicate records displaying
Display my app in the UIActionSheet of the default Photos app in iPhone
Bus and DDR clock frequency on Android phones
Programatically Restore a Microsoft SQL Server Databse
iPhone App for restricted set of users?
Learning to use Cocos2D for android after iOS development
Setting (Bound) Model Object Properties from View in EmberJS鈥rogrammatically?
A concern about closesocket() for experienced programmers
PHP: return values from foreach inside a custom function
infinite loop of alert messages
Render some View into string and send it through Json
manually ordering table rows jquery plugin
How To handle Null Row using Apache POI?
access violation When Form2 trying to edit form1 In delphi
How to avoid the out of memory exception
Play Framework Without JPA
Allow Windows to execute an application with an unverified publisher
IIS 7.5 URL Rewrite not working? help please
How to make a REST Webservice call in JAVA?
Can we initialize a C++ object like this? [duplicate]
Android touch move ball with acceleration
Higher order functions in haskell error
Twitter integration in iphone
Working with ePub files in android
Simple Delphi TTimer Program
RE2 and UTF16 (or UCS-2)
How I get event onChange on webview in android?
second form action attribute not working
Mysql Query Studied Days
Why am I getting this Javascript error 鈥渃onnection is not defined鈥�
Android DOMparser couldnot get the child nodes?
Best way of loading images from application bundle
How can I redirect multiple variants to the same URL?
android http client download ad upload file
Django admin inline popups
ASP.NET GridView inside UpdatePanel won't get out of Edit Mode
How should I implement a unique priority field in my database?
batch file - getting ip from ping command
NoSuchMethodError in MaxentTagger
Play video without using media player
Writing a demo for snake game
Hw to make exactly Acceptance Criteria and Acceptance Testing in Spring MVC project?
BitArray and XOR
pass a shared_ptr with 鈥渢his鈥�as a parameter and store it in a variable
javascript chart API? [closed]
How to return or cast the same type from web services
Does Spring embedded database support different SQL dialects?
jquery passing draggable object from dropped div
IIS Settings causing Havoc?
Writing data to a text file in a format
How to call a method from one tab to another?
How to access NativeWindow in pure AS3 AIR project
How to call a method from one tab to another?
How to access NativeWindow in pure AS3 AIR project
How to make UI adjust the length and width according to the size of the text?
How can I validate a tab id in my Chrome Extension?
How can I know if my windows service is allready installed, using wix
Does Signing an exe makes the communication slow?
IndexOutOfBoundsException When read and write from Standard I/O
How to call text changed event immediately?
stripslashes issue in php
Add Java compiler to Matlab?
Beginner to datasets - readings suggestion [closed]
Add a pipe separator after items in an unordered list unless that item is the last on a line
sum if with some conditions
Hamiltonian paths & social graph algorithm
Importing memcache from google.appengine.api without using
Which kernel is to be used for Face detection using SVM?
Nested for loop not iterating properly
refresh page for a given time range
Authenticated failed registration error c2dm
mysql - query to fetch most popular items which haven't been seen by user
prependTo not working
A* and N-Puzzle optimization
Saving Image Path in SQL server when making a website
connecting to sqlite database from phonegap html file for android
How to get PID of all running Java applications programmatically? [closed]
Social Sharing for a third party JQuery widget
How do you draw a particular glyph using Java on Android?
how to get notification from another server in Android
What is the correct way to unarchive data from NSuserDefaults?
A new error I never seen before in Android. Is there any Solution?
ofstream creates a file but can't write to it
When using CAS (Compare And Swap), how do I ensure the old value is actually old?
create epub file in objective c
Piped Input stream is getting locked
Order of calling constructors case of inheritance in c#
Parallel rsync on multiple hosts
Advantage of using 鈥渢his.鈥�
how to disable navigation keys in j2me?
Right Click shortcut for Mac Lion OS?
How to send data from Android application to Java Server(Apache tomcat)?
Inside a gridview (label turn to textbox on click) One at a time
Spring embedded LDAP get error: 鈥淣o schema information returned by server, using default schema鈥�
FullCalendar Select doesn't work if using fullcalendar.js instead of fullcalendar.min.js
Using setInterval in JavaScript without using an inline, anonymous function
dynamically changing font styles
Is there a way to access C's built in keywords like 'int' or 'char' or 'return'?
InvalidOperationException when Serializing
In SQLAlchemy, how can I make this conditional query on a child relationship?
HSQLDB & Hibernate: how to auto create database once
How to parse a XML string in a Firefox addon using Add-on SDK
issues configuring G-WAN to use D2
How to save (temporarily) form data?
ExtJS 4 : How To Reload Grid With The Same Parameter
WebClientException on tweet parsing @ WP7
Problems getting device orientation data for android
What is meant by ESX host/ hardware
WP7 ICommand and Navigation: its possible?
security issue with MSCAPTCHA
How to merge dataview value
how do I start and stop a timer from an options page
How to achieve Wrap Text on Canvas in Android
Identify sender in http module
scanning pixels of .tiff image using imageJ library
Key in HashMap java
Maximum value of row id?
Using pyramid authentication with pyramid
mod_perl (without the perl) alternative apache API scriptable modules
Conditional display with OGNl Expressions
How to show a progress dialog while HTML page is loaded in WebView
How run my application to run for every 30 sec in background in ios5?
Correct implementation of hashcode/equals
Fail to load media files in Django(on Windows)
Linker error when using a template class?
jquery object literal function / closure - missing something obvious?
How to allow for both portrait ipad orientation
php looping through multiple arrays
How to read values from registry in Pocket PC 2003 using c++?
how to get the child tag element from xml
Android: issue of Image Resolution while draw bitmap on canvas
Spinejs dependency load order
How to debug 鈥淚nstallation Check failure鈥�error in Mac App Pkg installers?
C getline() - how to deal with buffers / how to read unknown number of values into array
Spawning functions asynchronously using Gevents
Temporarily disable Kaminari pagination in Spree
How to modify dns server in C++?
Override handling for basic/primitive types within a scope
Interpreting jstat output after tuning JVM heap size
Javascript function in clientside events not working with firefox
How can I make this Project Euler solution execute in Python at the same speed as Java?
issue with IIS 7 for website
Add variables in Crystal Reports
validate textbox text and increase the tab index once
Catching framework exceptions from JBPM
How to update the database table by removing trailing spaces from one of the columns?
How to do the image matching?
How to catch external events in php?
NoSQL data should be precalculated data?
jQuery bxSlider animation after slide
Change text of Button, after some, time when you click on it, in Android
How to create a map in Java Application from OSM Tiles?
how to preview rdlc report in devexpress?
Two sql query as one
Is a 鈥渜uery string鈥�allowed in a URI used in RDF?
Get checkbox values in jQuery?
How to compile in Visual Studio 2010 for Linux
RewriteRule returns HTTP 200 when it should be HTTP 301
How do you create a JSON object within a JSON array using Ruby's json_builder?
How to call phonegap application in native code for iphone
iOS: How to save, get access token from foursquare
How can I make mobile version of an existing web site that has subdomains?
Crop image into a small rect programically
Bind data to the link button for onclientclick() in repeater control
Whitelabel iOS application
Jquery textfield sorting
UDP sendto() became very low, python
Any way to embed spreadsheet into android app?
How can I convert a hex string to a hex array?
How to inject custom objects into Jsp's
how to send results to email using dynamic form
How do you stop a TextWriterTraceListener from appending using app.config?
Unhandled Exception in Android
re.match vs
How do I exit from the text window in Git?
How To Put Tree Panel in Viewport in EXT JS 4
How can I allow only flash activeX but others disallow in my webcontrol used IWebBrowser2?
eMail via SMS gateway is sent, but not received
connecting remote mysql database using IP address of the remote system in android emulator
HTML5 Beginner. I want a Speech-Box to run Java program
Using clustered indexes on non-primary key columns when using IN vs = operator
Retrieving the null value from Sqlite database in android
Which part of OpenGL ES does make my iPhone App bit slow?
How can I read an arbitrarily large file to a TCP Socket in C?
Wrap Text in android?
Alsa pause and resume
OData $filter with items in a $expand
unknown type error in C++
Android how to do validation for Spinner?
Can we direct the netsh.exe to dump its output to a xml file?
Validating Facebook and Twitter URL using jquery
How would I translate user-customizable advanced searches to SQL queries?
how to set a cookie from a javascript ala Facebook or similar
Camel Request/Reply Correlation
Do apple native media player play Play-ready media files
Implementing copy on write
How to scaffold a belongs_to relationship
Mongoid batch insert not using key
Body Content div Alignment Problems In IE6
Facebook.Logout Not Working
Colored jcombobox with colored items and focus
Textbox on a Combobox in WPF
Colored jcombobox with colored items and focus
Textbox on a Combobox in WPF
How to store the 'total' count of this polymorphic model in its associated models (Rails)?
.removeClass() not removing class. Possible specificity error
FullCalendar eventDrop not working
prevent submit button from redirecting if jquery validation occurs
Avoiding 鈥渢ext-search query contains only stop words or doesn't contain lexemes, ignored鈥�in postgresql logs
nolock/TransactionScope vs snapshot isolation
jQuery Remove image in dive and replace new image
CakePHP: Disable Security Component site wide
Simple_form style the collection_label's
How to show part of text in datagrid row details?
ethtool for pause frames?
Each word in a title on their own line HTML/CSS
wp7 Error in Binding Data of ListBox
How to get the string value of ExecuteCommand (or ExecuteQuery) from LINQ?
Deserialization behaviour
Windows CE 6.0 Takes Long time to boot
how to send image file from pc to wifi tablet using C# windows application
include statement in iphone html file
Retrieving all user accounts on an accessible external Active Directory server over LDAPS
Implementing embedded NoSQL: low-level approaches to data storage
Simplest way for understanding MongoDB iphone
What does 鈥�default鈥�mean for a dependency
Getting a value in a textbox from a dropdown list
Set GridView BoundField in ASP.Net
how to insert records from one table to another which is in different database dynamically
PayPal's Payflow Gateway SDK Example not working
Difference between onPeriodicNotification and onMarkerReached - Android
can java script be used as a scripting language in qtp and how? [closed]
OSX- Putting custom controls on a custom graphic
iOS Private Frameworks
What is the name of the ubuntu command line software that alters your SSH window to show basic 鈥渢op command鈥�information? [closed]
How do you get the magnitude of a vector in Numpy?
How to read data table column by column from a txt in python
NHibernate: Related properties aren't being fetched eagerly
Load XML Data To a Mysql Database
Comparing a returned 鈥渧alue鈥�with a string in python
Resizing,moving and scaling image and text divs wiith browser resizing
MySQL update based on several parameters
list all images in directory in JSON
Facebook Logout with PHP and JS SDK
Don't Safari support box-shadow?
How to open local files via firefox [closed]
How do I set cursor focus to end of input after using keyup function
HTML tags not work in the struts2 tags
Click a submit button in the hidden form using jquery?
Trying (and failing) to change the color under a UITableView
Representation of a DOM tree for a web page using C++
Ads Not working in Device but working in Emulator
JSON/ XML Encryption
What is the reason behind the output of the following Java Code? [duplicate]
Force a request from HTTPS to HTTP in HttpServlet
TinyMCE 3.4.7 <td > <tr > tags breaking and shown as string not table data
Only allow a subset of users to access a google app project
is HTML + Javascript the best option for web site design/implementation?
Window.External in Mono
Simulator timed out issue while running UIAutomation in iOS
Compiler Error CS0840
Convert SQL to Linq left join with null
Error can't add file javascript on <head> tag
Vim pauses if echo in .vimrc file
shifting a character in a text image by certain amount of pixels using matlab
Out of memory Error while running SONAR plugin on Hudson
How to load second selectOneMenu on change of first selectOneMenu?
Generating Sets via recursion - Language and strings (cs/logic)
Calling a Page Method using jQuery - Backbone.Js now
Remove action from Output Cache
Fastest way to cross-tabulate two massive logical vectors in R
Implementing 3D graphics using only mathematical formulas?
Why would any DLL being injected crash a host process?
IEEE 754 double precision to single precision
Good practice in DB connection
Android Development - Should I use an XML based layout, or just code in java? [closed]
Configuring SSL in Eclipse
Data locality if HDFS not used
forloop.counter doesn't reset at endfor as expected in my django template
Using reflection to dynamically save all the fields in a class? (鈥�lt;FieldName>鈥�鈥�lt;FieldValue>鈥�
How to find location of .ashx files on server
post and delete method for ios devices
if statement not working right?
How should android button and other images be saved
Wordpress plugin updates
Rails where to put a method to use in all models
How to configure Apache to reject (example) and accept only virtual hosts like
virtualenv broken after messing with matplotlib/EPD
Converting URI -> object -> imagesource
Can I still modify and update my app's metadata after submitting the app for review?
Executing java class in JAR from a java program
Sending Email with C# + Exchange 2007 and possible MS-SQL Que
sql server split name
GWT vs Dart - what are the main differences? Is Dart a potential replacement of GWT? [closed]
Nested Projects in php IDE
POSTing large amounts of data with HTTParty
Computer shuts down when I run any multithreaded code written in Java [closed]
How to getResource from jar with compiled groovy classes?
Persisting Circular dependent classes in databases
Sending coordinates via socket but messages are sometimes batched together, how to prevent this?
Is there a plugin of jQuery can provide the editable & deletable dropdownlist?
Displaying states, counties, cities in a Django App
How to index a hash [duplicate]
Why is this php string displaying in the wrong order?
Using databases across multiple computers - Ruby On Rails/MySQL
Store ajax data into a global variable
Unsigned Char bit access, to determine if char consist of 1s and 0s
python: convert list of strings of json type to list of dictionaries
adding username and password error message
Can CSS select elements with specific content? [duplicate]
substitute record1 (field1) by record1 (field2) -> in fileB
Removing three dots from app bar using WP7 [closed]
MySQL: Limit number of results for each group in query based on results from another query
Setting up a jdbc connection pool for sybase
How to get the the current hostname as the title of your terminal
How to order data member's/properties in the DataContract serializer with inherited or subclassed objects?
Getting updated Shared Object data without reopening it
Binding Richtextbox Firstline with text block
How to check valid html structure in Java using regex
posting in timeline doesn't post in ticker
Loading Google Analytics Chart Returns Bad Request
What is the best way to handle updates when the calendar syncs new events?
Remove or Set attribute value after another element been selected
How to update PHP in Ubuntu 10.04 [closed]
Compiling Custom GTK+ Widget as C++
Using FFTWLib (C#): Cannot find libfftw3-3.dll
Two redmines connected? Is that possible [duplicate]
How to pass the Value from UITextField from one VC to a string in another VC?
Troubles with SQL Triggers
php call system() and write to a named pipe without blocking
C++ Linked list creation - passing in an array
not able to login with proper credentials
Accessing iCloud NSUbiquitousKeyValueStoreDidChangeExternallyNotification details from MonoTouch
Get Sum of Data from BindingSource with Filter
DataType Versus Required data annotation, when using Templated Helpers and non Templated Helpers
Append one sheet from XLS to another specific sheet via clojure and docjure
Select query result in single row comma separated format
Inductive Specification: Top-down vs Bottom-up vs Rules of Inference?
SQL server select query help for stored procedure needed
How to obtain the type of the values in a defaultdict
Searching a List of Lists - Python
Creating a XNA plane/ground
Master-Detail relationship in design tables in mysql
Zoom out content of a div not the DIV itself.
surface plots in matplotlib
GUI for choosing different sorting in python by Tkinter
How to get JSF to upload file with Apache Commons FileUpload
list of Java class file format major version numbers?
How to create two cascade NSPopUp button with Core-Data binding
how can I get the values of ComboFieldEditor?
Why is my custom layout file not recognized?
How to create a new plist in iphone
Javascript: How to simplify this list of JS styles?
Employee inheritance, polymorphism, and abstract classes
generate xml file from the Output
Use items in JSF menu
Tools and techniques for quick-and-dirty requirements gathering overlapping with design [closed]
Not found and Missing parameters at Typesafe Stack getting started
RabbitMQ and Yii console callback error
Finding Theta Notation in terms of n
find/sort multiple values from multidimensional array using PHP
find out which link was clicked in its onClickTopics