stopping onclick from redirecting
3D Mesh Rotation
Check in to the current version in Alfresco
If you set the font-family to only sans-serif what is the font order?
Caching with Instance Variable in ruby with expired_after like feature
Passing to header when using a template file for codeigniter
create an Object and NIL value
Recommendations bar produces application configuration error
Generic overloaded method with nullable param call concrete type
Phonegap and ios - samples not working in simulator
Render different .js file with Rails Ajax
Ruby form fails validation, renders 'edit' with blank name and breadcrumbs, how can i fix?
Format string array to custom string
iTunes Connect error 鈥淵ou backtracked too far. The application backtracking limit of 30 has been exceeded.鈥�
android sdk set imageview x y coordinates
getting logged out of application immediately after logging in using war on Weblogic Server
301 redirect with 鈥�鈥�query string
jQuery Cross-Domain Ajax JSONP Calls Failing Randomly For Unknown Reasons In Some IE Versions
Node.js version goes back to 0.4 form 0.6 on reboot (NVM)
jQuery.each() iteration through php output
How to check a users role before they are routed to a web forms page with 4.0 in
Assigning null value to the parameter does not yield result鈥hy?
How do you execute Vhosts via PHP?
Populating an array in java
How to improve the below SQL query?
How to use disk quota in rails app?
defining typed constant numbers in C/C++
Tkinter Button info
Zend_form and jquery
Understanding and visualizing recursion
How does CGI recognizes compiler?
How do I set textarea scroll bar to bottom as a default?
Unable to increase image title field length in drupal?
How to get the ALL the values from the listview? android
purpose of Glib - g_io_channel_unix_new
Free, hosted, issue tracker with github integration
jquery mobile input masking not working
Grails: hasMany isn't working鈥�I think I'm doing something wrong with my hibernate session
Optimizing PowerShell module imports
Grails: hasMany isn't working鈥�I think I'm doing something wrong with my hibernate session
Optimizing PowerShell module imports
Get/filter table-row content from PHP
MySql error on create table
How to get an object back from my executorService?
Cant increment register in embedded system
when is reading and writing to memory legal?
How can I enable/disable ports in Cisco Catalyst 2960 with C#?
Find the no. of elements in an array of structs?
Convert JSON string to PHP Array
PyQT - setting the text color for a QTabWidget
Kick me back into my current SMS conversation from my app?
How to read Sim raw data on Android?
php explode() a variable from MySQL database - proper syntax?
Should I normalise extra fields in temporal tables?
Can't invoke injected google maps v3 api throgh JSNI:$ is not a constructor
How to start Screen Recording as soon as my application is turned on?
Cocos2D iPhone - will this save memory?
Brackets/Parens in Ruby Regexp
Unable to connect to MySQL database
silverlight navigation animation is not smooth
Undoing a JTree?
what is the state of art of Chinese language parsing in recent reasearch?
Why isn't my Cocoa selector actually being called?
Flash messages not showing when using 'render' after form submission
Why is xcode 4.2 much smaller in size than xcode 3.6.2?
How to get all SVN commits that do not include Jira bug key in the comment?
Multiple tasks with ScheduledExecutorService
facebook php - how to get album cover photo
in Chrome not getting an onClick() on a FocusPanel when focus was on a TextArea that has registered onChange and onBlur handlers
Is it appropriate to hardcode expected results when unit testing date and time formatting?
Ruby: undefined method error
Delete Files with Windows Command Prompt
Does my spinner has to extend an Activity
Student's computer using Chinese locale, inherited from Windows 7
Javascript: Constructor function vs Object Initializer speed
CakePHP Confusing Conditions
How to tell if something has been read in Rails for notification
NHibernate mapping to a 'denormalized' table
Template classes & operator overloading
Sorting Map by Value, clarification needed
How do I change the value of a form element to the ID of a selected element?
Contenteditable not working properly for div tag inside a li tag
Watcher to running array of threads
Objective C - EXC_BAD_ACCESS on [NSArray count] but can't see how
perl reporting pipeline delimited
How to use grep to extract a line with inconsistent number of space character
how to load gallery images from arraylist android
Passing textarea values from an iframe to the parent form without clicking submit
list of keyvaluepair to array in C#
Android - Game Thread and Dialogs
Python Math module subtleties
How to put image in segment controller
Android java percentage bitmap pixel difference between two images
Get variable from another table in a WHILE loop
How to deal with multiple config files in a actionscript 3.0 project
Move between Vim windows with <tab> and <s-tab>
PHP - CSS / PHP Includes
receive magento shipping rates
Opening a window using Java GUI SWT , opens in background , beneath all other windows
VB.NET Conversion from type 'DBNull' to type 'Decimal' is not valid when field has data
c# Validation for login
display dropdown values based on previous dropdown
codeigniter 鈥渁fter-method鈥�equivalent of _remap()
What's needed in a C++ binary tree class
save image from camera into sqlite
MKMapView not refreshing annotations
Iphone Push Notification Wrong Device Token
Editor for corresponding renderer , Check Box Node Tree
Fixing up svn:externals properties in svnsync'd copy without new revisions?
Showing a UTF16-LE encoded string in textview for Android
Char Array Appears To Be Mysteriously Deallocated
How to partially set arguments to a function without running it?
PDF generation in Rails3
Moving files to directories with similar names, in a script
R set plot background based on date
MySQL/InnoDB - Foreign Key CASCADE DELETE for table with multiple parents?
is all SVN data stored in the svnroot folder?
select random char in string by Index
Easiest way to implement a simple web-service project?
different programming language and calling convention
Facebook Android SDK source will not compile with Eclipse Indigo
Writing dicitonary to JSON using Python
General JavaScript Doubts
Passing data through Intent in Android, just want the number of clicks
Is it possible in git to push submodule defined as relative path to bare?
Cannot ping outside Fa4 on cisco 871w Router (SoHo)
C++ Removing the command-line
What are the benefits of the factory method pattern aside from subclassing?
Website is broken in IE8
Insert into binary tree without sorting input
Heroku and default database setting
Best way to keep track of the last line read in a text file
Converting FILES to NTFS
Maximum difference between columns using relational algebra
Crash when trying to dynamically resize an array in C++?
Magento redirect after moving to new host
Playing .apk files in android emulator (Mac console)
Why are major web sites using gzip?
Trigger Java method from USB Input Device
Paperclip images not Displaying in rails app
How is this possible without instantiating (new-'ing') it: var a =
Access Form1 elements from filesystemeventhandler
Configuring Rails 3 + Polymorphic Image model + Paperclip and Amazon S3, No errors, but nothing uploading
how to call java -classpath with C++ code in linux
Rails 3.2 broke my cucumber
Twitter's Bootstrap - Form Inputs Too Thin
how to remove the additional content in excel?
Create a persistent store for Core Data
SQLite binding blob in C is terminated early
Sort merge recursive array
PHP with MySQL returns correct result only for first row of Table
Visual Studio header not found (Qwt)
Weird ar linking error
鈥�CCLayer' may not respond to 鈥�鈥�
Need to Pretty-Print Twitter JSON Data to a File using Python
ASP.Net Dropdownlist ListItem (Enabled=false) not showing in page
Why does sometimes DateTime.TryParse work and other time only DateTime.ParseExact work?
Best way to handle re-rendering a view in backbone.js?
Flipping a image vertically, relation ship between the original picture and the new one. [python]
Is there a way to send variables to javascript files?
jqGrid: All rows in 鈥渋nline edit mode鈥�by default
Javascript: Close pop up window
Reporting exceptions into New Relic for non-IIS .NET apps
Wordpress: Upgrade a user to admin without using the administration function or database access
How do you code/wire-up a cancel-button for a panel
A call to web service which returns an image, audio and all heavy weight data types
Does C++11 change the behavior of explicitly calling std::swap to ensure ADL-located swap's are found, like boost::swap?
Upgrading TFS 2005 to TFS 2010 - Migrating Sharepoint site
undefined method `new' for nil:NilClass - what's wrong with has_one nested association in rails 3.1.0?
How to implement re-init logic in servelt programming锛�[duplicate]
How do I expose a static class in a plugin without distributing the assembly and full MSIL for that class?
NSURL not returning nil for one-character non-ascii strings
Iterate through an EnumSet in java?
An unknown item is declared as the root of your MXML document. Then all new projects create components namespace
Wordpress Image Attachment with Link
android asyncTask dialog Circle
Best way to query XML in C# - using LINQ, etc
Changing label to textbox on javascript
Google Maps API: Directions with Custom Routes
HttpRequest crashing in button click
Java Homework errors
Random Walk in Java
Is it possible to addTotals in agrid to only certain columns?
I am having trouble with this MIPS program
NSFetchedResultsController refresh UITableView entries without reload stutter
Parsing XML in groups with JQuery
Java - the game of Life; problems with life detection
JavaScript EXE desktop application input/output/format
JavaScript EXE desktop application input/output/format
Is there a standard, cross-platform way to handle and store relative file paths?
Polymorhpic association rails 3
unarchiveObjectWithFile returns NSArray
Limiting a table in a foreach loop to 5 rows
Ie7 random float offset
Use Pivot Table to display number of added and removed 鈥渋nventory鈥�
PHP - Most efficient way to update MySQL Text
repeater server tag is not well formed
2 Problems on my simple Unit converting Android application
Clojure: ClassCastException java.lang.Long cannot be cast to clojure.lang.IFn
JAVA- package ArcadeCounter does not exist
make popup window centered
Is there a simple to split and rejoin a tarfile using python?
declaring view models in knockoutjs
efficient way to do a reverse wildcard in a mysql query?
MouseListener doesn't appear to be working for me
How can I log validation error in asp .net
How to pass method name as a parameter in PHP
What is the best way to display a lot of text in Flex mobile application?
How to use Socket.SendAsync to send large data
Close all opened dialogs
Could sed or awk use NUL character as record separator?
Submit form in jquery using scroll
git: programmatically test if index is dirty
Why has my simple CSS Z-index stopped working?
Can ASP.NET MVC Portable Areas Correctly Resolve Server.MapPath?
Polygon Triangulation using monotone polygons
Searching For Object In ArrayList
Achievement is not appearing in my timeline
Join between mapping (junction) table with specific cardinality
Futures / Guava / Javadoc
Hosting a modal dialog in a ContentControl
UIKeyboardTypeNumberPad type letters?
imagemap in Safari
jquery plugins working with different jquery versions
std::sort getting a std::bad_alloc
Is there a way to have one cell value dump into another and clear itself in Excel?
Does Python have a module for scripting command line tasks?
How can I debug pserve using Eclipse?
PHP/Ruby Zlib Equivalence
JQUery Animation
MVC parsing localized input - Model? Controller?
Core Data - Default Migration ( Manual )
Cocos2D iPhone - running actions on multiple targets + callback
Cast Collection Value Type
ATL COM events for javascript
tiles2 - custom 404 error pages
Prolog function output
HTML5 and NodeJs
HTML5 and NodeJs
how do we perform validation on a apex:inputfield in a apex:repeat tag in VF page
How to add padding around a WebView
javascript jquery search textarea for string
How to convert a Spring 2.5 project to 3.0
quotation mark incorrect when using crosstab in PostgreSQL
Java application cannot display the character 鈥�鈥�and 鈥�鈥�[closed]
Combining multiple tables using SQL Server Management Studio Express
How can I log posting timeout in asp .net
Copying data from two different tables (table1 & table2) to a third newly created table (table3) using explicit cursor
Android 3d Translates
Blank form fields are not accepted
Oracle PL/SQL select and update
dsound.dll format not recognized
list all files and directories in JSON
In python, how can I test if a path is a symbolic link?
Flex Flash Builder Form. No Errors in Local Dev but Errors on Production Server
ToolStripMenuItem weird mark icon in c# 4.0 , how to fix it?
How use llvm linker?
Check if another vertex has the same attribute value
web2py/pretty ImportError: No module named proj.modules.pretty
how to read javascript array in php
Unexpected [call] function behavior (in console using Chrome) in JavaScript
header(location) on form does not work after submit button clicked
Catch the output of child process' child process by subprocess module
Call to wait() inside the run() method of a Thread
Suggestion on Customer Profiling System: Books, Articles, etc
Mod RewriteRule that matches numbers 1-15
Can you use Google Charts within your paid IOS app?
Change form dynamically in django
Stack overflow error in loop function
Boost named_mutex unable to be shared across processes that are created by different users
Restricting UIPanGestureRecognizer movement
Duplicate Symbol Error
Display JIRA content in Confluence for anonymous users of Confluence
How does a webapp save files to its server?
How to loop back the attribute in an NSObject?
Record Audio/Video with AVCaptureSession and Playback Audio simultaneously?
Vimeo API with IE7
CodeIgniter querying the database
Android layouts based on aspect ratio?
How can you make an HTML table with 100% width and internal borders?
What instantiate-able types implementing IQueryable<T> are available in .Net 4.0?
how to fire jQuery togglePanels manually
playframework routes file with get parameter id and action method not working
How to remove a selected file from the input file?
Writing a function to compute the left spine of a tree
Is there a way that I can get the SNR (Signal-To-Noise Ratio) using CaptiveNetwork?
In JavaScript, where does 鈥渃onstructor鈥�come from?
Chrome Web Store landing page hits not tracked in Google Analytics
SQL Server Report Server Parser Error Message: Request for the permission of type 'System.Web.AspNetHostingPermission
Java Being Blocked By Antivirus Software (Specifically AVG)
How can I execute a WHOIS query for all domains registered in a given time period in a given TLD using Ruby?
how to convert multidimensional array to object in php?
How do I force a build to start in TFS?
How can I detect iphone notification signal in CoreBluetooth when App runs on Background mode?
How to develop unique GUI's in Visual Studio?
Submitting form with jQuery .ajax() giving me a null?
Why did JFrame originally require getContentPane() for adding components
MATLAB: Putting certain tick labels in boldface (but not all of them)?
Overlapping Lists, CSS isn't pushing it down
Where can I get example opengl composite objects?
SwingX AutoCompleteDecorator : no suitable methode found for decorate
Sending an Integer as json using Restkit
Asp.Net 4 File System publishing of Web App
PHP use __get to call a method?
Fade in image when user reaches div#ID + fade out after n more pixels again
Java - Create list with an object and its own value?
Android Fragments not behaving as expected
Object not returning the required object in Javascript
I am getting a curly brace error but I do not understand why
Overload method? Why won't this function work?
Java - Possible to have more than one data type using ArrayList?
hover fade in not executing
Web service client getting NullPointerException from getMyWSPort
Rack: Bundler::GemNotFound errors during `bundle install --deployment`
What is this jQuery doing?
playframework prod, qa, dev variables in app.conf not working in debug mode
Java - Return information from a for loop
What happens in a double delete?
Solution For Updating LINQ to SQL Files After Database Schema Change
CSS Cursor: Can it be a semi-transparent image
Scanning an Array of Objects, NoSuchElementException
GetVolumeInformation Error
where to I file itunes connect bugs? [closed]
Parameterising resource strings in Required attribute in Data Annotations
Flexigrid Plugin - Change position of resize bar and mouse movements
Undesired session creation
Apps for Windows 8 on OS < Win8 [closed]
htaccess: how to rewrite specific GET vars?
Separation of code and environment in pinax while using git
jquery ajax seems not working
Errors building mysql2 gem on Mac Lion w/ rvm & ruby 1.9.3
Saving an integer onClick so it can be called back later on in the android app
parsing a text/csv file containing XML entries in Python
How to not show alert if file input is empty?
Removing URLs from images in PHP
Force git comparison to fail on partial match
How to check constructor arguments and throw an exception or make an assertion in a default constructor in Scala?
Testing various versions of iPhone Safari
Testing various versions of iPhone Safari
Executing Mongo mapreduce jobs on a machine without mongo installed
Given the choice, is it better to construct DOM elements using JQuery or PHP
On LinkedBlockingQueue, clarification needed
IE8 Display problems
PHP code to redirect if mysql field is complete
plot extra circle on a Matlab figure
Ilegal start of type for a for loop?
QGraphicsView: How to efficiently get the viewport coordinates of QGraphicsItems?
Is Doctrine2 too 'big' for this project?
How to uninstall a gem from Rubymine
Java arrays - Of what class are arrays of the form 鈥渋nt[] intArray = new int[4];鈥�an instance?
Cocoa drawing issues
Moq: setting up for a method which returns no value
How to calculate date difference with XPath only?
WCF Returning Object of a type from a Referenced Assembly
Want Checked Item From Listview
Contract-First WCF for Salesforce Outbound Messaging
Outputting Class Of Stored Values To List
Azure emulator web site is not visible by Facebook
Zend DB fetchAll(): where as array
Calling a compiled binary on Amazon MapReduce
How can I add ftp extension to Heroku php app?
Error: multiple types in one declaration
JSON PHP array from Objective C
Jquery Full Calendar EventClick & UI Dialog
How to process a Fahrenheit temperature from EditText and print its corresponding Celsius temperature?
send an email exported cvs file php mysql
Redirect only certain requests to controller file using RewriteRule
How do closed branches affect Mercurial performance?
jquery / javascript Redefine function
Preventing SQL Injections on INSERT-only queries. Is it a big deal?
How can I auto-select a radio button with Greasemonkey?
ID Getting Lost In Loop
SQL Server subquery help please? (looking to use an existing select query as a subquery)
Prevent automatic updates
How to use to diff to C++ source files and ignore the line space and comments
How to retrieve historical events after changes to Domain Event structure
Rails3: How to get a checkbox to add / remove fields from a form
Are copy constructor elided when passing more than one function?
Tab complete from :open in Macvim?
playMorphia with mongoLAB IllegalStateException: can't call authenticate twice on the same DBObject
random fetch display data to dropdownlist
Issues with loading Spinner in Android
How to return from 鈥減artial curl鈥�type segue
Storyboard got corrupted during a merge
Returning a string stream (char*)
Overwrite pdf file using tcpdf liberary
Why is slower than builtin map?
Add border to active thumbnail in jquery galleria theme
Django app spam prevention
How do I access my app page settings in Facebook again?
Spring MVC and JSON, Jackson class not found exception
C++: Header issues
Regular Expression to split by comma + ignores comma within double quotes. VB.NET
Tableview image cancelling in Titanium Mobile
Enhance java classes using traits, how to declare inside trait the java fields?
Handles Me.Closing e.Cancel Is Failing With NotifyIcon [closed]
passing variables to a form using onclick
Indy TCPServer doesn't receive all packages from TCPClient when sending packages too frequently
How to create a non-system user when installing Postgresql 8.4 with Rails 3.2.1 on Ubuntu 10.04 VM?
SQL Parameter as part of a query
cocos2d choose the right pattern
Cufon doesnt work iE
Ensure a full array in java
Quartz : Dynamic job scheduling
Java JNI: possible to manage cache, history, temporary files in IExplorer?
Force bold with IHTMLDocument
Failover proxy on Amazon aws?
GCC 4.4.3 offsetof constant expression bug. How should I work around this?
Pathfinding for groups of objects
Prevent Assembly.GetTypes() from loading dependencies
top results + remaining results, with %
Is it more RESTful to create a resource with a JSON payload or regular POST parameters?
Dynamic variables in Classic ASP
HttpWebOperation timing out. Why and what to check?
Why is my IIS 7 refusing to serve up css or js when I change 'Enable 32-Bit Applications' to False
SolrInputDocument throwing MessageFormatException when added to ActiveMQ?
Value not retained when returning from recursive stack frames?
Reading/manipulating images in C++
Issue with extra character in MD5 Hash?
Php - Template lite
Why windows 64 still makes use of user32.dll etc?
How do you animate a custom irregular odd shape UIButton with UIViewAnimationTransitionCurlUp?
R: ggplot2 used in function not reflecting change in font size variable
Is there a RESTful YouTube API for iOS?
Static constructor methods in Java
In Xcode how do I change what Executable that the app bundle starts up?
Table's searchbar at the top without scrolling
PluralSight ASP.NET Add Data?
How to configure autotest to run on Mac OS X Lion
What are GCC's passes and invoked programs?
Regex Search In Files using Java
What to look for in an Android tablet development target
MVC - send an AJAX ContentResult to print
Android: pass on a 鈥淐licked鈥�status?
Why using IntPtr for handle?
How would I turn one image into an entire set of buttons?
Rails & Mongoid unique results
Image flickering when inserted into the DOM
Rails & Mongoid unique results
Image flickering when inserted into the DOM
Javascript: Passing local variables into a dynamically created function that is a parameter inside another function
Dynamically removing component from JPanel
How do I decode the timestamp value used by the __utma cookie?
jQuery: Set hidden variable value equal to entire HTML of table
iOS - Slow animation on iPhone 4S (but fine on simulator)
How to use MsBuild MsDeployPublish to target local file system?
Where is Facebook.Web?
MVC 3 Image using EF
screenshot of a qt application from inside the application
Dependent Excel cells are not updated automatically
Pass a variable from wxi to wixproj/define a variable in wixproj
Jquery background image moves on click
mobile page extends past edge of screen by default
Combine 2 arrays
SQL Server 2008 + Creating a cross-tab stored procedure
Implementing a perceptron with backpropagation algorithm
Cannot read zip file from HttpInputStream using DotNetZip 1.9
BGL edge(u, v, g) with custom associative container for edge lists
What is the 鈥渃urrent鈥�Delphi web app framework?
Providing documentation to customers regarding applications properties - best approach? [closed]
automate and streamline django deployment from local to server
Session bean being reinstantiated in same session (in 2 Liferay portlets)
Hierarchical RESTful urls still preferred - in terms of added overhead - over flat urls?
I can't interact with my HTML map in anything other than Chrome?
Supported AV Media and Container formats in iOS 5
Why we use if, else if instead of multiple if block if the body is a return statement
Is there a way to store commit comments (like on GitHub) directly inside Git repository?
Is there a difference between WebOS LevelDB and Google LevelDB?
Finding multiple maxima in Visual Basic
Java volatile and side-effects
Convert C# to C++ Bitwise shift
Paging in a ListBox (Panaroma Control)
How to search an element of an array and display
OK Dialog in android
when doing invoke, what I can do is only calling some static method?
selecting zip codes issue with SQL
substrings and arrays
Query in SQL Server Management Studio fails to pass date to linked InterSystems server
Storing an unregistered Class in a NSMutableDictionary
How to terminate long running Qt Thread
How to find Uri when I have string path of .3gp file?
Phone Number Retrieval Windows Phone 7
Ipad ShareKit's UIActionsheet Issue
Developing and selling web apps listed on apple web apps and equivalents such as android, windows etc [closed]
Change position for array value in JavaScript from any to last
Accessing psql-array directly in PHP
Java Memory Allocation of large object sets
How to know what exctly function throw exception (Java)?
Yacc - statement - grammar rules
Auto refresh a post after duration from a video ends
Google maps connecting markers
Setting input type=鈥渄atetime鈥�set via javascript in ios
Need help in mod 1000000007 questions
Magento - added product source?
How to diff between entire directory that contains source codes and output the result in a textfile
Any tools to extract dllImport? [closed]
Android Google Analytics - 6 GET requests dispatched for single trackPageView
php dynamic url redirection using header location and sessions
SQL remove duplicated rows with names alike
Execution point for other threads in Delphi 2010
Disable Special Keyboard Chars on Textarea
iPhone - How to test allocated objects returned by each memory call?
CUDA-NPP sample code
How to display additional digits of a floating point number?
Finding most liked item of a user with rating values
java hash a folder [duplicate]
When do i pass by value VS ref/ptr?
Long Polling - Problems with Internet Explorer 8
I'm in Rails. How to set up a model so each element of Collage array 鈥渉as_one鈥�Work?
How does pinax learn to access css files in accounts basic project?
How do I implement a dynamic chart in Excel but in an HTML format?
ASP.NET MVC - Missing Error Messages using Partial View with TemplateInfo
Will allowing users to Search by any fields slow the system?
building apr-util 64 bit Mac OS X builds 32-bit version
friendly_id generate slug with ID
Custom UISegmentedControl like the Scope control in UISearchBar
TCP shutdown with sockets connected through AcceptEx()
Google visualization chart ie font-family not respected
REST APIs: custom HTTP headers vs URL parameters
Android Honeycomb has an invereted event.orientation value?
Comparing three numbers with the Java logical-ternary operator?
Eclipse remember Android keystore password?
Retaining certain phrases in a string
Recovering from HTTP I/O error
Grab Data From URL Php
Is there some little system tray program for windows that keeps checking an svn repository to see if there's been new updates?
Screen Overlay and Performing Actions
How do I abandon validations after single (important) failure?
How to ask for optional Facebook permissions
Partial coloring of text in matplotlib
iPhone - How to handle errors at runtime
Incorrect Routing is ASP.NET MVC
Disable UISearchBar
Concatenate the strings from a Crossjoin in MDX
Writing in pointfree style f x = g x x
Getting the parent model ID when adding a child entry in MVC 3 w/razor?
ASP.NET Rich Text Box gives error
What makes cross domain ajax insecure?
netTiers database schema backwards compatibility
Create custom actions in Django admin site (not list actions)
How to use greasemonkey to selectively remove content from a website
Compiler Error - metadata operation failed
How can I add a python tuple to a YAML file using pyYAML?
Targeting a tags which wrap img's for fancybox using jquery
Setting a default variable value if param is not defined
Getting submit button label to be 鈥淐reate model鈥�instead of 鈥淯pdate model鈥�inside form_for in rails
M-x breakpoints in python-mode in Emacs
RoutingError raised when using precompiled assets in production environment
show thumbnail and text align
Does a function that only calls another function slow things down?
Motorola MC75 and Symbol - UnmarshalStructInfoFrom
SOQL - Querying for a list of users the current user is following
css/javascript: number above border
Will implementing the IDisposable interface move the object to the Finalize list?
Add ExpandableListView Under TabHost
How do I only check one checkbox at a time within a ListView?
Memory management in loop when building UI
JCL: What to use instead of UnicodeIsWord?
Arduino leap second clock
Persisting Session to DB
Javascript regex shorthand?
Dynamic Data GridView Pager missing DynamicHyperlink Edit parameters
redirect stdout to script, so it can be parsed and then sent to stdout
hadoop single node installation - formatting error - Content is not allowed in prolog
Removing multiple views after a model has been deleted
Should I use the MP3 or AAC codec for a .mp4 file?
How to handle i18n for model data on Rails 3.2
Update database when a selection is made in a drop down menu
Change default Toolbar-Button Hover Template
How can I find the 鈥渕issing鈥�time in this kCacheGrind output?
How do I animate a PathGeometry to show itself slowly?
HIDManager Wierd CFRunLoop Termination
issues removing a git remote app
What are practical differences between `REPLACE` and `INSERT 鈥�ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE` in MySQL?
Using Google geocoding API from Silverlight
How to query only specific columns?
Using CSS for an image within a border
CSS Sprite for Submit Button not working (In Rails 3)
Asymmetric decryption through LINQ
SSO using STS fails to login user for webtest in VSTS
Arduino: Crashes and errors when concatenating Strings
How can i check if the user is authenticated or not in base.html in django?
Suppressing treatment of string as iterable
鈥淪afe鈥�handling of a Mutex?
JSF2 Multiple Button Submission
pass in two cookies(duplicate names) into custom HTTP header in AS3 using URLRequest
When does the probe function for a Linux kernel driver gets called?
Algorithm to portion
Git pull fails, now dozens of untracked files
Element over element detection and events
Datediff GETDATE Add
/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin: to the end of $PATH instead of at the top
Generic many2many relationships in Django
Titanium Mobile videoPlayer on Android not working
XML to LINQ element selection
Custom Dialog that looks like a AlertDialog
Ant Macro use element's content as the value of an attribute
App store approval with modified UISegmentedControl
Determine how many entries exist for a certain date
CoreAnimation, moving UIImageView with animating shadow in iOS 5 Xcode 4
Adding click event to empy span block [closed]
How make a form always on top even if the Windows 7 Flip 3D is activated
How to get EF Code First DbContext Transaction row identity?
Can't send attachments from draft (
Reusing a moved container?
Get File Creation Time
ListBox ScrollIntoView and SelectedItem unreliable
Having issues with floating divs in HTML using the CSS property 鈥渇loat鈥�
Python + simPy: name 'move' is not defined
Where does the origin of a graphic string start?
Cache Section of HTML Code - ASP.Net
Taking node values from a site, and re-outputting only selected node tags that can be styled
Layout render only when I write render :layout => 'application' on every resource
Android ICS: Default browser not respecting <meta> viewport tags [duplicate]
I have a true colored image, how to select the 256 colors from? [duplicate]
Best way to synchronize two threads based on the following scenario?
Is there a way to change command-line arguments in a signed RDP file?
Hand detection using OpenCV
Is there a quick way to add all undefined methods?
Retrieving a specific XML node, jQuery
css is auto checking my html checkbox
alternative div background colors
Lock menu item when window open, unlock when closing
Set the value for a hidden parameter from the URL using javascript
Android turn on flash LED? [duplicate]
Unable to Login via KSOAP ANDROID
QPushButton remains pressed if QFileDialog is invoked in its slot
server push for django on dotcloud
Created a new remote and Github though empty, says everything-up-to-date
JQuery select drop down change event - select a default
Netbeans how to set command line arguments in Java
Open resource XML as String or InputString to give it to Xml.parse(鈥�
Finding location of command executed [duplicate]
Can't open SQL Server DB Objects from Visual Web Developer 2010
read txt file using node.js?
Add a colspan to a JS generated cell
Find Row Index on DataTable
PHP Simultaneous file access / flock() issue
Error: missing return statement
Javascript async loop inside another async loop
Install Android app in Eclipse without running it
Convert an iPhone phone number format for a 鈥渄ial-able鈥�string
Is there any file size limitation to the Environment.getDataDirectory() space?
How to diff hierarchical-data?
Alfresco 3.4 Directory Tree View
Access Session on End?
Dynamic JSON urls with JSP and Spring-mvc
How can I change text-align with Greasemonkey?
Eigen Vector4d as function argument?
curl fails to connect to the internet in Android
Need assistance with jQuery and ASP.NET want to show/hide a panel on click of a button, but the postbacks mess it up
Software for virtualised dev environment [closed]
lubridate - messages
Is there a way to get recent activity for a specific app?
Jquery to set selected item to the next option in the list
Javascript doesn't call the page URL so it doesn't refresh to display the correct information
No results when searching indexed PDF with Solr Cell
JPA multiple count
What control should i use when doing this in objectice C
All MySQL designers generating wrong code when altering view
Creating a simple / pseudo API on rails 3?
Most efficient way to process all items in an unknown container?
undefined local variable or method `summitted_password' Ruby on Rails Tutorial Chapter 9
Custom keyboard for uiwebview for ipad
Xcode 4.2 鈥�add derived files to project
splunk parsing IIS logfile
Why is my Scala tail-recursion faster than the while loop?
What does it take to write a PCI compliant assembly?
The simplest and actual example code of LMAX Disruptor
Query using a derived table with ISNUMERIC results in conversion failure (varchar to int)
Compressing multiple files into 1 file
Why does GCC -Wselector and -Wundeclared-selector warn about declared selectors?
Default form values defined right in *Type class
Widget App is not working on Rooted phones, why?
how to change selected option of textbox based on datareader result vb
Redirect back to form keeping previously entered values
What is the reason for why sites when opening a user link, open a page and then redirects?
How do I access scoped entries in a class method in Mongoid?
How to retain all instances of of a single subclass from a general ArrayList
Efficiently calculating the total number of divisors of integers in a range
Add Navigation Property Manually to Entity Framework
Adding confidence intervals to plot from simulation data in R
PDO: Cost of Calling prepare() in a loop?
Comparing char element in array to an operator
How do i calculate the average 3 highest values in histogram by logic?
Splitting a string with multiple separators
Replace array values in string with regex?
Using the results of a RESTful web service as data in Crystal Reports
SQLServer FullText search not returning expected results
MySQL Workbench
insert row on keyspace in Apache Cassandra + Hector + Java
Graphviz: improve a mind map
Check if provided 鈥渃allback鈥�argument is static
Checking three UITextfields for data, then performing an action
Wrapping C++ in C: Derived to base conversions
Jquery animation from a corner inward
How can I determine if a String is non-null and not only whitespace in Groovy?
Entity Framework getting a ICollection<int> from mapper
How to get 100% width of content with css?
ASP.NET MVC 4 Replacement for ProfileCommon?
sbt - include additional source directories
What type of Java constructor call is this?
Instructing Google Chrome to stop client-side validation
What is the most efficient class to use for keys in NSDictionary
JQuery most effective way to move a object?
Finding where PHP errors are logged on Ubuntu server?
Android - How can i make results from recognizer to determine 1st and 2nd word seperately?
(JQuery) Moving diagonally on key press
Developing a new app; is maintaining iOS 4 compatibility still worth it? [closed]
Query causes commit when using association table
Recursively traverse object in Objective-C
Using HTML string in UIWebView
MySQL - How to store inputs of unknown & varying size?
Disable automatic email log
Thread concurrency wait() other thread to finish and continue its work
Can't add extra_context to a ListView
Load balancing requests to a Weblogic 10gR3 RMI server on Amazon EC2
Trouble Installing pyqt4-dev-tools
BSD/LGPL/GPL/Apache License, .jars embedded in .deb?
How do I publish to the group of people who liked a webpage or object?
Unix standard directory to put custom executables or scripts? [closed]
How to display images from database
Omniauth Session expires when browser is closed
Using __declspec(nothrow) on functions that return references
How to bind color of Inactive ListViewItem in style.resources
Explicit interface implementation for COM interfaces in C#
jsonValidationWorkflowStack seems to be removed in Struts 2.3.1
how to sort a cell array which includes arrays?
AppController vs Component
load map after the page has entirely loaded [closed]
Mutex do not work with two processes running
MonoDroid SimpleExpandableListAdapter
Delete all of my Lua userdata in C++
shell script to kill the process listening on port 3000?
Passing Command Parameters
Where to put rules for creating a map between two data sets?
nginx - response based on the requested header
Can one force the screen resolution which is used to select resources?
Responsive Design - How not to load certain scripts?
How to get objec it in Kendo Grid and pass it into button in gridrow
How to rewrite SEO friendly url's like stackoverflow
Maximally simple django timed/scheduled tasks (e.g.: reminders)?
why page is reloading when html button executing c# code
Parsing Error with MySQL in PHP
Where to put application level beans in Spring MVC?
Open Operation Timeout - WCF web service
Assigning string in table
Removing punctuation from words that occur in a string
Python: Using a dictionary to select function to execute
JPA load objects with Named queries
DropDownListFor is not binding with model property
Javascript/CSS/HTML/Java IDE?
CreateProcess method ends up with an error
Java Linked List Sorting
Executable to generate a system (basic hardware/software configuration) report on Windows?
Structure for a view with an optional secondary model in MVC3
Issue with duplicate columns in MYSQL query results
How can a surrounding div be the width of the inner text when the text is multiple lines?
Sorting HashMaps by value
Facebook Login Page - CSS is undefined
PHP isset() redundant in this context?
Permutation algorithms in C#
Rails convention for method in multiple controllers
CSS to Expand, Hide Content on Hover
CSS issues in IE and Mozilla
Jquery AJAX causes SLOW page load
Bizarre log4j error
Attaching multiple shaders of the same type in a single OpenGL program?
Can I use Solr term component with filtering on non-term fields
Facebook comments on page tab - moderation not working
item-specific actions in ember.js collection views
How would I go about changing the layout here?
Android UnsatisfiedLinkError when calling SystemClock.uptimeMillis()
encoding conflict: php output corrupted by html <head> content
Java (JVM) on ARMv7 (more specifically Cubox or BeagleBoard)?
Why would ExecuteReader crash reading a specific data field of certain records, when ExecuteScalar works fine?
Retrieve dependent rowset from a rowset (not a single row) in Zend framework
return data from different table sql to html
Correctly RedirectToAction with Post
Struggling on creating a simple shape
fancybox manual call adds previous values
Django cannot find my media files (on development server)
Where to store global WebMail settings in MVC3?
nodejs write raw image data to jpeg file?
Using Visual Studio Load Testing, and monitoring machines not in my domain
App works for ios 4.3 simulator, but not ios 5 simulator. Any ideas?
Discussion of LR(1) items: meaning?
Greek characters from .mdb file shown on local machine but not on web server
JSON created_time conversion preg_replace $string input
Haskell with IO monad error, from IO to basic type
How come the PHP private class var is not private?
Translating an asp-classic SQL statement to recognizable terms
Double Space text on button from code behind C#
Can a servlet handle an action to the same JSP and maintain the URL after the request?
Android NDK/JNI: 鈥淣o rule to make target鈥�error when compiling my hybrid iOS/Android project
implicit declaration of strndup
Logging doesn't occur when a shell is called in CakePHP 2.1
Populate FullCalendar events as an array - populate from another array
Any Performance Advantages to Consolidating SQL Server Triggers?
Cross Site Lookup Column
c# write message to textbox
default at the beginning of switch block
Find size of directories/subdirectories [closed]
how to manage windows in external applications
Atypical letter and number incrementation
javascript: How to reference a class from event
<a href> and PostBackUrl both are not working
get ascii code from string in xcode for iphone app
Cucumber error when I run my cucumber tests
alert client when live stream is done in AS3
Conditional INNER JOIN in SQL Server
Radio buttons for web page with fadeto function
Pthreads compile not working
Showing error messages inside of another controller's page
How to send facebook chat message from android application [closed]
How can I break <li> elements vertically
How can I get a finish button after a nsDialogs page
Oracle SQL - Joining rows that don't exist?
Processing multiple select controls within jquery mobile form
how to redirect a page through controller in zend
Lua beginner: Table dump to console
Adobe Flash send file to PHP
how do has_field() methods relate to default values in protobuf?
Parsing IEEE754 Double-Precision floats in Pure Lua?
Rails 3.1: associating project_id with new uploaded image
sqliteman UI default keybindings
Why is YSlow suggesting gziping image files?
Symfony2 How to process dynamic embed forms collection?
Inheriting Constructors?
Does anyone know a method to branch work items in Polarion ALM
Yii - Massive Assignment of a private field
CompoundDrawable size
Get number of processor ticks on Mac?
How can I control paper orientation when printing to a dot matrix printer?
Using Canvas and Drawimage in functions with video
jQuery Query String Object
Menu Item Hover JavaScript
Structural design pattern
Menu Item Hover JavaScript
Structural design pattern
MongoDB continue from current position after lost connection
Is there a way to represent int value in byte over 127 without doing bitwise operations?
Java Interop with Clojure, getting exception: 鈥渏ava.lang.ClassFormatError: Duplicate method name&signature in class file鈥�
iOS icon breaks app validation
Confused about variable visibility in Javascript
How to take data from mysql db and insert them into a wx.ComboBox with mysqldb in Python
core-date query (predicate) with aggregate Function
Using multiple ObjectDataProviders with the same control
How can I flip an array when each value is also an array?
OpenGL vector projection inaccurate
download data from database online from google POI [closed]
Simple Minimization, but pass into method
list-style-type not displaying
(JQuery) Moving an element with key presses?
Use Javascript to match elements with a class pattern
SQLite IllegalStateException: where do I close the database?
can i delete a shell script after it has been submitted using qsub without affecting the job?
data-binding Spring
Adding a function to a dom element using jquery
Difference between Delphi 7 and Delphi 2010 Executable size? [duplicate]
why segmentation fault occurs when using a window in a QSharedPointer?
Accessing previously-logged in user data through app
PostgreSQL + Rails concurrency clarification
new values on $(window).resize
UIAlertView or Modal Popover for a EULA?
Changing a directory of the parent shell
Attaching more than one file to an email
How to render search results in a different page with Ajax
Providing a back link inside of a Facebook tab
How do I deploy C++ to my web server?
How to Create Borderless Buttons in Android [duplicate]
GWT button background not working
Getting Bad Json output when using a View in MVC
NSDateFormatter dateFromString coming back null
Webkit border-radius background misbehavior
Looking for the Type details for page_stories_by_story_type & page_consumptions_by_consumption_type
Preventing graphviz from rearranging nodes
ASP.NET MVC3 Dependency Injection In Unity - UnityDependencyResolver vs. IControllerFactory
Python subprocess issue on Windows
Firing an automatic update from DropDownList control within a ListView
How can I post a bunch of checkbox names to an array?
extracting an unknown substring out of a string
Is there some standard Haskell library dealing with process communication?
Get content of a file, throws 鈥渉ost name may be null鈥�
Cant retrieve dhcp info on Android 2.2
Highlight text inside html with jQuery
Scripting C++ with python
Dynamically add input via jQuery, however all jQuery inputs do not receive focus styling?
Dynamically add input via jQuery, however all jQuery inputs do not receive focus styling?
Adding Mouseover Effect to Submit Button (Rails 3)
Grails- Add link href to button
Jenkins CI + Ant + SSH Plugin
Generate new url by substituting action in current url - ASP.NET MVC
How to write rspec test for custom routes
How to write to USB not showing up as Serial device
Compiler error: invalid conversion from 'int' to 'int*' [-fpermissive],
Magento Payment Info Block
How can I pass table output to another view controller?
Show Indent Guide Lines In Xcode
to get last 20 columns of an image :Matlab
Fitting Differential Equations: curve_fit converges to local minima
Create an array in one function and read it in another without return statements
NSZombies enabled, debug information
QtWebKit how to handle login prompt
Analysis Services Processing Task Fails When Run By SQL Server Agent
how to plot overlay multiple time series given condition(s) in lattice?
Hibernate Criteria API filter a collection proporty
Diacritic Marks not render correctly in Web App when written with JQuery
When should ImageIO stop reading from InputStream?
HTML5 video buffer
jquery animating an object to the top layer of the page
MVC 3 Changing Home route
Automatically Timeout RecognizerIntent
jQueryUI Autocomplete: Multiple inputs: How to access a particular ul.ui-autocomplete
What is the result set ordering when using window functions that have `order by` components?
caller Id driver
Replacement for <servlet-mapping> in web.xml & Spring MVC
After, can't print in Safari for Mac
Handling Default in VB.NET Generics? [duplicate]
Substitute for Group_Concat to customize existing Entity Framework model
How does the poll function work in c?
Long-lasting reference to an Activity - Lifecycle
Multiple Variables After controller In URL
In std::multiset is there a function or algorithm to erase just one sample (unicate or duplicate) if an element is found
Is there any reson to not reduce Ping Maximum Response Time in IIS 7
JQuery - Form Change Detection 鈥渂efore鈥�the form unload in Ajax
XSLT text output processor differences
How to configure gVIM with Mingw32?
Displaying array contents with NSString
Kinect Custom Cursor
What exception or http status code for when the server is down
Android Testing on multiple phones?
What is the IP addresss range for foursquare API? [closed]
Integer NEQ Int(Integer) Craziness
Context path different of WAR name with Maven
android updateThread draw() method and touchEvent interference
Open panelaccordion item programmatically in an ADF popup
Batch File to rename txt file
osx application red orange green icons
Number extends Module and when in Module's Extended Method
SellectCommad.connection Property not initialized
package explorer is broken
PHP check if any array value is not a string or numeric?
Celery: per task concurrency limits (# of workers per task)?
Switching theme through code Wordpress
How to make wmic uninstall command take Y (yes) as a default input prompt
2D CAD application in WPF
The Writer is closed or in error state
How can I make vim remember past yanks? (Or configure YankRing to do less.)
How do I let a computed observable be set via entering or from being calculated from other inputs?
#include an image in ansi c
Proper use of for-each-group in XSLT
Android - The specified child already has a parent. You must call removeView() on the child's parent first
Spring + JPA + MVC - Error creating bean
in play framework, how does secure.connected() work?
Retain HTML form input enabled state on back button
Failure to build Qt for VS2005 and 32 bit
Partial vim commandline mapping
How to add href 鈥渃lose鈥�link to Fancybox modal window?
SWFObject Autoplay not working
MySQL Region/Country Relationships and Normalization
Python mode in Emacs: No such file or directory, pdb
Can I archive with a Developer certificate, then re-sign it during submission with a Distribution certificate?
Preventing jQuery errors
CakePHP 2.1 Permission denied on cron job
NHibernate Cascading SaveUpdate
How to show images in p:dataGrid using p:graphicImage
Session array keeps overwriting rather than adding to itself
Using in-memory UIWebView to generate PDF in PhoneGap
MVC - one controller action with multiple model types/views or individual controller actions?
How do I choose between using a web installer versus a standalone installer
Having trouble with cells repeating
Inline editing issues and questions for jqGrid
Monte-carlo methods in graphics
Steps to write better ActionBars in Android
B2B File Transfer
T-SQL INSTEAD OF DELETE Trigger fires without 'provocation'
grails application not finding any styles, javascript resources
android webview on no connection error
ActionScript Socket vs WebSocket
Spring WebApplicationInitializer and Jetty 8.x
Global access to elements with same class name using JQuery
How can I display (echo/print) the currently set error reporting level in PHP?
Weird Git Rebase Error
Dynamic Arrays passing to functions
Repeater's Item command event is not firing on linkbutton click
Zend Routing not working correctly
Preferred method to alter jQuery UI stylesheets?
Custom Animation Class
Setting number of rows to be displayed for Multi line text in swt
Using Remote API to have two App Engine apps communicating?
Python non strict search text in string
Insert null into Datetime field
How do I set alternate keys for a given command?
how to find '茅' character using cygwin and grep?
get pcm data from mp3 file in android
How do I map a one to zero-or-one relationship in Entity Framework 4.2 when joining properties are of different types?
Javascript Function Different Syntax? [duplicate]
Nokogiri not reading/parsing structure of HTML file in CentOS