o-gradient doesn't work on Mac and Linux
How email account passwords are encrypted in mail clients
Can text be inserted into a fusion chart?
Simple gun in cocos2d+box2d game
Playlist folder creation via Spotify Apps API
Simple Bluetooth data receiver Android
Only execute hover() when NOT hovering over certain element
conditional IF logic with date field type
Read Json Variable
TypeError: 'NamedScriptAttribute' when calling Request in ASP with ActivePython3
Set/Get command line system variables in C#
How to define concurrent states in Ember.js?
How to get the ID of button contained in parent page from User Control?
tabcontrol tabitem without borders and hyperlink like tabitem
How to one to many relationship in a join table in Hibernate
Clone() in java
Should I launch fresh instance or restore last when app is deactivated and started again through app list?
show image from DB using spring MVC
Java - double buffering NullPointerException
鈥渃all鈥�after switching to Protected Mode
Unable to get dependency in an internal repository
Unable to create custom performance counters in Azure Web Role
Android Thai Localization
Populate until certain amount
curl_exec($ch) not executing on external domains anymore, why?
Embedded application servers in Sonatype Nexus, Jenkins and Collabnet Subversion Edge
RegEx.Match not returning expected results
What is 鈥渆ntity-body鈥�for Digest Authentication?
how to make form shows only value in the url? [closed]
Referenced libraries in Visual Studio 2010 projects
Setting an attribute to 0 if a checkbox is checked in Rails
Creating a delay in for-loop iterations
Method investigation in Eclipse - How to find out which classes call this particular method?
How to loop over all edges in a directed graph and get source + destination
Disabling Autorotation for Game Center
Nested Content Type in Drupal 7
Why do miniKanren names always end with `o`?
Why do miniKanren names always end with `o`?
What's the significance of -532459699?
Word crashes on removing a Shape with VBA from a header
Dynamically adjust iFrame height of dynamically changing content height (explanation inside)
Can't remove fragment or assign to different view after orientation change
jqGrid: is it possible to selectively make cells editable?
How to unlink() by its name without knowing the file extention?
SELECT FROM a function returning a record with arbirary number of columns
How to invoke managed bean action in rich:popupPanel
In Gwt's request factory, What is ReportableException: The requested type is not default-instantiable
I can't seem to upload both my images and thumbnails into the database
In-app billing fails with 鈥淭ook too long to deliver鈥�
linq group by First()
Getting Id with jquery for jeditable
UNEXPECTED TOP-LEVEL EXCEPTION: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: already added
Silverlight 4 chart created at runtime won't show data
Spring Transaction Manager (Annotation Style) Runtime Error
Draw multiple squares in a Java JFrame and access each single one of them?
refer to the plugin object within the plugin
How do I add a second interface to and existing Web Service?
Jade template engine, rendering HTML as text
Funnel graph component
download mp3 from google translate text to speech
assigning method to another method in javascript
Can I use Google Maps driving directions in a paid iPhone App?
Java command line application and Systray
Does the ,, operator evaluate the second argument even if the first argument is true?
How do I change visibility of a textbox inside a ReportViewer?
Converting datetime to z format [duplicate]
Youtube Format File and Hosting
Making shallow copy inside assignment operator
Using JavaScript/jQuery to display multiple CSS values on any given element
Cliente interface web service iphone
client-side templated columns for jQuery grid controls in ASP.NET MVC 3
How can a connection started with NSURLConnection while in the foreground be continued in the background?
Fast algorithm to search for pattern within text file
redirection cookie stuck in loop
Make setup for encrypted individual files in a C++ project
Creating own iOS-controls with Flex
Does Parent obj = new Child(); make sense?
Error Message #100 when using Facebook open graph api
python property getter/setter confusion
How to display a popupScreen in Blackberry Application?
Determine if a user has liked my page using Facebook PHP SDK?
Capture destination page to evaluate what it returns
BIRT: Specifying XML Datasource file as parameter does not work
JMX MBean registration using Spring on a standalone JVM
scala compiler complains weirdly when compiling a foldleft with scalaz function
How do udp sockets actually work internally?
Android Emulator Keyboard Acting Funny
firefox addon, transparent floating panel
How to use nested upto-loops in an HTML environment for fixtures in Ruby?
undefined method `course_id' for #<Set: {鈥�鈥潁>
Is it possible to show numbers under a one-dimension barcode generated by ZXing?
Scenario Outline: Placeholders with a restricted number of possible values
Android sms sending app runtime error
Excel VBA Calculate Method not update Array Formulas; showing as #N/A
repaint a frame in java
Start scheduled jobs in play
why would .is_a? and .class give conflicting results?
Starting point for learning how to build hybrid HTML5 apps?
aggregating monthly sums and then getting the mean of all monthly sums
Changing words used on 'No Results' Page
How to set a Parameter DefaultValue to an empty string in ObjectDataSource methods?
Tarballing in Bash: Is there a way to only dereference links pointing outside the tar'd directory?
鈥淓rror: File or directory does not exist鈥�BUT they do exist as confirmed by os.listdir
Disable cookies for a cucumber test
Extending the Rally agile EVM app
Avoid multiple form submission
Copy a file with its original permissions
How do I make an IF ELSE while using WITH END WITH statement?
SQL data to XML file
How to extend a generic class with added constraints in java?
How to pass 'this' into a setTimeout callback
iPad can navigation controller be put inside popover?
Disable a commandButton from receiving the 鈥淓nter鈥�key
mhddfs (or unionfs) + Apache = Permission denied
What might cause preempt_count to change or workqueue to run in atomic context?
Gradient descent implementation
How to assert in django that F is only one time in ABCDEF
Is data stored in NSUserDefaults persists through application updates and on application reinstallation (remove-install)?
WebView inside NSPanel
Storing numbers are text Excel 2007
cakephp Tree behavior remove parent node except children
Dynamically change MasterPage and ContentPlaceHolderID of asp content tag?
jsp code when user is mobile
generate onclick event in image control in asp.net
XML -> XSL -> HTML edit file, and SAVE changes in xml WITHOUT asp
Horizontal disabled scrollbar in Facebook Canvas with Firefox
How can I localize the field labels in Contact Form 7
str object not callable
How do I assign a value in jquery ui autocomplete based from the database query?
powershell delete backed up file / archive bit / windows 2008 R2
What approach can I take if I can't have similar names in a dict?
How to add an expression to a already existing datacolumn in a datatable?
Chrome Developer Tools: difference between Size and Content [duplicate]
gyroscope updates in core motion
Multilingual Dropdowns from DB
WCF Service over HTTPS only
How do I move some folders on my LOCAL machine without it making changes in the repository?
Why is contentView property of NSWindow of type id?
Select <a> tag where <input> is inside with jQuery
Conversion from C# to C++
What state is lost/reset after glUseProgram?
The concept of app.config file
Project not able to build in indigo
iPhone: Setting navigationItem button's width property
Java: how to determine the type of drive a file is located on?
EditText visible when selected Spinner
error in INNER JOIN statement [closed]
Mix up, then once again re-sort an array in .Net 2.0
projecting all columns of a nested relation in pig
Web Crawling/Scraping - Build or Buy? [closed]
Convert Type to Generic Class Definition
Deleting Strings from text file Android - File IO
does the Linux distribution matters for noarch packages?
What's a good object to store 3 data types a la list/tuple in .NET 3.5
How to access mysql database from one server to another server
Deleting TFrame from form at run time
How to find which sql statements are executed in a transaction on Websphere AS 7.0?
Php sort mysql table
SQL text before then Nth match?
Detect alphabetic or Numeric Key in a Datagridview control and send handled key to a textbox VB.BET
Django, Virtualenv, nginx + uwsgi import module wsgi error
Javascript event loading w/dynamic content
django - referring to static files in templates
Loading resource to bitmap which resource is taken from an nl.siegmann.epublib
How does form.submit timing work?
Can anyone explain the workflow of android database when creating a database
Deleting cell from a tableview - Error - Code provided
How insert slash in mysql DB after addslashes()
Passing a Java Set object through JSPs
Overflow ActionBar entry missing for ICS Phone using Compat Lib
MYSQL WHERE Clause Optimization
request.is_ajax() == True when clicking back button?
SSRS reportviewer refreshes w/o View Report
Java3D and HexGrid Coordinates
Java - Splitting string by backslash ( )
Pywebkitgtk Three.js unable to detect WebGL
Tidy.NET - how to view error messages?
Automated data mapping
Highlighting python code blocks in vim
Setting Cookies for Remember Me - PHP vs Javascript
Remove Selected Items from Search Results
Regex Syntax in .Net
Local outlier factor (LOF) software / demo?
Outlook.Application not defined
Apply XSLT in a AJAX request
Round ring button in Android
Why is this simple assignment undefined behaviour?
Must a C++ Standard Library be implemented in C++?
jQuery UI Draggable into Fixed Position Container?
PHP Warning: GearmanClient::doBackground(): gearman_connection_flush:write:111
perl way of getting a value expressed with the memory unit
Excel as datasource?
Entity Framework Self Tracking Entities - Synchronize between 2 databases
IPrinciple and IIdentity in an E-commcerce app - ASP.NET MVC
Creating files in Cygwin
How do I efficiently search in SQL CE for nearby geographical nodes that are road junctions?
Firefox adding margin/padding to layout
radio frequency that the phone's cellular radio is using to talk to the tower / base station in Android
Mysql insert is not working on a trade script
How Can I Make a div fall from top of page and bounce where I clicked?
How to view native implementations of Java classes?
Vim eats all my lines if I map ddkP
Display dynamic images in a flash file
Eclipse: import folder of source code to other projects
handling encoded elements
Is there a script I can use where enter a url and it grabs images? [closed]
IBOutletCollection NSMutable Array order in IB
Default button overrides the enter in a rich text control
logos and subtitles in reverse using ffmpeg and OpenGL in iOS 5.0
SVG viewBox is not working with nested svgs at a negative position
is there a method to get the Max and Min of an NSMutableArray
How to check for default yield in a view?
How to create a like lock in blogger or other html site?
How long is PreparedStatement stored in cache?
Using LINQ to SQL where database tables can have extra columns
PHP 鈥�get the size of a directory
EF 4.1 Code First multiple Many-to-Many relationships
Writing Tests for Background Processes (like background jobs)
My HTML editors are ignoring any value I set and are always taking their values from the request data. Why?
Strptime Error in Python
Setup Kernel Debugging on Host PC (Win 7 64 bit) over 1394 (Firewire)?
Managing TFS Work Items
log4net smtpappender subject based on log level
Access token expiration not getting extended
Using PortAudio wrapper in ruby to record sound to .wav
Building a SIlverlight Entity Framework application with no data initially
Using static attributes in c++?
UIButton displaying view but not toggling to pause button
Updating Local Repository of NuGet
Does handler.post(runnable) start a new thread?
Python speedtest.net, or equivalent [closed]
SVM implmentation, scikits learn reducing runtime, fastest svm
Why is `sudo` Slow When Password is Incorrect?
MYSQL join two tables and CASE WHEN
Search a mysql table through another table
django haystack autocomplete
The taphold event can't bind inside ScrollView
Intergrating haystack into my application
PHP: Weird DateInterval length calculation
Why does the content height of my <iframe> keep increasing?
Bitmap::FromFile returning NULL on x86
Exception in Storyboard Animation in WPF
I thought I removed all bugs in my app but this one keeps popping up鈥�Android app
git log coloring for individual decorations with date?
Spring import xml from a bundle
RewriteCond not matching?
Can I measure the signal strengths of WiFi clients from a wireless router, eg WRT54G? [closed]
app crashes when runs in small and large screens in android
jquery mobile back button does not seem to be working
Multiple inheritance/prototypes in JavaScript
Property Substitution into custom PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer
How to use enum in a parameterized constructor?
jQuery: How can i select all elements whichs width is more than 400? [duplicate]
android - Get thread id from received sms message
NSMutableArray accessing array with another variable
Dock control new height
Type or namespace name 'Properties' does not exist
Creating a deskop application using vaadin or zkoss framework
how to use timeouts with read() on a socket in c++ on Unix
Importing requirements from .csv file in Enterprise Architecture with specifying Relationship among requirements
file CheckOut() Sharepoint
Why is ListView not scrolling consistently?
Cloning a Git repository over SFTP
language detector
Share via Ajax link ima my aplication stream publish
Sequoyah Eclipse plugin: 鈥淐annot complete the install because of a conflicting dependency鈥�error
FreeImage does not work together with CEGUI
Change PNG Color using Javascript/jQuery and CSS
Django-taggit: how to search for all tags based on another column or foreign key?
What's wrong with the ICS Holo Dialog theme?
Raise exception when adding object in collection that already exists
Invert PNG graphics file with a non-interactive command
Grails order by for 1 to Many related objects
How to show pixel position and color from a QGraphicsPixmapItem
WCF REST service won't return children of Entities
linq syntax to match dynamic sql IN statement
Errror - Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by
Soap UI dynamic request and response
How to forward MultiMap .Net to Java?
Chrome: Source of Post Data?
Asp.net Calendar Event Issue
OpenNetCf SDF not returning all adapters
Is there a way to monitor what process sends UDP packets (source/dest IP and port) in Windows?
text is wrapping under bullet in css list
calculate timing in webBrowser.DocumentCompleted
Changing default marker icon in OpenLayers
Automat js form calculator
Error in packet parsing
How to play an image sequence within a div using a jQuery vertical scrolling type effect
Binding a collection to WPF Toolkit chart
jquery counter/uncounter function
PHP + Javascript dynamic div for dynamically adding inputs in form
What is the equivalent of App.Path and App.EXEName in VB.Net
How to install tomcat on aws ec2 instance with ubuntu
confusion about for loop
how to display human readable xml in an asp.net mvc view page
R - fill in values for all dates
CMake add depedency to the install target
Jqgrid Edit Form Change Event of Select doesnt fire when scrolling thorugh records
Flash applications proxy use
CGContextClipToRect and CGContextGetClipBoundingBox error
use ActionBarSherlock as library in my own project
The After hook in cucumber
Stuck building a javascript object dynamically
LLVM not recognizing unnamed_addr
Avoiding SELECT+1 when working with discriminators
Using DropdownListFor ignoring the 鈥渟elected鈥�value I've set in the model
Passing password at runtime
How to include .NET framework redistributable in Visual Studio setup project using chaining?
Combine 2 user profile fields to provide 鈥淎dd More鈥�to the whole field
Why does my gem cause active record to fail to load?
UITabBarController with a UIPopOverController with Multiple Views
Columns not filling up space
how to resolve the issue with menu hover over
How to get changes from the model into the modelview?
jQuery send values through POST
How to sort 2d multidimensional NSMutablearray
How to get the session timeout value in a session provider when it's not set in the configuration?
How can I ORDER anything that looks like a number, as a number in T-SQL?
Keeping Elastic Search alive on Amazon EC2 Linux Instance
Uploadify - how to abort uploading?
htaccess for codeIgniter
How to integrate jasper and gwt?
How To Loop Through Two Lists?
in C# and sqlite datetime values are wrongly inserted or wrongly queried
Which PEM file should I provide when uploading to S3 using HTTP PUT
extract complete content of websites via feed in php
Parsing strings in Fortran
Getting Exception in thread 鈥渕ain鈥�java.lang.NullPointerException error
Portable way to determine path to dynamic library opened with dlopen
jQuery - Remove DIVs based on class name
Facebook PHP SDK not allowing to login a user
Template lite tags
Is it considered bad practice to create subclasses in Java to change annotations?
Problems while installing an application / no module named photologue
Magento Payment Method database installer
Problems while installing an application / no module named photologue
Magento Payment Method database installer
MySQL - query with INNER JOIN + WHERE clause
temporarily disable build events in visual studio
python 2.6 import error when invoking python file
How to terminate a thread that is hanging on blocking IO in a platform independent manner?
Moving my SVN to Assembla, from local, given UUID error
OpenMP strange behaviour
Loop through list elements, and add class if list element contains another list
Where was super() called from?
How to make text with image align center vertically in table
Trying to test a HttpServletResponseWrapper inside a ResponseHeaderFilter with MockHttpServletResponse
Is it possible to switch template partial based on hash value in Mustache?
JMS and ActiveMQ exception
How can a C++ binary replace itself?
Robust Forms Authentication: Is this the best way?
How do i stop the blurring when zooming in on a UIScrollView?
How to reset the height of iframe to 0 before adding content and getting height
Is it possible to create multi-threading program for PIC12 MCU in HI-TECH C
Is it possible to use enviroment variables within solrconfig.xml for dataDir variable?
How does HDFS with append works
How to handle Remove operation for a portlet with use-default-template=false?
AppDelegate class not found
Jquery: can't fire handlers with live
Cannot access STL C++ container values with GDB
IOS: stop a generic thread
make iframe height dynamic based on content inside- JQUERY/Javascript
how to restore the edittext cursor position to end after requesting focus
How To upload Multiples Files MVC 3
iOS property declaration clarification
Routing legacy requests with and without querystring
WebView and built in zoom control
Whitelisting and subdirectories in Git
Why doesn't x:Static work in my WPF example?
Problems with showing a dropdown inside a jquery-ui dialog title
How can I speed up MXMLC compiles?
How to create 鈥淣ew鈥�functions using Delphi XSD databinding wizard
What is the easiest way to make an HTTP GET request with IOS 5?
Is setting the Main Interface in Xcode necessary for Apple acceptance?
java reads a weird character at the beginning of the file which doesn't exist
How to separate extjs4 files to related bundles
define mark up for generic sphinx admonitions with a specific title
Spam filtering: where do I start
Send email using php mail functions takes long time to receive email
Finding and displaying contact in AB with its UID
Magento query from multi-sites
Enabling sorting in jQuery UI Sortable with connected lists
Android - event queue - execute after preference set
How to get projected angle from quaternion on a certain axis?
Return Results of Ajax Request in Coffeescript
Physical memory location of uninitialised memory location in C program?
Is it possible that my database flush when I use a Joomla CMS?
SQL Injection attack prevention: where do I start
Get a ZIP and extract contents OR file_get_contents individual files and then file_put_contents into folder
PEAR Mail using gmail SMTP won't send 2 emails in sucession
Inconsistent roll up behavior in a PerformancePoint grid object
MySQL LEFT Join issue - what am I doing wrong?
Handling clickable areas in imageview
New line in the input area giving error in PHP
Apache Rewrite: Simple exception not working for image types
Linq2Entity Getting Values from reference Table
try catch around mixed content warning
How do I stop .mdmp files from being created
Arranging data in arrays using PHP
Wordpress content templates for pages?
Create image from NSString properly
C++ Project: Artifact-Name dependant 鈥渋nclude鈥�directory population using CMake (build-time)
Can Java program know its current directory?
Javascript injection Prevention: where do I start?
Error creating a proxy class from a WSDL. Element missing?
How can I implement a c++ socket server against a java client?
Update view of a NavigationController simulating a push
Import .3ds models into JMonkeyEngine 3 [closed]
SHA256 hashed password validation in javascript
How to manually set the @Version fields with Hibernate 4?
How to detect if the MySQL service (or simply MySQL) is available with PHP?
Registration-Free COM from ASP.NET?
Highlight piece of codes with Eclipse
locking DB records for concurrency between threads
What does auto&& do?
IntelliJ IDEA output directory reverts to default target
Java: How to access Window credential from IE browser
Rails select query slowness
share backbone code on client and server side with mongodb storage
SSL support for smtp.live.com and TIdSmtp (Indy, Delphi)
Browse Full Screen Mode in .Net [duplicate]
MVC3 What Level Should I Catch Errors
Magento Product Custom Options Text Field Caclulate Price ( Width x Height )
How HBase manages its indexes?
Google maps V3 search problems
How to remove visual feedback frame on Samsung Galaxy browser
Customise EKEventController Style
How to implement a lazy stream chunk enumerator?
What makes up the number shown on my 'like' button?
@OneToMany relationship with Composite key
Linq - Index was outside the bounds of the array
How to setup private folders for PHP includes files for local testing AND live use.
Anyway to add some code into the third part library/Assembly
DataGridView comboBox with different dataSources for each cell
Having issue with repeatinterval every 30 minutes
Having issue with repeatinterval every 30 minutes
Expandable Tool selection button similar to Expression Blend/Photoshop
How to highlight a button as the next logical action, in wxpython
innovaeditor - dynamic add on link click
Sqlite null dataset even if there is data in datatable.rows
what is the purpose of epoll's edge triggered option?
custom navigation using N2CMS, MVC3
Android How to listen for Volume Button events?
Validate decimal numbers in Yii with regex
Extracting values from SQLite database in Python
Get time zone offset between two timezones for a given duration
How to verify in-app purchase receipt?
set a new id for a class in javascript
How to pass a method argument to getter?
Find Most Frequently-used Java Methods in Eclipse Workspace
AJAX chat client for Cisco WebEx Connect
Cocos2D: How do you make a CCMenu scrollable so offscreen menu items can be viewed?
converting MemoryStream array to fileStream C#
Multiple SQL Update Statements in single query
List all JIRA tasks that are not blocked by other tasks
Set mod_reqtimeout to unlimited time for a specific folder
extern alias 'xxx' was not specified in a /reference option
Nested Routes Broken: Rails 3
Stream videos from Django application
Problems using netbeans 7.01 with CMake 2.8.6
鈥淭he ConnectionString property has not been initialized鈥�error in VB.NET
Liferay 6.1 pagination
How to extract a particular value from a string in c#
How to obtain a reference to the default ASP.NET page handler or web-services handler?
Preventing tooltip display for hyperlinks in IE
How to setup circular reference in maven modules?
Auto-Start application / global.asax / wcf service when IIS7 starts automatically
Does the actual lock matter when deciding to use volatile?
CRUD Operations on Underlying POCO data via OData/WCF Data Services
jQuery list hover
How to load assembly into different application domain?
How do I skip an eunit test?
Nullable class members to represent mathematical unknowns
Test http post w/o a client?
Assigning a default value to a generic
XML design: describing files that have control characters in their names
How to make sure AppDomain.CurrentDomain.AssemblyResolve event is always fired?
Bind DateTime.Now using MVC3 Razor
Do multiple versions of xcdatamodel mean that we need multiple xcmappingmodel files?
jsTree, hover_node, event
Does the Presenter Perform GUI Logic in the MVP Pattern?
Javascript var inside a c# function inside Javascript
reusing data read from XML file
Web service runs but database record does not get inserted
Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {} failed
Adding Images to Drawable Folder from a Server
Run T4MVC tranformation from command-line [duplicate]
Codeigniter unable to load upload library when called in model
How does Clojure ^:const work?
Every DirectX SDK based application runs slow
Need help forming SQLite join query
Google Chrome not selected when ran using RF and Selenium
Android native project referencing shared library from c++ library project
Rails nested routing + shallow edit not working
XSLT: all elements to div elements with class attribute = original element name
Padding is invalid and cannot be removed
Is it possible to have PostgreSQL function return 鈥渁rbitrary鈥�type?
When to show Alert for Startup and coming out of background?
does Android market validate app versions not yet released?
How to return the caller of setOnClickListener?
ShareActionProvider with a split ActionBar
apply sequence values to ordered subset of table records
Instance of abstract class InputStream
How to install django-utils?
iphone flip is zooming in (against my will)
Using JOIN to match 1st result
What are other possible reasons of that my java applet fails in IE9?
Android How to get last user response time
How to calculate dBr from the volume on IOS
Get HID Device data only from my delphi application
Give Access to folder(s) with LDAP authentification to certain OUs with Apache?
C2DM - role sender account
Get DataGridView ColumnHeaders values without scrolling the whole grid
Multiple axis/scales on a XY-plot in R
Display only directories names in one directory
Function which applies its argument to itself?
How do I get the time of the previous '4 am'?
attach event in loop, javascript
Is it possible to start console process from ruby GUI script (.rbw)
Styling indeterminate progressbar on ActionBar
Android device orientation in Layar
Removing application title and changing taskbar icon
DynamicJasper Excel and HyperLinks
jQuery/javascript optimization
Return Select inside a Column [duplicate]
Knockoutjs treeview lazy loading: child nodes not showing
Integrating MSM with ggplot2
.htaccess %{REQUEST_URI} trailing slash and Zend Cache
Keeping track of random number and stopping loop
JFreeChart: overlapping bars in XY chart that have the same value
Setting an Outlook mailitem's category programmatically?
Convert XPathNavigator to HtmlAgilityPack's HtmlNode
How to select a road on Google Map?
Mixing C++ ABIs to build against legacy libraries
Eliminating Singletons
ios AUGraph pitch shifting in ios 5.0
Cannot connect to a database using Symfony2
Wrong result in a project euler 31
AS3 - gotoAndStop() from inside a custom class
Why crash if I release the NSIndexSet parameter passed to insertSections:withRowAnimation:
Get position in table with LINQ [closed]
Resizing images using php
JBoss AS6 Realm configuration
What might be wrong with this MongoDB update $set query via PHP?
Securing Rails API with https
Model validation does not work in rails 3.2.1
WCF and WebLogic SAML interop
Fetching Response value [duplicate]
The recommended way to register a new user for my android application
Youtube in iframe on facebook - Z-index issue
Rails 3.2 Asset Pipeline with Passenger Endless Errors
How to integrate org.apache.tika source to my project?
What are good light-weight design patterns for avoid nulls in Java?
Android Background: Image placement with a color
Convert html to word
How can I SELECT a query by incrementing days?
How to write a:visited in inline CSS?
Converting letter 'A' to number 0 vb
MVC3 Controller null parameter using json.stringify
Keep multiple lines after processing textarea content through $_POST
Publish custom application on android market
How to integrate Magento with Oracle? How to create adapter/interface for the same?
Call multiple functions from one Click event
How can I align a varchar field to the right in TSQL?
Variable must provide either dimension expressions or an array initializer--ErroR
Android adb over Wifi install apk
Apply a Template : ASP.net mvc3
WiX: Abort installation if a specific executable is not in the PATH
Android simple widget
How to update object values in database when ModelState is invalid
High-performance realtime data display
I am having trouble publishing actions with Facebook open graph as the session has expired. How do I fix this?
Several PHP pages with processing in Drupal
Dynamically creating X number of class objects
Can prerelease NuGet packages be displayed in VS Package Manager UI?
How to fill multiple input fieds with one MySQL query
Equivalent inet_addr for interface name (eth0, etc.) C/C++, Linux [duplicate]
I'm trying to find the security holes in this C code for a queue
PowerShell ISE how to automate new tab creation with ScriptBlock closures?
xCode / iOS - Help needed making a core data search predicate work
How do i auto increment a field in foxpro
Lucene performance impact of returning large result sets
Group concat limit 1
PDO Prepare statements
Reading document tags from C# application on Windows server 2008
How to distinguish constant lists from dynamically created lists?
SerializationException for dynamically loaded Type
Delete all rows with partial match string Excel 2007
Reflecting a DLL that is also a part of the project type collision
How to extract multiple zip files in a directory using MSBuild
C++11 on the fly construction inconsistency
fatal: Not a valid object name: 'master'
StyleCop SP0100 error for Application_Start in Global.asax
Need java applet to help test screen reader
Jquery Ajax element.ready possible?
server to client connection with PHP
passing an id in session in codeigniter
Using width 1170px with bootstrap.css (responsive)
Cartesian product traverse in scalaz
Zend Framework with subdomains
How to get absolute xpath by passing the xElement name in XmlDocument or XDocument?
Java SSL Exception - 鈥淧rime size must be a multiple of 64鈥︹�
PHP-MySQL Message system [closed]
V8 C++ API Store Function Pointer?
Webbrowser is not disposing itself
How to detect site listing in DMOZ directory from PHP
Packaging a GPL'ed utility with an application
Controllers in Rails app
Git remote ssh url
Python Nose: Log tests results to a file with Multiprocess Plugin
Android GPS false location retirieved
XPath 1.0 return string as node list
Seperate HTTP connection results (PHP echo)
where put db connection function in a web page [closed]
How to place socket.io and http servers in different processes but using the same host and port?
Architecture around processing single and batch requests simultaneously
How to style only direct children?
IntelliJ how to map keyboard shortcut to new 鈥渢emplate鈥�
Not able to properly set up the path of java in Windows 7 , 64 bit
Map Kit On PhoneGap 1.4.0
asset pipeline InternalError: too much recursion
Assigning hidden field to a variable
How do I change the phone number of an android emulator
How can I enter multiple Unicode strings (including right-to-lesft reading order) in Java source file?
How do I round up numbers when updating global prices in Magento using PHP script?
Error in Doctrine PHP relation -> Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'e.id' in 'on clause'
Elegant way to stop release compilation with error
Facebook Login for Websites: Best practice to handle user Facebook logout?
MySQL InnoDB DECIMAL - data size driven by column declaration or by actual data?
Escaping .NET regex pattern for javascript
Building Stats with jqPlot
application pool stopped on webrequest
What do dots mean when Apache Ivy is downloading something?
Comparing character vectors in R to find unique and/or missing values
What version of Unicode is supported by the .NET platform or how can I use higher planes?
Javascript code for chrome extension
Best way to index database table data in Solr?
Asynchronous image download
How to change web browser control visiliblity from collapsed to visible on a button click
RSA_sign() segfaults unpredictably
FB Like to status on my page
ClickOnce and both Update and Install folder
Is there a light alternative to jQuery Mobile for just page transitions? [on hold]
JavaScript .checked on radio buttons acting odd
Slight differences in MD5 hash of file between VC++ and Python
Error consuming .NET Web service with jQuery
Apple Enterprise Developer Distribution Certificate appears in keychain, not in Xcode Organizer
F# alternative List Syntax
Secondary sorting in DevExpress GridView
sencha touch :: how to supress orientation change
Is there a lightweight framework for mobile apps that will also leave my existing site mostly alone
Special characters in R language
Checking the type of a link in Sitecore
Facebook Social Comments Plugin not able to link to post content
How to set Silverlight CurrentUICulture/CurrentCulture correctly?
Can't get more than 50 messages through Graph API
Remove imageView sublayer from TableViewCell
jQuery or jQuery Mobile?
value of date data is different in database and resultset
GPU Timings with OpenGL on MacOSX
Problems while trying to save gestures to GestureLibrary
Storing and evaluating nested string elements
Deserializing XML to builders using target class annotations
Irregular Shape Comparison
Webbrowser control printing problems
Jquery Get returning 404 Error but still returns answer
Force Content-Type text/html
Playing sound in WebView from JavaScript
Action bar implementation with ActionbarSherlock
VS2008 PDB file size limit redux: LNK1201, too
Easiest method/library to draw directed graphs (out to a .jpg file) in C++
Autocomplete AJAX request is not permitted in IE
FileSystemWatcher Network Disconnect
Java Lucene NRT search not working
How to make concat task fail on error?
Rewrite part of URL with a specific query string to different domain
Google Chrome unresponsive on simple CSS page - how to fix?
Android NDK: how to make the command 鈥渘dk-gdb --help鈥�work in console?
Perl: using grep to extract a pattern matching substr of a file line
NavigateToString not working on startup
Getting TimeZoneInfo by CountryCode [duplicate]
coloring sectors in barplot using Matlab
Demo ember.js with cakephp
MongoDB - Duplicate Entry Comes in Collection
How does cron handle the 鈥渄ay鈥�field?
MongoDB - Duplicate Entry Comes in Collection
How does cron handle the 鈥渄ay鈥�field?
Windows Authentication With WMI
how to get data from Core Motion on iOS
Spring MVC - AbstractPdfView iText jar version
Why Google Chrome scroll down to end of the page when page is refreshed?
Need jqGrid inline editing to have focus go to clicked cell
splitting on pipe character in perl
How can I change href attribute onmouseover using jQuery?
CFStreamCreatePairWithSocketToCFHost CFStreamCreatePairWithSocketToHost and allocations
Using Jquery Hide List 2 in Nested Divs
Changing Twitter logo in twitter feed
Calculate cheaper price by more quantity in javascript
jQuery Tabs in Backbone View
AS 3.0 stop timer
how to use SOH and ETX in xslt-1.0
sort XML tags into alphabetical order
UITableView not populating from UIView
JNDI: Naming Service vs Directory Service
Disable Chrome 鈥減lugin not responding鈥�message
Extracting required parts from JSON data?
How to parse xml with HTML tags in between android
Creating a chat application from scratch [closed]
PSD to HTML/CSS, looking for best solution
How does iPhone app remember me feature works?
confusion about the equality of codebase when using loadfrom?
Fundamental Frequency by Cepstral Method
Scala - Nested loops, for-comprehension and type of the final iteration
Mismatching colours on two layers (ggplot2 v0.9)
Develop desktop application to update sharepoint 2010 list [closed]
Mobile to Mobile Remote Access using Android
BufferedReader maxing out at 76 Bytes
How to use Haskell higher order function foldr to calculate length of a string
slime doesn't work in emacs24
PHP: get attributes value of xml
Yii user module error
How to check if an enum variable is valid?
Connect 2 computer via lan to view website
Why won't this work comparing a variable in PHP?
ChromeDriver blocks and does not fail after unexpected Alert box
Select joined tables in EF
Verify XMLDSIG chain in .NET?
child div overlapping rounded (with radius) container when at width of 2%
DDD - Entity creation and validation responsibility
Updating each column with different value [closed]
Threading functions with VB.net
plugin-info.html not being generated for Maven site
html float right set the span in new line
Forms Authentication search by username and email address
procedure cursor return variables and loop over query
Forms Authentication search by username and email address
procedure cursor return variables and loop over query
Control over 3rd party plug-in components
how can i get the text box for a view? in my controller
SSE: convert short integer to float
How to load DropDownList with HTTPService in other class
Android.com's homepage animation
how to have 2 actions on 1 submit button
Handle the DataContext in EntityFramework 4.0
Multiple regEx matches
Check for RegEx required
FLOT data from MySQL via PHP?
How to start a new session (PHP, WAMP)?
Will Silverlight 5 run on a Windows 2000 Sp4 + IE6 machine? [closed]
GtkBuilder ignores .ui file
How can I get Selenium Web Driver to wait for an element to be accessible, not just present?
Data container for fast lookup and retrieval
Error installing pymssql on Mac OS X Lion
URL without 鈥渉ttp,https鈥�
Java NIO2 - Return a recursive Collection<Path>
Submitting a form with mechanize (TypeError: ListControl, must set a sequence)
Eclipse/Junit 鈥淭est class not found鈥�when subclassing BlockJUnit4ClassRunner
Javascript implementation of emacs [closed]
mercurial how to retrieve a real user who performed hg push
Dynamic height div
The sign of the modulo operator result?
Incrementally detecting dominators in DAGs
Extending the Android Text-To-Speech(TTS) language pack
Multiple session-less requests to a page (which interacts with database) results in HTTP Error 500
PHP Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource [duplicate]
Using environment variables in Tomcat/Catalina Context docBase configuration
Parsing with XSL
Scrapy 's Scrapyd too slow with scheduling spiders
How to lazy load views programmatically from storyboards
AccessViolation during PInvoke
How should the MySQL Decimal datatype be used in php?
Core data fetch request optimization with segment control
Change color of shadow for an ImageView on Android
Where do I find the selenium-server Maven dependency?
Passing two arrays from one method to gather user info from another method C#
GirdView with a large first item
Regex required for renaming file in C#
Programmatic TFS 2010 Event registration + error HTTP code 415: Cannot process the message because the content
How to skip one view from listview?
ASP.NET application always redirects back to login page when a domain name is applied
Performance and DOM Loading using vendor specific prefixes for CSS3
sort NSFetchedResultsController on IBAction
Breaking up a large script into smaller batches
How to use Objects.function if Objectsname is taken from String
Spring Security and the Proper Way to Verify that User has Access to a Resource
Using stl in an Android adb shell native program
Publish Single Worksheets in Excel Services Web Part on Sharepoint 2010
How to verify if the JComboBox is empty?
Finding Distinct Words between 2 sentences in java
What is this syntax in VB.NET?
Loop inside Namespaces of an assembly?
android monkey restart apps automaticlly
Url Rewrite from one page to another
repast simphony relogo tutorial Zombies; Has anyone come across the following warnings
Import Node into new Document
can't capture Home key event when i have call setType(TYPE_KEYGUARD)
check if a process runs on a remote machine for a certain user
TextBlock color animation in TabControl
How to invoke a method when using reflection?
CSS width: auto acting strange
size of iframe does not adjust after reload
jqGrid - how to find iRow (index of the row) from rowId (table pri key)
how to get the value of dialer in android-application?
How can I prevent Google engines to reference links-and-previews sections of my website
Understanding Appcelerator Ti.include & require
Apache HttpClient 4.x behaving strange when uploading larger files?
Android : how to play music and record from the mic at the same time?
Java - for a class B defined (as static) inside class A, what does B.this mean?
Polygon Intersection [duplicate]
Delphi: Migrating from BDE to DBExpress Tutorial
MVC3 Resource not found - Default area page
Hide a ASP.Net label in Javascript on KeyPress
Want to register my SIP_Server
Building an HTTPPing that can overide a Host File
Why 'history' doesn't output anything in tcsh when commands come from a file?
KnockoutJS options binding with duplicate values
Find dead code in JSPs using PMD
vb.net if statement using the value of hash in URL
Ajax Rating Control in updatepanel in repeater
Initialize Boost shared_ptr in constructor
How to properly load resources in a website made mostly with ajax?
How do I get g++/gcc 4.6 on my Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal)?
Node.js running under IIS6
Android: start activity from opengl rendererr
iCalendar parse from url (http)
R packages in archive
android phonegap application issues in jQuery and UI design
NHibernate Webapp With Multiple Databases Which SessionContext To Use
adding two consecutive numbers in a list
Android LinearLayout Line Breaks in XML
xtext and junit pde
IOS UISlider non continuos approximate value
Assignment operator inheritance
open file on server for local editing using php
The apk must be signed with the same certificates as the previous
Merge insert Primary Key violated
How to avoid passing around an IOC Container
lists of discriminated unions in fsharp
javascript Object MVC Canvas 'class' decloration
Why does Apache fail to restart after editing the conf file?
How to convert a date format to different date format in java?
What files are required for using dataTable?
To align Outer grid and inner grid equally
Can AppDomainManager be loaded by ProvideAssembly from a CLR Host?
How to add action specific asset pipeline items?
Zend framework: 鈥渦rl not found鈥�only with index controller, only if lowercase
Titanium: How to remove background of Search bar?
BlackBerry Field Alignment
How to define a SPIN rule?
iOS SKStore: Cache product results
Unable to copy input field value to another?
Import directive not giving access to the class
Parse key value pairs in a text file
Getting android.content.res.Resources$NotFoundException: exception even when the resource is present in android
Using HttpGet on Android
Disposing of an object that has 2 streams
Change the order of options in a dropdown list based on the text
Using '/' with long double?
Ordinary Queue vs SEDA Queue
iOS : Transfer Scroll Gesture on a View to Another
Javascript display = 'block'
Applying a perspective transform to a MKMapView
Is it possible to use a derived type variable with the shared attribute inside an OpenMP parallel region?
Zend_Config_Xml get value from tag with atributes
Google API's client library for Java 1.6.0-beta, correct dependencies / jars for using with Android?
SQL Rounding Percentages to make the sum 100% - 1/3 as 0.34, 0.33, 0.33
C# Ebay Product API SOAP create a call
HTTParty and ampersand
Use of ActionBarSherlock library get error 鈥淩 class can not be resolved鈥�
Chunk list of strings by common prefix
How do i add a toolbar to my layout in extjs?
passing RGB value to CGContextSetRGBStrokeColor is not working properly
The New Villa Acm solution strategy
jQuery DateTimePicker Not displaying the first time field gets focus
How do you store and replay JDBC statements?
What exactly does org.apache.commons.lang.builder.CompareToBuilder do?
Retrieve XDocument only when modified using Rx + WebRequest + XDocument.Load
SEAM Solder @RequestParam in @ViewScoped Bean with AJAX
editRow does not work in jqGrid
Css Drop down not working in FTL
$this->Auth->user() does not return 'id'
Format a string that has extra curly braces in it
Enable Http PUT requests on .NET MVC
Sub / Function array parameter altered
Solving (dense) linear system Ax=b using boost
Solving (dense) linear system Ax=b using boost
An in place Partition which returns the Pivot position
ExpandableList example not displaying correctly
replace old values to new values in xml
Only keep the first N elements of an array in PHP?
Select all links in page section defined by HTML comments
Firefox 3.6 required inputs
Salesforce Metadata apis
Can I programmatically set the position of ComboBox dropdown list?
issue in using soap webservice iphone
Using correlated subquery in SQL Server update statement gives unexpected result
Sending Json string to .asmx web service causing HTTP 500
How to post a link to Event's feed?
mpmovieviewcontroller not working in iPad application?
Why is Property execution slower than Field or Method execution?
How do you pass statements through an addEventListener?
Using both __setattr__ and descriptors for a python class
Themes, virtual path and base href
Apache or Nginx to serve Django applications? [closed]
Rails 3.1 Controller Query using Devise
iOS5 using ARC: Implicit conversion of int to NSDictionary
Which eclipse is the best fit for Android development ?
eval(base64_decode issue
I can not create thread in the window service
use stepAIC on a list of models
Weighted Random Order with jQuery Cycle
why hidden field value won't be updated
Asset.images slow? How do I execute functions so they don't freeze the browser?
HTML5 video & Chrome/Webkit
Uploading code to show to others
C# Winforms DatagridView - setting different Color of button for different row
how to give re.search() a line from a file
uploading video to facebook with javascript, without php
Displaying Arabic Text in J2me Using Eclipse
Getting the good row in a MySQL GROUP BY query
Detecting established VPN when iDevice is using 3G/UMTS/Edge
PHP + CSV: need to fill in the 2nd (second) column
Visual C++ Stopwatch
Sql (mysql) query test descendant relationship
Can't update UIImage Variable in UIView based on pressing button in xib
Error when trying to do a search with Powershell towards LDAP
Cleaner way to reference the selector name
IMediaSample(DirectShow) to IDirect3DSurface9/IMFSample(MediaFoundation)
.NET api for document screenshot?
JQuery to set Image SRC as body background-image
WebViewFragment webView is null after doing a FragmentTransaction
Android compatibility issue with small screens
jQuery Stop .animate for few second and play another animate
Linked dylibs built for retain/release but object files built for GC-only for architecture i386
How to perform this in update in Go? (Google App Engine)
MongoDB alternative to $exists
Multiple Template Instantiation
two different data-role=鈥減age鈥� 2nd page event is looking for js in 1st page
Not able to read subprocess output
JSON returned data formating
Can image be displayed in javascript Alertbox
Legend Colors not being displayed in Flex Mobile Project?
Drupal 7, How to change pager limit?
Is there any security benefit to encrypting session variables? [closed]
Forcing type of a generic parameter be an interface instead of a specific class
XQUery collections: deleting?
Can I emulate a click of an element by html value of it?
in a well-constructured cms-type system where in the architecture should a business object be created?
Javascript Onclick Issue
Chained classloader conundrum
Event Page - ATTENDING OR NOT ATTENDING - How would I implement this?
Multithreaded server, send data independently?
Extract xml request file through stub in web-services
linked server update issue
java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused: connect under load
Assign a field a value from another table, based on another fields value
Getting error while starting mongo shell
intercepting the openat() system call for GNU tar
submit button issue with jquery and php
What's the most efficient way to periodically read files from network shared folder?
SmartGWT LiveGrid unable to apply style to grid records programmatically
Android Relativelayout Programmatically
Query to get the percentage of orders placed by a customer
Custom filters in Spring
Changing href attribute of a div twice with javascript does not work in IE9 [duplicate]
SurfaceView error inflating layout
Can we change select tag normal scrollbars to webkit-scrollbars using CSS Property -webkit-scrollbars
request.getSession() is null
Eclipse plugin for javascript development in jsp?
Hint Form and Focus
MySQL and C# issues executing query
installing codeigniter sparks manager on windows
How to securely communicate with my own Windows Service
Debug Phonegap for window phone
Summarize data in Excel with VBA
Removing multiple items from ArrayList, shifting indexes
how to send an e-mail automatically when a row is inserted in the database?
CSS multicolumn with image flow
UJS - where do I put the js.erb?
Create While and Focus
C++ pass by reference to constructor. Will member be a full private copy?
engineyard deploy block in replace_bin_path: can't find executable rake error
Java rest framework with programmable dispatcher?
Targetting a variable with a toggle button
how to make layout to work on all size in android
how to make layout to work on all size in android
php redirect from include file
Left join with condition
Why isn't dispatchEvent firing?
Chosen select an option by default with jQuery
STL set intersection and the output
Do MySQL indexes automatically take in account ORDER BY?
Front End Media Uploading in Wordpress
How do I configure a domain name using poweradmin
JPA Empty Not to Update Annotation
IOS animation finalizing
How to Access Server Certificate information in Objective C?
Render multiple actions (with views) in Yii