Is there an alternate to metamorph script tags in Ember.js?
Singly linked list of words
Require password on anonymous checkout
Is there a JSR-330 equivalent of Spring's @Value annotation?
A star c++, what is wrong
Blackberry HttpConnection prob to run in simulator
Convert to nginx rewrite rule
Put a message from PL/SQL to a JMS Queue running OpenJMS Server
wcf webservice not running
PHP Namespace - Declare classes with the same name
How to Get DB Field name from ConstraintViolationException - Hibernamte
(Potentially odd) long increment behavior?
Xcode Instance method not found
Regex to match a URL and insert a directory
Selenium RC functionality with java
using int selector for ccmenuitem
How reset multiple scroll down selected menus
TDD in Sharepoint Mocking/Testing user privilages
Listing competition entries by size of network [closed]
Several forms on a page
how to track only the changed values in the repeater
Make a JtextPane looks like eBook
log4j : Logs aren't being updated due to an NameNotFoundException
XSLT output text() of a node with tags in correct position
Changing Style via data binding depending on CheckBox state
Windows form application: How to create 鈥淪peech to text鈥�application in c#? [closed]
PostgreSQL - Dynamic Tables, insert values from Text array in a function
Distributed OSGi: Read timed out
coordinates projection and calibration
Why this SQL executes in MySQL and not through Eclipse?
Cannot prime method call in Rhino Mocks
iOS iterate through NSString
Unit testing class where I simply fetch a value based on a key
How to extract unanswered calls from Asterisk's CDR table (mysql)?
PHP Mkdir if folder doesn't exist, if it does continue but add an incrementing value to the name each time
updating dom text based on click in jquery
Add Reference pointing to a different version than GAC
Email fetcher using Play Framework
Add maximize and minimize button for Jquery Sortable Portlets
Does Google docs have content controls?
C++'s 鈥渟ystem鈥�without wait (Win32)
Primefaces 2.2.1 Refresh datatable and stackedBarChart
php mail function
C: Memcpy vs Shifting: Whats more efficient?
curl cli post fails HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request
Are there any efforts building an object-CMIS-model-mapper / other higher level abstraction under way?
groupby and orderby in web2py
How to write a regexp with AND operator?
ADO.NET Entity Framework custom classes, the right choice?
Zend: Errors encountered while getting ContentSwitch helper
What is the strategy pattern with reversed flow of control?
How to send HttpPost request to php script at server
error Exception in thread 鈥渕ain鈥�java.lang.NullPointerException
playframework debug mode DuplicateMemberException
Prevent 鈥渇ake-client鈥�for ios app
for loop in C error
can't get height set in variable
Which kind of resources are protected by a QMutex?
Why does clojure's group-by not always maintain order?
ffmpeg watermark first 30 second
Why MySQL adds extra digits to floats?
How can I extract specific links in Wikipedia articles using jsoup?
htaccess: Redirect entire subfolder to root
Missing templates from `<cmath>` header in VS 2010
Proper JSON response for 3 table SQL query
Is this weird response from my Application?
Time mismatch in mongo shell
Customizing jQuery UI dialog
Using View in MXML
Retrieving Stock Quotes using Eclipse - Error: The value of the local variable is not used
How to Join Two tables in Two differnet Database?
Searching and Updating a Multi-dimensional array
refere to full version in my app [closed]
Wrong compass heading values with CoreMotion
fadeIn fadeOut by button
sending sms using cron job and php
How do I format MVC Route parameters?
Does Handler work between processes?
How can I start Mule 3 embedded with minimum dependencies?
multi module pom with different logback.xml per module
Launch an android application with different resource file
CVE-2011-4885 security issue and PHP 5.2
database file doesn't appear in my explorer
batch process to sync opportunity contact roles with custom object
LightBox won't open - Probably some JavaScript mistake
Azure references incorrect DLL
Why Is It Not To Approach Classification Through Regression?
which side of cell was clicked
image to follow scrollbars
Embedding a Facebook app within my Iphone app
How to get a field, where another field has is max value
Encoding, datatypes & packed repeated fields
Filtering on multiple fields using Excel (2007) VBA
Want to bind object within object in grid view. Is this possible?
How to keep visible current, next and before item in PathView QML?
Python gives NotImplementedError for posix grp functions on AIX
Unexplainable error while parsing JSON
How to resolve not allowed to bind service intent? [closed]
Simple HTTP Request vs Web Service
Issue with clearing multiline textbox in WinForms application
Anchor Tag Not working in Event Receiver
A database system for stat counting
Targeting `el` and `$el` correctly
facebook friend requests
Extending form validation in Codeigniter
showing values instead of labels value in input field with jquery-autocomplete
Sencha Touch: Reload NestedList and TreeStore after proxy URL change
Excel - paste from another .xls file?
Android: Application context issue in in-App purchase Dungeon class
Run a bash script within another script
no data found in wordpress admin panel
Merge periodes in java
Does OData4j request a response in JSON format or convert the response to JSON format? (Android)
Combine order method on rails app
PHP Variables, Is it more efficient to use local copys of object vars in class methods
jQuery MouseEnter with Ajax prob?
Override bundle config files
Canvas.GetTop not updated after Element drag
How Median Function work in Sql Server
Rewrite all requests from a single directory to a script - .htaccess
Append or prepend selected text to a file in Vim
How to center modal window in css+html?
Including class files PHP
Regex get all text from # to quotation
Search ReadAllBytes for specific values
Perform action upon django model status modification
How do I flow a ul around a floated img
Eclipse Can't find & install SDK platform Android 1.6 API 4
mySQL 5.5.17 / Workbench 5.2 synchronize fails (errno: 150)
how to Get all Images from any WebPage (in iphone)
Generics: Get name of instance
How to bind usercontrols in xaml?
Tasklet or Workqueue for handling hw FIFO in linux
Is it possible to upload a file via GWT RPC Servlets?
java static import
Evaluating userid to true
spring aop for only for specific methods
Is there any limitation for IF condition while using 鈥淥R鈥�in vb?
Mod_rewrite, 301s and slashes
How do I parse LLVM IR
How set paging in PHP?
coldfusion struct in function argument
Java client to WCF service interop with mutual certificate - Cannot resolve KeyInfo for verifying signature
Exception in thread 鈥淎WT-EventQueue-0鈥�java.lang.NullPointerException
Go to back directory browsing after opening file in vim
How to run JavaScript code with Crawljax
Is this an elegant way to make elements fade in while scrolling?
Start multiple console apps from a batch file
Address format in Honeycomb / ICS
Read the Meeting Request start time and End time in VSTO outlook plugin
VBA run time error 91
How to get the length of an entered argument with GNU get opt
Rails - cannot destroy a record
jQuery EasySlider slider within slider?
A tool in Xcode to check wether a function retains or not?
Java FX 2 CSS Pseudo Classes
Pythons platform.system() gives me str object has no attribute system but only in script
Winapi: createWindow in plugin
How to detect USB port on android?
Overview of the Linux kernel's role in Android OS
downloading dynamic webcontent through Scrapy (python 2.7)
iOS development: guaranteed top layer
Ninject constructor injection in WPF
How to send large filterlist in LINQ to SQL
Is it possible to use KnockoutJS with a masked input?
EasyMock and Unitils equivalent to Mockito @ InjectMocks
Unicode Error using JSON
Json.NET converting from json to xml
Unused methods in a Visual Studio extension interface
OOP Design for Card Game Classes
Master Page's Page_Load method fires twice
I can't access my virtualhost with ServerName
XML node: add an attribute with a namespace
In SQLAlchemy-migrate, what's the point of using 鈥渢est鈥�
Generating very large URL (>60,000 characters)
How to port hashlib from python to c#
jQuery Ajax call causing IE8/7 to crash when data returned from WCF service
ASP.Net module to block DOS attacks
Simulating Human Interface Device via Bluetooth
Partial Mock Test fails on call in Private Method that was called from Mocked method call
Close jqModal dialog without setting jqmClose-tag in class-attribute of an input-button
Adding www to urls with url rewrite
avoid initial load for 鈥�auto_refresh = setInterval 鈥�
Reduce If Statements For MySQL Query
how to create Tab bar application ui in blackberry鈥�
Avoiding overlapping OnNext calls in Rx when using SubscribeOn(Scheduler.TaskPool)
Scala implicit conversion issue
jQuery select and submit
Finding the words that start with a given letter from a list
jProfiler can't find JVM
What is the reason python handles locals() this way (in pairs)?
How to rewrite htaccess flat link to real query url
Why click event is not propagating?
How to hide table if a variable empty
Access 2007 Backend for multiple locations - shared vs isolated database approach
Silverlight Accordion. How to shrink to content on data bound collection
Based on Cell Content, copy data from different sheet
How to bind class member in a collection
Android Java: is this a good way instead enums?
Forcing UIAlertView into landscape mode
Implementing double click event using timer
OS specific instructions in CMAKE: How to?
ruby count for object attribute
How to trigger a powershell script if some new items added in sharepoint
Rails show method not returning associated objects
HTTP Error 503 - But only when using domain name to navigate
= not defined for std::search when using const string&
How dynamic is LESS CSS?
Trying to find the path to excel by searching the registry
How to design database schema for Users, Products and sub products?
Elastic Search vs Sunspot comparison on features
How to Report the Progress to Hadoop Job to avoid the Task getting killed of timeout?
How to extract just username in XpathQuery?
Malloc failing when called via ctypes from a c thread
Cascade deleting on Helper table
Create table automatically according to input file in mysql
Multicolor Gradient for Text
How to process data outputted by $.post in jquery?
OLEDB with updating excel cells
DataSet and DataGridView Datasource binding
boost::any destructor crash
How to initialise Constructor of a Nested Class in C++
How to set Android version in Eclipse?
Django trigger parent model save when editing inline in admin
Simulate SSL termination with IIS Express
VS2010 complaining about Microsoft.VisualBasic dependency
Simple web service [closed]
How to format multi-line cell of numbers in Excel?
Python IRC bot is responding endlessly
jBPM How to implement Decision
Mod_rewrite rules - remove folder name
URL issue with tomcat include project name
How to get data from SQL for autocomplete with JQuery?
How to put padding/spacing in-between list view item and scroll bar [Android]
How to integrate a list of contacts with mobile phone numbers into an WP7 app?
AVAudioRecorder Not updating peakPowerForChannel iphone
dir_util.copy_tree fails after shutil.rmtree
Javascript and CSP - best practices
Why image's resolution from Camera.PictureCallback() is the size of PreviewSize?
XML highcharts file creation using java
Internet Explorer tries to open Excel on Jboss server and fails
How to remove WooCommerce plugin dependency from Wootique theme?
Aggregate root updated when child modified
Facebook connect button language change
How to upgrade my application lower version to new version in iphone?
a different object with the same identifier value was already associated with the session: 10, of entity: Sales.Entities.Ttable1
WP7: Move a control
Spring IDE version of eclipse won't allow me to install the Eclipse Market Place
sending headers and post data via NGINX to a secondary server asynchronously
what is the difference between views and context? [duplicate]
Not able to create Word documents using Open XML for SDK
jquery selector negative or null
oracle - create a view with a primary key
Why do ContinueWhenAll and ContinueWhenAny have unsupported TaskContinuationOptions?
Do we have any Python client implementing STOMP 1.1 & auto failover support?
How we can make array of map view region?
In C#, what is the best way to find out if a class has a property (using reflection)
regular expression to get data out of a string
adding a key to other users in the registry using admin account programmatically
vertical marquee effect in FLEX
Full height columns without scroll [closed]
Search a pattern in .gz file in C
How to create a Windows projector .exe from a Flex application using a Mac
Facebook app request issue
Macro declaration giving errors
Simple gallery app ios
Sort a List with OrderBy
'No Transport' Error w/ jQuery ajax call in IE
using is operator in actionscript 3.0
GridView getMeauredHeight() or getHeight() gives 0
Using google directions and adding to a map
Missing files in installation of InstallShield 2011 LE on Windows 7?
Refresh Cache in Hibernate
Apache 2 + mod_wsgi + WSGIScriptAlias
EXC_BAD_ACCESS error on starting application
How to add a URL in the description field in Facebook by using dialog/feed javascript?
Mapping inherited fields
Does this temporary reference survive long enough?
jquery ui buttonset to select a checked radio button
Howto anchor a Group of Elements to a specific TextFrame in InDesign CS5 javascript
How to use GROUP BY to calculate intervals
load html in flex 3.5 and more
Set up dot instead of comma in numeric values
Properties strategy in a webapp aplication
Custom attributes for custom product type
Updating price programatically
Widget update results in ANR
core data search issue iOS 5
FBO: render to texture, wrong texture mapping when drawing rendered texture
Delay Java Step Execution
How to check if the PIN has a certain value
Protecting key in a file
change UITableView setBackgroundColor if UISearchBar is populated
Unexpected result - MySQL SELECT based on date comparisons
Avoid Document.Ready getting fired from UserControl
ajaxComplete issue
Georgia font does not render correctly on Windows
How to test AJAX with Ruby on Rails?
What does ISO-8859 in `file` mean?
JSON parsing issue
How to use onSearchRequested() in fragments?
How to profile methods in Scala?
How come I get 鈥淓RR_ACCESS_DENIED鈥�when I use python to open a URL (Wikipedia)?
How do I make a smaller range with two given integers? [closed]
is the console output in XCode the equivalent of the error message window in Visual Studio?
svn, sync 2 repos by using post commit trigger scripts
Performing the form redirect when using HTTP POST over HttpWebRequest
PHP dependency class
Integrating Unity with Eclipse - Communication?
Flex and Java Integration
Boolean selection of list
Adding static intent-filter definitions after installation
Compare Huge XML files
jquery minimal rich textbox plugin
XML Schema: replacing imports with corresponding schema
Aptana Studio 3 Freezes While Trying to Find Methods on Auto Complete
Order of processing components in makefile
Android NDK: why ndk-build doesn't generate .so file and a new libs folder in Eclipse?
URL Rewrite/Mod Rewrite .htaccess on Apache and PHP
How to create a pdf using Fpdf in cakephp 2.0?
Am I ok to call a function with a variable that might not be set?
I want to generate excel report for multiple employee
Reading registrys from binary file
Like Box repeating posts since January 2012
gettext binary MO file creating with Java
Compositing images with fresh context?
How to remove top margin from first <p> paragraph after <h2> and top margin from <h2> when it comes after <p>?
Data types for member's table?
How to differentiate the request from Web View or normal browser
IE gives 鈥淓RROR鈥�and 鈥淧ermission denied鈥�for AJAX request
Redirection based on the current Geolocation of the user
Alert in lync when i receive mail from particular mail id
How to check if a device is connected to the system or not?
How to retrieve the current windows logged on user in ADF Model?
c# - save values from 1000s of xmls to excel
IIS and Coldfusion concurrent requests limit
Yii Framework Similar Function to POST and GET
eclipse memory analyzer showing garbage value
Android update ui from handler every second
Aptana: Git merge without fast forward
Download specific files from github in command line, not clone the entire repo
weblogic10.3.4 ear deployment error
Restful Client from WADL
How do I recycle an application pool in IIS 6 through ASP.Net and C#?
QmlApplicationViewer::setFixedSize does not reflect the same size in xwininfo
suppress g++ warning cast from type 'A' to type 'B' casts away constness
How to disable Home button and keep your activity fullscreen?
Why such a high collision rate with my ELF hash implementation
Finding the n numbers of same inner tag content inside a single tag
xsl href not working in chrome
cache: [GET /] miss
how to remove version of iPhone application from apple app store?
Is there a gem or solution to Inviting users from benelux social network site 鈥溾�
bash checking directory existence hanging when NFS mount goes down
How to return after Facebook share on a our site and close the pop up?
How to sort by String value of object in Java
Where to store database connection & global variables in struts 1.3
Like Button customization
Filtering Markdown content in Jade / Node.js
trouble in featching data from tables
jquery onclick hide/show div
can not build a C++ project in visual studio 2010
Checkout not functioning in osCommerce
File size is zero [closed]
Facebook Insights Tab View metric not updating
How do I get MSBuild to generate a platform agnostic COMReference?
Get JSON data from sniffing Apple push notification
SET user defined variable in mysql return null?
Mixed Mode Error when building in Release Mode
CSS div float - top to buttom and left to right
How to make the file command use the magic file generated by update-mime-database command
Safe typecasting inside return
Using replace method to change password
Binding of column width to the ColumnWidth property of a DataGrid does only work at the beginning
how to calculate time difference between two dates? - MySql
Can I add comments to a pip requirements file?
SQL Server 2005 linked server, no tables showing
How to get JDBC binding parameters from Hibernate in JBoss 7?
on Click running twice
How to add to a store of a combobox in extjs 4?
how to set focus on tab till another tab is not selected in blackberry
Intercepting MySQL packets in node.js
Gaelyk eclipse configuration error
Writing JSON using SBJSON
Re: Dynamic Data (using VB.Net) not Populating DropDownList with two Columns of a Table
How to add username in URL (i.e. URL Rewriting)?
Constructing objects via reflection using object's class
Simulate a left join without using 鈥渓eft join鈥�
Apply CSS on button in MVC 3
Adding loading window into ASP.NET website like child window in Silverlight
Can't useroot_path in my Application Controller
Android : Starting new activity using grid view.
cannot target specific element in page
Java code to call my method that adds information to SQLite database for Android app
validate two forms on submit
C2DM - How to push messages to several devices with one sender ID?
How to replace Fragment with Fragment from different class
Extract a list of all methods from JavaDoc
Best way to organise Javascript code in Phonegap apps
Why I get a System.NullReferenceException on this code? [closed]
Iphone splash screen removal in iOS 5
How to pass a value from handler to aspx page as a response
Update value on insert into table in SQL Server
How to add GET parameters to an ASIHttpRequest?
how defines the character encoding language of xml file acording the Area
Powershell Cross Domain Control [closed]
jquery < than and > than .width
Group data from 2 table in mysql
Join operation doesnt give columns of both the tables
extjs loading tree from json file using MVC
An approach to porting a project to another platform
drawing a regular polygon over an image and calculate the area
Sharepoint 2010 Custom properties
Changing the background of a button and sleep
how to encrypt and decrypt pashto language in iphone using sqlite
uitableview searchbar ios5 ARC/storyboard
calling a view controller without pushing its view
Error in fread in C
firefox addon page-mod - when url doesn't match
How can developers use Git with no shared network access? [duplicate]
Android Custom recurring events in calendar
Groovy Eclipse XML RPC - error detecting run time property
INTEGER (0..2**24 - 1) is uint32_t & 0xFFFFFF?
IBOutletCollection (UIbutton)
Unable to close popupScreen in blackberry Application
Determine system halt in c++
Parsing numbers in FParsec
Can we drop CSS property鈥�webkit-scrollbar鈥�from a single node?
Double file extensions
how to make my webpage such that if anyone closes it, then next time when he opens it should start from the same page
How to customize data-prototype in symfony2 form collections?
Issue when scrolltofixed plugin switches to position: absolute
PHP Mail xlsx-file created with PHPExcel as attachment
How to avoid instantiation of variable after button click?
How to avoid instantiation of variable after button click?
Orchard CMS pass data from View to Theme layout
The variables inside an if block cannot be used outside the block in Haskell, what causes this?
how to make a page without any payload just a string in the sourcecode?
What's wrong with this simple python code?
How to program Java wifi Socket to change wireless network without losing the connection?
How to start one activity from another using phonegap?
UITableView experiences choppy scrolling when cell has a UIImageView subview
Is it possible to compare two diffrent region of mapview and find there differencd?
jQuery show hide plugin not working
read-only input while page load
Can I use whatever JDK version I want to create Android apps?
gridrow that has visibility set to collapsed, still reserves a black spots
Using progressDialog in android?
Object related JavaScript confusion
Changing class of div in aspx page using javascript
PHP not parsing variable within double quotes
No line-after-line output from @Test block when running JUnit test with maven
How to maximize performance?
OSQA and Django 1.3.1. error when posting text with URL
How to use 鈥渕ore鈥�and less in query?
Using an enum to specialise a template
How to delete database from SQL Server if .mdf and .ldf file is removed from the machine?
Android ui element animation
Coredata index insert directly in the sqlite file
Correct syntax for searching XMPP server for email?
How to validate windows user?
Enabling logging in JBoss 6.1 final with slf4j
Calling multiple operations on a WCF client
Disable a validation in View MVC
ASPxGridView cell font is not working on IE
Can't configure Xdebug
Where do I start for coding a connection to Filezilla in Android? [closed]
iOS - How to detect if two or more objects collide
git repository with read only permissions
Boost.Locale - Unicode string in C++
managing sessions in rmi application
knockout js - How to do Conditional Binding on a dropdownlist
Array of arrays in PostgreSQL
How to read a CD as a file?
.htaccess rewrite rules
AS3 library for multiuser drawing application
Open-source alternative to syncsort/dfsort? [closed]
Issue with float multiplication and evaluation
Finding values in array using Perl
Intellij IDEA 11 Run Configuration Classpath Problems
Get jQuery UI Datepicker selected date to a PHP Session variable?
Attached property attached only on the first user control instance
Query a thread running time?
Fancybox 2 fails to show AJAX content (鈥淭he requested content cannot be loaded.鈥�
IBM MQ cluster connectivity issue
Is it possible to create a progressbar in arc shape in android?
Light blinking detection in Windows Phone 7
show/hide the tabbar when needed from a view controller
Multiplication with Java, JavaScript, Oracle and Windows Calculator
Simple Client Server communication Broken pipe with Quartz and MySQL and Tomcat (Tomcat Crash)
Buttons in a wx.ListCtrl in wxPython
Set picture to appear in Timeline when page is 'Liked'?
Trying to cat a header into source files but a Unicode BOM is getting in the way
Indicating entity-user relationship in REST APIs
How to skip default encoding done by render or what is the best way to decode it as JSON variable?
Implicit cast to string - toString and int + 鈥溾�
MongoDB : few questions
Server Side Datatable select
How to pass data to another app constantly in iOS? to determine system type - response: 331 Please specify the password
Popup on complete load of HTML page
Comments/Suggestions on database design - Warehouse Stock Management
@font-face alternative for Myriad Pro? [closed]
stop mousewheel's continued effect
Sending an email from a stand alone class (CAKEPHP)
flex broken spark image
overriding the browser's CTRL+F and replace it with Silverlight custom search
how to play the video using youtube data API?
What would a basic database structure for user private messaging look like?
How do I call an additional function based on which HTML element triggered a common handler?
Get the property name of type T in instance of IEnumerable<T>
No ringing event on incoming calls
How to check the last time code was resync'd using SVN?
Create Clustered/Non Clustered Index in view
How can I manually run the hook post-receive on git?
Unable to send sms-notification using twilio api [closed]
How to edit a list item inline using AJAX?
Turn off referential integrity in Derby? is it possible?
Symfony2 FOSUserBundle security
How to set a background image in android
updating a table row, jQuery
Autofac Scanning Assemblies for certain class type
Folding/Hiding duplicate rows in Gridview?
QuickTime API fails with error 2048
Access 2003 Select records with null time
Using orbeon Rest API with other Java application
Clojure - (read-string String calling function
Avoid page switching in a ViewPager until the content on the next page is ready
Large database for jquery mobile and phonegap
Select an Option via jquery by the text
Stored procedure for searching returns error in Oracle [duplicate]
Algorithm: 2D transformation, find outlying pairs of points and omit
Cocoa 鈥�Core Data object graph
Trying to make my iphone app universal. Navigation Controller keeps saying Unbalanced calls
manipulating img src with regex -php
struts2 json do not return value from a variable
JPA group by and Nullable Fields
What is the 鈥渃orrect鈥�way to store a contact's ID in android
What does this block of code mean?
howto resolve this string with jquery?
TinyMCE removes blank elements
Monkey tool in android for mouse event injections
Google maps dynamic load not showing
XmlSerializer: serializing a class property as an attribute of a custom subelement
Regular expression to match three different strings
how to handle time changes for a windows service
issue with gzip input file with size > 64 MB
Android create own View & Field
Multidimensional arrays on Oracle Tutorials
Multiple Custom Variables on Google Analytics
Set up Backgroundworker MVVM, Update a Progressbar
Instance as a static class property
Bulk insert into SQL Server 2008 R2 from XML RAW data
Python-based API with WSDL generator
Draw SQL statement evaluation plan (tree)
Contract-First or Code-First?
Android: get image as we see in gallery instead of the Stratch Image
Figuring out the intended target system of a makefile
How to get baseband version of the device in android?
connect points in ggplot based on specific column values
How to manipulate LDAP using JNDI on websphere?
Django/Python - Check a date is in current week
Triple Stores vs Relational Databases [closed]
IE(8 in 7-compat mode) uses 鈥淍media print鈥�rule - on the screen
MySQL query to get daily differential values
Lines in box aren't wide enough to give box max-width of 30em 鈥�
Adding JQueryMobile Dialog functionality to PhotoSwipe footer
Retrieve second column from List
How can we improve our web development workflow?
Having trouble understanding the tinyxml tutorial and how to use it
take picture method on cameraOverlayView (SOLVED)
Are JAXB library not included by default in JBoss 4.2.2?
Can't access array of objects returned from .net code in VBA
failing to send email with php
what's needed to make hostname resolution work on a lan?
Can I view the LogCat output for a tablet if there is no USB driver for it?
Building a new strategy for Omniauth, but Omniauth can't find it
Secure connect with remote host and check
Intermittent 502 proxy error to Zope / Plone 鈥渆rror reading status line from remote server鈥�
Logging POST data in NGINX and avoiding unnecessary parameters
PHP header content type and UTF-8 encoding
Interact with 3D PDF from Flex or Javascript
how to create page using page tag in windows phone7?
confused about adding fields to a table
What information can Gmaps API supply about my around?
Foursquare API : check if users have the iphone app before redirecting them
PDF's not being served from from Rails app when proxied with Nginx
RSS feed reader plugin for Internet Explorer 6
Joining tables with dynamic sets of data
Error when searching parsed webpage with python and beautifulsoup
Date Picker Should not accept past dates which are less then the current date in android
Cannot SSH to a server using LXDE [closed]
UIPopover: filtering another view
using let operator for Intervals in linq
Import a Actionscript file from a internal package
Web project with git - access rights & groups
error in detecting the device phone number in android application
Zend Http Client
How to get a Facebook user address and user phone number?
Accessing WebSphere API (Admin Console / Wsadmin)
How do I clear a multidimensionl array
Merging bookmarks in mercurial
I am defining actionbars in android. How do I add new actions and on click listener to each action?
Applying conditional style on mouseover or focus
How to set a photo in android via the contacts api
Not able to install SONAR
Windbg and Stack Overflow exception - got crash dump but Windbg output meaningless
Output from python console
Is there a nicer way to write this type of nil check?
jquery animation library identification
How to Import Data or Synchronize Data in isolated Storage of WINDOWS PHONE 7.1 to a SQL Server Database engine?
Restrict while adding item to has_many collection
How to Make the Content 100% height and equal height columns in this layout?
Can I use my old c#-libraries with WinJS?
My VBA Macro Sometimes Works and Sometimes Doesn't
Strange behavior of SmtpClient UseDefaultCredentials property
Image in a DIV - vertical centered
PHP MySQL - Multiple Select Queries returned in while loop
Issue with retrieving JSON with AFNetworking
how to start a single goal / execution in maven
FULL OUTER JOIN with two subselects gives 鈥淥RA-00918: column ambiguously defined鈥�
SQL : most efficient db for stock quotes
Transition Probability Matrix calculation for sentences
ExternalInterface not working in ie9
php cURL script run twice when printing return string
NHibernate SQL Server Suspended Processes
What format is this colour value? 0x000066FF
Lambda Expression to get records from list in a list
Displaying graphics in a Gtk.DrawingArea
Getting null when I call hashTable.get(key)
Maven proxy settings password
iPhone Application Memory Issue
How is multitasking implemented at the elementary level?
onAccessibilityEvent(AccessibilityEvent event) not intercepting notification
How to use multiple instances of the same lib
Java Hbm2ddl, how to generate a 鈥淭imestamp鈥�type in SQL Script
Grails cascade delete
WPF Datagrid Multiple Synchronised Frozen, Collapsable Panes separated by GridSplitter
What is wrong with this loop code
Protocol declaration warning
Hadoop Mapper not running my class
Displaying Items from Two Collections in One ListBox using WPF Datatemplates
Binding an event to all TextBox 'es in a winform
sudzc generates wrong soap request
JavaScript setTimeout and Chrome memory utilization
Differences between C++ string == and compare()?
Make IR variable numbering contiguous
LibSVM training error
obtain single website url from a bunch of http packets?
How to hide columns in JTable so that they can beaccessed using tableModel.getValueAt(row,colHidden)?
ASP.NET 404 httpmodule
JasperReports application throws NoClassDefFoundError: net/sf/jasperreports/engine/JasperCompileManager
sharing contents of a flash website in google plus
Ambiguous overload for 'operator='
Master detail interface with multiple detail table views like
鈥淣ear Real Time鈥�Request with JMS and Loose Coupling Architecture
PyroCMs for some large applictions
How to stop a silverlight OOB application from bouncing on the Mac?
Can JavascriptMVC work with an alternative library to jQuery?
Utility of Annotations as compared to XML files for configuration
connect to DB with java without external jar - is there such a thing?
Drupal loading hierarchy
What is the best Python GUI module to do a project with multiple screens in one window in? [closed]
UnknownTimezoneError Exception Raised with Python Application Compiled with Py2Exe
Hostname resolve using proxy
Glassfish - high CPU usge
How to add button to call a specific number
How do I persist query string throughout a user session without using a cookie?
IS it Possible to show bitmap in parallelogram instead of Rectangle in canvas
Is it possible to authenticate mobile devices in an ASP.NET webapplication using windows-authentication?
How to check if the string size is greater thatn its container's size?
Generate doodle report on post
Grub run in which mode?
Git deleting things mysteriously (edit: actually django-storages)
box2d impulse on release
Fast Gaussian blur on unsigned char image- ARM Neon Intrinsics- iOS Dev
MySQL, MongoDB and Solr
ios animation one by one
facebook's graph gives different shares values, rather than a share button
Hide a Commit Revision from the SVN show log
Get remote data sorted with grand total in jQuery using Java
Any way to be notified when something subscribes to an event / delegate?
Setting timeout milliseconds in npgsql
Why did adding a URL button remove my keyPress ability?
Connect() from ios to ios device in same subnet
Animate opacity hide / show
Need regex for removing <select> and <option> html tag
Resolving Generics with Castle Windsor
TouchJSON on iOS: dictionaryWithJSONString unrecognized selector sent to class
What's the correct term for returning something as an out parameter?
SQLite - user defined function to work with relational data
Clear browser cache, cookies history programatically in android
In app purchase not work
Django/Wsgi/Apache throws Premature end of script errors and none of the usual solutions work
PHP / MYSQL random football timetable
PHP - Session not initializing
phpBB3 - creating forum categories
Visual corruption around rounded corners
Read array from xml file in android
Dynamic query string
How do I copy rows from one MySQL table to another and update one of the values based on a variable
Auto_link with rails_autolink gem - undefined method
Conversion Error while using the FindFirstFile()
Import 3D array from MAT-file using C++
Error while running script selenium RC
Cursor is crashing: Index 0 requested, with a size of 0
Active admin has_many through delete association
git-p4 submit on branch other than master?
Adding an editable numeric cell to celltable
Qt, How does QMutex work ? it seem didn't work
Struts2.0 dojo-Ajax-tag jsp loading
Capistrano tasks not performing within the given scope.
c++ Initializer list
Unescape and convert string encoding
How to embed an image on an Outlook 2007 VSTO
What is the Dojo equivalent of jQuery's innerHeight()?
AES 256 Encryption implementation in android
What's the default value of ConnectTimeout in connection string?
check the given listbox item string is selected or not?
Outlook Email Signature - header?
Searching data from a table using stored procedure in oracle by passing tablename as a parameter
How to add a session value in a handler page and access that in other page
Access to ModuleID and PortalID in asmx webservice file in DotNetNuke
What is the easiest way to create a HostAndPort-Instance if the hostname is 鈥渓ocalhost鈥�
inventory summary Access
I would like to handle an exception in case of re.match returns null
JSON.parse fails in Google Chrome
Android set background color to TextView in styles.xml
Load a dynamic shared library into db2 server
store strings of arbitrary length in Postgresql
What is maximum storage size of IIS7?
How do we remove the inline style of SmartGwt components?
Programmatically change the 鈥淯se by default for this action鈥�
Adding Device UDID to XCode
In SqlAlchemy, should I use classical mapping or the other way?
Java text file rows alignment
How to apply vignette and vintage image filter in app
jquery sort the DOM based on the numbers
JSF2 built in ajax support error : f:ajax not found
git get new file from repository
App won't install : CertPath not validated: null
Configuring Jetty to access a pool of shared objects
Editing a line in a text file using temp file C
How to search for a child in a panel in ExtJs
Getting java.lang ExceptionInInitializerError when intializing ACRA
NSNotification in Objective C [closed]
Releasing invisible buttons with images in UIScrollView
boost thread code ~uintmax_t(0)
How can I receive data from a PBX machine after I get gonnected to it?
random BOOLs in an efficient way for cocos2d
Returning List<T> of instantiated classes from IOC
Where to define a service specific enum in C#?
Datagrid with column headers but no rows
Testing: Entity created but not found in the database
Managed DirectX9 Drawtext behind object
Factory updating the created objects, any design pattern fulfilling this?
Using the RSpec before suite hook with a tag
Serialization with JDBC with MySQL, JAVA REST and Python REST
C++ Google Protocol Buffers: serialize to char*?
Folder is not under version control and is not part of the commit
NaN to Bool conversion: True or False?
ZipArchiveEntry charset-encoding error
Add primary key column in SQL table
Selection of value by jQuery
Switching between the Midlets
autocomplete error coming in jsp/ajax
Determining CPU utilization- solaris unix
Nested placeholders replacing in PHP
Selective consume/pass of Android touchscreen events
Data Structure to use in Java
Android App does not show in emulator
Controlling Carousel in Twitter Bootstrap 2.0
jQuery variable becomes undefined for no reason
delete calendar event
SDL producing black image
Haskell pattern matching concept behind text splitter
list initialization compile error
Calendar system like Google Calendar in Python
Visual Studio 2010 does not include C++ dlls in C# project when published
mysql user variable within an IN where statement
how to convert user local timestamp to gmt timestamp [duplicate]
Installing Python 3's matplotlib library on OS X
Calendar system like Google Calendar in Python
Visual Studio 2010 does not include C++ dlls in C# project when published
mysql user variable within an IN where statement
how to convert user local timestamp to gmt timestamp [duplicate]
Installing Python 3's matplotlib library on OS X
Android: Exception in setting Custom Font
can we use opencart or zen cart on the phonegap for an ipad app
How to write a function returning const char*, which is a modified const char* argument?
Rake db:drop Not working after Upgraded ruby 1.9.3-p0 and Rails 3.2
How can I initialize a IList<IList<string>>?
ASP.NET load HTML on demang
RTF String value of a BMP file
Why isn't my databinding working?
Timeout configuration for spring webservices with RestTemplate
Facebook SDK integration - using a view controller instead of the app delegate
No facebook comments count returned from fb api
datepicker date space issue
Issue related to getting data from persistance class in XPO
Network shares in a Windows Domain
Method not intended for code attribute?
Unloading a window in Firefox
creating an echo timestamp / cannot use pipe in echo string
Hibernate does not delete a DB record when an entity is removed from a collection
Acquiring a country's currency code
Social media's in popup
I need guidelines for implementing an interesting drag and drop feature
Identify the ice_cube schedule
Java EE Subclassing LocalStatelessSessionProxyFactoryBean
What is a Jquery expression to return the gmail compose window?
Table cell disable double click java swing
Handle MouseScroll in ZK
Unable to use jquery plugin using higher version of jquery, while loading two versions of jquery simultaneously
How do I match n words in a regex?
Symfony - sonata, commit to own git repository
separate header, content and footer in yii
Codeigniter mysql join same table twice
Exporting Eclipse RAP war with OSGi bundles with external bundle-path
Tortoise SVN 64 bit: proper options are not coming on folders
How to disable interactions on a FragmentPagerAdapter?
Dynamic Programming algorithms and real world usage
Google maps aren't loaded after ProGuard Obfuscation in Eclipse
Auto-remove custom field with no value on publish
NSTimeInterval 15mins before
Renaming Alphanumeric images with PHP
XML serialization of interfaces
background image somehow covers up all the controls adobe flash builder 4.6
Regular expression for anchor tag whith all attibutes
How to play from youtube on iphone without uiwebview [duplicate]
Attendance Report in MySql
About Directory Contents in
Clustering dates into periods
How to print out arguments sent to a Mock::Object in perl?
syntax error table variable
Params Passed not Saving from Sortable Nested Form
cannot find mx:DateChooser in Flash Builder 4.6
Can all tag numbers be extracted from a given protobuf serialization?
How to call firefox addon function with onclick in html
Displaying a bar code with iTextSharp using Chris Love's Barcode Handler (2 part)
Encoding videos for use with Adobe Live Streaming
Reschedule broadcastreceiver android
Best practice to calculate view size within loadView method
Windows Event Log vs Text Logs
Export mail details into last empty row
Is it possible to set an animated gif file as live wallpaper in android?
annotations - NSArray - How to do this?
Dynamic Youtube Link to open with Colorbox
Follow up purchase query in SQL
how to merge repeat dataset value to single dataset
Create a simple screen widget with button which performs onClick?
Plotting data from serial port
Getting date time from a string [duplicate]
Good uses for mutable function argument default values?
LINQ Aggregate For Dates
Hiding View after async call to the server completed
Linear animation on HTML5 Canvas using KineticJS.How to make?
Sphinx search query result differs with Active record
ACM Stream Convert exception displaying AcmNotPossible
Relatively aligning element in a div with fix width and height
How to access web.xml file contents in struts
MapView display only squres
Creating lproj localization files
Mono SerialPort with infiniteTimeout on Read
Synchronising client-side database on Android device with server-side database
Get value even if it doesn't exist in table from SQL SELECT statement
Generating CSR for multi-domain [closed]
Is this a Haskell higher order function?
Differences between approved and unapproved OpenGraph Apps
Why JS function name conflicts with element ID?
Linq to SQL - Audit Trail (find old values in SubmitChanges)
Java-Applet will not release focus in Firefox
Multiinstance Application architecture and deployment in GlassFish app server
how to use xml comments within a method
Using cookie in mvc c#
error in declaring <afxdb.h> inside stdafx.h
Creating IPHONE application with PHP,Possible?
EF 4.1 ExecuteStoreQuery with joins
iPhone - How to determine the deployment target iOS version of an existing project
Should try always be followed by catch?
Database not storing query
Write multiple nested arrays to file using php
COM interop, C#, Visual Studio 2010 -> embed interop types
Datenum error when midnight is 0
Can we read swf file in java?
Mvp Pattern
How to call for Firefox bookmark dialog?
Error when Rmpi slaves call a user-defined function
database connection via. php
Simulation on Excel
General Information needed about Viewcontrollers in xCode
SQL Server : the multi-part identifier could not be bound Select statement
how to get the images from drawable based on xml tag
how to get my captions placed correctly?
Excel Formula to convert string to array format
Connect Function
Display the HTML page on webview to fit the content
Issue with mod_rewrite apache , redirecting non www url to www url
How to write unit-tests for interactive console app
RecaptchaState is not defined
Premake : Different excludes command for each configuration
Colored output in C++
run web application with context entry in tomcat
OSX 10 - Apache refusing to work - how to debug or start from scratch
Using Authorization filter in JSF project for custom authentication
Text proccessing via Mysql Query
Detect actual web page size in Google Chrome
Integer array indexing with MIPS assembly
Is it allowed to manipulate an object in a CollectionViewSource Filter method?
Is it possible to use childNodes.nodeValue and innerHTML together?
VIES VAT number validation
64 bit process running slower than 32 ?1 [closed]
ASP.NET Web Forms Custom Membership provider error
Why my test of video element time control in html5 doesn't work?
How to Display Multiple location in Google Map in Blackberry 5.0?
How do I get around uninitialized global variables in another module in Python?
Nullable DateTime conversion [duplicate]
Detecting last table data modification?
Creating Java web service client
LoaderImageView zoom option not working
Communication between my computer and my mobile using bluetooth
What does 鈥渆nd of a day鈥�meanfor Google Analytics session lifetime?
Part-of-Speech Tagging with Lucene
Is it possible to use GWT and App Engine together with and android app for commercial use?
how to delete jquery cookie on tab close
Why elements defined in a namespace cannot be explicitly declared?
remove each third element in PowerShell array
Is that the correct way to deal with ivars?
How to implement mouse events in arm assembly in c for an android application
iframe with external page not working
Encrypt a string using OpenSSL in C
jquery update breaks
鈥淭he data at the root level is invalid鈥�Error when using a Web Serivce
Unable to connect to remote SMTP server
Rails 3 NoMethodError undefined method `name'
Issue with border of iframe. Part of the border is hidden :S
Look for hierarchy standard for Java projects [closed]
How to open a Firefox using a certain profile if profile is not already running or else reuse it
AppDomain.UnhandledException handler doesn't fire in unit test
How to modify genre info in Android
Android. C2DM Received Authentication Challenge is Null Exception
how to end a incoming call programatically
postbuild UIAutomation script not running in jenkins
How to make specific UITableViewCell to be visible on screen while having more rows in UITableView
iOS alternative for spring android
jQuery FancyBox stopping ASP.NET Logout link from working
When to use TemplateBinding and TemplateParent in WPF
Can we change the origin for confirmation Delete button in UITableView?
Android, SlidingDrawer
How to disable validation with regex validator cannot type 0 after 0
Flex Error #1001: Digest mismatch with RSL - but only some users
Comparing two classes in LINQ - getting 'mismatches'
Invalid URL error message for integrating FB Apps into website with user using static IP
$* in bash scripting
Spring calling 'destroy' method on session/request scoped beans mvc3 UserControl Path error : Cannot use a leading .. to exit above the top directory
Text not changing to link
Object in object
Converting NSData back to Audio File
Check Image file exists on remote webserver in php [closed]
Arithmetic expression calculates 6.135157E-6 instead of zero
How to capture keypress in View added by WindowManager
C# Generic Interface, Generic Implements, Typed Method
Convert Jython to Java
How to get the same search results regardless white space in the search term?
How to make a sub form depends on the value selected from the dropdown list
how to access RAM memory by DMA controller?
After user login, when back is pressed login.html displayed
PoCo validation on Textbox for Integer DataType
Why does WCF service give 401 error on IIS 6.0
Android- How to use Spinner in an AlertDialog?
What is the difference between committing and locking virtual memory?
Nothingto deleted checked item in listview in android
NSDictionary leaking memory
Javascript confusing with terms?
Tips on best way to programmatically create a Layout
How can I identify the sizes of individual tables and columns in a SQL CE database?
Placeholder VS Label for input in HTML5
It doesn't sleep as expected
PHP remove all _GET variables from a URL/string apart from the first.
Platform-independent User interface library for use with GLUT
Sharepoint 2010 : Using infopath form content type on a document set
How do I trigger sound alert in OSX using Cocoa?
Send file via UDP with QT
Could not find any usable binding services in WSDL
Android: how to save image in my created folder with its actual size
General approach when needing to calculate values between rows
Show a loading bar using jQuery while making a AJAX request
How to get specific version from tfs based on Time?
Fixed precision for boost::posix_time::ptime
How classloader loads and unloads static classes?
restricting text to a certain width with css or php
How to notify the alertview before showing to any view or window?
solution to avoid setting an ajax request as synchronous?
iphone web services
How can i export my SQLExpress database from Webmatrix?