how to check on svn-update and build dependencies before building the actual job?
Makefile $@ symbol with findstring
Automate Logic in Delphi
KVO background threads
javascript prototypal inheritance and the 'new' keyword
Check whether $_POST-value is empty
ghc - square brackets on command line?
Is there a way to handle or split multi-part TIFF images in Google App Engine?
achartengine: duplicated chart after resume
Php mysql left join no result issue
Applet in index.html not loading with IIS. Works fine when index.html is opened with browser
ruby how to find mkmf?
ActiveResource posts instead of puts through application, but not command line
鈥淒ragging鈥�effect for touch screen devices
Accessing environment variables set using mod_rewrite in PHP
Anchor element appears in new line in IE
How to set the number of threads to use for par
Validity of checking exact value of preset double
How does HTML form function?
Android: Speedometer Style Layout
cookie issue with firefox, jquery and codeigniter
SSLCaertBadFile error heroku curb
Why isn't the stylesheet (added via jQuery) applied?
iOS: foursquare request fails
playframework, how to get domain into variable in routes file script snippet?
Why 鈥済it reset <file>鈥�returns 1?
Why non-explicit splat param plus default param is wrong syntax for method definition in Ruby 1.9?
Which SSIS System Variable holds error text
Distinction between processes and threads in Linux
How to refresh google map v3 on jquery mobile?
How to modify UITextField in FirstViewController from SecondViewController?
JSON Data Source with iReport 4.1.3
Get Filenames or Text from File Input multiple=multiple
.htaccess file in codeigniter present a 500 error page [closed]
Distinction between processes and threads in Linux
How to refresh google map v3 on jquery mobile?
How to modify UITextField in FirstViewController from SecondViewController?
JSON Data Source with iReport 4.1.3
Get Filenames or Text from File Input multiple=multiple
.htaccess file in codeigniter present a 500 error page [closed]
Web Based Playback of iOS Videos with Orientation Flag
more then on place with same postcode causing issue
How can I make a two column layout's main div auto fit to browser width?
Can you iterate through every object of a particular class in Java?
Output dynamic typo3 menu on 3rd party site
Connecting to McMyAdmin with PHP file_get_contents()
Get FLV file URL from a webpage
SVN authorization failure, trunk non-existent in head revision, getting a GIT repository working in Eclipse
Rendering Backbone.js Collection as a select list
Inno, NSIS, Wix: elevation or OS-version issues?
Using Text Encoding in C++/CLI
Select a portion from a MySQL Blob Field
DropDownList automatically closes in Firefox
Does SQL Server 2005 support datetime2
Where (or how) is the keep-alive setting in web.config?
Find line in .txt file with most data
Getting page content via wrapper in WP to slide in
UITableViewCell Background Color?
Is there a way to transform the rectagle drawn by glDrawTex?
Right way to handle a predefined set of salutations in rails
Facebook app request dialog not sending request
Cannot start the rails debugger (using rails 3.1.3 with ruby 1.9.3)
Is loose coupling possible for a web app?
Facebook App vs Tabs
Will performSelectorOnMainThread interrupt current code block?
Socket / Telnet-connection / BufferedReader
Most efficient way to process complex histogram data?
Error 401 using curl in PHP to access REST API
Order and de-dup data in attributes
Is ftruncate() asynchronous?
Use jQuery's end() in my plugins
How to Limit the Number of Post Items Shown In a Feed?
mediaelement.js audio example working also in Firefox
Where can I find a free JScript editorextension for VS 2010 Express?
Error with String.format()
getting the index while interating a list
NoMethodError in Posts#show
Functional Software Requirement Specification (FSRS) & Agile development [closed]
Load and Execute XAML with reference to in-project Activity
How do I get user to input two last names and have Javascript spit out which one comes first alphabetically?
Standalone Dynamic Form Editor + Serialization + Localization in C#
Migrating from Network.HTTP.Enumerator to Network.HTTP.Conduit
Intel MKL function error (C++)
how to make the below piece of code work
Finding maximum number from a loop
Weeding after parsing
show/hide dropdown menu depending on radio button selection - jquery
NinjectMVC3's WebActivator.PreApplicationStartMethod assembly attribute causing warnings in my view source editors
ActAsTaggableOn in mongodb and rails 3
How to group NSDate objects by day?
Android + App Engine: Unable to create media player
iphone tile based game with code [duplicate]
why GUI app uses Top-Lefft corner instead of for example Bottom-left corner? [duplicate]
MySQL help: inserting data into two tables [closed]
Open sitecore media library programmatically from button click
Replace default 鈥渋ndex of鈥�page with custom page using htaccess
mvc view insert into wrong 鈥淒OM鈥�telerik window
Calculate height of XRTableCell rendering
mobile browser refuses to scroll to # anchor inside an iframe
FB, Twitter and Stumbleupon count for whole domain name
Using PHP, edit or change the user agent before redirecting?
How to delete a specific element from a priority queue?
Blank page when using file_get_contents() on a website with port 8080
Add UITableView to UITableViewCell Dynamically
Using Nutch to crawl a specified URL list
Adding Dates and Checking NULL values in MYSQL
How do you enable user threads in JBoss 7 AS?
Git: pull from repository, remotely
android xml reference not working with switch and case with static array
What's the right way to drop trailing zeros of a BigDecimal in Scala?
Firefox and Content-Disposition header
Why was malloc used this way?
Guice injecting only some of the constructor
How does this site make their site on Google search interactive?
Radio Button Control in jquery
std::insert_iterator and iterator invalidation
Simple Event example
SQL Return value
Ajax posting to classic asp - how to wait for response?
Can I add some public meta data to an encrypted Access 2010 database?
Want to understand why dithering algorithm can decrease color depth?
Does 鈥渦ntyped鈥�also mean 鈥渄ynamically typed鈥�in the academic CS world?
converting loop from R to C++ using Rcpp
Linked List from text file (trouble printing)
Apache 2.2 module
Syntax error, insert 鈥�鈥�to complete Statement [closed]
ruby LoadError: cannot load such file
Is it possible to reduce my compile time when using many types?
android switch activity from non ui thread
iPhone codesign error (ResourceRules.plist: cannot read resources) when attempting to share app
Most efficient way to SELECT one row in a one:many pair of tables in MySQL
How can i get the data from contact with jQuery AJAX?
Does facebook graph require the same web host forever?
C++ assignment on ABCs, inheritance and virtual functions, trying to figure out a segfault and more
x86 lea instruction
Side by side divs in IE
Gwt Controller With Annotation Approach
How to add values with jQuery UI Slider?
Library for scanning barcodes with iPad 2 front camera?
wicked_pdf fails to produce a PDF report once deployed on heroku [closed]
LINQ greater than date query (
Google Search Appliance - Best way to filter filetype
Redirect if field from mysql is completed [closed]
Splitting a large text file into columns
How can I route to an element in CakePHP?
Can we omit </body> and </html>? [duplicate]
How to drop insignificant zeros when converting a BigDecimal to a String in Java?
Why does NSString sometimes work with the equal sign? [duplicate]
problems using nancy to handle requests for subfolder in mvc 3 app
Want to create a combobox in dojo where the dropdown menu and autocompletion kicks in only after the user inputs 4 characters
Unable to create a primary tile with the following code
Need a Java program to run my programs
Partial Function Evaluation in MATLAB
Vim move line up,down,left,right
What is the recomended way to delete a large number of items from DynamoDB?
Which tool can show if my CPU supports hyperthread or not? [closed]
Show different scenes for different levels. AndEngine
Can MySQL INT type be non-zero NULL
Need assistance with algorithm to find the maximum path in a DAG
A constructor that initializes an object using the input filestream C++
How to repopulate form table rows that were generated dynamically with java script
Writing an object to a file in MonoDroid
Exception does not interrupt instructions flow
Create statement doesn't work with four constraints but works with two?
RemoteViews setViewVisibility on Android Widget
visit number by data by within factor group?
How to attach some or many objects to an enum?
SQL Design/Logic [closed]
VI (VIM): delete/change right to left?
Calculating and comparing a Date in SQL Server
Changed SQL DB Schema, now application has issue with ConnectionStrings
can html5 footer be used on this way?
Border-image and CSS image not lining up in Firefox only
Accessing DIV elements of sibling frame
How to get current authenticated user/group from apache2 with php
Css issue with Internet Explorer
How can i follow Google's 鈥淚 feel lucky鈥�redirect url?
How to set buttons with dynamic ID's clickable jquery
NSArray subsets and sorting from a dynamic parentArray
MS Access: How to open form via command button based on current record?
How do I decrypt my own iMessage SSL Application Data in iOS 5?
django database for large data comparison
Can't set language mode for ace editor
How to tell the Facebook sharer to ignore images?
JBoss AS 7 error: WAR deployment succeeds, EAR deployment fails
Render generic XML as HTML
rails, wicked-pdf gem and 茅 脿 枚 characters showing incorrectly
Modifying a view and I'm stuck
Add Google Analytics tracking to a link facebook dont show new content properly
How to download multiple images through an unique php file?
jquery mouseover() that checks for files in drag and drop?
setting report's parameters but I don't want the report run automatically
Rerunning PHP script without javascript
structs in C# and constructors
ASP.Net Setting the correct Connection String when calling Membership.CreateUser()
Fill specific columns in datagridview from MySQL data VB.NET
Submit iOS app to apple store that interact with third party hardware over wifi
Managing unicorn instances / rails deployment
How can I have Netbeans automatically copy 3rd party jars from an included class-library to my project's dist/lib directory?
Flipping a picture across the vertical axis in python [closed]
Back face culling + GL_TRIANGLE_STRIP?
How to set memory use limit when writing C program and what happens if once it exceeds this limit?
data versioning with git : custom diff for specific files
Is there anyway to get a graphics object within console program?
AsyncTask from Activity Class
iOS: App crashing, likely due to instantiation of class Reading csv file - OleDBDatReader returns only numbers
Custom quantity input on add to cart help [Shopify]
C, save/read NULL with text file
How come I can't lookup associated array like this?
Best Before Puzzle [duplicate]
Get the elements which have different value in two arrays
How to have a combobox where the drop down shows two columns but the selection shows only one?
Implement js plugin for sublime text 2 using v8 plugin
Chrome Web App URL verificaton
android phone won't have 2 dev apps on it at once
Symbol lookup error (linux - c++)
jQuery slider is unknown
How to fix a System.AggregateException when using Parallel.For loops in C#
How to strip off beginning of retweet?
Why does correlation using DFT give unintuitive results?
How do I run CodeIgniter migrations?
Write JSON data in certain format
In Clojure, how would I map everything to a constant value?
Where can I find documentation on the kflushd?
error:template declaration of auto function
.htaccess rewrite rule breaking css
Catching drag-and-drop within a textarea
Javascript TCP socket connection
How to write this if statement?
Unable to connect to MongoDB
Java - Writing a syllable counter based on specifications
jQuery - Dynamically load a Gist embed?
How to pass the first column of a csv file in python
output/rendered text can not be seen in source code
Android post JSON
Azure ACS - Claims URL exposed in browser history - security hole?
MVC3 - When using HttpPostedFileBase with large files, RedirectToAction is very slow
How to remove borders and corners from Canvas object? [Fabric.js]
Remove Malware from Website
How to access the passed-in parameters hash in FactoryGirl
How to validate a different property that the one changed using IDataErrorInfo with WPF?
When I use A JPA Query's getResultList(), are the results detached or managed?
Pulling out information from DLLs/header files
Wufoo form in front of an image on an HTML page?
How to revert to previous commit in CVS
jquery submit() doesn't work when using anonymous funcion
Android list view shows images randomly
Calculating direction angle from x and y speed
NSDateFormatter in View based NSTableView
JQuery chat application scroll to bottom of div ONLY on new message?
Trailing slashes on some URLs, but not others - good practice? Should I redirect?
CounterClockwise NullPointerException
Paste Excel data into WPF data Grid (or related object)
execute code which does the validation on submit button click - jquery
Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64. what's wrong with my codes?
Use lapack library in java as in .NET
disable all other views not including map view Gmap2
Padrino with RVM gemsets: uninitialized constant ActiveSupport::Deprecation
Is there a generic TableModel we can use in JTables?
Best Ruby data structure for organizing the NFL
How can I make my jQuery plugin code prettier? [closed]
Slow performance on Android tablet with SurfaceView
Using generics instead of casting for AsEnumerable
Generic lists in web references
jTable keeps throwing NullPointerException
Change UITableViewCellAccessory after InAppPurchase. Possible?
Is a secret key for encrypted authentication required?
Accessing a List autogenerated from XML Schema by Netbeans
Hard java array situation
geodjango / olwidget: adding a control to a map
Correct way to process data inside of Backbone view template
Is there a difference between <winsock.h> and <winsock2.h>?
understanding jQuery map
Select max value within other select statement and display also a relevant field from the nested select
How to define NET 4 REST WCF service to accept url-encoded string parameters
PHP: is_dir() for folders such as 鈥�/folder鈥�return false unless I specify them as 鈥�./folder鈥�
Break Out Windows Phone Dev Collision Detection
Perl WWW::Mechanize::Firefox checkbox tick
Moq Setup not working, the original method is still called
How can I extract text visible on a page from its html source?
Can I sort by an element within a nested array in Mongo?
c compiler: arrays as function parameters
Make joints colliders
Sorting DB tree structure by order at one query?
typecasting in CUDA and cuBLAS
Summing Up the result of various numeric effects on a single variable
Copy a rows contents and formatting (to another sheet)
Can two R packages be on each others depends list?
python and XML: how to place two documents into a single document
how can i add a user to a group
python pattern with square braces and text
Cross Threading Controls
does manual garbage collection of DOM elements in jquery improve browser performance at all?
how to stop the double click event in a datagridview from being raised?
Android: ViewPager and Context Menus
Android finding position on a map
Shell script works fine by itself, but produces unexpected results when run through git filter-branch
async I/O between three processes
Route test failing on: NoMethodError: undefined method `values' for 鈥�the/route鈥�String
DI with MVC and custom MembershipProvider
CSS Transitions with inline-block
Inconsistent results using XML layout and SurfaceView
.net resx files and localization
Git repo for Eclipse project on Mac with server on NAS drive
CQRS/NES - Insight into how sample project works?
Incorrect float:left behavior with FireFox 9 & 10
Android App: Web vs Native
Prevent subprocess of subprocess from writing to stdout
Doctrine relationship disappears after persist and flush
jPlayer - how to find out if it's playing
Is java hashTable still synchronized in version 7?
PHP: are classes in classes possible? static returns
Turning off automatic conversion to Decimal in SqlAlchemy with Oracle DB
How to open another page on my website at Heroku
Why do I get the kAudioUnitErr_FormatNotSupported (10868) error?
Send data from database to client without templating engine (node.js)
TabBar gets lost when using custom seque transition. How to get it back?
Making JOptionPane not case sensitive?
Unable to get list items to line up
Exposing object data without breaking encapsulation
Print a number only if no digits are repeated
Objective-c PDF rendering
Change the style of an entire CSS class using javascript
Sharing SESSION Variables Between Multiple Subdomains
SQL Server recursive query issue
MySQL Count of related fields in a table from two other tables
Loading StringGrid from text file
XML Schema + complexType element + Alternative to sequence
loop for update not working
Best C++ ***Editor*** for windows [closed]
Change the view (main window) for my application in IB
How to handle SecurityException thrown back from startActivity with chooser?
How can you check for multiple situations without a bunch of if statments?
Value does not increment correctly
How to get the current browser URL using JavaScript?
Parsing: Can I pick up the URL of embedded CSS Background in Nokogiri?
Hidden embed src still takes up space
Anything behind 'if __name__ == 鈥淿_main__鈥�' not executing
Inserting JSON objects into client-side web sql db
Check if iFrame starts to render or onload by Javascript
Cannot access child property in parent class (calling method inherited from parent in child object)
Convert string to something shorter and unique in JavaScript
Duplicating content with PHP_URL_QUERY with RSS feeds
Capturing the PID of a background process started by a Makefile
UDP, datagrams and sound in java
Why is my button not being displayed?
How to select a variable and update another variable with that selected variable in single query?
Update a record in custom validation
Deleting the first item of every element in a string in Python
Regex/code for removing 鈥淔WD鈥� 鈥淩E鈥� etc, from email subject
PRCE: substring exclusion in capturing group result
Going between development & production in Mercurial
Objective c reassign variable
JSON / JSONP Files Being Read at Specified Time Interval
C# 4: Raising and Subscribing Events Between Static CLasses
How to call function repetitively in Android app?
Error when running CloudKit example
How does A-sort work?
Rails Time Zone Issues
undefined method `simple_nested_form_for'
How do I fetch a branch on someone else's fork on github?
Drupal Cache Issue - Theme breaks in IE when Aggregate is enabled
Simplemodal box does not load each time for dynamic html
Import spring project into another spring project
How to remove # from Twitter hashtags?
Basic Structure of a Haskell Program
Is there a way to get version from package.json in nodejs code?
Difference between push and urgent flags in TCP
C - Caesar Cipher Program - Subscripted Value is Neither Array nor Pointer
How to get sql running on a mac
simplest ways to keep a local database
Best way to implement ban after too many login attempts
Amazon S3 response in JSON?
Wordpress redirect to my own php page
Send ampersand and equal(=) in ajax
JQuery delays in changing CSS colors
How to extend this class and use it in my Java applet? I get NullPointerException
git: how to revert file which is in .gitignore [fatal: empty commit set passed]
Caching the website so it doesn't reload
Objective - C: Getting the user information on app start-up
Libevent Multithread Support
Import module in another directory from a 鈥減arallel鈥�sub-directory
Does it pay to use weak (or soft, etc.) reference as the parent reference in a tree?
On appengine, how do I put an entity in the reducer?
Checking to see if SSL is working properly on Cherokee/Apache
How do you reference local files in Aptana Studio 3?
How do you stop children from propagating an event triggered by a live/delegate listener?
Assigning Variables in a Java Calculator Program [Handling Assignments and Variables]
Coding for loop with an assembler in c++ function
Div can not be scrolled only the browser window has scrollbars
Sphinx values for attributes reported as None
MIPS ASM Homework - Arrays and while loops
Fade in while scrolling down. How?
jQuery selectors - more elegant solution
How to disable interpolation of property values in property placeholders
Add subdirectory of application to autoloader
Exclude file from a changeset? [duplicate]
Xml comment cref to unknown symbol
Center a Navigation Bar
Set routes in Kohana
How to communicate between iframe and the parent site?
Php pushing values to a 2-dimensional array
how to pass a list of files to python open() method
Need help going from Excel Array formulas to SQL Join statements
rails 3.2 precompiled assets causes internal server error 500 and log: miss cache
Twitter Bootstrap 2 javascript plugins not working
How to know if phone is vibrating?
OmniAuth routing error, no route match
Write to, and read binary data from XML file in .Net 2.0
Facebook iframe form submit with subsequent feed dialog pop-up
Permission denied when doing Postfix ubuntu tutorial [closed]
Event for 鈥淒ataContextChanging鈥�
how to build single sql query for QSQLite for text search on table
Knockout checked - bind to string literal
Need to insert row into Google spreadhseet at specific location
Java: Trying to print out data contents of a List<Integer>, but only get pointer address
Dojo: Can't update drop down list after adding a new group
Perl Win32::Console error
Transform all subviews
Java - Scanner using while(in.hasNext())
Linker Error with use of stl map
Play framework: Setting up automatic/continous testing
Silverlight MVVM Application Architecture
Plus sign disappearing on server side?
How to know total record return stored procedure in sql?
How to change input file button size?
I dont see 鈥淓xport Xcode鈥�in delphi xe2鈥� [duplicate]
saveFileDialog Long Wait on 鈥淥kay鈥�Confirmation
Bounding box of models and center of rotation of the camera in xtk
SVG issue with animating
Can i override phone's culture settings in WP7 application
EXC_BAD_ACCESS error when using NSString getCString
System.Web.Mvc.AuthorizeAttribute not working with NinjectDependencyResolver
How to fetch next and previous item of the current one with Mongoose
Primefaces 2 MenuItem Action, ActionExpression or ActionListener
Javascript at form submit does not run
Possibility of doing a HTTP redirect mid-response?
using C struct that is declared later
Hibernate OrderColumn with Spring Roo
Submitting form with jQuery .ajax() or .post() on Native iPhone Phonegap app?
Manually dispatchEvent DOMContentLoaded
datagridview not populating data in cells
Windows won't recognize Galaxy S2 at all
OpenGL randomly slows down
Jquery change onclick function name
Present ListBox Items Bottom-to-Top
Jodatime start of day and end of day
Cucumber + Capybara file upload not working for me
chronometer start activity when time is reached
realworld exampls of jquery $.Callbacks(); and its functions
Multiple Directions, Google Maps API
lea assembly instruction
JQuery: element - get final css value(s) during animation
Visual Studio 2010: strange linker error
Is it possible to serve Ad Manager (DFP) ads in newsletters and track impressions and clicks
bash script: using 鈥渟cript鈥�command to write console output to a file in real time
Tips for debugging .htaccess rewrite rules
Java - How to import external packages?
Access child method within livewallpaper service class
How to move/rename uploaded file?
How do I force strtotime() to return date instead of time when given ambiguous $time?
Skip validation for some members in Devise model during password reset
How do i fix Blackberry App submission compatibility?
global and local javascript scope [closed]
Unexpected float behaviour in C with AVR atmega8
Accessing URL within Twitter XML Tag
application.css isn't working
How to use comparison operators on variant with contained types?
Resizing image before it displays
should I create one or many collections in mongodb in order to insert and search faster?
How to limit file upload type file size in PHP?
Force Eclipse CDT to parse #included files for highlighting
Access elements on extlib Application Layout
programmatically set edit text hint in android?
Configuring the SubLime Linter Plugin to use Ruby 1.9 Syntax
Regex to strip specific characters
Best way to handle calling the US from overseas? [closed]
XMPP over BOSH - replies always with empty body
complex rails model validation
How to make 鈥渁ssets:precompile鈥�NOT load the database? (Rails)
PIC C18: Reading bits from a byte
Setting JavaScript event handlers after the method call that would trigger the event?
how change all fonts of a telerik control by one shot
Adding a body to a HttpWebRequest that is being used with the azure service mgmt api
Is it possible to specify default value for annotation field of another annotation type?
Mysql DECIMAL storage
Grep for a single line comment but exclude stuff like
Understanding Android: Zygote and DalvikVM
iOS when use instance variable or getter method
what is the best method to read data from a text/data file [closed]
Postgres Hstore vs. Redis - performance wise
onFling() 2D Animation Issue
Find failed with JPA in playframework
Creating a master/detail/sub-detail data binding setup in WinForms using Entity Framework
Is it possible to move the text from an element to another using jquery animation?
Exception handler on linux [closed]
Batch File To Read And Modify Text File
Get a preview of 鈥済it add -u鈥�
Div won't stretch because it's containing element is set to min-height
Can't Get Subclass Working
How to properly wait for an object to be instantiated
IBoutlet collection.UIButton add target
JavaScript Code for URL Opener
Having issues sending specific stylesheets to IE
jquery mobile dialogs, passing values between pages
MySQL SELECT DISTINCT not behaving as expected
How can I fix this image memory leak?
android sporadic database not open issue
JQuery mobile swipe event on Android emulator works only sometimes (using PhoneGap)
Android SIGSEGV exception at startup of application
GTK Text to entry
Find line breaks from MATLAB system command
Can upload image to SQLite but can extract it again
How to make jquery accordion not to use 鈥渉eight鈥�required by its content until is actually shown?
Understanding Android [duplicate]
Extract text from url using Nginx
Pygame scrolling background lag
Using hidden field as a row index in GridView (its DataSource is a DataTable )
passing nothing parameter in VB.NET (Object reference not set to an instance of an object)
Bottom of Screen Positioning Mobile CSS
A dropdown validation error occurs if no value is selected on the associated radio button
Removing views to prevent multiple instances
Java GUI/graphics [closed]
is it possible to do 'stateless' programming in matlab / how to avoid checking data integrity?
Why run many webservers instances per node?
iPhone EventKit Adding Event Custom Parameter
Using relational database to track evolution of experimental data [closed]
How to Remove the Black bar from Layout in Android
PHP/MYSQL - Unexpected T_STRING in query?
Java Scope and Lifetime (inner classes)
Windows Azure - Virtual Application
javascript onclick combining 2 events does not work on ios (iPhone, iPad)
send running proccess argument
Codeigniter router to pass url segment as $_GET query
Django: If I pass an instance to a form, then call is_valid(), are the instances fields validated?
iOS App Produces Error-SigAbrt Thread 1 in main.m
WYSIWIG editor supports math formula [closed]
What would cause php's strtotime to not work for a date in 2099?
What library to use for a java based media player?
How can I draw transparent graphics onto transparent BitmapData?
How to print out a specific field in AWK?
CSS-Less class extend class with pseudo class
SQL Server table - ( or likely any SQL table) Does not having a primary key impact performance?
How Can I Tell Controller Specs to Use the Signed OAuth Request
Layout not giving height to container
Is there a way to trace garbe collector activity in PHP?
Check if process exists given its pid
include UNIX utility 'file' in C program MVC 4, How making Master Detail in the same form
Grails 2.0 and PayPal plugin
Detecting Zoom Level on iPhone
Maths sum for javascript validation on form
ssl + nginx + apache + php: links are still displayed as http, not https
How do I efficiently store all OpenStreetMap data in an indexed way?
add values to a form and send it to server using jquery submit
Matplotlib 3D plot - 2D format for input data?
Actionlisteners in constructor
Unable to connect to Facebook Chat Via Python, using xmpppy library
How to copy superclass properties to a subclass?
Which Design pattern to choose for this requirement?
Android: Start Service with Context.startService vs PendingIntent.getService
Cannot serialize an object of class Post into BSON
Norton Deleting My Files [closed]
ExtJS4 MVC Architecture walkthrough on sencha doc giving me errors
payment gateway availability expectation/guarantee
Node.js memory leak hunting without v8-profiler
getWritableDatabase called recursively
xCode 4.2, iPhone 3.1.3, UITapGestureRecognizer, setNumberOfTapsRequired, unrecognized selector
Solr boost for multivalued date field
Mapping a list of dictionaries from one type to another
Signed applet not working
Add Google Analytics Annotation via javascript
How can I implement a good Client-Server approach?
Get the 鈥渇ilename鈥�and extension from a wget response
What would cause an algorithm to have O(log n) complexity?
HttpClient execution of HttpPost significantly slower on Android 3.2 than 2.3.3
Plotting multiple variables via ggplot2
Assigning NSString value to label
Using Source Control with git and new projects
Can We use Array Element in DomDocument and nesting xpath?
Erratic success with @font-face in epubs
What does #line mean?
How to convert dispatch_data_t to NSData?
Edit a MySql server from the web?
Is communication over teamviewer secure?i [closed]
css alignment with image and text
How to change a defined value to a unspecified value by css?
Include Git revision number inside .NET project
Array Syntax Error For Assignments with Braces
Fulltext 鈥渢itle鈥�search in 1M rows
How to get clicks on disabled buttons with wxpython?
How do I optimize a very loooong page with TONS of images on it?
Changing application culture changes the capitalization of resource strings
Float-In Div needs delay
Replacing Twitter username with label
How to integrate a webcam in WPF?
c#: (True==True) returning False [closed]
How to call methods from extended classes with different namespaces in PHP
How to integrate Tesseract OCR Library to a C++ program
Body OnClick doesn't work鈥�but the onclick works when attached to a <a> tag?
Tips for XML performance optimization on WP7
C++11: Move/Copy construction ambiguity?
why does a thread sometimes hang in waitfor?
Convert image data to binary text for vcard
Explanation of this JavaScript Code
Link to a network location using file:// does not work in Chrome
drop down notification area in windows phone 7
Memory Leak & App Crash when going back to Album List
Is there a way to get to the beginning of a command without holding the arrow?
How can I maintain different ignore lists at different folder levels in Subversion?
Flash 8: Write predetermined text into a field char by char
How can I stop an automatic scrolling function whenever the mouse wheel moves?
How can I query by an value which is segmented, as 123-456-789 in mysql in
FancyBox/ Popup Deeplinking
Why is my Java gui resizing labels?
C++ using (void*) to cast to an int for comparison?
Should I continue to use xCode 4.2, iPhone 3.1.3 workarounds to expose performance issues?
Recursive removal of characters in Java
Constraining a div width to the width of a fluid image inside it
How to do something when dom ready event?
Oracle : Create table in another schema and grant select and insert on it from the same schema
Div won't stretch the full height of the page (yup, I've Googled plenty)
Dynamical adding MenuItem with references
Toast.makeText from resource string
How reliable is __destruct?
Writing a directory tree in a xml file with python lxml
multiple clients querying data with no server
Are there any good php libraries that can convert html/php documents into objects
Custom exception like IllegalArgumentException to have nice log information
Calling an array of config items in CodeIgniter
Throttling download speed in PHP
iOS 鈥�setEditing [super setEditing鈥 and/or [tableView setEditing鈥
No errors but jQuery code does not work [closed]
Adwhirl align to bottom
Use GeoNames Java API to retrieve coordinates given Wikipedia article title
Multi-row horizontally centered list of floated items
Java: Removing the 'print' statement causes a timeout exception when requesting connection(s) from DataSource?
Event when data has been written to stream?
Updating a table row using Jquery
Jquery getJSON function not giving alert
Check whether current user is a member of an active directory group
My synchronization doesn't work
Config registry - how to implement
JMS and MessageDriven EJB Bean
IBOutlet Array declaration [closed]
uninitialized constant Squeel
like and subscribe button conflict?
git push force, phpFog, and random file not in my repo showing up
how to add resources to url in python google app engine
Can the Async CTP be used with a portable library
How to make a <span> inside an <a> display in the same line?
MVVM Implementation for WinForm application
Strange null reference exceptions in a function I wrote
Hiding file extensions and forcing redirecting to extensionless URL with .htaccess [closed]
Servlet is dowloanded as a file, instead of presenting HTML on tomcat
how to swiftly load 150 static ImageIcon Objects of apprx. 1KB each
Binding the Line endpoint to the center of a nested Rectangle
Generating an Abstract Syntax Tree for java source code using ANTLR
Get a row at a specific position in the result set
uniqid versus mt_rand PHP function [closed]
Gedit file browser shortcuts?
Copying an image from one server to another using PHP
Qt add extended QGraphicsItem to scene
Realtime timer that counts down time for ruby on rails app
Testing endianess at compile-time: is this constexpr function correct according to the standard?
What is a 鈥渞esolver鈥�when deploying to maven repositories?
MenuItem appended to PopupMenu is not showing bitmap with wxPython
Jquery functions not running properly
Audio format stored as ascii
Code comparison - Which is better or unnecessary? [duplicate]
jquery ajax function returning null rather than json data returned between <p></p> tags
Select a div by title with jQuery
How to update JTable using values from an array in java
jQuery second click alternation not working?
python import-ed variable keeps the same value although it is changing
Rails and multiple profiles
Expected ThreadAbort for Background Thread
Sql Join for partly overlapping data
Django Socketio Nginx proxy & session cookie issue
Returning search results inside of a Rails 3 app
What does the BEQ instruction do exactly?
How do I save results as xml in Sql Server Management Studio?
how to calculate time difference between two dates - MySql
path of view is incorrect in extjs 4 mvc application
How to access the data stored in guest operating system(i.e Virtual machine) from Host system
Is it possible to make an XNA RenderTarget2D target a System.Drawing.Image?
Check if word appears twice in webpage with python
c# update listbox without 'lag'
how to use C# HWNDs from Mono in a native Linux OpenGL environment?
SQL - Display running count of appointments grouped by time frame
Mock reference objects
Can attached properties work within the INotifyPropertyChanged framework?
Unclear on how to properly remove a UIViewController from another UIViewController
Converting String Format 鈥測yyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss.fffZ鈥�to DateTime
How to add shortcut to All Apps screen
Dynamic object creation and const_set
Deterministically checking whether a large number is prime or composite?
Aggregating a timestamped zoo object by clock time (i.e. not solely by time in the zoo object)
Android Custom Dialog EditText
Three Tier Architechture Issue
How to make Eclipse CDT code formatter understand rvalue reference?
No Result From Barcode Scanner
How to make A Spinner access the other Spinner?
Xcode UIImageView won't link to the code
Configuring DispatcherServlet for REST style URLs
Remove the minimum values per each column of a Matrix
Creating templated/persistant header/footer template in jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap
How to debug a Java string split which is returning a string with a value but no Contents?
Java variable value as new variable name
Render HTML5 chart in WebView using Javascript
Rails - javascript injections
Iterating over list of dictionaries
jQuery UI auto slide
Sync Visual Studio Preferences [duplicate]
Testing Client/Server Interaction
Does Heroku pgbackups:restore rebuild the database or just repopulate it?
JavaScript: How to block the whole screen while waiting for ajax response
Android sdk platform-tools install error on windows xp
Resigning keyboard on touch
Node.js v8-profiler module won't install
CRUD Views For Many-Many Relationship, Checkboxes
Haskell : How do I compose a recursive function that takes an element and gives gives back its list, but having different data type?
Objective-c: read file encrypted on Windows
Can I use a function object without instantiation?
why controller var isn't available within a test?
WebClient showing weird characters
Checking all radiobuttons without Jquery
Printing a packed BCD (DT) - assembly language (TASM)
Why do I get Unable to include RenderObjectSuccess.php error when using inline in grid?
htaccess URL rewrite for both php and pdf files
windows service DbResource Provider
Specific Row Content in Table View Bindings
PHP - Flushing While Loop Data with Ajax
get unix time from yesterday 0000 hrs to today 0000 hours using python
hadoop dfs -ls complains
web2py auto_import vs define_table
How come that this syntax doesn't hold in python? [duplicate]
Django Dajax jQuery basic settings
How do I test iOS microphone use on the simulator?
Strange behavior changing tomcat 7 port
strange behaviour of javax.swing.Timer
Windows Service on Shared Windows Hosting
C++: Templates: Partial Specialization: Print Everything Template
CoreAnimation rotation transformation animation direction
Input for a Surface/XNA Application
What Keys/Certs need to be placed at Server/Client Side in HTTPS Connection
Can I use Foursquare API for getting info on brands, using the Users endpoint?
Why is the following java code leads to compilation error
Using .htaccess to redirect all requests from subdomain to main domain
How to find 0 in an integer array of size 100 ,having 99 elements as 1 and only one element 0 in most efficient way
2 ways of passing by reference in C++? [duplicate]
Can't connect to MySQL in Ruby on Rails
CreateWindowEx failing with error 1407 even though registration was successful?
c(a,d)+r macro in Racket
devise sign_in after sign_out error
PHP simple operator logic [closed]
Mod_wsgi mirror link
Fetch data with SmartClient LGPL version
Exists AS3 libraries able to track video objects defined on the fly?
How to get image from HTTP-auth protected area?
MKMapKit Hexagon or Square Overlay
select unique combinations of 5 columns of a table with 8 columns
鈥淭arget path does not exist鈥�error when attempting an svn merge
How to make application free in one country and paid in others?
Displaying data from stored procedures with multiple tables into textbox
MySQL query problems
Find the max allocated heap size during the execution using VM command line?
CSS website issues on iPad
Does Google provide a search like YQL?
criteria api set predicate in where clause for MapJoin
How to check for errors on field in custom form helpers?
Add canvas to a page with javascript
With Quartz in Cocoa OSX and iOS, how do you draw lines and 鈥渃onnect鈥�shapes? [closed]
not showing value returned from database
Can't launch Java program from Eclipse? [closed]
How to testASP.NET MVC 3 authentication when usingMembership
Removing slimscroll from div
Storing dig output in array
After migration from MVC3 to MVC4 I got an error my Theme view page
How to access PreferenceActivity's onDestroy() within the main activity?
Node.js - Retrieving data from a database (mysql) - delay
Using tiled maps for a soccer field in cocos2dx
C++ Class Enumeration Member variable
How can i get parameters on jQuery.Get();?
Difference between Scripting and Programming Language [closed]
How can I listen in my ViewModel to changes from another ViewModel?
Is it possible to have multiple checkboxes in one node in jstree or dynatree?
Linguistic cases / declination and gettext
What are the max. dimensions for Facebook Timeline embedded videos?
How to connect to localhost port from android?
Input,textfields in different lengths/widths?
Convert an array to XML or JSON
Is Erlang the right choice for a webcrawler?
Jquery Read-more slider for Wordpress front page
Ruby 1.9.2, mysql, json, rails, and non-ascii characters not handled
How to copy CCSprite in Cocos2d for Android?
How to get an average of a hasMany instance property in grails domain classes?
PHP cURL Content-Length und Content-Type wrong
Browser extension overriding browser functionality / url
Adding new data to collection in Backbone.js
jQuery: Random Quotation Script Updating on User Click? document.write Troubles
Mozilla use a C DLL with js-ctypes
Storing Facebook Data; Violating Terms of Service?
How to order by a date part?
org.springframework package cannot be imported
Analytic mysql function to retrieve rows of each category depending on another column
C# Parity Bits from a Binary Number [duplicate]
R zoo object time series aggregation
Marshal.StructureToPtr fails with bool and fixed size array?
Symbol not found: _CFXMLNodeGetInfoPtr
unable to install python image library
can anyone help me with correcting these two classes (the classes are in h file) [closed]
Nginx processing URLs with hashTags 鈥�鈥�and giving 404 errors on error.log
Debugging outline box 2d
Detecting initial device orientation on iOS in Safari
How to make an HTML element non-focusable?
Zero sum minimal subarray [duplicate]
ROR/AndroidRuntime: Caused by: android.database.sqlite.SQLiteException: no such column type : [closed]
Reading Assembly
include w_thumbnail_src in function?
using outer function to get a table of values returned by a user defined function
ios alloc-release
How to change the .xml file an activity uses?
.wav to any compressed form from AVAssetWritter ios
Lightweight JS Library vs Google-hosted CDN
Can a IOC Container replace CreateInstance reflection code?
unable to get lat/lng values from JSON output
What are the standard data structures that can be used to efficiently represent the world of minecraft? [closed]
Image become scrambled at a certain size inside NSImageWell
How do I make a custom jquery event to be triggered as an element is made visible?
TFS 2008 to TFS 2010 migration with domain move
In Smarty3, call a template function defined by the {function} tag from within a plugin function
When using shared_ptr should I just use the shared_ptr declaration once or declare shared_ptr everywhere I pass it?
Overflow attribute on <td> does not create a scrollbar
default value of JAVA_HOME seems to be overwriting the value set by: /etc/profile.d/
Using a jQuery tooltip plugin to display Custom Taxonomy descriptions
Open IE from Windows service [duplicate]
How to pass attributes to a composite-component
DropDownList TextValue is 1st in List
PHP in URL to locate specific node in XML db
JavaScript object finalizer in IE9
Qt GUI is not behaving normally on Android
How to syndicate a Google+ Feed?
Java I/O vs NIO: Quick Benchmark Comparison
jQuery callback function not waiting for completion
Efficient method for rendering cubes with different textures on each side for a Minecraft-like game?
Synchronously slide up UIView and resize UITableView when UITextField is fired
Using Div Anchor Link to hide/show divs
Is there a limit on how many different apps can single developer publish on Android Market?
Enumerate graph recursively
active users script, user count not working properly
About history.replaceState (HTML5) and location.href in Javascript
Populating a UITableView with Arrays of strings
PHP Form Not Displaying With jQuery Mobile
PowerShell - Want to understand why $myarr[(-1)..0] gives 10 1 but $myarr[$myarr[-1]..0] gives expected 10 9 8 鈥�0
strange error when receiving udp datagram
Jetty 8 WebSocket and Session
How to use check library with CTest for unit testing in C
Root directory with PHP on Apache and IIS
Memcacheq vs cronjob in memory consumption
Intel standard library (C++)
bash, eval, protect pipes and colon in string
Working with embedded if and else if statements C++
Go to Navigation Controller scene from Navigation Controller that is inside a Tab Bar Controller
How to catch input events from USB joysticks in AS3 (Adobe AIR)?
Git: Rename or move all files at once
Ajax jQuery redirect like GitHub or Neowin
CGContextDrawRadialGradient not rendering alpha in PDF?
Listener class org.apache.struts2.tiles.StrutsTilesListener
Find links with image format at the end of address link (such as jpg, png, gif, etc.)
How to grab an 'img' title attribute and place it into a h2?
WinApi: Get Control Name of COM Forms
C++ system for passing events with inheritance hierarchy
How to return rows that equal all substrings of a string
Monotouch and BasicHttpBinding with TransferMode=鈥淪treamedRequest鈥�
Apache Rewrite: image directory based on HTTP host
sed result differs b/w command line & shell script
Queue Full, On depth of the Blocking Queue, clarification needed
Running Buildbot instance on Heroku?
Trying to secure multimedia files
FindOne embedded document
How to test an if statement in PostgreSQL?
Updating jQuery Version
php include file call
android create small digit on the image button
Class not found phonegap plugin android
Reproducibility of java pseudo-random numbers across systems and versions?
Will using a shared_ptr on class instance members clean up correctly when the owning object drops out of scope?
Hiding a class from outside when use is only for inside an API in C++
beginner's curiousity
What is the correct control style of a collapsible element for help-block of Twitter Bootstrap?
glDrawElements Segmentation Fault
Javascript - XMLHttpRequest, result are always undefined
iOS store file in cache directory for set length of time
Why is my ajax call (which return json) doesn't get the decimal property?
Creating animated sprites for cocos2d from a single image file without a .plist file
How should I import object instances into Core data?
send data to server
Not allowed to start service Intent
Update a TextView in a ViewPager from another Fragment
How to change leaf icon in TreeGrid
Strange and different behaviour across netbeans, eclipse and compiler
How client side Handle node.js with multiple response from the server
ViewController gets deallocated which leads to crash
How do I decide at the tick frequency of an RTOS?
Group my SQL float values by range
Should I git merge develop into master and then back after tagging?
PhoneGap 1.4.1 WP7 setRequestHeader unsupported?
How to resize the height of Safari's Web Inspector pane?
LKM init module debugging.
Django form code is not working correctly on server [webfaction]
Trap outgoing icmpv6 packets on linux using RAW sockets
unable to add properly child node in given xml file, libxml2
FragmentActivity NullPointer in onCreate savedInstanceState Bundle
Caching logged user panel in Symfony2
OOP designning issue
Unicode and other codings compatability
glibc detected error - id3Tag
CADisplayLink with NSRunLoopCommonModes not executed for every frame when tracking UIScrollView?
Can't show text in the UITableView
Showing a Google Map in JQuery Mobile
Can someone explain this LinkDemand warning when subclassing a Windows control?
How can I make Google News output JSON?
How stale are my indexes in Raven?
Unity3d moving object (cube) simple physics
how to get children array of an element in jquery
pakage and classes in 3-tie application
How can I ungroup chart components in PowerPoint 2007 (charts imported from Excel)?
PHP: Overriding parent methods with __call
How to implement UINavigationControllerDelegate to call web service for data driven app
How to get own peerID in a gamekit bluetooth connection?
Most efficient way to convert vector of uint32 to vector of float?
Adding the digits of an int and Python
Are all web pages HTML?
Getting row number for query
Does RabbitMQ call the callback function for a consumer when it has some message for it?
NSURLRequest directory listing parse
fusion tables layers map: hide layer on load - show on request by marking a checkbox
How to detect the browser without JavaScript, PHP or ASP.NET?
Spotify Tech Puzzle - stdin in Python
Getting Marshall result into String
Need clarification of LAN application concept
Hide or Show Drop down box pending on Radio Button - jQuery
Submitting form via ajax in jquery
Find url from string with php
C# app to select data from MySQL and insert to SQL-server (blob files)
Debugging jquery mobile on Eclipse
Code Coverage using Emma
Fixed position for elements inside scroll views in both directions
Switching from NHibernate to Massive or Dapper
Simple Search Form in Rails 3 App not Displaying
How do I add radio button in View
Connect to MySQL directly from an iPad app (not via PHP, etc.)
How to transfer Likes number on the second page of WP article when using pagnation?
Unable to set-up tsung cluster on EC2 - Erlang crash
Pagination error when using with element
Custom adapter: get item number of clicked item in inflated listview
video file: fast forward and backward doesn't work
Fluid layout and css sprites
C Array Bounds error with adjacent object
3D transform CSS3 cause text and images to be blurred
java iterate over JSONObject?
httplib2 API is different when installed from source or as RPM?
How does one use a memory stream instead of files when rendering Direct2D images via SharpDX?
Sticky buttons to the edge of the browser
flash.utils.IExternalizable + Remoting + Flex Error #2004
Bit-fields and sequence points
Proper use of context within inner class when using openFileOutput?
Transition to Modal View Controller with Keyboard Visible
How to plot the survival curve generated by survreg (package survival of R)?
Python wildcard matching
Is this a correct way to add/remove views?
MySQL Where NOT IN curDATE()
Get past time with php [closed]
Ruby modules that contain classes
How can I replace %2C with a <comma> in javascript?
Having Multiple versions of Jquery
PHP Remove Value of String with Variable Numbers
C# pointers, iterators and generics
LinearLayout won't display everything
My 鈥渞eturn鈥�statement isn't working even when there are no other code branches
unzip the files in Amazon s3
Zend project access only main page
How to trigger another ajax request when autocomplete selection is made?
How can I generate ascii 鈥済raphical output鈥�from R?
PHP code to get the HTML code of a webpage [duplicate]
Create Contact Form Without Backend?
Upgrade from rails 3.1.3 to rails 3.2.1. Error with assets
Azure MS-SQL and uniqueidentifier from PHP
Qt PluginFramework. Declare plugins with plugins
c++ class from other file
How to change orientation using a menu button?
Getting data from GridView on Button_Click
Java: How to do GUI animations?
Get content id (greatest) by clicking button on it Jquery
Android Setting->Display鈥�What type of menu is that?