extending default lib search path in ubuntu
Tfs2010 Build - BuildConrtoller for more than one TeamProjectCollection
Restlet getRequest is always null on a Resource
How to set the expiration of a background task agent in windows phone 7 to never expire?
Network interface for raw sockets in python?
What is the difference between 鈥淛ava subtype鈥�and 鈥渢rue subtype鈥�
IntelliJ Idea: Deploy a simple Java servlet (no JSP) to Tomcat 7
How to POST unanswered radio button questions as NULL values into MySQL database using PHP?
Why Number#toLocaleString() doesn't work as expected in both webkit console and node console?
how to get point on axis of a line in distance d
Android: Limit the number of EditText fields editable at any one time to 2
Lotus Domino: After changing TYPE of a field, Full Text Search won't work for this field
Passing multiple values as query string is good or bad practice in MVC
ASP.NET MVC3 Forms Authentication user logon session renew
C++ beginner's coding mistake: 鈥淯ndeclared identifier鈥�
java, static methods issue in a real case. TableModel implementation
Boost Build, unable to find file or target x
OS development: How to avoid an infinite loop after an exception routine
Box2D shapes falling through world
Trouble Creating a jQuery Mobile UI Slider in Dynamic Elements
What is the format of the openID to Login with the CTP Sample Oauth Provider
Does the MTU of a TCP packet include the TCP & IPv4 headers?
how remove binary image noise in opencv?
Will using shared_ptr for returning pointers from a method always save me from memory leaks?
NullPointerException in TextView used in Alertdialog setView
ExtJS: How do I get raw JSON data from Ext.data.Store?
Mutual Authentication on Tomcat 7 and request.getUserPrincipal()
What is the situation with creating/using software that encodes H264 video
Finding out which CA Certiciate validated a CRL file authenticity
How does FCKeditor or TinyMCE capture pasted images?
Is it possible to use Quartz 2D to make a UIImage on another thread?
Weird issue with Tesseract
How do you ignore hidden page elements when validating using javascript
zookeeper queue delay?
Dereferencing Pointer Error when processing Ip header from raw Sockets
WCF service stops responding due to 鈥淭he semaphore timeout period has expired鈥�
The tag 'XXX' does not exist in XML namespace 'clr-namespace:YYY'
Set same date in diferent inputs with multiple date format
Split an NSString into an array in Objective-C
Programmatically identify django foreignkey links
How to get first 20 documents in Zend lucene search when no search term is provided?
Member's name in WebsPhere cluster at runtime
JqueryMobile woes (1.0.1) 鈥�not working properly in Eclipse/ADT/Android Simulation (2.3 - API Level 10)
How to eliminate unused arguments in an opacity fade?
What is the error in this code? Interview
Values not refreshing in UI after persisting by JPA, cache related
How to write value into text node in DOM?
Ruby on Rails: Value of database field depends on how accessed?
Ruby and Webrick Video Streaming
is there a way to exchange variables between javascript and php
Visual studio re-installing installed components
Node.js mysql modules - asynchronous IO or just threads
Why doesnt my orthogonal projection matrix work?
Python nltk: Find collocations without dot-separated words
Multiple hover effects at the same time for a dropdown-menu
Label whenever string starts with 鈥淩T鈥�
How do i bind the json data to a asp.net dropdownlist using jquery?
jQuery hover does not work
How to correctly handle this IOException?
Google App Engine Supported Datastore Types
Pheanstalk (PHP client for beanstalk) - how do connections work?
Load dicom in another android application
waf cannot find an existing library
submit a form with ajax and js
Private Access Specifier usage in Java Inheritance
Issue when using position: fixed for toolbar in iOS 5 (iPad and iPhone)
Position:relative doesn't work in IE
Signing APK from developer
How to fill the ListView from another class correctly in Android?
how to make nginx output log in screen like webrick and thin default mode without -d flag
C# Casting with conversion operators
Pearson correlation between variables [closed]
Drupal programmatically stop module hook
Installing scrapy/pyopenssl in Windows' virtualenv
ECOTree.js: I want to get the latest version
django templates in model logic
understanding jquery getjson approach
javascript onDeleted event after deleting row from telerik grid
Is there a better way to test the following methods without mocks returning mocks?
How to delete a specific type of files after x amount of days vb.net
Obtaining lastest links from user through Facebook PHP SDK
Count number of sentences in a string
Perl one-liner: how to reference the filename passed in when -ne or -pe commandline switches are used
element.dispatchEvent is not a function
Can anyone explain what this GLSL fragment shader is doing?
open up pdf files in webroot within browser cakephp
Access parent view from a chid UIView
Cross-platform development for Android & iOS
Numbering ListView
nosql and data organization
In C, how do you scan only half of a line of input?
how to count the particular string in row wise in mysql table
html header layout
Simple regular expression 'select' x in string
Python, Pyglet, win32 API, COM: how to call IStream::Release if all I have is a pointer?
Integer() type cast doesn't work on Delphi 64-bit
rails select options not showing
NFC detection different for Android 2.3.6 and 4.x
Error occurring using guard in rails 3.1.1
Seeing a generic 500 internal error, how to view detailed error?
Zend_Db_Table_Abstract::_primary returns array?
Get average words per file
make Mock.assert_called_with() agnostic to args vs kwargs
How to search in all django models with Haystack and Whoosh?
Converting Git workflow to Mercurial
Dynamically include a module in ActiveRecord
Getting a GCC Linker Error: Linker input file unused because linking is not done
jpa criteria query fails after MapJoin
Can someone explain the search list feature in NSUserDefaults?
aggregate 鈥楺SqlQuery testQuery鈥�has incomplete type and cannot be defined
Automate the Creation of Xcode Projects (.xcodeproj)
How do I control visibility to field in my Java classes?
ProtoBuf-Net , Open generic types serialization/ deserialization
Read XML hosted file with NodeJS
How to iterate through a list of lists in python?
Camera preview on LG Optimus Black
How to pass a tuple to a python function
My program displays empty surface, where it needs to display a map
Flesch-Kincaid readability test
Active Record query
Increasing one field in a MongoDB collection with Mongoose
The 鈥淗ighgui.imread鈥�command does not work OpenCV Android
Rotate configuration inhireted in subsequent activities
scraping external javascript files using Ruby
Filling the gaps in geometry, algebra and calculus
jsoup - extract text from wikipedia article
FuelPHP: Add multiple many-to-many relationships
how do I deploy my site from my gitolite repo on the same server?
upload files in background via ftp on iphone
Is there a data storage where I can access data directly via array index instead of hash key? Redis? MongoDB?
NHibernate Many-To-Many Relationship with Cascades
polymorphism in haskell - using multiple versions of one function without giving it different names
Confused about js proto and assigning new properties
Confused about js proto and assigning new properties
How can I obtain a list of domains for a page/user/app using the Graph API?
Scheme sum of list
MongoDB index suggestion tool [closed]
Xcode storyboard UIWebView won't load
How to reformat CSV file to match proper CSV format
How do I validate a jQuery datepicker field using the Rails client_side_validations gem?
Why do these simple methods compile differently?
Dealing with timeouts on large queries
Why is the MIME Type for HTML text but the MIME Type for XHTML application?
Read Facebook page post and token expiration
Formatting results from printing an array (PHP and MySQL)
SlideDown/Up doesn't work
How do I add a module to the ipython autocomplete?
How to start celerycam with fabric in background [closed]
In c++ do you have 'out parameters' like in c#?
jQuery trigger onChange
Confused about java properties file location
CQRS implementation for iOS
Mobile Application ? In Asp.Net?
Load text into textarea via ajax call
python gir / Gtk.Image: why does it corrupt my image?
identifying hovered point with Flot?
How to programmatically make a click happen at the co-ordinates the cursor is pointing to?
Android webview loadUrl doesn't work after too many javascript alerts
Create multiple timers all with dynamic instance names
Customizeappearance compatibility on others iOS
Calling functions through arrays in C?
Secure way to insert and retrieve data to and from MySQL
javascript form validation which excludes hidden dropdown
How to keep and add items in a List of objects during button click events
perl @ escape sequence
鈥淚nvalid argument鈥�in IE 8 on jQuery.prepend() on flash objects
DOMAttr's value attribute is confusing?
php mysql login with jquery
Optimal queue definition in Google App Engine for push notifications where time to user is most important
how do I create a web app skeleton using flatiron node framework?
Store the value, not the expresion in JavaScript
Excel Macro - Find a specified value in one column and replace with all the contents of another column
I have a file:// Uri but I want a content:// uri
Using a form to append Nodes to XML using PHP
Preventing StackOverflowException while serializing EF object graph into Json
HTACCESS image caching rule that checks the image modification time
ViewWillAppear and UIApplicationDidBecomeActiveNotification
How can I set options on a jQuery widget
Compiling ARM .s file on Mac
Copying MySQL Blob Rows - to other rows with a different username
Will programmatically allocating an interface object affect loading time?
How to resize a UITableView for custom dynamic expanding UITableViewCell
Error when running wordpress on new server
Troubleshooting OmniAuth Facebook/Twitter callback
SQL query: calculate profile or loss in given 2 tables
Is there any framework to have Java and Php interoperability?
jquery datepicker use getXMLHTTP()
Importing a DLL and using an extern function in C++
user manual (seo + auto generate)
PyQt4: QLabel with clear button
combining jBPM in my spring-mvc application
how to implement scroll by drag using jquery
Andengine Particle Collision Effect (Android Game Dev)
Why does dynamic_cast exist? [duplicate]
How to acknowledge LGPL library in my commercial software? [closed]
reading certain digits from binary data
Cocos2d, Box2D Still body till input
setInterval dojo example
How do I create many-to-many relationships with Objectify on Google App Engine?
CUDA - Copy device data to host?
Switch menu color for current part of page
how to display a JPanel inside a JScrollPane?
Internet Explorer 7/8/9 : IFRAME invisible
How to know if WM_GETMINMAXINFO is triggered by SIZE_RESTORED?
Decode Base64 data what a scam [closed]
Mutex not initialized
Multicasting in Java not working
How to tweak nested route
Error validating HTML through w3c validator
Parsing json and show image in popop
How can I add/remove a class from images with a certain class?
Why does TStringList have BeginUpdate and EndUpdate?
Crash when instantiating ViewController from Storyboard
Weird animation during switch views
under the php while loop I have an orderd list it return the list with the same number of the first item
2 IntentServices accessing the same data on file system.. safe?
PHP get_browser returns different results on WAMP and linux server
Change how fast 鈥渢itle鈥�attribute's tooltip appears
SVG Image element not rendered in Chrome (v 16.0)
Showing Controls from other forms
C matrix, allocating doesnt zero all elements?
how to make array of image
View interpretKeyEvents: but pass unwanted ones up the responder chain?
An algorithm for economic simulation?
PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer does not find property file on disk
Listview Sort with Drag and drop Android
Certain Facebook insights tables do not return data after 1/25? (Both FQL and Graph API)
WP didn't show post in right category
What plugin for wordpress to share comments on social networks automatically?
jQuery - get td cell index of a control
postgresql and Delete statement violates foreign key constraint
Having makefile related nightmare
Stop a httpwebrequest?
Loudtalks microphone [closed]
Capistrano deploy in Virtual Machne
Hands free cursor control application using C# and Emgu CV [closed]
What functions can I use to render a SkyPlane(explaiend below) in DirectX9?
Unset inside array_walk_recursive not working
Storing conditional frequency distribution using NLTK
Cannot find the error in my code: 鈥�expected鈥�
is it possible to use $(鈥渂tn鈥�.submit for runtime created buttons?
Turn Managed bean into EJB
Is there a way to track a RFID using the RFID reader?
Complex Itemrenderer ( List within a List), Struggeling with scrolling behaviour ins second list
Haskell Typeclass Inspection
Non-greedy regex does not pick the closest choice
Using PHP (and maybe AJAX?) with jQTouch
Android HttpClient Exception Control issue (Manager is shut down)
Rename multiple images in a folder using a batch file
How to have multiple favicon sizes, yet serve only a 16x16 by default?
css for the title of all spans of a certain class
Implementing last_login
Get Array From List Of Rows?
secure php variable before insert it to database
jQuery: how to access parent function 鈥渢his鈥�from inside anonymous function?
How to convert t into TAB character?
Do I have to create unique index for this?
Is it possible in .net to declare variable by class string name, but no direct class name?
Trouble drawing CoreGraphics lines in drawRect() method
How To Check If a FACEBOOK ID is male or female
Impossible install of Nokogiri - 'libxml2 is missing'
Yii's JUIDatePicker widget not working for updates
Can't get thread to start in vb.net
saving bitmap data to a file
Android App using wifimanager in OnTouch event
Find a part of the user agent string
How to fetch all google contacts groups using Google contacts API?
Difference between empty? and nil? methods
What's C++ GUI Library support 32-bit character Unicode for Windows
Multiple real time threads causing bottlenecks in udp socket connection
Azure : Java webrole
child process shell in linux
GWT PushButton image/text alignment
like and send options for a website
What does TeamExplorerTracksActiveItem do?
what relation use for retweet functionality?
Lua: Updating parts of a file hex-editor-style
What should I use: inner join or 3 different queries?
Display DataBase required row Information In a Particular TextBox
NSURLRequest indirect link get file name
Developing a proxy servlet that can handle HTTPS connections
Can you have an ICollection<int> alongside an ICollection<myobject> in Entity Framework?
why this javascript RegExp syntax will be infinite loop? [closed]
Save original function, locally rebind it with flet and call original function from inside new?
MySQL exhausting space in /root when explicitly asked to store DBs in another path
How to test the type contained in a map
Fancybox2 not opening full width on first load
Java middle layer, .net front-end transactions?
Lookbehind on regex for VBA?
Images links work on IE but not in firefox or Chrome
OSGI and Java Native Interface
how to open some region from a compressed image file not loading full image file into memory?
Selecting multiple contacts on android
How do i ToString() an enum in c++?
Why is implicit search impacted by an unrelated type parameter?
Zend Framework API - how to make the application use different database when unit testing?
An alternative to NanoHTTPD that handles simultaneous connections?
Glyph coverage for Unicode characters in various OS
Eclipse Java not building due to 鈥渁ctive git repository鈥�
Java - how to calculate and compare binary tree
Deploying CakePHP
Performance comparison of a Java program between Linux and Windows
Rails 3 - how to print the statement from one controller to the other
How to specify -D__MACOSX_CORE__ in XCode
How to create a modal window?
Delete all files inside a folder but the last by time?
App Crash on iOS 5
Install compiled python-tesseract for windows XP
How to push multiple view controllers onto navigation controller
Do not load images in jQuery ajax request?
Haskell type error: Type : a Int, Does not match : Int
How to retrieve result from an remoteobject AMFPHP Flex 4.5
IDM (Internet download manager) API using C#?
Action bar compatibility
Why doesn't 鈥渇oo f();鈥�call the constructor of a class 鈥渇oo鈥� [duplicate]
How do I hook a moment when all views are measured in my Activity?
Providing clickAction to viewPager
Changing main window content
Getting webrowser class to give you html after running javascript?
compareTo with primitives -> Integer / int
Jquery - clone selectmenu in table
array_map and htmlentities
How do I create a Rails action for an Ajax request?
Testing ember or sprout core 2.0 views
How can I recycle UITableViewCell objects created from a XIB?
SVN - get a part of the revision
WP7 Image panning and zooming
Distinguishing local eval from global eval
How do I get the navigation to collapse into the small icon for mobile devices?
Google AppEngine sending all requests to same instance
jquery data returns 'undefined'
How to get in prestashop filtered products by its attribute
How to get in prestashop filtered products by its attribute
Writing a custom Django BaseCommand class that logs the command details
Silverlight XAML - Background property on shell.xaml- Update background of grid
GAE - Development server in Eclipse doesn't update?
How do you debug an xml object that causes a transform error when writing to string?
warning: ignoring return value of 'system' c [closed]
File::Find::Rule::LibMagic: Is it ok to keep options with undefined values?
Insert Text Field Into PHP Table
Mule Logs not showing
php array to javascript [duplicate]
Adding Map Annotation
Add row number to this T-SQL query
Not sure how to isolate proxy from a database connection
select the TOP N rows from a table
Handling D templated structs as a common type
Every response data size from server to client in asp.net
How to use a IMultiCastEvent from the spring4d?
Eclipse IDE for Android + Google app Engine shows strange error
eclipse content assist doesn't work on some android type?
jQuery current page via .find() and .each() function
Besides Floyd鈥揝teinberg dithering, any other ways to dither the images?
JasperReport: Printwhen expression on Export-type
Enable Shared Pager Cache in sqlite using PHP PDO
Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'Distinct'
How to change the way shading looks on cubes in Three.js?
How do I unit test Windows Azure Table query with a stub using Moq?
How to Skip ReadOnly and Disabled inputs while using .focus()
In Ruby, how to trap a signal multiple times?
Overlay image over image with variable height in CSS
Is it a good idea to write a full message to a NetworkStream, or to write sections of each message?
eclipse subversion 鈥淟aunch configuration cynosure references non-existing project cynosureBeta.鈥�
PID controller in C# Micro Framework issues
Swap method adaptable to any data structure
what will happen when 32BPP PNG is displayed in the old video driver (ony 256 colors)
SimpleXML Xpath result array split into pages
How do you check if the TAB button is being held down globally? [duplicate]
Accessing PageViewController's methods from child view controller
How to check for success event after executing a save() on a model
How do I make Vim get the number of rows of the terminal from which it starts?
git workflow laptop-desktop-github
iOS 5 ARC lazy image loading library
ER-Diagram Company key
how to use preg_replace to extract negative-positive numbers from a string?
Getting all checkboxes checked
memory leak with size of arraylist
barcode scanner programming in C# [closed]
symfony2 : user password set to empty after running this method
How to select from 2 tables depending on uniqueness values in a column in one table
How to create and manage large XML files in C
access inner contents of symbol instances within svg
How to redirect on user login in Spring Security 3 if cookies are disabled
Enter triggers html button click with javascript that has a specific value
How to get the grandparent of the grandparent of a div in html using jQuery
Is sequential or parallel website image loading faster (using Javascript)
What's a good snippet to safely instrument 鈥渁lmost all functions鈥�using stacktrace.js?
How to fix 鈥渘o fixtures found鈥�when installing user management system in Django?
Prism 4/Silverlight 4/MEF - Region not found
How can I add a source code with markup?
GWT: Get URL of file located on server
premature dealloc in ARC based app
Add a title or description to an EditText
Determine 鈥淏ackspace鈥�button pressing
Software update Error & how to install Plug-ins in eclipse
Is it possible to use a .Net GUI in a Java project?
Closing URLConnection and InputStream correctly?
C++ Forward non-template member function call to template function
How to prevent apps appearing on Metro when installing on Windows 8?
Rails 3.1, issues with fixtures and testing
java.sql.SQLException: Communication failure during handshake. Is there a server running on localhost:3306?
llvm: strategies to build JIT content incrementally
How to initialise an array in Java with a constant value efficiently
Can't get on-download-complete to work with aria2
How to Update Android Activity's UI from Alert Dialog
SIGABRT error - NSUnknownKeyExeption (SetValue:forUndefinedKey;)
Java: Double-Click a JSlider to Reset
Will polling from a SQL DB instead of a file for chat application increase performance?
Web-based alternative to a desktop application
Android ICS building process is too long and is not completed
UIScrollView moves image to the top left corner when zooming in
Manipulate HTML paragraphs in php [duplicate]
Simplification of iterating
Testing whether a html table element exists using ruby watir
template types in a container class
ZeroMQ usage in web application: how frontend interacts with backend
Fleck WebSockets
KnockoutJs Observable Arrays and Dropdownlists
Browse directory files and pass url to PHP, or upload and pass URL
Storing settings on the database for a web app?
Why my icon and info on Delphi Splash Screen only shows the first time?
Windows 8 Metro Javascript cannot create ArrayDataSource?
How to draw on perticulr child layout in layout hierarchy in android
exclude button from validation
Custom order of tasks within ThreadPool
JSP file not running
CTFramesetterSuggestFrameSizeWithConstraints when wrapping text
Autosizing button child elements as button changes size
How to convert seconds to DD:HH:MM:SS [duplicate]
Memory addresses of Derived and Base Class Objects?
KnockoutJS containerless control flow: binding td in table
After page refresh jquery stops working
KnockoutJS containerless control flow: binding td in table
After page refresh jquery stops working
Modification of the server http responses on the client site
nuget: specify dependency only for specific target framework
Dont want to keep same record in two fields/tables in database
WCF MSMQ queue listener with periodic check
Activerecord field validation one after the other
Position Arrow underneath absolutely positioned bar?
How do I convert a IO [[Int]] to [[Int]] in Haskell? [duplicate]
mysql - ordering by non standard date format
ObjectDataSource+GridView=fires twice
How to handle multiple nested resources in ActiveAdmin?
Xcode: debug unexpected iOS app crashes
Using ADB to edit Android Kindle Fire launcher default
htaccess redirect incoming links to certain pages to homepage
how to make Map overlay looks transperent
Adding object to multiple views
How to save form input in browser
FlexJSON - JSONDeserializer String Cannot be caste as Boolean
Passing variable from jquery to php
Make gdb use less memory
How to get div height after the action slider down or slider up?
OpenCV bounding box and scale
Fade in Activity from previous Activity in Android
Sharing Iterators
Handwriting widget for iBooks Author
split string into array and trim middle?
Java Key Event won't execute once I press a button
Using mechanize (or even Net::HTTP) with ruby 1.9 returns 'OpenSSL::SSL::SSLError' - how to force SSLv3?
Ordering middleware classes for Django-nonrel on GAE
How to POST an array in Rails
How do I concatenation two strings in Bash without using variables?
Testing for null reference always returns false鈥�even when null
How to capture other application events in my iPhone application?
undefined method `first' Mongoid
my divs won't align correctly. why?
CodeIgniter $_POST Not Working With REQUEST_URI protocol
Override JButton paintComponent() doesn't work java
Emacs help-mode: positioning definitions on top line in source code
is there error in lack of sql injection attack?
How can I know that some property was binding?
copy a sprite pointer to keep him const?
How do I get comment count in Disqus?
How to use monad-control for a simple newtype wrapper over ReaderT
iOS static library for ad hoc distribution
Looping through a node using rapidxml
Libevent timeout loop exit
Qt. Hide QDialog from taskbar, when call it from plugin
how to add ads to android app without overlapping with my content
Preserving Dynamic UserControl on PostBack
Get all values from a multidimensional array into a single array [duplicate]
How to get the index of int array when using linq query
creating in c++ a vector of templates whose type is unknown (void templates)
What options do I have for storing video files for my website?
@property for Core Foundation variable
What are different types of windows token and how they differ?
No mapping exists from object type System.Collections.Generic.List when executing stored proc with parameters in EF 4.3
Java - Splitting String based on multiple delimiters
Win CE 5.0 shortcut files don't work
Charset with Facebook SDK
Allowing a role to query, insert upon and update a varying array
PHP Form in JQuery ColourBox
network device module equivalent to ping
Use sed to capture only param of function
How to get a ColorPalette object?
Getting jzebra to print using sample files on ESC/P printer
My Jsonobject is going back to null?
javascript remove values from (inside) object literal
Trigger setEditing: animated: without using an edit button
Upgrading the existing database in a PHP system
python 'module' object has no attribute 'compile'
How to access global const variable present in one file to different file
Make a no-window entry widget with perl Gtk2
How to start 鈥渆macsformacosx鈥�in terminal
finding the cost of data compression
Mysql - Alter table statement to create unique index on long text field
jQuery with Rails 3.1.3 ebook or tutorial?
Imported a SQL Server database, and it says login failed for a user that doesn't exist [closed]
Gradeaverage app won麓t start
How to implement figures hierarchy in OOP
Database design for same site for different clients
Can I limit TextView's number of characters?
How can I host JVM in a native C++ win32 application?
Why do I get this error in a RavenDB index query: The field 'CustomerId' is not indexed
JAVA regex failing
Firefox/Windows - Crashing with Flash Debugger
Ruby on rails: mysql error
mysql loader error? 'C:test.txt' not found (Errcode: 2)
Object with eventhandler overloading
Unable to put images into hub tile
R: use of ROI package
How to implementing RDP routing service
unable to read file using apache fileupload in sturt 1.1
How do I serialize delegates in my WP7 application
Jersey Expires Header not working
What鈥榮 the matter about CSS?
Ignore urls in robot.txt with specific parameters?
Rotating text translatetransform etc
Difference between a regular language and a regular grammar
JQuery page transition, animation and frame-like structure
Difference between a regular language and a regular grammar
JQuery page transition, animation and frame-like structure
Writing a method that print binary tree and each node level number
Problems in finding contours and convex hull in openCV
I have a PDF document, but I need to substitute some values in Java
Validate form before submitted (Check all fields are entered)
Multiply combination of columns based on a column value
STS template Spring MVC project
Pass a function to a linq query
HTML Mail displays a blank message
emberjs select from predefined range of options
Get the columns in a single query
Using or / ,, in Sunspot search
Convert binary string into integer
How to add uncovered files to PHPUnit code coverage report of the Yii application
Adding to the basic entity frameword + crud
Under windows , we frequently use event to coordinate threads, under java, is there any equivalent mechanism?
Can't add parenthesis in the second parameter of addEventListener method
What are the chances of having 2 strings with the same md5 hash?
Extracting Words using nltk from German Text
Facebook query doesn't return expected hometown name parameter
jQuery text acting on duplicate classes
best way to resolve collisions in hashing strings
crontab email send
Use ajax like load
Whats the Java equivalent of NSArrays and arc4random?
NSMenuItem and NSPopOver
Scrolling issue when a ListBox hosts my user controls in WPF?
Is there any javascript (and client-side) wget implementation?
Determining yaw, pitch and roll
Strange terminal mode, bash's mistake?
Extjs 4 migration loading issue
Flow of execution when using Swing
How to prevent browser from saving webpage in cache, or force to request new page each time? [closed]
Defining the order that distinct items are listed in
Disapearing fixed div on window resize
PHP - Yii - I can access model's data in a view file, but have the getUrl in its controller. How do i access this?
How to convert Gtk.Image to base64
Deleting the last line of a file with Java
AS3:how to remove textfield from stage?
Can't type url src ampersand in XSP Editor
How to convert this JS to jQuery? Need to add fade effect
how do I include a class in another file? [closed]
How to submit a web page with different IP?
How do I know if a code is executed using GPU or CPU?
PTRACE_SYSCALL and orig_eax
How can I use Mechanize to scrape an HP Printer Status page?
Qt memory management for containers
jQuery and associative form, need help using enable and disable checkbox
How to open links in an iframe with target=鈥淿blank鈥�in the same iframe?
How do I control property names (casing) of JSON-deserialised objects through service/WebInvoke methods
symfony migration create table and insert record
global keyboard hooks in c
How to access controls from MainWindow?
iOS which is the default UIColor for tabbar icon?
Signal-Slot Connection between Creator and Created Class
Access contentScript variables in addon context and vice versa?
How can I hide the menu of Master page until the user do login in asp.net
Is it possible to install Win7 + Snow Leopard + Ubuntu on PC? [closed]
Jquery: class name multi ajax requests
Does variable assignment with var do not execute right away in Javascript?
Who can give the most beautiful one-liner solution?
iOS and bluetooth numeric keyboard
How to get UTC offset in javascript (analog of TimeZoneInfo.GetUtcOffset in C#)
JPA + JSF Error, While Persistenting Object
call javascript from server
Android: Spinners within a ListView loose their values when I add dynamically new ListView entries
'this' reference in JavaScript
Continuous Integration with Subversion and CVS
org.hibernate.TransientObjectException: object references an unsaved transient instance - save the transient instance before flushing
Multiple .live() bound to element
Sort List<T> collection by method result.
How to Grant SELECT on a table containing a varying array
select area by dragging mouse and register all elements in the area
How to Disable Html/CSS Code Assist in Aptana Studio 3
How to retrieve datetime value to PHP
all.js:23 Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token =
Downloading an Azure blob in chunks using WCF
Handling SD Storage / Compatibility
Interface dependency hierarchy
C++ library in C# - Inherit Classes
Android - Issue with conversion of double to Big Decimal
Getting JQuery DateTimePicker add-on to work
App in Django project
Is it possible to cancel a synchronous NSURLConnection from another thread?
Does this require windows delegation to be enabled for server service account?
Get folder up one level
Subdomains for oauth process?
How to create user specific content, that is invisible to others?
Animating a line moving on a Canvas
Image sequence load via IDs
Understading mysql_real_escape_string();
boost gzip_decompressor() Segmenation fault on free()
android what to worry about when deprecated API still working in higher API version
How to call a view by its given ID
Android - Parse Single Item Response JSONObject
Changing the status of an item based on time constraints
How to retrieve 1 record at a time from db
Udp Socket handling
displaying image from db in Razor/MVC3
displaying image from db in Razor/MVC3
Benefits of using reference_wrapper instead of raw pointer in containers?
Autoreleasepool for separate threads in iOS [duplicate]
Encrypt / Decrypt Methods
quantmod barChart (or chartSeries) formatting options
Symfony - image in response - speed, optimization
How to get attr() of image area?
Mysql stored procedure array parameter from java
Server Side API for Mobile Applications
How to have variable defaults in templates?
release space for deleted file
Directly access DAO from Java templates
Geometry library in C++ [closed]
Transactional Database Replication over an unreliable channel
Who actually last decide what is the Generic Type?
jQuery submit doesn't handle 鈥渟uccess鈥�
Android TextView text not being displayed inside tab?
Unregister all broadcast receivers registered in the activity
proxy in eclipse 3.7
Risky operator incantations?
Any free java VFS library?
How to detect/find particular layout is used in which slides using VBA in powerpoint
Is it ok to qualify C functions with the `std` namespace?
How to split text array?
iOS setSelectedImageTintColor uicolor not accepted
Attach window to external process
flex - don't let the drag icon get out of the drop target
PHP Google Calendar API v2.6 - updateEvent() function
php redirection headers not sent through ajax call
Porting bat code to powershell
Writing in a textbox in a form from another class
implement action bar on android API 7
confused with c++ program? [closed]
Ranking algorithms to compare 鈥淩ankings鈥�
MKMapView setVisibleMapRect not setting (sometimes)
Need pattern background and over it need to place an image
Wireshark and wifi monitor mode failing
How to load code into my DIV container in wordpress?
Positioning of view is different at application startup
Get items of the list from dictionary
Replace individual character element of a string C [duplicate]
Pulling my github repository and deploying it on apache
Key groups with APC cache
Merge two videos without ffmpeg (Cocoa)
MySQL get Offset given Limit, Order By, and Where ID
CFReadStreamClientCallBack in Background thread
adobe air: how to embed air runtime or simply distribute air applications?
How to make a copy of a pointer
calculating an Earthquake fault depth
apply css to a list of classes in jquery
apply css to a list of classes in jquery
Doxygen: Is it possible to group C++ function parameters, i.e. have the same documentation without duplicating it?
how find out a user is logged in already to prevent him log into my site in ASP.net
Android developer beginner [closed]
Using image URL which has dashes in it
how to show Screen within MainScreen in application
T4 Output to String
Creation Of Simple LR Parser Closure items
NService Bus - Content based routing & auditing - is my approach ok?
use of grep commands in unix
Array in UITextView
Do the viewcontrollers in a UIPageViewController set-up need releasing?
Not Retrieving Status for Some users FQL
Magento Url ReWrite Management Error ver.
Create XML tree from observable collection
Wordpress automatically adding site url to href, though href not empty
Custom route and form get parameters
Accessing elements of parent window from iframe (jquery)
In vim, is it possible to open a file specifying its name case insensitively
Comparison of accuracy between SHA-512 and compound CRC-32s of the same width
Powerpacks DataRepeater Control - Image not getting loaded in picture box
How to read Data from XML for 3rd Party Application?
length of System.currentTimeMillis
Generating an XML file for textual data with a shell script on Linux
is there a way of detecting whether a window resize event was caused by Android's popup keyboard?
why python gevent is slower than serial ?
java runtime cmd date & time commands
C++ - Initialize variable by passing reference to function?
Tail optimization guarantee - loop encoding in Haskell
Android OpenGL ES projection: why is my origin bottom left corner.
DOMDocument::loadHTML error
Morphing in MoleHill using a vertex shader
firefox onclick event
php get string from remote page
Migrate C# Hash Code to PHP
PHP : Delete a row with CSV?
Make a div to be over multiple div
Where to place include statements in a PHP class file
python reload can't find module from sys.modules
Making / Deploying War file from Eclipse web project
unexpected identifier with scrolling men霉
unset inside eval not working
NSTextField in NSTableCellView
Random numbers added to extjs data store ajax call
Is it possible to build FreeGLUT on Mac OS X?
Display and edit data in DataGridView
counting elements stored in an array
Jquery to handle special characters returned on server-side?
XMLHttpRequest: POST request status
What is causing this 301 redirect? [closed]
Is there an easier way to make sure a value in an array equals something php?
How to Animate the background world map position
Is there is 'grid' input form in rails?
How to check broken links in a webpage?
Oracle table referencing a table from another schema
Set large image as SurfaceView's background so that it suits the display height in Android
How to make boolean expressions shorter ? or or or or or
How can I open modal view (formsheet) from UITableView?
Table Per Subclass Inheritance mapping by NHibernate Mapping-by-Code
Generate database tables prior to dao unit test
Apache version 2.1 - What is the deal?
Getting input from input-boxes inside tables
what's the reason for stackoverflow exception in this?
SQLite format number with 2 decimal places always
Getting the value of brother/sister node
HSExposure() module is not callable
Porting an application with a background service from Android to WP7
How to create SOAP api webserices in rails3.1
Qt: Connecting SIGNAL to SLOT in 2 different windows
Page Navigation with MVC3
Provide data to highcharts from a Java method
Returning an array of objects from a query?
geocode - get the location
Are include statments that are within if statements compiled by the server?
Objective C - ASP.NET Authentication
keep ui autocomplete open at all times
ASP.NET MVC handle JsonResult in client side
iPhone ChildBrowser redirect after splash screen
OnSeekBarChangeListener always evaluates to null in Android
Capturing TextChanged event inside a Listview in Android
Castle Windsor inject into method by name
get the extension of the uploaded file in jsp using apache common fileupload
Implementing Custom NSMutableArray
Passing variables on history.go(-1)
factory method (1) vs factory(2) vs Builder (3) pattern
Endless loop in C
Saving and Retrieving value from text box when submitted
Is it possible to post on an event feed on behalf of the user?
rails/activerecord: how to get SQL COUNT and SUM to work with Postgres (at heroku)
Best way to build XML from XElements where many elements are shared?
How do I synchronize data between an editable ListCtrl and a data source?
Find the error in Struts2 dropdown list program?
Tcl : why the variable does not get increment?
Can ASP MVC automatically bind to a collection property in my EF4.1 entity
Forwarding arguments
Can Geany be used to Debug C++
Nest an iterator of Python context managers in 鈥渨ith鈥�
UpdateProgress doesnt show in asp.net web form
document.getElementById(jQuery(this).attr(鈥渋d鈥� + 鈥淯ploader鈥� is null
corrupted unsorted chunks, glibc error?
UpdateProgress doesnt show in asp.net web form
document.getElementById(jQuery(this).attr(鈥渋d鈥� + 鈥淯ploader鈥� is null
corrupted unsorted chunks, glibc error?
How Googlebot interprets my url
Swank server startup failure
elastic string script makes flash crash
program hangs on ObjectInputStream readObject method .
What is BufferedImageOp stands for?
Can I add html to a jsf h:message with a custom component?
std::list.sort(Predicate) Compiler error
SQLite issue - DB is locked workaround
Cursor url property does not seem to work on chrome and mozilla firefox
matplotlib: extended line over 2 control points
Is there any php-ga ports to Ruby on Rails
PHP - how to stream content with Transfer-Encoding: chunked
How to resize a window to fit, taking into account only logical lines?
Django and PgSQL connection issues on Linux Mint
What is the best CI server for a PHP web application? [closed]
PDO extension configuration - I keep getting PDOException 鈥渃ould not find driver鈥�in my PHP application
Returning value from Thread
In clojure, how to write the identity function using the anonymous function literal?
Maven version ranges and suffixed versions in IntelliJ Idea
How to make clang compile to llvm IR
PyGame: pygame.image.load() does not show anything
Buffer Explorer for vim
Getting wrong datetime format from SQL
Catch all exceptions and send them by e-mail
drag UITableView
How to adapt Cells of TableLayout to fit the screen?
Google Protocol Buffers - Storing messages into file
Getting all checkbox checked if press one specific checkbox
Error in the Django development server (鈥渞unserver鈥�
ASP.NET Multi-tenant App on Azure - handling authentication and connection to separate tenant databases
Accessing request payload from RESTful calls in Tornado Web
How to highlight adjacent duplicate lines
Several image snapshots in a JLabel component
Flex List item renderer
Title footer for Group in Setting bundle
Converting XML to JSON results in unknown characters when running on Centos instead of Windows
ZendFramework - How to know which controller and which specific method is execued?
PHP remember me function doesn't work [closed]
Returning something from another type class B in function of type class A in Haskell
How to set Express route alias to html file?
Which version of php add anonymous functions
Do I separate the view code in Django?
git-svn - cloned a single branch, now dcommit to another branch?
How to obtain the reference of a button inside a datagrid in the viewmodel in silverlight?
What is a good resource for learning the Windows API? [duplicate]
Visual basic 鈥淯nhandled exception鈥�
Optimizing my site for internet explorer
Change language on asp.net error messages - exceptions
date formatting from a NSString using NSDateFormatter
Should I use .htaccess file for my VPS or only httpd.conf
Lithium all rows in cookies, session
PrimeFaces Upload file not uploading
Check empty select in sqlite?
MySQL query. Can't manage to get it
How to get error messages from Windows Imaging Component (WIC) using C++?
Object in Flash scope is not available after redirect
issue with a android linear layout
Android OpenGL Texture Compression
touchesMoved:withEvent: and UIRotationgestureRecognizer don't work together
How do I point to an existing entry in a many-to-many relation?
Compiling a program without the the Multi Threaded DLL (Visual C++ 2010)
How to insert over a million records into a MySQL database?
How can I update this vote counter dynamically with Ajax/JavaScript (Rails)?
iOS change tabbar item color is safe?
Google Protocol Buffers int32 vs int64
How to reference creator object in Python?
How to change specific column data in the datatable according to some condition
How to Load images from SD CARD and Run Animation using AnimationDrawable or AnimationUtils in Android
Website Sidebar Not Showing in older internet explorer versions
What is the best independent test suite for benchmarking JavaScript engines? [closed]
Operations on Nodes
how to initial a web server on iphone
Detecting good GPU on Android
pcap packet length values seem incorrect
Using Postal Library From the Business Layer
Disable intents registered by other apps
How to ensure my javascript function only executes after all external javascripts are loaded?
Integrating facebook with my actionscript application
Implementing notification dialogs that don't steal focus from full-screen apps?
multiple input into a Mapper in hadoop
Get the Width of Div and LIMIT the mySQL query according to no of elements?
What is the equivalent of chls property for dotted line in google chart JS API?
Select currently focused element
Is it possible to filter on files in sub folders in ContentFiles for a web setup project?
Convert jQuery to work with prototype [closed]
SSIS package help to migrate data from MySQL server to SQL Server 2008 daily?
General algorithm/pattern for processing text files
Careful selection text in OnTouchEvent
A network related or instance specific error In SQL Server Compact
How to define a run-time exception in c++?
Sending foreign characters in c
exracting words using nltk
Crystal Report Formula Issue
backbone.js Issue with module defining
How to fork() n child processes correctly in C?
How do I access selected column value in a GridView using Jquery
Parse REST query in C++
Parse REST query in C++
PHP / MySQL multiple rapid inserts results in 鈥渢able doesnt exist鈥�[closed]
Creating custom helper available in views
How to free objects in stringlist in delphi 7?
Floating point errors in C++
Cannot add files to a repository
How to fix a parent for an entity?
limit the number of threads viewed on a page
find the width of the image surrounded by black region:Matlab
Makefile can't find file when using vpath
Nhibernate bind to DataGridView
Drupal webform edit exsitng response
g++ __thread = non-trivial constructor
Some advice with start learning java [closed]
Spring model attribute is not populating values
windows phone wireless scans
corona sdk application size is too big
UIWebView is blank and it's not loading an image from Resources
Can't see exception on client pc
Regular expression that will check valid inputs from a form
javascript or jquery to add input fields [closed]
Android Stop Background Music
How do I create a coloured text?
How to Retrieve Random Girl or Boys ID in facebook app
How to bind and unbind events jquery: carousel script modification
UIView - NSURLConnection doesn't call delegates
Node.js & MongoDB memory consumption
Application with session management in the server side
EventHandler: What is going on in this code?
Vim autocmd E488: Trailing characters
How many arguments to std::bind (VC 11 only supports 4)
Is it possible to rewrite this XSD in a simpler way?
Android EndlessAdapter set OnLongClick to items
Set Height of UINavigationBar
How to remove textarea which id was assigned as variable using flex
mod_rewrite will not rewrite, no errors in logs
GtkClutter Actor signals not firing
Changing a value of a pointer that has been passed to a function
intellij idea 鈥淟oad error: undefined path variables鈥�again and again
Program to print permutations of given elements
Sort output of s3cmd
WCF 4.0 Entity Framework not returning and inserting data
How do I use directory globbing in JDK7
Need your ideas to automate
Missing error in $@ for Perl Net::FTP
What is wrong with my upload program?
MySQL Replication 鈥�are queries ever modified by master?
Debugging an iPhone crash report
Is there any logcat library/framework for android?
How to detect Wi-Fi IP address changes in Android
Detecting 32-bit dword + dword carry / C++
Trying to find a reference to the manual but can't
phing get files in a directory and create a list of them for a xml file?
typeof number + typeof number = NaN?
Outputting terminal to multiple columns.
IntelliJ, I can't import groovy files [closed]
How to redirect a logged out user to the home page in Java EE/JSF?
How do I compile C++ with clang
custom navigation bar android
Java Date time issue
How to understand result parser of play2's anorm?
Dynamically creating a grid using lists
Delete first line in file if it matches a pattern
How do I close a window after the user clicks on the close button in file upload?
Get current path of java file that is running
Push notifications for iOS web app by using sockets?
Error in custom struct set declaration
How do i handle closing WebView that opened in Activity Android?
C#, IronPython - import(?) from a non-static class
Issue with images in a table layout within a row
Loading two videos at a time via AJAX
Is there a way to conduct rolling deployment in fabric files?
making reddit's buttons asynchronous
Erlang: unmarshalling variable length data fields in binary stream
choosing a random image from a string that located in array with for loop
How to add a certain value to anchor tag?
What's the minimal length for storing a Facebook API Access token in SQL Server? [closed]
jQuery JavaScript making a footer or other element disappear if the page is resized
FreeBSD: network interface information
Can raymarching be accelerated under an SIMD architecture?
Any way to disable syntax checking for a project?
Android Java: changing image in listview depending on content
Detect click on an image
jQuery JavaScript Detect object in view / window
date string doesnt work
Android unable to start activity, error inflating class?
servlet doGet and doPost methods
Shake gesture and firstResponder
Background-position just vertical
Can someone share a full working example of django inline formset?
defining a starting point for dolist
jQuery ui.draggable does not Call custom Function
Navigation controller stack issue after memory warning
Print all code listings from a C++ project
How to use javac to replace deprecated wsgen or apt in JDK 7 or 6?
Android - force full screen soft keyboard
Displaying custom failure message in UnitTest++?
iPad/iPhone : how to keep the session in a web app
having issues with session name and updating
Using foreach loop to increment variables [closed]
Getting value of a apache's env var in servlet runtime
Rounding in Silverlight
How do I do a Simple PHP Loop repetition
How can you change the text orientation in cells in the fixed rows in a Delphi TStringGrid
how import com.android.internal.telephony.gsm [duplicate]
Alternative for batch job scheduling (in compute pool)
Why this scala code reports compilation error: recursive value x needs type
NSNotification called before view controller is initialised completely
Is the following equivalent to a forward declaration?
best approach to update panel of data with jquery from mysql source - json?
Load SWF and override existing library symbols
how to limit/offset sqlalchemy orm relation's result?
Error Msg: Pure Abstract Class wrapped in a Namespace in C++
Rails 3.2.1 heroku asset precompile error
Unable to install Hibernate plugin for eclipse
How can I continue The upper Loop
Assert Permissions in C#