Netty WebSockets & tcp sockets
Why can't I escape quote in gawk?
toggle css as well as show/hide jquery
Insert Inner Join Statement
Relationship between distance in 3D space and its z depth
Best way to read output of shell command
Do combination of existing features make new features ?
Can i use just ffmpeg?
How would I build a PHP class?
Subversion & Custom Hosting
How to access all asp controls using jQuery?
How to send data in some format (JSON/XML/etc) from server to client by using web-socket
How can i know the that in which class button is created which has generated event鈥�
Two uipicker in the same view
best database type to use with Trac [closed]
Post Android Intent from website
Pointer to a structure that has not been declared [duplicate]
Android custom theme on 2.3, holo theme on 4.0
WP7 app could not start for debugging
Gallery not viewing right in IE6 & 7
Core Data fetch request uses a lot of memory
H5BP build script - dependencies
play started failed with ImportError
Getting PyDev to recognize the correct Python Interpreter on Eclipse under OS X Lion
How to read data from a text file into a matrix in MATLAB
Trouble Implementing custom lock screen (background activities issue)
Generate random number in 2D array (Java)
Incorrect display of URLs in Rails
Is caching a table in a collection in a Windows Phone application bad practice?
Can I disable the 鈥渘on-exhaustive pattern matches鈥�warning only for lambdas?
YouTube Player API list with videos
Pan and zoom to display the query results by using Fusion Table Layer
YouTube Player API list with videos
Pan and zoom to display the query results by using Fusion Table Layer
Ajax multiple divs
Reading unicode from sqlite db using python
Get user picture
FileSystemWatcher not allowing Datagrid to Update
XMLHttpRequest not working
BeagleBoard Narcissus ToolChain with OpenCv issue
dynamic change jwplayer video path
What datatype should I use to store time() in MySQL for my application?
How do I get the clicked button name with getElemetByName?
Mimicking Browser's Script Loading and Executing Behaviour in Javascript
Paperwork about JAX-RS frameworks and their client sided implementation
Non-blocking TCP socket handling - How to detect blocking state prior to writing on to the socket?
Entity Framework Code first TpT mapping in a composite app
extend functionality of addDocumentListener
using sort_by in ruby (for rails)?
More than one row with the given identifier was found while I'm trying to merge the object
R: creating a variable on the fly
Sort column header in chronological order, not in alphabetical order
Set HTML input textbox's display text using C#
Java printing out a component as a image while window hidden
Uploading a photo from another server directy to Facebook
How to perform operations on constant variables fetched from a UIButton?
Libusb on Ubuntu
Java Vector Math readability
Separate ListView Items with CheckBoxes events
Declared with attribute warn_unused_result [-Wunused-result]
Grid scrolling not come up
Data binding a control with a byte in byte array C#
How to interact with COM objects using C?
How to control Jquery Testimonial Speed
How to validate whether correspondent entry in other table exists
How do I hide the 鈥淧ost to Facebook鈥�option from the fb:comment method box?
ehcache config proplem in persistence.xml with hibernate
Robots are still disallowed even without a robots.txt file [closed]
Uncaught SyntaxError in jQuery
How to reconcile data in two table using java?
file not closing
htaccess rewriterule, total 8 RewriteRules, work fine separate, but not all together [closed]
Azure Connect - Unable to access locally hosted DB
Perl Check Text Line
iOS-Masterviewcontroller does not show up
Visual Basic Script Webbrowser Control
PHP strtotime not working with Zend_Feed always displaying todays date
Why is JavaScript referred to as Client Side Technology?
How to deal with transitive dependencies when osgiying a third party library with Maven Bundlor
removing duplicates from mysql table but allowing up to 10
Trigger a function when another function is called
Data retrieving from JTable
Uploading data from excel file to database using java
How to get one DIV in a maze of DIVs
In Tcpdf,I am passing a textarea value which is not printing as I want it to
client side authorization in web project
Collaboration between Drupal 7 sites
Difficulty in appending elements to a list when using IO in Haskell
PHP + JavaScript PopUp Windows
Dealing with views and recursion
Carriage return showing on HTML code
Does tx:annotation-driven respect beans imported and does the order of service import matter?
playframework: Request.current in Job
Code (java, multithreading) execution stops after a line of code
How can I get the classname at runtime, but only the classname?
How can I display tabledata with Java Stored Procedure?
Jquery Selectable - make all TD except the last one in each row unselectable
Join tables - Associations in Rails 3
Using XML field Vs. creating a table for unstable organization
What does color key's role in the image processing?
Why do I get a ValueError when explicitly closing stdout?
Parse multipart/form-data response in android
How to maintain the previous state of an activity
String Object to Array with PHP
getWidth() and getHeight() are 0 after calling setPreferredSize()
EntityCommand SQL Error
How do I know if a image is 鈥淧remultiplied Alpha鈥�
how to deal huge amounts of data,such as grouping operation? [closed]
How do I build a content slider like this? [closed]
Runtime.getRuntime.exec(鈥渨ho am i鈥� not giving desired results
vim 鈥淯nexpected 'INDENT'鈥�coffeescript on every new line
Organising project files for a Python webapp with database functionality
PHP: read html file for offline reading
How can I create a custom event using jquery
Displaying loading.gif before iframe is loaded
How can I start a sub-process in Windows?
PMD with Maven - How to disable one rule within a ruleset?
Blackberry:Scrolling/Focus issue with tabs and listfield
Layout issuein the widget [closed]
go back one tab index
How to span image over 2 table rows?
How do you pass Array dimensions?
Good CMS for beginners
LINQ expression to find XElement and loop through attributes which can each add to listbox
Google+ Plus API Define a specific image variable
How to convert text file to object
How to add subreports to the main report while creating a pdf in JasperReports (iReport)
Static website on Heroku Cedar
How to calculate percentile or ranking of a value in a collection?
Overwriting values of hashmap in bash
Only PNG supports transparency, is that true?
Django : How to structure template folder considering template tag includes?
Illumination Invariant: morphological Quotient Image (MQI)
webview don't display javascript
windows phone 7 equivalent of a new form
Site Navigation and links hide/unhide based on permissions
Nginx: Return 301 Redirect When 404 Error
rake and utf-8 char in appication path
For loop behaves strangely [closed]
createCriteria and list syntax in Grails
Masonry not working for Twitter widget
cakephp 2.0 before filter
UITableViewController does not load data
How can I search the POI on google maps?
PHP 5.3 data storage
If an image is transparent background, does it mean every pixel has 0 in alpha?
wcf forward-compatibility using enums
Change the navigation bar tint using Xcode
HtmlAgilityPack XPath case ignoring
EMMS: Error: 鈥淒on't know how to play track鈥�
Android - Why does my application keep bringing up the 鈥淰ideo can't be played screen鈥�
If pointers in C# do not inherit from object, are there still only objects?
Speeding up IPC with Ruby
How can I automatically sign in users in a phpBB3 forum based on accounts in a Rails app?
Update Android SDK manager without Internet Connection but by earlier downloading for another SDK
Calculating adjacent side of triangle in java?
Java - Another JFrame On Same Window
getting input from last input-areas in an array of dynamically generated text inputs
unobtrusive client validation in knockout template binding
query all item from second table
How can i set id of h:panelGroup inside ui:repeat
Windows C socket programming for UDP client
Can I directly add record as object in stringlist?
How to get child PID in C?
AJAX not working when more than one line is in the partial
Does <location path=鈥淪omePath鈥�gt; in web.config case sesitive?
inotify recursively how to do it?
C++/CLI: Preallocating memory for string handles
DetailView not opening from UITableViewController press (iOS Xcode)
Javascript Notification Bar - Make it appear only once per day?
finding a class within the same div with jquery
Titanium appcelerator - PayPal module, transactionID?
mySQL changes variable once row hits 0
Options for implementing search in php/mysql site
In mono for android on c# dose not exist why?
how do you convert a single column of a 2d array into a ArrayList?
focus on user input using Scanner class in java
jQuery using wildcard * to change color of all child elements
What does it mean for transparent background?
java create constructor in subclass with superclass as arguments
What are security problems of this SP
Does .net framework provides image processing library? [closed]
What are security problems of this SP
Does .net framework provides image processing library? [closed]
Why does the result contain multiple copies of the same value?
How do I open a class file with notepad++?
escaping % in Python IMAP lib
what's should i return when i invoke OnFocusChangeListener.onFocusChange() function
Error while adding data in SQL Server in c#?
hide scrollbar but able to scroll with mouse
php - interface for and ajax calls
How to generate a UIImage programmatically with Quartz 2D and Grand CEntral Dispatch
better way to center-zoom images?
iPhone development on beta version?
automatic sorting of numeric keys in array php
remove given element in an array using jquery fn extension doesn't work in reference way
Sound comes from the app when it is paused
My New HTML Elements Are Being Created At An Exponential Rate WTF Javascript And jQuery
difference between LoadedpivotItem and LoadingPivotItem
How can I include text message in an intent chooser's list?
iPhone proximity monitoring
scanning an image for a certain pixel color in java
Are there any limits on the types in the typecast operator?
Media queries displaying differently in Webkit than FF or OP?
Codeigniter flash data not working in certain browsers
Compilation errors when calculating distance between two points
How to apply particular layout in powerpoint using vba?
CSS max-width for an img makes IE use the 'original' div/table width
Reportlab graphics and bullets
Error When Setting TextView Visibility In Handler
Qt 鈥減rivate slots:鈥�what is this?
jQuery Mobile w/ Backbone.js JQM initializePage() function not working as expected
Multithreaded File polling
Entity Framework Checklist to improve the performance
Favicon not displaying
Is it possible to perform WHERE on a field formed using AS keyword in the same query?
git: reset branch from detached state
How to call an activity from a CountDownTimer?
Page Curl(flipping) in CSS3
How do you send a raw strings through a jQuery POST request?
Map relations to specific tables
Adding kernel32.lib to Eclipse's (with CDT plugins) path for all projects
Is it possible to send objects with UITapGestureRecognizer initWithTarget:action:
How to kill a thread nice in java?
how to create logfiles in c++
How to get phone number if a contact has more than one number in Android
passing locals array from Express to Javascript
How use SQL to SUM across all related rows where one row contains a matching keyword
Offset top does not return the expected value
save manytomanyfield with modelformset
GWT inject CSS on runtime
android: how add section footer to a list
Simplifying this Objective-C code for readability [closed]
OnMouseOver Flickering on Navigation
opengl basics on android?
is it possible to use the origin SimplePagerButton image?
Fastest way to retrieve unique record in MySQL: string vs float vs 2 ids
jquery in smarty tpl
How to create a dialog box or control bar , it always pop at the top of all the programs?
Can someone explain the benefits of polymorphism?
C# Duplicate strings with a little change within line
2 floating point numbers does a calculation
NavigationBar How to Title Font color font style
How would one make connect/express use non-expiring caching on a particular directory
printing in assembly programming using FASM
Can One Thread Communicate with Another?
Is this lowest-leaf element the last in its branch?
C# List<GenericClass>(100) Construction Principles
How do I create a dynamic web environment using javascript to test my iPhone apps?
GWT - Charts - Large Dataset getting unresponsive warnings
Creating an array from textarea
Haskell higher order function help needed
Is catch an error here? should i use parameter for catch()?
Java - PBKDF2 with HMACSHA256 as the PRF
Merkle Hellman Knapsack cryptosystem
why doesn't my ajax work
uninstall ruby version from rbenv
What is default register state when program launches (asm, linux)?
how to change a specific word in a string to uppercase [closed]
Linq lambda for Date between d1 and d2 giving me grief?
Visual Studio 2010: Linker > Command Line contains unneeded .lib
Perl match newline in `-0` mode
ScrollView in SYSTEM_TYPE_ALERT is blurred
How do I make my xampp server public using my public ip address?
IMAP: Search for messages with UID greater than X (or generally, after my last search)
how to access assets pipeline style in production
how to index a JSF based website deployed on glassfish
GCC Compiler gives warning for a static variable defined and used
Circle Overlay is not showing on map
Rails 3.2 hangs with JRuby 1.6.6
Copy a huge MySQL table from a remote to a local database
python regex search addition to parse a tag in a text file
PHP Unix time to Human time displaying incorrectly
What is the differece between using indexed锛峜olumn and non锛峣ndexed column to update data from different transactions?
Get statistics for a list of numbers using GPU
EditText steals focus
Comparing date with sysdate in oracle
Perl & CPAN upgrade help for OSX
Save value of checkboxlist item on each check
Open COM application in NET using IronPython
Change element class name when hovering parent mootools
setTimeout in Ajax
How to represent Big O(n!) Time complexity from for loop?
Server/client in java and c/objective - Encoding issues
anything wrong with the android XML file?
Convert QLPreviewRequestRef to QLThumbnailRequestRef
read 300MB text file in C
Clean and natural scripting functionality without parsing
Extracting page title using javascript
How to produce a result set based on the comparison of values between two fields?
Brainfuck Interpreter [closed]
Model validation not being recognized-Max # of players on a team
Problems clearing a UILabel from an NSString?
Error in sending mail through outlook using VB
How can I get two different Sub Buttons to see each other
jQuery tmpl .appendTo gives 鈥淥bject doesn't support this property or method鈥�
How can I create dynamic graphs using 鈥淐harts and Graphs鈥�module in drupal 6?
Globally changing font size in Primefaces
Using reflection to peep into a module and its classes
Removing an item in HTML5 Local Storage after a period of time?
Replace a bean inside the spring container during run-time
Code Beautifier and Formatter
How do I stop HTML from flowing out my div?
using regular expressions to replace multiple values in a string in javascript
Multiple Jquery Scripts
Not able to edit attributes using AJAX on Rails 3
How do I write a function?
Can I build iOS apps in Xcode 4.2 and iOS5, then test the app on iPhone with iOS 4.3
Stylesheet does not work in Kohana
Find Shortest distance from an array of arrays using php
VBA Macro to compare columns in Excel and display the differences in a third column
Can I make a NFS share my root when booting? [closed]
Regex in java for finding duplicate consecutive words
Aligning Radio Button in a JSP/JSF with its label
Writing summation expression in Matlab
Is there an equivalent of the 鈥渂locktrans鈥�in tag in jinja2?
Why aren't short circuited operators the default
object of shared pointer being deleted while instances of shared_ptr are still in scope Application_BeginRequest not fired, global.asax not run at server
Why doesn't IE respect table width with fluid image child
Design of online folder system [closed]
SQL data to JSON file
How can I capture tf.exe stderr without stopping its dialog prompts?
How to debug deadlock problems in kernel
Android storeimage also creates thumbnail
How does Access-Control-Allow-Origin work?
Processing web requests in Java desktop application through tor network?
Has_many: through in Rails. Can I have two foreign keys?
Extjs not paging correctly
Best way to send notifications to an Android application
NASM - Integer to String
Dependency Property Binding in UserControl
Dependency Property Binding in UserControl
What do I need to enter in autoexp.dat in order to be able to inspect a data member of a class contained in a vector?
Iterate over each attribute in style object
Override localization via multiple domains
Binding to ColumnDefinition.ActualWidth has no effect
Can where clause condition be represented by another column
Why is my padding not being applied to my <li>
How do I create a class from XML elements?
Asymptotic analysis of three interdependent nested for loops
iphone app shows white screen when first launched, but okay when entered again
in a wavefront object file (.obj) how am i supposed to render faces with more than 4 vertices in opengl?
Makefile - Pass jobs param to sub makefiles
Difference between Service and Thread in Android? [duplicate]
How to aggregate data 'grouped by' its parent and use that for further calculation (normalization) in Excel?
tapping one row will select multiple rows
preparing data for haar training OpenCV
cast to pointer from integer of different size [-Wint-to-pointer-cast]
Python watching for process start up?
How to turn off text AntiAliasing in IE(6/7/8)(VML)
OleDB Data not reading from the correct row
Java Swing Game TT [closed]
Declarations and global reference variables for several files
How do I remove the inside borders of a series of images and keep the outside border continuous in css?
Change imageview in widget dynamically in Android
Regarding the installshield's custom dialog
How to check a textbox value when the user press tab
Parallelize preorder tree
Looping issues in Python
Passing parameters with an Action link on an image
Difficulty using only out parameters in .aidl file
fields with the same name in different tables. how to get a specific one when fetching
Detect when the system volume changes on mac?
how INSERT works before issuing a COMMIT in Oracle
Creating new generic object with wildcard
if/elif mash up
Setting up CruiseControl.Net to always check for modifications
Nested PreferenceScreen, when called, replacing Whole Screen
There was an error in serializing body of message
Unable to prevent Magento from Caching a Block
Avoid extra DB reads in the getAsObject method of converter class by caching data client side?
preventing users from submitting data from form to mysql twice
Form not submitting programmatically
need explanation on type-systems
Why does ruby's to_json break embedded javascript?
How do I pass *args to my timeit.Timer object?
what are type fields [closed]
I want to re-open the camera view
Spring roo App runs fine in STS but I get an Error when I run the same app in Cloud foundry
visualizing RDF query result
How much of code can I copy from an open source program?
Facebook Android-SDK Posting Message Issue
website player able to cut specific part of the video and save it as a new video
StreamReader ThreadSafe Issue? Possibly?
Is there a neat way to tell if iPhone/iPad has been set a passcode by user
MVCGrid w/Expander (parent) invoking an MVC Form(child) and loading child record - UPDATED
Getting classes to work in java, building a Android App to parse XML
Date comparision in struts2 using OGNL
getting imageWithContensOfFile to pick the proper graphic
Android: Set layout as background of view
Fixing HTML spacing issues from nested PHP
Sql Server 2008 transaction log Error
Segfault calling readdir() - Directory Traversal
extending innodb_data_file_path in mysql
Search Form in Zend layout [closed]
How do I use the iterator type when inheriting publicly from an STL container class?
How can a run a query on one table based on the results of a query on another table?
PHP - display retrieved email address in input box
Sending variables to the view in Cake from the Controller not working [duplicate]
In Objective-C when can I use a primitive data type instead of NSNumber?
pthreads SIGHUP on Simple Linux Timer
MySQL Edit form is overwriting all database entries
java.lang.SecurityException: Provider gps requires ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION permission
Android: Create a new class? Or can I use the current Activity?
Nested MVVM with locator
Cannot find Linear Layout in a Splash Screen - Null Pointer Exception
jquery post request: how to indicate browser activity
Saving an NSDictionary to MySQL with JSON
git: what does 鈥渇atal: Failed to execute internal merge鈥�mean?
Word documnet CSS not formating properly
Inconsistent behaviour when executing a function from within Oracle SQL*Plus?
How can I pass a variable while using `require` in node.js?
Why can't I find Java desktop application in Netbeans 7.1
How can I get JSON data without an array as the key?
C++ Vector iterator not dereferencable after more data added
Image Processing Outlines
Should I use Primitives or wrappers in JPA2.0?
How to have a global action in MVC3?
Can setInterval slow down browser performance drastically?
php, mysql, opening database taking too long
Lex & Yacc - Grammar rules
iPhone (iOS) app using local sqlite and desire to sync between multiple devices
Set Pivot orientation to Landscape but what about the Height spacing
How can I attach a stub to my payload to decipher and facilitate the program's execution?
allowing keypress 13 on login form after specific div is displayed on page
How to start REPL for slimv with MIT-Scheme
Core Data automatic migration doesn't create the new entity in my new model form behaves different on iPhone
How do I transfer values from one form to another?
Termination of structural induction
Is there a way to use .htaccess to cache images from a different domain
UIButton does not work when hidden
What do you call 鈥渪mlns:p=鈥漢ttp://鈥溾�
Pull item by value from embedded array in Mongo
Is this defensive programming? [closed]
git: abort commit in the middle of typing message
How can i redirect console output in real-time on PHP?
create a log in the MVC system
HTML5 Bolierplate <head> script & Desigining for mobile
Require a gem library
How to save Django ModelForm data?
Jquery UI autocomplete demo - categories, How to get a border directly above the category name?
Writing a SQLite database trigger to hide specific data from SELECT requests
returning from a function immediately after calling another function
Hovering via CSS in Chrome + GWT
Keeping count in a recursive Java method
button images visibility based on the checkboxlist items
MySQL Left Join Not Working
Determine if num is a power of two in java? [duplicate]
How do I trace which method is getting executed in java when I perform some operation like clicking a button
Code sample on iisnode and azure [closed]
OpenOffice Automation Issue when Launched from Separate Thread
XSLT to Unordered List
How do I automatically specify the correct regression model when the number of variables differs between input data sets?
Why does the following Clojure not detect a palindrome?
Javascript constructor prototype
How to handle case-insensitive string replacement without using Regex in Java
Execute facebook like in javascript function?
set 鈥渋nstaller鈥�package value to be returned in getInstallerPackageName()
Custom sorting option in sharepoint search core results page
iOS App relauches instead of resuming [closed]
32 errors for something that shouldn't be happening
Page Content not Appearing
How to toggle OpenGL fullscreen rendering in Lion?
Match timestamp with preg_match
preg_match to get div contents
NSTimer terminating app due to uncaught exception
replacing an instance method
Multiplying double type values gives random/garbage answer in output
Java - How is the return of foo.charAt(i) a reference?
How to write an client-server video streaming
Creating an android WLAN multiplayer game
Why can't I use .Any()?
Switch shader program in WebGL
Bind to a specific IP in C for ubuntu
Styling a MapPolygon
Need help displaying different footer widgets in wordpress
Couldn't parse YAML at line 7 - RefineryCMS / Rails Issue
Why existing function arguments cannot be used to evaluate other default arguments?
Cannot test purchase from iTunes store, getting two seemingly conflicting errors
django smart_selects - syncdb error
What can be inferred from javascript variables that begin with _? [duplicate]
LESS / CSS: Variable Name Error 鈥渋s undefined鈥�even though 鈥渧ariables.less鈥�imported
jQuery - Concatenating the results of an unknown number of Ajax requests
How to add manual key and value to dynamically created array?
How do I call/start an NDK android application from within an SDK application?
Conversion from ArrayList to Collection
Prevent scrolling from anchor tags
What installer options do I have for bundling a windows service along with a WPF application?
Java FoldMap Lists, or 鈥渉ow to get around the lazy/eager dissonance鈥�
GAE - How to make an XML-RPC call?
Is there a standard GUI toggle switch in Java?
How to integrate different layout managers to fit this?
.net wrapper for Perforce API?
Set CSS class 'selected' in ASP.NET menu parents and their children?
Email piping with php script to collect the TO field?
FSEvents file flags are set regardless of event stream creation options
Coding Style: Is it acceptable to make further queries from within model classes?
IOS UIMenuController UIMenuItem, how to determine item selected with generic selector method
In what format should I respond from django to android after getting http get?
Native android app posting to a user's wall鈥t works for me, but no one else
One to many mapping in hibernate
Rendering BSP with VBO or shader? OpenGL
Trigger an event on `click` and `enter`
Strophe character encoding issue
Thread synchronization issue
why in the API Demo's, it says鈥渏ust sleep for 30 seconds鈥�instead of 15 seconds?
Are answers to the Clojure koans posted anywhere?
Automatically adjusting ylim with stat_summary
Runtime adjustment of layout parameters
Excluding iPhone3GS and down from downloading my app
In BASH, is it possible to get the function name in function body?
getElementById from Parent into iframe form textfield
Convert double point coordinates into string
jqGrid Searchbox 鈥済reater than鈥�and 鈥渓ess than鈥�are missing
Add key/value pairs to NSMutableURLRequest
How to calculate field in Model based on other table?
How to persist the Lucene document index so that the documents do not need to be loaded into it each time the program starts up?
Align N columns of single characters
dropdown menu not showing?
Classic ASP XLS output with carriage return in cell
Inserting two arrays elements one by one into DB table
Add database to existing SQL Server 2008
Regarding to last_insert_id not working please help me
running different JavaScript based on browser
What is wrong with my fread program?
Why can't I compute a constant annotation parameter?
erros using contextInfo with NSAlertPanel and ARC to pass data
What's the easiest way to switch between different senders in VBA?
Combining foreach statements in Wordpress
CodeIgniter ajax call using jquery when call redirect it prints the whole page i div
Problems on NSArray's -valueForKey: when its item is NSDictionary
Which iOS classes that don't support zeroing weak references?
std::array initializer list initialization in initialization list
How to access static methods of generic types
Ordering <div>'s according to screen/window orientation
Is there anyway to have jquery BlockUI vertically center on the screen
read entire text file into one-dimensional array
Python twitter crawler for tweets older than one week?
Replacing first occurance of a match with sed
SQL design - consequences of creating multiple instances of the same staff member with different attributes
How to get a process file name from pid, if OpenProcess() fails with ACCESS_DENIED?
automatic way to detect objects passed by value to functions in c++
Ajax GET request with authorization header and CORS on android 2.3.3
Activator.CreateInstance failing with 'No parameterless constructor'
jQuery to get data from the URL
Making browsers ignore the URL hash when the back button is clicked
Save Record built-in macro with custom confirmation dialog
Having trouble triggering the function FB.api() in the Facebook JavaScript SDK
How 鈥渂ytesPerRow鈥�is calculated from an NSBitmapImageRep
How should I 鈥渃reate commands with implicit contexts鈥�in GHC's ghci
How can I read breaks in downloaded text?
DateTime WHERE Parameters
How to make this line bold? [duplicate]
Opening an email in an iOS app
Android App Doesn't Stay in Portrait Mode
Symfony2: Echoing JSON From a Controller for Use in an ExtJS 4 Grid
SSH Port forwarding in a ~/.ssh/config file? [closed]
Canvas Gradient
copy from one textarea to all others
How do you import a Java Class Library into a Java Web project (using NetBeans)?
simple ASP.NET 4.0 login
HTML5 Videos not working when more than 1 on a page
Determining how many bits is a processor by looking at the assembly listing file
Initialising smart pointer [duplicate]
C: strtok returns first value and then NULL
Android app data storage keeps increasing
UIScrollViewDelegate not scrolling animated
How do I connect an array of buttons w/i singleton?
How to use z-index to make an element overlap another element in CSS
XML parsing using JDOM
Android: Monitoring Bluetooth Discovery - what does this compile error mean?
Storing variable number of items in a database
How to fix android app resolution on 480*800?
Reset C int array to zero : the fastest way?
Build a 3D least squares distance matrix without loops?
Opening IE through WCF
Sending multiple word documents as attachments in PHP
Parallel pipes not closing in C?
R: numbering elements in a vector
Ruby on rails gem tinymce-rails not including needed js files on hosted environment
Is there a better way to handle double values across languages?
Dynamic (i18n) links using expressjs and jade
Unsetting referenced array items
MySql Query throwing an error
Python libraries for on-line machine learning MDP
sed not working as expected, but only for directory depth greater than 1
Creating a MMO game server, What language should I use? [closed]
CSS: propery syntax to refer to element with ID
Usage of 鈥渋d鈥�in Objective-C?
Getting the root url in Django
Creating a histogram with C++ (Homework)
Where should .emscripten LLVM_ROOT and NODE_JS point to? (Mac OS X)
install the apache module for passenger (ruby)
load column data into checkboxlist
How can i save the parameters after and URL like id=3&name=blla to a database so later i can call that values to show in any page in ASP.NET
How to add a copy of each line in a txt (containing two parts separated by a particular symbol) with the order of the two parts inverted?
Producing a data.frame for presence/absence for each raster cell in R
Centering text field in Titanium Mobile
Google Analytics on iOS dispatchPeriod - how does it work?
How would you move a full backbone.js tree?
How to keep URL same for all request
Masked Input Plugin
Secure my code? [closed]
Alert should only appear after all table rows have no errors
install python MySQLdb to python3 not python
Get the amount of sent sms
Two overlapping ImageViews in Android
Why does my function's name appear twice in the 鈥渓ocals鈥�window?
Does Yii's Gii's CRUD generator take into account models' relations?
save a text file in a variable in bash
SQLConnection not fully becoming a new connection using new ConsoleApp
SLXNA plus Accelerometer causing screen to rotate during gamplay, solutions?
Use regex to remove everything but [a-zA-Z0-9-] from string
Easiest way to setup subversion for a website?
Passing arguments to SAX handler in python
Storing a Single Bit
When dynamically creating HTML elements with jQuery, how to include values conditionally in the JSON?
Google Interactive Charts not loading when UpdatePanel is refreshed
How to move skin directory to another place
Using JavaScript Functions to Manipulate HTML
Serving static files from Sinatra with case-insensitive URLs
Changing the default SSH key path for IntelliJ IDEA
Why do System.err statements get printed first sometimes?
Drawing a Large Bitmap Background to SurfaceView Android
Spring MVC 3 exception : An Errors/BindingResult argument is expected
How can I pause a Visual Basic loop and then continue? [duplicate]
motion effect to increase hight
Display 'From Price' for categories on Magento
motion effect to increase hight
Display 'From Price' for categories on Magento
Droid Incredible not recognized by Eclipse after Gingerbread upgrade
Automatic CSV import into Outlook
Creating a batch-file to remove 鈥渢el:鈥�from the front of a number
configure wcf timeout in app.config file [duplicate]
Auto-cleared sessions with guice-persist
Android ViewPager w/ multiple Fragment classes each w/ separate layout file
Vaildate 1 field with mutiple options
Nobody's solution is fixing my 鈥淜ey access_token鈥�expected byte[] error when uploading photos to facebook
ArrayList filter
CSS flyout menu issue
CSS3 transform rotate 鈥渂y鈥�n degrees
C macro for defining symbols
How does heroku store its authentication on its command-line app?
Finding a javascript to properly indent code
End program from a separate thread in Objective-C?
How to save a django model with a manyToMany Through relationship, AND regular manyToMany relationships
how to prepend content in span onChange value of input box
Java: jar files generated through eclipse dont run. Whats could the issue be?
{% url %} and jquery
Regions/Locales and Pulling DateTimes( From Strings) from a Database
Rails 3: using composed_of with validation causes ActiveRecord error
Is there a standard tool similar to DNS, but for mapping names to hostname/port number combos?
How do I access and call Javascript Object properties and methods from C++ using V8?
How to crop margin in imagemagick?
C++: Implementing a function defined inside an anonymous structure
jQuery closest with attribute filter
How to modify this code to support CCL?
How do I know what a return value of zero means for NSDictionary's objectForKey method in Objective C?
What would be the minimum specifications needed for a Java Web server? [closed]
Calling Timer Tick event after enabling timer in another class
Django syncdb not running custom SQL
mediaPlayer prepare nullpointer exception
Enum to JSON object for jQGrid using JSON.NET
I would like to add form information to an already existing user in a table in a database (with PHP)
BASH, check if file exists and continue else exit
count 0.5 for some IDs
Threaded BlockingQueue, clarification needed
Random int infinite loop
How is 95% CI calculated using confint in R?
Pretty print in MongoDB shell as default
2 text box need to verify they are not empty or contain 0
Resizing a Twitter widget based on screensize
PHP Arrays, Can I define my own Array class?
Is there a way to add a list as a reference attribute to a list?
A user defined function which is equivalent of strlen() in C
Having trouble Fading OUT an image
Should .nuget folder be added to version control?
avoiding duplication while importing into table
avoiding duplication while importing into table
Time Complexity of Genetic Algorithm
Is there a way to listen to Html Element Style changes - Backbone.JS
Add html to WYSIWYG from outside the editor (jQuery, ClEditor)
Writing in file C++
How to get cocos2d to draw all rectangles in an array
Migrating php code from 5.2 to 5.3
Creating an EF CodeFirst DbContext using Roslyn
Generalized number to string conversion in Java
Testing WCF Service which uses IdentityPrincipal
Background color and GTK Look and Feel
MySQL query for items where average price is less than X?
CSS class nesting
How to print an object on the developer tools console in Javascript
Serializing ObservableCollection
Entity Framework stored procedure over remote connection
WPF knowledge required before moving to MVVM [closed]
Corona SDK: Image Format Optimization/info?
Calculating IRR in ruby
Replace real id to another id in Rails URL
UDP server to forward messages between clients
projection of the entire database tables according to a specific column
How to draw a numbers onto a panel in a 2d array for a game board
How to design a searchable, versioned library of items with wildly varying properties and multiple editors?
How do you retrieve the amount of free physical RAM in Objective-C?
How do I list all versions of a gem available at a remote site?
register a ServiceRoute in a mvc application?
Rails 3.1 reCaptcha gem won't accept theme option
Unable to compile program using boost on Mac
Load external page and use it's elements like I would use them normally?
Django and css and a really simple example, please
how can i imitate Facebook urls with multiple objects?
Remove Perl module from child stack
PHP Array Selecting values that match certain criteria
What are the arguments to sysctl()?
How are public facebook pages indexed by search engines? [closed]
loop. 2outputs. only show one
linkbutton error inside nested update panel
How to pre-select ALL options in a jquery mobile dropdown data-bound by knockout?
Mapping dead keys like 鈥淾鈥�
Getting video snapshot for thumbnail
PHP dynamic navigation menu active styling
Wordpress Caption Array
Microsoft Pubcenter - AdUnits - best way to use? [closed]
Enqueue and play a folder of .mp3s in Windows Media Player with Python
WCF Service is not hosted on the machine
How do people keep track of build number?
Assigning a CSS Class to a Variable Using jquery
PHP Dropdown button, MySQL update
Building a Rails app with Aptana Studio 3
Building a Rails app with Aptana Studio 3
Encoding a Char in Java
Why is the variable undefined in this code? - PHP
Long running ProgressDialog shows Application not responding (ANR) dialog
How to post to validation required page with c# and read response
UITableView: anchor section header
Deleting blank lines ONLY if they are followed by a non-blank line鈥�multiple blank lines in a row should be deleted
The simplest and most effective way of creating a character that follows the player in Cocos2d
facebook check ask for additional permissions after user is logged in
Create variable length array from string
nodjs & formidable header error
Adding help_text in a superclass attribute
how to display message in alert if total marks does not equal 0
App Crashes When Implementing Multiple AVAudioPlayers under ARC
trying to install Ipython on version 2.7 but it keeps trying to install on version 2.5
Android web browser reloads source files in HTML5 audio elements - how to prevent?
BufferedReader not reading file (Android)
R caret / rfe variable selection for factors() AND NAs
for shading language, which one is in the mainstream?
Simplifying configuration of WCF4 RESTful service routes
Oracle: killed session continue running
rerender a page with the correct route in zend framework
What technique is Facebook using to generate their news feed in their iPhone application?
knockout binding handler for jwysiwyg textarea [closed]
Pervasive 8.x how to access? Where to find
Very simple C++ lexical analysis in Java
Moving controls inside a zoomed frame on an Excel Userform
understanding executing c code in stack ( Mac Hackers Handbook code)
circles inside a square: algorithm
redis-py watch hash key
Struct Constructor Sytax [duplicate]
How to access a variable within an array
Python execute a file, then delete it
Readonly attributes/keys with MongoMapper
Switch or something else
heroku upgrade rubygems
How to create an opacity fade()? (improvement over jQuery)
Oversize Application - caused by AMPathPopUpButton
How do I call a function from a keyword?
How can I prevent the menu bar delay?
Utility to convert document in Evernote Markup Language (ENML) to MSWord?
Invoking DOM onmousedown event in a Webbrowser from Visual Basic 6
Ruby String.crypt method
How to implement rotating wheels in picker like date picker (Xcode)
How to submit the value of my EditText to the TextView and set layout_span?
HTML > Rotate and scale an image based on window and image size
Limit jvm process memory on ubuntu
Integer-Binary-Hexa Converter in C#
Memory considerations with multithreading
strings returned by find gets separated in the middle
Invalid table name when calling mysql procedure
Image src using Jquery
How to include new lines in a preg_replace expression
PHP Post to a form on a RAILS APP
Need some advice on dissecting Qt compile error
Objective C button grid
Join 2 Tables ON 2 fields
How to detect mouse click in GtkComboBox?
Using Int PK instead of GUID for large table data sets
iPad Application Deployment Options for End-Users for Multiple Clients with separate DB and Servers
why we need 3d or even 4d Texture?
Motion synchronization in multiplayer game (can find matches without accessing a database!?)
What am I doing wrong converting Razor to ASPX?
Delete certain content from file [closed]
Why does this expression substitution not work?
Visual Studio 2008 cannot find header that is in build path
Mongoid hash property in FactoryGirl
Setting alpha of IUTableViewCell subclass subview
How to implicitly append a column as a part of where clause in all select statements
Extjs 4 - checkboxmodel column position and header text
Understanding The BlackBerry App World license models [closed]
Regular expressions for different attributes
Elegant way to move a parent block
My json array is echoing directly to the page for some reason
how to display a bullet point with this string
Converting an integer to a string in NASM
calling javascript on rendering views in BackBone js. post-render callback?
Using C# Linq's ToDictionary from DataTable
Why isn't this code jquery working? [duplicate]
Bitmap OutOfMemoryError
Rewrite root to subdirectory
How to post JSON to the server?
I need to display activity by day by hours with php and mysql. below is my failing code
start method from another class
Do guarded pipes behave the same as pipes using await?
Is it normal for a fatal exception not to kill my entire Android Application?
how to remove delete action icon from confirmed order rows in jqGrid if clickableCheckbox formatter is used
Visual C++ x64 add with carry
ToggleButton/Button turns off after rolling off the bottom of the list
Add onlongclick listener to an alertdialog
Why doesn't this template specialization work in GCC?
In current Scala, is there a cleaner way to do the 鈥渓azy constructor pattern鈥�
How can I reduce RadioButton binding code?
GUICtrlCreateDate set date in autoit
Dynamic table fields for CakePHP
Adding variable to database with JDBC
PHP: Could not connect: Unknown MySQL host
ASP.NET User Control compiling to DLL
Word automatically hides my custom right click menu under certain circumstances. How to solve?
Word automatically hides my custom right click menu under certain circumstances. How to solve?
mysql 5.5 innodb_data_file_directory
Button position according to other buttons' visibility
Database Design: How to implement an 鈥渙ther鈥�option?
Preventing Android app from closing
onBlur and onFocus in separate jQuery
change url for website content using php
IE7 float makes kind of line break and puts other divs under it [closed]
Android: can't have two addTextChangedListener for two EditText?
You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds and etc
list manipulation in python
GDB - Prevent disabling display
Perl, Reading a single variable from multiple files
How to create a texture with mipmap auto-generated?
I need a sorted Dictionary, but I would like to limit its capacity
android - get translate animation completion percentage
css for jqueryui modal dialog box
XPages - onkeypress event not trigerring click properly
Regex ruby - searching the strings in an array and downcase them
Correctly importing and debugging external Java code in Eclipse?
Barrier in bash, can it be done easily?
Algorithm to solve the N Queens Domination puzzle
Dealing with has_many through checkboxes in a nested form
How do I use :base() and :this() correctly?
Backbone.js redefines $() and this.el vanishes
Executing a Python script in Apache2
accessing object created from custom class
Merge-Delete Macro for Excel
Redirect to new URL`s
How to serve static files with mod_wsgi and Django?
OpenCV Classpath in Netbeans
Can't share pictures using Facebook API
PHP Ordering Results taken from Facebook Public Search
Calling private function within the same class python
Simulating background task on AppHarbor
OCR text+markings
Are there any equivalent of CSS max-width, border-radius, box-shadow and -鈥�transition in HTML?
replace text in mysql query
csv into mysql by php
How rewrite my URIs with Zend_Router
Can I make a methods caller return?
Spring Security remember-me re login fails
Vertex Shader trouble
Java Applet to Multi Panel Application
Java Object Array Foreach Method Access
Keyboard navigation: how to go to the next and previous element with arrow keys?
Can I let test users skip logging into PayPal sandbox?
Use mouse scroll on div to trigger animation?
Can I pack both floats and ints into the same array buffer?
trigger click IE and Chrome
trigger click IE and Chrome
Get the text value of cell that is being edited UITableView in iPhone
Entity framework 4 not binding properly to datagridview
jQuery Template not working with Json (MVC3)
Microsoft Office 2010 Basic Authentication when Opening Files on Windows 2008
identifying a dir from a filelist
NamedPipeServerStream.EndWaitForConnection() just hangs when used
Javascript to display sharepoint list items on page load
Xcode file templates aren't created correctly
Load Lua-files by relative path
need quick gstreamer application to test if qtdemux is working
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Merge replication deleting records on subscriber
PHP Downloading File(s) outside webroot
Javascript objects vs primitives
Dropdown consisting of two divs with timeOut
WP7: Dynamically add items to a Grid
how to extract the header title in Jquery Mobile if only the URL is available?
isset with variable array key count
Outputting depth of current node in the hierarchy
Unable to update file attributes: Access denied
Accessing local eval inside function scope [closed]
Event handling for geometries in Three.js?
Monitor pattern using boost threads
Can I Perform Image Processing on Java Server with JJIL
How to get html() from element excluding another element?
WP7 Tile BackgroundImage Won't Update
Hide 'inline' install button in Chrome when app is installed
Same controllername in differents areas
Retrieving post tags from tables with relationships
Should I use SEH 鈥渂y default鈥�in C?
Jquery: Returning Value From Trigger
File Converters. How do they work? [closed]
Open forum in Tapatalk via Intent
Windows driver C1083 error
Is it safe to send sms via AsyncTask?
Does PHP script need to wait for MySql trigger to complete?
Border Animation wont change color
good or bad: to make giant struct to avoid using globals / properties of a struct / lots of paramerters
Please help me understand what this is asking
Implementing a User-Level Threads Package
set custom style to GWT CellBrowser with UiBinder
How to add a Comment Page to my website [closed]
expected `;' before 鈥渃out鈥�
jquery accordion broken after partial ajax page reload
Matlab: selecting non-consecutive matrix columns
Detecting if a variable is global or not
How to embed an executable in my project
mod_rewrite redirect loop
Recursive method to pair all values of an unknown number of arrays and values
How to find the index of a clicked element from an array with jquery?
GKScore rank is always 0
Resize window so text dont move
JavaScript Object Literal 鈥渢his鈥�keyword jQuery Callbacks Argument Passing
undefined reference to `log'
Rare case: segment and point based plane intersection c#
Convert a string to URI
Generics error in array list
forcing SSAS not to round, Truncate
Get component content in joomla
How can I serialize a (complex) doctrine 2 object?
get the figure using nested for loops in Java
Why does making a class iterable produce this output? [duplicate]
Thesis 1.8 / Wordpress 3.3.1 Error: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /wp-content/themes/thesis_18/lib/classes/css.php on line 60
Reading from an external file in Javascript (without jQuery)
Automate Addin Ribbon in PowerPoint C#
Java - What is wrong with this variable initialisation code?
giving numeric value to telephone keypad
Javascript - Which framework to build scrollable map with item selection?
Subversion/TortoiseSVN Tagging and instructing Jenkins to build by tag
Select and change a specific background-image with jQuery
AIR SocketServer cleanup? How to close when app quits?
Shoud i release NSURLConnection instance variable?
Mathematica: conditionally deleting rows in a matrix
ControllerContext and ViewData Outside Scope of Controller - MVC3 C#
Can't get VIdeoView to Shuffle
C# Sending HTML E-mail with User Custom Coloring
Transpose arrayLists with .split(鈥�鈥�
If cookie does not exist alert and redirect
How to force SSL on some URLs using restlet on Heroku
Storing an object whose attribute fields has multiple values
Using C++ strings with C library functions
HTTP Request Message Body Existence and Length
Android: Calculate and Update a TextView without hanging the UI
undefined reference to `gzopen` error
SharePoint - How to lock a WSP solution to a Site Collection? Server? And a farm?
Is it possible to supress a function redeclaration error in PHP? [duplicate]
How to update value of data in jqgrid
Flex SQLite delete function
Business Intelligence - analyzing events rather than aggregates? What's the right approach
How can I re-order the values of a dictionary in python?
Javascript failing xpath query, how to avoid it?
How to rewrite a URL to lower case and NOT do a double hit on the server?
iOS Fetching data from a server
Procedural audio for rolling dice
ItextSharp (Itext) - set custom font for paragraph
Dynamic Tool Tips
How do I remove get variables and filename from URL using javascript/jquery?
RSpec tests for custom username routes are failing
what is the meaning of word this near the property in JavaScript
An elegant way to get the output of `normxcorr2` in a manner similar to 'conv2' - (removing the unwanted edges)
Xcode: error: failed to launch with duplicated target. Original target runs fine in Xcode/gdb
Unexpected token error with Ruby
simple way in PHP to split path string into breadth-first array
PHP Show Google Analytics
NSViewController not being created
Using Parsec to parse configurations
Prevent iOS Webkit Long Press on Link
Need help structuring database
Need help modifying regex
C threads worth reusing? [closed]
How to remove these green arrows in Visual Studio 2010 IDE?
Trying to learn the ins and outs of javax.swing
Using John Resig's 鈥渟imple JavaScript inheritance鈥�how can I call a super method PLUS extra code from within a method?
CakePHP Unit Testing Mock Controller
Higher Order Functions in SML/NJ
Suggestions on multiple values under one field - jQueryUI Autocomplete
jquery ajax - how to handle the json response
Cocos2D Deform object