Adding newlines in a list of lists
Redirect if page is linked to directly javascript or php?
jQuery Click events not firing on position:absolute <td> tag on iOS after ScrollTop
Documentation of PHP methods in the abstract class
Socket programming in Flash and AIR鈥wo clients, one server. Listen on two ports or one?
<List> of objects with functions, how to call those functions?
There is a way to parse from smarty?
Unable to connect from one AVD to another AVD
Django, use redis-py to lock in django views
Post to Brand Page Wall from the App (generic) User - not the Brand Page Admin
Error when linking a program which uses ICU
Resource ids in increase according to alphabetical order of resources - can I rely on it?
Java arrayList vs. C++ vector [duplicate]
How to use
Retrieve all data from LocalStorage (without knowing the key name)
Is there a way to track if a user checks in from an application?
Perp dot product and intersection point between 2 vectors
How Can I change a number to string [duplicate]
how to retain view after addSubview of UIViewController with ARC
Easy way to bind dynamic elements without having to recall functions jquery
Object tag on my site used as a window to display content. Works great!鈥�except in internet explorer of course
Performance cost of automated config management
Android POST JSON Array to Server
Creating html table with fixed dimensions
Differentiating between signal sources in PySide
Passing iterators to any for execution for speed and Why?
Beta Invite Codes Rails MVC ReturnUrl variable not showing up with method FormMethod.Post in Html.BeginForm
JQuery ui autocomplete text with images with more then one fields
Who call main function [duplicate]
鈥淔unction not defined鈥�error
Is there something wrong with my link_to?
How does this try finally block work?
dialog code wrong somewere?
Best way to have a zoom and pan image overlay on Android?
How do I do this alias in BASH
Reducing the load of ability.rb in cancan
Why is my second label not updating?
Perl: safe eval?
Building Cassandra PDO driver failing
jquery: click callback is called even if button is disabled?
Django admin interface filter from another table linked with foreign key
How this works: print(sum(int(x) for x in raw_input().split())) in Python
Zend_db caching
Why CreateFileMapping and MapViewOfFile, instead of just one function, combining the functionality of the two?
Multi-threaded downloader in C#
blackberry sqlite error
Is it possible to install the wkhtmltopdf Python package on Windows?
How to Inpect Content of a Function?
Sqlite3 in C, running multiple queries
RSpec/Capybara Request Specs 鈥�Can't get Devise to POST new user session
node.js timing http requests
Grails: groovy subcollection
Stop Words into a string
need help installing ruby on rails
multiline string in .vimrc
Is this one fulfilling my specifications by regex definition?
How can i align two images with CSS, the one in Upper Rigth position and the other in Down-right position?
Setting Ember.Button text in Ember.js view
Learning ruby for loop
Android - Image does not display from built-in gallery
How to declare a two-dimensional array in Ruby
Using .Contains within a linq query returning a SystemException
C++ - Function calling when changing member value
in rails json rendering, how to show a different key name for a particular attribute
I'm having trouble displaying a horizontal bar chart using a result tree fragment
C reverse bits in unsigned integer
Ways to set 鈥淐opy to output directory鈥�based on configuration
Why would Reflection search suddenly not find anything?
Issue with converting String to unsigned long
Language Files Across Modules and Application
Get data from another table inside of returning data
UITableView does not show data after LoadData call
Can I functionally concatenate a number and string?
How i can Skin the message box of my app when the vcl styles are activated?
How can I 鈥渢est鈥�if response charset is utf-8 in a sinatra application using rspec?
Using c++ behind silverlight [duplicate]
R: Subset a zoo object?
MKMapView MapViewDelegate not called when annotation added
yield item issue in errback or in case of 302 Request
How can I catch JSP errors in Spring?
How to add 鈥淐ancel鈥�button to 鈥渓ogin鈥�control of
Icon tag <i> in remote ajax call in rails
How do you unit test OpenGL shaders written in GLSL?
Why is my functional test failing?
JQuery DATE RANGE: How to trigger an init 鈥渟election鈥�event to set default values
jQuery rotator, pause when hover on div and small thumbnail navigation
Checks whether a DateTime belongs to the next day with respect to a reference DateTime
Sammy.js 404 on root path
Unit Testing in
unknown encoding: idna in python requests
Rendering group by queries on django admin interface. (distinct values on a field is broken in django)
I started using a static. subdomain but YSlow still says I am not cookie-free?
multiple regex captures
No MetaData Was Found
What is the purpose of the string parameter of TabHost.newTabSpec?
Can we nest a DomDocument object in another DomDocument Object?
How to prevent server flooding in a Django web application?
C conflicting types for function with different arguments
Controls on form1 not updated if form2 is open
$_GET in Zend Framework
alloca function in C
Blackberry themes - Writing dynamic text to background
LEFT JOIN on Max Value
GLKViewController defined in storyboard added with addChildViewController won't update
jquery traversing an menu
pattern or rule i can't remember
most selected listitems
Android overridePendingTransition doesn't work
how to create roles in with createuser control
I want a secure UITextField that can use an international keyboard [duplicate]
Custom view django admin
mysql stored procedure?
Is there a way to prevent a contentEditable element from scrolling when the cursor reaches the bottom?
Alter PDF - Text repositioning
With git, how can I perform a git add and still have it ignore the patterns in .gitignore?
jQuery loses formatting
CSS3 drop caps wrongly positioned in IE9 with em padding
Listview fastScrollEnabled thumb not working
Setting up an array with jQuery .each() function?
Android- im trying to reset my timer every time a button is clicked, and when not clicked for 5 secs ,need it to go back to original page(activity)
How to make a uiscrollview of a view inside a tabbarcontroller?
How to convert String to a file Name
python list index issue
Make a static image out of a visualization
Regular expression and string operations
Simplify and Abstract my Code: Combining Strings
How do I limit characters in UITextView ?
PHP: Split a postcode into two parts?
How to check android application on my android phone? [closed]
suggestion for a 鈥渟trategy game鈥�like platform to test AI algorithm [closed]
how do i get index of an object in a custom class?
shadowbox stops working after jquery function call
Is there a way to capture the return status of a process without waiting for it?
No matter what I do, I cannot get my MP4 <video> to play on Safari/iPad
Runtime Error - JSAPI HelloWorld Program
Difference between passing ActivityName.this and passing this when we need to pass context
jQuery scroll() detect when user stops scrolling
Alternatives to const instance variables in Objective-C?
Looking for a good way to parse command-line arguments in C# for an app that is similar to tf.exe (VS2010) in cli language complexity
Create Sequence In Migration Not Reflected In Schema
Fluid Layout - how to get inital percentage value
Making preset class variables available to functions
identifying .mp3 not by name with shell script
How to read from Boost ASIO streambuf?
Template Missing error with an Ajax request - Rails 3.1
SSE instruction set not enabled
NSXMLParser won't parse in iOS 4.3 but does in 5.0
File I/O loop breaking prematurely?
md5 vectorized sse* && avx
How to prevent Dashcode from renaming label-strings after save operation [iBook Author related]?
Uploading transparent images adds a black background
Sunspot Solr environment difficult
Out parameters in C
How to perform a page navigation action for a button which is in the Application.Resource?
Is there a way to generate JavaDoc from within Domino Designer?
Load new page on button click in android?
How do I display text i have in a Dictionary for a radio button list?
How to get value of edit text with jquery
In Java, how come I can get away with not handling some kinds of exceptions but not others?
Java hashmap and serializable
An efficient data structure for evicting events before some time?
jQuery .each() AJAX
Dollar sign in Javascript string
Inline if (?:) doesn't work in _delay_us()
Node.js Express haml not rendering correctly
Odd grep behavior
calculating length of episodes/event using R
Javascript beginner: Trouble with multiple arrays initiated by buttonMsg
Inno: Write User and Serial to Registry
getting program uptime
What is happening in this WinMain() declaration?
function to sanitize input to Mysql database
How Service Container create object declared in services.yml?
How to check with Json or Curl when a page looks empty?
how to config RegExp when string contains parentheses
AndEngine Texture Packer Error
RSpec + Paperclip: identify: no decode delegate for this image format
C++ - dereferencing pointers that are elements of an array?
playframework, can you route on hostname/subdomains?
Ruby on Rails Money gem: create money from form
How to move a button programmatically in an absolute layout
How to display a link in the pivotviewer detail pane
Custom options on simple products fail to show on order
jQuery mobile/ ui simple import
How to combine two videos in one ? (Cocoa)
Flex: select count( id ) returns the result in strange way with SQLStatement?
Which type of Android widget Google+ and Facebook use for their feeds?
pushViewController or presentModalViewController to present something in the same screen
How to print on the same line in python without using ,
Django Return Error when duplicates occur
Simple_form_for time range
Php url rewrriting empty links
Extends after an include
Facebook places API: Is it possible to get the place picture?
Unable to get Web Search to work in Google TV Emulator
Is homoiconicity really needed for having macros?
Repeated items in the ListView (photos)
Storing the last N keystrokes
Entity Framework and split string?
Does iOS 5 handle low-memory situations differently?
Ruby - how to write console input to file
WP:Fetch record using custom query object technique
Android accessing content provider data from NDK / C++ side
testing CFBundleDocumentTypes in simulator
Crash when using NSPredicate on NSArray
Winphone to WCF Encryption
How to remove JavaScript loaded dynamically with AJAX
Play framework controller method that accepts POST
How to use F# Power Pack in Windows Phone app
Eclipse .metadata/workspace
Django ManyToMany relationship
SSRS hide #Error displayed in cell
Use DTD to Define an Element as CDATA?
How to use ActiveRecord Find dynamically by passing in a Hash of params?
WCF implementation of X.509 between Silverlight client and AWS-hosted Windows server
It is possible to piggy-back on the now.js IO socket?
Add ui:include and ui:param to binding
PHP PDO Insert Method
how to remove attributes from a Mongoid Model, i.e., not just nullifying their values
Get dates between periods
How can i get blog_post.title with latest comment building a custom sql query?
Setting object in php object array - the object not keeping changed data after loop
How do I improve the quality of a video produced from still PNG images?
How to change a drop-down menu in Visual Studio from click-to-change to just change when selected?
Error with rspec testing
Cache-proxy server
XSD/XML validation using XMLSpy 2012
What are my options for implementing a virtual credits system for a Mac app?
Searching in a category filtered view
Valgrind invalid write of size 8
Android Widget: Show configuration activity before widget is added to the screen
Mysql timezone on windows 7 not updated
Using US Military Common Access Card (CAC) Personal Identity Verification (PIV) for authentication in Drupal
Trying to Target <span> Content with jQuery
Modernizr/ yepnope execution order WRT jQuery + plugins troubleshooting
CSS unknown property 鈥渢ransform鈥�
Editing bitmaps in C++ [closed]
Using msforeachtable for getting list of tables of a specific database
Glassfish: EJB Container initialization error
Regular expression: sequences
echo for one target
Entities and Mappings in Doctrine
Ipython 0.12 bad status line. What does this message mean
How to make a button press once and then not pressable anymore?
Applying Uploadify to new DOM elements
How to scale bitmaps on View.Canvas in Android?
alert not working the way I want it to work
Code new variable based on grep return in R
Geocoding API using JSonKit
Pyramid with memcached: how to make it work? Error - MissingCacheParameter: url is required
Mybatis insert fails with no exception
CS193p-Adding backspace to a calculator
Is there an event in the Facebook JavaScript SDK that fires after a user has commented?
It is possible to detect when I stop pressing a key in Java?
How to remove invalid characters from a string?
How to read .Net textbox populated with jQuery
How can I access a variable argument in c function
Is there any way to simply execute a long MySQL query from node.js?
Displaying drupal view twice
android - setItemChecked is not working
Calling one selector from multiple UIButtons
Using linq to count substrings in a string?
Why am I getting EXC_BAD_ACCESS with these c++ functions?
AutoIt Commands Return Success, Button Not Pressed
UILocalNotification issue with past dates
Android Menu custom Icon
Hyperic SIGAR CpuTimer class: Wall-Clock time or CPU time?
Selecting a single row from a joined table per row of main table
Code to Generate e one Digit at a Time
Recv only gets 8 characters at a time
Javascript: Need help to display a variable in a textbox
How can I subclass a UITableView?
MVC/MVP framework to develop Winform/Wpf/Metro style application
integerValue is undeclared [closed]
Refresh a DataGrid in the MVVM pattern
getApplicationContext() 鈥�forcing close?
ASP.NET MVC3 Login Fallback Procedure
What is 鈥淓xcessive resource usage鈥�in SQL Azure?
Including a string into another string in C
What hash function can I use for keywords?
What hash function can I use for keywords?
Special syntax for declaring Ruby objects
__get_free_page, physical address and swap
IOC in Winforms plugin architecture
Cookie value changing between directories?
Interesting grep match in bash
Merging MS Access Rows - Using Advanced Logic
jQuery vTicker plug-in implementation in Rails 3
How to get colorbox request URL within colorbox content
How do you calculate total cost with input fields using jQuery?
Regular expression extracting data
Placing SD-Card Image into LinearLayout ImageView
Why session.Save sends query immediately
is there something like buffer-numbering-mode?
Eclipse Project compatible with Java SE and Android
No errors in Eclipse but will not run on Blackberry Simulator. Error 104 illegalmonitorstateexception
Assign or Add a Quote Product to a revised quote in CRM 2011
Getting a blank page when I save changes in wordpress plugin setting
keep 鈥渟ession only鈥�cookies, iOS
Application was not properly initialized at startup, could not find Factory: javax.faces.application.ApplicationFactory
Retrieve data from database in java [closed]
ClassNotFoundException on GAE but not on localhost
Converting binary data to String
python ctypes uint8 buffer usage
playframework, tag file not feeding back info to controller
Does Haskell have pointers/references to record members?
How TeamViewer is able to take a screenshot of the login screen?
Simple Youtube API Query and Save to Variable
Access-Control-Allow-Origin error in a chrome extension
Data structure(s) good for calc'ing distances between changing coordinates (~1sec)
Very strange NSPredicate behavior when logging
How do i put a trademark symbol on the app store?
Create Missed Call Notification
OpenGL surface view scaling for different DPIs
Back button in dialog
jQuery - click event fires multiple times
How to know when the scrollbar is on the far right side whith function scrollLeft()
extjs paging not working
SwiftmailerBundle how can send email with html content? Symfony 2
Server side tasks for CouchDB
Binding Repeater with Dictionary<string, Dictionary<int,[object]>
Doctrine2 Multiple Join works with createQuery but not with queryBuilder
Using twitter bootstrap 2.0 - How to make equal column heights?
When using Android Eclipse WYSIWYG, with a RelativeLayout, how do I fine tune positioning
How to skip the cron job in saturday and sunday in linux? [closed]
鈥渕ake_sock: could not bind to address [::]:443鈥�when restarting apache (installing trac and mod_wsgi)
Trace a CGPath/UIBezierpath
stop php displaying to screen - run silent
Changing the class type of a class after inserted data
Android 3D game, Model and Model animation
XML shows up as plain text
Gridview issue using a dropdownlist
MongoDB link / embed / reference
Load function after another function is run in JQuery
jQuery-Select list option hover
Data nucleus spatial mapping error
How can I validate input fields with Twitter Bootstrap 2.0 and apply error class?
NSScrollView: Make sure frame is visible
Mercator map projection logic conflict
Delphi thread [Review my code] [closed]
Where to include SMS-functionality in an MVC application?
ocaml variant types manipulations
Replace data in div Jquery
java change tempo of the how midi file without sequencer?
displaying multiple polygon-type objects in XTK
collaborating on an existing open source project - how do I use git / github?
Caching the data from behind pages in ASP.Net
Populating ListFragment with remote data
Facebook Like Button Breaks Other Social Widgets and Anchors
0-1 Knapsack w/ partitioning constraints
PostgreSQL count array values
ddply and categorization function
write to file with makefiles
Django HTTP Request get vs getlist behavior reseller API Login ID?
C++ - releasing memory for array of pointers?
Sharing a global variable between forked processes
HTACCESS / PHP - Re-write URL while re-directing to a different URL
Windows - Force Garbage Collection On A Given PID
How to combine multiple stashes in git
Creating an inverted index hash in Ruby
Add default parameter to <h:outputLink>, <h:commandLink> and so on
Combining conditions in if clause in bash
JodaTime how to parse correctly dd-MMM-yy to DataTime
ADT Plugin can't install: Missing requirement: Android Development Tools
How to find and remove repeated words from sentence in PowerPoint using VBA?
Rename Multiple Files in a Directory Replacing Certain Characters on PHP
Doubleclicking a checkbox?
In clojure, is there a doseq-like function that receives a function instead of body
Batch file to add today's date, yesterday's date, previous day's date as extension to file name
Design a tag suggestion feature from startup by C# and database
Paint a FILL_AND_STROKE form with diferent colors
htaccess rewriting between subdomains
How to create a method contains an array that compare the elements to get the highest one?
mail error with PHP Mailer
Of Healthy Programming Practices
playframework, enter works, but clicking button does not work鈥hat's wrong? [closed]
Rails 3 app - Best possible way to Connect with Facebook
Two for loops written as a while loop for assign values to a symmetric matrix
I want to make gui application for sorting in python with Tkinter
Implementing Serialization in a Class that contains an ArrayList
Member's initialization in __init__() and other method works differently
How to push intent
How to change content of a picture box using a context menu?
ExtJS floating window focus lose detection
DataMatrix barcode size remains the same regardless of the payload
Wrap Images around images
Difference between Rescorer and UserSimilarity in Mahout
Sending authentication with WebBrowser control and proxy
Meta Descritpion in HAML with outside variable
Changing the delimitor for search results with multiple values
wrong argument type Class (expected Module) (TypeError)
Using Math Functions in an IF statement
Favicon in JFrame
Simple Authentication
error C2106: '=' : left operand must be l-value C++ Binary Tree
track user activity in the website - google analytics
Problems with using ImageUrl DynamicNodeProviderBase
Jquery UI Drag Drop defining what can and can't be moved
Potential memory leak with custom method, doesn't make sense
What means 鈥渘ot running under some shell鈥�in Perl scripts?
MySQL Call in loop
Java - alternative to thread.sleep
Check if browser supports SVG for mobile devices, preferably Android
Default value in input octave
hashmap key value in java
How to install .jar files into Eclipse?
301 redirect FOR (and not with) a js script
LINQ, many-to-many request
Some direction on testing with have_selector?
Running Python via Microsoft.Scripting & IronPython
Time between keydown and key up
Converting to Boolean Value in PHP [duplicate]
Using regex to find mid-sentence carriage returns
SKProductsRequest - No Response Now (was working - same code)
Auto Scale TextView Text to Fit within Bounds - How to call?
Finding a SharedPreferences name in Android
Jquery datatables, checkboxes and
Childrens in FrameLayout is not drawn
Trigger creation of new Facebook Comments box with Javascript
ERROR/AndroidRuntime: Caused by: android.database.sqlite.SQLiteException: no such table bits : [closed]
Wicket: Dependency Injection
sqlite3.OperationalError: no such table: main.wordlist Error
PRISM Logging to GUI
bat function to find a file in folder and subfolders and do something with it.
How to loop animation with delay?
how to execute a cmd line when prompts for password with java
App or library to compute similarity of two faces from good-quality front-facing photos?
R trying to get caret / rfe to work
I want to allow the user to input in a textfield 1' 2-3/4 in my iOS app
Optimisation for reading contacts in listView?
emacs - swap the ctrl and alt key within emacs
Which graph databases can do ad-hoc queries?
Does python scrapy work properly on localhost?
Determine if I called a method in a object context
Resizing and displaying image
long integer literals
App not Ice Cream Sandwich compatible
Multiple sounds with single HTML5 audio element
Exclude tag based on class and style in xpath
Python module not working (not able to import) even after including it in PATH variable
Pros and cons of passing data via dependency injection vs including it in $_SESSION
How to redirect URLs to login page?
Git 鈥淵ou have not concluded your merge鈥�and nothing to commit?
Use void instead IBAction as return type of method
mysql_num_rows() gives a BOOL value
Interviewstreet puzzle. How many edges needed for a random graph to become connected
Cryptic error message in emacs org-mode following attempted export of file containing image-generating block of R code
How to remove Symmetry from Cartesian product via Linq?
jqGrid - Delete issue
Pack a directory (merge files and directories into exe or msi)
Ruby rescue block or class
Coming back from Camera Intent crashes Activity
Hebrew characters from SQL don't show up correctly ( PHP )
Load each div with a delay in jquery
Cant get PHP WideImage class to resize a simple image
iPhone Sensor Data app ploting in Streaming mode
saving explode character
What's the best way to convert an array of ints into a string?
Flash AS3 calling a function from a class within a seperate class
Is it possible to utilize a custom CSS properties with javascript?
Rails+mongoid: update_all(鈥減osition=position-1鈥�?
Custom Component can't trigger listeners off
Does Heroku support `rails dbconsole`?
Python: how do you create an array with information about each pixel from an image?
How to get button and href the same size for same class?
Unable to write contents of file
pl/pgsql Return true if update was sucessful
Pointer to structure element that is reference to variable
Show Current Git Branch in Xcode 4.2
PHP version causes different behavior of skipping lines for the same code
Android: Button.setOnClickListener makes error during runtime
Distributing eclipse plugin with dependencies
Algorithm for keyword/phrase trend search similar to Twitter trends
python loading c lib with CDLL, doesn't see libraries in the python path
302 found response
TextToSpeech fall back to back end service when pre-recorded wav file missing
DOJO: Lazy loading nodes in LazyTreeGrid - looking for example code
ActionScript 3 isn't supposed to be a simple synchronous architecture language?
How does Twitter recognize the main photo in a webpage?
Retaining MM/DD/YYYY format in String
Keep track of all the classes that implement a particular interface?
Adding zero to an int variable results in weird number
Creating a unique ID in a form
Beginning in bat: input -> goto don't work
Stateful web framework for dynamic applications
navigating text file searches in python
Using python regex for automating android jni methods signatures generation
Multiple text colors in one image using imagettftext
Making more than one vector layer clickable in OpenLayers
Java: Date range check with open end date
Function Pointers that return void* c++/c
could not pass a char array properly
AddressOf with parameter
How can I link all children to a parent using a One to Many table in SQL?
How to implement login in Java EE?
What makes the entire script block disabled?
How do I sort in ruby/rails on two fields?
Command line modification using Smultron instead of Textmate for mate commands
Toggle checkboxes with jquery reading values wrong
using a negative number in the default section of a switch statement as a char
Savon output not matching SoapUI
button not displaying views
Create from list of strings list of class instances py2.7
NSTextMovement values
How to prevent jQuery .html() from escaping the href attribute automatically?
How to use responsive features of bootstrap 2.0
Displaying Sender and Receiver user profile on each micropost
Saving UISwitch Results and NSUserDefaults
convert to lxml sax interface from default python xml.sax
How to be notified when reflow causes an element to change size
Add table efficiently from android to php server?
Sorting numbers for highscores in java
Sort table, using loop in MySQL with SELECT and UPDATE
JavaScript function dosen't work
Access denied to Temporary ASP.NET Files folder after iisreset when browsing site using the server's own Internet Explorer
Monotouch derived class from a native class
How to include this code in a C# program
Java Inheritance error: Implicit Super Constructor is undefined
Trouble with jQuery resizable (of an absolute div within a relative div with scroll)
How to detect a click on JTable row boundary?
Blueprint CSS rules not applying to layout
Efficient differentiation between keyword and Identifiers
Local high scores reporting/Display
C2DM Not always registering
How to display an email images on Pbear Html viewer component?
Can't access Object
What happened to HTML 5 web databases?
Subtracting TIMESTAMP from current date
Rails rake task keeps eating more RAM as it runs (crawl websites using mechanize)
libgdx throwing an exception on helloworld app when ran in emulator
HTTPS GET request & read JSON reply
working with LINQ to Entities against multiple sql server databases
Locks in java class
How to write generic innerJoin in Generic Repository?
Java Swing g.drawString Word Wrap
Using an empty class as 鈥淐ontrol Token鈥�
How's my data structure? [closed]
how i make for use sha512 in my login form?
basic javascript function not working
Delete multiple objects in django
ARM7 print/output function
RegExp NOT match
is there a way to find out where a branch came from?
Why does PHP need 鈥渆xecute鈥�privilege to write a file?
Calling webservice and getting JSON response in Javascript without using XMLHTTPRequest
UIPageViewController dog-ear link in Maps
How do I get my websites FB 'like' button to post a link to my website on visiters FB wall/news feed
mongodb and php how to output results using geoNear, releasing a gem and extra stuff
Two different results Google maps in Android
Get the root element with filtered children
Django How to prevent duplicate instances in database
log4j - print to console But not to file
how to use adodb activerecord and orm together
HTML5 canvas inspector?
In-app developer payload in Google Checkout notifications
is it possible to transfer a list of Perl installed packages to another machine and mark for installation in ActiveState
Monitor Progress For Long Insert/Update Queries
facebook php sdk getuser() returns 0
Unit testing Number with should.js fails
findViewById returns null for anything if mapview is included in parent layout
How do I secure an mvc action method that returns data to a variety of consumers?
java exception handling query
Zend_Controller_Request_Http::getQuery returns NULL
Why Eclipse puts @Override annotation on implemented interface methods (and then it doesn't work in Maven)?
How can I remove views from different methods
ASP.NET MVC3 still looks for Error.aspx/.cshtml despite specifying my own view
how to use quotes in php code with html tags [closed]
Using special characters with Google Charts
Offset from end / reverse offset?
Max and Min Values of Roll, Pitch and Yaw of the capture motion of iPhone
How to cut-paste from PDF with non-ASCII encoding?
Simple comparison in PHP if($var == 0) not working?
Excel sheet name through jsp
max date record in LINQ
Do I need the latest version of Xcode to submit apps to the app store?
For x in y and x.each do ,y, - iterations don't work
Where can i find mySql Connector 6.3.0 for 64 Bit?
what is 鈥�-鈥�mean in C# and what about in F#
Get Selected TreeViewItem Using MVVM
Advantage of abstract class over interface
Regex for multiple Consonants
Can I md5(sha1(password))?
Does cudpp only work for devices of a certain compute capability
Fanpage: embedding an external app from a non SSL-secured source
How can I program a StreamReader in my app android?
Which java persistence API to use? [closed]
How do you restore size and focus to your form after another application's form closes?
javascript: $(window).height is not a function
Converting Django bytestring in template
Replicating Directory.GetFiles(String, String) in Java
Jquery affecting all elements with same name
Open Web link programattically in IE - non-Metro mode
getimagesize returns nulls for PNG images despite allow_url_fopen=1
Nested Partial Class
How to read a Gzip String with no header or mimetype? Using Python
Removing DATABASE_URL config var crashing my previously working heroku website
Block until keypress or given time of day
Register an alarm in the official 鈥淎larms鈥�list?
Rails 3, snowman and SEO
Create a X509Certificate2 from RSACryptoServiceProvider fails with Cannot find the requested object
How to make CCScrollLayer have multiple avatars per page
Are exceptions from RPCs the same as normal exceptions?
Parsing Site with Perl LWP::UserAgent 鈥�Cookies Required
Redirect after PHP Login
What is the best way to customize the ordering experience of the end user in spree?
detecting dependencies on delete
How does this translate to SQL to LINQ?
Batch: Copy files from txt file into one folder
Multiple column HTML Table From Single Column Text File In PHP
Saving an Image using entity framework CodeFirst
Basic 鈥淩aw鈥�Ajax Call
Facebook send button integration error for website
How can I convert an array of strings to an array of integers?
Error in run() combining SurfaceView and XML (Android)
Android - html from android_assets in WebView, CSS not loading in ICS
PHP string errors
How do I work with equations that are passed on in the goal/query of prolog?
Java Program only runs in IDE, not exported as a Jar
Proto-buf .NET Serialization of complex inheritance interfaces
Rails and MySQL - ActiveRecord::ConnectionNotEstablished in production environment
ScrollLeft does't run
php image show issu
Applying function on second or third term in preg_replace (preg_replace_callback?)
Java Multi-threaded sound crash
cURL cookie value [closed]
How to change highlighted color of buttons in UIActionSheet - iPad
How do I stop auto-rotate for Game Maker HTML 5 mobile?
Why does this port scanner code sometimes miss open ports?
Hello world, bare metal Beagleboard
Full screen app with NSToolbar
Chrome devtools console: see toString representation of an object?
C# operator overloading with List<T>
Negative margin 鈥渉overing鈥�div goes under later elements
Bookmarklet Javascript Array Leak?
Return non matching values of provided list
Yii relation, array check to see if value exists
Setting default year as current year in realtime without using DateField
Where did this white space came from?
Built-in way to parse any raw HTML
Poor performance on 360 and WP7
JQuery - Stars rating plugin not working in IE
How to call method when I wrapped the parent method in a private function in javascript
How to fetch complete webpage (using javascript) in python
What are the different approaches in developing a web-server?
Generic Dao Pattern: lookup Dao by class
How to make cgdb show assembly code?
Animation of stroke of circle segment ends in complete stroke
Geocoder autocomplete in android
Why is there no ActiveRecord REST adapter [closed]
Running under Mono Linux
JDBC datasource using jar file in WEB-INF/lib instead of creating a new Jboss module
UIView animation doesn't work for UIViewController subclass
Binary to Decimal Conversion in Java
Run Clojure REPL from java, providing custom context
Functions for different data constructors
Inserting checkbox values into MySQL Database with PHP
Loading an Image in an Applet without getImage()?
find the CLR version of a DLL [duplicate]
How to attach multiple event handlers to addEventListener() method and what is bubbling.vs.capturing differences?
extract data table from text file Java
PHP setting cookie with button
android Application wallpaper set
What is a pure in-browser JavaScript test framework? [closed]
Is it possible to process pieces of code simultaneously instead of sequentially
How to detect charset of text?
Show My Location on Google Maps API v3
How can I get Mechanize objects from Mechanize::Page's search method?
Return values from multiple activities
writing to HKLM with admin privilege
Transparent png resizing with Python Image Library and the halo effect
Repeatedly trying to read input
SMTPAppender for log4j 鈥�can't get it to work
PHP script that works forever :)
protobuf-net OverwriteList on Byte Array
Does dequeueReusableCellWithIdentifier work with ARC?
BorderLayout - prevent 鈥渃enter鈥�component to be 鈥渃ut off鈥�
JQuery form string length validation
Difficult SQL statement鈥�Four tables?
Do we lost data in a buffer after realloc'ing?
Post multiple files and form values using .NET (console application)
How can I prioritise actions if I replace where my action would be by a routing variable?
I can't use second JFactory::getEditor in my Joomla Component
HTML decoding in Django
How to display non-mobile version of website on iPhone/iPad uiwebview
How to remove from a set after expiration
My apps Splashscreen fails on android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
python ImageTk.PhotoImage - segfault
RPC and shared persistent data space
Huffman coding on GPU
tcp sniffer doesn't produce output
GWT xml patterns
Avoid skinning an element under Delphi XE2
Parsing Twitter feed via Geocode unable to display status link
Handle multiple meshes in Open GL ES 2.0 (iOS GLKit)?
How do you translate your Android app? [closed]
How do i pass Uri of image clicked in custom gallery to another activity?
Python regex match literal asterisk
What does the => symbol mean in Haskell?
Strange behavior when trying to align vertically UILabel text
pl/sql loop records select oracle plsql
Getting onActivityResult in Audio Intent
using trigger on a collection of objects
How to extract range of characters from a string
Do modern floating point implementations handle exact units (like money) well?
Block access to site for upgrade
What is the best way to store enums in a database in Delphi?
win1 = and win1.close() in different functions not working
Default arguments in constructor--C++
how to make a more complex tag in playframework templating #{field}?
Why does acts-as-taggable-on upgrade rails gem from 3.1.1
jQuery plugin for cross browser css compatibility
Which API to play audio from a buffer in ios and osx?
could not use windows authentication to connect db, which is available in another system?
How to add an arrow icon in a round rect button
Getting lua error when I'm calling a bound c++ class function twice?
Android NDK pass 3D float array to C code
Can't unbind solution from Team Foundation Server 2010
DTD and CDATA understanding
New lines in Java source files: How to test for them using Character class?
How do I add columns to expand a matrix in R
Are AIR apps stable?
I am unable to make an SQL query in Java
Few unclear things about Zend_Controller_Request_Abstract
Translating PowerPoint VBA code to Delphi, 鈥渒eep source formatting鈥�issue
Adding a border to a CSS tringle made using borders
generating a matrix with 0's and 1's in java, while selecting the probability
Session Attribute Issue
How to do self join on min/max
How to do self join on min/max
How to replace MVC3 Grid column ActionLink with <a> tag?
Frame synchronization with AVPlayer
Thread a sub with two arguments? [duplicate]
Java Eclipse - build application)
jquery mobile multipage wont work
How to turn off converting special characters to entities in DOMDocument?
Getting MSDN PeerChannel 鈥淪ecureChat鈥�running on Windows Server 2008 R2
Why append rather than write when using knox / node.js to grab file from Amazon s3
Python regex to split at word starting with
The type initializer for 'Emgu.CV.CvInvoke' threw an exception
JPanel not updating when my ArrayList of GamePieces changes
DOMWindow popup auto resize to contents?
Can I programmatically set 鈥淔aux鈥�Bold and Italic font styles in Flex / Flash
How should I tell a Rails Rakefile to load only the tasks I explicitly require?
c++ defining object type via enum
How do I detect if the specific Delphi IDE is running?
Symfony2 - $query-getResult() returning a blank page in prod environment
How to make MYSQL search for minimum 3 keyword matches?
Scroll by link to #div with using jquery to smooth scrolling and keep url
How to show SharePoint List Datasheet View in an application page?
Count how many times a word is being used per day
How to make time_ago_in_words show right value?
Building Android - runtimeTest linkage with libld error
Load files External To The Distribution Jar
Best practice for sliding in html [closed]
specifying a cin value (c++)
sender tag always return 1
Need to implement client-server applications in different language that can communicate with each other
Async Lazy Timeout Task
add class to manifest.xml
Plugin execution not covered by lifecycle configuration (JBossas 7 EAR archetype)
What is the correct HTTP status code for a PUT request on a resource without supplying an id?
Can you require two form fields to match with HTML5?
Silverlight 5 Tools For Visual Studio - troubles with install
GGPLOT2: Distance of discrete values of from each end of x-axis
Android onCreateOptionMenu not being called
Sharepoint 2010 query service throws鈥淎ttempted to perform an unauthorized operation鈥�
If my class implements Serializable, do I have to implement it in its subclasses?
Is it possible to create a storage provider for user data on a Windows Phone device?
Castor Generated Classes (XML Marshalling) - XSD Unavailable
How to put a cropped image on a Tkinter Canvas in Python
Permission denied on creating directories with cap deploy:setup
How to deselect all DataGrid rows in code using MVVM
Lag in rotation 2D
Smooth scrolling easing effect with mouse wheel[closed]
Is there a more rubylike way of doing this helper function
Cant get rid of a space using CSS
gem Paperclip interpolation
SQL command works but the same command with EntityFramework do not?
SQL command works but the same command with EntityFramework do not?
Unable to reference a Library project - Android
Designing classes & functions for object interaction [closed]
C++11 thread_local in gcc - alternatives
creating network between 2 emulators running on 2 different pc's
Save image on server
Can I assign offsetHeight to
Need advice tackling many In-App Store products (StoreKit)
I read that Huffman coding does not work on GPU but this paper claims otherwise
C Can not find a working algorithm to read data from a file in different cases
Page not found or redirect? [closed]
Find and replace from spreadsheet into spreadsheet鈥�Hard to sum up, sorry)
NoClassDefFoundError: A (wrong name: A)
How can I control where my album art displays?
UIColor conversion from RGB to HSV , set brightness to UIColor
Image object (as a mail attachment) filepath
SQL Case with multiple values
Error when parsing NSDate from NSString
Saving Bitmap Moves The Canvas
Visual C++ express 10 using too much memory
JSon Read inner array
Filter caps from text
mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in [duplicate]
Achieve a WPF overlay like in EA Origin
Eclipse m2eclipse can't find any mysql in dependencies search
Simple In App Purchase App Android
Mongodb $in query, on a replicaSet with slaveOkay()
CQRS/EventStore - changing two aggregates
Add autoincrement field in a table
What is the $ sign in Java? Please have a look in the Java code below
Cannot get session id from managed bean
How to pass value from <a> to click event via jQuery?
innerHtml not working on extension popup
How many times may a loop be executed in a multithreaded C++ program?
Html.CheckBoxFor not checked even though the model value is true
What is best way to return readonly with changeable objects?
How to get a static positioned element to span the screen
iOS & Google APIs REST
Shortcodes get wrapped with p tags
Items cannot be added to the list
PHP: Linkedlist node objects garbage collection issue
How to draw an arc?
Android 4.0.3 not getting boot in AVD
Simple way to count characters using .keyup in jQuery
Looping through a directory
Sending data to php script via ajax & JQuery
REQUEST_DENIED response using Google Places Autocomplete API
Createprocess and 0xc0000142 error
What XQuery expression will return the XPath of each found node?
Clickable Hyperlinks in DialogFragment
When code optimization happens?
Variable return as nil
Setting sibling for each child in a pseudo binary tree
Qt webkit tutorial for c++ [closed]
May URL scheme contain an underscore?
Can someone explain to me how scheduling works between a main thread and an NSThread?
MongoDB is using too much memory
Mysterious phantom rm -i alias
Title not displaying correctly
Java full screen exclusive mode
Potential performance issues with .NET MVC using NEWID() as UserId in SQL Server in a busy site?
In Android, where are files saved by default?
How to configure CKEditor in Rails 3.1 (gem + Asset Pipeline)
How to get all the same date & time independently of the timezone
Python 3.1 and Sublime Text 2 error 4.0 web service compression
How to manage and manipulate extremely large binary values
Dynamically bound DataGridView shows -1 value on auto-increment column?
ASP.NET MVC Controllers/Views invoked
JsColor losing instance after AsyncPostBack
Mongodb FindAll not work as exptected
Why does this Punnet square fail?
How to track focus changes between several TrackBars using WTL?
Extend Validate Class behaviour in CakePHP
jpicker the 4th and 5th column of colors in from the default colors do not put values in my input box
OSX 10.7.3 Breaks freetds
JQuery Ajax PHP form submit
How to size a Google Maps InfoWindow in Javascript (v3 API)
Twitter and Facebook buttons alignment
Netbeans (ant) rename jar file with apps version
achartengine custom zoom buttons
array output structure
Android: Add cells to GridView dynamically?
Should I use ^ and $ in html5 input regex pattern validation?
Fast loading of elements into array/list with fixed index without duplicates
How to check if a web service response XML is compliant with its WSDL? (I need an offline tool to check the xml files)
kernel debug for hung process?
Cannot read property of objects retrieved via node-mongodb-native
GENERIC_RELOC_SECTDIFF missing following pair for architecture i386 when attempting to profile
How to perform a search using characters 鈥� - =鈥�.etc
Convert MySQL result to an array strings
C11 anonymous structs via typedefs?
Programming an iPad to be a remote gamepad for Windows - Where to start?
Mongoid+Rails: Atomic callbacks?
CSS development for smartphones , tablets etc
How to implement in C++ crossplatform snprintf?
Audio Processing Packages For Java
Android: animation best practice
Duplicate entries with Google datastore
How to loop throgh all links in div and collect values from opened fields
How to loop throgh all links in div and collect values from opened fields
iOS SQLite - Max() Function
Replace a word with another in bash
can't retrieve dropdownlist.selectedvalue on Page Load?
Modify visual studio's SQL Express Bootstrapper
pages are displaying plain text instead of html
How to disable or change CakePHP standard Authentication autologout?
Android OpenGL: Possibly Running Out Of Memory?
string binding in xaml is fine, but why BitmapSource binding is not?
Python import errors in Eclipse based IDE - existing module
Icon for menu inflater item
Hierarchical structure in repository pattern using EF or NHibernate
MozWebSocket not responding to handshake
local link in HTML
Save XML file in SQL Azure
Deleting Attribute in DynamoDB
Why iPhone app crash on device, not on simulator?
Sending different values to API than stored in NSUserDefaults
How to disable java.util.logging in Tomcat?
Can a timer be abandoned safely
Nhibernate bind to DataGridView, insert doesn't work
What is the most beautiful way to check a checkbox in jQuery?
waiting for MSBuild Delete to complete
What is the Python best practice concerning dicts vs objects for simple key-value storage?
Using where clause to find descendants - Rails 3.0 and Ancestry
Sub-Menu Not Working in IE & Chrome.. Working in FF, Opera
Blackberry: Submit app. What do I need in terms of signing?
preg_replace using the replaced text as variable name
Typecasting method pointer to parent class method
can't go back button
How to implement operator=() for a class that has a reference member variable?
What is Ambient Route Values in ASP.NET MVC and how it works?
can not scroll table up and down after using animation and a navigation bar disappears
Sub-Select Using LinqToExcel
Why use MVC/router
How do you pause jwplayer on mouseout?
Interchangeable GUI toolkit for textmode and graphical mode
Outputting values from a java GUI
sort the array and remove part of it afterwards
Facebook login secure?
How to Re-Test a condition using If else statment Java android
filter/get entity in google app engine to validate if it exists or not
Initialization of c++ heap objects
Compositing PNG onto JPEG fails (colors are all rendered as black) on only one particular JPEG file
App badge reappear when reinstalling the app on springboard iphone?
Generic class that accepts either of two types
Finding and retrieving a component from its container
Splitting string by whitespace, without empty elements?
Initializing const member within class declaration in C++
QNetworkReply::UnknownNetworkError when running outside IDE
Backbone JS - Deleting a model in a REST interface
how to use c++ window thread
floats in x decimal places
reset a select element
MySQL Schema for widgets in a CMS
How to pass multiple parameters to a library in CodeIgniter?
How can I group data by month, day and hour in mysql?
SQL restore transaction log from disk getting incorrect syntax
Javascript:How to get content of a url?
ExtJS: dataview itemSelector pointing to child element
Eliminated duplicated data in repeater
Injecting LdapTemplate to return user details inside a Grails service causes Null Pointer Exception
JQuery AJAX access data sent with php
Vecorizing an inner for loop
How to use friend function when the class is written inside the namespace
Adding UITableViewController at specific position in its superview
WCF REST service POST method
Saving to xml file using
Why library jar writes logs in tomcat catalina.out?
customizing nestedlist title, sencha touch 2 PR4
BlackBerry Playbook - display orientation
sql server login credential for jdbc
If post submit statement not getting past for each loop
Binding a JavaScript object's property
@font-face - problems with diacritic
how to load Javascript in Wordpress Plugin
Convert string elements to class attributes (py 2.7)
Best practices to manage an indexable string list?
R ggplot highlight table of quarterly figures has displaced figures
Java Milliseconds in Year
Android: How to get intent filter's `path` value in an action
django-cms app hook at homepage error
How to append text to an existing text file
jQuery callback called twice
How double precision floating point number is stored and calculated?
How to switch between different views in a UITabbarViewController
Keep Getting StringIndexOutOfBoundsException
Animation not consistent with results Jquery
Batch file to detect if pen drive has been inserted
Adding a value to an array in php
apache rewrite before authentication of location
Html page to string
Namespaced actionmailer in rails
Explain the use of a bit vector for determining if all characters are unique
Optimize corollated subquery
What to do when fetching/creating a cache thats empty? Memcached, Rails 3
Javascript - pushing values into an array returns undefined
HashMap code not giving the desired results
hiding a panel in extjs
hiding a panel in extjs
How to compile OpenCV application with static libraries
Groovy String replacement
Getting footer to bottom when page is made of absolute positioning
Blackberry: setTitle with image displays a black border in os 5.0
Sinatra Streaming and Eventmachine Channels
What Are Actually Gpath And Chaining methods?
Jasmine Clock mocking and JQuery effect 'complete' function does not go along well
Using generic interface in the repository pattern
How does one call on this Haskell function?
canvas behavior with phonegap
Can EF Code First have two more DBContext in one App?
Can uglifyjs ignore undefined symbols
Eclipse DDMS Threads
Google Maps directions in maps shared app to personalized annotations
is playframework truly asynchronous?
django-social-auth Facebook redirect loop
Controlling sub-movieclips of a loaded SWF from a loading Class
Is it possible to query the WebBrowser control whether the horizontal scrollbar is visible?