Device token in push notification
How to find and load a file within a Java Applet using getCodeBase()?
CSS issue of fixed height and word-wrap
Different styling for multiple h6 headings on one page
Integrating Outlook Calendar to Website / Other
Why use buffered input in C?
SQL 2005 Transaction Log Backup Restores
Dynamic OpenGraph Object URL not working
bootstrap 2.0 bootstrap-dropdown.js errors out when i add it to my js plugin lists
SQL Server login username and password
Castle Windsor can't find installers in assemblies
How does numpy.histogram() work?
Wordpress - setting cookies showing wrong expiry date
Conventional way for calling a template function
tag not receiving the model bean (it's null) but containing page does?
C++ class inheritance
JSON to MySQL from API Call
Caching PDOStatement Object in Zend Framework
How to model java class while parsing xml file using groovy
Portability of windows apps compiled with jsc
SQLite getReadableDatabase() returns NULL
video View don't play a local video
SQL Server stored procedure slows every execution
Rotate a single RotateDrawable in a LayerDrawable
Draw fast in Android
How to create a custom knob for iOS slider?
Keeping spaces in textarea (JavaScript variable)
Static variables restriction in session beans
Redirect 鈥�鈥�to 鈥�home.html鈥�[closed]
encoding error with ajax upload (qqfile) and paperclip
Java Map Implementation not based on HashCode
How can unordered_map be efficiently implemented with tree data structures?
flex 4.6 counting rows in sqlite table
Vertical 3-level dropdown menu
Creating an object from an array of multiple values
Open GL ubuntu build error [closed]
CSS Margin or Padding - which renders faster? [closed]
Read EXIF/IPTC information from image in Cocoa
Getting deprecated error with Simplepie
How do I add a placeholder for vertical scrollbar with twitter bootstrap 2.0?
security access_control: specific return (json) if ajax
What are the best practices for sending error responses in JSON web services?
How to optimize big table in MySQL
After Upgrading JQuery Mobile to 1.0.1, Code Isn't Working
How do I upload and use .pyc files on Google App Engine?
custom ABPeoplePickerNavigationController
get the specified outpot using php 2d array
JQuery to Reload DIV Layer with PHP GET from Text Box
error when parsing JSON
How to check if string contains numbers symbols
Control template and theme-related data separation through the Resource Dictionaries
Whats the most concise way to pick a random element by weight in c#?
How to add a total column in SQLite
Facebook video chat in ios sample
Slow scrolling in Opera (11) using fixed position and text shadow
Set time between NSTimer selector calls
SQL Parameters and Question Marks
Linq and Cross Products
What is argument push order
How do I retrieve and update an azure configuration file for a service?
HashMap (Java) giving wrong results
NSEvent: test for only one modfierkey
CSS in an external file not being applied
Using NIO, do I need to care about R/W on block-boundaries?
CakePHP - jQuery Mobile returns empty page containing the word 鈥淯ndefined鈥�
How to always return a java.util.Vector
Using same CSS classes to many DIV
Java strange performance inconsistency
White Status bar when using [application setStatusBarHidden:YES] (iPhone)
Something wrong with my int main(){}
Running Total on date column
sql select where column begins with
What's wrong in my test code?
UItableView delete row using the function
Do services like Cloudflare and Incapsula actually improve the performance of websites hosted on Windows Azure?
QRubberBand Selection - Stopping dotted line around selected items
Stacking divs with variable height in 2 columns like Facebook Timeline
Wordpress 403 Forbidden Error
App Engine Connected Android Project - Libraries source attachment
PDF to WPF Document [duplicate]
PDF to WPF Document [duplicate]
HighLight word from letters in Android GridView?
Why RemoteEndPoint in Server side don't represent Clients IP?
Do ArrayBlockingQueue wrapper methods need to be synchronized?
Oracle SQL trigger results in compilation error
not able to send mail from Iphone application
Which is better Thrift vs RESTful services? [closed]
UILongPressGestureRecognizer is not working
How to count used and free Licenses from 4 tables in SQL?
th:first-child not working [closed]
coverting shape-files into text files using Arcmap
Compilation gcc 4.6.2 (cannot compute suffix of object files)
Cannot localise infoplist.strings
Getting values from a just created array
Styling text in a JTextArea or JTextPane
NSDate - Getting Days of the Month (Not Days of the year)?
What is the Best Practices for Optimal Performance in Silverlight and MVVM
strange behavior of jQuery resizable UI in FireFox
libjingle for Facebook video chat
Fragment Management Best Practices for Multiple ListFragments
LINQ functions and DataContext disposal, deferred execution
Create charts with interlaced data
How to show comments under a post like facebook does?
Inheritance in HQL with Spring Data JPA
How to inject JavaScript in MVC3 Grid?
Use iPhone's multitasking music controls in an app
Is there a way to use something like Console.write to debug in XNA code?
How to mix a module into an rspec context
How to split and store XML in SQL Server 2008 R2 using C#?
How can I monitor recurrent rake tasks run by heroku scheduler?
How do I pass a variable to a custom Django template loader?
Exception 鈥淪tring cannot be of Zero length鈥�
2D fluid simulation with kinect motion sensor as input
Unable to add attribute to html text input
OneToMany relationships taking more database space
3d surface reconstruction using openCV examples
Restricting foreach with json to only specific field
onmousemove event
photo mosaics in javascript
FDT code assist broken on project uploaded to subversion repository
how to get contacts from phonebook when pressing a button in android
How do I output Connect/Express's logger output to Winston?
MyBB getting user session for chat
Retrieve a Bitmap with a Fixed size
How do I find out which version I've got checked out in git? [duplicate]
How to read different types of data from text file (C#)?
Android, tell me my mistake please
How to send request from different static IP address to a any website?
Can I install a WYSIWYG editor to my website? [closed]
How to pass the CSRF token between rails applications
Why is this simple if > statement not working correctly?
magento image path [thoughts please]
Xcode 4 Assistant editor
XMPP Session Attachment
SQL Query that calculates time
Having trouble returning rows of table using 'LIKE' operator
Importing a Database to MATLAB error
Magento show and edit tracking number field in order overview
Memset an object
How to set pan property like AVAudioPlayer in AVPlayer
How to navigate from UIView subclass to other UIViewController
cannot fetch 2nd level model with cakephp
LINQ to SQL with null values
C# How can I make sure that required UDP data gets to the client/server?
Is Dead state is included in the Minimized DFA or not?
Redirection of C++ console output to C# console doesn't print anything
Filed to build Astrid app from source
Get a random number betwen 1-200 but leaves out numbers read from query
show/hide border around containing div? Javascript @ Android (Simple HttpResponse-Code)
Django app not showing up on 127(鈥�/admin/ [closed]
Youtube videos inside jquery tabs in Chrome
Reverting a broken merge and reapplying selected commits with Git
Not always getting mayorship notification with checkins
need two return value from a stored procedure in c#
Git Workflow Issue - Squashed Commits and Conflicts
Mysql, escaped string fields couldn't be searched with 鈥淟IKE鈥�keyword
Single Quote in URL Gives Me Error on my new server, not on old (php)
ASM , calling functions with asm
How to make Qt QMainWindow to be in focus and overlay when clicked with the mouse when there is window overlay
Databound Listpicker blank entries
Any SDK function in Java to Push number unto a Stack and calculate the average?
Twitter Bootstrap CSS affecting Google Maps
ApacheDS - How to create a new user with Java JNDI and setting the password?
Google Chart Tools doesn't draw chart / failed drawing chart
Push notifications within a Restful protocol for iOS
Problems linking to an object file created with cuda nvcc
how to store table of data in sqlite? [closed]
Determining missing data
javascript inserting content from a div to another div
How to force image url in jasper report export to HTML?
EXTJS, How to Create data for XTemplate with JSON data that created by PHP
Empty variable check [duplicate]
Removing empty values from string[]?
Page needs refresh after redirection from server
JsonSimple: How to get Second object in Json feed
How to wrap the items in a <xe:djextListTextBox> at a certain width
Why doesn't the Rails migration generator respect the fields I ask for?
How to programmatically import a pfx with a chain of certificates into the certificate store?
How to programmatically import a pfx with a chain of certificates into the certificate store?
MVC Action with QueryString parameter that has no key
Could not find generator refinerycms-news engine
How to define points with irrational coordinates in SVG?
Invers Geocoding not working
Displaying A Background Image Over An Overlay In CSS
Select Query - WebSQL
Error on 鈥淨NXApplication.qnxApplication.addEventListener鈥�
Submenu does not work with IE 7
what's the advantage of factory pattern? [duplicate]
facebook style jquery tokeninput script retains value in the jquery-ui modal window
text data into JSON object in Java
Whats wrong with my Javascript?
An example of Best Case Scenario for Quick Sort (Need someone to check if my answer is correct)
specify a date for an event
Don't echo string if before string is similar to current string
How to execute other Plug-in in my own Eclipse Plug-in?
StringBuilder proper size for compound structures like Map<String, List<String>>
Json result with model and string value in rails
Get calling UserID from Custom Workflow in Dynamics CRM 4
GAE as service provider for Desktop App (Swing)
Error: 鈥淒ENSITY_XHIGH cannot be resolved or is not a field鈥�
MS Access VBA trapping SQL Server Connection Error
why can't I dereference an iterator?
Need some guidance with multi-app IPC
How to trace redirects in firefox?
Upload photo on friend/fan page with Android
md5 file checksum from specific bytes
RSS 2.0 - How to verify it's working without uploading to website
Playframework : The JPA context is not initialized. JPA Entity Manager automatically
insert data into a 2d array
Why the order of entering static .ctors is different from instance .ctors in inherited classes?
Corona SDK: touch event
What is the correct way to limit the range of values a property will accept?
UILocalNotification how to call certain method if application is in background
How do I use regular expressions in Python with placeholder text?
鈥淧ermission denied鈥�error when writing to a file, but only if it does not exist yet
Is out there any tutorial on how to unzip a zip file with folders and files inside into some dir and pack them back via MiniZip?
Hide the 鈥淔ailed to load鈥�message when loading an invalid image, wxpython
BeautifulSoup not Correctly Taking all the HTML
Obtaining the model topology from a Simulink model
add drop down in custom wordpress theme
How to add a constraint to an existing model via cplex .net API?
Convert XML URL to IObservable<XDocument>
How do I stop Javascript accessing Flash
Getting information from a file without traversing its contents
Linux inject C/C++ dll
How can I display only the thumbnail and title of a post in WordPress?
unserialize array
Graphics implementation of cellular automaton in C#?
iPhone : Is it possible to get each different text in alert for local notification?
CoreData with a CheckBox in a UITableViewCell
C malloc() with structs advice
Can I create a template for this?
How to set a tabHost at bottom of the screen using only java?
set_value not working
Does two queries, one with OR and one with IN(), have the same performance?
Is it possible to read the inbox of the default Android e-mail client?
How can I insert vertical blank space into an html document?
Ruby on Rails doesn't store decimals in mysql database: truncates numbers after ,
How to get around NAT on mobile phones while using 3G?
django-tables2 - accessing values of other columns in a table class
How to check if the word is Japanese or English?
why does my stream play correctly in jPlayer in all browsers except IE?
How to debug two web applications/services on IIS from within Visual Studio?
Identity Resolution Opensource Software
Autodestroy on change Rails
Tabbar item in view based application not working
UIScrollView Direction RTL for Right to Left Languages
Cuda Toolkit directory does not exist
Store Android SQLite
MonoTouch - How to redraw immediately UITableView when datasource is cleared
What are the non-expressions in CoffeeScript?
CSS/Javascript Solution to automatically apply height/width attributes based on image orientation
How can I insert an image into a WPF RichTextBox at runtime in between text so the text floats around the image
Read email messages from Android app
Password Protect a Directory with .htaccess when a Rewrite rule is preventing it from working [closed]
Jump cursor to row containing specified ID without iterating through all records
Change the Image(image url) of ButtonField which is added in Gridview by onclick event
Working with multiple forms
OpenCL: 32-bit and 64-bit popcnt instruction on GPU?
Database error Duplicate entry
java How to resize the panel size dynamically
How to modify simple_volume to raid 1 with 2 sas disks?
iPhone face detection remote database
PInvoking function succeeds, not receiving structure values
Find object(s) by arbitrary attributes in Hibernate
ORM regular expression
Path planning to get close to an unreachable target
Custom Tabbar in Titanium
Data control from textbox and inverted day/month values
undefined function when function is present
Calculating normals between 2 meshes ending up in seams
How to use Activator to create an instance of a generic Type and casting it back to that type? Chat without timer [closed]
How do I save a specific number of text files in Isolated Storage..?
Heuristic function for finding the path using A star
OOP python - removing class instance from a list
Enterprise Library Logging - Multiple Threads Logging to Multiple Log Files
how to find 麓 char occurrences using grep command and spanish keyboard through ssh
Can I use imagettftext more than two times per image?
php date diff object doesn't stop when in $mysqli while block
Keeps giving me incorrect implementation with my singleton
Using multithreading optimize the execution time (simple example)
pyGObject transparent cursor
django formset initial data not coming
Character encoding and code cleaning鈥elp pls
Best approach for music visualization/interaction app
Create list of jQuery elements
Google Maps api v3 - Controls hidden in default tablet Android browser
Doctrine2's preUpdate missing PreUpdateEventArgs argument in Symfony2
'System.InvalidOperationException' using xnaFramework to play a sound effect in windows phone 7 app?
Test and validation data coming null
How to add strings [duplicate]
How to know what class is being deserialized in JackSon Deserializer?
I want to change background color after clicking using javascript
i18n fallback in attributes
single virtual inheritance compiler optimization in c++?
How to add UIPanGestureRecognizer to UIScrollView subviews
Django with fastcgi and lighttpd. Admin site requests 鈥�homepage.fcgi/homepage.fcgi/admin/鈥�
How to vertically center the text without using display: table-cell?
is it possible to create a system that is connected a website with the same database
Changing Date of Post Request
Why doesnt 'ListBox1_SelectedIndexChanged' even occur when i select item from the list?
PHP append a key => value pair to an array
How to obtain values in JSON in C#?
Is a table larger than max filesize of filesystem possible?
Can't scale locally most likely because of the session store
How to detect current page with php?
NSScrollView content and scroller insets
How to retrieve timezone offset from GMT+0 in php?
How can I retrieve what permissions I have with my users?
How to detect that PIE/ASLR has been enabled for my iOS app?
Exchange POST variables using CAMEL
NSTimer code is executing forever
PHP set_include_path statement
PostExecute() of AsyncTask not loading. Where am I going wrong?
go up to a specific database version in rails
iOS Leaderboard: Rank users on overall shortest time
Layout with ListView and TabHost on Android
Django url routing - include url part for dispatching
Numpy error: invalid value encountered in power
How to send a message to friend on facebook wall using android application
Navigate to new content without page reload while updating the address field
Why do I get an ImportError when executing sys.path.append in a file but not in the Python console?
count cannot be used as a function
How do I resolve NullPointerException when I am using Serializable with my classes and transient with Scanner?
Change focus via KeyListener when switch between tabs in JTabbedPane
Change focus via KeyListener when switch between tabs in JTabbedPane
Where to find an 鈥渁uth_nonce鈥�for Facebook Developers
Output XML code with Jquery
How to run Jruby 1.6.6 on Aptana Studio 3.0.8 *ON WINDOWS*
Whats the advantage of using celery with rabbitmq over Redis, MongoDB or Django ORM)
Techniques to evaluate the 鈥渢wistiness鈥�of a road in Google Maps?
Broken links in local Wordpress site
not be able to start ejabberd server [closed]
error Command /Developer/Platforms/iPhoneSimulator.platform/Developer/usr/bin/llvm-g++-4.2 failed with exit code 1 [duplicate]
PHP compare result of two tables
VBScript (WSH): Arguments not passed through file association
How do I use the Excel Union function through Win32::OLE?
Set background-url css property to a memory image in .net
How to change font in a dialog box in android?
html dynamic change - how view changed contents?
html / javascript on click write to file
Autowire a collection
Is it a good idea to make whole theme widgetized?
I can't optimize with parallelization of a program
Error LNK1169 with Qt Creator
boost::gil pointer to bgr8_view_t object
Setting up MongoDB river for Elasticsearch
Applying visitor on syntax tree
How to set the position of user control
Header and cpp or just cpp files - best practise?
How do I output the child of a child using a Rabl API in Rails?
Ploting an x-y graph with 鈥渇our鈥�axes
How to create different layout compatible for Android Tablet
How to change the value of a check box onClick using JQuery?
Parse JSON from URL
How to remove the time and Display the Date only in RDLC
Database - (rows or records, columns or fields)?
I have no idea how to test this with Qunit?
jQuery Mobile buttons not lining out grid
How to test Facebook Real-time updates
why would you use WHERE 1=0 statement in SQL?
Fit text to bitmap width
MySQL statement to alter a table fails to work
knockout ignore directive
hr not seen when printing
How to Find All Matches in Regular Expressions when one Overlaps OR Contains the Other?
web service for iPhone app to allow image uploads
android Reading image into byte array and last byte of image
C++ Boost.Python : 2 problems
Difference between these two Singleton implementations
Popup a menu error
find out count of comma based value in MySql
find() problems with boost bimap
Set CSS style to elements with specific styles
How to change the values of an NSString inside an NSMutableArray?
get the most listed items in a array in php without removing duplicates (5)
struts2 dojo datepicker not working fine in Internet explorer
Implementing Profile Photo Upload for Student Database
Counting words in a sqlite FTS4
Unit Testing events in multi-threaded app
Show page in popup like image in JQuery Slimbox2
verify a rsa sign from java in php
Facebook API, how to get relationship status of friends(single, married, etc鈥�?
Confuse What should be my Xpath Expression?
PHPExcel - Value from a Cell referencing to another Cell Did Not Obtained Properly
Should I make all links relative or absolute
making separate array from existing json django
Restricting access to REST API
How to save Formula in sqlserver and use this formula in app
Selecting the best solution to store data for an Android Password Safe app
DELPHI: Generics and polymorphism
How to know which are the 5 first characters in a string
Close the program when the user presses the 'X' button with SDL
NSMutableArray sort cell [closed]
use more than one labels
How to use ModalPopUpExtender in GridView?
Exception handling in REST service
Cocoa screen saver config panel floating freely
UDP hole punching implementation
PHP Framework for extended CRUD operations with Community Functionality [closed]
Best deployment strategy for local used application in Rails 3.1 on Windows 7?
How to store an array for each user on my online app?
Total Requests made to DataSource = 0 when using SOLR with MySQL
Background job/task monitor for Django
UIPickerView values
Is there a html5 API for video element that can trigger event at given playing cue?
Android NDK assert.h problems
how to extract file path from QFileSystemModel?
Get songs of album in Android
C# - LINQToExcel - Null Values
Add multiple records at once in django admin panel
transfer integer over a socket in C
Creating Windows Vista Aurora screensaver like curtain effect in OpenGL
How to move the ball in parabola shape with angling the ball in andengine
accessing a field from json django
keycode and fromCharCode in javascript
potential buyers and my site [closed]
Getting XamlParseException when calling XamlReader.Load(xmlReader)
Is there a Java port or equivalent of the EventStore library?
exec sudo commands on ssh in python
android2.1 ListView reference
re-using a SAML token, client side for a JSON webservice - after logging in the website
ASP.NET Adding new field to existing form
URL routing for multitenant RoR application based on path
Regex for getting domain name from Referer
Send data with button from php to java script
Is there a reason to convert arguments to a local variable?
i18n with Spring MVC, skip RequestMapping
UIScrollView scrollRectToVisible:animated: is there a way that a method can be called when animation ends
How to use AND in IF Statement - VBA
How to disable maven release plugin check local modifications?
Cookies , creating one with javascript and getting it back
Rails: Update user field on each request (how to optimize)
Get all dates in date range in SQL Server
NSDistributedNotifications not distributed between instances of (same) app(s)
cocos2d-android:how to set text message
apache url rewrite QUERY_STRING
Why not SOAP with JSON? [closed]
Jquery event capture change in margin-left
HttpWebRequest & HttpWebResponse issues
How to pass 'Authorization' header value in OAuth 2.0 with Google APIs
getting the contents of a cell from Jqgrid
Internet Explorer 9 and below, setting the scrollbar to the right when using a rtl direction on body
An Alternative to JqueryUI?
Devise + CanCan: Defined CRUD like told in Tut, now how to restrict usage of controller
viewDidLoad of my RootViewController gets called by application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions: and applicationDidBecomeActive:
Ubuntu, Python script, how to run after boot and using update-rc.d
Abnormal issue with Zend_Form_Element_Captcha鈥�
Query to find users
Android - Drawing a circle everytime you press a button [closed]
extract controls using Reflection
Titanium (Appcelarator) GeoLocation- Google Maps
iOS Twitter API; How to retrieve the most recent tweets within a country?
why does it jump to another line?
Core Data: NSPredicate with managed objects
Setting TabHost layout parameters using java code?
Insert all divs with same class into an array?
App.config file security in application
Sharing MongoHQ database between Sinatra and Rails applications in Heroku
how to disable the backbutton and show some other layout that shows resume and quit
How to receive a message in a CL program?
Ubercart in-checkout orders from the same user
Change WordPress get_bloginfo('url'); or permalink domain for posts published before a certain date
Libzip - read file contents from zip
Change DatGrid ScrollBar visibility on mouse over?
Android: How to wake WIFI (or 3G) from AlarmManager?
How can I tell if my server is serving GZipped content?
Spring mail MimeMessage has an incorrect 鈥淔rom 鈥�set
Merging HTML files in Java
Making a barplot with known frequencies
EF and repository pattern - ending up with multiple DbContexts in one controller - any issues (performance, data integrity)?
ORDER BY CASE with a subquery
NP optimization problems (definition)
using components in Cakephp 2+ Shell
using components in Cakephp 2+ Shell
Include is failing inside phar archive on production server but not on local dev server
How to separate different functionalities that operate from the same class?
SocketTimeoutException awaited but not thrown?
Can I use ASP.NET MVC Partial in my case?
change value of link running php code
Foreach loop not working in PHP when formatted for mail()
Append fb-like button using getScript()
Error: The archieve is either in unknown format or damaged
Playframework with thread-pool for background job
How could I display different ViewController from ViewController attached to UITabBarControLler
Two extended classes - one works and the other doesn't
How to increase the height and width of the image using bitmap
How can I improve the XML parsing performance of my iOS code?
Frontend Customer Registration and newsletter subcription not working in magento 1.6.2
Map integer(id) to text string?
C# / VB.Net issue: VB.Net fills string array but C# doesn't
In Push Relabel algorithms for max flow why is there not path from source s to sink t?
Creating a Clickable Grid in a Web Browser
RSpec send_file testing with check of Content-Type
Landscape Mode - Android
Creating buttons in android splashscreen to move to next location
How to set a static variable in every class?
Different Theme for different Android SDK versions
CakePHP - Missing controller view - $_SESSION not available
Spring MimeMessageHelper constructor mapping?
Operator 'overloading' equivalent with #define in C/Objective-C [duplicate]
Symfony2 phpunit gives 503 error
Insert image taken from a web url into SQL Server
Use case of Android Sync-Adapter
Error: Could not find or load main class Hello2
DataBase autonumbering or custom numbering
Has anybody tried to change and benchmark different javascript query servers with CouchDB?
Showing character n for new line in Android
Listing digits in an int, without losing 0
How to get all tweets of user in using Twitterizer
IFRAME makes src servlet execute twice on ipad safari
Configuration values in a relational database?
Android check if remote server is online
Type conversion and method overloading
Custom Shaped progress View
VC++ 2010 IntelliSense autocompletion list disappears too quickly
SVN Checkout based on Author
Rack::SSL giving 鈥淓RROR bad Request-Line鈥�
sound library for php developement
'yield' is not a member of 'std::this_thread'
How to get rows which match a list of 3-tuples conditions with SQLAlchemy
How to migrate Delphi or clone Delphi registry settings?
FF (and it alone) points URL to nowhere
Apply a command to all commits
Centralized image server with security and water mark on it
Juggernaut/Faye vs. Pusher for a Heroku hosted web service?
calling jquery functions
How can I have HTML5 FileApi Support in Flex?
SIGPIPE error in a TCP based Concurrent Echo Cleint-Sever
PHP/GD - photo thumbnails in a gallery: random display
What could possibily slow down my flex mobile application?
Unable to open Facebook C# SDK canvas samples. IIS 6?
State and FlyWeight patterns
Filling up an array field inside a struct
using the digits of a number as an array
Facebook Like button with thumb up icon?
Delphi XE2 Indy 10 TIdCmdTCPServer freezing application
jQuery Template Formatting with Comma
Programmatically lock, certify and sign a word document created using VSTO?
cuda kernels using pthreads Missing Configuration Error
How to establish relationship with same entity using JPA, Hibernate
Why Shouldn't I Use vector<vector<vector<int>>>?
forHTTPHeaderField:@鈥渃ontent-type鈥�for image and data
FBConnect: How to display standard FB dialog to post a picture and caption?
the elements of a character vector are lists - how to combine them
Random Fields - Markov Random Fields
HTML 5 -Dynamic Elements as layers
Crystal Reports RecordSelectionFormula does not work
Exported CSV file is empty
Why we need two times write handlers in tomcat
jQuery HTMLElement wrapping/unwrapping
Remove entire querystring using regex
Can't trigger this controller action in a view (it isn't a default Rails RESTful action)
how to extract fields data from filtered object django
How to set default value to all keys of a dict object in python?
Output from Struct in Binary File returns junk
Global variable is NULL in class method
Implementing different types of joins without database in java
Python-Displaying Query results in QTreeView
ms-access custom menubars and registry
jQuery Sortable: check number of elements and behave
Hide annotation subtitle, or change color
Execute MSI package in a custom Burn Bootstrapper Application
Implement interface declared in innerclass
Add backslash to Varchar in MySQL
can't find
Spreading/smoothing periodic tasks out over time
How to fill the shapes with color
Alternatives to jQuery Tools Scrollable?
setpixel of QGraphicsScene in Qt
Search by number in zend lucene
I don't understand something in memory addressing
webview will not load pdf files on link click
Trigger Servlet with js function [closed]
In Facebook Graph API, how do I post on someone's wall as the identity of another person?
Displaying m:n relationship in database
How to update python 2.6 to python 2.7 in ubuntu [closed]
How to get memory usage of a c# application? [closed]
How to access protected members in a derived class?
Changing storage engine of table in Mysql
Can the compiler infer object Type when ommited in method call?
Spring beans are not detected in JAX-WS service
Spring transaction issue
Can I generate a collaboration diagram using sequence diagram in StarUML?
Subtracting value from integer with UPDATE statement
How to Split a dynamic variable into drop down box ( variable seperated by comma)
T-SQL : use an array like in a while loop
Master/detail view with a bound custom property (or overridden ToString)
Google app engine: how to store and retrieve a single variable
bind a collection view to another view
Are iterators valid after sorting or removing elements? Is this code a ticking time bomb? custom cache dependency, refresh all in at one moment
How to fill PDF form in php
Invalid connection string with jruby and oracle_enhaced adaptor
mixing of pattern matching and date time functions in mysql
Get all instances of sub-string one at a time?
Load image into picturebox only when needed/visible
users and posts database issue
Action Delegate With Generic Parameter
Generating JavaScript from a JSLINT parse tree
How to reduce the memory of bitmapdrawable in Android 4.0?
Android - Gallery with even number of images
How to display a centered background of fixed width
Is it possible to compile JavaScript files using RingoJS to Java class files?
Facebook PHP SDK - getLoginUrl() and getLogoutUrl() not working
Using std::reference_wrapper as the key in a std::map
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Difference between copy and move_uploaded_file
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SQL Query Help Required
Magento. How to reset Checkout Quote reserved Id?
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Changing the value of a NSIndexPath object
function as parameter vs function pointer as parameter
Graphics Benchmark Metric Resources
JQuery Optimization: Using $.load with URL parameters instead of $.get?
Scrolling is disabled when i add A UIPangesturerecognizer to UIScrollView
PHP: exec() - replace process
Can you read a groups feed in Facebook using the Graph API?
JDBC and MySql install and configure
repeater format
Can the Liquid templating markup be used in Coffeescript?
how to set two different pin colors when populating mapview
Extracting data from sql table by comparing data from a List
RingtonePreference getEntry method
How to draw 4 lines in onDraw? - android
How to generate a list which contains a given number of random numbers within a range in Haskell?
Prefix zero changes output in number addition
want alternative of Response.End()
get Broadcast receive when SD Card is unmounting android
How to set default values in a WPF app?
Access or modify instance variable within AsyncTask
Update oracle using dataset in .NET 1.1
Variable shadowing and inherit concrete method from abstract class in java
Cassandra CQL: Unable to insert
A little bit complicated NSPredicate (IOS)ha
WKhtmltoimage --scale-w not working
ARC circular retain detection
Select rows with not not duplicated specified fields (Transact-SQL)
Wordpress Add new User hooks
Using Curl commands in Ruby on Rails 2
java.lang.NullPointerException while using ServletContext
Performance on iPad file writes
How do I use JQuery AjaxSetup to set 鈥渃srf鈥�as a parameter every time I have an XHR request?
Program received signal sigkill but then error disappears
share an instance but create new one for every new process
Cancel local notification not working
SCP help 鈥�downloading files/folder from a blocked up
jagged bidimensional arrays and contiguous memory in c#
pass array result to a class
trying to run 鈥渞ake test鈥�within rails source code
Adding Author Name in document Header using StyleCop
Magento 1.5.1 crashing after running index category/product association?
Type constructors and type constants (and type variables) : What's the difference?
Why my custom layout extends LinearLayout can not use the style attr in XML
java loop vertically
How to execute an action before loading a page in Struts2?
Adding UIButtons to UIScrollView Programmatically not showing up until loop completed
Function not being run
Is it possible to use something like
what is this code: Func < T, string > that I don't understand
Which is the best Java Data structure for my application?
Blackberry Twitter API ME integration prob
Why doesn't Mercurial check for the latest revision before commiting?
Python: storing print output from different module's function
Dynamic array C++
namespace included xml - direct xpath expression
What does this regular expression mean. Is it enough to check http or https hyperlinks?
Fibonacci sequence in an arraylist
Using PowerShell v3's Invoke-RestMethod to PUT/POST X Mb of a binary file
Like button code isn't working
TabBar in IPhone foursquare app
poor audio quality with OpenAL on iOS/OSX
Why does cap deploy cause problems but cap deploy:cold works fine?
How to create an action from selecting a row from an NSTableView
C# Vars init, performance and good practice
Hibernate error message: unexpected token: NULLS (error in script file line: 13 unexpected token: NULLS)
How do I keep an array inside a struct in scope?
WordPress admin link not working using Buddypress theme
Concatenate grouped rows
How to use the MYSQL_CLIENT_SSL setting with mysql_connect() in PHP?
Operators new and delete in c++
Integer.class and int.class
Silverlight toolkit for windows phone 7 error
Enum generalization?
sp_attachDB procedure for SQL Server Express
Objective-C / iOS: Converting an array of objects to JSON string
How to convert char to byte?
PHP variable value to be string+function
Running two -replace on one file
How to determine if a file copy is completed using cocoa
Evolutionary programming
check session not working in IE
Linux Delete Files Batch Script
Quickly compare a string against a Collection in Java
Get a certain square region of a bitmap
How to scp with a second remote host
Restore a mysql database backup?
UISwitch won't show up in custom UIView
Trying to embed newline in a variable in bash
Convert pack:// URI to relative URI
heat map on map view in iphone鈥�
Getting divs with same class name in a div
Honeycomb - Status Bar Hidden during AlertDialog
Iphone 2d game development and character animation
Animated .GIF vs Spritesheet + JS/CSS
Importing An External AST Into ANTLR
Memory management with NSMutableDictionary on iOS
How can I check if a regular expression is not harmful in PHP
Redirecting C++ console output to C#
JavaScript: is it possible to access private variables (i.e. which have been hidden inside a closure)?
Iterating through Obj-C Arrays [closed]
Retrieving data from a web site
If a line contains certain Word save it
Request and response Queue in Apache XML RPC server
Running Client application on server
how to print windows form completety in a4 size sheet?
How can i dump blob fields from mysql tables
How to get columns names during a SELECT operation that returns zero items in SQLite
Validation library for python, pyside, qt desktop application
slick grid components on the cheap
Terminate a while loop using `getchar()`
Make contiguous region in kernel space
Mixing JQuery Mobile & JQuery UI
character conversion in vim
Cron Job not running on (Ubuntu Linux 10.04.1) server with Curl?
C++ How do I pass a system serial number into a variable?
I want use a code sort of Drag n Drop here the snippet it's not working the way it's intended
Alfresco community 4.0.d on Glassfish 3.1.1
Stringstream to vector<int>
SQL Server Data Tool SSDT or SQL Server 2008 R2
Finding array elements when the sum of sub-arrays are given
Python - store chinese characters read from excel
cannot clearly understand run time listener in java
Disable warning of PHP mail function
Chrome extensions How to run background file function every 2 sec
Django Urlpatter for String
How to import module from filename in Google App Engine
Neverending Loop using Nokogiri library; can't figure out why
Videobox and Lightbox conflicts(not working on same page)
How to create an 2D Array but the content is a class?
Float multiple css divs
Can't get selected value of UIPickerView
Writing specifications for Ruby gem with cucumber
scaling my web application using n app servers and dao as webserice
Structure reference via character string
RoR collecting from hash and displaying it in html
How to print request string when ASIFormDataRequest failed?
Sencha Touch DataView not showing items from Store
Splines inside nonlinear least squares in R
How to get Current Page's Url in using code behind technique?
Is There A Better Way Of Doing This? MySQL
improve select not in
Add interakting slider in header file of magento
Search Functionality in windows Phone 7?
Queue File based persistence - WebSphere MQ vs SQLite queue (WAL)
Bash Shell list files using 鈥渇or鈥�loop
iOS: Access Storyboard TabBar ViewController from another Class
I have found this error while am adding data to quickbase database?
How to parse a CVS file using PHP
place image and text side bu side in PDF
Homemade function inside a foreach loop?
How to get all NSStatusItem elements of NSStatusBar in OSX?
If statement fault in python
storing image into mysql database using stuts 2 and hibernate
What is the difference between 鈥渃vs update鈥�and 鈥渃vs -n update鈥�
Windows phone transferring button handle across pages
jquery dropdown slidedown doesnt work
My Post, Comment, User and Vote models are all set. How to use them to enable users to vote?
how to set attributes by jquery and access them by c#
Read and Write into file every X line
switch on wifi in emulator
java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to start activity ComponentInfo , android.content.res.Resources$NotFoundException
form-validation in codeigniter
why HTML Agility Pack HtmlDocument.DocumentNode is null?
text color change that corresponds with an image slideshow
Remove items from listview
Setting From: in Email via PHP mail function
How to compare characters in two CharSequences
Cannot install .ipa file to my iPhone 4s fom itunes
How to calculate a matrix formed by vector in Mathematica
Track data usage
Making my php pages search engine friendly
How can I convert this SQL to HQL query
a sleeping Thread is getting interrupted causing loss of connection to db
Why is my threading/multiprocessing python script not exiting properly?
HTML5 Video tag for Andirod Phones
can any one tell me that why init is used in the add_action function as first argument (Wordpress)?
VirtualBox Fedora 16 鈥淪witch to fullscreen鈥�weird behavior
Array based binary tree preorder
Wordpress custom field in post database
Am I violating Rule of three?
How to use Same Short Cut key in menu items and child windows buttons?
How to read Cipher private Key with bouncycastle in android?
Adding indexed non-stored fields to schema
web.config and membership
Consuming REST Web Service and Parsing XML data in Android
How do I unescape HTML tags from XML?
How do I install PDO in PHP 5.3?
Android proxy wifi vs mobile
How Match Regular expression of international number in android
Confirm message before delete?
Why I am getting zero values for Facebook page status read?
Why couldn't I get GPS coordinates in a remote place?
Using map function with a multi-variable function
Regex For Minimum Length Between Whitespace
fetchedresultscontroller behavior
What hash function is better?
Custom sql query
How many tablets can bigtable store?
How to stop Audio?
Capistrano deploy incomplete
Outputting Programmatically to MSword; sensing end of line
AFNetworking + JSONKit not working together
Google +1 code validation error: missing attribute
Chipersoft WMD - Yahoo Yui Reset.css - Preview Mode not working
Parsing mixed values and key-value pairs with Boost.Spirit
rails render model with location
Google API integration to iphone App
Php link active
C, or C++ code for using LAME API to convert an M4A (MPEG-4 audio) to MP3
Insert into鈥�select from鈥�query with where condition
Audio content analysis for online audiovisual data
JQuery Mobile site works in Browser but not in Mobile Browser
AWS::S3::S3Object.url_for - How to do this with the new AWS SDK Gem?
Converting Bitmap to Drawable show nothing
C++ constructor: garbage while initialization of const reference
Adding Rows in DataGridView based on numericupdown
Anyone can explain the syntax for the boost tuple library?
jQuery Date Picker Min Max date issue
phonegap android: opening another html file in the phonegap webview
Error declaring float constants
non bookmarkable secure download link
I want to apply a view transition with animation
Conditionally enable or disable delete record button based on the Content of the cell (not just the the id)
Jquery UL LI elements, $.each to array
Why is valgrind outputting file paths instead of a line number for the errors?
How do I change STDOUT for FFI calls in Ruby?
best password encryption and decryption technique to be used with PHP [duplicate]
parsing json dictionary in javascript to iterate through keys
Loading bar over status bar?
Cucumber::Undefined error something to worry about?
how to compare tables in different database using java arraylist
Padrino: url_for to access project level route from sub app
Proper SCSS Asset Structure in Rails
Need to show MODALPOPUP Extender while clickig on Link button
Error while uploading file in MySQL DB using Struts2, Hibernate3
Return type deduction [duplicate]
Cocoa: Component Manager not finding all components in a 64-bit app
How to disable the focus of listheader and footer?
Problems with Dynamic Div Width
When using relative values to repeatedly move an object with jQuery's animate() function, can you set a max value?
鈥渙nCreateOptionsMenu鈥�always throwing exception
Re-initialization of iterator of ArrayList does not work
Python - IndexError: string index out of range (Beginner)
Programatically fill PDF form fields in Browser Control
php login with SSL
FindParent<T> is null while using WPFToolkit:Datagrid
Long lines don't render correctly
Icon not showing on context menu item with Firefox Add-on SDK
Plupload UploadProgress speed
Toast.makeText(getApplicationContext(), 鈥淪tring鈥� Toast.LENGTH_LONG); ==>Here getApplicationContext() cannot change to 鈥渢his鈥�
How to add values from Dataset to a List?
finding sum of prime numbers under 250
c++ list all directories and subdirectories within in (LINUX ) [closed]
How might I programmatically lock a folder on an Android SD card?
In neo4j, how can I index by date and search in a date range?
Sencha Touch 鈥�Put JSON variable into Data Store?
Rails controller params are null, even though I can see them in debug output
adding rows dynamically to table using for loop in jQuery
Cant allocate memory using MALLOC
redirect action link with changing url in ASP.NET MVC3
Can't Send my Json Post to my Web Service
App works in canvas page but not in page tab
How to bind more than one ObservableCollection in XAML
TFS Backup Fails - when it starts taking transactional backup
What's the best combination of LaTex writing in Chinese? [closed]
Any Javascript DateTime Function return MySQL datetime format?
How to hide the screen behind a Dialogue
extract a common subset of two patch files
Querying for the exact contents of ManyToManyField in Django
Proper PDO syntax for parameterized query using LIKE with wildcards (ex %, _)
Creating a site with rails and need guidance with user profile and devise
how to register notification for other application?
How to attach Jar in Blackberry
android colormatrix for black color
Change Adwhirl ad orientation from portrait to landscape
Can't use modulus on doubles?
Bulk load tables in SQLite db files into SQL Server
Make a PNG files interactive through XML code in android
Using jquery wookmark plugin while dynamically changing heights of elements
How can I get VIEWSTATE Value from webpages for Python web client prgoram?
Please clarify @ and pointer and without them when adding object in delphi?
Store SHA256 hash in Access Database
Database - tables design and query
How can I continuously add my If statement contents together
Dynamic Dropdown Menus If-Else
I'm confused about what's recursive, tail recursive, primitive recursive and what's not
How can i convert image sequence to video in matlab
Make more efficient code for some jquery array split
referencing a null is ok?
Creating Interactive Image on Website
In PHP, why do people assign another variable name to $_GET and $_POST data?
Using custom template filters in Django
Why is it important to use static_cast instead of reinterpret_cast here?
POST method in WCF Rest Serivce not working when data is passed in it?
Handling map of files in c++
Workings of AtomicReferenceArray
jQuery how to offset the position between 2 or more elements through its current position
what is the correct grant_type for foursquare oauth2 access
How to load a set of records at once into middle tier from database using springbatch
A dynamic method name (Objective-C)
QString string/text formatting
How should I decide whether to build a 鈥減rotected interface鈥�
Anyone knows wcout supports multibyte or unicode?
Base class for outlook item
undefined method `model_name' in rails 3
Best Practice: creating a data access class
$__POST[string] to receive a unicode string fails
Which is the websocket version used in node.js?
How do I handle migration of ActiveRecord::Base which implemented a tableless model
Saving text file in db and retrieving
Exchange/Outlook 2010, C# SenderEmailAddress extra characters appended to name
Are arrays in java pass by reference or pass by value?
get row count of a dynamic column
XML TO database Insertions
Is it possible to load details in the textfield via AutoComplete method in Struts2-jQuery editable Grid?
how to run a bash script on a macbook pro?
php error reporting Uninitialized string offset: 0
Why sometimes when I do not specify STAThread attribute, the code will fail mysteriously?
Lift and CSS/Javascript
C11 thread-safety with respect to functions that return pointers to static buffers
how to execute a array in jQuery
Server has 2 IP addresses. How can I route 2 servers with 2 different ports to the 2 IPs on the same port [closed]
Cannot login in Joomla
javascript inheritance with protected variables
How to append row in DataTable?
Undefined variable - the error on a very very simple code but can't know what causing it
Vertex animation exporter for Blender?
php form to multiply 3 numbers where one is variable entered by user
How to process JSON in PHP?
JSF 2.0 Expression language support in Websphere 8.0
Trying to use Canvas and DrawImage to display low-rate video at 90 degrees
Codeigniter View and echo
How to display messages at MDI form level in VB6
Is it possible to call a function, process some of its conditionals, break out, call it again and have it pickup where it left off?
exporting database file as text or xml in android
Redirect users to the nearest server based on their location without changing url
Android long running service with alarm manager and inner broadcast receiver
iPhone: Is the Application Directory length same in all cases?
jQuery(鈥渂ody鈥�.css(鈥渕argin鈥� does not return a value in Chrome
Is there any way to use Google Identity Toolkit with a Node.js app?
Fixing source folders in eclipse
Associating one variable with another?
HTML5/jQuery Mobile: how do I add a data id to a list item?
jQuery wrap and place a class using array
Can't access functions in base generic class
Android C2DM unable to link client and server
Linq db.tableUserDefinedVariable 鈥�How To?
Handling window resizing using OpenGL and SDL
Getting missing component error in a VB6 application
Spring Framework TEST RESTful Web Service (Controller) Offline i.e. No Server, No Database
Where to learn XSS (Cross Site Scripting) [closed]
What is the different between the following two query of LINQ
Render cells in engines
Eclipse PyDev not displaying complete output
Plus one button is causing JavaScript error [closed]
table view is covered with an empty table view when integrate TTCatalog to a Tabbar template project
Parallel Linq query optimization
OpenCV - Creating an Array of Mat Objects
Speech Recognition/Identification
is there a difference in two if statements in c#
When should i use DateTime vs date, time fields in ruby/rails?
How do I convert Money based on FX rates in a domain object without Service Location
C, open files relative to executable's path?
Regular Expression to get usernames from a string [closed]
Error with pl/sql procedure: Not able to use bind variable
Android : Xml listview showing error while using in TabgroupActivity
API change the relationship status (Married, Single, etc)
Make a clear(transluscent) UIBarButttonItem IOS 5
Facebook comments plugin not loading
Trimming strings in C++
jQuery Autocomplete box stays open and in same positoin when scrolling
neutral language in Windows Phone 7
Dns.GetHostEntry or Dns.Resolve. How to?
Can I parallelize huge integer additions?
replace single space between words in python
counter_cache not incrementing鈥�what am I doing wrong?
PHP post method only showing the first word?
C# WebClient downloader stops by itself when we request large files for download?