apache in xampp won't turn on - after it worked before
git gc --aggressive push to server?
Can you point DNS records for a domain name at a site on AppHarbor with the free account? [closed]
OG:video is not having its cached version updated on Facebook
LINQ exception on INSERT
Collect several input fields and insert into a single field with jquery
How do I pull just the records needed for display from a query?
How to stop ignore_user_abort once started?
get prev ID-value form input=鈥渢ext鈥�
How to be OnTop but not OnTop of a full screen application
Entity Framework Designer Extension Not loading
How would you join two records that belong_to the same record without an N+1?
Is it possible to move 鈥淓dit鈥�and 鈥淒elete鈥�buttons to the front in CRUD?
Simple Haskell compile error not understood
PHP - strlen($string) not co-operating
Klazuka Kal Scrolling
Empty div with 2px width and background color doesnt show with height as 100%
JSONKit for iphone app?
How to match a key value in for other key value inside the same array?
save_and_process post processing 403 Forbidden Carrierwave_direct S3 Fog
Importing multi-Relational Data with magicalpanda's MagicalRecord
Vertical output XSL and XML
Zend_Db_Table_Abstract Loading Joined Models
Return value's percentage of sub category in SQL
How to use django-urls-sugar and ssl middleware together?
How can I echo the User role using Kohana 2 Auth
install4j - How to set Compiler Variables programattically?
鈥淰alue cannot be null. Parameter name: path1鈥�error while instaling ASP.NET app
Need to rearrange HashMap key/value pairs
RewriteRule not working fine
MySQL FIFO fixed maximum size
Regex in python: is it possible to get the match, replacement, and final string?
Javascript - Using a slidebar to expand a div or table column
Android OpenGL Loading Screen
Avoid printbibliography being swallowed by Org-mode headings
Why won't Eclipse/adb detect my Samsung Galaxy Tab device on my Mac?
Automatic SBT WAR deploy
How do you get Smarty3 to work with Symfony2?
How to use images and php includes across multiple directories?
TickCount reset event?
SpriteVisualElement doesn't take mouse input
How to Call SPEEX Audio Decode/Encode in HTML5 / JavaScript (Without Flash)
NodeJS fs.open failing on existing file (not a path issue)
Make HTML table columns fixed width (and stretch to fit)
Print a List in OCaml
Calculating a Sum with C++
jQuery put into an array
MonkeyRunner: easy way to determine coordinates for MonkeyDevice touch command?
passing a method pointer as a template parameter: why can't I use an inherited method here?
$(document).ready() fires too early
XML loader not processing XML correctly
why does the *#uniqueID selector exist if the ID attribute is supposed to be unique?
When should i use assign in Objective c?
transfer information/variables from one page to another
onclick event bubbling order
Issues with my SelectionChange
fOpen with Parameters not working correctly
Google transliteration API in Java Swing project
backbone.js on tablet/mobile and debugging
Action for GPS status change
syntax error in UPDATE statement
How to run Ruby/Rails with Resque app in a JRuby/Tomcat deploymet with no JRuby installed and using only Java?
Is using void* instead of bool an advisable practice?
How do I test for a lookup list item, and add it if it is missing, in SharePoint 2007 via C#?
TFS SharePoint default collection site not accessible from public IP
Simple way of fetching the number of check ins and display them on website
How to plot a multicolored curve using a single plot command in matplotlib
Best way to keep dynamic database fields? [closed]
facebook check users permissions from application
Distribute matlab functions without source
PayPal Donation Button: Adding 'Amount' and 'Currency'
<script> tags aren't working in Wordpress
javax.servlet.ServletException: javax.servlet.jsp.JspTagException: Don't know how to iterate over supplied 鈥渋tems鈥�in <forEach>
How to pass date from Php date variable to javascript date variable
Many-to-many self relation with extra fields?
Writing a privileged helper tool with SMJobBless()
In Big-O notation for tree structures: Why do some sources refer to O(logN) and some to O(h)?
Every single Drop Down List throws 鈥淥bject reference not set to an instance of an object鈥�no matter what page they are on
Get total number of items in array
Help with my isotope.js filterable portfolio
Apache POI HSSF Streaming
How to loop a video through the youtube app
How to change the hidden property of labels in coreplot?
Trying to deserialize comma-separated value string using Json.NET - getting exception
Get OAuth Request token from Flickr using Dispatch?
Is there a reason most email clients do not display LDAP images?
activity not calling onDestroy() after finish()
How would I query a MySQL database, if given a huge list of data to try to find out the best suited results?
Java BufferedReader conversion loop hanging when reading from socket
problems inserting individual new events from a selected range of dates
How to get rid of specific warning messages in python while keeping all other warnings as normal?
Cannot use any variable as argument to .setHint()
function to count query results in zend
How do I best work around Flyway issue 156?
Mac OS X: How to rebuild menu dependences
Does Integer.parseInt(String) creates object?
Get property of extension method's first argument with a lambda? (x => x.please)
How would I implement a 鈥淜eep me logged in鈥�feature in Flask?
Check for IsPostBack in external Javascript file
How to return javascript content without enclosing script tags from view?
Tomcat verbiage: stop vs kill
How can I locate links involving PDF's on an html page and then append the front of the link with an absolute path?
Some Questions about 鈥淪ign in by 鈥︹� that the social sites offers [closed]
UL Alignment Issue in IE7
How to edit a attribute of all of the special html tags(like a)
In Unity, when are dependencies determined through reflection?
Android query multiple rows: bind or column index out of range
Confusion concerning NSClassFromString / Checking for Gesture Recognizer
Time difference in seconds
compress video files
Downside to storing objects in jsp application scope
TSQL error in .Net but not in SSMS
Split TraceSource to Multiple Levels of TraceListeners
Android custom list view row layout issue
IronPython and setuptools/ez_install
Setting Up Maven 3 properly
Please help me understand the following java code
Function to send XML via cURL
How to enable/disable a forms button without Using Ext.getCmp() in extjs4?
ios boolean var declaration
How do I pass loop data from one function to another in python?
Tab JavaScript for BootStrap 2.0 not working
Intermittent issue with Oracle package returning empty tables
Deleting drop down boxes from an Excel file using Interop.Excel
Adding code to a javascript function programatically
Why doesn't this regex work for c++ TR1?
Why is my Google App Engine run options missing in eclipse..?
face.com API , How to detect the face and then extract it?
Assigning 1 line of a txt file to a string via scanner
I think I need an linked list structure with keys. Any suggestions?
Howto Extjs Resizeable column
jQuery.getJSON with JSONP is returning the same data for different calls
NullPointer Exception with Cookie on Android 2.2 - works fine on 2.3 and above
Errors when I access 鈥渂lock鈥�page on drupal
Creating a list of all possible combinations
How to merge two arrays of JSON objects - removing duplicates and preserving order in Javascript/jQuery?
Duplicate id's on DOM - Need to get to iframe using native javascript
Collapsible sections in outlook 2007?
Using read without triggering a newline action on terminal
Magento: What directories and files can I safely delete?
Insights - No admin data found
YUI get element by id method not working for numeric starting ids
Where clause in Criteria API query
android keyboard push the screen up
Updating a PHP file being called from a cron
Tumblr OAuth using PHP's OAuth class
PHP: Empty 'p' tags returned when using DOMDocument->loadHTMLFile
Setup database before initialize the Activity when writing tests
How to get RGB values of QPixmap or QImage pixel - Qt, PyQt
Want to show legend just once for repeating charts in single page in ssrs
How to execute multiple tests in one method?
iOS - Stanford CS193P Fall 2011 course, Assignment 2 descriptionOfProgram issue
Notify when puppet wants to change something
Mousedown scroll function not working
Hash merging behavior
How to write a MySQL query that returns a temporary column containing flags for whether or not an item related to that row exists in another table
VBA Conditional concatenate of a group of cells in two columns
Gridview Linkbutton Code behind
Web.py todo list with login
Search for a newline Character C#.net
OpenGL: Lots of small VBO's okay or not?
what's the result difference between the two function?
Android Bitmap Stretching/Pinching
javascript OOP syntax, and object that is both a var and a function
How to unit or integration test use of injected messageSource for i18n in Grails 2.0 service
Can I use an XLL add-in with SpreadsheetGear
Weblogic : Even After supplying Custom HostName Verifier-鈥�Still Same SSL Issue
Is it possible to change an Azure queue message invisibility timeout without posting the data?
Ajax event within dataTable which is re-rendered by another ajax event does not execute
Is there a way to open a sql file in SQL Server Management Studio?
Android Home Shortcut loses flags after reboot
mysql datatype to store month and year only
Access Gmail Imap with OAuth 2.0 Access token
How can I drag an element into a dropdown list using jQuery UI sortable()?
Processing performance in android
arithmetic expression evalutes to zero when with parentesis
How to route subdomains to areas of MVC3?
Expression<Func<T, bool>> from a F# func
Setting onDragListener for my Map?
Long running thread + lifecycle
How to classify input datatypes using buffered reader and exception handling?
Is there a browser compatiblity issue with relative image paths in .css files?
Import to Excel from Access table based on two parameters
Xcode Error: 鈥淓XC_BAD_ACCESS鈥�
HTML5 Canvas ShadowBlur and Flip Horizontal
Make new line without using <br> in HTML
How can i resolve java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.hibernate.util.DTDEntityResolver when using Spring 3.1 with Hibernate 4.0.1?
Are there any advantages of genetic algorithms in comparison to more modern bee/ant colony and PSO algorithms? [closed]
WCF Windows authentication issue with REST service
Android ksoap complex request
OS X Lion, Attempting nokogiri install - libxml2 is missing
Pulling Tweets into a Spotify app
preg_replace function for database and web security
asp.net dropdown always no selected value on server side
Simple CSS3 animation makes scrolling choppy
What's the ideal method for populating a drop down list via AJAX (AJAJ?) in razor/jquery?
Virtual Template Function Overload
Is Perl unit-testing only for modules, not programs?
RewriteRule or 301 redirect
How to split the following string in java?
Rewrite rule for Apache not finding URL?
Event bubbling for event delegation
Radio button and textbox
SQL Select statement wont return char fields only numeric fields
How to access list permutations in prolog?
Exception handling in thread
How to Merge X PDF files using PDFBOX and Java + Encriptation. Resolved [closed]
Change cursor VB.NET
From a component-type Class, how do you get the array-of Class in Java? [duplicate]
Twiiter4J getDirectMessages() does not work anymore?
Open source Java Chess engine? [closed]
Facebook Like button showing RIGHT Title but WRONG Description and WRONG thumbnail (Wordpress)
Javascript download image one time set src of two image tags
how to pass a param to tag file (advanced way needed) in play framework
Parameter sent to SQL Server stored procedure not recognized
Bluetooth output with AVAudioSessionCategoryPlayAndRecord session category doesn't work
CarrierWave save NULL at file column
Yii: adding custom fields
Tomcat 7 is ignoring cookies?
vertical align headache
MySQL Invalid query: Too high level of nesting for select
how to avoid jquery content flashes when DOM is loading
Encode Xml in iso-8859-15 to Plain Text in Utf8 and then Decode Back
can I call static method to get constant in playframework?
Get-ADUser filter by property length
Network access in a windows phone 7 background agent
Snoop on Solaris 10 package - relocation error
Excel: replace part of cell's string value
Excel: replace part of cell's string value
Post Build conditional that checks for a string containing another string (instead of ==)
Loading table dynamically loses style rules
Trouble with Android frame animation and OutOfMemoryError
What are the implication of having multiple document.ready in a script
Wordpress - Custom Registration Form, Redirect After
Callback a function with previously unknown arguments in C and C++
Facebook Graph API parse JSON feed with PHP
How do I reference the detailViewController on an iPad that is using a splitViewController
Perl - Net::DNS to create PTR record
Reset/Forgot password functionality in MVC 2 with default asp.net membership provider
If statement in a sql query
Document and data when using a web reader
Is there any way to call JavaScript function from a perl script?
Set is not working with overridden equals
How can I update the contents of a CALayer while the main thread is blocked?
OnComplete Event insert input value - jQuery
how to access chrome net-internals from the chrome extension code
How to display an Integer Value in UITextField? because UIetxtfield takes only String as input. please help me. I am a new bee
How to correct file extension for thumbnail generation of movie with CarrierWave
How can I fire jQuery outside document.ready block?
Posting from a Form in Partial View - Why is it triggering the wrong controller action?
how to query database for date = today, except鈥�there is no year
Delete A Branch With Tags In It
Fancybox popup once per session
鈥淯nexpected T_STRING鈥�error in my PHP?
Unable to download files from SSL encrypted webpage in IE8+ - can't modify headers in ASP.NET
What to include in an upgrade MSI
Getting Django models instance field values after changing them
How can I decouple dependecies in my controller?
Padre under ActivePerl: not working?
Input by using gets function
Strange issue of getting IMEI Number of Device
Limit action to once a day
Why is my web service getting a 500 error after server move?
Monitor linux server and/or log files using the terminal [closed]
Django Test Client: How to remove http headers
Maven configuration causes error (Eclipse 3.7.1 and Maven 2.2.1)
What could cause Double Buffering to kill my app?
Javascript document.form.submit() not working [closed]
synchronizing access 2 variables in a loop in bash
Locking down a folder in apache to not allow php or any other server side code (html ONLY)
In Rails 3, can we restrict which domains receive emails from our staging server?
Stripped-down Magento as a framework?
Undefined property: View::$Js
CSS Div positioning in Table
Synchronization pattern
Image transitions in monotouch
Delete row from tableView
Force trim of query output values and add auto number
jQuery indexOf error for xdomain.js cross-domain link script
<img > is not working in JSP
Sum the counts with Lambda expressions
Programmatically enable/disable 51Degrees redirection per request
Get Transactions associated with a Recurring Payment Profile in Paypal
Why does a youtube icon show up on facebook? [closed]
What is the USB stack?
char string manipulation in C
phpcassa Schema
RadGrid MVC Column Formationg
How do I get whatever is after the underscore?
I can't run bundler, keep getting error
Cell Frequency Counter Excel 2007
java: Open folder on button click
named scope based on number of associated records
node.js: any way to export ALL functions in a file en masse (e.g., to enable unit testing), vs. one by one
How to move text to center of ListBox?
How to start debugger with FlashDevelop?
MVC3 jQuery cancel validation via addClass not working
How to integrate Jedi's help files with Delphi's IDE?
Why is triggerJob disabled in Quartz's JMX?
Php to mysql - data updating minute by minute [closed]
C++ Integer, Binary and Decimal classes
object in python
Are hgrc files inside a mercurial repo tracked by the repo itself?
Iterate over an array of characters in steps
Lift Rest's auto conversion is not working
SQL Case Statement with a Subselect
object variables in JavaScript
How to achieve this button-border effect with CSS? (image included)
App won't relaunch when monitoring CLLocationManager significant location changes- iPhone
add text to dojo chart (in this case scatter chart)
Continuous audio recording and analysis
Statistical Mode with postgres
How to share DLL with developers?
Getting an InputStream of Writer using standard Java library
How can I load large files (~150MB) in MATLAB?
Changing .cs file code but it is not really changing
Adding a KeyListener to JTable
Contour plot coloured by clustering of points matlab
recursing through WPF treeview itemscollection checking various casts for null
Determining content from StreamReader?
$(TeamBuildConstants) is blank for TFS builds
Binary Data Posting with curl
List only contains first two items
Need a custom registration plugin/script for Wordpress Multisite
lock-free skiplist with rank operation
CSS not loading for chrome in deployed app
Embedding a foursquare map into web site + feature with check-ins
Displaying the ID on the login form upon button press
Returning a Static Local Reference
XAML 2009 - x:Reference - Any downside to using this?
Is it possible to alter javascript with google closure compiler?
Re-using another page section
Logging in with Facebook doesn't work on Wordpress
How do I create squares of the size I want?
Efficient paging in Web Application
Android emulator : insert negative number?
characters are not what they appear
Facebook Like button likes whole page instead of post (wordpress)
Variable and test if fail
how to grow height with the amount of text in css?
running linux copy and rename command with java
Measuring time between keystrokes in python
How do I escape the following command in mac terminal?
Parsing XML in Web Workers
Making a dialog box appear at the end of an Android game
Can we input array in curl function and follow the result for each element?
Apache alias directive
Modern HTML/CSS/JS layout together with a Java backend
Update a textblock on windows phone during a tap
Android in-app products import from csv file
How to extend IntelliSense items?
FQL Result Issue
Getting buttonbackground image from dynamically added button
Break and rerun while loop c++ Windows
Postgresql socket error on OSX 10.7.3 when running Django's syncdb
Removing quotes in file helpers
TFS files not added to solution but can be seen in source control
How to ignore java filename?
Model and Link error Rails
Opening project in Visual Studio fails due to nuget.targets not found error
java getInputArguments() returns awkward results if system property value contains spaces
How to create a read only document in latex? [closed]
How to Sort 2 Element Tuple of Strings in Mixed Order Using key Parameter (Not cmp)
ViewController not loading subviews from nib in ARC project running on iOS 4.3?
Finding the minimum value of the maximum cluster?
Online judge system
fork() creates run-time error, am I using it correctly?
ADOMDCommand ExecuteCellSet vs ExecuteReader
Putting form controls in a navbar
jqGrid custom input element needs handle to parent table
how to call generic method with no parameters?
SVN Trunk, Branches, and Tags Folder Question
show/hide another combobox, with the help of combobox items
Jetty Classloading issue
MVC 3 tempdata container disadvantages
JSF lifecycle 鈥�selectonemenu
get only the value鈥ot what your grepping for
Dynamic JqGrid ColModel MVC3 (Razor)
How to store functions in an Object?
Debug BlackBerry App SSL Certificate Problems
Backbone.js create method not sending parameters to sinatra
How does DefaultControllerFactory Handle Content Requests
Browser won't prompt to save password
What's the proper way to exclude this group from my MySQL Query?
Node Version Manager (NVM) npm installing modules to common folder
How to save the mysqldump file on remote server
What's the best way to use HTTP Authentication in an Ajax Application that's not 100% AJAX
Select options disappear on mouseover in IE 8
OpenGL ES How to Correctly Combine Orthof and Frustrum
MS chart not working on windows server 2008
How can I change tint of selected segment index on viewDidLoad? (Based on a Tutorial)
Microsoft sql 2008 string formatting
basic jQuery function not responding
How do I write a sed script to grep information from a text file
external program not on run menu
Spinner has Grey Text, why? How can I change it to default text colour instead?
Is it possible to salvage messages from Weblogic JMS file store?
Any halfway decent jdbc wrappers for Scala?
Arduino Ethernet UDPSendReceive example disables all pin outputs?
How to export a csv file based on a SQL query programatically
Caching the entire response (HTML, js, json, ecc) only for non-logged in users
I want to just look at an old commit, not change my HEAD
How hello world app works in background in java
A cookie without a domain?
WifiManager's removeNetwork isn't' really removing wifi network
What are alternatives to window.addEvent('domready',function() for window.location.href?
Get changes between a commit and its parent with libgit2sharp
Twitter using C# and .net 2.0
Properly implementing runWithParams() in Yii
user clicks on save button on a pop up window refresh main window
MySQL Get non-processed SMSes
Is RTL languages rendering OS dependent in Flash (Actionscript2)?
Asset Management (CSS/Javascript) with lots of widgets?
Code First, MVC drop down Categories & Subcategories
Rails 3 params unwanted wrapping
Alter Excel Display with excel document
xslt internationalization with php
Unexpected output from bash script when ran as CGI in apache and not when ran via command line. How to reproduce the apache-only bug?
How to extract product names from a set of strings ? (php)
Static vector resize
How to send parameters in rails?
Having an action triggered by an event
Android application and video streaming
input forcus only working on 1/2 fields in firefox & chrome (not in IE)
how do you find the values in array A that their mods is array B
Update the database ios
express/jade get current user in view
Include guards in c++ for main method
Is it possible to change the icon in the Android market?
Firefox nested iframes and Flash video problems
Blackberry (java development) invoking calendar entry
Querulous on scala 2.9
How to use UIBezierPath with CoreAnimation?
Joining on another table to remove rows without specific records
Java programming language online tests [closed]
Using swift mailer to send personalize email
Using value of selection for form action
how to trigger form submission from within an asynchronous callback inside form.submit handler (jquery)
ERROR: Repository not found message given when following the instructions for Jekyll-Bootstrap
Simple RoR Drop-down box, passing values through as params
Subversion on OpenSuse
CSS Specificity - How does 鈥渋t鈥�decide which styles to apply?
MySQL - Change return value if Select statement returns nothing
PHP Regular Expression for State Abbreviations
A good multi-level partial view (user control) stucture
Disable render process in lithium
JSON, jQuery, $.getJSON: JSON Building Confusion
Disable Button at a Process
new cygwinshell in own window
Perl Prerequisites on Local Install
android device admin: notification on disable request?
Git: Recover failed commit's message
Use arraylist to fill a JTable in java [closed]
Using java based regular expression to query Oracle
PHP in_array not returning expected results
How to find a node in a tree with JavaScript
Echo Javascript Link
Hiding Twitter tokens in Perl
EJB 3.1 remote access
where have the shape drawing functions gone in DirectX10?
Copy All Files and Directories & Subdirectories in SAS
How do I add CSS rules to a document fragment across IE/FF?
Node no longer exists using if (isset) on an array in PHP
Why is my using statement not closing connection? [duplicate]
What media type should I use in Responsive Web Design?
Couple questions about android EditText and ListView and databases
iOS: Make layer opaque without fading text
Create Horizontal Line in Excel Chart with Macro
Rails controller needs to accept cross-domain post
Replace Every Instance of '-' from a file
How to debug two applications at the same time in xcode?
Refresh Ember.CollectionView on contentBinding reordering
How to link to Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube Apps from within another mobile app?
LosFormatter and data serialization
check if control exists
Sencha: How to break out of Ext.each
Why isn't my sprite aligned with b2Body?
SQl query to get date difference in select row
Mock methods not directly called in unit test with JMock
__setattr__ only for names not found in the object's attributes`?
Image loading and stream/file dependency
javascript: url in jquery html() in onmouseover in a href
Pre-compiled assets (manifest.yml) not being detected on heroku
User defined formulas in a MySQL database
Filter Mongo cursor fields to desired array index with PHP
DataTemplates in WPF
HTTP connection just before program exits in a DLL using Curl
Objective-C write array to .plist
How can I modify this code to allow my client socket program to send a string to the server?
Verifying IPv6 implementation
Is there a single MSBuild and TFSBuild variable that will point to where the binaries are?
TextView NullPointerException using setCompoundDrawablesWithIntrinsicBounds
parsing xml in java- multiple child elements
Rails - capistrano and chmod
Qt Creator, Symbian - how to package multiple aplications?
How to check if a database hostname:3306 is reachable with PHP
Generic method to open ports for SQL Server
Yii CGridView - Drag and Select Rows
How to center a jQuery popup title?
Tap, Pan for a map & fixed headers - event conflict
Multple buttons in CustomCell. Which button in which row is clicked?
Make your site compatible with IE - Where to start?
how to get windows phone 7 GPS timespan diff
BindingSource doesn't appear to contain Properties created in partial class
What is this type of URL (blog.website.com)?
Android: Show Dialog From Class
qqFileuploader multiple instances, only the last working
Bazaar: Automatic remote revision writing to remote branch on push
Xml-Based Report Generator
What happens when parent-child listen on the same port?
Registration plugin, accessing registration data
Fragment Activity with a NPE
Keep html file structure after modifying it with BeautifullSoup
Convert lwd unit to user coordinates (R base graphic)?
How can we make webforms in asp.net without using viewstate
How can I output null-terminated strings in Awk?
can someone explain this Image loader function involving callback
How to load test clent/server based redis,twisted and iPhone application
Best way to create 鈥渕ulti-language鈥�documentation, e.g. with examples of C# and Python, using Word
Cakephp auth session not working in chrome
Basic Javascript-only form button
What is the Default ActionBar Title Font Size?
bitParity - Finding odd number of bits in an integer
Appengine serve gzipped files
PL/SQl, oracle 9i, deleting duplicate rows using sql
WCF Concurrency mode as multiple not working in IIS 6.0
Tomcat --> Glassfish /lib directory
Tomcat --> Glassfish /lib directory
Getting started with osmdroid - failed to install?
Is it possible to use the search results of one search as the criteria for a new search in NetSuite
Facebook like button & events
fieldset does to follow its parent's height in Internet Exp
Boost Logging Lib samples can't link in release mode
CodeIgniter REST API Library Ajax PUT throwing 403 Forbidden
facebox in asp.net cannot postback
Groovy shell returning error on show and purge commands
Aspectj compile time weaving based transactions not working (JPA from a WebService call)
'While' based menu doesn't work
Merging multiple rows from a csv into a single row
Managed Object Context not saving to persistant store
How do I return words from strings using regular expressions?
How do I force an Activity to start from scratch?
Regex.Matches c# double quotes
Can you turn off the @ that prepends all properties return by the Domino Data Service in 8.5.3
left join on MS SQL 2008 R2
Simplify the if logic in precondition check
can we do validation or save entered field as full caps while saving the record
App packaging and deploy frameworkH
Make the image inside a div appear behind its div background
How do I convert a JSON structure to an object in Objective-C?
Camera in android emulator
Regex from javascript to java
Given a set of arbitrary points, how do I determine a geofence containing those points?
Nginx rewrite - only redirect to one domain
Implementing C++ equivalent of C# using statement
display tag total table decorator in jsp
Relation many-to-one retrieved from custom cache
Post on someones wall using Facebook API PHP
XMPP Query Group Chat (MUC) directory using search term
Installation of iPad App immediately followed by Update? [closed]
Where can I find the source code to org.apache.soap.rpc.Call
NewRelic - How to Ignore part of a web application
Why is my pong AI jittering so much?
Using multiple GPU's on a single Thrust function invocation
What is the best way to convert an integer with binary data to a series of boleans?
Draw a button as big as the movie clip
How do I create a SEO url for query string
page opens in new tab instead left frame
Why doesn't slideDown on error messages work with jQuery validation?
Can you SELECT everything, but 1 or 2 fields, without writer's cramp?
View could not be restored after clicking button that runs a JS function which clears the form
JaCoCo test coverage: How to exclude a class inside jar from report?
How to run a separate process as a domain user with a 'local system' service?
how to grab substring before a specified character jquery or javascript
Game audio libraries for several platforms
Facebook share does not close the window popup
jQuery how to find a non-adjacent sibling?
Links to Specific Times in YouTube iframe embed
Why doesn't the RegExp 鈥済reedy鈥�mode work?
Emulate drawing in UIAutomation
Using DISTINCT based on a single column in GROUP BY
entity framework with oracle inserting parent with child
What's going on with layout rendering on the Galaxy Nexus?
Quadtree traversal
How can I create a histogram from aggregated data in R?
MVC3 Deployed in IIS 7.5 - Keep getting CS1009: Unrecognised escape sequence error message
ShapeDrawable(from a PathShape) not drawing on correct coordinates
Finding filters that are used by the Rails controller
read bash environment variable
Code First EF 4.1 inheritance across multiple applications
How do I use LINQ to reduce a collection of strings to one delimited string?
I'm trying to parse an XML fragment with Linq to XML
ajax search says 鈥�no suggestions 鈥�all the time
www-data permissions?
The zoomScale property of UIScrollView isn't updated while zoom-bouncing
Stochastic sample using randsample?
Undefined reference in wbchar.h
Upload file to server with php mysql
Multiple Date in FileHelpers how?
Escape string before hashing?
How to connect to a wcf Service with Android [duplicate]
getting a redraw for a second <select>
ClassNotFoundException on class from jar that I can successfully load other classes from
JTable duplicate values in row
concatenating string in python
How to hide the WorkSpace Link on hudson/jenkins web page?
linq group by, order by
jQuery Attribute selector with a period
MYSQL: Pattern matching
How can a B-tree node be represented?
Linq Query to compare if collection contains list of string
CodeIgniter - Monthly Archives
Calculate the coord of the center of a circle knowing 2 points
Fill cin with content for the user to edit
empty vars when method is called from another class
JavaScript date.format is not a function
Sharing object between different object
How to use bullseye with Qt( MinGW )?
Which php.ini setting controls the permissions of the php_ini function? [duplicate]
mxmlc compiles without error but shows blank screen
Renaming django FileField files
Avoid hardcoded icon file paths in .resx file
Basic Memcache Questions in PHP
C++ Data File with extra empty line
Legitimate technique for avoiding file download blocker in IE (鈥淭o help protect your security鈥�?
Parsing date - Java
jquery easeOutBounce function missing in-spite of including jquery file
Yet another regex - how to identify a querystring
Redirect non-www to www with Node.js and Express
How i can use BuildMessage in a custom BuildActivity?
Suggestions for technology for web service with both web and mobile clients
Internet explorer going nuts
highlight html elements
Stop ringtone and audio in Android when listening audio
Basic I/o token query
Convert CVS Repository to SVN in Netbeans 6.9.1
checks on generic/template type
How can I run php on the command line?
vector::push_back and accessing values in Vector Pointer in C++
Why does my app require the full .NET 4 Framework?
providing source for an Image control
How do I give my app 鈥渁ssistive access privileges鈥�once 鈥淓nable Access for Assistive Devices鈥�has been checked?
How To Download Emails From Junk Folder Using POP3
Use NSString in another class
Issue using querulous 鈥渏ava.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/twitter/conversions/time鈥�
JQuery / Javascript Add 鈥渋d鈥�to a <div> where class=鈥渪鈥�
Does an Array variable point to itself?
jquery mobile: set width and height for desktop browser
Stop 鈥渄eveloper tools access needs to take control of another process for debugging to continue鈥�alert
How can I pull in data from other controllers/tables into one list?
Show newly-inserted SQL data on main form
Build a failsafe if sunspot-solr is not available
Why is a custom resolver needed here (AutoMapper)?
How to navigate through contentEditable Table using 鈥渢ab鈥�
Capturing the output of STDERR while piping STDOUT to a file
Show errors during decoding QRcode. Using ZXing Java library
Programatically sorting a data.frame()
Why this models return different sample
Read/write to file, bytes go missing, might be char overflow
radio button show divs on the based on its value
How to check how much data send to server with three20?
In what charset is 0xE1 an 鈥渁鈥�with an umlaut?
best practice for internationalizing white-labeled PHP code
Jboss Datasource configuration for MySQL - MysqlXADataSource element
Inheritance and accessing parent class in unbound method in python
Paint bordered text in a Canvas android
How to update an xml string into a database without changing from double quotes to single quotes?
Parsing attribute in XML with DOM parser
Lazy loading in node.js
hash containing an array to array of hashes in ruby
How to pass ViewModel to CodeActivity using WF4 with MVVM and WPF
running specific target in different ant scripts in different directories
Check maximum memory usage of Python program under Windows
jQuery .animate somehow not reacting (for a WP site) [closed]
not able to read post values
hardware accelerated webview slide-in animation flickering on ICS
Two vertical scrollbars in Firefox when using overflow-x:hidden
is there any single library for twitter sharing in ios4 and ios 5
Machine retains file exists/locks on client-side power outage
When is the file loaded into memory - for fread, fopen and fwrite calls?
Work Item Only View - View All Work Items
XSLT match a node where a child's child has an attribute with a value
Server set to en-GB in Regional settings but DateTime parsing as en-US
Strange behavior with isset() returning true for an Array Key that does NOT exist
Get a link in Joomla without an alias?
How to get notified when a user changes password or requests a password reset?
Order by Field in non-alphabetical order in SQL Server 2000
SimpleCov not covering inside def/methods
jQuery plugin function scope
Consume Webservice in VS2010 using x.509 authentication
Using a custom homepage URL in Magento
How to modify SOAP body in JBoss 6
Java netbeans project does not take effect of changes
MVVM binding with DataTable & DataView
iOS download sqlite database and replace existing one
EF4 using Linq How can i find the date difference in days
Ant: Convert class name to file path
Looking for ddos testing tools
How can I tell which workspace a directory is in?
reverse using of Thread.join() in java
Is there a way to make an image go full width and height?
paperclip and rails 3.1 NoMethodError and nil object
How to obtain inner tags value in XML?
Storing LINQ queries as variables/constants?
Comparing lists of integers and then ordering them based on similarity.
How to dequeue messages that were enqueued when app was offline (Oracle Advanced Queue)
XPathResultType definition error?
Django Haystack: filter query based on multiple items in a list.
Firefox 3.6 Anchor Link - Improper Functionality
How can I update an array value and put it into a mysql database using php?
Auto populate a text field based on another text field (jQuery)
PHP: spreadsheet summary with OpenTBS?
How do I update Facebook status from my own website?
Require help in Inserting records from one table to another table in Sql server 2005
R - pipe(鈥減bcopy鈥� columns not lining up with pasting
Carrierwave to upload image
Problems deserializing JSON data in VB.NET
Submitting array/list/seq via POST in play 1.2.4 with scala 0.9.1
Rails3 / Mongoid : many-to-many relation and delete operation
How to access the viewstate of a programmatically added UserControl during page init?
Automated testing shell scripts
iOS Property not found on object of type 'AppDelegate *'
Bingbot throwing Validation issues with Request in ASP.NET / IIS7
Configure the window of an NSWindowController before it appears on screen
Htaccess Remove part of URL
Provide an embed code of a section of a page for users to use
Provide an embed code of a section of a page for users to use
javascript multiple OR conditions in IF statement
Obtain column information of result set returned via a ref cursor parameter
Print NSError in try catch block
What is the terminology for what this method attempts?
CodeIgniter form validation valid_email not working
Is there a way to optimize this custom made function? [closed]
jQuery event handler not working properly?
AppHarbor build error when setting expiration header on Amazon S3 put request (request.AddHeader)
JSON in the Url - Right or Wrong
Removing Leading White Space from XML Doc
Time measure script in python
How to programmatically create an encrypted database that is Access 2007 compatible from the Access 2010 database engine?
putting a foreach inside foreach
Use of ia32-libs
Creating a repeating true/false List in scala
Access certain elements of a list
How to printf a variable length line in fixed length chunks?
Uploading very large android apps
Combined pagination between 2 models in CakePHP
How are C++ strings stored? [duplicate]
Tomcat dies suddenly
Cannot remove a validator and apply a new one using jQuery validation plugin
Transform tuple to 鈥渢riangular鈥�tuple
Spring Concordion and Sonar won't work : jar conflict?
Visual Studio 2010 dll create error
Combine Lambda Expressions
How to call an ASP.NET MVC 3 action using jQuery?
Python - How can you use a module's alias to import its submodules?
How to Fix this java code? [closed]
Page (Session) is too hard cached
Comparing posted dates in a Rails controller
Define ZendX_JQuery_Form_Element in a config file / ZF
4 point multitouch gestures in WP7 (silverlight)
Observing an asynchronous sequence with 'yield return'
Converting mysql column from INT to TIMESTAMP
how to rotate a bufferd-image in java?
file and formatting alternative libs for c
The characters in my HTML saved from DOMdocument become escaped
Issue with the identity of a COM+ application
Using sql, how do get rows with count for duplicates?
Communicating with a HTTP server
Incorrect syntax near '<'. The label 'xmlns' has already been declared. Label names must be unique within a query batch or stored procedure
Including a link in a facebook Post from the api
GTK+ Drop down menu to Toolbar Item
add asp.net pages to an asp classic website
Monotouch and WCF, memory usage
Controlling iTunes with ASP.NET running under IIS
python dictionary update in Monte Carlo algorithm
How can I run multiple tests for one controller load or Capypara page load in RSpec?
JQuery - Store BackgroundColor var, animate, then return to var
Connect to a deployed SQL Server Express database
Reverse Engineer a File Format
Access pixels in Grayscale bufferedImage and change the pixel value in java
Inline editor tinymce [closed]
Knockout foreach with ASP.NET MVC Razor Helper
Using NOW() in a select with Squeel
Get File Name Stored in SQL Server
Facebook 'Like' button not working
Mysql query LIKE search and using strings with symbols
Android SQLite Database: Creating db at runtime or using prepopulated db?
How to use SquishIt on Windows Azure
C++ is this a stack or heap allocation?
Pass local function as parameter to global function
How do I add a special CSS class to run only on IE for a div component?
What manages RAM?
Is it a good idea to build an app as a web app for easier multi-platform compatibility? [closed]
Visual diff software compatible with svn 1.7 for mac osx
Is this correct way to update Many to One relationship with Entity Framework (.NET 3.5)?
Android Content Providers - Is it possible to restrict the provider to a set of applications not written by me?
Preventing weird 'bump' with CSS borders
Joining Multiple Large Tables
Iterating through table cells using jquery
Clojure differences between Ref, Var, Agent, Atom, with examples
Application for playing media from a server
How many String objects will be created when using a plus sign?
How can I remove the zone from a DateTime value?
configure error: Could not link against boost_system
Static Initialization Order in C++
Unsetting Facebook Application Restrictions
Android : LicenseValidator(31668) Error contacting licensing server
behaviour of const_cast
How to extract face from an image?
How do I put a right accessory button onto the current location callout?
JQuery slideUp() Temporarily Shows Portion of Target Div in Wrong Area of Screen at Beginning of Animation
two tables not equal
Yesod wai-eventsource example. Package dependency issue?
download multiple pdf
Why are local variables accessed faster than global variables in lua?
Inheritance and casting: is this good java?
Socket.BeginAccept is not calling the inner async callback function
cakePHP random message in validation
Exception 鈥渁n item with the same key has already been added鈥�for Remoted Generic Component
Return raw string from REST service method
How to save core data with an xml parser
how to input commas into C++ numeric output [duplicate]
PHP validation booleans using filter_var
Content of divs inside a parent with 鈥渙verflow-x: scroll; white-space: nowrap鈥�overflowing out of their background
PrimeFaces 3.0 + Mojarra 2.1.6 javascript ajax package jsf.ajax.* not available - ViewExpiredException
Massive assigning to YII AR model
DHTML - Change text on page using input field
Firefox/Opera show HTML page Source instead Content?
How can I use <s:property> to access a map using OGNL
Unknown symbol when loading a kernel module but the symbol is exported in kernel
How to prevent others from using my facebook application?
CodeIgniter not submitting/validating
CQRS and Data Access Auditing
Add Restrictions to a join using CreateCriteria in nHibernate
How to handle custom Properties in AutoMapper
How to learn to handle HTTP requests of protected resources?
Can you make svg images display as backgrounds鈥�even in Internet Explorer?
ANTLRworks creating interpreter from grammar
Install SSL Certificate with BlackBerry App
jQuery, filtered list using links and a data selector
time in java and hibernate
onChange not functioning on update form
How to get USPS shipping rate in asp.net mvc
ExtJS loadMask: manage several loadMask in multi-ajax calls
How to launch Android native vide playback from WebView
Why do RNGCryptoServiceProvider values always end with equals signs?
How do I find groups of rows where all rows in each group have a specific column value
Creating a room for a dungeon gives wrong dimensions/no walls
onSearchRequested() isn't call when I show dialog?
Is this the equivalent of a copy constructor in Python?
Which Ruby memoize pattern does ActiveSupport::Memoizable refer to?
MVC3 Azure app with table storage
log4j: Standard way to prevent repetitive log messages?
multiple queries in iReport's Report Query Dialog Box
What C# tools exist for triggering, queueing, prioritizing dependent tasks
What is the point of accept() method in Visitor pattern?
Binding ribbon text box IsEnabled to checkbox IsChecked not working
iOS recieve data from bluetooth and then send information to a database on another server through wi-fi
Push a view on top of a SplitViewController on launch
Zend Framework and the location of the zend library
Simple REST service with WCF
objective C way to detect if the used device is an iPod
.htaccess: Modding the URL
Number of affected rows Zend DB (UPDATE)
How to hide my waiting screen when In app purchase UIAlertView is show?
Should I always pass aligned datatypes as pointers?
How to find number of characters in a file without traversing the contents
Returning directory of containing file
How to convert buffered image to image and vice-versa?
Strange Webconfig and Mysql Issue
Issuing In-App Facebook Credits Refund
How can I automatically deploy my app after a git push ( GitHub and node.js)?
Generate mousemove event with dispatchevent?
get list of countries from wp7
Web interface definition for TFS server?
No option for VsixContent in Build Action property for extension.vsixmanifest
No option for VsixContent in Build Action property for extension.vsixmanifest
Paint text in a Canvas in Android
Duplicate records conditionally in MySQL
How can I retain CDATA tags when storing query results in an Xml variable?
What's the difference between using require in node console and use script tag in html
How to Get Array.IndexOf<string>(string[], string) MethodInfo?
indexing numpy array neighbours efficiently
ListActivity using FileFilter
Oracle DB, Glassfish, Hibernate and character encoding
Mobile website form Validation
FQL Javascript: How can I pass in a graph result into an FQL query
Thread Safety of datatstructures, Where to add synchronization primitives?
how exactly does LEFT OUTER JOIN in relational algebra work when there is no common attribute?
What is the methodology for using SQL Native Client Transparent Client Redirect and mirroring?
Styling of combobox arrow button in synth
Haml: more elegant way to write tag + ruby-expression + string
Lua Newbie stuck on simple input
NSMenuItem's title isn't updating through a bind
displaying date time on xaxis in R
YAJSW error with public static class
Error while executing SSIS package on specific environment : Connection manager - The specified module could not be found
How to push to a remote SVN repository 鈥�that I am tracking
Changing position of Android Action Bar
Is there a way for phpDoc to document an array of objects as a parameter?
How do you declare an object array in Java? [duplicate]
Javascript component does not work in IE9
How to simultaneously play different videos on different monitors in a multi-monitor setup?
How to override or create custom behavior for brackets 鈥淸]鈥�in c#? [duplicate]
Is it better to declare a variable inside the loop or outside the loop? [duplicate]
Very simple code, but got error 鈥淎ctivity has been destroyed鈥�when use Fragment
Update oldID for the records recursively
ASP.NET and ASP NET MVC applications integration
Can I XCOPY Deploy a Windows Service?
Efficient and scalable way to sort large amount of strings in Java
Autofac omit RegisterType when using Resolve?
WCF concurrency model confusion
Able to Update New Data in One Column But Not Able to Store Old Data in Another
How to get instruction information from libopcodes?
dynamic page title - after json render
How can I catch corrupt JPEGs when loading an image with imread() in OpenCV?
mysql: two tables but three select criteria
how to sort a file according to another file?
Asynchronus chunking in AS3?
How to know when AVPlayer uses the audio only bit-rate?
Little detail about using operator 鈥渙r鈥�
C# login message warning
ASP.net doesn't populate action=鈥溾� of the server form when released
Function won't allow comparison of single chars in String - C++
MySQL/PHP: how to distinguish between multiple users in a database?
Is there a way to reduce the spacing between the Action Item Icons on Action Bar?
build an array multidimensional from query results
Understanding URL mapping using DispatcherServlet using alwaysUseFullPath property
HttpConnection mantaining Session
Is it possible to constrain arguments NOT to be delegates?
Play Sound Using Javascript with UpdatePanel
Blackberry UI Hint Box
Numeric TextBox - using Double.TryParse
Why w3c validator says there was an error in this code ?
Java emulation of a vt220 terminal for screen scraping
Jquery simple if statement confusion
MySQL Under High Load, Race Condition?
Increase space between axis.title and axis.text in ggplot2 (version >= 0.9.0)
How to integrate radiobuttons in Tabhost?
What were Node.js isolates? And why are they now dead?
Android Application launch process
Regex match for character not in quotes or escaped quotes
Python Regex: having trouble with # of occurrance
Disabling checkbox when a select menu has values
$_GET and $_POST variables do not exist when using lighttpd web server
D2 unit-testing fixtures
extract data from gb file using biopython
Rails Bundler gems install
cannot access subreport inside build and clean jar file
Android Https error Not trusted server certificate
OpenMP run threads but continue main
Information needed to discern between versions of Windows
Is it possible to start Mule3 embedded without spring dependency?
Process.Start() throws 鈥淐ould not determine which .NET to use!鈥�
Issue with my right outer join in MYSQL
Issues with submitting form with AJAX in Grails 2.0
ruby rails caching
trying to stop scrolling nav bar
Disable Android home button after inflating menu
Regex for # and text between # and trailing whitespace
Constraining jquery mousemove events to the Y
Rails model failing test assertion
OpenCV with Xcode 4.0.2 [closed]
Highcharts, pass Data from json on Column Click
Eclipce deleted my keystore [duplicate]
Accessing Clustered MSMQ with an application
Multiple Column Search in MySQL with JSON [duplicate]
Accessibility label in UIAutomation
handheld with windows embedded 7
Accessing a member of a Class where the thread is created
App was closed but music keeps playing
android socket server-side connection close
Fire an event after .css() is invoked (saving current style)?
Webkit background clip for links with underline
Html.Actionlink show wrong controller name when using with jquery tabs
Android Lights out mode not working
Html.Actionlink show wrong controller name when using with jquery tabs
Android Lights out mode not working
javascript Race condition issue
Javascript that randomly chooses x of y divs to display in a random order [closed]
Jquery dynamically resize div based on height of another div
Horizontal Image Scrolling
prevent Shared session with multiple browser windows
How to setup Tomcat server in Netbeans?
Eclipse CDT C++11/C++0x support
Copying files in SAS
Basic java - passing values to an object array
Is It Possible to Create CSV File with Multiple Tabs in Command Prompt? [closed]
How to know that Process has crashed
Building LINQ queries
libstdc++ init with mingw
doc for __getattr__ defined attributes
What causes SAXException2: Instance of 鈥渃om.foo.Bar鈥�is substituting 鈥渏ava.lang.Object鈥� but 鈥渃om.foo.Bar鈥�is bound to an anonymous type
How can i change the mouse pointer , when mouse over text with QStyledItemDelegate
Default Pages for new Spaces in Confluence
WCF oddity with simple example
How do I use a Nagios Perl Plugin?
RoutedUICommand vs. ICommand in ViewModel & using InputBinding