Opening a new form, and closing the form that called it
SQLAlchemy trying to access a table in the wrong database
iphone push notification not work
Java - Better idiom for my control flow
what gets typecasted when 2 classes are casted? is it the object?
Moving to a sub-array in PHP, based on a value
passing data with intents
PlayN : Connect ImageLayer with Physics Bodie
unique enum name token determined during class initialization
Test ALL rows exists
Extend EF Entity retrieval methods
Why google asks MD5 instead of SHA1?
Calling 'self' within super class in Objective-C
Android ViewPager show soft keyboard in the wrong place
Remove elements that appear more often than once from numpy array
Allowing XSS on IIS 7
Splitting a Django project
Find out which ASP.NET control fired my JavaScript event?
Image Description
Web-service invoke timeout issue
Munin, apache and how to password protect munin
Returning Numbers From Text File - BASH
android listview with checkboxes , without list activity
operate on object with private member function in javascript
Getting parents subvalue from xml
Call a member function from an activity, without starting that activity
Are socket file descriptors > FD_SETSIZE valid on OS X?
How to deal with ^C in JVM console applications?
Android making base activity class
How to store console output for each while loop step in one text file using Ruby $stdout?
Entity Framework data compression
How to Implement this Sql block contain (Having , Join and Group By) with Linq
How do i take the backup of my Drupal 6 database and import it in to Drupal 7.12?
How to get svn remote respository url?
Resolving Windows 7 special Paths
How can I create a union of NSOrderedSets?
What is a proper way to initialize data store for static data in Google App Engine?
Removing the black bar on top and bottom of html5 videos in Chrome and Safari browsers
remove extra lines in crystal report in detail section
Automatic Validation in Excel
Applicationbar without three dots using windows phone [closed]
Algorithm: Buffer effect on lines/other geometric shapes
Getting Authentication error (SE2000) on directory request. iDEAL payment gateway
MS Visual Web Developer 2010 Express
boost asio - memory management for socket class
Wicket 鈥渘ullable鈥�component view
Sql Server 2008 Shredding XML
Try Catch in .net
Are there any native iOS solutions for communication with SOAP web service?
How to convert a loop from perl to powershell?
Cakephp Call to Undefined Method Set::numeric()
How to dyamically select text from EditText onclicklistener?
Having Foreign Key relations between two different columns in two different databases
Scala trait and its methods鈥�parametrization
Temporary variables in Excel formulas
Java read file with whitespace in its path
How to load external XAML ResourceDictionary
Calculate an age from a DateTime in Years.Months format?
MPI blocking receive semantics
Animations not working correctly when movieclip is shifted to next keyframe as3
How do you define where your app.config file is to read it?
How to convert invalid characters in strings before importing them in a XML node?
remove white block of text
android read from assets
White space in place of a hidden tab bar
Why multicast messages with same source ip address get ignored
SSL Support in .net 2.0
to what extent can a developer control what is in the cache? [closed]
How to correctly send binary data over HTTPS POST?
How do you organize your sharepoint developments?
ASP.NET MVC3 client side state management
I need to get some value from external web with php
Flex 4: Dropdown lists are unresponsive of PC, but fine on Mac
OpenGraph-App, app install before first app call
Tbcd support in OSS Nokalva
MySQL SQL script not working
how to use joins in Zend_Paginator_Adapter_DbSelect()
Symfony2 custom form
Character comparison in jstl
Implementing MATLAB like graphical editor in Java
how do I display more posts with paging in wordpress site?
How to set image of navigation item (like send button) in MFMailComposer Controller
Sqlite3 database Table cannot open in XCode 4.2
SeekBar Explanation
Joomla, registration pages requires login
Dynamically Added ListView only displays 1 item
Dream weaver not allwoing .class files to open
Context switches on iOS using 鈥減erformSelectorOnMainThread鈥�
Is it possible to have classic dynamically load subtypes of declared webcontrols
How to highligh a selected item passed by parameter in a ListPicker ??
Run a service with Root privileges or adding permissions with root
Splitting strings with Java [duplicate]
Strange Behaviour Using Delegates and Lambdas
Finding all matches with matchtemplate opencv opencvsharp
how to execute 7zip commands from python script
How to create an editable component which looks like a TextArea?
It is possible to embed a MapActivity into another Activity without using Fragments?
how to override onresume for google maps
JSP mod operator not working
jqGrid in IE 7-8 creates grey area on top of content not over it when editing/adding
how to use row-editor plugin for treeGrid
Linux library for segmented download
Getting compressed buffer in memory in libxml2
how i can set a listener on a carrousel with data from value/array.xml?
How do I style Monotouch Dialog Section?
Put a transparent NSWindow permanently on top of another NSWindow
How does countersign in code signing work?
Eclipse plugin install error
UIImageView.Image to mail attachment with MonoTouch
jQuery-ui-map not displayed when navigating from other html file
Java serialize double
Reading an ASP.NET session variable is super slow (30 seconds)!
Creating a new Bitmap starting from an old one?
zen cart tutorial for develping themes
Insert datetime with min mysql value in table with Entity Framework
Is there a WPF equivalent for ToolStripButton?
BroadcastReceiver with multiple filters or multiple BroadcastReceivers?
Any way to make table view section title line fixed
How to backup relevant files?
JQuery Cookies Creation鈥heck if cookie already has a value
Websphere wsadmin read csv
Inserting instances of array into table using a for loop
How should ArrayOfint look for a webservice using NuSOAP?
Set tooltip for an editor
Converting (x,y,z) coord to single index that minimizes 鈥渄istance鈥�of elements to neighbors
What can be causing this Firebug error?
What can be causing this Firebug error?
Error 503 with WCF service
Detecting vandalism in SQL Server [closed]
packing tree-like structures into a cookie
Make a JNLP Web-Start applet resizable
dynamic path for file upload in jsp/servlet
Simple regex in python
How to create NSTextField programmatically?
Is there anyway to find out where javaws is located on a system
Why this code works in interactive but fails when compiled?
dead code android setMultiChoiceItems
View entire activities of an user in github [closed]
鈥淐ontent decoding has failed鈥�error when download files using GZIP compression
How to backup database with the data from .frm file
Finding all possible common substrings from a file consisting of strings using c++
redcar conflict netbeans
Solaris shell scripting
Count words in column with SQL
Understanding the instruments
CSS Stylesheet not Working
auto start stop remote tomcat before redeploying war by jenkins (deploy plugin)
How to know the status of soft key board on android layout
How to disable SSLv2 socket protocol in axis
how to access the styles from CSS
Office 2003 Add In using VSTO 2005 SE and C# in Visual Studio 2005 Profesional, Win XP
InetAddress.getLocalHost().getHostAddress() returns in Android
Read UAC privilege of Windows 7 from python
Log4j separate logs
knockout syntax error
POCO entity without some fields (Free modeling of the entities)
Communication between two Android app on two different phones
Retrieve color information from images
Position a hidden box into a focused input with jquery
Rails: upload cvs file to process it as a hash
How to check if a specific row with certain values has been inserted in the Database
Difference between return and returnIO in OO Haskell
jquery ui dialog (with input) dont destroy
How best to upload data to a database table and prevent duplicate entries?
how to pass change the toggle button through indexpath of tableview in iphone
Correctly removing Box2D fixtures and updating b2Body
titanium mobile sdk not found error
JQuery auto complete with utf8
File upload on server
How can I cap the download speed of XHR2 in javascript
Avoiding Memcache 1M limit of values
Good library for Digital watermarking
How to load a url in webview, phonegap for iphone is automatically loading www/index.html
Oracle ROWNUM performance
JqGrid getCol() sum when custom format
Sort Array by Popularity and Time in Ruby
GridLayout pushes down its children and overflow when given fill_parent for height
XML File not Neat
Update Table having Distinct col1, Min(Col2) and Col3 on the basis of Col3
How to check if the ArrayList is null OR not using c:if in JSTL?
Is it possible to have additional fields in jqgrid form?
Tracing a C blocking system call
How to initialize array elements before using it?
My own class and context from widget
Jquery - Expanding an item's parent container when child link receives focus
class wildcards in CSS Parse Error 'div.*{'
making Func<> delegates persistable in windows phone 7
Delphi XE2 DataSnap - Streaming JPEG Files via TStream From Server To Client
NPOI 1.2.4 ignores IComment.Visible value
What does the selector syntax mean in $( 鈥�lt;div/>鈥�).text( message )
Exception on Response.End();
Android Design - GLsurfaceview render class triggering new activity
How to generate data to be used to calculate shortest distance
UIScrollView and sliding images
Netty eclipse 鈥渘o mandatory external dependencies鈥� import errors
Deleting record from a datatable
Routing for country , province , city , product in Zend Framework
Change $_GET string on a form with multiple select
How to center the report title in RDLC file
How can I zoom at particular area of the UIImageView, where user double tap? [closed]
Android opengl 1.1 Render to Texture 1286 error (Invalid framebuffer operation)
Select check box from check box list xsl umbraco
document.getElementById().focus() returning undefined
postgresql php connection limit exceeded for non-superusers
In App Engine Queues, what happens to existing tasks when queue.yaml changes?
Maven disable workspace resolution in POM
Hibernate how to add restriction for filtering result by Integer id column
can i autorefresh my div using the php code i already have
webBrowser setAttribute
RSpec + jasmine-node
Facebook Page Tab - IFrame
std::shared_ptr thread safety explained
Getting Invalid JSON error when string returned back to JSONP Jquery Call
Link Does not open in webview?
Jquery Div Element Hide
How do you include hashtags within Twitter share link text?
Spring dependency injection to other instance
Munin server with apache - You don't have permission to access /munin on this server
Sencha Touch/ExtJS: how do i dynamically define a model?
Auto update svn using post-commit hook
How to debug an Android program on a real device using Eclipse?
How to insert Video by Web into UITABBAR IOS 5.0
Instantiating a generic type with an overloaded constructor
What does ,,= do?[duplicate]
What is the maximum file size which i can upload to azure blob uploadfile method
How to check unicode string to be letters, spaces and dashes only
Error while inserting perl variable in the mysql table on html page
using match to get data from a closed worksheet
Setting two scalar variables in one SELECT statement?
Showing divs in th on the same line
Display template not used for interface
Stack Overflow in C function call - MS Visual C++ 2010 Express
Installing WSF on ubuntu linux issue
How to upload documents with new python-gdata (2.0.16)?
Calling Webservice by NSURLConnection issues, Not called everytime?
What's best path to get data from table in hibernate s per performance issue?
capybara rspec matcher equivalent of response.should have_selector 鈥渇orm鈥� :action => some_path
Parsing html data in params for xml response using CDATA
reduce SOLR query time for queries executing right after indexing
VS 2010 XAML debugging got stuck on breakpoint
Redis sorted sets and best way to store uids
How to use inner template of Em.ContainerView as child's template
Struts Interceptor workflow
javascript keydown and getElementById value issue
Android mail without intents using Android Mail API
Deserializing SOAP-response with empty or invalid date element
AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'newperson'
Xcode: can't see compile errors in my static library
php trim(), work poorly
how could two different View Controllers Communicate with each other
PDO using PDO::FETCH_PROPS_LATE and __construct() call?
clang failed with exit code 1
How to delete duplicate rows from SQL Server? [closed]
How to send HTML Mail in Android
Android View and Sensors
ios using itunes to upload an image to app
jQuery - Replace spaces within all Option Names
Remote Desktop Connection: Start program on connection
Creating an android appwidget ListView for SDK 8?
UDTF returning a Table on DB2 V5R4 with Dynamic SQL
Open, Closed, Bound and Unbound Generic types
converting 脽.cfg to upper case using toUpperCase() in java
different Data Sheet View and Standard View
Filling the Customers Shopping Cart in Magento via Web Service (using C++)
How to get previous and current row value using recursive CTE?
Syncing related tables with sync framework
C# - Get where a 301 URl redirects to
Preventing users to upload BMP, TIFF etc. images to ImageField in Plone
Passing a variable from an codebehind to an xsl
MinGW/Eclipse ld.exe does not find libraries
MXMLC compiling multiple SWFS with SWC dependancies
PerformDataBinding not firing in DataBoundControlAdapter for ListBox
where do I put this code so that it appears in the alert
Function to find not only the minium value of a sequence, but also its index in F#
how to transfer extra data from one fragment to another through activity
Jquery easing doesnt work on font size?
How to release all CLLocationManager instances when i click on logout button in my app?
reset jquery slider
Jquery loop throughout ul finding distinct attr('tax')
Check whether a URL contains any parameter or not using a regular expression
Hidden inputs in formtastic
Objective C: Converting string to nsdate issue
Upgrade Magento to [closed]
Wordpress wpdb insert & typecasting seems totally off
settimeout() function is not working in ie 6,7,8
Trying to create simple C program to edit 1 line in a text file
mini session factory and realsession factory
Change Theme Colour in Android App
I can't build multiple Configuration(s) of a project at the same time in Visual Studio but I can with MSBuild
Operators precedence in C Programming
Multiple jQuery-Effects parallel at same time
a component for having layered characteristic in java app?
Table-valued parameter, SQL Server 2008
Access the Visual Studio 鈥淔ind all references鈥�API
Setting my own cookies in wordpress
listview of android contacts
spring batch: How to set up a job repository for every job
Functionality of Documents status in Galaxy flow
How to select the right paper size when printing a JPEG?
Implementation of the MPEG-4 standard Part 16 (Animation Framework Extension)
How to parse .net DateTime received as json string into java's Date object
How manage camera shutter speed and aperture in Android?
parsing json giving error
Adding in Custom Values to jQuery Plugin: Tablesorter 2.0
jquery validate remote call
jQuery-ui issue: .slider(鈥渧alue鈥� is returning the slider itself instead of the slider's value
Rails / Javascript / jQuery calendar suggestions?
javascript to calcuate total price?
INSERT, ADD, DELETE actions in GridView control with AccessDataSource
How to perform a real time search and filter on a HTML table
Get new prototypes in singleton factory
Scala - what is the right way to organize singleton objects hierarchy?
How to show names over the image as in the Facebook android app?
SlickGrid DataView filter function behaving abnormally
capture the wrong id for the checkbox [struts 1.3.8 Always capture the first ID]
Count total on couple of conditions
handwritten digit dataset with already extracted features
positioning of textblocks and images
PG 8.3, Disk Full, server fails to start
How can I cast a collection with generic type?
how can I remove orders and returns at the footer links
Android Gallery change single image on slide
Java decrease memory usage
Loading an array from .txt file
How to create Major and Minor gridlines with different Linestyles in Python
Attaching events to dynamically-generated HTML?
How do I change the hover color to red for Cufon fonts on menu?
jquery accordion slide-up and slide-down menu not works
How to remove target specified error in iphone
Error while using Cfchart
Caluclate the distance between two locations in jsp
Delegate issue
c#/linq data grouping
C# Removing the whole string apart from the end
Android - How to pause threads during another activity?
accessing html parsed data in python using lists
$PATH not being saved after I leave terminal
php exec command not working
How do I implemet release method?
What is meant by cloud readiness of mongodb
How do I start an interactive c shell via ssh with one command/alias/script
Multiple views in a window
Logout script doesn't work when redirection is set
Loop over all items in any-dimensional array in VBScript
JSONP Request and Auth Component in CakePHP 1.3
Convert Polyhedra and Polygons to voxels in Python
Calling webService using json gives error in Titanium but calling webService from terminal using curl works fine
Mixing RTL and LTR (Hebrew and English)
Qt. Is it possible to use local variable in connect SLOT()?
Python sum of function output values
How to add SQL Server database file (.mdf) in Visual Studio without installing SQL Server Express Edition?
Call calendar using intent
soap parameter not defined in wsdl
CUDA: atomic operation on shared memory
Weird datatype in datetime sharepoint-field
Animated decrease of a UILabel's width doesn't get displayed
ASP.NET JQuery Filter Listbox from Textbox value (Case sensitive issue)
Enable Windows 7 Soft Keyboard only for Logon Screen
How to bring up the Wi-Fi additional authentication Safari screen in my app?
How to filter files in directory in linux
Filling a var from a callback result?
Runnable JavaCV Project
From which URL I can get com.androidplot.ui.latyou library package to plot graph?
How to order by a column (which match a criteria) in SQL?
Need help regarding RSS Feed and wordpress
How can you choose the network interface via which UDP broadcast packet is sent
Allow open access to the home page of CakePhp with nonstatic elements
how to watch std::wstring var in Visual Studio 6.0 debugger
Get entity name from class object
Flex data grid: Check whether item renderer displays last row in grid
Count (*) not working with where clause
Pointer cursor of buttons in confirm box
Linux Shell Scripting
can anyone illustrate the return of 鈥渙nOptionsItemSelected鈥�
C++ program receiving HOST_E_CLRNOTAVAILABLE when calling a C# interface
Is there any case where we have to set variables to null in C# when disposing them?
Crash on touching two uitextview at a time
How to strech a link over the whole cell?
What approach should be for open voting system
How can I stop people accessing a plone server via webdav?
Static unmanaged dll C# wrapper and multithreading, multidomains
Objective-C (copy) property: copy for setters or for getters?
Maximum Number of times we can query an oracle database [closed]
Handling wrong address in mapview
Math (geometry): Rectangle projection?
Why are System.Windows.Forms.Control not marked as serializable?
PHPUnit - test for expected headers
richfaces popupPanel : clicking twice on commandButton
Javascript to resize a browser windows when it has dimension x or y
Changing Look & Fell of Liferay Portal Project
Copy struct to struct in C
How can I show asterisks instead of characters when a textbox reaches maximum length?
Inbox type UI control in BlackBerry 5.0
Liferay : Please enter a valid XML URL
Reading root element from XML using C# and LINQ
Get Parameter from a URL posted in a WEBVIEW in android
JsonUtils Exception with JavaScript Overlay Type List in GWT
Using WinMerge as ClearCase diff viewer for xml files
Switch between split views in Kdevelop
Hash Table: Why deletion is difficult in open addressing scheme
ksh + irregular ksh syntax to support float numbers
control with image, title and hyperlinks like in VS
Objective-C immutable object copyWithZone: ARC-compatible realization
Zend GetText and .mo .po files
Exception running lein interactive
cakephp lost session variable when redirect
Get Row Count in SSRS Report Builder
Azure Worker: Read a message from the Azure queue in a mutex way
Decrypting the AES password in C#, which is encrptyed in Python
factory pattern - avoid type specific condition
how to get the data and update to UI when new record available in SqliteDB?
Create a 301 redirect in .htaccess for folder to subdomain AND redirect www to non-www
Why does Mongoose have both schemas and models?
c++ function: pass non const argument to const reference parameter
Why do I need a recompiled page when a method used by it changes?
Test a method returning a PageReference in Salesforce
Plot a disc in Matlab, color varying with angle
iphone download indicator not displaying
Run All the Tests
find SQL Server Tools installation path in 64-bit and 32-bit systems
.load loading content in a box inside the div, rather than just filling the div
Why does var infer type object and not XmlNode in XmlNodeList loop?
What are these characters for within PHPBB tags?
How to compile .rb files in my google appengine project
How to tell PyCUDA to reuse the memory from an earlier kernel?
Hide commands in Python's cmd module
SecurityException with Android
XML variables and double for-each
Zend passing server url / parameter to javascript file
how playframework trigger a logined user logout when the user's flag is set to disabled
Html.DisplayFor and Html.EditorFor displays different values
jquery dynamic pagination
How to inform user about the result of a GET/POST request on iphone?
tastypie posting and full example
Sharepoint Library site detection
ASP.NET AJAX Controls in MVC3?
WebGL is only rendering/loading certain PNG files
Integrate with LDAP in Azure
Focus on Textarea with Zend Form
How to perform a segue in FBSessionDelegate Method?
Clear session on browser exit for php
Android application for deleting data
Remove the spaces from a string
Salesforce OAuth Access_Token null?
Copy part of a class
ruby hashes with files list from a directory of mp3
iOS Application with images [closed]
ANdroid Gradient effect in Text using custom class GradientTextView
How to pass data between wordpress pages
The simplest Java SQL provider?
(9600 N,8,1)--> Serial Port --> Network --> Serial Port -->(9600 N81)
How to write a functional test for Symfony2 email sent with SwitfMailer
NSMutableArray as instance variable alway null
Exclude selectors from a parent div
SendKey Enter into Browser Control WinForm .Net
Can I limit what classes can instantiate another class? [duplicate]
How to set transaction isolation level using ActiveRecord connection? [recommend a gem]
Regular Expression with wordpress shortcodes
unhandled exit from jquery mobile app while navigating back from an plain html a dynamic page created in jquery mobile
How to make sure certain elements not get into arrays in Ruby
JavaScript Library for mobile animations?
Include a TextView and override the text
Best Code Practice Validation - C [closed]
QMAKE *.pro-file: enable debugging info in release mode
Draw color on country (Mapkit) when it is selected
MySQL unable to connect through NamedPipe with Java
How to hide background image on textview
Login/Logout with UITabBarController?
How to handle HTML entity nbsp in XSLT. Without changing the input file
How to @Inject a third party class in JavaEE
fatal error: string: No such file or directory compilation terminated
Storing webforms data within PHP pages
How to get idle Time of Socket connection?
Jquery upload function doesn't work for multiple images on 1 page
Unable to zip multiple files using Java
Managing security on UDP socket
Jquery upload function doesn't work for multiple images on 1 page
Unable to zip multiple files using Java
Managing security on UDP socket
What's the best way to create a text-and-image link in ASP.NET MVC?
add to basket with jquery
Out of Office Agent Lotus Domino
Passing SQL query result as Parameter for sending Email using Perl
How to find the geoip location for all users in Nodejs
Authorize Attribute and modal dialog
How can i create a class without an option to create its object in php [closed]
TFS 2010 how to limit number of changesets
Apple Push Notification Service with Python
DependencyProperty getter/setter not being called
Project's referenced DLL's path changes 鈥渂y magic鈥�when DLL is deleted
playframework seleniums intellij idea intelli sense support
mysql table alias and table real name in the same query
How to display table row number in the alert
Problems when calling strings from other methods
use php to get value of jquery div
jQuery: autosubmit on enter vs. browser autocomplete
Multiple IsSelected in collections in ListView [duplicate]
Disable TeX interpreted messages in waitbar
How to make a NSMutableURLRequest header which is not key-value format
How to save images using sqlite Database in windows phone 7?
Difference between Events and Methods
Is it possible to DRY this migration up?
Gitlabhq - unable to push to new repository
storing e-signature from PDF in SQL database
How to add a custom annotation to Spring MVC?
Reading files in PIG where delemeter comes in data
how do we schedule a class to run every 15 mins in salesforce
Custom number format
Different first row for a UITableView
Incorrect version number apk
Cloning an element multiple times
jquery plugin of wysiwyg editor for adding youtube/vomio video links
List available fonts in linux [closed]
How to dynamically generate Business Connectivity Services
Hibernate EntityManager does not assign auto generated primary key value
Hints for a web designer learning RoR? [closed]
DirectX Game Screenshots [closed]
Same server, both SSL and non-SSL
else if statement efficiency in variable allocation
Logo nudged down from the top of the page. Not sure why
Delete rows with blank values in one particular column
How to simultaneously remove top and right axes and plot ticks facing outwards?
How to count lines of code (LOC) using IntelliJ IDEA?
How to reboot or reload iPhone app programmatically in iOS
ejabberd http-bind prevents running parallel sessions with different resources
Page not changing in jquery mobile
how to create density map using googlemaps api
Variation of strategy pattern
Shell Script to remove duplicate entries from file
iphone like annotation on android map
Retrieve date saved as string
transfer file from Mac/Pc to ios app documents without itunes
how to update value inside the while loop in php
Document duck types with multiple methods in YARD
emptyText is submitted with the form
Implement No Cache using Spring Security
sql/mysql subtract a set of keywords from results
Creating thumbanails from images 10-20 parallel at the same time with PHP
Change IN with JOIN to work around limit of 1000
Xcode has started making archives, not apps. How do I change it back?
How to change deprecated iconv to String#encode for invalid UTF8 correction
xml schema issues
How to make Android GridLayout compatible to older version?
Keep footer with variable height on bottom
Script manager is unable to open aspx page in new window in c#
SlickGrid cannot delete added rows, but only existing ones. What am I doing wrong?
how to make admob work with android version <=3.2?
addition between classes using radd method
qdockwidget title bar font color
Run web service API on same or separate servers? [closed]
Using AppleScript to Add Files, Frameworks and Libs to XCode 4
To get tthe category url by using the category name
Use Android application as http proxy
Japanese culture in C# application in English OS
Reading xml node attributes in their escaped forms in python
Adding scripts to *.cshtml using Url.Content
When does the zero-fill operation take place for an array in C#?
Checking for specify words in a grid view in vb
iPhone Animation of UIImageView for any angle?
Line number printing for log4j for JSP pages
Javascript execution tracking in Chrome - how?
How to remove an element and replace with another in array?
AJAX call to internal server works in IE but not in other browsers
$_SESSION for users on forums or stackoverflow
Create UITextRange from NSRange
Why cannot we use outer joins in Recursive CTE?
IonicZip/DotNetZip Cannot access a closed file. context.Response.OutputStream
XSLT convert SimpleDateTime to GMT-00:00 timezone
Create textfields based on user input
Nested Listbox with lot of images is jittering and slow in WP7
How to use textarea as input to check duplication and invalid?
Compare divide and conquer with recursion
Microsoft Search Server deletes indexes of offline data source
Can I convert Traffic Overlay Google Maps to JSON / XML?
Error :鈥淓rror:The user does not exist or is not unique 鈥�when add user in AD
Recursion with yield return elements order in tree
Salesforce system scheduled job not executing
Nested queries syntax improvement
Doctrine DQL query with SQL functions
how to return true or false when I click on confirm dialog button?
Working with 2 CoreData objects
How to set return message on save success using sigma grid?
How to display a pointer when hovering over an icon
Google direction services.How to detect if geo location is disabled in the browser
Jsfalways remove last element from ArrayList
Varnish and Nginx redirecting 8080 -> 80
what do I need to get fancybox or similar to work? [closed]
How to view Contacts Detail Activity
HTTP Get with variables
Custom controller class name in Code Igniter
snprintf of unsigned long appending a comma
How to unhide master of UISplitViewController
Identify location using images technologies
How to pass a parameter value to a ColdFusion database query
How to make GCC report every occurence of an undeclared symbol?
class not found exception using backward compatibility library in android
LINQ to SQL selecting records and converting dates
How to set the order of validation messages?
Multithreading, DataReaders & Bulk Inserts鈥�Can this app be multithreaded?
why <LimitExcept> parameter results 鈥渄eny not allowed here鈥�error in virtualhost tag? [closed]
Plist and Cache path
Finding matching brackets with php/regex in longer texts
Javascript is broken in html page source
how to do validation in Android EditText within a ListView?
Can abstract classes have implementation in c#?
Share a model through apps without API
Multi-threaded small app and logging
Matching 2 JSON objects
Method not found using DigestUtils in Android
How to get ListItem height of a listview (CustomAdapter used)?
Colspan + Equal cell width after multiple columns are removed
Integrating HerzultForumBundle in Symfony2
Get string from starting index to end from char Array
how to fetch my Gmail contacts into my iPhone App
mysql select coordinates error
What's with Razor between my script tags?
Android Dynamically Add Item to Array XML Resource
CreateFile & ReadFile
wp_editor(), how to fetch content with jQuery
MODX Gallery: how to get the number of images in a folder?
How to highlight the border lines of a Grid control
Prevent contents of div from bumping down do the next line?
[PersistenceUnit: <name>]: unable to build EntityManagerFactory
Application Speed up for Ruby on Rails
wp7 list Peel animation
mySQL query to return results that have a duplicate field?
鈥渋n鈥�operator in Smarty?
How to find Android Bluetooth version?
Get all text in div + dropdownList selected Item
CKEditor won't link files (backed by rails, mongoid, paperclip, s3)
tracking invite application facebook
Group by In HBase
Map in android widget
select a word in a text blob in ruby based on a pattern
How to write qHash for a QSet<SomeClass*> container?
Devise validate email property with exclusion of words and
How to stop resizeend event when form is moved?
What does ^ in objective C mean?
Using ruby-debug with rails 3.1.1 and ruby 1.9.3
Binding an NSArrayController at runtime
Rails 3 ActiveForm internationalization (i18n)
Update properties between 2 entity instances
AppFabric Server cache returns dll object with null values
Can you find the logical size of a single NotesDocument in a DAOS-enabled database or an uploaded file size?
Spring AOP: Annotation on any method called x not working
Node.js, Express, connect-mongo Session issue - creates new session for every request on Heroku
Event firing when ComboBox.Items count changed?
PHP fread() Function Returning Extra Charactors at the Front on UTF-8 Text Files
PCA recognition OpenCV 2.3
Strange LNK2001 linker error
basic query statement fails to execute
convert mysql to PDO statement
Where to find .m files of iOS framework
How to use chrome extension methods in my page?
difference normal quote and backquote in python
How to convert this line of code from C# to
PHP SDK - How to check in facebook profile user if post exists?
Team Foundation Server build issue
android - animation by drawing bitmap is not smooth
C# loop through array of chars not efficient
Send perl variables to a command and capture the output
Creating a link to subversion repository on Liferay site?(widget?)
Parsing a string into multiple strings
Java zip append line
PHP output on different page
Apache Tomcat 6.0 IIS 5.1 isapi redirector error 鈥淭he request is not supported.鈥�
SQLAlchemy column synonym with different type
How to display data set with data point in core plot?
image recognition blackberry
want enable number and '&' symbol in number and punctation keyboard type
Datatables , jeditable and jquery timepicker in Zend Framework ,fnupdate unable to update old value
Sending SMS from BlackBerry Simulator
Sending parameters with the autogenerated post submit/create button in MVC 3 razor
Unable to download XML file in IE8 鈥�spring 3 application
Python-Flask : Module not Found after Installation
How to find out the temp space that will be required by a sql query on a database?
How to find out the temp space that will be required by a sql query on a database?
Foreground Dispatch system Issue in Android NFC
ActiveSupport::Deprecation.silenced = true does not works for me?
Android - Autolink phone numbers
Parse JSON output into a ListView
why are my jquery cookies not available across multiple pages?
Preventing CSS Inheritance on a Dynamic loading DIV
WCF, Entity Framework (code first) vs LINQ to SQL [closed]
SaveFileDialog .net 鈥�Overwriting read only files
How do I compare rows from the same table?
Agile differnt methodologies [closed]
How to read and write special characters, in xml, android
JQuery code does not run
This string in various log from linux 鈥溍棵疵棵解�
Enforce C-style comments in visual studio 2005
Setting an option in a call to a Ruby module function
HTMLEditorExtender encodes img tag on async postback
How to mark a method obligatory?
Get Only id and href
Getting attribute of a parent node
Zend Framework repeated functionality
Django admin many to many field width
Finding out number of instruction cycles taken by an instruction in eclipse - Android
how to store image to phone gallery
Maven BuildNumber plugin : how to get short hash
Can I force .htaccess to refresh?
Date conversion issue.: yyyy/MM/dd to dd/MM/yyyy
Simulating Geographic Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Omnet++
How can I simplify this regular expression?
Formatting tables in iWebKit using CSS doesn't work
How to set string in Enum C#?
PHP - Filter_var alternative?
Code Ignighter - 404 showing, but correct response
Edit plist XML file from Maven?
NHibernate IInterceptor composition
Call a function right after a figure is made visible iin Matlab
Magento Events. Catch static block rendering or specified block rendering
SQL Query to fill column with combination of other columns
Sql Query: how to solve this query issue?
Flex Mobile 4.6: DateSpinner dateAndTime jumping from Jan 31st to March 1st
How to set SIP language in Windows Phone Mango?
Strange python dict behavior
How is it possible to pass a url parameter to the model in rails3?
What causes 鈥渘o method鈥�error when function invokes itself recursively?
How to send a HTTP Response to a HTTP Request in a Live Thread
Create .csv / text file in drupal
Is it possible to change AdWhirl banner colors programmatically?
how to divide a string, I mean convert 1234567890 into 12:34:56:78:90
convert rectangular image to square image using objective c
phase correlation using FFTW
preg_match_all query to get genres in imdb page
Nginx proxy traffic
how to set password on PDF file using ITextSharp without downloading that PDF File?
jclouds/amazon s3/rackspace cloudfiles/windows azure storage- appending content to an existing blob
Output the result of a bash script
Assigning different palette indices to a paletted image
How can we know that map Coordinates are in current region or not in current region?
Charting on Android - problems with androidplot and achartengine
sql/mysql search one field for two keywords
check the given date is present between fromdate to todate
stackoverflow error when creating object outside the main method
Check if user chain is available in bash script
Inappropriate ioctl for device when changing egid in perl
Picking the value with the highest severity using batch
Checkbox to change font weight not working - Javascript
Mixed file types with CarrierWave
Is there any Crossplatform opensource WebKit based library for html js manipulation and execution from C++ with out rendering part at all? [closed]
Codeigniter form showing validation error of a view within another view
Click on spinner gives WindowManager$BadTokenException
Blank image encoded as data-uri
How to uninstall Software using c# by calling Software UninstallString Listed in Registry file of that SoftwareBut the Process Is Not Working
animate content on click
JDBC `decimal(28,2)` becomes `java.sql.Types.DOUBLE`
How to find out the calling component in the getter method?
Facebook application request issue
How to use logical OR operator with SQL update queries in SQL server?
Appcelerator Titanium error message on closing iOS simulator
How can I calculate the width of a string in Metro (without displaying it)?
how do I get a the colour of the pixel I just touched
Could not connect to SQL Server from php file in browser on linux platform
Store data using a txt file
operator IN works in OR mode need IN logic with AND mode
Is there an easy way to set nullglob for one glob
Profile doesn't match Application Identifier com.domainname.helloworld
Event handling (Detect when hiding form)
Using Activator.CreateInstance to create Func<T> instances
SwingWorker threads/memory leak when instantiated multiple times
Call server method using JavaScript or jQuery
Error. Fetching JSONP from ASP.NET page
Is it a bug of FireFox?
Creating a custom iterator that reads consecutive files
How to Sort Numerically Ascending with scandir()
python ctypes sending pointer to structure as parameter to native library
MSBuild a .dbproj seems to run twice
Update data in graphael piechart
binding to an element inside a custom class
Meaning of 鈥渁lpha review鈥�in s/w project management?
Java Simple update button
Nested Repeaters - access value from parent row in Footer
iOS: Passing data between views
iOS: Passing data between views
Loading texture for OpenGL with OpenCV
Import data into Server Management Studios diagram description fields
Is it possible to update the cell value only to the specific maximum value?
Javascript HTMLCollection Object not working properly in firefox10
How to call subclass methods in a superclass in Python
Main method in a static inner class.?
OAuthException: (#100) picture URL is not properly formatted Sessions, references or not?..and how to write a session holding a list?
Unset a value in a custom Style?
how to show error messages in the same php popup form
How to get physical path knowing the path to the exe file?
Calling service() of servlet from another servlet
PHP echo array value after while loop
checking if windows update or any installer instace is running before starting my installer( java)
Error in DIV tag scrolling
Kohana 3 ORM: Multiple joins
Can the browser access to camera (independent of OS) and other applications on the laptop?
Ajax success functionissue
How to change urlbase setting in Bugzilla config file manually?
Deciding user class place in the application
How to format placeholder in textarea?
how to simply handle a (very) short mysql replication lag
Get position of imageview on layout android
How to return $form data after success using ajaxForm plugin
Joomla! - Unable to log in
How can I populate each element in XML file to each Textbox field
Can I write doxygen alias similar to @code or @verbatim?
android - alert dialog builder confirmation button
Get all <img> elements on a webpage
html/css alignment issue because of an empty <span>. What is moving my content down?
Extend a Ruby Mechanize script to use a proxy
Magento how to change New order email from to customer's email
button jumps to a new line (css)
OnBootReceiver works, but doesn't find AlarmReceiver
apc_exist() does not exist?
How display preformatted text in a pdf generated by fop?
View Facebook user's posts and shares without login [closed]
Setting up the datetime picker
Get html data in table
htaccess url rewrite to .php [closed]
Jquery autocomplete focus event
make mandelbrot heightmap stay in one place
CQRS/EventStore - Passing GUIDS to UI?
video streaming client
Nutch : Criteria for db_unfetched state of urls
rewrite domain to url [closed]
Rails 3.1 Flowplayer Gem install
Different regex evaluation in collections or patterns
Is there any function available for printing some characters instead of whole strings?
How can I add properties to a class using a decorator that takes a list of names as argument?
Changing a specific uitableviewcell row height while scrolling a uitableview
OpenCV imread(filename) fails in debug mode when using release libraries
How do I run a Tomcat-Spring/Struts 2-Quartz task outside of Tomcat?
JPA/Hibernate emits no UPDATE on commit in EJB/Seam environment
Query to group by values in an associated table in Ruby on Rails
Installing/Configuring PHP to work with tomcat5 and mysql on CentOS
Asp:net MVC 3: @Html.EditorFor a subcollection of my model in a template?
Image in Gallery not shown
鈥淓lement 'title' is not supported鈥�- what does it mean and how can it be fixed?
Load Element from XAML
distance between given set and some other sets - sql server 2005
Access a global var
Formatting and redirecting users (w/ jQuery UI Autocomplete)
Can 64-bit DIFXAPP run from 鈥淧rogram Files (x86)鈥�
facebook c# sdk how to post to user's wall as application from wp7
How the rt2x00 driver (kernel version 2.6.24) handles scan request
Best performance? treat data in DB and get result directly OR get result and then work on it? [closed]
Enum vs non-member discriminated union
Why do I get different results when I run a program from testing trough Xcode and just taping the icon on the device?
Opengl Real world Camera Shake algorithm
Regex to retrieve everything between ',Description=' and ',Category'
PHp Facebook application - good session / cache solution?
Sharing filters between applications
How do I manipulate objects independently of one another in OpenGL ES 2.0?
How to disable special characters on textboxes?
how can i make TextView change Text at Runtime?
How to set member type in Doxygen for PHP code?
How to make my app stay login even after power-off on ipad?
How do I manage HTTP communication between a Apache web server and Google App Engine?
How can do single login with spring security on two domains?
How can I remove the copyright tag from ID3 of mp3s in python or php?
Is it possible to get Local Notification when application's state is inactive
Caching limited associations
SOAP response - child element namespace
Difference between GMap2 and google.maps.Map
How can I record currently playing audio on the iPhone?
Error Occurs When Deleting Cell with Animation
python and django timezone didn't match
JQuery visible selector does not return the correct index
Exception java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.apache.wicket.AttributeModifier.append(Ljava/lang/String;Ljava/io/Serializable;)
jw player - .hover() .show() - small glitch
implementation of a algorithm increment integer digits in java [closed]
After timeout, SIGBART RKRequestQueue Attempted to decrement loading count below zero
Function Overloading for the standard library functions in C++
Dynamic scripting editor in Java during app-runtime (GUI can be Web like JSP or a C/S like Swing, etc)? [closed]
adding all rows from a txt file into database?
EJB 2.1-EJB 3.1 Migration process - Tools, Plugins, and docs
get the value from hashmap and add in listview
jQuery Mobile page not scrolling in Xperia
draw sprite in cocos2d useing openGL
MVC 3, url parameter does not separate
Cast a class in Java
How to initialize libraries by their string names in cluster?
Installing PECL UploadProgress on Mac 10.5.8
Cloog-ppl make error
Accessing Content Provider on Android from PhoneGap JavaScript
Inherited an ASPX site and cannot change a variable
Having ActionLink to display dotted and plain when cursor is hover
How to load only few annotations around current location?
A valid xmpp chatbar?
How to link the URL in Robo Help using Java?
How does the GPL affect me if i include this license in my freeware programs [closed]
Cannot deserialize some tweets using NewtonSoft.Json
unify neon assembly on both iOS and聽android
Documentation Regarding iOS Game Development [closed]
Searching the registry for a string in
Share album photo in Page Feed with geotargeting
Generating automatic numbers in MySQL
Android: Drawing Image onto ImageView from a known path on SD Card
PHP / MySQL - Getting last 3 uniquely updated records
Django Query and Grouping
Is PHP PDO capable of advanced bindings?
How to create large SWT image?
ASP.Net MVC 3 Ajax query not firing
Implementing Sequentialfs
how to set no animation for first view from ViewFlipper
how to add a flag in any make file
Namedquery not working when returning a List of elements
How to create Java classes Dynamically by Java Reflection?
Multiple domains, single node (express) app
List all devices' IP Addresses on wifi network iOS sdk without bonjour?
Reading properties in properties file with ant not respects order
Using JavaService to add Windows Service
Strange behavior of multi-line code block in the if clause without parentheses
Plone 4 : Sorting and Pagination
changing first responder from uiscrollview to uitableview mid-touch iOS iphone
Changing the background color of datagridview from initialization
Can we use thread inside [STAThread] main?
Save Xml document in Web-Method in serverpath
Assure Spring bean is singleton
XSLT eliminating specified elements in XML file
SQLBulkCopy used in conjunction with Transaction and firing an event each time a batch is copied
PHP save / store file to remote server?
setting index of UIPickerView iPhone
How to open file in QuickOffice from my app?
why does my android freezes to work
highChart pdf download
error in DRUPAL with respect to mysql_num_rows()
Delivery errors to Facebook proxy email addresses
How do I get startActivity() to play the finish() animation?
Adding floating-point values, result unexpected
how to sort xls file column wise and write it to another file with entire row using python?
trouble save the image upload in php
How to get the Sphinx results based on ranking using Sphinx PHP API?
How do I check if current user has the right restart a windows service?
How do I use jquery autosuggest to redirect to another url?
cocos2D CCLayer or CCLayerColor setOpacity
Find inheritance chain of a dijit widget
Best practice for WCF Duplex client
NSDictionary to XML
SSIS Inserts not inserting the computed columns
How can we get Nth highest salareid record from emp table in hibernate without using native query?
How can I make my site this fast?
How to draw rotating arrow as marker in MyLocationOverlay?
Late binding run-time error in VB6 when creating an object from a .NET assembly
SQL Server not alerting when deleting a field which is part of a view
Android Source Codes, Custom Controls, Open Source Libraries
Implementing smallslider effect by jQuery/JavaScript
MSXML on Windows mobile 6.1
Simple Character Interpretation In C
Why does the compiler create an instruction that seems to do nothing when returning a string from a method?
c# when I add control to panel, the control becomes NULL
Java JSON library for generics
Imagebutton not display image
Best method to get data from form and put it to model
detecting failure from remote nodes from an akka router
Is it possible to set a hashmap variable in HTML code
Can I make a 3D Unity Android social media game without integrating with Eclipse or another IDE?
Print Unicode Characters in 8086
Is it possible to develop pure HTML5 applications with PhoneGap?
Log4j configuration
System.BadImageFormatException in VS2010 XAML-Designer
Get SVN diff between branches up to a certain revision
Dummy for first new element in a series
Variable issue with urban airship
How to verify the distance between 2 coordinates?
Insert file image from database mysql to excel
Catching server side ajax handling errors in browser
OAuth 2.0 Token type alias in Android for Google Calendar
OutOfBoundsException Troubles, Java
Get parent header from selected child
Connecting MS Access while another application using the same MS Acess File
Memory allocation error - in Linux but not OSX Unix
Get data from sdcard in ActionScript Mobile (Android) project?
How do I make log4net available from a class library dll?
PHP Unit testing on remote server with Netbeans + PHPUnit, possible?
how to activate the OSGi console in web.xml with an example
Strategies for One-to-Many type of association where 鈥渕any鈥�sideentries are in millions
Logging skipped items to a different file in the same spring batch job
Getting network location in background in ANDROID
Can I use build against the 2008 VS Runtime with VS 2010 and no copy of VS 2008?
How to implement a complete HTML page on Android without using WebView
How I do use pagination in Spotify Apps
Using http protocol between servers
As the delete operator deallocates memory, why do I need a destructor?
Horizontal Alignment of UI controls in android
Storing SessionID in Database
Setting a value from database to label in Swing
store and output formatted array contents with sinatra
Upload robots.txt to the root folder failed
Remove the last chars of the Java String variable
How to upload a photo to a group?
irb command line prefix remove
How to check in after phase of Validations phase if validation has failed?
OpenGL stopped rendering
Multiple Databases in play framework
Finding memory leaks
iphone NSString stringWithFormat and float
Rails 3, why model update fails silently ? how to debug DB?
Comparing two drawables in android
Setting index route in Symfony 2
'make -n' equivalent for ant
Instanciation error when launching new activity from a dialog.