How to detect heart pulse rate without using any instrument in iOS sdk?
on the using of MassWithStopAndFriction and hard stops in OpenModelica
How do I get Bundlor to generate Import-Package for OSGi Blueprint dependencies
Data Insertion Error in MySql
Issue loading MY profile picture in AS3
how to detect NaN from console input?
File Writing through C program
android using GoogleAPI with the standard platform
Returning results from a tag-based search engine
How do I access separate points/sections on a single image in html/javascript?
document cookie / Got an error 鈥淚llegal document.domain value鈥�
iOS: Google Calendar Example
Any opensource tool to connect from Ubuntu machine to remote SQL Server?
Using Google authentication API with PHP
Why PEP8 states imports should usually be on separate lines?
jquery ajax not working after postback
Spring Security - Login Form - GWT - Anchor tags
Git alias to delete remote branch
Custom Font in WP7 silverlight app
60bit hashing algorithm
can a lookup an akka actor address from configuration?
How to map subdomains to Zend Framework modules in htaccess without the browser address bar changing
Drupal service module Json Parser
Data binding access in xaml vs in code behind - Linq to XML?
Attach Photos in SalesForce Site from android device using JavaScript and PhoneGap
How ARMCC optimizes the C++ codes
How to add comma separated values to database as separate records?
What is the Path In .htaccess 301 Redirect Relative To?
Rotating through Values in a Table Cell
Eclipse IDE : Change font of line numbers pane
how to copy a file from a folder to another folder
border-color's transparent property
What can possibly go wrong with my site with my super simple HTML minification regex?
javascript function to modify innerHTML of a division tag
Centering an Absolute Image using %
Wordpress plugin work
UIPageViewController unresponsive in landscape orientation with UIPageViewControllerSpineLocationMin
Arrays in GLSL on Android
Forcing Block Elements to Not Wrap in IE (no fixed width parent)
Find Date of last Sunday From Current Date
Start Flash Banner Below Fold When User Scrolls Down
Is It Possible To Create Abstract Class in C# Windows Forms.? [closed]
Testing combinations of multiple arrays with Cuda
How to process second dimension of an Array based on similar first dimension value?
Maven plugin for suggested usage
UIButton does not fire target on touchUpInside unless I drag just outside?
How to get Comments of rss feeds by using rome in java
Pig Order By Query
How to add data dynamically in JSON object
Deserialize empty XML element using XStream
Change color of text object using formula in Crystal Reports
Setting BorderBrush in code on TextBox and DatePicker
What are some methods that Flash apps can communicate with each other?
How to merge two UITextView in iPhone?
improving code to find nodes with using attributename and node
Call out of Webapp does crash iPhone
design a database for a shopping-cart application?
How to use AppDelegate in other Classes [closed]
Android Listener on canvas?
Add some logo to all images in folder
Understanding namespace documentation
Android and BlackBerry application development flow [closed]
Get url from a text [duplicate]
How to call a php function? [closed]
How to remove the space between rows of grid view in android
How to access MyLocationOverlay's canvas?
if not then exit function
how to read an html file and replace with our characters
How to protect directory listings on Apache server from XSS attacks
Overridding <a> tag click event to load data in its own <div>
how to get row count palced as a footer in flat file
Facebook OAuthException: (#1)
Generating Java from WSDL for use on Android with ksoap2-android SOAP client?
customize linux shell prompt
Monotouch 5.0 and iOS 4.3 compatibility
Play! framework hangs on compile, no errors reported
Tkinter text box returning a variable
How to set dynamically a bean reference in Spring?
load data from cursor to Listview android2.1
How to get the actual time information of the video recorded with varying frame rate?
2D space: how to know whether we are going in the right direction?
What is correct syntax for calling a method in another class with multiple variables?
Jquery uploader doesn't work in mozilla firefox
Unable to cancel my AlarmManager service on widget
Mobile application ? In /
How to simply return JSON from a JSP
RMTP Tunneling - how different it is from HTTP request?
How to pass data from activity to broadcastReceiver?
SSIS Error during replication
What does double INF mean in PHP warning?
DataBinding with dependency property in wpf
How to create a listview as iphone contact in android?
How can I draw this graph in Swing?
How can I get same search result as google map
cannot read file changed while runtime in objective c/iPhone
AlarmManager Bug while Resetting/Cancelling Alarm on Date and Time Change
How to know if attachment is a signature in an Outlook email
How to do full text search in postresql efficiently through multiple models?
Complex parsing query
Ehcache cached item is wrong
Web development: how to show all errors (make errors verbose)?
Visual Studio 2010 Win32 App won't start on Windows XP
Rails/Passenger/Apache2: Redirect from to
Questions on how to randomly Query multiple rows from Mysql without using 鈥淥RDER BY RAND()鈥�
Generate a image with custom text in Android
Add keyword to Objective-C using Clang
Android Thread Safe SharedPreferences
How to name a coffeescript file for a Rails 3.1+ namespaced controller?
Rotate rectangle around an axis in flex
replacing using regex python
Eclipse Method could not be resolved in a simple program C++
Integrate iTunes Movie and Video rental into our iPhone app
error when configured application in IIS
In Javascript, how to execute a function on elements of two seqs concurently?
How do I send data between files in a Chrome Extension/Website?
Datepicker is not working
WriteToFile:atomically deprecate Warning
Macro to obtain current namespace and function name (but not full signature)?
R - Warning message: 鈥淚n cor(鈥�: the standard deviation is zero鈥�
Can help me to get date helper for older PHP [duplicate]
What is the value of default(IEnumerable<T>)?
Session clearing issue
can the asp page be auto refreshed trigger by database change using sqlCacheDependency
use selected value as table name in postgres
Login to ASPX page with Perl script
Thai DateTime conversion issue in .net
my jquery animation function not working
Multiple Data Types in Class Initialization (Ruby)
Defining Custom Error Document In htaccess file of Wordpress
Is it OK to define RowMapper class as spring bean?
How to get the size of the screen size in a canvas in android?
JCaptcha failed when cookie is blocked
Convert varchar to datetime
How to simulate NUL character from keyboard?
Use Sql server column alias in where condition
How to setup my server exe keep running
GCC complaining about non-standard calling convention 鈥淶END_API鈥�
^@ symbol in vim
porting iphone simple calculation app to mac os x app [duplicate]
Implementing post / pre increment / decrement when translating to Lua
iOS storyboard localization
c# pluggable factory / static initialization
Submit a form using Shift + Enter [duplicate]
Finding classes at JVM Runtime
Stackoverflow error
what is the recommended clean failure mechanism
convert 2D screen coordinates to 3D space coordinates in C++?
My Project is throwing 11 errors when I'm trying to create .ipa file
jqPlot Chart graph line issue
Is there a good way to use logical operations on System.Enum in C#?
Traverse binary tree
How to set dynamically the maxSize of a TextField according to its width?
SQL Conditional Join (with/without parameter) in Stored Procedure
Pattern.COMMENTS always causing Matcher.find to fail
function inside ajax call respond is not working
Upgrade cassandra 1.0.6 version to cassandra 1.0.7 version
getJSON: how to try to get some url until success in every 0.5 second?
Struts2 : actionInvocation.invoke() method gives null pointer exception
INVALID_ACCESS_ERR while retrieving data from sqlite in Android using phonegap API
How do I parse an individual entry from XML using PHP?
user-initiated Play button not triggering the video to start automatically in iOS
After using bitmap factory image width and height is increasing?
Java Async Processing
How to remove the delimiter at the end of a line in an Unix dat file?
QT/Phonon Video Recording
php array help needed
Flex - User uploaded audio swfs makes the parent application to run at higher frame rate
Programmatically dismissing textfield keyboard with delegate
Git add fails while merging
Array Destruction At The End Of Function Call
Why this gradient is not working
Open outlook in ASP.Net
PDF and Ruby on Rails
cocos2D replace scene not initializing the class
How switch cases are executed for strings?
cocos2D replace scene not initializing the class
How switch cases are executed for strings?
constantly running a script on my server
How do I parse a query string that has an embedded '&'?
log4j rollingfileappender file missing
Returning remote object in rpyc
using struct as key in map
How to stop simultaneous reservations
Android App Development, Web Server, and htpasswd
How to Repeat a background image in Silverlight?
Find text in string and replace with another in JavaScript
How I get a certificate list installed in Android 4.0?
ResolveAll not working
How to perform unattended auto-installation in SuSE using AutoYaST control xml file?
How can i solve the error of 'var' in ASP.Net C#?
Using State/City in form dropdown in Code Ignitor
C# OutOfMemoryException
Which Dom operation is slower? [closed]
Operand type clash: varbinary is incompatible with text
Hibernate Cascade ALL vs. PERSIST causes collection not associated exception
Field lookup with a queryset
Access the ToolStripMenuItem child in WinForms
What special in using storyboard in iOS 5
How to use the getline command in c++?
Is it safe to allow links that start with # (hash)?
Image quality decrease after saving to server.
Datastore access is horribly slow on dev server if you have more than few objects in it
how to expire php session if user is inactive for 15 mins
Running a batch file from another batch file
Directory structure on the web server
JavaMail base64 encoding
Using javascript/jquery on file input field
access current revision number
What exactly am I accessing in my code?
RSpec Trouble mocking HTTP request
sql select a moving range
need help in PHP number format
PHP template and external CSS
Javascript in php not giving proper result
How can I get a profile picture of an athlete from web page
Is it possible to connect to device using ADB through serial port?
WinJS.UI.getControl in VS 11 Ultimate metro application
how to get 5-day weather forecast by using woeid
iPhone Twitter SDK integration problems with iOS 5 devices
select first in group query
Facebook iframe does not go on top when new page load
Getting canvas height in WPF
Issue with a JComboBox in a JXTable
4-eyes-principal implementation on a contact & company system
pdfpCell.Rowspan in itextsharp not work properly
link bugs/issues to revisions and to files changed
Write permission for folder on a remote server
Invalid verification code format error using scribe OAuth in android
Launch app from within blackberry calendar
ASP.NET MVC 3 - two forms, two ActionResult but one Controller?
What is the best way to instantiate a class and let it do the work [closed]
Check who accessed file on network drive
Legends not displaying as of bar colors
searching for a group of keywords in multiple fields using lucene
Selecting the most recently dynamically created object with VB.NET
Getting started on Knockout JS
How to get data from jquery input field?
Cakephp 2.0 Pagination issue. How to pass arguments in pagination link?
how to terminate any application on End Call pressed in android?
How to use a UIActionSheet to confirm deletion of a UITableViewCell
Column Type not being changed from DateTime to Date? Rails 3, Heroku
What does 鈥淲ARNING - Suspicious code. The result of the 'getprop' operator is not being used.鈥�mean?
putExtra from List into SMS body
Should the response of a web service represent a logical object?
Eclipse not applying selection foreground color
How to detect URLs written or pasted in a RichTextBox in WPF application
Plugin for bootstrap
pexpect and ssh: how to format a string of commands after su - root -c
traversing through Hierarchy viewer
Android error log: Java Binder error please give me some hints
Spanning single set of records through multiple pages
Dismiss the keyboard in uiwebview in case I d'ont want to submit the form
how to display XML?
In Google App Engine, how to I reduce memory consumption as I write a file out to the blobstore rather than exceed the soft memory limit?
Image Gallery Issues
Storing updateable strings in firefox addon
GWT - Refresh page Issues when I clicked on Broswers Refresh/reload button file is not generated?
Configuring rails database query so that blank string parameters are ignored
jQuery UI - How to remove dynamic element after dialog closes?
Using PHP to add numeric values to two MySQL database rows
configure iisnode to send all requests to a single js file
Mp3 audio in the Android Assets folder fails to play from a signed and zip-aligned APK
Django 1.3 staticfiles + django-compressor + CloudFront
I'm learning Python and why is a floating-point used in this example?
Unresolved external symbol 鈥減ublic: class Foo __thiscall Bar::bu(char const *)鈥�
Image upload to server from sencha touch
Objective-C How to get data (strings, integers, doubles, etc.) from UITextFields with a button
How can we make ls --color =always work in Sun Os
Specify Data type In OO Haskell
JQuery Tabs Loading with Ajax for first time alone
Grey border around view when using NSBorderlessWindowMask
How can I check if the Operating System is Sun Os or Unix or Solaris from by bashrc
QR Code decoding using libdecodeqr
Data Validation in MVC
Meaning of Open hashing and Closed hashing
Looping Try Statement
Centering image on Nivo Slider using default theme?
Core dumped when writing to file?
cannot play a mp4 file located in the assets folder
How to change height of Silverlight app in ASP.NET panel?
Adding array data to HTML Table
How to test in two paths are hard linkable?
Parallelizing powershell script execution
Push with Git Bash works, but fails with Git Gui
Accessing array by reflection
Building a social networking site using java
What is the difference between TreeGrid and TreePanel components of ExtJs 4?
Text input background scrolling in IE7
Very simple but werid UIAnimation (IOS)
unexpected tINTEGER, expecting $end
Ruby on Rails - routing error when using nested resources with form helper
Removing CoreData migrations used in development
How to read the BODY of the HTTP Request using NETTY
How Do You Extract Specific Information Out Of A String In PHP?
Serving Python website on it's own server next to apache serving other websites
List To ListItem to create new MarkerStyle Bullet
Grid expand on data Clicked
Custom log4j rolling appender
Converting Java to PHP [closed]
Phone Gap with Jquery Mobile won't open internal links
How to create a local HTML page in phone gap
Batch-file to remove part of a number before passing it to an application
scroll view content offset in javascript
Issues in setting the PNG image in relative layout in android
C++: Inheritance and overload resolution
How to check if first five characters of one field match another?
How can I ensure that I reset login permissions to MULTI_USER upon SQL script failure?
Increase speed to redraw the Android Screen
Horizontal navigation menu that doesn't wrap
jQuery: height of a div based on a different div
My CSS's wont apply to my application rendered through zappa express node.js
How to migrate Liferay portal from one windows machine to other?
Using bash instead of PHP/Perl or Java on server side
Why isn't string concatenation automatically converted to StringBuilder in C#? [duplicate]
Segmentation fault while reading file
implement tesseract OCR in iphone
Jquery by default load the listbox dynamically
How to get contact creation time
How to modify a CSS tag value dynamically using javascript
Input on decision: file hosting with amazon s3 or similar and php
SQL Server 2005 service broker stopped calling procedure
Facebook friend list
How to store family tree data in a mysql database
Entity Framework Code First - Single entity map to multiple tables without common key
Exec'ing CURL from Java - whats the proper way?
How to make Webbrowser control with black background in Windows Phone 7.1
Can you make title bar less windows with SDL in windows?
rails migration version issue: any new migration not working
Enum type conversion to int
C: strtok returns all values to printf and only half of the values to array
Parsing CSV file with type
TortoiseSVN - Committing from old revision
Real-time ping result using ajax
Can an Ajax script access different website's webpage?
Is there a 鈥渞ound-trip鈥�x86/64 disassembler/assembler combo available?
Shift+Enter button used for submitting form
Cross Site Scripting (XSS): Do I need to escape the ampersand?
Can we use aliased field to use in order by clause in mysql?
PHP parse data into an array
Python consumes 99% of CPU running eventlet
load page content using ajax with preloader via select box
Android Location can not be entered to edit texts
How to make wpf DataGridRow selected color override bound background color of DataGridCell?
Correct way of building Ember.js addons?
Error when execute Response.End()
jquery call function after load html content
Setting the shadow of a window in Cocoa?
Error while trying to use Ant and creating Jdbc Datasource
How do you set the background image of a back of a tile when using shell tile schedule?
mac os x 10.6: syslog() EXC_BAD_ACCESS
Parse a string to array
TextView horizontal center in RelativeLayout
Android string.xml Error
How to ssh to my linux server? [closed]
Gson JSON String parsing from Bean. Do not include specific variables in string
How to add degree symbol in flash?
Free to paid app transition
How can I dispose Excel COM object on IIS
Why cast/convert from int returns an asterisk
Iphone mapview load data from php while zooming to location?
How to download a file from CakePHP?
Validating form without Doctrine Entity
How do I read a file in C and store the characters in a variable
Unable to find where PHP installed after installing Xampp
Jquery Ajax read post values with php
What is an appharbor worker鈥xactly?
Mysql LIKE script isn't working
Retrieve form data in action method : ASP.NET MVC 3
AudioCache Heap size overflow issue req size: 1053184, max size: 1048576
What's the reason for this if statement not working (double precision/object uniqueness) [duplicate]
How to increase page timeout to prevent 504 error?
AWK division by zero error
Adding a delete icon column to an Eclipse table
Where should I write the business logic? In the front end (business layer) or in a stored procedure?
I dont want ItemizedOverlay to draw a image on every overlayitem it haver
GoSms steals focus from alertDialog
Executing .jar files with a double click
Adding specialized functionality to STL containers
Can't get Android SDK or Eclipse ADT to work
Change the version of rails used
ASIHTTPRequest fails in production builds
Unique constraint violation on Magento 1.4.0 to upgrade
How do you use Spring Data JPA outside of a Spring Container?
Convert Contents of Div Tag into Image format
Implementing multi-lang support in pyrocms
Hbase Client Scanner Hangs
mwfeedpaser detailview
NSManagedObject Entity Inheritance causes NSInternalInconsistencyException
jQuery, stopping clicking during animations
Scan files from hard drive with Android [closed]
PHP: How can I easily combine or merge simpleXML elements using a node value?
Floating DIV scrollbar issue. Remove window scroll bar
How to use method on multiple variables on one line
Sending SMS with Android Emulator through telnet
Problems with Programatically selecting checkbox nodes
Script Debugging - Pumping Hybrid Script Debug back to Visual Studio
is length method NSString's property?
how to use CCJumpTo in cocos2d-android
How to validate length and restrict textfield to Numeric, alphanumeric, and alpha characters only in iOS
How do you add the id of one record into a column on another record?
call VBScript Sub in a href onclick (classic ASP)
A desktop program retrieving data from web?
Simulate eyedropper in actionscript
Yet another LNK2019: unresolved external symbol
how can I start mapred for Hadoop?
Want to compare string with null iOS sdk
Hashing and security measures in PHP
what are the advantages and disadvantages of anonymous methods in javascript?
Printing with boost threading library
How do I make a plugin show only on one page in Wordpress?
How to display a text in android after a button click in android?
How to display fancybox title only on image hover
Retrieving added jquery rows
autocomplete in textbox inside same jsp page
ASP.NET Forms authentication cookie not set in IE9 regardless of browser cookie settings
How to check if .Attachment.Add 鈥渇ilename鈥�is successful before send
Escape Characters in Linux Not Working
Windows Batch file to move X number of files from folder to folder
Flex/Flash Flipbook using PDF file
SOCKet Secure (SOCKS) server for Android
Android: NullPointer Exception on recreating the alarm on OS Bootup?
I want my online ordering website to be available at specific hours only [closed]
Restrict access or redirect devise path users/sign_in
after calling exec
Get JSON with HTTP Authentication with AFNetworking
Can I use Async CTP with .NET 3.0?
How to create ActiveRecord tableless Model in Rails 3
Changing site URLs in Joomla with Apache mod rewrite
What are the dangers of using IE 7 compatibility mode in IE 8?
About OpenGl on Mac [closed]
How to make UI elements around an app keep track of their own states
Couldn't able to save a domain class instance; getting type mismatch error
Instantiating a New Object in C++
How can I get FFmpeg to locate installed libraries when --sysroot is pointing to another directory?
MySQL Multiple query with a bit of logic
Given a list of dictionaries, how can I eliminate duplicates of one key, and sort by another
Adding string array to combo box
Android with thread shows error
How do I parse a .xsd file using Java [duplicate]
An array is being assigned a dynamic number of values causing an exception. How do I bypass this?
Trailing characters in URL after Facebook Login
Get the number of matched characters in a regex group
How do I calculate the probability for a given quantile in R?
chrome plugin css injection
regex expression for money without the dollar sign?
Send email to TFS project members
Android Circular Motion of a Device
Testing result of libsvm
How to fetch a particular column from the list into another list of a particular employee in SharePoint
javascript enter key redirection in text box
Android application for Tablet
What is the correct maven groovy gmaven pom configuration?
netbeans - plugins require HTML Editor Library to be installed
iOS allocations - persistent count in heapshots not always 0
How to open another Form from current Form?
How to upload/publish products to Amazon via Amazon MWS API?
Reverse a string 鈥淗ello World鈥�to 鈥淲orld Hello鈥� What is wrong?
Check for Time/Date Conflict php
Colorbox with .post() request
Marsaglia Normal Random Variables in C++
sometimes crash EXC_BAD_ACCESS with no message (set NSZombieEnabled)
What is this mystery code that was hacked onto my site? [duplicate]
Finding lines with an odd number of braces
Replacing some string in an SWF/FLASH file using PHP
Ruby 'rake routes' [closed]
How to upload multiple images without using ASIHTTPRequest
Django Model Form Field Option For Capital Letter and Auto Trim
Only matching GET and POST routes if a static file doesn't match?
Multiple client should have one copy of project or every client have its own copy?
Transform tuple type
event_calendar time zone
duplicate data avoiding in codeigniter datamapper !? PHP
Rails 3.2 .js.erb renders but never fires
Treat MSBuild exec task timeout as an error
listing album in android
Google AdWords ad request returning: 400 (Bad Request) [closed]
What is the difference between execl and execv?
Preorder traversal of an XML tree with a recursive function?
vim clang complete
Kohana ORM and Validation, having problems
copying own created sqlite database into android failing
How do I view the value of an <optimized out> variable in C++?
The import javax.microedition.contactless cannot be resolved
How can I solve error C2059: syntax error : 'string'
Execute SET command in c program
How to make SimpleAdapter a Singleton in Android?
Command line arguments for a program run in a makefile
Easiest way to parse XML into XHTML to apply CSS
Can't get stylesheet to show up in ruby app
openGL 2D mouse click location
java android load items to listview from database?
How to block network trafic form outside network using iptable? [closed]
Converting SQL system datetime to non-standard format
iOS container view controller - Why does transitionFromViewController need the fromViewController?
JQTouch is working differently on my desktop than my iPhone
How to use both Navigation Rule and f:ajax
Call trigger explicitly
Change TreeViewItem Template when IsSelected and two types using in TreeView
cabal can't read bytestring cabal file, with ghc 7.4.1
how to call a internal javascript function in object notation
Perl, Command not found after entering 鈥減erl -v鈥�
Validating a string against a predefined pattern in Java [closed]
Reputable web application security auditing/verification service
android - update progressbar
Why does changing the HeaderStyle of a ListView hang the application?
translate referenced arrays in php to coldfusion
App crashes when dismiss mail composer and show a HUD
WCF 4 service with custom error handler for json returns 202 Accepted
Using Web Services with Database Mysql in java
How to access telerik controls from telerik radgrid
Android - downloading file,
why is my raw socket not being created?
How to fetch data from a nested array
Maximum product of coprime factors
CSS compatibility with Chrome browser
Add wordpress featured image to RSS feed
Issue where is_null not working even when conditions are false
Rcpp:CharacterVector size
Why is my AST TypeDeclaration missing its Methods and Fields?
How do I take a part from terminal output?
Passing An Uninstantiated Template Name into a Function Template Expansion
How do you import a file in python with spaces in the name?
There was an error parsing the query. SQL Server CE
SQLite table updation in iPhone
OpenGL ES 2.0 Open source front end for GLSL which generates parse tree?
How to let multi jsp tag libs use the same prefix?
PhoneGap 1.3 Camera Full Example Error
How can I get the meta-data information of a pushButton in Qt?
What is the most efficient way in doing file operations in PHP
How to create an animation sequence using RaphaelJS
In Google app engine dev server, simplejson.dumps is sending data that contains header info that reads True,0,1
Cannot persist/merge using JTA CMT
Markup for table row titles in html
How to get name of objects in global namespace in javascript
JavaScript - Just learning FOR
Get value of Label in ASP.NET website from C# windows form application
Rails 3 different types of embeds under one controller
sorting cutetime dates
How to apply style for the horizontal bar displayed due to overflow auto like in facebook
How say to a view to not import default application layout in Rails?
Checking if checkbox is checked or not with php class
log shipping error postgres
Configure Thrift libcrypto required
Is it possible to setup global interceptor in WCF Data Service
How to stop tags within a div from affecting elements outside a div?
PHP preg_replace square brackets
How to move a UIImageView with Touch
How do I use the Monitor class to make async behavior seem syncrounous?
How to add space between posts when using Wordpress with Toolbox theme
ruby - syntax error, unexpected tOP_ASGN, expecting ')' for if (id == 53 or id == 54)
Oracle expdp without data
Does Amazon Elastic Map Reduce runs one or several mapper processes per instance?
Add relationships to non-saved NSManagedObject?
Facebook authentication won't work
handling ampersand(&) in an sql statement [duplicate]
jquery find active div
Unable to match results when implementing 3D DFT
How to compare dates using Java
Table formula for org spreadsheet
Can I bind an unprivileged application to privileged port on Mac OS X?
extract the value between a tag and add title attribute using jquery
How to create n number of Arrays Dynamically in c#?
web.xml error-page location redirect is not going through my filter definitions
weird image glitch - any ideas? (iOS)
Drawing Low Resolution Images Really Big
How is the statement T::x(y) ambiguous if T is a template argument?
Making Lists of **Pointers in c++
Why is my Android intent filter for URL host not working?
What does 鈥�?鈥�represent when used in an SQL query
.bind() jQuery isn't working for me
Special characters from xml file don't display correctly using php
Query 1 field using 2 field for where clause
mobiscroll date/time .setdate
How to remove the 鈥渋s鈥�from JAXB generated boolean getters
iOS Objective-C App crashing for unusual reason
What is the best way to cut, copy, and paste in Java?
How to compare two different map-view regions and find difference between them
Regular Expressions matching in Java
JasperReports Prints Empty PDF
distribute same size circles evenly inside a square using Matlab
SQL Join - Summing COUNT of Different Values
I get extra CR using TT (perl template toolkit)
Rails / Rspec - writing spec involving custom validation and belongs_to associations
couldn't install android development tools on eclipse
The import android.nfc.INfcSecureElement cannot be resolved
web2py cron error message
Javascript AJAX call fails in firefox when return false;
Toggle div visibility with cookie remember
How to get Place ID of city from Lattitude/Longitude using Facebook API
.slideUp() after mouse been out for 2 seconds
Is there a way to pass parameters to a Runnable?
My makefile isn't working
How would I turn this string into an array? [duplicate]
How to specify several join conditions for 1:1 relationship in Doctrine 2
How to parse xml from specific tag
does WMI cache data in requests?
How to overwrite existing Cookie with new value in PHP?
How to find the cell address of a range variable in a named range
Sqlite query from objective C to java
Using inheritance in PHP to add data to array from multiple subclasses
Useful USB file transfer on iOS - How to hide some files?
Android GridView Speed Up Scrolling
compare the hashed passwords [closed]
Qtp script not clicking on security warning dialog box
Limit data values displayed in MATLAB histogram
How to make a CSR after SecKeyCreatePair make two SecKeyRef?
Fluid width with equally spaced DIVs + last row left aligned
appengine datastore id and key_name
Tallest height matching next element
How do I get more results from Google Places / Maps
Why would optional garbage collection be useful in C++? [duplicate]
Rails / Rspec - writing spec for class name of belongs_to association
Why must a base class destructor be accessible only when a custom constructor is declared?
iScroll is firing multiple clicks on an LI element
free() replaces string with zero?
ASP.Net MVC: Passing a string parameter to an action using RedirectToAction()
鈥渄ylib鈥�how to call back the main program?
How to create a boolean method with no parameters - Java
Export Data in excel and then import from excel using PHP. DB is MySQL
UPPER() and LOWER() not required?
Jquery UI Accordion in sidebar menu lags
Math.round() wrong calculation in as3?
Where are attached event-handlers 'meta-data' stored? On the 鈥淒OM,鈥�object, or鈥�
Using graph API and creating a link on the event page
Using graph API and creating a link on the event page
C++ ifstream in class error
Going back to last line on Eclipse
Automated Testing Framework
Problems converting a NSDate to a string
ASP.NET SQL Server Registration Tool Not Finding Any Databases
Rails / Rspec - writing spec for delegate method (allow_nil option)
Windows 7/Vista process management - how to start an external program after long idle time?
How to 鈥渆cho鈥�a text in EJS (a javascript template) to check a radio button
In Emacs on Windows, how can I make Emacs ignore the Windows key completely? [closed]
how to login to yahoo website programatically
Fortran I/O Descriptors in Java?
Can SVN (eclipse plugin) automatically sync commits to my project folder?
MySQL 鈥淐ASE WHEN鈥�control VS multiple queries
how to set Seamless database pool read slave database as default?
EAR version 1.4, 5, 6
How to tell if heroku is pushing the correct files
Serialized object works fine on my dev box, Heroku gives 鈥淭ypeError (can't dump anonymous class Class)鈥�
Class 0 SMS (flash SMS) on Android
How to start an android app with valgrind
Include ACE OLEDB 12 driver as part of a clickOnce install
Tomcat JSPs appear to be running serially (instead of in parallel) - what am I missing?
Display Tabbed Documents Vertically instead of Horizontally
twitter bootstrap make from source
How to maintain request.getReader() with a filter?
MySQL Complicated SELECT
Is Google's V8 engine really limited to 1 VM per process? [closed]
set max packet size for GCDAsyncUdpSocket
Clear Clipboard?
Android SQLite database close in query()
How to execute a SQL statement with a variable as WHERE?
Issue with simple md5 login script
Containers inside records in Ocaml
Using Pointers in Objective-C?
maven: How can I skip test in some projects via command line options?
How to create an invite mechanism like Google Plus - links w/ x number of invites
Use Java to detect if device is plugged into computer
Java Stack Application
_int_malloc assertion error
python relative import example code does not work [duplicate]
how can I add an argument when I'm calling a c file [closed]
Getting SCORM data from Articulate (Questions / Answers) with as little code as possible?
How to use the printf command?
Shortcut for finding file on Eclipse sometimes (in same loop) change format and omit %f(microseconds)? Why?
Classes Error in Ruby - NoMethod
jQuery.parseJSON returning empty data structure
How can I create a virtual disk (letter, share, etc.) on Windows using Java?
clean activity data
Wix: How to get the return status of a custom action and use it as a condition to run certain event/show dialog
How to use VS2010 publishing to add write access to a folder for Network Service?
Error uploading Dicom files using Clear Canvas library
Preventing a Destructor from Running in C++
T-SQL parse 5 comma-delimited strings into a table efficiently
Reverse-engineering SEH: Why doesn't my IDENTICAL assembler code work like the original?
HighCharts : dynamic data with drill down
C++ - deprecated conversion from string constant to 鈥榗har*鈥�in 3rd-party header
Format and unformat numbers in jquery
Auto-converting HTML email to PDF. Thoughts?
maven: Is it possible to override location of local repository via the use of command line option or env variable?
How to install/configure custom Java Look-And-Feel?
How to add text inside bitmap or drawable?
php, getting a row from mysql and setting a variable to show a link
Crashes when i try to access internet
Use javac with multiple specific jars in Linux
How can I remove 鈥渆xpecting letter or digit鈥�from this Parsec error?
How to set Maximum PageSize per Page in gridView in
How can I catch a duplicate key exists error in PHP to handle mySQL unique key index constraint?
Why can't I set properties of iteration variables in a foreach loop?
radio button not selected on jquery dialog box in ajax calls
Calling a method when a Class name is used like a method
When I create one file in Emacs, I can not open the directory
HIbernate load a relationship with depth 2
Change open source license of my own software
MongoDB rename database field within array
Custom Authorization inside REST Service + MVC 3
Battery broadcast receiver declared in manifest file does not work?
Having trouble assigning char pointers to structs in loop
caching CloudFront protected links with PHP AWS-SDK
run git merge algorithm on two individual files
How to get the item at the mouse position when I perform a Double Click on DataGrid in WPF?
Removing badge subview from UIBarButtonItem
Rename a directory during installation with the REN command
Object #<person> has no method 'carName'
Check whether an url is text/html or other file types such as images
include ruby modules without the include statement - how is this implemented?
鈥淭he value for one of the HTTP headers is not in the correct format鈥�while creating table in windows azure
Find on has_many :through
How to move content to drupal 7 region?
Download a file using curl from a php server [closed]
Read another app's preferences plist, or share some prefs?
jQuery - Get the index of selected check box
How do I tell if two addresses are in the same page file?
How to create a dynamic search bar in PHP without page refresh in PHP?
How to make the body (or div) of fixed size stay always in the center of the page (even vertically!)
Mathematica appending a Matrix
ul li drop down menu hiding behind content on IE
Platform-Specific Workarounds to C++ Static Destruction / Construction Order Problems
password from login form and hashed password in database
Share users between two different DotNetNuke Installation
How to integrate cocos2d game and game center
Compute needed to use Azure blob storage?
Async CTP3 鈥�Installation is complete on Win 7, new machine, but it's not there
Absolute Positioned Footer In Relative Positioned Container
Core data persistent store coordinator isnt present
New to android Programming.Please help in TCP connection
How the primary server down will be handled automatically in mongodb replication
How can I add styles to a form?
How to reset class variables without reseting the current instance ones
PHP / MySQL varchar field entered as a number
android and play framework [closed]
Cocos2d - Initial app layer displays incorrectly on app load, displays appropriately after reload
my UI thread was not sleeping properly
GWT - How to set Initial condition for Window ResizeHandler
'Property pages' tab is missing in VS2010
One form and mulitple models
Android App Development and Web Server Interactions
jquery - tablesort only works in one direction
How can Concurrence Framework make full use multicore?
CreateDesktop and DDE
Jquery returning 500 (internal error)
Send data to another application via C#
How to display checkbox list information?
if(isset($_GET['w'])&&$_GET['w']>=0&&$_GET['w']<=65) not working as it should
Unbuffered Read from File--Ruby
What is the purpose of the IdentityT transformer?
www redirect with double slash
Writing a method ByteSwap but not working as planned
Should I call .close() on both SQLiteDatabase and SQLiteOpenHelper
In search of a GWT validation example鈥�where art thou?
Has anyone implemented a StackPanel equivalent using MonoTouch?
Updating box2d to newer version in Coco2d
How to make PHP variables preserved in CSS stylesheets generated by SASS / SCSS?
language design: implicit conversions when comparing two values
heroku rails app database migration issues
Polymorphic method in Constructor (Java)
MVVM Attached property target and original control
Amazon EC2 instance installed apache as root, not ec2-user
Windows and Linux Text File Processing Trouble
Capturing repeating number groups with regex in java
Creating Documentation from VB Script Code
Are there any tools for documenting website structure and flow?
How to use Zend Log as a seperated component?
Access a single char at a time in 2D array
iOS 5 NSURLConnection to HTTPS Servers
How can I chain Core Animations for different Layers one after the other?
Retrieve data from dynamically generated form
How to map a word to sentences the word is used in -in a database?
Back button & Iframes
melt and append data using reshape2 functions in R
melt and append data using reshape2 functions in R
What was used to make this website? [closed]
How to display EULA to the user in iPhone app?
Display Webdis response in browser
Detecting systems connected to a WiFi Router in android
Trigger to update row in another table
Unit testing private methods in C#
How can I prevent/control LinearGradientBrush wrapping?
Can I remove an xml file from browser memory?
What ascii characters do I use to get Esc+Insert?
MySQL syntax error
Best approach to create Tank_Auth in CI
Is it possible to invoke OS X services programmatically?
Url Mapping: Don't want to have to type Index in the url
Add a subdirectory of another project as a subtree
difference between OnTouch and OnClick Android
After a button is clicked, the camera will be turned off [closed]
how to build an EXTJS4 mvc demo with desktop module
Facebook Javascript SDK: Processing Response from Facebook
automatically load older posts when scrolling down like 9gag on blogspot [closed]
How can I fix this SIGABRT error with my app?
Is there a way to programmatically decline a turn-based match in GameKit?
MediaRecorder - code stopped working after firmware upgrade
Manually saving ModelForm relative foreign keys
BcdDivide function behave differently in Delphi XE and XE2
Getting JODA Duration to work
Positioning a widget involving intersection of line and a circle?
Create an ArrayList of ArrayList<Integer>
Finding how many bits it takes to represent a 2's complement using only bitwise functions
UNIX find for finding file names not paired by
Ending a thread safely when using UDP Receive
javascript - how to NOT assign by reference
Limit the number of loops through array
Is there a way to dial down the OData Service reflection provider?
Should I use getApplicationContext or Activity.this in a long running AsyncTask
Using different colors in Matlab
Find focus in OS X
About c3p0 and hibernate
How can I correct this error: Data source name not found and no default driver specified
Can I load MATLAB mat file in Ruby?
Show loading status
In Cakephp, how to retrieve the name of one of the models being used in a view?
R command-line file dialog? similar to file.choose
google visualization api, identify tableid in response function
ElementName Binding is failing
UINavigationController Popping View With Child
Do we have vertical partitioning in mongodb鈥�
Drupal 7 exporting a custom profile to features
Threaded Sub-Procedure Within A Module Not Obtaining Correct Data From Other Form
ZXing Barcode Android library getting ClassNotFoundException
Illegal non-standard quotes in XML
Spinner values outsized, not all visible, and no scroll bar
Null Reference - Array stays empty
Memory mapped file java NIO
How can i do this propertycall in a better way?
Can i change the 'what's new' section for my app on the app store?
C: fflush function not working?
Unable to read symbols for device debug with Xcode 4.2
Getting out of a 2-branch mess in git
Java Download System Freezing
Handling in-page javascript for each ajax-retrieved page using History.js
Mapview invalidate exception in listview
How to join with exactly one match on a separate table in mysql?
Will focus be set to invisible form controls using HTML5 autofocus?
C#: SQL FilterExpression - Missing Operand Exception
PHP file won't upload
Can't display unicode character for subscript 2 on Windows
Adding LIMIT to query increases query time by over 1000%
Using SWIG with methods that take std::string as a parameter
Mock that a method call was attempted during unit test, but do not actually call it
Extending Immutable types (or: fast cache for immutable types) in OCaml
Check on app resume for server file changes?
Performance planning - taking average requests per second and guessing peak
How to allow Diaspora to start when server boot up [closed]
I'd like to know how to create map or floor plan with wpf [closed]
django inspectdb in admin site (
Is it mandatory for DbContext to be injected .InPerRequestScope in ASP.NET application?
.NET 3.5 assembly start up functionality
Removing duplicates using partition by SQL Server
iOS: Fetch logs from Instruments in txt format
how to fix width
how to turn values in dataframe into objects
Error Debugging MVC 3 after Publish
UIManagedDocument - Validating Core Data Entity
Java code to use variable value depending on build flag
How to check for encoded OR unencoded character in query string with mod_rewrite
Does TFS 2010 have web services one can use to query check-ins, work items, etc?
Shortening this if condition
With jQuery AutoComplete, is there a way to show a help when a user has 0 input and focuses?
What's the difference between adding pseudo-private ivars in a class extension or in the @implementation block?
Nginx not failing over when used for load balancing
Rails / javascript: 鈥渢oo many parameter keys鈥�- what's a good way to normalize form data?
EXTJS4, tabpanel and grid setup, with grid rowclick opens new tab. which overwrites each older tab
What is the best way to securely process authentication checks Cross domain using REST/JSON/PHP/AJAX
How can changes be *ahead* of HEAD?
RestResponse is null on POST request using RestSharp
Form Not Submitting after Jquery Validation
How to print the smallest number from a set of inputted integer?
Ember.js: OK to avoid this.get('attr')?
Mouse coordinates in Objective-C?
Console control for WPF
taking image snapshot of CATiledLayer-backed view in UIScrollView
Error Summing a Scientific and Decimal
How Do I Optimize Zend Framework
How do you register a custom helper if you are precompiling a custom helper in Handlebars.js?
running javascript code on page inside a WebBrowser control
Android unable to execute dex
When invoking methods in Rails apps, what is the convention use parenthesis or not?
Is it possible to have two WebGL contexts on the same page?
Collapsible Mac-Like Sidebar Navigation With Sub-Menus
regex for the following language
Loading image to UIViewController Asynchronously - With Code
Android: Is it possible to make a copy of a View?
Convert VBNet LiNQ to C#
Is it possible to model cosine similarity in Solr/Lucene?
When does awakeFromNib get called?
How to ship a necessitas or qt project with a preloaded database
EasyMock and testing Protected Methods
Return the object associated with the name
ccmenuitem from another layer cocos2d
Xcode 4.2 detect internet connection
How does RAII work when a constructor throws an exception?
ViewPager OnLongClick listener not firing
Using variable as column name not working in MYSQL PHP script
How get filesize in cross-platform way on delphi xe2
Creating a sized image out of a string in Java
Permutations using Perl
Android 4.0.3 HTTP POST file to PHP server failed
Boost with Borland C++ Builder
NSMutableurlrequest http headerparameter containing newline gets lost
How do I open a terminal application from node.js?
How can remove blank form lines on submit using javascript?
What is a non recursive solution for Fibonacci-like sequence in Java?
Viewing all stories owned by a person
Sharing an OAuth token with 2 Rails Applications
'Port Forward' a url
JAX-RS, RestEasy: No session cookie
Generalized Inverse in R
Recursively kill R process with children in linux
dependency graph resolution in Unity
Using '$(this)' In A Function
Bash Expression Evaluation Order on Command Line
Does a TestFlight upgrade break Core Data schemes in an app?
not getting appropriate structure
Does MVC SelectListItem not Implement Equals?
GWT RPC cannot compile the project
Checking a monitor's power status from a .net managed application
MVC 3 Client Side Validation Catches Some ValidationAttributes but not others?
how do I install ruby-debug in ruby 1.9.3 / Rails 3.2.1 [duplicate]
What does exclaimation point symbol mean for files during XCode commit?
URL path processing
Dynamic where clause in Linq to Entities
Why is Unity using property injection when resolving a concrete type?
Why is this not cls-compliant?
Can I assign result of expression to a variable in SSRS 2008
Img tag src matching PHP regex
Sorting a table by the results of an array
Prototypal inheritance in JS and how to get parent properties
ImportError: No module named bottle
How to create a menu like LinkedIn App
Using Sass Variables with CSS3 Media Queries
Double precision in image ratio comparison
EC2 server, lots of micro instances or fewer larger instances?
What does 'directed to standard output (cout)' means?
Java Sockets: Is it possible to synchronize the sending and receiving of data from a server to a client and vice versa?
When you make edits to a file within a project using AnkhSVN, can this be reflected at the project level?
Calling filter with a variable for field name
How can I print an integer to the cursor in a Vim function?
Detail View filled with plist information
JavaScript variable scope in geolocation function
When do the missing index DMVs get cleared?
Detecting IOS UIDevice orientation
Rewrite C code Using Pointers
UPDATED: jquery dialog modal radio button not selected ajax
How to detect is xemacs was opened with no window system [duplicate]
How to use Django Custom Model Managers
Backbone - How can I slice a collection?
Django admin filter list with custom model manager extra methods
Explanation of what this backtrace is telling me
php setting up profile for account type
Generate machine-specific key for Mac
UPDATE sql String Error
How to read a line from a file?
Java - Pause a for loop and resume iteration when user presses a button [closed]
Facebook - Query for posts shared using the Feed Dialog without 'read_stream' permissions
How to Integrate HDIV and ExtJS
Runtime error when NSString Object is released
Few questions鈥�ModelState.IsValid and Grouped CheckBox Values
Find a string list whether containing same element more than once
Difference between .on('click') vs .click()
Pop up application
How to create a Macro in Excel which will read a username from a cell in Excel and then send an email to that user?
on edit fill the form fields with the database values
Using UiWebView and Monotouch with Azure ACS
Multiple Moq It.Is<string>() Matching Arguments
Proper place for initialization code in non-HTTP WCF service hosted in IIS/WAS?
Is this non-copyable map legal c++11? GCC 4.7 and MSVS 2010 allow it. Clang 3.1 does not
What is the difference between local and remote gems?
Why doesn't this code position the cursor correctly when I build it with Borland C++?
Why doesn't this code position the cursor correctly when I build it with Borland C++?
How to handle missing invoked method
Having two (or three?) counts in one query MYSQL (Via phpmyadmin)
How to expose large collection of XML documents (~2M) for offline querying (xpath)?
jQuery submit()-event to override form action
How do I make jQuery work after an AJAX call
How to pass an HttpContext to a dependency initialization in MVC3 application
How can I distribute OpenSSL with my Qt WebKit based application to Windows?
Excel: Getting formula of another cell in a cell without VBA
jQuery bug elem is undefined if ( elem.nodeName ) {
Session timeout the first few times but work later
How to order/sort a list where multiple users insert into different positions in the same table?
How to display which line search term is on in VS2010 Search Result window?
Editable polyline connecting every point in Google Maps API V3
How to create the Cartesian product of a type list?
Geocoder SQLite3::SQLException: no such column: lon:
Android ActivityMonitor failure causes getActivity() never returns
Why is this jQueryUI dialog not working in IE9?
Why does Unity use a Service Locator?
What is the proper function for comparing two C-style strings?
Dynamically Resize DIV's using CSS
Sync Visual Studio folder/filename structure with file system structure/filenames
jQuery event doesnt work on html form in javascript
d3.js in drupal 7
advanced SQL query help. need to translate ruby script to SQL query