How do you draw to the desktop in Lion? [duplicate]
understanding spring framework from example application
Use iPhone clock to trigger events within app
Using Graph API to create an event with map
Building a Pricing GUI with a Database
Engine functions: Calling MATLAB from a C application
In python, how do you not change the case of every letter in a list element?
JQuery Ajax won't display results in Chrome
how to enter credentials in Eclipse Subclipse/subversion SVN?
legend venn diagram in venneuler
App name not displayed in iTunes
Why does Beanshell choke on the '@' characters in source files?
Eclipse Run Configurations
Java to Javascript/HTML5 Canvas
Multiple RewriteCond in a row to redirect subdomains to new subdomain
When writing block of code with php, php $variables on the page are ignored. Solution, anyone?
CakePHP 1.3: Categories and Articles - Load Time Consideration
Can WCF Code First DataServices return a NotMapped property?
Java SWT - best way to return data from components to other threads
Fast algorithm/data structure that allows linear layout?
X11 MotionNotify events don't show up in a seperate shared library?
Changing the order of images dynamically in HTML5 - Canvas
assign .setOnTouchListener() to layout defined in xml
OData Library v3 JSON entry serialization includes: 鈥淿_metadata鈥� { 鈥渋d鈥�
How to create private methods and ivars in Objective-C in iOS >= 4.0?
Installing Magento 1.6 on stubborn Windows host
Opening a file as if it were a text file (even though its extension is not .txt)
Count words in Visual Basic
Segmentation fault by writing in a 2D Array
JApplet in appletviewer / JRE1.6.0_30 鈥�NullPointerException on getParameter(鈥渟omeArg鈥�
Call An Asynchronous Javascript Function Synchronously
STL Predicate for sort algorithm on a std::list pointers
Force text to fit in UILabel vertically?
Magento module routing old urls to controller/action
Android Call Method from External Class through Context
Storing subclass object as superclass and retrieving subclass later
Moving a file on android
What is the best way to deploy via Capistrano when you have very large files?
Google Maps v3 - Viewable map radius in miles
Newbie stuck.. What is this pop up/sliding menu called? Video preview included
variables rendering in IE textarea takes out the formatting
Convert Unix Shell Script to Windows Batch File
C# WebBrowser control save web page as image, redirect issue
Django: locations of templates and static files
how can I start a Core Animation exactly after a view has appeared?
Using LdapConnection to enumerate AD
ClassNotFoundException when using library projects
Microsoft Word Interop automation FilePrintSetup Error
read information off website and store in excel file
TFS command line to get all mapping information of a specific workspace
java qt server/client dta transfer
Class and Array Problems
Installing Ruby 1.9.2 via rvm. Ubuntu 11.10 Problems
Delete duplicates in dropdown list
std::string and stdarg.h
Html.fromHtml() removes carriage-returs 鈥�amp;#xD鈥� 鈥� n鈥�
Simulating Heavy Usage in Rails / Heroku
Regex in Django for URL with % or &
why calling repaint in this code?
iOS - squish an image vertically
Calling Android NDK function from Unity Script
Dismissing an Android popupwindow
FULLTEXT mysql search not working
git check out part of a fork [duplicate]
Extracting content between last 2 slashes with pregex
Asynchronous NSUrlConnection not on main runloop
wp_editor api not writing p tags in custom user profile field
Installing AJAX Toolkit on Visual Studio 2008
How to show custom view when user click on thumb in TTThumbsViewController?
When I hover the image the achor tag doesn't link to the href?
Add data-scope variables to a facebook login button
Open webform from GridView to add record to SQL table. C#
Set text size in a TextView relative to parent's size
how to build a gmail style search in django?
Fake Table View [closed]
To find everything between { }
Free mapping component for IOS
looking for a way to speed up the loading time of my page without compromising the web page
Counting words separated by comma
Solr DihR error 500
Haskell and Multicore, what is really happening
Disable button on checkbox click
Regular expression group matching
Django fixtures and decimals mysteriously loading as 0.00
First facebook-app: Hosting and Framework suggestions [closed]
Why isn't my pack() packing my data?
java.lang.System.arraycopy (Native Method) freezes CPU cores
JQuery auto complete can't fetch values from database
Closing modal pop-up after user clicks 鈥淟ike鈥� - jCarousel / jQuery - Callback not firing with bind on Click Anchor
Hibernate Criteria with multiple joins and left join
Trying to build solution (debug it) and recieving an error saying the .exe is missing
Having trouble with sections in UITableView
Button event to Listview and back
Install sql server express database engine only
Moq - Checking method call on concrete class
Why would this regex return an error?
Calling functions from other classes
Functional Where-In Clause - Oracle PL/SQL
How do you access the model errors on the client side?
file path for default text, mysql
making a swf file into a linkable button
C++ - Declaring Arrays Inside Functions
Canvas app using the FaceBook 3.1 API?
Protocol buffers detect type from raw message
document.createElement / document.body.appendChild not creating / writing div where executed
How to locally allocate array-pointer in C?
Disable flash deep linking [duplicate]
jQuery: stopPropagation with IE8
JFrame closes immediately when called in Ant InputHandler
How does eager loading work? I mean I know what it 'does' but can I replicated it by doing a 'side' query?
Need help in debugging my android-java code
UIImage: How to get website tab icon
PowerShell out-file: prevent encoding changes
clojure how to execute a function on elements of two seqs concurently?
GridView issues ASP.NET / ADO Entities
Make these elements be inline / in one single line via CSS
How to rollback nodes that couldn't be moved in jstree
Including variable assignments inside a function? Setup Throwing Error: 鈥渙nfiguration parser encountered <job>鈥�
Vim Highlight Trailing Whitespace AND Spaces Before and After Tabs
Python String display
jQuery AJAX loads json contents at page load, would rather load it when typing in search box
Facebook 鈥渓ike鈥�button
How to pass variable to bcp command within powershell script
Need a confirmation that subclassing UIAlertView is legal
Delete strings in a vector
Sending socket from Listener Service to Worker Service in a Server program in Android
Which query is more efficient?
Emacs Lisp: can the same regexp match two different patterns with same number of groupings?
Why is the modal view controller not being presented in applicationDidFinishLaunchingWithOptions?
Unit testing an abstract factory that takes parameters
SQL Server unique row insertion from stored procedure does not work
Converting slice of structs to slice of empty interface
How can i redirect a url through my proxy site
Why two ANLTR parsers interpret the same string differently?
Try to compare start & end date with mm/yyyy format
Passing Javascript variable to PHP not working
How to check mousedown event isn't on scroller in javascript
VB.NET - Make and Read from USB hidden partition
Adobe Flex: Injecting data and mediating events in modules with Swiz
How do you manage PhoneGap and webapp Code?
Surely this jQuery shouldn't work
MDX MEMBER causing NON EMPTY to not filter
How to compile some C code on 64-bit Windows 7 machine using gcc 4.5.3
How do I transform CSV file where desired headers are 鈥渋n line鈥�with the data?
using both 837P Multiple and Single schema
Design database table to check id in another table before allowing insert
Objective-C Block Property with Xcode code completion
How to remove a table border from a jqGrid cell
Parsing text file line by line to array using BufferedInputStream with RTL characters in Java
Efficiency when populating a vector
Why when stopping a program in Xcode do you always get a 'program exited abnormally' warning?
Static INotifyPropertyChanged generator for POCO's and non-terating parameters
multiple except with one try
How do you locate a free UDP port pair?
Importing .ics into an iOS app
iOS Face Detection Issue
FullCalendar - extract displayed events
How to set the result count of a select statement in SQL Server 2008
How can I optionally use Win32::Console and its constants in a cross platform way?
JS Template Frameworks & Screenreader?
How does C++ handle a const double& that refers to an int?
Oracle 11g driver issues with Null value
Javascript: The prettiest way to compare one value against multiple values
How to continue in ajaxified page after response already ended elsewhere
Parsing text file in Java
unable to have a has a relation
Column-oriented Layout for Component in JScrollPane
Writing to XML with anonymous types?
how to convert variable into string in python
wordpress function and PHP strtoupper (should be quick)
adb push: where did the files go?
application:openFile: doesn't get called at launch
Retrieve Last mysql rowd ID using ajax / jquery
html Table, how to make top column just fit the height of the content with column below taking up the rest
CSS: How to lay an image on top of a table
Downloading file via hidden iframe - how to tell if download completes/fails/is aborted?
how to swtich extjs themes?
Can you set class variables in the constructor method parameters?
Facebook Feed Dialog - setting the Privacy dropdown
NetBeans profiler 鈥渟tops working鈥�after 50 thread limit?
Eclipse throws java.lang.NullPointerException on creating android junit test configuration
passing date and time to SQL server using C#
Slow executing js in IE and FF
Facebook Request Dialog not sending notifications
Compare two images by 鈥渟implifying鈥�them
Cross Apply vs Case statements when dealing with calculations in columns
How do i update the CSS that is cached by my server?
can newer web containers having Servlet 3 extend BlazeDS max # of simultaneous users?
PHP, drop down menu and search form, how to pass a variable to select a query
How do you run NUnit tests from Jenkins?
reminder system in PHP
How to put conditions on an eager loading without Join?
jqGrid Remote Data, Sort Locally
Is there a way to clean up a text file (get rid of similar words)? (Without using nested for loops)
Richfaces render with a4j:ajax
A very basic Haskell query
Create a redirect based on date entered in a form using jquery
Communicating with background thread of service
JQuery Assign a value to a new variable? [closed]
How to determine what has gone wrong with apache
C: Which is better? Malloc array of pointers to structures, or array of structures?
How to shadow page and show a loading div when ajax is called
GTK GUI: pygtk vs vala [closed]
How does malloc work pertaining to the stack? Where should variables be pushed accordingly?
How do I do subgrouping in MySQL?
JDBCTemplate.queryForList returns empty list
Why does my HQL ignore Where clause
WP custom post types pagination/404 error
Quick Java String/toString Printing one char on each line
Grails 1.3.7 Error executing script War: Provider for javax.xml.parsers.SAXParserFactory cannot be found
CakePHP 2.0 not returning 403
for loop output not showing up
Xpage authentication
H2 database - concurent connections strategy
Trying to align several dojo componenets
android separate wifi and mobile data usage by app (uid) using getUidRxBytes / getUidTxBytes
TWTweetComposeViewController memory leak without ARC
Is unit testing timed-interval actions with Thread.Sleep bad?
How to make Unit Tests aware of Application.Resources
Trouble hydrating a Model with a Model in MVC 3 on postback
Git Remove Directory Syntax
What caching options do I have in a windows service hosting WCF?
Resize image for use as an image brush
After I build ICU using VS2010, how do I merge the .dat file into the .dll?
Is it possible to encode an integer to byte array to be binary comparable
Import data to MS SQL Server for ASP.NET
jQuery UI Slider - Value returned from 'slide' event on release is different from 'change' value
JSON parameter size limit
ColdFusion Dynamic Drop Down List
Modal View controller dismissed on memory warning?
Count number of comparisons of a sorting algorithm and add it to an array list in java
PostgreSQL error cache lookup failed for relation - what causes it and why?
Why Is This Assembly Generated?:
Filtering using php if statement
Service stopped because 鈥淭ransport level error鈥�
Cover Image link to my website
Can't get site root url in asp mvc
intel x86 32-bit interrupt
How can functions access variables passed to other functions? [closed]
smooth svg path connection
Corona SDK - How to detect collision on a non-physics body?
Is it possible to use jax-ws to generate xml, but NOT send it out
Item disappearing from cart when logging in when Mage_Sales_Order_Quote is overridden not to
Use the derived class value from the base class
Slideshow, works in Firefox but not IE
Severe High Memory Usage (Relative)
Interacting with roads using maps in OSMDroid?
AS3: two functions with the same name but incompatible signatures from two interfaces
Using foreach with Jagged Arrays
duplicate products added when importing csv files
How can I plot a gridded figure as shown in Matlab?
Rotating a UIView before animation happens
scroll up to content in div tag when user clicks a button
$.data() not working as expected after $.append()
iOS Game Center Sandbox: Leaderboards show 鈥淣o score鈥�
Tasks in database with multiple programs processing them - how to ensure each one is processed exactly once?
cross referencing other .ttl in Turtle RDF
Closing a SerialPort instance inside a class
Speeding up deletes that have joins
Access XML Child Nodes Dynamically E4X ActionScript 3
PHP-like output buffering in JSP (letting subtemplates influence the master template)
Losing Session on AJAX request only on IE8 hitting Server 2003
During json decode 鈥淚nvalid uXXXX uXXXX surrogate pair鈥�appears on GAE server, but not on localhost
MVC3 - Sorting db query when using Include
Delphi: Read 64-bits registry key from 32-bits process
Open a GPX file in my iPhone app, from Safari
table cell in div is not working
NHibernate queryable unit testing
Access images contained within Solution Explorer
How can I initialize an in-class floating point constant?
React to events from a collection within a model?
How to pass a value of java script variable in the rel attribute of anchor
jQuery - pass array of functions to ajax success callback
facebook canvas is not available
I want the last row of all players in a specific month+year
Unable to push in Git. Why?
Can I get notification that a process I did not spawn is shutting down in Windows XP/7?
Is it possible to bypass DAO group/user security of old access database?
Uploading Photo to existing album
My app's decription is blank in the Apple App Store, why? [closed]
onmouseover showing same data over all rows in table
Looking for sinatra ajax example
iframe dynamic height fails in IE outside of quirks mode
Java Regex or XML parser?
MKMapView Not Calling regionDidChangeAnimated on Pan
How to create Business Layer object with Dependency Injection?
Can't process workflow emails in Sharepoint 2010
How can I position the window's position on startup to the right side of the user's screen?
Migrate Business Intelligence Development Studio 2005 .dtsx files to 2010
Undefined variable on php script
Why is BETWEEN significantly slower than running each query separately? [closed]
Left Joins not Working with Subquery
Primefaces 3.0 to 3.1 migration
My textarea text isn't styling the way that i would like it to CSS with javascript
Easy way to translate a website
How to make a new DOM element to think it resides in a different domain with js and css
Convert between types based on the implementation of the same interface
How does Snap engage manage to integrate with Skype?
JQuery create a random 16 digit number possible?
Java threading behaviour on Windows
jquery align to bottom inside div
SharePoint Foundation Licensing when accessing SP data from a custom app
Error with document.write and XML in javascript
Quine program without main()
How to set a field read only in rails 3.1.0 views?
XPAGES: Link name using getelementbyid
How do I make emacs treat #ifdef and #endif like '{' and '}'?
Create Table Issue in MySql
WPF app fails in Oracle but not in the SQL Server
How do I capture command+number hotkeys in Safari with jQuery
Java ScheduledExecutorService - Need advice on real time performance issue
Using REMOTE_USER in IIS Rewrite Module 2.0
eval objects property
Emberjs data store example
jQuery Ajax and Dialog
ActiveMerchant specs fails to connect to API, while development mode works fine with same credentials
object names starting with underscore [duplicate]
Need Help Deciphering GNU Assembly from Ada 95 Program
Internet Explorer 6 bugs
When using Selenium WebDriver how do know what browser type i am using?
Is it safe to redirect a user browser using c:redirect?
End date greater than start date with mm/yyyy ? jquery validator
Pass a relative path to fopen()
Android Coverflow OnClickListener
Batch to make directory with subdirectories from files names
Titanium mobile get variable from event listener in loop
how to refresh item renderers and change their state?
Managing multiple entities, with OneToMany relationships, at once
SQL Server - Select every second in a day
How to store sorted array back to MongoDB?
uiscrollView drag at his father another uiscrollView
SSRS Report Structure
Diff/compare two files in notepad++ launched from command line
Does Passing by Reference Avoid Creating New Variable?
Html Anchor text formatting
comments plugin moderation tool not working
Saving information in a UITextField
File permissions being set incorrectly when uploading files from the admin panel
objective C view is not being loaded on physical device
Are virtual functions only overridable in C++?
jQuery on back button find hash tag and fire click event
No Share Links on Posts From My App
Python web scraping, can't 'click' next page
Better way to assign values to multidimensional array
How do I add optional functionality to a class?
Looping through DetailsView to hide dynamic BulletedList items
Cross thread manipulate WPF control error: cannot
Proper way to update model in Django
Adding Localized Watermarks and Tool-tips to MVC Views
DrawElements and BadExec
Merge data from multiple source tables into a single destination table
OpenCV C++ app terminates immediately when launched from Eclipse
Optimized way to solve the following
cURL Simple File Upload - 417 Expectation Failed
Use IsolatedStorageFile or the WritableSettingsStore?
Can Z3 work in incremental mode?
Actionscript 3 Encrypted FLV video Stream
matplotlib: limits when using plot and imshow in same axes
long long int arithmetics
javax.servlet.ServletException: Error creating bean with name 'userService' defined in class path resource
Can one efficiently LEFT OUTER JOIN a subset of the left table's rows in Postgres?
How to use DirectoryInfo.GetFiles and have it stop after finding the first match?
increment letter variables in awk
Is there anyway to have flash textfields expand upwards?
as3/php mp3 byte array transport and write
How to extend SimpleCV with GUI
URL-encoded parameter breaks default Zend rewrite rules
Yslow: static components without a far future expiration date
Should the controllers be aware of NSManagedObjectContext in an iOS application
Should the controllers be aware of NSManagedObjectContext in an iOS application
Remove only the first element from a jquery selection
How can I route based on the prefix of a slug in Rails 3?
Filtering data with MVC3 and ADO.NET Entity Data Models
Dump SOAP as Text to a File
How can I deploy a mixed C++/Java (JNI) application?
Add an apostrophe to a file name via http header - encoding
Why can I assign an undefined variable to itself in Ruby and get nil? [duplicate]
Ajax not recognizing custom response header from page
Set max number of Outbound Requests Programatically (System.Net) rather than App.Config
rails 3 relationship scopes 3 levels deep
How do I get the return code in Java after executing a windows command line command
ajax action method returns aborted session when calling form.submit()
What perms does an app need to see the user's friends' wall posts just like the user would ?
What side is up? - Automatic Image rotation algorithm
Search for available dates within a given range without calender table
Retrieve MVC 3 id Get Value in View
Special Characters are not being processed from ASP.NET pages deployed on SharePoint
Highlight only selected text using jQuery
Loop through files by modified date in C#
Prevent 鈥淔LUSH TABLES鈥�query from being replicated
Inserting data into a MySQL table using PHPMyAdmin
How to reuse code that reopens connection?
Browser suggestions to auto complete personal information
Android, read content from URL in 3.1?
How to get a button to click other buttons
Run a Program in Linux in C++ Program
IQueryable<T> with EntityObject using Generics & Interfaces (Possible?)
What type of media server software do I need to transcode in near real time?
I need help getting around having people refresh my website if they want to reuse input fields. ,, JavaScript
:hover state not reverting after jQuery UI 鈥渃lip鈥�animation - IE Bug
Adding other git repositories into Xcode project
different hash algorithm for controllers
Perl: How do I extract the inner page anchor from the query string?
Rename and Refactor Class in Eclipse, and Keep SVN History
Android: reload activities (singleTask) not working
How to use the same iterator again and again?
Double clicks in NSWindows?
sql table pivot or transform
Element is returned instead of the result of the method in my jquery plugin
Hiding a div when another is shown
Measure wrapped string
Is it bad to put <div> elements within the <head> tags?
Vim: How do I paste a column of text after a different column of text?
OpenXML Multiple Sheets
Facebook share link - no javascript
Spring-Batch: retrieve LINE NUMBER during WRITE
I am having issues with adding 14 days to a java Calendar object, keeps giving me Feb 31, 2012
Collision Detection rotated rectangle
ServiceStack Error Loading WebHost Endpoint
How to use a .include?-like method in the File class in Ruby?
BIOS Parameter Block and disk formatting
Forward declare a struct in Objective-C
stack corrupted after memcpy
Does Facebook 鈥渓ike鈥�button differs from the URL with www and without it?
Fileinfo: MIME-Type AND Description
copying and replacing folders in xcode4 code
How to order by count of many to many relation with Elixir?
Thread-Pool with multiple limits
verify gpg signature without installing key
qmake duplicate symbols for 2 classes with same name in different namespaces
MySQL CASE to SET an extra field value in one query
Json format changed when upgraded to Django 1.3.1?
What causes the 鈥淎rgumentError (dump format error)鈥�
Vim settings file on Windows
Are there open source gesture libraries in Android? [closed]
Building SpiderMonkey with Android NDK toolchain
How to send a data through json
Jquery appendTo someplace, then move it back
Using static variables with templates
php jquery div refresh
Link-analysis pattern search
How can WCF client detect that server requires security certificate?
Can MSDeploy Parameter files be stored and accessed on target server?
JavaScript - Key events outside the browser?
What Spring strategy should I go with when using query strings to search for an object?
MVC3 Binding model (some fields) tothe view
LMZA C build and decompression only
getElementById Fails in Safari, works in IE/Firefox
buildbot not updating mercurial to latest head on forcebuilds
Set height of scrollview when subclassing UIScrollView
http.get through vpn + node [closed]
Fragments Viewpager different screen sizes
How to skip over columns in SQLite using Python?
MongoDB - get list of embedded items
How do I include a dynamic block in the product page with full page caching turned on?
Web based forms management software
How can I set default arguments for 鈥渓s鈥�in Linux? [closed]
How to mimick the functionality of the SQL Coalesce statement in Javascript
Class method in Ruby (equivalent of static in JAVA)
Better technology to use for my situation - Adobe/AIR/Flex or Google SDK?
Hibernate - mapping external table
TCPDF can't show cyrillic
Limits for shell parameters
Monitoring external ftp uploads with PHP
XAML: How to restrict a datagrid to its parents width
Android - Reading in specific values from a text message
Background image of div replaced with screenshot in linux Firefox
show an array with an indice in variable on php
jQuery: adding one element in many div of the same class
Extracting values from file
Catch Client Side Validation failure
PHP Random Variable Names [closed]
Database search in visual C# .NET
Monotouch Async and showing Activity Indicator
multiple custom objects with same properies
Android SDK - API 10 won't load on device
How can I use Vim's Omni Completion with local Ruby classes?
OpenCV - assign operator 鈥渘ot working鈥�
Do we have to configure HasXXX and WithYYY on both entities (as opposed to only one of the entities) to establish a relationship?
Why did 鈥渃panm Email::Sender::Simple鈥�change directory permissions for other modules, breaking bugzilla?
ProGuard configuration for Guava with obfuscation and optimization
Check if a email exists with TELNET and PHP
PHP strtotime() vs. date.js parse()
Impersonating ASP.NET claims identity to windows identity
ASP.Net using iTextSharp Create PDF Document error at HTMLWorker.ParseToList
Issue with RoR ActionMailer --cannot send plaintext and HTML emails simultaneously.
Writing DataReader Rows to Excel File
Nice, clean cross join in Linq using only extension methods [duplicate]
Iphone app as a link [closed]
GitHub for Mac client鈥�doesn't allow edit repo name or description
How to select date future in datepicker jquery
Create entity property that selects one object from a one-to-many relationship?
ArrayBlockingQueue synchronization in multi node deployment
jquery mobile loadPage running on phonegap fails with Error Loading Page
Can't authorize with google plus API
jQuery UI Combobox max-width option
How do I show the Maven POM hierarchy?
Accessing NameValuePair
.NET/CSS Background Image wont go past bottom of browser window
Getting an APP_SECRET for a page, not an app?
Track search JSON API with jQuery AJAX
Trailing spaces when using <textarea>
div as button over element
Objective-C - Locking rotation in ABPeoplePickerNavigationController
How can I install rJava for use with 64bit R on a 64 bit Windows computer?
Make Resharper Code Inspection exclude folder
mod_rewrite for friendly URL's
xsl if conditon to display same level elements
Can't set image for UIImageView
how to disable automatic redirect with search term in magento?
Text extraction api for doc-docx and pdf,
Using Django settings inside a fabric file
Django App Tests Won't Run Specifically (But Will Run With All Tests)
iphone SDK: How to post data to a url?
PHP - Contact form sent message [closed]
JRuby with acts_as_flying_saucer on windows
How do I undo a deleted trunk that someone else has checked in?
Setting alarm clock to be shown in Clock application [closed]
How can I use pre-used sub-queries in a where clause?
How do I login to a public Lotus Domino web application using social networks [closed]
QRcode optical recognition in the browser
my edit button can not change to done, delete row by swiping
Dependency Property in User Control works only on the first instance
Problems with function mode in Matlab
Map multi domain only use htaccess
Trying to use nsIPrefBranch to store data on Firefox extension gives NS_ERROR_UNEXPECTED
Is BerkeleyDb the right in-process database for my project?
ruby - how to pad 鈥済roups of 5 characters鈥�with undersoresin last group?
mongodb micro-optimization of batch inserts ? or is this an important optimization?
How do you show a JS alert only once?
Opensource HR web based application [closed]
Wrong way to pass parameters for a paginated HABTM logic construct in cakephp?
PHP Codeigniter image_lib; output is blank page no errors
Run command using rsh on a remote computer
Excel crashes and misdisplays files written using Apache POI (in the Excel 87-2003 .XLS format)
Umbraco Nested Masterpages
iOS ABPeoplePicker nav controller custom address book
How to update an inherited entity when the specific discriminator must change?
Temporarily turn off identity column with Fluent AutoMap?
div not showing with onmouseover
C# have a without in a string
Split and add digits
Java ASCII output to file
Scan PHP array using Javascript [closed]
Java Generics Nested Type Paramaters
hg update error
Convert wchar_t to CFStringref
TabControl losing selected tab on Window.Show
adjacent states webservice
Daily check all webpages from a list of websites
My javascript fails when I load prototype.js, how to fix it?
Cocos2d fails on iPad yet works in simulator
Programmatically change the sheet name of a Excel File
How to join 3 tables with lambda expression?
Start multiple new window but keep the current view alive
How do I keep my card game from randomly drawing the same card twice in one hand? repeater and jQuery datables paging and check boxes not working
Change a string and undo this change make the file empty
jQUery .slideToggle() & .text replace
Xcode can't find XMPPFramework--how do you fix linker errors?
Best way to compare two int arrays of the same length?
Capture Kinect event to a scatterViewItem
Odd Even String- Python
How can I get the control that calls javascript function?
Run a remote desktop connection from linux (ubuntu)
Connecting two UDP clients to one port (Send and Receive)
CakePHP ACL with UUID primary keys
Adding pages to Drupals installation screen
toast not displaying
Why is my Spring service returning any content type requested by client?
Scaling Text with Webkit
Determine winding of a 2D triangles after triangulation
printing matched patterns using unix commands
Unresolved compilation problems: The method getInput(String) is undefined for the type Main
How to detect camera is opened or running from a service
Covert 2.0 to MVC C# 3.0 (C#)
perl script select wireless lan network
xmerl does not recognize a few characters
Tabs as in Android Market
Where to put text files in directory in Android
jQuery $.ajax error handling [duplicate]
Safari for Ipad not reporting line numbers on Javascript errors
Getting output from a shell/dos app into a Delphi app
Using wget in conjunction with an OpenID Login
Google analytics ecommerce with delayed payments
Regular Expression- Find value before or after value
php mysql join tables return all results
Capybara/RSpec 鈥�Testing for multiple possible outcomes with have_content
C++ Equivalent to a Scanner's .nextFloat() method?
Is there existing DSP libraries to process Audio in Flash?
Htaccess access/download
When does a web app need a Gmail-style loading page? [closed]
Is Adobe Flex all XML-based?
Display and select database values via a combobox in mvc3
Implementing custom UITableViewController class and avoiding delegate warnings
Explain why anonymous functions in Javascript can access variables in the outer function?
Zend Framework: rendering view script based on switch statement, should I create a view helper to handle this?
Construct parsing for unaligned int field?
PHP variable defined outside callback function is unaccessible inside the function
Navigating to selected ListViewItem on doubleclick
please explain this PHP code 鈥�lt;<<CSS鈥�[duplicate]
find duplicates in a xml page
Detecting Win API mouse_event Call
An array of pointers that point to the same array
iOS copy directories including subdirectories
How to call a table-valued UDF in Entity Framework?
Getting started with a Tile-based game in Qt using QGraphicsScene and QGraphicsView
HTML Lists - XSLT Multiple Nested For Each Loop
Wordpress Cookies via functions.php doesn't read cookie until page re-load?
Create Content Type Button
Error using Tire persistence
How to set custom font in synth style
Jquery and Div - many to many relationship
WebSockets Tutorial on ASP.NET [closed]
Troubles with clipboard in Python
How to display an image that is bigger than the phone screen dimensions?
Android performance of static variable or property
How to get the process id of a bash subprocess on command line
Read images byte by byte from android internal storage takes too much time
How to debug JavaScript in IE 9?
Generate real Server URL (not localhost)
How does this work? About saving strings in array
Backbone/RequireJS model data storage
ASP.NET - Help Testing & Debugging PKI Authentication
Every derived table must have its own alias - error from combination descending MySQL
Duplicate when populating NSMutableArray
BASH find which port a USB drive is attached to by the PCI ID
UITableView Row Persistance - why does 鈥渄idSelectRowAtIndexPath鈥�crash
How do HashSets in Java work? [duplicate]
How can I speed up or optimize this SQLite query for iOS?
Does a SOLR slave MUST be the same as master?
Android: call a custom dialog from acceleration sensor
Hide the Surrogate key in LookUpEdit
How does youtube get the params that you pass into the iframe?
Safest way to detect native DOM element? [duplicate]
Passing the referrer to omniture in server-side code
Shorter way to remove non-characters than gsub(/ d, W/, 鈥溾�)
Create XPath expression programatically
Prepare histogram from ASCII or XYZ file and save it to image
Binding textbox text to a xml file in wpf
Canonical technique for POSTing an array of objects with REST
comparing strings on android
How to flatten association pairs in JSON result?
In flash with as3.0, I have to call a function on the main stage from a movieClip
How to get the AppData path
Browse path on SD card via Intent
Why does the PDO constructor not take host, dbname, database type, regular function arguments?
Intellij IDEA 11.0.2 fails to resolve dependencies on Grails 2.0.0
Webcams, C#, and a reliable wrapper
Can you specifiy the identity column when using the Fluent Nhibernate Table-Per-Subclass strategy?
Get Autofac to return the generic abstract rather than it's concrete class
Override BizTalk FTPS Adapter Settings
Simple_form doesn't load collection after render error_message
TortoiseGit: 鈥淪tash POP Fail!!!鈥�repeats, even after resolving conflict
Box shadow does not cover div
jQuery get clicked classname [duplicate]
ListAdapter lifecycle and screen rotation for canceling a AsyncTask
C basics, string to pointer
Detecting if an IEnumerable<T> is Grouped, I'm getting some crazy results when checking the types
Cannot install metric_fu, how to switch to simplecov?
Why shouldn't we put business logic in services? Will we ever replace our services?
100% width sticky footer + header, but centered 3 column content with height 100%?
Is there any engines for fetching twitter xml or json output? [closed]
Is there a way to embed an editable buffer within a buffer in Emacs?
Using id and value with jquery autocomplete, javascript, json and php
ExpandableLists in Android, I want to allow only one parent list to expand at a time
How do I setup Emma code coverage with JUnit, Selenium, and GWT tests?
Getting Duplicates from phpMyAdmin Database Table
jquery php div tag assign
Checking if OSX is on a 24 hour clock
ManagementObjectSearcher throws FileNotFoundException when iterating its objects in foreach loop
Database joining in Entity Framework
NoClassDefFoundError and Could not find or load main class
boost gzip decompress byte array
How to update datetimes in sql server from local to universal time
Exchange Web Services request returns 401 on some servers using PHP-EWS
SQL query with multiple date ranges and Full Join
confusement on correct Carrierwave image_tag path
If I restart sql server agent 2005 will the database go down too?
IE7 Bug: float:right width 100% rather than element sizes
Changing the content of a div with javascript
How do Gang of Four Design Patterns fit into the MVC paradigm?
Is there a way to make an 鈥淥bject.frozen鈥�object throw warnings when an attempt is made to change it?
Django creating duplicate follow relationships 鈥�concurrency issues suspected when creating new data in table
Build List<List<XElement>> from XML
PHP print every second hour?
Vim: enter Unicode characters with 8-digit hex code
Securing my Node.js app's REST API?
how to implement read more button in every post of wordpress
C++ classes and pointers (Me again with my Tile classes :D)
Diplay different Marker in Google Maps API V3 based on PHP value
Entity Framework n-Tier
Remove dotted border/outline of focused dropdown menu
Android SDK AsyncTask doInBackground not running (subclass)
Jquery delete function
Python Boolean Comparison Logical Error
how to pass parameters in the jQuery .change() function
.htaccess specific relocation
LINQ Combobox Databinding behave weird
Use hibernate project with EJB
How can I push a new View Controller from a button within a subView (another View Controller) in Storyboard
How to uninstall previous version silently using NSIS script?
In a stored procedure, how can I use the results of one query to be used in another
Pattern for field change track in business entities
Stuck on Android Tutorial
Detect mobile, tablet or Desktop on Django
change href link in plain javascript
How to display a bar which shows a certain percent?
Win7: unregister event log from event source
:selected in Zepto.js
Matlab, GUI, Scrolling content in Pane. How to hide overflow?
Twitter Bootstrap acting differently between running from file and from webserver
multi-column using bootstrap and rails
Phone and fax service APIs
How can I HTML encode text that may have html tags without encoding the tags themselves in Javascript
Deploying desktop app
Is possible T<T>
Is possible T<T>
How to reference a cell or range in an external spreadsheet in LibreOffice?
JqueryUI Autocomplete , making drop up list rather than drop down in a footer menu
Named route with dynamic parameter?
How to select nth row in SQL Server 2005 database query
Hashtag in URL not loading correctly
jQuery/jQuery UI highlighter in IE9 not working
MinMaxHeap in Java [duplicate]
Unable to get complete user information from Facebook
Weird CSS Padding?
Notepad++: How to automatically set Language as Xml when load files
Best practive to call PHP+jQuery pages with jQuery
Membership checking against current Role
Login system with PHP & MySQL
I can connect to DB through Sequel Pro, but not through command line
MATLAB and the use of global variables?
CSS - the content protrudes outside the main frame
How to present a simple alert message in java?
鈥淯nable to locate tools.jar鈥�when running ant [duplicate]
How to make my class as main always on top where i have other processes causing troubles in Java?
Relationship between Transactions in Nested Stored Procedures?
How do I correctly construct this sql query?
How to reuse a large query without repeating it?
jsTree: Not to allow dragging of child nodes
Why does this text look 鈥渓ess bold鈥�in OS X 10.5 compared to 10.7?
Remove the padding of an inline span element
Automatically create skeleton methods for class/instance methods defined in header file
Copying a part of a byte[] array into a PDFReader
throw 404 when requested url/controller doesn't exist
java singleton with windows 7
How do I declare an optional target in automake?
Update/Insert into mysql query
TFS 2008 to 2010 migration Missing Links from Work Items to Changesets
identifying url for autologging
Calling MySQL stored procedure with Twisted adbapi
How do I check if any checkboxes at all on the page are checked?
Return List<ComplexType> from ObjectResult<ComplexType> - and will it be XML?
DateAdd Column caused an overflow
symbolic link svn to linux [closed]
How to stream an image from PHP for tracking purposes
IIS APPPOOL MyAppPool unable to log in to my SQL Server database
How to define common setup and teardown logic for all tests in ruby's Test::Unit::TestCase?
Textviews in a Fragment layout don't change when calling SetText()
What is a good database to keep track of general Statistics? [closed]
Codeigniter: Is there a way to identify the view that initiated a request within the controller class?
Serving dynamic text from db or cache or file with Rails?
How to check if a file exists without error?
Missing partial in gmaps4rails when called from a 'cell' renderer
Find and replace multiple file in vbs
Animating width/height of SVG image with jQuery displays improperly in Firefox
My jQuery call is posting twice to my CFC?
Is it a good idea to use an enum parameter in public API function in C?
Why doesn't font-lock-fontify-buffer work from elisp when it works from the minibuffer?
Does anyone know of any C# interfaces for capturing video and using a web browser?
Android + Google App Engine connection
How to span and stretch columns in Android
HTML & CSS: Vertical Flow Layout (columnar style), how to implement?
MVC, not 鈥渟upposed鈥�to use HttpContext.Current anymore?
Declare a ThreadLocal dictionary
Does anyone have information on using operator鈥溾�?
ostream operator << not executing
how is a dictionary sorted?
Ruby version 1.9.3 becomes 'un boot strapped'
check more than one string in strtotime
Placing the grid along date tickmarks
Python - trying to deal with the bits of a file
When using a HttpHandler to handle 404s in .NET 4.0, how to determine the current path?
Java Homework ( [closed]
Remove words from link using a:visited once a link has been clicked
how to find out the scaling factors to match two curves in matlab?
Regex replace part of url with string only when url doesn't start with http://
How to get the 鈥渢emp folder鈥�in Windows 7?
Most suitable data store for billions of indexes
AppHangB1 causing vs 2010 in not responding mode while editing webforms
Xcode is not launching my app for debugging
Invoking Http Request In Java
Conditionally deserialize an object based on JSON format
How to limit access to .zip files to all but a specific folder with .htaccess
how to debug gwt app server side code?
Play Framework: How to bind a complex REST request to a Controller method
Remove parts of a string and copy the rest back to a file with vbscript
Trying to fill a website (webform) Textbox from a Dataset
Java JDBC call to Oracle 10 function 鈥渋nvalid identifier鈥�
urllib2 gives inconsistent output - often part of the webpage is downloaded
How to submit a new value to a field where its rendering is controlled by a boolean property in JSF?
Building OpenCV libraries from source files
php change link to submit button
Haskell folding nested lists
C++ class forward declaration
Resuming to the main activity
Initializing a val to be used in a different scope
MEF parts list sometimes empty
What parts of a PHP website are handled by a Dependency Injection Container?
How to HardCode a string array?
Python Opencv - Find black dots inside contours
What type to use for integers larger than 2^32?
Use DirectShow to capture to an AVI from a non DirectShow source
Grails: Quartz job not getting triggered after deploying WAR
django-storages using boto - cannot upload mp3, but can upload an image. Also, suffering HTTP 307 pain
django-storages using boto - cannot upload mp3, but can upload an image. Also, suffering HTTP 307 pain
Separate mysql_query from foreach validation check php
Sandbox and NSTask
integrate gapi in codeigniter
R: Convert Single Digit Month and Day to POSIXct
android socket DataOutputStream.writeUTF
Moles example not working from Pex and Mole site
What technology/methodology can I use to hot deploy changes in a J2EE environment?
Again about getters and setters in objective-c
jqGrid Setting id of new added Row intoGrid
cookie not passing to page
How to read JavaScript arrays of object literals?
In any program doesn't 100% statement coverage imply 100 % branch coverage?
How to override NSWindow?
python imshow grayscale static color values
Run node-js from Java or Groovy
update duplicate values conditionally in oracle/sql
Sharepoint login
How can I ensure a hung Thread eventually gets garbage collected in Python
How to use ROME for RSS
How do I dynamically build a search block in sunspot?
Cappuccino - Load images from disk to a CPImageView
How to edit a list template in SharePoint 2010?
Javascript function returns variables as undefined
How to match ArrayList string value with the XDocument Title attribute using c# 2.0
simplexml_load_file converts text from utf-8 to iso
incompatible types error String[]
back-end and front-end options in RoR3?
How to reduce the delay - VLC Streaming from a web cam
Test if a string contains a word in PHP?
Loading an mp3 via url parameter in jQuery Mobile page
Click function show(), after next click it disappears
What creates a Web.config appSettings entry?
What are the solutions to implementing the fault-injection in Hadoop [closed]
Relating list to each
draw lines on coordinates retrieve from mysql not working
JQuery and IE8, Compatibility Mode, and IE7 Emulation
Does jquery have an equivalent of dojo.subscribe()?
Create a unique id with built-in checksum?
Arguments for and against having live websites as working copies under Subversion
How do I determine which exception handler rescue_from will choose in Rails?
Can Solr join tables in-memory?
Facebook Graph Asynchronous Callback Issue
how to make Chrome remember previously ajax submitted form info (for autocomplete)?
Associate a name with a number Excel 2007
Excluding Maven dependencies
Android open facebook chat with specific friend
How to iterate over an array with HAML?
Using libsndfile to play sound real time c++ in qt
Best practice for using @SessionAttributes
Brute forcing DES with a weak key
Handling OAuth as a part of a REST Create Request
Why does Apple recommend to use dispatch_once for implementing the singleton pattern under ARC?
App with Accounts and Users - Devise user can't create additional users
Rspec tests: it { should respond_to() }
How to bind a property of one element to a property of another in XAML
Custom method to draw drawables from assets folder has heigh cpu usage
Need to build/publish WPF app that only runs from USB Flash Drive
Adobe air mobile why does the stage flickers when starting a video a stageVideo?
MongoDB + Ruby: updating records in an iteration
Parse through current page
How can I make IE 9 animate a gif right before I submit a form
How do you set up Popcorn.js to be compatible with jPlayer?
How to remove vertical scrollbar from iframe inside the page
XDebug, Eclipse and PHP. Testing a particular Page / Feature
Clustering geo-data for heatmap
How do you use apache to route different subdomains to different ports / servers?
Java NIO socket application: reuse SocketChannel or throw away on lost connection?
ASP.Net MVC and jQuery Mobile page transitions
CakePHP - Using group by to print single table headers
URL with Scanner not working鈥�:/
javascript: will window.location make any warnings?
Redirect after user switching (impersonating) in Symfony 2
HTML5 / CSS3: 100% height layout for mobile with two divs as buttons and no overflow
Issue with ComboBox and ObservableCollection<string>
ios uiview subviews-loaded-event
Interesting questions about Behaviour-Driven Development [closed]
Using HTTPS with app engine for secure polling results from a flash swf
Reading an image using the output of uigetfile
Setting Panning in OpenAL (iOS)
Passing GPS Co-ordinates to another Activity in Android
How to install android application on windows [closed]
How to access the hyperlink in a BulletedList in
Imported library not compatible with build
Android: how to use the 9patch creator?
Objective-C: Display an Array of Floats as an Image
3035 error from OpenDatabase()?
drop down menu links dont work
Visual Studio 2010 - linker errors in stand-alone functions
Pause button not working while toggling play/pause
twitter-bootstrap-rails gem workflow
Generate a single period of a frequency?
Multiple joins using the same two tables
XML to PHP variable then to Flashvars
Parsing Dom element in sequence
Create comma separate list for JavaScript from my Query
Activating Spring Profile active JVM arguments in GWT hosted mode
How Do I Communicate With A USB Scanner?
pycuda on windows 7 x64 bit visual studio2010
can't change UITableViewCell background color
Drag & Drop from 2 Sources to 1 Target in Flex, is it possible?
android socket write interrupting read
replace controls in <li>
Error when debug is 0, no error if higher
How to run the method from final class with private constructor?
Activity State (onPause, onResume, etc.) specific instructions for Adwhirl(or Admob)?
What does 鈥渇unction anonymous鈥�mean in Javascript?
How can I create a better-looking GUI that's not pixelated and old looking? [closed]
Change shape of WPF button without changing other styles
Iterating through a Data Transfer Object inside the Web Method Call
How do I shrink a Miglayout row height to zero when I hide components
Strange bitwise operation on a 16-bit integer
javascript formatting
Skip 鈥渞oot鈥�directory when extracting using ZipArchive class?
jQuery infinite carousel bug (duplicate entry created)
What does get_current() return in this kernel module?
PHP preg_replace stripping
Matching and replacing a word whenever a page loads
Event Dispatch Thread - reporting
Does the Flash 8 ActionScript Editor have something like IntelliSense, and what is the shortcut?
Dependent projects and obfuscation
KML getting viewport LAT-LONG via NETWORK LINK
Redirect all but some to new URL?
boost::condition_variable and lock
Tools to delete and recreate a lot of stored proc in SQL Server 2005
Socket Programming. Server client communication
Inconsistent connection to SQL Server 2008 while debugging in Visual Studio 2010
Inside a thread
Entity Framework code first - cant add new class
ASIHTTPRequest UIProgressView don麓t work
Horizontal footer navigation in Wordpress
steps for creatingUIScrollView with Interface Builder
spring security custom sessionmanagementfilter same order value error
Is the relation R(ABCDE) with set of FD's {AB->CD, AC->BED, D->A} in 3NF?
Parse a string as a (long long) integer
What is the right approach in using Thrift in invoking webservice on Websphere?
TF285017: The Assigned To field cannot be blank
Django + execute asynchronous process?
Applying CSS transform to element with display:block, adds lots of scroll to the page
When to use the terms 鈥渄elimiter,鈥�鈥渢erminator,鈥�and 鈥渟eparator鈥�
Wordpress - how can I use a basic HTML format for javascript for a phone number [closed]
Background color cut off after viewport, CSS
How to add variable int a chained call to object?
Cast inherited type to generic
Max size of WebSQL/SQLite database inside UIWebView (phonegap)
Middle center alignment in GWT LayoutPanels (Alignment.MIDDLE_CENTER equivalent)
Chrome Extenstion desktop notification hide issue
alphanumeric regex on a substring
Google Maps. How change icon after click
How can I search a nested dictionary with specific constraints in mind
How to only clear file upload field?
Can't add a UIViewController subclass to NSDictionary
Notepad2 or similar editing tools for Mac? [closed]
BitmapData allocates a lot of memory when created
How to force div width with CSS to stretch to its content but not to be restricted by its container?
JList - use a vertical scrollbar instead of horizontal with a vertical wrap orientation?
Can't get sprite position
Find N largest lines from a file: how would you make this better?
Adding Custom Windows Controls on WPF User Control
How to kill non-interruptable thread?
CSS Selector for all data rows in a specific column of an html table element
How to insert ListElement in a QML ListModel using C++?
utility method for safe dereference in Java
@font-face not working without www
Check infinite number of self generated urls for validity, safe response if valid (http 200)
What's the best application server for Grails Applications Deployment? [closed]
CSS Transform jquery animation not working as expected
PHP convert session variable from array into int
didFinishLoadForFrame doesn't work
Pulling Git from server
How many lines of code is too many for an mvc3 controller? [closed]
Plotting multiple figures in Matlab
Suppress echo from PHP include file
facing alignment issue in GWT HighCharts
Ruby SOAP proxy classes
Doing a calculation in a while loop