mvc3 .net Display View Template using Html.DisplayFor
PDF library/framework for ios?
jQuery template not showing data elements
Add class if one select's value is #
saving the images with in application - android
hitTest with objects from two arrays
Mid function in Java - Similar to VB?
Passing Json to WebMethod
Is This Bad Programming Practice
What is the best way to populate an ember object with JSON data coming from an AJAX call (XHR request)?
Emulate call in Android Emulator with IntelliJ IDEA
Split string in javascript by lines, preserving newlines?
Tree View Context Menu - Pass selected item to command?
Starting many Timers at the same time in AS3
Subsonic Query Condition A AND ((Condition B AND Condition C) OR (Condition D AND Condition E AND Condition F)
IntelliJ IDEA Can't create GUI Form
jQuery events doesn't work with html tag in Javascript
onmouseover not showing div
How can I print the contents of stack in C program?
TSKILL not always terminating program in terminal service
RVM won't install ruby - I even downgraded to XCode 4.1 - Error pertains to readline
Branching with Git and SVN
pipe tcpdump grep into perl
Halve the number of whitespace at the begining of each line in Vim
Anisoptropic filtering and multisampling
Number is not a Number? [closed]
How to write this rails library requiring respond_to and render?
Extract method signature from arbitrary dll
jQuery.get() using a function in the php file
Multiple outputs on a socket
php ajax refresh part of page on click
IDE for Java C/C++ Project Compilation
Choosing A Suitable Mobile Game Engine
How can I determine how deep in a folder structure am I based off the url?
Outputting list of unique unicode characters in Ruby
Integrating large and complex modules using PRISM 4.0
Populate development database with production database values
Android Soundpool - looped playback anomaly
SP that returns all or filtered data
鈥淏ack to the top鈥�button with BASE tag
Contains does not work in TSQL Statement in Sql Server 2008
extjs grid ListFilter scroll handles (ListFilter overflow)
How to create a Text file and save it to a shared-directory?
Sms ContentObserver onChange() fires multiple times
mysql acces denied
Cannot print out the array when reading it from an existing file
Best Way to Design a Paged Interface [closed]
recursively search hash in ruby and return an array of items
Regular expression not matching url as expected
preg_replace - third argument
jQuery: Navigate based on <Option> Selected
Dynamically generate cases for switch statement using an array
cannot find mvn/mvnDebug in mac
Proper way to do this with ActiveRecord?
how to use javascript if in IE but use css for all other browsers?
Ajax working only in IE
Android Calendar Content Provider query keeps crashing
Verifying a Paypal transaction via POST information
how to switch domain of two wordpress site with each other
Alternative to Thread.Sleep in C#?
creating a customized Bing Map
How does php_value auto_prepend_file in apache work with php does it always stay in memory?
How does a Iphone app work with a server? [closed]
Inject CSS for chrome extension
why EF tries to add new record instead of edit?
Using Enumeration fields with Lift and CRUDify
Setting checkbox values, using a dropdown lists value
Rails 3 current site
Can I use swscanf_s with Linux
I need to find out how to use a URLConnection object to act like a WebView
Take a List as an Input in socket programming
VBA type mismatch error
Renaming an android app to install a second modified version at the same time
Android portait video orientation wrong in VideoView
Is there any way to send HTML formatted mails from code directly on a Windows Phone 7 device?
Redirects not working after adding dynamic to static code
Java.nio Channels and TLS
How can I see what a winform looks like at runtime?
String insertion
IE9 doesn't load video from remote host
What Javascript Regular Expression features are unique to Javascript?
IE8 'Invalid argument' in small jQuery animate snippet
Is possible to use QtConcurrent with Ruby (mingw-32)?
how to create xml file from xml schema in java
Google Prettify - C# Color Scheme
jQuery UI Datepicker conditional mess.. is there a cleaner way to do this?
Rather complex find query in CakePHP
Import home directory to svn without adding all its contents
Set Value of a Dynamically Generated DropDown
python + pyserial sends junk to 8051 via serial port win7
Storing SRT values for skeletal animation
How Can I get the value of a HtmlControl's variable?
Finding tuples with a common element
Reg EXP Vimeo URL
SQL Server 2008 need to create user table type create statement with a SQL statement
Would it be a security flaw to pass a URL from javascript to ActiveX?
Using document.implementation.createDocument to create a new HTML document
How to delete sheet from an existing excel file using JExel [closed]
Silverlight Toolkit Accordion ScrollViewer
Ftp.MakeDirectory nested structure
How to implement RFID features in our android application
Export csv with Servlet and Javascript
dealing with 42 checkboxes in one form
Using only UTF8 encoding in SQLite, what can I trim out of the ICU dataset?
Team Foundation Server - Previously merged changesets reappear in merge wizard
Multiple parameter closure argument type not inferred
How to get data from a web service?
jQuery cycle breaking in wordpress
How to set data (Qt::UserRole) into QSqlQueryModel column?
Typically, what information is kept in $_SESSION? [closed]
JQuery Read Cookie and pass it to a PHP Variable?
How to make same to 鈥渟lide to unlock鈥�button?
How to import in Java
Creating Menu's based on touch events (Android/Opengl1.0)
different hadoop type files
How to set up an object with InternalsVisibleTo in an assembly to implement partial mocks with Rhino Mocks 3.6
Java: TCP Encryption, SSL and Netty
Bash Script Nested loop error
Using Mediawiki to store data
shell script/command line to read most recent timestamp from a log file
Interact with devices services (HTML 5 vs Silverlight)
Not allow scroll on window Resize
jQuery change background/css class onclick of image clicked and others
Not allow scroll on window Resize
jQuery change background/css class onclick of image clicked and others
Elisp mechanism for converting PCRE regexps to emacs regexps
SOLR travel site: on date queries
Python import error when execute Mercurial
HQL join without foreign keys on the table
Do Abstract Factories use 鈥渘ew鈥�
Uploadify error with Internet Explorer 9
Class Table Inheritance (CTI) and Insert Select statements
Javascript Event not tied to DOM
Drupal: Active Menu Item
jQuery setTimeout function doesn't work
SOLR DIH, error 500
Behavior of a Semicolon after for Loop Declaration
Loading external dll with bridj is not possible due to hebrew username
jQuery variable visibility inside closure
Factory Method VS Factory Object
PHP subtract array values
Debugging web application from Visual Studio using a specific screen resolution
flex 4 air close second window
FluentAssertion fail to compare enumerable of strings
PHP Time to Relative Time
order random with limit loop for ruby 1.9
C++ 鈥渧ector iterator not decrementable鈥�
Save text in plist file with specific date
How to get currently selected value of a multiple select with Jquery
Using sed to change /etc/fstab
Eclipse plugins for Seam Development
(globally) lock Interface Orientation?
Firefox loads old versions of changed files from apache
mySQL SELECT rows where a specific bit of an integer is set
Deleting and adding rows in uitableview [closed]
Mysql query to see if a member has done a lesson
stretching one item in listview
Handle line breaks from backing bean in JavaScript
What does the following declaration mean?
Updating MSMQ permissions on a private queue via C#
Common solution for Facebook, Twitter and Google authorization in Android
c++ and SDL- Access violation error
Firebird client installation
Duplicate keys in memcached
API for indentation of generated code
Looking for sample .NET code that consumes the BlueHornet API [closed]
match opening parenthesis to the corresponding closing parenthesis
How do I access the nested keys in this nested javascript object?
Sharepoint - Client Context when to create and dispose
Is there any way I can translate the default language to Portuguese?
How to keep you Windows Phone 7.5 application on top
Order-independent fuzzy matching of 鈥淔irstname Lastname鈥�鈥淟astname Firstname鈥�in R?
Simple GUI Toolkits For Use With Clojure
execute animation when access to a property
Is there a class or library to get list of states for a given country? [duplicate]
SQL Count based on time
Can I trust the contents of the $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] variable?
Can a QLayout hide, rather than resize, QWidgets?
鈥淚nsecure HTTP requests not permitted. Use HTTPS.鈥�when trying to retrieve user with gdata 2.0.16 python library
Html 5 Canvas image Gallery
nodejs/express. regenerate session
Non greedy mode of parsing multiline string with grep
How to correctly start activity from PostExecute in Android?
Can I use GPL license in LGPL product? [closed]
Data Modeling - Seperate Tables for phone numbers? Many to Many relationships?
jQuery Mobile column padding issue
Replace isql with sqsh in emacs (Ubuntu)
PHP not finding function declared in required file
I want to display my alert this way
CSS in IE is causing a left navigation bar to shift to the right. Works fine in firefox. Any ideas?
How does the new Backbone View 'events' hash work with function values instead of strings in version 0.9.0?
Ant: Zip the contents of a directory, without the top-level directory itself
Copy of the screen area
Use Python code in C/C++
Java OOP encapsulation. Why is Object.doSomething(); better than doSomething(Object);?
Does Java's UrlConnection buffer the whole download in memory?
Fancybox.close() on an iframe
How do I read the results of a stored proc into it's complex type
why does 鈥渃opying鈥�a reference in a copy constructor still work?
Get text from clipboard in Windows Phone application
Installing and running a ruby script in the terminal in OSX Lion
fiddler and oracle fusion middleware forms
Android: Odd display behaviour
'Delightfully parallel' PLINQ queries
Changing a directory structure in Mercurial
LoadFrom and context
how to get jquery Easy UI unminified files
Making row values into column values 鈥�SQL PIVOT
Google Autocomplete Places for Norway only? [duplicate]
Assign atribute to a link using variable with jQuery
How to write custom message when exception thrown like Gallio/MbUnit?
Show account's first name in SharePoint through Masterpage
Dice Rolling Program generates the same sequence of random numbers on every run
Modify Windows Installer COM Registration
How cautiously should std::shared_ptr be handled?
Accessing post values by input name in php
Copy existing xcdatamodel into a new project - Can't find model for source store
Detecting collisions with bullet
How to share a Facebook photo by /feed
clean C++ extension build directory in
Converting over asp functions to php
Need to pass a String array to a Set
clean C++ extension build directory in
Converting over asp functions to php
Need to pass a String array to a Set
Has anyone tested SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services with the Chrome browser?
Reusing Image on Ribbon Causes Crash on XP
Is there any disadvantage of Consistent Hashing?
fixed format number in java. (how to cut a number?)
Grails is interpreting a zip in my repo as a plugin, though it is not actually a plugin
CSS to get <th> of current <td>?
Convert code block to a MVC Razor code block
ExtJS Grid Column: expand column to show full content
Variables are null in included files
Reducing duplicates in a dictionary using LINQ in C#
Configuring server port and response header and query parameter
create new page on user entry [closed]
ember.js changing a view from another view
Error: expected identifier before '#' token
Loading Image from URL. SkImageDecoder::Factory returned null
add value to java 2 dimensional dynamic arrays
struct task_struct members?
Undefined Reference to Constructor when I have it explicitly 鈥渢ype out鈥�
LAMPP html or php error?
Publish changes to server from IntelliJ IDEA 11
Am getting 鈥�51 4.7.1 Local configuration error, please try again later鈥�
Why have case sensitive usernames?
Select main wrapper
PDO - query not returning results
How can I retrieve all employees whose age will be 21 in a month's time?
Use of same Named Trackers across 2 doomains
Need to use a wordpress page twice in different menu items
JTextPane with HTML - local image won't load
View website live after Git push [duplicate]
Qt dynamic layout
Why does Selenium create a new instance ofRC and/or browser between each JUnit test item?
Having trouble with overflow-x in fixed table header
Sending TestNG Report to Stout instead of file
bitwise most significant set bit
Saving Image Files SQL database
AWS .NET SDK illegal keys
Java HttpURLConnection re-use policy
EntityFramework Best Practices RE: Database Security
Newsletter emailing via mailchimp
TortoiseSVN error's when pushing to Codeplex
How do you implement a platform-license 鈥渄ongle鈥�with TPM on Linux?
JUnit, backwards compatibility, and SOLR testing
Render login action only if the format html
optparse in ruby and params not starting with -
BusinessObjects (BoE) / Crystal Server: old/dead sessions not being cleared
Java ImageIO Mean Filter code behind and back from C# [closed]
how to listen for two events and only fire one function in jquery mobile?
Insert Radiobuttons in JTable Netbeans
C++ Killing Process Created by System && Limiting It's Execution Time
Get a std::thread to detach and terminate itself
Paste a vCard from UIPasteBoard into Mail
How to store & retrieve specific part of XML tree?
Heatmap for 3 dimensional scatterplot values (Python)
Moving text line
How do you create an rss/xml link element using javascript
Strange behaviour in UITableview's UIButton that triggers UIActionSheet
Time complexity of algorithms in java
Colorbox show specific element of another page
Hibernate - Copying Objects while checking if they exists first - performance slow - best approach?
Route aliases with Silex
jquery wrap a e-mail address
Where can I place the DLLs that my API jar file depends on?
Find the number that don't exist in another array
How can I use cdb.exe in an interactive Powershell Remoting session
One controller to rule them all
How to manage game state data on GAE
Setting a color based on theme
Stop a script in Matlab
Using WebKit for SWT Browser inside Eclipse plugin
Is there a way to get field names in a crystal report programmatically?
Cakephp how to handle when some X don't belongsTo Y
XCode C++ Ignoring Main Function
How can I handle recursive composition in MEF?
Placing button to the right in android
Error consuming web service: An existing connection was forcibly closed
How to ignore maven-dependency-plugin copy goal errors?
using mysqli to retrieve only 1 row record
Display text vertically
Case-insensitive PowerShell replacement
What is a convenient way to define a class with a static 2d array (and the size of the 2d array is known only during compile time)?
transmitting data to serial port using comm api in java
nodejs restler module post test call EMPTY body?
Face detection for C# in ASP.NET
How can I attach event to a tag which is in string form?
How does this has_member class template work?
What's causing the webadministration module cmdlets collide with their own names?
Call popen() on a command with Chinese characters on Mac
How to group Japanese and other non-Latin names in LongListSelector?
Batch searching with Google
Can I use graphics.RotateTransform() without these artifacts?
Django url template confusion
Adding an assembly to the MEF container after composing
Identify image links in PHP
Make the div with expand to the width of containing spans
adding buttons dynamically
If MVC2 uses aspx pages and master pages is it okay to use server controls?
Make the div with expand to the width of containing spans
adding buttons dynamically
If MVC2 uses aspx pages and master pages is it okay to use server controls?
Is there any common way to save application settings in more advanced way, than plain .settings file?
How to unload modules at run-time in mod_perl?
Killing children of children in python with subprocess
Should I uninstall Python 3.2 when installing Python 2.7 from the Enthought Python Distribution?
Setup VAT for administrator only in magento 1.5.x
Storing ruby on rails objects retrieved from sql database into javascript objects
Set php priority on execution
How do I call a function defined in a javascript variable
error with contact form 7 and css [closed]
Switch case is showing unexpected behaviour in php
Building an embedded Windows OS for a variety of hardware platforms
Decoding regular expression in Perl
How to define a struct correctly
sending php array with POST android
I get this SQL A transport-level error, but not all the time
MySQL Pivot Table Head Scratcher
How to catch SQL statements within a MySQL database?
Query for finding Persons with most points
Cross-platform development with GLKit?
Using ADO in VBA to connect to PostgreSQL
Should methods in an API that return Task end with Task or Async
Clear cache/indexed pages of a Google Custom Search Engine
Python scipy.numpy.convolve and scipy.signal.fftconvolve different results
Linux/Unix command to determine if process is running?
mysql how to do an inner join with a second inner join to the same table?
Storing labels or text associated to numeric values in a database : a good design?
Excel Add-In sharing memory between Class Libraries
Synchronizing threads in Java
Basic State Machine setup using Stateless
Clang 3.0 C++ std::map<>::iterator compilation error
Can't delete a 鈥渓ist鈥�accidentally created from a 鈥渃ontact鈥�in Sharepoint
rvm installation fails on powerpc ibook g4
Why is Mysql using the wrong index?
Swing component setSize()/setBounds() issue
How to organize a large number of file/directory path constants
How to build Android apps for tablet sized screens?
imagebutton and new xml. file
Unknown lifecycle phase during mvn versions:set
FULLTEXT Search Multiple Colums in MySQL?
Internet Explorer Smooth Scrolling Detection
Reading multiple rows of data using sqldatareader
How to change character set in Oracle 11g r2 Express edition
Can I send data to a RemoteApp using Remote Desktop Services?
C# naming and casing conventions
How do I apply dependency injection to an abstract factory
Adding on change event to dropdownlist declared with a select class
getting stacktrace in logger
Is it possible to update records via Linq-to-sql from a view?
How can I make this menu using only ul, li and css?
Are there any places where utf8 vs. utf-8 vs. UTF8 vs. UTF-8 makes a difference? [closed]
SOAP 鈥渆rror fetching http headers鈥� how do I do suspected solution of disabling keep-alive?
JavaScript and SVG: how do you increase the clickable area for an onClick event?
Is it allowed to write an instance of Derived over an instance of Base?
capitalizing the first letter of a name in a mySQL table using phpMyadmin
How do you collect the results of a comprehension into an array in CoffeeScript?
Can I call external *python* functions from google refine?
Key as a variable for backbone.js model.set()
Is it appropriate to use a ReactiveCollection in an API?
trouble with switch case statement [closed]
Cancel NSData initWithContentsOfURL in NSOperation
why to use public modifier in servlet
After installing god gem, i get 鈥渃ommand not found鈥�
rake script weird in cmd.exe, works fine in ruby.exe
my jquery mobile app does not display well on HTML 5 capable desktop browser [closed]
Split char* to char * Array
Add a conditional property to an FluentNHibernate ClassMap?
Issues with Google SMTP and CodeIgniter
Html.EditorFor nullable DateTime posting back as null from view
.js show hide hidden div within hidden div
How to determine the max. no. of clients that my web server can handle?
Cookie token authentication login method
how to send a JSON object from contentURL : data.url(鈥渇oo.html鈥� to contentScript
Cpanel Addon Domain Email Migrating to Own Cpanel Account
deploy zend framework online
Android: OpenGL reloading textures
Easiest way to work with intermediate format
How to set the particular value to any pixel in java?
How non-SOAP web service clients knows about the structure of the response?
Copy most recent file from a batch of alike files using vbscript
Java is slower than the browser in opening URL stream
Do I need to generate a second file to sort a file?
can I view two separate aspx files in one webpage?
How can I change the module context of an RSpec describe block?
How can I create an ASP.NET AJAX UpdatePanel that refreshes a Repeater when a DropdownList control has the Selected Item changed?
URL Rewrite not working on localhost in ubuntu
Recursively applying MergeOption.NoTracking
Knockout IE8 Issue with foreach databinding and input value databinding
Can't access information from configuration files when tests have host type 鈥淢oles鈥�
XML parsing using XElement and child contents
overrides ToString() of a POCO used by NHibernate
Pivot by occurrence number in SQL Server 2008
Django smart_str on queryset
Security Sandbox Violation for module accessing localhost rest service in dev environment
Doctrine 2 multi-level OneToOne Cascade
define a cclayer in .h file
Retrieving the highest column value
jquery image-map resizing
How to scale down an image in iOS, anti-aliased but not soft?
What if no reusable cell in UITableView
no line break between button and form
How to install Eclipse and open APK on eclipse?
Find where the difference of vector is larger than 1
Ruby on Rails - old URL still exists after renaming
enumerate subsystems failed for jobserver godaddy database
HtAccess Rewrite works with [R] but fails with [L]
How to get information about code lines in Qt? [closed]
Incorrect serialization in C# using JSON.NET
retrieving duplicates in table and displaying them
Trying to POST sender's mobile number and message recieved via SMS to a errors but still the app dsnt open.Can you please suggest a way?
sql table design for two variant dimensions
iOS iTunes Album Cover type (or similar) Image Display
What to find out locale using GPS co-ordinates(Longitude,latitude)?
UIWebView: several pages with horizontal scrolling
Android: Accessing a global Variable inside an onClickListener
EF CodeFirst self-referential Many-to-Many鈥n abstract or derived classes
Magento Search 'relevance' Value is Always 0
LWUIT Scroll List issue
Is there any Open topic Classifier API for demo purposes
Strategy for p:fileDownload with dialog and loading status
R: Calculating average by team
Possible jQuery Tools Tooltip bug using latest jQuery 1.7.1 - d is undefined
How can I make my iOS app handle a specific domain?
View a custom data type's values while debugging OCaml code
Using htaccess to force a trailing slash before the ? with a query string?
When I am using Git, should I rebase before I merge?
Why my Like button not working : 'URL could not be liked because it's been blocked'
Why synchronized keyword does not create monitor enter every time
how to compile CUDA to llvm IR?
t-sql update issue MVC - specify full path of a Display Template
Can't access properties file
How to simulate on href with ref
Yii Caching for site controller/pages
How can I make my foreign keys case sensitive on a database with a case-insensitive collation?
Showing attributes of another model in CGridView
MPMoviePlayerPlaybackDidFinishNotification not being called when video is finished
Incorporating ICU as static libs into sqlite.dll
How can I click a button in VB and highlight a text box and copies conent to clipboard?
Conditionally null values inside of a list of SqlParameters
Which of these SQL approaches is optimal?
CakePHP 1.3: Setting up Routes for Plugins
How to create XMLDocument from jQuery.find() result
GWT Cannot compile the project
CUDA porting of a struct with internal random function
jQuery prevent 2nd level links being followed
Create array using for loop
WF CodeActivity after WCF SendReply Activity
jQuery prevent 2nd level links being followed
Create array using for loop
WF CodeActivity after WCF SendReply Activity
what is the difference between array_udiff_assoc and array_diff_uassoc
Flex Path - capturing Click event
Get an app ready for ICS
Why it isn't advised to call the release() method of a binary semaphore from inside a finally-clause?
Bare-metal mod (%) hangs on ARMv6 with libgcc
What is difference between authorization section and PrincipalPermissionAttribute?
UIWebView is blank during download
save Strikethrough text state in Listview from ArrayAdapter Android
ASP.NET MVC3 compile on request?
JUL to SLF4J Bridge
Java Inner Class Access Issue
Code to populate Richfaces Tree component [closed]
Adding multiple Cells to a single Row
How can my random number generator come up from lowest to highest in C++? [closed]
Auto complete / prefix matching like google:: Trie/Dwag/sphinx/lucene
concurrent access and free of heap object
Unable to deserialize contract after changing route registration
Expected syntax for Big O notation
How to use the SendMessage/PostMessage functions?
Passing URL from php to javascript
Django South load fixtures based on environment (development, integration, production)
How to serialize/deserialize object in android with LinkedList of other custom objects inside?
What is the difference between being db_owner vs. db_datareader / db_datawriter?
Java UrlConnection triggering 鈥淐onnection reset鈥�exceptions under high load. Why?
In a .NET based distributed AWS architecture, can I log jobs through the system with millisecond precision?
How to make Botan RSA signature verification match that of PyCrypto
How to disable UITextField editing but still accept touch?
Find all possible pairs between the subsets of N sets with Erlang
Programs with the scanf not working properly in NetBeans
How to translate svg code to javascript code?
Window set to size around content leaves gap on each side
what is the meaning of restrict in pthread_create
Overlaying DIVS
What is a web service?
couchdb & futon - Is there a way to cancel a continuous replication using futon
Delphi - get encoding for a given file
Reusing PHP function for accessing an array item tag from XML document
Django-admin: Changing field values in change form before rendering
IOS 3d for the experts
Sql Authenticated Connection String for AspNetDb
XCode hangs when archiving
Mobile Safari Tap Highlight effect
replace jquery function with var
Maps and Arrays
How can I achieve a self-referencing many-to-many relationship on the SQLAlchemy ORM back referencing to the same attribute?
How to get query parameters in ExceptionHandler?
How to detect a section in a table view is out of view?
Django External Script Error [Solved]
Interesting Buttons
May a Web Worker render on WebGL-Canvas?
LINQ to Entities - How best to obtain the IDENTITY value after calling SaveChanges()
Management and control threads [closed]
Zend nested navigation is not working with ACL
Wix - How to install multiple windows services with one executable?
How to pass all files from folder as parameter in PowerShell?
Force list items in div to float once div height is reached
How to obtain the list of pixels/fragments generated by the fragment shader?
Rearranging arrays in Perl
How can be improved these UML diagram for an iphone shopping cart application? (sqlite, parsxml delegate, httprequest)
How can we bulk update records using CRecordset
Jquery Delay slideDown using time();
Data Encapsulation and Data Flow in PHP
'dirty read' not working during transaction scope set with readuncommitted isolation level
Is it possible to resolve an instance from Autofac, given only a string key?
javascript - multiple settimeouts in loop
Yii to use multiple form in one view
JSFL: FLfile.runCommandLine & properly escaping spaces for Windows commandline args
Do SSL certificates on mail servers decrease likelihood of email being classified as spam?
Drop down navigation in fluid design, getting overflow when page resized
How can I improve the speed of this LINQ query?
Spring + JPA 鈥淟ock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction鈥�
How Do I enable PHP to be shown on HTML webpage?
How to populate listbox dynamically with SQL values
Updating a form field with a link
HTML CSS JavaScript Font on Site without use of Image
Dynamic created JSON String to send via Ajax
Replace a recurring string with part of it
Brackets on GitHub issues
A command to list buffers and prepare command line for next instruction
How to make own frontend-Forms with Magento 1.6.2
Zend Framework - Best Route Method For Large Application
How can I determine the location of a deletion in an UITextField
String Arrays and Session
closing a modal pop up
Postgres query run time different in application
Convert JQuery to JavaScript
IE distorting text in JQuery fade / opacity animation
DOJO: dojox.grid.TreeGrid + checkbox How to
Ruby 1.9 throwing javascript encoding error
Simple One Finger Touch Event
Is there anything that can go wrong when I use static to implement a singleton?
Jquery image gallery: performance issue
Replace All Backslashes on a Property File
Convert a VB function to Perl
JavaScript SDK Facebook: Writing to The Document
JGR Deducer's Data Viewer, Editing Data and Variables - Undo Function?
Apache Camel: how extract parameter from incoming HTTP message (with XML body)
How do I get rid of white border around youtube video embedded in UIWebView?
Python list of list of lists
What is the difference between these two equations? GOOGLE CALC CONFUSION
WordPress - Theme Options Page with Category List
complex MySQL query with multiple tables (read for more details)
NSTextView, appending text and smooth scrolling
TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference. at Videogame_fla::MainTimeline/loop()
Automapper unexpected behaviour with map between inherited types
jQuery find input type (but also for select)
How can I tell when an Album is added to the MediaStore
fieldset does not follow its parent's height
How to get error message of a failed shell command on android
Static event handler in parent class is not triggered from Process.Exited in nested class
How do I monitor the progress of URLConnection.getInputStream() in Android where javax.swing.ProgressMonitorInputStream() is unavailable?
How to programmatically populate Sitecore items (Add item and fields)?
How should we handle keyboard events in WPF? Should it be KeyUp or KeyDown?
User Control refactoring
Grails 2.0 and the Flot plugin鈥�Cannot get it to work
jquery var equals var doesnt work
How to do a 'count' for several criteria at once
What's the difference between == and ===? [duplicate]
What's the best way to call StartPreview() after an image is captured?
Unable to access recently imported SVN repository through Atlassian JIRA (403 Forbidden error)
Zend_Translate: Is there an easy way to use traditional plural translating in Zend_View?
jQuery handle JS form submit
Eclipse's 鈥渃reate method鈥�for XCode?
How to do GridView RowUpdating event
Delayed_Job - Rake jobs:work vs. script/delayed_job start - issue with route urls
One to One delete on cascade
putting a file of defines into an array
WP7 Live Tile text color?
Alternative to # pound sign hash tag for blank href?
android sync/download framework
CPP WINDOWS : is there a sleep function in microseconds?
Monitoring Memory and Processor usage on a specific process in Windows?
Padding in SSRS 2005
Directx10, instanced rendering, vertex buffer input
Inconsistency in my design of C++
Jquery - Having trouble forcing line breaks in string
MVC3 Add Controller Scaffolding Error - Unsupported Context Type
How can I control the naming of elements in a scaffolded list editor in MVC3?
Why is this code reentrant but not thread-safe
Can anyone help me with my pl/sql script to update/merge in the database
How to run a maven project/main class in netbeans without building first?
Looking for a tutorial on how to create an 鈥淎dd to favorites鈥�option using php and mysql
MSBuild batching is not working the way I was expecting. How can I fix it?
PHP cookies and sessions security for user accounts
Merging two different XML log files (trace and messages) using date and timestamp?
AT&F command , c# modem and phone line [closed]
PHP cookies and sessions security for user accounts
Merging two different XML log files (trace and messages) using date and timestamp?
AT&F command , c# modem and phone line [closed]
When should I call removeObserver:forKeyPath from within a closing ViewController class that is observing a persistant Model class?
TypeError: Cannot set property '0' of undefined
Adding Exported Type UTIs Programmatically for In-App Purchase
javascript animation: do I need nested setInterval?
AutoHotKey command to fix issue witih Visual Studio and Global Shortcut
Session info lost on BlackBerry (ColdFusion app)
Calculating factorial via DnC
Visual Studio OneClick publish from command line isn't generating proper directory structure
Make SQL Server use CHECK CONSTRAINT only on inserted or updated rows
Getting 鈥淚ndex was outside the bounds of the array鈥�exception
jQuery in ASP.NET User Control
passing strongly typed object (not the model object) as a parameter to controller action method from the view in ASP.NET MVC 3
UIImageView outlet in grouped UITableView
OOP - creating objects - how long does an object last?
Use of final in anonymous class [duplicate]
Shell script isn't logged in matrix project
Ajax always returns error even when succeeded
Why can I take the address of a string literal, but not of an integer literal?
sqlmetal.exe adding a namespace to the partial classes automatically
Suggestions to optimize a simple Scala foldLeft over multiple values?
Concatenate multiple rows in single rows in MySQL
OpenGL, GL_MODULATE and Multitexturing
Casting a Date matrix?
When compiling using -std=c99 do I need to use -pedantic or -ansi?
All EditText inside an alert Dialog are not visible
Sending localstorage date from a Phonegap app to a remote server
Error serializing for view state
Object pointer parameter cannot use accessor method from the same class as the object
Accurate gauging performance tests across environments
Need help compiling that example from OpenCV
Query result to array, then access in external javascript file
Browser not interpreting &quot character used in string built in JS
Embedding a text editor within another Eclipse editor
Move data from SQL Server to MS Access mdb
inline binding specification in jaxb
mvvm mapping model to data
Strip_tags or mysql_real_escape_string or add_magic_quotes in php
If my application frequently writes out huge files what would be the most memory efficient way of dealing with the files?
How to get the reversed route of a WebSocket in Play2.0
Javascript resize on every image load
Stop github from asking for passphase in bash file
How to load a .mat file and set the variable name in Octave or Matlab?
Testing ASP.NET Application from Attack
Select all except top N in MySQL
LinqToSql - Necessary to generate .dbml for each SQL Server version?
Apache Log4j Logging with specific timezone
How to filter objects by number of ForeignKey objects WITHOUT using raw SQL?
FB Like button on website generates a link on my FB page titled 鈥淗ome鈥� How do I change the name of this generated link?
MATLAB: Inverting a boolean value quickly
fancybox manual call to a specific target
CanCan has_many through, specific abilities
pass jquery value to php variable
Add attribute in in Javascript
Launch Custom Dialog from Alert Dialog - NullPointer error
Enter / return button not submitting form in IE
Oracle SecureFile
Can't set HTML using jQuery
Toggling play/pause not working
problems with compass importing sprites
how HDFS replication factor is decide on?
Notifying an admin of a new registration using Devise
How to variables from a textfile into a C# script
Turn my time into a timestamp php
Windows batch file IF failure - How can 30000000000000 equal 40000000000?
How to efficiently *nearly* sort a list?
js-shown elements aren't accessible for some time
UpdateProgress control inside a modal popup
@Id from a @GeneratedValue(strategy=GenerationType.SEQUENCE) concatenated with a String
Why is Spring component-scan finding XML files?
How to show last name of user in text field whose first name is selected in pop button, through bindings
GWT-suggestbox style
how do I submit a form in a WebBrowser control?
CoreData Update Database Leaving User Entries
Update CKEditor's CSS via JavaScript after instance is already created
Displaying Air Installer output in Windows Installer
Obtaining Yesterday In Bash
xsd validation code problems
Calling a function from Groovy Sql
Duplicate URL with Spring validation
Tableview records keep repeating and overlapping
Display file content in tabular format after clicking a link
how do I disable pam authentication for gitolite user
Is it a good practice to wrap a list into a collection class using inheritance?
Cocoa - is there a way to check in code if the device has GPS?
Find duplicate records in MySQL 2
HTML/CSS Beginner - Nesting <div> s within a <div> then applying positioning
trailing whitespace in Makefile variable
Mysql: tab link for different databases
Calling private method from a static method
Database connection in SAS using ssh tunneling
Updating jLabel and jTextField in a proper way
Using an enumeration as a template parameter
Parameterizing actions for Compositions
jQuery UI Accordion restrict clicking to certain part of header
How to add a progress bar in a drupal 6 upload file field in webform?
htaccess rewrite rules with mod_GeoIP
publish on friends wall but after obtaining their permission
jQuery UI Accordion restrict clicking to certain part of header
How to add a progress bar in a drupal 6 upload file field in webform?
htaccess rewrite rules with mod_GeoIP
publish on friends wall but after obtaining their permission
Passing a command line argument as target in Makefile
Remove cancel button in ABPeoplePickerNavigationController. Strange behavior in iOs 4.x
Changing colors in a template image
libclang: get a collection of method locations
disabling text on DataGridViewTextBoxColumn
How to enable mouse support in tmux/vim so it continues to work even after a ssh to a remote host
Displaying tree structure (parent-child nodes) in android app
.NET XmlSerializer and generic SortedSet properties
Hover, DIV fades in but not out
Insert a variable into SQLite database
Color property in CALayer subclass
Getting integer value from a ping command for script
Linking Wufoo to an external stylesheet without SSL
Is it possible to run Spring without an application server?
how to work with wp_enqeue_scripts in wordpress plugin
Magento: Same item, different prices in quote/order
Hibernate query: does a Set contains a certain Object?
Linq comparison. Unable to convert MySQL date/time value to System.DateTime
Polymorphic include on ActiveRecord classname issues
GPL and LGPL to Commercial [closed]
How to SelectNodes with multiple attribute crieria using XML in ASP classic?
Watir-Webdriver Window Switching Can't See Pop Up
ASP.Net vertical spacing on a ValidationSummary control
PHP/MYSQL - checking user identification from DB info
Duplicate Content in HTML Email Outlook 2007
POM missing for dependency <groupId>org.springframework</groupId>
Garbled exception when implementing UIPopoverBackgroundView subclass
MySQL Statement not echoing variable in while
How to test if a script is valid before including it
How to echo a variable in a variable PHP
SQL Server 2008 select top 100 defined by a variable
mysql server gone away (error #2006)
Logging in via iFrame doesn't work with IE9?
SessionId saved in SQL Server is different from the one generated from the runtime
How to change cursor image in ExtJS 4.1
how to create a data-mart
Initialize a struct which contains vector
Encoding issue when building with mvn
Stacking jquery tabs on top of each other
ItemClickListener not working
Javascript: Loop through unknown number of object literals
HTML Forms - Prewritten text
How can I make 'nowrap' 鈥渟ofter鈥�
Grails gorm: queries with map
How to use VBA to make a cell in Excel 2007 transparent
Not getting $fbme['email'] in the facebook $fbme object
The best way to implement a login page in iPhone app?
is is possible to install the source and javadoc jar to maven repository along with a single command `mvn clean all`
How to perform bitwise operations arithmetic in MS-ACCESS
iOS development using C# APIs
Is anyone utilizing Component-Based Development (UML Components by Cheesman and Daniels)?
C/C++ - evaluation of the arguments in a function call [duplicate]
Downcast instance using its type
jquery ajax web method works but unable to use data
How to access Http Post values in Action Method when posting using jquery
MIPS instruction set move vs add/addi 0 for storing values?
PreparedStatement to insert unknown amount of values with unknown types
Sequence contains no matching element, FirstOrDefault
Does Java 7 include a JAX-WS implementation or just the API?
WKHTML + Windows + PHP
KineticJS - on click event
Update text field border using Jquery and Ajax
How to use parameterless constructor with ninject di and winforms
Command line args from cmdline vs in IDE
Is dmPaperSize=DMPAPER_USER the same as dmPaperSize=0?
Apache httpd mod_proxy_balancer: broadcast to all cluster members?
OpenID, how to develop a provider
Mongodb with Python's 鈥渟et()鈥�type
Passing a structure appears to corrupt data
How can I perform face recognition using an eigenfaces value in OpenCV?
bind a custom object to a JMS MapMessage
Entity Framework Table Per Hierarchy restrictions
making httpwebrequest using proxy fails
Mongodb MapReduce for grouping up to n per category using Mongoid
Disabling Japanese IME through ADB shell
Ignoring while preserving line breaks in WPF TextBox
Olark callbacks
How to resize CIImage?
ios nsrange char from end
NSScrollView infinite / endless scroll , subview reuse
Click one of multiple buttons, put value in text input
To overload operator or make function (C++)
How to echo multi-line output from captured command?
Visual Studio error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol _fgetc_unlocked
Jersey + App Engine project launch error
The best way to save huge amount of financial tick data of forex
Touches in a UIWebView
Avoiding repeatedly allocating an Action object without a variable / member
Can not use Websphere WebSphereUowTransactionManager with Spring 3.0 on WAS 7.0
Colorize a greyscale texture in OpenGL ES on Android
Problems with running JUnit4 Parameterized test in Eclipse 3.6
redirect to
Ruby on Rails - Sphinx doesn't index data in Rspec tests
Xcode Unable to determine compile to use
Efficient way of finding item at index in array with joined count array
How to save autocomplete information (locally) for a form without redirecting/refresing the page
How to save autocomplete information (locally) for a form without redirecting/refresing the page
How to stop loading data again while using intent to navigate activity?
TFS Team Web Access - Users being asked for credentials (and rejected)
How do I convert a java.sql.Date object into a GregorianCalendar?
Loading rtf file to string to manipulate in C#
CSS transform: translate moves postion:fixed inner Div
Equal cell width after multiple columns are removed
concurrent access and free of a data structure
quint16 on qbytearray
Using Facebook PHP-SDK, how can I determine if a user has logged out of Facebook?
SQL No Dup (Distinct) on rows, but ignore one col
Issue with QLineEdit
Is it possible to set height and width of image which was assigned to a label dynamically
How to handle elements on top of a clickable area
Check file creator before loading to prevent tampering/corrupted data
reset a select box graphically
Animating Hide/Show
C++ errors while compiling titanium mobile 1.8.1 module for android on Windows
How to use CassiniDev.Lib without the timeout?
Python extract search results from
Conditional password validation in Rails
Cocoa IOSurfaces and synchronization with background task pulling frames via Quicktime
How to bind a boolean to toggle a Button's Click event
How to resize/enlarge a PriorityQueue in Java
Facebook fan page application [closed]
Android: Changing image inside for loop without locking UI
Zipping files in parts in C#
regarding extracting substrings from existing strings by following a given pattern
What are some of the best ways to optimize a Titanium app?
Trying to display a list of typographic glyphs using html/javascript
Android dev notepad tutorial exercise, annoying empty notes
Adaptable size for google maps embedded code - CSS/HTML
Can I pass a non-type template argument to an overloaded operator?
how to handle clicks in a List View (with icons)?
Why does ProvideFault catch my TimeoutExceptions?
Can I fix id number if it goes out of order? [duplicate]
How to maintain text formating while performing copy-paste action in powerpoint using vba?
How do 2D arrays in C become 1D arrays?
Rails 3.2 : validates_presence_of inherited model
IE < 9 issue with <li> menu click delegation in jQuery 1.5.2
Rails ActiveModel Attribute Type
Is it possible to use maven buildnumber plugin to generate build number without any scm check?
Displaying UIImageView in a subclass of UITableViewCell in cellForRowAtIndexPath
CSS span wrap with padding
Url rewrite in IIS 7.0
How to code UML class diagram which has association classes
SQL optimization issue
Why is this input value undefined with jquery
How do I scale to real-world units when generating printed output from a Cocoa app?
Why is an integer shown in console when object reference is logged there?
How to write linq query to prevent duplicates joins?
Null value in Mit-Scheme?
Okay to catch UnsatisfiedLinkError to fall back to a different DLL on a call to System.LoadLibrary?
Use .jar as type-map file
Android and playing SVG animation
Detect FQDN and URL REGEX MATCH (Javascript)
Creating an Activity with the same background than ICS settings / Preferences
CakePHP: Output data for 鈥淩olodex鈥�feature
Trying to connect to an SQL Server 2000 database through ODBC with C, problems on SQLConnect
How do I use a database to manage a semaphore?
Android Youtube Download mp3
OSGi path error with Jzy3d/JOGL (gluegen-rt not found)
mmap() of arrays or malloced memory
Catching an exception while altering a table in Oracle
Stop website publishing in DEBUG mode
Nested 鈥渇rom鈥�LINQ query expressed with extension methods
Java eclipse highlight missing brackets
Is there some functions like zip and fold in Perl?
Why does Visual Studio 2010 install components when I build a Visual Studio 2008 solution?
using Meleze.web with razor generator
How to pass `noconstant` or other options from wrapper program to inside `regress` call
false-/pseudo color coding for temperature
SqlDataReader and Dynamic Formating Read Data
Ruby on Rails 3: AJAX call not refreshing div with link_to
save html5 canvas output to my rails app
How to hide a stack of modal forms in .NET Windows Forms
MVC3 Dynamically add temporary columns to a ILIST - Best Alternative Method?
SQLStateConverter.handledNonSpecificException hibernate
Trouble running program in Eclipse - Classpath Error
Writing LLVM source files vs. using APIs
trying to select the last element of a navigation bar
Ensuring a prerequisite exists for a pattern rule
Show local html page with separate javascript file in a tab
What do the mod_pagespeed statistics mean?
C# - Is there some way to cast a generic collection?
Combine two queries into one in same table (same columns/different rows)
Qlikview V10.4 Threshold and Drill down issue
Cannot connect to .mdf database
Irrlicht in Eclipse, environment not working
Flex 3: List with custom item renderer with 鈥渮ebra striping鈥�style
Php with MSSQL display raw data from varbinary field
creating an emailable or printable document using an Android app
How can you open a file with the program associated with its file extension?
Using where condition in sql query
jquery mobile device orientation change not resizing text area
Add a line to a file section unless it exists
Wordpress - Echo Value in Query_Posts
Should global variables be avoided?
Error 鈥渇ile is empty鈥�when uploading images in WordPress
How to check if the declaration is 'extern' in GCC GENERIC?
How to check if the declaration is 'extern' in GCC GENERIC?
How to change default perl installation to the one installed by macports
鈥渢his鈥�is not what I think it is (from within a prototyped method)
Custom Item Template Wizard button click doesn't fire?
error when using realloc function
How to display the value of selected date from Jquey datepicker in @EditorFor
Using Test Users with FB Connect
Emailing All Users Who Commented On A Discussion Topic
PHP foreach & Run at certain time
Cannot use named anchors with Facebook tab link
paypal notify_url action to php script keeps on repeating itself
Get value from selected checkboxes (Checkbox array)
How to get the active window's title with AutoHotKey?
Remove Duplicate Records While Retaining One Record
CSS Selectors - If child class = ? then select the parent [duplicate] / Responsive Transition not responding
Flush MTP connection with Android tablet?
iText 5 header and footer
Auto implemented properties and serialization
Designing a near real time streaming backend
unable to get org.grails.plugins.wsclient.service.WebService in src/groovy?
Disabling content behind an in-page dialog in WPF
MVC Form Submit - Redirecting to an action that is not accessible from the browser directly
If dependencyManagement centralizes versioning of dependencies, what centralizes versioning of plugins?
How copy a table from webpage in VBA
SQL injection on django app
PostgreSQL CONVERT error
std::merge merging two std::vector coredump
I want to know the correct way to use db4o and ask whether it is good choice for my case
how can i create virtual microphone driver by using Java?
In MySQL, can I setup my table to automatically encrypt data as it is inserted
Performance Counter by Process ID instead of name?
Show different information in a view controller from a row in a UITableView
jQuery - add active to link if url is pasted to explorer window
WordPress - Pagination Not Working on Custom Loop
Abstracts classes and casting of managed objects
Conditionally merging two collections with LINQ-to-Objects
Dynamic Time Warping for geology time series, Matlab
Is there an easy way to convert object properties to a dictionary<string, string>
How to use platformRequest to call a website Url?
How is this python code reading the csv file? [closed]
Set a variable based on the #of a url 鈥�window.location.hash
How to deduce Network filepath from Nt filepath
sbt 0.11: Using a corporate maven repository
Access control and user information in main db
How do I add a 'TAB' feature in my custom wysiwyg editor?
Zend and Multidomain app
javascript Replace all ( and ) in s string
Add Markers From embedded Google Map
Receiving WM_MOUSEMOVE from child controls on MFC CDialog
What if there is a name clash even after using namespace?
Flash Object isn't displayed on the first time
Thin autostart with nginx (through rvm)
Where should I create the Unit of Work instance in an ASP.Net MVC 3 application?
Error Printing Foreign Key ID. Symfony2 Doctrine
Android design guidelines - List action button
How to display hidden table rows with radio buttons using JQuery
Data wrote using FileOutputStream disappear after restarting program
Fancybox add stylesheet to parent page
EditText setError is not staying on the box
The input value of false for FILTER_VALIDATE_BOOLEAN
Model.reset_column_information does not reload columns in rails migration
jQuery not creating links in IE/Chrome, works in Firefox
Is const double cast at compile time?
Working around ADO Error 3711: 鈥淥peration cannot be performed while executing asynchronously鈥�
Setting X11 window properties in Java
Android ANRs and XML layouts vs Java layouts
Query multimap index by Id - The field '__document_id' is not indexed, cannot query on fields that are not indexed
Visual Studio: Automatic COM registration with dependant DLLs outside Debug/Release dirs
Magento: what is table eav_entity for?
jQuery tooltip with links
.NET Client Application Services (Membership.GetUser())
Width of Browser minus 25%
Updating HTML data attribute correctly but changes not being displayed on page
Doubts about creating a 鈥渕ore games鈥漵ection with an UIWebView
How to properly position drawables on Canvas for supporting the most common phone screen sizes?
How to listen HTTP requests sent by WebView (objective c)?