Alternate method for dojo.xhrGet() method
Run bash scripts from JAVA and return the results
Printing widget in GWT
commandline argument parameter limitation
Is jquery.cookies hosted on the Google CDN?
ruby how can I remove non word characters?
RAX stores value or address of the arithmetic and logical solution?
Wamp 500 Internal Server Error
Internal applications - why not make everything public?
How to the excludeProperties working in struts2?
Getting length of NSMutableData
How do I show a circle when touched on android?
Ninject Custom AuthorizeAttribute Injection isn't working
How to allow auto-imports=鈥渢rue鈥�when we use Nhibernate 3.2's mapping by code?
Merging multiple datacolumns in .net
setting $this->data in a method then gets unset
MyBatis 3.x trying to read a collection and populate the objects
UITableView blank slate using NSFetchedResultsController
database/datamart best practice
How to play recorded scripts in UIAutomation?
Porting a Github repo to another language
StringBuilder.AppendFormat double quote issue
Aptana / Eclipse Support for 鈥渏s.erb鈥� 鈥渃ss.erb鈥�files
Out of memory error when merging large numbers of PDFs using Zend_PDF
connection with java embedded database
Unable to clone LibreOffice git repository
Can I pause the callback from within itself?
jQuery .is(鈥�visible鈥� works in Firefox but not Chrome [duplicate]
TSQL - Converting Geography data type column to a NVARCHAR
Remove dead code in JSP
Communicating with a USB driver
Why must I always 鈥淎dd Spring project Nature鈥�after Maven 鈥淯pdate Project Configuration鈥�in Eclipse?
Dynamically Adding Endpoints to a WCF Service hosted in IIS
Need a good freeware that will correct your VB once translated from C#
Automapper value type to SqlType conversions
Jpeg huffman coding procedure
How to remove Sheets form Excel sheet using JExcel
Error when writing filepath to app.config during windows service installation
cURL to traverse a login with many pages
Metro Xaml binding to DataContext.Object.Property not working
progress dialog not working
Indent JavaScript Code written in on line in notepad++ or else
imap_num_msg not detect forwarded emails
In X86 Platform, does the DMA operation mean to move data between MMIO addr space and system memory addr space?
selecting certain rows from R data frame
Codeigniter - Query returns 1 row even though there is no data to match
accesskey VS navigator keyboard shortcut
I would like to modularize Backbone.js views so that Javascript and Templates are located in the same file
ios substr from end
Trying to submit a form with live(), delegate and bind()
LotusScript: Invalid Key Value Type
How to add an image instead of text 'My Cart' in top link - Magento
Any difference between .innerHTML and .set('html','') in mootools?
how do I put a button on an image
How to embed a power point slide in android?
Why do these input fields fall down?
Importing ZXing project in Eclipse
Do Magento CE extensions work in PE?
How to programmatically attach with server instance through
A Route Assignment Program Algorithm
Triggering JQuery event on a checkbox inside of .NET repeater
Normalization and Design
Get list of installed DBMS
How to create an active-mq ExceptionListener?
How to prevent a postback call in a lightbox/modal
class inheritance java
SQL query does not give distinct value and other issues
How to change Android Window Manager/Activity Manager
Send php email from contact form
Solving puzzle with tree data structure
How to map URL form ServletAction Class
mySQL query to return last record for each table
mySQL query to return last record for each table
OpenGL Vertex Arrays and GL_TRIANGLE_STRIP drawing error
Refactor my data reader to work with multiple tables
Turn off HDCP copyright flag for the purposes of recording trailer
HTML Content to Right of Google Map
Drupal site profiling
Parameterization of facelet custom tag
Multiple named-pipe services with same end point name on the same machine
how to use validation controls in modelpopupextender
Can there be memory leaks in .NET? If yes, what are the best tool out there?
jQuery Reel breaks on IE7/8 with jQuery 1.7+
Streaming audio using Python (without GStreamer)
Order of fields in C/C++ structs
Regex to replace substring occurrences *only* when they are enclosed between begin / end brackets
Android Mail Reading With Javamail API
Label text appears as watermark in form input (HTC EVO)
Clearance + Shoulda Matchers not loading on RSpec
android webview open browser window from Javascript
Need to convert a simple number set to text with if, then, else in Crystal
Get NuGet installed dll's to travel to another TFS workspace
jQuery.Cycle plugin start at position
Adding text string to UITextField
PHP - Overloaded class function
Capture and replay keystrokes time critical
Fullcalendar: group events on the same day in a single event
Generate Javascript Array from Mysql select
MVC page content displays twice in same browser window
Setting next date to devexpress dateedit
Calling virtual method from destructor - workaround?
How to find a 2 unpaired elements in array?
Redirecting IP to CNAME Using IIS URL Rewrite
Bulk Insert of a txt file
java audio recording
typedef with CRTP doesn't work when inheritance is used
Advanced: Link aggregation, MPIO, iSCSI MC/S
Android - SSL/TLS and ECC (Elliptic curve cryptography)
What kind of bad things would happen if I implement class in javascript this way? [closed]
dotLess - mixin with selector beginning with tag name
Selenium 2.18.0 - UnhandledAlertException upon driver initialization, how can you handle it?
pass KML to Google Maps
Consuming an authenticated RIA Domain Service via JSONP
Scrolling in html table
address of this
Select row with distinct value and max date
logwatch for windows
passing a list from org spreadsheet to lisp function
How to move to the foot of the web page dynamically
Find length of varchar(max) column
What is 鈥渃ontext menu鈥�& method registerForContextMenu()
UIInterface orientation issues
UIInterface orientation issues
Common function / stored procedures for all databases
jsgauge - setValue gives Illegal invocation in Chrome
Draw on an image
HTML formatting with styles 鈥�Just give up and use tables?
add mkannotation on touch map
batch to copy files with xcopy
How to dynamically pass in data to search with jqGrid?
Development of a website all components necessary?
Trying to access the Visibility property to tell if sub report is visible
Mail can't be send: Relay access denied
Finding a Perfect Square efficiently
WCF Test Client cannot add service, cannot obtain metadata
HtmlAgilityPack - get all nodes in a document
LINQ Using Max() to select a single row
Special characters are input wrongly
BBEdit 鈥淔ind鈥�dialog
whois in java for Android
How can i test app with thinking sphinx with rspec?
Using datatables/webmethods in MVC
For programs with identical name in the same library list, how to actively control which one to get called?
ASP.NET MVC3 - Dynamic forms (ModelBind to a Dictionary<string, string> or NameValueCollection) - How?
How can I simply store URL data between UIViews?
python won't create thread?
Get month number from month name?
Canvas OO GameLoop Not Outputting
XML File Upload and Parsing via GWT
Getting indices of sorting integer array
What are the benefits of using MVC HTML helpers like ActionLink, BeginForm, TextBox, etc instead of the native HTML tags?
CKEditor setData makes the editor BLANK Firefox 9
Alarmmanager display toast at intervals
Optimising flot javascript in IE
Using executable file from SVN on a post-build event
Java: WebSocket server won't send data to client properly
Join multiple columns from one table to single column from another table
Adding facebook comments to my stand alone HTML5 web application - iphone 4 problems
FTP download to iphone on if newer on server
How do I properly provide attribution for a Creative Commons-licensed image (from Flickr) embedded in a web page? [closed]
How to divide the space between three columns with div tag?
Unobtrusive AOP with Spring.Net
SQL hexadecimal string comparison
Storing image data in indexedDB
Onclick event not firing on
Set multiple properties in a List<T> ForEach()?
Visual Basic find and replace any 鈥�not followed or proceeded by a comma with 鈥�
Serious problems in Configuring Android SDK with Eclipse
Drawbacks of embedding resources in binary as byte array?
cloog and ppl error (graphite-ppl.c) in GCC 4.6.2 installation
ActiveAdmin not sending password confirmation instructions
Backbone.js: can't decide best architecture for application
R.styleable not created in gen/R
Powershell and BizTalk
My app crashes when trying to get a String containing special characters
Android service runing in background and changing service logic through some UI, how to do that?
compiling objective-c code for ios app on Windows
Is there any way to see the actual command text of a parameterized SqliteCommand?
Comparing DateTime values in EntitySQL when starting with a querystring
How can I access a static resource under webapp from a JUnit test?
MySQL return only the rows which are numeric [duplicate]
Grouping components but with duplicate function
need to select atleast one checkbox using javascript
how do i use a function through iframe?
SOAP usage in iOS with touchXML
Is instruction pointer a program visible register?
Spacing between elements
Using boost spirit parser for in-line editing and autocompletion prompting
Best practice to avoid Blind SQL Injection Vulnerability in SQL Server - ASP.Net
full text search near not working
Is it undefined behavior to form a pointer range from a stack address?
Speed of LINQ to XML query vs Regex on large xml strings?
can I fake Request.IsLocal to be true for in office colleagues?
Javascript word counter issue
Is there a single key and multi value data structure in Java?
Perl date format transformations
Consise simple example of working with NSCollectionView drag and drop
lat lng distances automated from fixed positions to lan lng in database ( australia )
JavaScript SDK Facebook: Trouble With Init Script
Kindle Fire Permissions
howto change group ownership of directory with normal permission
How to clear cache of www - unity3d?
Look up and matching of string between 2 files
Erlang Get Sname Given Pid
ForEach TreeNode.Nodes Pulls Out Null Node
motion sensor, reading rotations
Android ListView Recycler freaking out, or do I fail?
single person tracking from video sequence
How to simulate resistance with the jQueryUI draggable?
Asp.Net CultureInfo switching: trying to avoid non postback calls
How can I save colors in array.xml and get its back to Color[] array
IE Document Mode has different defaults on different servers
How do we use the output of visualsearch.js?
Objective C - addobserver for UIView adding subviews?
Adding UIButtonTypeDetailDisclosure - Logic issue
Read and write to SQLite database from two different Java applications
php exec: does not return output
jQuery - Appending a div to body, the body is the object?
Arraylist - Set/ add method usage - Java
.NET Oracle SP call errors ORA-00604 and ORA-01001 when passing CTE-based cursor to application
Expand and hide a div on click and expand one at a time
Compare dates with current date in a GridView in ASP.NET
PDFLib.NET dll for .NET Framework4.0?
Simple <Html> fix. Confused and don't know what I am missing
SSL pages and non secure content in an iframe? (or node.js) and Cookies
Does EF4 always use a temporary key for newly added entities?
Pure css Chessboard with div & no classes or ids, is it possible?
Video Conferencing in ASP.NET, flash, silverlight
seam file upload to postgres bytea column 鈥�column is bytea but expression is of type bigint鈥�
My app icon removes from sidebar [closed]
jquery bug with this function
JSON for List of int
need to trim first 11 characters off a string in SQL
Change background color of row extjs4
How to start and stop a windows service on a schedule?
Print Migradoc document with MVC 3
How Can I update the Outer Control Height when Running an Animation on the content in that row?
Postgres: select data from parent table and all child tables
JDBC: jtds getString() returns doubles in scientific notation
Trigger Bulk Update without Cursor
combine two gesture raw files in android application
Most convenient integer type for processor
dygraph function - how to make zoom in at multipul graphs at the same time
XCode 4.2: Deleted Resources still referenced in project (red filenames)
JavaScriptException: (TypeError): Object doesn't support this property or method
SVG animate using HTML buttons
Setting up a subdomain with IIS 7
Clear example/documentation of how to use Google login for my web app
Android sample screens with their source xml code
Connect to Google Plus as a Page / Get pages the user administrates
Printig raw data EPL using Mono C#
IExpress 2 and bat file path
ABCPDF cutting off image
Eclipse Indigo update/android-plugins update are not working
How to pass a UIscrollview to be used by delegate class
Instance declaration in Haskell
How to get screen display metrics in application class
Warning: DOMDocument::loadXML() [domdocument.loadxml]: Premature end of data
Rails model talking to a REST service
grails createCriteria how do i loop over restrictions
Why runtime can not recognize string defined in 鈥渞es/values/strings.xml鈥�
Updating Visual Studio screws up Programs shortcuts
Java error (Cannot find symbol)
Zend_auth - Doctrine 2.2 - autoloading pbl
Converstion build error :: create template columns radiobutton dynamically in a grid view 2.0
How to Separate enterprise application into modules?
Regexp finding longest common prefix of two strings
Issue with modal pop up and download in gridview
Hashtable insert failed. Load factor too high. - asp.NET 4.0 MVC3
RESTful DCI contexts in Rails
sencha touch :: how to make a popup panel flip
sencha touch :: how to make a popup panel flip
Cloning Input Boxes
mootools - get height of iframe content
Yii, YiiMongoDbSuite and Labels in CActiveForm with an embedded Document Structure
CSS: Unique styling of a table
alertView textFieldAtIndex nil then if-condition passes anyway
Useragent parsing with Hadoop
Hibernate map different table with dynamic name to the same java class
CSS Selectors - First h2 in a table
鈥淭ransient鈥�properties in a PHP class?
SQL Server 2005 Business intelligence use 2 datasets one report
Android - How to get current user coordinates/location on demand?
Android: keep a TextView at the same locaton on a bitmap regardless screen type
namespace search in c++
iOS Ad hoc distribution - About Apple certificates
Require a specific minimal Java version for an Applet
PHP / Apache sh error permission denied on every request
How to download big video files using WebClient class
Where do I put the code for the like button on facebook on my facebook page?
How do I define constructor argument to take custom object with ninject?
backbone.js. Hide routing urls (in browser's url bar)?
PHP SoapClient SSL connection timeout error
make notification when clicking app bring to front
Trouble with Doctrine2 joined tables
Xml Serialisation
Android: Eclipse autocomplete does not work in xml files
Symfony2 - How to implement nested records and recursive functions into Entity Field or Twig Layout?
Faster dump load in Progress 9.1E
rails 3.1 : why isn't redirect_to initiating a file download?
PHP: Load content dynamically based on the link clicked on the previous page?
Flash Builder 鈥�Is it possible to view verbose build logging?
HttpUrlConnection Leaking Sockets with 鈥淐an't identify protocol鈥�error message: even after closing input stream and disconnecting socket
Error while using MYSQL C APi, due to passing of garbage value
Column xyz data to grid for plotting
Can entity framework be used with a connection string given at runtime? [closed]
Show/Hide elements in Zend views based on User Role?
One method for several buttons?
Using jquery how to drop down a menu items on-click?
Text Base User Interface Library for (C or C++) Windows?
integration testing spring service layer based on migrated data
Problems fading in and hiding div
How can I post JSON data in a way that results in a full page load?
SQL Search Query With Null and ''
Request Validation - how and why is it disabled in SiteCore?
How can I use the Facebook Credit Api to reward an user with credits?
How do I create a table with a two primary keys of two foreign keys?
Print a webpage with a watermark [duplicate]
How can I prevent iPad Multitasking Gesture from locking mobile web app?
How adjust the drawable in seek bar
Oracle: Convert xml entities in a varchar2 field to utf-8 characters
Variable name in EL Expression 2.2
Saving selected option onChange - HTML / Javascript
Which of these is more python-like?
Is there a way to convert a PDF into a password protected and encrypted one using iOS's Core Graphics?
Alternative to the 'or' keyword in PHP
In Blackberry package javax.microedition.amms.* prob
Problems when editing. Exe file sc_serv.exe shoutcast
Is it ok to check if params exists to evaluate outcome
Python logging and subprocess ouput and error stream
Apply dequeueReusableCellWithIdentifier to a bunch of UIImageViews not TableviewCell
Segmentation-fault with PyObject_Call() in shared library for iTunes
XML transformation grouping using XSLT2
InnoDB inserts very slow and slowing down
Inno Setup: Disable postinstall checkbox with CLI flags
Facebook iOS SDK: how to get user's Facebook status?
Getting a System.ArgumentNullException when trying to use linq to Umb [closed]
Ejabberd performance issues [closed]
Trouble Deploying App From Tomcat to Sun Java Web Server 7鈥nd I'm a .NET guy :(
GWT FormPanel does not submit the session ID after updating on GWT version 2.4.0
Customizing UISegmentedControl in iOS 5
Magento Custom Router loading controller but nothing else
NSTask to retrieve the output of an external command stopped woking on Lion
gridview selected value
Open Source Node.js (and Express) projects [closed]
asp .net/click once application issue
CKFinder external 鈥渂rowse server鈥�button
unable to get the cross domain json response using script tag proxy
preg_split in unicode mode: delim_capture not working?
Can I use an atk4 Model for this?
Spring Batch: starting a job from within a Spring MVC contorller WITH A NEW THREAD
String.replaceAll for multiple characters
Yii relation failing with indexes > 5
When using subclipse over ssh is there a way to not enter my password so much?
Add dynamically a Fragment on my Activity
How to get ip adress and port in web service
Stateful bean injecting stateless bean, will they both use the same instance of EntityManagerFactory?
Delvering a modified database from the local env to the production one
Persistent flag that user is on facebook?
p:commandLink actionListener is processed for each row of p:dataTable while rendering the page
how to set callback url for generating keys
How to include a php file in a class function which it's gonna change its page type (CAPTCHA)
Projection and clipping issue?
How to add admob within a relativelayout
How to parse the hashed arguments (with # instead of ?) in url in GAE with python?
Windows batch command to ignore some file lines?
鈥淥ptimizing鈥�access to cursors in Android: Position vs Column names
find the even value li from a DOM in jQuery
Using https In Java Soap Service
Tell if a Drive is a partition or a separate HDD
How to write attribute that catches exceptions and removes stacktrace?
In what form may JavaFX 2.0.2 be redistributed?
Best Email Marketing API Recommendations [closed]
How to parse filters in inclusion_tag
AspectJ compilation with maven throws java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/aspectj/bridge/IMessageHolder
How to render in-memory HTML code to an image?
Resize iframe until there is no scrollbar(fit content)
Sample on NamedPipeServerStream vs NamedPipeServerClient having PipeDirection.InOut needed
How do I detect clicks on links [closed]
curly braces when define array
Galleria Images smaller than stage
Differences between cl_khr_fp64 and cl_amd_fp64?
Mustache javascript: how to handle with boolean values
Can't get PIL to support any images
getPixel on Android 2.3
How to enable Save and SaveAs actions for an editor which extends FormEditor class
Persistent connections to IBM DB2 multiplying out of control
How can I avoid ClassCastException being thrown when tree filtering with a custom AST node type?
Html button click doesn't submit form data
javascript crash after multiple runs
extracting and changing data in a trx (xml) document
Regular Expression match ID in ClientId
tableView objects get property of other objects - how to work around it?
How do I get the form value that caused the 鈥淎 potentially dangerous Request.Form value was detected from the client鈥�in MVC?
JTextPane : How do you update it after adding it to a layout?
Pass JavaScript/JSON array to MVC 'GET' Method
explain some simple C bitshifting code?
Server required for a Facebook application?
Tf changeset latest with a different login
How to access data field of a JSON request send by Flex client in JAX-RS
git merge confict with .class file
How can I open modal view without loosing data in target controller?
performSelector with a few parameters
CUDA 4.1 problems
How do I use jQuery to remove the last ` 路 ` from the my code
Guidance on how to structure models on a node.js server?
HTML data-* tags in non HTML 5 document
What is the simplest secure way to authenticate users via AJAX?
bash syntax error report format (basic)
Server-side getting dom properties (height of element)
How to save PictureBox Image to SQL in VB.NET ( Windows Form )
same named struct(class) with different variables
Best way to find values in range
How to print the position
javascript load content into div error:0
Accessing listview item
USB gadget device
PHP - Grabbing every 4th value from serialized data
Setting namespace for stdClass object in PHP
Should I prefix my setter method with 鈥渟et鈥�if it does something more than just setting a value?
How to use a String in C++ Inline Assembly code?
How to use a String in C++ Inline Assembly code?
DRY in ROR routes description
How can I change an image using javascript (jQuery & iviewer) by adding 1 to the img src incrementally?
Lock-free Shared Memory in C++ for Variable length Records
How to make an Android application work only for some trial period [closed]
T4MVC support for Portable Areas
Casting Boolean To Int
how to check if an ImageView is attcahed with image in android
Python mysql are prepared statements enough or do I need escape_string()?
Linq query that results in one field in parent entity being a collection of child entities
Can one make a default template for new query windows in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) on a per server basis? [duplicate]
How do I display text in a gtk widget without using a textbox?
Workflowy + iCal integration
remove fragments in a sentence [puzzle]
C: Sorting a pointer structure array by pointer key
target after php call
Interpreting Weibull parameters from survreg
Passing value from controller to layout
queue rich:autocomplete change events before sending them to the server
jQuery $.when() .then() not working for me
Zend Framework memcache session save handler and using existing session
What's the best method for creating 鈥渢est鈥�database content in >= Rails 3.2.0?
MySQL C++ connector MySQL_Prepared_Statement::getUpdateCount error
Sqlite in HTML5? - Android Webview
TypeText is typing wrong
Non-SQL module setup script (Magento)
error application when show map
Property can retain an autoreleased object?
PHP Exec() Using Sed Gives Strange Results
jquery mobile dynamic listview cell height
objective c Facebook Logout
Redirecting standard error out
MySQL - is it possible to update only part of value from current column?
mutliple conditions on single switch case [duplicate]
How to get all values from this XML in SQL
Lazily creating isolated storage
ssl certificate chain
need a warning about overriding a function with const parameter
expressionegine matrix plugin check if field is empty
What's the difference between jQuery.bind() and jQuery.on()?
Android: Unable to cancel repeating alarm
Fast algorithm to find the x closest points to a given point on a plane
How to retrieve value of attribute in xml datatype based on parameter name in SQL Server 2008 R2?
assembly numbers to ascii
Grails GORM: groovy maps
iOS 5: Input placeholder doesn't clear on focus, only on input, bug or feature?
How to use MultiPiece
Life span of a battery
how do i configure my android emulator to start running in intelij?
htaccess redirect with variables
Is this the max memory I can reserve for a process?
HTML: fixed and variable width of tds
Odd Perl 'dictionary' sort behaviour
Using ant and netbeans how can I generate a UML diagram
How to save object to file on button click in java [closed]
iReport - Dynamic images or image height
Abstract Properties with a foreign key in Entity Framework 4.1?
iPhone : How to sync data with the web-service when internet is reachable?
Netbeans / Eclipse for Spring 3.1
Block submit form for 2 field with invalid date
Text changed signal for Text View widget in GTK3
Radio Button List with Knockout.js
How do you manage translations for your Android app?
Svn 1.7 - How to switch working copy to relocated repo when working copy has non-existent revision
Linkedin API to get public data
How do I go about upgrading jQuery in my project?
Grails URL mappings
Validation of viewstate MAC failed 2 servers
Developing a client-server database app using VS 2010 Professional [closed]
mysql group by and having clause getting error
No mapping found in DispatcherServlet without using extension
Cant find the solution to fix this error - vb.NET, mvc, web
django-haystack: object has no attribute 'Indexable'
Scrum / Rally - dealing with unfinished or abandoned tasks
Pass ASP.NET authentication ticket to & from Appcelerator Mobile App
create intellij project and modules programmatically
Messed up rendering of rounded corners in IE9
$_disableLoadDefaultDecorators and ZendX_JQuery
How do I set cookies using Python urlopen?
Error Template Layout
Getting a bank rss feed into my mysql database with php?
text does not display on text area backbone/rails
Datagrid Row double background
how to build ios app with xcode for other certificate/store-account
LEDA library installation
Replacing media source (http with rtmp) in MediaElementsJS based on browser capabilities
Test telnet communication on remote computer using
Ensure that table cell widths are respected
MVC 3 Model passing to the defined section
鈥渋nstance鈥�part is not deleted by buildout when switching to 2 Plone instances using buildout section extension
API library decoupling approaches?
Chain a js action on form displayFieldError
Android: Arranging database list ascending and descending
Accessing MySQL built-in functions using Codeigniter
Posting related entities in WCF Rest
cross table subtraction with a 鈥渨here鈥�clause
Netty Load Balancer
How to set 2 domains on 1 website?
Gated Checkin build ignores [SuppressMessage] in source
Student Progress card Application with JQM & PHP - How to pass a List item variable to another page?
Spotify Developer API on Blackberry QNX
Can anyone explain the design decisions behind Autolisp/visual lisp to me?
Command line with parameters
Change all SQL Server Columns From BigInt to Int
Changing bit format on a Windows mobile device through direct draw APIs
jQuery: Stop repeating animation on multiple rollovers?
.NET Lock Performance Counters Difference
Where are FoneMonkey saved scripts stored?
Mybatis caching and concurrent modfications
Check if point is on line in Java Swing
architecture and design for building configurable applications
Globalization/CultureInfo in Android
jQuery: What is this structure?
Sugesstion for a multilingual site using Joomla
How to change multiple input values with javascript loop
Flex graphic editor - samples open source projects
Add Automation ID to binded combo box items
Parsing text to array in PHP or jQuery
resolving to a global
Compressing data stored in mysql
Detect duplicate MP3 files with ID3 tags?
PHP, Fatal error: Call to undefined method. But method is defined?
Known Tomcat 6.0 and JDK 1.7.0_02 issues?
How to make scrollable row in eclipse?
Quickest way to serialize a DataSet in a SQL Server table
Procedurally generating a building interior for a 2D platformer [closed]
Adding image to Tableview
How to run servlets in eclipse
Search for a YouTube link in twitter feed?
DOM - preferred way to access a select's value?
Which of this version is more performant on jQuery?
Setting Objective-C instance variable values
calling ssis package from stored procedure without using xp_cmdshell
Private vs. public API
How to merge 2 completely different tables? [duplicate]
Game Center: ensure badge shows for app in iTunes
PHP: DOMNode::appendChild to an array of Elements
Is there a Jquery plugin for wheel lottery?
which java jdk to use?
Return multiple coloumns from two diffrent tables using Linq
What is maximum limit of items in ssrs 2005 multi-value parameter
RavenDB LINQ Query no longer works with new stable build (#616)
PyQt4: disable deleting widget after setCentralWidget
Where can I find a list of escaped characters in MSIL string constants?
JQuery Dragging stops working
Giving domain user RetainIndefinitely permissions through tfssecurity
Where to keep dictionaries in app using Dependency Injection
Making a performant nested flex list component
How to split tasks between CI Tool (like Jenkins) and a build script (Ant or Maven)? [closed]
CakePHP saveAll() method only saving the last element of the passed array [closed]
Placing Labels on the left side of a CheckBox in ActionScript
Android: Sending / Receiving data between two systems
calling methods in object oriented php
Javascript - way to convert align= into float:
Difference between Symbols and Vars in Clojure
How to ban a user permanently from using my website?
<include/> tags in arrays.xml
Convert char[] arrays to String
Comparing the latest record to previous record in postgresql
Confusion regarding SEO friendly PHP links
How to make logo only H1 on homepage in magento
How to disable the Scientific Float notation in android application
How use JQuery/Javascript to scroll down a page when the cursor at the top or bottom edge of the screen?
How to handle Email on Google TV
Hide only the default controller name from the URL
ASP.NET MVC 3. Avoid generating 'System.Web.HttpException', in calls to partial views
Array of Integers Comparing Integers VB.NET
How to change panel width when panel's width is already binded to a Storyboard
Simple PHP / cURL caching
Command not found
Fast and dynamic autosuggest using JQuery and flat files in JSON format
WebBrowser not displaying content
鈥淧WC6345: There is an error in invoking javac.鈥�error when using Jetty WTP plugin to deploy a JSP page on Jetty
Google Maps, PHP & MySQL: Create multiple markers on map using various options together
Php: loop breaks when call a method inside a while in a class
XCode 4.2 MainStoryBoard Not Found
java, regular expression, need to escape backslash in regex
Run Time Error : Can't create handler inside thread that has not called looper.prepare()
Restoring default keybindings in Eclipse
How can I stop QTMovie from freezing the UI of my app?
Segment Selector in IA-32
CRM 2011:How to hide the ribbons according to security role using javascript?
Get reference to calling object in jquery autocomplete
Can't Eclipse update my pom.xml dependencies automagically (e.g. like bundlor does with MANIFEST.MF)?
Custom video player on Facebook wall
CSS3 Transformation while scrolling
Need to write a service/daemon for Symbian/S60 in Qt
LPD6803 led with FastSPI_led library
In mongo shell can't find collection elements, but they were saved and loaded via Java driver
diff current working copy of a file with another branch's committed copy
initializing objects once in WCF
How to disable onclick and scrollbar of listview inside gridView
How can I post via WordPress admin UI with my custom form?
how to stop maven build using checkstyle
Can't dismiss keyboard
Error in Loading TableView
Is it possible to get the url from a link clicked in an iframe?
Add IBAction to a button in a custom UItableviewCell
Android App SSL Decryption
How can i turn off certain usb port
Is it possible to get the url from a link clicked in an iframe?
Add IBAction to a button in a custom UItableviewCell
Android App SSL Decryption
How can i turn off certain usb port
Can I read Excel files using the OleDbConnection Excel ACE Driver from a non-seekable System.IO.Stream rather than a file?
Migrating tables in pure SQL
jQuery framework for building prototypes
iOS - How to show a bar under navigation bar?
Powershell: Extract text from a string
UIAScrollView's scrollToElementWithName() not working
How to program an android service which identifies my home wifi to turn on voip
javascript clearTimeout isn't working from a child page
Cacls, Windows 7, full permissions, local names
T-SQL: How to Select Values in Value List that are NOT IN the Table?
Looking for correct sql syntax to add default values to existing table
Digital watermarking for jpeg/png
Email Form to specific email addresses based on values selected in MultiSelect Box
How to Programatically Tab Switching Using Views?
The application runs in the debugger mode, the debugger won't connect
Best way/algorithm to find out if a string consists of only a given set of characters
backbone.js click event spy is not getting called using jasmine.js and sinon.js
Android: a component for background processing that has to be started manually
c# tpl, problems with continuewith 鈥淐alling thread cannot access object because different thread owns it鈥�
My app freezes only in iOS 4.3.5
Android silent post to Facebook
How to generate a static snapshot of a page in Rails?
鈥淭he prefix 鈥漻liff鈥�for element 鈥漻liff:g鈥�is not bound鈥�
Remove all comment (single-/multi-line) & blank lines from source file
Accessing session in Sinatra Middleware
How to make numbers not repeated in a random number generated app in C++?
Proper way to delete GLSL shader?
CodeIgniter undefined index when selecting from DB
Update a table for datediff
Putting large text in Texblock and ScrollViewer
JQuery to load external pages in DIV
R lists - deleting multiple entries to create a new list
Delete all files inside a folder but the last?
Javascript executiontimeis veryslow - Chrome
Making ItemsSource treat a collection as a single item, rather than iterating over it?
Compliance Mode and overriden methods
Haddock hyperlinks and without warning about redundant imports
How to get coordinates using abbyy mobile sdk for iphone
Visual Studio 2010 issue around global::System.Exception
JSON to NSDictionary to NSArray give me empty NSArray ? :(
How can I write this coffeescript so it doesn't refresh my page?
Reading spaces in C
the ruby source code generated by rails
How to pass one COM class instance as a parameter to another COM method in C#?
Fast mouse movement on jQuery dropdown menu
Access profile images of the people from their twitter account in Android
鈥渓ine fusion鈥�in oracle
Retrieving categories for a specific subject from DBpedia
Converting array to single variables [duplicate]
No records return when the value being pass in parameter is from Function
iphone image picker result url
Objects relationship in a list?
How to use Gdk# library in C# (mono)?
iOS tableview: Grouping rows into sections
gem with multiple requires in gemfile
creating html tags using php but is there a way to avoid it in this scenerio?
Print decimal in 8086 emulator
jQuery Google News Style
iPhone CAKeyframeAnimation doesnt update position property?
PHP Arrows, Java Equivalent
android equivalent to PHP's function explode()
Page tab app, redirecting user back to restricted page on authentication
SQLAlchemy equivalent of Django ORM's relationship-spanning filter
How to find out what parts of the physical memory contain data/instructions of what processes?
Get Attribute info with generics
How to add onfocus to a z3c.form input
How to get images with respect to the selection of custom Localization?
PHP and Javascript image editing?
Scala parser combinators: retrieving the original string that the parser consumed
how to disable acrobat reader contextmenu in Wpf?
TCPDF: Get total number of pages / find out if it's the last page
PHP: change time format 15:30:00 to 3:30PM
How to disable automatic syncing of a Store in ExtJS
how to parse string containing negative number by j2me api?
set cache image as contact photo
PHP mod rewrite can't work correctly [closed]
鈥減fctl -s state鈥�output explanation
NHibernate decimal based UserType precision and scale
pipe stdout and stderr to two different processes in shell script?
Error in installing Azure tools in VS 2010
jquery input number [duplicate]
How to map inheritence in JPA with more that one sequence?
sencha Touch chart: Applying gradient color to line fill
How to store large amounts of data on iOS in a PhoneGap app?
Convert value/pair list (simple array) into JSON with properties using PHP
TFS configuration for many web application and one library
CSS styles defined in <head> not being applied?
DataModel must implement org.primefaces.model.SelectableDataModel
Call WPF Windows from COM within a Delphi App
SMS send is not working on real device?
after adding another subdomian the pages for sub domain are giving error
How can I add some randomness to populating this list?
Forcing App to Navigate to a specific view within AppDidBecomeActive
persisting data members with private accessibility
Weird false-positive of javac data flow analysis
Drupal 7 fields - only editable by specific roles - how?
Array merge on key of two associative arrays in php?
Code for sending email in C++
How to handle special characters in SQL Server fulltext search?
Convert to CPS (Continuation Passing Style)
Android Extra Project Eclipse - NoClassDefFoundError- Not on every computer
How to Populate a silverlight chart WP7
Jackson: how to prevent field serialization
Android: How to extract some datas from the server webService response with ksoap2
Flush out all variables in php
how to get path to executable in C running on Windows?
Core Data, can't save context
Cakephp hasmany, belongsto associations help needed
What are files located in *.jar/META-INF/*.*?
Make a slide show on iphone app [duplicate]
How do I draw a label on a loop in tikz
Background process in Rails 3
Haskell character encoding
Passing a complex function variants as arguments
Rich Faces: Is it possible to set the look of output text like input type password?
Maintain VoIP socket on WiFi reconnect, and device restart (iOS)?
Bug in Django querySet?
running $.ajax with fancybox, cant close window on success
foreach change last element [duplicate]
Apply fadein effect to tooltip?
Application subclass gets deleted on 鈥淎ndroid Tools鈥�>Export
Gtk treeview to fit contents
<col> width returns 0 for IE and Chrome
How to initialize an EJB's EntityManager in a JUnit test?
ConcurrentDictionary and visibility
How to make the Datatype indicator at the right of a TextField disappeared when clicking the left or right arrow keys?
Multi page windows phone application
Gridview: Loses OnItemClickHandler
MoveFile() is not working [closed]
jQuery to read xml from different domain
iOS Application Languages on AppStore [closed]
Resize image when control is resized c#
Embed Interop Types to false that Does Not Work
Is a composite index row created for an entity if one of the properties is missing?
ruby could not come after coffeescript in for ajax response
Get Businesses list or store list around given Latitude and longitude?
Swiping in Coco2d
How to easy setup a simultaneous scheduled task? Cron Java
cannot pass query string values for rewritten URLs
How do I install in-house requirements for Python Heroku projects?
ORLite: Why do I get the error-message 'Can't locate object method 鈥渃reate鈥�via package鈥�
What is the best way to know if a string is a long or a Guid?
what is meant by security strength of random number?
link press using keys in jquery
Redirect Loop on images when using CDN's redirect in .htaccess
Erlang trouble using otp logging
How to convert Calendar to Date in java?
Assuming an array of 'bool', can 'a[n] == (-1)' ever be true?
Change layout in the controller of Zend Framework 2.0
incorrect alert is being displayed
Why I cant print value of the address 0?
Symfony2: Retrieving user credentials from test config
Converting ULARGE_INTEGER QuadPart in to millisecond
Android Intent action/reciever help please
Add CClayer with a frame on top of another CCLayer?
How does Visual Basic 6 convert integers to booleans?
Do you need permission to build an Android version of an iOS app? [closed]
How can I determine programmatically whether the user has set their Mac to 鈥渟et date and time automatically鈥�
HttpHostConnection Exception
How to use Same object of Custom Database Header in Delegate & Controller files?
Converting Apache htaccess rewrite condition to nginx
What is the difference between Computer Architecture and Computer Organisation? [closed]
Yii - jQuery not working after renderPartial
jQuery UI popup customization and css layout
How to get the progress of soaplib exposed function?
voice recognition in android for send email
Where to submit CSS feature requests [closed]
get and set <env-entry> from remote client
Sql update Query [closed]
ABAddressBook external callback not called in iOS
jquery ui tabs in wordpress homepage
PHP - Require_once inside a class construct
Google IO Rest design pattern, Finished ContentProvider and stuck now
Working around group by - SQL Server
If I change my PHP session.save_path to anything but /tmp, I get very strange errors
Should an ObjectContext in a static method be disposed?
Is it possible to use unicode characters with ruby/tk?
Using Java Compiler API to compile multiple java files
execute firefox profile from delphi with environment variables
IIS Session leaks / loses values 5% of the time
LINQ to Entities - get all related entity field into a string
How to grows up a div height with a table that has your rows added dynamically?
Exist's someting like execSQL() but for select sentences?
OOP-Design: Interface-Methods with implementation-dependent parameters
Convert a unicode object to a latin string with entities
How do I import classes in dll files from MSVC to Qt?
Bash completion doesn't work for MSYS bash. Regex syntax error
What is the name of '->' in PHP?
How to create multiple div tags
ReferenceEquals working wrong with strings
Is there a better performing alternative to Oracle's own ODBC driver?
Delete from access database based on selected item in databound combobox
How can I serve a particular classpath resource at a given address using embedded jetty?
Passing constants to predefined blocks with CruiseControl.NET preprocessor
C++ Determine type of member function pointer template constant
Compiling mex files with C++ through matlab: header files are not accessible
i can't display the list in a dialog with setMultiChoiceItems in Android
Update ASPX/ASCX assembly references when auto-incrementing assembly versions in TFS builds
Joining & Transposing multiple Lists using LINQ
how to use sudo command without password in cocoa
Using lots of mixins with self type
What are the limitations of Django's ORM? [closed]
background image repeat error in resize
Is there a way of finding out what would my orientation have been?
Centralizing CloudStorageAccount and TableServiceContext instances
Get instantiated UIElement of ContentTemplate from TabControl
Bayesian networks in Scala
Create object at runtime based on SqlQuery executed
ios5 - passing data from one app to another app
Powershell - Using a .htm file as the body of an email
foreach loop faster than array operations?
Noob enquiry regarding UIPickerView
Getting text on caret position
Django - Granting custom permissions to a user
Custom MVC AuthorizeAttribute for WCF Web API Preview 6
Powershell Select-String and then obtain data on returned files
Cannot hide context menu made by jeegoocontext
Binding nested objects and DataAnnotations
How do i use libavfilter to deinterlace frames in my video player software
ViewPager fragments, not attached?
Messy self-join Mysql SELECT
jQuery ColorBox pluging within an UI accordion header
Returning the control back from the JIT debugger to the application
theme_update in ggplot
Django ManyToMany filter
Resolve Jboss data source configuration issue
Searching a custom tableviewCell
LinqToSql DataContext cache and memory usage
Android how, do I add instructions and screen captures to my install process [closed]
Multiplying a string in F#
Warning: DOMDocument::load() [domdocument.load]: I/O warning : failed to load external entity
ActionBar Tabs weight/width
Struts 2 - Persist property value for redirect action
Choose option from select list using next/previous button with jquery
pthread_cond_wait unlocks mutex attached with it. source code?
Upload(Browse) image/video files on webview
mono develop: Assembly 'System.Deployment' not found
Need a good JavaScript uploader [closed]
How to terminate eclipse plugin programatically
ICU BreakIterator with Japanese
Perl regexp how to negate a part
Rails 3.1 asset pipeline CSS manifest.yml
Select records where date not in table of multiple date ranges SQL Server
Michael Hartl's book differencies between Rails 3.0 and Rails 3.2
ASP.Net Accessing Masterpage properties from a custom class
What are the 'intended' WCF web service consumers?
jgesture is not working in phonegap
Getting an element from XSL that creates HTML, from Javascript
Finding a file's path
non-recursive predictive table-driven LL(1) parser in functional programming
Date format in gridview [duplicate]
JQuery Maths - not 100% sure how to manage what i need
Referencing a shared dependency version - what is the best practice
jQuery change hidden input type to textarea
jQuery UI slider goes to -1 even if the minimum allowed is 0
Why doesn't this object reference work?
How to open new ppt document
Business Objects - Business View - Merge Databases
Apply action to a span not a link?
align the website to vertically middle to the browser
Could not verify whether account has right permissions while configuring test agent tfs 2010
Spring template Hello world project does not work
zoom a div tag in UIWebview
Find if address is between two addresses [closed]
How to Rename a File from English to Other Language?
Displaying the AllItems.aspx as a Web Part?
Localization for CONVERT
OnLoad event when child RadWindow appears (or reappears without reload)
Persistence errors using @GeneratedValue for primary key
Consuming an XML API in CakePHP
Rails Folder Structure comparison from earlier versions
ASP.NET MVC - GridViewEditingMode.PopupEditForm doesn't show
browser menu selection using selenium
UIButton background VS UIButton imageview.view
How to asynchronously wait for x seconds and execute something then?
SSRS 2008: How to define Table/Tablix style without wizard?
How to select li from ul having only one class in jquery
How to cast object in Python
Facebook not updating cache
using datasource with CheckedListBox and all items selected
Stopping the monitoring of the event log
object reference through variable, like: $object->$ref
Java - Generate New Filename for New BufferedImage Files
Cell Broadcasting in iPhone
I changed gravity but button position is same
Multiple EditText - specify the cursor's location
Manually calculated field in hibernate POJO
valuechangelistener does not populate values in text box
fetching mysql content
Iterating through keys in Redis
How to make inputs a required field based on dropdown Select value
obtaining response charset of response to get or post request
Error with AVAudioRecorder record
Extended WPF toolkit DoubleUpDown IsEnabled trigger changing background not working
passing variables in 'bind' trigger
(HttpConnection) with touch phone
How to reduce number of documents to be sync from a mongo DB
How to count data where sum is greater than x
ASPXAUTH cookie not getting generated
What variable is assigned to Stdout in batch?
Where is the AutheticationService class in Primavera 8 Web Service
Confusion about how attributes work in UML Class Diagrams
Explain Haskell empty import list ()
python capturing environment variables from proxy
Rendering to a specific area marked by DIV while scrolling in Firefox
Android : Push Notification via C2DM
Strange StretchBlt behaviour in right to left mode
Facebook embbeding Iframe on friends wall
regarding jquery slideout div
how to move next tab menu using button in lwuit?
Referencing assemblies only at design time in WPF (Visual Studio and Blend)
Several balls in a limited square and don't collide with each other
IIS7 URL Rewrite rule for service versioning scenario
How do I access a private variable in a public function that is overridden in the public function
Enabling Aero Glass in custom-drawn window title (WM_NCPAINT, DwmSetWindowAttribute)
How to generate a PKCS12 (.p12) from a .SPC (code signing certificate) and .PKCS12 (private key)?
How to place an instance of my windows form on each monitor of a extended desktop [duplicate]
Escaping single quotes
Mock method that is imported into the module under test
how to export a jasper report with bar chart to a html file
Syntax differences between OpenCL compilers [closed]
Repeating 2d world
What taxonomy for variables do you use? [closed]
DisplayMemberPath property of combo box not working as expected with source being a dictionary with custom key
Match cell value from two sheets and paste where the value is met, starting from one cell below
Request bigger than 4k
Different View for Landscpe and portrait
Programmatically identify django many-to-many links
Creating a master table with two child tables linking one-to-zero-or-one with EF 4.1
how to add file attachement in PHPMailer?
remember column width, position and (in)visible
ElementTree findall() returning empty list
PHP- preg_replace on hex char
Java: Splitting CSV file that contains multiple lines
How can we re-initialize a thread without killing it?
Is this .NET Framework bug with Me.Top?
jQuery remove options except current
pick rows from one table but where statement condition is in another table
Django template inheritance breaks site layout
Is this possible through javascript?
Button redirect not working
Read Pixel values, then compare and set to corresponding value
Sqlalchemy: How do I set key length of a multi-column primary key?
How to add context sensitive help text for custom functions in eclipse
bind textblock to current listbox item in pure xaml
Sqlite database lifecycle? It is deleted when the app is closed?
How to add context sensitive help text for custom functions in eclipse
bind textblock to current listbox item in pure xaml
Sqlite database lifecycle? It is deleted when the app is closed?
NSOperation with dependency not being executed when added to NSOperationQueue
SensorManager.getRotationMatrix gravity parameter or accelerometer parameter values in android?
Cocoa - Loading a video for display
What is the Lift-way to convert Box[Elem] to LiftResponse?
bpython configuration - importing numpy and matplotlib by default
numbers into group?
Pattern for configuring placement of graphic objects
Serialize and store large objects in SQL Server using the SqlFileStream
Using VBA to send url to an active IE window
Searching wordpress themes
How to call onDraw() of a class extending GLSurfaceView?
What does navigator.gelocation accuracy relate to?
mysql SELECT IF statement with OR
Red ribbon instead of messageboxes - silverlight?
How to get exactly the id of the last inserted record in mysql?
kind of iterator_to_array for a recursive iterator to get a bi-dimensional array
RSS Feeds replacing characters?
Problems with sorting in XSLT 1.0
parse a header file to find function name
CodeMirror content shift
Dynamic case when
how to show the timer in incrementing way in android text view
Is there any way for eclipse to recognise projects created in the file system?
JQuery Toggle works on first click but not again (as expected)
google maps api multiple markers with info windows