Marquee for LinearLayout
MySQL: command line vs phpMyAdmin
on actual iOS device Admob not working for iOS apps while it works in simulator
Binding GridView with List of Strings
Applying all jquery ui-interaction-states to all jquery ui-widget-content
Html5 Canvas Line Join doesn't work with thin lines
Granting permissions in Liferay Document library
How to store Nested Array/JSON string in .plist file?
two scripts doing the same thing
Render .NET HyperLink as text only
program received signal EXC_BAD_ACCESS in Xcode
subclipse and subversive in parallel
NSFileManager contentsOfDirectoryPath returning empty
error C2678 using std::stringstream when migrating to VS2010
How to retrieve value from existing database using phonegap in android
Information and the difference between Loacal Area Networks and Personal Area Networks
Unable to Use Windows Update COM object in RemotePS sessions
BaseCamp API doesn't provide JSON responses
No output from fragments in android.
How to check if a location falls on a Route
How to overload strings in perl
What's the purpose of minOccurs, nillable and restriction?
How to define variable Resource such as /colours/{colour} in a WADL?
Appropriate way to subclass Guava's ImmutableSet
Implementing network (graph) visualization in iPhone SDK
Does the reflection mechanism break the security in java? Please explain [closed]
Does jackson throws the Cyclic exception?
How to update object with Boost Serialization?
Spinner selected item scroll on spinner
When using a SearchBarDisplay, how to change name of the cancel button
nslookup: *** Can't find server name
What is the best way to export library method, when using Closure Compiler?
How do I build a Java type object at runtime from a generic type definition and runtime type parameters?
Taking over log handling in JSF
How can I send an email to more than one email account?
Flash Builder 4.5 (Mobile) - Rolling out Database Updates
How can I track all the files opened by a software?
How can I get rowIndex when rows are created using DOM inside a for loop
Server side paging in MVC3 telerik Grid
anchor button to call server side method
jQuery - How to change an object for Chrome and Safari
Graphical layout broken
How to enforce certain methods of Object creation?
CheckBoxList items check un check in code behind
Signals and Callbacks in C?
BlazeDS is not converting Scala classes to AMF
Java - Splitting a CSV file into an Array
Custom jQuery Tooltip: How to position it?
Fluid, Max-Width element (subtitle), respective of left float, if present. Possible? Currently it ignores margins and padding
MySQL check for crashed table
Adding 6 TabSpec to single tabhost
Spring add external spring context at runtime
Visual Studio 2008 (2010 Ultimate Edition) cannot open a project
QML/QT Openning Nokia Music Store on Meego
How to use Visual Studio's Error List
Prob in testing Blackberry App in device: Secure API prob
AJAX send post request锛宑an't return the value to other function?
Replacing text in a file with datatable values
FB Login button cannot be clicked after ajax call: auth.revokeAuthorization
What happens when a Activity is finished provided an Animation is not stopped in that Activity?
Error while creating new Rails 3 project : `require': cannot load such file 鈥�openssl (LoadError)
Location of app.config file in a windows service project?
Application crashing at TabActivity
Make JSON request from Firefox addon
How to move the layout up when the soft keyboard is shown android
Sql Server Profiler Free Tool
JPA - Entities not persisted
Store and transfer values in a ascx control
System.Data.IDbCommand and asynchronous execution?
How can i store a 50MB video in HTML5's app cache?
Collection for storing blocked lines
jQueryUI accordion - Keep sections open
How to pass selected option values into as a textfield's name attribute?
SQL Select - Merge Rows with matching ID
Limited access to shared folder
HttpURLConnection cipher error : Could not find cipher suite
Images not displaying in Browser
IIS URL Rewriting: Enforce canonical hostname & HTTP to HTTPS redirect
Varnish 3 caching logged in pages as well
Remove from list where all items not included using LINQ
HTTP ERROR: 503 鈥�accessing /jenkins. Reason: Service Unavailable
Jquery Form Validation: Display all errrors in a specific section of the webpage
Delete null items from a dictionary
How to de-slugify a request URL before the action is executed in Play! Framework
How to show error in PowerShell step called from SQL Server 2008 R2 job?
Use of table in stored procedure
MFC CreateProcess doesn't not pass UTF8 command line arg to process
JQuery disable inputs during ajax submitting
Lining and styling form elements
How do i set a header that prevents the site from sending a gzip encoded response
Plone:Calling external python script from plone page
Entity Framework - Model First, Many-to-Many Mapping
Cross-compile QtDbus application for Linux/MIPS loop through this month and past 6 months
Read Outlook mails from C#
sfDoctrineMasterSlavePlugin and I18N error 鈥淯nknown relation alias Translation鈥�
Dos batch file titlecase and remove special characters
Progress dialog not showing
Word Art effect in Flash Design Studio using ActionScript
How To Incorporate PayPal Subscription During Signup
how to disable combobox in LWUIT?
Get coordinates of local maxima in 2D array above certain value
php: forward ntlm credentials to curl
Form theme that only applies to templates in a particular bundle
Dynamically changing Class on Fixed nav item based on page scroll (Single Page Website)
Maven and Eclipse global enviroment variable
enum as argument returning string
Save each box height and assign it on click
How to obtain the vertices due to which a fragment shader is called in OpenGL ES?
Let me know how to retrieve the properties file from local drive in java.I do not want to hard code the drive name.
How to import functionality of an already developed php/mysql system/site to drupal?
Create plots in a loop using ggplot2
import org.osgi.util.tracker.ServiceTracker - cannot find package
Some links to webservice calls? WP7
How to add new auto-generated primary key field into legacy table with Grails?
Getting item from Sqlite Query database
java.lang.StackOverflowError when running cucumber under jRuby
calling a static method [closed]
Thinking sphinx doesn't start - 鈥淔ailed to start searchd daemon鈥�
How do I find the resolution of the screen my form is currently sitting in
How to get all artists with NO videos and photos?
Logistic regression - cbind command in glm
How can I read NCSS files in R?
Is there Python realtime web framework equivalent to Planet Web Framework [closed]
Guids vs Auto Incremented ints
Qt. Update the look of element before performing heavy function
Finding a datamodel online tools鈥�from a picture
ideal Payment gateway issue with Amount
Exactly what rules must a function abide before we can call it 鈥渋dempotent鈥�
Regarding the GradientTextView
Uploading Program to Arduino Using FTDI Cable or Programmer
LINQ case logic always returning true, when it should not
鈥渢his post contains a blocked URL鈥�error in FB application
Two queries in one nested sql query
Storing files in SQL vs stroing in web server's HDD
Access 2007 Conditional Date formatting
How to use webview instead of intent in videoplayer plugin for android phonegap?
NSKeyedArchiver archivedDataWithRootObject: does not call encodeWithCoder
multithreading with fluent nhibernate
Code Review tools for C# (using ClearCase/Git) [closed]
Animating PNG images are not smooth and got black background in IE
How to fix 鈥淯nauthorized鈥�error message from Twitterizer?
Serializing a compressed xml buffer
how do I replace a string with a dollar sign in it in powershell
search and replace in a sample file
Regexp to find Googlebot with http status code 200 in apache logs
PHP Sessions keep timing out after 24 minutes鈥�session.gc_maxlifetime set to 90000
Posting form data Jquery
how to inherit a #include class?
How to check which tab-pane is active
Spot Color shade Implementation in ActionScript 3.0
can i put variable in option into render controller?
Is it possible to display an arbritrary string in the web browser class without saving it?
How can I fix this short snippet of VB that was translated from C#?
Know if input is in use and disable the hotkey (Jquery)
Correct Indentation of a buffer with js2-mode in Emacs
Missing <configSections> in config file after deployment
Object: entity.ENTITY[ id=null ] is not a known entity type
Css positioning and photo resizing
How can i make a form using django.contrib.comments.forms?
Clients stuck at creating session
Advantages of `from foo import spam` over `from foo import *` [duplicate]
android socket connection stream
One function to rule multiple buttons, and then some
How to make Dropdownlist have multiple checkboxes?
Extracting specific data from text file in Perl
Usage of Thread.currentThread().getContextClassLoader().getResourceAsStream(鈥渟ystem.properties鈥�
I have an ASP button for delete and its 'onclientclick' returns confirm to ensure deletion
Updating multiple local working copies using a single GitHub source?
how to make the countdown timer to count till zero?
Why CSS is not supporting for Firefox browser? [closed]
api's toi connect to printer
Error while inserting XML data through stored procedure
SVN: How to find latest files that were merged in my project
How to find the Range of Cell in excel - Qt?
Which transaction isolation level should i use?
joomla Administrator Site Off-Line
Print macro using xlDialogPrinterSetup fails to use driver-specific settings
How to override a dependency properties in a generic class?
SWFobject, display message for OSX 10.5 and below
Read properties file
Validation doesn't work for second form in controller
Does knockout optimise for logical operators when evaluating data bindings?
Formulae for SharePoint List not working
nodejs cluster different TLS Session handling
Mobile Development Tutorial On Microsoft Platform
Throw exceptions through several processes
How to Translate SQL statement to Linq
How to write a link with complex content inside it so that it will be valid and correct
Set bind view in simple adapter?
Bing maps. How can I get address by lat and long?
Nested structure with array of structure pointer
what is the difference between overlay map type and layers
MappingException error on production
Implement a Java desktop application that needs to access confidential data
how to do change this query into a prepared statement?
Where does DropDownListFor get the model from?
Hints for moving to using SVN or GIT to manage our code on the server?
Use store a view in stored procedure
How do you extract a Vector3 positions only from a world matrix in an array of positions (from Kinect)
Link error when adding array to common functions class
Prevent keyboard to appear with a textfield as a first responder
Dynamically selecting spark master layout at render time
Session cookies and HTML forms
how to give grant to a jar file to execute an another jar file
Granularity of Use Case. Should sort/search be included?
jQuery .on trigger not triggering the action
Custom class with an entity and RIA Services/Silverlight
Delete mysql multiple records by checkbox and submit button
Cake php - Blank screen
Sparse matrix multiplication execution time
Remove matching line and following line from file
Media Foundation MFTransform to convert MFSample from 'MJPG' to 'YUY2' or 'RGB24'
WCF Service with wsHttpBinding - Manipulating HTTP request headers
Relation between foreign and primary key?
Jquery/ Javascript - Google suggest inside textarea (no dropdown)
How to add a Facebook like button to email
PHP Array to display data depending on link - FOLLOW UP
How Navigation Bar Controller Back button in Iphone works..?
Java: Where does Maven store system properties set in the pom.xml within a compiled jar?
How to get my repository to Sourceforge? [closed]
c++ virtual function and executable
Load different view controllers from the object selected from TableView
jstl search record will be kept add on at the last record
how to place image on image?
Scope Error in OOHaskell ExampleProblem
Changing IntelliJ to have Eclipse key map on Mac (i.e. cmd + alt + R to refactor/rename)
Proper way of playing sound several times in iOS
MySQL: Count rows based on fields name.( Part-2 )
Foursquare, notifications
Sencha Touch does not display XML Data
Page Total for MultiColumn in Crystal Report
How to Validate HTML, CSS and JS in Eclipse IDE
SOA / SEDA - Cyclic Architecture
ASP.NET MVC3: Publishing is excluding my CSS (.less) file
how to remove comma(,) from splitted string in javascript?
Is there a working paypal module for kohana 3.2?
Exchange Web Services: More Complex SearchFilters
Select a lot og button with UILongPressGestureRecognizer
How to create a time series array
Catch exception during function definition in JavaScript
what would be the best algorithm in fetching the information using php and mysql
Retrieve a list of services running on a server
decode urlencoded string, or apache rejects url due to '/' in params
how to use @font-face for supported browser and Cufon for the others
gcc 4.6.2 installation with cloog and ppl
Web Service vs Web Application
will location information be captured when data packet is disabled on android?
Debugging a SIGPIPE signal from third party library
python capture environment variables
Can create Websphere Queue Manager but not connect
wget to clone a website, with links to directory not index.html
Can I automatically populate LastUpdated fields in MongoDB (using C# driver)
google map is not loading fully
Reversing a String
Dynamic Sweave document
javac error while executing Java with Spring console based application
Address of reference variable in c++
Issue with DP calculation on 7鈥�tablet & 7鈥�tablet emulator
Align list item to the left in unordered list
Write a program which takes input from console and display the output in a webpage without using database change header background color
Why is 'jQuery.parseJSON' not necessary?
Authentication between applications using OAuth
Best jQuery Tooltip for fetching content from a static html file?
Java read different type of image formats jpg,tif,gif,png
How To use Custom Control in jqGrid
bundle install failing for 'letter-opener' gem in rails
Does any equvalent utilities to tsort available in windows? [closed]
Why glDrawpixels does not render my transparent background?
How can I link elements to the show page with join in an array?
Per-line texture processing accelerated with OpenGL/OpenCL
ColdFusion ImageWrite to Amazon S3
Upgrading webxml 1.4 to 1.4.1
Form drop down selected baed on URL - pass variable
Application modularity when using Android Fragments
how to log IP by country in PHP?
Queing Messages For SMS Gateway API
Displaying many Action keys on soft-key on Android
How to run without a dependent DLL when that DLL is not used?
how do i user css for usercontrol label?
flag which tells that the contact in android is in sim or in phone book?
Acrobat JavaScript
Bind temporary to non-const reference
How to select data where sum is greater than x
Java - Convert Image to Greyscale Using Array of Filenames
How-to use a shared library in native-activity
Spring MVC defaultHtmlEscape - does it work on the way in or out?
Set background wallpaper from a drawable
Sending emails using C
Full screen background working with sticky footer?
What are the best ways to send arrays from js (jQuery) to sql sproc? Array transmitting between layers
Send & read SMSfrom PC viaNokia Phones using java
UITableViewCell and UITableView
Possibility of Dynamic Data with EAV
remember after refresh selected row in extjs grid
why keyboard in Landscape mode appear like this?
C Buffer to C# Bitmap Object
XNA - Process terminates unexpectedly while debugging
How can I construct a list of all winning lines in a game of 4-Dimensional 4-in-a-row
Basic OpenAL code to play a sound
Javascript textarea flatten string
$.ajax with GET
How to list names of views in Plone 4 for a specific interface?
PCACompute Opencv return eigenvectors = 0
Mysql, clean up loose ends
Regular expression to validate delimiter separated numbers
Validation in Struts - iterating text filed
Php run time forever and Web Parsers
excel file to save value in cell range
Joomla Off Line
Binary of the latest Qt framework (with MingW32) working out-of-the-box for COM/ActiveX programming
DataBindings lost during App-Switching/Tombstoning in WP7
For signal in linux, who calls int 0x80?
VBA can't set date format on column
Is there really no supported Eclipse Plug-In for Mono?
How to set ModelState true from controller action
Enlarging thumbnail images by clicking on them
Web services error I found the error in web services
Datatables issue with MongoID , Rails 3.1
how do I detect orientation change for a fragment in android
mod_auth_ldap mod_rewrite set username as cookie
Schema Compare Visual Studio 2010 - adding new object do database project to main directory
Can a Native Client module render HTML generated by C++ code?
jquery isotope load
css3-mediaqueries.js overwrites my conditional IE7 CSS
Modifying the session data from inside the callback
Outlook.MailItem - Is there any way to determine if two mailitems (sent to different recipients) are the same?
Is it possible to check whether the connection to a SQL database exists before opening the connection?
Email SMS and carriers
actions on touchesMoved in cocos2d-iphone
Can you capture the event of sending instant message from Yahoo Messenger and replace text using C#?
Can someone translate this simple function into Javascript?
Rotate Triangle In OpenGL
How to avoid UI flickering in windows CE application?
Perl Critic: Comma used to separate statements
sencha Touch Chart: Is it Possible to display both Label and values in pie chart?
iPhone: Developing an iBook App
Keyup if statement for indexOf string acting odd?
Algorithm for filling in numbers in series
Rails 3.2 : (activerecord) How do I model this?
Creating new MDI Window in hosting application
Extract double from file with words
How to remove this error ? java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException [duplicate]
Custom Interface for differant user in DNN.. How to?
jQuery: referencing and manipulating the parent-element of a dynamically added element
Change size of image with respect to the size of frame
Change mouse cursor in Silverlight
Drawing Bitmap is slow when scaled to a high resolution
C# BulkCopy, DBF Errors (Timout, & Provider could not determine鈥�
UnauthorizedAccessException (Invalid cross-thread access) thrown in WP7 project with MVVM Light
Weird behaviour with Spring config and Maven profiles
Is there any available SMS Pdu parser in Java?
how to develope two layer of images and both the layers should have some motion activity in android
Can I use variables defined in parameters.ini in validationor routing?
format of a wait and delay function
Java: Most efficient way to read from inputStream and write to an outputStream (plus a few modifications)
C# functions and optional parameters
Autocompletion in jTextField and jTable
Clarificaiton about making new class in Android(mine not working)
Adding json data to selectfield in Sencha Touch
Block ui when Loading Page
Installing Bundler in Linux Mint
H2 tries to create database in invalid location
check if $_GET parameters are correct
Encoding issue when trying to scrape a page
how to retrieve and display XML?
How to get an attached file from document context (handle request for uploaded file) domino
ImageView inside of a ScrollView
Is it legal to use alt+0160 for empty space in website development?
Access 2010 Strange behavior
Symfony2 + Doctrine: Retrieve information from 2 entities, linked without member variable . Native query sql? => Hydration/ObjectHydrator error
Python: simple list merging based on intersections
How to SELECT with a LIMIT while needing multiple rows with a same column value?
Python file contents to be read by another python file and print the content
Android WebView zoom out after page is loaded
How do I detect a debug build in my c source files with cmake?
List<List<bool>> and Contains method [closed]
How create a view similar to image? [closed]
For Next Loops displaying incorrect value
iOS Web Service: Move connection call from AppDelegate
Automapper map from one object to nested objects
android live streaming error Error (1,-2147483648)
very loose email regular expression
Replacing values in R
MsBuild Error MSB3073: The command exited with code 128
Make custom page-based loop in Jekyll
Netbeans update from 6.9 to 7.1: effect on project?
Rails : create an openstruct from json sent via ajax
Parse kml file to show multiple Placemark in google earth
How to change vertical slide movement to horizontal movement in jQuery slider
Render a control in a RowDataBound context to insert directly into cell
Dismiss UIActionSheet opened from UIWebView
boost::asio::async_read_until read-line delimiter issue
Why 鈥淪ET TRANSACTION ISOLATION LEVEL READ UNCOMMITTED鈥�returns rows in different order?
Conditional WHERE statement SQL Server
Custom Javascript templates for third party tool
llvm.pow.f64 implementation
How to display progressDialog in Android?
Blackberry Application - Gallery Development
How to show multiple progress bars for multiple downlaoding in android concurrently
Override @CollectionTable
Android how to drop the ongoing call
What meta tag should I use to indicate the website (not content) author?
Slide deck pro slider customization
How to reduce the access time in a vector
Emacs autocomplete: add existing dictionary to a major mode
Solr siren, siren.xml
Counterexample output of Z3
XSLT Processing with Java : passing xml content in parameter
Getting the sum two columns from two different tables
Nested Class .GetType()
C# Button clic open many windows
MonoTouch project leads to Application Loader error message 鈥渋con dimensions (0 x 0) don't meet the size requirements鈥�
Android Jackson JSON Parser null value
Login Logout issue with facebook iOS sdk
group text chat in as3 using flash media server?
TreeView.IsSelected trigger does not work properly
Typecast object in class based on type in SET
IPhone Any Framework available to mimic Messages app
Database base unit testing strategy: truncating tables between unit tests & test data
Serializing a list to JSON
Android Mediarecorder: Getting 3GP instead of MPEG4
Create views programmatically
Pass data from server-side to YUI 3 JavaScript application
BoostRegex - gcc - on AIX 5.3 Simple test gives multiple ld: 0711-224 WARNING
Magento 1.6 Checkout Tax Display
javax.naming.NameNotFoundException in tomcat7
Best tool to decompile a C# .Net 1.1 application [duplicate]
set layout background to call screen
Sencha Touch - Extending Store - constructor call
Rename files with svn using wildcards
Adding Facebook App to Page - Displays as white (nothing) when viewing in page
need help on linkedIn inregration in android
Modify $(window).width()? [duplicate]
readResolve not working ? : an instance of Guava's SerializedForm appears
Remove a property/column from a generic list
Objective C Beginner: where to put code that needs to be executed once in UITableViewController
Where Jenkins stores SVN credentials
How do I detect that Java Util Logging is already configured?
Select rows from one table, join most recent row from other table with one-to-many relationship
Cron Task: Append current date to the filename via Cron?
the structure of json string
How to use wget or curl through a tunnel connection?
How to convert a string to jquery object?
IE8 display inline-block not working
How do you implement customer specific differences in your web app?
FullCalendar Events not showing up only on Safari.
In ruby what is this type of definition: self.class.method
Can't get character encoding to work from android client with resttemplate and json
How to read data from a sqlite table?
Jquery Regular Expressions
How do I run a specific test within junit
Do I need to keep a reference to a FileSystemWatcher?
django-cms limit global number of plugins
CGPDFDocument: open PDF streamed or while file is not complete yet?
jboss7 - How do i get the number of messages in a queue?
How to get x value from mschart based on clicked mouse position
Vim: Resolve ambiguity of key mappings in a specific buffer to avoid timeout
Asynchronous Requests with Python requests
Add character at beginning and end of each line
Filtering by date
jackson jaxb annotations support in Spring
Can I get an XML files structure without looking up the element names myself?
Firefox focus to first input after focus out a button
sometimes returning an object and sometimes returning a serialization of the object
Objective-C 鈥�Core Data entity to hold UILocalNotifications
Emacs VHDL jump to error
How to list all the goals of a particular maven plugin
What is the right way to collect dumps through adplus?
Switching ViewControllers with UISegmentedControl in iOS5
Emacs VHDL jump to error
How to list all the goals of a particular maven plugin
What is the right way to collect dumps through adplus?
Switching ViewControllers with UISegmentedControl in iOS5
Why is the MVC action method selector not choosing my HttpPut action?
How to pass instances names to a function to then call methods on those
Why would Process.WaitForExit throw a 鈥渘o process鈥�exception even when a process does exist?
Encrypt Query String including keys
Equivalent plpgsql trigger in C
where are the JS files in Visual Studio 11 Ultimate when we create Metro apps using JavaScript
How to bind a Treeview's SelectedItem via DataSource to a Datagrid
Active Admin member action
HTML5 offline authentication security issues
Positioning an image on top of an image with specific coordinates? Android
Where is the 'generated' attributed allowed?
Checking how many members is there in a class [duplicate]
EF 4.3 Auto-Migrations with multiple DbContexts in one database
How can I read attributes of a self closing tag using SimpleXML (PHP)
Android OOM, memory is never released
Cannot authenticate wcf service in android
Git: How to check if the local and remote branches point to the same commit (i.e. in sync)?
Price string to float
Facebook login JS - FB.Event.subscribe('auth.login') triggers without login button click
Return value from Function in MySQL
Form PHP working on one domain and not the other
Java XPathFactory thread-safety
Compilation time is huge for statically initialzed large array(e.g.65536 entry)
MYSQL self referential logic with a self join
CSS Sprite Full Page Background: background-position
Android Soft Keyboard - re sizing Icon Preview
Nothing is written to file when I override `log_message()` in `SimpleHTTPRequestHandler`
kiip integration in android
Horizontal / vertical navigation
Automatically add more content/ field (Wordpress)
HTML5 Drag and drop file upload
uv mapping python OpenGL triangles
MVC Ajax.BeginForm Replace strange behaviour
LINQ EF4.1 Tree Query
searching for user's followers (Digg)
c++ undefined reference to to static member
Error to use a section registered as allowDefinition='MachineToApplication' beyond application level in VS2010
Regex for Two Digits and a Hyphen
Multiple functions simultaneously in Arduino
how to store image taken from browser into mysql database using struts 2 and hibernate
How to find the hash of branch in Git?
Using async-await on .net 4
how does cursor know which item is clicked in listview?
position for autocomplete doesn't work?
Is it possible to stop a single thread during debug in Linux?
how to use javascript variable in struts2 param tag
What is the difference between sorting and topological-sorting?
Duplicate labels showing up while in polygon edit mode
D i modify calling iphone software? [closed]
Execute external program with specific parameters from windows c/c++ code
Stream playback from Wowza has audio crackling on Flash player
GWT DatePicker: How to change the number of days in the month of FEB to either 29 or 30?
How to import text data into sqlite?
Integrate valgrind in qt creator
Selecting a row in excel based on specific values in 2 columns,
Python Config parser read comment along with value
List scroll issue
FQL query to fetch all data of a facebook page
Test parameterization in similar to NUnit
connecting sql server 2005 to acess over the different network
run coffeescript from *.coffee file in Asp.Net
Retrieving Certain Strings within a String using Oracle SQL
Get original request url in WCF REST service
record video and capture image using webcam in
Web browser control: How to capture document events?
how to call one application from another in android
Query is not executing in rails app using mongomapper
Axapta , EP installation with MOSS 2010 error
How to export page to MS Word with header, footer
How to load data from table and display in datagrid in VB.NET?
Android: Is there a way we can get the thumbnail of the web video from the URL
Spring controller and services design
Face error in apache-tomcat-7.0.25
How to add OnClickListener for items from ItemizedOverlay
Multiple Selection in Gallery View
ExtJs:How bring button over its menu to remove border of overlapping area
How To Hide Column in jQgrid but show this Column in Add/Edit panel
How to Disable/Enable an Ajax toolkit Tabcontainer using jquery?
importing iOS-QR-Code-Generator files in an objective-c project : c++ classes dont compile
Reading binary numbers from console
disable direct child handler of SlidingDrawer and use it via button that not it's direct child
Limit the size of the textview horizontally
Resume Parser/ CV Parser [closed]
SQL Server 2000 - Is there a fast way of deleting backup history?
get i frame source using HtmlAgilityPack
How to create watermark on each image while they are uploading with Uploadify?
Gmail stripping link color from emails?
2 line li menu items
How to get a value of <#= Id #> when passed to a helper method
QTableView with an editor for all fields
Update git commit author date when amending
C++/CLI forward declarations
Test if a Popen process is waiting for input
Can I write a CSS selector selecting elements NOT having a class?
Lucene inverted index access count
Multiple posters on page
Extbase stores empty values in database
Confusion in fetching data from JSON
Throwing exceptions when no rows are found
Tomcat 7 ajp connector configuration - deffered initiliazation
Time Computational complexity?
called the javascript function onload and on button click?
Oracle update identic rows in a table
Oracle PL-SQL : Import multiple delimited files into table
Code analysis - Do not dispose object multiple times
PHP OOP/MVC methods
madvise() function not working
need explanation of 'this' which pass to my method
how can i pass value from javascript to a java class in struts2?
Using custom functions without including them
Questions about DLLs
Does select in SQLite3 lock the database?
How to check who uses certain port in C#?
Calling getString() in constructor in Wicket gives error
Command to find EC2 instance boot time
Com calls to 32bit application on 64bit server slow
How can I define an interface that forces the IDE to show 鈥渘ot declared鈥�warning?
difference between ARC and MRC
Java/groovy library to solve for a variable algebraically
Google map is not loading in android samsung ace mobile
WinSxS fails to load VC++ DLLs
Adding VirtualHost fails: Access Forbidden Error 403 (XAMPP) (Windows 7)
how can i quit when I use curl_easy_perform?
getElemetById always return first object, how i can get other values?
Issue Related to ASPXCombobox for Internet Explorer in DevExpress
Running Python MPI programs in Sun Grid Engine
want to import data from python script and validate it
htaccess - Image redirect issue
Check whether connection to the database is possible or not?
Include another JSP file
How can i read a barcode in an image in VB.Net?
How to detect no data returned in C# LINQ query
Creating a Dependency-Aware Model Binder in ASP.NET MVC3
Mockito - spying on real objects calls orginal method
TextView background is stretching
Rewrite .htaccess doesn't work
typeof new String(鈥渁aa鈥� === 鈥渙bject鈥� Everything is an object, but there are primitive types?
loop input files inside a function in R
Android, Share library dependency
Issues in parsing json from asmx
cocos2d game, ccparticle system texture messed up
Current folder on remote folder in Emacs shell is gibberish
android clean application data
Simple for-loop in shell script
how to improve Performance of zend paginator pagination
base64 encoded images in email signatures
android clean application data
Simple for-loop in shell script
how to improve Performance of zend paginator pagination
base64 encoded images in email signatures
objective-C basic concepts [closed]
Windows Filtering Platform: Access to the the packet's payload
Identify the product list page and product details page using code
Alert box is not visible
Space between tabBar and searchBar of my UITableView
Scan image for known components
Implementation of push notification in iphone with out APN(Apple push notification service or server)
To pixelate geometric primitives
Loop thru all images in table with jquery
Logging into the file in Mule ESB
How do I add a resize event to the window in a view using Backbone?
Display Item horizontally?
Spacing between row in newsletter html table in Hotmail and Gmail
What is Dynamic Hash finders and/or Hash Finder in Rails?
Start system_server before class preloading
How to use multithreading in wp7?
IE shows run time error for innerHTML
How can i set order for Eclipse Job execution?
Inheritance with SINGLE_TABLE strategy in JPA and @Discriminator in getter
Recording phone call in ios?
jQuery-File-Upload content type/extension validation
Prettify JSON data using Ruby on the terminal
how can i get place marker in google map api v3?
Wildcard nginx rewrite
Fast way to store and retrieve pairs of numbers in Objective-C
Regarding hadoop distribution to use?
Getting Location Name from Longitude and Latitude in BingMap
Routing Mvc3 value of datepicker
Possible bug with Samsung roms?
How can I manually enable or disable the Return Key on the keyboard?
Rails 3.1 Rspec could not find link with text or title 鈥淪ign in鈥�
Retrieve the latest value from an Auto-Incremented id-field?
Annotate HTML IMG with semantic meaning
What is the maximum number of characters in an USSD message?
How to setup Cucumber, Guard & Spork with Rails 3.1?
onListItemClick didn't fired when implemented OnScrollListener (Android)
How can I set a task in Geany to be displayed in the 鈥渢ask tab鈥�below?
I would like to get some suggestion regarding multiple ejb-jars in one ear
Read from file in playn
How to specify mnemonics (ampersand shortcut) to QActions in a QMenu?
inner join in nested way on MySQL
Basics of Oracle JDE Development
One of my iPhone users gets an NSURLErrorServerCertificateUntrusted error
jQuery asp control .prop(鈥渄isabled鈥� 鈥溾�) not enabling check box in IE 9
Wrong display format for .doc
Excel (2003) - Automatic insert date on a cell
Excel (2003) - Automatic insert date on a cell
Rails 3.1 : How to download a PDF housed on Linode to client computer?
Generic Interface
How to get live Fedex shipping rate in mvc
how to hide all <a> using jQuery
How can I switch two fields of a unique row within one commit using SQLAlchemy?
setting command line quoted params
Does anyone know how to get rid of this eclipse error window?
IE z-index trouble on element with transparent background
Starting a process on Windows from Go
Using Jquery to allow events on regular JS Objects
ASP.NET MVC 3: Edit a 鈥淐ollection鈥�of items
Inconsistent behavior of the Blackberry Hardware Back button on Phonegap/JqueryMobile
Android-java- How to sort a list of objects by a certain value within the object
how to acess excel cell value and set it
Hibernate Transaction not working in some cases
Looper.prepare() with AlertDialog
why so many 鈥� 鈥�s there in this code鈥hat is the usage of it..?
Obfuscationg classes that contain annotations
RUST, how to access user defined type's instance?
not able to deploy crystal report vs 2010 website at webserver
Asynchronous queries and lazy loading in Entity Framework
Creating tree grid using jqGrid with json data
Can TStringList.Sort return sorted indexes?
Sharepoint hosted web application - custom security
Android upgrade sqlite database issue
Does shouldRasterize on a CALayer cause rasterization before or after the layer's transform?
Where are temporary object stored?
Can't connect to MySQL server on 'localhost' (10055)
Installshield suite uninstaller doesn't uninstall every feature
How can I make this query work in LINQ to Entities?
Drupal select box value when submitting the form
Why can't NHibernate use Identity in union-subclass Table per Concrete Class mapping?
ProgressDialog style
Read xml string and getting error
Play MP3 files and youtube videos on a webpage on Blackberry, Android, iPhones regex validator does not work
Joomla virtuemart list all products
can we display other html page information in same page
NodeJs Installation issues from Git
Multiple Selection for UITableView does not work
Object Auditing using reflection
Does CLLocationManager Alert comes only in the start of application?
import error in python even after having init file and python path
Is it possible to software break a Native Client application in GDB and continue execution?
Android/iOS app to encode a2dp stream other than SBC
Square bracket Syntax Above Property Declaration
NoMethodError - private method `set' called for nil:NilClass:
random sampling - matrix
Add new table column that's left aligned in table
Why does my 鈥済it push鈥�to the remote git project fail
How to mock an NhibernateSession Query that uses a Where clause and returns a List
Adding css class to a dynamically created row using java script
Change text align of div from dropdown selection?
CAML Query not bringing back expected results
Place window relative to parent
find form -> check all boxes if value equals what i say
How to create a generic way to load files?
Dojo browser compatibility check?
mysql query text replace issue
on closing dialog do not remove the previous contents on re-opening again
Specified element is already the logical child of another element. Disconnect it first
how to git source just in server not in client?
Getting multiple counts from two joined tables in MySQL
Dynamically updating a4j:repeat using data from form
Styling Checkbox
Keep cab external to msi
Using Web.Config from my mvc3 app under the test
Building webservices and integrating an ESB for an ASP.Net application?
How to create ActiveModel Object in rails 3
How to avoid noise in site while deploying on the website
form target=鈥渂lank鈥�takes forever to load the new page in Safari
Is there a way to clear a session cache key for all users?
how to change numeric into time format on y-axiss in RADCHART using
For ever 鈥淧ending 鈥︹� when accessing repository in SVN Repository Explorer
Dotnetopenauth CTP v4 - Using Password workflow
Doxygen and definitions from makefile
How to using from ContextMenu in a gridCell?
Migration from VS2008 to VS 2010 - ContentPlaceHolder Error
php system command with output and return code
CheckedListBox - Search for an item by text
How can I extend a bundle more than once?
Qt add Widget to GraphicsView?
How work with preg_replace to replace with excluded pattern
Why is a VTABLE required when the derived class doesn't override the virtual function?
Ninepatch inconsistent for arrow button
how to store outlook body text phone number (or) selected area in sql server using outlook add ons?
jqplot chart with multiple line based on same Date or Time
looking for a tool to emulate different internet browsers
Recusive call within recursive procedure in C
Is it possible to read cross domain cookie? [closed]
sql server2005 back up error : access denied
Buttons not working with Surface view
Django Debug Toolbar panel click error, undefined
ElementName Binding in DataGridTemplateColumn
get data from flat file and insert data into database in Java
OpenGL ES: Need OpenGL ES (1.x and 2.0) API list [closed]
How can I compile and include Matlab files in Python under Ubuntu
MySQL Update not updating any rows
OnCreate does not restore the bundle (null) in honeycomb
Devise, OmniAuth & Facebook - How to let user edit password?
How to bring syncronization between client and server
Write decimal values List with ClosedXML
Eclipse and m2e: how to automatically exclude a resource folder from JAR?
How to remove .class1, .class2, 鈥�or classN?
How can I download the openlayers.js with controls' icons?
MongoDB C# Query Select specific keys from document
How to find tweet density of a given twitter handle?
Not able to move the file due to Jnotify watch
My code can't embed youtube videos
Auto Complete does not filter results when I'm typing
xcode won't compile iOS apps, crashes when .xib or .storyboard files are opened
Unable to invalidate (Stop) NSTimer [duplicate]
static readonly vs const at different assemblies?
How to know profile is changed to vibration mode in blackberry?
How can I send int array from ajax to c# mvc?
Very slow Object array manipulation in MATLAB
What's a good strategy for an open source project to not share production settings?
Core plot objective-c, graph having single plot is not automatically scaling even using [graph.defaultPlotSpace scaleToFitPlots:[graph allPlots]]
VBA update public array from userform
Does LifeRay provide a public official maven repository ?
Pass by value and pass by reference in java
Can't access tfs server using vs2010, 404 error returns
how to RSSFeeds from Multiple Websites
Retain form values after reloading the page by hyperlink click
Multiple const in one variable declaration
Retrieval Model in lucene
Custom pager in Telerik MVC Grid
how to set up multiple IP addresses on my linux? [closed]
Core Data throws NSInternalInconsistencyException 鈥淭he context is still dirty after 100 attempts.鈥�
Mono.Cecil fails to process a Silverlight 5 assembly
How can receive emails in Java based system perferably with spring?
JPA: Select query fetch both parent and child
How to fetch data of remote server in GWT development mode?
derby persistence.xml
TinyMCE toolbar select box
jQuery/CSS dropdown menu don't get hover out event
HttpURLConnection timeout on long polling (comet) - android
In JQuery, how do I remove a comma after removing an element?
Request compression WCF 4 with IIS 7.5
Get the right series for ttr function
How can i resize a tooltip on moseover() using ActionScript and add more interactive content in it?
I have several textboxes, when user inputs TAB or SHIFT+TAB, I'd like him to be able to navigate these
loop an action using system milliseconds android java
Addition using calculator
StringFormat to align on Decimal Point
Spring Switching User: only allow a user with a specific role switch to another user with specific roles
Is there a free image editor software to handle grid image
how to lock ipad orientation in landscape for mobile webapps
Add 鈥渓atest items by category鈥�block in item view page of K2 component
Add 鈥渓atest items by category鈥�block in item view page of K2 component
How to use an existing database with an Android application [duplicate]
how to hide text in html page source?
iOS: Foursquare shout or creating event
Java Xpath query
AutoIt best practices / coding style
display specific sections of log files on linux shell
Filtering the Visual Studio toolbox
how to show selected data into summary of list preferences
qmake TEMPLATE = subdirs visual studio project generation
How can I use Mongoid finder, which accept as an argument an array of items and search for records whose values are in the array
Resources not automatically loaded from Https - SecuritySwitch
How to open report in a New tab using Got to URL Property in RDLC?
How I can correctly read txt file in windows phone?
Apache Derby - case (in)sensitivity
rsync weird behaviour
Read non printable characters from Javascript
how do i configure intelij idea for android development in ubuntu 11.10?
Sending Data From Form to be Displayed in Another View Android
How can I find the newest match for all names in a Django model?
Is it legal to redefine a C++ keyword?
Android Background Service That Runs Forever
A PropertyGrid Issue
Bash subshell/pipelines - which parts are executing in subshells?
Centering variable number of divs inside a div container
How to take a photo on the volume-up event when using UIImagePickerController with custom camera controls?
converting UTF-16 special characters to UTF-8
Symfony2 remember me authentication
Garbled subject line in Lotus Notes
JQuery Mobile strange behavior, select's onchange event goes back all the time (only on SAFARI IPHONE)
Choosing an open source license
Asynchronous requests from Play(2.0) Action to Akka Actor
Tools that screenscrap my page always use the same image
Socket communication: has anyone zeromq lib working in your iOS project?
The process can't access the file because it is being used by another process
Is it bad practice to use a built-in function name as an attribute or method identifier?
CSS3 transition - change animation 鈥渁nchor point鈥�
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Control character in cookie value or attribute
How to know which alert button user has touched for CLLocationManager?
can I use resourcekey in HTML?
Maxlength for text area doesn't work in IE
Hazelcast Queue Info
vertically align left aligned text with right aligned image
Unable to save many fields using django modelforms in django shell
How to convert an email to an image?
substitute/disable control components for development/testing
IOS JSON versus ASPNET Web services
Python deepcopy in a post_save signal?
Java TCP Server problems
'Spoofing' the extras of an Intent
Java TCP Server problems
'Spoofing' the extras of an Intent
Regex in Java for URL filtering
Change text color in header in TCPDF
Why is it impossible to write text within a TextArea?
Should I notify the user before opening another app from app? [closed]
PDF name tree limits
Language string failed to load: from_failed[from_email_address]
Linq to XML to compare strings
generation summary from class reference (xml document)
Visual Studio 2010 Intellisense errors in library files
from grid button present in one tab I want to open other tab ,
Putting VB content in the center of a full screen with variant screen size
closing a non blocking socket channel
Add colspan and rowspan on table on the fly
How to bind images in Telerik Grid for ASP.NET MVC
Firefox Crash when the jquery dialog closes
svn log retrieve between the lines where find specific word
How to get text from XML node without trimming whitespaces between two unicode characters
How to import programmally a private key in the local machine keystore?
Facebook canvas horizontal scroll bar issue
Eclipse rcp databinding with array of values
Why is cancan enabling with a block even though the action is index?
How to get path of Shared Preferences in Android?
How to use Macromedia Flash in Jade?
How get generic parameter in scala
How can I set mapView's userLocation to a MKUserLocation that I created?
Java do while not 0 or 1
Restoring old DataRow and setting original version values?
Insert excel file data into SQL database in Java
LDAP Check for person existence in a top level Organization
DB table as a factory configuration
Hadoop Job : Task fail to report status for 601 seconds
Hybrid vs Native Mobile app [closed]
C++ Error on Objective-C object declaration?
ErrorDocument with Rewrite and still get Referer
ggplot combining two plots from different data.frames
Delay a javascript DOM style change
error in AlertDialog box of android while showing the other layout in to it
Performance of array of jQuery objects
Linq to SQL Error on updating Foreign key
Kerberos TGT Behaviour
Spring @Async annotation
Lack of object rotation when using three.js to import collada file
How to make TextBlock.Text = Slider.Value on slider value change
Insert file into mysql Blob
WPF DataGrid SelectedItem
Creating Bokeh effect [duplicate]
How to implement MVVM for function call?
Storing a serialized object in MySql database
Using ruby and mongo mapper without ruby on rails - best practices
Scala EJB without interface doesn't seem to work
How can I make variables alternate values within the same repeating function?
Windows command equivalent of egrep
Application context for SharedPreferences?
Analogue of AcceptButton property in WPF window class?
Connecting two emulators using IP address
Does AppHarbor support a SQL Server Database Project?
how to maintain timestamp in various countries
CSS - internal vs external + important! rule
retrieving attributes from AD with ldap search or read without knowing the Distingushed Name
How do a I set up a billing service that allow people to authorize automated billing?
Qt QTableWidget Header Color
How to set Button clicked programmatically
how to accept both lower and upper case in jcombo box auto suggestion using jtextfield
Java: Google+ OAuth Invalid Header
HTML Force introduce break/new line
how to read HTML as XML in iphone
How to read the source code without restrictions?
What is difference between single and multiple declarations in one line?
beginGeneratingDeviceOrientationNotifications idiosyncrasy?
Java Webdevelopment Javascript validation workflow?
Setting a String Equal to a Method
GWT-RPC timeout expired
How was circular reference in DLL possible?
Logout from FB Connected Website instead of Logout from Main FB Site
Deploying a Silverlight browser application update manually
MIDI Song with CC
Adding class as file to Xcode 4
refactoring 2 similar if statement in ruby
PHP result from mySQL doesn't show quotes inside input value
How to create a Facebook event using Graph API
Automated Test Tool [closed]
print files from a folder [closed]
Change resolution ofWebcam video using Delphi program
Transparent GZIP decompression of POST Data for WCF Rest Service
iOS JSON request
Retrieving the PropertyDescriptor of a nested object
Flexible dynamic routing for MVC 3 Multi-tenant architecture
how can I retrieve Texture State(texels) at the time of draw call in opengl es?
How do I evaluate Clustering?
why html doctype dtd make css not working in firefox 8.0.1
In WPF Datagrid, how to get ToolTip on keyboard focus using arrow keys?
How to connect a Java Swing application using Servlets to a server?
How to stop thread until user responds
Removing Duplicate Lines from JQuery Autocomplete TextBox
How to reduce netty garbage production?
Is it possible to set color to the table in a grouped table.
How is almost everything in Javascript an object?
Jquery how to set interval
iphone: strace, dtruss, dtrace or equivalent?
How to open document by clicking on datagrid in wpf?
Basic SQL - need a 2nd Count() column
How to launch french qwerty keyboard from the application?
auto complete text boxes in jsp
Google Api for reverse geocoder
How to run an plain java app on Websphere
what's the correct sql UNION in android?
How to get key from json file format..?
Web Service Alternatives
HTML 5 鈥渉ow to recover from errors鈥�
Track/Observe TextBox value changed
Dimiss keyboard when editing textfield on UIWebview
I don't use unicode characters in my android-textview.How can I do this?
MySQL: Count rows based on fields name
Custom ArrayAdapter onLongClickListener
C++ reading some bytes at a memory address, output as string
Scintilla.NET Autocomplete automatically chooses first element (C#)
PHP class for uploading files
How to apply activeadmin authentication to external page?
How does reduce function work?
How to get all list catgories of joomla15?
Rails 3.2 + jQuery + render partial in js.erb = broken HTML elements
unable to open table in sql server
Tree structure with drag and drop rows in jqgrid?
send email from localhost to external email account
numpy recarray strings of variable length
postgres autoincrement not updated on explicit id inserts
Dynamically generating Django Form Classes, What's the best way to remedy circular import?