chanding contents of spinners run-time (android), tried and failed
How to get an Excel graph show 鈥渦p to鈥�current day of week Auto Login to gmail
How to enable dynamic skinning for ConverterParameters
WCF proxy singleton in multithreaded app
Will System.currentTimeMillis() have the details of date?
How to remove leading and trailing whitespace from the string in Java?
PHP script for upload inventory to amazon, via API
open different file using C programming
Using variable named '@subject' in Action Mailer
Finding top n numbers in a file
Confirming system time
Can two cellphones act like radar/sonar with each other?
Image thumbnails for Facebook share a link
Blackberry: Applicaiton fails to connect with server on BIS network
Invoking installed mobile facebook app(Any platform android, iphone, bb e.t.c) from html or javascript code/page running on same device?
During TDD, should I create tests for custom validations? Or I should test the validity of the entire object?
Specifying android emulator when real device is also connected
Google's Mobile View from Android
New to Prototypal Inheritance - Can't find the issue with Undefined variable
Sorting arraylist of objects based on the date time
How can I setup custom error messages for each form field in Codeigniter?
Signature of C++ copy constructor for struct with an enum
as3 - i want to run the function once i enter onEnterFrame?
use get_declared_class() to only ouput that classes I declared not the ones PHP does automatically
Solarized theme on Vim + Terminator + Ubuntu 11.10
string to byte[] array
Can't clear a Winforms-ListBox
sql table select by hour
Z-index Won't Work [duplicate]
Develop nodejs with visual studio 2010
Binding to ObservableCollection.Count doesn't update when OC is updated
What does 鈥渧ar dialogs = {};鈥�mean in jQuery / javascript?
when i am using the WVGA 800 screen the app is working fine but not with HVGA 480
Rails + PostgreSQL SSL decryption failure
Java method restriction for different instance of same class
ask using json in xcode4
Java:What is wrong with this regex?
How to present static class or function call in Sequence Diagram?
Why WebBrowser control has this strange behavior?
How fast data store query expires?
How to read UDH of a SmsMessage?
Can't access another nested static class' method
How to scrap xml file using htmlagilitypack
android:play audio files using single mediaplayer object and also display images
Basic database connection and deployment
Creating an array in ruby from excel spreadsheet (2 columns)
Window Form application into web
Creating Temp-Table taking the table name from combo box in progress 4gl, Open Edge
If key does not exist create default value
X509Certificates Lifecycle
table partition size?
how can i found my uploaded application from android market
how to display excel file in listBox in vb6
Disabling iOS elastic body scroll & keep native scrolling working [duplicate]
Separating a string in Ruby
Custom Arial-Narrow.ttf font integration
Unable to run file using Schtasks , in win 7
How gmail system get mail faster?[closed]
HTTPS Tomcat setup
Android IP fetching
Getting number of bytes available to read in a socket
Black screen when loading web image to Android
Rails - How to change log level for ActionController::RoutingError
Assigning values to variables
AdView missing requied xml attribute adSize in android using google adds
How to iterate through a folder and change the file-ending in a bat file?
Android USB Host - bulkTransfer() is losing data
Sending emails digitally signed with S/MIME encryption using phpmailer
Retrieving text from a JTextField and storing in another class's object
Android USB Host - bulkTransfer() is losing data
Sending emails digitally signed with S/MIME encryption using phpmailer
Retrieving text from a JTextField and storing in another class's object
Query related to creating table in hive while sqoop import
Java source code attribute counting for detection
Videos not playing in fullscreen mode
Is there an Object Initializers in Java
how can i get the volume of the current sound?
Best approach for designing framework for badge assigning system
Issue with %0A replace in android
How to set alarm when application has been idle for 30 seconds in android?
How to Update this data using SQL? [duplicate]
Complete Web designing for beginner from HTML to server side programming
referencing div from within iFrame
jQuery.parseJSON always returns null in firebug console
iOS : How to implement handwriting recognition?
How to inject vars into the dict used for template by a decorator in TurboGears2?
Killing a Specific browser from batch file
warning: iPad: Icon-72.png: icon dimensions (0 x 0)
How do i change the default text in Google Maps API Places Autocomplete
Telerik mvc grid paging/sorting/filtering calling controller action method why
assign the whole object for smarty
ContentValue not accepting BigDecimal
java swing set background color of whole tabbedpane
unusual behavior of NSArray
How To use aws rest API in my ios application
How to assign height of two dynamic div equal at run time
undefined local variable or method `confirmed_at' for #User
BASH : How to disallow user input 鈥�* 鈥�, and also what kind of regular expressions should i check for user input?
TableAdapter update SQL server CE
SQL Server query syntax error
Can't refactor code: one or more predefined type(s) missing
Zooming a 2D game on a mobile device?
C++ equivalent of Python's 鈥渃onstruct鈥�library
how to overcome command line string limitation?
Dozer: CustomerConverter that is Internationalization/Localization aware, how to implement?
why an undefined variable is larger than a number in mako template?
Is there any advantage to calculating the duration in MySQL as opposed to calculating duration in PHP (and then storing in MySQL)?
How to write a c program for connecting to MySQL server and executing an SQL query?
Singleton with Arguments in Java Again
How to grant full permission to a file created by my application for ALL users?
Does query plan get recomputed if we close and reopen a prepared statement?
How to read excel file with Java without external jars
epoll_ctl_add fails while adding a socket fd
mapping nhibernate parent/child relationship the 'other' way round
Does Emacs ECB can refresh the directory automatic?
How To Modify The PHP File To Send To More Devices Push Notification In Loop?
Adding jar file to classpath at runtime without reflection tricks
PHP/MYSql Password hashing
Extract signal state during specified time frame
Is Blackberry WebWorks a good development choice?
How to determine if a mail fetch by imap base64 encoded?
show only Error message of asp validators by javascript
Get time of different Time zones on selection of time from time picker
How to populate a NSTableView?
PHP + Javascript parent function not getting called
how to get the ouput of all paragraphs data in XSLT
parsing huge length string using sax parser in android
Why does Tomcat 7 append index.html to URLs when Tomcat 6 does not?
why does the Array class implement the Ilist Interface Explicitly not Implicitly?
Error.aspx - how to turn off?
NSXMLParser and multiple calls in view's life-cycle.
SensorSimulator Openintents simulating for 2 emulators
Access Control from Ribbon ICommand
Insert array data into database using Java
Schedule Viewer GTFS
Why are array contents of a core datastore type not stored in app engine?
What's the RGB Color For the Windows COLOR_WINDOW or COLOR_BACKGROUND?
How to redefine a gdb built-in command and call the original
how to getAuth token and send email in background?
Mobile testing (Test plans) [closed]
GWT CellTable-Need to have two buttons in last single cell of each row
When a already existing pointer is pushed in a stack, does its copy gets created?
Explain relation between asound.conf file with HFP and A2DP commands
Visual Studio 2010 Build Fails to File Copy Error
use umbraco as ftp server
Jquery slider movement [closed]
Finding the position of controls in webbrowser control
doctrine 2.2 and codeigniter 2.1
htaccess - Redirect loop
php ob_start() fix previously outputted tags
How to dynamically load highcharts
how to handle the response from the payment gateway, if our server goes down
Cross AppDomain call is executed in caller Domain
How to share reviews usingyelp in android
Error: Maven installation in Eclipse
How to do a Level Order Traversal?
sql server db automatic update [closed]
How to scroll my list dynamically after a certain time via code?
Where is the assembly file?
Web Scraping Facebook Android Application
Active Record: Use hash conditions in on clause
NetBeans IDE installation fails on Ubuntu for RoR
Best Way to manage Sessions in Flex SpringBlazeDS project
iOS - How can I preload the keyboard?
Switch case between pictures
Efficient memoization in Python
JQuery code not runs
Can I focus to another window with a VBA command in Excel 2007?
Need a little recursion in RELAX NG external references
JQuery code not runs
Can I focus to another window with a VBA command in Excel 2007?
Need a little recursion in RELAX NG external references
Can someone please explain mappedBy in hibernate?
Parsing attributes with same name but in different fields in iOS
I have a Ruby array of objects, how to change this array into multiple arrays based on the property of those objects?
Wordpress if usermeta meta_key exists do this
opening oracle application in a browser
Force a single application to use windows classic theme when running aero in windows 7
Fastest way to calculate the distance between two CGPoints?
Menu bar to not activate app
scalars can only be used with projection in PIG
Application respond strangely after periord of inactivity
Which is more easier to customize and extend sugarcrm or Vtiger
Creating a method to add a new record to a table in Rails 3.1
JSTL and Scriplet
Capturing Audio Data from Windows XP
when application run on emulatorit stays blank and i am using android emulator 2.1 api level 7
Android - Get Control of Gallery within my app
Append output of one command to the output of another in a single command
Wake lock not working properly in Custom System Service in Android
htaccess rewrite condition and rewrite rule for redirecting to a page using a particular name
How to display data from JsonRestStore
Moonlight on MAC OS X
Using a modified Nokogiri to parse Wikitext?
How to prevent Heroku from clearing the indexes built by acts_as_indexed
UTF-8 server side conversion from euc-kr in Korean loses about 15% of characters
Write Lucene index concurrently
How should a system unlock an account?
New page is open with full image when I click on particular image using PhotoSwipe Jquery
Custom skin for VolumeBar
Is it possible to create multiple targets for Android project like Xcode Target
Difference between origin and position arguments in SpriteBatch.DrawString
Getting rid of <br> tags in parsing XML
when i select menu option once. onOptionsItemSelected is called twice. (Android)
What causes 鈥渄uplicate entry鈥�warnings when JAR'ing with Eclipse?
Security of over-the-air distribution of enterprise iPhone apps - OTA iOS
Preventing Cassandra from dumping hprof files
Populate data based on search criteria in mvc c#
To get the Gps value frequently android?
Identify the bit version of installed eclipse
Convert IEnumerable<IEnumerable<T>> to List<List<T>>
Android autofocus
HTTP Referrer. Is it reliable? [duplicate]
Fluent Nhibernate Many to Many Mapping Way
Place Hibernate configuration in a different location
Not getting the value from a div in JavaScript
How to change U-Boot memory map
Java Library for editing doc attributes
Web App using Windows Phone 7.1
Web App using Windows Phone 7.1
Client and auth server
Sitemesh spring:message not recognized in template
keep getting 鈥渘ot a statement鈥�when I try to compile for Java
Storing a mailing list in Database / MySQL
Getting pixel values of a LAB image in opencv
PyQt - how to replace QString with sip API 2
Oracle create procedure query throwing error
How to pass parameters to command using multibinding?
DatabaseError 鈥渘o such column鈥�
Run Servlet in ubuntu 10.10 using tomcat
how to show all ASCII character in RichEdit2 visual c++
Is there an equivallent to a jsFiddle for ASP.NET / VB?
Is there a way to get the number of specials unlocked from Foursquare API
entity in external xml dtd
How to show pdf in Android
opencvsharp application post-setup not working
Java JDBC Sybase JConnect
Flex reducing space between two bars+
What are the best data structures(like hash map/list etc) to use for the following scenario
Show underline to column header for GridView Sort
How to send news feed from facebook canvas app
How to enable conditionally validation using ValidationEngine
If two local notifications have the same fire time and the app is in the background then didReceiveLocalNotification is only called once
Initializing a pointer array of objects
Listview zoom and animation in Android
Weak Linking in IOS
why my localhost slower than internet?
Android Webview Crash While Selecting Text
Unable to implement facebook integration in iphone app
Where should assert() be used in C resp. C++?
How to assign an object function to a variable?
android how to detect click on canvas which is in a horizontal scrollview
How to access the each element individually in Three.js
better method to test if directory is accessible
The New Google Takeout
How to open a second Form as dialog when the first Form is already loaded?
Facebook PHP SDK not loading as a library in CodeIgniter
How to set the Mapview's width and height in java code?
Problems working with ormlite using IntelliJ on Mac OSX
iOS: MFMessageComposeViewController for iPad
how do we sync OpportunityContactRole with another custom object
Listview column Header not displaying VB.Net
Insert to database when button is click
Add/change compatibility SimpleMenu/MenuItem from compatibility Fragment
Master/Detail Example with Programmatically
Installation of the couchdb in the iphone device
MLM downline distribution count
Ruby gem to generate GIF CSS sprites from PNGs?
Sorting rows in a data table
How do I keep my form on top and prevent it from losing focus?
What type is `ios::hex` in?
How to upload image from gallery in android
instanceof operator in java for comparing different classes
GWT. Label don't consume space when invisible
Calling ImageJ from Mathematica
Can someone explain what = $(); means in jQuery?
how to connect the devices by using Bluetooth in BluetoothChat application? [closed]
Facebook PHP SDK Sample not working
How to compare size of string in Objective-C?
need a help in reading an XML file from a project folder
EXEC_BAD_ACCESS in iOS5 for IBAction
Changing Cake's current directory
Indent Code In Haskell
How to add character count for each dynamicall created text field with jQuery?
Flex swf write to local file if given authorization by the end user
How to deal with the stored procedure's return value in MVC3?
Git merge testing branch (final commit) to master branch
Problems with svd in java
How can we send a follow up email for Wishlist?
Executing Javascript written with XMLHttpRequest that contains script tags?
Creating glyph index table for PDF text Rendering using Freetype
Wcf config settings for .svc service for maximum performance and restricted clients
mercurial file id
How Can i Connect to remote MySql Server [closed]
Multiple tables query on postgis
Can an SVN repository be cloned when there are branches in the history with invalid names?
removing images by specific domain
C++ array of pointers returns the same value for each element
iPhone - Should I create 2 diffrent sizes images for Retina & Not retina display dedive?
ROR + Modify XML having text more than one using NOKOGIRI
Working of increment operator in C
On start up my Activity screen position cuts off half my UI
Exception Details: System.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: meth when running
RSpec how to have should_receive check for call but let it run
.NET String.Format equivalent in Java
print text gesture in iPhone simulator
How do i make 鈥淪phinx Service鈥�start automatically and run nonstop?
How to send UIImage data to Unity3d via a C# script and iOS plug-in?
R: Efficiently locating time series segments with maximal cross-correlation to input segment?
Django 鈥�I want a generic form page, but with some specifics
CodeIgniter 1.7 and CIUnit v0.17 wont work
jquery datepicker not working in ftl
Driod X sending attachment email issue
Removing double quotes- Excel to Notepad
Reason for corrupted /var/lib/logrotate/status
AVFoundation Focus Mode iPad2
(JavaScript) Enter keypress does not work in Mozila FireFox when dropdown control has ListSearchExtender
MIPS : address out of range error
Javascript: nested loops?
Maven Mercurial Release Process
Varispeed Audio Unit Stream Format
rails, simple_form, how to set default selected index of a collection?
safari - jquery - ajax 500 internal server error
How can I get sender email address while using zend imap
MySQL order: put rows matching something on top of query?
Dynamically added TemplateFields in DetailsView do not set bound property
How to set the language as French of my android application?
Adding an Event on ASP.NET sites
Parsing HttpResponse Content
motion through color pixels to a particular image?
Struts2 action type json call all the functions from Action class
VMWare network setup issues with Windows 7 Guest
Is there a way to turn off the previewing of folded items when hovering on a (+) in PyDev?
Can a read a file from Tomcat Temp folder
Create Video Thumbnail of All Files in a Directory via FFmpeg and PHP
Rails / PHP : How to serialize an sql data row?
JavaScript always returning true even when it's not
Play Framework - CRUD naming convention
opening oracle applications in firefox
R: Comment out block of code [duplicate]
Recursive Concatenation of Parent Elements
Force callers of an internal API to use fixed-size types?
Generating UUIDs for IndexedDB keys?
Custom validation alerts for jQuery Mobile Form
how to get the value from expression tag to javascript in jsp page for validation?
鈥淸 !IE]鈥�conditional comments in Haml
Should I test both positive and negative statements?
Validate float number using RegEx in C#
junit test case for a method with hibernate fetch
Culture is not getting updaet in UI
cross-browser 鈥渂ullet-proof鈥�CSS3 @font-face syntax
Sharepoint URL field control in custom application pages
Regex to strip r and n or r n
Fast computation of multi-category number of combinations [closed]
What is going on with this html5lib script?
Android QuickContact dialog
install make in redhat - make command not found [closed]
how to change brightness of series using states in highcharts
how to use DesignInstance with Caliburn.Micro
Displaying footer on second page using Crystal
鈥渦nlink鈥�does not work on local Wordpress instance?
Email auth backend breaks django-social-auth
Dynamically Sort nodes and put delimiters where it comes using XSLT
How to do find posted delivery and deliver it to integration stream?
Database Transactions in Java on Android
unable to attachevent to a row using a dom
Set of Strings not holding data when called from another file
How to execute a webservice automatically at regular interval?
How to execute a webservice automatically at regular interval?
Android Gallery Import
Issue with reflection in msbuild, devenv is good
how to get selected input fileds in a selected row by input name
Audio enable in emulator
disabling image selection in UIWebView
Changing the inline style of a CDATA font tag via JavaScript
Ajax Request GET query string parameters cannot be configured dynamically
How to send Push Notification to just one device using Urban Airship?
Is it possible to return a specific exit code when user abruptly close my console app? [duplicate]
Writing to global memory in CUDA
Android Customize Lock Screen Cannot FullScreen
How do I create a new list from a list template (Client Object Model)
Flickr feed with jQuery and json works in FF but not IE
add sql server data connection in visual studio
Styling table data cells based on the parity of their row and column, using jQuery and CSS
Forcing multiple file types in Vim
Android - Redirecting to another screen after a certain time
MVC PartialView not found
Spring Autowiring and Class Inheritance
Using scanf to capture a string of integers into an array in C
Javascript to create an li and append to an ol
Get Weather Info with API for android
How do I create a view(which Shows balance) that stays onscreen while I switch between tabs?
View doesn't show 2nd time when switching views?
Taking Null Value while Selecting in DropDownList in MVC 3
How to deal with vendor/plugins after upgrading to rails 3.2.1
Storing files of any-type in database
how to send the data to the table view depending on the condition
How to set Wifi wep key, only programmlly?
How to extract a path components from documents directory till my file name?
Sorting Characters Of A C++ String
Unable to make ant script with swtjar
Searching Html tags Using PHP
Foursquare OAuth2 401 error
Can't get Intellij to use the AspectJ compiler
Objects in object oriented programming in objective c
Padding on container div not working in Google Chrome
How does recursive isPalindrome function work?
access session users in models
C Programming ScanF multiple input one file
Fixed lag smoothing state space model
How do I make part of my route optional?
How to convert an NSDictionary value to NSInteger
Grails GORM how to join legacy tables on specified keys
Having difficulty using Envers to audit a many-to-many relation
Refreshing browser add duplicate entry in database - php
why does this NOT work for me? it always returns TRUE
UML Class Diagram for an E-commerce webSite? [closed]
Python-2.7.2 on 6.2 PUIAS i386_64
C++0x: when a temporary object equals another temporary object
Data is not displaying on tableview when i use UITabBar
Data Structure for phone book [duplicate]
Is having 11 overridden methods in a class normal? [closed]
How do I Prompt the user to enter a password before entering the main program?
Extending Access Token Expiration not functioning
PHP Upload file-type and -size restrictions
How to create a mesh from a set of 3d vectors and then find it's edges?
adding html within var string?
Why is Post back not triggered when user navigates away from page, but triggered on close?
Generics code coudln't understand why T parameter to be used
viewDidAppear/ViewDidDisappear knows the current transition has completed r not
How to avoid tab key on key down event using java script
Detecting common SQL injection patterns in a query
How to change control row and column definition index at runtime?
Link in AJAX HTML response loses onclick after being clicked
SIGINT not being captured after using ruby system() command
Multiple Inheritance in ActionScript 3
Server Scalability - HTML 5 websockets vs Comet
SQL Server Profiler : capture calls to your database's stored procs during SSRS report generation
PHP Using cookies to log in
Make a link non-secure
Trouble using MsSQL with PHP
Cannot Access PHP Object Property
iOS: outlining the opaque parts of a partly-transparent image
Tkinter drop down menu goes into endless loop
Callout accessory on tapping images
How can I add ActiveX object to ROT using Java and SWT?
Jquery slider name
Failed Facebook Authorization Android SDK
How do you set javascript src in html file for WebInvoke (WP7.5, Silverlight)
how to develop a p2p video chat using flash media server
Create a BitBucket git commit hook?
vim grepformat for node-jslint output
prevention of scroll reset when linking?
Jquery forming malformed URL on JSON AJAX request
Returning a class type in C++
CSS border-image is not working in Opera
wx.Timer for animation
Select all checkbox nodes in a jtree
parsing the package error
Download Files with FTP using conditional stament
Passing Data from Rich:PopUp Panel to Parent Window in JSF 2.0
use function sql server or entity framework query for calculation in database?
Enabling LessCSS development mode in Node.js
model saves in console, not from web ui
How to use the annotation in pdf files and i want to know the hightlight using java
Disadvantages of using NodeJS instead of PHP
Swap the screen location of two items in java swing?
how to replace C standard library functioin
Excel VBA - Running SQL script multiple times with different variable value
Click when mouse is in an area for some time
android alert dialog with a title, message and followed with a listview
(1,eval)('this') vs eval('this') in JavaScript?
How to disable cPanel URLs
Equivalent in Coldfusion for JavaScript's call() and apply() functions
Have a Class and a Subclass handled the same way?
How do I escape double quotes to in my entire xml string?
How to merge two datatable containing different column based on condition?
How to do a binding in Xaml?
How do i end an expressjs / node POST response?
Outlook like Scheduling component for a GWT based web application
Explaining hashes in Ruby
Why won't this while loop break?
Simple TextWrangler Grep Replace
print select value from json object
Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded when i execute daily run from my website
windows 7 phone Tilt Effect?
login via the native php sdk code gives error
Python Data Model : confused again with classmethod
OmniAuth + Rails 3 + Cucumber - undefined method `test_mode!' for Devise::OmniAuth:Module (NoMethodError) prints help only
Allow PHP file access to protected folder?
Toast Notification not working
Start video chat without user interaction - Android
android mapview gives me error
MigLayout seems to override setLocation - how to avoid this?
Closing pipe, dup2, file descriptors in C?
Python regular expression to parse a list into text for a response
Where to store static files like html/css/javascript in a jetty project?
How to launch Safari to a specific URL from Springboard in custom iOS theme?
Retaining data after updating application
Cyclic calling of object form one class to another
Custom form builder not invoked in the fields_for method
regex replace: '[A-Z]'' to [A-Z]' - I can't preserve the letter in in the string
Javascript's 鈥渢his鈥�pointing to wrong object inside lambda given to
Does Joomla! follow MVC Architecture? [closed]
PHP invoke java applications
How to add controls when an event is fired in WinForm?
Dragging and dropping images from Firefox into Microsoft Powerpoint
GA algorithm approach for TSP
Nested QMap and QList won't let me append/push_back
how to fetch data from sybase and load into MS-SQL with java
null JavaCompiler in Eclipse
Java efficient file writing: String concatentation versus extra call to write()
WordPress dynamic menu with custom post types
How Embed windows control library to
Mips: store a variable in another variable
Foursquare authentication dialog join now link customization for Amazon App Store
Pass variable from PHP to jQuery click() function
Pass variable from PHP to jQuery click() function
Centering an iframe?
Custom validator with master page button click
Max HTTP POST request size for Amazon S3 Browser-based upload?
Program-E Php Aim error
Clojure - 2 versions of 1 function. Which is more idiomatic?
android alert dialog multi line title
rails - one action, many templates - what is the rails way to handle this?
what's the meaning of the way of writing in jquery?
android setting content view twice
Clojure : How to define a function that prints a string without putting quotes to variable
css3 for this button [closed]
Select first word in a container
PHP - strlen not working
Why does EXCEPT exist in T-SQL?
CSS3PIE Not Working With border-radius [duplicate]
How to setup up PYTHON_EGG_CACHE environment variable on Mac?
How to change color of jQuery Mobile Select menu?
Variable precision float/double values
Where are complete types (not) required?
How to extract data from a SAP ABAP system?
How to inject logic into javascript in HAML?
All class properties accessible from another class EXCEPT NSDictionary? Anyone know why?
OpenCV incompatable with std::vector? (_crtIsValidHeapPointer error)
Deadlock with flock, fork and terminating parent process
When does an NSArray no longer contain the same item?
IE8/9 - different rendering behavior when launched from vbscript?
Testing phonegap ajax locally in a browser?
Build is creating '-p' folder
Why typeclasses instead of just pattern matching?
Perl partial match
checkboxes in loop - PHP
How can I make new records cascade across a one to one relationship in MS Access?
terminal command for mysql file import
Z3 Model Incorrect
Replace method of String does not Change the String
Converting searchable PDF to a non-searchable PDF
How to add test sql connection button in Wix
Options for a simple window manager besides kwin?
How to split a string based on a regular expression?
How do I align multiple text elements into columns in a Flex DropDownList?
link ad new jquery tab and specify tab title and ajax url to load
Android Camera.takePicture - Possible to disable shutter sound and preview surface?
mysql date_sub issue, selecting ONLY rows less than 5 minutes old
Cross-browser Getter and Setter
Is this 鈥渢he ruby way鈥�of creating a database driven website, models first?
Android spinner with different icons (images) in different positions
Is it possible to access jquery functions through a templating library like Handlebars?
DataSet Updation Fails
Why isn't the key monitor working?
Launching Hacker News Clone - Next Steps?
User login status using sessions in ONE inc_ file
achart engine settings
Struts after form submission going to blank page
How to limit textbox template field text length in gridview?
Is there any particular good reason to keep using href='#' on javascript targeted links?
PHP emboss with color
report_activate_error when setup windows service for mongrel
Crystal report viewer is not able to display when publish to server visual studio 2010
word count of each line in a script
How to inject lots of Javascript files into CHROME EXTENSION?
Kleene star in programming. Difference between (a,b)* and a*b*?
Flash AS2 animation continues at odd point if movie is loaded and unloaded quickly?
OSX Lion ctags Java support
process mysql array with php
How to do a 'composite' select using LINQ?
Is this a safe way to design a program?
definition of variable
Stringbuilder and byte conversation
What to happend when I registerLocalNotification to a past time?
Why doesn't this Javascript function work?
Jquery auto increment to append(鈥�鈥�
What is relationship between Page.IsValid and args.IsValid
How set the background image to selected state?
Using .htaccess to mask a domain?
How to execute 16-bit installer on 64-bit Win7?
MS Access Collection Array members not staying 鈥渟et鈥�
Make payment at PayPal before SubmitOrder
PHP Class Variable Access
Using jquery versions 1.6 and above makes Django's FilteredSelectMutliple unusable
Change row background color while item be touch in ListView
Unit test for uC/OS - II
How do I make a template file for a specific display in a view when I have multiple displays of the same type
How can I put my fieldsets side-by-side?
How can I get my app version from app store programatically
Site not rendering in Internet explorer [closed]
python doctest & coroutine
Error installing ruby 1.9.3 on Snow Leopard
how to pop up a dialog when tapping on a Map marker?
NHibernate produces multiple queries on deletion of object in child collection
Python logging and rotating files
Modifying memory/code segment of host application process in a Debugger on Windows
grouping variable for ordered elements using adjecent correlation using R
How to test if a UIButton title is nil
Linking of text without changing color of text to blue
Why aren't my views drawing?
c++ recursion with arrays
Reading from plist
Better way to handle Uncaught Exceptions in ForkJoinPool Tasks/action
Protect firebird embedded file
html event bubbling for textbox
implicit declaration of function 鈥榞etChar鈥�in C
Why is my background image not appearing?
Same Origin Workaround for REST API
Space removal from a String - In Place C style with Pointers
looping over PHP array [closed]
Exclude results from Directory.GetFiles
Facebook is not picking my webpage logo when shared
How to update textview in PagerAdapter (after using inflater inside instantiateItem)
There was an error parsing the query SQL Server CE / VS 2010 local database
Should you use plural or singular form of folder name in URL
Duplicate UIImageView when in landscape orientation?
javascript - splitting a string and passing all values to a function
Keep track of visit count in cookies
How can I turn off jtable cell selection through mouse presses and drags
How to get a second level field from json file using ruby
Plupload: how to get filename from PHP processing script
PlayN Font Support
Drawing in workers
Delphi Webcam Simple Program
Custom ListView newView Issue
Recursion versus manual stacks - Which is preferred in which case?
Memoising based on a key
Page Object pattern and alternatives
Why does an App die during a rails migration?
Reference the result of a multiply op?
Make button call same button's method
recycle bitmap ice cream sandwich force close
User doesn't exist in database Facebook
gnuplot-like program for timeline data
change the date format of a column in all sheets of a workbook
How to display string number which is start from zero?
How to turn a String into a javascript function call (case with objects)
Build ReportCalendar year month table from ofpr table
Test for target existence
Activity refuses to start
Attributes on Shopping Cart - Magento
Facebook Bigpipe Technique Algorithm
Converting this function to using generics
using javascript regex to capture text in a url
Is it better to access DOM elements with IDs or objects?
what's the most used tag library in spring MVC projects
MS-SQL and PHP.INI - how to enable mssql support in PHP in IIS7
RVM isn't recognized until I run 鈥渟ource ~/.profile鈥�in terminal
How do you detect clock that changes every minute?
Dynamic HTML for array submission using jQuery
installing theme in wordpress at different url
My link <a> tag isn't responding to my CSS orders
jqGrid about send more request
Disable typing 0 (zero) at first character position job not firing
Session variable in class produces NullReferenceException
Common js file across multiple htmls and a global variable reference
detect checkboxlist checked more than 1 item
CakePHP LDAP/MySQL Hybrid Model
Passenger + RVM + ubuntu 11.04 server == problems
MySQL 鈥淯PDATE鈥�doesn't work [closed]
Launching Android ListActivities
Get days as an int from a timespan?
Win 7 good VB6 development environment? [closed]
Converting a binary char[] to a hexadecimal char[]
How to vectorize the following block of matlab
Complexity. Why dont constants matter?
Why is Perl saying I only use this once? Why is that even an issue?
Why do I get permission denied when I try use 鈥渕ake鈥�to install something?
Is Spring MVC using setter methods to set the properties of ModelAttribute objects?
Pass an environment variable to a Custom Builder in Scons
Port error: Could not establish connection. Receiving end does not exist. In Chromiume
Push notifications from server to user with PHP/JavaScript
Using awk variables to remove files
How email services handle the same email sent to multiple users?
FireBug data transfer size
Rails ActiveModel empty constructor
How to count the X and Y coordinates of a point from the object's rotation (angle) and leg's length?
undefined reference to existing class
Nested resources route for projects/tasks
Writing Data to Plist as a Hierarchy
Clip part of ImageView and display it somewhere else? two different type of db connection in an application
Make sure that text input to a form is unicode or else raise and error
Android - Launch Gallery Folder and Select Image
What pattern to choose for php module?
How to call prepared statements in java properly
Which Java language mechanisms allow object reference variable types to be different than the type of object it refers to?
I can't break out of C# solution.
Creating table with current date plus 30 days after current date
Fastest way to loop through atom feed
How can I check VB, console application, user input to make sure they entered a valid number?
how to extract string and store to database using java
Android Documentation List View Example Source Code In XML
Using page properties in a semantic mediawiki #ask query
Adding a button to any website using Javascript
Cannot connect content server docbase in windows2008(64bit) from windows7(32bit)
simple sql select over 3 tables
ASP.NET MVC @Html.EditorFor(model => But
Facebook Graph API - How to search friends by relationship_status?
Dependency property is not working for me on a WPF UserControl
How to cancel GetConsumingEnumerable() on BlockingCollection
Difference between @Qualifier and @Resource
Convert date time with miliseconds to double or int?
Cannot figure out /[ex] operator from gcc's -fdump-tree-gimple
Way to detect 鈥淩efused to display document because display forbidden by X-Frame-Options.鈥�error?
What are other mathematical operators one can use to transform an algorithm
Make subcategories in template script
stop javascript execution till jquery JSON response
Implementation of skyline query or efficient frontier
JQuery Mobile blank page on load
Fetching stream (me/home) omits videos
PHP floatval, intval, substr not returning values correctly
Git - Merging from a template project - no subdirectory
Is it possible to use the Like Button Social plugin to like a feed from a landing page?
Android: Stretch Bitmap to Polygon
Improving the performance for the MVC 3 application
Suggestions for testing framework/engine for java program [closed]
Hiding the Inbox from the documents directory for File Sharing
Red5: Server application skeleton and helloworld
Classes and Pointers, how do they work?
OracleBulkCopy vs SQL*Loader Performance
AJAX callback in Inter Explorer
jqgrid - saveRow url throwing an exception
how to use django-valuate?
How to use wildcards with Envoy
Project Utility Jar is not being added while generating EAR
AVI created with AVIStreamWrite has incorrect length and playback speed
HTML to JAVASCRIPT conversion?
Change permissions of another application on Android (rooted)
Multiple script tags not working in my page
Custom blocks not being rendered
iOS localization, label with number and word together
How can I redistribute .Net Framework3.5 SP1 with my application by ClickOnce on VS2010
Implementing jQuery's 鈥渓ive鈥�binder with native Javascript
w3c validator error: Saw U+0000 in stream
Delphi - Loading JPEG and printing outputs as a black square?
How to query for an exact ManyToMany relation?
Check for join record in view for rails 3?
Returning an object to a method in a ViewController
.on for jQuery corner plugin
Retrieve data from API while launch image is shown
jQuery Mobile: Breaks When Reloading / Deep Linking / Bookmarking Pages Added to DOM via AJAX
Publishing a simple .NET web service yields IIS 鈥淚t is an error to use a section registered as allowDefinition='MachineToApplication' 鈥︹�
Palindrome Program
Hibernate Criteria how to sort a row count projection on a parent child relationship
Reading an array from a text file in Common Lisp
C++ Multiple Inheritance + Virtual Functions (- Ambiguity) = Weird Behavior (also function pointers)
points aren't aligned with the x axis on flot chart
Android: How to generate a frequency?
multi level cocos2d game[closed]
Mercurial repo access order
Java convert short to byte[] issue in java
How to capture WorkBook Name in an .xls file?
regression testing the entire app in Python
Loop through children of current node in TinyMCE
How to export .3ds file for using RenderMonkey from 3dsMax?
deferring dependencies when loading data using knockoutjs
How can I tell when an iPhone loses or re-acquires an Internet connection?
jboss-app.xml Auto Generated from MAVEN EAR plugin
What is the difference b/w Oracle Business Rules and IBM ILOG JRules
Jackson : Conditional select the fields
Eliminating rectangles enclosed within other rectangles in OpenCV
Why do all keys start being interpreted as 鈥�鈥�in Emacs?
Entered integer was not taken as a numeric in rails 3.1.0
Java Short addition questions
PHP date/time format, need some assistance
dynamic programming - what's the asymptotic runtime?
R - combine a 3D matrix and single vector then select certain month data
Iphone Table Cell Sizes
ajaxSubmit success callback not fire in IE6
Designing for encapsulation
How to deselect lisboxitem in mvvmlight?
Unwrap by selecting the class?
How can I run a method after the Spring singleton initialization is complete?
how to determing which ul li is active in jquery?
Removing commented lines from InnerText
Is it possible to get 鈥渋mporting module鈥�in 鈥渋mported module鈥�in Python?
Who are the major authors in Information Extraction, Text Mining and Natural Language Processing area?
Error in dynamically loaded user controls that reference other controls in different directories
Hiding and displaying again a TreeView modifies which TreeViewItem is selected. Why?
Image handlernot loading
how to query data in a fast way after table splitting?
Which PHP 5.3 features and extensions are not compatible with stream wrappers?
Linq Optional ORing (Method Syntax)
How to clone a multidimensional array in java?
Difference between request types?
Adding Additional Headers to Carrierwave for Amazon s3 Encryption
jquery - scattering images within a defined space so they don't overlap
ruby - how to correctly parse varying numbers of command line arguments
Storing a multiple select in a database for a rails application
How to access all HTTP Response Headers
using R to select rows in data set with matching missing observations
What is the purpose of 鈥淍SuppressWarnings(鈥漸nchecked鈥�鈥�
Class methods, saving state, a better way to register functions
QuerySet : TypeError
Preprocessing of Dataset SQL
In Google App Engine, how do you use a blobstore key to read from the blob line-by-line?
calculate difference between two double values exactly
Is there onListItemTouch method in listview
jQuery if div contains text, toggle button
Encryption keysize and algorithm
Graphviz: How to change border color
How to make markers larger in google street view
Python class decorator converting element access to attribute access
C# Excel add-in exception when formula bar is selected and accessing Range.Value
php loop logic trouble
Run a function before a model is saved to the database in DataMapper ORM and CodeIgniter
Python List Slicing with Arbitrary Indices
Android Layout Fragment/Activity Confusion
Can I have an inset shadow along the bottom of a div only?
Rails invalid byte running any script
ListView in Fragment not saving scroll position on popBackStack [duplicate]
How can I get the generated HTML from dynamically-inserted elements?
Ruby on Rails, link_tag with image tag talk to a controller
How to print to console/log in Visual Studio 11 in C++ in a Metro app?
Why is gettimeofday() and time_t not making sense?
Trying to make Eclipse more portable. How do I put JDK/JRE in eclipse folder
Is Ogre a good engine for a voxel based game? [closed]
client communicate directly with Oracle database on server OK to to do, or pose security risk or other issue?
Console.ReadLine() alternative
Android - my app closes when a hardware keyboard is opened
How to simulate Keystrokes in C#?
Ctrl-Drag from button to method not working. Xcode/Interface Builder
vmware .net api help vmware.vim.dll problems
Multiple if statements and then else Javascript [closed]
Selecting Table Row using Struts2 tag
JACKSON how to not include the wrapper for a field ?
Using SharedPreferences鈥id I do this right?
Android Update Query
Constantly looking for user input in Python
Is it possible to declare an Objective-C method outside a class?
iOS 5: Twitter composer view appears slowly
Build manager for GIS data processing
Exclude One URL From Python URL Masking
How can I test for the structure of a site menu with RSpec?
406 Not Acceptable error while rendering a json view in rails 3.1
How to work with tables in Corona SDK
migrated system with new urls
sql datetime to get the first value of each day
my choices over javascript framework and javascript UI libraries
What's a better way to remove a sub folder that attached in the file path in C# 2.0
c# proxy, generating certificate for https traffic?
How to add a href links in <system-out> or <failure> tags in Jenkins/JUNIT xml
UIScrollView sporadically loses bounce and fluid scrolling
iOS: Possible to send or post message in Google Plus
How to expose an array of JSON objets via an ActionResult
Validate each dropdown (select list) related to a product
Case insensitive routing in CakePHP?
User friendly URLs - mod rewrite and php redirections
鈥淎ttempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.鈥�Delphi7 DLL from C#
Annotations loaded from plist not showing
How can I send data to a new activity?
remove image without ID from div with ID
remove image without ID from div with ID
Displaying images to a View
Why does my camera rotate around a point with this math?
How can i block popups [ads] from appearing in my webview?
My wxPython widget freezes my program after activating another function
Android 4.0 WebView.loadURL oddity
Codeigniter, Passing a variable from a model to a controller
Python regular expressions: how to match multiple substrings inside a single regular expression?
Why aren't Persistent types instances of ToJSON/FromJSON in Yesod?
global variable, child process and parent process
how to set css property from serverside
Command Line Input Working Incorrectly
Store read only data mixing assembly and C++
I want to disable correct hyperlink
Can YUI 3.4.1 Be Used to fetch text from a remote web server?
Loops in coffeescript with operations
How to use boost::serialization for std::stack?
What's the difference between 鈥渇let鈥�and 鈥渓abels鈥�in Common Lisp?
Xcode populate table view from server and if no internet connection from phone
Appended string from iframe being duplicated
Filepaths within DLL component of ASP.NET website
How to write query to keep getting rows until a condition is satsified
How do I update my rows in this situation?
how can C communicate with Oracle database?
Where do I see my google places checkins?
Creating has_many and belongs_to relationship on same model in create
trouble signing on android
update a mysql table from a php page
socat: How to create a bidirectional IP tunnel through UDP
How to let a C-array always to be accessed from disk directly instead of remaining in memory?
Is there a way to detect circular arrays in pure PHP?
How to store dates in a table
What is the meaning of several words separated by colons in an XML namespace?
how do I store the links to an attachment in MS Access?
PL/SQL identifier 'string' must be declared
Java- How to get the HTML code from a URL including its AJAX generated code using Firebug or some Java library
How to proxy a call to a hashmap without losing the type
Standard HTML5 animation
UITableView with Transparent Gradient at Top and Bottom
Action script trees
How do I turn off or ignore key repeat for my curses application?
Replacing Timer text with result of DB calculation when Timer hits 00:00:00
List of maven(3.1.0) clover plugin properties/goals
rails as_json only: rendering not working
Disable control+c close program
Preserving the ID column in a Magento database migration
How do I turn a select into a delete
WebSite - download link
How to get javascript 鈥渓ink-rotator鈥�functionality from body to division?
Android; Declaring edittext in class body (Out of any method)
iOS: NSBundle URLForResource fails after renaming project
Distributing a LWJGL Jar
JQuery Variable Overwrite In Loop, Want To Retain Different Values
SQL Server Layer for both Delphi and C#
transform matrix such that a factor becomes rowname
NullReferenceException on XmlSerializer.Serialize
dojo.connect with dojox.form.DropdownSelect
Echoing the sum of a table in PHP
# of bits needed to represent a number x
What is a language for sound control
Javascript splice is breaking on jQuery .each()?
a good log monitoring tool with error notification? [closed]
Algorithm for finding all paths in a NxN grid
mysql get list of all products ordered per customer in date range open cart
JPA still finds entities after it deleted them
Cannot drag vCard from Apple's Address Book to app in Mac OS X Lion
issue with using performSelector for activityIndicator while calling web service - IOS
Guava Bloom Filter does not support large insertions?
windows server 2003 - unable to create socket - exception
GWT Layout Changing issues when using back button with PlaceHistoryMapper
activerecord / db theory - where do I put these fields?
Assigning the outlet for a UITableViewCell using UINib
Object Recognition/Detection?
ROW_NUMBER and PARTITION query returning all rows ranked as 1
$ae. javascript notation
MVC 3 Forms Authentication User.Identety.Name return false
Nhibernate.Util causing ProxyFactoryFactoryNotConfiguredException when configuration line exists in config
UI won't update in real time
close a socket port on linux [duplicate]
How to use pysnmp to monitor system resources?
C++ STL Versioning Issue + Boost
Is there a command line tool to tell me which JAR a particular Class is in
Is there a tool to evaluate database designs
HTTPbis - what does bis mean?
preg_replace href or src only when protocol is missing
Trying to view my XML in 鈥淕raphical Layout鈥�Tab
Different controller based on route :name
How to drag tab up and show toolbar in iOS
Sprite Movement/Animation
Why can't I access NSEvent?
Allow user to input value during on start of a windows service
Mongoid: filter collection does not seem to work
OpenXml Doc sdk 2.0 not producing DataSheet data in output
How to create a list with 'pinned' items
can I disable hyperlink in an if statement
Access facebook api to get restaurants
sql server loop through id's to get dataset
Generic Method Pattern In Java
Hook into WCF before WCF terminates client request
Hook into WCF before WCF terminates client request
How to use Bootstrap from Twitter in a Rails 3.0 application?
R: Building a list from matching values in a data.frame
Validate that URI is not empty in RelaxNG
URL Rewrite not working - IIS 7
Facilitate transfer between Amazon FPS buyer and third party seller, how to return to store?
simple 鈥減lugin鈥�system using __call
Can I write multiple byte arrays to an HttpClient without client-side buffering?
Is there a good AS3 Date library?
what isCOMCLASS attribute and how is used
Is there a way to drag a row from a JQGrid to a droppable textfield using the gridDnD plugin?
mysql replace piece of a string for some entries
How to optimize this code regarding NSArrays?
MacVIM on Lion - Command-T opens new tab instead of finding files
rails devise: user and account model
Customizing Analyzers in Solr
Understanding wordpress permalinks and query string parameters
Preventing repeated use of hjkl movement keys in vim
How to use jQuery to send an email address to a Rails 3.2 controller?
How to open URL from Android application and post values to the URL?
MySQL: simple geo/spacial query
mysql transaction error handling
iPhone - core data NSInteger, integer32, int or whatever
operations on a 2D array in CUDA kernel for matlab
managed c++ string compare working oddly
I'd like an explanation of a behavior in Ruby that I ran across in the Koans
Force HTTPS for specific URL
ASP.NET Cannot initiate instance object of a Class I created
Differences between Just in Time compilation and On Stack Replacement
How to display a DialogFragment from a Handler