UIActivityIndicator in iOS5 is supposed to have a color option. How to implement this?
check if an image exists + loading an image without knowing the whole name of it
Why would BinaryFormatter attempt to cast an object of type marked [Serializable] to IConvertible?
Cakephp: Cake is NOT able to connect to the database
LINQ to SQL Cannot detect stored procedure return type
Generating Combinations using Perl
javascript looping through 2d array
Hibernate 3.6 classMetaData exposes composite-id class?
SSRS report losses formatting in Report Manager via Internet Explorer
Generating Very Large Images at Runtime with OpenGL and libgdx
Junit Testing Mocking a File Operation
Timestamps in Git
If Statement within for loop - Matlab
AVAudioPlayer not playing my mp3
Best-practice for continuous integration and deployment
Generating Google Chart JSON array
obtaining NSData in hex format
How to animate a marker that is in a marker cluster
Should [super loadView] be called from loadView or not?
getJSON to fetch data from this json array
Creating an array populated with HTML code
PDO and For Each Loop: Incorrect variable being output
Kinect + SpCreateDefaultObjectFromCategoryId = SPERR_NOT_FOUND
how to add numbers in various textboxs and the sum displayed in a label
Select rows from a table where row in another table with same id has a particular value in another colum
Custom cursor around all instances of text in an application, without using <span>?
Error importing storage module staticfiles.storage: 鈥淣o module named staticfiles.storage鈥�
generate array from php while loop
Building Android from Source -Case sensitive file system
Google Search Appliance Database Feed
!function in Javascript [duplicate]
Java Audio DataLine.getLevel always returns 0
Get form parameter value from request in Play 2.0 Scala controller
python update cursor issue - error with %s symbol?
What should I change (Bisna-wise) in zend framework's application.ini when upgrading to Doctrine 2.2?
Can I specify properties to be cached by NSFetchedResultsController?
How do I append the UNIX command date to an echo statement
strange error compiling main module using g++
#show branch in terminal with .bashrc
Fixed gap between CSS columns
Boost.Any get original type
Face recognition in R [closed]
Why does C# bind the local variables up-front? [closed]
How do I render pages with 鈥渇ile鈥�extensions like xml, json, csv, etc. in CFWheels with the file type in the URL?
Generate a file on the fly and save it to S3 with Rails on Heroku
How can I override the minimum size of a QComboBox in Qt Designer?
Can't access div in documentReady()
Configure interval based cron in Spring JMS integration
Draw a rectangle over CIImage class in objective C
How can I generate a list of words from a group of letters using Perl?
Android ICS : How to detect that a device have 鈥渙n screen Back/Home button鈥�(Like Galaxy Nexus)
Is there the possibility to force teamcity to execute some command before it pass necessary data to build agent?
How can I verify that an array of strings contain a certain string?
R language aware code reformatting/refactoring tools?
WP7 Facebook SDK Sample Code Doesn't Work
Oracle Varrays foreign keys
How can I write the HTML Rendered by a control to a string
Magento CMS page setup Dynamic Meta Data
iOS 5 not in Xcode?
Is it possible to determine what properties a class has programmatically?
Run OpenCV project exe on different computers
Dragging to create a line
Magento Print Order Details gives white screen of death
Storing and accessing dynamic C arrays as instance variables in Objective C
Geolocation API not working, nor is Google Maps 鈥淢y Location鈥�
how to disable correct hyperlink
ASP.NET Searchable GridView Exception
How to dissect an HTML page in Java, to pick out certain elements?
Attempting To Find A Way To Block Internet Explorer Users From Opening My Page While I Fix Issues
Is it possible to keep 2 similar git repos with different file names in sync?
Hide the parent element if the child value matches certain string JQuery
Undefined variable issue in codeigniter
Unsupported APIs for AudioPlayerAgent
Reverse String Word by Word in Java
.htaccess for PDF URL
unordered list css positioning
Grails command object data binding behaviour on different locales
Multithreading vs Multiprocessing
If the DataTemplate is nested in another Datatemplate it's hard the binding with a father-template property
Long Running Maps Tasks On An Small HDFS File
Is there any way to add 鈥渃ode split line鈥�in VS2008 editor?
Retriving records from database using hibernate
Overload of std:find function
鈥淒isk not formatted鈥�warning after writing bootloader
Converting UTC time to a different time zone not working
LNK2001 & LNK1120 when including DLL in project - MSVC++
Performance in GUID comparison
FileHelpers Take Limit?
Automapper Map Members in the nested class
Create Array from another Array
how to pause or reset the timer when doing a click function on jquery cycle?
JavaScript - Validation Function
How to do cross field validation with jQuery?
Explain the trivia: How many live collections are in a typical heap?
Objects showing in a different position in XIB compared to iPhone (Screenshot Included)
How to increment + 1 on a long button click?
I am creating a DLL in C++ but it is giving me a persistant error
How to know if Garbage Collector was run during my application runtime?
viewDidAppear: doesn't get the chance to execute if two local notifications expire at the exact same time - anyway to make it?
Making a query for all objects that don't have `None` for a certain field
How to sum sequence of floors numbers?
3 legged oauth (RSA-SHA1) imap gmail authentication - JAVA
Initialization hook for Clojure Noir WAR/Servlet (CloudFoundry)
Aptana Studio 3 loses all connection in Connection Manager after unexpected restart
Set row color in MVC WebGrid
PHP Creating select box starting from current month
How to use NSUserDefault to save an array of custom objects when App terminates?
install cakephp on subdomain
Controlling the final size of a Sprite object
mySQL populate table with missing rows
How to bind Observable Collection and Save to Database
Why List<MyType>.class doesn't work?
Querying a mysql database table view in Zend Framework
I need to build a spreadsheet-like control in WPF [closed]
UITableView dequeuReuseableCellWithIdentifier, graphics appear when I don't want to
VB Depreciation
SSLVerifyClient ignore expiration date [closed]
how to translate curl -X post into java
firefox addon - text result -> xml
Binding doesn't get updated in DefiningGeometry
Uploadify onError
Where does UIWebView saves the WebDB database?
Making it so clicking a bookmark on the bookmark menu, does NOT close the menu for Google Chrome
Spring MVC : How to load @PropertySource from WEB-INF
Lazy loading strange behaviour
Not creating queues automatically in NServiceBus
cchart.p {IQCC} change titile
cond with large clauses
Emacs Lisp: matching a repeated pattern in a compact manner?
How to run my own program on UNIX/Linux [closed]
ipad programming : objective-c : image in a popover it is possible to do this
Fluent validation (can't start)
grails -simple App to test spring-security-core secure-channel on Heroku
How can I use GWT Regular Expressions to extract text?
Why does the puts method behave strangely when used in a thread?
How to check if a .html page is reachable via iPhone 4?
js api no extended permissions after initial login
Why is my image not uploading?
Barcode Scanner in android doesnt scan
what are valid return values for an Javascript Interface on an Android WebView
Castle ResolveAll returns empty array
Accessing PHP Global Variables when using JQuery AJAX
Emacs + Rope + Python produces lisp error
OpenCV: cvThreshold is crashing with certain images sizes
Anyway to stop receiving a potantial multi-byte character string
Elasticsearch filtered search for sub-object fields
Java - JList Clicking
SQL-Server - Stop success message when saving results to file
Update UI on dispatch_get_main_queue()
PHP proc_open not working correctly with John the Ripper
Determine if duplicate string follows
How to beautify JSON in Python or through command line
Ruby on Rails 3.2 compiled assets are not working
How to find an element given its source position in a Java AST?
recursively split list elements
how i can import font in my android?
How does jQuery .load() work
Read XML file into XmlDocument
PHP rCopy Set File chMod?
Building and verifying a tag system
Unable to access Http server from external ip even when HTTP server binds on all ips
Knockout Js - Binding a single item from a json array to an element
Passing float value from ViewController to some Class
How do I safely stop multiple threads?
Union All and Sum with JPA CriteriaBuilder
Any Tutorials or Tips About pQg?
Setting one callback for multiple events in jquery-UI
Massive efficiency issue in AS3-based timeline project
Slow python image processing with PIL and numpy
PHP MySQL Check If String Contains Query In Only First Few Characters
find row wise index of specific elements in a matrix and populate another matrix
What folder guarantees user has write access on windows?
How to query for items related to a category?
How can I stop gvim opening dialogs?
Javascript OOP: how to refer to object
Linq skip, take
Weakly defining function at link-time, and testing for override
Index of the current row in DataGridView
How to disable mod_mono by default?
CSS background large image want to load less size?
Should I catch errors that would never occur with a regular user?
Non Opengl es drawing app that uses tool to draw with?
jquery template value is array or string - how to handle
Why does my animation freeze when returning to activity containing it?
Is there any way to make simplejson less strict?
Why does OpenGL lighten my scene when multisampling with an FBO?
How to set Axis step in Google Chart?
Is there a way to keep a php object in memory to avoid disk reads and wirtes?
Page limitation AjaxPagingNavigator?
Capybara issue: @request must be an ActionDispatch::Request
Magic for undefined function?
Cross-Browser Solution: Have links clickable when under image
random geographic coordinates
Calling a method in a different view and then showing that view
Prohibit starting a form in third-part dll plugin (c# service)
Managed Bean in Request Scope keeps created
Backbone/RequireJS and multiple models
reading in jSON data with javascript
Making a VU meter from an audio buffer
Mongodb index state post crash and indexing stages
How can I learn to develop programs in Objective-C without a Mac? [closed]
Determining if process is running using pgrep
In Expression Blend for Windows Phone change image source of button in different states
ASP.NET MVC Entity Framework CodeFirst Many To Many (CRUD)
SharePoint 2010 Ribbon control
How can i change a pixel value from a grayscaled image using Opencv 2.3?
Random integers in R
Memory not freed by Application until GC is explicitly called
MouseLeftButtonUp Alternative - Windows Mobile
Combining several comments into one string
Prefetching responses from web services
Is there a way to pass context into onDrawFrame(GL10 gl)?
Open URL by h:selectOneMenu
stat system call reports 鈥淣o such file or directory鈥�
Read mms stream for open cv
Bitmask parameter naming conventions?
Checking if it is equal, Normal int and #define macro. but it doesn't work
object model to implement tranches, how?
How to display UTF-8 in a HITextView (MLTE) control?
How to display UTF-8 in a HITextView (MLTE) control?
In org-mode, how do I set it so that my searches (C-c a s) do not return DONE or CANCELED entries?
SELECT all records that are 30 days old
How can I process this array without huge amounts of code?
iOS5 Assign a .xib to a custom UIView class
Source for pthread for 64 bit windows
Running WCF WebAPI Prev 6 inside MVC3 on AppHarbor, 404 Errors
Single Contact table for multiple entities
We Need New and Complete Page Tab Documentation. Please start here
simplifying large group-by and left inner joins
Make callback of element Jquery
Enable saving of document NSManagedObjectContext immediately?
How to use Volume Shadows Copy and Robocopy on Win7?
jQuery DataTables with JEditable
XPath expression workaround for max predicate
Retrieve Objects That Implement Interface From Across Several Assemblies
WebDriver FireFoxProfile UserAgent switching with FireFoxDriver
Is there a way to write these ifs nicer?
jquery fadeIn() on all browser but IE
onClick Not Working In Internet Explorer, Looking for Workaround
Using properties in Objective-C? [closed]
Observable.Generate not generating as quick as I'd expect. What am I missing?
Why does my MVC3 Intranet site windows authentication not work when published
Working with the ViewModels in MVVM Light?
How does a user process perform system call without going through context switch?
MySql insert syntax error
How to search whether a string is a prefix of strings stored in a set?
PowerBuilder Classic, Web Services, and Time Zones
Sms BroadcastReceiver not registering [duplicate]
SharePoint 2010 BDC ID Prefix Double Underscore Number Origin
String.Substring(): Copy, or Reference?
How can I create a CarrierWave version from an outside url (zencoder or blitline) without any internal processing?
EnableEventValidation=鈥渇alse鈥�- A Good Idea? [duplicate]
Passing events to external function
Sharing Assets folder between front end and backend of ASP.NET MVC solution
How do you write different config sections to different ini files using configparser?
How can I convert spaces to tabs in Vim or Linux?
Select mySQL based only on month and year
using jqueryui modal dialog makes the font smaller and pushes the main div down
WebViews in Fragments together with ViewPager - swiping and scrolling don't work well together
Does it possible to store sqlite's :memory: tables in APC?
Saxon XSLT 9.2 throws NullPointerException for config file in Eclipse STS
Enumerate all ELF sections of all shared objects currently loaded
Mode, Median, Mean, Standard Deviation, Variance Calculator in C
Load powershell script to be callable at any time
what does curly brackets {} do in a SQL query?
Convert this prototype hash to plain javascript/jquery?
Why are both squares dragged at the same time?
OpenGL Line Drawing Artifacts
Thoughts and suggestions on my php SortFilesByDate function
Using jQuery Form Plugin with Rails, works on first comment post but not after
SVN - get all branch names
Perl Global variable uninitialized
Update key in Dictionary
Retrieving favicon as icon instead of image
How to add menuInflater when changing to another form?
Is there software to stitch together a high number of small digital images without rotating or stretching them? [closed]
Windows Authentication in .NET
event binding with .on() for JQueryUI dialogs inside JQueryUI tabs
Can't auth to Gmail smtp via MailMessage & smtpClient
-s flag on rails generate model
Generate source code for class definition given a System.Type?
Phonegap childbrowser plugin getting last page redirection
Responsive image grid. Fill in the blanks on wrap
I'd like an explanation of some behavior in Ruby that I ran across in the Koans
Using jQuery to toggle divs, AND hidden divs
How to convert a JSON array into an NSArray
Why doesnt jquery .html() insert 1st line of select list correctly
Obtaining a HGroup subcomponent that it is in view of a Scroller container Adobe Flex 4.5
Control suggestions that function like a multi column listBox
Android: Foreground service vs. wakeLock
hiding a form depending if its visible or not, :visible check is not working
why is jquery wrap executing an inline javascript
Why my ccAnimation not working on device?
ie7 has dedicated css but it also loads the non dedicated one
setenv per process?
IllegalArgumentException when using Android native component in LWUIT
how to revert uncommited deleted files (deleted with plain rm) to the last git commit
What's an efficient way of associating Post, Comment, User and Vote models in Rails?
T-SQL - query for records before and after current time in same statement
sql injection for sessions
How to add App to 鈥淥pen In鈥�menu iOS
I want an error box to pop up, but it doesn't even tho the error does occur
Quicksort in Java
listing all error messages in one container with jquery validation
Macro vs Function in C
BackGroundWorker RunWorkerCompleted Event Not Called Sometimes
Java - Concatenating Two OutputStreams
postgreSQL query - finding presence of id in any field of a record
How to find out if an Entity Framework object has changed?
Basic Preferences Android
Iframe and Jquery AutoComplete Feature
Rails 鈥淧OST鈥�member route responds to all request types
How can I get OCMock under ARC to stop nilling an NSProxy subclass set using a weak property?
convert from unicode to ascii python
How to include images and videos in RSS
how GPS device in car send notification to Android app when the car over the speed limit?
ruby rails passenger apache2 using Basic LDAP authentication in httpd.conf
Fastest file format to save and load matrices in Octave?
Custom JComponent only Displays on JFrame not JPanel
Use StopWatch to measure FPS with strange issue
Compress files using Flash or HTML5/JS or Java before uploading
To replace part of the URL
How to covert mysql to excel file using php?
can I get a explanation about robots.txt
Retrieving value of select option in a webform
how to get() relationships 3 level deep in data mapper in code igniter?
IE 8 cannot connect to site
Expected number of hash collisions
Is it bad not to dispose ISession
NHibernate QueryOver and access=鈥渇ield鈥�members
Is there any good way to DRY up scope / predicate logic duplication?
How to determine the namespace of a given attribute inside NodeChild
Problems with using ajax toolkit in asp.net
How to pause and resume UIView Animation (without Block Animation)?
html5 folding shapes
SQL query with return columns based on grouping
WDK compiled driver will not install on device in Win 7 x64
Java Scope: Returning an object instantiated inside a method - Is it dangerous?
Why can't I change a cursor in standards mode?
Widget does not appear in widgets as it should be
Java: Difference between macro and micro benchmarks
Weld + JSF 2.0 @ConversationScoped doesn't keep state
How do I remove specific child elements within an element of known ID?
Use helper methods inside a locales file?
Selecting a Child element with mongoid
Erlang: Distributed work on an array
Updating a hadoop HDFS file
changing browser specific CSS3 (prefix) properties in JavaScript
Why does this matlab function not divide?
console.log uses alerts in ie9 with developer tools open
R. I want to exclude values in an ANOVA with a loop
How to show backslash in a japanese locale
OpenGL rotate object while keeping it in center of screen
How to alter specific rows of 2d list based on value of boolean dependent on the list
mysql get rows up to a given column attribute
Detecting bounced messages by Return-Path header
Is the text inside the <p> element considered an inline element?
What GCC flags are used by major open-source projects to control undefined behavior in C and C++? [closed]
ExtJS (JavaScript) Module Design Pattern best practices
What meta tag should I use for a dictionary? [closed]
List of all MTP/PTP cameras with WPD
HL7 parser/writer for PHP
Windows Kernel - Is there something like ExGetPoolsForTag(pool_tag)?
Image caching for images in the Documents directory
Find 1 column same other column different rows of the same table
How to create a custom string JNDI binding in JBoss AS7?
App runs fine in Debug mode but crashes in Release mode with sqlite
Why does this javascript not work in IE but works in other browsers?
Set different images to different gallery views
Nested Lookarounds in java regex
A simple way to show activity on the tab for a TTabSheet
Which jquery reference am i missing
webservices in qt
How can I register a context menu for a scroll view?
JQuery .is with mulitple selectors
Create a symbolic link of Directory in Ubuntu [closed]
What's the difference setting background image in layout xml and setting it from the code?
DynamoDB: Get All Items
Comparing documents within MongoDB
Using .after to add a </tr><tr> is not working
Downloading from website error - Could not find a part of the path
How do I pass object from one ViewController to another ViewController
loading a variable from a .mat file into a differently named variable
get contents of processed JSP into spring controller without using HttpClient?
Textbox SelectionStart, SelectionEnd and Caret (Cursor) Position
Audio Playback Speed Manipulation in the Browser
How to refer to the current thread
Android List formatting
How to pass an parameter between various message events
How to create 鈥渄ual鈥�Spine.js application?
Unexpected end of file. Following elements are not closed: Cookie, SecurityContextToken. Line 1, position 2998
rx reactive extension: how to have each subscriber get a different value (the next one) from an observable?
Split list into two
llvm: is it possible to merge validation and compilation in a single stage?
Datagridcombobox value not displaying
Combres 2, 404 error
Sorting a hash table of objects (by the attributes of the objects) in Ruby
Can't convert value type array to params object[]
How do I access a git repo on a windows share?
Moving an ID to the next element using jQuery
How do I get each bone's absolute matrix?
Assembly version mismatch with system.web.mvc, syncFusion
Asynchronous image loading on Android
scala: how to convert ArrayBuffer to a Set?
drop down is not hidden when I click outside
Getting count per day
Infuriating user queries on Google's App Engine
Toggle between play/pause UIButtons
javascript regex invalid quantifier error
Detect when a user comes through the new Facebook Authenticated Referrals
Jquery mobile device rotation shrinks the screen
How are credit card account cancellations handled by ActiveMerchant recurring payments on Authorize.net?
Extjs table/grid auto expand to full
How to allow a user to input a value during the msi installation of a windows service vb.net
GeoDjango - GDAL library giving error
Hibernate buildSessionFactory() Exception
How do I hide the master part of a UISplitViewController programatically?
Deploy database along with project
Why does a paragraph get taller as a contained span gets smaller?
Why does a paragraph get taller as a contained span gets smaller?
File /View/Elements/lookup.ctp won't render inside /View/Layouts/default.ctp (error displayed)? How can I do it?
Comparing record to previous record in postgresql
jQuery stop video script
Hosting Multiple VirtualHost Instances
Where to put $.validator.setDefaults({ onkeyup: false }) to disable MVC3 onKeyup for Remote attribue
Wait for task to finish before terminating in ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor
within a sql while loop, get id of last inserted row then insert it into a different table, using OUTPUT?
How to make Map.Center change instantly
HTTP_USER_AGENT and navigator.userAgent not same, any idea?
Updating an item property within IEnumerable but the property doesn't stay set?
How to change the database name and table using java?
NullReferenceException when adding record to table
Playing video in a .NET application
NSNumber not casting correctly and being interpreted as NSCFString?
How to calculate MAPE for Training/Test set in application of Neural Network in MATLAB efficiently?
undefined method `acts_as_mappable' trying to use geokit
Is is possible to create a composite constructor without tuples?
When clicked somewhere on a certain webpage, open a new page(like a link)
programming examples of dsf(device simulation framework) in c# or vb.net
What is the correct way to deal with this Oracle ORA-01403: no data found Exception?
MVC app sometimes get no results from MySQL query
AlarmManager with phonegap
Partial View Validation Without JavaScript
Current best way to populate mixed type byte array
Compiling object file from an intermediate file of gcc
HttpResponse to JSON
ScalaMock does not work with ScalaTest's TestNG/JUnit Support Traits
Storing and querying postal addresses
Using SSIS to extract a XML representation of table data to a file
akka amqp heartbeat option and fault tolerance
Django: performing a SQL match all in Django
Tcp java connection rate limit on linux
Netbeans 7.1 Hibernate Reverse Engineering wizard does not find database driver
Any Java Cctalk library available? [closed]
split the datatable
Is serial number a unique key for X509 certificate?
6 hours being added to NSDate object when using NSDateFormatter
rails devise: adding extras on signup
join with a separator added at the end when not empty
UIActionSheet need to implement button title in 2 lines
Replacing a Plone content item without breaking link integrity
horizontal asp.net menu displaying as a vertical list
try catch block for the unpack function
How to use OpCodes.Call to generate this code
How do I set CultureInfo.CurrentCulture from an App.Config file?
python: regex only gets the last occurrence
writing junit tests for my classes [closed]
Catching asserts in NUnit
memory error (access violation) on method parameters
Visual Basic code jumping to an apparently random location
Storing Different Types of Questions and Answers in a Relational Database
Getting an error in C++
4 Classes with the same properties and methods - is it possible to create only one?
Ember.js asset pipeline 鈥淯nable to find template鈥�
When do I need to worry about ActiveRecord locking?
Internal Database - ASP.NET Auto Web Site Registration on User Creation
Python - What is the fastest way i can copy files from a source folder to multiple destinations
increase width of div to take up available space when div is hidden
XML / XSD with namespace
Error sending JSON to WebMethod
how to crawl and download all pdf files from html link?
Same ID's in jQuery Tabs
Jquery hover vs. click expandable menu
ILMerge and NHibernate?
MySQL Column for Encryption
Python - Parse large list into separate text files by name and content
SNMP: Would linkDown trap be notified after link status becomes up?
Faster pivot tables in Excel
iPad app force rotation
How to make customizable 鈥渙rder by鈥�for many-to-one relation to itself in Elixir or SQLAlchemy?
named propagated changes with incrementing the serial number
How to know if a particular application is currently running?
SharePoint list column calculation based on the last entry (previous row)
Android fix small Screen with 鈥淔orce CPU rendering鈥�2D hardware acceleration
Best Practice for Manipulating UI Elements In Cocoa
How to get IPv6 Address in c#?
zend form Issue in zend framework
asp.net application loses menu on ipad
facebook like button dynamic thumbnail with ajax gallery
Added Web Service reference getting error missing namespace
bat script, wait and count to the output
Communicating and Exchanging Data with Bonjour or GameKit?
Grails - Refreshing object list using checkbox?
How to get around Marshal.Copy (32bit) length limit?
svn: If I am done with a feature branch should I delete my working copy?
Dynamic data with Google Charts
Correct syntax for setting object's property to return value of an object-function?
Add ASP Controls to a Table Dynamically
Calculating the big-O complexity of this string match function?
Music charts / toplist: Data source / website / rss feed [closed]
When using Url.RouteUrl, the area is missing
Transfering a uploaded file from page to page
Scrolling iframe with main page side bar
Table limits in SQL Server 2005 Express
UVa 10120 Gift?! in Common Lisp?
What is reduced modulo 32 or 64?
Distributing integers using weights and minimum values?
R reorganizing the data frame
How to prevent SaveChanges in Entity Framework to try to add referenced objects to database
Change the background color of dropdownlist JQuery
IE 8 submit button styles do not work
What does the dollar sign at the end of a class mean in Eclipse MAT?
Thin::RestartTimeout when using onebyone
Is there an ODataSerializer to serial custom objects?
CORS cookie credentials from mobile WebView loaded locally with file://
Coding style checker or code formatter for Ruby / Rails
Sum of Money(datatype) in sql
The W3C Markup Validation Service says a <body> tag is not allowed
Dependency in Cucumber
Using INSERT INTO to write data into access database
Trigger status bar notification in doInBackground() method?
How to preload images for faster transition
intermittent failure to render completely and ultimate unable to connect - City_Magazine Theme
Connecting / Linking CIB files to a regular application template in cappuccino
MySQL INSERT query doesn't work
Best way to protect integrity of ajax request
adding javascript events to freemind maps
Is it possible to put an ArrayList<Location> and ArrayList<Long> in a bundle?
SQL: How to make a join query with only having the 鈥渓argest鈥�entry of any 鈥渢ype鈥�
Remove disable attribute when textareas have value
Is there a way to get Jboss Seam to scan only certain packages for annotated classes?
How do I create a Selenium Webdriver test to verify an element is not present?
Multiple keyboard shortcuts for setShortcut
Checkbox selection and form object do not save
Running a search against SOLR removes records from Index and marks optimized = false
Updating an array element in a button onClickListener which is in a loop - android
Using git-svn for an already checked out svn repository
htmlentities converts trademark into &acirc;锟�amp;cent; [duplicate]
Friends scores not included in Facebook Graph API Scores
Order Dictionary<string,object> rows that fills DataGridView
Canonical URL in Analytics
Dynamically Create Multiple Jquery UI Modal Dialogs, php
Using ZeroClipboard to Copy URL to Clipboard
Strategies for working with large amounts of image data
Link multiple 鈥渓ike鈥�buttons to the same thing
Warning : 'g_hash_table_iter_next from incompatible pointer type' with HashTagIter in Vala
How do I turn off auto-parenthesis generation in Intellij IDEA?
Implement a Java interface method with a variable number of args in Clojure
JQuery ajax/post - setting JSON in the data field causes JsonMappingException
Does Rally's Fetch API support recursive fetching?
Classes and variables scope in C++
How to load JSON data with jQuery, PHP and MySQL
Lock free synchronization
Alternatives to BizTalk as a rules engine [closed]
Does PHP have a built-in alternative to exec(鈥渘slookup鈥�?
Can you link compiled dll's in bin folder to cs files in bin folder?
Change priority of items in a priority queue
Visibility modifier with abstract method signatures in Java
String pointer syntax, is this correct?
How to use the keyfile settings backend from PyGObject?
Capturing form data: variables or array?
Check permissions of a non-existent file in java
public List<List<string>> MyValue - not generating on client from RIA service - need guidance
UIButton touches up IBAction causing EXC_BAD_ACCESS with ARC
Endpoint for getting friends who have been to a venue
How can I use mod_rewrite to remove the query string from my URL?
ListView disappearing after getting data
Devise user doesn't sign in even I set up confirm_within parameter
Saving Plist data using Archiver vs creating a readable (xml) file
Is there an example in CPAN of a module that implements a REST based API using modern Perl techniques?
stray ' 222' in program [closed]
Magento connect doesnt install extension
Which is better practice for adding a class using jQuery?
Getting jQuery $.post to send data to a PHP file
VB.NET Webbrowser.Document - what you see is not what you can get
How to make drag-and-drop docking panels?
Is it possible to load XML document with DOMElements case-folded?
AutoCompleteExtender has wrong position, for webkit browsers, after scrolling down the page
Vertical CSS Positioning Divs Images
Is there a way to convert an MVC 3 Model to Knockout View Model
php zend framework json Decoding failed
query in iReport
Android: How can I save GPS coordinates, and start a new activity when found?
How to represent the instantiation of a type/class to represent a particular entity
IE<9 bind event to invisible radio
Excel vba accessing workbook instances from different Excel apps
Print out certain text from string with preg_match
Discover calls to methods not available in earlier iOS versions
Binding a Dictionary to a repeater asp.net 4
redirect *.exapmle.com/foo/bar?moo=soo to exapmle.net/foo/bar?moo=soo
Need suggestions on which plugin to install from eclipse market?
What is the difference between the head node and starting node of link list? [closed]
SQL sub query with complex criteria
Iterating over a multidimensional associative array in Smarty template
How can I have a dynamic title option on my image_tag?
Of wich javascript functions I have to take care in chrome?
xText 2 - Processing tokens
Is there any tool to generate a labels.rdf file?
MVC3: update Model after adding two columns to the table
Merge rows in SQLite - Android
Subversion svn:ignore on update
SQL model/schema design, check constraints, FK or table redesign?
Select all columns on an object with Linq
Colorbox Not Working Properly When Invoked From Within jQuery Slide
string match search
Send email as Attachment
Android - how to make a complex tabbed app with views
Is there an established way to use configuration files for a deployed MATLAB application?
twitter bootstrap-sass button hover issue
PHP mailer script error
white space between <li> elements with display:table-cell
Make executable python application
ETL Tools: GUIs vs. Frameworks
Fast Matrix Lookup
Why does Google ignore my +1 page thumbnail?
Mail Headers Cause Failure
Message box (accept/cancel) before downloading
mktime() into mysql datetime column?
Objective-C Challenges/Examples [closed]
Using a Combination of Wildcards and Stemming
Installing R with homebrew with java support
Can I preprocess a Less css file?
Ajax Long Polling
How to add a quick-add link to a related model in Django Admin
adding tracking parameters to links from facebook timeline actions
In limSolve package, LSEI error: inequalities contradictory
One-page HTML5 Web Application Should Not Have A Back Button?
How do I call a button method from ViewController?
Javascript window.onbeforeunload not work without Alert
Cakephp sitemap - 鈥渘on-existent鈥�View
MySQL Custom Variable Incrementation
mysql_connect undefined
Expected initializer before namespace
thread safe without volatile
Writing to a textfile in Matlab
How to sort a Plist properly?
Untraceable exception on application load
how to debug bookmark anchors not working
Guice 3.0 request.getRequestDispatcher(..).forward prepending guice servlet path
actionscript 2 panning
Using local resources in silver light
Executing a Dynamic Update Statement for each row in a Result Set
Magento - Duplicate headers received from server
UI-Draggables move with container
How to selectively trace methods and their file access in a Rails app?
How do I represent the special values for Double (Pos/Neg Infinity, NaN) in a DataView.RowFilter expression?
aligning text to input field inside a div in IE
鈥渢his鈥�on jquery for each input [text] validate
Issues writing query that locates a part of a string
how to reallocate the size of an array inside a structure in C?
Casting items of a collection with code generation
How to use a an SQL JOIN
How to include GWT Generated files in mvn:package
Selecting all options from a drop-down menu at once
Dummy STS project is missing Default.aspx and Login.aspx
EGit and Eclipse鈥�how to add a new .java class from Git Repo View?
How should my Mac application handle a fatal error?
SQL Server CE: Code First 鈥�How to handle production model updates?
Access files stored on server with Tomcat webapp
Highlighting text within an iframe
Ruby Thin log url it accesses
Deleted Ruby (from /usr/bin/ruby)
Create multiple tabhost elements in one view
PHP preg_replace between 2 delimiters
Read javascript native code
Finding the top level directory, shortening path PHP
recreate the slide technique of photojojo
renderInContext failing to render UIView that's greater than 512 pixels wide
How can I generate a list of words that phonetically sound alike given one input word?
Can someone explain database operations in detail? [closed]
Computing the approximate population of a bloom filter
List displayed as 2 columns
SQLite min/max weird behavior
How does muntjac compare to vaadin? [closed]
Checkboxes with codeigniter and border thickness
C++ How to inspect file Byte Order Mark in order to get if it is UTF-8?
Coreplot iphone setting correct axis and crossover point
How to implement GKTurnBasedMatchOutcomeCustomRange?
Check for value in Mysql if else update value
can multiple tcp sockets be marked as kCFStreamNetworkServiceTypeVoIP in a VOIP App?
List of Tuple trouble
Sliding Div: WORKING in IE but no other browsers. Can anyone see why?
Restricting results to only rows where one value appears only once
Changing the order of a button and a textview crashes my app
Delphi: Method 'Create' hides virtual method of base - but it's right there
Is there an open source task runner for Winforms or ASP.NET?
How to use Visual Studio 2008 to attach to a DLL running in Windows Mobile 6.53?
displaying custom surfaceview in main.xml
Resize image maintaining aspect ratio AND making portrait and landscape images exact same size?
VS 2010 Referencing VS 2008 folder for installed templates?
The authentication or decryption has failed - works on Wifi, fails on 3G network
smarty changes makes a blank page
Optimization, reduce Core Data requests or not?
resolving variable (android)
Get assets android error with netbeans, fix?
RDO Outlook Redemption access mailbox from test server
Get invoking user ID (only) from MySQL
Display animation with thread
Getting user input by JTextField in Java?
Testing a snippet in Lift
why use javascript routing?
Telling a Separate Window to Scroll
WPF datagrid not refreshing like asked
IntToHex of values in a 512 byte array relating to a CreateFile Handle always return the same output? FreePascal Delphi syntax.
SSL Speed - specific with Magento
Correct Usage FMDB / Memory
Mailbox on different server, domain on my server. Windows 2008 server
JQuery - How can I remove a div with a certain class, but leave its content?
Multiline html variables in webpy
Multiline html variables in webpy
How can I search only the code (excluding comments) in Visual Basic?
How to automatically update GUI whenever data source changes
Google Fusion Tables & Maps - Detect address in region
Is there anyway for p.getInputStream() to be 鈥渓ive鈥�
Automapper table mapping Table 0..1-* Relationship
counting characters in an array [closed]
SQL Server Express 2008 database User dbo with blank Login
Node.js Modules Designed for Unix?
asp net mvc url routing strategy and internationalization
multiple axis in matplotlib with different scales
Why does Resharper intellisense replace my code?
How can I embed a Google Docs collection in an Iframe?
jquery toggle showing and hiding different elements鈥�confusing
N-Enumerables In a LINQ Statement? [duplicate]
Javascript to input searches on multiple websites and take a screenshot
What does a double blockquote do in CSS?
Image map with image size 100%
How can I capture the Messages from msbuild in cruise control?
Links lose their css background-color hover attribute when changing background with jQuery
iOS - how to structure database to conform to iCloud backup rules
Can't get listview with datapager working 100%
deselect list view item?
CSS span within a link
Cglib Enhancer of HashMap on Google App Engine throws a Class Not Found Exception
using XML as datasource in Yii framework
use of typeid to make a comparison between derived classes
ghostscript -dprinted failed
working with char arrays in C
JSTL Condition with multiple operators
Send credentials in preflighted request (CORS)
WebForms with ASP.NET AJAX: HyperLink vs LinkButton & Response.Redirect from GridView
How to pass a reference through a parameter pack?
jQuery slow reveal on page load
jQuery.bind unbind, multiples instances of classes
Learning Java鈥擟onfused About Some Code
Retrieving stored preferences in Java
Unrealscript: how to add a weapon to the inventory only if your weapon's group is unique
iOS - how to add one UIButton with respect to another?
Replace core data model without migration
Convert image to searchable pdf [closed]
How to organize URLs in django for views handling GET data and parsing URL?
Truncate or Drop and Create Table
Setting variables in Magento blocks
Writing low-level program like PartitionManager
How to represent data to be used for DFS/BFS
How can I dynamically construct a textbox object reference?
Is Python 'sys.argv' limited in the maximum number of arguments?
f# Get generic type definition of type with constraints
iFrame background color won't change in FF
Android: make ImageButton's image larger
Adding a TastyPie ModelResource to another ModelResource connected by a Django OneToOne Relationship
Column generation from table data with a query
Not able to save uploaded PNG file
Is there any benefit in nVidia Tesla cards?
.htaccess redirect loop when Redirect and RewriteRule together
How to use the Django Usurena 鈥渕ugshot鈥�template variable
Pretty printers for maps throwing a type error
Copy 3gp moov atom from one file to another
Partition a table in mySQL
How to get a complete request from a NSURLRequest?
Boost asio - multiple streambufs or one per connection?
Trying to print or echo an array in an array
Google Closure: Centralized AJAX 'decoder'?
SQL/PHP query with ORDER and WHERE
ListView Custom Control Template reset when adding view
How to assign to members of a function?
Why does this Regex.Replace not work properly?
How determine if mouse points to maximise button of window under cursor
REST Webservice HTTP_PUT parameter
Can Lua support case-insensitive method calls?
CSS Dropdown class issue + Need Jquery
PowerBuilder Vertex connection
Bouncy Castle Diffie-Hellman DHParams Issue
How to stop search engines from crawling the whole website?
Can you solve this simple SQL query?
UIImage+Resize crashes without memory warning
File Name From MySQL Field Value
CSS Outside Border
How do i implement this python tkinter tooltip without overriding the button press animation
Javascript image slideshow - mouseover
How do I delay a method for turn-based game in Java Android
setNilValueForKey error
How can I weight the creation date of an article in thinking sphinx?
Placing a method in a seperate file to make code more readable
Automatically deleting newly added files when shelving in Perforce
Android: how to force left justified items to wrap rather than right justified items?
When removing a class with jQuery, is it better to include the class in the selector?
Emailing large encrypted email to Outlook client
ASP.NET convert C to F. C# VS 2010鈥�calculating error
When & why do you use @interface ClassName (Private)? - Objective-C
Is it possible to convert json(p) response generated by google-visualization-data-source-api back to datatable java class?
preg_replace delete special chars
Send MIDI messages over USB on Android
jQuery AJAX / Posting data with symbols
Writing windows applications in php example
Why does C# Convert.ToBase64String() give me 88 as a length when I'm passing in 64 bytes?
How can I insert multiple values in a single query using MyBatis annotations?
Unable to get Facebook permissions: birthday_date, about_me always null
Inconsistent results from difftime
Inconsistent results from difftime
Regular expression to obtain string before first forward slash
Can I create a custom class that can be initialized with curly bracers?
SynEdit for Firemonkey?
How to hook an application?
How to know which file failed during rename?
How do I see post views in phpbb?
Object alloc init irregularities
How to externally force a running application to perform basic tasks? [closed]
Factory Girl with implicit has_many association
Tree traversal in Java
Primefaces confirm dialog disappearing almost instantly
What is wrong with my Postgresql Copy Command
Localizing implementation file in Objective C
Is there a nice html5 2D graphics library that can be used nicely with Three.js?
Mixing Google Maps custom overlays with Backbone Views
atomic increment of long variable?
PHP page gets redirected without the execution of the rest of the script
str_replace not replacing correctly
why inline element whitespace's mess with javascript/jquery?
Why does this subnetting class app freeze up?
asp.net mvc nuget loads 2 versions of jQuery Mobile CSS files
How should I structure multiple assemblies in this scenario [closed]
Where to host static contents: Sub-Domain or different Domain?
How to pass a string between two activities
ruby ivar outside a class
Remove Layer with ghostscript
Extracting Text Using Keywords as Delimiters in vb.net
Is FileStream Very Slow?
Pattern for knowing when a method can be called in a new thread
JsTree multitree cookie
CakePHP 1.3: Alaxos ACL not working due to a plugin named Configurations
which condition is true in an if statement
PHP: Random 鈥�鈥�outputted to the screen
Looking to have a <hr> and <h3> together
rake db:migrate fails
How to convert a decimal into time, eg. HH:MM:SS
mod_auth_tkt - java implementation
Why does this .bat cmd always hit a sub routine which I do not intend for it to hit?
Save word file with VBA userform and macro
Get Unknown error in CUDA program
Multiple Filters on HTML Table
Dynamically loading Java Script files
jQuery Cookie Plugin Not Reading Entire Value of Cookie
How to detect in advance if a browser will download a file instead of viewing it?
rotate UIView/UITableView around a point
Date/Time Dimension in Cube
sql delete all but 2 duplicates
ANDROID: What is the main idea behind of using strings.xml?
MmAllocateContiguousMemory default permissions
Sharing image Only Works For Facebook but not twitter or email
How to automaticly generate a black and white version of a picture
rails server command unable to find libraries
How to find available times in work schedule using bits?
Ember.js different views if login
Is there a pattern I can use to edit dropdown lists in an MVC3 application?
progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader causing links to be unclickable in ie8, ie7, and ie6
How do I get widgets to render on a live site with Orchard CMS?
appwidget animation in an infinite loop
File Search c++
Using Regex to find Groups ( ) with Repeat { }
QtDesigner layout confusion
Display Multiple CStarRating in Yii in 1 View
How can i refer to all of my <a> tags in CSS?
Css multiple background images with margin
Open a ajaxmodalpopup from a hyperlink
Why am I getting a seg fault (multidimensional arrays C)
Trouble integrating AIRKinect NativeExtension into project, -extdir directory error
Turn SVG path into line segments
SFTP command in Bash script with Mac OS X
how to get Springs ApplicationContext in Struts2?
Flex: Designer doesn't show components?
Putting 2 Views into 1 View in Postgres [duplicate]
Wrapper scripts with quoted arguments
Give other SQL administrators the same access rights as 'sa' [closed]
Must an Akka actor distinguish whether, when a message is passed, a returned future is expected?
Mongodb - Find Embedded Array in PHP
gzip format streaming
Parsing html tags with Python
animate window opening with jquery
Using Phonegap, Json and jQuery mobile, how to make a list of titles linking to the individuel articles
Assign a variable value in an if or while statement [duplicate]
What is the use of creating a domain model?
Jquery autocomplete causes select lists to be checked on iPad
PHPUnit with selenium
Arduino Piezo Knock Sensor Play Tones
Basic Authentication with WCF Web API Preview 6
Dismiss modal view form sheet controller on outside tap
Build 32 and 64 bit libraries for boost at sametime?
logging the exceptions to a file
Resetting UIScrollView's zoomScale property on autorotation
How to determine which PHP file spawned/created php5.cgi process in Apache?
Bullets in list following mouse movement
Guard Ruby On Rails 3.2 Tutorial
Actionscript / CS5 font embedding problems
New to C#. Object Reference not set to an instance of an object. nJupiter LDAP
Using SqlServer CE without installation
Simultaneous connections MySql/C#
sockaddr_in undeclared identifier
redirect cin to a string in c++ [duplicate]
uint32_t as datatype for map key
adding progress bar
Sharing a Facebook URL (new way)
CakePHP 1.3: Alaxos ACL Plugin not recognizing Pages Plugin
Having trouble searching a string
New lines inside MySQL DB
windows batch SET inside IF not working
rails 3.1 - has_one, through
jquery SVG plugin and positioning
How to fix java.lang.reflect.UndeclaredThrowableException [closed]
Why is git not ignoring .dcu files?
product of all argument and absolut values of matrix in Matlab
How to make =NULL work in SQLite?
How to compare 2 time on blackberry?
p.waitfor() waits forever
How do I programatically invoke a Felix/Karaf shell command?
php how to loop through array until condition is met?
web2py insert methods
Given an object of @comments, with anywhere from 1-100s, how to grab the top 5, combine, and truncate?
Delete branches in SVN based on age
C++ algorithm for finding files
Ajax Loop Overwhelms PHP Script
Coredata entity relationship with itself with rules
Three flexible spans in a container with one allowing text-overflow
Regex Replace - TextBox Text to ONLY Include Floating Values
implementing delegates in c#
How to connect to mysql using java?
Serial Comm in Debian Auto Timeout
application design: Scala + HTML5
Mod_Rewrite with Relative Path Redirects
XML Schema import fails with Request for the permission of type System.Net.WebPermission
substitute hash key with a different name [duplicate]
Unable to permanently change selector with jquery due to page refresh
Can the Pixlr API be used to add/edit text?
jquery selectmenu loading time, is Internet Explorer too fast?
NuGet and version control - how to handle Contents folder
withEvents variable 'PreviousPage' conflicts with property 'PreviousPage' in the base class 'Page' and should be declared 'Shadows'
Multiple AJAX Requests on WordPress Site
How to test the behaviour with DCI pattern?
Python CLI Menu
PHP/MySql: find missing records by comparing to lists
Cast Double to Integer in Java
rsync to get a list of only file names
PHP/MySQL Display all data fields including images
Formatting a DATE value
Javascript and jQuery not secure over https
JNI call to Java function returning an Object results in NoSuchMethodError
Delta rule neural network teaching. Algorithm explanation necessary
How am I supposed to know what configurations are available in an Ivy dependency?
Why am I getting the 鈥淣o namespaces to :aot compile listed in project.clj.鈥�warning?
Smartcard Usb Drive Letter
String comparison unexpected output
Is there a way to get all the request headers in a jQuery $.ajax call?
How to validate xml with xsd inside?
Magento / Zend_Mail() Sending Mail to Spam
Idiomatic way to 鈥渕erge鈥�multiple lists of the same length in F#?
exporting from freemind
Why is the argument out of range?
Do a simple json POST using RESTKit
Financial Statement API / XBRL
Rights Report by User [duplicate]
Modal Popup not working inside UpdatePanel
Twitter OAuth dance uses GETs to auth, but Apex CSRF protection provided for POSTs only
jquery anchor should come in the middle
XmlSerializer in C# won't serialize IEnumerable
UITableViewCell with image lags
In jquery, trigger a click on the link with the highest 'rel' attribute value
Use jar file resource while running from intellij idea IDE
Changing ImageUrl using jquery
How to properly cast when using generics in java methods?
Installing libyaml Cygwin
Drupal Forms API: 'file' or 'managed_file' type with multiple/unlimited values [closed]
using method from other activity in Java ( android )
my app gets installed on the android emulator but it fails to run and there are no errors
CakePHP 1.3: Speeding up ACL-enabled application load time
Is there a way to specific what GMAIL, mac Mail, iOS Mail shows as the email preview? [closed]
Large 鈥淐ached App Process鈥�in simple android app. Is this a concern?
Process with ProcessWindowStyle.Hidden still shows Press any key to exit?
Error code: 1452. Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails
How to avoid 404 error with ASIHTTPRequest?
internet explorer font face ssl