How can I stop jquery effects from cloning nearby elements during execution of effect?
PDF Text Direction
Using jquery tablesorter filter to filter by the start of the column's text
jQuery now showing the phrased variable value
F# LINQ Aggregate operators code difference
Bing Maps with XAML and C# in Metro Style App
Controllers sub-folders inside sub-folders and routes
Web application install with initial IIS settings; using WiX, need upgrade files, NOT changing IIS settings
How can I drop a branch from a mulitple branch merger in git?
Java SimpleDateFormat gives parse error
Android graphic effects entire canvas
What is the development demand of Node.js? [closed]
how to use jquery to fade out anything but the selected element?
Apache Camel as HTTP proxy: how route to URL with parameters
how to get android build system to create jar files?
Break array into two separate arrays
What's the difference between findall() and using a for loop with an iterator to find pattern matches
How can I improve this linq to xml?
How can I improve this linq to xml?
C++ polymorphism with template interface
jQgrid change paramaters sent to server
Searching through a list for numbers adding up to a sum in C#
JQuery Refresh DIV with new URL from form
Lua return directory path from path
FourSquare Follow Button with Google Analytics
Simplecart Total Weight
ARM assembly: auto-increment register on store
JPA: Fetch data from DB instead of Persistance Context
Netty Adaptive UDP Multicast Support
SP2010: List item approval & feeding a master list
uiscrollview inside of a uiview does not work
Positioning for popovers in Twitter Bootstrap 2.0?
Regular Expression - Search and Replace
Using properties in Protocols and @synthesize as a shortcut to protocol implementation
How can i apply CSS with Jquery at parent div on user selection?
Wordpress Custom Columns
How can I float right two span tags on different lines?
Running thin server in production mode isn't loading my assets
write PL/SQL blog statment
Authentication API on Windows Phone
Load Image On Click With AJAX (jQuery)
would concatenating javascript files prevent individual files from caching?
Android: EditText in Dialog doesn't pull up soft keyboard
Basis circuit in the graph
Iterating over javascript objects with handlebars
WCF DataContract - unable to return complex type
Symfony2 Doctrine2 Many To Many Form not Saving Entities
click event with a for loop through an array only gives me the last item?
Accessing attributes via Rails relations
Issue with Code Contracts on Generic Interface
Decrease WMI query execution time
BackgroundAudioPlayer- Buffering & MediaStreamSource
is there a maximum number of events you can track in Google Analytics for iOS?
How to pick the method to call when there is mixin method name conflict?
Turn iPhone into a server programmatically?
Android WebView Image Quality for *SMALL Image*
Why does rails crash when rotating logs? What is the proper way to rotate logs in rails?
Selection onchange event triggering javascript that pulls array value and replaces the value of a hidden field
Cannot call association methods from validations
Android - Camera
g++ 4.6 adds a space between -F and the path when calling ld on mac os x
Nested Custom Configuration Collections, ConfigurationElementCollection
Programatically Fire a RCP Selection Event
ShareThis JavaScript alters IE9 history
SQL Server update multiple columns with case in single row
Shell is adding single quotes to variables that rsync fails on
How to define 0x0001 (and such) in Javascript?
Upgraded to Rails 3.2.0 and get SSLError with Devise & tlsmail gem for Google Apps?
How to define 0x0001 (and such) in Javascript?
Upgraded to Rails 3.2.0 and get SSLError with Devise & tlsmail gem for Google Apps?
php - Auto detect links and put them into <a> tag, except when they are already in an html tag
Nhinermate - eager fetchmode, outer join - Order clause for collection cause a second unnecesary query
Expression 鈥渧ariable, variable = value;鈥�
How to set TabItem content as CommandTarget
How do I look up a revision's delta/diff using svn's http-based browser?
NServiceBus in WebApp
GWT - stylish list box
How do you refill a byte array using SqlDataReader?
Filter base entity from child entities' properties
Clojure 1.2.1/1.3/1.4 'proxy generated in Grails 2.0.0 runtime fails. 1.2.0 is fine
Tweet a pre-specified tweet with a single link
Piping between exceptions
How do you load a WAV file with Sound.loadPCMFromByteArray()?
Reverse Tethering (USB) Android Tablet
SharePoint 2010 - Create mosaic with user's uploaded pictures
EventToCommand issue in MVVM Light
KnockoutJs paramatized dependentObservable Array
GWT DockLayoutPanel gap between cells
Setting Up Amazon ElastiCache w/ spymemcached in Java
what is bes approach to put the javascript in a partials of sinatra view
Structs containing dynamic char arrays in C
R - From Factor to Numeric or Integer error
Build dynamic checkboxes
Does the SHARED_DATABASE on Heroku support Postgresql function?
Is there a JS library that supports writing linq to sql queries with nodejs?
Jquery get element that has element with specific value
Database error during MODx setup
SQL Trigger cannot do INSTEAD OF DELETE but is required for ntext, image columns
C++: Initializing chars array and int in class constructor
Xcode 4.2 Wirelessly connected devices
HttpWebRequest (post) and redirection
Generics - Confusion
Any Alternatives to the DBContext Generator?
DBMS_SQL.column value error .. dynamic cursors
document.getElementById('id').value failing in javascript function
Can MongoDB run the same operation on many documents without querying each one?
Body and header text flickering while social media plugins load
MySQL update of monetary values to be 'consumer friendly'
How to validate email address using qregexp
Why wouldn't this CSS ID and Class style superceed the Class style alone?
Adding String Array to listView Row Control C#
Is there a technology which makes it possible to develop a game for Android, iOS and Web simultaneously?
LibXML2 stripping new lines inside attribute
Android Service
wrapping a jframe
Write to user specified file in C++
Flex - FlexPrintJob how to print a group of fields and a PrintDataGrid properly?
Changing asp hyperlink text to image
How to modify include path for a specific include
javascript change event fires when page loads - how to avoid this?
Alternate chat bubble widths
Define functions over 2 parallel modules built by functors
XML API gem for Ruby on Rails?
why does this form not take data from a model?
Nginx-gridfs compiling #error must have a 64bit int type in Mac
How to create a persistent AlarmManager
Custom UITableViewCell, UITableView and allowsMultipleSelectionDuringEditing
Call an executable from C++, and wait until it is done, on Linux
Using <input type=鈥渢ext鈥�> vertically aligns text?
How to put server-side control in Literal?
Axis client jar is was 6.1 shared app
How to snag highest numbered XML item with PHP?
Emacs Python-inferior shell not showing prompt after matplotlib show() command
How to set up a hex grid of links in HTML?
How do I display a user's clipboard contents in an UILabel?
Combining 2 views into one in PostgreSQL
How does localization affect when day-specific annoucements are seen?
When iPad rotates scrollview not lined up with top of screen
How to turn off Pydev indentation warnings for certain .py files
Metrics collection at a later stage in software engineering
WTForms not working on Google App Engine 1.6.1 & Python 2.7
How to get bounds of Google Map?
Running into problems with creating a file on Heroku (Rails)
SerialPort.Close() and Event Handlers
OnWrite in a TextView
SSLPeerUnverifiedException with httpClient
Parsing a log file using grep
how to call sql server express command line using c# to run a .sql file
How can I ensure that a link's default action is always disabled?
How do you sort on more than 3 criteria in LibreOffice Calc?
Lazyload load binds the images to the wrong view in mulitple listview in same activity
NSMutableURLRequest checking for Https SSL certificate validation
Django CSRF failure - What are possible causes of failures?
Getting started with Twisted in Python in Eclipse
xslt apply templates under a group using count function
OAuth2 Provider: How to offer a login page in order to let oauth clients get the resource owner id
HTML/CSS Making 3 divs line up next to each other with one with flexible width
I'm looking for a free tool stand-alone or add-in, that can decompose ternary expressions [closed]
CGI programming
Hide the chart's series in ExtJs 4
How do I display Liferay content from the built in Documents and Media repository
Can I switch versions of Ruby dynamically using RVM?
$_GET value will not post to update record
Python unable to import custom module despite having
How to force even absolutely positioned child elements within the bounds of a parent element
How to make JFormattedTextField behave properly on a form with default button?
How would I find similar lines in two CSV files?
Implementing keep-alive messages in Netty using WriteTimeoutHandler
Removing the link from a Visualforce lookup field output
Offer a generated file for download from jQuery post
Needing to have sms delayed before sending
Android XML comments with double dashes
Can't write local files in Flash Player 10+ online (but works when used locally)
SQL Query with CASE and group by
How to format an Integer to a four-zero-left string?
Syncing text and audio with jQuery/javascript, more efficiently?
Can I extend the Overlay class?
Trouble with Backbone.Collection.extend
Specific content search in text
ASP.NET Timeout Issues
Convert 鈥渧ar鈥�to explicit type in Visual Studio? [duplicate]
Handling pymongo's AutoReconnect in a mongoengine (Django) app
Razor CSHTML displays plain text - Windows Server 2008 and IIS7
How do I get sales orders where every line of the sales order is closed?
How to limit the number of files per day when using Logback SizeAndTimeBasedFNATP
What's wrong with my JavaScript regex / regex syntax?
Android: playing a youtube video INSIDE of my application
MVC LinQ search error
Listing Inbox with Javamail API
HTML5 Canvas - Repeat Canvas Element as a Pattern
Sonatype-Nexus-OSS-Include/exlude list
JQuery roundabout - getting ID of selected <lI> each time the roundabout finishes moving
Fit text in UILabel
Passing an HTML element to PHP via $.post() returns JavaScript object or breaks: how must I encode it?
jQuery ajax call and a 404 error
Under what circumstances can malloc return NULL?
Cannot Unserialize String
Pass current URL on form submit
how to fprintf and ctime without passing n from ctime C
How to do a select with Zend Framework from a form?
Show a ComboBox based on the selected value of another ComboBox [duplicate]
Show previous fragment
Showing hidden div when mouse over
Using spring together with jbossws-cxf on jboss 6
struck in parsing custom data format in java
How to get result of form submission with jQuery Form Plugin?
Install apache module X-Sendfile on MAMP
flickering iOS core plot Graph
How do you force Internet Explorer to load the Adobe Flash Content Debugger?
Using Jquery to hide all other classes while only one is active
How to differentiate between a click and swipe with jQuery?
solved! image now showing when called from database
BOOL values not recognized on CoreData objects
Has_many through - One Sided Uniqueness in the database
topology layers separation algorithm
Best method to save UITextField test: textFieldShouldReturn or textFieldDidEndEditing
Persisting Data Between MVVM View Changes
UIButton not showing on UIToolbar
Persisting Data Between MVVM View Changes
UIButton not showing on UIToolbar
Example of creating an in-memory sqlite db in Java (Android)?
What is Metric Refreshing with regard to HBase monitoring?
How can i add a fusion assembly dependancy to a web-site?
How can I do different results for scans from Barcode Scanner with three different buttons on Android with new IntentIntegrator
Ruby thread fatal deadlock error
Accessing Authentication variable from LogoutHandler or LogoutFilter in Spring security
Working with two different tables with same structure
Submiting a content as admin in Liferay (workflow)
text-align: right; not working for <label>
Access Dispatcher servlet without accessing Application Context
SQL Query - Displaying the same column twice under different conditions
Include Wordpress Core into own Scripts
Android Tablet Application - ActionBar
Matplotlib bar graph x axis won't plot string values
MPI program only catching message from rank 1
How to populate sql query result in a series of chained select boxes?
RESTful api design, HATEOAS and resource discovery
How to only display the name of an associated record in rails 3.1.0
Sunspot 鈥�Boost records where matches occur early in the text
Nested PopupWindows: Exception
A Route Assignment Program [duplicate]
Displaying 0 results in CodeIgniter query
How to use a batch command to copy all folders to a destination location
Three Google Analytics Codes on One Site?
Why does protostuff corrupt objects when using generics combined with circular references?
What is the context passed by android in the onReceive() of BroadcastReceiver
Using Android 4.0.3 to access a webservice using ksoap 2.6.0
dynamically deleting tab panel in tab container in using
Serializing .NET DateTime to Json string
How can I execute a simple Applescript from a C++ program?
Algorithm for suggesting new content
Can't get form data to post via AJAX using Fancybox
Custom HTTP headers using JPlayer
Can the performance of this SQL query be improved? [closed]
Why does Java `BitSet` not have `shiftLeft` and `shiftRight` functions?
Flattening a matrix in MATLAB with indexes
Permanent 301 redirect for ASP.NET IIS7
Combining same info. columns data from multiple tables into one column of a view
NHibernate: Creating a ConnectionProvider that dynamically chooses which of several databases to connect to?
How to hide the default minimize/maximize and close buttons on JFrame window in Java?
Enable DelegateCommand
html input font
updating an object's field using Hibernate
MooTools: grab to bottom right
jquery selector for dynamic html building is not working
A secure commenting system for php
jquery append with dynamic divs from php loop
Faceted search with geo-index using CouchDB
Rails dynamic finders for many to many relationships
Asynchronous API for Streaming Data from a Hardware Device
Grammar rules for Lexer/Parser for populating classes from file
jpa libraries in Eclipse Indigo SR1
Is that possible to use Visual Studio Code Coverage without Unit Testing?
Projectional Textual Editor?
Secure WCF REST Webservice and headers
Sending email through MS Outlook and disabling the warning
Objective-C Encryption libraries on iPhone?
Thumbnail Pagination ideas
foreach loop prevous data in export file
symfony2 No redirect on restricted areas
How to convert String Array to Double Array in one line
How to declare and assign an array without the app crashing?
Sharepoint workflow is automattically canceling?
Implement tail with awk
MSAcpi_ThermalZoneTemperature class not showing actual temperature
How to see all tags in TortoiseHg. Any handy way of switching and computing diffs between them?
how to add classes to the dropdown menu in the TinyMCE table editor
SQL Select from multiple tables where Name contains query
GUIDs as the value field in drop-down, Any better approaches?
Select checkbox from excel with ruby
Heroku Shared PostgreSQL and pgcrypto
Blob Images are not displaying in jsp page [struts 1]
Facebook connect publish_stream no longer being recognized when authorizing app (iOS)
Attach a pdf file in-app-mail
Mediaelement.js the flash player won't hide the play button
bargraph in ggplot with different numbers of bars per group
Array filtered with another array (CS and Predicate)
How to get rid of the horizontal bar in my website
Running Powermock suite with Ant results in ClassCastExceptions
Invert text-color of a specific element (using jQuery)
QTCaptureOutput.delegate captureOutput:didOutputVideoFrame:鈥�never called
Android JNI APK Packing
Tombstoning listbox in WP7 application
how do I pass the boost matrix prod() function as a multiplies function?
having issues overriding the __add__ operator to return tuples python/django
jquery mobile: scrolling to the bottom of the page. issues with iOS 5
Convert NSString with umlauts to const char *
Change the label in an HTML file input
Printing an intra-app vs full stacktrace?
Passing floats between views
Resume from an error
IOS Audio Recording, How to Check if Mic / Playback is Busy Before Taking Mic
Using getElementById on iframe from iframe in opened window
How do make variables acessible to all functions in JavaScript?
how to start using version conrol [closed]
qt thread options
how to fail maven build on dependency conflict
passing list of lists to a function [duplicate]
AppDomain.BaseDirectory() vs HttpContext.Current.Server.MapPath() vs ?? in Class Library Load XML File
Puzzled on best way to add document management to Django project
Existing CakePHP projects force download of webroot/index.php source code [closed]
How Do I Properly Access a UserControl Public Property by String
Is there a way to overlap a content editor webpart on an image in SharePoint 2010
login to google with libcurl in C
dynamic child elements with jquery
Prolog program to divide words into syllables using predicate
Storing and calling generically-typed delegates
Keyboard of iOS simulator
mp3 player in HTML website
How to properly clear text in Visual Studio editor window?
MenuItem databinding
send errors to 鈥�login/errors鈥�when logging fails instead of going to the path 鈥�user_sessions鈥�
Local Google AppEngine instance with Restlet trowing 鈥淎n exception occured writing the response entity鈥�error
How can I be notified when a window is closed by window.close (javascript)?
magento array_merge
Moving data between sections of Portable Executable (PE)
Python Cartesian Product [duplicate]
Deleting unknown file name with *.exe extension in AutoIT
handle subpages inside facebook app (with one single tab)
php class not executing else statement
array inside method ruby with each block
Refer activity layout from another activity
Groovy HTTPBuilder Mocking the Response
Dynamically get dict elements via getattr?
Is it OK to inject the container into a factory?
Sorting dates using Solr is messing up some dates
send an event function to a button from one class to other class
Java: I don't undestand this generics defintion at all
How to determine server disconnection from SignalR client?
WebSphere MQ Performance
How do permissions on a PlasticSCM repository work in a DVCS scenario
php FILE POST upload without save
How to get 鈥渢his鈥�scope in custom control constructor in WPF
ways to set/change/append to dojo-data-props
How do I extract a property based on the contents of a variable in Javascript?
VS 2010 crashes when opening edmx file
Polling data in chunk
Using viewDidLoad after didReceiveMemoryWarning and viewDidUnload
Node.js namespacing
about /proc read and write functions
SQL grouping and sum
App force closes when meant to display dialog
Format String as Date in SQL?
JDBC Java Prepared Statement execution error
Check Recipient Works Sending New Email but Does Not on Reply
is IFrame crawled by Google?
How to Decode a CSR in .net,php,cgi,etc
How can I create a heat map based values (not frequencies)?
How to get data from cross-site? I'm using $.post
Google like calendar event view but horizontal interface
Add and delete rows at run time
itemizedoverlay will not show any items on map
Child nodes to comma delimited string with Xpath?
Is there something that behaves like .wait() and .notify() in EJB environment?
How do I remove partials in a Hash of Arrays?
case insensitive find in mongodb for usernames in php
Can boxplot in base R display 'NA' when the grouping factor has missing values?
alternative to #define for flexibility in c
SQL Query for Getting Data from 2 Similar Tables
SWIG struct members are freed prematurely by Java's garbage collector
Import Wikipedia's xml.bz2 options
How to handle non-existing value call for MongoDB find() in PHP
How can I run my own java code in the JVM that I am debugging remotely with JDWP?
Magento overriding Mage_Core_Model_Email class
Can I have optional sections in an NSIS UNinstaller?
How do I open a new file from Terminal to a tab instead of a new window on MacVim?
Check if window is on the current desktop?
Problems with model load from modules
Blank Canvas => 'Refused to display document because display forbidden by X-Frame-Options.' [duplicate]
UIButton is crashing the application
Removing special keyboard characters/shapes with regex or?
How can i configure my wpa_supplicant.conf?
Using multiprocessing package in Jython
Accessing main window properties from its child tabs
Randomly Keep X Percent of Dictionary
What will happen with tables SQLite, If application be re-installed or deleted?
`.joins` not working for has_many in Rails 3.2 on PostgreSQL
Search bar with coredata
Facebook auth dialog only partially localized
Clone in Mac opens Gitbox not Github for mac
Run php script on background in PHP with nohup CLI
Xcode keeps crashing on startup
php error in a file [closed]
Distributed Systems - Event-driven perspective of a P2P file transfer application
Threading a data set?
replacing number at a particular point in text file
Renaming an array created by [closed]
vector subscript out of range error in c++
ExtJs and Sencha Touch Search Engine Optimization
jQuery Click vs User Click different behaviour in ASP.NET
rectangle bar graph filled with color and distance using R (base R or ggplot2 or other package)
Get a users Facebook Credits Balance
Clean html code with regex and javascript
Base search/find functionality (Ctrl+F) in AX 2009/2012 doesn't work properly鈥ow to fix?
Flex - invisible text until mouse pointer moves outside textInput
How do I create a file with dos line breaks?
Double click timer event
Using form_for multi-select fields with acts_as_taggable_on
Remove from array without using index number [duplicate]
Pass variables from Objective-C to javascript function?
ClassCast Exception at Runtime when I want to cast a Type into its Sub for cloning
Variable 'cl' is passed by reference before it has been assigned a value for DataView Variable
Upload Image to localStorage
Sorting Items by a Cyclical Sequence Number
Splitting the timestamp from the tweet when using a Twitter Callback
Unhandled exception in Windows Forms app
Canvas drawables and centered zooming
Add Radiobuttons to JPanel at runtime in Netbeans
List Properties and Convert to String[]
NHibernate tries to insert when I do a select
HTTP Delete with Request Body issues
Difference between Google API libraries: google-api-dotnet-client vs. google-gdata
In pure Excel, how to reference a column in a range (no VBA)
Getting a Cannot implicitly convert type 'Tables[]' to 'Generic.List<>'
Add values to a query string in a URL [duplicate]
C# internal name behind-the-scenes for getter/setter [duplicate]
Trouble with TableView
How can I get useful information from largest tab-delimited file with PHP?
Proper Spacing Between Elements
Wrong javascript function called when ascx control added to page twice
Importing from JSON string to the database with a php page or email
sql loader loading less fields than columns
Remove multiple BOMs from a file
Width issue in a UITextField with custom rightView
using boost::filesysystem path from framework on ios
data not getting populated from sql loader
Set Wallpaper from webview URL
access file from another project under same solution
Active Navigation with Sprites using page specific URL and addClass to href
Implementing a customizable Lexer class in Python
Sonatype-Nexus-OSS- LDAP support
How to create a derived class that takes a wstring and call a base class constructor that takes a string?
Get jQuery click, context (this) to output single object, not multiple
What am I able to tell about user behavior from data in the request?
Why won't Strawberry Perl remove these form feed characters?
Giving a UITextField, in a custom UITableViewCell, the proper text color when the cell is highlighted/selected
Member function template with the number of parameters depending on an integral template parameter
How to get the last day of the previous month in Javascript or JQuery
Blocks and objects
Install app from Eclipse to /system/app at compile time
REST based MVC site and/or WCF
How to print integers as hex strings using json.dumps() in Python
ZF Render an action and get the html in another action
Android Couchbase - URI for attachments
No scrolling/paging of entries in Name Picker (Ext.Lib)
Fastest Conversion of Row-Ordered data to Column-Ordered data
Compiling Apple frameworks for simple command line programs
Converting html to textual representation with preserved whitespace meaning of tags 鈥�how?
Converting html to textual representation with preserved whitespace meaning of tags 鈥�how?
Endpoints issue in web service
Conditionally setting the template in Magento
Core-Plot: y-axis labels outside initially, but inside plot subsequently
Vertical Sliding Navigation Bar
Trying to use Toast message, but get error
Why does PyLint warn about no __init__?
creating cumulative percentage from a dictionary of data
Error using Hashtable for windows phone application
Stop ampersand from being turned into a mnemonic/accelerators for Windows Forms binding [duplicate]
Cannot read configuration file due to insufficient permissions
Jsp:Include Throwing Nonspecific Error
How is B tree created in Mongo DB
Facebook JS SDK Not Working On Safari
ClassCast Error while writing to Cassandra from hadoop job
Use regular expressions to remove unwanted html from array [closed]
Passing custom entity repositoriy classes to service via services.yml
Compiling Unmanaged C++ Code as Managed Code
How to transform property into multiple arguments to <exec> task
How to deploy android plugin that can be loaded from my application
arm6 devices showing much higher memory usage
MS Excel - convert randomly formatted cells into hh:mm:ss time format
Node.js: multi-node No such module
In selenium is it possible to give Common path for all capture screenshots
How to override function with variable number of parameters in javascript?
How to catch exceptions in twisted?
Deleting parent element using Linq to XML
python: win32net unable to delete local user from group
How do I go about returning errors from a REST request to django-tastypie?
Analog of ORACLE function MONTHS_BETWEEN in Java
ADFS - windows auth
Detect if multiple SVG paths are clicked
Masked input Plugin with date limit
NSDictionary length count is wrong
A Singleton should be inheritable or not?
JQuery functionality to 鈥減ause and top up鈥�a timer if the cursor stays within an element
create a 鈥渓istener鈥�for an incoming socket stream that will contain a byte[] array
Is it possible to call the main thread from a worker thread in Java?
API for getting names of nearby shops from GPS location on a smartphone
How to draw UIButton with shape as below?
image cropping with codeigniter no GD library - GD2 is intalled
dom xml parser with nodes
How do I put a number sign in href mailto subject that will work for IE8 using MVC3?
Display Android Preferences in Different Units
Why is the method not getting called?
Only allow some defined window sizes
Progress Bar in c# while going one form to another form
jQuery Form Plugin - File upload bug
html() and click handler
Like button code not working
Recommendation for a .NET Desktop Client using a PHP web backend?
How Get relative path [closed]
iOS - onload not working
Efficient way to store html element in sql
how to get input from console in Xcode 4 in C++
Zend - display a blob aspdf from an action
Mikrotik API remove command
Throw exceptions in helper methods in WCF?
Suppress layout animation on one child view
boost::chrono nanoseconde windows7
What are the pros and cons of using `select table_name.*`? [closed]
SSL and Non-Secure Resources
Converting MathType object to MathML on Mac
Excel CountIFs with 2 different conditions
Replace Image on Hover & Click of a Link
How can I retrieve the value from a Dictionary using a Repeater's ItemIndex?
nuget overwrite files
Using __new__ on classes derived from Django's models does not work
Why two columns in a WPF Grid with * do not have the same size?
List of EF objects to Dictionary of lists using linq
The artifact poi:poi-2.5-final:jar:20040302 has been relocated to poi:poi:jar:2.5-final-20040302
A file should be copied when launching my Mac App the first time
str_replace is not removing white spaces
bash: How to get one column from CSV file of variable row lenght?
Passing a variable to a view called in a TabBar
In windbg, what can cause the message 鈥淲ARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for mydll.dll鈥�
Memory Leak with NSMutableString in XML parser
iphone program not running on device
Generic inheritance and overloaded operator +
Set iFrame height based on its content
Javascript: obj.fn() vs x=obj.fn;x()
Custom slide left view transition
Many-to-Many Relationships in SQLAlchemy
selenium.common.exceptions.WebDriverException with Selenium Firefox Webdriver script from PHP/Apache
Embedding Google Maps & Changing Location every 5 seconds
How should I configure my MAVEN project(s) in SCM?
Drag 鈥減age鈥�animation
RewriteRule defination not working
Select rows where id is not linked to user in separate table
Error message: Error copying design elements
iPhone : camera autofocus observer?
What is the best way to iterate or recurse through huge amounts of huge functions without exceeding the stack limit?
How do you RedirectToAction() on a GET, not on a POST
How do I reduce the line spacing between text in my Android layout?
The efficient way of reading/writing hundred thousands of lines from a file
TortoiseHG issues
Pure CSS multi-level drop-down menu
Assistance with good books/resources/applications for project time estimates/duration
Team Foundation Server 2010 Proxy setup in different domain than Team Foundation Server 2010
What object type do I need to use in my Action if the ajax POSTS an array?
HTML Sliding Forms with Radio Buttons
How give Log4Net the name of directory in which it should logs?
TFS Shared Libaries
how to make only one USB port visible for an application
Averaging over n lines, outputting to an array and then continuing
Xcode Objective-C simple array in array
Is opengl necessary for mobile game development?
Disable import of Richfaces 4 CSS
What is faster collection.Insert(0, newItem) vs list.Add(newItem) + Sort in Winforms ListView C#?
How do I install an apk on the sd card only?
define file path in .yml Symfony2
Input RSS link and read titles (links) and save to user in database [closed]
can my app knows that I received a sms on my iphone using Notification Center
determining size of bit block in c [closed]
How can I create an android dialog from my HTML page?
python sys.stdout.write() redirect
warning: Can't mass-assign protected attributes (using paperclip)
How can I get Appearance properties vlaues of my custom web part in sharepoint 2010
Txredisapi exceptions.RuntimeError: maximum recursion depth exceeded
Sql Case Statement when is not null
MySql Left Join not preserving Left Table
Formal definition of interpreter
Unable to get all my images in web application via fql.query
How do you map input to output columns in the MergeJoin transformation with EzAPI?
starting an ASP.NET MVC project with Visual Web Developer 2010
Silverlight. Play video from byte array
Opening a website when a button on the form is clicked
Opening LispBox in a current emacs session
CheckboxFor Master List and selected
Modularizing classpaths in ant scripts (e.g. via refid)
github committed files don't show up on
Python - byte read/write and bitwise AND
Creating a circle with different touchable areas in iOS
how to show magnifying glass when tap on UItextfield?
clear richtextbox and overwrite previous entry
jstack - well-known file is not secure
AppStore distribution certificate/keys on smartcard?
How do I pass arguments to a public class in C#?
C array not working properly
Iterator String issue
Using GAP to Identify a Group
Python, scraping a website for object
rake ts:dd - uninitialized constant Delayed::Job
could not insert the data to database
? while printing heart symbol
How can I conditionally delete rows from a table using data from the same table in a condition?
Using RegEx to split and then truncate lines in a list
XML to tab-separated file
Return HTML tag as string using JQuery
Site URL is not a valid URL
Keyboard shortcuts for Debug and Release builds
How to rename Namespace / Path of Java App
Migrating On From HTML --> JavaScript --> CSS -->? [closed]
Kinect SDK 1.0 namespaces
Can I have the JVM kill a started process when it exits?
Mysql and php- drag and drop image to upload in database
Is there a way to declare that input parameter of the function must be const reference?
Why is curl truncating this query string?
Best practices for creation of console for console based applications
Distorted UI in android emulator
Observable collections in Javascript?
Format a string that is a date to display D/M/Y
Why the check for whether a service is running or not, is giving error
JQUERY AJAX Data overflowing parent element
Is there a way to stop Eclipse from generating a new run-configuration everytime I restart my GAE App?
UITextFields not working
NVelocity where string value is null
codeigniter: submit form to different url if form is valid
Table layout with rows filling parent but having same height
Accumulation of subsequences of a sequence using C#/Linq
Best data model for massive relationships in MongoDB
Insert and Delete row from TableView using Core Data and Array
Codeignitor routes not working in sub-folders
iOS: TableView + Title for header in Section with image
UserControl with Design Time Data, but data not rendered when control used
MSBuild Deleting Unnecessary Files
partial page update without using partial views in ASP.NET MVC3
Convert a CHM file to appropriate Intellisense-compatible XML
How to host a windowless ActiveX control in .NET
Checkstyle: trailing spaces regexp issue
javascript submit error
How do you get the URL of a tab that has just been CLOSED in a Chrome Extension?
What is the difference between Equinox and Virgo?
GDI+ drawing text with different sizes on a baseline has off-by-1px problems
altering a matrix in matlab
Wordpress or Codeigniter for an e-learning website? [closed]
Wrapping native C++ code which uses a native interface in C++/CLI
parse xml with namespaces with gdata xml
Returning SqlDataReader from a WCF Service
Testing your code against a locked file?
Convert Nested List string to Lists
DOJO build that does not include DOJO base
Enunciate - How to display media types in the generated REST documents?
Drupal - Restricting access to users
Can I apply a PHP session to a page request made with cURL? [closed]
Jquery/Javascript radio button on change
Using a UNC path with Classic ASP FileSystemObject
Aligning a list of images underneath each other with css
How can I prevent injection(html,php)? [duplicate]
Tcl expressions with hex numbers?
Aligning a list of images underneath each other with css
How can I prevent injection(html,php)? [duplicate]
Tcl expressions with hex numbers?
JPA : Issue with foreign keys, multiple primary keys and many to one relation
Check the type of user input against known type
Blog module for Drupal 6 [closed]
testing ASP.NET MVC controller Httpget
Enterprise Logging not translating environment variables in XML Trace Listener fileName specification
Get Dynamic Members and SetValue from Interop Object
How to find suggestions about places
ASP.Net Webforms and MVC3 global.asax/routes being ignored
What is the right way to build C++ project? Make/IDE/Ant鈥� [closed]
Is GetLastError() kind of design pattern? Is it good mechanism?
Trouble in calling system commands from Java
Hide MasterViewController in Master-Detail Application using Storyboard (XCode 4.2)
Make event for a multiple buttons and know which button been clicked
Generate a new array that groups by key and gets a SUM of another key
How do I realloc an array of function pointers?
Delivering static resources over SSL in TYPO3
Zend_Navigation and Zend_Translation France accent
getting record from rowEdit in mvc extjs
codeigniter routing index
Objective-C 鈥�Getting a UIViewController reference
How do I access a UDF library in the APPLICATION scope using a shortened name?
SSIS - Exporting multiple files from one sql table.
GtkCellRendererText ellipsis causes text to completely dissapear
EXT JS 3.0 Grid , Show column when data is not empty
How to set ImageUrl based on the value of a field in a gridview
batch request graph api iPhone xcode?
Netbeans - How do I hide the vertical bar w/colors?
error while forwarding [java.lang.NullPointerException]
MVC parsing the wrong view layout
EXTJS changing Grid cell back ground color on click
create menu from taxonomy/term in drupal 7
Alias for table name in SQL insert statement
Git- Filter Branch Command Deletion of Commits After Certain Date
How to use TFormatSettings.Create without being specific to a platform?
arraylists and polymorphism
UIPickerView spinning does not stop in iOS 5
SHGetSpecialFolderPath cannot convert parameter 2 from 'char [260]' to 'LPWSTR'
Facebook Oauth Access Token Different when using Graph API Explorer
Draw on draggable canvas using HTML5 and JavaScript
Eclipse associating .war with Tomcat
PHP -> JavaScript RegEx
BoneCp no suitable driver found Spring 3.1 Hibernate 4.0
Catch text input without textField
Twitter rest api and simplexml_load_file() function issues
Ruby on Rails: Devise
Ruby on Rails: Devise
Pyramid debug_toolbar: disabled perfomance tab with Python 2.6, but enabled with python 3.2
how get unique rows using join from one table?
Named pipes: how server side can know that client has disconnected?
Parse winff xml file to create a menu with kdialog and bash
Logic for Shipping Rates and Taxes for an e-commerce site
Pass PHP to Javascript [closed]
UIBarButtonItem with transparence
SIGABRT - only happens in one folder
Android - Media controller doesn't show up
Setting second dimension of vector of vectors to zero (C++)
How to add Maven project Build in JBoss through Eclipse
Regular expression matching with spaces
How do I input a keyword and return a category using the wikipedia API? (Rails)
How do I make ImagePicker start at the bottom to show most recent images first?
How to track memory leaks/abandoned with Lua?
RESTeasy and X-HTTP-Method-Override
SAML 2.0 and EncryptedAssertion
CGI scripting or programming? Tools? [closed]
Receiving 'Expiration Date is invalid' when processing credit card by Authorize.Net
Hosting Server Blacklisted / must use SMTP however mail going to SPAM from Contact Form
Close open div when new one is shown
Ext Gwt checkbox listener
Regular expression to obtain numbers and decimals
how to use carrierwave? Why I got 鈥淐alled id for nil, which would mistakenly be 4鈥�
trying to create a custom cmdlet, which takes [ref] as a parameter
iPhone - Custom language setup
Using CUDA to find the pixel-wise average value of a bunch of images
How to add dynamically loaded icon to Alert in Flex?
Button activity with viewPager?
Using SSIS Task Exec SQL task with sp_send_mail
Upload file to Secured FTP in ASP.NET
FTS3 , rowid problems , delete dont work
Highlighting link of currently opened category tab in css
FacebookApiException: SSL connection timeout , in web application not facebook app
How can I simulate hoverIntent on this block of code?
How to use Scala reduceLeft on case classes?
Using Linux host machine, how do I identify the original operating system of any arbitrary connected hard drive. [closed]
JDBC connectivity issue
Sort array by highest value calculated from contents
Rowdatabound on Android?
The best way to have an interactive flowchart inside a webpage?
Thread Not Acting Asynchronously
Eclipse working set is missing
CakePhp: how to set a select using $this->Form->input with values from 1 to 100?
HttpResponse is not working with untrusted certificate
CMake: creating COPY_IF_DIFFERENT macro with different behaviors
Read two files (text) and compare for common values and output the string?
Linq-to-Entities returns results, but not iterating in ForEach
Make Colorbox Load one Image at a time
protect my blog content
Best open source lightweight 鈥淧ackagable鈥�DB for a desktop application
Returning Tenths and Hundredth of a Second from a Stopwatch
Click events being appended on each click
Why does this recursive summation function return None?
Can't make closest() and find() work
Managing too much data coming back from server in ajax request
Inherit a new class method at runtime
Android Marketplace Updates & Eclipse Projects
SELECT CASE with Alias in SQL Server 2008
How Can I 鈥淯pdate-Package鈥�to a Previous Version in the Package Manager Console?
see all my bodies behind the sprites
Adding thumbnail size images to tableview
Show most popular posts for today, this week or this month
Can i handle Codiegnitor admin and main website within same application?
How do i integrate a browser in my tk application?
How to implement a ordered many2many relation in the Django admin
Adding element to next free space in array
How to write generic extension methods?
Using Beyond Compare 3 in Komodo IDE (6 or 7) as a Diff Program
jQuery dialog positioning auto-positioning according window size
typo3 plugin with non-editable tables
How do I reverse the cd command in the Terminal on Mac OS X?
Android: Detect when an application as a whole (not individual Activities) is paused/exited?
update statement fails and no error is produced
Android : how to play multiple audios using single media player object
Visual Studio 2008 Development Server not starting
jQuery Ajax only executing once, but appears to call every time it should
How can I improve this implementation to be more efficient
How can I remove breakpoint ntdll!DbgBreakPoint+0x1 in WinDbg
Drupal hook_submit write to db
鈥淯ncaught Call to StartUpload failed鈥�swfupload
Android: how to build a ballon
How to use same header for multiple page inside same html file
jVi Visual Block Select
Array into a table with 5 cells in each row
Best Web Application Deployment, Staging, Production, Development Process? [closed]
Losing controls on changeMode?
installing phpunit/PHPUnit-3.5.5 via pear (for sonar)
Opencart error message
spring + hibernate sharing properties and annotations
XML Parsing Error: junk after document element in Xquery
jQuery.bind() events on plain Javascript objects
parallel presentation player
UISplitViewController popover is blank
Filtering through two foreign key relationships in django
Background size with css with sprites
MYSQL QUERY to retrieve the data
If Parent Show鈥�ElseIf Child Show鈥�On same page?
How to implement hashing between Oracle, SQL Server, and ASP.NET
Why this WPF window is not sizing to its content having SizeToContent=鈥淲idthAndHeight鈥�
converting NavigableString to unicode string
How to redirect to a new VF page with command link and outputlink?
How to bind a <input type = 鈥渢ext鈥�.. with my property in ViewMode
are there any limitations in the IsolatedStorageSettings in WP7?
Get Object from Delegate Filter Expression Expression<Func<T,bool>>
Can I specify the OS-level build user on a per-job basis?
How to Mole SPFieldUser from SPField
regex AND OR conditions
Search field isn't on same line as text
Android repo command and switching branches
How to calculate the centroids in k-means++ by using distances?
How do I dereference this member?
How to extract Notes and Highlighted Parts from PDF files
PHP Date range (not using MySql calendar table)
QT Phonon is not seekable once an Effect is used
javascript formdata via ajax
Delphi - GLScene - resize sprite according to the image
Display app Canvas page before authorization popup
Restore a minimized window of another application
Is the HTML created by jQuery after the DOM is ready crawled by Google? [closed]
The standard way for switching from/to user_timezone and gmt
MySQL SELECT LIKE or REGEXP to match multiple words in one record
Odata $filter not retrieving the values
Create local variable in Lua
Finding the assemblies required to develop ADFS custom claim transformation modules?
Boost-Python: Load python module with unicode chars in path
Do a callback from subclassed thread in main thread
Testing a low pass filter
Robotframework integrated with a testing tool
Retrieving multiple articles & images via the new Freebase API
Diff-Tool that can autoformat source code before comparing?
IFNULL in Symfony2 Doctrine query builder
class to handle concurrent data insertion in java [closed]
How can I keep my Java Android code short?
how can I share my screen cast when click my button?
Asp.Net radiobutton inside repeater does not work CssClass and GroupName
filtering on multi source grid
Simple MCMC Bayesian Inference in R [closed]
Viewstate and controls in ASP.NET
Concatenate two integers
convert a string length to a hex value to add to List<byte>
Playing with gcc's intermediate format
Arrays, movement, and error 1010
How to check if a void* pointer can be safely cast to something else?
Using split function in R
How to make query to create table only iftable does not exist? [closed]
fileSystem to FTPFile[]?
Parallel generation of partitions
How to build multiple projects in a solution, each project with a different target?
Creating a custom blocking Java Swing prompt
is it possible to recognize in android/Java if a string text is written from Right to left? cannot be generated [duplicate]
NullPointerException using arrays
Entity Framework and Multi threading
Eclipse throws org.osgi.framework.BundleException on launch
Different template on different ListBoxItem value without DataTemplateSelector?
LightSwitch: how can I login as a Desktop client+Form auth+Zip package import deployment?
Cascading ASPxComboBox marking previous boxes 鈥渋nactive鈥�
Is there an easy way to check if a website has an SSL certificate
Optimisation of model parameters under constraints in Simulink
Google Maps API 3 - limit pan/map bounds
removing characters from php output in xml
ColdFusion click event?
Uncaught Error #2063 exception in Android flex application
APC installation
MPMoviePlayer for streaming audio and keeping controls
group ID hidden after vanity url established
The closed type B does not have a corresponding Y settable property
Creating a bitmap with a specific format in order to invert/mirror it
Where to handle AssemblyResolve event in a class library?
cmd ftp password error when logging in
Very long query string gets cut off in connection
PHP Retrieve File to Tablet Fails
JAXB created objects from XML tags that are not mapped to the object root element @XmlRootElement
Django cooking recipes site model structure
Reading cmd.exe variables inside a MinGW Makefile
iOS how to find out if a UILabel has changed it's text
Regex not working as expected
Comparing two select statements
set value for a textbox in partial view razor mvc
crystal report format string with dashes
PHP Require file outside of function
fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'xmemory': No such file or directory
jquery addClass and removeClass with setInterval
The Facebook Graph API does not include videos in wall posts
Hibernate Enumeration Mapping
Copyright of Apps [closed]
UIView.setalpha is not working?
CFWheels Nested Properties and hasManyCheckBox
Is an OSGi service still 鈥淥SGi managed鈥�when it's obtained by non-OSGi code?
gnuplot error - system evaluation not supported by MS-Windows 32 bit
Java cannot find symbol for loops, logic problems?
NAnt Specflow tests are running slow through cruise control
Bash: How to apply two string oprations in one line?
Task Manager Module
How do I make ABPeoplePicker start at the top each time it opens?
CSS - HTML - 2 float columns
How to remove badges on springboard icon when application is relaunched?
Error in internationalization iPhone
Error in internationalization iPhone
Qt MDI Area subwindow construction after show->() fails to update window size
Android use Parcelable to send data between activities
File.Exists detection issue
View file History in Visual SourceSafe-in VS-2008
Shining Image jquery plugin not work
Moving an Excel Worksheet to Access with VBA error
Changing the PivotCache connection of an Excel spreadsheet in C#
Send file from client to server using XMLRPC?
MPI functions to 'listen' for if a node is ready
mysql error when attempting to run rspec suite
Problems with Delphi XE2, DataSnap and Lookup Field
Detect If Scanner Doesn't Have Next
Oracle and WAMP oci_connect failure
Nullable DateTime and the Database
Action aggregations broken?
iOS5: best practices in building an app using tableviewcontrollers
Plone 4.1 Custom PAS plugin with paster
Where are python bytearrays used?
asp validator - determine if age is within range
Can I specify different page sizes for each page when printing programatically?
What is minimal absolutely required permission to post to user's (or her friend's) wall via any API?
System.ApplicationException: Cannot open file
Migrating data with south to a new model not working
Save values batch file
Multiple map views in same app
Execute SSIS Package in Sharepoint
How to auto-pair to another Android device over Bluetooth without prompting for a pin?
Dojo 1.6.1 Selection + Paging does not clear the selection
ASP.NET Credentials Issue
Using mod_rewrite correctly on Debian server
nbandroid - how to launch debugger when program crashed?
Make waiting thread skip the rest of the wait/continue
How do I alter a table
Worst case in Max-Heapify - How do you get 2n/3?
I want to download an audio from the server
Excel 2007 VBA copy rows x times based on text filter
File download using RichFaces
What is more optimal in Oracle 11G? Drop Recreate Indexes or just dbms_stats.gather
Which compression algorithm is better suited to compress protocol buffers output?
Which Visual Studio $variable is the .exe?
program that reacts to inotify and prints the events
Calling SSJS from Java?
Where does the Ivy lib directory typically go?
Intersection of two moving line segments (or a moving line segment and a point)
Flash print to photo paper?
Running windows service under 鈥淟ocal Service鈥�and properly delegating GPO creation
LINQ performance improvements
Automapper and mapping Parent / Child relationships causes a StackOverflow error when Entity Framework generate DynamicProxies?
Style link while pressed with CSS on iPhone?
Cant send document to PSPad
C++ Input Performance
NSURLConnection Object Ignoring It's Implemented Methods
Ambiguity errors with variadic templates and mixins
linq make call from each iternation
How can I get the regex to work?
require.js loads dependencies incorrectly
Increasing timeout for WCF web service in c#
Select the iframe BODY element on the lightbox call
Passing values between workflow tasks
Codility K-Sparse Test **Spoilers**
how to write bash script in ubuntu to normalize the index of text comparison
Clear list of entity objects (C# and entity framework 4)
How to make a documentation for a function which has an IDictionary<TKey, TValue> parameter? [duplicate]
Using objective-c to create an HTTP POST message and handle returned XML data
SHA1 Python to C# conversion
Initiating a dialog as a result of another dialog using SimpleDialog
Facebook static HTML iFrame - Use JQuery to interact with the parent CSS?
why I can't send data to hyper terminal by using my mobile phone
swig error: Undefined Symbol
warning: base class 鈥楢鈥�should be explicitly initialized in the copy constructor
django Piston Post Request Change strings to lists
Sharepoint Caml
Is it possible to open a page from one device to another using same android application?
c++ scanf causes SIGSEGV
SQL query help - find by groupID
Dynamic PointAnimation in Microsoft Surface using MVVM-Light
Will a 鈥測um install django鈥�over write an existing django version
Jquery hover event detection in Chrome
Retrieve textStatus value in $.ajaxError method
Micro-ORM for .Net 2.0? [closed]
stop the use of the alter statement in database project deployments